Monday, July 30, 2007

Lets Go

Written by Crispii (Jan 2000)

I go to a small place where the lights are dim.
Only men sit at the bar, telling stories, shooting darts. No other women are there.
I take a seat at the bar and have a few drinks, flirt with these older gentlemen, attract some attention with my short clingy dress and long, tan legs.

After awhile you come in and sit by me like we have never met.
You buy me a drink and after talking a little while you run your hand up my silky leg, edging your way up under my dress, along my thigh, feeling my soft, bare leg above the top of my stocking.
I pretend that nothing is happening but I am loving it. I feel my temperature rise.

John comes in and sits on the other side of me. He starts up a conversation, flirting with me, telling me what he'd like to do to me.
While your hand is sliding my dress up my thigh (all the old guys get a peek) John leans over and starts whispering in my ear and softly kissing me on my throat.
My whole body gets goose bumps and my pussy gets so wet.
You reach over and push my legs apart, slip your hand between my thighs.
You feel how wet my panties are.

John starts to work on the buttons on my dress and runs his hand in the top of my dress and caresses my nipples so they stand out like erasers.
He leans over and bites my nipple through my dress.
It shoots pleasurable pain directly to my crotch.
The poor old guys sitting across the bar are having a "hard" time with it.

I reach into your laps to feel both of your beautiful hard dicks that I can't wait to lick, suck, and feel both of them deep inside of me. . .
I can't take it any more.
I want to get fucked so badly that I would do it right there on the bar.
You grab me by the hand and lead me down the hall towards the men's room.
You unzip your pants and push me to my knees as you pull out your engorged dick.
I can't wait to get my lips around it.

I lick it slow and tease a little sweet juice out of it.
You are so hard I can hardly get my hot, wet mouth around it.
I stroke it, tasting it, teasing, not yet though. . .

I feel hands pulling me up to my feet.
John is behind me. He turns me around and kisses me while slipping my dress up in the back.
You tear off my panties and let them fall. You slip your hard dick between my legs.
My wet lips lubricate your hard cock, bumping my clit as John rubs me from the front. I gush with my first orgasm of the evening.

We all go get in the car, John drives and I sit on your lap.
You spread my legs apart, outside of your legs.
You pull my dress up and run your hands up my legs burying your fingers deep inside of me, teasing me and tasting your fingers.
You use your thick fingers to slowly fuck me; going down the road anyone can look in and see my glistening cunt.
John reachs over and unbuttons my dress and squeezes my nipples hard which makes me come once again.

Can't wait to feel what happens next. . .

We go to a friend's place where there is a pool and a hot tub. We all settle down on the patio couch for a drink or two.
John begins to kiss me and you run your hands up under my dress pressing my legs apart, tenderly teasing my soft wet lips, slipping a finger down my slit until I can't take it anymore.
John is kissing my throat, my breasts ache for attention. He unbuttons my dress and twists my nipples till they tingle. You sink to your knees, pushing my knees apart so you can attack my juicy slit.
You pull me to your mouth and slip your tongue up and down my wet lips, lightly tickling my clit with your tongue
squirm and beg you to stop, . . . don't stop.
I squirm with desire. I want to feel your hard dick inside of me.

You ask me if I want to get fucked and I beg you both to do it. "All you want to do is have a hard dick up your ass, don't you? You are a bad girl. Bad girls need to be spanked, don't they John?"
You pull me across your knee, holding my hands so I can't get away.
You lift my dress up, my tanned ass is exposed.

You ask me what I would do to get off. I'd do anything I say. You smack my ass and tell me that naughty girls aren't allowed to get off so easy. John spanks me with his open hand while you run your fingers in and out of my cunt, wetting your fingers to slip them in my ass.
You dare me to come, that you will spank me harder.
I can't stop, screaming and squirming with pleasure.

John stands up and removes his pants.
His hard glistening dick sticks straight up. You tell me to suck his dick good or you'll spank me again.
He sits on the couch and I kneel between his legs take his hard cock in my mouth. You sit in a nearby chair watching, unzip your pants and pull your hard dick out and begin stroking it.
You love watching me take him in my mouth giving him a blowjob like only I can. You can't wait to feel that tight pussy.

You drop your pants and get behind me. Slamming that hard dick deep inside me, fucking me so hard I can hardly concentrate. I love the way it fills me up, rubbing on my clit, hitting bottom, making me so wet that my juices flow down my legs.
I feel like I am coming all the while.
You begin to pump it harder while I grip it with my tight cunt.
Moving faster and I slam myself on your hard cock and you fill my hot pussy up with your sweet juice. mmm we're not finished yet.

We move out to the pool and immerse our hot bodies in the cool water.
My friend Susie comes homes and wanders out to the pool side.
She sees our naked bodies and she asks if she can join us.
I am willing to share.
She slips off her shirt and drops her pants. She is naked underneath.
Her body is beautiful in the moonlight.
She slowly walks into the water.
I move over to her and lead her onto the step.
I caress her breasts, kneading her nipples, lightly kissing them, biting them. They are erect like buttons.

I push her back and spread her legs. Rubbing her lightly between her blonde downy lips. I sit her up on the side of the pool, she leans back and spreads her legs apart and touches herself, inviting me to slip my tongue on her ready clit.

I tease her, sucking gently and she gasps with pleasure. She grabs my head and pulls my hot mouth to her wet slit.
I move my fingers to her wet pussy, dipping my thumb in her molten liquid. She sighs, squirms and comes all over my face.

Susie and I take you both into the bedroom and we stretch you out on her bed.
We spread warm oil on your back and knead it into your muscles. She starts on your shoulders and I work my way up from your feet. Stroking your leg muscles, taking all the kinks out.
I get to your sweet ass and give it special attention, spread your cheeks, and pour oil down your crack and onto your balls.
You roll over with your hard dick standing at attention. I slide over and sit on your face.
You lap my hot pussy, teasing it like you do and I lean over and deep throat your hot prick. You taste so good.

John takes on Susie ramming his hard thick dick into her waiting pussy while she leans over you and helps me tease your cock. I lean over and kiss her pretty mouth.
Moving my tongue, gliding it over her lips and tongue.
You guys are loving watching us.
John rolls onto his back and turns me around and slides me onto his hard dick.
You need a tight place to slam that hard cock, a really tight place.
You push me over, laying me on top of him. You move up behind me and spread my ass cheeks and lick your way from top to the bottom while he slowly moves me on his dick.

You are so close to my pussy and his dick. He reaches and twists my nipples.
Susie is watching and moaning softly. She finds her dildo and rams it into her juicing pussy.
She can't wait for her turn.
Lubricating my ass with oil you ease your dick into my asshole.
It is so tight and it feels so good with both of you inside me.
You feel his hard dick rubbing on yours and I can feel you both me inside.
Boy am I ready and it only takes us a few short strokes before I'm screaming and loving it.

Ohhh we all come together.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sandy's Ordeal

Written by Alison (Dec 99)

Sandy had been sitting talking to Anne, an employee in Le Restaurant, when the Manageress came in and told her that it was time she told her how and why she had ended up at Le Restaurant in the state she had.

"Why? I'm safe and have recovered - more or less. I don't want to talk about it."

"Nonetheless, you must. Otherwise it will haunt you for years," the Manageress insisted, "believe me, I know,"

Reluctantly Sandy started her tale.

It was the day after my visit to the Salon. I was feeling very horny, probably because my sex had been woken up but not totally satisfied, at the Salon.
I saw this notice that said something like "Feeling Horny? Feeling Adventurous? Want Sex with a Capital 'S'? Then contact Greg's Playground for a night you'll remember."
I thought that it'd settle me down, so I called the number and spoke with Greg, presumably. He told me to call in on the Saturday afternoon for a chat before being introduced to my - so-called - playmates for the evening.

I spent the next two days waiting keenly for Saturday afternoon, by which time my hair was just starting to grow back and was making me itch like crazy.
The rubbing was making me even hornier, and I just couldn't wait for Saturday evening.

Finally Saturday at four o'clock came and I was at the address Greg had given me. I knocked and was shown into an office and introduced to Greg. He outlined his perception of the set-up; I was to be 'playmate' to three men for the evening up till 3 a.m., then I could go home, I was to go along with whatever they wanted to do.

Like an idiot, I agreed, and was shown into what looked like a converted cellar where three men were waiting. They wore half masks - over their eyes and cheeks - and were introduced as 'George', 'Terry' and 'Dave'.
It was only then that it dawned on me that they were all going to be fucking me at the same time! I'd thought it'd be one at a time, in private. I began to get scared.

Sandy paused and Anne stroked her hand. The Manageress said,

"Go on, tell me everything. It will help in the end,"

I stood there, not sure what to do until 'Dave' told me to undress.
For 'inspection' he said. I took off my outer clothes but 'George' yanked my bra and panties off before I'd finished stepping out of my skirt.

Then all three of them took it in turns to 'inspect' me.
I hadn't registered that they were just wearing swim trunks till then.
They felt my tits, belly and backside, and then spread my legs for a detailed 'examination' of my cunt.
Despite my terror, I was turned on and I was damp. I remember 'Dave' commenting to the other two that I'd recently shaved down there as his finger explored me.
I responded to his rough-and-ready foreplay by nearly coming on his finger.
That was when I realised that I was their plaything - when 'Dave' swiped at me and told me I was a whore.
As punishment, he said, they'd strap me up to a frame and take turns in fucking me.

They dragged me to a frame and strapped me so my arms were at right angles to my shoulders and my feet apart enough to get at my cunt from back or front.
Then 'Terry' came up to me and, pulling his trunks down, jammed his prick into me.
It hurt and I yelled. He just rammed himself into me harder while 'George' lashed my back with a cane.

I realised the more noise I made, the more they'd hurt me, so I tried to keep quiet while 'Terry' tried to come in me.
He couldn't do it and in the end gave up and let 'George' have me.

'George' took a different approach, eating my red-raw pussy till I squirmed and then, pulling my bum back, came at me from the rear.
I was cumming over and over again but still 'George' hadn't had his fill of me. His hands stretched my buttocks apart so he could see himself and suddenly I felt a finger circling my back hole, pressing down.

I couldn't help it, I screamed,

"No! Don't! Not that! Please, not that. Anything else, but not that." 'Dave', who'd been stroking himself, watching, said, "Anything?"

I nodded. They took me out of the frame and 'George' carried me, his prick still inside me, to a bed.

I was pushed onto my knees and 'George' finally came in me.
Instead of leaving me, he motioned to 'Dave' to join him in finger-fucking me.
'Terry' thrust his cock into my mouth and I had to suck him.
They changed places at least twice and I lost count of how many times I'd come.
I was hurting, I'd been fucked that hard, but still they expected me to come when they stuck their cocks in me.

Then they got the whips out and tickled my tits with them. Then my belly. Then my cunt. Then my bum. They called me "whore" and took it in turns to hold me and whip whichever part of me turned them on; 'Terry' went for my bum, 'George' and 'Dave' my cunt mainly, though they lashed my tits too.

The men grew big again and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was being fucked all over again. Sure enough, they got tired of the whips and went back to fucking me.

'Dave' took me first, lying on his side. As I came close to getting him to come, I felt the other two grab me and I was pinned down on top of 'Dave' while 'George' pushed a finger up my back passage. Screaming, I protested that they had promised not to. 'Terry' said calmly,

"Oh no we didn't. We just asked you if you'd do anything. This is anything. Tough titties."

"She's all yours, 'Terry'," 'George' said when he was satisfied my hole would open.

At this point, Sandy couldn't help it, she cried. Retelling the ordeal was awakening all the terror she'd experienced at the hands of the three men. Anne cuddled her and even the Manageress relaxed enough to pat her hand.

"It's all right. You're safe here." Eventually, Sandy calmed down enough to continue.

I had to get out before I was truly raped. Up to that point, though it was far rougher than I'd expected, it was nothing that I hadn't wanted to do - well, maybe not the whips, but definitely all the fuck was OK.
I like fucking. That was why I'd gone to Greg's Playground in the first place.

But I am not into bum fucking. I don't want to know about it. So I had to get out.
'Terry' had to let go of me to change position and so did 'George'.
In that split second, somehow I wriggled free of all of them, off 'Dave''s prick and dashed for the door.

I didn't quite make it but, because the men had been tangled up with each other, I was able to snatch my coat before 'Terry' got to me. I bit him where it'd hurt the longest - on his balls - and he let go of me.

I dashed for the door and got through it before either of the others caught me. I shut it so hard that I think it locked. Anyway I was able to get out, and I ran.

I don't know how long I ran, but somehow I found myself hammering at the Salon door.
Finally the door opened and I was let in. Jeannette and Paul were there, but I wouldn't let Paul near me, so he went for you while Jeannette held me.

The Manageress said,
"Now you need to finish the healing, and have sex again."

"No," Sandy said, "I can't. Not yet. Its too soon."

"You will have to go home tonight, go to work tomorrow. It will be easier if you have pleasant memories." The older woman insisted gently.

Sandy's Healing

Anne held her lightly and traced Sandy's eyes and her mouth with her fingertips.
She gently slid down to Sandy's shoulders and kissed her full on the mouth.
As she did this, Paul quietly came into the room and the Manageress left.
Anne slid her hands over Sandy's loose-fitting top, feeling the bare breasts beneath. Sandy whimpered,

"Mm, nice."

Anne eased the top off the bruised woman, then her skirt, exposing all the marks left by the men to Paul who was standing behind Sandy. He winced at the rawness of the whip marks but did not move closer yet. He knew it would take time.
Anne kissed the nipples and gently kneaded them till they stood proud.
Sucking on each breast in turn was turning her on, but she was a server now, intent on giving pleasure first and foremost. She let her hand drift to Sandy's lap, and tickled the top of her mound. Feeling safe, Sandy relaxed her thighs enough for Anne's hand to slide down to tickle the top of her slit.

Sandy felt her bud start to open, felt the wetness start to come, and let the feelings wash over her. She allowed Anne's hand to slide freely down and up her slit, teasing her outer lips, darting in between them only to withdraw again.
She enjoyed the feelings that were being created in her, and was quite happy to let them continue forever. Suddenly Anne dropped to her knees and nuzzled her face into Sandy's thighs.
Anne's lips covered Sandy's mound and her tongue darted out to touch the opening bud of Sandy's clit.

Sandy jumped, then relaxed again.
It was safe. She was safe. Anne caressed Sandy and felt the thigh muscles relaxing, so she eased the woman forward to the edge of the chair so she could reach her better. Head buried in pussy, Anne didn't see Sandy's eyes widen as she saw Paul for the first time since the previous night. He smiled at her and whispered,

"I see you are enjoying yourself. May I join in?"
Taking her silence as a 'yes', he lightly covered Sandy's face and neck with kisses.
The double assault tipped her into orgasm and she bucked against Anne's face as she came.

Paul carried on kissing her as she subsided, and gradually his hands strayed where Anne's had done earlier.
Sandy didn't stop him, even when she saw his bulge getting bigger.
Anne came and sat on the arm of the chair and kissed and fondled her breasts as Paul meandered down to Sandy's hot cunt.
His hands were gentle as he parted her outer lips to plant a long kiss on the inside.

"More!" Sandy whispered.
So he planted more kisses, each one deeper until he was actually sucking her. Lifting his mouth off her eventually, Paul slid a finger around and across her wetness and then into her. Again she bucked, but Paul waited. She relaxed and he moved his finger slowly in and out.

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

Faster and faster.

Faster and faster.

In and out.

Faster and faster.

Sandy moaned,

"Fuck me! Fuck me please! I need you! PLEEEEASE, FUCK ME "

"I will, but first some more cum for you." Paul replied quietly as he manipulated her bud till it blossomed again.
She came violently against his hand, and he held her cunt while the tremors went down.
Then, very gently, he slid his cock into her already-overheated hole.
He fingered her clit - tormenting her sensitive skin till she came again without him thrusting once into her.

Anne leant over and suckled Sandy's breasts deeply as Paul began to move. Sandy's hand strayed to Anne's cunt and found it hot and wet. She knew what she wanted to do; suck Anne as Paul fucked her.
Somehow she had to tell her without stopping Paul's cock.

"I want you on my face. How?" she murmured to Anne.

Anne thought, and then told Paul to pull Sandy onto the thick carpet. He did and Sandy found Anne hovering over her face.
She pulled Anne's buttocks down so that her pussy was on Sandy's mouth and began exploring it as Paul lifted her legs to thrust deep into her.

As Paul thrust into her, Sandy's tongue darted into the sweetness of Anne.
All three were getting fantastic pleasure from this fuck-session, but Sandy knew she wanted to have Paul take her from the rear, to erase completely the ordeal of the previous night, so she pushed Anne over, wriggled free of Paul - only to kneel across Anne's pussy, legs parted and cunt inviting.

Bending her face to Anne raised her bottom higher and Paul re-entered her wetness.
His cock touched the hard trigger within her and she was soon panting, trying to suck Anne without stopping to savour her pleasure.

"Fuck me, damn you. Fuck me. I need you to - ohhhhh, oh my Goooood, yes, yessss, more. More, ohh yes, yes, YESSSSSS, YESSSSSSSSSS!"

Sandy was screaming into Anne as she felt her climax arrive and she just had to break free of Anne's hands to call her pleasure.
Paul added to it by pressing her clit hard against his moving cock and Sandy was soon calling out,

"Oh yes, Paul! I need you. I want you. Fuck me hard.
Harder - faster. Faster. Yesss. Yesss. FUCK ME now. Right now. Oh yeeesssssss. Now. Oh-oh-oh-oh-ohh!"

Sandy bucked hard against Paul as she came. She felt him cum too, deep in her. It was so satisfying.

All she had to do was to satisfy Anne, whose hands had strayed to her pussy while Sandy had been enjoying the last bit of fuck with Paul. Pushing those fingers away, she delved deep into the other woman and soon had her writhing in ecstasy.
Sandy enjoyed the feel of the woman beneath her, and slid a finger into the cunt hole to add to the stimulation.
Suddenly Anne clenched her muscles around that finger as she bathed Sandy's face in cum.

A long while afterwards, Sandy realised that the Manageress was right. It had helped to fuck in kindness.

She'd never forget Greg and his infernal Playground, but she wasn't quite as terrified now.
She could go home, but she would return to Le Restaurant. Soon.
Very soon.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Written by Ms. Neb (Nov 99)

It was late, after one in the morning, when I woke up.
I'm not sure what it was, maybe a distant train, the cat, who knows.
A few moments later I realized that my husband was still not in bed.
I heard him tapping on the computer in the other room. I understood his dedication to working late but this was ridiculous.
I got out of bed and put my robe over my short nightgown and went to see what was keeping him.

When I got to the doorway of the extra bedroom that we had converted to an office, the back of the office chair was facing me.
I could easily see the large computer monitor.
The screen had a spread sheet on it but another window was open over it that took up almost the entire screen.
Inside that window was some kind of moving image.
I knew that it had nothing to do with work because the movie, of marginal quality, was of some blonde gal sucking some guy's cock!

'What the hell is THAT?' I called out.

My husband was so startled, he practically fell out of the chair.
He turned to me, collected himself and calmly closed the pornographic window.

'Geez! Don't sneak up on me like that!' he responded.

'From the looks of things, I should sneak up on you more often. What was that you were watching? Put that back up there. Let me see that.'

With guilt-ridden and apologetic tones he suggested that it I might prefer not to see it.
Pressing him further, it seems that he wanted to spare my virtuous sensibilities by not exposing me to such trash.
That just irritated me so I insisted.
He put it back up and let it play to the end.

It was an amateur video clip of an attractive blonde giving a guy a blowjob.
The view was so close that only his cock and her head could be seen.
The clip ended with him expelling an impressive amount of ejaculate, mostly in her mouth and the rest on her lips and face.
She then, shall we say, seductively savored the experience.

Now I am not a prude but I must say that I'm not a great fan of pornography.
I consider myself pretty sexually progressive and I am no stranger to giving enthusiastic oral sex but I will have to admit, the girl in the video went beyond anything that I had ever done.
I didn't let on but I was feeling the tingly beginnings of arousal between my legs.

Without mentioning any of the details depicted in the video I asked, 'Why are you watching that when the 'real thing' is in the next room?'

'Aw honey, that's different. She's just some slut and you''re..'

'What!', I snapped. 'I'm what.'

'I dunno. You're just not a slut. That's all.'

'Am I was supposed to take that as some kind of compliment?
So just because I am not a 'slut', sex with me can't be that raw and uninhibited? Is that it?'

The conversation continued along those lines for a few minutes.
He kept stammering and fumbling about how sex with me was special and sensual, not 'dirty' or 'nasty'.
Finally, I had had enough.

'Listen. Who you do it with and with how many makes you a slut. It's not what you do.
So get off you God damned high horse.
Are you suggesting that I am incapable of plain, hot, passionate, lustful sex? Well Iâve got news for you, you dumb shit!'

With that statement, I spun him around in the office chair.
I dropped my robe and then my nightie.
I pride myself in my good figure and the flickering glow of the monitor highlighted all the curves in all the right places.

I reached for the waste band of my husbands sweat pants and slipped them off easily, right along with his underwear.
His semi-rigid cock flopped up against his abdomen. (As many times as I have seen his impressive penis, that first look always makes me take a deep breath.)
I told him to just sit there. He was not to touch himself.
I began to sensually dance in front of him.

My hands softly caressed my hips, my waste, and eventually my breasts. I rubbed and pinched my nipples while running my wet tongue around my lips.
I was looking at him for his reaction when I lifted my breast up and began licking my nipple to a tight erection.
He was enjoying it all right. His cock had swollen to its fullest length and girth.
Clear pre-cum was seeping abundantly from the pulsating tip and trickling down the shaft.
His breathing was very heavy and he was watching every move I was making.

I laid down on the floor.
The light from the monitor cast long shadows over my body.
I lifted my legs up and spread them wide open and began to caress my inner thighs.
The cool air against the moist separated lips of my pussy sent shivers of excitement through my entire body.
I knew that I would be literally dripping juices from my pussy at any moment. I started talking dirty to him like that 'slut' in the clip would have if there had been any sound.

'Oh, baby! I love when you touch me here, on my pussy. See?
See how excited I am for you. Can you see how badly I want you?
Can you see how wet my hot cunt is for your touch? For your kiss? For your cock?'

I knew that this was having the desired effect.
I kept it up. It wasn't difficult, especially considering that I was turning myself on immensely.

'Oh! Right here. I want to feel your tongue right here, where my fingers are. Yes! Oh, I am so fucking wet!
I want you inside of me. Like this. Like my fingers are!'

I had slipped two fingers deep into my pussy and was now thrusting them in an out.
The wet sounds of my masturbating were easily heard.
It wasn't long before I could smell the scent of my wetness.
I withdrew my damp fingers from my pussy and rubbed the dripping tips over my nipples.
I made repeated trips between my open legs and my nipples.
After the last one, I brought my coated fingers to my mouth and as seductively as I could, slid them over my lips. Then I slowly licked my lips and my fingers.
My wetness was so deliciously sweet and slippery. The scent was equally wonderful.

With my fingers deep into my pussy once again, I resumed my arousing talk, my lips still sticky with my wetness.

'I'm going to make myself come for you baby. I am going to fuck myself right in front of you until I come!'

My fingers were thrusting wildly now. Regularly, I would rub my soaked fingers over my hard clitoris, racing myself towards orgasm.

'Is this is what a slut would do? Would your slut fuck herself for you just like this?'

I couldn't keep talking at this point.
I was too close to my orgasm. I began to loose myself to my climax.
I just kept writhing on the floor, fucking my pussy with one hand and rubbing my aching breasts with the other.

My orgasm came quickly.
I closed my legs tightly, trapping my hand between them, assuring that my fingers would remain deep inside me throughout the entire set of convulsions.
I twitched and quivered, thrashing my head from side to side.
My fingers were grabbed and squeezed each time my pussy tightened in ecstasy, drenching them in my cum.

When it was all over, I laid there for just a moment to compose myself. Then it was time to resume the show.
I removed my dripping fingers from my pussy, releasing a nasty wet sound.
I stood and began walking toward my stunned husband who was just sitting there with his mouth dropped open.

With a seductive saunter, I stepped to him.

'Close your mouth honey. Someone might stick something in it.'

He wasn't fast enough.
I stuck my fingers into his mouth and then slid them about his lips like a painter would apply paint in broad sloppy strokes.
His lips glistened with my cum in the flickering monitor light.

I sat on him, straddling his lap.
I took hold of his engorged precum slicked cock with my sticky fingers and began pumping him.
I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue past his slippery lips and deep into his mouth.
It was so wonderful to taste my own juicy excitement from my husband's face.
We kissed wildly until my taste was completely diluted with our saliva.

When we stopped kissing I said, 'Is that what a slut would do? Would a slut come for you like that and then kiss you like that, right through her cum?'

He was speechless.

'Well I'm not so sure but we do know one thing now don't we. We do know that a slut would suck a guy's hard cock until he came all over her.
Right honey?'

With that, I slipped off my husband's lap and squatted between his legs. The evaporating juices felt wonderful on my pussy.
With an open-mouth smile, his cock bobbed against my face and lips leaving threads of precum that connected us.
I twirled my fingers over the head of his dick, smearing his juices evenly over the entire length.
I took him straight into my mouth without any pretense of teasing. The swollen crown rested comfortable at the back of my throat.
I twisted my head back and forth causing my tongue to glide almost completely around his pulsing cock. I made sure that my mouth was very wet with saliva thus making sure the whole experience was all the more enjoyable.

I let the wet cock slip from my mouth.
I brought extra attention to the long thread of precum that connected us by pulling my head back until it broke, leaving a streak on my neck and breast. I licked his balls, making sure they were as equally wet.
I took long slow licks up from his balls all the way to the head of his cock.
Each time I slid my tongue up his length, his lubricating juices oozed out and smeared against my cheek. I don't know if any of this was 'slut' behavior but I sure was enjoying myself.

My goal was to out-slut that girl in the video clip and so it was now time to bring my husband to orgasm.
I alternated between sucking him deep into my mouth and sliding my wet lips up and down his complete length. Whenever his cock wasn't in my mouth, I tried to encourage him by talking.

'That's it honey. Fuck my mouth with your hard cock.
I want to feel your long dick pressing deep at the back of my throat! Fuck your slutty wife's mouth.
Come for me baby. I know you're close. I can feel it in your balls. I can feel your cock getting ready to shoot your cum for me.'

I could tell that my sucking and talking was doing the trick. His cock was so very hard and warm.
It liberally flowed with precum. I began stroking him over the edge and kept talking.

'That's it honey. Come for me. I want to see your hot sticky cum squirt out of your hard fat cock and shoot into my mouth!
Don't you want me to, like that girl in the video? Don't you want me to feel your warm cum in my mouth and on my face? I'm ready baby. I want it. Yes! That's it! Come for me baby!'

He certainly did! A thick white stream of semen leapt from his cock and shot right into my mouth.
It instantly felt warm and thick and sticky in my mouth and on my tongue.
I loved the taste, the thick texture and the musky smell of his cum.
Another spurt burst from his erupting cock, this time spattering my lips and streaking up my cheek to just below my eye. It was so wonderfully warm and wet against my face.

I slid his spurting cock into my mouth and closed my sticky lips around the hard pulsing member. I felt each successive twitch spurt more cum against my tongue that was pressed hard against the crown.
As best as I could, I sucked him in and out of my mouth until he was done filling my willing mouth with plenty of thick cum.
I made no attempts to swallow.

Only when there was no more to be had did I let his still hard cock slip from my lips but I was not through yet.
I just ignored the huge amount of cum that filled my mouth and kept caressing and kissing him.
I opened my mouth and extended my tongue through the gooey cum and began licking around the head.
White sticky cum stretched across my teeth and lips and bubbled around his cock.
I slid him back into my mouth deeply causing his semen to collect all around my lips.
Cum dripped and hung from my chin. Some fell to my breasts.
I opened my mouth as wide as I could with him still deep between my lips.
I drew him out and a thick sticky band of cum mixed with saliva connected the back of my tongue to his coated cock.
I rubbed his slippery dick back and forth across my lips, smearing cum everywhere.

The opening and closing of my mouth during the process made my lips sticky with bubbled cum.

The last gestures in this act excited my husband to the point were I though he would have another orgasm.
I leaned back and rested with my elbows to the floor. I was completely naked.
My legs were open, open exposing my pussy that had dribbled plenty of my juices to the floor.
My face was slick and sticky with cum.

A few strands clung to my chin. My breasts were wet in a few spots too but surprisingly, my mouth was still filled with an impressive amount of my husband's ejaculate.

I opened and closed my mouth as if I was mouthing the letter 'P'.
Cum made my lips stick just a bit. Each time I used my tongue to slip the cum and saliva mixture from my mouth. I didn't care where it went.

I just let it slide over my lips and from the corners of my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide, again showing my husband what remained of what his cock had squirt into me.
In a very un-lady-like way, I slid my extended tongue, coated in a white film, around and around my lips.
Eventually, the only cum in my mouth was whatever remained coating my mouth and tongue. Then I swallowed for the first time.

Now it was time to reverse the process.
In a teasing and playful way, I collect his cum from my body with my fingers and licked it all.
I made sure that I used exaggerated movements.
I slid his cum around my nipples before taking my sticky fingers into my mouth.

I was sure to create long threads from my chin to my fingers before licking then clean.
When I was completely finished I was still pretty wet and I smelled strong with the mucky scent of my husband's cum.

'So how was that?' I asked through wet lips. 'Still need some grainy computer picture to get you off?'

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Job

Written by Jesse (Nov 99)

It was my first semester of college.
I had just gotten out of high school and wasn't looking forward to starting school again.
I had been accepted to a University in the neighboring city.
I didn't think I was ready to start college just yet, but I knew if I didn't start right then, I might never start.
So, I toughed it out and made it through mid-semester. I was totally burnt out.

I hated school and I hated my job. I had been at my job since my Sophomore year in high school and I needed to get out.
I wanted to find a job near campus that wouldn't demand as many hours as my current job had. I also needed to find a better paying job.

Time flew by and before I knew it, there were only three weeks left in the semester. I was still burnt out and pissed off. The only thing good that happened for me was my 19th birthday.
I had gotten an electric guitar which would give me a new hobby to learn. I needed new things in my life. From that point on, things started to look up; newer and better things would happen.

I was in a discussion group for my Psychology class one day. I had finally found a proctor (tutor) that I could understand. She explained the chapters really well and I actually learned for once in that class. I had been struggling all semester, but I managed to keep a B-.
The discussion session was my first with her, and after it was over, I felt I knew the material for the first time.
I got my first A on the quiz for that chapter. From then on I went to all her sessions and my grade picked up.

She was an excellent speaker and very easy to understand. Plus she was very easy on the eyes. She was 5'5", about 95 lbs., with sparkling blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair. Her smile could light up a room, and she wore it often during her sessions.
Her gorgeous smile helped with her lectures, it made her look much more friendlier than the other Proctors.

After her session on the last chapter, I stayed to talk to her and thank her for helping me understand psychology.
She asked me if I would be interested in being a Proctor the next semester. I told her it would be a miracle to get an A in the class, which is required to become a Proctor. She was surprised that I didn't have an A.
She said I seemed really smart and intelligent. I don't like to boast, but I am.
Psychology is not a hard class, but it requires a lot of time to be put into it.
I didn't have that time, which made the class difficult for me. I explained that to her and she understood and offered to help me get an A.

I took her up on the offer and starting the next day, we would meet for lunch everyday and go over the material.
Finally the semester neared an end. That was also bad news 'cause it meant, FINALS. I needed to get 100% on the Psych. final to pull an A in the class. I didn't want to become a Proctor, but I had to promise that I would if I got the A in the class.
Well, I pulled the miracle off and managed to ace the final and get an A in Psych.
I gave my tutor a hug to say thank you. She handed me an application for a Proctor job. I filled it out and handed it back to her. I told her I'd see her next semester.

I got a call two weeks later from the Psych. Professor. She wanted me to come into her office the next day. I went into her office the next morning. She told me that I had gotten the job.
I was thrilled. Finally, a new job that was on campus and on top of that I got to work with the hottest female I'd seen on campus.
While I thanked the Professor, I heard someone walk into the room behind me. I turned to see who it was.
When I turned around, I saw my tutor. " Jesse", the Professor started, "I want you to meet Chyna - (finally I had gotten her name. I never got it before and I felt a little silly asking so I never did.) she is going to help you get started."
"Chyna, this is Jesse, our new Proctor" (I don't think I had given her my name either.)

Chyna quickly trained me and I was ready to go for the semester.
I liked my new job. It was very flexible, and the Professor understood my schedule. The thing I like most about the job was Chyna.
I especially loved working closing with her when it would be just her and I alone. We often flirted with each other.
We acted totally professional during hours of operation, but at closing we teased one another heavily. It was through these shifts that I got to know her.
I learned she was 25, which totally shocked me. She didn't look a day over 17. I thought she was at most, my age. She was also surprised at my age. She said I acted a lot older than 19, but I only looked no more than 18. We asked more questions about each other. We would occasionally throw in a question about romance and sex to keep our flirtation going.

One rainy night our flirtatious routine would grow. We had just closed the office and were getting ready to do the final day's work when Chyna had to get something from her car. She said she'd be right back. She ran out of the office. I started the final work.
I was just about finished when I noticed she had not returned.
I was about to go look for her when the door flew open and she entered the room shivering and completely soaked.
" What happened to you?" I asked.
" It's raining for one thing. When I ran out to my car and came back, the door was locked. So, I ran around to each door on the sides of the building until I finally found one that was unlocked". She explained.

She was freezing and I had to do something.
I had an extra coat in the closet that was not only warm, but long. It went down to my thighs, and I figured it would go down the her knees.
It would cover her well. I handed her the jacket and told her to take her clothes off and put the jacket on.
I was going to turn around as not to make her feel uncomfortable, but before I could, she ripped off her shirt, shoes and pants.

She stood there wearing only her black bra and panties.
The material clung to her body and gave a great visual. She had long silky legs, a nice tight ass, and medium sized, perky breasts.
She threw the jacket on and said thank you.
I told her that she didn't have to undress in front of me.
She said she trusted me and didn't mind. I didn't mind either. I told her to sit down and warm up while I finished work.

As I was putting folders away, I happened to look at a mirror on the desk next to me.
I had my back turned to Chyna and could not see her, but I did see her in the mirror.
She had stood up with her back to me as well. She unzipped the jacket somewhat and reached in with her hands, wrestled around a bit and pulled out her bra.
She then bent over, reached under the jacket and slid her panties down her legs.
I didn't get to see anything, but It was a major turn-on to know she had no clothes on under that jacket.

I turned around and Chyna was sitting back in the chair, not knowing that I had just seen her take her underwear off. I had finished the night's work and we left the office. I walked (ran) her to her car and we said our goodnights.
She then handed me her bra and panties.
" Keep these until I give you your coat back." She told me.
The entire night I could think about nothing else except seeing her in her underwear and then knowing that my jacket was the only thing covering her body.
The next night would heat up even more.

After we closed and finished up, Chyna asked me if I would mind staying a little later to talk with her.
I didn't mind at all. She was looking especially hot this night.
She wore a white botton-up shirt and tight black pants which showed off her features nicely.
She walked up to me as I sat in a chair.
I went to stand, but she put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into the chair.
She straddled me in the chair and said, " Thank you for being so sweet and making my days a lot easier to look forward to."

She then kissed me on the forehead. She went to stand, but I grabbed her gently on the hips and pulled her to me.
She leaned forward and I kissed her on the lips.
She pulled back for a second and then returned the kiss.
This time our tongues met and we dove into a long, passionate kiss.
She reached down, took hold of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

She stood up, walked over and dimmed the lights a bit.
I took off my shoes and socks. She kicked off her shoes and slid her pants down.
She looked awesome in the light with the white shirt riding high on her thighs. She slowly walked toward me while unbuttoning her shirt.

When she reached me, she squatted down between my legs undid my jeans, and pulled the down with my boxers. She took hold of my cock and put her mouth over the tip.
She licked around the head before taking it all the way into her mouth.
I was rock hard. My head was spinning with pleasure.
She bobbed her head up and down a few times and then jerked me off with her hand.

She then stood up, pulled her shirt off, and turned her back to me.
I reached up and undid her bra. She turned back to me and removed the bra and let it fall to the floor. I stood up and we embraced. We engaged in another kiss.
I picked her up, carried her to the chair and sat her down.
I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples. I then explored her chest with my lips and tongue. I worked my way down her sleek midsection and down to her legs.
I kissed the insides of her thighs as I put her legs over my shoulders.

I then removed her panties to see her wonderful love triangle which was covered by a thin sliver of pubic hair.
I spread her legs and went to work. I played with the lips before tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit.
She was going absolutely crazy.

She pushed my head away. Stood up, walked over to the desk, and bent over it. I walked up behind her.
She raised her glorious backside upwards. She reached for my jutting pole, guiding it to nestle among her silky-wet folds. " Give it to me", she demanded.

I spread her legs a little further and eased my blunt knob forward and slid easily into her sweetness with a lovely squishing sound.
I was amazed at how wet she was. I wanted to go slowly, to luxuriate in that velvety heat, to build myself up, but I just couldn't do it.
It was too joyous. Instead I just slammed into her slushy cunny like I was in heat.
The long sighs issuing from her mouth told me that Chyna had completely given herself over to the sensations now flooding through her body and transmitting themselves through the tip of my pistoning rod down through the shaft, to my very soul.

I pumped my organ in and out of her with rhythmic thrusts, completely filling her juicy well with every deep stroke. Again and again I drove my aching manhood into the nestling heat of her vagina, jerking my hips as she whimpered with the pleasure of making hot, passionate love in our office.

One of my hands ran over her quivering tummy and up to her pillowy breasts, groping the swaying, pudding-soft tit and the firm ripe nipple. This added stimulation sent Chyna over the edge.
Writhing in unbridled joy, her back arched, and she came, nearly sobbing with the great racking tremors of pure bliss.
Her inner walls began to pulse erratically gripping me wetly and firmly.
Now with Chyna achieving orgasm, I was free to concentrate on mine.

I banged my cock into her like a piston of a steam engine at full throttle. She was so hot, my cock felt as if it were being scorched by that deliquescent heat. In an instant I buried my cock one last time and came inside her.

I carried her back to the chair and sat down with her straddling me. We kissed again before she put her head on my shoulder and passed out from the pleasure.
We stayed that way for hours before getting dressed and heading back to my place where we stayed the rest of the night.
Since then we have had many more encounters.
Needless to say, I now look forward to college, especially when I have to go to work.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Want To Join In?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day of Discovery

Written by Anon (USA)(Nov 99)

It was around 11:30 pm, and Julia was lying in bed, trying to stay awake.
When they had gotten home from school that afternoon, her sister, Nikki, had asked to talk to her about something really important and private, as she had put it.
Nikki said she would wait until their parents were sleeping and then come to talk to her.
Julia didn't know exactly what it was about, but she imagined it had something to do with Nikki's new boyfriend, Aaron.

Nikki was only 16, and Julia was 19, so she frequently found herself being the confidant of her younger sister.
She had only met Aaron once before, but she had been impressed with his looks; a handsome face and great body.
As she started to think about Nikki and Aaron and this question that needed to be asked her mind started to wander.
She began to envision them together, Aaron slowly taking off Nikki's clothes while Nikki, being so young and unknowing, simply lay back and discovered it all.

Julia smiled. She got up out of bed and went to look at herself in the mirror, as she always did when she started to get aroused.
She was drop dead gorgeous and she knew it, and she loved watching herself in the mirror.
Short, layered brown hair that fell lightly around her face, piercing green eyes and a fantastic smile met her gaze in the glass.
She had thrown on her favourite nighttime apparel, a silver silk chemise that clung to her taught breasts and fell just to the tops of her thighs, and she followed the image down her tight, tanned legs to the floor.

As always happened at this point, she kept her gaze pinned on herself in the mirror, and, ever so slowly, ran her hand lightly down her body between her breasts and underneath her nightie.
She gently rubbed her smooth, shaved pussy, feeling her juices start to flow.
Her clit was hard, and she gently played her fingers around the area.
As the juice started to drip down her leg, she brought her hand to her mouth and rolled her tongue around her fingers, licking them clean.
She loved the taste of her pussy, and she longed for the day when she would taste another.
She heard footsteps in the hall.
She agonizingly pulled herself out of her daze as the door opened and Nikki came creeping into the room.

Julia was still in front of the mirror, trying to control her breathing.

'Hey, sorry for wating this late, I wanted to make sure they were asleep'

' That's okay sweetie. I was waiting. -' She smiled 'What do you nead to talk to me about?'

' Well, it 's about Aaron '

' That 's what I figured. Have a seat.'

Julia walked over and sat down on her bed, pulling the covers up to her waist, while Nikki followed but started pacing back and force in front of her.
Nikki had been to get ready for bed too, and she must have been distracted, because without realizing, she had come down to Julia's room wearing only a short, tight, white tank top, and black bikini underwear.
Julia had never realized she slept so scandalously.
But what an effect it produced.

Nikki was constantly being mistaken for 19 or 20 because of her full, alluring figure.
Her breasts strained against the tight cotton top, her pink nipples just visible through the cloth.
She was slightly taller than Julia, with slimmer hips and long, long, legs that reached up into her underwear, where a tiny, almost imperceptible mound of pubic hair was noticeable.
Her beautiful body was capped off by a striking face and blue eyes, with long, wavy blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and curled at the ends around her neck. Julia found herself captivated as she listened to Nikki's tale

Well, it started this morning. Aaron was different, somehow. When we first saw each other in the hall, he grabbed me with more force than usual, and pressed me to him.
He said he was 'very glad' to see me, and that he had a surprise for me at lunch.
Well, I could barely concentrate all morning, thinking I was getting something special, like roses, or something.
We met and he led me over to the student council office, which he had the key for.
Before I knew it we were inside, the door was locked, and we were kissing passionately. I was kind of uncomfortable, but after a few moments I couldn't control myself, you know?'

She paused, looking imploringly at Julia.

' Oh yes, I know. '

Julia was starting to get very warm.
Her nipples jumped up, and she could feel the soft, cool silk clinging everywhere on her body.
As she breathed the silk would gently fall up and down between her legs, every so lightly brushing her clit. Underneath the covers, she folded her legs and began rubbing them back and forth. Nikki didn't notice.

'Please, - said Julia, 'go on.'

Nikki took a deep breath and continued. Julia could see that her nipples were hard too, and her face was flushed.

Well, after we were kissing for a while, I could feel him undoing his jeans, and before I realized what was happening, he was moving me to my knees and guiding me to his pants.
He pulled them down, and there, right in front of my face, was his cock, very hard, and well, you know . . . '

Nikki let out a chuckle. 'Well, I had never done anything like that before, and I was feeling uncomfortable again. I said ' I don' t know' and he said ' C'mon, it 's okay. I want you to. Please.'

Well, in the state he was in I couldn't turn him down, so I thought back to all the gossip I'd ever heard around school as to what to do, and I slowly took it in my mouth.
I couldn 't believe how big he got after that, and his head filled my whole mouth. At first I just rubbed my lips around his head, but after he was wet from my mouth, I found myself moving faster and faster.
Soon, oh God . . . - Nikki paused and looked at the floor, and Julia waited expectantly, 'well, I guess if I want your help, I'm going to have to tell you everything.'
'Yes. Please.' Julia was trying to keep the wavering out of her voice.
She could feel her cunt dripping all over the sheets, but she didn't care.

Okay, well, soon I was totally loving it.
I stroked his cock with my tongue from top to bottom. I could feel it pulsing in my mouth, and I took the whole thing down my throat.
I could hear him moaning, which was an even bigger turn on. I ate his head while I pumped with my hand.
Then he said ' oh my God', and I knew it was almost time. I had never tasted cum before, and there was no way at that point I was going to stop anyway, I was liking it so much, so I thought, what the hell, and I swallowed his cock as he came.
I licked and rolled his dick around my mouth, and I could taste everything.

In his haste he moved and he slipped out of my mouth, and he starting pumping cum on my lips and face.
I simply jerked him with my hand as fast as I could, and let him explode on my lips as I licked it all up.
By the time he was finished I had cum all over my face, as well as a huge smile. I was feeling so hot right then, and I stood up and started to unbutton my pants, wanting him to do the same for me.
I didn't care where we were.
But, then, to my surpise, he simply pulled up his pants, said ' you better clean yourself off ' , and left. I was dumbfounded. I felt horrible; completely used. I sat for a few mins like that before I snapped out of it, cleaned myself up and left. -

At this point Nikki finally stopped her pacing, dropped down beside Julia on the bed, and turned to her with a look of confusion.

Why would he do that? Just use me like that? Doesn't he want me? -Julia had sat through the whole tale watching Nikki pace back and forth, watching her breasts bouce ever so slightly as she walked, listening to her beautiful baby sister tell her of loving a cock in her mouth.
She couldn't sit still any longer.
She moved over to Nikki, brushed a lock of blonde hair from her face, and tilted her chin to see into her eyes.

It 's okay Nik. It has nothing to do with you. Guys are like that sometimes. They don 't care that they treat you bad. I mean, sure, he's cute, but there are lot's of guys out there who know how to treat you better. You just have to find one.'

Now she gently stroked Nikki 's arm, moving her hand lightly up and down her skin. She couldn 't believe how soft and smooth it was.
Nikki seemed to be comforted.

' And the worst part was' continued Nikki, ' that whole afternoon I was so worked up, I couldn't concentrate. I kept sitting in class thinking about it and daydreaming, and I felt like jumping on half the guys I saw.
Even when I walked I feel my jeans rubbing against my leg, and I could barely stand it.'

'I know, I know. ' Julia threw out any thoughts she had had of caution, and moved her hand from the arm she was caressing, across Nikki 's collarbone, and down the other arm. 'I know, it 's okay. It 's not you. You 're a beautiful, sexy young girl. You'll be okay. You'll find a good guy. -'

Nikki looked into her eyes again. ' Really? You think I 'm beautiful?'

' Oh yeah. Of course' Julia smiled.

They sat like that for a few seconds, with Julia rubbing Nikki 's arm.

Then Nikki laughed. ' That tickles.'

In that instant Julia moved her other hand to Nikki 's face, down her cheek, and rubbed her thumb across Nikki 's lips.

Her reaction surprised her. Nikki immediately lunged forward, taking it in her mouth and sucking hard.
But then, almost as immediately as she had done that, she recoiled and stared at Julia, who was now visably shaking and breathing very heavily. One of the straps on her chemise had fallen down.

'Oh my God. I . . . I . . . That was wrong . . . ' Julia could see that Nikki was nervous, but that now, after the events of the day, there was no way she was going to leave. Julia 's piercing eyes looked right into Nikki 's, and saw a lust there that needed to be satisfied.

She moved closer, slowly placing one hand now on Nikki 's bare leg, and staring directly into her eyes.

' Nothing 's wrong. Let me help you. You 've had a hard day.'

Julia gently rubbed Nikki 's leg, moving slowly up her thigh, towards her panties, and then back down towards her knees.
Nikki 's glance went from Julia 's face, to her leg, and then she stared strait ahead and closed her eyes, letting out a long breath. Julia now moved her whole hand up to Nikki 's mouth, and soon Nikki 's tongue was sucking and coaxing Julia 's fingers in memory of earlier that day.
Julia watched in fascination as Nikki alternated between slowly letting her fingers dribble out of her mouth, and then grabbing her whole hand and sucking fiercely.

Julia pictured Nikki with Aaron 's cock, doing do it as she was to her hand, cum spilling from her glossy pink lips. Involuntarily she clenched her other hand and ran her nails down Nikki 's leg.
Nikki made a sharp noise, opened her eyes, and smiled a wicked smile at Julia, this time looking straight at her as she bit the tips of her fingers.

Julia picked up Nikki 's hand and guided it to her mouth. It had been a while since she had sucked cock, and she wanted a bit of practice.
The two girls sat there for a while, massaging other 's hands with their mouths, until Julia had Nikki 's hand good and wet, and got a better idea.
She took Nikki 's hand ran it down the silk between her breats and slipped it underneath.
She had been sitting there for so long, the bed was completely soaked with her juices.
She guided Nikki 's hand towards her slit and watched as Nikki 's face lit up in wonder.

'Jesus, you 're so wet!' Nikki 's mouth burst into a smile as she could feel Julia 's shaved, smooth, and sopping wet pussy grinding against her hand.

'Oh God, oh God . . . -' Julia forced Nikki 's hand palm upwards, then spread her legs and lowered herself as close to the bed as possible, and pressed and pushed herself against Nikki 's fingers.
At first Nikki just sat and smiled as she watched, amused at how overcome with passion Julia was at the moment. As Julia shifted to get a better feel, Nikki stood two of her fingers up, so that when Julia came down they slid right into her cunt.
Julia couldn 't control herself any longer.

As soon as the fingers had penetrated, she began to cum. She rode Nikki 's fingers just like a big cock, swaying and turning, all the while her pussy exploding with pleasure, and convulsing around the fingers.
She moaned and groaned and sighed, and Nikki just kept smiling

When Julia finally pulled away, Nikki brought her hand up in front of her face, and stared at it for a second, turning it around and watching the light glisten off her sister 's juices.

'You know, I 've always wondered what women must taste like.'
Then she licked and sucked the lubricant off her fingers, making sure to get it all.

'Hmm, not bad. ' Julia was fascinated. All this time her and her sister had been curious and fantasizing about the same thing. At that moment she felt more than just a sexual attraction, and her orgasm had not diminished it, as it would have if she had just banged some boy from school.
She felt a deep attraction to Nikki right now, and real need to be close to her and love her

Julia tore off her silk nightie and threw it across the room. Now she was fully exposed; her dark skin rimming her hard pink nipples, which were lightly bouncing around from her breathing; her hard thighs, quivering from the orgasm and wet from her pussy.

'I 'm gonna fuck you till you cry. ''Ooo,' answered Nikki, 'sounds good.' -

Julia lunged towards her and Nikki fell back against the pillows, Julia 's naked body collapsing against her own. They began kissing passionately, exploring each other 's mouths and lips and faces with their tongues.
Julia moved down and slipped Niki 's shirt off, and let Nikki guide her breasts into her awaiting mouth; licking and sucking on her nipples, gently rubbing her teeth along the sensitive skin, listening to Nikki sigh with pleasure.

' You are so beautiful Nik. My God you 're beautiful. ' Again Julia kissed her with a previously unknown passion. Nikki 's mouth was as inviting as hers was needing, and this just turned Julia on even more.
The whole time she had had her crotch pressed against Nikki 's stomach, but now she began to move and press against her body, spreading her juices around Nikki 's torso.
Soon she sat up, and rode Nikki like a mechanical bull, rubbing and pulling her pussy right from Nikki 's neck all the way over her breasts and down to her hips.

By the time Julia came again, Nikki was wet from her waist up, and loving it. As Julia started to cum and convulse again, she placed her cunt over Nikki 's mouth, and massaged her clit, so that all her juice seeped down onto Nikki 's eagerly awaiting lips.
She lapped up the juice like mother 's milk and ran her tongue up and down Julia 's soft pussy lips while Julia let out a scream. By the time Julia had finished, she was slightly tired and she rolled off Nikki and onto her back onto the bed

'Oh my God. That was incredible.'

'Well, we 're not done yet.
Now it 's my turn. ' Nikki stood up and turned around. While Julia watched she slowly drew her panties down to her ankles and kicked them across the room. Then she turned back around, and Julia, for the first time, beheld her tiny little clit, lightly brushed with blonde pubic hair, already starting to swell in anticipation of it 's first sexual experience

'Be gentle. ' said Nikki, as she crouched down to Julia 's awaiting mouth and closed her eyes. Julia took a deep breath, finding it hard to believe that her wish was coming true, and then began to eat.
At first Nikki was uncomfortable with Julia 's probing tongue, but, as it continued and she was spread open for the first time, the pleasure started to build and build.
As the pressure from Julia 's tongue got stronger, Nikki felt her legs giving way, and so she turned her self around, and lay down 69 on Julia

They stayed that way for almost an hour, cumming again and again, soaking their faces with juice and sweat, until finally, out of sheer exhaustion, they had to stop. Nikki climbed off and nestled her head to Julia 's neck, and Julia stroked her hair.

'Well, at least we've found something else we can do together'

Kiara's Dance

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Adventure with Bobbie and Cece

Written by Brendan (Nov 99)

THE LATE afternoon weary glow was restful and energizing at the same time.
The hazy light streaming in the west windows fell in bars and blocks of warm yellow gold across Cece and Bobbie lying on the matress couch across the room.
Their bare bodies were a study in contrasts: Cece was dusky tan with dark brunette hair, Bobbie was pale pink with coppery red hair.
The cozy sunlight contoured their voluptuous curves with golden highlights and deep purple shadows.
Cece was stretched out on her side, her right leg pulled up a bit.
Her wide hips made a lovely smooth arch from narrow waist to full hard thighs.
Beside her Bobbie was a smooth round shape, glowing in the golden light, large breasts flopping apart above her round belly.
Her hand was between her legs, moving slowly.

I shifted a little, feeling my cock tingle as I looked at my two sweet and sexy friends.
The green mist that filled our senses, the electric chemicals that enlivened our minds, that energized our nerves, drifted in the gathering twilight air, got me thinking about sex.
I was suddenly horny. I moved my hand to my cock and encouraged my erection.
I remembered many hot fucks with our bed, in the shower, here on the living room matresses.
I fantasized about fucking Bobbie's plump body...pumping into her from behind, having her suck me off.

Cece saw what I was doing, smiled and rose from the bed.
"I know what you want! I'll be right back."
I got even harder watching the bounce of her big butt as she left the room.
At the bedroom door she looked back over her shoulder, wiggled her hips saucely and smiled.

My hand involunarily moved quicker, harded on my cock.
Bobbie moved around so she could watch me while she continued her slow pussy fondling.
"I know what you are thinking. You want to fuck Cece. Your cock got hard looking at her. And you'd like to watch me fuck myself with my fingers. And I want to watch you jack-off."

The chubby red-head spread her ample thighs so I could see her fingers do their magic on her clit.
"You get real hard thinking about fucking Cece, don't you? She is really sexy and beautiful. I get a little turned on imagining her licking my pussy."

I crossed over to the other couch-bed and knelt next to Bobbie.
The golden light was fading, the late afternoon breezes were stirring the lacy curtains.
A fanciful pattern of shadow lace drifted over Bobbie's smooth round body.
The electric chemicals rippled through me; I tingled all over, erotic energy surging.
My dick stood straight and hard.

"I get hard thinking about almost anything sexy.
I love it when you talk dirty. My cock gets real hard and I love to jack off slowly.
Your pussy is all hot pink and shiny with juice. It's almost glowing.
You look so sexy. I want to fuck you, too!"

Bobbie's large tits and belly quivered as her stroking bacame stronger.
She held her swollen lips open with one hand and strummed her clit with the other. Her little clit puffed up, sparkling juice leaked from within.
"Oh...mmmmm...oh! I'm so hot. I wanna cum! I wanna fuck! I want you to fuck me! I want Cece to eat my cunt...oh, god, yes...!"
She dug her heels into the materess, her fleshy legs wide; she bounced her hips in time with her stroking and panting, responding to the pulses of her first cum of the evening.
"Oh, goddess! Yes, I needed that!" she laughed.

I nestled down beside her, kissing the persperation from her cute face; fondling her huge breats, gently tweaking her stiff, dark pink nipples, pushing my hard cock against the softness of her thigh.
"You sure came quickly. I bet you've been thinking about sexy things for quite awhile," I said between wet kisses.
"Yes, I've been horny all day. I knew we we were going to do something sexy like this," she said, her gentle fingers dancing on my dick.
"I want you to eat me and fuck me until the sun comes up!"

My cock throbbed with desire to be inside her juicy pink cunt, but we just lay there sensually writhing against each other, fondling, touching, kissing, stroking.
That peculiar state of alchemical high enfolded us: tingling skin, aroused senses, wide, sparkling eyes, engorged sex, yet totally relaxed, melting into each other's flesh and spirit, hands flowing gently over soft and hard intimate places.

CECE RETURNED wearing a translucent black nylon outfit: skimpy bra, bikini briefs and thigh-length belted robe.
She smiled seductivly, knowing of my fetish for lingerie, and for removing lingerie, and began a slow, sexy dance around the living room, her broad hips swaying, her hands caressing her flanks, her breasts.
I reluctantly slipped away from Bobbie's damp erotic embrac, knelt up on the edge of the bed, embraced my cock and increased my pumping.
Bobbie resumed panting as she started stroking and squeezing her hard clity again.
Her big tits flopped, her great smooth belly rippled, her thick thighs quivered as she moaned toward another cum.

Cece openned her robe and smothered my face with her heavy, firm young breasts. The smooth scratchiness of the nylon bra was a delight. She kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing.
She stood next to me, legs spread a little, thrusting her full, fleshy hips at me.
I fondled her pussy thru her scanty panties, delicately tracing the outline of her bush, the swell of her lips. She pushed my hand away, grabbed my head and pulled it against her panties. She slowly rotated her pubes against my mouth.
Her musky sex scent filled me with desire.
I held her hips and lapped the shiny, damp crotch of her thin black panties.

The plump redhead paused in her pleasure to roll over and take my cock in her hands.
She skillful had me moaning into Cece's damp crotch with a few well-timed strokes.
Her grip felt backwards, of course, her thumb below the fingers, but the novelity only stiffened me more.
Slow deliberate squeezing near the root and firm, quick strokes upward, finished with a brush of fingers on the purple cock head: her hands coaxed pulses of hot energy from my loins, but she didn't rush to make me cum.
There was a very practiced pause, an unfinished stroke that kept me hard but not near to squirting.

I COULDN'T take the waves of pleasure, the musky sex scent of the two horny girls, the brunette's slutry moans as I nuzzled her cunt, the redhead's joyous laughter at the throbbing hardness of my prick.
I fell over backwards on the materess, stretching out flat.
Bobbie moved around next to me to continue her manipulation of my cock.

"I love jacking guys off but I like to suck them off even more!" she stage whispered to me.
I groaned deeply as her lips closed over my dick head. Her lips slide firmly, wetly, over the head and down the stiff shaft.
Her tongue wiggled from side to side, licking the underside of my cock as she took half of it into her mouth.
She swallowed and I quivered. Then she let my cock slowly slip out as she pulled back. When her tongue returned to the underside of my thick cock head, it flutter there, driving me crazy.
I could feel my nuts clench.

"I want you to eat me!" exclaimed Cece.
She turned a bit and slowly slipped her thin panties down over her big, round butt, her strong shapely legs. She straddled my head and knelt down, hands braced against the wall.
Her pussy, all juice-matted dark hair, puffy pink lips, wet slit, decended over my mouth.

I wanted to say that I loved being sucked off, that I loved to lick pussies, but my mouth was full and my cock was pounding with lust.
I licked, nibbled, sucked, teased Cece's juicy pussy. My tongue danced over the folds of her lips, probed to hot wetness of her cunt, teased the stiffness of her clitty. Her folds were moist with warm, spicy juice.
I licked into her slippery hole; her flow was hot and tangy with lust.

My wonderful friend, lover, playmate slowly pumped her mouth up and down my dick, milking waves of pleasure thru me. My toes clenched; I felt hot rushes all through my body.
They intensified when her hands joined her lips on my pulsing cock.
Her tongue caused erotic sparks in my dickhead, her fingers sent hot pulses through my loins.

"Oh, god! oh, oh, oh, yes! oh, god! eat me! fuck! oh, god!" Cece panted above me. Her pussy pushed against my slurping lips, lapping tongue.
Her hot cunt leaked continuously.
I drank as much as I could, licking her excellent nectar, vibrating her hard clitty, suckling on it.
I swatted her butt cheeks, grabbing rich, firm handfuls of prime young ass.
She cried out, inarticulate moans and gasps of pleasure, her muscular thighs quivered, they crushed in and down, filling my face with dark, hairy, pussy; deep pink lips, wet white thighs.
Her body quivered above me, her pussy squirting her thick, rich sex juice into my mouth.

When her shuddering subsided, Cece rolled off of my face and snuggled up next to me. We were both gasping for breath and I was still moaning from Bobbie's sucking and stroking.
The redhead let up on the sucking, smiled at us and moved up to my other side.
Thankfully, her skilled hand never left the stiff shaft of my cock. "Let's trade places..."

Three sets of lips met, lingered, kissed, brushed over warm, sexy damp skin. We kissed each other sweetly, sexily, slowly.
Cece squirmed up over me, her heavy breasts rubbing my chest and tummy, her pussy slowly humping my thigh. Bobbie gave my tongue a head job.
Cece's warm body slid down until my dick bobbed against her cheeks; she gently took my tingling length into her mouth. Bobbie got up on her knees and straddled my face, her swollen, wet pussy lips wiggling down on my mouth.

"Eat me, please, Brendan. Make me cum in your mouth. I'll let you do anything you like if you do."

Her thick thighs blocked out everything, only the heat of her skin and the warm juicy tunnel of her cunt remained.
I licked and licked in a haze of hot sex juice, wet red pussy hair, slick swollen lips, warm pink flesh.

LATER, IN THE BEDROOM, we got around to that "anything": I asked them to kneel on all fours next to each other so I could take turns fucking them from behind.
It was a fantasy image right out oh, so many sex magazines: a Rear View shoot come to life. Four round cheeks flushed with passion, damp with sweat and sex juice; one set firm, young, round and bouncy; the other fleshy, a few years older, wide and full.
Two inviting cunts, wet, swollen, ready to be fucked.
One with thick matted dark hair, a small purple bud of a clit showing; the other with thin reddish fur, open puffy lips and a large pink clit.

Bobbie's cunt was very wet and slippery.
I kept slipping out, my prick rubbing between her lips, along her swollen clit, making her squeal with pleasure. Her nimble fingers fondled me as she held my cock against her slit to feel my ribbed stiff length rub on her clitty.
Then she guided me back into her wet cunt.
I pumped, at first, slow and steady, then in quick, short strokes, then one hard hard deep thrust, pushing inward, slowly cirlcing my hips to rub all around in her depths.
I could feel her cervix pulsing against my swollen cockhead.

I pulled out slowly, making her moan with frustration, but used my hand to guide my dick between her wet lips, to stroke against her erect clitty. Her moans turned to ones of grateful pleasure as I gently rocked back and forth.
They became groans of re-aroused passion when I entered her to repeat the pattern again and again.

My hard shaft tingled, almost burned, with each thrust into her juicy slit. When the urge to cum became too much I withdrew slowly. I bent to hug her aound the hips, kiss the small of her back.
"Time to switch! I'll be right back!"

Cece's dark haired pussy was still very moist, too, but I still tried to ease my cock into it slowly, savoring the tightness and firmness of her inner muscles.
She groaned deep in her chest when I finally pushed fully in, letting my pulsing cock fill her cunt, holding it in deep and firm. Her hips began a slow, relentless circular motion, grinding my cock all around on the inside of her pussy.
I could feel the warm squirts of her pussy bathing me, leaking down her thighs, my balls and legs.
She dropped forward on the bed so her shoulders held her weight and pushed her tight round ass upward.
I could feel my dick rubbing along the front of her pussy, carressing her spot.
I held back the powerful urge to shoot as her tunnel clenched me.
Her hands clawed the bed spread as she shuddered through cum after cum.

Three times I switched from one lovely, willing, stoned, sexy lover to the other hot, wet, cock-fucking slut.
Finally, on the sharp edge of climax I flopped down on the bed between them.
We three cuddled and curled into a tangle of legs, bellies, kisses, groping hands, pumping thighs, fondling fingers.

CECE AND I fucked long and slow. I plunged into her warm depths, savoring the clutch of her cunt walls, the wet heat of her pussy.
I throbbed in her, barely moving, then slowly pulled out until only my dickhead was enfolded. I moved in small, firm circles, rubbing my shaft against her clit, bringing shuddering moans from her.
Her legs hugged my hips, her hands pulled on my hips trying to get me to pump faster.
But I didn't. Ten long strokes in, ten deliciously torturous withdrawls...she was whimpering, gasping, begging me to fuck her.

Then ten hard, fast strokes, pushing deep and firm, slamming my hips against her cunt.
Her big brown-nipples tits bounced; she screamed with relief.
Then cried with frustration when I paused again.
And I started the gentle, erotic rythm again: ten slow, ten fast, ten real slow, ten real fast.
The smooth taned skin of her breasts and chest and neck blushed red, glowing with arousal...

....And I pulled out and slithered down to plunge my tongue into her needy pussy. Her juices flooded out over my mouth, I slurped and swallowed her wonder nectar.
I flickered my tongue over her swollen purple clit; her hips bucked under me as she moaned and squirted me with her hot flow. Her powerful thighs cruched my head.
I slid my fingers into her, swirling and probing for her spot.

Her moans turned to whimpers and gasps. I gripped her hips to keep her from writhing out from under me, to keep my lips suctioning her clit in and out of my mouth...
....And I drew back, dragging my lips across her yummy, her sweaty breasts, her flushed cheeks, thrusting my cock quickly and smoothly into her gushing cunt.

Cece shrieked as I filled her.
Her arms clutched me, holding me; her leg locked around my back keeping me pumping cock deep into her. Her cries were inarticulate groans and gasps as she rose into her orgasm. Thighs gripping, fingers clawing my back, cunt muscles clenching my throbbing cock, her whole body, hot and sweaty, quivering as she came.

BOBBIE was too hot and bothered for slow, skillful sex.
"I need to get fucked! Hard! Right now!"
She settled her large soft body over me, Her wet thighs straddling my hips.
A quick carress with her hand had my stiff but weary cock sliding into her earger cunt.
She started pumping as soon as I was settled deep in her firm pussy.
She rode me quick and firm, short strokes of her squeezing tunnel stiffening my dick.
Her big tits bounced, her round belly flopped against my lean one, her muscular cunt held me as she rode me. All too quickly she started gasping and groaning, her hot flow mingling with Cece's juices on my cock and thigh.

Her weight on me when she slumped down was heavy, but warm and damp. My cock slithered out of her pussy, raw, hot, almost burning from need and friction.

WE SLEPT THEN, a warm, weary pile of stoned, fucked-out flesh as the cool evening breeze ghosted through the dark bedroom.

Pink Present

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cooling Off

Written by Denny (Nov 99)

I didn't know Monica or her daughter was home when I started mowing her grass.
Since her divorce I had been mowing the grass. No big deal.
There's hardly any grass in the back yard.
They have a pool so it's not that bad.
Moreover, when they're home I get to see them more. They are both so good looking and have such beautiful bodies.
They could be twins. Nevertheless, we're friends so I guess nothing will ever happen between us.

Since my divorce it's been hard to think about Monica and her daughter, Joan as just friends.
Now that Joan's twenty-two it was easier to think about her.

Finishing the front yard I went through the gate to the back.
The only part that needed mowing was right by the gate so I didn't even look at the pool.
I finished and turned the mower off and looked at the cool, clear water in the pool.
I could use the pool anytime I wanted to; I wasn't worried about that.
I just didn't have a bathing suit on. I really didn't want to get the water messed up by wearing my cutoffs in the water.

No one was home so I sat down on the side of the pool and slipped my shorts and underwear off and slid in the pool.
The water was cold - talk about your shrinkage. I looked down at myself in the water and couldn't even see anything.
I didn't want to make much noise so I could hear them when they came back home.
I still felt uncomfortable; this was the first time I had been skinny dipping in Monica's pool.
I kept watching the back of their house for any signs of life.

Finally I was starting to relax. The water was working it's magic on me. I went over to the far side of the pool where there was a patch of sunlight filtering through the trees. The sun felt good like this.

I started daydreaming about Monica and Joan.
Monica and I always told each other our secrets and our fantasies.
However, neither of us ever acted like we were ready to do anything about them with each other.
But I could dream. I realized my dream was getting the best of me, though, when I felt myself growing, even in the cold water.
I couldn't help myself she always affected me like that.
She had hinted around before but I always blew it off as her just teasing me.

I was lost in my daydreams and wasn't paying any attention to anything.
I was just holding on to the side of the pool still in the sunspot with my back to the house.
I certainly didn't notice anyone else was in the pool with me until I felt a hand in the crack of my butt too close to my butthole.
I couldn't move fast enough before the hand found it's mark and a finger went up inside me.
My mind went numb.
I didn't know whether to try to get out of the pool or swim away or what.
I finally turned my head around and looked at whomever it was that was causing me a little pain.

"Hello," is all Monica said as I looked at her.
"Would you please get your finger out of my ass, it hurts."
"Only if you stay in the pool with me," Monica answered.

I nodded my head okay. She slowly pulled her finger out of my butthole.

When I turned around to face her she went underwater and grabbed my penis with her mouth and grabbed my balls with her hand.
I was beginning to wonder how long she could hold her breath for.
Then she came up for air and I grabbed her.
Instead of grabbing her arm, though, I grabbed her breast.

Her nipples were rock hard like my penis.
"You do know how to play this game," she said as her head came out of the water and my hand still firmly holding on to her boob.

She was standing there in shoulder deep water smiling at me still with her hand around my balls.
I looked down in the water and saw that she didn't have a bathing suit bottom on.
Moreover, from this angle it looked like my penis was twelve inches long.
I heard Joan's voice from the other end and looked over and saw she was sitting on the diving board without any clothes on, also.
She was just there watching Monica and me. I couldn't take my eyes off of Joan until Monica let go of my balls and put her arms around my neck.

Then she lifted her legs up and bent her legs and floated gently onto my penis.
Somehow she had taken one of hands and guided me right inside her as she floated.
This was happening so fast I didn't know what to think. Then I realized this wasn't the time to think.
She had me up against the side of the pool and was using her legs to slide up and down my shaft. My first time in a swimming pool, I thought to myself. It felt so good and she was tighter than I ever expected.
I reached around her and put my hands on her butt to help her along.

One of my hands slipped just enough to find her butthole and I returned the favor.
As soon as my finger touched the outside of her hole she pushed harder against my penis.
Oh she likes this. I stuck my finger in all the way to my knuckle and she never made the slightest sound like it was uncomfortable.
She must be used to it I thought.

Before I knew it I was about ready to shoot off.
I could feel that same old feeling moving from my groin up and up until finally I was shooting my sperm inside her.
When she felt that she just went at me faster and harder.

I was using my finger in her ass to try to bring her to an orgasm and finally she came.
My dick in her vagina and my finger in her butthole.
She was like a bucking bronco trying to get my penis and finger deeper inside her at the same time.

Her body went limp and I knew she was through for the moment.
I pulled my finger out of her butt.
My penis was still inside her but the cold water was having its effect again and I was shrinking enough to almost slip out of her.

She opened her eyes and kissed me. "See dreams can come true, can't they?"
I answered, "Whose dreams, mine or yours?"
I almost didn't hear her last word; Joan had gotten in the water from the diving board almost covering up Monica's last word.

She pulled herself off me sliding me right out of her, telling me to come to the shallow end with her.
We walked to the shallow end. And went down on my knees so my penis wouldn't be sticking out of the water for all the neighbors to see. Even though there was a fence. Joan was waiting on us, swimming across the pool under water.
She finally came up for a breath of air and leaned against the side of the pool.

Joan looked down in the water to see if I was ready for more fun. I was getting there and it wouldn't take long as good as she looked.
She moved out in the water in front of me and turned her back to me.
She bent over at the waist. Backing up almost touching my penis she reached back and grabbed the base and put the head of my dick on her butthole.
Even in the water I could feel she was slippery.
She must have put something back there before she got in the water.
She wiggled her hips back and forth and I felt myself going slowly inside her butt.

She really was going slowly at this but that just made it feel better for me.
Every time she would move her hips from side to side I would go up her butthole a little further until I was in as far as I could be.
She was so tight I didn't know if I would last for even one good thrust in and out. I put my hands on her ass to hold on and tried to move one of my hands around to her vagina.
She had beaten me to it, rubbing and moving in and out of herself.
I just concentrated on her rear end.
It didn't take many times before we both came. Each time I would pull out a little it felt like my penis was being wrung out. God it felt good.

Joan's butthole was so tight that it took me awhile to come down and even being soft it was still tight as I pulled out of her.
I could feel that last little trickle of my sperm coming out of me. Both of them were near enough to me so I could still reach out and touch them but I decided I better not push my luck.

We heard the door slide open next door and we all put our bodies under the water.
Monica whispered to me that was probably her nosy neighbor.
Monica and Joan both decided for me that I was hungry. So we all tried to sneak out of the pool without making much noise.
My shorts were down at the other end of the pool.
Of course they wanted to be daring and get out and run to the back door without any clothes on.
I guess we made it without being seen, nobody screamed.

First time I ever lunch without any clothes on and two beautiful naked women to look at.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Angie's adventures

Written by Dave (Nov 99)

Firstly let me say that I have never written anything like this before, and I hope whoever reads this gets as much of a kick out of reading it as I have from remembering it and recording it on the keyboard.
I am going to say from the outset that I am not a writer, a fact that will probably be obvious to whoever reads this, but I hope that this will be compensated for by the fact that it is true in every detail.
I am a normal happily married guy and have been married to the same fantastic woman for 20 years. We have always had a very open minded attitude about sex, and a healthy sexual appetite.
Angie is a very good-looking 39-year-old woman with very Latin type looks.
She is never short of admirers when we go out anywhere.
A lot of men would feel jealous by the type of attention she gets but to be honest it just makes me proud to be her husband. Angie was a virgin when I met her, and until recently she had never experienced lovemaking with any one else.
That is not to say she was sexually naive, over her teen years she had had lots of boy friends and had had hot relationships with most of them but had never actually had penetrative sex.

This has been a point of discussion for most of our married life, with me saying that she seemed to have got the worst of the deal by giving lots of guys good oral sex but never actually getting fucked by any of them.

I confess at this stage that I have always been incredibly turned on by the thought of Angie bringing all those guys off orally and she has taken full advantage of this by describing the events in detail getting me really turned on before lovemaking.

I could not help feeling frustrated though that she had never actually experienced full sex with anyone else. I could tell from the way she regularly brought the subject up that she was interested in some variety but I could also tell that she was cautious about breaking this cycle of monogamy.

Over the years this sense of frustration developed into a real fantasy of mine, and was something I brought up quite often in conversation.
From time to time I broached the subject of swinging with Angie and she showed some interest, but not enough to follow it through. It turns out that her main problems were that she felt swinging was too planned and she wasn't sure if she could deal with me having sex with another woman in her presence. This sort of thing is very personal and it is not a good idea to push it.

About 3 months ago we were sat in the living room late one night sipping a glass of wine. I was watching something on TV while Angie was paging through the local free newspaper.
All of a sudden Angie said something that really made me perk up in more than one way!
She had been browsing the matchmaker ads and she said "Here's an interesting advert: 45 year old good looking male, would like to find an adventurous woman friend for nights out and to share common interests.
The emphasis being friendship, but could be more. Do you dare?"

I was surprised to say the least. I was also really interested.
"I thought you weren't interested in meeting anyone through an advert" I said.

" I don't have a problem with meeting via an advert but not for pre ordained sex. If I meet some one this way and they know that sex is a possibility but not the bottom line it is exciting without being threatening. How would you feel if I had a few dates with someone for the fun of it? You are always encouraging me to have a bit of fun, would you put your money where your mouth is if it came to the crunch?"

I first thought that she was winding me up but then I realised she was serious. I told her I would love it, but deep down I believed it was the wine talking and that she would feel different in the morning.
"You're welcome to" I said. "Why don't you draft a reply?"

To cut a long story short I helped Angie write a reply where she told him that she was happily married but she wouldn't mind having a male friend.
She told him about our open attitude to relationships and that this would not be a problem or cause any restrictions if circumstances were right. We went to bed soon afterwards and had an even better than usual lovemaking session.
Angie had obviously been having some very naughty thoughts while we were writing the reply, as was I!

The following day when I got home from the office, I jokingly said I had posted the reply fully expecting her to show some distress and regret.
All she said was " How long do you reckon it will take to get a reply?"
I got a real kick from that it meant the game was on. I posted the reply the following morning. About ten days later a hand written letter arrived with a photo.
We read it together and in it Tony described himself and his interests.
He seemed like a nice enough guy and we both thought we should meet. I gave him a ring, introduced myself and passed the phone to Angie who had a long conversation with him. We arranged to meet the following night at a local pub where Angie and Tony got on quite well.

The following few months were very exciting Angie went out on three dates with Tony.
I would always wait up for her and we would discuss her dates.
She liked Tony and they had obviously got pretty hot together because she was usually pretty disheveled when she got in. The third time she came in with her bra in her handbag, her lipstick smeared and a damp streak in her shoulder length brown hair.
It didn't take Sherlock to deduce that she had been naughty.
It turned out that she had just given Tony a blow job in the car outside when he dropped her at home.
Tony's first spurt had taken her by surprise and had landed in her hair, the rest had gone in her mouth and I could still smell it on her breath. Angie was really on a high.
We made love on the living room couch right there, and she was as wet and aroused as I have ever seen her.
She had a violent orgasm in minutes and I filled her pussy up with my contribution soon afterwards.

The following morning Angie was a little subdued.
She was concerned that things were getting a little out of hand too quickly. So far she had only been involved with heavy petting and fellatio, but Tony was pushing for more and Angie was feeling a bit uncomfortable.
Angie had still never had full sex with any one else and I think the thought of changing that pattern still worried her.
I asked what she wanted to do and she said she would feel better if we called off any more meetings with Tony. I was disappointed but did not want
Angie to felt pressurised by me on this matter so I agreed.
We agreed to meet with Tony at the Pub that Friday night to tell him in person rather than on the phone.

Friday night came and we went to the pub at about 8:00. Tony was only due at about 8:30 so I bought a couple of beers and we sat down.
Angie was quiet, I think because she was dreading what was to come and she felt bad. Tony arrived on time, got himself a beer and sat down. We started talking and before we knew it, it was getting towards pub closing time and we hadn't said our piece! By this time we had all had quite a bit to drink and were starting to loosen up.
Tony got up and went to the toilet and I said to Angie "I'll tell Tony when he comes back".

Angie looked at me and said: "No don't, we have had a nice night lets not spoil it. Nothing will happen tonight; let's tell him another time."

I thought I detected a softening in her tone which made my prick do just the opposite, but I wasn't holding out any hopes.
We had another beer and then it was pub closing time.
Tony went to the phone to call a cab but came back a few minutes later to say that the phone was out of order and did we mind if he called one from our house, which was a few hundred yards down the road.
Of course we agreed. When we got home we went into the living room and Angie sat on the couch next to Tony.
I offered Tony another beer which he declined but asked if we minded if he lit up a joint.
To be honest we were shocked.
Marijuana is not something we come into contact with everyday in our lives, but we were also curious.
We agreed and watched as he lit up. We started chatting in general and the joint started to do its rounds.
I doubt we had enough for the marijuana to have any real effect but the psychological effect of smoking dope with someone who seriously wanted to make love to my wife actually had me shaking with excitement.
Angie was very relaxed and she had a naughty smile on her face.
The conversation gradually turned to sex. And Angie told Tony how we had had sex on the same couch they were now sat on minutes after he had come in her mouth a few days earlier.

By this time Tony had his hand on Angie's leg, and was gently rubbing it.
I also glanced at Tony's crotch to notice a definite growing bulge.
I made an excuse that I needed to take a pee to let the atmosphere between Angie and Tony take hold, and left the room.
I stayed out the room for a few minutes wondering what the goings on in the living room were leading to.

I kept straining my ears but could only hear a little shuffling and murmuring.
When I came back Angie and Tony were having a deep passionate kiss.
Tony had his left hand under Angie's blouse at the back and had undone her bra His right hand was cupping her left tit and pinching her nipple.
Angie was stroking the massive bulge in Tony's groin through his trousers.
As I walked past Angie winked at me over Tony's shoulder so I felt at ease with what was happening. I sat down opposite where I could get a good view, and tried to relax and watch the show.

They stopped briefly and Tony asked if I was OK with what was happening and I told him I was. Angie then leaned over, undid his zip and set free his straining prick.
I was pleased to see that Tony was not significantly better endowed than my own 7 inches, but he was uncircumcised, and I am. Angie gripped his rock hard prick with both hands and pulled down on his shaft fully exposing a large glistening plum shaped helmet and gently licked off the pre cum from his hole.
She then took the head in her mouth and sucked in a good 4 inches of the shaft.

If there is one thing Angie does well its giving oral sex.
While Angie's lips were going up and down on Tony's shaft and he was gently moaning, I also noticed that Angie was gyrating her hips.
I then noticed that Tony's left hand had found its way behind Angie's bum and up between her legs under her skirt while she was leaned over sucking his cock. By the looks of it he was giving her a good finger fucking.

They carried on for a few minutes like this and Angie was looking really flushed. Tony then stopped Angie and said that he didn't want to come yet.
Tony then undressed Angie and then himself until they were both totally naked. I took the opportunity to do the same I must add! It was such an erotic experience to see my wife as horny as hell for another guy.
This first time is an experience that I will remember forever.

Tony went down on his knees in front of Angie on the couch and gently spread her legs. Her pussy was visibly damp and engorged and her clit was sticking out like a little bullet. He went down between her legs and began alternately licking her pussy and sucking her clit.
By now Angie was really flushed and breathing really heavily. Angie has very sensitive tits and right now the nipples were standing out like pencil ends, I know she loves to have them sucked while she is masturbating and seeing as Tony was busy in that department I walked over and started kissing her boobs. I had only just started and she stiffened and a violent shudder ran through her body she grabbed my head and Tony's head and squeezed them to her body, mine to her ample tits and Tony onto her cunt while she ground her pussy onto his face.

When she released us Tony guided his rock hard prick towards Angie's sopping cunt which was still throbbing from her recent orgasm.
He rubbed the helmet between the well lubricated pussy lips and slowly sank his prick in to the hilt.
He fucked Angie like this for a few minutes while I watched transfixed at the shaft sliding in and out of my wife's stretched cunt, and stroked my own hard on. He then pushed her on her back on the couch and lifted her legs over his shoulders.

Angie really loves this position during our lovemaking because my prick goes in so deep that it stimulates her womb. I could see the same was happening with Tony.
She had another orgasm building very quickly. She grabbed my dick and pulled me over and started to suck me off. I was so hot I knew I wouldn't last long and when Angie came that did it.
I shot a huge load in Angie's mouth while she was coming and nearly choked her.

My cock came out of her mouth while I was still coming and shot the rest of my load on her face.
That set Tony off and I saw him stiffen and shout, "I'm coming". and let out a long deep-throated groan. From where I was I could see his scrotum contract and shaft pulse five or six times while he kept thrusting into Angie.
He finally collapsed on top of Angie for a few minutes before he climbed off and withdrew his now semi-hard cock with a globule of white glutinous cum still dripping from the hole on the end.
I looked over between Angie's legs to see Angie's cunt oozing Tony's semen out which was running down between her bum cheeks onto the couch.
Angie got up to go to the loo to clean up cupping her hands over her pussy to stop Tony's semen from dripping on the carpet. She told me later that she had a real hand full by the time she got to the loo!

When Angie came back she sat between us both on the couch. We were all a little shattered by what had just happened and probably a little speechless as well. Nothing however could take away the sexually charged atmosphere.
Angie then reached over and grabbed one cock in each hand and started comparing the feel of each while she slowly wanked them.
It didn't take long before we were both rock hard again and all eager for a repeat performance.
This time I slid between Angie's legs and slipped my prick into her over lubricated pussy.
I fucked her for a few minutes while she wanked Tony and he kissed her breasts.
I couldn't hold back and shot another load into Angie's cunt before she reached her climax. I withdrew and Tony took my place and fucked her long and hard bringing her to a final violent climax before he added his second contribution to my wife's cunt.

Tony lay collapsed on top of Angie for a good two minutes while they enjoyed the post orgasmic afterglow before he withdrew and stood up.
The whole area between Angie's legs and pubic hair was absolutely saturated with Tony's and my own semen as well as Angie's love juices.
The smell of sex was overpowering.
There seemed to be a new bond between Angie and myself now. A bond brought about by enjoying each other's right to express our own sexuality without jealousy or criticism. I think Tony also recognised he had been a catalyst to a change in our relationship.

Angie has seen Tony on a number of occasions since then sometimes on her own and sometimes with me. Either way I still get to hear all the details and still get a kick out of hearing them.
Angie and I have also had other lovers since then and our sex life has never been better.
If there is any interest I will write about these exploits another time.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Angie's awakening as much as I have enjoyed telling it.