Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Dream??

by Anon

Driving home on a warm night, I find myself somehow on a lonely stretch of road.
Knowing I will soon be home, I sing along to the radio.
Suddenly the sound of a flat tire makes me pull over to the side of the road.
I know I have a spare, but the darkness makes it hard to see as I try to get the tools I need from the trunk.
Thankfully, I see another car coming down the road towards me, and hoping for help I flag you down.

As you get closer, I see that your headlights will give enough light for the job ahead.
You kindly offer to help, and of course I am glad to accept.
'You get the jack out for me' you tell me.
'I just want to get something from my car to help".
As I bend into the trunk I don't notice you coming up behind me until the cloth is over my face.
The chloroform does its work, and in seconds I am gone.

I awake in a strange room.
My hands are bound over my head as I am tied to a pipe of some sort.
A gag covers my mouth.
I look around, but I am alone. I also notice that all my clothes have been removed.
There are silken strings tied around my nipples that pull every time I try to move.
I seem to be balancing on nothing more than a plank of wood, with my legs tied wide open, the ropes wrapping around my ankles.
My head comes up as the door opens and you enter.
In your hand is a small bag that you place on the chair next to me.
My eyes plead with you, questioning, and a smile comes to your lips.
'I won't hurt you' you tell me.
'Everything I do to you will bring pleasure'.
I shake my head, unable to speak, as you lean down and open the bag, taking out a small vibrator.
You reach for a dangling rope, and as you pull, I am raised into the air until you have me positioned at eye level to you.
Your fingers reach out and I feel you open my pussy lips wide.
Your tongue begins to flicker my clit, and the jolt makes me move, pulling the cords around my nipples.
I hear the vibrator and feel you place it where your tongue was, and I have to moan at the sensation.
Tying it in place, you stand, and take a nipple into your mouth. sucking hard.
The pain makes my head fall back as I realize I am powerless to do anything to stop you, but also that I want you to go on.
Finally you let up and sit back in the chair.
By now, the vibrating on my clit has me moaning and squirming.

I look down and see you removing your clothes, and notice that you are hard.
The size of you frightens me, but I know there is no way I can stop whatever you have planned.
Sitting again in the chair, you once again reach for the dangling rope, this time lowering me onto you.
I feel your hardness enter me as I come down, deeper and deeper, until you are fully inside.
Holding my thighs a bit above you, you begin to pump into me.
Hard and full strokes punish my pussy as the vibrator continues to whir.
Every once in a while your mouth finds a nipple, and the near painful sucking almost makes me lose consiousness.
Over and over you drive into me, until you feel I am near climax.
Finally I feel you raising me again as you stand.
I dangle there for a second, then your hands take my hips and I feel the full length of you drive into my ass.
You lean me against the wall as you hold me to you and drive hard, long, deep thrusts into me, fucking my ass so hard that I scream against the gag.
I hang there, unable to resist, as the vibrator pulls me closer.
Your hardness begins to feel so good, and I feel the beginning of a climax that I know will be the hardest I have ever experienced.

Harder and harder you fuck me, driving so deep I fear it will tear me apart, but wanting more.
Finally it happens. I start to cum.
The hard pumping continues as my body shakes with release that seems to never end.
You pull climax after climax out of me, until finally I feel you pull me tight, going even deeper, and the force of you shooting into my ass makes me shudder.

When you are finished, I feel you pull out of me.
Once again, your mouth finds a nipple and sucks hard, causing me to go limp against the ropes that have me tied so securely.
"I have to leave you for a few minutes' you tell me. And you leave the room.

After a while you return, pushing a table of some sort into the room.
By now, my arms are tired from being suspended.
You pull me over and I am lowered onto this 'table'.
I feel you untying my arms, then tying them down at my waist.
My legs are also untied, and as you place them, I realize this a sort of 'doctors' table, as there are stirrups on it.
The only difference is that once you have my legs tied, they open wide, and soon I am spread out wide, open to you fully.

'I want you to expeience everything' you tell me.

You stand behind me and remove the gag from my mouth.
My head is lying over the edge of the table and I see once again that you are growing hard.
Taking my head in your hands, you guide the tip of you to my mouth.
My lips open as you only allow me the tip to suck.
I take it like a pacifier, sucking gladly.
Your hands once again find my nipples, and both of them are twisted, causing me to gasp, and as soon as the deep breath is in me your full length slides down my throat.
Your hands once again hold my head as you begin to fuck my mouth.
I gasp sips of air between the full deep strokes, unable to believe that I am taking all of you, as you continue to slide every inch down my throat.
After a while you stop, and I gasp for air.
I hear you say 'Now I have a special surprise for you' as the gag goes back on me.
'Even tho I know you'll enjoy this, I can't have you screaming' you tell me.
Fear thrills thru me as I can only wait to see what your next move is. I don't have long to wait.
A larger vibrator is pulled from the bag.
This time the sound is louder and more powerful.
I feel you sliding it into me, stroking in & out to wet the length of it with my juices before reaching down and putting it fully into my ass.

The sensation rips thru me, then I feel your hardness driving into my pussy.
Standing there, you seem to punish me with the force of your thrusts, every once in a while stroking my clit or pinching a nipple.
I try desperately to move, but the ropes hold me for you, allowing you every liberty with my aroused, wanting body.
You touch me everywhere as I take each trust of your rock hard cock and know that I do so willingly.
Once again, I feel the growing sensation.
As it comes closer, I feel you beginning to untie me.
First my legs, as you continue to lean into me.
I wrap them tightly around you to pull you closer.
Then the gag. I can't help the whimpering as my climax grows nearer.
Finally my hands are untied, and you place one of them on my clit and tell me to rub.
My finger finds the wetness, and as I caress it I explode with such force that I feel you beginning to cum too.

Together we find release, our juices mixing as we writhe and grind into each other.
Finally I hear your voice again.
"Its over' you tell me, and before I can wonder what you mean, I feel the cloth against my face again.

I wake up in my car.
Looking around, I see the road I was driving down. I start the car and begin to drive, wondering if it was a dream, because the tire I thought was flat now seems to be fine.
When I reach home I get out of the car, and as I do, I notice a weakness in my legs, and I feel my juices begin to run down my leg.

It was no dream......

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being There

by PL

Here's how I make it happen.
You gotta get it into your soul, girly girl! Know what I mean? You will.
We got to all get there eventually.
Here's one road. It's my road. There's room enough for two, join me and I'll take you there.
Just slide off your panties and reach down your hand.
I like to get into a warm bath and languish there, soaking in the moist heat, relaxing myself before any serious self session.
I have a sunken tub with jets, and I close my eyes and mix bath oil into the water, letting the jets work their magic on my tingling skin.
My skin softens and blushes as the capillaries respond to the warmth of the water and fill up.
My nerve endings become more aware and this makes every skin touch electric and exciting.
I run my palms down my sides and over my hips, just brushing my anticipating sex as they travel, silkily down across my slick loins and onto my muscular calves.
The tickle of palm on instep makes me react, and I bring my heels back and in, bending my knees and sinking my bottom lower into the tub seat.
I run my hands back up the length of my legs and up over my sex this time on their way to my tummy and then midriff and then around my heavy, bouyantly-floating breasts, avoiding the nipples, barely cupping them from the sides as they pass, up to my throat and around my neck where I massage, relaxing my traps and neck muscles.
My eyes closed, I allow my hands to touch my breasts, and they fill my palms with their eager, soft heft.

Spreading my fingers to encircle them fully, I arch my back and press down, watching as little pillows form between my fingers like quilt-work.
Slick with the oils, my hands deliciously glide over my nipples and back, from top to bottom to top, each pert nipple popping up between each caressing finger as it slides over.
The feeling of oily palm and finger prints on my nipples is driving me to distraction as I move my hands over and over my sweet, supple mounds, pressing, caressing, tickling, squeezing, rasping, feeling, loving them and their majestic beauty.
My left hand rakes french nails across its nipple and down the globe, onto and down across my shivering body, raking over the ribs and sensitive oblique muscles toward my soapy navel.
A gentle fingertip dabs the little man inside there as I look down and smile, my right hand still full of tender, meaty breast.
I watch the nipple pop up again and then take them both into my hands once more, cupping and pushing them from the bottom, helping the nipples up to my open, eager lips, softly begging to accept them for sucking.
I take first the left then the right nipple into my warm, soothing, watering mouth, kissing and licking and gently sucking until they are each red and rubber hard.
I squirm way way down in my sex as I force my muscular tongue over and over them, swirling and rasping my sensitive, rubbery buds, and feeling the softness of my aerioli and the heaving, milky-white flesh supporting them.
I let my exploring tongue do its magic and maintain the squeeze, allowing each thumb to help now, pressing together and playing with my rushing nipples.
A little bit of nail hits one and I come, my body shaking and pleasure welling up inside of me in sweet, warm, concentric waves, making my back arch in slight spasm as they emanate from deep within my womanhood.

I sustain this for a few moments and resist the urge to satisfy my vagina, letting this little earthquake play itself out over the rolling hills of my rippling abs, but moving a heel up against myself to apply gentle pressure there.
The tremors subsiding but still just under the surface, I now move my right hand down across my belly and let its palm press firmly on my lower tummy.
I quiver in anticipation and squirm against my heel, the fingers beginning to near, my left hand tickling nails all over both floating breasts as I watch from above, my breath coming in shortened, slightly -heaving puffs from my flaring nostrils.
I wince and bite my lip as my right hand moves lower into position and its dexterous fingers begin to lick and play and explore the folded mounds of my hot, wet, heaving eager pubis.

I use a bent finger and nail to lightly trace the pouty, soft, full lips and the skin surrounding them.
The very slightest touch makes their blood-filled nerve-crazed surface jump and twitch with agonizing want and need.
I begin to spasm inside again as my mind confirms to my ready vagina what it has in store.
I lean my head back and a soft moan escapes as I exhale and slide deeper down into the roiling waters.
I close my eyes and breath in the scented steam as my middle finger finds and enters the very opening of my vagina, its finger pad probes and gropes and plays there, just inside the opening, where I am so very sensitive, while my ring and fore fingers press firmly into my labia majora and spreading, move them back out of the way.
My left nails pinch a nipple as my finger reams my tight, sensitive opening.
My back is arched, and I press down into my finger with my cunt as it works inside, now a little deeper.
The heel of my palm is up above my mound, resting on the ridge of bone there, and my long middle finger is in a delightful arch, deliberately missing my now aching clitoris.

Oh, no - you!
You need to stand at attention, there and wait for yours!
A little deeper and I let my left hand circle down and caress my side, feeling my straining ribs and tickling the skin.
It ends up underwater and I lift my behind up off the seat, allowing it to gently grasp a firm, soft yet taut and muscular cheek.
I firmly squeeze as my right hand continues to finger and stroke and delve, masturbating more furiously now, hanging on a razor's edge.

I come, hard, feeling my vagina grip and grip and squeeze my probing digit as the spasms run through me like waves and my left hand straddles my buns, the middle finger pressing onto my anus.
I'm on my heels now, bucking and heaving and splashing and trying to relax my muscles as much as possible to allow the orgasm to intensify fully.
It does, and I grow light-headed and a little weak from the exertion, the back of my neck is getting sore so I stop and change positions, moving myself up to the shallower part of the tub, resting my back flat on the slope, my spasming hole directly in front of an aerator.
I spread my legs and move two hands down.
My left lies over my vagina, palm down, protecting it, as my right moves to adjust the angle and intensity of the air flow through the jet.
I let is spurt onto the back of my hand until it feels right and then spread myself apart again, causing my now insane clitoris to the steady force of the air jet.
The reaction is immediate and so intense that I scream through hissing teeth as the forced air gives me a thundering clitoral orgasm!
My head rolling uncontrollably from side to side, I press down with my heels near the drain as every muscle in my lower body tightens and looens and tightens and loosens and bucks and heaves and then goes rigid and remains that way as I deliriously rock and moan and come and bite my lip, watching through open eyes as I jerk and arch and jerk and jerk.
My hips automatically pick up speed and soon are like running animals, hophophophophophophophophophop, and the whole time I keep that clit right there under the spray until I can stand it no more and I collapse, my butt to my heels, my legs laying open against the tub sides, my finger buried deep in my heaving cunt as I let my little clitoris be rubbed and soothed by the soft, firm underside of my probing digit.
Still coming steadily, I enter a wonderful, dreamy trance, remaining there for what seems like forever as I again and again firmly tease my clit and slithering hole into wave after wave of good, strong orgasms.
I am amused as my consciousness lies just below the surface of my inner awareness, seeing all, feeling all, but detached and unable to intervene on its own behalf .
I like it to be there, where it is, secondary to my animal needs and instincts and physical awareness.
I forget everything and finger myself off into dreamy reverie.
Feeling that the time is right, I cease my explorations and shakily gain my feet.
Knees together for support, palms gripping slick porcelain, I emerge, heavily from the water's pressure and then spring free, soaking and quaking on the marble surface of the bathroom floor.
I reach under the sink cabinet and get out "Scotty", my aptly named and super-realistic twelve inch pink dildo and a smaller vibrator, blind, eager, yet nameless.
Not yet having the strength to stand, I lie back flat and switch on the hummer, slowly but steadily inserting it into my now-come-goofy cunt, slowly turning a spiral, pressing hard and stretching all inside its slathering, slavering, dripping, gripping walls.
The vibrations send me into further paroxysms and I try not to writhe and buck too much as I purposely make myself ready for him. Reaching down, I turn the bottom knob and switch off the power, using it as a dildo, reaming, swirling, stretching, digging, withdrawing, then entering again.
My clit is numb and my vagina sore from all of the attention and blood that has been trapped there.
But I'm not spent yet and greatly anticipate the main event!
Getting up, revitalized and sane, I lick off the vibrator and put it down to my right, next to the wall.
I sit down and strap on my four-inch platform sandals, tightening a thin leather strap firmly about each ankle.
Squatting and reaching for the cock, I PLOP! it down onto the mirror-smooth floor and it sticks there, standing at angry attention, ready for anything.
I lean over and reach for the Astroglide, squirting it onto the cock's massive helmet, slicking it down with both hands, feeling the veiny realness of the firm pink rubber.
I finish readying it and use the excess glide to oil up and palm my breasts in a gentle frenzy, my eyes closing and my breath erupting from my mouth in a loose-lipped puff.
Then, standing, I lick the Astroglide from my palms.
It is slightly sweet.
I stand over the cock, my heels apart, my heart racing.
Positioning my open, eager hole over the head, I begin to do a knee bend until he is at the opening.
Keeping my leg muscles rigid and controlling every millimeter of height, I sway, slightly and then begin to deep-breathe as he enters me and I glide down down, slowly slowly down over his hugeness until he is completely inside of me!
I am utterly crammed to over-filling with pink, rigid hardness, and my lips are stretched and aching.
I pause as long as I can, allowing my vagina to grip and grab and adjust and spasm and buck and heave, closing my eyes and savoring the wonderful fulfilling feeling that only a woman who has been on a monster cock can know.
It hurts a little, but it feels so so good to be filled to the utter brim with something so hard and strong, my knees shake and I come a little, falling off the edge very easily by now, and putting my hands on my knees for support.
Placing my left hand on the side of the tub step, I begin to fuck my cock, pushing him out of me as I rise, then gasping as I squat and grip him back into my clutching, squirming cunt.
Over and over I perform this ballet on spike heels, picking up speed, gripping the tub, head back, hair tickling my lower back, legs straining and pumping, screaming with the exertion, my breath coming in hot, heavy heaving pants.
A little drool hangs from my sweetly slackened and rubbery lips.
My teeth are clinched in there and I hiss as I rise and fall, my reddening cheeks puffing out and in, froth now forming and dripping.
My left hand caresses an ankle and aimlessly wanders about, seeking a purpose, finally gaining purchase on my firm and heaving breasts, where it runs its magic circles, slowly, frenzied, erratic from the effort being expended down below.
My beautiful cunt is exploded out into maximum dimension as I lose leg strength and let my firm behind rest on my heels, making the cock go in me all the way until I'm just bursting.
Gaining balance, I leave go the tub rim and move my right hand down to assist, balancing on my haunches, knees spread wide as open as they can be.
My hand still caressing my swaying breasts, I feel the girth of him below me, letting my fingers swirl and separate around him then slide back up, coming together in a reverse-grip fist, encircling his massive, hard base.
I squeeze there for support and get down on my knees, bending him to, the suction holding him tight to the marble.
My breast hang free and swing, heavily too and fro as I rock on him, right hand down flat on the floor, arm outstretched, my toes digging in as best they can.
My right hand swirls and wanks my swollen, distended and unguarded clitoris as I rock and pump my lover, juices making him so so slick and sleazy.
My fingertips find my secret spot and pick up speed as I heave and push this monster to life between my long, strong thighs.
I hang my head down and watch as my hand becomes a blur down there, just masturbating my clit for everything in the world.
I continue to pump and wank until I come like a wild animal, straightening and clinching and screaming like a banshee, swaying and sobbing and gripping and rubbing and panting, my utterly panicked fervor loosening him from his mount.
I fall over and grab the demon, cramming my sopping, heaving cunt with his hardness as I buck and grind and empty my energy into him, almost unable to get a bearing on his size, still!

One hand finds his little buzzing partner and, switching him on, I introduce him to my clasping, orgasming anus, where he digs in and buzzes me off like a long lost friend.
I keep this up for as long as I can, double-fucking myself into putty, until I collapse in a sobbing, jelly-like heap, my legs akimbo. my ankles and shoes wet and slimy with my own juices.
I take the monster into my mouth and lick and kiss him sweetly, surrenderingly, a woman conquered.
I deep-throat him a few times to show him who cares.
I remove the vibrator and run it up my body, over my breasts, stopping at each nipple and pressing there, and then to my throat, where I let it buzz while I swallow its monstrous partner.
Removing the dildo from my mouth and slavering it with kisses and sweetness, I gently place it down and run the vibrator up to my nose, sniffing my own, funky anal juices.
I lick them off, savoring them, letting the little guy chatter against my teeth until he is clean.
I switch him off, place him beside "Jumbo" and then ready another bath, cooler this time, to cleanse the sweat and sex from my strong, magnificent, womanly body.

It may be days before I need again.
I gave up on counting them long ago.
That night I have deep, deep dreams, but don't remember them upon waking.
This is how the summers are.

I want you to please read this story where Camilla posts it and remember always that it's a story for you because I think you're special.
This is how I come, and I want you to feel the power in my words.
I need you to smell my sharp sweat and spunk and hot asshole, and my feet where it all ran down.
I want you to kiss my essence from my thighs and lips like wine and drink me dry.
I imagine your darting tongue as it reaches my quaking belly, then my soft tits and then my neck's tender nape, where I shiver and quake as you kiss and nuzzle.
I then taste myself from your soft mouth as we give to each other fully, and start this whole crazy thing all over again.
I want you to share the passion and wanton abandon in my pumping heart, which flies out to you across warm oceans to find you ready, naked and waiting obediently for its rush into you where it will meet your own and culminate in a deeply-flashing, bucking, screaming, sweating woman's orgasm; strong and true and proud.
There is nothing more beautiful in the entire world than the sweet, sweaty blush on the cheeks of a mature woman experiencing an orgasm from masturbation.

Take my words and be that woman for me.

That's my story for you, Jennifer from England.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Dear Brother Part II

by Jennifer

The next day the weather was beautiful and we spent the day at the beach.
Michael and I did all the silly games that 14 year olds do at the seaside, paddling in the sea, throwing a frisbee around, digging pointless holes in the sand.
As the afternoon wore on we both developed an urge to be alone.
We never spoke but we knew what we wanted to do.
Mum and Dad were semi-snoozing in the shade of our beach wind break and we told them that we were going to go for a walk along the beach.
Off we went, hand in hand, but when we were out of sight we put our arms around each other in a way that was much more than affectionate brother-sister.
We watched expressions on adults' faces as they passed by.
Some smiled, perhaps remembering their own teenage romances, others tut-tutted, obviously thinking we were far too young.
If only they knew!
The thrill of being so wicked was almost overwhelming.
The beach was fairly crowded and we had to walk right to the far end before the people began to thin out.
Then the beach itself ran out and we had to pick our way across dangerously sharp rocks to go any further.
It was clear that only rock climbers, mountain goats and young lovers would bother to push on any further so that is precisely what we did.

After a 15 minute hike we came to a lovely secluded spot.
It couldn't be overlooked from the cliffs above and anyone else scrambling along the rocks would have made so much noise that we would easily have heard them.
We could only have been seen by people on the boats way out to sea, that is if they had had binoculars powerful enough.
We lay on the largest, flattest and smoothest rock we could find.
We kissed passionately, tasting each others saliva as our tongues swirled together.
Michael lay on his back and I lay over him, my legs spread wide.
I felt the bulge in his swimming trunks grow harder and harder until he grimaced in pain.
"Get off, Jen!"
I obeyed and he reached down and undid his trunks, reached inside and straightened and adjusted his constricted penis.
I touched him through the trunks, feeling how incredibly hard it was.
Now it was my turn to give commands, "Michael, pull them down!".
He looked around us, double checking that we could not be seen, and tugged them down to his knees.
He lay back and his rigid penis pointed straight at his face, visibly bobbing up and down in time to his heart beat.
I reached out and touched him, gently caressing him with just the tips of my fingers.
In seconds the clear juice began to seep from him, catching the sunlight and sparkling like diamonds.
I wrapped my fingers around him, moved my hand slowly up and down the shaft, admiring the lovely strong curve, the mysterious thick swelling veins and above all the dark purple head that swelled larger and larger until it resembled a juicy ripe plum.
"How big is it?" I asked.
"Six and a half inches," he announced proudly.
"Is that big?"
"None of the blokes at School is bigger."
"You don't compare them, do you?"
I had a vision of dozens of erect penises, all in a row, with me walking along the line, ruler in hand.
My crotch felt a rush of wetness.
"What do you call it, I mean do you and your friends call it a penis?" I asked.
"Loads of things, cock, prick, dick, that sort of thing."
"What do you want me to call it?"
"Its up to you."
"I think cock sounds best, the others sound silly. What do the boys call a vagina?"
"I'm not saying all of them, they're too rude"
"Go on, I've probably heard all the names anyway. I know cunt and pussy."
"I don't like... the first one - it sounds ugly. I suppose pussy is not too bad."
My dear brother, he has never, to this day, been able to say 'cunt'.
"Well, cock and pussy will have to do then.
Your cock is beautiful, Michael."
He grinned up at me.
I bet no one had ever said that to him before! I let go of him and his cock slapped against his belly, sending a drop of liquid shooting onto my stomach.
I wiped it with my finger, marvelling at the slippery feel.
I touched him again and stroked down the shaft to his balls and he shivered and his stomach muscles tensed.
I took my hand away, "Isn't that nice?"
"Yes, it is, its just... unusual. I've never been touched there before, Jen."
I held his balls gently in my hand feeling the soft heavy weight.
I knew how easy it was to hurt a boy's balls and I touched them ever so gently.
His hips were lifting involuntarily off the rock and I could tell that he wanted me to touch his cock.
But I wanted more.
I checked quickly for passers by and pulled off my bikini bottoms.
The crotch was soaked.
I knelt astride his thighs and took hold of his cock.
I gripped him around the head and started to pull on him but he took my hand and showed me how to hold him just below the head.
He lay back groaning as my hand moved and I watched the sweat breaking out on his tautly muscled body.
God, he was beautiful!
I felt my hips writhing, aching to find something for me to rub my pussy against, I considered shifting and rubbing against his thigh but it reminded me too much of our neighbour's dog that would mount your leg given half a chance.
I wriggled up his body and my pussy made contact with the thick base of Michael's cock.
The touch was electric for us both.
His eyes shot open and he looked down - he thought I was going to try and put him inside me.
"Jen, what are you doing?"
I let go of his cock and bent down and kissed him.
"It's alright, don't panic."
I balanced delicately on my feet to save my knees from the hard rock and by swinging my hips to and fro I could slide my pussy up and down along at least four of his lovely six and a half inches.
My pussy lips enveloped his shaft and coated him with floods of my juice. He stared down between us.
"Oh God, Jen, that's fantastic!"
"J-just keep watching for p-people," I stammered, concentrating on my ecstasy as my swollen clit rubbed against him with every downward stroke.
I was delirious with pure lust and ached to make contact with the tip of his cock - to swallow him deep inside me. I moved further up him, almost to the bulging glans but he grabbed my hips and kept me from being foolish.
Damn those sex education lessons at school!
"Don't, Jen, its too dangerous!"
Common sense prevailed and I made do with leaning forward over him, angling my clitoris for maximum contact.
We seemed to know instinctively what the other wanted, sometimes he lay still and I moved on him and then I would pause and he would jerk his hips rapidly beneath me.
I started to feel rhythmic waves of pleasure deep inside me, my leg muscles started to quiver uncontrollably and then Michael was grabbing my hips, painfully tight, pulling me down onto him as his hips bucked in a frenzy.
His face contorted, "Jen, Jen!" he cried out and I looked down, just the head of his cock showed between us, swollen and purple.
I mis-timed it, I lifted off him; his cock throbbed and erupted.
I watched spellbound as a stream of semen emerged, thick, gleaming, pure white - time slowed down and I watched in slow motion as the long, rope-like finger emerged, heading straight for my face!
I shut my eyes and threw my head back - too late.
I felt thick drops spatter my forehead and my hair and as my head went back my neck and chin were warmly anointed.
I opened my eyes and cautiously looked down; the next spurts were less energetic but poor Michael - his grimacing face was bedecked with numerous white pearls.
I pressed my pussy down onto his shaft, his hips were still going like crazy and I watched spurt after spurt lacing across his chest and stomach. I thought it would never stop!

The look of agony on his face faded and he opened his eyes and looked at me, gasping for air.
He saw the jewels on my face and in my hair and I watched his expression change from ecstasy to horror and then to laughter as he realised we had both received liberal quantities of his 'liquid love'.
I collapsed on him, shrieking with laughter, and we hugged and rolled about on the rock, not mud-wrestlers but sperm-wrestlers.
The smell of his semen filled my nostrils.
He pinned me down and loomed over me and then his grin faded, I will probably never see a look of such pure love again - it would take a thousand books to begin to describe it.

My dear brother placed his mouth on mine and kissed me.

Jennifer from England

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Dear Brother Part I

by Jennifer

A little while ago I watched a programme on television that dealt very sensitively with the delicate subject of incest.
The couple in the film were brother and sister and they had a relationship which I found fascinating to watch as there were so many parallels between them and my twin brother Michael and me.
We have recently turned 26 but the memory of how our love affair started when we were still teenagers is still as fresh as if it happened last week.
Like all twins we have always been very close and in those days we were pretty much inseparable.
This caused many social problems because his friends didn't want a girl hanging around and girls I was friendly with thought it strange that my brother was always close at hand.

If anything this tended to make us even closer and we became quite reclusive and virtually shunned other teenager's company.
Michael and I talked about sex quite a lot but at the age of 14 neither of us had had any experience.
We both read a lot and had gone through all the books in our parents' bookcases.
They also had some sex manuals hidden at the bottom of their wardrobe but we had discovered those pretty soon and knew most of the facts.
We were very open about each others bodies and did not get embarrassed if we saw each other naked.
We shared bath times even after my breasts started to develop and had watched each others puberty arrive in a very natural way.

We certainly had never done anything with each other, at least not until a holiday with our parents in Wales where we stayed in a self-catering chalet.
Mum and Dad had one bedroom and Michael and I shared the second.
The day had been fine, spent mostly at the beach, but that night there was a tremendous thunder storm which always frightened me.
As usual I crept into Michael's bed and we hugged each other for comfort until we both fell asleep.

Later that night I woke up to feel Michael lying behind me 'spoons' fashion as we often did but he wasn't lying still, he was pushing against me rhythmically.
Something hard was prodding against my bottom.
I turned round slightly to see his face - he was fast asleep.
I pulled the bedclothes aside to see what he had been pushing me with.
The storm had cleared and moonlight was streaming through the window.
I was fascinated to see a stiff rod jutting out from the gap in the front of his pyjamas.
I had often seen his penis but it had always been small and limp.
He moved forward in his sleep and the tip brushed against my thigh, below my shortie pajama bottoms.
A soft moan escaped his lips and the slow thrusting started again, nudging against me.
I didn't know what to do, should I wake him or try to get off the bed without waking him?
I became aware of the sensation against my thigh - the head of his penis was warm and firm and was leaving a damp smear against my skin as it moved.
I was getting quite excited and felt a delicious tingle between my legs accompanied by the slow seeping of wetness that I always had when I thought about sex.

My mind was in turmoil, here was my brother with his bare penis rubbing against me!
I decided I had to stop him and reached down to push him away.
My hand touched his penis but I was intrigued and couldn't bring myself to push him away completely, instead I found myself holding him in my hand, my fingers wrapped gently around his shaft.
It was wonderfully exciting and my heart beat wildly as I softly squeezed him, feeling the hot strength that flooded from his penis into my hand.
I could feel how his thrusts moved the shaft within the loose outer skin and I started to imagine his penis inside me, thrusting in my flesh.
His penis seemed to be getting even harder when suddenly he moaned and a rush of hot fluid spurted out of him, splashing across my bare legs.
I looked at his face - surely he would wake up!
Spurt after spurt jetted against me and I pushed his penis down aiming the stuff onto the bedsheets.

Gradually the emissions subsided and I felt his penis softening in my hand.
I let go of him and lay motionless for what seemed like hours until I was sure he wasn't going to wake up.
Then I slipped gently off the bed and tiptoed to my own.
I lay down and examined the fluid on the back of my legs.
It seemed to be more watery now than the thick white stuff that had initially spurted from him.
I wiped my legs dry on the bedsheet and tried to go to sleep but the image of Michael's penis spurting kept drifting back into my mind.

The next day Michael didn't show any sign of anything unusual.
I had begun to wonder if perhaps he had only been pretending to be asleep.
The day passed as normal but I was intensely aroused by the experience.
I kept finding myself looking at his crotch trying to visualise the transformation between soft little willy and that stiff pole that I had held.
I spent quite some time locking myself in the toilet as I pushed several fingers into myself as I tried to imagine what making love would be like.

We had a television in our room and that night there was a particularly scary movie on.
I hopped into Michael's bed and we snuggled together as we watched the film.
When it was over I stayed in his bed but was unable to sleep.
I kept thinking about what had happened the last time I had been in his bed.
Michael dropped off to sleep without any difficulty and about an hour later I was still wide awake, my fingers moving slowly over my clitoris and occasionally dipping into my vagina as I teased myself into a very sweaty state.
Michael lay on his side and I lay next to him, facing him. It was very warm that night and we had the bedclothes pulled down to the bottom of the bed.
I looked down at his crotch every few minutes but was disappointed that there was never a sign of his penis emerging.
I became impatient and reached down and carefully moved the slit in his pyjamas until at last the end of his soft penis fell out.
I touched it hesitantly, stroking the tip and it swelled amazingly quickly, growing bigger and bigger as it emerged from his pyjamas.
I held him in my hand as I had done before, expecting him to start to move, but he lay motionless.
I held him for several minutes and then slowly began to move my hand up and down his shaft.

It worked - almost immediately he started to thrust to and fro in my clenched fist and soon was making those little moaning sounds.
I was afraid he would wake up so I kept my eyes closed and lay very still beside him as if I was fast asleep.
Suddenly he stopped moving and I felt him lifting his head off the pillow. "Jen!" he whispered, and then was silent.

I lay still, wondering if he could hear my heart beating wildly in my chest.
I sensed that he was looking down at my hand wrapped firmly around his penis.
Would he believe that it had happened by accident in my sleep or could he tell that I was awake?
He didn't do anything for several minutes but all the while his penis stayed very hard in my hand and I could feel it throbbing with life.
He was breathing heavily and I could tell that he liked the feeling of my hand on him.
He must have thought that I really was asleep because he started to move, very gently at first but as I lay quite still, clutching him in my hand, he began to move with more confidence.
I realised that we were both committed, the previous time I had participated willingly while he was asleep and now he was getting into it when he thought I was asleep.
I don't know what made me do it but I snuggled closer to him, still holding onto his penis and opened my eyes, looking straight into his startled face.
His body jerked and he froze.
We gazed into each others eyes;
I was intensely excited but poor Michael had a look of absolute terror on his face.
He opened his mouth to say something.
"Sssh" I whispered and gave his penis a soft squeeze.
"Jen, what..? We.."
"Don't say anything, Michael" I whispered and moved closer to him.
Our heads were now only an inch apart and I kissed him softly on the lips.
I started to move my hand on him and he groaned and pulled me to him, trapping my hand between our bodies.
Our lips came together again and the kiss quickly changed from the sisterly kiss I had just given him.
Our mouths opened and we kissed passionately, our tongues darting between each others lips.
Both of us seemed to know instinctively how to kiss!
My hand had slipped to the head of his penis and Michael was groaning as he thrust rapidly into my tightly clenched fist.
My hand was soon thoroughly moistened by the juice that was seeping from him, it was deliciously slippery, and the feel of the firm knob pushing and thrusting in my hand was fantastic.
"Jen", he gasped "Oh, Aaah!"
He screwed up his face as if he was in agony and then his hips jerked convulsively as my hand suddenly filled with hot, creamy fluid.
He buried his face in the pillow as it spurted from him;
I loved the feel of it gushing into my hand and the way the thick warm liquid squirted out from between my fingers.
I held him tight, panting with my own desire until he started to soften.

After a long time he took his face out of the pillow.
"What have we just done?" he asked, a sheepish grin on his face.
"Nothing we haven't done before!" I replied.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, the other night when I slept with you you started doing it in your sleep".
"I never!"
"Yes you did, you were pushing against me and when I pushed you away you did it"
"Did what?"
I held up my dripping hand. "Same as this!"
"Oh, God" he groaned and his face went back into the pillow.
"Don't worry" I said, "I didn't say I didn't like it. Anyway, I think you were probably awake all the time."
"Jen, I wasn't, I promise, I would never - honestly"
"Well you did tonight and you were awake then."
"Yes but you didn't stop, you started it!"
"Yes, I know, I wanted to"
We lay still for a while before he asked, "Is it wrong?"
"I don't think so," I said, "not if we both liked it."
"Did you like it?" he asked.
"But you only did something to me, I never.. I mean.. I didn't do anything for you."
"You kissed me which was lovely and I really liked doing it to you, it was wonderful!"
He smiled and pulled me to him and kissed me softly.
"It was wonderful for me, Jen. Do you want me to touch you?"
"I don't know, yes, but I ..."

Michael put an arm around me and with his other hand gently touched my right breast, through my pyjamas.
It was wonderful to feel him cup my breast so softly.
I reached up and unbuttoned my front and he slipped his hand in. I gasped as he stroked softly over my budding breasts and my nipples hardened instantly as his hand slid across them.
I kissed him again and our tongues met.
Slowly his hand worked down my stomach until his fingers slipped under the elastic of my pyjama bottoms.
I lifted my hips off the bed and pulled my pyjama bottoms down, slipping them off.
I felt him touch the soft hair between my legs and I sighed and let my legs slip apart.
His hand moved further down and his fingertips touched my swelling lips.
I heard myself moaning into his mouth as my body writhed on the bed.
I gasped with delight as his fingertip slipped between the lips into the hot opening.

Suddenly I had an awful thought.
"Have you ever done this before - with other girls?"
"No, never!"
I believed him (perhaps foolishly!) and went back to enjoying the ecstasy of his finger working gently into me.
It was exquisite - I couldn't believe the fire in my loins, every nerve was tingling with the thrill.
He pushed against me and I could feel that he was very hard again, thrusting against my hip.
I reached down and held him again.
His penis now felt so natural in my hand and I moved my fist up and down on his shaft in time with the movement of his finger in me.
I could feel my pleasure rising and falling in waves and I wondered if I was going to have one of those orgasms I had read about in Mum's magazines.
I couldn't believe that the pleasure could be greater than what I was already experiencing but every second the thrill grew stronger and stronger!
Suddenly Michael's hips started to jerk.

"Jen," he gasped "I'm going to.."

The next instant a hot stream splashed across my stomach, right up to my breasts, another spurted with such force it hit the pillow by my head and I quickly pushed his penis down, trying to aim it at the sheets, but several spurts still spattered across my body.
I loved the sensation of his penis throbbing in my hand as it spurted.
I felt my own pleasure rising rapidly, but then Michael's finger stopped moving inside me and he collapsed next to me on the bed.
I now know that I had been seconds away from experiencing my first orgasm.

We were both panting loudly and I suddenly became worried that we might have been making enough noise to have been heard by mum and dad.
I kissed him softly and whispered "Ssssh, we'd better be quiet, they'll kill us if the find out!"
The room was bathed in moonlight but I wanted to see everything, I reached for the light next to the bed and switched it on.
I looked down at my stomach and breasts, there were drops of thick white liquid all over me.
A strange odour filled my nostrils - I lifted my hand from his penis and tentatively sniffed the liquid on my fingers.
"It smells very peculiar", I observed.
"Stop it, Jen, you're awful."
Michael buried his head in the pillow in embarrassment.
"I just said peculiar, I didn't say it was horrid. Anyway. I bet your fingers smell as well!"
I reached for his hand that was still between my legs and lifted it up, sniffing the finger that had given me such pleasure.
I pushed his hand under his nose, "See!" He sniffed quickly and his head went back into the pillow.
My brother was so easily embarrassed.
"Is it horrid?" I asked, suddenly concerned that he was disgusted with me.
"Now you're the one who is getting touchy!" he said and laughed.
"The boys at school say its supposed to smell fishy but I don't think it does."
I was reassured.

We cleaned each other with tissues and fastened our pyjamas up so that we were decent once more.
Then we lay back on the held and kissed and held each other for hours as we talked.
I knew I had always loved my brother but now my love for him was very, very different!

Would anyone like to read Part Two?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Sis on Bro" or "The Hole" Part II

by PL ( JUNE 99)

I planted my clinching anus right onto his nose and ground it in, my back still straight, palms on his hips!
That way I knew I'd get maximum pussy contact with his eager mouth.
Jen and I used this tactic on one another.
I spent half the summer walking around smelling butt because of her, and now it was Scotty's turn.
He loved it, (it must run in families.....) and pushed his nose in hard as he began to lick my tender, swollen, eager little box, breathing noisily through his busy mouth like a diver.
I pushed down hard and threw my hair back as his muscular tongue began to grind and probe and slither and dance all over my hot, sweet, flowing pussy.
He was so good.
I just sat there for a while, letting him do me with his face, my head back, eyes closed, nostrils flaring, moaning through a toothy grin.
It was dreamy and relaxed me, allowing me to catch my breath and get back into the groove.
The heightened passion we had made between us while he fingered me was settling down into a new level of excited determination, and I was clear-headed and ready to explore new worlds.

I shook my hair down over his cock and watched from the shadows as it tickled him there.
His legs frogged and squirmed and he kept licking me, his hands now helping to spread me from either side.
I switched my balance to my knees and dug my toes into the carpet, lifting from his face and freeing a hand to grasp his penis.
I didn't have to lean down very far, and I guided it up to my lips, where I began to kiss its head, sweetly and tenderly, taking my time.
I opened up and took a little in, savoring his taste and his largeness.
I paused to brush the hair out of my eyes and just then he shifted our balance and I swallowed him, very nearly throwing up as I gagged and he moaned and pushed and tears welled up in my eyes.
I just relaxed and composed myself and went with it.
After a minute or so I got the hang of it and it wasn't as bad as I had always imagined, in fact it felt really cool!
I began to slide him in and out, back and forth, making a game of it.
I was delighted:
I was actually deep-throating him and was good at it!
I could do it!
I was so happy and surprised!
Scotty was beside himself, he told me later that he had never had that much of his cock inside someone before, it went way way way down into my throat - I literally swallowed the man's penis and it was a looooong penis.
It went way deeper in than it could even into the very deepest pussy.
It burned me down there and the pressure was a bit much at first, but I adjusted, and we began to rock and pump together in a mutual motion that had him sliding down me and back, down and back, then letting him up for a head-tonguing, then swallowing him again, as I breathed through my nose.
It was awesome, and I was being eaten out like mad at the same time, his tongue trying to meet the head of his cock from the other end of me.
He was rimming my asshole and swirling around my lips and then he hit my clit one more time and I lost it - I came very very hard, and began to moan and gulp and convulse with his dick in my throat, unable to breath.
He came too, then, literally pushing that massive thing into me until my mouth hit his pubes.
I came and came from my inner-most depths, skewered on his lance like a sacrificial animal.
My legs went jelly, and that made me press down on him for balance again, keeping that clit right on the money.
I breathed in his funk and sweat and musk as that unbelievable cock of his spasmed and quaked and spurted and throbbed deep within my chest, near my pounding, coming, flying heart!
I steadily withdrew him from me, my lips pressing hard.
He was covered in thick, gooey saliva and I masturbated his shaft with both hands as it emerged, urging cum from his big red pump.
He was softening, and my fingers dug in more as he deflated.
His veins stood out more, and I traced one of them down the shaft and back.
Sperm drizzled from his meatus and down the front of his dick in time with my pumps as I kissed and tongued it off of him, mixing it with my copious spit.

We were done for a while.
We lay there, talking, my hand on his now deflated member, his arm around my shoulders, caressing a breast, sweetly, gently.
I was so blown away and reduced to a little school girl again, asking him little questions and giggling and squirming with glee when he responded to me.
He grunted out his answers and smiled occasionally.
He was a nice kid, and I was glad we had some time to kick back and be together before the main event.
We gained our feet and I removed my bra (which had been moved below my boobs in the passion), and then my thigh-highs, leaving them next to the panties on the floor by my dresser.
Totally naked, I gave him a big hug and we kissed again, smiling and beaming.
He grabbed his robe and went down into the kitchen for some OJ while I primped and combed and collected myself.
I looked in the mirror, and delighted in my long, athletic prettiness.

I was happy to be me.
The little heart I had clipped was great - it looked sexy as hell atop my red, swollen genitals.
I took a last look and went over to prepare my bed, turning down the covers.
I lit some candles and turned out the lights as he loped up the steps and reentered the room, with a glass of juice for each of us.
We sat on the bed together and drank.
I finished mine off and went back to work on the bed preparations while he set down his glass and went back into his room.
He was gone for less than a minute, and returned with a pair of condoms and a tube of Astroglide lubricant in his hand.
The sight of these items sobered us, and we stood for a few seconds, contemplating what we were, as brother and sister, about to do.
Sucking and masturbation were one thing, but having his penis inside of me was the ultimate taboo, and we both new it.
We moved together, our bellies touching, hugging each other for reassurance.
He patted my firm little fanny and I gave his chest a rub and a squeeze, smiling, my eyes burning with tears.
We gazed at one another.
He was to be my first, and I was ready.
I took him to my bed and we lay together, eyes deeply closed, kissing very seriously.
Our breath moved in unison and our blushing skin became as one in the glowing candle light.
We talked a little while longer and made out some more, with the purpose of getting him hard again.
I had been watching his penis while we lay there, and marveled at how large it was even when flaccid.
It was bent in half in a "U" shape, and each side of the "U" was longer than my middle finger!
It was very thick around, and full, like a boa constrictor or a thick garden hose.
I reached over and straightened it and it lay out on his bulging quadriceps muscle, reaching nearly halfway to his knee.
This was limp, folks!
He delighted in my breasts and how large and firm they were - he said he had always admired them when we were dressed for swimming, but he hadn't realized that they were so full and ripe.
He couldn't keep his eyes, his hands or his mouth off of them!
This swelled me with pride, and I lifted them out toward him like prizes as my cunt seeped and wetted itself a little.
Sure enough, he began to get his stick back, a little slower this time.
I watched it grow and traced a finger along the surface, following the veins and arteries that fed and filled it with life.
One of them, which branched and roped down across the side and then under was nearly as thick as my little finger.
I marveled as this monster came back to life.
It got about three inches longer and half again as fat and hard as a rock.
It took almost three minutes by my alarm clock, and when it was finished, I had to move back up near his chest, because the head had switched ends!

I dabbed at it with my tongue and tenderly kissed it all over, tickling his balls with a fingertip.
He reached over and ripped open a condom packet as I shifted position and fingered some slimy mucus onto my labia from deep inside my sopping cunt, where the good stuff is.
He moved his hands down and placed the condom onto his cock while I stared in amazement.
It didn't even cover half of the shaft!
Didn't they make extra-long rubbers for guys like Scott?
I guessed not.
It was also stretched ultra-tight around his cock, looking like it might burst.
I figured that as long as it could catch his cum, we'd be okay.
He applied the second one over it with a smile and a wink and I laughed out loud.
He then reached for the Astroglide and smeared some onto the head, working it down and spreading it around uniformly.

Finished, he gestured for my cunt and I dutifully knelt beside him as he applied the excess to my mound and then deep inside with two fingers, being very thorough.
He left the fingers inside and I threw my head back and massaged my breasts while he opened me up little by little.
I cupped the globes firmly and gave them a good and proper palm-job while he worked two, then three, then four fingers into my stretching, aching, screaming pussy.
I bent my head down and whiffed my arm pit, and let myself linger there, addicted to my own funk, my hands still kneading.
Now taking a hot nipple between each thumb and forefinger, I squeezed and pulled at them as hard as I cold to assuage the pain from below.
I was absolutely certain that I was bleeding by now.
He moved his fingers like an octopus, like opening an umbrella, and then his hand was in me.

He remained very still as I spasmed and winced and sobbed and gasped with the pain from his stretching.
It was unbearable and sweet pain, and we both knew it was necessary, or he'd have never entered me.
I consoled myself with the fact that babies are way way bigger than that, and they come out a thousand times a day!
He rotated his hand and made a fist - more gasping and spasming - and then relaxed it.
Then he slowly withdrew from me, and I looked down, afraid to see the blood.
There was some, but not as much as I had anticipated, and I reached for the trusty T-shirt to wipe him off.

That done, we added some more lube to my peepee and I submissively lay beside him.
"I want you to please be on the top, Scotty, please?", I said meekly and breathlessly, as he turned over on his side to face me.
"Sure thing, sis, any way you want to do it, I'm your man."

I secured my hair behind me with a Scrunchee to keep it out of the way.
Then I piled up a bunch of pillows at the headboard of the bed.
I turned on my back against them and brought my knees up as close to my ears as I could, arching my feet and pointing my toes inward.
This made my cunt fully accessible to my young master's cock and allowed me to watch him reign.
I held my knees to my nipples with my palms and quaked as he positioned his massive cock at my labia, kissing my upper chest and neck.
I was submissive and scared and blushing and breathing in pants and everything was spinning.
My eyes on his cock head, I watched as it slid in, parting my lips and cramming my dripping, willing vagina with steady, rising, pleasureful waves.

It went in slowly and easily and a little at a time.
He would slide in an inch, and I would bite my lip and savor it, and then he would retreat a little and go in some more, pausing again to let me adjust. He was so beautiful and sweet and gentle and masterful and I just started crying over it all.
My mouth quivered and my lips turned down and I began to sob.
They were tears of sweetness and joy and sadness over losing my virginity finally and of pain now that it was really happening.
Tears streamed down my cheeks in rivulets and landed on my chest and then on down, tickling my ribcage.
He stopped and asked if he should quit.
Holding my breath and squeaking through my sobs, I shook my head and gathered him in a sweet, long, crying kiss.
My whole body was shaking and quaking and I let my legs relax, as he gained better purchase.
Still kissing me, he gently slid it in the rest of the way.

I looked down and saw that only about three inches were exposed - far below the bottom of the condoms!
I reached down there and grasped and felt those three inches and then my lips and clit and bush and inner thighs. I placed my chin on his strong shoulder and lifted up my feet.
It was done - I had been dominated.
My cunt was full of penis.

The feeling of pleasure you derive from having a cock inside of your vagina is indescribable, but let me just say that I could clamp down and feel his aliveness within me, as my inner muscles grasped and held him within, and begged him not to move.
And then he began to move in and out, slow, short strokes and it felt as if the very bedrock beneath the house were suddenly moving and sliding, my world went sliding with that cock.
With each withdrawal and advance, the entirety of the length and circumference of his massive, 10.75 inch male organ was making full and total contact with the entire inner surface of the walls of my vagina!
The advances were the best, sending sharp waves of extreme, deep pleasure throughout my cunt and lower body.
Each fraction of an inch made the nerve endings in there sing with pleasure.
Each slight movement brought me closer and closer to oblivion.
I had surrendered my body and spirit totally to this young man, and that huge cock was all I had to hold onto.
I had been reduced to a sobbing, weeping, clutching, shaking mess by the pain and pleasure this new master brought, and it was all I had left.
It was like a mountain climber's rope - I had to trust in its movement and presence like a lifeline.
He picked up speed and I went into a trance of pleasure, crying out with each push.
My head flew from side to side erratically as I moaned and gasped and cried.
My hands each grabbed an ass cheek and dug in like claws.
I began to force him into me by his ass.
"HI-yah, HI-yah, Hi-yah, HI-yah!!" went my mantra, in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out - now picking up speed like a piston in a bore hole boom boom boom!
He was just cramming and fucking the living shit out of my little cunt, and I was delirious with pleasure and pride.
I came, BANG!
And then again and again and again until there were so many stones making ripples in my pond, it was chopped to a froth - I couldn't tell where one wave started and the other ended.
I almost fainted.
I wrapped my legs around his back, clutching my body to him like a monkey on a tree limb.
We fucked for about forty minutes.
He had great stamina and control, and he was sheathed in two thick condoms!
It was a wonder he could feel anything at all! He had already come twice in the past two hours, as well.
What a horse of a man.
Ah, to be young.
Our fuck session was long enough for me to adjust to him, get the hang of it, and finally get into it, eventually riding that thing like a pro.
I was simply delirious with ecstasy.
It was affecting my thoughts.
As I sighed and heaved and moved my body around dreamily, I imagined and felt that this tree-like cock splitting me down my center was the one true constant I could count on and hold onto in my life.

He kept a steady rhythm and I used that beat as a homing beacon, not letting it too far from my conciousness, lest my soul drift away and be lost forever.
That steady pounding between my loins was my salvation, and I deliciously grasped onto him with my sopping pussy, gripping him for all he was worth.
It was like holding onto an adult's hand in a crowd as a child, holding on for dear life, afraid to be left behind or forgotten and lost in the thronging confusion.
I so much wanted to be with him, right there and now, if I could just hang on.
Eventually I relaxed more and just let him pull me along on our journey, and I leaned back to enjoy the ride.
He wasn't going anyplace without me, because it was right up the middle of my body that he was travelling.
I had so many orgasms, I thought I'd gotten stuck that way, and was a little worried.
They wracked my aching, throbbing body until I was so exhausted I didn't think I could endure it.
Was every time going to be like this? I hoped it was!

He paused and untangled me from around his limbs.
I was mush, I couldn't control my body at all.
He told me to get on my hands and knees and I tried to, feeling like I was disconnected.
He threw the pillows on the floor as I hypnotically obeyed, going down on my forearms, my wrists too weak to support me.
My forehead on the mattress helped keep me stable. My nipples brushed my forearms.
The air felt cool and soothing on my exposed ass, making me feel vulnerable and controlled and I noticed I was crying again, this time out of utter confusion.
This was the most difficult thing I'd ever been through, but I could not EVER let it stop happening - even for a minute!
I remember being adamant - never stop! Never stop! Never.

He entered my vagina from behind me and told me to relax.
I didn't know what that meant anymore.
He squirted some Astroglide onto my behind and let a finger slip into my anus.
He felt around and added digits, one at a time, still pumping my steaming cunt.
All the time I was grinding my cunt back into him with all my strength - as if to gather him in completely.
I had a cheek on the cool bedsheets and two handsful of covers.
The smell in the room was glorious!
"Funky-monkey-spunky", I thought and laughed like a hyena.
After a while he withdrew his organ and removed the condoms, which had held!
He hadn't cum yet anyway!
He placed his glans next to my anal opening and told me to touch my own vagina.
I placed a forearm crossways and leaned forward, allowing my head to crane down and back.
This gave me an upside down view of my severely split tail.
I laid a finger into my droozling, smoking slit and then added two more, which felt as thin and insubstantial as soda straws after a ten inch cock had been reaming me for the better part of an hour!
I was seriously stretched out.
I was tingly and numb, and a little sore, but not as bad as you'd think.
I knew that physically, I had been altered forever, and as I knealt there, expecting even more, I silently thanked God for sex.
He told me to masturbate myself as I saw fit, and he then began to slide himself into my asshole.

This was, folks, the final frontier.
All year long I had dreamed of completing the magic triangle - and now there was no stopping it.
As my hand wanked and pinched and slid, he utterly crammed my anus with meat!
Next to this anal reaming, the vaginal session was a picnic.
This hurt so much that I collapsed on the bed and he had to physically hold me down.
We were like two animals fucking as I squirmed and yelped and fingered myself, my thighs pressed helplessly into the mattress, an arm underneath, knees spread wide, my feet gripping either side of the bed with their insteps for purchase.
I could actually feel his cock moving in there with my fingers through my vaginal wall!
I was his complete and submissive prisoner - a new feeling for me as a human being.
It took some getting used to.
I have to admit that I had never felt so dominated, so alone, so utterly helpless.
The kind of sex we had been having was no where near egalitarian - it was a male's prerogative.
He was in the power spot, he was the "doer", and I was being "done to".
I had wanted all of this, and here it all was, and that was all great.
But I made no illusions about this, and I made a point to mention it to him later.
I was still the big sister here, after all, and I wanted to keep that status working for me on the home front.
I was only temporarily giving up my dominance in the family hierarchy.
Physically, though, this drove home what I had suspected all along; we women could entice and control men's emotions with our sex appeal, but once the clothes came off and we were entangled, we were no match for their sheer and utter brute power.
How could you control an animal that size?
Even when I was on top for a few minutes I felt as if I were riding a galloping stallion on the verge of bolting, and I had had the sense to hold on for dear life.
Men were fabulous animals, and we were lucky to have them.
A little humbling never hurt anyone.
This was where I was at as he ass-fucked the living, virtual shit out of me like a savage machine.
I just moved into it and made it happen good for me.
He began to slow and each thrust began to take longer, he was now unsheathed by the condoms and on the verge of his last orgasm of the night if he wasn't careful.
Later he would tell me that he had been Kegeling like mad to keep control.
I hadn't known what he was referring to, and he had to explain it to me.
My fourteen year-old little brother told me about the Kegel technique while three-way screwing me after I fell out of my closet!
Some fucking day, what!?!

He kept at it and we picked up speed again until he was literally pumping my behind into a froth as I wanked my screaming clit and moved my hips in perfect harmony.
We were really going at it - faster than even when he had penetrated my vagina.
He was trying to make himself come, and I was trying to assist, because the man deserved it!
I had been thrilled, filled and fulfilled beyond my wildest-ever dreams by this young man.
I would forever be his sweet and demure slave.
My loins were his forever, or for as long as he would care to savor their taut and supple sweetness.
Just for him, only him.
He had tamed any wild streak I had ever had, and I had given it all up to him, every iota of my very inner self.
We kept up the pace until I felt him pause, and go hard all over and then begin to pull out of me all at once.
The void he left felt cool and hot simultaneously and I wanked myself into another string of maximum orgasms, flipping over onto my back as his semen hit my breasts and chin and mouth.
There wasn't much of it this time, but still enough to play with.
I gripped his orgasming penis and began to masturbate it, sliding my hands up and down in all of the sweaty, bloody, shitty mucus and spume that covered it like some weird sauce.
I brought it to my face and licked it, tasting every part of myself and himself, and mixing it all over my breasts with his sperm.

He was still rigid and spasming this whole time, although semen no longer issued from his rod.
I thought he was stuck there, in a seizure or something, until he suddenly went slack and collapsed onto me like a victim.
We were so sweaty and dirty and tired that we fell asleep like that.
We slept for hours, awakening at about 6 a.m., Saturday.
I felt like I'd been hit by a train.
But true to form, his locomotive was immediately stoked and ready to travel.
Boys do like sex in the morning, do they not?
He woke up with an astounding thumper, and numb?
It would take days to get it to come! Boys! What are you gonna do?
We straightened up a few things and shared the rest of his OJ, then we went into my bathroom and had shower sex.

He soaped me from head to toe and concentrated on my breasts, slipping and sliding his huge palms back and forth over them until I came.
I soaped him up, too, and concentrated on wanking that huge animal between his legs until it came!
For years after that I insisted on us showering together whenever we could.
I masturbated him to hundreds of orgasms, and he breast-stroked me as well.
We finished that morning by me sucking him hard again while I fingered my slit, and then by him entering me from behind in my cunt as I leaned against the wall under the spray, enjoying the ride.
He pulled out and came into my mouth - a well-timed maneuver!
We washed up and went on to start our day.
We were both ready for anything, after all; what else could possibly happen?

Maybe next time I'll tell you about when the three of us rented a condo at the beach one Spring Break when we were all in college.
Sis on Bro on Sis.
It was worth waiting for.
And you'll have to do just that!

Stay tuned; This is the only page you'll find it on.

Love to all!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Sis on Bro" or "The Hole" Part I

by PL ( JUNE 99)

The continuing erotic adventures of an all-American girl!

He was HUGE!
After hearing my sister's description of our little brother, I had taken the initiative (and some of our dad's tools.....) and made a hole.
It was inside my closet and afforded me a bird's eye view of his bedroom lair, right next door.
I had had to go into his room when he was at practice one afternoon, just to be sure that it was going to be in the right place - and I had done a great job of positioning my hole, it came out right between and toward the top of two posters he had tacked up, he'd never see it.
I had to stand on a chair to access it, and that was awkward sometimes, because my closet was packed to the walls with childhood detritus, but it ended up being worth it because of how huge he was, and what I saw him do, and what happened next.
I'll get on with my story. I can't contain this.

If you read "Sisonsis", my previous missive (and who hasn't, by all the emails I got?), you'd know that my older sister, Jennifer had caught me lewdly masturbating and had, in an attempt to lighten up what was a very awkward situation, regaled me with a story of how she had caught our younger brother Scotty jacking off in the living room late one night.
She went on to recommend me trying to catch his act - because he was fabulously well-endowed and liked to catch his own cum in his mouth.
She mentioned later that summer that he could probably suck himself he was so big!
Needless to say, this piqued my interest. Oh yeah.

Jenny had gone off to college that September, leaving a huge sexual void in my life.
She had been such a wonderful and willing partner for those few sweet months, I couldn't believe that she was gone - perhaps forever.
We had spent so much time together that summer, our boyfriends had actually given up, and mine was so mad he had begun to date elsewhere, and stopped calling me.
So, my sweet Jenny gone, I cried wistfully and sulked about the house like a frump.
I pored over our lurid Polaroids.
I put on her clothes, masturbating in front of my fabulous, new full-length mirror.
I dressed in her minis and heels, pantiless and gartered, or in her lingerie.
I was possessed, it was beautiful.
She had left some special clothes behind for these purposes, and I had given her a few of my undies.
I loved to sniff the unlaundered panties she'd left.
They reminded me of us.
Especially one pair.
They were her lycra sports panties, which she'd purposely worn for a week without washing, especially for me.
I had also worn them occasionally throughout the summer in tribute to our sisterhood, and they were fabulously ripe with our commingled juices!
They smelled so strongly of anal sweat and spunk I had to hide them wrapped in a towel between my box spring and mattress - you could actually detect them when standing within a few feet of them - whew! Yeah, girl!

Her description of Scotty's impressive manhood and his groping ecstasy had been purely delicious - and right then and there I had decided that I needed to see for myself.
Her words burned in my mind and cunt like a fire.
For months afterwards I had fantasized about him.
My slick fingers were his mysterious cock many a late night or early morning when I found myself aching; dreamy and aroused and thinking of only him, just one room away.
My heart brimmed with young woman's lust.
Sometimes I wouldn't be able to make myself come because I couldn't get a clear enough mental picture, and this frustrated me to tears, writhing and throbbing and tossing feverishly.
I wondered what he looked like, how big was "big", and how it would feel to have a penis that size pierce my virgin vagina, my soft mouth, my tiny anus.
Even with several fingers and a session with a large banana, I still pined and wondered.

Everyone's seen their siblings nude at one time or another, but Scotty was very private, and we were all just basically entering adulthood.
He had changed, I was sure, since the last time I had seen him.
He had been all of eight years-old, hairless and flaccid and just out of the pool, though obviously well-endowed.
I had laughed at him.
A little boy.
Now he was a handsome, muscular, young stud - a star athlete, and one of the cutest boys in town.
At fourteen, he was a wrestler and swimmer, and "toyed" at football - leading the conference in tackles.
At 5'8" and 175 he hadn't reached full height or weight yet, but he had the massive shoulders and upper legs of an athlete, sandy hair, a great, strong jaw, piecing blue eyes and a confident swagger that made all of the girls melt like butter when he strutted by them, me included.
His buttocks were so tight and muscular, they were like stone.
He was slightly pigeon toed due to his build, and moved like a young jungle cat, lean and lithe and easily.
All of this beauty had happened over the course of one year.
POW! and he was a man! This was mind boggling to me.
I look back and think how fortunate I was to witness this metamorphosis.
That's not all I was lucky to witness, either, that's for sure!

That year I became predatory, wanting him like a lioness wants prey.
I had snuck around, schemed and generally been on high alert - "accidentally" barging into the unlocked bathroom, or sneaking downstairs late at night when I knew he was up - hoping to get a performance.
Although he did yell at me in mid-crap a couple of times, and I did stub my toe on late night furniture.
Hopping around hissing curses at the fucking piano leg was when it came to me: A hole was what I needed!

In the evenings we both would retire to our respective rooms to study and mellow out, while our parents remained downstairs, my mom completing housework or reading a novel, my dad reading the evening paper.
They rarely came upstairs until late, and then, usually by the back staircase, which led from the kitchen directly to their room.
Our home was massive, and we basically had our own wing.
This meant we could do pretty much whatever we wanted. Tra-la.

The hole had been there for about a week when it all happened.

All week I had been in major heat.
I had been dressing up and teasing my pussy and generally being hot to trot, balancing on my chair perch on tender tiptoes, hoping, lusting, fingering, touching, dreaming, sniffing around his lair through my peep hole.
He was always in briefs or a robe, or his sweats.
I could see the massive bulge, but it wasn't doing anything, dammit!
I was getting really frustrated and drastically horny.
I had even shaved my lips and preened my little bush into the shape of a heart - this is how crazed I was getting.

That Friday night, I was in a pink lace pushup bra Jenny had left me, thigh highs and a pair of wicked four-inch heels, no panties anymore - they were in a ball by the dresser.
I was just hanging out enjoying being me when he came up the stairs and into his room.
I heard the lock hit the strike plate and ran over to the closet for a look.
This was the first time he had locked the door since I'd been watching.
This could be it!

I got up on the chair, not even bothering to kick off my ridiculously high shoes, and put my eye up to the hole, closing the other and wrinkling my nose to gain perspective.
His bed was over to the right and about fifteen feet away.
He was getting undressed, and when he removed his underpants and turned toward my wall, my breath caught in my throat and I almost came!
He had at least a ten-inch penis!

It was only partially engorged, but long and heavy and full with gathering blood.
His testicles were so perfectly rounded and hairless - they were as pretty as a pair of breasts.
A close tuft of blondish hair puffed up from around his member below his muscular tummy.
The underside of the shaft ran down a few inches over his sac in a fat, veined rod and then thickened just past the roundness of his sac into a massive, heavy, torpedo shape which ended in the exaggerated up-curved mushroom-like knob of his perfectly circumcised head.
I stared at him.
I loved the contrast of that thickening part and wanted it on my tongue!
The devil is always in the details, girls!

Still limp but growing, the roughly five-inch long "business end" hanging down past his balls was rising and lengthening in little jumps and starts.
His glans was a perfect, bulbous, shiny arrowhead, and was shaped like cupid's own.
My mouth just watered.
What a magnificent beast my brother was!
I squirmed.
He closed his eyes and stroked it a few times, pumping it up to near-full mast.
The superb head was reddening and now stood almost a foot from his lower abdomen!
A few more strokes and it jerked and spasmed its way upwards, the head now almost resting in the little hollow between his pecs!
Gawd it was huge!
I wondered if he could blow himself!
Oh, I genuinely hoped so!

I leaked spunk like a river as I tried to possibly conceive of that massive organ inside of me, filling me, pumping me, ripping me apart with ecstasy.
In my cunt, in my mouth, in my asshole, too.
Could I fit my hand around it?
How much could I take into myself and how long would it take, inch by thick inch?
Would it feel like a banana?
Probably more like a whole bunch!
Would my little mouth be able to engulf it to suck him off?
These were the questions swirling around in my mind as I observed the massive object of my desire.

It would hurt me, that was for sure.
Although I had inserted all manner of objects and fruits, technically I was still a virgin.
I was looking at bloodshed, right in the face, but I needed to have him inside my body so badly, I can't even explain it here.
You have no idea.
My vagina began to loosen, involuntarily as if to ready me, and my knees shook.
Before the year was out, I wanted to have that cock crammed so far inside of me that it would cum out my mouth!
As it turned out, I wouldn't have to wait that long!
No indeed!

As I continued to watch him, he readied himself for masturbation.
He reached under the bed and got out a Penthouse magazine and a tube of hand soap.
Lying on the floor next to the bed, more or less facing me, he began to thumb through the magazine, obviously looking for a certain picture.
He stopped on a photo spread of a girl who actually looked a lot like me, same hair and features and figure, pretty much, and he stroked himself, teasing his cock and balls while he steadily gazed at her, the magazine open on the floor near his shoulder.
She was on her back, knees up, middle finger in her vagina, other hand at a breast, head back, and glowing with the gleaming patina of sweat in an obviously-real, honest-to-goodness orgasm.
The picture turned me on even more.

He caressed and played with himself for a few minutes, teasing that perfectly rubbery head and then his testicles and the shaft where it narrowed, in front under the meatus.
He teased and tugged and tickled gently, firmly, with the fingertips of both hands.
He milked a big glob of precum from the meatus.
He diddled a finger in it, then tasted it before he swirled it around the head with a fingertip, lubricating himself.
I watched him, all the while squirming and leaking cunt juices, but afraid to move, lest I alert him.
My cunt begged for a touch, but I'd masturbate later; it was these images I wanted.

And I was getting an eyeful!
He paused and reached back under the bed behind him.
To my utter and complete surprise, he produced a pair of my panties and began to sniff and snuff them!
This completely blew my mind!
I remembered that pair from a year or so ago and had wondered where they had gone!
They were cute cotton ones with horizontal yellow stripes and very low cut.
He picked a nice pair, all right.
He had purloined them and had been using them to masturbate to my smell!
Oh, glorious god! This aroused me so highly that I shifted position and began to give my clit a series of steady, heavy wanks, holding on to the clothes rod with my left hand for support, keeping my eye on Scott.
I was literally dripping on my shoes and the chair!
He'd love to have this chair, I remember thinking, and stifled a snicker.

He placed my panties over is head so that his nose was in contact with the crotch pad and breathed deeply as he lay on his back, knees up, reaching for the soap, squirting some on his palm.
Then, slicking it up and down on his massive cock and around the head, he began to stroke its length, firmly, his other fingertips going to the underside of his balls, where they tickled.
The sound was really loud!
He pumped that thing like a pro, let me tell you.
Fast and firm and hard, with a steady rhythm - slickety-slick slickety-slick.
His ass lifted and his left hand went under there and fondled his smooth, hairless buttocks, caressing, teasing, then firmly grasping the muscular heft of a hanging cheek.
A fingertip pressed on his anus, probing and exploring.
His head turned to the side and he breathed the odor of my juices from those panties, eyes shut, the fabric moving in and out with his quickening breath.
He was breathing like an enraged bull.
He moved the panties aside and deeply snuffed the fingertip that had rested against his anus, smearing it around on his nostrils.
Then he returned the crotch of the panties and his hand busied itself elsewhere.
He pinched his hairless nipples and pulled them way out, twisting them.
The whole time, he kept that slickety-slick rhythm with his right fist, that beautiful cock of his filling his palm like a big pink piston, all steaming and slick and veiny and red and soapy and musky and smooth and rippling.

Each stroke covered the entire shaft from base to head - and he was so long that he had to really work at it - this was a hard effort!
The whole scene was so masculine that I was almost frightened by its blatant and frank physicality - like the first time you see a horse up close and touch it and its skin quivers, or like watching a wrestling match in person for the first time, with all of the cheering and echo and confusion surrounding the controlled, tightly-knotted fulcrum of the two combatants on the mat as they struggle as one.
I had always loved the "maleness" of boys - always having been a "girl's girl" for masculinity - and this scene sent me head over heels, believe me; it was just magical to see.
I felt breathless, a little weak and very very feminine.
Here was a real man completely lost in powerful, muscular, wet, pumping, machine-like masturbation, and I was seeing every detail, from the taughtness of his forearm and biceps, to the way his legs swayed and moved and bucked in response, to how his feet arched and his toes shot out and then curled.
Some muscles went taut, while others hung slack, then they'd reciprocate, and spring back and forth - tight-loose-tight-loose, bouncing like electric rubber.
It was just deliciously-physical, beautifully-brutal.

He was really going for it, and by now, so was I - I had given up on waiting for memories and had begun to seriously masturbate my vagina for all it was worth, sighing, panting, the chair creaking a little as I spread my four inch heels apart and pouted out my little behind, rocking as much as I dared.
As I watched, he inserted a soap-slick finger into his anus and felt around, swishing it.
Suddenly he reddened and changed his rhythm and his back arched.
All of his muscles went super solid, making his athletic frame freeze in a giant's muscular spasm, his smooth legs like some kind of beautiful meat machine, the hamstrings bulging, his butt clinched tight, his right hand pumping, now closer to the purpling head, his six pack abs roiling and rippling like an earthquake in the California hills.
He removed the finger from his butt, whipped the panties off and came, like a spurting hose right onto his chest and throat!
There was so much sperm, it was like a river of frosting on his skin - so white and thick and jelly-like.
The next one hit his chin and open mouth, covering his opened lips and teeth and tongue and his nose.
He craned his neck forward and crunched his hips up, and the tip was less than a tongue's length from his mouth and eager lips!
He began to lick the cum from around the glans and below, swirling and rasping the squirting organ.
Finally as I watched in amazement he engulfed the entire head of his own beautiful cock in his mouth!
I could see his tongue working in there, darting and circling the swollen head as his hand continued to pump and pump the sperm from his orgasming cock!
This was staggering, I could not believe my eyes!
Finally, smiling, and moaning, he fell back flat, exhausted and spent.
"Mmmm. Paula!", he grunted, "Ohhhhh, god!"
I'm not sure what happened next, because seeing him actually place his mouth on his own penis and hearing him speak my name like that, I came super-hard!
Crying out and losing all muscular control, I fell off my perch onto the floor, everything in my closet following me in a huge crash!

He had to have heard me - and certainly the crash! Holy shit!
Still completely wracked with orgasmic waves, I was now in a slow-motion panic.
Still cumming inside spastically, my breath coming in short, panting cries, I rolled, scrambling to my hands and knees, unhurt but shaking.
One heel was on, I noticed dimly, the other one must be someplace.....
The floor of my room in front of my closet had been reduced to a pile of rubble, which was swaying and spinning in my daze.
I had come like the erupting Vesuvius! And there I lay amid the ruins!

Before I could even think about gaining my feet, I heard Scotty's door unlock and he pushed into my room, seeing me and then glancing at the mess, then back to me, then to the overturned chair.
Traces and blotches of cum still specked his lip corners and nostrils, where he couldn't yet quite get a moustache.
He paused, briefly, knowingly, for what seemed like a year in my nakedness, and surveyed the closet, and the chair and me and his mouth fell open, wordlessly.....and he began to smirk, and to shake a finger (the anal one), and entered my room, accusingly.

He'd donned a robe, and as he knelt to help me, it fell open in front and that gorgeous cock swung out right in front of my face.
Without a word I grabbed for it and hugged him nearer, my other arm circling around behind him.
He was so surprised he couldn't react in time, and I kissed his sweet glans, my tongue coming out to taste the saltiness that was smeared there.
He let me.
It was soapy and I choked, spitting out the bitterness as he began to laugh and collapsed on the floor next to me, truly unable to control his convulsions.
He hadn't pulled away though - it was a good sign.

I spoke first. "Sorry", I said, downcast, "I was spying on you".
Then, accusingly, "I cannot believe you stole my panties you worm! And you said my name as you came?!
And you can suck your own dick?!?, what the fuck?!?" What could he say?

He drew up, composing himself, defensive, becoming the bratty little brother I knew and loathed.
"Nice getup!", he retorted, "what are you all dressed up for? And nice twat cut! Hey, a heart, how original!
And what were you doing watching me anyway?"
With the last syllable he pushed my upper arm with his toes, rolling me over slightly.

I rolled back, leaning on an elbow, enjoying the repartee, "The same thing you were doing, big boy, what do you think?"

"And how long has that hole been there, Paula?", he was gesturing an accusing thumb at the closet.

"Oh, long enough - about a week I think", I smirked, my eyes shining, the lust returning, "I had to catch you in the act! And boy did I!"

"Yeah", he said looking down and grinning and blushing, "you sure as shit did, didn't you?"
We both heaved a sigh.

Here there was a very long and awkward pause.
Would I continue to be the accusatory big sister and send him off to his room to return my panties with my hands on my hips?
Or would I just grab him and use that body of his like a play-toy?
Would he keep playing the bratty little brother and stomp off to his room, slamming the door?
Or would he clean off the hand cream and have some fun?

I reached out a finger and dabbed it at his cock.
It sprang to life again as he turned and closed and locked my door, trapping us inside.
He let his robe fall to the floor as he turned, partially covering the rubble.
"We'll worry about that mess later." he declared, standing before me.
A smile played across my lips as I arose, kicking off my one pump and got a tee-shirt and began to wipe off his massive dick.

It hardened as I wiped and stroked it.
And our attitudes softened.
I pressed my nubile softness to him, feeling his unyielding hardness against my willing, supple body.
His cock rose to between my round breasts and I trapped it there, between us.
I held him there, and he held me.
And all I asked was that he merely be gentle.
I leaned up and smiling slightly, licked some of the cum from his mouth and nose.
I let my tongue play around and then went to his neck and throat to get whatever was there.
He was moaning and reacting, awkwardly, trying to kiss my neck, too.
He scored a direct hit - and the shivers that shot through my body made me pause and smile and squirm, before I met his soft lips head on and we began to kiss, passionately.
He was an awesome kisser, probably from pulling tongue all night in junior high I thought.
We held one another and kissed for a while, eventually letting our lips part and out tongues explore, intimately and sweetly, then more torridly.
Breathing hard, I broke away, his mouth following me.
I turned to the side and pushed him back and knelt down before his majesty.
His cock was so big it poked me in the eye.

"Where in the hell did you get this fucking thing?", I implored him, not taking my eyes off of it, even for a second.
Before he could answer, I had my hands on it.
They didn't quite go all the way around its girth, which was about two bananas.
I grabbed and stroked up and down with both hands, keeping my eyes on that head as it moved around.
My mouth moved closer and his hands gently moved to my jaw and guided me forward.
I opened wide and closed my eyes.

It was so unbelievable!
It was so so very very smooth and slippery with my spit, and itsmelled and tasted great - all musky and rank - just like the sex organ of any male animal should!
He had come from practice and hadn't showered yet!
I wrapped my tongue around and around the head and upper shaft as my hands continued to masturbate and pump, drinking in his strong, heady odor with nostrils wide open.
There was no way I could get any more of that thing in my mouth.
I didn't have a small mouth, but he was so big around it brought tears to my eyes and my jaw ached sharply from the stretch.
He held my head by the ears with his palms and began to pump into me.
I moved one hand up by my lips to check his motion and keep from gagging.
It was ridiculous how little of his cock I was eating; I looked down the length and there were a full six or seven inches still showing!
With my free hand I reached to the underside of his balls and rubbed a fingertip there, where I had seen him do it.
This tickle made him buck and moan, so I kept on.
Meanwhile, his hands worked their way down to my hefty breasts and each hand took one.
He gently and firmly kneaded their fullness and massaged me into a small orgasm, much to my surprise.
I paused, moaning and shaking a little.

He seemed to sense an opportunity and used his palms on my erect nipples, pushing them in and turning in a circular motion that very definitely made me come.
I smiled lasciviously as I removed my mouth from his manhood, "Mmmmmm, oooooooh!", I purred
"You made your big sister cum, sporto!"
He liked that, and replied that it was the least he could do, he'd jerked off on me so many times!
I laughed aloud and spanked his hot butt.

I grabbed that dick again, and used its fullness to massage my breasts.
Its slippery surface ran over them like a hot knife through butter, making a dent that I could move around from one to the other.
I teased one nipple and then the other with the head and meatus, then I squatted down and licked all up and down his shaft on the underside with my tongue.
I closed my eyes and licked and sucked on that heavy thick part below the head for a while, feeling its soft firmness on my roiling tongue as my nostrils breathed in the heady funk of his musk and sweat.
His hands atop my head, he moaned and began to pump again, tightening his butt, and rising on the balls of his feet.
"Please, Paula", breathed, "give it to me. I want you so badly, I have for years - please, please, Paula, let me now..... Please?"

He had ended on such a pleadingly sweet note that I couldn't resist him.
"Okay", I said, "but lay down on your back, sport, I get to be on top of that thing!"

He lay down on his back and I lay down on my left side next to him.
We kissed and fondled, our eyes closed.
I guided his hands down to my shaven lips.
"There, sporto.", I said, "Get busy!
And you had better get me good and hot before you go in me because that cock of yours could hurt somebody!"

He understood and began to massage my vagina with one hand while the other circled around under me and pressed me to him by the small of the back.
Being in his complete control made me come a little more, and I just melted with femininity and surrender to this huge man.
He was so young and yet so tender and strong and in control of his powers.
It's a shame, I thought, that there was probably only one like this in the world, and I was related to him!
His fingers stroked my sopping mound and I gasped as a thick middle finger pushed into me, feeling and rimming my tender inner lips and sensitive canal opening.
He pushed it in further and I had that "full up" feeling, that is so satisfying.
There is nothing in this world like something in your cunt, let me tell you - especially when it has fingerprints and keeps moving around and rimming and probing and swirling in there.
The shaft of his finger was right where I needed it - on my clitoris, and I arched my back and pushed into it, his hand on my back helping until I was up on his right thigh and suspended over him, my breasts swinging freely into his face.

He moved me with his hands still in place and gained better access, licking and sucking them as he fingered me, now with two thick digits.
My legs were spread and my balance was gone.
He was playing me like a harp! I craned down and kissed his mouth, deeply, a french manicured hand holding his jaw and chin for balance.
"Wait up a minute", I said, "do you want to 69 for a while first?"
He rubbed a few more strokes then nodded his agreement and I got up and over him.

Continues in Part Two.