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Hard Time

Written by Darren (November 2000)

The cell door made a hideous, loud clang as it closed behind Nikki. She hugged herself and fearfully shuddered.

"What the hell am I doing here!?!" she asked herself as she looked around her dark, dank cell.

Nikki had a talent for choosing the biggest losers available as boyfriends. Michael had turned out to be the king of losers! He not only was a jerk but he had used Nikki's car in a payroll heist where a policeman got shot and then he had hid the loot in Nikki's apartment! When the cops finally caught up to Michael, Nikki was arrested and convicted as an accomplice even though she wasn't involved at all. She had protested her innocence every step of the way but the judge sentenced her to seven to ten years in a medium-security prison.

Nikki was 5'3 with honey-blonde hair. She had been working as an aerobics instructor so she had a tight, muscular figure. She was a beautiful girl but that was the last thing she wanted to be in here.

Now Nikki, who was a naïve country girl from southern Georgia, was thrust into a cruel, violent world. The first few days were pure horror. From the humiliation of the strip searches and delousing to the cold cruelty of the process guards who were all sadistic bitches, Nikki was ground up in the teeth of the system. The holding tank that she stayed in for the first three days stank hideously and was hot and crowded. Then came the terror of being put in general population.

As a tough, butch female guard led them down the hall of the main cellblock, there were lots of catcalls and cries of 'fresh meat'.

Nikki was placed in a tiny cell with an older woman named Kay.

"Listen good because I'm only going to say this once," Kay started. "This cellblock has two gangs! One a Chicano gang of about twenty-five skanks led by Esmerelda. The other is a white gang led by a tall bitch named Jewel. Her real name is Julie but if you call her that, she'll kick your teeth in! Her gang is the biggest with about forty skanks. Esmerelda probably won't bother you much unless you cross her. She normally steers clear of Anglos. Now, Jewel is a different matter. She's a bi-dyke who likes to keep at least three young, tender girls like you as her fuck-hoes. She'll be the most dangerous to you. I've seen her take a pipe and beat a girl's skull in for crossing her.

Another reason that she's so dangerous is the she is the deputy warden's personal fuck-bitch! He screws her ass on a regular basis! Because of her connections, Jewel can get cigarettes and drugs and pretty much the run of the place. You're how old?"

"I'm twenty-two," Nikki answered quietly.

"Shit. You're fucked. Either Jewel is going to make you one of her dykes or one of the guards is going to make you his fuck bitch. You're too young and too pretty for your own good."

"Won't the guards or warden protect us?"

"Haven't you been listening!?! The deputy warden has Jewel as personal pussy. All complaints or problems go through him. Any squealers or problems are taken care of by Jewel's gang under his orders. I know of at least two bitches that had "accidents" after opening their mouths. One girl was killed outright and the other beaten so badly that she was in a coma for months! He then covered it up all nice and neat. Look, just try to stay in a group of others and try not to be caught alone."

The next couple of days went by in a blur as Nikki got used to prison life. She was eating lunch when Steph, another girl Nikki had met came and sat down beside her.

"I got bad news for you, Nikki!"

"What!?! I haven't done anything to anybody."

"Word has it that Jewel has put out the word to keep hands off of you and that you belong to her. This is bad. Yo’ ass is marked!"

Nikki watched out and got to dinnertime without trouble. While she was eating dinner, a tall, statuesque blonde escorted by three other tough looking girls approached Nikki's table. Immediately, the other six girls at the table quickly grabbed their trays and hauled ass! Nikki tried to stand but a hand on her shoulder kept her seated.

"You stay." came the order from the leader.

She sat down on the bench next to Nikki while the other three sat on the opposite side of the table.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here! Some fresh meat, ladies." the leader sneered.

This was met by chuckles and snickering from her girls.

"I'm Jewel! I know you've heard of me. This is Knife, this is Pain, and this is Bloody Mary!" Jewel indicted the three with a sweep of her hand. "What's you name?"

"My name is Nikki!"

"What are you in for Nikki?"

"I was convicted of armed robbery and shooting a cop. But I was innocent! I didn't do anything."

All four broke out into laughter.

"Ain't that a bitch. I didn't do anything either but here I am courtesy of our court system. Well, anyway you and I are going to be special friends."

Nikki shuddered at those words. "What do you mean?"

"Don't shit me. You know what I'm talking about. You'll be spending the night with me tonight."

"I…I…I can't. I'm not like that."

Jewel grabbed Nikki by the hair on the back of her head and harshly jerked he head back.

"You seem to think you have some choice in the matter! I own you, bitch. I plan on branding you tonight."

Jewell began fondling Nikki breasts through her shirt!

"Jewel." a guard yelled as he approached. "Warden Stark has a work detail for you. He wants you to report to his office immediately!"

Jewel smiled down at Nikki. "It looks like you've been saved by the bell this time! I have business elsewhere. But you'll be mine tonight. Count on it."

Jewel got up and left with the guard. Her three cronies dispersed among the dinner crowd.

Nikki, too scared to move just sat there sobbing until Kay grabbed her and led her back to the cell.

Later in the cell, Nikki asked about Jewel. Jewel was too tall and too pretty to be such a tough bitch and it puzzled Nikki.

"Jewel was a college basketball player for Georgia State University at one time," Kay explained. "but she got hooked on heroin! She was kicked out of school and took to stealing and hooking to support her habit. One of her johns wouldn't pay her. She got pissed and stabbed him to death! Jewel was convicted of second-degree murder and given forty years. Jewel is only twenty-seven now but she'll be in prison until she's at least forty!

She was actually a scared, young chickie like you until she was gang fucked by six guards! They hurt her real bad and put her in the hospital for a month. She tried to press charges but those chicken-shit guards stuck together. With no witnesses, her case was thrown out! She later paid the price for squealing with another savage beating!

After that, she became a cold, hard bitch. Jewel made sure that if anybody got hurt, it was going to be the other guy. She also made an important friend. Deputy Warden Stark likes tall, white girls! In fact, he's probably fucking her in the ass right now."

While Nikki and Kay were discussing her, Jewel was being escorted by the guard out of the cellblock up to the administration levels of the prison. They went into the office area and into the rear of the building. The guard knocked on the door of the office at the end of the hall. They entered the Deputy Warden's office.

Behind the desk, a short muscular black male worked on some paperwork. "Thank you very much Officer Holcomb! I will call you when the inmate is ready to return to population."

"Yes, sir!"

The guard left.

The deputy warden came around and sat on the front of his desk. He indicated for Jewel to sit on one of the chairs facing the desk.
"How's are they treating you Julie!?!"

"All of the guards leave me alone now! I guess all of them know that I'm your bitch!"

The warden smiled at this. "Here!" He tossed Julie a small, brown package wrapped in cellophane.

She opened it up to reveal a good quantity of heroin and several needles.

"Oh baby, I love you. I guess I'm gonna have to suck a lot of dick to earn this."

"Believe me, you will. Go ahead and get high then I'm going to fuck you."

"Sounds like a plan!"

Julie went about preparing her fix. As she did Derrick (the Deputy Warden's first name), watched his personal pussy.

Julie was 6'2 with a solid athletic figure. She had a nice bust that ran about a 36C. Her hips were wide and shapely and she had legs that went on forever. She wrapped those legs around him tightly when he fucked her.

She went about 160 pounds but had hardly any excess fat because she was a workout stud. Her hair was a dishwater blonde just over shoulder length and was tied back behind her head in a ponytail. One of her best features were her deep, blue expressive eyes. Derrick loved to look into her eyes as he fucked her or as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Her mouth was small and pert and Derrick loved when she wrapped it around his dick!

After about fifteen minutes, the drugs had sent her into orbit and she was ready to fuck.

"Strip for me, Jewel.

Jewel slowly pulled her tee shirt over her head and tossed it onto the carpeted floor. Warden Stark liked to watch her strip, so Jewel gave him a good show! She pulled of her bra and then caressed and fondled her tits to get him aroused. Then, Julie undid and stepped out of her jeans. She kicked them into a pile on the floor. Jewel then slowly peeled of her panties and they too joined the pile. She now stood completely naked in front of him.

"Now get on you hands and knees and crawl to me!" he ordered.

Jewel dropped to all fours and slowly crawled over to Derrick sitting on the desk. Jewel hated the feelings of humiliation that the Deputy Warden put her through but she knew to keep her mouth shut and her thighs open. This was one sugar daddy that she couldn't afford to piss off. Through Derrick, Jewel got drugs and privileges that no other inmate could get. Besides the Warden was due to retire in about four months, Derrick would almost certainly get that job. Jewel knew that it paid to be fucking the boss. But Derrick still made her feel like the lowest slut and Jewel hated it. Someone was going to pay and Jewel had an idea who.

Now, Derrick was a stocky, black male who stood only 5'5. Fucking this tall, white bitch was a real turn-on for him. As Jewel made her way slowly over to him, Derrick dropped his pants and briefs and stepped out of them.

Jewel came up to him but remained on her knees. She took his manhood in a firm grip and began jerking him to hardness. Derrick had a long, thick ten-inch cock that was a monster to hold. He quickly became rock hard.

Jewel licked all around the head of his cock and then up and down the shaft. Her tongue traced the large vein on the underside and left it slick and shiny with her spit.

"Suck that dick, baby."

Derrick's cock was hot and throbbing in Jewel's mouth. She sucked up and down the shaft several times like she was playing a harmonica. The only sounds from her were the slurp, slurp, slurp as she sucked dick. Jewel sucked down into Derrick's large hairy balls. Derrick loved when she sucked his balls, so she took one and then the other completely into her mouth and gently inhaled.

Finally, Jewel wrapped her small mouth around his cock and deep throated him. Jewel had learned long ago how to deep throat a cock, so on the initial suckle, Jewel took eight of his ten inches down her throat! Jewel mouth was hot and moist around Derrick's cock. Her suction was incredible.

Derrick moaned softly as Jewel worked her magic. Jewel slowly came off of his cock and then quickly gobbled it down again. She came up again and then gobbled it down again. Soon her head was bobbing quickly up and down on Derrick's dick as Jewel gave head. The blowjob went on for another fifteen minutes.

"Get up here and bend over the desk!" Derrick ordered.

Jewel pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out of her mouth and got up. She then bent over the desk with her tits smashed flat against the top. With his dick sticking out like a pole, Derrick stood up and got behind her. He gripped Jewel's shapely hips and shoved his dick deep into her hot steaming cunt.

"Oh, yeah. Do it, baby." Julie moaned as his cock went balls deep into her.

God, he loved fucking this tall, white slut. Derrick's thick cock pistoned in and out of her faster and faster. He was soon slamming into her with brutal force. Jewel's body shuddered and recoiled back and forth as she was reamed from behind. Derrick's tool drove deeply into her again and again and again.

Derrick felt Jewel's cunt tighten and spasm around his cock as she came. His cock became creamy, white with her pussy juices as he continued to pound her cunt. Finally, Derrick gripped Jewel's hips tightly and drove as deeply into her as he could! Jewel felt the hot tide of his cum hose down her pussy insides. She could feel his seed splash forcefully against the back wall of her cunt. Derrick's cock shuddered and throbbed as he shot his load. He held steady for several minutes. After his orgasm, Derrick's cock slowly shrank and then oozed slowly out of her.

Derrick sat down on one of the chairs to catch his breath. Jewel waited until he was seated and then sat straddling him. Her tits were hanging right in his face.

"Is there anything special you want me to do baby?" she cooed to him.

"Just give me a few minutes to recharge then I'll give you some more of my big dick!"

Jewel arched her chest forward putting her boobs right into his mouth. Derrick slipped his arms around to the small of her back and began sucking on the nipples. He licked all around the areolas and licked in between her tits. Derrick sucked a line from the top to the nipple to underneath each tit. Jewel's tits weren't the biggest but they were firm and delicious! As Derrick slurped on his titty sandwich, his cock began to stiffen again. When his meat got good and hard, Derrick ordered Jewel to turn around and sit on his dick.

Jewel got up and turned around with her back to him. She reached in between her legs and pointed Derrick's cock straight up! Jewel slowly lowered herself down on his stiff, throbbing meat! His rock-hard boner slipped easily into Jewel's still-wet pussy.

When she was fully impaled on his meat, Jewel put her hands on the arms of the chair and used that leverage to raise and lower herself on Derrick's cock.

Jewel's cunt was hot and steaming and gripped Derrick's meat like a vice. He reached around her and cupped her tits as she bounced in his lap. Up and down, up and down, Jewel rode like a jackhammer. The grip and hot moistness of Jewel's cunt was too much for Derrick! He couldn't hold back and shot another heavy load of cum up into Jewel's cunt.

Later, as Jewel dressed, she turned to Derrick. "Can I ask for a favor?"


"There's new, young bitch in cell 47! I want her in my stable! Can you arrange some quality time for us?"

"Done! How about tonight?"

"Fine! I'll educate her and maybe I'll bring her along next time! She's a fine snatch. Very young and very ripe."

"You do that!"

Later that night during evening count before lockdown, all of the residents of the cellblock had to stand in front of their cells and be visually counted. As Kay and Nikki were waiting to be counted, A short, squat redhead walked boldly up to Nikki and grabbed her by the front of the shirt.

"Some bitch stole two packs of cigarettes out of my cell and everyone said that it was you." she screamed.

"No…no…I …I…didn't take anything…."

The redhead forcefully slammed Nikki to the floor.

"Give me my shit, bitch."

She started slapping Nikki hard across her head!

The inmates crowded around the combatants while cries of "Fight. Fight. Fight." rang through the cellblock.

The redhead had caught Nikki off guard and all Nikki could do was to try to protect her head. The redhead landed several blows before a shrill whistle followed by several guards broke up the melee!

"Take them both to "the Hole"." the head sergeant yelled.

Nikki and the redhead were both grabbed and dragged down to solitary confinement. Each girl was tossed into a small, dimly lit, solo cell that had nothing but a cot and a hole in the floor for a bathroom. A little bruised and bloody, Nikki curled up on the cot and sobbed herself to sleep.

Still in solitary several hours later, Nikki had finally fallen asleep when she was awakened by the sound of the cell door being opened. Her heart froze with fright as Jewel and two of her wenches entered and shut the door behind them!

"Hello there sweetcheeks. We have a little unfinished business, don't we!?!" Jewel sneered.

Nikki back against the wall shaking her head, "Please. No. No. Please don't do this."

"Awwww, she doesn't want to play. Ladies, let's help her play nicely."

At her signal, the two gang members fanned out to either side of Nikki and grabbed her by the arms. They jerked Nikki down onto the cot and tied her wrists to the bar across the end of the bed.

"Thank you, ladies! That's all for now." Jewel smirked.

When her two cronies departed, Jewel sat down on the cot next to a terrified Nikki.

Jewel reached up under Nikki's tee shirt and began fondling her. "You and I are going to be very good friends. I'm going to love you and protect you from any harm."

Nikki began screaming for help from the guard.

"Go right ahead and yell your ass off. These are soundproof cells! No one is going to hear a thing." laughed Jewel.

"The guard will come check."

"No, I don't think so. One of my young ladies is entertaining him for the next couple of hours! I have you all to myself for at least two hours!"

"Please don't rape me. Please don't do this to me." Nikki pleaded.

Jewel reached down and began unfastening Nikki's jeans. After she got them opened, Jewel harshly yanked down Nikki's jeans and panties to her ankles. Nikki kicked at Jewel to try to get her to stop! Jewel backhanded Nikki with a blow that rattled Nikki's teeth!

"Sweetcheeks, if you want to play rough, I can play rough. But I guarantee that you won't like it! Now lay back and enjoy; you might find that you like it."

Jewel ripped Nikki's jeans and panties off completely and threw them to the side. Jewel stabbed two fingers deep into Nikki's cunt. Nikki writhed and moaned under the violation!

While keeping her fingers buried inside of Nikki, Jewel eased in between Nikki's legs. Jewel began gently licking up and down Nikki's inner thighs. The musk of Nikki's cunt greatly aroused Jewel. She grabbed Nikki's legs behind the ankles and lifted them into a "v"! Nikki shuddered and began sobbing but Jewel only smiled.

"Hmmmmmm, your pussy smells sweet!"

Nikki flinched when she felt a warm tongue start to lick slowly up and down the length of her pussy. The feeling was electric and started Nikki's juices flowing. She had never had a lesbian experience but four months without a man had been frustrating.

Jewel's tongue delved deeper and deeper into the folds of her cunt. Nikki began to writhe wildly as Jewel began to eat her harder and harder. Nikki's juices flowed freely as she became more and more aroused. Jewel lapped at her cunt like a dog!

She had orgasmed twice and was panting heavily when Jewel pulled her face from between Nikki's legs.

Jewel smiled sweetly, "Time to see how good you eat pussy!"

Nikki was terrified but she knew that she had no choice. Jewel dropped her jeans and slid out of her panties. She then climbed onto the bed straddling Nikki's chest. Jewel eased up onto her haunches until her pussy was poised above Nikki's face.

"Now lick, bitch!"

Nikki began to tentatively lick around and into Jewels cunt. Jewel still had the salty-sweet taste of sperm within her so she knew that Jewel had been fucked recently. Nikki licked and licked! Her tongue drove deeply into Jewel's pussy again and again and again.

Jewel threw her head back and moaned! She ground her hips down onto Nikki's face as she began cumming! Jewel orgasmed heavily and soaked Nikki's face in here cunt juices. Nikki lapped up the sweet, tasting flow until it threatened to drown her! Jewel finished her climax and then dismounted Nikki's face.

Her face still wet with Jewel's cum, Nikki lay zombie-like on the cot as Jewel pulled up her panties and jeans. She reached down and fiercely kissed Nikki on the lips.

"I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, sweetcheeks. In fact, I think that will be your new name from now on. You'll be called "Sweetcheeks"! Now look, I'm going to fuck you anytime I want. You can have it easy or have it hard! I don't care which. You are my bitch now. Get used to it."

She untied Nikki and left her dazed on the cot.

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