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Three Stories

Close Up
Written by Paperman (October 2000)

Laying in the bath

Laying in the bath my mind wanders back to our conversation on the phone. Replaying it in my mind, how you told me that you had no clothes on, how you described the way you were laying on the bed, the way your breathing increased as you started to play with your pussy.

My cock starts to harden and rear its glistening purple head through the bubbles. I run my hand around my soapy balls and slide it up my stiff shaft. Starting to stroke it up and down, my mind drifts back to you. I imagine you on your bed, naked, as your hands wandered over your amply sized breasts. I visualise how your fingers traced around your stiff nipples as you sighed with pleasure.

How your hands travelled down your body, over your flat stomach until they reached your pubis. Your fingers traced their way over the smooth skin that you had shaved a little while ago. I remember how you told me that the naked skin heightens the pleasure. Stroking your puffy lips, you trace a line down one side and back to the hood of your clit. Your juices are flowing now and you slipped first one and then two fingers into your pussy. Your breathing became heavier as you started to drift into your own world of pleasure. My hand starts to pump faster up and down my shaft, as I remember the words I used urging you closer and closer to the edge.

The moan as you switched the attention to your clit, the way your breaths became a desperate panting as you reached an explosive orgasm. I image how you face had a far away look of total bliss as you listened to my dirty talk, encouraging you to rub faster and faster until your whole body convulsed in pleasure.

My cock twitches, I arch my back lifting my bottom off the bottom of the bath as I spurt a thick stream of creamy spunk across the bubbles. I slump back into the bath, feeling totally spent, just as you did. Next time I phone my darling, I'll have my cock in my hand, you can get your dildo out and we can come together....

Paperman 04.10.00

Under Cover

She sat at her desk with a smile on her face, everyone thought she was just happy, but she hid a secret. Her secret was me. I was hiding under the desk hidden by the front panel. She was glad that today she had left her knickers off. That would make it so much easier. My hands gently parted her thighs and my hot breath on her thighs made her tremble slightly in anticipation. She knew what was coming and that fact that she was in an office with two other girls made it even more exciting. Exciting because only she knew I was there, only she knew what was to happen, only she would get the pleasure...

She pushed her chair back an inch or two to make more space and wiggled her bottom forward so she was right on the edge of the seat. I opened her thighs as wide as I could and moved my mouth towards her sweet pussy. I could feel the heat, smell her fragrance and see the moisture on her private lips. I slid my tongue up her hot slit and her lips gently parted, encouraging my tongue to probe her depths. She gave a little shudder as she struggled to compose herself and gain control.

No one must guess our secret. I started a gentle licking up and down her lips, probing into her sweet juice pussy but avoiding the little button. I didn't want to give her too much too soon as she would surely lose control. She seemed to be in control, I could only guess at the expression on the face, but I hoped she gave nothing away. She started to type at her computer. Good, she acting totally normally, the other girls knew nothing of her little secret. I started to tongue her clit, she wriggled slightly and her thighs clamped tightly on my head. I couldn't move anymore, but I could still reach her button so I thrust my tongue hard towards her hole, flicked it up the hot slit towards her clit.

That was it, she gave a little gasp just loud enough for me to hear but unheard by anyone else Her pussy flooded with her hot juices as an orgasm shuddered its way through her body. For her this was absolute bliss and absolute torture all in one. Here she was experiencing the greatest of pleasure but had to keep her enjoyment totally silent. I lapped at the juices trying to drink as they flowed but there was too much and a damp patch appeared on her seat. She could take no more, she had to get away from this please machine between her legs. She picked up a piece of paper slid from the chair and went to the photocopier to recover and let her breathing recover. No one noticed she was slightly breathless.

Thank goodness those phones are so loud. But I was like a magnet to her pussy, it had barely recovered when it over rode what her head said and drew her back to her desk. If only the other girls knew... there would be queuing up to use her desk! Now her pussy was back for more, it was going to be a long very exhausting morning for use both.........

paperman 12.09.00

Meeting You

You are sat in the hotel bar, shifting slightly nervously in you seat, after all this time we are finally going to meet. I have come to Glasgow on "business" and we have arranged to meet in the bar of my hotel. You look slightly anxiously around the bar looking for men who are alone to work out if any of them are me. But I'm not there yet, because in your nervousness you arrived early.

Then you see me, 6ft, dark hair, matches the photo, yes that must be me, but although I look quickly around the bar I miss you sat in the corner. After all you're early and I'm not really expecting you to have arrived yet. The bar man pours me a pint and I sit on the stool at the bar, taking sip from the pint. I start to look around again and suddenly I see a gorgeous blond, sat on her own. You look up and our eyes meet, but then we glance away because neither of us is totally sure that we have the right person. I look again, then picking up my beer, I walk across to where you are sat, "Tracey"?

"Steve"? "Good to meet you at last".

I sit down and we start to chat, getting answers to many of questions that we never quite found time for in our emails. After an hour or so, we decide to get something to eat but not wanting to eat in the hotel, you say that you know a great Italian restaurant, it's not far but it's raining so we get a cab. On the way, you decide to tease me slightly so you remind me of the time you emailed me at work saying that you have no knickers on, "and guess what? It's the same tonight," you say. Before I can say anything the cab stops, we're at the restaurant and I pay the driver before we go in. In the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant time disappears so quickly as we laugh and talk our way through a couple of hours.

I suggest we skip coffee and have it back at the hotel. At the back of my mind is that fact that you have no knickers on and that you choose to tell me. I wasn't sure whether we would end up in bed when we met, but I decide that you had probably already made your mind when you told me. Back at the hotel, we take the lift to my room and I can sense sexual tension building higher as we both think about what is about to happen. In the room I put the kettle on. It's one of those funny little things they give you on a tray together with teas & coffee. I turn towards you, but before I can say anything you put you arms around me and we start to kiss.

Gently at first, exploring slightly, working out how the other likes to kiss. Now more passionately, tongues starting to probe and explore each other's mouths as our hands start to move over each other's bodies. You start to unbutton my shirt, running you hands down my hairy chest, you reach my belt which you unbuckle. Still travelling down your hand reaches my cock, which has grown up to meet you. Taking it in you hand, you start to work down my body with your lips, trailing kisses until you reach what you want.

You had told me you like to suck and here you are about to show me. The kettle clicks off, but it's obvious we've both forgotten about coffee. You open your lips and run your tongue around the tip of my cock, under the ridge, down the throbbing vein to the base and back up. Running your tongue over the head, you tease and then take it in your mouth. Just a few inches at first, continuing to flick your tongue around it's head and then slowly you take it deeper and deeper. Now you've got almost the entire length in your mouth and you start to bob up and down. This is absolute bliss and I just stand transfixed as you work magic with your mouth.

This is the best blowjob I've ever had. You're blowing my mind not just my cock! Eventually I have to stop you, you wouldn't mind a portion of my hot come down your throat but I want to wait. I guide you back up and we start to kiss again. I kick off my shoes and trousers, while continuing to probe your mouth with my tongue. I unfasten your dress and it falls to the floor, revealing your white bra and matching suspenders. My hands reach for the fastener behind your back and your bra quickly joins your dress on the floor.

I hold you close to me feeling the warmth as your firm breast press against my chest. We move backwards until you nudge against the bed and you lie down onto it. I pause for moment looking at the beauty of your body, the shape of my breasts, the pert little nipples standing proud, and your smooth stomach leading down to a furry little mound. I join you on the bed, planting kisses on your shoulders and neck until you guide my head down. I start to caress your breasts, flick first one nipple and then the other with my tongue.

But that isn't what you meant and again I feel a gentle push on my head guiding me still lower. I trail kisses down your body, causing a shiver when I reach your belly button. Continuing down, I brush through the soft hairy mound, inhaling your scent like a fragrant rose. Now I can see the flower below your bush. Two petals with a bud at the top. I run my tongue along the petals and like a flower opening it's bloom they part allowing me to delve the in recess.

A little sigh tells me I've arrived at the right spot, but the hot juices told me that anyway. You have wanted this for some time. I start a steady licking, probing with my tongue and you start to move your legs, pushing your pussy towards my face, willing me to go deeper and deeper. I start to lick faster and faster, catching your clit at the end of each stoke. Your legs twitch and I turn my full attention to your clit. Your thighs clamp my head;

I hold your hips and give you the attention you need as the big O sweeps your body. You gasp, your hips buck off the bed, your hands press against the back of my head, telling me not to stop as you reach ecstasy. Eventually you can take no more, your hands guide me back up and we lay along side each other and start to kiss and caress.

Your hand goes down, seeking out my rod of iron and you slide your hand along its length. You shift and open your legs slightly, guiding me towards you. As I position myself on top you guide the tip of my cock into your pussy, as you remove your hand, I slide deep inside.

I give a little gasp of pleasure; your pussy feels wonderful, still hot and slippery from its earlier pleasure but also fleshy and firm. I start a gentle in and out movement, whilst continuing to pleasure the rest of your body. Your legs go around my back and I start to increase the pace. Your breathing quickens as you surprise me with another orgasm so soon after the first.

Your legs tighten and I help you ride out the climax with deep strokes filling your pussy to the hilt. I can feel the tightening in my balls, but I don't want to come yet, I want to spend as long as I can in this pleasure dome. I slow my pace down, small but deep movements that keep the pleasure flowing for you but allow mine to subside.

We shift positions, now you're on top and I can relax and enjoy the ride. You remove the clip from your hair allowing it to sweep down into my face as you lean forward to kiss me. Moving slowly at first you start to ride that big shaft, up and down, little circular movements, big strokes, little strokes, absolute bliss. I pull your face to towards mine and we kiss as I hold your hips.

I start to guide you with my hands now. Long strokes, faster, the feeling is rising. A throb from my balls, a hot spurt deep inside you as I fill you with my cream. You continue for a while riding out your own climax as you come yet again and then you stop.

I pull you down on to my chest, while you sit with my cock still inside you, both exhausted as we enjoy the after glow. Eventually, my cock slides out of you and we roll onto our slides, hugging each other to tired to speak. But eventually you do, "We never did have that coffee. Shall we have it for breakfast instead?" ÉÉÉ.

Paperman 17.09.00

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