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Friday night

(March 2001)

Saturday morning in the early spring was always special.
Northern Ohio winters were long and cold and once the clear sun began to bring the temperatures back into the mid seventies, these quiet mornings were spent talking, listening to good music and maybe having one last cup of coffee before getting started on the long list of household chores. This Saturday started out the same way, but, little did I know, would end in a very different and special way.

It must have been close to 9am, because the sun was now up over the trees and our normally shaded deck was now bathed in warm sunshine. With all the morning chill gone, both Peggy and I were quick to toss our robes aside and soak in as much sun as we could. Peggy and I had been married for just short of fifteen years and our sex life good.

She was easy to talk to and we both enjoyed watching an occasional good porn video. Peggy was a very petite 104 lb., had very firm but small breasts and from time to time would even shave her soft mound and let me take pictures. Our love making sessions were tender and full of fun and often times, we would talk to each other, taking turns, creating a fantasy with someone we both knew, with each of us carrying the story line just a little bit further, warmer, wetter and in great detail, and all at the same time, pleasing each other in every way we knew.

Last night was one of those exciting and also exhausting love making sessions that made for a perfect Friday evening. One of our young, part time employees was single and in his first year of college and, of course, made his way into our little fantasy.

He was typical of the "I'm ready to take on the world" group, a little over 6' tall with a decent build and full of all sorts of wild tales of his conquests and also willing to share them with anyone that would listen.

Last night, I had just finished bringing Peggy to a third, very warm orgasm with an experienced tongue, that only a lover of 15 years can do consistently, and since I was still very rigid and very full , I moved my body up over hers and positioned my self so that I was not placing any weight on her at all, but allowed my swollen cock head to gently rest on her pussy lips. We had joked about Kurt during the afternoon and I had teased Peggy about not being ready to keep up with a young (read stud) virile male. I was gently kissing her neck and softly rubbing my cock head on her moist pussy lips and started the story when I asked her if she would actually go out with Kurt, if he asked for a date? It was no surprise to me when I got a quick smile and a short answer "Of course".

I told her that "I didn't think that he was much over 21 yet and going out to some of her favorite places might be complicated." Her quick response made me wonder if she wasn't already planning a night out. "Kurt likes to flirt and planning a night out is something guys his age are doing every weekend. All I would have to do is smile, stay close and allow his male hormones to take care of the planning".

(By this time, I had managed to work my cock head just inside her warm love nest, but my goal here was ' slow and easy' , I was having fun and wanted to see where she would go with the story.) She said that Kurt was different from many of today's young people, in that he had some mature attributes such as listening to her when she talked and many other small things that made him special in her eyes. Peggy named a local club that apparently Kurt had mentioned to her in one of his 'I did her there, last week stories' and I knew of the place only in that is was an attraction for young people most of the time, but did advertise some exotic dancing and topless waitress for special events.

The club had a second floor balcony that permitted great viewing of the dance floor and yet was quite private due to the subdued lighting. She said, "If Kurt didn't take her up to the balcony tables, she would entice him with her promise to "help him really enjoy" the show.

(All's fair in a fantasy, so now was the time to ask Peggy about 'breaking the ice" "How are you going to let him know that this could be a very special evening for him"? ) Her answer was typically logical and feminine.

"I won't have to do or say anything. He picked me up from our home and we had a fun drive all the way down town with me listening to some brief descriptions of his latest conquests. I made it a point to sit close and respond to his stories with genuine interest and by the time we got to the club, you would of thought we were dating on a regular basis. Before we had finished our first drink and were still waiting for our food to arrive, we were in a fun conversation about the shape and size of our waitresses tits.

"I'm sure that Kurt having a quiet conversation with me about another girls tits and his natural hormones will eliminate any need for braking the ice. You know I have always sat close to my companions and you also know how touchy-feely I am, so it will be very natural to leave my hand on his knee."

(Having first hand knowledge of warm dates with my wife made it very easy to picture how comfortable she would make Kurt feel. I also knew what my response would have been and I'm sure his would not have been much different.)

"What are you going to say when he has his hand in your lap with a smile in his eyes just waiting for your response" "No girl says anything at a time like that. Simply putting my hand on top of his, moving my legs apart a little and matching his smile, will be more than enough to make him warm in all the right places."

( I continued to slide in and out of her, but stopped both at the bottom and top of each stroke and providing just the right tempo for her fantasy.) "Aren't you concerned that other people will see you and end your mood?"

"Well, it's still early and there is only one other couple in the balcony seating and they more than far enough away."

"How far, I ask, are you willing to let him go right there at your table.?"

(At this point I had to complete my penetration by sliding in far enough to let my sack rest on her cheeks.) Before she answers, I asked more, "Will you actually let him touch your wet panties?"

All I get in response is a soft, closed eye smile and finally her response. "I'm not wearing any panties"

(Now that really made me extra rigid and for a moment I just wanted to feel her excitement and fill her with my hot seed.) (But, I stopped my self and quietly continued with the story.)

Then she tell's me she can see his smile broaden when his fingers tell him there is nothing between him and her warm, wet love tunnel and by moving down in her seat just a little, Kurt's fingers found her wetness. "By now, she's sure he is waiting for her to feel the warmth of his swollen love muscle just a few inches from her hand.. (Peggy said she was actually surprised at how much warmth she could feel through his pants.)

"A few minutes of gentle squeezing was all it took for our mood to get to the point where we needed just a little more privacy and Kurt ask me if I wanted some fresh air and quiet walk on the dock .

" Before I could say anything, he was asking the waitress to hold our table and making some excuse about having to use the phone." (By now Peggy was feeling the beginning of her next orgasm and was arching her hot love nest up in an effort to feel more if me inside. She was truly into her fantasy now and I could sense her intensity rising as she anticipated her walk with Kurt.) "The water front is truly fantastic, especially at night."

"Tell me about your walk".

"He took me over to the dock side tables and before I could find a more private table, turned me around, pulled me into him and was exploring my mouth. His tongue felt wonderful, but his love muscle was getting all my attention as he pressed it to my stomach."

"I wanted to hold and taste him right there, but the feeling that someone would interrupt us was still on my mind and I didn't want him to think I was just teasing. I turned around, still in his arms, and watched the reflections on the river.

Kurt was saying something quietly while I caught my breath, with his bulging pants pressed against my cheeks. My attention was still focused on his love muscle and my hand had no trouble finding it." "Slipping down his zipper was as natural for me as a zipper on one of my short skirts only now I could feel his heated muscle as it stretched his shorts. "

(My turn.) "You might have to be very careful. A lot of young guys will cover you with their cream before your ready". "I know, she said. When I finally wrapped my fingers around his swollen head, his shorts were already hot and sticky."

"I told him, I needed to sit down so he quickly took me by the hand and guided me across the parking area to his car."

" I didn't want to leave and started to protest, but before I could finish my thought, he responded with "who said anything about leaving" He quickly had one arm around my back, the other arm down between my legs and his tongue back in my mouth." "Since people park here, just to watch the boats, I could finally relax and enjoy the moment and since Kurt's zipper was still down, I had my hand around his cock and was gently working it out of his shorts and at the same time parting my legs to give him easier access to my love mound."

(By this time Peggy is arching higher and pumping me to the point where I will soon have no control of my outcome, and since I certainly wasn't ready for her little story to end my only choice was to finally allow some of my weight to rest on her and ask another question that would get her fantasy going on to the next level.)

"Tell me what you were thinking the first time you actually wrapped your hand around his cock. How hard was he, once you worked him out of his shorts."

"Every guy has an individual scent and as I was finally sliding him out, his
erotic scent got to me and at the same time, his pre come was adding to my
pleasure as I massaged and slid my fingers all over his head." "I could
actually feel his hot young cock throbbing in my hand as I continued to
massage and stroke him." "Tell me about Kurt. What was he doing?" "He had my
skirt completely up to my waist and several of his fingers were playing with
my flower. I was so ready for his touch that I had my first orgasm as soon
as I felt him probing my lips. " (I reminded her again, about how quick some
young guys are and started to ask her if she was ready to have her hand all
covered in warm sticky cum when she began the second of her building

This time she wrapped her legs around my back with her knees pulled way up and pulled me into her as tight as she could.) "Now I had to ask the obvious question. "Did you take Kurt in your mouth and suck him off or give him a fantastic first opportunity to fuck you?" (Again, her answer didn't surprise
me.) "I really wanted to taste him and besides I wanted to save the best
for later. It was easy to slide my head from his chest down to his lap. The
smell of his pre-cum was driving me wild and now I was finally rubbing his
cock head on my hungry lips. I wanted this to last for a few minutes so I
only took his head into my mouth and gently massaged his skin up toward my
lips. "Was he still fingering your flower?" "Of course, and now it was no
secret that I was beginning my next orgasm. It was time to take more of
him in my mouth and gently jack his cock. I wanted to taste his cum all the
while I was enjoying my orgasm. When he started to change his tempo and his cock head swelled more I knew my treat was there. As I was sliding my lips down his shaft , Kurt put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing my head down, and at the same time started shooting his warm cream on the back of my tongue. I had to back off a little just to be able to really taste him and that's all it took to bring my body to orgasm at the same time. I don't think any of his cum escaped my lips but I held some in my mouth with his cock head just to make the moment last longer.

(That much detail combined with Peggy's little sounds and arched body under mine, it was finally time to pause the story and gently fill her with my creamy seed. I stopped kissing her neck and cheek and started to slide my tongue into her mouth. She pulled me into her mouth and started sucking, (I'm sure in her mind she was still sucking on Kurt's cock.) Her excitement was everything I was hoping for and holding back was no longer an option. She was ready…I was ready…and the hot cum pumped in.

What a fantastic way to end a Friday night. We always stayed coupled together for awhile just to let the glow last as long as it could. When I finally did slide down beside her, we left her cum filled love nest warm, sticky and seeping. There would be plenty of time to wash up in the morning.

Did I mention that tomorrow was Saturday and we actually had the day off?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Written by Andrew (March 2001)

I hate wearing business suits. Dressing for an evening
out is fun; you can show some flair if you want. But business suits are *supposed* to be boring. Hell, that's the point. You want to look conservative,
trustworthy, conventional, inoffensive - in a word, bland. Don't want to scare off a potential customer, after all. And they're usually uncomfortable, too.
You can also get tired of strange hotel rooms. This
one wasn't too bad. It had a king sized bed; the bathroom was actually pretty nice. It even had a minibar that I had already stocked with my own ice and
soda. But it was still a hotel room: standard fittings, easy to clean up, interchangeable with hundreds of others across the country. After a while on the road, the walls can start closing in on you.
So what was I doing wearing a business suit, sitting in a hotel room and staring at the walls? Feeling pretty lonely and bored, that's what. At least I'd be
checking out tomorrow.
There was nothing on TV that sounded interesting. I had forgotten to bring a book to read, and my chances of finding something worth reading after everything but all-night markets had already closed seemed dim. I felt
bored, irritable, and not at all sleepy. Let's be honest, frustrated and horny, too. The whisky bottle by the bar looked *too* tempting for me to open it;
I like to drink to enjoy it, not to get drunk, and if I started alone now I would probably kill the bottle. I decided to head to a liquor store I'd spotted earlier,
a few blocks away. Lacking anything better, they could be counted on to have a pretty complete collection of girly magazines. Probably leave me feeling even more frustrated, but what the hell.
I got the car out of the lot and headed over. The hotel was in an OK area, but the few blocks over to the store cut across the local red-light district. You know
what I mean; every major city has one, a place with adult bookstores, maybe a strip joint or two - and hookers on every street corner.
By the time I'd gone a couple of blocks, I'd seen over
a dozen girls. Bright, tight, scanty clothes and garish
makeup were the only constant. The girls themselves
ranged from sort-of pretty to plain, gaunt to plump, a
pale blond with big hair to a very dark black with her
hair up in hundreds of beaded braids.
Despite myself, I was tempted. "No one else could ever
find out", I told my conscience, "And I'll make *damn*
sure to wear a condom." At the next light, I turned to
circle the block.
I wasn't in any hurry now; I wanted to survey all the
local talent and chose the one most to my taste. "Or
maybe I'll still turn back," I told myself, knowing it
was a lie.
As I came down the block for the second time, the door
of a seedy looking all night donut shop at the far
corner swung open and a girl stepped out. She was
standing on the curb directly under a streetlight
before I drew level. From a distance, she looked like
what I had in mind. Long dark hair. Medium-dark skin.
Slender. Rather short. Hispanic? Asian? Italian, maybe?
I couldn't tell, but I slowed to take a closer look. As
I braked to a stop, she stepped confidently up to the
door of the car. She paused with her hand on the door
handle, peering suspiciously in. I stared right back.
Up close, definitely Asian features. Young, but not a
kid ("probably more experienced" whispered through my
mind). Small breasts, but her thin white tube top
looked damn nice on her. A short, side-button blue mini
skirt with the bottom two buttons undone. Knee-high
boots. Black leather purse on a shoulder strap.
"I *want* her," I decided. When I smiled at her and
patted the seat, she slipped in.
"Want a ride?" I asked, starting the ritual.
"Maybe." She regarded me carefully. "Can you prove
you're not a cop?"
"Can you prove *you're* not?" I returned. Some of her
tension eased, but she remained wary.
She glanced around. Satisfied that no prowl car was in
sight, she pulled down one side of her tube top for a
moment. I caught a mouth-watering glimpse of an erect,
dark-brown nipple before she pulled it back up.
"Your turn."
I placed her hand on top of my bulging crotch. She
gave it a squeeze before pulling her hand back.
"What do you want to do?" she asked. Her tone was
considerably less hard, though still controlled.
Definitely a lady who could watch out for herself.
"How much do you charge?"
"I'll give you a blow job here in the car for $25. For
$75, I'll give you a straight fuck, but you've got to
rent a room if you're not staying in a hotel close by.
$100, I'll give you half and half - you can come twice.
Tell you what - it's kind of late and getting cold. For
$200, I'll give you all night."
"Kind of expensive for all night. I probably can't
come more than two or three times, anyway. What makes
you think you're worth it?"
"I'm worth it. Look at this." She lifted the front of
her skirt and pulled her panties to one side, revealing
her closely cropped, black haired crotch. Dark brown
cunt lips, almost as dark as the nipple she had
flashed, pouted slightly. "I've got the tightest pussy
on the street. I get my health checked once a week, and
make all my johns wear rubbers, so you're going to be
safe - you couldn't pay me enough to take it bareback.
Besides " she gave a crooked grin "I saw the way you
gave me the eye before you pulled over. Got a thing for
oriental girls, hmm?"
"Maybe." I smiled back. "Or maybe I just think you've
got the prettiest cunt I've seen in a long time. All
night it is. You charge extra if I want to eat you
She gave me an approving look. "Do a good enough job,
and it's free. Get me to come, and I might even
consider a refund."
Fortunately, the hotel was one of those California
affairs with a parking lot to the side rather than a
garage, and a side door that my room key could open. I
didn't want to try talking her past the front desk -
her clothes shrieked "street whore" from a block away.
We didn't meet anyone on the elevator or in the hall.
With a feeling of relief, I swung the door of the room
closed behind her.
She surveyed the room carefully. "Nice. Not bad at
all. You gotta get up early in the morning, or can we
take our time?" "I need to check out by 12:30. If you
want, we can sleep in.
Room service breakfast, maybe?"
I was rewarded with a speculative smile. "Mm. You
aren't too bad, stranger. Got something I can call
"Dave. And you're..."
Before she asked, I counted out $200 and handed it to
her. I suddenly realized that if she stayed here, she
could easily slip out with my wallet while I was
sleeping. She gave a grin at my worried look.
"Never in the Navy, were you?"
"Look, I'll show you. I'm honest, and I'm not gonna
roll you, but *you* don't know that - so let me show
you something." She had me raise the mattress and place
my wallet underneath the middle. There was no way she'd
be able to get it out while I was sleeping on top
without waking me. When she said she was honest, she
must have meant it.
Nita surprised me again by declining my offer of a
drink, though she did accept a soda. She went along
enthusiastically when I suggested we clean up before
bed, though. Probably a treat to have a customer who
didn't smell of stale sweat and cigarette smoke.
The bathroom got a nod of approval. She bypassed the
tub in favor of the large shower stall, and quickly
skinned off her clothes.
Her body was everything I had hoped for. Short,
slender, but definitely feminine. Nice, tight, bottom.
Neatly trimmed pubic patch. Small breasts with large,
erect nipples. I had her turn around slowly so I could
see all of her.
She gave an indulgent smile when I pulled her close
enough to suckle on a nipple, but pushed me gently away
after a few seconds. "Careful, Dave. Shower now. You
can do that later, maybe."
The shower was fun - she insisted on washing me, and
used her whole body to do it with. I had to force
myself to slow down having that slippery, nude body
rubbed all over mine had me on the verge of orgasm
several times. She seemed to enjoy teasing me -
whenever she sensed that I was close to coming she
would ease back. It was almost a relief when she shut
the shower off and reached for a towel to dry me.
Still wrapped in towels, we returned to the bedroom.
She turned back the sheet on the bed, and waved for me
to sit down. From her purse, she pulled a small, foil-
wrapped packet - a condom. She gave a slightly
apologetic smile.
"Remember, I warned you that you have to wear it.
Besides, it's safer for you this way."
"Safer for you, too. I'd hate for you to get something
nasty from a customer."
Apparently, I'd said the right thing. She pulled my
towel off, and rolled the condom onto my painfully
swollen cock.
Letting her own towel slide to the floor, she knelt
and slipped her mouth down over my rubber-encased
She was *very* good. Professional. How many cocks
does a girl have to eat to gain that kind of skill? I
wrapped both hands in her hair and released myself to
the experience. I was grateful for the condom - I
wanted this to last, and I was already halfway there
from her teasing in the shower. I tried to breathe
steadily and control my reactions, but it only helped
Despite all I could do I soon passed the point of no
return. I don't believe I have ever had a more powerful
Afterwards, I collapsed on the bed, momentarily limp.
Nita went into the bathroom briefly, and returned with
a warm cloth. She removed the condom from my rapidly
softening dick, and used the cloth to give it a careful
washing. Only after she was fully satisfied with its
cleanliness did she return the cloth and the towels to
the bathroom.
Still nude, she slid into bed beside me.
"I know it'll be a while before you can go again. You
wanna suck my titties some, like you were doing
She had marvelous nipples - large, dark brown, and
always at least half erect. Sensitive, too - she would
giggle and pull back if I got too enthusiastic. Sooner
than I had thought possible, I felt the beginnings of
desire returning.
This time, I pushed her back on the bed. When she
reached for her purse, I stopped her.
"Later. I want to eat your cunt first."
"You *were* serious - I wasn't sure. Do you know how
many men I've had in there?"
"Probably none as horny as I feel right now when I
think about eating it. I *love* pussy, and yours is
about the prettiest I've seen."
It was, too. Her cunt had medium lips, just a shade
lighter brown than her nipples. She kept her bush
neatly trimmed; the sparse hair was glossy black and as
straight as the hair on her head. Despite her
professionalism, she seemed to be at least mildly
turned on; the inner lips were folded back, and a sheen
of lubrication covered them. Both her inner cunt and
her swollen clit were a deep, reddish pink.
I took a moment to savor the clean, salty/musky aroma
before diving in. The taste was as delicious her smell
had promised clean, tangy, with a slight salt
aftertaste. At first, she let me do whatever I wished,
but her hands soon came down and pulled my head more
firmly into place. I could feel her pushing her pussy
harder into my face, as well. Soon, she was controlling
the pace.
I could have happily continued for most of the night,
but she wouldn't allow it. Her demands became more and
more urgent, more and more frantic. Finally, she ground
her pussy into my face as hard as she could and
stiffened; after a few seconds, she shuddered and
I lifted my head and looked up. Her eyes were half-
closed. Her upper chest had a reddish flush, while her
nipples had hardened into swollen spikes. Unless she
was a fine actress, she had just had an orgasm, and a
powerful one.
She gave me a shaky grin. "Do you know how long it's
been since I came with a customer? Maybe I *should*
give you a refund."
I grinned back. "My pleasure, Ma'm. But don't worry -
you'll earn it all by morning."
"Give me a moment to recover, and I'll start." By now,
I was rock-hard once again. This time, after rolling
the condom into place, she laid back on the bed and
spread her legs invitingly.
"Want to see if my pussy is as good as I claim?"
My reply left me seated to the hilt. She hadn't been
bragging too much. Despite the hundreds? thousands? of
cocks that had explored it, it was the tightest I'd
ever experienced.
"How ... can you ... handle ... the really ... big
I asked as I thrust.
"Painfully ... sometimes ... I'm glad you're... more
normal." She emphasized her point by clamping down with
her vagina. I was amazed - she had been tight before,
but now I could barely move.
She had a further surprise in store, though. As I
began to thrust faster, her legs went up further and
tightened. I could suddenly feel her heels digging into
the small of my back as I pounded into her wide-open
cunt. In this position, penetration was even deeper -
it felt as if I was bottoming out on each stroke. I
bellowed incoherently as I came.
Once again, she cleaned me carefully. After placing a
couple of condoms on the bedside table, she dimmed the
lights and cuddled her naked back up against me,
pulling my arm over her so that my hand cupped a small
breast. Through a haze of sleep, I could hear her even
breathing gradually slow and mix with a few small,
ladylike, snores.Waking up in a strange hotel room with a naked woman
isn't something I do too often; I was disoriented for a
moment. Almost immediately, the memories of the
previous night flooded back in and I relaxed. We hadn't
shifted our positions much during sleep; my hand was
still cupping her breast. I idly ran my thumb across
her nipple, enjoying the sensation.
From the position of the sun on the wall, it was
already midmorning. Reluctantly, I shook her awake. She
came awake more gradually than I had, but didn't show
any signs of confusion. No doubt, she was used to
waking up in this sort of circumstance.
Once she was fully awake, she slid out of bed and
stretched arms up, chest out, legs taut - before
heading into the bathroom.
I admired the motion of her bare ass as she walked
away. Returning from my own visit, I found her still
nude, lounging on the bed. She gave a half-pleased,
half mocking smile as she saw my cock beginning to
"Want your money's worth, don't you, Dave?"
"Wouldn't you be worried if I didn't? Think of it as
...job security."
She gave a short laugh. "Maybe you're right. Looks
like I'm *real* secure right now, doesn't it?"
This time, after rolling the condom in place, she
pushed me on my back. Once I was down, she swung a leg
over me and lowered herself onto my waiting cock.
Astride me, she could control the tempo. Rather than
urgent, frenzied pace of the night before, she took it
slowly, easily. Perhaps because of this, the feeling
was different; the mood was relaxed, friendly, almost
tender. Judging by her gentle smile, she found the act
at least mildly pleasant; she almost purred when I
began to gently stroke her sides and back. As my orgasm
slowly built, I allowed myself the hope that she liked
me, not just my money. Perhaps if we had met under
different circumstances we might have dated . . .
I pulled myself back from that. However nice, she was
here because I had paid her money; her trim body and
exquisite cunt were for rent, and I musn't let myself
forget it.
("But I still like her.") I told myself. ("And I can
treat her nicely while she's here.")
This time, when I came, it was as unhurried and easy
as the act that had produced it. I held her on my chest
long after I had finished, savoring the contact. I
would have loved to hold her there all day. All too
soon, though, she slid off.
Rather than wait for her to return, I followed her
into the bathroom and disposed of the condom myself. I
didn't protest, though, when she insisted on helping me
clean up.
"Feel like breakfast?" I asked. "I can call room
"Not afraid of starting gossip? They'll *know* I don't
belong here."
"Screw that. Anyway, I probably won't be back here for
a while."
"You sold me. Too bad, though. I was hoping you'd be a
I did my best to conceal the pleasure I felt at her
last remark. ("Down, boy. She's probably a wonderful
actress. Even if I do hope she meant it.")
After I called our order in, I retrieved my wallet
from under the mattress and pulled my pants on; after
all, I needed to open the door and tip the waiter. She
watched me with amusement for a moment, then slid back
into bed, pulling up the covers to her chin. I raised
an eyebrow quizzically.
She gave me a devilish look. "Since you don't mind
gossip, I want breakfast in bed. If you're not afraid
I'll shock the waiter, that is."
"Be my guest."
Breakfast arrived on a trolley pushed by a boy just a
year or two out of high school. After his first rapid
glance at my companion, he did a remarkable job of
pretending all was normal, blandly rolling the trolley
to the side of the bed, setting out the food, and
positioning Nita's bed tray. It was only when she sat
up to eat that his self-possession cracked; she
seemingly took no notice when the covers slid down to
her waist. He absently accepted his tip without
checking the amount and backed through the door.
"That was uncalled for." I had a hard time not
"Well you *did* say 'Be my guest'." It sounded as if
she was suppressing a giggle. "The poor boy acted as if
he'd never seen tits before."
"None like yours, Nita. None like yours. Now eat your
She pulled her clothes back on while I buckled up my
suitcase. In the bright sunlight streaming in from the
windows, they were even more revealing than they had
been the night before. Her skirt ended well above the
knee, and the dark outlines of her nipples could easily
be seen through the thin white tube top. "Well, Dave?
Was I worth the money?" Her voice was challenging
"Actually, you've earned a bonus."
I pulled four $20 bills from my wallet and handed them
to her.
Her gaze softened.
"Do you want me to call you a cab? I'll give you cab
fare - or I can drop you off if you'd like."
"You're checking out? You can drop me off."
The waiter must have told his story; I saw several uniformed heads bob out of the door leading to the restaurant as I was settling up, while the clerk pointedly ignored Nita's presence. Her face wore a mocking smile; if anything, she appeared to enjoy the whispers.
Contrary to what you'd expect, she lived in a nice house in the suburbs. For the first time since I'd picked her up, she showed signs of uncertainty.
"Could I offer you some coffee, or something?" Her
voice sounded almost shy, as if she was unsure that I would accept. Her eyes warmed when I nodded.
Once inside, she carefully closed and latched the door
before turning to me. I met her halfway.
For several minutes, we embraced in silence.
"Worth a bonus, was I?"
"Nita, you've got the talent to be a $1000 a night
call girl, not a street whore."
"Maybe I'll be that *next* time. I had to turn down
six guys before you showed up. Come on and help me
change - it's almost time for us to go pick up the

Monday, December 29, 2008

Melissa and Sheila

Written by Rinaldi (March 2001)

I was working the register, taking care of a long line of teenybopper girls just out from the movies when I first met her. She was probably about 5 inches taller than my full 5'9", but it seemed much more than that.
From the beginning it seemed she towered over me, by at least a foot and a half, a looming and powerful presence. Immediately I was struck quite dumb by her sheer physical presence and great beauty. She was brunette with hair down below her shoulders and curly. Long, long lashes and blood-red lips set off her deep green eyes, and this I noticed before my gaze traveled to her oh so ample bosom, at the time I could only think, "Jesus, those tits!" Her arms were a bit too muscular for her womanly figure, and the too-big hands set me off before her sultry voice. Her blue dress was short, revealing a lot of nice leg, and low cut, for nice cleavage.
"Large caf? mocha, sweetiepie."
"Whipped cream?"
At this she winked at me. "You got that right,
My heart jumped a wink in my chest and I tried not tosqueak as a replied, "lots and lots of cream." I smiled, and she smiled back.
Immediately I was a little puzzled by my own reaction,having never considered myself in the slightestbisexual, and always having had decent luck with theladies, but here I was, flirting with this bigbeautiful woman who I know had no juicy pussy like Iusually craved. Nevertheless, she had beautifultitties and a big, plump, womanly bottom. Not fat, and a flat stomach, but a big wiggly bootie. We made small talk and she asked me what time the storeclosed.

"9," I said, "I'm off at 9:30"
"mmmmmm? that's nice," she breathed, turning on the full flirt. "almost done."
I tried to concentrate on steaming the foam for a small skinny decaf bullshit cappuccino, but I knew my cock was clearly visible, aching to be released from my jeans for anyone who cared to look and my mind wandered. I was almost over myself, my knees with strength returned as I walked out into the balmy night at the end of my shift. There, sitting on the bench out front and smoking a slender cigarette was the same amazon woman. Once again she winked at me and as I said hello I felt the blood rush south and my 3 inches grow to 6?, and then she noticed, and stared quite openly, licking her lips.
"Do you need a ride home?" she asked me. "I've got my bike," I said, a little tentatively.
And a few minutes later there I was, loading my bicycle in her car and on my way to her apartment.

Melissa was her name, it turned out. The name itself got me hard. The place was all done up in bright colors and cloths, no TV, I noticed, just a computer, books, etc. I think she knew I was quite nervous and offered some ice-cold peppermint schnapps, of which I had three shots and felt much at ease.

We wasted little time and soon through liquor and horniness I found I had agreed to let her dress me as a woman, or rather, to use her term, "a little slut."
She undressed me in the bathroom, kissing my lips, my nipples, and my stomach. On her knees before me she seemed less intimidating and let out a little girlish squeal of delight at unbuttoning the first two on my fly, to see that I had no underwear, and clapped her hands together when my cock sprang loose, and she saw the generous foreskin of my uncut and hard member. I was laid back in a bubble bath, ecstatic as she cooed and fussed over me, washing my hair, soaping my back, etc. She stood me up and lathered me, carefully, closely, and slowly she shaved my legs, under my arms, and all my pubic hair. I looked 11 years old again with a hairless crotch, but was very excited when she had me bend over and hold apart my cheeks so she could remove the hairs of my asshole. I was in heaven.

"Now, my little girl is clean on the outside, let's clean inside, ok, baby?"
It was my first enema. I felt I would burst, my insides were turmoil, but I was deliciously happy for all three bags and blushed bright red sitting on the
toilet with her looking at me. She dried me off, and, taking hold of my cock, led me to her bedroom where I sat naked on a red velvet-covered stool in front of a
huge makeup mirror. Powdered, lipsticked, mascara-ed, blushed, perfumed, and earringed, I felt like a doll.

A slutty, horny, naked doll with a hard uncircumcised penis, proud of its baldness. She combed down my hair and looked through wigs and I soon saw I was beautiful, with just above the shoulder platinum blonde hair. Melissa kissed me on the cheek.

"Oh, you look so cute!" she said and poured me another schnapps while she caressed my girlish bottom. She led me over to a three fold mirror in the corner next to a large chest of drawers, opened one drawer and with one finger on her lips contemplatively and one tickling my anus oh so gently, said, "first, baby needs some panties!"

Never have I seen satin so red. I pulled them on, and noticed that they were strong in the crotch, and minimized my cock, keeping it concealed. Then I felt my exposed bottom and realized they were Brazilian cut, making me feel a permanent wedgie and giving me quite the slutty bootie. Melissa contemplated her prize, and decided on stockings. A red satin garter belt and sheer black stockings with a seam down the back made my ass feel even more naked, especially when she snapped the garter strap on my right cheek, bent over and kissed it. In the mirror I could see the red lips from her lipstick on my skin. She stepped back and giggled, clapping her hands, and leered like a construction worker at her handiwork. Especially my butt. I've always had a full ass, like a girl's, and she was appreciative. "Mmm-hmmm. You will shake that little thing, baby, tonight. So cute!"

Fake breasts under a red satin bra gave me b-cup titties, and from the closet she retrieved a red Suzie Wong dress with black flowers embroidered on it. It
came to just cover my bootie. If I bent over, the
world would see my pussy-ass and sitting down would
require talent. Very high red stiletto heels
completed the ensemble and in the mirror, from shoes,
to the visible tops of stockings revealing pale bare
thighs, to titties and pouting red lips and bright
blonde hair, I was beautiful. I was a doll. I was
also a very well dressed Asian-looking Whore. I felt
like a whore, and deliciously so.
She held me from behind, and bent to kiss my neck.
"You're gorgeous, my sweet babydoll. You look like a
Sheila. How's that, Sheila?"
I bit my lip and nodded, pleased, and smiled.
"OK, Sheila, just one thing missing," Melissa said to
me, "and because I believe in a woman's right to
choose, you can pick it out."
She opened a case for me, and in it were ten or twelve
buttplugs of various sizes and shapes. I chose one
from the rosebuds collection, a small gold-colored
thing with a red jewel on the base. I held it out to
her with a look of submissive love. "Good,
Sheila-baby, that will look wonderful. And feel
wonderful." Melissa raised my dress to bare my
buttocks, and slapped them playfully once. She pulled
aside my panties and tickled my anus.
"It's so cute!" she cooed. She kissed my puckered
bud, licked it strongly from top to bottom, and dabbing a little KY on the plug, slowly slid it intomy hole. My outer sphincter closed around it, and there it was. I turned and bent over. Looking into the mirror I saw, with the string of my Brazilian-cut panties on one side, a red glittering jewel for an asshole. And when I stood, it was hidden between my cheeks. I rearranged my little dress, realized I
couldn't have distinguished myself from a really slutty hot bitch, and smiled, flushing.
"So, Sheila! It's Friday night, and only 11:15.
Shall we go out on the town?" Melissa asked. I just smiled, and reached up to kiss her on the lips for the first time. Her tongue was hot, as hot as my cock
felt in my satin panties that no one could see, or couldn't see unless I bent over.

By Rinaldi

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The piece de resistance

By Dave Canuck davecanuck69@hotmail (February 2001)

As Barbara left her office that day she was more than ready for the
Her boss, the dumb ass, had been even more of a prick than usual. He was
so demanding, nothing was ever right, it all had to go his way and, he
was a stupid bastard as well.
He was one of those administrators who, because he had a university
degree, thought he knew everything. He was bright, Barbara couldactually admit to herself, but he had absolutely no people skills andeither pissed off or turned away too many clients. But, because he wasthe boss's son, he was there for good.
Barbara couldn't even remember how many of the stupid things he did thatshe had related to Wayne over the past year. She had come close toquitting so many times it was laughable.
Fortunately, the half-hour drive home usually worked to release some of
the tension that Barbara always left the office with. Her old Daytona
still ran like a charm and as she shifted through the gears and listened
to the throaty exhaust, she popped in a Metallica CD and simply enjoyed
the drive.
She parked her baby in the driveway of the condo she shared with Wayne,
next to his truck, and went inside. The place was completely dark and
she wondered if Wayne had walked down to the pub at the end of thestreet. It was his favourite watering hole and they often went there torelax after a week's work.
'Wayne,' she called out to the dark interior. 'Wayne, are you here?'
When he didn't answer, Barbara cursed under her breath. She had hoped hemight have whipped up one of his culinary delicacies for dinner. Thebeauty of living with a chef was that he did all the cooking ˆ and couldhe cook. He was constantly surprising her some exotic dish or another.
Better yet, he was quite a dish himself, she always thought.
She tossed her briefcase in the front closet, kicked off her shoes, threw her coat on a hook and, feeling like a little something to eat,walked down the hall to the dining area. Thinking as she walked that she
might scramble some eggs, she noticed a lone candle burning on their
dining table. So, Wayne was home.
Barbara turned to look into the living area and noticed he wasn't
watching TV. But, as she turned back to the kitchen, some Verdi began quietly playing. A match flared as Wayne lit a candle he was holding in the living room.
'Hey babe,' he called as he walked toward her. 'How was your day?'
'Like crap, as usual,' replied Barbara, noticing that Wayne was wearing
his white chef's hat and apron. As he moved toward her, she noticed that
that was all Wayne seemed to be wearing. How interesting, she thought,
as he handed her a cool glass of Riesling.
'What's this all about?' she asked as she took the glass of wine.
'Aren't you a little underdressed for cooking?' As she looked at him,
the candle he held illuminated his square shoulders and threw the face
she loved into a sidelit relief and glinted off his glasses.
'Not really. I got off work a little early because I wanted to fix you
something special. I've been home for a couple of hours.' Taking her hand, Wayne directed her to a chair at the dining table, then pulled out a chair for her. 'Take a load off and relax, I thought you might have had a lousy day.'
Sitting, Barbara sipped her wine as Wayne walked into the kitchen. She couldn't help but notice that the hat and apron were indeed all Wayne was wearing and she gazed appreciatively at his ass and muscular legs as he walked away from her. From this view, other than his hat, the only clothing that covered him was the tie of his apron. Well, well, she thought, as she ran her fingers through her long brunette hair, maybe this day won't turn out so bad after all.
With Wayne in the kitchen making kitchen noises, Barbara downed her wine
and poured another from the bottle on the table. Slouching back, she put
her feet up on the chair opposite her, under the table and relaxed. Eyes
closed and picturing Wayne's bum cheeks walking away from her, Barbara
found herself becoming a little turned on.
'Ready for something special?' Wayne called from the kitchen.
Barbara sat up and said, 'sure, bring it on.' As she took another drink
of her wine, Wayne walked in, carrying a platter which she could see had
another couple of candles burning on it.
Now standing beside her at the table, Wayne bent to place the platter in
front of her with a flourish. 'And voila,' he said.
'Oh, my God,' cried Barbara, who then burst into laughter. In front of
her on the platter was a cake and whipped cream concoction shaped like a
huge penis and balls. The balls were about the size of grapefruit and were covered with thinly shaved chocolate, which looked like fine hairs.
From between the testicular orbs rose a massive cake penis, hard in its 16-inch majesty and veined with some kind of icing. The crowning glory was a beautifully formed head, from which the pee hole looked back at
Looking at the incredible creation, Barbara couldn't help but giggle at the magnitude of the member. As she giggled and turned the platter to get a full view of Wayne's creation, he produced a bottle of chocolate syrup and squirted a little into the pee hole so that it began running down the length of the mighty member. On the plate sat a small bowl of whipped cream.
'This is fantastic,' gasped Barbara, who gazed in rapt attention at the creation. 'It really is. How did you think up something like this?'
Feeling a strong stirring of sexual heat from within, she reached out
and ran a hand up the back of Wayne's thigh, then squeezed a bum cheek.
'If you sell these in the restaurant, you'd have women lining up down
the block.'
'Actually, this is only for you,' said Wayne, enjoying the feeling of
Barbara's hand stroking his leg and ass. 'When I got out of the shower
this morning I kind of looked in the mirror and the idea struck me. I
decided to make you something special ˆ in my own image.'
Squeezing Wayne's cheek again, Barbara then ran a finger up the crack of
his ass. 'I hate to tell you this,' she giggled, 'but, although I've always thought you were well-hung, I think steam on the mirror must have obscured your view.' Looking at Wayne, she saw that her caressing of his behind was having an effect. A definite bulge was now showing at the front of his apron.
Looking at the bulge and feeling the heat of Wayne's ass on her hand,Barbara now found herself definitely turned on. In fact, she realized,her pussy was getting a little on the wet side and she was feelingpretty horny. She moved her hand around to stroke the bulge underWayne's apron, but he pushed her hand away.
'Ah, ah, ah. I didn't go to all the work of creating something in my ownimage for you to just ignore it. I'd like to see you go down on it. . .I mean, see you enjoy it. I sweated in the kitchen for hours to createthis.'
'All right then,' said Barbara as she took another sip of her wine. 'But
I don't see any cutlery here to eat it with.'
'Well,' said Wayne. 'Unfortunately, all the cutlery is in the dishwasher
and none of it's clean. You'll just have to make do.''Okay, but if I get this all over my clothes, you‚ll have to pick up thetab for my dry cleaning,' said Barbara. Putting down her glass of wine,Barbara made a move to push up the sleeves of her blouse.
'I have a better idea,' said Wayne as he moved behind her chair. 'Itwould be a shame to get your clothes messed up, especially since I doubt
this would ever come out.' He pulled her back to him, then reached
around and began unbuttoning her blouse. With it undone, he caressed one
firm breast with each hand and could feel her nipples hardening under
his touch.
Barbara sighed with pleasure as Wayne pulled the blouse away from her.
She leaned forward and he undid her bra and removed it. Leaning over
her, he gazed down at her beautiful, firm breasts and, as always,
admired the spray of freckles between and around them.
'Now, stand up,' he whispered in her ear. As Barbara rose, Wayne pulled her chair away and, standing behind her, slowly unzipped her skirt. Asthe garment fell to the floor, Wayne moved closer and pushed his now nearly erect penis against her ass. She kicked the skirt away as Wayne reached under her arms to caress her breasts once again. Reaching up, Barbara stroked the side of Wayne's face with one hand, and, pushing
slightly away from him, reached behind her to caress his penis through
the thin fabric of his apron.
They both moaned lightly as he pushed her to sit down once again. 'Go ahead, now, enjoy,' he whispered. As Wayne took a drink of wine from Barbara's glass, he crouched down and watched as she bent to the creation and began kissing the cake testicles. Watching her kiss and then lick the balls, Wayne was incredibly horny.
Looking over at him, Barbara could see that he was turned on by her movements. Wanting to torture him a little, she cupped one of the balls in one hand while with the other she grasped the massive shaft. Knowing Wayne was starting intently at her, she closed her eyes and began to
lick the shaft of the penis, from the balls to the tip, enjoying the
sweet taste as she went. At the pee hole of Wayne's creation, she licked
the chocolate syrup out of the indentation there.
Barbara herself was now incredibly aroused and was getting into making love to this massive treat. As Wayne watched closely, she dipped her fingers into the whipped cream and smeared it around the head. Standing now, Barbara slowly licked the cream from around the head. As she did, small warm rivulets of it ran down the shaft and, as Wayne glanced at Barbara's breasts hanging free near his face, she licked the white cream from the shaft.
She then bit a piece of the cake from the head and sat back, chewing as a little chocolate and cream ran down her chin. 'Feed some to me,' she whispered.
Freed from the scene of Barbara orally enjoying his creation, Wayne scooped some of the whipped cream and chocolate covered cake with his fingers and knelt on the floor beside her as held it to her. Barbara took a piece of cake into her mouth, then licked and sucked the gooey mess off his fingers. Wayne watched as the syrup and cream dripped down onto Barbara's breasts and he couldn't resist leaning forward to lick them.
As he licked, Barbara moaned and Wayne sucked on her nipples one at a time. With Wayne now enjoying the extra sweetness of Barbara's breasts, she reached down under his apron and wrapped her fingers around his penis. Stroking his eight inches as Wayne licked her, Barbara badly wanted to fuck him.
But first, she thought. 'Stand up,' she said.

'Why babe, this is incredible and I'm enjoying myself right here,' he replied from between her breasts.
'Look, this is my treat, right?' she said, letting go of him. 'For my treat I want you to stand up.'
Sighing, Wayne then did as she asked. Still sitting, Barbara lifted
Wayne's apron to expose the penis she so loved to love. 'Beautiful,' she said, eyeing his length. 'But it needs a little something.' Reaching to the creation on the table, Barbara scooped up some of the cake, chocolate and whipped cream and then smeared it over the penis in front of her.
Looking into Wayne's eyes, Barbara smiled, then bent to lick him.
Running her tongue up and down his shaft, Wayne moaned softly as she enjoyed the added taste. Wayne clasped his hands behind his back and pushed his penis out as she continued licking her treat. With most of the dessert licked off, she then took him into her mouth, slowly moving
her lips over the head of his penis, then sliding along his length as she deep throated him.
Popping off the end of his penis, Barbara gasped, 'I need you to fuck me, right now.' Saying that, she pushed the penis creation across the table and sat on the edge. 'Come on, baby, I need you right now.'

With her legs spread and Barbara leaning back on her elbows, Wayne moved between her legs and pushed his penis against her lips. As Barbara gasped, he pushed his way full length into her wet pussy. As he began a
smooth fucking motion, Barbara helped pull him in with her legs. Eyes closed, Wayne concentrated on going full length into her, building speed as he did so. Barbara, now with her eyes closed, continued to lean back and enjoy the feeling of Wayne pumping in and out of her. With Barbara pulling him into her harder with her legs, Wayne knew Barbara was about ready to cum. A few more seconds of fucking and he was ready to explode as well.
Finally, as they both moaned, they came together, with Wayne shooting his cum into her. Sated now, they slowed their pace to a more gentle fuck rhythm and, slowing further, Wayne finally pulled out of her pussy.

Leaning over her, he kissed her on the lips and she responded with her tongue.
'God,' Barbara panted, 'that was incredible.'
'It sure was, babe. If I had known I could turn you on like that with my
creations, I'd have cooked some up a long time ago.'
Sitting up on the edge of the table, Barbara kept her legs hooked around Wayne's body. Kissing him, she took his penis, covered with her cum and cake and fondled him. 'We‚re both a mess,' she whispered into his ear, 'let's take a shower and get cleaned up. I have this little treat I can do for you in the shower.'

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Babs birthday treat

Written by Billy (February 2001)

After 25 years of marriage and two late teens kids Babs and I had settled into a comfortable rather than exciting sex life. At 47 she is still a very attractive woman with bobbed blonde hair and a very curvaceous figure and after a few drinks can be fun in bed.

She was a virgin when we married and although we had fantasised about having her serviced by one of my friends we never really took it further than that. For my 50th birthday my wife Babs booked me a treat - a three week trip for us to Bali.

She promised it would be special in every way including her shedding a stone in weight to a trimmer 38c 28 39 and buying some very sexy new clothes. She had booked us a good hotel just outside Kuta, in order that we could either sample the nightlife of Kuta or have a quieter time in.

The first week was idyllic with Babs working up her tan wearing just a tiny scrap of thong bikini bottoms which barely covered her large public mound and which split her big jutting buttocks in a most exciting way. With her sunbathing topless and her pussy and ass well displayed in her thongs , and showing off her figure at night by going braless in revealing tops and wearing short tight skirts virtually sculpted to her big rear , she did turn quite a few heads. She enjoyed the attention and I must say it also turned me on to see so many younger guys do a second take when they saw her. That and no work to worry about certainly rekindled my libido and with her feeling sexier we made exciting love virtually every night.

I really fell in love again with this new slimmer sexier wife and the only thing that frustrated me was that after lusting after her big ass all day and evening , she wouldn't let me have her anally. Over the years we had tried on a few occasions and it had hurt and I had left it. But when I saw the big globes of her ass bouncing as she walked around the pool in her g string ,I felt I really had to have her there. But when I tried her again the second or third night she claimed once again that I was too big for her there.

On the Friday we went tuna fishing with Jack, an Australian businessman ,we had met in our hotel, on a boat he had chartered. Babs came to sunbathe on the forward deck. Apart from the crew there were five young Australian guys fishing. It was one of the trips where food and unlimited drinks are part of the cost and after a few beers the young guys lost interest in the fishing and concentrated on the beer and wine. They all got quite merry and when we stopped for lunch and Babs decided to take a dip I heard a few ribald comments when she came out of the water with her white bikini almost transparent and her breasts/nipples and big bush almost perfectly on view through the wet stretched material.

After lunch it was no surprise to see them join a topless Babs on the forward deck to sunbathe while Jack and I fished. In a funny sort of way it quite turned me on to see these three young guys in their late teens lust after Babs and in spite of her protestations when I mentioned it to her when we got back, it had obviously turned her on too because she was very responsive when I tumbled her on the bed and went between her thighs.

Jack had invited me to meet some Balinese business men that evening and Babs had told me she was going to have a quiet dinner in the hotel and an early night but after our romp she told me that some of the young guys had invited her out for a drink and did I mind. I jokingly said so long as you behave yourself and she smiled and said "don't be silly they're about the same age as Josh" ( our eldest).

I did have second thoughts that night , when I saw that she was wearing a rather see through tiger skin top with no bra which left nothing to the imagination about her big heavy pendulous breasts and thick nipples and a pair of very tight white knee length trousers which really emphasised the ripeness of her thighs, pussy mound and buttocks. But I thought so what if she does get a bit of a kiss and a fondle it will make her all the keener for me when I get back.

I kissed her good bye and got my cab to Nusa Dua to meet Jack and we had a great evening with some of his Balinese contacts with the prospect of some good business. It was nearly two thirty when I got back and I fully expected to see Babs tucked up in bed. As I know nightlife goes on in Kuta 24 hours a day I didn't worry unduly as I expected her back anytime. However when it got to 3.30 I went looking for her.

When I approached the guys bungalow I could hear the music on and there was , when I looked in the window in the low light I was stunned to see Babs on the bed virtually covered in bodies.

I felt anger ,jealousy and real excitement when I saw my wife taking on three guys young enough to be her son. What was really exciting was seeing that she had her three orifices filled and a guy was giving her ass some meat. And even more exciting was the fact that from her very responsive movements and her very loud moans was that she was as keen for the servicing she was getting as the guys were to give it to her.

The guy in her mouth was the first to climax and as he eased out from under her the other two guys increased their tempo and Babs came up off the bed to meet their thrusts with her big boobs bouncing. The three bodies were locked together in frenzied animal lust with them mouthing obscenities and her exhorting them to greater efforts, until Babs came off to a screaming climax and as she writhed in a very noisy climax the two guys obviously came to theirs and the three of them collapsed in a heap in the bed.

As the two guys disengaged the third by this time sporting a handsome erection again muttered "I'm going to have that big ass" and I myself nearly climaxed when I saw him part her big creamy ass cheeks and enter his cock in her anus. I watched as she very willingly let him mount her, and he too was soon sodomising her roughly. In fact she seemed to be responding fully to having her rear filled a second time.

He very soon climaxed and Babs was once again taken on by the other two guys - one in her mouth and the other in her rear. I stood and watched my wife's very receptive coupling with these young guys as they used her big willing body , time and again. Although I felt like joining them I decided to save my energies for her return.

It was almost seven when she slipped into the bedroom and she absolutely reeked of sex and alcohol. By this time she had very obviously sobered up and muttered that she had got drunk and been a little foolish. When I asked her how foolish - she said she had gone back to the guys apartment and let them make love to her.

She seemed relieved when I kissed her and pulled her into bed and we were soon making rather frenzied love. Her top and trousers soon came off and when I whispered I want your ass she unprotestingly turned over and put her rear up for me to mount. Parting her big creamy cheeks I could see that her " rosebud" had been well used by all three guys and she winced when I inserted the head of my now huge erection.

The thought of reclaiming her rear for myself and how I was going to enjoy it in future -really heightened the sensation of the new experience of going into the tightest and most taboo of her orifices. Initially she suffered some discomfort and I have to admit this turned me on even more but she soon was responding fully to my thrusts and I soon climaxed in her rear. However the thought of her taking so much young cock there really turned me on and I had her twice more like that before we went to sleep.

When we woke she was really ashamed of having let herself go with the young guys and worried about seeing them that day. I encouraged her to put it down to experience and encouraged her to dress as sexy as normal that night. That however is another story.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jade, Megan and Eddy

Written by Eddy (February 2001)

dear camilla: my name is eddy and i am from a small town in central minnesota by the name of cold spring. included with this letter to you, please find a story that i wrote about two friends and myself. this is my first attempt at putting my writing on the internet and i would be privileged to have my first story on your site. i hope that you find reading about my experiance fun for you as i had writing about it. so settle back in a comfy chair and read on.......

"Damn," Jade muttered to herself as the phone rang.
"Just as I was starting to relax."
The phone rang again as she tentatively put a wet foot on the floor and reached for a towel.
"Awww, screw the towel" she thought.

The soap suds ran smoothly from her body as she dashed to get to the phone before the answering machine would pick up.
"Hello," she said, with some annoyance in her voice. Nothing.
"Shit, the voice mail must have picked it up." Jade quickly scooted back to the warm confines of her bathroom and bubble bath.
She looked at the caller i.d on the phone and smiled as she read the number. Eddy.... a smile rose from her lips as she hit the redial.

The phone rang twice and a voice answered "Hello?"
"You rang?" Jade asked.
"Yeah, I did... I left some stuff over at your place after your party today...."
"And I suppose you want it back, huh?"
"Yeah, that would be nice... Are you busy?"
"Welll kinda, but what if I want to keep what ever you left?"
"You don't even know what it is," Eddy responded.
"You never know," Jade said, "I just might want it."
Jade always played this game with him. Trying to get the upper hand by saying things with a sexual undertone and trying to see if he can figure it out.
She moved in her bath and the water made a wet sloshing sound.
"What was that?? Are you taking a bath?"
"Yup," she smiled "and I'm all alone and naked too."
"Awwwww that's to bad," Eddy said, "where's the man?"
"Working, won't be home till later. Where's Megan?"
"In the other room," he chuckled.
"It's too bad we left when we did, Jade, I could use a bath, too."

A familiar tingle ran through her when Eddy mentioned that and Jade unconsciously ran her hand from the top of her knee down into the water lightly touching her pussy. "But," Eddy said, "I could always pretend...." Jade smiled at that.
"Ok" she sighed and stretched her body out in the tubslightly parting her knees, "I'm all comfy."
"Are you sure you can do this with one hand and not get the phone wet??"
"Shut up and do me, will you??" was Jade's answer.
Eddy chuckled to himself and said "Ok... I want you to take your hand and lightly move it down your body from your shoulder all the way down to your pussy.. Slowly now, move it down" Eddy said quietly "but I want you to touch your nipple and give it a little tug."
"Mmmmmm that feels nice." Jade was starting to feel it!.
A small swirl of electricity starting in her belly moving outward. When her hand reached her pussy, Jade was told to lightly touch her clit..
She felt another shock. "Can I play with it yet?" She asked Eddy.
"Nope, not yet.."
"But I want to..."
"Nooooooo, but pretty soon.... Now, take that finger of yours down there and move it around your lips.. Tracing out its shape, feeling the folds of your skin.. Around and around... Now take your finger and slide it inside just a little ways."

Jade twitched as her finger entered her.
"Ooooooooooo Eddy, that feels sooooo nice, " Jade purred.
"Now slide it out and around your lips.. When you get to your clit, take your finger and rub around it.."
"Yeah... Nice..... Mmmmmmm..... Wow Eddy," Jade breathed, still rubbing her clit.... feeling the orgasm beginning to form, "you're good at this"
"I know, I must be " Eddy said, "because Megan is sitting here in front of me doing what I'm telling you to do."
A grin appeared on Jade's face, "you little liar, I thought you said she was in the other room."
"Well, she is. She's in the living room on the couch and I am in the dining room."
"I thought so" Jade sighed.
"Well, then let's have our own little party.. Tell Megan to grab the phone."
"OK," Megan chimed in, "I'm on"
"I bet you are" Jade said.
"Now, Jade" said Eddy, " where was I? Ooh yeah, your finger... Is it juicy down there??"
"Mmmmm hummmm it sure is and it feels really nice... What's Megan doing now??" "She's just walked over to me." "And I'm unzipping his pants... I'm gonna give him a blow job, while he plays with you over the phone!!!"

"You guys make me sooo horny!!!" Jade repositioned herself on her tub sliding further down so she could raise her legs higher.. Now that she was comfortable she began to slowly play with herself while listening to Eddy talk and Megan giving him head. Her finger began to move rhythmically to their sounds. Jade could hear the soft moans of Eddy and the sucking of Megan.

The electricity was building in Jade's abdomen as the thought of Eddy's hard cock raced through her mind. The soft lips of Megan circling the head and shaft of Eddy, was beginning to drive her crazy and her fingers moved faster. Jade had tasted his cock before, but now she was really hungry for it and what it could do to her if she had it in her grasp. She imagined Megan's hands moving around the shaft and her breasts rubbing on his legs. Megan's soft curves really made Jade hot.
She liked this feeling she had toward the two of them and she loved how they never made her feel left out of the picture when they were all together. The sounds of sex with the three of them was reaching a peak when Megan got back on the phone and said, "I hope you like this, Jade.. I'm gonna screw him now!!"
"Oohhh Megan, that's not fair.. My hand is gonna get sore," Jade pouted.
A smile crossed Megan's face as she climbed up on Eddy and brought herself down on his hard cock.. Slowly Megan eased down, letting Eddy's cock fill her.
"Ooooohh Jade it feels sooooo goooood." Megan cooooed as Eddy leaned back to let her ride him.
"Jade," Eddy moaned "I wish you were here, I want to taste you while Megan does this....."

That really set Jade on fire. Her fingers were dancing all over her body stopping in some parts, letting the pleasure of the moment flow through her. Her back arched upward as her orgasm finally hit her "OOOhhh god you guys, I'm cumming!!"
The wave of erotic energy flowed over her body as she heard the sounds of Eddy and Megan on the other line. She could tell that Megan was reaching her boiling point, too. "Eddy, you feel soooo nice, move your hands over my breasts.. Yeah.. Like that... Mmmmm oooooooo Jaaaaadddeee!!!"

Eddy's hands were all over Megan's body and he moved them down to her butt and lifted her up and down while she road him.
He knew he didn't have much time either and arched his hips up to feel her whole weight on him.. His hard cock hit the end of her inside and in a mad rush, Megan came in a rage. Jade could hear her cum and she fell over that blissful edge again. Eddy's mind was in a state of urgency...
He knew that it was going to hit hard, and he came after he heard Jade scream in passion over the phone.
Jade's body ached to be fucked.

"You guys...... Get Over Here NOW!!!!!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008


by the Smooth Rebel
(Feb 2001)

This is a story of one of those 'first-time' experiences that all guys have dreamed about having and, I should imagine, the kind alot of girls fantasise about giving. It happened to me when I was alot younger than I am now and sex was an entirly different game....

I was 15 at the time and still a lustful and vastly inexperienced teenager living with my parents and half studying at school. I was good at school, did well at my studies but never had a proper relationship with a girl, it's not that I was unpopular as I had many friends, male and female. My main problem was that whenever I was in the company of a great looking girl, for some reason (and apparently few guys feel the same) I had an uncontrollable urge to be nice to them. To be friendly, warm and understanding. What puzzled me is that girls at this age loved me, they could talk to me about anything, including sex, but not one ever fancied me. I had the hated title of 'friend', it is painfully obvious that at 15 girls want a guy with too many designer labels and too much confidence for his own good. I thought I would never reduce myself to that so I began to think I would be a virgin forever.

On the way home from school on a tiresome Monday afternoon Becky, a sexy brunette friend of mine with a great figure and glases that made her seem even sexier, caught up with me

"I'm glad I didn't miss you" She said, a little out of breath from running after me, "How was Chemistry? Did I manage to avoid any homework?".

She had missed chemisty, the last lesson of the day, to be with her ape of a boyfriend. His name was David something and he was 17 and played for the college football team (Soccer as you Yanks would call it) . He wore expensive cloathes. I hated him.

"Yeah, but you'd better catch it up, Bruford's having another which-hunt on irrisponsiblity."

I'll spare you the rest of the dull conversation and get to the relavant bits, I asked her how things were with 'Dave'.

"He asked me to show him my tits the other day" she admited quietly, I can understand his needs if not his methods, Becky has a great chest that she always does well to highlight with her tight tops and low cut shirts.

"I thought it was sexy at the time but he wouldn't let me get dressed again, we just sat in his car as he kissed and touched my breasts". You can understand I found this concept very appealing and I was getting a little uncomfotable as the image of a topless Becky caused a strain on my tight jeans. I tried to tell her (again) that this David guy was bad news, she seemed almost to agree but was scared of what he might to to her if she broke up with her. I must say that I was concerned as well, she and I had been friends for years and I didn't want to see some numbskull hurt her because she wouldn't suck his dick.

We ended the conversation as we parted for different roads and I went home to think things over. When I arrived my Dad came down and told me that they would be going out around 7 tonight an Sandi (san-dee), the usual babysitter would be here to look after my younger sisters. I was never disapointed to hear she was coming over, I had a huge crush on her. Sandi was 18, she was at the local college taking Fine Art, she was a tall blonde with long legs and fantastic breasts. There were many occasions I laid in bed at night as she watched TV downstairs, imagining her posing nude for my very own artisitc pleasure.

At around 6:45 as my parents started to leave, I got a call from Becky. She was calling to find out the homework she missed but she seemed a little rattled and I knew there was another reason she called. 'Dave' made his second apperence of the day in our conversation. She had gone out for a coffee with him and one of his teammates.

"Me and Dave, we were sitting there, getting close when this other guy, Sam, starts asking questions. "Broken her in yet have you mate?" he says. Dave said we had done it loads of times. He started telling him all sorts of details about our sex life. I've never slept with him Alex (that's me), honest"

"It's OK Becky I believe you, what kind of things was he saying?".

At this point the doorbell rang and Sandi arrived, she smiled at me and poked me in the ribs playfully as she passed, I admired her again despite my 2 inch height disadvantage. It was summer and the evenings were warm enough to excuse shorts and girls rarely need an excuse to wear revealing cloathing. Sandy was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts that hugged her extreemly closely they were cut off well above the knees. Her top was bright red and stopped above her unpierced belly-button. It held her round, firm breasts tight enough to let them move as she ran but not as she walked. The ouline to her patterened bra was clear through the material. Her blonde hair was tied back and fell just short of her waistband, her fringe falling over her smooth face that contained her big brown eyes and delicate lips. One of the great things I like about her was that she war hardly and makeup and this highlighted her natural beauty.

"Loads of stuff" I snapped back to reality,

"He said we fucked in his car, that every time he scored on the field he scored in my bedroom. He said I gave him blowjobs while he was on the phone to his friends. Dave even boasted that while we were at that trophy evening where he got his 'golden goal' award I had my hands down his trousers during the other presentations, that I sroked him off for half an hour before we went out and he came on my tits."

As I sat there my dick got harder and harder, I felt guilty but I had georgous brunette cheerleader on the phone describing erotic situations to me and an 18 year old Arts student in the next room. I eventualy pursuaded Becky to get rid of David before she ended up regretting something and the call ended there. I was now extreemly horny and wanted to get some relief before going to see Sandi. I booted my Laptop PC and pushed my magazine stack against my bedroom door. I loaded up some of my favorite pictures of Britney Spears and unzipped my jeans, as I had done for many lonley nights I reached for the tissue box and stroked myself off as I lusted for Britney's stunning teenage curves. I tried to imagine what she looked like naked as she lay there in her cheerleader outfit and within seconds I was starting to cum. I pumped my hot load into the tissue and then lay back on my bed wishing Becky was here right now. Why did she go for Dave and not me? Why was I not the one feeling her tits?

After a few minutes I felt alot better and went downstairs to see Sandi, it must have been nearly 8pm. I walked in to find her sitting in the arm chair with her silky smooth legs curled up on the soft cotton covers, some re-run of an old soap episode was on the TV.

"Well Hi there chatter box, who was that you were on the phone to all evening, a girlfriend?" she remarked teasingly.

"No, a friend, she's got boyfriend trouble." We taked about alot of things from school to her art course to her old school and rotten teachers. Alot of the time was spent in silence as we watched the TV, at about 10pm Buffy came on, a show she knew I liked.

"Oh yes, this old show, you only watch it for that Sarah Michelle Geller girl, I know you horny schoolboys, you're all alike!" She remarked, laughing.

"Yeah, she's good looking, but I like the action too"

"Who was it last time... Britny Spears wasn't it? Still like her?"

"Yeah" I blushed back, as quietly as possible. She laughed again. It was then that the evening (and this story at last!) started to get good. The conversation progressed onto girlfriends and who I liked and why, then she hit me with;

"You know I was about your age when I lost my virginity, have you ever had sex Alex?"

I went bright red but managed to stammer back in the negative. This whole conversation was getting me hot and randy all over again, I had to cooly pick up a sofa cussion and rest it on my lap to hide my growing erection.

"That's OK Al, most guys are way older than you when they do, I'm not embaressing you am I?"

"No way, I'm fine talking about this" I lied, nervous as hell as I looked at the beautiful babe quizzing me on sex. I didn't know what it ment at the time but I noticed that her nipples were now hard and visible under her thin red top. I was bursting to get out of the room to releave the strian in my boxers. She got up to get a Coke and at that point I fled the room. I made it to my room and switched on the Laptop, this time I loaded some pictures from the internet of some extreemly sexy nude Playboy models. Just as I was about to open my fly Sandi knocked on the door and let herself in, I shut the laptop quickly and stayed sitting on my bed. She slowly padded across the tick carpet in her bare feet and sat on my bed, to my horror she picked up the closed laptop to clear a space next to me.

"I hope I didn't scare you away down there, I guess it was different for me at your age" She said in that lovely soft, sympathetic style that females have.

"Hey, forget it" I replied "I came up to save some homework I had on my PC, I'll be back down in a second."

"This?" She asked and my life flashed before my eyes as she opened it up to find several College Playboy models topless on the screen.

"Oh, this is why you were in so much of a hurry to leave? You are one horny little bastard Alex" She said, grinning at me. I was shaking, not knowing what to say.

"I knew you were hard Al, why didn't you tell me? You think that cusion hides everything?"

With that she reached across and stroked my hair.

"You want to touch me don't you, I know how much it hurts Al, you want me to touch you, you want it sooo bad don't you?" All I could do was nod. She laid back on the bed,

"Go ahead, I won't stop you..."

After a few seconds I realised this was the stuff of my ultimate fantasies and I would probably never get it this good again. I reached cross and ran my hand up her stomach, over her shirt and cupped her firm right breast, she leaned up and slowly brought her lips into contact with mine, we kissed agonisingly slowly. Her tounge slipped into my mouth, the feeling was so sensual and new. I was groaning with pleasure from a simple kiss.

She sat me up and then stood in front of me and pulled off her top, with her back to me she freed her tits and turned to reveal them to me. I was in awe, whe could see I was in shock and she puled me close to her. Once I was standing she looked straight into my eyes and, without breaking eye contact, lowered herself to her knees. I knew what was coming. Her face was just infront of my straining cock, her diminutive, upturned nose gently touching my jeans.

She slipped the belt off and unzipped me ever so slowly, my jeans fell away and my hardon pushed out from under my boxers. Sandi carressed the head of my cock trough the soft cotton material before sliding her thumbs under the elastic and removing them. She left my sensitive 6' shaft hanging in mid air as her thin fingers cupped my balls, she slowly played with them, traced her tounge over them and took each one in her mouth. Then she started to stroke my dick, precum was already wetting the head, the blew lightly across it giving an mazing effect. Then she looked back and forth from my eyes to my cock as she kissed the head and shaft wetly with her soft lips, I was not going to last much longer, with one hand always on my balls she knew I was ready to explode. Her long tounge extended and covered my entire length in saliva before she took all of me into her mouth and began to suck gently. I lost it.

I let out a huge groan and I'm sure plenty of "Oh FUCK YESSSS" as I came into her mouth, she swallowed most of it, some of the white hot liquid ran down her chin and neck but it just made her all the more sexy. Just then she did something that showed just how hot she was, she stood up, wiped the cum from her body with her index finger and liked it off. I almost fainted.

I could have died that night and still been satisfied. But it was still not over.

"Your virgin cum tasted so great Alex. Don't you want to fuck me for real?"

"Oh Sandi I want your body so bad, you're so hot" I struggled between breaths.

She was undressing the rest of me, when I was naked she started to remove her shorts.

"I know how it feels baby, I know how much your virgin hands yern for my flesh" She was naked.

I was hard again already "Oooh, my boy's ready for more, you are horny Al, I now how horny my body makes you"

She walked be back into the living room, walking through my house naked was extreemly sexy, on the TV was Britney, she was wearing hardly any cloathing and was looking like the sex kitten I always imagined her to be. Sandi laid me on the floor and began kissing me all over, the feeling of her nipples dragging across my flesh was electric. I ran my hands all over her. Then I rolled over ontop of her, kissed up and down her entire body, from the back of her neck down to her tight buttocks, down there her smell was intoxifying, it made me high on lust, desperate for her. I kissed her breasts, down her arms, played my tounge across her fingers before licking her all the way down her stomach, along the inside of her thies to her toes. All the time she was urging me on,

"Oh yes Alex, you are a natural, you make me feel sooo good.".

She pulled my face back up level with hers and we kissed deeply, as we did she wrapped her fingers around my cock shaft and slowly guided it into her tight, warm virgina. My hips went into auto-pilot, thrusting my dick deep into her, faster and harder each time.

"Can you hold it baby? Hold it for me, you're making me cum. Cum inside me baby, yessss, does that feel good? Hmmmmmmm" She groaned loudly and my penis ejaculated hard into her just as she climaxed. My eyes were cloased and all I could see in my head was Sandi and Britney naked, kissing deeply. I was falling away from the Earth, and slowly coming back.

I remember we sat there in the glow of the TV, naked just holding each other.

The next day Sandi was back at college, Becky had made up with Dave and those Playboy Models were still on my laptop.

-The Smooth Rebel

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secluded Beach

by David
(February 2001)

I had just settled down on the beach, on a remote section that I knew I would be alone for the week. After about 2 hours I heard a voice and looked up from my book. A tall thin woman was standing about 6 feet away. She was completely naked.
She raised a hand to her eyes to shield from the sun. Then she raised both hands behind her neck and arched her back and stretched. I saw her totally smooth armpits (my favorite turn-on) and her tiny breasts flattened out to just nipples.

"Well, well, I'm not alone! Hi, I'm Janice."
"I'm Dave"
Wow. What a greeting. She just stood there showing me all her intimate female charms, bold and unashamed.

Finally she stepped closer and extended a hand. I took it and squeezed. It was cool. I glanced at her miniature breasts pointing down. Her nipples were hard and extended or always that size. I had a strong urge to reach out and cup one in my palm.
"I come here each year for a week. I love the seclusion. But its nice to have some male company."

She chatted some more and then asked me to join her being naked. She kept at it until finally I stood up and pulled off my swim trunks. My member was full and extended, but not raised yet. She looked at it with a smile and said, "Well, well, I think you and I will get along just fine. By the way, my daughter will be joining me for a day or two. I want you to promise to keep your hands to yourself. She is very sexy, she has boobs, not like her flat mother!"
"Some men like flat," I replied.
"Are you some men?"
I smiled real big. She smiled back.
"I like you," she said. "lets go take a dip!"
She ran off to the water.

We splashed in the surf and twice she backed into me on purpose giggling.
"You're not helping my erection any." "I think I could help it quite a lot." She teased. We finally went back to my towel. She slapped me on the bottom and said she would be back later in the day. I watched her wiggle away. I knew we would have sex later, but the question was, could I? I was still married but had not had sex in years.
Could I do it? Physically and emotionally? She was getting it up, which is something my wife could never do, and had lost interest in doing! With her daughter here I could rest easier . . . I thought.

I was awakened by Janice rubbing my chest. When I opened my eyes, her nipples were only inches from my face. I started to open my mouth when I looked past her and stared.
A wispy teen stood there watching us.
She was naked and had bronze skin, long kinky hair, a wasp-like waist, rosebud nipples and coltish legs. Her skin was moist from ocean spray or perspiration.
Her breasts were bigger than moms, but not much!
As full as perhaps half an orange, her breasts sat up high on her chest. Her nipples naturally lilted upwards. As Janice was saying something to me I was eyeing her daughter from under my eyelids. She stretched deliberately, arching her back, with her hands supporting the small of her back.

Like mother, like daughter! This pulled her tummy taunt, her legs thinned and muscled up, her nipples appeared to be reaching for the sky. She turned her head into her shoulder and forearm. I thought she was wiping the sweat from her brow.

She tasted the salt from under her arm, and sniffed her soft upper arm and shoulder area. As her mother lingered over me her daughter kept working her arm, smelling and licking it.
My cock started thickening.
"This is Kara," Janice finally said. Kara lowered her arm and as I reached up and shook her hand I glanced at the red, wet spot where she had sucked her arm.
"Please sit down, want a coke?"
She nodded and I fished one out for her.
When I turned back, she had taken a seat in my low slung beach chair. This caused her to lean back and open her legs.
I took a peek between her legs as she took the coke. I gulped.
Her clit was sticking out!
That elusive, shy little pleasure bud of every woman. A bean shaped pearl, polished and shiny, peeking out to take a look at this stranger.

My cock lurched. I took too long. I noticed her wrinkled pussy lips folded back, her pubic mound with wispy blonde hair making a weak attempt at covering her slit, her flat tummy and pierced navel. I took a closer look at her breasts!
My lord, so perky and firm, they must have only been b-cup at the most, I love small tits! At the angle she was sitting her nipples were pointing straight up. They were round and stood up a full inch! Her areolas were light brown circles just about the size of a quarter, and they were slightly wrinkled! My mouth watered to pull on them. All she wore was a shell necklace.

My cock started lifting and I sat down. They chatted awhile and invited me for dinner. At this point Janice said she had to pee and stepped behind my Toyota truck. I was looking down the beach and then turned my head to say something to Kara. I forgot what it was. It looked like she was scratching her pubic area, but when I saw she had her eyes closed, I looked again.
Two of her fingers were slowly circling her clit! She was openly masturbating! When she looked my way, she smiled coyly and withdrew her hand. She made no attempt to close her long legs. My gosh, what a tease! I was loving it.
My cock had lengthened and thickened.
This was like a "Show-me-yours," and I will "show-you-mine," game.

Her mother was starting to come back so I just let my legs open wide for a few seconds.
I was on my back resting on my elbows. I opened up, revealing my balls and heavy penis. I pulled my stomach muscles and my member lifted up slightly, like an accusing finger pointing at her. Kara raised her eyebrows and stared hungrily at my manhood.

Janice came over and I sat up, shielding my visible appreciation for her young daughter! When they started to leave, Kara asked for a hand getting out of that low chair.
I got up, thankful that my cock was hanging down although thick and full. I walked over and she opened her legs in order to stand. I stared again, briefly.
Her clit was unashamedly extended.
It stood there proud and firm, looking all the world like a miniature erection.
Her pussy had parted and I had no trouble seeing that dark mysterious entrance to her vagina.

She was sexually turned on! Her mother had started off and I hesitated longer than was normal, entranced at her erotic beauty, taking advantage of her unique posture that opened her up to me like this!
She made no attempt to close her legs. When I looked her in the eyes she was smiling broadly.
I pulled her up and she fell against me lightly.
"Oops" Oh, my! So warm and soft.
Her skin smelled of salt, jasmine and sweat. I put my arm around her tiny waist and stood her up straight.
"By the way," asked Kara, "Do you have any suntan lotion?"
"Meet you at our place," said Janice, already a few yards off.

I got the lotion and Kara asked me to put it on her back. I agreed. Rubbing her back was highly erotic. The smooth flawless skin and sinewy muscles were a pleasure to massage.
"All over," she insisted. I went lower to her waist and to the top of her bottom.
"Don't be shy David," she said.
Shy? It wasn't shy.
I was afraid of where this was going!
I worked the lotion over her buttocks and down her legs. She opened her legs and arched her back. Her pussy lips were puffy and accessible. I will not go there, I insisted as I almost cupped her genitals. I had no idea how young she was but sure she fit the jail bait category!

I did not think she would mind, in fact I think she wanted me to do this! I was on my knees and I bent my head and looked up at her pussy. It was puffy and gaped open. I could see an inch up into her vagina. A drop of clear, feminine lubricant glistened at her holes entrance.

I gulped. I stood up signaling I was done. My cock was extended, pointing out in front of me, a little smear of pre-cum had formed at the slit. I did not try to hide it. She may as well know!

She glanced at my condition and smiled contentedly.
"Front?" My mouth was dry. I was shaking a bit with nervousness as I kneeled in front of her.

She held her arms over her head. I had no choice to rub her chest and breasts.
Her rubbery nipples pressed and batted against my palms. She had her eyes closed and was cooing. I did her armpits and almost came right there.
I lightly brushed her sparse pubic hair and watched a trickle of her lubricant run down her inner thigh!

I paused and looked down at one raging hard-on! Who were we kidding? Why this torture?
We both were wanting and ready to fuck each other.
" How about you?" I nodded and stood slowly. My penis moved stiffly and painfully in front of me, it had turned to iron!

She moved behind me and started applying lotion. She was working my buttocks, and her smooth hands were so sensual! A finger slipped part way down my crack.
She sighed softly. My cock lay against my belly and throbbed for release. A cool breeze came up.
I felt so sensual, so naked and exposed. I could not remember ever being this hard! Then she totally blew me away. She reached around to the front and wrapped her hand around my hard-on. She pulled on it up and down.

"Don't want to burn this big guy!" she cooed.
She had herself pressed against me and was peering around my waist watching her handy work. It was as if she was working her own cock!
"Damn youâre hard, and huge!" She whispered in my ear, "You want me don't you? You want to go down on me. You want to fuck my little pussy, huh? I saw you looking at my clit. I was looking at your cock and it made my clit hard! Want to suck on it?"

What a damn teaser! She was making me come fast.
Her lotion slick hand glided smoothly up and down my vein laced rod. Her petite fist couldn't quit reach around my thick member.
She kept talking dirty, "You want to suck my hard nipples, don't you? I saw you getting a hard-on looking at my tits! You like my little girl body huh? I think you want to fuck me with this hard thing!" and she shook my dick around.

"My god, your hard! I didn't think a cock could get this fucking stiff." I moaned and arched my back.
I was so ready! Sensing my desperate need, she cupped my tight balls and rubbed my dick faster.
I stiffened. She paused.

I was coming, I could feel the semen rushing through my shaft, and she had stopped! Don't stop now I screamed in my head. I bucked my hips, thrusting into her clenched fists. She giggled. I stifled a loud yell and it came out as a growl-moan.
At this point I feel the need to explain to the women readers how a man might cum in different ways. Depending on the level of sexual excitement and charge and depending on how long a man has been in a state of erection, will make a difference on how his ejaculate comes out.

Over a period of time an astute female may observe these different ejaculations and may even wonder why they are different from the same man. Sometimes semen may just surface and quickly flow from the head and down the shaft in a thick viscous cream. The most common is for the semen to shoot out from the penis several inches in 4 or 5 pumps in white strings or sticky ropes. If a man is in a high sexual charge for a length of time, the semen becomes almost watery.

If the head is squeezed at the crucial point of orgasm and stops this pumping action for a second or two, the pleasure peaks way beyond normal and the manâs seed is expelled much like a stream of urine, in one continuous stream, and the distance is usually very impressive. What happened next with little Kara behind me was precisely this last type of cumming! If she knew what she was doing I still don't know but she did it. Her little fist squeezed my cock head with all her strength for a second or two. When she let go, I recoiled from the release. Kara had her eyes glued to the slit on the head.

One long blast of translucent, fluid shot with force from my penis, straight into the air as high as my head, did a slow turn and plopped onto the sand in front of me, some landing on my feet! My knees buckled. She held my sensitive cock and supported me from falling. I heard her swear behind me at seeing the geyser erupt with such height. White pearls kept forming at the slit. She gently shook them off. She lifted her hand and several knuckles were coated with watery cum. I turned to see her licking her fingers.

She whispered in my ear, "I think you needed that!"
She licked her lips and told me not to be late for dinner!
She started to walk off. I looked down to see my cock still stiff with a 2" string of semen reluctant to fall from the head.
The pungent-sour odor of sperm caught my nose. I was dizzy. I had thoughts of sex with Janice and now only hours later, her young naked daughter had jerked me off, masturbating me until I ejaculated onto the sand!

"Not so fast, you little tease!" I lunged towards her, my member still standing on end and waving stiffly.
She only pretended to run off.

I grabbed her around her curvy waist with my large, calloused hands and lifted her off the ground. She was giggling the whole time. I hugged her to my chest up high. Her tiny breasts were covering my face, or trying to. Now keep in mind, my cock was still rock hard and standing totally vertical. All I did was lower her slowly and she sunk down on top of it, impaling herself. She was so slippery wet that the only way I knew at first that I had penetrated her was the glowing heat surrounding my cock from inside her body. I also noticed that her jaw dropped and her eyes closed in pleasant concentration.

I lifted her up and let her drop. I repeated the motion. She muttered some profanity and sucked in air with each drop. I whispered in her ear.
"You wanted this hard cock in your little, bald pussy huh?"
"You get off fucking older men, huh?"
It was my turn to talk trash! "Your poor dripping snatch was begging for this meat, right?"
She whimpered, "Oh god, yes, yes"
"I saw your girl goo dripping when I was rubbing your tight little ass."
"I bet you have been so horny all day that you couldn't wait to fuck the first thing with a cock! Am I right?" "You know what I need! Do me, fuck me hard!"

With this I lifted her up and pulled her down. She squealed. I started walking in circles while pulling her off and on my cock.
She was a rag doll as I repeatedly slammed her onto my rigid member. Her head flopped forward and back and she moaned loudly. She tried to push up with her knees to help and then just wrapped her legs around me. She shuddered and gasp with a clenching orgasm.

But I was not through. I wanted to cum again, and not by hand, and not on the sand! I walked her over to the Toyota still buried inside her. I lay her down on the hood of the truck and gave her a long vigorous tribute to her feminine charms.

I came twice as hard the second time. After a few minutes I withdrew. I watched in satisfaction as a glob of snotty, lumpy goo oozed from her gaping pussy and slithered its way down the hood and over the grill. I re-inserted myself inside her and carried my new sex slave over to the towel and lay her down. She was too spent to walk just yet. I withdrew again and stood up.

She lay staring up at my cock like a schoolgirl just fallen in love for the first time. It had lost its rigidness and was hanging at a downward angle, but it was still very firm! She opened her mouth. I knelt over her and let her take it into her waiting mouth. She alternately kissed, sucked and licked it clean. "I think you needed that!" I said. She murmured and nodded with her mouth full.

While she kept making out with my manhood, I leaned over to kiss her swollen, red genitals.
She parted those skinny legs as wide as I have ever seen legs spread. I kissed and licked a bit and got her scent all over my nose.
With tremendous effort I stood up and she kept reaching for my cock.
I had to send her back before her mother came looking and found us in a 69!

The rest of the week was just as hot.