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The Bell Hop

by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

I am on a flight coming back from America, having only flown there this morning. I needed to have a meeting face to face with one our US distributors, though, in retrospect a phone call or even just an e mail would have done it. Still, it's done now and I will know for next time.

Anyway, I thought I would type this tale up whilst I've got my laptop handy it's still fresh in my mind.

I suppose it started when the airport lost my luggage. I say luggage but it was just one overnight bag with a change of underwear, a business suit and my wash bag. Having flown in overnight, in the company of children whose idea of sleeping is to run up and down the aisles all night, I was in no mood for the loss. When it became apparent that the case was not going to turn up on the carousel I went to report it. I must admit to losing it slightly when presented with a form to fill in.

I gave the girl my business card with the name of my hotel on the back. At that point she asked me my size. 'What's that for?' I replied. Almost politely she said, 'we have a courtesy bag that has a change of underwear, toothbrush etc. I need to know what size.'

'Small' I said 'UK size 8, 32aa top, is that what you need?'

'That's fine' she said and went to a cupboard behind her 'here you are' she said as she gave me a carrier bag that had pre teen written on it in graffiti style writing.

Looking at her, the middle aged heaving bosom type, she seemed to be somewhat contemptuous of my small size. (Why is that? If you are one of those people or if you have had the same experience feel free to e mail me).

Anyway, by now the driver who had been sent to collect me was about to give up waiting. I just got there in time and the journey to the hotel was uneventful. My boss was reluctant to let me have a hotel, so I asked her where she expected me to shower and change and she relented. The hotel was very nice, better than I had expected. I had about four hours to kill; the shower and new suit shopping would take that up.

I had a quick look at the underwear provided by the airport, they would do the job when I was showered. I stripped off ready for the shower and went into the bathroom. I caught sight of myself passing in the mirror and went back for a proper look. At 25 I still look pretty good. My mum always says that if you have got a flat tummy then you can get away with a small bust. Against my small frame the 32aa breasts don't look too small, in fact they look quite cute.

I was in danger of dwelling too long on my body and the resultant fun that that brings, thinking about the fresh cotton bed linen on my body. Maybe if there were time, it would be a shame to not use the bed!

So, into the shower. And what a delight that was, plenty of hot water pouring down on me. I washed and shampooed and got out to dry myself, then brushed my teeth. That's when the door went. I was still naked so I picked up a towel and held it up to my breasts. 'Who's there?' I called out. 'Bell hop, your luggage has arrived.'

The bell hop came in with my lost bag, that would save me a shopping trip. Thinking ahead, I would get to try out the bed linen, lucky me! I searched around for my bag for a tip. As I struggled to get the foreign currency out of the exchange envelope the towel dropped, as I picked it up I realised it was just a hand towel that had left me exposed from the waist down anyway.

I dashed into the bathroom and came out wearing the bathrobe. It was obvious to me that the bell hop was aroused, the bulge in his costume trousers giving the game away somewhat. He looked about 16 years old and had probably never seen a naked female before. I spoke first 'er, sorry about that!'
'No, no, ma‚am, it's my fault'
'How's it your fault?'
'I shouldn't have looked, sorry.'
'Who wouldn't have looked?'
'I should go'
'Wait, I haven't tipped you'
At this point his erection was obviously uncomfortable so he Œadjusted‚ himself. Seeing the boy do that was a real turn on and I felt a rush of fluid release between my legs, 'Let me do that' I said and went to unbutton his trousers. 'Ma‚am, they‚ll miss me downstairs' I did not want this opportunity pass so I picked up the phone ad dialled reception:
'Joe will be a while, he is helping me unpack' The name was on his badge, I hoped reception hadn't seen that I only had one small bag.
'Thank you ma‚am, that is not his job, I‚ll send a maid up.'
'No, thanks. I think Joe can manage, is that OK?'
'Thank you ma‚am, that‚ll be OK.' I finished on the phone to see that Joe had dropped his trousers to reveal his boxer shorts. 'You won't need those' I said then added 'get on the bed' As he lay on the bed, his knob pointing skywards I got a sheaf out of my bag - I always carry one ˆ then unwrapped it and put it on him. He didn't look like he‚d know how. I climbed astride him and guided his knob into place, I was already moist from the excitement of this unplanned visit. Gently I slid up and down, fingering my clitoris because I didn't think that he would have the staying power to make me come on my own. In a minute or so his hips were bucking, out of time with me. 'Sit still' I said, 'I‚ll do this' I could feel his knob as I squeezed it tight with my female muscles and I kept going until I had come.
After a moment I climbed off and sent him to the bathroom to freshen up, use the hand towel I instructed. When he came back I was slipping out of the robe ready to have another quick shower. He looked straight at my breasts and said 'Just like my kid sister!' I looked back and answered 'how old is she?'

Puzzled, he replied 'Thirteen, why?'

'Do you want to shag her? Tell me her name' I asked, shocking myself with the thought and the language.

'It's Kirsty.'
'Come to Kirsty' I said, fingering my still moist crutch.

I gave him another sheaf as I lay down on the bed, knees raised, legs apart still fingering myself. He put it on and laid on top of me, his knob now recovered. I put it in for him and he began to thrust, slowly and gently.

'Feel Kirsty's little breasts' I said, putting his hands on them. 'Your f***ing your thirteen year old sister and feeling her breasts!' He was soon pumping furiously before collapsing in a heap on top of me, I didn't get to come!

That's the whole story except to say that another bellhop turned up to collect my bag, not Joe. I hope the guy next to me on the plane can't read this, I don't think he can, the laptop display isn't so good (or bad).

I've got the 'airport' bra and panties on. They are a nice soft cotton fabric. The bra is actually flat cupped, not for someone with any shape so my breasts looked a bit cheeky hanging out the sides, not something you see too often with 32aa cups. I'm going to finish up now and get a blanket from the stewardess:

I need to renew my subscription to the mile high masturbation club by feeling myself in the teen underwear.

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Friday, February 27, 2009


by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

Katie had made two friends since she moved into the block of flats two weeks ago. One was a boy of 16 and the other a mother of 36. She had found out a lot about both of them.

The boy, Tony, fancied himself as something of a stud. He had taken a liking to Katie, he had tried to chat her up in the lift on the day she had moved in. But it didn‚t take Katie long to find out that Tony was, in fact, a virgin. He had never been with a women. Katie would have liked to be that woman. At 29 she still had a good figure and loved to show it. Tony had seen glimpses of it, Katie teased him when he came around for coffee two days after she had arrived. It was to thank Tony for his help lifting some furniture into place.

When he arrived she had just got out of the shower and was wearing a bath robe. When he had been sat down with his coffee she walked to her bedroom to change, taking off the robe as she walked away. Tony thought that his luck had changed, especially when she came back in just her white panties and still buttoning up her blouse over her bare breasts.

The mother, Sue, was a different case. Still very attractive even though she had two children, Katie would have loved to have shared a bed with her, being a bi-sexual she found beauty in both sexes.

The mother was happily married, although her sex life was jaded. Katie had a way of extracting this kind of information from people, a bit like a hair dresser only even more intimate. Sue spoke of something that she had never had, a virgin lover. Her husband, somewhat older, was previously married and had taken her virginity and now neglected her in the bedroom. Sue also knew that her husband had cheated on her in the past.

Katie hatched a plan, one not difficult for us to spot. The date was set for Halloween, she had to persuade two parties to meet. Getting the male would be easy, the female something more like a challenge.
Tony was invited round for coffee again. Dressed in her panties and blouse again, she invited him to meet a female friend of hers on Halloween. The sole purpose, she told him, was to make him a man of the world. As she spoke she circled her nipples through her cotton blouse, exciting both of them. She nearly took his virginity that night but she wanted to save him for Sue. After all, she could still attract virgins from the local college. Katie actually preferred more experienced men, virgins tended to race through the proceedings too quickly.

Sue was a little more challenging. Again the deal was arranged over coffee, and Katie used the same technique. Dressed as she was for Tony, it put Sue in mind of sex. It was what she could look like with very little effort. Again Katie, apparently absent mindedly this time, circled her nipples, Sue could see them through the blouse, soon all four nipples in the flat were erect with the discussion of what Halloween would bring.

So Halloween came. Sue arrived early knowing that she needed to be ready in bed for her virgin lover. Katie had her strip naked, virgins can‚t always get you undressed without shooting their load on you Sue was told, somewhat crudely. For the same reason Sue was advised to start masturbating when she heard the door bell go. Katie turned the bedroom lights out before going to open the front door

As the virgin arrived Sue thrust her hand down and began stroking her clitoris, soon she was more than moist, she was wet. She turned her attention to her breasts, in good shape still. On top of the firm 36C mounds she erected her nipples, they felt good in her hands. She resolved to start masturbating again at home, something she had never done in married life

Tony was silenced as he walked in. Katie undressed him, observing his knob as she did so. It was secreting a sticky drop of semen. He had done as she had advised, had a wank a half hour before. It will give you staying power she said. The living room light was extinguished, Tony was led to the bedroom and Katie left the flat.

She never returned again, she became known locally as the Halloween witch. The landlord had nothing to trace her with and she never collected her furniture. She never saw the result of her match making. It had gone well to start with, Tony performing better than most beginners. Sue had expertly guided his knob into her moist vagina and he had thrust for some minutes before shooting his load clean inside her. His kissing style left her wanting more, the attention to her lips, the arching of his back as he kissed her rampant nipples.

Sue had aroused herself beforehand to the extent that she was able to orgasm with Tony. The combination of the hot semen and his thrusting action together with tender feeling of her breasts, left her shouting for more. Once the joint orgasm was complete they stayed in the clinch for some minutes, both feeling the mixing of juices with the heightened sensitivity of their respective genitals.

It was when Tony rolled over and turned on the lights that their eyes met. There was already love existing between them. It had existed for some sixteen years, from the day Sue had given birth to him.

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As Smoke to Heaven Rises

There is an exhibit by Leo Koenig has that includes a work by Kelli Williams, called As Smoke to Heaven Rises. Simply stunning.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

That Summer in Truro

By Julie (August 2001)

When we were visiting Cornwall one very hot day last summer we went to Truro to pick up some food shopping. My husband was taking the food back to the car and I slipped into Dorothy Perkins to look at their clothes. That's where it happened.

I picked a pair of shorts to try on and went to the changing rooms. All the curtains were drawn across so I peeped around one to see if it was empty. It wasn't, a girl about the same age as me, 23, was trying on a top. 'Sorry' I said looking into her eyes. At that moment something happened, something in the eye contact, I shut the curtain.

The girl must have seen which cubicle I went in because about a minute later she peeped around my curtain. I was standing in just my panties and a vest top, no bra. With an unspoken mutual consent she stepped in. She dropped her bag and we began to kiss, passionately. I am normally straight but that day was different. She lifted my top off then took off her own and we caressed each others breasts, mine a full 36c and hers delightfully small, maybe only a 30aa cup.

I don't know whether it was the heat, the risk of getting caught or the forbidden extra marital lesbianism but I was feeling hot and wet straight away. She lifted her mini skirt and pushed my hand into her moistened minge, she must have taken her panties off in her own cubicle. As I fingered her clitoris gently I put her hands down my panties. When my husband and make love I love two hands in my panties, it feels so exciting, almost like it shouldn't be allowed. With her it was even better.

As I used my body to push her against the wall our sweating breasts were rubbing and sliding together. As we brought each other off and we almost collapsed as we both orgasmed, stifling our groans with tongued kissing. For a few minutes afterwards I continued to feel her breasts, they felt so nice and tight and small after my own big ones.

When it was over, by unspoken consent, we got dressed and left the store separately without buying anything. When I got back to the car my husband had tilted back the drivers seat and was dozing in the midday heat. I leaned over and undid his shorts. 'Get it out' I said. I had a combined feel of guilt and passion within me.

'What, here?' he said looking about. The car park was not empty, in fact it was quiet busy, but I said 'you look out'

His penis was just hardening as I got it out. I gently sucked and licked it. 'I‚m coming,' he said after a few minutes. I would normally finish him off by hand but that day I stayed on him and held his knob with my lips and my tongue slowly tickled the end till he shot his load.

The warm semen felt good in my mouth and I swallowed it down whilst he continued to thrust until his orgasm was done.
'What was that for?' he asked. One day I might tell him!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(August 2001)

Sara sat in her room sobbing, as she relived that horrible night to her best friend Jennifer. Sara had few friends, since she was a virgin and did not engage in the ribald antics of the rest of her senior class. She did not go to many parties, but she was happy with herself and her commitment to remain a virgin until she met the right man.

Jennifer was no virgin, but one of the only classmates who accepted Sara's decision and did not give her a hard time about it, like the others. Since it was 2 weeks until graduation, everyone was invited to all the year end parties, regardless of which clique they associated themselves with.

Sara did not want to go to Racquel's party, but she went along just to be sociable. She planned to stay a few moments and leave. Sure enough, after only a few minutes of toasting and merriment, Tonya and Brad, the horniest couple in school, were making out, standing in the middle of a ring of students egging them on. Brad's hands found their way under her shirt, Tonya's thigh was grinding into Brad's crotch. Brad was humping her leg like a dog.

Sara decided it was more than time to go, but found herself in the middle of a crowd that was not about to let her exit. She hear a whoop go up from the crowd and turned just in time to see Brad's jeans around his thighs, and Tonya's face buried in his crotch. Brad was moaning like he was about to die, and more than one guy in the crowd was massaging his own swollen jeans.

That did it, Sara shouldered herself out of the crowd and headed for the door. As she got to the sidewalk, she heard quick footsteps behind her. It was Nate, the football star, basketball star, the most popular guy in the school. He'd just broken up with his snotty bitch of a girlfriend when he found her in the boys bathroom exhibiting her self for a group of masturbating boys.

"Wait up Sara" he called. Sara wondered how in the world he even knew her name.

"Things got a little raunchy in there" he said, sheepishly.

"Yeah" she replied. Not sure what else to say. "How are you getting home?" Nate asked. "It's kind of far to walk".

Sara was surprised that he even knew where she lived. "Well, i hadnt really thought about it, i was just interested in getting out of there". "Let me drive you Sara. I don't feel much like partying anyway".

The two of them got into Nate's car. "Want to stop for a soda or something first?" he asked as he started the car. "Sure, why not" Sara replied. They drove through a fast food place and got a couple of Pepsi's to go and stopped along the lake front to sip on them. It was a cool breezy night, Sara was just glad to be away from that stifling, smoke filled party.

Nate turned to her and asked in a quiet voice "can i ask you something?" Sara nodded, lost in thought about her college choice and getting out of that little town. "Why are you a virgin? I mean, everyone knows it, and i just don't get it. You are a pretty girl and i know you've had offers."

Sara was not sure if she should be insulted or not. He was asking what seemed to be a reasonable question.

"Well", she started, "i am waiting until i find..." Nate cut her off. "I mean, how do you know that you won't like it unless you try it?" Sara became wary.

"That's not the point Nate. It's just not my style," "I think you're just scared" Nate said, moving closer to her. Sara panicked, she tried to grab the door handle but Nate was faster. She screamed and he shoved his hand roughly over her mouth.

"You know what the problem is? You've never been with a guy who had what it takes to show you what you're missing" Sara's eyes were wild. How could this happen?? She struggled, but his huge football player's body was blocking her efforts.

The next thing she knew his hand was under her skirt, his fingers working their way under the crotch of her cotton panties.

She shrieked, which was muffled in his hand. Nate's eyes were glazed over, his mouth gaping and his fingers tore at her panties. "Relax baby, if you're all tense its going to be a little more painful than it should be."

"No" Sara sobbed beneath his hand.

"Please NO!"

"You just don't know what you're missing" Nate growled as his other hand tore at his gym shorts. His huge, red, dripping cock popped out and Sara screamed again. Before she knew what was happening, his knee separated her thighs and his cock was pushing at her pubic hairs.

She tried to skitter away, but he held her fast. His free hand had been stroking his cock, but how it held a clump of her hair tightly. "Just relax sweetheart, let it happen then i dare you to tell me you don't love it!"

She tried to jerk away but a blinding burning flash of pain tore through her as his cock found it's mark and slammed into her virgin vagina. She was so overwhelmed by what was happening, she went limp and ceased to fight. But her tears flowed thickly down his hand as the oblivious guy pumped his hot cock into her, muttering the whole time how sweet and tight her hole was. How good she felt, how he was going to teach her a sweet lesson she would never forget.

The next thing Sara remembered, his pace quickened, his breath came in gasps and he shouted to God as a hot sticky mess exploded inside her. The massive amount of juice flowed out of her and coated her inner thighs. Nate collapsed back against the driver's door, gasping deeply, his cock standing out from his body and covered with thick cum.

Sara scrambled out of the passenger door and ran for the road. Before she reached the street, she straightened her clothes, aware that she had no idea where her panties were, and walked the several miles home.

When Jennifer could not reach her by phone she went to her house, convinced that something was wrong. And God was she right! Jennifer was fuming, ready to call the police and have Nate arrested.

Sara was too humiliated to do that, and begged Jenn not to so her parents would not find out. Jenn knew that was a bad decision on Sara's part, but agreed. Still, Jenn plotted revenge for her pure friend, who was spoiled by that ape Nate who thought he was god's gift to sex.

Slowly a plan hatched in Jenn's brain, and she enlisted the help of 3 other cheerleaders. While they all had poked fun at Sara at one time or another, as soon as the 3 heard what had happened and Jenn's plan for revenge, they were more than happy to help and vowed their silence for all time.

Jenn's brother Matt was gay, and a total waste of a hunk, according to all the women who knew him. Matt cried when he heard Sara's story from Jenn, he really liked Sara and she had been a good friend to him when many were not. Matt agreed to help Jenn with her diabolical plan and made a phone call to a guy he knew who would be more than willing to help. Five days later, Nate was working out in the basement weight room at the school.

The janitor thought Nate had Pro Football possibilities and would lock him in there before he left for the day so Nate could continue his workouts for as long as he liked, then exit by a self locking side door. Nate was at his best, wearing only his trademark skimpy gym shorts, the same he'd been wearing the night of Sara's rape.

The group came down the hall so silently, that Nate jumped when he saw the shadow on the wall. Nate had never seen this guy before.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" Nate hollered.

"The name's Bruce, and you must be Nate?"

"Yeah" responded Nate, quite wary of the unexpected visitor. "So how did you get in here".

"Well, i heard you were working out in here and i wanted to have a little talk with you." Nate sat up on the weight bench, "About what?" Bruce stood before him, the group of 5 girls waiting in the hallway held their breath.

"Well, i have seen you play football and you look pretty good out there"

"Thanks" replied Nate, so taken with the compliment he started to drop his guard. After all, this guy was built like a bull moose, maybe he was some kind of pro here to scout him?

"Yeah" Bruce continued, "you look real good", a sly smile played on his lips. "I found myself thinking that i'd love to grab a handful of that tight hard ass of yours just to see how it felt in my hand."

Nate startled so badly he almost lost his balance. "Hey pal, i don't know who you are or how you got down here, but that's not my style. So beat it, now!" In a flash it was over, Bruce lunged at Nate. Using the element of surprise, it was not difficult to get him bent over the weight bench and handcuffed to the uprights.

Nate screamed furiously, "Who the hell are you? And what's this all about?? I told you, it's not my style!"

Sara stood in the doorway. "That's what i told you too Nate. Remember what you told me? You said how will i know if i don't ever try it."

Nate's eyes bugged out. He had never seen such a look on sweet Sara's face. Her features were hardened, her arms crossed. Then, standing behind her, was Jennifer and three of his other "conquests", each of these women had an ax to grind with Nate and he started to understand the horrible consequences of what was about to happen! Bruce grinned meanly at Nate, "I think i'm the guy to show you what you've been missing Nate."

The ladies settled themselves on the gym mats, Sara never took her eyes off of Nate. She was going to enjoy Jenn's plan immensely! Bruce turned his attention back to Nate.

"Now, what were you saying Nate?" he asked softly as me moved closer to him. Nate was held fast by the handcuffs and the awkward position, which thrust his ass out in a very inviting position, as far as Bruce could see.

Bruce laid his palm on Nate's ass and started to stroke him softly. Nate cursed and pulled at the restraints to no avail. Bruce grasped Nate's waistband and gently tugged his gym shorts to his ankles. The ladies watching let out a whoop, Nate let out a roar followed by more cursing. Nate's cock was drawn up to his balls in terror. Bruce reached between Nate's legs and started to tug gently on the shrunken member.

Nate thrashed, but Bruce held firm. "Hmmm" he said, "not a whole lot here to crow about, now is there big man!"

"Stop" screamed Nate. Don't touch me!" Bruce turned to Sara, "Is that what you told him Sara".

"Yes, it is" Sara said with a hardness in her voice. Bruce turned to Nate "Did you respect Sara's wishes when she said that to you Nate?"

Nate moaned, he fully understood what was about to happen to him. Bruce stood in front of Nate and lowered his own gym pants. A huge 10 inch cock sprung out, at least as big around as a cop's nightstick.

There was a gasp from the ladies, then a sigh when they realized that Bruce would only be using that magnificent tool on other men! He stroked it in Nate's face a couple of times, which only seemed to make it grow more.

Nate was now crying, begging Bruce to let him go. Bruce quietly reminded Nate that Sara had made the same reasonable request of him a few nights back. Bruce moved to Nate's exposed ass, and spread his ass cheeks.

He positioned the head of his huge tool against Nate's puckered hole. Nate gasped and cried out again to be let go. Bruce smiled wickedly at the ladies gallery. "Well Sara, it's your call. Do i let him off that easy". Sara hissed from between her teeth "Hell no!" And applause and shouts of encouragement went up from the rest of them. With that approval, Bruce started to rock firmly against Nate's asshole.

"Now Nate, i am sure that once you've seen how great this feels you will want it all the time. Isn't that what you told Sara?" No response other than sobs from Nate.

The head of Bruce's cock popped through the outer ring of muscles in Nate's ass. Nate let out a shout of protest.

"Relax baby, if you're all tense its going to be a little more painful than it should be." said Bruce, as Nate heard his own words to Sara echoing in his ears.

Bruce had told the girls what to expect, the physiological reactions to watch for. There was no doubt that, although Nate was completely heterosexual, his body would respond in a sexual way, simply from the pressure of Bruce's cock against his prostate and other internal organs.

Nate surely did not know that this did not indicate that he was gay, but they were certainly not going to fill him in on that detail either! As soon as Bruce's cock head popped into Nate's anus, Nate's cock gave a little jump and stood out prominently!

The ladies hooted loudly and told Nate that he MUST be liking that! Nate sobbed in protest, but was unheard over their shouts of glee. Bruce then increased the pressure of his rocking, shoving inches more of his cock into Nate's virgin ass, producing the expected reaction in Nate's own cock.

Soon, precum started to drip from Nate's cock. Bruce knew this, and removed his cock from Nate's ass. "Excuse me a second ladies. A little break in the action while i nibble on my favorite sweet treat!"

With that, Bruce knelt in front of the sobbing Nate and licked the clear sweet precum from his protruding cock.

The ladies gallery roared with approval, egging Bruce on to deep throat him, which he did with a flourish! Having had his fill, Bruce announced that Nate was ready for the "big finish".

With that, Bruce repositioned himself at Nate's ass and told him to hold on tight. After a few torturous moments of teasing, while Bruce worked his cock head back into Nate's raw red asshole, he reared back and said "here we go boy!" and slammed the full 10 inch length of his cock hard into Nate's now-non-virgin ass!

Nate let out a shrill high pitched scream, and just as he did, his cock let go with a torrent of cum! Nate's cum squirted far and in gobs.

Again and again as Bruce pumped mercilessly at Nate's ass, Nate's cock responded with more cum than the boy had produced in his whole life!

The girls cheered wildly as the rape of Nate was completed with a flourish. Bruce emptied his massive cock into Nate's ass, then unceremoniously slipped out of his ass and wiped himself on Nate's back.

Nate stood sobbing as blood and semen ran out of his ass. Sara went up to him and said, "There Nate. Now you can make an informed decision on whether you like it or not because now you have tried it!"

With that, the group left the room, and left Nate to be found in the morning, naked, his violated ass exposed to his finders, with dried blood and cum on his legs and the floor.

He never told what happened to him that night, although the police questioned him thoroughly.

And none of the ladies ever spoke of it again. But in Sara's heart, she knew that she'd had the sweetest revenge possible.

And that Nate had learned, as he had promised to her when he raped her, a sweet lesson he would never forget.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taylor's Porno - Super Hot

Growing up

by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

It was at the age of 14 that I discovered oral sex. More accurately I discovered my older brother having oral sex. He was standing in his bedroom, his girlfriend on her knees in front of him. He was holding her head and thrusting, she had her arms around his waist.

Apart from undoing the essentials they were fully clothed. They didn't see me standing there; I was creeping in to steal a CD back thinking he was out. I am sure he must have sneaked his girlfriend in so no one would come to his room and catch him.

He was obviously enjoying it so I thought my boyfriend, now my husband, Dave would like it too. Up until now we had just kissed as he fondled my flat chest. Nothing beyond that. We were both pre pubescent, both late developers, maybe that's why we had hit it off together all those months before.

That evening I went round Dave's house. His parents were going out and left us babysitting his little sister. When she was asleep we started our usual necking. Then I said 'can I try something new' to which he agreed. He was very shy getting his knob out; we had to draw the curtains to darken the room because it was the summer.

He was shy because no pubic hairs had appeared yet. I stood him up and kneeled at his feet then put it in my mouth. Even though he hadn't begun puberty he still had a good erection, if not a little small ' not that I knew otherwise.

Innocently, I also put his balls in my mouth at the same time. Although he didn't ejaculate he loved the sensation of me tonguing my way around his genitals. I loved it too, almost a sense of power though, again, I didn't know why.
After a few weeks he did the same to me, though he started with more of a licking action. The feeling was like I had never had before, I thought that I had had an orgasm. I know now I hadn't. By the winter we had begun puberty, both of us. Dave had a few hairs across the top of his knob. I had a few around my vagina and, to my delight, my breasts began to show. I say Œbegan to show‚ but really just little buds under my nipples. My nipples gave me the best sexual feeling at that time, Dave loved to lick those or just move them on the wobbly buds. Around that time we discovered my clitoris, a shock to us both.
Dave had been licking me around my vagina, then he started kissing me there. Then, as he told me much later, he decided to give me a french kiss and poked his tongue into my folds. I was already aroused from his licking and when his tongue brushed my clitoris I almost jumped of the bed. He sat up to see what was happening, to see if I was OK. I pushed his head back down to try again and there I had my first, rapid, orgasm.

It was during that winter that Dave had his first orgasm too, into my mouth. We were laying down and I was sucking his knob, he began to thrust and quickly shot a warm load into my mouth. A lot of girls don't like this but I do, the movement and the heat of his knob with the feel and taste of semen. So, for both of us, the first orgasms were over quickly. In time we have managed to pace ourselves and enjoy the experience more.
By the next summer my breasts were shaping up. They were now filling a 30aa bra, just! They didn't look out of place on my boyish figure, even now just 32aa ' 22 ' 30. Dave loved to slide his hand onto my bra, a trainer bra then, and feel the shapes through the fabric before going inside.

My nipples developed enough to give a good sized bump. Our genitals were now covered in hair as they should be, it was only when we left school that we took to shaving. In fact, truth be known, we have both had electrolysis to return to the pre pubescent feel that we love ' but that is our secret! But back to that summer, the oral sex was great so we tried full intercourse. It was a dismal failure, I am sure most first attempts are, Dave came as he prodded around with his sheathed knob as he tried to find the way in. It was another year before we tried again. What we did learn about was massage and self-masturbation, it started when we were putting on suntan lotion at the beach one day.

Dave was finishing off my back when I said how nice it felt on my shoulders. He undid the tie around my neck to do me there and the triangular cups dropped revealing to all my little breasts! I don't suppose anyone saw anything because I covered them up in an instant. In doing so I was holding the cups over my breasts as he sun-tanned my shoulders.

Gently I felt my own breasts with movement's imperceptible to anyone else, including Dave. My juices started flowing with this self-masturbation, something I had never done ever. It soon stopped because Dave tied my straps up again. I needed to orgasm; I had become so excited. I said to Dave that it was too cold and so I covered myself in a towel then fingered myself.

The naughtiness of it all, the masturbation on the beach next to my boyfriend led me to a rapid massive orgasm. The feel of my wet folds and clitoris was irresistible. I didn't know that Dave was watching, my eyes were closed. He watched me shudder and bring up my knees as I came. He said, 'are you fingering yourself?' There was no way I could deny it, it wouldn't have been unusual for him to secretly finger me on the beach.

'Yes, sorry' not really knowing if they were the right words. Even now I remember him taking the towel off me and laying it over himself. He lay on his side, to hide the motions then lowered his shorts. I peeped under the towel as he wanked himself off in front of me, shooting his load on the pebbles. 'I always wanted you to see me do that,' he said.
After that we often show each other ourselves masturbating, I find it a real turn on to see him playing with himself.

Sometimes I will peek at him showering, he pretends that I am not there, and he wanks off. I don't know if he wanks off when I am really not there, he doesn't know if I do (I do!) ' we never talk about that. We do a lot of massaging each other too, loads of baby moisturiser on each other's chests. Again, we do each other and ourselves.

Occasionally we shower together, usually we start off with me in panties and bra with Dave in his shorts. The clothes get wet and see through and we soap each other through them. Sometimes we will leave them on as we wank each other into orgasm. Other times we will strip off and make love standing up.

Another thing Dave likes is to watch me wee myself. I prepare by drinking a lot of water then holding on as long as possible. I stand in the shower, taps off, wearing just my panties and let go. He loves to see my panties get wet as it trickles down my legs. Needless to say I have a shower afterwards, usually whilst he wanks off in front of me.

So, where are we now? We rarely have actual intercourse, we prefer to masturbate each other. I like Dave's slow tongue around my bald vagina and his hands reaching up to my moistened breasts.

Sometimes I put my finger into his mouth and he uses his tongue to push it back onto my clitoris as we jointly bring me to orgasm. Other times I massage my nipples whilst he licks me, he loves to press my hands down into my breasts and feel as I play with myself. Dave still loves me to suck him off. I still like the taste and swallow it. He particularly likes his second orgasm when, until he gets erect again, I can put his balls and soft knob in my mouth. He also likes me to - help him‚ wank off. I moisturise his knob and he puts one hand around the shaft and the other cups his balls, then I slide his hand up and down for him and watch as the semen spurts then rolls back down his hands.

I wonder if my brother still has oral sex ' I never said anything to him, perhaps I should now thank him!

Julie Windsor contact me at

Monday, February 23, 2009

Only the image remains

by Karen Stratford (August 2001)

Seems I've lingered too long in the darkness, unlock the door, turn the light on and wait. I should have known better than to rest on a promise, but this body before you has seen so much pain. Here I am, waiting for you - just give me sign, oh feelings, don't fail me now - I'm sure that I've been here before, sometime ago. Bridges are reached, but some are never crossed........

This is what happens to anyone who falls in love with a wonderful, happily married woman. First, there are those moments of exquisite joy, of revelling in Forbidden Love, so that all else seems unimportant, trite and remote. Then, there are the brief moments of pain when you are set aside, understandable though it may be, for things important to her life. These burn you up, seemingly endlessly. You revert to the fantasising that you perfected in your youth, she becomes an innocent passive party, merely an actress for you in your bouts of imagination. Then, the final despair hits when the fantasy shatters, to base reality.

Your Love and her lover scale those endless heights, sadly, you, with tear-misted eyes are left far below, alone, with a faded, imperfect, picture clutched in your hands, like some old black and white movie score. But that picture, besides being an imperfect symbol of utter perfection, is exceedingly cloudy. The mere fact that this exquisite creature just does not love me, but some other, sheds a blazing spotlight onto my dilemma - loving one who does not love you in return - is an age-old story. What's in a picture?

Well, in the picture that I cherish there is more joy and love than a mere mortal like me should ever attain. The picture I refer to is an imperfect image of the one I love. She is one of such exceedingly great beauty, and that picture is as near to heaven as I am ever likely to get. The one I love has always, well, I suppose the term is "humoured" me. I have nothing to offer her that would mean anything to her, except my love, an exceeding cheap commodity to those receiving it; and inhumanly expensive to those giving it.

But she has been free with her gifts, too. She gave me her picture, my greatest material treasure; she has given me a few brief moments of platonic joy in her company; and she has given me an irreplaceable gift, the love inside of me, something more grand and awe-inspiring than the great outdoors.

But today, when her nearness is inaccessible to me, another gift, in absentia, was given to me. You must follow me and understand that those moments away from my Love are like daggers piercing my heart. The depths of my emotional depression are bottomless and scary. In moments like this I reach for that carefully hidden picture. I search for a moment of joy. Let us turn the clock back for a few moments and I will give you glimpse heaven, too:

I gazed downwards with love at your image, the likeness of a goddess. You were here with me. You did not shirk my touch. You did not avoid my clumsy attempts to kiss your honeyed lips. Your sensuous voice that could arouse a eunuch, did not say those words that send me into despair, "It is time to go now, Andy."

You sit submissively, and smile. I smile back and melt into the close quarters of the picture with you as the image drifted into reality. The nearness of you dissipates the agony in my heart. I say, "Hi, Sandy." You sit there in all of your passionate and sensual beauty, and smile. As I languished, nay, wallowed in self-pity, your beauty radiated up at me. There you were, right before me, smiling up at me. It is as if you, . . . well, might have been beckoning to me. As my emotional "down" subsided another part of me grew. I gazed longing into your eyes. You gazed back. Then your eyes slowly turned until you were looking over my shoulder and your smile widened. Puzzled, I look over too, and was surprised to see Robert standing there. He is quite naked, his pulsing staff throbbing before him in all its proud, yet stately, grandeur. He strode up to you and enfolded you in his strong arms, his rod preventing him from full-body contact. He planted a moist kiss full on your luscious lips forcing open you faintly resisting mouth with his tongue. Just as his one-minded penis would soon search endlessly your warm cavern of love, his tongue searched your yearning mouth to be more a part of you, striving to be one.

As he paused for a well-needed breath he looked over at me and he, too, beamed with a satisfied smile, "Eat your heart out, Andy." His hands were everywhere on you, fondling your firm passionate bottom, pulling it close to him determinedly telling you he was not going to allow you to dictate the pace of this encounter, he was. His free hand found your lovely firm breasts stroking and caressing them as if each housed your very soul. Your breath came in gasps now, but he was not through.

At that moment you fluttered your eyes and somehow realised that I was still here. You cried to him, "No, Robert, we can't do it here. We are in public and Andy is still here. Please wait." But Robert had no intention of waiting. His fiercely throbbing penis attested to that. "Sandy, I want you now, more than I ever have. I will have you. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to show Andy what real LOVE is! I may not be the best lover in the world, but with you it sure seems like it. I want to get into you, to fill you with myself, to sow my very being in you, to make you climb the wall and beg for more, but to make you realise that I have JUST what you want.

All that you could ever want is in me. I can make you cum to heights never imagined by you and I can make you cum to greater heights the next time and the next time. Now I am going to show you what I mean." He slowly moved his hand, which had been gently fondling your breasts throughout this conversation and grasped your blouse. With conviction he slowly pulled it down until it ripped asunder. He then pulled it open to expose your delicious, sweet smelling breasts for all to see, even me. As he bent down to caress each firmly erect nipple in his warm unyielding mouth he grabbed your skirt and forced it over your hips, and off. Trailing moist warm saliva from your breasts he followed your skirt down until be fastened his eager mouth to your loins. He hungrily found your rigid, sensitive clitoris and traced it around with his hot tongue, slowly at first then more resolutely until he slowly sought the exquisite tip, relishing in your squirming and gasping. You tried to break him away, to pull him up, to consummate the passionate beast he had created; but he would not comply. "Not yet, my Luscious. You shall not feel me in you until I am ready." "God, Robert, I can't stand it any more. I am cumming my life away and your don't care. I need your cock in me now before I am used up. I'm cumming now.

Please, Robert. My God, have mercy on me. Fuck me now! Fill my cunt with your gigantic cock and fire your monstrous load in me. It has never been like this before."

But Robert's only response was to follow the tender folds from your exquisite clit to the openly inviting, flowing vagina awaiting the explore of an expert. His tongue sought . . . and found the hungering grotto . . . and entered. Although his tongue could not venture far enough to satisfy either of the two quaking lovers it still traced every lovely sensual and scented lip and fissure. Your hips were madly and uncontrollably pumping trying to lodge Robert's tongue deeper and deeper into you. You were mumbling incoherently words like, "Robert, I want you in me." and "Robert, fuck the life out of me." and "Robert, I need it, I must have it now." And then he stopped and laid you back.

Your love-convulsions continued for a few seconds as if he was firmly inside of you. Your legs were all askew, your arms grasping at air, your hips pumping furiously. As you writhed in passion he looked down and smiled. He slowly took his pulsating penis, even as it was growing with renewed vigour to a bloated size and shape that amazed even him. The your eyes opened and saw him, in a blur. "God, Robert, cum into me, NOW! I cannot continue any more. I am through." Robert responded with both words and action. The words were, "Sandy, you have not even begun. This orgasm will blow your mind . . . and mine. We shall see heaven in just a few moments now."

After feasting his eyes a moment longer on you, the most beautiful and glorious creature in the world, the action was to gently kneel between your sensuously shapely, out-flung legs. Still holding his magnificent penis he lowered himself over you. Only then did he relinquish his hold on his staff to you to allow you to guide him to the open door of God's heavenly garden. A myriad of erotic scents were already wafting up to embrace me, presumably my sole sensual reward beyond sight. Robert sweetly embraced you, leading it with a delicate kiss that would have the envy of even Venus. You, in desperation, savagely strove to engage his glorious manhood. As if a beast in heat your groaning and grunting reached a feverish level.

Although you obviously relished being under Robert's weight and kisses, your intense desire to consummate the embrace nearly heaved Robert off. "Hold on, Dear Sandy. Together we can master this monster we have created. Hold still, my Sensual Passion Flower, and I shall endeavour to find our timid playmate a friend in which to play." He reached down, much too slowly for your desires as shown by your obvious impatience. Even as you were attempting to enclose his loins with your elegant sensual legs Robert's sensitive hands were meandering down the length of your body, slowing to enjoy the nooks and crannies along the way. Your body hummed like a violin string reaching a crescendo as his hands finally reached your desperate hips. He purposely fought your flailing hands and grabbed the subject of interest.

A grunt of satisfaction escaped him and he said, "My Word! Feel what you have done to me. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? I didn't know he would get that big. Maybe we will have a problem . . . No, where there is a will, there is a way, and I sure have a will now." Fumbling together, you both succeeded in guiding the magnificent rod of steel to a point immediately above your hot cunt. But as if it had a mind of its own, that magnificent stallion-cock paused and planted what could only be construed as an exquisitely delicate, albeit slobbery, kiss on your clitoris. He was then whisked away, down to the awaiting crevasse. The gigantic, sweating, spongy head preceding the steel-like shaft. It throbbed in rhythm to the swaying of your hips. On one particularly desperate stroke Robert moved and his head was enlodge.

At that instant you gave an animal-like cry and collapsed in an all-enveloping orgasm. Tears flowed like a river as you clutched Robert with your beautiful arms and legs. "Forgive me, Robert, I could not wait for you any longer. I am only human and this is beyond me." Robert, whispered, "Peace, Sandy, the best is yet to come (no pun intended). Don't give up." With that he eased his immense penis even further into you.

The way was now so slippery that even this pulsating beast could enter with ease. Slowly and earnestly he slid further in. Your racked body just lay exhausted, seemingly impervious to the exquisite sensation - a masterful and sensitive shaft delicate threading and caressing its way through a chamber made only in heaven and only for this staff of life. Neither Robert nor I could see that although the pinnacle of your orgasm has not been passed a whole new mountain was appearing before you. Your eyes opened in amazement. A fleeting look of sheer terror passed your unseeing eyes as they looked toward me, yet beyond, as if I wasn't there. "Robert, don't leave me. Don't let me face this alone. Help me, show me. No, take me with you." "Dear Sandy, where I go, you must go also. We take this trip together. Hold tight as it is beyond even my ken. But this path before us was not of my doing, or wholely yours, it is OUR PATH.

We shall take it together. Hold me, Sandy. Hold me forever, Dearest Sandy, my Love, my life, my very soul. Just as you give yourself to me I return my whole self to you. It shall be this way forever." At these words he released his whole weight onto you, Sandy, and his penis slid into you until you could feel all. His swelling testicles lay against your perineum, rising and falling in their own unique way, but surging and expanding more with each wave. You both lay there together basking in the warmth exuded by both of your genitals. You both gazed deeply into each other's eyes, savouring the moment like it would never return.

Then, as if a command was given by the Director on high, the exquisite Dance of Love began. Robert slowly withdrew his beautiful penis until it just rested at the edges of your labia. "Once for you, Wonderful Sandy," he said as he slowly and libidinously slid it back home. A smile escaped your gasping lips as your whispered at his fullest extraction, "And once for you, Dear and Wonderful Robert." Slowly and labouriously he pulled back, and joyously reentered. No further words were spoken as his hot firm root sought your mons. At that very instant he kissed your lips with a passion you had never seen nor imagined, but desired.

The mumbles of amazement were lost as you returned in kind. The gentle stroking of the walls of your vagina by his rigid, yet yielding, penis, continued to be fueled effortlessly by perfectly matched motions of your and Robert's hips. For many minutes this perfect dance continued with no break except an occasional circular motion of first Robert's hips and then yours and the gentle clutching of your flawless legs around Robert's strong and muscular back. Probably without your knowledge, your hands gentle meandered around his back, then down to his chest and up around his face and through his hair and around his ears.

Then they continued down his lean body to his rhythmically pumping hips. They sneakily disappeared beneath him carefully searching for another "view" of his magnificent organ. On an up-stroke you reached in to clasp its girth as if in disbelief. When you both moved together you released your grip or faced crushing by forces beyond your control. Imperceptibly, the motions of you and Robert became stronger and more intense. No sounds, save an occasional grasping of breath, escaped either of your lips.

To the casual observer nothing had changed, but to me, a not dispassionate observer, I say clearly saw the beginnings of a wonderful phenomenon - two people creating a feeling of Love reserved for the exceeding rare true Lovers. This was not an act of sex, this was not a physical deed at all, it was the ultimate creation of the mind of two persons totally devoted to sharing with each other as no ordinary people are, totally devoted to giving to the other, totally in LOVE with each other - LOVE as God intended. The rhythmic physical manifestation of their mental state was completely out of their control. It was consummately in control of the ultimate Creator. He provided this reward reserved for those few yielding to true LOVE.

I saw all of this and in my embarrassment at being an interloper I looked up and thanked God. As I reluctantly turned away I could only imagine what marvelous end, or rather beginning, would ensue. So I was not be to allowed to witness the gradual escalating of Robert's and Sandy's passion. The seemingly tender strokes of their hips were gradually gaining speed and fervour. Their gaspings were more frequent. The energy increased. The previous appearance of an inexhaustible pace gave way to a more strenuous and strident tempo.

Soon their ardour became too much for even they. They disjoined their kiss to lay back in awe at what God hath wrought. They gazed into each other's eyes as their body's pumped incessantly, almost ferociously. Robert cradled your head in his hands to try to temper the emotions, but all it did was allow each to share more contact with the other. You gasped, "Robert, where will this lead? I am still in the orgasm from your aggressive foreplay, yet I feel something unearthly building. Is this right? Can we actually take it without perishing?" "I don't know, Sandy, but we shall go together in an exquisite flash of fire if we must. I Love you, Sandy. Never have I lived another as I have Loved you. We are one, Dearest Sandy, and I wish nothing else. . . . Nothing!"

Their loins increased their cadence. His magnificent cock, fueled by his heart's blood, now streaming with luscious fluids, pierced and withdrew the hot, dark channel leading straight to your heart. With each stroke his manhood grew, his balls swelled, his penetration deeper. The walls of your vagina contracted and released exactly in time with his fierce rushes. It seemed as if all delicateness had fled. The beating of your hips became savage. Harsh, guttural cries billowed up from your very souls as the passion and intensity reached the ultimate peak.

And then, when it seemed as if pain rather than passion would overtake you both, Robert gave a long, drawn-out deep groan of vital lust, unbridled passion; and you, from some unknown source, exclaimed in an ear- piercing shriek, like a banshee before devouring a succulent victim; and you enfolded Robert's taut body within your strong and shapely legs; and your genital's crushed together in a climatic percussive reaction. For a brief instant all seemed motionless. Only you and Robert knew otherwise: Robert felt the pent-up semen gush forth with previously unknown power and quantity. And you felt the shock of his cached treasure as it spewed out to satiate, to permeate each eagerly anticipating cranny and continue in an unabated torrent, the overflow streaming from your vagina to the ground. On and on he erupted. His life forces seemingly without end rushed headlong engulfing you in its warmth and caress not know before.

But these physical consequences of the Love between you and Robert were virtually lost on you as the emotional flood of ecstacy deluged your very souls. The endless cascade of pent-up passion, beyond verbal description, inundated both you and Robert. So overwhelmed were you both that for the five minutes or so that it took Robert to complete his spontaneous, shivering ejaculations you both lay motionless. Motionless, save a slight quiver in Robert's haunches delivered each squirt; each met with an precisely matching ecstatic convulsion; and the quiet fluids flowing freely from you well-filled vagina, down and around his contracting testicles.

For many more minutes you and Robert basked in a flood of Love, Peace and Joy never before imagined. You were the first to speak: "Oh, Robert, I Love you."

"The very words I was going to speak, Sandy, The Love of My Live, no! My Very Life." All else was silent, in respect, as the two Lovers lay savouring the moment, the Ultimate Moment. At long last you whispered, "If it could only be like this every time, wouldn't that be wonderful?" "Sure, Sandy, but why shouldn't it be, now that you have shown the way.

No more fantasising in our minds, now we fantasise in real-time. Think we could reach the heights again, my Sexy and Lovely Sandy? I'm game?" Your response was to reach up and grab Robert's head in your hands and plant a kiss to end all kisses on his awaiting lips. You could feel his penis, still deep within you instantly stop its slow trek towards intumescence and jerk in anticipation. You trembled in anticipation of yet another unseen and unfelt emotion as you eagerly welcomed his kiss and returned it in kind. Involuntarily you moved your hips under Robert almost like you were trying to give his ever-growing penis more room to expand. Suddenly, you pulled away from the luscious kiss to look Robert straight in the eyes in query. The strong surging in his loins and deep penetrating gaze of adoration should have satisfied your anguished concern. Before you could utter a word of doubt Robert reached down to enfold you, utterly, in his powerful arms. Not wanting to challenge any possible limitation, you tried to get away from his grip.

If you claimed (obviously the furthest thing from your mind) that you could not take yet another orgasm then he would not have to subject himself to a potentially humiliating situation.) "Robert, please. I don't think I can handle another one like that. . . . And besides, remember where we are. Andy has left, but we are still out here in the park for all to see. Please, let's go home and continue this." At that you unwrapped your perfectly-formed legs from around Robert's waist. "Sandy, we can go home and 'continue this,' as you say, just as soon as I relieve some of this pent-up sexual tension I have.

Could you please, just put up once again with my physical appetite. It seems to be outside my control. Just this once and then I'll give you a break, please?" The hesitation was there, but your reactions were either too slow or they were repressed, as Robert again forced his lips upon yours. His hands slipped down to your buttocks and grasped them in his brawny grip. As he slowly pulled away from you his hands held your hips motionless. You could feel his fully erect penis slowly withdrawing amid delightfully suggestive sucking, slurpy and slippery sounds. Your desire to save possible emotional harm to your Lover was rapidly overcome by your desire to have him, once again, cum deep inside of you. Whether you could sustain another unearthly orgasm like the last was your furthest thought.

You moved quickly in what you intended to be an effort to encourage him in his manly endeavours, but Robert, suffering under the delusion that your were trying to reject him, grasped your buttocks in his iron grip and forced them toward his loins. His gigantic rigid, but, thankfully, but well-lubed, stanchion surged towards the hot depths of your vagina. It seemed to wish to find your cervix, to search the uterine interior, therein, for refuge. A brief shock, more delight, than pain, caused you to wince and twist away from his passionate kiss. He appeared to be in a frenzy. As his hips steadily beat a rhythm on your tense abdomen your mons cushioned his mad rushes into you. His head sunk down to your neck and he erotic bit it.

A brief spasm of pain caused a cry, but that only intensified his antics. He was like a beast possessed. He continued his lewd pounding at what he thought was an unwilling receptacle. Your every move, attempting to encourage him and display your approval were construed as attempted escape, but his loins would not allow that. He seemed to be torn between outright lust and unadulterated tenderness as his tears flowed over your breast and down under your outstretched arms. But you could not get the words of reassurance out so high was your fervour. His animal antics only intensified, presumably to end it as fast as possible, his only way out. His sobs fully in sync with his heaving brought tears to your eyes, but they were tears of joy. When that simple minute fact finally wound its way through the intricate web of lust and passion in you, you finally were able to utter two well-chosen words: "Robert . . . More." As if a giant weight was lifted from Robert's magnificent shoulders his head popped up to look at you . . . and his panicked animal humping stopped in mid stroke. You were so close to the brink of another unspeakably fantastic climax that you could scarcely utter another word, yet, "Robert, I Love you," bubbled from your flawless lips. Robert, in absolute disbelief opened his eyes wide, choked back a last lingering sob and smiled, "Sandy, wait for me this time, please?"

But he need not have waited for the answer, nor did he. Your reassuring kiss said all. That kiss, so deep, and tempestuous brought you again to the onrushing orgasm of a lifetime, the second within no more than an hour. You were as ill- prepared this time as the last as the world as you knew it exploded in a blinding electrical flash. Then, almost instantly a feeling of perfect peace settled over you. As you floated freely in the space of your own mind-making you were only slightly aware that Robert was still struggling to complete his appointed task. With unembellished salacious lust his haunches continued their miraculous carnal thrusting into and out of your never-tiring vagina. With serene slowness you wound your lovely limbs around Robert attempting to quell his efforts, but it only succeeded in heightening his efforts.

The exquisite abyss of your lingering orgasm only allowed you to vaguely perceive Robert's struggle, but the feeling of fullness deep within your vagina let you know that his struggle was not without jubilance. It was clear to your earth-bound body, far below, that Robert was approaching the same ultimate zenith as you. You took your mind off of the peace and joy of your persisting passion long enough to sort of flick your hips during one of his endless down strokes. A gasp of pleasure from his lips was all the reward you needed. You, carefully, and in-time with his urgent pumping, slowly began a rhythmic circular motion with your loins. The motions followed the ceaseless squeezings of your vaginal muscles on Robert's full-to-bursting penis.

It wanted another load. It begged for another load. Robert seemed in near panic, but your gentle caressing of his powerful back eased the feeling. It was only when you, once again, snaked your wonderfully sensuous hands down his fantastic churning manhood, stroking it as it left the comfort of your warm and cozy vagina, that he cried, "It is upon me, I am joining your. Oh, Love of my Life. Here I am, Sandy." You grasped when you encountered his unmercifully distended balls. Then you felt the surge well-up in his testicles pass and through his vas deferens and disappear inside that wonderful tabernacle, the physical body of Robert. The first hot impact of his cum hit you. You were no more ready for this as you were for the first, for you thought you were still enjoying the climax of the previous intercourse, but this was different.

All blacked out. All you could comprehend was the endless surges of Robert's penis deep inside of you, squirting his aromatic semen again and again. With each ejaculation you felt his penis jerk, your vaginal walls contracted tightly around as if to extract every drop and you felt another load of cum stagger up his vas. You lay in blissful heaven as his load spewed forth from you onto the sacred altar. The physical sensations were clear, the mental were truly beyond mortal words. It was not within Man's ken to actually see God, yet, as the electrical tingling consumed their earthly bodies they knew that if they only opened their eyes they would see All. As the waves of passion swiftly, joyously ravaged them they looked. Each saw the same thing, another Being, more beautiful than their imaginations would have allowed. Another Being radiating holy light from eyes luminous with Love - each other.

Back here, it seems I've lingered too long in the darkness, unlock the door,turn the light on and wait. I should have known better than to rest on a promise, but this body before you has seen so much pain. Here I am, waiting for you - your Andrea, Andy to most people. Just give me sign, oh feelings, don't fail me now - I'm sure that I've been here before, sometime ago. Bridges are reached, but some are never crossed.......

I have paid the Toll Collector, let me in. Let me into your heart.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How I learned to wank

by Julie (Aug 2001)

‘Do you masturbate?’ She said. I couldn’t believe it, my mum asking me that. We were in the kitchen, just finishing the drying up after the evening meal. ‘Mum!’ I said. ‘Well, do you?’ She asked again. ‘No!’ I said, to which she replied, ‘Sorry, but I needed to know’
‘Why do you need to know?’
‘Never mind, go have your shower and get ready for bed. Call out when your ready for your drink, I’ll bring it up.’

I couldn’t believe what she had asked, I would have been less shocked if she had asked if I wanked! Thinking back it was cool to have a mum who talked about masturbation!
In the shower I thought about the question, I had answered it truthfully. Almost sixteen years old, I wondered if washing your breasts counted as wanking. It did feel nice after all, soaping the nipples of my 34C tits. I dried myself off and dressed in my nightie and panties. Dad said I had to wear panties when I turned 12, thinking about it now it was to stop my older brother peaking at me when I sat down, even then I had a mass of pubic hair.

I sat on the bed and mum came up with the drinks. Then she started up again:
‘Are you sure you don’t play with yourself Darling?’
‘No mum, now stop it! I don’t ask you questions like that!’
‘You need to know your body. Your grand mother told me and now I’m telling you. Soon boys will be interested and you will need to know how to get the best out of them without ending up pregnant’
Mum didn’t know that I had done some petting. After the school disco last year my boyfriend groped me under my bra and I let him finger me. It was all a bit uncomfortable.

‘Take your panties off Darling and I’ll show you what’s what’
I slid off my panties, I wasn’t sure that it was what I wanted to do but mum was always pretty reliable
‘Look at all that hair Darling, don’t you trim it?’
‘Course not mum, took me long enough to grow it’
‘Lay on the bed, I’ll get some scissors’
What happened next was pretty surreal, mum trimming my minge, gave me a number 3 all over! It felt lighter though and would be easier to dry. It also looked a bit sexy!
‘Open your legs Darling and hold this mirror between them’
Mum pointed out the different bits, labia, vulva, can’t say I can remember what was what though, except for my clitoris: ‘And this is your clitoris Darling, it’s what you need to play with to get an orgasm. And with that mum pointed to the little chap nestled deep in my folds. I looked at it in the mirror. ‘Wet your finger and stroke it, don’t let it get dry, just gentle rubs until you come’
I still couldn’t believe it, now mum was teaching me how to wank. ‘I’ll say night night now Darling, I’ll leave the mirror. Just one rule with the boys though, keep your bra and pants on always and you’ll not get pregnant. If the boy comes on bit strong with you just rub his penis through his trousers, don’t even get it out. Once he has come he will back off and you will be OK.’
As soon as mum went out I licked my finger and looked around for my clitoris. At first it wasn’t easy to find but, in time I have got to know it. The gentle sliding up and down of my finger was nice, more and more nice until that first orgasm burst out. It wasn’t the best ever but it felt nice to have started.

The next morning mum said again ‘Do you masturbate?’
‘Yes’ I replied ‘Do you?’
‘Do you?’ I repeated.
‘Yes, when I feel I need to’

I wank off most nights now. I am getting good at having orgasms, that’s three months now. One evening I found some massage cream and a towel on my bed, ‘That’s for your breasts Darling. Give them a good massage at bedtime’ mum told me. ‘The towel is to dry your hands with, just in case they get a bit wet’ We both knew what she meant. I use massage cream first, sliding my hands around my breasts, rubbing them up and down against each other, it feels nice. My nipples now what it is like to be erect and slippery. I love to gently tweak them, nothing rough or twisty. But I always climax by fingering myself. I start on the outer lips, waiting until I am wet and juicy inside. Now, instead of licking my finger to get it wet I lick it to get the taste. Fresh juice after a shower is the best thing! Next I finger inside myself, exploring as deep as I can, imagining it to be a boy’s finger before finally tickling the little chap until I am wet and gasping with pleasure.

Thanks mum, you’re cool!
I don’t let boys fiddle with me now, I will do one day, but I like my own company at night. The most I have done is a big wet kiss with Tom after the last disco. He went home with a sticky dick though! I stood and cuddled him from behind then gently felt out his knob, and he is a big boy! With my hands feeling his dick he didn’t resist. I rubbed up and down slowly, just like mum had said. It didn’t take long for him to come, I could tell when his legs wobbled. He had to leave early, he couldn’t go back in with a big wet patch on his trousers.

Staying with Sue.

Last weekend I stayed over at my friend Sue’s house. I went there Friday, mum dropped us off after school. ‘I’ll collect you on Sunday morning, we are visiting your grand mother’ Sue’s got a great bedroom, much bigger than mine, and a massive bed, not double though. I had a dodgy camp bed on the floor.

On the Friday evening we went to her room to listen to CDs. We had both showered and got into our pyjamas, ready for a slumber night. Sue sneaked a bottle of wine up from under the stairs, luckily it had a plastic bung. I have never drunk wine before but we soon finished it off between us, straight from the neck of the bottle.
‘Watch out for my brother Jack’ said Sue, ‘he likes to just walk in, hoping to cop a look at me naked, I think’
‘No, he’s OK really’
My head was now suffering from the wine. ‘Consequences: Truth or dare!’ said Sue.
‘Truth’ I said
‘Tell me a secret that you have never told anyone’
‘My mum showed me how to wank’ I said it but I shouldn’t have
‘Gross, your mum taught you to wank, why?
‘So that I knew about my body, clitoris and all that’ I said defensively
‘Yeah, but why how to wank?’
‘So that I can help boys to turn me on. Anyway, don’t knock it’
‘So, do boys turn you on?
‘I haven’t let one yet, I do better on my own, thanks’
‘Are you a virgin then?
‘Yeah, are you?’
‘No, I lost mine last year’
‘How many times?’ I asked, I needed to get the better of Sue
‘Only three times, but it was great!’
‘Did you come at all? I asked, leading her on.
‘No, but it felt good, well the last one did anyway!’ I had her on the run so asked her: ‘Have you ever come?’
‘No, of course not. I just told you I didn’t. So nor have you.’
‘Of course I have, just about every night for the last three months ˆ by wanking. You should try it.’
‘Oh great. Will your mum come round and show me how?’
‘Oh Sue, don’t get like that. I’ll show you, look’
I dropped my pyjama bottoms and lay back on the bed.
‘look, here’s my clitoris.’
‘Do I want to see it?

‘Don’t be soft, it’s only a bit of your body’ I was getting a bit moist now, it was strange spreading my legs apart for her to look at. ‘And here’s how you do it’ What was I saying, it must have been the drink. I slipped my finger into my mouth and made it wet. ‘Just rub it up and down gently, you’ll know when it is right’ I could feel myself getting too wet too soon so I backed off my clitoris and just massaged around the folds. I was getting excited showing myself to Sue.
‘Sod this, let’s do it properly’ I said and stripped off naked.
‘Your drunk’ said Sue
‘Yeah, but it’s nice, look and learn!’
I laid back and poured some of Sues face cream onto my breasts. My nipples were erect before my fingers could get there. My juices were really flowing now, I could feel the odd trickle down my thigh. Next my fingers went down to my crutch again. ‘Look at me’ I said, but Sue was looking at my crutch whilst holding hers. ‘I’m not sure about this’ she said. I replied ‘I doesn’t hurt, oh my God I’m coming’ I arched my back like never before as I stroked my clitoris up and down. ‘oh that is so good!’ It must have been because I was being looked at by Sue.
I lay back and caught my breath. ‘It’s your turn Sue, lay back’

‘Do I have to?’
‘Relax, I will help’ I pulled off her clothes and lay her back before parting her legs. ‘here, wet your fingers’ I said, pushing her fingers into my moist crutch then back into hers. With my wet fingers I found here little chap. ‘Just rub him like this’ I showed her. This was giving me pleasure too and we continued together.
‘You’re a dirty cow’ she said looking me straight in the eye.
‘Yeah, but is it nice?’
You bet, but let me do it on my own, this feels a bit gay’ I pulled my hand away and reached over for the moisturiser. ‘I’m wet enough, leave me!’ said Sue now laughing with excitement. ‘It for your tits you fool’ I said squirting a big dose over them. Leaning over, I started massaging her breasts, it felt good. Was I gay or drunk or both? Our lips became close so, instinctively, I kissed her and Sue responded.
After a few minutes Sue pulled away. ‘I want to do this on my own, and I want you to watch’ Sue continued stroking her clitoris, her breasts were left alone just heaving up and down. It was a delight to watch, I was getting wetter again. ‘I‚ve come!’ she said after a few writhes and laid back to relax.
‘No, you are just starting to come, here’ I thrust her fingers back in and moved them up and down with her. ‘Oh my God, you’re right oh oh oh oh’ With that she climaxed.
‘Not bad’ I said, ‘for the first time!’
‘You are a dirty cow, but I like it’ She replied

We cuddled up on the bed, not sexually but as friends. We teased each others nipples and played with the breasts. The door opened and in walked Jack in his pyjamas ‘You dirty lesbians!’
‘Don’t be soft’ I said ‘we are just fooling around. Come here, I want to show you something’ Jack walked over as I sat on the edge of the bed. ‘This is what a girl likes touched, and here’s how you touch it’ With that I spread my legs and began fingering myself again, getting wet this time quicker than before.
It felt good exposing myself to a boy I hardly knew. Jack’s knob was erect and pushing on his pyjamas. ‘You like to look eh, well so do I’ I pulled the cord on his pyjamas. They fell to the ground and his knob stood up. I remember saying ‘Don’t you come in my face’ as I grabbed a hand full of moisturiser and squirted it into my hand. I put my hand around his knob and began stroking it along it’s length ‘Lesbian, I don’t think so!’ My other hand was still teasing my little man.
‘I’m going to come’ said Jack.

‘You finish it’ I said, taking my hand away and laying back. I had got my own wank to do! I watched him start wanking himself, it looked good and I came straight away, wetter than before. I had forgotten about Sue who was looking on in utter amazement ‘Jack, what are you doing?’
‘Wanking!’ he said. He was at that point of no return, nothing would stop him bringing himself off. He spurted onto the carpet and carried on slowly, milking the last few drops, his legs buckling.
It was quiet for a moment, till I said: ‘you‚d better go Jack, I think you‚ve seen enough. Maybe knock next time?’ Jack put his pyjamas back on and mopped the floor with a tissue before leaving. As he left he said ‘yeah, next time I’ll knock, ÝÝmaybe!’
Sue looked at me. ‘What have I done?’
‘Drunk a lot of wine, watched me wank twice, had a wank yourself then saw your brother wank off all over the floor’
‘He may be my brother but he seemed quiet good at that’
‘I think he’s done it before, maybe not with company though!’ We fell about laughing on the bed. After a while I said ‘I don’t think we’ll be doing this tomorrow night, lets see you have another go while we’re still drunk, on your own this time!’
Sue lay back and squirted the cream on her breasts before rubbing it all over. ‘That looks good’ I said. Sue opened her eyes and looked at me ‘Shoosh, I am pretending to be on my own!’ Her nipples soon became erect, so did mine just watching. I wanted to plunge my fingers into her minge and bring her off, but I settled for just watching whilst fingering myself. Soon she obliged me by sliding her hands down, I hand to stop playing with myself in case I came and missed something. Sue was soon coming, later she would learn to delay and enjoy it more, but tonight she wanted to get straight to that orgasm. It was bigger than the first and she finished it all the way.
‘well done’ I said
‘Your mum’s cool’ Sue said.
She was right.

The next morning we both had hangovers. When Sue’s mum knocked the door I realised I was in bed with Sue. Luckily we were both pyjamad and looking really ill.
‘If you’re going to pinch the wine then at least be smart enough to hide the bottle’ Sue’s mum said as she took the bottle away. ‘I’ll get you both some water, drink plenty, that’ll fix the hangover’
She was right. We both drunk three or four glasses each before struggling into the shower before breakfast.

We spent the whole day with the family, including Jack. There was no time to talk about anything until we went up to Sues room having had tea and showers. Sue’s mum popped her head around the corner with a half full bottle of wine and two glasses: ‘Drink anyone?’
‘Sounds good’ I said jumping up to take them off her. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Jack looked in, wearing a clean pair of pyjamas and holding a wine glass. ‘any spare?’
‘Yeah, come in’ I said, like it was my room.

‘Anyone seen my shaver?’
Sue replied ‘Yeah, I had it. I needed a shave’ then she stretched down her pyjama bottoms and showed me her newly shaven pussy. It looked pale and vulnerable, I wanted to reach out and stroke it. There was a pause as Jack realised where his blade had been.
‘Sorry about last night’ he said, going red. ‘I got carried away. Anyway, what were you two up to?’
‘Do you really want to know?’ Said Sue, looking at me worriedly. I replied for her:
‘I taught her how to wank herself off, so there you are, now you know!’ We all went red. Jack shuffled in his seat. I could see he was struggling with an erection, he didn’t want to get one. I thought it would be fun to tease him. ‘Were you all excited last night? I would have thought a big boy like you would have seen a girl wank herself off before.’ Sue changed the subject:

‘Consequences: Truth or dare!’
‘Dare!’ replied Jack
‘Kiss me’ I said.
‘What’s the consequence?’ He said worriedly
‘Kiss your sister!’
‘OK’ he said as I lay back on the bed, head now on the pillow. As I slid off my pyjama bottoms I said ‘Let’s get dirty, kiss me here’ I spread my legs and parted my lips then fingered my clitoris. ‘It’s me or Sue’ I reminded him.
‘What’s happened to your minge? He said looking at the short pubes. Before I could answer Sue had lifted her nightie:
‘That’s nothing, look at this!’
‘You’re my sister, put that way you dirty cow’ Sue covered it up, using her hand, visibly sliding her middle finger inwards. Jack looked down at my minge again and he hesitated before saying ‘Don’t come in my mouth’

‘Only boys do that’ I replied. He leaned over the foot of the bed and planted his tongue to replace my fingers. ‘Just gentle licks, I tell you when I’m coming’ I said as I held his head to me, slowly bringing my knees up. Then I lay my arms open wide as the sensation made me feel wetter. Sue reached over for the moisturiser: ‘Let’s get dirtier!’ and she unbuttoned my pyjama top and pushing the sides slightly apart.

She squirted the cream into the valley between my breasts so I said ‘thanks’ to which Sue replied ‘That’s for me, stupid!’ I must have looked amazed as she undressed then climbed astride my stomach. ‘Let’s check these two out’ she said as she slid my top fully open and began to rub the cream in. I was in heaven, my clitoris was being licked by Jack and my tits being massaged by his sister! I reached between her legs and parted the lips of her shaved pussy and started fingering her. Her juices ran onto my stomach.
After a few minutes I said, ‘I’m coming, slow down Jack! No, back off, let’s get really dirty!’ With that I pulled Sue down on me into a laying position and squeezed her buttocks forcing her crutch into mine. ‘Oh my God’ she groaned and we began to kiss. Sue broke away, had I gone too far? She said, ‘You dirty cow, you gorgeous dirty cow’ and thrust her tongue back in.
It did feeling dirty, in a sexy way, to be shagging with a girl! After a few moments I noticed Jack standing alongside us. We stopped kissing and looked across, from the wet patch on his pyjamas it was clear that he had shot his load.
I spoke first ‘Wanked yourself off then? Like watching lesbians at work?’
‘It just happened when I was kissing you, I couldn’t stop it’ He wiped his hand as he said it, he had obviously wanked himself off whilst we were kissing!
I replied ‘Strip off, wipe yourself down, I’ll give you something to come about.’ When he was ready I reached over to his knob. It wasn’t erect anymore but still big. I gently led him to my mouth saying, ‘Don’t come in my mouth!’ Sue was still on top gently thrusting her crutch into mine as Jack entered my mouth.

He leant over supporting himself off the bed with outstretched arms. As I sucked him it began to fill out again. I could taste the semen from his first shot. I felt a finger enter my mouth and tease the end, I looked down to see Sue holding and licking his shaft!
As soon as it was fully hard Jack said, ‘I’m coming’ I knew this was true because he was starting to thrust so I opened my mouth and pushed his knob out with my tongue. To my amazement, even now, Sue had hold of his knob and put it straight into her mouth. Jack said, ‘Sue, no!’ but no man can stop himself by that stage of orgasm and he came into her mouth.

I had an instant massive orgasm, I thought I was going to buck Sue off as she pressed her soaked pussy into mine whilst holding Jack’s knob into her mouth. Sue’s eyes caught mine and she winked at me. After a few minutes she let Jack go and kissed me again, dribbling his salty semen into my mouth. Once done she rolled over and reached down to her bald wet crutch. As she gently fingered it she said, ‘I am the dirtiest!’ And she was!

Jack drunk his wine down in one gulp, got dressed, and sneaked out in his semen stained pyjamas. Sue cuddled up to me and we pulled the covers up, still warm, wet and naked. It was some time before Sue said ‘Did I go too far?’

‘No further than me’ I said ‘but then he isn’t my brother! You are the dirtiest!’On Sunday morning mum picked me up. In the evening mum came into my room ‘are you alright dear, you seem a bit tired’ I had to tell her, the lesbian thing was worrying me, even though I enjoyed it. I didn’t tell her about Jack, mostly because of Sue’s involvement. Again mum surprised me:
‘I had a night with a girl too, not long after mum had shown me how to masturbate, and I have turned out alright. Anyway, it is OK to be a lesbian, just enjoy yourself within safe limits’
‘Who was the girl?’ I asked, I was not prepared for the answer.
‘Grace, my sister, your Auntie Grace’ mum replied in hushed tones. I had to know more ‘what happened?’
‘She walked in one night when I was standing in front of the mirror exploring myself. She told me I was doing it all wrong then showed me how, and she was good. We ended up in bed together all night long ˆ without much sleep. I learned a lot that night, it is good to learn with another girl. The worst thing was that mum found us in the morning. She came in looking for Grace and she found her with her head between my legs!’
‘What did she say?’
‘She calmly explained that you don’t do it with family, it’s not nice! We never did it again and never talk about it ˆ except to your dad’
‘dad knows?’
‘It’s his favourite story. He likes me to tell him sometimes at night, as if telling him for the first time, it turns him on’

‘Wow, your really cool mum, and dad!’

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Episode with Krista

by Linda Chorlton
(Aug 2001)

Sunny (my wife) and I had been married just over a year when we ran into Krista and Craig in the ASDA grocery section one night. Very soon, Craig and I discovered we had a lot in common, one being a mutual love of computers.

The girls already knew each other from high school, so they chatted away, forty to the dozen in the produce section. After a time, I suggested that we all got together on one night the next week, and have supper at our house, happily Krista and Craig agreed to my idea.

Well that night arrived and we all had a really great time. I noticed Craig making veiled comments about my wife's large 34DD breasts and so I started making my own comments about how much I would like just one roll in the hay with his Krista. Understand, this was all in fun and everyone knew that these were no more than harmless ripostes. After all, we were happily married couples and really didn't want to ruin our love and friendship by complicating it with any "funny business".

The relationship with Krista and Craig progressed, we spent more and more time together. First it became once a week, at their house, then ours in return. Being in our early 20's, and with no kids yet around, we could stay up late and just talk or play childish board games. Occasionally as we talked we would discuss sex and things we liked and didn't like. Things we thought were kinky and sexy, but the topic never got very deep.

I always developed a huge erection and would have to put my hands in my lap to avoid the others seeing. We got to where we would discuss fantasies, but they too were very plain and non-personal. Then one night after we had eaten dinner, Krista said she had had a dream that Sunny was in a suntan booth and that she had peeped in and watched her laying there in the nude as she got her suntan. Krista went on to say that she seemed to enjoy looking at Sunny's nude body.

Sunny was greatly embarrassed by this, and later told me she felt very uncomfortable by Krista's dream. I told her it was kinky and that most guys would love to watch two women enjoying each other's charms, as only a woman can. That topic was dropped and to this day nothing has occurred between the women (as far as I know anyway!) After many late nights, we decided that we ought to get together again at their house and since they had an extra bedroom, this meant we could just spend the night there.

Well that night was just like others, in that we played games and talked. About 11pm we watched Johnny Carson and talked some more. Sunny is not much of a night person, so she said she was going to bed. About 10 minutes later Craig did the same.

This left me and Krista watching the TV. Krista is a very pretty girl, she has short blonde hair, large pointed breasts that don't sag, even a bit, and a sexy tush. She had been the object of my fantasies for some time now, and I had even managed to peep through her windows one time to see her as she stepped out of the shower and walked around her dressing room in the nude, whilst I was supposed to be fixing their broken petrol-mower in the shed. The pair of us were sitting about 10 feet apart on seperate couches facing each other, and I thought Carson was boring so I picked up the remote control and started scanning the channels.

When I stopped on Sky there was a late-night movie scene of a man undressing a woman and then the scene changed to her laying down and him making love to her. It was very graphic, and then there was a close-up of him licking her breasts. I felt my cock starting to stiffen, and I asked Krista if she liked nudity in movies.

She said she did and wondered if I noticed how hard the girl's nipples were as he licked them. I said yes. She said "that isn't anything" and she grabbed the remote and turned on the satelite dish and flipped over to the Playboy channel. The scenes were a lot hotter, and since I had had very little exposure to X rated movies I was amazed. Krista mentioned that she never gets to watch the Playboy channel because Bruce wouldn't let her. He said it was wrong. But the stuff on Sky was kiddy cartoons compared to what Playboy was showing.

There was a woman on all fours on a bed, a guy with a huge cock fucking her in doggy fashion, from behind while she was giving another guy the deepest blow job you can imagine. She was eating him! Needless to say my cock was as hard as a rock by now and I decided I wouldn't cover it up anymore. I stared at the screen and couldn't believe my eyes or ears, the moaning was unbelievable.

Then I asked Krista, "does this stuff turn girls on too?" To which she responded "Yes, very much, I am randy already".

Krista was wearing white shorts and a white cotton top. She wore a bra but I could still make out her nipples since they were obviously erect. I decided to concentrate more on Krista and less on the TV so I asked her if I could turn it off so we could talk. She said OK, and I turned off the TV and also turned off the only light in the room. I told her we could probably talk more honestly if we couldn't see each other's face. Krista agreed.

I asked her if she had ever looked at Playboy or Hustler magazines. She said she hadn't seen them, but that if she could have some of mine, she'd take a stack of them to read on her own. I told her that they had fantasies printed in them too that I found very stimulating. She asked me to narrate some that I remembered about Reader's Wives.

Sitting there in the darkened room, our eyes soon became adjusted to the half light and I could make- out Krista's body on the couch across the room. I could even make-out where her shorts and shorty top stopped and where her arms and legs started since she had such a nice tan. I began to tell her fantasy story after fantasy story that remembered reading. I became VERY turned on, so I told her that I was getting very horny.

She said she was horny too, and then I noticed that she started rubbing herself on top of her shorts. She didn't realise that I could see her, so I tried not to let my voice quiver whilst I talked. I asked her if she had ever had oral sex, and she said that she gives Bruce blowjobs, but that he doesn't like to lick her cunt.

I told her he should try it because it's a great taste, eating cream-pie. Her hand increased in tempo. I asked Krista if she ever felt inside herself and her hand stopped mid stroke. She acted dumb and said "What?", so I asked her if she ever inserted her own fingers inside herself.

She didn't answer but asked me if I ever played with myself. I immediatly answered yes and I put my hand over the bulge in my pants and began to rub lightly. I hoped she could see me do it. She sure did, and she began stroking herself again.

I decided to buy the farm, so I took off my shirt and unzipped my pants, just far enough to pull my cock out. I told Krista what I had done, and said I didn't see any harm since it was dark in the room and detail was hard to see. There was a moment of quiet and then in the dim light, I saw Krista unzip her shorts and then I could make out her hand going INSIDE her shorts and panties.

I had to stop stroking my cock for a while because I would get close to cumming. After about 5 minutes or so, Krista stopped and pulled her top over her head and then after a second I saw her bra fall free from her tits, too. I could make out very little detail but I could see her dark nipples. I got up from the couch and walked over and sat down next to her and asked her if it was OK. I told her I wanted to hear her moan as she stroked herself, Krista then realized that I could make out what she was doing, and she said "no problem, but you have to moan too!".

This was my heaven, and I told Krista that I wanted us to cum at the same time if possible. She said "Well you better hurry, cause I'm very wet and not far from it!" I could hear the slurping sounds as her finger disappeared in the mound of dark hair that covered her pussy.

I could even smell her juices and the desire to get on the floor between her knees and lick her to orgasm was unbearable. Instead I reached out my left hand, and slid it down her stomach and into her frilly panties. Krista was right, she was very wet, and very hot, and, as she felt my hand move in,she moved her own and reached out and grabbed the head of my cock.

She grunted and came, almost instantaneously, and so did I, and my jizm squirted between her fingers, and she covered my hand with her own lovejuice.

After a few moments, Krista said "That was just great", I said "I agree".

Krista got up from the couch, walked into the kitchen and washed her hands, whilst I licked her juice off my fingers. I was right, Bruce was missing a really sweet tasting pussy.

Krista stuck her head into the room and said she was going to bed, and I said "Thanks for that".

She said "the pleasure was all mine, be sure to drop me off that heap of magazines you promised...... who knows what brushfire it might start".

Friday, February 20, 2009


by Julie (Aug 2001)

Julie was a strange girl in some ways. She had led a normal upbringing in a normal family but from the age of 12 she was aware that she was always going to be different. Her family never knew, they were a close family but this was not the sort of thing that was ever likely to be discussed ˆ her breasts. To any casual observer there was nothing unusual about her breasts. Yes, they were small but a 32aa bra is an off the shelf size and well in proportion to her height of 5 feet 2 and her slight build. Anyone would observe that she had a figure that lots would admire, no spare weight, a flat tummy and good skin.

But Julie was always very conscious of her breasts, not to the point of obsession, but enough to guide most of what dictated her personality. At the age of 12, with the onset of puberty, her breasts budded then formed a good shape, but stopped at 32aa. By the age of 16 Julie was aware that she had the fully developed body that would see her through her life. Initially she yearned for larger breasts, especially when her sister, then 13, had moved into 34a, and would later aspire to a shapely 34b. Now though, at the age of 25, Julie was happy with her shape, and almost comfortable with it. She had considered surgery but, after seeing TV documentaries, decided against it.

The risk of silicon leakage was too great; the resultant breast often looked too veiny, and once done the nipples would no longer function. Julie needed her nipples, though still childless and without plans to change that just yet she wanted to keep her breast feeding options open. Julie had also tried padded and uplift bras. Both bras took away her natural shape and the uplift bras were uncomfortable, clearly breasts, hers anyway, were not designed for padding in one corner to make an unnatural attempt at a cleavage. It was for another reason that Julie wore soft full cup underwired bras. The underwiring gave her the best possible shape, the soft cups gave her breasts the freedom to move when needed. It was the full cup that was dictated by an experience when she was 16 and still at school.

Julie was sitting in the cloakroom chatting with her friend Petra. They had been friends a long time and shared a lot of school girl type secrets. But this chat turned out to be different. Whilst they were chatting Petra leaned over and touched the buttons on Julie's blouse. Julie thought nothing of it; they often fixed up each other's clothes and brushed off hair, threads, crumbs and the like. But this time Petra had undone one button. Before Julie realised what had happened Petra had slipped one hand inside Julie's blouse and cupped her breast. In the same movement she leaned over, drew Julie nearer with the intruding hand and kissed Julie full and passionately on the lips. To her surprise Julie responded and for ten seconds they were locked in an embrace before being interrupted by footsteps running down the corridor outside. The embrace broke and Julie and Petra looked at each other, Julie in surprise still and quickly doing up her button. "What was that for?" Julie asked after a few seconds. To this day Julie can still remember the exact words Petra said: "I wanted to see what your tits were like".

Even now Julie is not sure what that embrace was all about. Was Petra a lesbian, was it a school girl crush? Julie was sure that, if Petra had just asked, that she would have gladly shown Petra her breasts. It would have been in the privacy of a bedroom, they were always in each other's room at the weekend or evenings trying on clothes and listening to CDs. It wouldn't have been unusual for her to be wearing just a bra whilst trying on a new top. Julie as sure that she would have slipped off her bra and thought nothing of it, she would have liked to have seen Petra's breasts too. They were a full 36c, Petra had told her many times. The friendship between them faded rapidly and after they left school they never met again.

Before that event, Julie had no real hang ups about her breasts. At the time of the incident Julie was wearing a normal balconette bra, half cups just showing the inner quarter of the breasts. Now Julie felt the need to cover them completely though even this was something of a paradox. Although Julie wouldn't let anybody actually see her breasts she had no problems with people seeing the shape of them, in fact she needed it. Julie had a fondness for close fitting clothes. Outside work Julie would wear tight tops that emphasised her figure. If not wearing tight tops then Julie liked to wear baggy white shirts, tucked in and overlapping, but not buttoned up.

This style kept her shape a mystery whilst allowing the odd glimpse through the wrap to see her bra. At night clubs Julie liked to wear a mans string vest with a bra underneath. The colours would be white vests with a black bra or vice versa, sometimes she would match the colours. For work Julie made her own clothes now. The petite ranges on offer suited the older woman. Julie had a dress pattern that she liked and was clever enough to make variations on it, different fabrics, different neck lines etc. Using a mannequin she made the dresses to fit her shape in a way that respected office needs. Even the mannequin was a problem. An adult one couldn't be made small enough and a child's one didn't match her shape. In the end she modified a child's one by giving it hips to match her 32" and by making paper mache breasts in one of her old bras.

It was true that Julie would allow no one to see her naked breasts, even herself at times. At the end of the day, when showered or bathed, Julie liked to relax in her pyjamas. Under her pyjamas Julie would always wear a trainer bra, like budding teenagers wear. This gave her comfort as she was always fully covered. At night she would leave the trainer bra on, on hot nights she would sleep in the just the bra and shorts. Even Julie's boyfriend, Dave, had not seen her naked in full light. Julie was always careful to have subdued lighting when they were intimate and she would always face away when dressing.

She had met Dave on a bus. They shared the same route home from work. It was only when they agreed to date that Dave realised what size she was. On the bus journey she had always been sitting before he arrived and after he got off, one stop ahead of hers. This was lucky because it was important to Julie that her size was not a defining issue to Dave. Julie had had two boyfriends who had asked her to dress up as a school girl. Julie could easily pass as a school girl, her face had not aged yet beyond that of a teenager. Careful suncare had seen to that. These boyfriends were dismissed without any further consideration, Julie had to be seen as a woman, not a sex toy.

It was a long time into Julie and Dave's relationship before they became intimate. They kissed and cuddled a lot but Julie was sure to arrange that Dave could not move ahead before she was sure of his motives. But she had nothing to worry about, Dave was understanding and, though it was never discussed, was prepared to wait.

Julie was fully aware of her own sexuality. Never, since that school day, did she consider herself a lesbian or even bisexual. She did look at females in a way that perhaps men might. Observing breasts was something of a preoccupation for Julie, but not in a sexual way. She liked to look at the size and shape of them, imagine how they might look in the nude or in ten years time. She wondered how the woman might feel about her breasts, was she comfortable with them? She liked the way some breasts rose and fell with walking and whether the woman was aware of it. She wondered what kind of bra the woman used and whether they sagged on the bra's removal. She looked at the breasts that men might not even think twice about, older ladies with good figure and flat chested girls whose body should dictate a larger breast. Most of all she wondered how the woman used them sexually.

Masturbation, an activity well known to Julie. Most evenings Julie would masturbate one way or another. Often she wondered if she was wrong to do it so often or even at all now that she had Dave. But masturbation was a way that Julie could relax and explore her sexuality. There were different ways that Julie excited herself. Sometimes she would just soap her breasts while bathing. Because of her hang up with seeing her breasts Julie would always strip naked except for her bra, this she took off once she was sat in the bath before quickly sliding under the bubbles. Once under the bubbles she would gently finger her nipples till they felt erect then draw lines where her breasts met her body, this was her most sensitive spot, her g spot maybe. Julie could then bring herself slowly to orgasm by caressing her breasts until that special female moment.

If she wanted to spoil herself, Julie would shower first then climb into a clear bath in just her panties and trainer bra, leaving them both on. This orgasm was to be achieved by sliding her hand inside her wet panties, just watching herself do this made her tingle. She would watch her wet panties rise as her fingers explored, saving the clitoris for a long time. Gently probing her outer lips was enough to make her nipples erect, she loved to watch them pushing their shape through the wet trainer bra. Her nipples were also small, in proportion to her breasts, but it seemed to her that they were very sensititive. She would take her hands out and finger her wet shape through the panties. When Julie felt that the water was starting to cool she would bring herself to orgasm with gentle upward strokes on her, now firm, clitoris. She wouldn't touch her breasts, just watching them wet through the bra was enough. Once out of the bath Julie pulled the towel around herself like you might dry a child, not wishing to see those breasts.

Not liking her naked breasts seen was a problem for Julie. When buying a new bra she always liked to be measured. The assistant must have thought it strange when seeing Julie close her eyes the first time she was measured, now she was used to it. Julie dreaded the day this woman would retire. That apart Julie liked buying bras. She loved the feel of the new fabric against her skin, she always bought the best she could afford at the time. Often she would get a mail order catalogue and order maybe ten bras to try on, it had to be right. Even bikinis had to be carefully selected. It must be a full cup, no breast skin to be seen. Some seasons there was nothing to suit her needs so last year's had to do. At least they made underwired bikinis now to help her shape.

Late summer evenings were one of Julie's favourite times. If she wasn't going out she would go up early to bed, the sun shining through the window. This was one time she would go naked. Julie would pour a very large whiskey and drink it straight down, preparing for what she called her slut time. After the ten minutes it took to take effect Julie would strip right off a lay naked on the sheets, the covers pulled right back.

Lying on her back she would watch herself massage her small breasts, looking at them as toys to be played with. Using baby moisturising cream she would have them gently sliding through her fingers, making different shapes. In her mind Julie had imagined using household objects to arouse herself internally. In the past she had thought of knife handles, hair brushes and even a wineglass to rub herself with. She decided against this, her fingers did the job well enough. A vibrator was not needed, Julie had sufficient control over her orgasm to not need it. She called it the slut time because she would finger herself until she was very wet between the folds before frantically bringing herself to orgasm not stopping until she had to roll into the featal position to recover.

Julie liked to play squash. It was the only exercise she took apart from the 30 minute walk to and from the bus stop. Weight training had appealed to her but within weeks of starting she began to get visible muscle definition, spoiling her rounded girl like shape. It was during a game of squash that she first felt her breasts bouncing. Initially she liked the feeling of the movement before realising that the gentle tissue that gave her breasts their shape may be damaged. At Marks & Spencer she was again measured and fitted with a sports bra. Julie learned that for the smaller breast the bra just held the breast tight.

The 34a bra seemed OK in the shop, maybe her period had enlarged them slightly, and Julie should have known that. After the first squash game with the new bra Julie found that she had joggers nipple. Her little teats had gone red raw and were bleeding. Of this problem however something good was to come. Julie's doctor, a lady, advised Julie of a method that she used. The doctor also had small breasts and did a lot of running in the days when it was fashionable to do so. The solution was simple, to wrap them as tight as was comfortable using a crepe bandage ˆ and it worked, no more joggers nipple.

Two things came of this, one happened in the bedroom and one in public and both with Dave. The first came about by chance fooling about, the second was a way of satisfying a long standing fantasy:

It was on the beach that the first happened. They had gone to a quiet beach, quiet but not entirely deserted. Dave was lying on his back resting, they had just had a swim. Julie was reapplying his sun lotion for him, something that Dave liked her to do. Fooling about she kneeled either side of his stomach facing his feet. As she applied the lotion to his thighs she teased him by brushing his trunks. Dave began to get an erection so, after looking around Julie slid her hand down his trunks, still with sun lotion on. Carefully she massaged him until he was erect, now fully recovered from the coolness of the water.

Making sure that it was all clear she loosened the draw string enough to expose him fully. With more lubricating sun tan lotion now applied she slowly brought him to ejaculation. As she did this she imagined that it was her penis, being as it was, between her legs, which were now moist with a new found excitement. Even though Dave had come she continued to slide her hands up and down imagining what it was to have a penis. With semen and sun tan lotion on her hands she was in no position to climax herself and Dave, having been satisfied, was not motivated to help. The time of the month was also wrong.

That evening, at her home, they went to the bedroom early. Julie had got plans. She got Dave to lay across the bed, feet hanging over the end and naked. Unknown to Dave, Julie then bound down her breasts with the crepe bandage and put on a t shirt. Now she was completely flat chested, just like a boy. She had a fresh tampon in and no panties as she sat astride him again. She moved until their pubic hairs mingled. Using the duvet she covered her own legs and now, looking down, Dave's penis and legs were hers.

She imagined what she would do if she were a boy alone, slowly she applied baby lotion to his now-waking tool. Her own juices began to flow as she massaged his balls and knob. Using one hand around him she brought him off for the second time that day whilst climaxing herself with the other hand. Julie loved the way that she had full control over him, especially his orgasm, she could feel when he was near and would back off to delay him, it was her decision when he would erupt. Dave also enjoyed it, he fantasised that it was another man wanking him off ˆ a fantasy he knew he would never enact in reality. When Dave told Julie of this she told him of her secret fantasy, in sharing their innermost sexual dreams they became closer as a couple.

Dave was able to help Julie with her fantasy, and the breast binding was also a part of it. Julie wanted to experience the part of the world that girls are excluded from ˆ boys toilets. She dressed as a young man with her breasts bound tightly. A baseball cap hid her hair. With Dave to lead her they visited men's toilets in a town some 50 miles away. Julie would still have been recognised by her friends. In the toilets they stood at the urinals, Julie between Dave and any other unsuspecting man. Looking across at her strange neighbour Julie would undo her flies and finger her clitoris. Climaxing was out of the question, Julie had masturbated standing up once, she fell over. The excitement came from the arousal and the fear of being caught or challenged. They only did this two times, it was enough to satisfy her needs.

With these shared fantasies exposed Julie felt it was time to progress her relationship with Dave. In 18 months they had not made love and Dave did not know that he was to be the first to go there. Julie told Dave that he was to be the first but that she would tell him when. Dave was OK with this, they already had a good sex life and this would just be the last step. What Julie did not tell Dave was that she as going to try and break the breast phobia at the same time.

So the sex life was already good and varied. Dave always started his foreplay with her breasts. Sometimes he would lay on top of her and press his trunks into her panties to begin their arousal. Then they would lie alongside each other, Julie on her back, Dave facing her on his side. He knew well enough that she would not remove her bra except on winter nights when she would candle light the room. During the summer he was content to fondle her through or under the bra, often it got soaked with massage lotion and slid around her breasts in a way that they both enjoyed. When Julie was ready, for it was always her dictating the pace, she would slide his hand into her panties. She loved to leave them on in the same way as when she masturbated in the bath. In the early days she would lead his fingers to her favourite places but now he could do that on his own. Now she would sometimes just help him for her own fun.

Other times she would take over from Dave in playing with her breasts. Dave loved to watch her doing both of these games and always complemented her actions, to see the forbidden act of female masturbation was something that he considered being almost too exciting. In the early days Dave would come too soon through just watching. Dave stayed in his trunks until Julie was ready to climax then she would thrust her hand down, ready moisturised and stimulate him. Dave liked to come in his trunks, the warm wet feeling added to his excitement. Always they climaxed close together. Sometimes they did things differently, Dave would finish by masturbating himself while Julie looked on, this was her idea and she would place his hand around his penis and slide it up and down. At first he didn't like to do it but now he does, he can control his own, and Julie's orgasm. Sometimes they climax by fondling each other. Just occasionally Dave will just watch Julie masturbating by fingering herself with one hand whilst playing with her breasts with the other, as she comes he reaches down to finish his own orgasm off.

Winter nights brought a change of style, the candle light. Julie would still slip under the covers with her trainer bra on. When confident with the light she would sit up and raise her arms above her head. This was Dave's cue to lift the bra off her, it being a slip over design with no catch. Though Dave could see the perfect shape of her breasts in the flickering light, he was careful not to stare. Dave would often tease her by not touching her naked breasts at all, just gently sliding the warm bed sheets over them. It was clear that this aroused her. Other times he would use his tongue on her nipples to the point where they were fully erect then soak them in moisturising lotion. Often he would sit up against the head board with her sat, back to him, between his legs. It was a variation or Julie's theme, her breasts were now his, as was everything else. Together they would bring her to a climax before she would roll over and put her penis into his mouth. Julie, unlike most girls, was happy to let Dave ejaculate into her mouth before swallowing it. The warm liquid was something that turned her on, something forbidden.

The night came when Julie decided that she was ready. Dave had already come once, under the careful control of her lips and tongue, he didn't know he was going to come again. After an hour of lying together just relaxing Julie started the foreplay again. Normally Dave was the first to initiate love making, or at least he thought he was. Julie would always give the signals to which he would respond by starting foreplay. She began by applying the massage cream to her tummy, sliding her hand up and under her bra. Her nipples were soon erecting themselves, visible through the fabric still moist from the first application some two hours ago. There is something in the drawer for you she told Dave, at that he knew she was referring to the durex. He rolled over and got one out. As he rolled over he saw Julie sit up and slide off her bra, something he had never seen her do on a summer evening.

Julie got up and walked to the window and drew back the partly closed curtains. "What do you think of me?" asked Julie nervously, turning around to face him. "Perfect, just perfect, small ordinary breasts and I love them" came the reply. It was the right answer, Dave had judged it perfectly. Julie wanted them to be special but not anything unusual. They climbed back into bed and resumed their love making, Julie still dictating the pace. The breast masturbation was better this time, Dave and Julie almost struggling to stroke and play with them. "Put it on" Julie prompted, Dave obliged. He slipped off his trunks and rolled the durex on then climbed on top of her. Gently he inserted himself, Julie was very wet, and he slid in effortlessly. When fully in he looked her in the eye: "comfortable?" Julie smiled her approval and he began his gentle rhythmic thrusting. Soon he was coming and unable to control himself and Julie was stimulated by the animal like behaviour and soon came too. Once done he rolled off.

On reflection this event marked the end of their relationship. It should have brought them together but that wasn't Dave's fault. It was Julie's fault, no my fault, this is my story - I am Julie.

I am now beginning to free myself of this breast phobia. At the age of 27 I can, at last, look at myself nude in the mirror, and I look good. I walk around the house topless if I want to. I still wear a bra at all times outside the house, it will be a long time before I don't. And still the same type of bra, I am comfortable with it and have no need to change. The lady who measures me for new bras has noticed the difference, I don't close my eyes anymore. Dave and I parted on good terms, we still see each other and will cuddle up and watch a good film on TV.

I am now in a lesbian relationship but I don't think it will last. It may sound strange but neither of us are lesbians, Grace is too young to know at 21. It is good sex though but that is all, not very much love between us and we will split in a couple of weeks when I go on holiday. You will want to know what we do but that is between Grace and me, suffice to say that we enjoy each other's breasts and use up a lot of massage lotion. Grace wanted us to buy a double headed dildo to join us with.

That wouldn't work for me, I need a human touch not a machine. I have never used a dildo but respect those who choose to do so. I have discovered more than enough sensuality in my body to not even want to try one. Grace has taken to shaving off her pubic hair and likes it when I use my tongue to arouse her. We have this separatist thing whereby she slouches against the headboard with her legs wide apart. Our only contact is my tongue to her clitoris. It is teaching me a lot about a woman's body, my body. I thought about getting Dave to come around and have three in a bed but that is not the sort of thing we would do, we made love, not had sex. I have learned that my body is a heterosexual body and today Grace is leaving.

Grace has been gone a month now. I am alone but sure that the right man will come along, it wasn't Dave but he was right for the time - thanks Dave. In the meantime I am still masturbating most nights, I prefer that word to w***ing, it describes better what I do. I don't have my slut time anymore, in fact I never drink, I like to be in control over my actions. I have some more rituals now that I am not phobic about my breasts and I will tell you just some of them.

I shower with a brighter light on, I put in a 100w bulb and the room is white. I caress my breasts with moisturising soap until I am tingling, I don't like to get wobbly in the shower. Then I dry myself, watching the slow movements in the mirror. The female human body has wonderful contours and just drying them is erotic for me. Then dry I sit open legged in front of the wardrobe mirror, it is floor to ceiling. Using vitamin E moisturiser I bring myself to near climax on my breasts, I can say pert breasts now, they are, I know because I have seen them. I finish with a raspberry cream moisturiser, it is really to get you supple in the months before child birth but I find the smell and feel delightfully relaxing, like a summer's day.

This cream I use inside my panties, I still like to wear them whilst masturbating, it is so much more saucy, like you are looking at someone else playing with themselves. I start with the outer lips until I can bear it no longer then going to the inner folds but quickly to my clitoris. Very gentle and slow rubbing makes me so wet I can almost scream with excitement. No, not almost scream, I do scream, why shouldn't I, I would if a man were with me ˆ his fingers or mine! I don't know what the neighbours think, they never say anything.

In the evening I still wear my trainer bra, for comfort and support, physically and emotionally, I have worn one for so long now. Over that I will put on my wrap around blouse and, when comfortable in front of the TV, slide my fingers through the gap to my breasts, just like Petra. I am over that now and just relive the tender experience whilst watching TV. I can be caressing my breasts and stroking my nipples almost subconsciously until I that point of arousal. At that point the TV goes off and I will lay back and massage myself into ecstasy, legs open wide and stroking my pantied crotch with the other hand. I have full control over when I come and usually hold this level of stimulation for about ten minutes before sliding both hands down my panties for the big finish.

Now that I am able to see my breasts I like to watch them go in and out of my bras. I can spend almost an hour in front of the mirror choosing which bra to wear. I will adjust the straps, move the cups and slide my hand in to make each breast comfortable. Then I will take it off and put my trainer bra on whilst picking another bra. This is not me being indecisive about what to wear, it is my foreplay. When my nipples have become aroused I will bind them with my bandage to put them out of reach. Then, still in front of the mirror, now with a t shirt on, I will put my hands into my undone jeans. I pretend to be a teenage boy and I play with his girl friend - me. One hand is his, the other mine and I have to show him what to do. He is always a good learner (!) and soon finds the right things to do. I still can't climax standing up so we retire to the bed whereby he brings me to a wet and slow orgasm.

I imagine his reaction, usually he is like Dave and has come into his pants, this being his first petting with a girl.

So that is my story, thank you for sticking with it. It is important to me.