Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotel Sauna

by Andrew (November 2001)

Andrew had been driving now for about 4 hrs, as he approached the hotel.
Andrew was in his early thirties, had Black hair, Browny green eyes, people
(girls) had always told him he was attractive, but he was unsure of this, he
was 5'8" and had a fair body.

As Andrew unloaded his luggage from the car, he thought to himself "I'll
check in, get changed and use the gym, then have something to eat".

Andrew entered the hotel and walked to reception. At the reception he rang
the bell, a couple of seconds later the receptionist came from the door
behind the counter.

Andrew read the name badge on the young ladies waistcoat, which read
Samantha Mckee, Hotel manager. Samantha was approx 5 foot tall, Blonde hair,
Blue eyes, and an attractive face.

She smiled showing her white teeth, dimples and high cheek bones, "Would you
like to check in Mr O'Connor".

"Erm yes please" said Andrew surprised that she new his name.
"Your'e our only guest tonight most people are coming tomorrow, in fact
there's only 4 of us working tonight, myself, the chef and the 2 girls in
the gym."

Andrew signed the papers recieved his key and proceeded up to his room.
Andrew quickly got changed, and checked the times for the gym. It was now
9PM and the gym closed at 9.30PM, "half an hour" he though, "are well just a
quick swim I suppose".

Andrew proceeded to the gym, on arrival he was greeted by a girl of about
19, and he could see from her name badge she was called Claire Thompson,
Claire was blonde, green eyes, extremly good looking, and from what Andrew
could tell from the baggy track suit, she also had a fantastic body,
probally from using the gym.

"Hello, I'm Claire"

"Hello, I'm Andrew, I noticed the gym closes at 9.30 tonight", replied

"don't worry about that" said Claire "Me and Lisa are going to stop a bit
later to have a swim anyway, you can leave when we do, would you like a

"That's great" said Andrew.

Andrew went to the changing rooms and got changed. When he arrived at the
pool, he saw a girl, she was about 5 foot 2, shoulder length dyed browny red
hair, she was sittinh on the pool side putting up her hair in a pony, she
was wearing a white all in one swimming costume.

"Hi" smiled Lisa "Just you tonight then"

"Yes" said Andrew "Just me"

Lisa jumped in the pool and was away up the lane at quite a speed.

Andrew jumped in and stared swimming. When he got to the other end, Lisa was
standing facing the opposite side of the pool.

"Just catching my breath" exclaimed Lisa.

Andrew looked, and couldn't help but notice, the swinning costume had gone a
bit translucent, and he could make out that Lisa had fantasic breasts.
Lisa met Andrew's stare, looked down and said "Whoops, it's the first time
I've worn this."

"Sorry" said Andrew blushing a deep shade of red.

"Well I'm sure I've haven't got anything you haven't seen before," laughed
Lisa, and as she surfaced dived back up the pool, her backside thrust into
the air. Andrew thought "Nice arse", and went back to his swimming.

As Andrew left the pool,he could still see Lise jetting up and down the pool
and said to himself as he gazed at her "I Know what I'll be dreaming of

Andrew entered the sauna and sat, 10 mins later Lisa and Claire entered the
sauna, they were both wrapped in towels.

"hi ya", theysaid in unison.

"hi ya" said Andrew. Claire continued

"We thought you'ed left". "Oh do you want to lock up," said Andrew.

"No," replied Lisa.

"do you mind if we stick our towels on the bench behind you" said Lisa.

"No go ahead" answered Andrew.

At this Lisa unwrapped her towel, Andrew thought "The costume must have
dried off by now" disappointedly. But as she peeled the towel off Andrew's
jaw dropped, not only had it not dried but it was no longer on Lisa's body.

Lisa had a deep tanned body, magnificent pert breasts and a neatly trimed
bikini line, unfortuanatly she was siiting down so he could not get a glimse
of her cunt.

Lisa noticing Andrew's look said "well you've more or less seen the body

He then looked and noticed Claire sitting stark naked on the other bench.

Claire's tits weren't as big as lisa's but were still fantastic, she also
didn't have the tan, but she was sitting with her legs slightly opened and
Andrew got a glimse of her tight little fanny.

"oops" said Claire, quickly closing her legs

Things were happening in Andrew's shorts, he jumped up looked at the floor
and said "Well I'd better go now", blushing bright red.

"I'm sorry did we embarass you, we've been drinking, please don't tell Sam",
said Lisa.

"No I won't" said Andrew.

"You don't have to go" said Claire

"We'll stick our towels back on if you want". Andrew looked up and was to
his surprise Lisa was standing about two inches from him, looking at the now
obvious bulge in his shorts

"I haven't seen one of those for about 3 month's" said Lisa, eyeing Andrew's
shorts. "same here" said Claire who was now standing by Lisa with her hand
round Lisa's waist.

"Look's painful, all cooked up in there" exclaimed Claire.

Andrew nodded in agreement.

At this Lisa gave Claire a quick but passionate kiss, which didn't help
Andrew one bit. She then dropped to her knees and removed Andrew's shorts,
she quickly looked up to his eyes and noticed he obsiusly was thinking
that's better.

his cock sprung free, but not for long, to his great
satisfaction, Lisa with his shorts still in her hands slowly enveloped his
cock with her mouth, slowly he could feel her tougne tracing down the shaft
as her mouth had nearly took all 7 inches, she then stared moving up and
down so slowly, Andrew thought he was going to pass out, and with this he
sat back down, Claire was sitting staring at Lisa, and then said "Well, can
I join in"

Andrew just nodded.

Claire turned to Andrew and grabbed his face and pulled it to hers and
kissed him deeply, she than pulled his head down her body to hers tits and
said "Go for it".

Andrew thought this proves there is a God and not knowing were to start
grabbed the left tit first and found it fitted perfectly into his hand, and
with his mouth started biting and sucking the other, Claire threw her head
back and squealed with delight.

Lisa at the other end had now removed her mouth and was gently sucking
Andrew's balls one at a time, which made Andrew tense and by mistake he bit
Claire a bit hard, she screamed and kepping hold of his head she lay back
and pulled his head to her cunt, Andrew got a whiff of her and thought he
was going to explode, but Lisa stopped sucking and waited,Andrew calmed down
slightly, but Lisa stared licking and sucking his cock again, "Slower" he
shouted "OK" she said and stopped.

Andrew now though was licking and sucking Claire like a mad man, she was
"saying YES COME ON NEARLY THERE", through her gritted teeth.

Lisa seeing this straddled Andrew's Thighs and slowly lowered herself onto
Andrew's cock, Andrew looked up and saw that Lisa's cunt had swallowed him
upto the hilt. She was now girrating up and down. He returned to Claire and
with two and three more lick's he felt her contracting and then felt the
inside of her vagina contacting and releasing as she came "oh god she
screamed no" she tried to remove his head but she couldn't Andrew waited and
them slowly started again and after what seemed like 5 mins but was actually
more like 30 secs she came again and Andrew relented. Andrew's mind then
came back to Lisa who was bouncing up and down on him her fantastic tits
were bouncing up and down, he couldn't take any more and immediatly exploded
inside Lisa who then gave him a smile and said "Enjoy that did you, I did, I
haven't had any for about 5 month's".

Claire was now recovered sitting next to Andrew.

Andrew looked at Lisa and said "what about you, you haven't finished yet".
Claire replied "you rest I'll sort that" she went to Lisa, layed her on her
back and shoved her head between Lisa's legs, Lisa gasped and moaned with
delight, after 5 mins Lisa's body stiffened and she screamed, "That's it".

The three of them were now lying on the benches, Claire looked at Andrew and
noticed he was now rock hard after the floor show, she stood up walked to
where Andrew was lying and stradled his now hard cock "You've got to fuck me

Andrew's hand's grabbed Claire's tits and started massaging and kneeding, he
didn't see Lisa coming over, she grabbed his hands placed them by his side
and proceeded to straddle Andrew's head, she them lowered her moist cunt to
Andrew's Mouth and said

"You licked Claire out, you'll have to do me now".

Andrew thought "I've died and this is heaven".

He grabbed Lisa's arse and pulled her further to his mouth, prodding his
tounge as deep as he could into her exquiset cunt, drinking down the juices,
Lisa and Claire who were facing each other were kissing and rubbing each
others tits, it was hard to say who came first, but thay collapsed on the
bench some 20-30 mins later.

Andrew looked at his watch it was 10:52PM, he said to Lisa "Sam could've
caught us"

"Hardly" said Claire "I locked the doors at 9:30" and there's only 3 of us
with the keys me Lisa and Dave, and he's not back until tomorrow, anyway I
told Sam we'd left".

The three of them dressed together, exchanged kisses, Lisa then said to
Andrew "Thank's for the sex, it was great, might see you again sometime"
Claire handed Andrew a video tape and said "A little something to remember
us by" and nodded to the corner of the sauna at a camera.

"I've got a boyfriend, so please just say goodbye and as Lisa mentioned, thanks for the

They all left via the fire exit and Andrew walked round to the reception of
the hotel, and went back to his room. As soon as his head hit the pillow he
went to sleep, happy and exhausted.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New House

by Andrew (November 2001)

A Single man begins a new flat share with three women.... one is straight and bi-curious, the other two, the 'pussycats' do not understand the word discretion. A strong love affair develops with plenty of sex.

Part 1. The Flat.

I had been looking for a place to live for several months but the residential lettings market had hit rock bottom and there wasn't much around. Having given up with the agencies I resorted to local ads and word of mouth, which led me to a first floor flat in a very large converted house. It seemed nice enough located in a quiet leafy side road not far from the centre of London, a conservative area with Edwardian houses seemingly very proper and ordinary.

The main door led through to a small hallway with two further interior doors, one to the flat on the ground floor and one on the first. I rang the bell to the flat and a few minutes later was met by a pretty brunette in her mid thirties. She was dressed in jogging pants and a loose sweatshirt with sport socks so it was hard to see what her body was like.

She stood some 5'4 and was slim with very dark thick shoulder length, straight hair. Her face was pretty with large brown eyes topped with long eyelashes. Her lips were full and her smile intoxicating.

'Please come on up, I have been expecting you. I assume you are Cameron' she said without a backward glance as she climbed the stairs

'You will have to excuse the mess, it's my turn to tidy round and I have only just got back myself'

She led me into a hallway from which radiated a bathroom, kitchen and living room. The bathroom and kitchen were both quite large and nicely done out but the living room was a surprise. Big. Very big. It seemed to swallow most of the floor space and was furnished with all sorts of stuff, chairs, tables, bookcases, lounger but all centred around a large, deep sofa and several matching chairs, designed to make use of the coffee table and large TV.

It was a bit untidy too, things clearly had been taken out and not put back. As she led me in she introduced herself as Simone and said she would show me round as we talked. It turned out that the flat had three bedrooms and I would be the fourth occupant. There was herself and two other girls in their mid twenties but that they shared. She stopped at this point and gazed at me as if judging my response.

Probably typical as the image of two girls sharing flashed through my mind. 'It's just that we have had two other flatmates who left after a few weeks. We need to know if you would stay. Kim and Sue are very open about their sexuality and it spills over completely into living here.

I was a bit anxious when I came but I've got used to it' she bit her lower lip when she said this which had the effect of giving me a flutter deep in my stomach.

'Um.... what do you mean spills over?' I asked.

'Well they tend to not to worry about whether or not they are clothed either partially or completely and if the mood takes them they have a tendency to become...intimate wherever and whenever. You might be watching TV and they just start making out on the sofa. They tend to leave their bedroom door open. As far as they are concerned they live here, this is their home and they should be able to close the front door and live as they are. If anyone chooses to live with them then they must accept that' she stopped, expecting me to comment.

'And what about you?

'Oh I'm straight, I was divorced two years ago and moved in here pretty much immediately after. I admit it was disconcerting at first but I have got used to it. Between you and me I find it a bit exciting. I haven't been asked to join them but I have got quite used to the idea of watching them. I don't date anymore, haven't since the divorce so in a way it helps to give me.... some excitement I suppose.'

'And the others?'

'Couldn't handle it. The first was another woman, she lasted three weeks. The second was a man. He thought it was an opportunity to get involved but they weren't having any of it. Kept on and on and on. Eventually we asked him to go. Thing is we need a fourth to pay the rent. The girls left it to me to pick a candidate. To be honest I have run three ads and you are the only to call.'

'OK. I think I can manage the situation. Can I see the room?'

Now you are probably wondering how I could be so nonchalant after that, but it was one of those moments when afterwards you do wonder how you were so nonchalant.

Accepting it seemed the only thing to do. Simone then gave me the tour and laid out the rules. The flat had three bedrooms off the living room, all a good size and the two occupied were in a mess with clothes strewn everywhere. The room essentially reserved for me had a small en-suite bathroom, which I was told I would have to pay a little extra for in the rent. The daily routines comprised every fourth day each of us would do the chores. Cleaning, tidying up and cooking. Given that I was going to work out of my room it seemed easy for me to fit into. My work was straightforward and involved me translating texts so I would be in the flat a lot. After a half hour we had agreed that I could move in at the weekend.

Part 2: Moving In

As I returned to my temporary digs to get my things together I thought, in the cold light of day about Simone comments. Looking at it from the point of a red-blooded male the situation seemed somewhat, utopian. The idea of sharing a flat with at least one lovely looking woman who happened to be single and into men with a hint of Sapphic interest was quite a draw. Add to that a couple of female twenty something's running around in the all-together pleasuring each other and the flat developed a magnetism. Put it in the realm of reality though and things disintegrate.

Firstly Simone might not be interested in me whatsoever and secondly the Pussy Cats, as I had come to think of them, may take on the appearance not of gorgeous, lithe fantasy girls but a couple of old boilers into extreme and bizarre practices. Anyway aside from the fantasy who was to say we would get on. Sex or no sex, I had to know that I would get on with them all. By now I was at my digs, a dingy little bedsit with a battle-axe for a landlady who seemed to have this compunction to berate every man who crossed her path. This in itself made my mind up.

Whatever happened it had to be better than this. Aside from anything else, being devoid of a girlfriend my sexual lusts were satisfied by rubbing off over a magazine. Not exactly ideal. At least having women around would give me mental material. So, now to the moving in. Saturday morning and I arrive with my stuff in the back of a small van. Simone met me again and gave me a key explaining that the Pussy Cats were away until mid week.

Moving my stuff into my room with Simone around was difficult. My previous image had been wrongly grafted onto my mind. What with looking at the flat and being a little wrong footed I hadn't, it seemed taken in everything. Simone was gorgeous. No two ways about it. Her complexion was perfect and although white her skin had a slightly darker look to it. It transpired her mother was French. Her body was a dream.

Being summer she was barefoot, which stirs my blood, beautifully smooth and wonderfully shaped small feet topped with legs to take your breath away. Cut off jeans and a close fitting T-shirt showed her body to be exquisite, medium sized breasts giving a perfect proportion to her frame.

The more I looked at her face the more I felt myself wondering.... Anyway, we're not there yet. Simone helped me bring things up from the car chatting all the time. I learnt more about her, the divorce had been amicable as far as any divorce could be, unable to have children her husband had eventually gone off with her best friend who it seemed had manipulated him away from her using her fertility as the draw. Some friend. The first year was just spent getting over him, still in love she had a hard time and in many ways the Pussy Cats had helped her becoming good friends.

The last year she had been much happier and had started her life out again with a new job as an aerobics instructor. She was happy and enjoyed life. The Pussy Cats were away with their work. They both worked for a travel agent, which involved them getting cheap trips around the world. I also learnt that they were by all accounts nice girls. No heavy attitudes and to the outside world, beyond the front door they didn't express any stereotype image.

They were two regular girls who just happened to enjoy each other's bodies and their own, a lot. Information like this served to get me feeling quite heady. By the late afternoon Simone had gone to work leaving me alone so I finished unpacking and straightening my new abode. Once done I was at a loose end and feeling a little horny. I showered and once dry wandered into the rest of the flat. Simone scent still lingered and was having an effect on me.

In moments I was as hard as nails. Swallowing hard and feeling just a little nervous I went into her room. She probably wouldn't be back for a couple of hours but the chance.... well it spiced things up a little. Her room was a mix of romantic European decor, a wide rosewood four-poster bed with rosewood furniture. Soft cotton and lace bed linen with soft dreamy pictures on the wall of women in flowing dresses set in Paris. The room was filled with her scent, indiscernible.

Then it dawned on me that it was her natural scent and my stiff cock began to take over my thinking. I lay on her bed taking hold of myself and as I moved her strewn clothes wrapped themselves around me. It was overwhelming. Mentally drawing her into me I wrapped her panties and stockings around my cock and stroked.

I was lost as my orgasm started to build and without thinking of the consequences I came in spurting spasms into the soft material which hours earlier had held her so close. Calming I went back to my room and stashed her underclothes in a drawer. I had to admit, if nothing else happened this arrangement was going to be far more fun than my previous place.

Truth is at this point I had no idea what I was in store for.

Part 3: The First Few Days

That evening Simone returned from her aerobic session. I had recovered a little from my escapade on her bed but the sight of her just brought everything back. My throat felt tight, my stomach light and my cock heavy as it does moments before stiffening. Not being entirely sure of my position with her I sat down looking to hide the obvious swelling in my jogging pants. Trying to remain purely conversational as I watched the TV I asked how her day had been.

'Fine. Good classes on a Saturday, everyone seems really keen to take part. Some days you end up with a load of blobs fooling themselves. They think it sounds good to say they go.'

She obviously hadn't showered at the gym, not wanting perhaps to hang around at the weekend and slumped down opposite me in a chair. She had peeled some of her gym gear off wearing only a pair of tight leggings and a sporty crop top. Sitting as she was, her pussy was clearly outlined against the fabric.

I was acutely aware that I now had a complete erection only hidden by the way I was sitting. I had only just moved in and Simone was acting as if I had been there for months. Completely at ease.

She asked about me and seemed genuinely interested, it struck me that we really did seem to get on well quite naturally. As the time went by and the conversation picked up and dropped off in a natural cycle, I noticed that see kept looking at me differently. Her expression was.... as if she was studying me.

At this point she jumped up and said she was taking a shower. Now the only shower was in my bathroom so it appeared that whilst I paid the extra, all had the use of it. It occurred to me immediately that this was no bad thing. The prospect of at least Simone slipping in and out of my room was attractive.

Anyway, away she went and a little later padded through to her room in a dressing gown. I went into my room as well thinking to read through the latest text I had been sent. I sat on the bed. Lying in the middle was a pair of my underpants, not left there by me. I picked them up and noticed immediately that they were damp. The scent hit me. Simone. Strong and pungent, heady, it filled my nostrils and wrapped it self round my brain.

A flood of thoughts raced through me. Firstly she had done exactly the same as me but not even attempted to hide it, then I realised she must have known what I had done. I pulled the bedside drawer out. Empty. Bloody hell, she had taken back her lingerie soaked in my cum!

My cock had already started to fill and bulge as the door opened and a smiling Simone walked in, naked, holding the lingerie.

'Aahhh....' was all I could say. Clearly breathless and with a glazed expression she crawled onto the bed and sat crossed legged opposite me.

'Don't say anything' she said 'the moment I saw you at the door the other day I went wet. It hasn't happened like that for ages. I lied, I had loads of people apply for the flat but I had to have you here'

I was dumbstruck. She wanted me above all the others.

'And now it seems you feel the same way.' She smiled and I was lost completely. In some incredible way I felt I was falling not just in lust with this woman but in love. In such a short length of time and under, admittedly, unusual circumstances. Not one to tell the grandchildren!

'OK. Let me tell you what I want.' she said, clearly nervous and excited. ' I don't want you to fuck me yet. I want to know you better first. This has happened all very suddenly. I want to watch you pleasure yourself and I will rub my pussy for you.'

I didn't say a word. I quickly shrugged my clothes off and leaned back against the headboard with my legs open, either side of her. She lifted her own legs over mine. When her smooth warm skin touched me I groaned and my cock finally stiffened fully. I started massaging my balls, not wanting to touch my cock immediately. She stared as I worked my fingers abound my heavy sack. I could see the effect it had on her.

Her nipples were erect and very pronounced, dark buds. Her fingers went straight to her pussy. She leaned back slightly on her left arm as her right hand started rubbing in a circular motion over her lips. She kept a steady rhythm going as my hand moved to my shaft and started to stroke, uncapping my cock revealed to her my large swollen head already glistening with pre-cum. The whole situation aroused me quickly but I kept stroking for her. I wanted to hold back.

It dawned on me that the same urgency had hit her. Her scent filled me as her fingers pushed inside and she didn't once stop smiling.

'Shit I can feel myself cumming' she cried.

She shuffled forward closer to me lifted her fingers and pushed them in my mouth. The juices on her fingers tasted like nectar, my mind swirled as she shifted position bringing her body in close contact, I desperately wanted her to lower her saturated cunt onto me and I almost threw myself forward to take her. Then she dropped her hand; I thought to find her pussy again.

I jumped as her hand joined mine. She fisted her hand around my exposed cock head, squeezing. She rotated her fingers around the pulsing bulb, her thumb mercilessly massaging right on the sensitive skin underneath. I was reaching boiling point as I let go of myself and replaced her fingers with mine on her pussy. She was incredibly wet and as I touched her hard clitty she jumped and squealed.

My fingers slipped inside her and out, massaging her whole fleshy area then settled into a steady rhythm, my middle finger circled her bud, my other fingers sliding up and down her lips. I couldn't hold any longer, the pressure in my cock bursting up and out through her fingers, oozing hot cum, erupting into her hand. My climax triggered hers, she whimpered and moved closer still as her body convulsed and stiffened, her legs gripped me hard, her pussy pulsed and the lips seemed to purse and suck as if searching out a cock to drain.

I looked into her wide open eyes, deep pools of dark brown liquid honey, her mouth hung open as she shuddered, I could feel the breath of tiny gasps on my lips, we kissed for the first time. A passive kiss, lips and tongues pressed together as the last of our orgasms subsided. For a while we just stayed like than, still. My hand cupped her pussy; her fingers still clasped my cock, pressed against each other. As our heads cleared we parted slightly, but only a little not wanting to loose whatever it was that we had round. Her smile returned and her eyes said everything.

I was aware of her still hard nipples against me. She released me and massaged my cum into her lovely flat belly. We relaxed and naturally slipped further down the bed holding each other. I hadn't even entered her yet I felt that we had consumed each other. 'Well. What now?' I said.

She sighed 'I have not felt anything like that for two and a half years. What now? You stay in this flat and we will do everything together. Everything.'

Part 4: The Pub Garden

Making love with Simone and not actually entering her had had an incredible affect on me. We had dozed for a while and on waking, had each showered separately. Not at all embarrassed with each other but each of us respecting our thoughts, given the speed with which this had happened. Not so much the physical, at least for me, but the emotional. Falling in love had not been part of my mental picture but now I felt very strange.

The fact that Simone had expressed her developing feelings so early on only added to the bewitching headiness of it all. It didn't frighten me; in fact it made the whole situation more intoxicating. That evening we watched TV and ate a light meal. We sat close to one another legs and arms entwined and gently caressed each other finding the sensitive areas that aroused each of us. Nothing else happened but we kissed before going to our separate bedrooms. I came close to abandoning this self imposed, unspoken restraint when her soft, moist mouth closed over mine.

Her tongue lightly traced the outline of my lips, then slowly slipped inside my mouth. I was struck by the vaguely symbolic image of her penetrating me. As if our roles had been reversed. We lay on the sofa, stretched out with Simone laying half on top of me. She had been wearing soft pajamas all evening so I could feel her body heat. My shorts and T-shirt did nothing to hide my hard cock, which she had studiously ignored, the tension almost excruciating. Her soft foot gently slid up and down my leg as I wrapped my arms around her tightly. I slipped my fingers into her hair and kissed her back, this time deeply, urging out tongues to meet and merge as one writhing sensual entity.

We kept this up for a while and gently allowed it to slow down. Parting we went to our beds and agreed not to seek any self-satisfaction. I realised then that this relationship, whether it lasted or not was going to be intense and inventive with a sexual perspective normally only dreamed about. The following day, Sunday, we did the things new lovers tend to do when not shagging themselves stupid. We walked, talked, went for lunch at a pub, held hands and generally relaxed in each other's company. This served to only build a sexual tension between us.

In the pub Simone slipped to the ladies room and returned to hand me, under the table, her panties and bra. Now she sat before me wearing only a thin cotton summer dress. She then led me out to the garden where we found a quiet corner away from prying eyes. Simone seated herself with her back to the garden that was visible, slipped off her sandals placing her bare feet on my thighs and unbuttoned the dress. I could hardly swallow as her body came into full view.

I gazed at her exquisite form, her breasts wonderfully firm with dark stiff nipples, her flat tummy leading the eye to a fairly thick dark bush, trimmed but still left at its basic natural shape and length. Her pussy lips were already parted and moist, her scent quickly lifting to my nose. She was still aroused from the night before as she ran her palm over her breasts and with the fingers splayed, across her tummy and into her bush. She finger combed herself allowing only the barest of fingertips to touch her skin. Her back arched as she sighed louder than she expected.

At this moment a single girl in her early twenties came and sat on the grass some 20 feet away. All the other benches had been taken. She had a single drink with her and looked as though she was awaiting her partner. Simone saw her just as she noticed the dark haired beauty sitting opposite me, legs spread and virtually naked.

Our new audience had a complete unrestricted view of Simone as her fingers sank into her pussy and her hand began an urgent massaging. Simone was so close anyway, but the added benefit of the girl also watching tipped the scales. It occurred to me that her domestic arrangements had awakened voyeuristic desires; perhaps this blatant exhibition was just the flip side.

Simone and I locked our eyes together as she orgasmed. Her body stiffened, her toes curled and she shuddered, letting out those tiny little breaths, which I would come to adore. She stayed at her height for ages, jolting and gasping as her fingers relentlessly rubbed her pussy and clitty.

Again I noticed that when she came her pussy lips pursed as if sucking at the air, a little mouth, searching for the absent cock. Simone passed her climax and started to come down. I leaned into her and kissed her hard as her hands went to my fly. My cock was as hard as nails and sprang out for the two women to see.

Simone moaned with me as her delicate hands took hold of my shaft and started to stroke hard and fast. I was bursting and it was only moments before my balls tightened and the rhythmic pumping spurted my cum onto Simone's thighs. She drew all my sperm out with her squeezing fingers and then tucked me back in.

Not bothering to clean herself she redid her dress and we made to leave. The girl who I dimly remember gasping just as I came was still sitting on the grass but frozen in position. Her eyes were glazed and her mouth slightly open.

As we left we both heard her say a 'thank you' and then noticed the look on her face as her boyfriend arrived. He looked at her quizzically as she led him slightly out of site, just where we had been. We walked back to the flat delirious. I wanted her now worst than ever and wondered what would happen when the Pussy Cats returned.

My original fantasy thoughts of threesomes and foursomes may or may not come about, but it seemed certain that whilst I was going to be able to watch the Pussy Cats make love, Simone and I were also going to be demonstrating out uninhibited passion for each other.

Part 5: The Play

That night we decided to go out as if on a formal date. One of those going out situations where you make all the traditional efforts. I slipped out and bought flowers, hiding them on my return. I took my time showering, shaving and basically grooming and decided on a smart designer suit. I had made the choice of fashionable restaurant close to the West End and then to find a decent show or play with available tickets.

Once prepared I gave it a few minutes past the hour and proceeded to knock at her bedroom door, flowers in hand. Up to now I had only actually seen Simone dressed in sports gear and a summer dress and - nothing. When she opened the door I was speechless. She had chosen a classic little black dress, a simple cut showing off her gorgeous legs encased in black stockings and ending in black suede two- inch court shoes. Her arms were bare and the dress seemed to be making love to her itself. Then she turned. The back plunged low. Very low, resting in the small of her back. No bra. I had to do it.

I slipped my hands under the fabric and held her breasts. She breathed in deeply; her head fell back to rest on me and her nipples stiffened. And on a first date!! I wanted to ask about panties but thought I would leave it, not knowing seemed more exciting. The evening was wonderful with Simone acting sexy at every turn. In the restaurant her stockinged toes massaged my cock under the table her eyes constantly flashing erotic thoughts to me. The theatre proved a great idea. A cancellation had released a box, high up so that the audience was unable to see us.

Trying to watch the play was difficult as a little wine had lifted Simone's sensuality and she seemed to be constantly moving next to me. It was a while before I realised why.

The darkness had hidden her and she had pushed her chair back opening her legs. Lifting the hem to her waist she was slowly running her fingers around her wet slit - no panties. A pair of lacy French knickers lay on the floor by her ankles. The stockings were my favourite, soft black nylon toped with lacy hold ups. I forgot the play. I turned my chair to watch her. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open as she breathed slowly and deeply.

Her fingers were building in their urgency as they slid inside her, out again and around her entire fleshy area. She seemed to be enjoying the fact that I had been initially unaware of her pleasure. Her eyes opened and she gave me that smile. I wanted to taste her like nothing else. My cock was in pain as it tried to escape its confines so I loosened my trousers, sliding them off along with everything else. Me stripping clearly excited her. She stopped to watch as I stroked my hard cock, entirely naked in the theatre whilst several hundred people below watched the play.

Kneeling in front of her, her face told me everything. I ran my hands over her ankles and slipped her shoes off. Her feet felt beautiful as I guided them to my cock and balls. She knew. As her toes and soles worked wonders on my throbbing shaft, I started kissing and licking her nylon covered knees and thighs.

Before long I reached her bare skin and concentrated on the area inside, inches from her pussy. Her scent was intoxicating and her wetness was already running down her thighs. Simone got wet. Very wet, which I found very erotic. I spent ages softly kissing her inner thighs running my hands over her legs.

Her feet continued to rub my cock and as I felt their pressure increase I inched forward and ran my tongue the length of her pussy, starting close to her arse, I licked along her opening slit and rose to her clit. I circled round her throbbing hard nub, avoiding direct contact. I copied this again and again as her breathing became deeper.

Then I opened my mouth and sucked her pussy lips thrusting my tongue into her, her juices ran freely and her hips bucked forward as her hand pressed the back of my head. She was becoming more insistent and I was aware that she was lifting her dress off. By now my cock was bursting, she had managed to maintain her foot ministrations and I was getting close to spurting.

She was now quietly whimpering so I shifted and sucked on her clitty pushing two fingers into her tight pussy, as I finger fucked her and sucked and licked she suddenly lurched forward as the door to the corridor opened and a young woman entered. She carried a tray with interval drinks on it, ones we had ordered and forgotten about.

I now lay on my back with my legs open, Simone half straddling my chest but having turned as she fell so she looked directly at the girl. My cock stood upright unable to wilt as the wide-eyed blonde stood there open mouthed. Simone had the look of a predator about her as she grabbed my shaft and started pumping all the while eye-to-eye with the girl. She seemed about 18, pretty with a slim nicely shaped body, huge tits and hair up in a bun.

In a husky voice Simone said 'Put the tray down and lock the door'.

The girl immediately did as she was bid and knelt down before us. The house lights had come on and although we were still out of sight they totally lit up the box. At Simone's instruction the girl opened her blouse and released her front held bra, letting a pair of huge tits bounce forward.

Again, under instruction she peeled her pantyhose and knickers off and dropped her short skirt. Simone placed one hand behind the girl's head with the other still grasping and stoking my cock. They smiled at each other as the blonde's head came down, open-mouthed and swallowed my swollen cock.

Unable to speak, I found Simone's pussy with one hand and struggled to find the blonde's with the other. I did and as my fingers entered her already sopping cunny she sucked harder on my cock head, her tongue swirling round with he cheeks squeezing me tight. I had no chance.

I felt the familiar building of pressure though this time with immense power. My balls tightened and as I tried to warn the girl Simone moved her leg and pushed her stocking toes into my mouth. At this I convulsed and exploded, hot jism spurted along my shaft erupting into the blonde's mouth. She didn't flinch but sucked even harder, her fingers digging into my thigh. I carried on spurting longer than ever before filling her soft and yet hard mouth with my cream.

I fell back exhausted. A soft plot seemed to echo in the theatre as she released my cock and Simone then embarked on her first lesbian kiss, not with the Pussy Cats as I had thought may have become the case but with a complete stranger who had just sucked off her new lover. It was a hard, deep, raw kiss with hands frantically searching for pussies. I was stunned when they just fell into a 69 burying their faces into each other's saturated quims.

Each clasped the other's arse cheeks and in a remarkably short time, virtually seconds, both came, their bodies stiffening against each other.

After her orgasm the blonde sat up, her hair was down and her face covered in pussy juice, legs open. I had used her pantyhose to wipe my cock so leaving them she hastily dressed and left with out saying a word. Simone lay on her back, glaze eyed and smiling. I lay next to her and kissed her, tasting the other girls juices.

'I have wondered for ages.... what it would be like' she said ' I love it, I love it, I love it. Are you OK with this?'

'OK with it. Are you serious? I can't believe how lucky I am. I take it the Pussy Cats are now a target.' 'Hhhmmm. Hope so!' Talking like this had stiffened my cock again and Simone clearly was still in arousal. I moved over her as her hands felt for me, softly stroking me. She lifted her thighs up to grip me under the arms and used my cock head to slide up and down her wet slit.

I stayed in that position for ages, loving the feeling of her lips on my bell end and the hard nub of her clitty sliding across it. I eased forward and entered her, pressing myself into her body. Her hands came away and she wrapped her arms around my back as I slowly but with one fluid movement thrust my entire cock into her. She moaned as my balls nestled against her arse and tears flowed from her eyes. Yet she was smiling as usual, that smile that melted me.

'It has been so long since I felt a hard cock in me. So long since I wanted to feel this way' I kissed her tears away, drinking the salty liquid and very slowly drew my cock out, right to the tip where I then re-entered her.

I started to fuck her, not hard my gently. I sensed she wanted it like this. I had cum once and this gave me the reserve to hold on. I don't know how long we were making love in that box but I lasted a long time. She came again, her pussy gripping me and then I sensed a milking sensation, as if millions of tiny hands were drawing my juices from me. The sensation was indescribable, so tight, her pussy muscles seemed to have a life all of their own. I lost myself and came for the second time during that play; her pussy had found what it had been searching for.

I welled up and spurted deep inside her, our orgasms coming simultaneously.

Part 6: Introductions

What can I say? I had found myself in a new relationship that was verging on the blissful. After the play we had gone home and fallen into her bed dropping into sleep quickly. I awoke in the morning to find her naked body curled round me, she was still asleep and my cock had its customary morning erection. I immediate started rubbing myself. There was a thrill in gently masturbating whilst Simone slept, her gorgeous form moulded to me.

Her right thigh rested between my legs allowing my cock to slide over her smooth skin. In my position I could gaze at her exquisite form, from her lovely feet to her soft hair. I felt my self-building to climax and just let it happen. My cock and balls tightened and I spurted white jism in a long slow graceful arc onto her side. It ran in a rivulet down her belly pooling where our bodies pressed together. She stirred, moving even tighter into me as she slowly woke up.

'You randy sod' she said smiling 'last night not enough for?'

'Never enough,' I replied, 'Never!' She shifted her position and took my softening cock into her mouth, licking around the head, cleaning up my juice. She kept this up as I shrank and continued to suck me, though it had become more of a suckle as I was now flaccid. I love that feeling.

I love my cock when soft being sucked. She sucked hard and pulled her head away lips tight together giving me that wonderful drawn stretched sensation. It was enough and I started to swell again, filling her mouth with my hardening cock. She raised me completely and kept sucking hard as if she was in a race to make me cum. I got close when, laughing, she let me go and jumped up. 'That's your lot, I want you really randy and raring to go for later' she giggled as she headed for the shower.

I lay in her bed breathing hard and felt the deep sense of excitement and anticipation that kicks in when you know that later, she will be impaled on your cock. She returned from the shower and dressed in her gym clothes, grabbed her bag and keys and leant over to kiss me, at the last moment dipping her head and swallowing my cock whole, slowly drawing her mouth up, her tongue lashing me, releasing me with a loud pop.

'Hhhhhhmmmmm,' is all she said as she headed out. What the hell was I to do. Completely wound up, hard as nails and feeling achingly horny. I decided to shower and dress. My stiff cock would not go down and I was reluctant to touch myself, enjoying the tension.

After some breakfast I tried to do some work but all I could see, think about and smell was Simone. I decided to explore the Pussy Cats bedroom. They weren't going to be back until the next day so I felt safe. Their room was delicate. Pastel colours with a large bed made up with white linen. It was a large room and had plenty of wardrobe and chests. Without thinking I started to.... browse. They had a huge lingerie collection, stacks of clothes and shoes and in several drawers an array of sex toys, magazines and videos. Then I saw their photographs.

Quite clear I was stunned, both were gorgeous. One seemed to be tallish, slim with creamy skin, red hair and bright blue eyes, the other shorter with jet black, long oriental style hair. Both were extremely pretty and it occurred to me that watching these two fuck each other was going to be awesome.

All this only served to remind me of my aching cock. So. I decided not to wait. I flicked on the TV skipping channels until I came to a get fit programme with a dozen women in leotards bouncing around to music. Stripping I started to rub my shaft in time with the music and their gyrating bodies. After a while I was lost in my own little world, not hearing the door open. Still oblivious to any company I strummed away.

Then it happened. Clearly indicating to any observer that I was close to cumming with my panting, they stepped into view.

The Pussy Cats. Wilted is an understatement. My cock immediately shrank. There I was stark naked, wanking away at lets face it pretty lame visual material, when up pop to women who for all I really knew hated even the sight of cock.

I couldn't say anything. 'Hi' said the redhead ' you must be our new flatmate, hey don't mind us, carry on, please enjoy.'

I let go of myself as the shorter one held out her hand and said, 'I'm Julie. This is Kim. Assuming Simmy filled you in you know the score with us. Kim meant it, if you want to carry on wanking, its fine by both of us - promise.'

Feeling awkward but strangely aroused my cock; all of its own accord sprang back up. Given the circumstances, carrying on seemed the only thing to do. I thought they would disappear, which Julie did but Kim sat down and started chatting, alternating her gaze between my face, my cock and Julie who I couldn't see.

She explained that they had cut their trip short because the resort was crap. Then Julie came back and slipped a video in the machine. At this they both stood up and wandered into their bedroom with their bags. The video kicked in and I was treated to two lovely blondes in a 69 going hell for leather towards their orgasms.

'A bit better, don't you think?' said Julie as she wandered back into the room. She had taken her clothes off and sat down opposite me wearing only her panties and bra. Her body was wonderful with a deep tan.

She lifted one leg up leaning her chin on her knee, which lewdly caused her pussy to eat the thin fabric. I came. Not sure whether or not to be embarrassed or thrilled I came in massive spurts, dumping my white stream on the coffee table. All the while the Pussy Cats continued chatting away as if everything was normal.

Of course to them everything was normal. I got a cloth to clean the table only to return to see the two of them lying on the sofa, kissing and becoming more and more urgent with their caresses. I watched for a bit and then slunk off into my room. I wanted to watch a lot but really wanted Simone there as well, simply because I knew I couldn't touch and once hard again I would need more than just my own hand.

I did get some work done but only after they had both completed their cries of orgasm and gone out shopping. When Simone got home I confessed all, glad to be getting it in before they did. She couldn't have taken it better. It wasn't long before they got back and the evening loomed. To begin with we acted quite normally, making coffee with Simone putting a light supper together. Then they disappeared for a while, all three.

When they came back I was taken into the living room and sat down.

'OK' Simone said, 'we have a proposition for you. I didn't just lie about you being the only applicant. Truth is Kim and Julie wanted a man as well. Julie is 23 and still a virgin, at least in the sense of actually shagging a man and although Kim had a boyfriend some years ago she is approaching 30 and wants to have a bit of cock as well. I was to chose primarily for myself and then the girls would decide if you were right for them also. If you weren't it didn't matter if I wanted to keep you.

You pass, they want you. You up for it. It means. looking after all of us.'

Part 7: Pussy Cat Pile

OK I hear you. I know it all seems a bit unlikely but that's how it happened. There I was, sitting on the sofa being asked if I would become the shagging stud for a woman who blew my brains (and fortunately my cock) and two lesbians, gorgeous lesbians at that, who wanted 'a bit of cock every now and then'.

The only thing was that I wasn't allowed to initiate anything with the Pussy Cats until they were ready. Apparently they wanted the four of us, as two couples to live together being uninhibited with our lovemaking to each other, although Simone had told them about the theatre box and that she really wanted to have them herself.

To begin with I was going to have to watch them pleasure Simone without touching the two of them. What was I supposed to say thanks I'll nip back to that bedsit with the battle-axe landlady! That evening was enjoyable. We chatted and generally became friends. I began to wonder just when all the free-swinging sex was going to kick in.

The Pussy Cats were snuggled up together and I noticed that as we talked and drank our wine Julie's hand was between Kim's thighs, quite clearly stroking her pussy. Not urgently, not rushed just soft gentle, almost fingertip, caresses across her cotton panties. Mid conversation Kim stood up and slipped her panties off, revealing a rich carroty muff framed by her pale ivory skin and sat back down, but now with her legs wide open. Julie's fingers continued in the same way, as did the conversation. Simone was simply staring and I could just smell a hint of her intoxicating scent.

Julie noticed first, Kim intently talking directly to me about ancient text translation, and said, 'Simmy darling, come over here.' Simone needed no further invitation and scampered over. I was now left in an armchair with the three of them right in front of me. Kim smiled and lifted her T-shirt off settling deeper into the sofa, now stark naked. Simone just stopped in front of her kneeling, a little unsure what to do so Julie crawled down onto the floor with her.

Taking Simone's hand she placed it between Kim's open thighs. Simone had already had a sudden and explosive introduction to Sapphic love so showed no hesitation.

Her fingers went to work drawing a deep sigh from Kim, thrilled at the element of newness for Simone. Meanwhile, aside from the fact that I was now naked and erect, Julie slipped her own panties and T-shirt off. Naked and clearly trying to hold back her urgency she cuddled in behind Simone, pressing her breasts and pussy against her. Her hands started to explore my lover, fingers combed through her hair then softly traced over her face, running several times around her lips. I wanted to get a better position so moved to clearly see Simone's front.

Don't get me wrong, Julie's tanned back, arse and legs with her thick black hair were a sight to behold but I wanted to savour Simone's initiation as much as possible. I know, I know but I thought of this as her initiation. Simone was wearing a dressing gown and as Julie's fingers slid down her neck and under the collar Simone sighed and let her hands fall to her sides. Kim started to rub her pussy herself, clearly transfixed by Simone whose eyes had closed.

The dressing gown fell to the floor revealing Simmy in one go. No slow peeling off of clothes, no tentative fumbling with nervous fingers, her body came into full view. Simone as we know was no stranger to exhibiting herself but the situation was different, charged with an intimacy. She whimpered with anticipated pleasure. We had lit candles for the evening with the lights off, drunk wine; the atmosphere was deeply erotic and sensuous.

Julie's hands moved to Simmy's breasts and cupped them at which she jumped and cried out. Her body visibly shook with tension as Julie massaged her flesh and squeezed her already very erect nipples. The touching had become more urgent, more definite as both hands slowly pressed into her belly, sinking lower.

As the fingers of Julie's right hand slid through Simmy's bush her head lolled and she let out a long deep pent up moan, Julie leant back and softly fell to the floor, pulling Simmy with her. Julie opened her legs to accommodate Simmy's sweet buttocks now pressing against her hot labia and started a long slow finger and palm massage covering Simmy's entire pussy. She squeezed her lips together trapping her clitty in fleshy walls.

Kim slipped off the sofa and moved above Simmy as if a man about to thrust his urgent, aching cock into her. I was entranced. My gorgeous lover was sandwiched between two incredible women. Kim pressed herself down and kissed Simmy open mouthed, her tongue clearly slicing through her lips.

She positioned herself so her wet and now highly sensitive pussy rode Julie's knuckles. The combined weight seemed to enhance Julie's pleasure as she quickened her rubbing and sucked hard on Simmy's ear. I was stunned to see her free hand blindly lash out as if searching and then grab my cock with an urgency usually only seen at the point of orgasm. I then realised that Simmy's buttocks must have been right on her clitty and the pressure was raising her need fast. She roughly pumped my cock, no elegance to her rubbing here, a virgin and clearly one never to have reached any petting with boys, her skill was basic at best but balanced by a demanding urgency.

And the fact that the three were clearly approaching a simultaneous orgasm. All three were moaning in chorus, their bodies glistening in the flickering candlelight and all of a sudden they came, together. The timing was amazing, all three went rigid, both Simone and Julie were desperately trying to close and straighten their legs, which caused the three women to rock. Julie's fist squeezed hard as she came as if trying to transpose her climax to me. It did.

On my haunches, cock held by a 23 year old girl who had never held cock I came. A huge orgasm, I groaned loudly as I spurted thick cum which landed in sticky lines on all three women.

Julie released me and flopped, as did the other two, limp and sated. I moved back and perched on the edge of a chair, my cock still twitching and dripping cum, not taking my eyes from the women. Simone looked at me and flashed that smile; the Pussy Cats were kissing behind Simmy's head. Simmy disentangled herself and dipped her fingers into Kim's pussy then into Julie's, both still wet, then her own saturated quim.

Moving over she curled into the chair with me and pushed her fingers, covered in all three pussy creams into my mouth. The taste was exquisite. It seemed like a blooding at an initiates first fox hunt. As if it was the ink on a contract, signed and sealed.

The Pussy Cats had seen it. As they rolled over to us we slipped to the floor and for a while the four of us lay together, entwined, basking in our subsiding climaxes and the knowledge that we were safe to be four sexual creatures, bound as one.

Part 8: The Taking of Julie

After the last episode life settled into a routine of four people coming and going to work and basically shagging all over the place. It is amazing how quickly you can accept what would usually be considered, say, eccentric, as perfectly normal. To begin with I didn't have any sexual contact with the Pussy Cats as such.

Julie, having gripped my cock previously was fascinated and at times would touch and stroke but limited herself to just that. Each time though it proved electric from my point of view. There was a look of nervous wonder in her face and this just heightened my excitement. There were so many scenes it is impossible to tell them all. As Simone had said on our first meeting the Pussy Cats really did just go for it whenever and wherever.

They would tumble in the front door after work, giggling, fall to the hall floor and make love passionately, semi clothed, get up afterwards and carry on as if nothing had happened. One time I was just coming out of the kitchen, when one of their fall in the floor escapades was starting. As they rolled I tripped and fell, ending up in such a position that I could neither stand or crawl out since we had become tangled. They ignored me.

I was only wearing boxer shorts and T-shirt. I lay back and simply enjoyed. Don't ask what position we were in, it was just a tangle of limbs and torsos with the two of them in a vague 69. At least both had their mouths to pussies. My face was inches from Kim's as she went to work on Julie's pussy. My cock was trapped against a stocking thigh, which kept rubbing me. I didn't cum; both girls came quickly and got up leaving me on the floor with a raging hard on, both thinking it was funny.

On another occasion, I was making toast in the kitchen. It was morning and Julie and Kim were having their breakfast at the table. Simone darted in from her shower, still naked, knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. I leant against the worktop becoming breathless as her tongue worked its way around my shaft.

Leaning forward I couldn't see her, just feel. Her mouth must have looked a blur as she took me into mouth fast, pumping herself up and down, sucking hard, her cheeks squeezing me. I came very quickly; she swallowed and ran out again. Not a word was said. As I said I fell into this quickly.

One evening, we were all watching telly. Mid conversation I took my turn by kneeling between Simone's thighs and burying my face in her pussy. I probed her soft flesh with my tongue, licking along her lips and sucking her whole labia into my mouth, still using my tongue to lick her.

She tried to ignore me and carry on talking. I felt her hands on the back of my head though; she wasn't ignoring me that much. I like doing this and can lose myself between her thighs. I am happy to stay there for ages, bringing her close, letting her fall back and repeating many times.

I tend to lose track of anything else and was caught by surprise when I felt a naked body press against my naked back and hands take hold of my balls and cock. Simone kept wriggly and as her thighs raised, I caught a glimpse of red hair. Kim was behind me and it was apparent that she did know how to stroke cock.

Her lips came close to my ear, she whispered, 'Do you want to do that to Julie?" I did. This time as Simmy started to pass over the edge I let her go, she bucked and cried out as her pussy puckered and sucked on my tongue. Easing away from her, my face covered in her juices I saw that Julie had sat next to her, legs open. I moved along to be in front of her, then it hit me. Kim was still moulded to my back, her hands working wonders on my stiff cock and as I looked round, Simmy had positioned herself flat on her back, head looking straight up to Kim's pussy.

I felt Kim stiffen round me, squeeze me harder as Simmy's mouth kissed me on the lips! The thing was though, I was about to be the first man to taste Julie. I have to say I was a bit nervous. Julie was beautiful. Very toned and firm with largish breasts her skin was darkly tanned, her long black hair flowed around her. She had placed her feet on my shoulders letting her knees fall outwards. Her pussy was totally exposed.

Trimmed, her bush was black and thick like her hair but her slit was pronounced and was clearly visible with an enormous clitty, hard as nails sticking out. I moved in.

All nervousness vanished as I tasted her. She was like wine, a full-bodied red, a deep sweet musky taste and scent, strong and intoxicating. I spent time simply licking her lips, parting them with the tip of my tongue, sliding down to lick the delicate sensitive skin beneath, just in front of her anus, rising again to circle her clitty. She became insistent and I drew that hard stalk into my mouth, an inch long I sucked on her, which made her hips buck.

This girl was well used to be eaten, so I was delighted when her juices freely flowed but I also think that having a man for the first time between her thighs did act as an additional stimulus. I wanted to bring her to orgasm, Kim was still glued to me though now softly stroking my bursting cock. I could sense that she was concentrating on the tongue between her lips. Suddenly Kim pulled away.

'Wait' she said, ' do you feel?'


'OK, Cam, Simmy, come to our bedroom.'

I knew where this was going. Julie eyes said it all. Obviously we had been building to this, I knew that. We all went into the bedroom where Kim pulled the duvet from the bed and eased Julie onto it. Julie readily lay back with her legs spread. Kim and Simmy lay either side of her holding her like two bookends.

Kim looked at me, standing at the floor of the bed, naked and erect. 'This girl is my lover' she said 'she is my life, my breath, my heartbeat. No man has even touched her save you. She wants to feel cock inside her, hot pulsing cock, living flesh and she wants to feel you spurt yourself in her belly' Julie's eyes were wide with lust. I knelt then supported my self over her.

Kim's hand took hold of my throbbing cock and guided me to her lover's lips. Simmy's hand gripped my balls. Julie had been entered before, fingers, dildos but this was clearly different. The head of my cock touched her.

Kim very slowly used the end of my cock to rub her slit and clitty. I was straining to control myself. Then her hand inched me forward. Julie's eyes were fixed to mine her mouth open as I eased forward. He lips parted and my head slipped inside. She cried out and breathed raggedly. Her arms tightened around the two other women, Kim's fingers took hold of Julie's clit, releasing me to slide into her lover. I took my time, slowly, inching into her. She shuddered and twitched constantly and then I was there. Fully buried, to the hilt. Simmy's hand massaged around my balls and Julie's anus.

Kim, her fingers flat, was squashed between us but on her hard nub. Julie lifted her arms and took my head in her hands, lifting her face to mine we kissed. Our mouths met tentatively and then more urgently. I began to pull back, slowly savouring her incredibly tight walls as they held me, vice like.

Then I fucked her, long steady stokes, building to a fast constant thrusting, kissing deeply all the time, Kim's hand working hard circles around her clit, I sensed Simmy slip her finger into Julie's anus, lubricated but her stream of juices. I felt a welling up inside of me at the same time as Julie began to spasm, she was crying out with every thrust and the relentless rubbing from Kim.

Julie arched her back and went rigid, her arms crushed around me, her pussy strangled my cock as she herself thrust her hips to me. I held fast as I felt my hot cum traveled through my tightening balls, up my shaft. I felt as if there was a moment of plugged pressure and then and explosion as I spurted into Julie.

I groaned and went rigid myself unable to control anything, I jerked, lost completely not just in intense pleasure but way back in my mind, the knowledge of taking this woman for the first time. It seemed to last for hours then we both slumped. I fell on her, drained. We were both covered in sweat. She lay there, still breathing fast and shallow.

Kim was crying, not with any sense of loss of sadness. She was smiling with a look of pure joy. I kissed her and then Simmy. I was still hard and could feel every twitch, every aftershock in Julie's pussy but I slipped out of her. As I did she looked at me and smiled mouthing a thank you, then rolled into Kim's arms.

Their love seemingly cemented even more. Simmy was glazed. We both left our lovers lying together and went to her room. We made love. Slowly, gently and seemed ourselves to draw closer to one another.

Part 9: Kim and the Guests

In the morning I awoke before Simmy, who lay beside me naked, her hair spread across the pillow. My cock was rock hard, as usual in the morning and as I lay there considering her thighs and sliding down between them to wake her with the best morning call devised, I heard moaning coming from the Pussy Cats bedroom.

Naked I wandered through and found them enjoying a 69. Julie was on top, her splendid buttocks staring at me as I walked in. Kim was licking her with her morning urgency and obviously responding to Julie's ministrations. Unable to see Julie's face and Kim's pussy I settled down in a chair to watch. My cock was becoming almost painful with the stress of watching them and I purposefully left myself alone, letting the tension build.

Kim then caught sight of me and without removing her mouth from Julie's lips beckoned with her eyes. Already we were all communicating in subtle ways and I knew immediately what she meant. I approached. The heights were perfect, my swollen cock bobbed directly in line with Julie's pussy and as Kim concentrated on her lover's clit, without warning, I slipped my cock into Julie. She wasn't expecting it and squealed, lifted her head and tried to turn. Kim brought her knees to bear and clamped them around the dark haired girl holding her fast.

I buried my stiff cock to the hilt in one smooth thrust as Julie groaned loudly. Both girls were already close to their orgasms and I wasn't far behind. I kept up a fast steady thrusting as Julie went back to sucking Kim's quim hard making Kim writhe frantically. I could sense Kim was cumming and suddenly Julie's pussy tightened further, her body shuddering. The Pussy Cats were both cumming and that triggered mine.

I slammed hard against Julie and resigned to my pulsing spurts, gripping her hips. Mid orgasm I felt extra hands take hold of my balls and tug. This served to intensify and prolong my orgasm, I threw my head back and cried out as Simmy pressed herself against me. As I finished she pulled my head down and kissed me, deep and long as my cock slipped out of Julie.

This is how things ended up.

Morning, day and night I would find myself freely enjoying myself alone whilst in their company, coupled with Simmy, Julie, all three or any other combination. I had Kim when the two of us were alone. Both Julie and Simmy were at work.

Kim and I were watching a movie on telly when she suddenly stripped, tore my clothes off and straddled me on the sofa. Kim looked wonderful to me, tall and slim with medium breasts she had a mane of red hair with a thick carroty muff, ivory pale skin and incredible blue eyes.

The contrasting colours topped by a soft, throaty Irish accent extenuated her to a fantasy level. Nothing was said. She rubbed her wet pussy on my hardening cock and when fully erect simply sank onto me. She pressed her body against me as hard and as close and possible, her hands stole under my buttocks and gripped hard.

Her mouth came to mine in a passionate, frantic and dominant crush, her tongue lancing into me as I lanced into her down below. Miraculously we both lasted for a long time. She did most of the work, grinding and pounding hard up and down my shaft, both of us moaning in time with the intense and relentless rhythm. Kim's hand left my buttocks and came to my head, her fingers entwined in my hair gripping me.

She stopped kissing and whispered in my ear, 'I fucking needed this' at which point she slammed down onto my lap and went rigid, breathing in and holding her breath. Then she let out a long, high pitched moan as her pussy pulsated around my shaft, her hips bucked and she let go all control.

Her legs and arms went wild, her breath came in giant gasps as every part of her body convulsed. All I could do was hold on as if on the ride of my life. She was though, riding me in the truest sense of the word. Then she went limp, suddenly flopping down one me, my cock as hard and erect as ever. Her pussy was giving out massive aftershocks, spasming and squeezing me.

In this sudden and complete calm, Kim, covered in sweat, virtually a dead weight in my lap triggered an unusual orgasm in me. The spine in the small of my back seemed to tighten and a streak of heat shot to my balls where they tightened like never before. My semen traveled very slowly as if blocked by a cork, resisting the inevitable rush. I could feel the thick cream filling my cock in slow motion, building in pressure.

Kim's pussy kept up a gentle massaging as the bough broke and I came in one long continuous gush. No separate spurts, a long squeeze taking in my entire body came in a jet of cum. I held Kim close as I came down from an incredible height. Now I had had all three women. We stayed locked together for a while. I enjoyed feeling Kim's sated body glued to mine. After a while I slid to my back lengthways on the sofa with Kim laying on top of me, her head pillowed on my chest. The silence was comfortable and when I spoke I spoke quietly, maintaining the intimate aura around us

'Why?' I asked.

'Why what? 'Why did you fucking need that. I am a bit confused about all this you know. Simmy never really explained why you and Julie wanted a man. I mean, doesn't it go against you being lesbians?'

'What makes you think that all lesbians hate men. Some do. But not all. In any case what is a lesbian, for that matter what is a gay man. I used to have boyfriends and I suppose now I have one again, well a piece of one anyway. You are now our boyfriend, I think all for of us a falling in love with each other, don't you?'

'Hmmm. Yeah I suppose so. I am in love with Simmy and I know now she could never leave you two and I am getting quite attached to my..... Pussy Cats.'

'Well there you go' Kim came up onto her elbows, her face hovering inches above mine.

I stirred down below, she really was a vision. 'It's about love. I love Julie. In the same way any couple love each other, for both of us sex was a secondary issue. We fell in love. Plain and simple. I still have the same sexual urges though, Julie was getting them so you seemed the idea offering and when it worked for you and Simmy.... it couldn't have been better.'

'OK.... I think that.... hhhhmmmmm,' I couldn't say anymore, Kim kissed me, her soft lips met mine and her delicate tongue slid into my mouth and my cock started to fill with blood. Before long I was inside her again but this time things were slow, really slow. She slid up and down my cock leisurely, softly murmuring as we carried on kissing.

* * * *

That evening I made love to Simmy on the sofa while Kim and Julie watched TV beside us.

They didn't join in this time except to massage my balls when I came. Afterwards we all sat together entwined, absent-mindedly stroking and caresses each other whilst chatting and watching the box.

Simmy mentioned that her mother and sister were coming to stay for a while, arriving at the weekend. Simmy turned out to be 35 as I had guessed, her mother had had her young, an accident with a boyfriend and was now 52.

Her mother had been married several times and was once again divorced but did have another daughter, Charlotte who was now 16, a half sister to Simmy. We talked about her family and I learned that her mother had been a model and although 52 looked and felt only 40.

Her sister had inherited the family looks as well and although she had a different father she resembled Simone closely. I wasn't quite sure how this was going to fit with our new domestic arrangements so thought of the coming visit with mixed feelings. I could have been wrong but something in Simmy's voice hinted at.... me being busy. The build up to the weekend had me in a bundle of nerves and when the day arrived I was a wreck.

To relax me they virtually threw me onto the bed and all three went to work on my cock. It worked. They remained dressed with me naked and three tongues, mouths, six lips.... well what can I say?

When they arrived I was truly knocked for six. Not only was I involved with three beautiful women but our guests were exquisite to boot. Charlotte was simply a younger version of Simmy but carried herself well beyond her years.

She wore her clothes like a model, a summer dress that did nothing to hide the shape of her body. An hourglass body with large firm breasts the young woman was drop dead gorgeous. When she moved she spelt sex. Her mother took my breath away, tall, about 5'10 and slim with pert breasts pressing against a silk blouse.

Shapely legs appeared beneath a tight skirt. Again the thick dark hair, huge brown eyes and long eyelashes, full mouth framed by a face to launch a million ships, let alone a thousand. She walked towards me with cat like grace, extended her hand and said in a thick French accent 'I am Simone's Mother, Helena. I have heard so much about you.' She put emphasis on the word much and I blushed. I actually blushed. I never blush. But she was something else.

52? Maybe, but she really did look 40 or younger.

My cock was engorged and straining against my trousers. How the hell was I going to survive this. I assumed, wrongly, that we would be restraining our normal activities. Oh how wrong I was.

She spoke again, 'I met your neighbours downstairs on the way in. A gorgeous black girl and her blonde.... flatmate.'

She said flatmate with a small smile. Yes, she had the smile. Oh how I was wrong!

Part 10: One Man and Six Women

That evening was the start, the real start of things to come. Up to now I had been teased in the sense that I had no idea to the extent at which my sexual stamina would be put to the test. I picked up very early on that Helena was a very sensual woman who new exactly how to employ her assets.

It was very clear where Simone had developed her unconscious ability to arouse simply with a look. Charlotte had not been left out of the loop either. Although younger, she already possessed the obviously genetic sense of what worked. Her every move was executed in such away as to have maximum impact, yet understated, dismissing any thought cynical thought that there was an anterior motive.

It was also immediately apparent that they both held the same freethinking that Simone had demonstrated to me. Both new about the Pussy Cats and in no time at had settle into the flat as if it were their own. Helena had headed for the shower soon after arriving and wandered from Simone's room to mine completely nude, and then back again. Meanwhile Charlotte had changed her clothes to a pair of soft cotton shorts and loose T-shirt, cut off to reveal her smooth belly. It was obvious that she was wearing a bra and I guessed her panties were in her room too.

By the evening I was in a state of complete confused arousal. I wanted to have sex there and then, no messing around, just simple straightforward sex, but I was still not quite sure. We had cleared away the table and were lounging around watching TV and chatting. I knew Simone could see my erection outlined against my jogging pants and sensed she was holding in a laugh, as if she was keeping a secret.

It was then that Helena said with that smile of hers, 'Hey Cameron, you feeling comfortable there.'

The penny had dropped. I knew then that my domestic situation had not changed one iota with Simone's family being here. I took the bull by the horns.

Charlotte was sitting opposite me talking with Kim. It was her I homed in on. I stood up and lifted my T-shirt off and then pushed my bottoms off revealing myself to everyone, fully erect. I was nervous. What the hell would happen if I had got this wrong.

Charlotte was 16 and looked older, perfectly legal, that wasn't my concern, it was the simple error of assuming everything and everyone was on the dinner plate. I need not have worried. Charlotte was now watching me with glee.

I walked over to her and knelt, noticing that the others had gathered round. Helena has hurriedly taking her clothes off as was Simone. Julie virtually pounced on Kim her mouth and hands ravaging her. I had got it right. Charlotte lifted her bare, delicate feet and started using her soles and toes to masturbate my cock.

The sensation was glorious and she had obviously done it before. I leaned forward and as I reached for her shorts, pulling them down, she took her T-shirt off. Her body was enough to drive the breath from my lungs. Her breasts were full, rounded, firm and topped with large erect chocolate nipples.

Her belly was flat, her hips wide with legs holding a perfect shape. Her pussy was bare, naturally bare. I found out later that for some reason it just never grew. I could not contain myself.

With Charlotte's feet still working their magic on my cock I opened her thighs and French kissed her pussy. She was dripping. I spread her lips and tongued her as deeply as I could, the situation did not call for subtlety and I used my thumb to rub in a circular motion on her protruding clitoris.

The evening had obviously been charged for all of us, Charlotte came in seconds, her hips bucking hard, she clamped her thighs around my head and I felt her feet leave me to be replaced by a mouth. I did not know who's. I couldn't breath as her wonderful nectar poured down my throat and filled my nostrils.

I moved my hands to her buttocks and using the wetness from her pussy, eased my finger into her arse. It seemed to prolong her orgasm, or trigger a series of continuing climaxes. I heard her cry out just as the mouth on my cock sucked incredibly hard. I lost total control, groaning loudly into Charlotte's pussy I spasmed and spurted my cream into, as it turned out, her mother's mouth.

Helena was an Olympic gold medallist at cock sucking and was doing movements with her tongue, which drew every last bit of jism from me. As I slumped to the floor, Charlotte quickly slid on top of me, straddling my softening cock, rubbing her silky pussy on it. Her mouth crushed to mine, her exquisite globes rubbed against my chest. I was delirious but became aware of Charlotte stiffening, her head lifted and she moaned. I looked past her and saw Julie had strapped on a dildo and pushed into Charlottes arse. Charlotte was grunting, her eyes tightly shut as Julie began to thrust slow, steady strokes.

My cock sprang back to hardness and Simone took hold of me easing me into her sister. I picked up the motion with Julie and we both thrust alternately, as if two hammers were punching in a fence post. Charlotte couldn't speak. Julie and I picked up the speed, reaching a pounding pace, thumping into Charlotte for all we were worth. Charlotte's pussy contracted, it had already been tight, now I thought my cock would never escape and Charlotte had another orgasm.

As the tidal wave hit her, I thrust as deep as I could and held my cock in, Julie did the same, timed to be beyond Charlotte's point of no return. She orgasmed with my cock in her pussy and Julie's prosthetic up her arse. This time Charlotte slumped, utterly drained. I was still raging and desperate for someone else. As I crawled from the murmuring, twitching girl I came upon a sight, which I shall always remember.

In the middle of the room, Helena and Simone were in a 69, Helena on top. I was paralysed.

Simone's eyes met mine as she urgently suckled on her mother's pussy. I had not thought of this permutation, my mind absorbed with Helena and Charlotte as individuals looking only to me. At first I was shocked and then, and then.... I exploded. I fell to my knees and in one massive thrust, impaled Helena, Simone's 52 year old mother, Charlottes mother, on my cock and taking a firm grip on her hips fucked her like nothing else.

Simone's tongue ran frantically over my pistoning shaft and Helena's stretched lips and clitty. Helena was shuddering. I did not let up. I could feel my balls boiling. Then it happened. I pulled back with enormous force, right out of her and blindly hit home again. But Helena screamed, her head flying up from Simone's pussy and I realised I had fully entered her arse, right to my pubic bone.

My cock was drenched with pussy juice and saliva which had enabled easy entry, but not that easy.

'YES' Helena shouted, 'YES YES YES, fuck me hard, harder' her voice was ragged and laced even heavily with her French accent.

It dawned on me that this was very much her thing, which is why I had entered her so fast. Beyond any sense of boundaries I fucked her arse, hard. Very quickly, she came, Simone was sucking on her clit and her arse tightened. The pressure was intense and I felt my cum racing through my balls and cock and spurting deep inside her.

I jerked for an eternity. We orgasmed together, our bodies glued together. 20 minutes later we all lay together on the floor. Julie and Kim had been next to us, themselves in a 69.

All of us had been sated but as we were to find out, not for long. We had been extremely noisy. The neighbours could not normally hear anything, but tonight there was a knock at the door.

Part 11: Building Up To Six Women

We were all feeling warm and sleepy, the lights were low and the flat felt comfortable. I was dimly aware that the room was filled with the aroma of our lovemaking as Charlotte wandered over to the door and opened it, forgetting that she was totally nude.

From where we were we could hear the startled cry form our downstairs neighbour as this beautiful young woman confronted her. The conversation was a little surreal comprising of, what seemed like, feigned indignation and awkward embarrassment. Simone had been gently stoking my cock so I was semi erect, hanging, yet clearly engorged and only a lick away from a full flagpole.

Feeling mischievous I stood and went to the hallway slipping my arm around Charlotte, standing naked and clearly aroused in front of this new woman. She was pretty with blonde hair and a slim body and the most deep blue eyes I had ever seen. She wore a business suit and appeared to have only recently got in from work.

I smiled. 'I just wanted to say that I feel the noise from this flat, and the type of noises are just too much. I must ask you, no, I insist that you keep quiet.... I.... um....' her words became lost as she realised that I was naked.

She was trying desperately to look me in the face but her eyes betrayed her as they flicked up and down. She really was quite lovely and crimson with embarrassment at which my cock rose to its full glory, for some reason becoming very aroused at her discomfort. She let out the longest sigh, which sounded full of frustration, and ended up just staring at my hard cock, she sagged a little and leant against the doorframe.

Charlotte sensed a change in her. Kneeling before me she took my cock into her mouth and slowly started to suck me, making sure that the angle was kept clear so our neighbour could see everything. Her wet lips and tongue massaged the length and head of my cock as she used a lot of salver to drench me so that the spectacle was enhanced.

The blonde was transfixed and almost without realising it she slipped to her knees. Looking down at her I studied her as best I could from my angle of view. She wore medium high court shoes with nylons over shapely legs and a smart grey skirt and jacket with a white blouse.

Whilst I was taking this in she shuffled forward and almost pulled Charlotte off me, who stood and kissed me before returning to the writhing mass of female flesh I could see over my shoulder.

The blonde simply took over from where Charlotte had left and with small groaning whimpers sucked me as though she had been starved of sustenance for years. I was stunned at her skill but more with her enthusiasm, the animal passion with which she sucked me was incredible and in a short time I came, filling her mouth.

I thought she might pull away but she stuck fast until I had completely stopped, swallowing all my cum. I dropped to my knees as she fell into my arms.

'I don't know what to say' she murmured ' I have never done anything like that, I mean, well, I have sucked before obviously but not just like that with a complete stranger....I am so embarrassed.'

'Hey, lets have none of that' I answered 'tell you what, come with me'

She made no protest as I led her out to the staircase and sat her down halfway. Lifting her skirt, revealing stockings and panties I eased the gusset to one side and without any introductions, I licked her pussy from bottom to top, slowly, letting my tongue sink between her lips and then right over her already hard clit.

She squealed and threw her thighs wider apart. Her hands suddenly gripped the back of my head and she ground herself against my mouth, thrusting her hips in a frantic spasmic urgency.

I had hardly licked and sucked her before she came in massive pent up convulsions, throwing her head back and almost growling. She slumped back on the stairs but her body still stirred.

Moving with anticipation. It was then that I noticed her flatmate, a tall willowy black girl with a face that could almost certainly have launched five thousand ships, staring at us through the stair rails.

Her eyes flashed as she smiled and reached through cupping her friends face in her hand.

'At last, my sweet, sweet Camilla, at last,' she said with a husky voice that gripped my shaft, then looking at me she said 'carry her into our flat.'

I did. And I was still naked.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


by Richard (November 2001)

I've known Kate for a long time. A very long time. In fact, we were at school together (and that seems like a very long time ago indeed). Anyone who knows her will realise two main things about her. Firstly, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous her pretty face, pale blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, I could go on for ages about how attractive she is. Attractive she might be, but tall she certainly isn't.

At just five foot one she is certainly petite, but perfectly formed. The other thing about Kate is her brain. Its a sharp as a razor. She put her intelligence to good use and got a very good set of A levels and then went on to do Computer Science at University. And got a 2.1 in it. Brains and beauty, and unbeatable combination.

That's what I think anyway! Like most graduates Kate soon discovered that finding suitable employment isn't easy. So she phoned around local companies, seeing if any of them could find her a post. And wrote. And emailed. Nothing. But one day that all changed. According to her, she bumped into an old friend in town and they went for a drink together. They chatted about what they had been up to and Kate listened as her friend told her that she was working as a secretary for a company that does satellite TV installation. Kate said that she trying to find work, preferably writing software.

Her friend told her boss might be interested in some "one off" programming. Kate was intrigued, and agree to meet the boss later that week. Dressed like someone going to a job interview, Kate went along to the premises of the company (whose name will remain anonymous). The boss greeted her warmly and they talked about various things for over an hour. That's something else about Kate, she's a bit of a chatterbox. Finally the conversation got round to why Kate was there.You don't just stick a satellite dish up and hope for the best. All the satellites that are used for satellite TV sit somewhere over the equator, in geosynchronous orbit (ie that appear stationary from the Earth).

If you want to receive a signal from one of these satellites then you have to point the antenna (dish) at it. The angles you need (the look angles) depend on your position, your longitude and latitude. Working this out involves some fairly hard maths (certainly A level standard stuff) and takes most people about half an hour. Additionally you need to do calculations (as anyone like me will tell you) to work our the gains and losses in your system, what strength will the received signal be, what losses will you suffer in cables etc so you can select the right dish, amplifiers and so on. Speaking (from my experience) doing these sums would take at least an hour.

Time is money in business and the cost of this time spent doing the sums was causing the firm to be undercut by a cowboy outfit that just points the dishes vaguely in the direction of the satellite and puts on the most power (and expensive) amplifiers and the biggest dishes possible. Can you see the problem? Kate was asked would she be able to produce some software to do it. Kate replied yes, and they soon agreed a price. Kate said she would have it ready within three weeks.

They shook hands and Kate left. That afternoon, Kate sent me an email telling me all about it. To be honest when I read it, I groaned. I had once tried to write a similar program (at Uni) and got it wrong. I mean it appeared to work, but it gave the wrong answers. Kate asked to meet up with me that weekend. We did, and we discussed how I had tried to do a similar thing before. Anyway, she soon had a plan of action. She would break the whole problem down into different parts, write small programs to do these parts, then join them together.

That's how all software (and everything else) is designed. Over the next couple of weeks Kate slaved away in front of a hot PC. Actually that's not true, she probably spent most of it with a pen and paper, trying to figure out how to do it. But she did figure it out.

She spoke to me a couple of times to ask about the calculations and to explain what it all meant, but the programming was entirely hers. She contacted the firm, on my suggestion, and got some test data (made up locations) to try her program with. She decided to leave the testing to me. I went to her house one evening and found that the rest of her family had gone away. She invited me in and sat me down in front of her PC. She quickly described her program and what it did, and how to use it, and then she showed off how her program was user friendly. She handed me the sheets with the latitude, longitude and altitude of various fictitious locations.

As I started to input the data, she headed off for a shower. I was pleased to find that the computer produced the correct answers (someone had done them manually). Kate came back into her room wearing a towel. As I told her told her that it worked, her towel fell away. I couldn't resist looking at Kate's sexy body and after a few seconds I had a real hardon.

Kate looked at my embarrassed look and burst into laughter. I was very embarrassed and left soon afterwards. That Saturday I was at her house again. She had finished copying the program onto disks and writing the user instructions to go with it. She phoned the company up and spoke to the boss.

"Its ready" Kate said "and it works fine".

"Good" came the reply "and you've written instructions go with it?"

"Yes" Kate smiled and said "Using it is as easy as taking your clothes off"

The company boss told her to prove that. Well perhaps he shouldn't have said that, but that just gave Kate an idea. Why not include pictures of her taking her clothes of as she used the program? Kate fetched a digital camera and started the program.

She was about to start stripping off when I suggested that she wasn't wearing the best of clothes for what she intended. She was wearing a white T shirt and some blue shorts. Nothing else. I thought she looked fine like that but it would be better if she started off with more on.

About thirty minutes later Kate came back into her room. She was wearing a white blouse (but no bra as she never did), back trousers and a pair of stylish shoes with a two inch heel on them. She smiled at me and told me to get the camera ready. She started the program. As she used it, she removed her clothes. First she slipped off a shoe, then took it off completely, then the other, then she started to undo her blouse, before removing it. The she undid her trousers......

This went on until she had demonstrated everything her program could do and by now she was nude from head to toe. She held the print out of figures up and she sat on the table next to the PC with her bare feet gripping the table edge, her legs apart like she was in a girlie magazine. She looked at me and said "Now I've got to put these pics on paper with the writing". As she got of the table, she glanced at my hardon and smiled. She told me that she was wet too.

If you look closely you can see. She was on her hands and knees now. I couldn't see anything. She moved back to try to make me see. She moved too far, too fast, and her bum was right in my face. Touching my face, in fact.

Yes I could see her wetness now. I could resist having a gentle lick. I pulled away as soon as I realised what I was doing. She told me to keep going. So I did.

She pushed a couple of fingers into herself and rubbed her clit as I listened to her breathe deeply. I ran my tongue along the length of her now soaking fanny lips. Kate urged me to lick "deeper, faster" as she frantically frigged herself. I used a finger to separate her labia, and I sucked on her lips. As she gasped, I felt a her foot rubbing against my hard cock.

She told me to get my cock out and I did. I almost came instantly as she squeezed my hard cock between her feet. As she started to climax her juices gushed out of her. My cock twitched as she gripped it between her feet, pumping backwards and forwards.

A few minutes later Kate screamed as she reached orgasm. She pumped away with her feet, sending me over the edge a few moments later. I grunted as I shot hot cum all over her feet and ankles. We collapsed into a heap and laughed. After a few minutes she grabbed an old T shirt and wipe the cum off of her feet and ankles and wipe my cock and balls, before zipping me up. She started to load her pictures onto her PC and creating the instruction pages using desktop publishing software. As she did this, she sent me down to her kitchen to get a coffee.

She had the instructions (complete with pictures) ready within an hour. She delivered the program to the company the next Monday, along with eight (one for everyone) sets of instructions. The boss thanked her and paid her for her software.

Now Kate had an idea. Why not set herself up as a one woman band offering custom software for small businesses? And home users too. The possibilities are endless. She set herself up in a small industrial unit that belonged to a family friend. I helped her kit it out as on office with a couple of PCs (one for programming, one for general use), a fax machine, phone and answering machine, printer etc. She has started to contact firms (of all sorts) with details of what she can do (the different computer languages she can use, the type of things she can produce and so forth).

Because she reckons there is a market for custom software for home users, Kate is considering a very unusual advertising ploy. She has had more photos taken and made into a brochure of what she can do. Most of these photos were girlie magazine type ones.

She also is doing a normal brochure. She is thinking of advertising "free pictures" in magazines (Mayfair, Men Only, Club International etc) and sending details to anyone who replies. If she decides to it, she'll probably also set up a website like it.

But it is still "IF". But whatever happens, she still produce software, and probably be happy to do nudie pics of her whilst designing and writing it. Or in the instructions.

So Kate's doing her bit to solve the skills crisis. And do some nudies pics at the same time!!