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Hirsuit Ladies (Part 1 of 2)

Written by SVEN (April 2001)

It had started as a light hearted joke about my wife Anna's sparsity of pubic hair, but it took a turn for the better when she agreed that she'd love to have more bush for me to slide through in our encounters beneath the sheets. The sight of a model revealing her glistening wet pinkness from within a luxuriant growth of dark curling hair was enough to get me to a solid erection in seconds. We'd been married for ten years and Anna's pubes had always been a little on light side rather than a dense undergrowth.

Anna is a natural blonde so her thin covering of pubic hair was less noticable then if she been naturaully dark. She had never been self-conscious of this, but matters reached a head when she noticed my very visible reaction to one particular hairy pubed model in a copy my favourite magazine. I know that some men really get off on shaved fannies with no hair to obscure the view but I'd always had a hankering for the hirsuit ladies. She didn't say too much at the time but as our birthdays grew closer (they are only one month apart), she started to drop hints that we should opt for a rather special joint present this year.

It was quite a bombshell however, when she revealed that the evening classes she had been attending for the the last three months were not in Lace Making but Wig Making. All became clear when she said that she wanted to make her own pubic wig, a merkin being the correct name as she informed me, and this was to be our joint birthday present. Little did I know when she suggested this just what lay in store for me.

She had mastered the basic techniques over the three month period but now wanted to put the theory into practice. She said that she wasn't too happy about having just any clump of pubic hair nestling between her thighs and would have to select the source materials very closely. When I pointed out that the fact of splitting a strange set of pubes was all very well, but that the thought of them belonging to a shaved transvestite left me cold, she said 'don't worry about that' with a very wicked glint in her eye.

My birthday arrived first and I got home on the evening of the big day to find Anna stripped for action in a fishnet bodysuit with the crotch open to reveal a very inviting set of flaps. What little hair Anna still had was mostly surrounding her love lips and often proved to be some small solace for my rasping tongue as it travelled over her smooth pubic mound, found brief coarse texture trapping fragrant natural perfume, before slurping at the feast which awaited it in the wonderfully hot soup bowl that was her lower mouth.

I didn't need a verbal invitation and was straight down on my knees running my tongue over her crack and sucking the few strands of hair between my lips. I'd been savouring my favourite supper for about 15 minutes and Anna had had one almighty come which left my chin, neck and shirt awash with her juices.

I was just thinking it strange that Anna hadn't been trying to suck my own special brand of freshly made salty condensed soup from its large nozzle when the front door bell rang.

Anna said to answer the door but I protested that there was something I was much more interested in opening than the front door. However, after the sixth ring, Anna insisted that I answer the door as it was putting her off her stroke.

She also pointed out that in her present state of dress she could hardly answer it without giving the caller an open invitation. Somewhat irritably I yanked the front door open and was relieved to see the creature who had interrupted my pleasure walking back down our driveway huddled under a large umbrella.

I was just about to quietly close the door when the caller noticed the light from the open door reflecting on the wet drive and turned back.

'Bloody Hell', I thought, and muttered some banal excuse to the umbrella about having been fixing a blocked sink in order to explain my wet shirt.

The umbrella lifted to reveal a beautiful face with ice blue eyes and scarlet wide lips framed in dark short hair.

'Hi', she said, 'I'm Anna's Secretary and something important cropped up after she left today, and I need to speak to her urgently'.

I called over my shoulder to Anna that her Secretary needed to speak to her and in order to give herself time to cover up, asked if she was out of the bath yet. She replied that she was now decent and said to show Paula through.

I asked Paula in and took her raincoat and umbrella and was stunned by her shapely body which I could now see was now encased in a black silk blouse revealing the large subtle swelling of her ample breasts, and a pair of black cotton culottes which clung to her bottom like a sack containing two wriggling cats.

I took Paula through to the lounge and ushered her in. Imagine my surprise when I followed her in to see Anna, still in her open crotch fishnet leotard, with her legs cast over each side of the armchair, plunging three fingers up into her crack and at the same rubbing her clit with her thumb.

'Hello Paula, what's come up', she said, still ploughing her fingers in and out of her deep furrow.

Paula didn't blink but withdrew a huge dildo from her shoulder bag and walked over to Anna and said, 'Well Anna, I don't know about what's come up, but this huge beauty is about to go up'.

With that she sat on the arm of the chair, reached down to grab Anna's wrist and slowly pulled her hand from her now flushed pussy.

The next ten minutes were pure electric, and I watched in fascination as Paula slowly eased the head of the dildo into the place recently vacated by Anna's fingers. Anna's cunt slowly spread to envelop the plastic prick and her lower lips formed a succulent pink ŒO‚ around the ribbed plastic as it thrusted in and out of her fanny which was now deepening in colour as the throws of yet another orgasm started to sweep over her. Her face was flushed and her breasts were also visibly changing colour beneath the webbing of the black fishnet of the body stocking. It was all too much for me and I unzipped my fly to get my hands on my raging hard-on.

Anna looked across to me and screamed, 'Leave it alone, your fun is coming soon'.

Obediently, I took my hand away from my throbbing cock and carried on watching the 'live show'. Paula's hand was now pistoning the dildo into a flurry but as she released her hold on the plastic member, Anna's cunt suddenly spat the dildo out across the room to land at my feet.

I picked it up and licked Anna's juices from the shaft to enjoy the best Take Away I'd ever had.

Meanwhile, Paula had become so engrossed in the sight of Anna's flowing rivers, that she now had her mouth where mine had been only minutes earlier. Anna came with a scream which the neighbours still ask questions about even now.

During all this time Paula had remained fully clothed and now raised her head to reveal Anna's juices smeared all over her nose, cheeks, chin and neck, with a steady stream trickling from the left hand corner of her mouth. Anna looked across at me and said 'John, I don't believe that you've met Paula my new Secretary.

I was worried that she would think that we were out when you took your time to answer the door'.

Sudden thoughts raced through my head including surprise at my wife's latent lesbian streak and whether my juices could join and mix with Anna's in Paula's inviting mouth.

Anna soon brought my mind back into focus when she announced, 'Paula is really here to bring you your birthday present but we thought that this little display would be an added bonus for you.' I don't know about bonus, my mind was now only guided by the large boner pointing to the ceiling from my still open fly.

Anna asked me to put my member away and to make myself comfortable in the other armchair. So it was all a tease to get me even stiffer for Anna's now distended pussy when Paula had left. She then told Paula to show me my present and insisted that I stay in my seat. Paula sat on the settee and loosened the belt on her culottes and slowly eased them off as she raised her cheeks above the cushions.

She revealed a black G string and a white suspender belt which was attached to a pair of tan coloured stockings, the brown tops of which made a lovely frame for the G string and creamy thighs.

The culottes were now discarded on the floor and she spread her legs wide. I was gobsmacked when a glistening pink slit opened up before me and I suddenly realised that that I was looking at a very dark hairy cunt and not at some flimsy item of underware. Anna asked me if I liked what I saw and when I nodded she said that that was good as it was the raw materials for the merkin which she was going to make in time for her own birthday the following month.

She said that she wanted to be absolutely sure so she had drawn up a list of tests and the first of these was appearance. She took the straining bulge in my trousers as a sign of my approval but suggested that I make a closer examination.

Anna motioned to Paula who stood up and walked over to where I sitting and I was at eye level with this magnificent hairy bush. I was told to look but not touch. It was everything I'd dreamt of in my wildest fantasies.

With this, Anna turned the lighting up and I could now see why I had been deceived into thinking that Paula had been wearing a G string. The jet black triangle only inches from my nose was very dense and the hairs were long and very springy.

In this standing position her love lips were completely concealed by the sheer density of hair which arched downwards over the pubic mound and curved between the joint at the luscious meeting point of her legs.

Her hairs were so long that they formed a beautiful feminine beard with its tendrils individually highlighted against the the soft skin of her upper thighs. All of this was much too overpowering for me and I just had to wrench my tool from its confines and point it at the hair covered haven before me.

As soon as it had touched the hair before it I felt a firm grip around the centre of my shaft and Anna was once again telling me to calm down. The next test involved a closer inspection of Paula's magnificent pussy and Anna gave very clear instructions for her to sit on one of our bar stools and to spread her legs wide while leaning back against the bar.

I was then told to kneel between her legs and inspect the goods. I was not only able to make a visual inspection but my nose was picking up the fragrance which was scenting the furry pubes. Anna told me to test the texture of the forest of hair in front of my face and I attached my mouth to Paula's cunt lips and sucked her hair and ran my tongue over the two inches of bush which was now trapped inside my mouth.

As I released the hair and darted my tongue forward into Paula's widespread labia I felt my wife slide between my parted legs and fasten her mouth over my engorged helmet. Anna's breasts were now flattened against my inner thighs and her lips were gently circling the sensitive lower ridge of my cock's crown.

Meanwhile I was licking at Paula's open slit and sucking her clit between my lips which was causing her to writhe against my face. Anna was now vigorously sucking on the end of my pole and I could feel that I was about to come over her tonsils.

My wife had, however, sensed this and pulled my throbbing member from her mouth and gripped it firmly below the helmet. At the same time she managed to get her other hand up to my chest and pushed me back away from Paula's pussy.

As Paula bucked against thin air, and my cock fought unsuccessfully to spray her quim with hot spunk, Anna brought things back down to earth by saying that there were more tests to come.

By now the air was heavy with the scent of cunt juice and Anna's scent was now being overpowered by Paula's much stronger smell which reminded of the smell I used to catch in the end stairwell of a block of flats where I lived in my juvenile years.

The smell had always appeared to be strongest when I passed a dark haired girl and her boyfriend as I charged upwards and they descended with flushed looks on their faces. In an instant I now realised that that smell had been pure female sex and that I disturbed many a happy screwing session in the only private place that the couple could find.

This all served to heighten my sexual senses and I now felt that I could redecorate the room with the amount of spunk that was ready to let fly from my balls. My wife then came over to me and gave me a deep french kiss as she ran her tongue around the inside of my mouth in order to taste her secretary's juices fresh from my mouth.

What she was tasting clearly turned her on since she quickly pulled away and forced her own pussy down onto my face and smeared my mouth, lips and cheeks with her own wet sexual secretions. I'd only had chance for a few flicks of my tongue before she was back giving me a passionate kiss which I now realised was an excuse to savour the mixed cocktail of freshly sucked flavours. She appeared to like what she tasted because she suddenly broke free once again and announced that the next test was now called for.

To my relief Anna declared that she wanted to have a close look at my cock parting Paula's pussy hair and instructed Paula to get into the doggy position and for me to shuffle forward on my knees.

My wife had taken this opportunity to place herself beneath her secretary so that they were in the 69 position, and as my missile approached its target, she used one hand to open Paula's cunt flaps wide and the other to guide my weapon between the hairy open labia into the tight,hot and wet confines of the pink cunt now held open for me.

I couldn't hold back any longer and thrust my hips forward which caused my thighs to slap against Paula's cheeks and for her cunt syrup to flow back along my shaft and to dribble into my own pubic hair and then to trickle in a steady stream down over my balls. Anna was doing her best to collect all of this and was alternately licking at the base of my shaft and then at the hanging ball-sacks below.

My spunk was now building up a head of pressure which threatened to erupt like a geyser.

I continued my thrusting into Paula's honey hole and was gripped literally by her tight cunt muscles which were sending ripples of wet pleasure all along my shaft. My helmet was being gripped at the neck of her womb, squeezed and then forced back down to the lips of her vulva.

This was happening on each thrust and the pressure was now unbearable. With a final thrust I discovered that Anna was one step ahead of me as she slipped her mouth up onto the base of my cock and with a gentle grip of her teeth on my organ she pulled it out of its new found home just as the torrent broke through the flood gates.

Her timing was spot on because as my first spurt met the fresh air Anna dropped her jaw so that my silver sliver of spunk sprayed and then soaked into Paula's dense pubic forest.

My wife did not release her oral clamp but moved her jaw to direct my ejaculation over the whole area of her secretary's thatch and then down into her wet pink gash.

Before my prick had the opportunity to soften, Anna had slid her lips up along its shaft and had used her tongue to lap up the dribble from its now oozing tip. She seemed to savour the mix of Paula's cunt juice and my spunk.

As she finally released my member from her mouth I looked down to see my softening prick laying on a cushion of thick black pubic hair, now smeared with a grey sparkling frost of semen.

Anna immediately pushed me one side and transferred her oral attentions to to Paula's bush and started to slurp my recent spill from Paula's pussy hair. I moved down so that I was at eye level with the cunt sucking exhibition which gave the added benefit of the rich smell of cunt juice and spunk. To see my wife's mouth and chin coated in my fresh spunk while burrowing deep into her Secretary's muff gave me the start of another stiffy but I was content to just take in the view for the moment.

Anna was sinking her open mouth down onto the spunky springy bush and then closing it and drawing the long hairs between her lips and sucking my sperm from them. Between each suck she would poke out her tongue in order for me to get a good view of the rich coating she was giving it. Paula, meanwhile, was shifting into overdrive and was rubbing her clit with a circular motion which was causing her labia to become coated with her own juices.

During all of this Anna had only had the interrupted suck from me and the brief dildo session with Paula. I thought it only fair to shift around behind her and tease her cunt lips open with my now stiff member.

As I eased into her she lifted her head from her salty feast and told me that I could carry on for a while but that I was to save my ejaculation for another test she had in mind. Having had the joy of my first come I had plenty of fuck time left in my tool so proceeded to set up a steady rhythm which soon had my wife squirming and forcing herself back against my strokes.

I now had a clear view over Anna's shoulder and could see that Paula had placed the fingers of one hand into her protruding vaginal lips and pulled her cunt open to one side to form an open access for my wife's spunk covered tongue which now started to run over the inner fanny lips and leave a grey deposit which soon became watered with her own sex juice.

The combination of my steady shafting and Anna's pleasure at licking her secretary's cunt soon brought my wife to sexual spasm as she contracted her muscles around my shaft. I allowed her to relax her cunt and then slowly withdrew my hard prick from her sopping hole. Paula had in the meantime started to rub the palm of her other hand over her own labia and then into Anna's wide open gash.

She then used her open hand to rub our combined set of love juices over Anna's fishnet constrained tits which caused the net to become sticky with a mixture which ran down behind the fabric and flow over her cleavage and to run down over her abdomen to collect in a natural well in her navel.

Paula then eased the fishnet body stocking up over my wife's hips and started to lap at the mingled juices contained in the deep hollow of her navel. As she did so she licked her lips to spread the mixture over her chin and then lifted her head and gave Anna a passionate kiss which smeared all our love potions over both their faces.

They continued by licking each other's face clean and then sank back with legs widespread inviting me to lick their pussies. I suggested that Paula sit on Anna's lap in the armchair and that they then both spread their legs wide over the arms. I knelt between the double wet gashes and ran my tongue from my wife's bottom. into her vagina, then on to tease her clit before sucking on her sparce pubic mound and then slipping upwards to Paula's gaping hairy cunt which spread out to give me a full set of whiskers on both sides of my face. Wiggling my tongue into her tight gash soon had her crying out in ecstasy and I then moved back down to my wife's love hole.

I then settled into a rhythm by which I was wiping both pussies with rough top side of my tongue on the up stroke and then with the smooth lower side on the down stroke. I managed to keep this up for ten minutes and the girls were very close to coming. Anna then told me to take a rest and suggested to Paula that they were in a perfect position to finish each other off by hand. Paula managed to squeeze her right hand between their bodies and started a light circular motion over my wife's clit.

Anna meanwhile had looped her hand over Paula's hip and was roughly pushing to and fro down from the rough tangle of hair into the wide gash making sure that she applied extra pressure to her clit as she moved over it. It wasn't long before Paula started to let out a low groan and started to apply greater pressure to Anna's clit which caused my wife to groan also.

They both came together in a crescendo of lusty groans and Paula then slid down onto the carpet and turned so that she was now kneeling between my wife's splayed legs. She offered Anna the hand which had just brought her to orgasm and my wife eagerly sucked her own juices from her secretary's fingers. At the same time she slid her sticky fingers into Paula's mouth who took great pleasure in licking them dry. Anna said that it was time for a drink and went behind the bar to collect four glasses and a bottle of Tequila. She told me to take the warm place in the armchair recently vacated by the pair of them and suggested that I relax and enjoy what was to follow. I sank back into the armchair and settled my balls into the very warm damp patch which was the result of my lip work and the mutual finger frigging of the two girls. Anna poured hefty shots of drink into three of the glasses and handed one to me.

I swigged from the glass and wondered what was to follow. Paula and Anna both took a mouthful of the drink and came forward with cheeks bulging and their mouths closed on either side of my spunk gun. In an instant they had turned their heads to 90 degrees of my weapon and locked their mouths in a kiss which had my helmet firmly locked between two tongues, four lips and a great quantity of alcohol.

The Tequila caused a warmth around my knob which was wonderful, and then it trickled down from between their parted kissing lips to follow the veins on my shaft and to wash over my balls. With Anna's hand around my scrotum they took in turns to give me one suck each until I was ready to shoot my load.

At this point Anna picked up the empty fourth glass and wanked my straining prick into it. I came in three gushes which covered the bottom of the glass. Paula then picked up the glass of spunk and stretched her thumb out at an angle and dribbled a small amount into the 'V' created, raised it to her lips, ran her broad tongue over the spunk and then immediately washed it down with the Tequila from her glass. As Paula was running her tongue over her lips, Anna picked up the sperm filled glass and tilted it back to empty its contents into her mouth. She then proceeded to place my spunk back onto my prick with really dirty laps which had the complete surface covered with a grey slime. Paula didn't want to feel left out and moved back down to lick the excess in long lingering laps into her own mouth.

She then eased Anna's spunk stained body stocking up over her head and dribbled my come down onto each of my wife's proud standing nipples. Up to this point in the proceedings Paula's upper torso was still covered in the black silk top which clearly showed her unconfined breasts swinging behind the seductive material.

She now tore at her buttons to remove the top and revealed a stunning pair of 36 Cs with nicely placed dark pink nipples located above the centre of gravity and tilting slightly upwards and outwards towards her armpits which showed an expanse of dark hair which, if it not been trimmed would clearly have matched the beautiful nest which covered her pubic region.

Paula lowered herself so that her breasts were opposite my wife's and slowly moved forward and flicked her upper body from side to side. Her sense of timing and distance was excellent as she connected her nipples with Anna's and the spunk started to fly in all directions.

I was really intrigued to see globules of cum fly up into Paula's hairy armpits and onto the smooth silky skin of Anna's shaved armpits. This nipple contact was clearly doing things for both Anna and Paula because they both started to groan and come together.

Before they had calmed from their mutual frenzy they licked each other's breasts and armpits clean. All of this was excitement was too much for me and I felt that I needed some rest. I sat back in the damp armchair with my warming drink and before I was aroused again I had fallen into a deep sleep. I awoke to see the early morning light filter through the cracks in the curtains and wondered if I'd just had the most erotic dream of my life.

The room was empty but there were four empty glasses on the table and as I looked down I saw that my soft prick was resting on the chair's cushion which now had a large irregular stain spreading out from the centre of my cock. One of the glasses also had a thin white crust covering its bottom which smelt very salty.

So it hadn't been a dream! Paula's clothes were gone from the floor so I guessed that she had left after I'd fallen asleep. The memory of the previous night's activity had my prick standing to attention once again so decided to make a couple of coffees and wake up Anna to see if she could do something about it for me.

As I filled the filter machine I wondered if Anna had got round to taking the scissors to Paula's pubes. The thought of having missed this event caused me to curse myself for my lack of stamina.

I took the coffees up to our bedroom with my prick still rock hard and as I turned on the light it jerked up and hit the bottom of the tray I was carrying.

There on the top of the duvet were my wife and her secretary naked and soundly asleep in the 69 position. Anna's favourite vibrator lay discarded on a pillow and the dildo which Paula had rammed into her at the start of the previous night was firmly embedded in Paula's still hairy snatch.

So I hadn't missed the ceremony of the scissors! I quietly put down the tray and went back downstairs to make another coffee. As I stood in the kitchen the image of the pink dildo making a ring of soft flushed cunt flesh and dark pubic hairs caused my prick to twitch as a plan came to mind.

I crept back into the bedroom and placed my drink down with the others and went to the bed. I picked up Anna's vibrator, set it to a slow speed and applied its tip to my wife's clit and with my other hand I gently pulled on the dildo in Paula's cunt.

It wasn't long before I had set up a regular rhythm with both of the sex toys and both of the girls were now starting to squirm and moan as they came out of their sleep.

Anna's eyes flipped open and a broad smile spread over her face as she felt the vibrations and saw my hand working the dildo in and out of Paula's love hole with an accompaniment of slurping sound. Paula then awoke with a look of bewilderment on her face which quickly turned to a grin a she sussed the situation and linked the sensations coming from her pussy to what she could see was happening to Anna's cunt.

By adjusting the thrusts of the dildo and the speed of the vibrator I managed to bring both girls to a climax at the same time and the air was heavy with the sounds and smells of the previous evening. As they both calmed down I removed the now wet sex toys and wished them both a good morning.

As I got them their coffees they arranged themselves so that they were sitting with their backs against the head of the bed and with enough space for me to climb in between them. They explained that they had tried to wake me last night but I was too far gone to respond to their stroking and licking.

They had come upstairs and had a little fun before they also gave way to the sexual exhaustion which had affected me, hence the position I had discovered them in. Anna said that as it was the weekend and as Paula had no plans she had invited her to stay over unless I had any objections. Before they had their final session last night they had planned a rather special weekend which they promised I would remember for the rest of my life.

I was only too keen to fall in with their arrangements but pointed out that unless there was rest and recuperation time built into the schedule then this might indeed be the last weekend of my life but it would be good to go out with a bang. They said that it was all worked out and their rude awakening this morning would not effect their plans for me.

It turned out that Paula hadn't had sex since parting with her boyfriend some three years ago and had so enjoyed the feel of my prick that she wanted to make up for lost time.

The previous evening's birthday surprise had been planned by the girls after Anna had revealed her intended gift during an intimate conversation when she had asked Paula for ideas on where to get hold of such an intimate commodity from a clean and reliable source. Paula had volunteered her pubes and my wife was so touched by her generosity that she had offered a share of my stiff prick as a compensation. Paula had shown Anna her dense pubic mat that evening as they both pretended to work late and they hatched their plan from that starting point. It also turned out that last night was the first sexual contact that either of them had had with another woman which made it doubly exiting for them as they made the arrangements.

They were so pleased at the way that things had turned out that they wanted to extend it into a weekend of lust. The only condition being that I was to follow their instructions today and in return they would follow my instructions tomorrow. It seemed that one of things Paula had missed most was the early morning screw and even her trusty dildo wasn't really a substitute for the real thing. As we lay on the bed discussing these things my cock was still throbbing like mad and Anna suggested that I gave Paula an early morning fuck while she made some fresh coffee.

I was told to lay back and think of England and Anna grabbed hold of my erection as Paula crouched over my crotch. My wife used her other hand to part Paula's sex lips and guided me into her love tunnel as she lowered herself down onto me. Despite her hours of sleep enveloping the dildo she was still incredibly tight and was also very wet and hot. Anna arose and giving both of us a smile collected the tray and left the room.

Paula was really grinding down onto me and it was such an erotic sight to see her hair squashed down into mine and then the sight of red cunt lips as they pulled back on her up stroke. She leant forward and offered her nipples to my mouth and as I licked and sucked on them her juices were running down my shaft and soaking my hair and balls.

I felt her cunt muscles start to convulse and knew that she was close to coming. I started thrusting back at her pussy and our crotches were now banging against each other. As she let out a scream of pleasure I erupted inside her and gave the walls of her cunt a coating of spunk. With her eyes closed she fell backwards, my prick still inside her, her legs spread over my hips.

I looked up to see that Anna had just come back into the room and her hands were shaking as she put down the tray. My wife came over to my side and we both looked down at Paula's pussy encircling my cock. My hair was wet with her juices and my spunk was dribbling out from her leaving a sparking trail over her dark pubic hair and soft inner thighs before leaving a small pool among my own pubes. Paula raised herself onto her elbows and looked down at this sight with a gentle smile.

She looked at Anna and then back down at our still joined organs and my wife bent forward and licked at the combined juices before pulling my softening member from Paula's pussy and licking it clean. She then leant back on the bed and motioned Paula to crouch over her face. She flicked her tongue up into the open hole and licked at the juices which were still flowing down. Anna's face was now coated with a mixture of spunk and pussy juice as she gently pushed her secretary to one side and sat up on the bed.

We drank our coffees together and Anna told me that they would freshen up and then she was going to drive Paula back to her flat to collect some fresh clothes for the weekend and they would then do some shopping for the evening meal. I was given my instructions as to what I should do while awaiting their return.

The girls showered, dressed and set out on their trip and I set about my tasks which were not too onerous and included some simple tidying up and a trip to the local off license to buy a couple of bottles to go with the evening meal. During all this time my mind couldn't help but speculate on what the two sexy creatures had planned for me. It was early afternoon before they returned and I was sporting a very substantial erection which clearly bulged against against the flies of my tight jeans.

They both noticed my high state of arousal but didn't appear inclined to do anything about it. Paula had changed into a somewhat sombre dark grey business suit with a white silk blouse. Anna was wearing the casual outfit of jeans and loose top which she had changed into earlier that morning. Anna poured out three glasses of red wine and settled down on the sofa and patted the seat for me to join her.

I asked what had taken them so long and she smiled and said that I would find out later. She leant forward and gave me a deep hot tongue kiss but as I responded by sliding my hand beneath her blouse she slapped it and broke contact. I remembered that it was my turn to follow instructions so I quietly accepted the fact and settled back to sip from my glass. Paula came downstairs and joined us on the sofa and sat on the other side of me. We sat drinking our wine and my erection was now becoming very painful and I couldn't help speculating on how it was going to be relieved so it was a surprise when my wife asked Paula whether she thought I looked a little off colour.

I tried to protest that I felt fine but Paula agreed and the steely glare from Anna reminded me that I was under their control for the day. Anna told me to finish my drink and get myself off to bed and to make sure that I put my pajamas on. I wondered if this was some kind of joke since I never wore pajamas and only kept one pair in case of fire or house guests. However, I obediently followed my wife's orders and took to my bed in my underused nightware.

As I pulled back the duvet I was confronted with a glossy magazine which was clearly a hardcore import. Even more interesting was the subject which was obviously naughty nurses getting up to some very naughty nursing activities.

I sat up in bed and flicked through the pages which revealed two nurses attending to the needs of a well hung patient. As I went through the pages the uniforms were opened to reveal the glorious bodies of the two sexy nurses.

I had no idea how they got hold of this strong material but it was causing my already rock hard knob to twitch like mad. Anna had known of my weakness for nurses in uniform and so must have clearly known the effect that this would have on me.

The dark haired nurse bent over the bed to reveal a nice pair of stockinged legs and a red pussy gash surrounded by a mass a jet black pubic hair. Her fairer friend revealed a shaved pussy with large labia spread to reveal a honey pot which was clearly running with juices.

The magazine went on to show the nurses taking the stud patient's large eight inch dick in their mouths and deep throating him as they pushed down so that their lips encircled the shaft so deep that they were actually down into the guy's pubes.

The pictures moved on to show the fairer nurse taking the thick cock into her shaven snatch as she sat down on on his groin while at the same time his tongue could be seen, also in sharp focus, as it was burrowing its way up the hairy hole of the other nurse.

The picture set went on to show the nurses changing places and finally to show the come shots with spunk spurting over the nurses uniforms. It was all that I could do not to stroke my throbbing shaft but I thought that I would save my juice for what the two girls had in mind.

I was just dwelling on this when the bedroom opened and my jaw literally dropped and my prick slapped up against my stomach as Paula and Anna came into the room wearing nurses uniforms. Anna was carrying a tray which included a bowl of water, flannel and towels.

I was told that I looked hot and flushed and that I was need of bed bath. As my wife placed the tray on the bedside table, her secretary pulled back the Duvet to reveal my manhood standing at full attention. Anna instructed me to carry on reading and proceeded to wet the flannel.

As I held up the magazine I felt the buttons of my pajama top being undone and a lukewarm flannel being applied to my chest. I guessed that the girls intended to use the magazine as a photo script and sure enough as Paula bent over to roll the duvet to the bottom of the bed, her uniform rode up to reveal stockings and a knickerless hairy crutch.

However, I was more than a little surprised when Anna took my hand and placed it on her stockinged leg and pushed it upwards. As my hand travelled over her bare thighs to her pussy I suddenly realised that she had shaved her sparce bush and I was now in contact with a completely smooth fanny.

As I pushed two fingers into her love hole she pulled up her uniform to reveal her truly naked glory. This was the first time she ever taken a razor to her pubes and I was mesmerised. As I watched my two fingers slide in and out her pussy, I saw her cleanly shaved love lips cling to them and realised that they were looking particularly red.

I leaned forward to examine them more closely and realised that my wife had applied a very bright lipstick to her distended labia. As this thought clicked in my head I felt Paula remove the magazine from my other hand. I looked around to see her kneel on the bed and with one hand spread her hairy pussy while her other grabbed two of my fingers and pushed them into her hot, wet hole.

There I was with two fingers of each hand pushing into two very different pussies and an erection which was jerking around of its own accord. I manouvered myself so that I could get my thumbs into action on their clits. It took only minutes to bring them to their climaxes. As they both got their breath back I was aware of my own need to reach a climax. They removed my pajama top and bottoms and tied my hands and ankles to the bed heads and stripped out of their uniforms.

Then Anna reached her discarded uniform's pocket and removed a tube of lipstick. She got Paula to sit astride a bedside chair and carefully applied a generous coating of lipstick to her pussy lips. They swapped places and Paula renewed the lipstick on my wife's pussy. Paula them clambered over my left leg and pressed her open pussy down onto my thigh. She got off and Anna did the same to my right leg.

As she got off I struggled against my bonds and looked down to see the imprints of their pussies on my legs. I was the one who was groaning now as my cock was jerking about craving attention. My wife told me to calm down and went to the tray and took a small can from under one of the towels. As she returned to the bed Paula took hold of my prick and held it steady as Anna sprayed its head with what I now recognised to be a remedy for premature ejaculation.

If it hadn't been for the spray I think that I would have been gushing spunk within the first two strokes on my shaft. As it was I just settled back with a smile on my face as Paula gave my manhood a dozen or so quick wanks to check that the spray was working. I had no idea of what was to follow but my anticipation was causing me to reach a peak of sexual stimulation that I would never have thought possible.

Anna said that it was time for my medication and told Paula to get the bottle and spoon from the tray. My wife told me not to worry as the medicine had been freshly dispensed that very morning and that it was guaranteed to do wonders for me. Paula filled the 5ml clear plastic spoon, held it to my nose and asked if I could guess what it was. I didn't need to have the nose of a perfume developer to recognise the pungent heady smell of the mixture of pussy juice that I'd tasted the previous evening.

As a rather stupid grin spread across my face Anna told me that I was right and that it had taken them an hour of joint clit tickling that morning to collect enough 'medicine' to keep me going through the day. Paula instructed me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue and then trickled the elixir down onto its surface.

As it hit my taste buds I was thrashing about on the bed and my cock began springing backwards and forwards like some supercharged metronome.

Paula then pushed the spoon down onto my tongue and allowed me to lick it dry. Anna said that I appeared to like my medicine and I replied that in this case the bottled was almost as good as the draught. Anna then clambered up onto the bed and knelt above my throbbing member.

I was now presented with my first close up view of her shaven sex as she placed her fingers on either side of her lips and pulled them apart to give me a clear view of her love tunnel. She then lowered herself down and trapped the length of my cock in her deliciously hot and soft sex vice. It was quite some sight to see my wife using her fingers to clamp her juicy lips around my prick and to see its head sliding back and forth across her glorious cunt.

She made sure that ridge of my helmet made firm contact with her clit and was soon crying out in passion as she shuddered to one almighty orgasm. She let go of her lips and sank back with her legs spread either side of my hips to reveal her flushed labia which I could see between the twitches of my rock hard cock.

I looked down to see that my member now had a clear imprint of lipstick on either side where Anna had held it in her sex clamp. I was suddenly aware of Paula standing beside me and looked up to see her focussing a video camera on my knob, she had been filming it all! She put the camera down and said that it had looked so good she wouldn't mind a go herself. Anna rolled off me and invited Paula to have a go.

My wife picked up the video camera as her secretary climbed on the bed. Paula placed a pillow on each side of my hips and moved on top of me so that she she was at ninety degrees to me and clamped her hairy pussy around my knob which poked up like some kind of peg joining us together.

From where I was tied up I could see the creamy soft flesh of the side of her thighs framed by her stockings and suspender belt. In the middle of this was her dark hairy thatch with my swollen cock peeping up through it which looked as though it was ready to erupt.

As Paula used her fingers to grip her love lips around the sides of my cock which hadn't already been marked by Anna's lipstick she started to bounce up and down making sure that that her clit was getting plenty of friction as my spike slipped through her velvet purse into her pubic hair.

The pillows on either side help support her weight and it wasn't long before she too was shuddering into an orgasm. It was at this moment that I felt my own juices start to rise and my body started to shake as I came like I'd never come before.

I saw my spunk spit at least three feet into the air and fall back to land on Paula's pubes and my cock which was now oozing its backup supply in a steady stream which dribbled down its jerking length in a steady stream.

Paula leant back and spread her thighs giving the video camera a full view of what was happening. I could now see that my prick now had a fresh set of marks which were of a different colour to those left earlier by my wife.

The relief of the pent up tension was so great that my head fell back onto the pillow and I was asleep.


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