Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trick or Treat Part IV

After the door closed behind me, I found myself alone in the hallway, wearing a formal black evening dress, hands restrained my handcuffs behind my back, the key in a plastic container inside of my vagina, a butt plug in my arse, and my arse aching from the spanking I endured during the last hour or two. My mind began to race.

I did not want to knock on the door to my room, because the couple who did this were still in my room. But how could I go down the hall, knocking on doors, asking for help. If someone would help me, at the very least, they would have to pull down my panties and pull the container out of my vagina.

I do not even feel comfortable when getting a Pap smear. I walked up and down the hall, thinking about my predicament. I did not hear any noise from most of the rooms, which is not surprising, since it was after midnight on a weeknight. I walked up and down the hall, looking for a bathroom. I thought I would be able to try and free myself by myself if I had a secluded place to do it. I could not believe a luxury hotel did not have a public bathroom on the floor.

There was a cubby hole with two vending machines and an ice machine, and my heart quickened at the thought of me trying to dig in my vagina at such a public place. Since my hands were behind my back, I knew that the first thing I needed to do is loop my hands around so that my hands would be in front of me.

With that done, I could try to free myself.

There were two things working against me: I had a dress on, which limited movement, and my ass hurt, from the butt plug and the spanking. I was not sure if I could stand the pain if I was trying to pass my hands under my legs on the floor. While I was thinking this over, I heard a door open and close. I hid in the corner of the cubby hole, hoping that the person was going to the elevator. I heard the elevator bell sound, and I was a bit relieved.

I tested bending over, and the butt plug really hurt. I was not sure that I could get out of this situation. Another door opened and closed. I waited, and after a moment, Ross appeared with the ice bucket from my room.

His eyes widened when he saw me. "Find anyone to help you yet?" asked Ross.

"No, I have not. Please help me get out of this."

"Kiss me," Ross demanded.

With that, Ross planted a hard, passionate kiss on my lips.

We exchanged tongues, kissing for several minutes, his hands tracing my body, touching my breasts, my legs, my arse.

We parted lips, and Ross explained, "If my wife finds out I helped you, she will spank me raw. She is really pissed at you, and she wants you to suffer."

With that, Ross filled up the ice bucket, then grinned at me. He removed two ice cubes and placed one in each of my bra cups. In an instant my nipples were frozen bullets, and shortly, my whole body was cold.

Ross swatted me on my arse and left. I could not believe my luck. With my body heat, the ice began melting, feeling even colder as it melted. My dress quickly absorbed the ice water, and I again thought of freeing myself.

I decided that I would have to ask the desk staff if they could help me. I walked from the vending area towards the elevator. Along the way, I passed one door with music on loud enough for me to hear from the hallway.

I put my back to the door and knocked on the door, turning around quickly. The synthetic music quickly was turned off, and in a moment, a young man answered the door.

He had a robe on, and his breathing was a little elevated. My first thought was that I was interrupting him making love to his bride.

"I am sorry, wrong door," I said.

"Are you okay," he asked. His voice was soothing and warm.

"No, but it is late. I should not impose," I answered.

"Come on in," he said. As I entered the hotel room, I noticed a washcloth on the floor in front of the television and the television was off.

The remote control was near the washcloth. Now this makes sense, he was watching a porno film.

"I really should be going," I stammered. The man noticed my hands behind my back. "Hiding something," he inquired.

"Just a hand towel," I lied.

"Okay, I understand," said he, "just close the door on your way out."

I could not open the door, let alone close it. I told him that as a prank, my boyfriend had cuffed me. He told me that he did not have any experience picking locks and he had no tools in the room to help me.

"Actually," I admitted, "I have the key." I took a deep breath, then continued, "He placed it inside of me, inside my vagina. Will you retrieve it for me?"

He turned almost white at that last request. He shook his head yes, and I timidly sat on the edge of his bed.

"Please be professional about this," I requested.

He blew his breath into his hands, saying "Sorry my hands are so cold."

With that, he pulled up my dress and down my panties. He stared at my crotch area a little longer than he had to, and then he said, "Here goes nothing."

He inserted a finger inside of my vagina, and I could swear he pushed the container further into me. He took two fingers, and softly grabbed the container.

He started pulling it out slowly, and then his fingers slipped, my vagina sucking it back into me almost as far as he had initially pushed it.

"Hold on," I said, as I got further on the bed, spreading my legs apart and feeling the butt plug press against me.

"Is this a better angle?"

"Sure," he said.

"You are really slippery down there, and it is hard for my fingers to grab the container. It is buried deep inside of you."

"Wipe me off, first," I suggested, knowing that his washcloth was within reach.

All of a sudden, I could feel his mouth on my vagina, sucking at it. I did not know how old he was, but he could not have been too experienced.

He then reinserted his fingers and pulled out the container. It hurt a little. He then began licking me again.

I knew if I totally rebuffed him, I was in no position to assert myself. Furthermore, I was now laying on the handcuffs, and I was very uncomfortable.

I interrupted, "Sport, although I really am enjoying this attention, you should know that the fluid is my boyfriend's semen, not my own juices.

If you uncuff me, I will give you a blow job for your troubles."

He spat out whatever he had in his mouth and agreed to my proposal. He took the keys out of the container and quickly uncuffed me.

I knew that my dress needed dry-cleaning, if it was not ruined because of the water, but I took off the dress anyway.

He had already been at my vagina, seeing my breasts was no big deal now anyway. The young man quickly removed his robe, and he had nothing on underneath. Unless you count his hard on.

I asked him to lie down on the bed, and I turned on the TV before I got on the bed myself. Sure enough, porn filled the room.

"You have been a bad boy," I said before I kissed him on his penis after first inspecting it for any growths.

Then something happened. The phone rang, and I muted the television.

The young man answered the phone and started talking to someone, calling her dear. He closed his robe, so I figured it was his wife. He placed his index finger over his lips, warning me to be quiet. I placed my index finger over my grinning mouth, and I opened his robe up, exposing a hard penis.

I started licking his penis, and I noticed his voice went up an octave, before he coughed, excusing himself to his wife. He was conversing with her, obviously he was on a business trip like myself. I continued to glide my tongue over his penis, paying particular attention to the ridge below his penis cap.

He listened more than talked. I was paying complete attention to his penis, although I heard him say that he could talk with her for hours. He wanted me to give him a blow job while he was on the phone. I encircled his penis with my lips, and I began silently moving up and down.

He covered the mouthpiece, and I continued. I could taste a small amount of precum which leaked from his penis, and I continued. My hair was falling over my face, and I believe it was tickling his legs because he placed one hand over one of his legs. I continued to move my head up and down, being careful not to be too loud. I played with his lovely cap with my tongue each time I moved my hear upward.

"What happened next," he said to his wife, and I continued to suck his penis, it getting harder and larger. He was covering the mouthpiece and biting his hand, trying not to say anything. He placed his hand on my head, wanting me to stop because of his wife. I simply used my tongue to continue the oral stimulation.

Then it happened. He spewed all over the inside of my mouth, some of the semen dripping onto his robe and my face. He hung up the phone with his thumb as he came, not saying goodbye or anything.

"Fuck yes," he said, and I continued to manipulate him with my mouth. He came again, and then he started becoming flaccid. The phone rang again.

"We got cut off," he said as soon as the receiver was at his mouth.

"Sweetie, I need to get some sleep before the meeting tomorrow." He then hung up, turning his attention to me. I told him I needed to get to bed soon myself, and I suggested that the blow job was more than adequate repayment of freeing me.

I cleaned myself up, choosing to leave the butt plug in my bottom. I was getting used to the pressure by now. I gave the young man my panties, not wanting to remember everything that happened that night, and partly because I knew he wanted a memento for the occasion. My guess is that I was only the second woman to ever see his penis, let alone touch it. I went down to the front desk, and I said I had locked myself out of my room.

They gave me a replacement key, and I returned to my room. Before I entered the room, I noticed that the crack below the door was dark.

My "friends" were either asleep or gone, I had hoped.

I opened the door, and I found Ross alone in my bed. I turned on the light, and he quickly awoke.

"My wife had to go home and get the kids from the babysitter. I stayed to see that you made it safely back here. We were worried about you."

"Bullshit," I said.

"You just did not want me to press charges."

"Did you remember what you did to me earlier this evening. I would say we were even. I would love to hear how you got out of the handcuffs and plugs."

"You are right," I answered, "We are even. And I still have the butt plug inside of me."

"Let me take it out," you half asked, half demanded.

"Okay," I answered, "but you will have to take it out without your fingers."

Ross seemed to enjoy that answer, and I squatted doggie style, still in my dress. Ross started biting the hem of my dress, trying to pull it above my bottom.

He was not having too much luck, and I pulled it up for him. He then noticed that the butt plug was deep inside of me.

He started trying to grab it with his teeth, and it tickled and hurt at the same time. As he grabbed the plug between his teeth, I tightened my ass, and I felt his teeth slip off of the plug. He tried again, me again tightening, and then the plug slipping loose.

The third time he gripped it, he growled a little and then I felt it start coming out. I did not tighten, as I really enjoyed the feeling of him slowly taking it out of my arse.

He pulled it all of the way out, and it fell to the floor. He then muttered something about "Poor angel," and he started licking my sore asshole with his tongue.

I felt dirty and excited. He continued to lick my hole, exciting me greatly. I had had to pee a little while ago, but the feeling completely subsided. He pushed his tongue inside of my hole, and I could feel his teeth and nose press against my cheeks.

He must have licked me for ten minutes, and my legs were growing weak.

Ross asked if I wanted to go to the bed, and I shook my head "yes."

Ross turned me over so that my back was on the bed, and he began kissing me on the lips. I was returning the kiss, lost in the moment, when I felt his penis enter my vagina for the second time.

He fucked me fast and furious, coming before I was ready for him to cum. His face had a pained expression on it, and he was not worried about whether I had cum, that much I knew.

Afterwards, he stayed inside of me for some time. I did not want to say anything, feeling his penis shrink inside of me. When he got off of me and started dressing, I awoke.

I fell asleep with him in me. He mentioned that his wife wanted me fucked good.

When he left, I was afraid that he may have impregnated me.

I would be scared the rest of the month.

This ends the story of the first time Ross, Debbie, and I met.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Trick or Treat Part III

As we got back to the room, thoughts of dread filled my head. I wondered how Ross was doing. Sure I was pissed that he wanted to lie to his wife that I was a hooker, but does that deserve me paying some man to butt fuck him without his permission? No. There was a chance that he enjoyed it, but knowing Ross the way that I do, I had a feeling it really freaked him out. I also did not like him using the name John instead of Ross. I thought it was disingenuous.

All of these hostile feelings began dissipating after I entered the hotel room. Ross looked helpless. "Miss us?" I offered as we crossed the threshold of the room.

I took the handcuff keys from the dresser and unlocked them. "I bet your wrists hurt, sweetie," I said. Debbie looked at Ross and then at me, and she said, "Slip into John's position for a while." I paused momentarily, almost forgetting that Rossâ name was John.

I had kept the name deception straight all night so far, and I almost slipped up. I slipped one of my wrists into a cuff and shut it with my other hand.

Then I offered a wrist to Debbie. "Cuff me, sweetie." She cuffed the other cuff, and I was now helpless. As soon as I heard the mechanism snap into place, Debbie said, "Bitch." That did not sound promising. "Debbie," she said to me (remembering from the other stories that we were both named Debbie) and she touched my jaw, positioning my face so that I was looking at her on the bed, "we are going to play a little game, sort of like 20 questions.

I will ask you a series of questions, and you will answer Yes or No." Debbie paused for a moment, then corrected herself, "You will say Yes and lick me when you mean No."

Then Debbie unbuttoned her pants, slipping out of them quickly, making the bed move a little under her preparations. She then removed her panties, revealing herself to me and to her husband. She went over to her purse and took something from it, giving it to her husband. I tried to see it, but I could not turn my head far enough to see the transaction.

She then got back on the bed, spreading her legs so I had access to her vagina. When she mentioned licking, she meant licking. Debbie began the questions: "Has my husband ever paid to have sex with you?"

"No," I answered, then remembered the rules. "Sorry."

"Debbie, you know the rules. John, please spank Debbie for forgetting."

I felt Ross hit me with something made of wood. It stung a little, but surprisingly, it really did not hurt. I quickly licked Debbie's cunny, knowing that this would satisfy her.

"I believe you, Debbie," she said.

"Have you ever met John?" I licked her cunny a little slower, remembering that I might be in better shape if she enjoyed the licking.

"I do not believe you. Spank her John.

" Another hit. And then another.

"Again, have you ever met John before tonight." I licked her again, and I received another hit.

"John, plug her up. What size butt plug would you like?" "None," I answered. "Use the big one, John," responded Debbie. I knew she wanted to control the whole situation, but I did not want her too. Then I felt a cold gel on my arse, and then Rossâ finger in my arsehole.

I then felt Ross placed the large butt plug in my arsehole.

It was very uncomfortable. Ross then hit me again, and part of the wood hit the butt plug, and it hurt so much more.

Debbie grabbed me by the hair and said, "Don't lie to me again, bitch." Has John ever been in your little asshole before?" Debbie asked. I licked her again, slowly tracing my tongue along her large labial lips. I received three more stinging spanks. I began to suspect that Ross wanted to spank me.

"Debbie, do not lie to me. I am sure John, or should I say Ross, is spanking you with more vigor now. I know Ross christened your ass last night."

"Did you enjoy Ross fucking your ass last night?," continued Debbie.

"Yes," I answered.

"Ross, hit her for enjoying herself with a married man."

Three more hard hits, each one nicking the butt plug.

My ass was on fire.

"Debbie, Ross wants you now, I can tell. But his ass is sore from the spanking I gave him when I found out about you. He told me that you would not allow him in your vagina, is that correct?"


"Would you allow my husband in your vagina right now?"

I began licking Debbie's vagina greedily, wanting to convey how I did not want her husband in me. I parted her smaller lips with my tongue, and I tasted her sex in my mouth. I knew she was enjoying this. I traced her outer lips with my tongue occasionally, doing what I enjoy when my husband licks me. Debbie then did something totally unexpected. She got up, a bit unsteady on her feet, but she got up nonetheless.

I could tell she was behind me, and she asked, "Do you want my husband to fuck your little cunt?"

"No," I said, and I received a hard hit, by her, I am sure.

"My husband is really ready for a fuck. Can he fuck you in the cunt?"

"No." Two hard hits.

"Can he fuck your little pussy?"


Three additional hits, two took a direct hit on the butt plug. I was in agony.

"Yes," I screamed.

"Yes, what?"

Debbie asked me.

"Yes, I would like your husband in my vagina."

"Call it a pussy, Debbie," Debbie answered.

"Yes, I would like your husband in my pussy."

"Open yourself for my husband," Debbie said laughing, then added, "I will do the honors since you are a little tied up now."

Debbie spread me open, and almost immediately, I felt Ross inside of me.

"Yes," is the only word Ross said. Ross was fucking me doggie style, and I could tell that Debbie was kissing her husband.

He was pawing her and fucking me. This I could tell. It was not long before I felt Ross empty himself into me, the first two squirts being incredibly strong, spewing his cum deep inside of my unprotected vagina.

He continued to cum, continued to deposit his sperm into me. He stayed in me until her was completely flaccid.

It was a great fuck, but now I could not tell my husband that another guy had not been in me since we have been married. I felt guilty and was beginning to feel cold.

Debbie instructed Ross to uncuff my left handcuff.

Ross then untied it from the bed. "Nice cuffs," Ross said after inspecting the handcuffs.

They were very sturdy, needed to be since they needed to restrict Ross when he was getting buttfucked.

"Stand up," instructed Debbie. Because my other wrist was still cuffed to the bed, I was leaning to one side.

Ross then took both my wrists behind my back, his strong hands securely clutching them. He then uncuffed the other cuffs. Debbie then instructed me to clean up and get dressed. She told me not to remove the sore butt plug just yet.

I got completely dressed, even putting my panties over myself, which obscured the butt plug from view. Ross then took my wrists and began kissing them.

I started to lower my guard, and just then he put both hands behind my back, deftly cuffing me before I knew what was going on. Debbie then asked for the keys. She placed them in a small plastic container and sealed the container.

"Neat small butt plug," she said, showing it to me in front of my face.

"It even has a small area to carry things. Debbie pulled up my dress in front, and then pulled my panties down past my vagina.

She stared at my vagina for a moment, and said, "Still wet, I see."

She then shoved the cold hard plastic container into my vagina and put my panties on again. She smoothed my dress down, and then looked me over. She went to the bathroom and got a hand towel, then draped the hand towel over my handcuffs, hiding them.

Debbie then explained:

"It is now about 12:30 a.m., and most of the guests in this hotel are asleep. I hope you can find a Good Samaritan to help you out of your predicament. Of course, I would guarantee that any guy would love to dig into your pussy and remove the key.

But why would he unlock such a taste fuck? Unless you want to let us release you and tell your husband what you have been doing these last two days."

"No, don't tell my husband," I pleaded. With this Debbie said, "Good luck," and kissed me on the mouth, inserting the tip of her tongue in my mouth. I bit her tongue, to which she replied, "Bitch.

Funny thing is that I was just going to scare you and have Ross take off the cuffs. Not now."

With that, she pushed me out of the hotel room. I was fucked. Please e-mail me if you want to see what will happen next.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trick or Treat Part II

The night before, I had ambushed someone I had a relationship with, and we ended up in his bedroom, him christening my ass the first time we met.

The next morning, I got a call from Ross in my hotel room.

The conversation was brief, as his wife was in the shower and he did not want her to know she was calling.

"Hello, dear," he started.

"How did you dream last night?" I answered.

"I do not have a lot of time. I got my wife to meet you for dinner. Does your hotel have a restaurant?"

"Yes," I replied, "but I do not think the food is very good."

"That's okay, I will not be interested in the food. My wife thinks we are going to meet a call girl at the bar."

"Me?" I ask.

"Yes, you. It was the only lie I could think up to get you and her together."

"Ross, I wanted to meet your wife, not sleep with her. Men and their fucking threesome fantasies."

"I have already had a threesome, dear," Ross boasted.

"I am not sure . . ." I started to counter.

Ross ended the conversation with a quick, "Eight oâclock. My wife will be out of the shower in a minute. See you then."

I had managed to get out that he should bring $200 to pay me. That burned me up. And then the dial tone greeted my ear. I was fuming after I processed this information. I wanted to meet the other Debbie, his wife, to see the woman whose husband I allowed in my ass the night before. It was twisted, but he got what he wanted last night. I just wanted what was coming to me.

I came up with a plan, and I made some calls.

That evening I wore my evening dress. It was not at all what a normal call girl would wear, but this was a really nice hotel. I did, however, go to the nearby mall that day and select some edible lingerie. I also had some handcuffs and rope, which I did not use the night before.

There was not time the night before. I went down to the bar at 7:45 p.m., and I ordered straight bourbon. I normally do not drink, but I normally do not impersonate a call girl, either. Ross showed up at five 'til eight, his loving wife on his arm.

They were both dressed more casually than me. Ross spoke first.

"Hi, my name is John. Are you Debbie?"

I cannot believe he is not using his name, but he is calling me by mine. I was mad, and I tried to hide it by swallowing the last of my bourbon.

"Want to buy me another drink?" I asked.

"No, Debbie, you are on the clock now, and I think we should get started," the fake John answered.

That bastard. I was glad that I had made preparations. I led the couple up to my room, and I opened the door.

I was careful to leave all my personal belongings locked up in one of the two closets.

It looked like an unused hotel room. I excused myself to the bathroom, and I asked them to get comfortable.

I exchanged panties, slipping on the edible panties in the bathroom.

I did not want them to melt or anything. When I returned, Debbie was still clothed and Ross had taken his pants off.

"Are you just going to watch, Ma'am," I asked.

"Yes," Debbie responded. She had not even given me a name for her.

I deftly removed my cocktail dress, so I was visible to them in my edible panties and black bra.

"A pity, Ma'am," I responded, "because I wore these just for you. I assumed you have never licked another woman before, and the taste of cherries can help any taste I have."

Debbie smiled.

"Let me do this," I asked, "Can I call you Debbie? My name, so I do not have to continue to call you ma'am." Debbie looked a little shocked, and then she said, "Sure."

"John, this is your nickel, what do you want?" I asked Ross.

I had to remember his fake name. I wish he would come clean about this whole thing.

"I want to fuck your cunt," Ross said. He knew that I do not allow other guys inside of my vagina. It was 8:30 p.m., and if my plan was going to work, I would need to stall a bit.

"Why don't we start by having you start on desert. Lick me for a while. Entice your girlfriend."

"Wife," Debbie corrected.

I got onto the bed, spreading my legs apart, giving Ross a good view of my panties.

"Come on, John, lick my lolly."

Ross put his head between my legs, as I unfastened my bra from behind. I through my bra next to my dress, and I felt his hot mouth touching my panties.

The edible underwear was sugar-based, and the sugar almost melted off my body. His mouth was directly over my snatch, and I could feel his tongue on my skin in short order.

There must have been some thread holding the panties together, because soon I could feel his tongue on my vagina, his tongue running over some of the strings.

He tore the underwear from my body, exposing me to his tonguing.

Debbie slowly moved to the bed, looking intently on her husband pleasing another woman.

I know she had done this before, but I also knew she thought I was a call girl, and I may have intimidated her a little.

"Dear, let me guide you in her," Debbie broke the silence.

"Debbie, please suck on my nipples first," I responded.

Ross was wonderful with his tongue, and between the tonguing and Debbie on my nipples, I soon came.

I then suggested that I give Ross a blowjob before his fuck.

I glanced at the clock, 8:50 p.m. I began licking his shaft, my tongue gliding over his cap, the tip of my tongue running along his penal ridge.

Pre cum started to seep from his penis, and I lapped it up tenderly.

Then I remember that I was suppose to be a call girl, and I began taking his penis inside of my warm mouth. I started violently giving him a strong blowjob, and he started pressing his penis into my mouth more.

After a short time, he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed most of it, only getting a little on my cheek. It was now 9:05 p.m. I looked at the clock, and said, "Well, so far the tab is $200.00. How long do you want me?"

Ross looked shocked. I thought to myself, make me a hooker and I will be a real shit.

Ross said, "I only have $230.00"

I made a bargain. "Tell you what I am going to do. I do not have another john until 1:00 a.m., and I would like to have fun with you two. If you let me tie John up and experiment, I will only charge you the $200.00"

The deal was struck. I had already prepared the bed by fastening both sets of handcuffs to the bed, held by the rope.

Debbie helped me unclothe and restrain her husband on the bed. The upper part of Rossâ body was on the bed, secured by outstretched hands.

He was in perfect spanking position, him on his knees, his ass in full view of the room. After I did this, I took a scarf and covered his eyes.

I also gagged him.

9:30 p.m. I asked Debbie to go downstairs for a drink with me before we were going to continue.

She agreed, and I got dressed with everything but my panties, which were in the bathroom.

I asked her to go ahead of me, as I had to make a quick call.

She left, and I looked at Ross. He was helpless, bound and blind. I fished his wallet out of his trousers pocket and retrieved the $200.00.

I placed the money near him, but he did not see me do this. I then told him that I would be back soon.

I also asked him not to ask to get inside of my vagina again.

He just laughed. I then went to the bathroom and retrieved my KY jelly. I squeezed some into my palm, and I began rubbing it around his asshole.

"Don't make me buttfuck you," I warned.

"Hey, I would love you to spend some time on my ass," he retorted.

I don't know if he was just trying to be tough or what. I took my keys, told him we would be back after a drink, and left, leaving the door slightly ajar.

I found Debbie at the bar, and I asked her what she wanted to drink.

"White wine," she answered.

"Two white wines," I asked the bartender, palming him a $10.

We got a table in the corner, and started watching people. It was ten 'til ten.

The tension was obvious.

"John has never been to me before," I reassured her.

She grinned. I knew she was wondering if Ross had ever been to a call girl before. I ran my fingers through my hair, out of nervousness more than anything.

"You are a beautiful woman, Debbie," Rossâ wife said to me.

"Why do you do this kind of work?"

"Do you really want to know?" I asked, looking at the clock again, knowing that I needed to time this right.


"I will tell you if you kiss me in this bar," I answered.

I was wondering how bad she wanted to know, but the bar was sparsely populated, so even a kiss may be concealed.

Debbie looked around, then gave me a peck on the cheek.

"On the lips, Debbie" I informed her.

"I have to go to the restroom, Debbie," she told me.

"Come with me." We went into the restroom, her in one stall, me in the other.

She said from her stall, "I have no toilet tissue, can you hand me one roll?"

I was going to hand it under the stall, and she asked me to come around.

She did not want to dirty the roll. When I opened the stall door, she was on the toilet and she said, "Kiss me."

I hiked up my skirt, sat on her lap and gave her a passionate, wet, sloppy kiss.

Just then, someone else came into the bathroom. Instinctively I raised my legs so that my legs could not be seen from under the stall.

I breathed silently, put a smirk on my face, and flushed the toilet. The other person in the room went into the other stall.

I mouthed "No toilet paper," informing Debbie that she had the only roll in her hand. "Dear," an elderly woman said, "Are you finished because I do not seem to have any toilet paper in my stall?"

"Here," Debbie said, and I grabbed the toilet paper before she could maneuver it under the stall.

"For a kiss," I again mouthed, and Debbie shook her hand. Debbie, very acrobatically, gave the old woman her roll.

"Are you okay?" the old woman asked.

"Yes," Debbie lied.

"I think I ate something which disagreed with me."

In a moment the old woman was out of the restroom, and we were out of the stall, after another kiss. I was beginning to feel sorry for Ross after we left the bathroom, looking up at the clock and it being 10:30 p.m.

I told Debbie that I had become a call girl in college, and the money was too good to pass up, so I continued doing it after I started working.

While Debbie and I had out bathroom adventures, Ross was getting his just deserts upstairs.

I do not know what actually happened, but I paid a male escort to buttfuck him.

That was what the $200.00 was for.

We ordered another drink on my assistance. I did not want to run into the male escort. I told Debbie that the anticipation when John (Ross) was tied up should cause him to fantasize.

We got back up to the room, and the door was closed. I unlocked it, and I saw no money on the floor. Ross asked who it was, and I said that it was us, silly.

He did not tell his wife some man fucked him while we were getting drinks. And he never again asked to cum inside of my vagina. I think I will have to tell you what happened in the next part at another time.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Trick or Treat Part I

I had been writing Ross for almost a year, and in that time, I learned a lot about him.

I learned the city in which he lived, I learned about his children, I learned many of his likes and dislikes, and, eventually, I learned his phone number.

In a particularly horny day, he gave me his phone number for a little sex chat, and I called him. I did not stay on the phone very long, having second thoughts, but I got his phone number. I even looked up his address with a reverse phone number directory on the Internet, and when my company sent me to a nearby city in Arizona, I thought I would surprise him.

This is how that adventure began. I was in town for a week in late October, early November, so I decided to call upon him on Halloween night. I had a harem girl costume that I have had since college. I have only worn it a few times since college because I get all kinds of stares.

Although the blue material is see-through, it is layered so that it is not indecent. I parked my car a couple of blocks from the house, and I started trick or treating towards the house. It was about 8:00 p.m., and I correctly guessed that his wife had taken his two children trick-or-treating for the evening.

I did not want to come earlier, because there were so many trick-or-treaters around, and by this time, the traffic had subsided. I waited for a group to finish at his house before I went to the doorstep. Once there, I rang the doorbell, and I waited for Ross to answer the door.

He opened the door, instinctively looking down for smaller guests, and I held my bag open.

"Trick or treat?" I asked.

Ross took some candy from the bowl and put it in my bag.

"Trick or treat," I repeated.

"You did not answer the question."

"I beg your pardon," came Ross' answer.

"The question means that would you like me to perform a trick on you. You gave me candy without thinking of the question. I am Debbie, the woman from Georgia you have been writing."

Ross' face froze. I winked at him and told him I was in town.

He let me in and we chit-chatted until the doorbell rang again. Ross left the living room to doll out the candy.

When he returned, I was completely naked.

"Ross, I will not leave until you butt fuck me. Your wife will find a naked lady here unless you take me know."

"You are kidding," Ross responded.

"When is the family coming back?" I asked.

"About 9:00, I suppose."

"I suggest you turn out your front light and start fucking me," I suggested.

Ross knew he had little choice. Debbie, his wife, would not believe him. I wondered what Debbie looked like. I knew we shared the same name and hair color.

That is all I knew about her. Ross went to the door to turn out the light, and I retreated to the bedroom with my costume in my hands.

When Ross went back to the living room, I called to him. He found me at the foot of his bed on his wooden bench. His face was twisted, and I could not blame him.

Here I was, supposable a friend, blackmailing him for anal sex.

He felt excited, betrayed, scared he might get caught, all in the same thought, I was sure.

"I suggest we start," I said. I kissed Ross, and he did not kiss me back.

"Ross, please, this will go better if you want to do this." I kissed him again, and he returned the kiss, not passionately, but not pure mechanically either.

He took off his shoes and started removing his pants.

"I can help you with that."

I pulled his pants to his ankles, and I saw his manhood bulging in his briefs. At least he was excited. He kicked his pants away from me, and I pulled his briefs down, exposing his penis for the first time.

I kissed it lightly at first, and then I began tonguing it hungrily.

I knew I did not want that after the anal sex, but I did not want him to come outside of my ass either.

"Just a minute," I said, as I took a pillow from the bed and laid it down on the wooden bench.

I took some K-Y jelly from my trick-or-treat bag (it was part of the thick) and squeezed out some, then applied it to my asshole.

I lay on the bench, and declared, "I am ready."

Ross touched the globes of my butt for the first time and shivers went up my spine. He firmly grasped my cheeks, separated them, and guided his heat-producing missile home.

It was a tight fit, as I normally do not let men into my ass. I am a strange bird and I do not consider being unfaithful if a guy has not penetrated my vagina.

Ross started slowly. At this moment, I am wondering if I made a mistake. This is a bit painful, and I do not know that much about this guy in my ass. He applies a bit more pressure, and all of a sudden he is all of the way inside of me.

"Ooooowwww," I vocalize.

"This is really nice."

"Are you okay," Ross asked.

"Sure, I have you in my ass and this feels really good."

"I am beginning to like this, too."

"It is 8:30, sweet pea," I reminded him.

His pace quickened. I was not sure if he was going faster because of the threat of his wife coming home early, or that he wanted to come inside of me, even if it was my ass. My hole was on fire. I hurt and felt good at the same time.

I wanted this feeling to last forever, to be over at the same time. So many contradictory feelings at once. At last he began making small, guttural sounds.

He stopped for a second, and I felt him shoot his semen into me. Two seconds, and another squirt, another second and another squirt.

I nuzzled my butt into him, and he reached around to cradle me, his hands touching my breasts for the first time. "Thank you," Ross whispered in my ear.

"You are a great fuck."

With that, he squeezed my breasts again.

"I bet you say that to all of the brunettes you nail." I felt his penis harden when I said that. Not completely stiff, but harden.

"We need to get cleaned up," I reminded Ross. He got dressed and cleaned up before me, and he went into the other area of the house, presumably to turn the light back on and continue to dole out candy. I got back into my costume, freshened up my hair in the master bathroom.

I saw an atomizer on the counter, which I presume from the level of perfume left in it, was his wife's everyday perfume. I sprayed a bit on my wrist, and transferred some of the scent to my neck. I entered the living room, sensing that Ross wanted me out of the house. It was 8:50 p.m., and I knew that he wanted me gone.

We kissed briefly by the door, and as we were leaving, I mentioned that I would like to have dinner with he and his wife tomorrow evening.

"Are you crazy?" Ross stammered. I reached into my trick-or-treat bag and pulled out a tape recorder, turning it off as I took it in my hand.

"I just love listening to myself afterwards. It really gets the juices flowing."

He knew we were going to have dinner.

I gave him my number at the hotel, and asked him to fill me in on whatever lie he would have to tell his wife for the meeting to take place.

The doorbell rang, and Ross handed candy to the trick-or-treaters.

I left after them, wondering about the following night.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Flame

It was a little past nine in the morning, and I been vegging in front of the tube.

I had gotten my children off this morning with no crises, and I was rewarding myself with a little Good Morning America. As I was eating my Special K and listening to some puff story, the phone rang.

I instinctively reached for my ear to unclip my right earring, but I had yet to get fully dressed this morning. "Hello," I answered to the ringing phone. There was a pause.

"Remember me," a voice softly broke the silence.

"Who is this," I asked, not recognizing the voice.

"This is John," came the reply.

My mind searched for a moment. "John X," he revealed his last name.

An old boyfriend. It had been years.

"How are you?" I asked.

"Fine. Listen, I have to get to a meeting in a minute, but I am in town, and I thought we might have lunch. I will be flying out this evening, and I would like to see you again."

"Sure," I answered.

"Where do you want to meet."

"How about the Galeria?"

The Galeria was a large mall with several eating establishments. Since I love shopping, I answered, "Fine. How about meeting at the ice rink at 11: 30?" I did not want to think about where to eat at this time. The date was set. As I hung up the phone, I just realized that I needed to get ready immediately if I wanted to make a good impression. I completely re-thought my wardrobe.

I changed underwear, choosing a tasteful Victoria Secret matching bra and panties.

It was not too daring, as I did not want to look like I was doing anything special for him. I changed my dress three times, thinking that I did not want something too short or too conservative. I decided on a dress which was fairly conservative but a little short. It was almost a mocca color, a cotton dress with a floral print, which happened to go well with my bra and panty set.

I wanted an excuse for wearing nice underwear, if it came to that. My hair was already in a french braid, and I did not have time to change it, anyway. It would have to do. Before I left, I removed my wedding and engagement rings. He did not ask about the husband and kids, now, did he? I figured, at worse, I would get a nice lunch. I arrived at the Galeria early, getting to the ice skating rink in the middle of the mall about 11:15 a.m. I love to watch people, and I was watching some young girls and boys skate.

There were many falls, but everyone was having fun. I was almost startled when he made his presence known. How long had he been watching me watching the skaters, I had wondered. He took me to a nearby eating establishment, which was right off of the skating rink. I think he tipped the person seating us, because we got a table with a view of the skating rink. He pulled out my seat for me, and I felt flattered.

I am not sure what guys think when they eat, but I needed to eat something that doesnât look bad when eaten, doesnât give me bad breath, and doesnât make me look like I eat too much. I scanned the menu, and there was almost nothing that met all of those requirements. I settled on a large garden salad, but I wanted to try the fajitas that day. We were talking about old times, and he filled me in on what some of our high school friends were doing. At one point, he asked if I wanted to try his meal, and I caught him looking down my dress as he offered a fork to my mouth.

I knew I was wearing a pretty bra for something. When lunch was winding down, he looked at his watch.

"Debbie," he said, "I have to check out of my room before they charge me for another day. I have to go."

"I will walk you to your room," I answered.

I knew that the rooms in the Galeria were really nice, and I partly wanted to see for myself.

I took John's arm when we entered the elevator, partly because the elevator was a little crowded. John pressed the appropriate floor button, and the doors closed.

He was on the second to the top floor, so the elevator ride took a long time. At each floor, at least one person got out. Finally the door opened, and we exited the elevator. As we were walking down the hall, we were concluding a conversation.

"Thank you for a very nice lunch, and an even nicer visit," I concluded.

"May I use your restroom before you check out?" It was a way to see the room, and my bladder was definitely full from all of the water I always drink at lunch. He invited me in, and the room was beautiful.

"Nice room," I commented.

"Yeah," John agreed, "but it is sort of a waste. I barely saw it while I was here."

Then I excused myself, while John had started pulling his clothes together to check out. After using the restroom, I checked my makeup in the mirror, and exited to the room.

I thanked John again, and I was preparing to leave. "No kiss?" John joked. I was going to be a big girl and give John a peck on the cheek.

Then at the last minute, I kissed him softly on the lips, no tongue, but a gently sexy kiss.

John responded positively, and he took my head in his hands and continued to kiss me. Our lips parted, and we kissed for three solid minutes, exchanging tongues, fluids, passion.

As our lips parted, I moved a way a little, and I wiped off my mouth.

"I am sorry," I said, "but I am married. I did not tell you that."

"I am so sorry," responded John.

I climbed back into Johnâs arms and continued to kiss him. After another minute of kissing, John pushed me back and said, "This is wrong, Debbie. You are a married woman. I canât do this."

I kissed John again, and he pushed me away again. "I canât do this, I said." "What did you say," I asked, taking my hand and starting to manually manipulate the bulge between his legs. I could tell his knees were weakening. "When do you have to check out," I asked, looking at the unmade bed.

"Forty-five minutes," came his answer. "Take off your pants," I commanded him. I took three steps back, and I stepped out of my dress.

"I just had this dry cleaned," I said. John took off his shoes and pants quickly, and by the time his pants were off, I was helping him with his briefs. He laid on the bed after moving the covers back, and I put my warm mouth over his penis. He did not have a very large penis, the smallest I have seen, but I wanted it in my mouth.

After sucking on the penis, which easily fit in my mouth, I began licking it seductively. I glided the tip of my tongue along the cap, and with all of the precum, it slided nicely over it. It was as if my tongue was ice-skating. After skating over the cap for a while, I followed my tongue to the ridge between the cap and the shaft.

That is my favorite part of the penis to lick. I cupped his penis with my mouth, my lips encompassing my favorite ridge. I could tell John was in heaven.

If I had learned anything from my pre-marital partners, I learned that a good blowjob was better than a fuck to most guys. John tried to get up for some reason, to participate more directly I suspect, and I stopped for a moment to ask him to lie back down. Then I repositioned myself over his body, almost in a 69 position. I did not want him to lick me (it throws off my concentration), and I told him so. I continued to lick his penis, placing my crotch inches from Johnâs nose.

After I licked him for a while, I took his penis inside of my mouth again, and I began fucking his penis with my mouth. I could tell he was sniffing my snatch, but I had to continue to get him off. After a few minutes, John started coming. I caught some of his cum in my mouth, and I had to swallow. While I was swallowing, he continued to cum, him hitting me above the eye, a little in my hair and a little on my face. Sort of an accidental facial, I guess. I asked him how long we had until he had to check out, and he said 15 minutes. I was wondering if he would pay for another day for some more fun, but he started cleaning up. Not knowing what to do, I went into the bathroom and washed off my face.

I toweled off, and got into my clothes quickly. I went down to the desk, and John checked out of the hotel. We took his suitcase to his rental car, and then he walked me to my car. I started kissing him goodbye in the parking garage, and he pinned me against my car. We kissed intensely for a moment, and then our lips parted. I knew he still wanted me.

"If only we had more time," John said. I did not know if that was a brush-off or if he meant it.

"You know you owe me," I reminded John. He kissed my neck, and I know he pressed an arm against one of my breasts. We kissed again, and then I got in my car. I raced home, and I went into my bedroom to change. No sooner that I had changed into jeans and a top than one of my children bolted through the door. "What do we have to eat," he asked me.

"There is leftover pizza in the fridge," I answered.

Then I tasted my mouth, remembering that I had let an old boyfriend cum inside of it not two hours ago. I had talked with my son with that same cum-stained mouth. I brushed my teeth and used some mouthwash. What was I thinking?

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Keeping up appearances

This story is basically true. The true part is that I was house-sitting for a neighbor and I did have a one-night stand with a guy. And I pretended to be underage. I did not, however, tape anything.

Here is my story.

I was home from college as a freshman on spring break. Yes, it sucked because I did not have the cash to go to Padre Island or further. So I was stuck going home, where I was going to be house-sitting while my parents and sister visited Mom's parents.

I was exempt from this, as they were taking two weeks, and my spring break was one week. Anyway, I was happy that my family gone, because that meant that I could goof off all day - tanning in the sun mostly.

After a few days of tanning, I decided to go out to a local club. Since I was not anticipating this, the only things I had to wear were from when I was a senior in high school - clothing that I did not take to college.

Anyway, I went to the club, got my hand stamped because I was under 21, and had a blast dancing. I had a few drinks before I entered the club - courtesy of my father's well-stocked liquor cabinet. One of the guys I met when I was there was cute. He had to be 21 because he could drink at the club.

In no time he was feeding me drink after drink. And I did not mind. We started kissing and dancing, and soon he wanted some air outside of the club. We left together. I asked him to take me home, as he was not as nearly smashed as I was. It was about 2 a.m.

All of this reminded me of high school, I guess, since I was returning home in an inebriated state. I mockingly whispered, "Shhhh. Everyone is asleep as we tiptoed inside."

The truth of the matter is that I did not want to be making any noise for the neighbors to complain about. I remembered that my room was a mess, and as I had left it when I went off to college. I was sort of embarrassed, so I took him to my sister's room.

Besides, she had the bigger room now. In minutes we were kissing. It did not take him long to start touching my breasts "accidentally," and I moaned so he knew he could continue.

He went almost straight for my breasts, cupping them while kissing me. When our lips parted, he started right in on my breasts. His tongue worked feverishly on them. Then my mind began to race ö I had no protection in the house. My roommate and I shared a big box of rubbers at school, but I was home. I froze up, and he took that to mean that I did not want to continue. He continued anyway, saying how he loved my eyes, my smell, my body.

In short order, he was getting protection from his jacket pocket. I seductively placed it over his penis, not large, but definitely adequate for the job. As he was kissing my hungry lips, I slipped my panties from beneath my skirt. I caught my balance as my panties momentarily got stuck at my ankles, but after one stutter step, I regained my graceful poise.

We continued to kiss as he eased me onto my sister's bed. I instinctively parted my legs, skirt still on, and he knew it was time to plant his spade inside of me. I let out a muffled peep as he entered me ö he surprised me with the non-delicate nature of this thrust. I did not want to make a sound. I then controlled my volume, remembering that I told him not to wake anyone up. He came hard and came quickly. I remember being mildly disappointed, but I continued to kiss him.

Afterwards, I turned around and we drifted off to sleep like two spoons in a drawer, his penis nestling itself between my two cold buttocks. I woke up the next morning with a slight hangover and his right hand between my breasts.

I wanted him out of my parents house, thinking the neighbors might see his car. It was five-thirty in the morning, early for a vacationing college student.

Then I got an idea. I lightly crept out of bed, then looking in my sister's closet, I found her cheerleader uniform.

My sister was a JV cheerleader, and I thought I would pretend to be her. I showered quickly and put on her cheerleading uniform. My sister is one bra size smaller than me, and her ass had not fully developed, so getting into the disguise was a little harder than I thought. I went into the den, where the VCR and other equipment was. My sister's room was a temporary nursery, so there was a baby-monitoring camera there. My dad was a bit of a geek, and there was a VCR which was patched into the black-and-white camera.

I inserted a blank tape, pressed, record, and then it was acting time. I went back into my sister's room and awoke my new lover.

"Sweetie," I softly said, you need to wake up before my father wakes up.

The look in his eye was priceless.

Panic camped on his face. I kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"Daddy will wake up in fifteen minutes."

"What are you doing in that?" was all he could muster.

"It is Wednesday," I lied, "and we have a special practice today."

"How old are you," he said, then looked like he did not want to here the answer.

"How old do you think I am?," I retorted. "Eighteen," he answered.

I know he hoped I was eighteen. I should add that I put my hair in a ponytail this morning, wanting to look the part.

"I turn 16 in a month," I smiled, "And thanks for the compliment." I reached for his penis, as he pulled away.

"What is the matter?" I asked innocently. "I had no idea," was all he could get out.

I touched and started massaging his penis. "Certainly my age does not bother you. I know it does not bother me."

Then I placed my lips, my lips which he thought belonged to a 15-year old, over his penis. He was completely powerless.

I continued to suck on his penis, knowing I was taping myself and him. His penis hardened in an instant. I abandoned his penis for a second to ask, "I hope you don't mind this."

"No," he whimpered. I put my mouth back over his penis, continuing. After a moment, I added, "Please talk dirty to me."

He was bad at talking dirty. He said that he felt good. "Who is doing this?" I asked. He said my name. "Do you enjoy this," I said when catching my breath.

"Yes," he answered.

"Would you drop me off at school, I asked afterwards. He agreed. He wanted to come again, I knew it. "Do you like my ass?" I asked dirtily.


"How would you like this 15-year old ass after school," I asked.

At that moment he came into my mouth. It was all caught on tape. When he came back that afternoon, I was in jeans and a T-shirt. I showed him the tape, and he paid me $300 to destroy the tape.

I destroyed it in front of him, sort of relieved the evidence was gone myself.

That was the last day I saw him. I sure hope he goes into politics.

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