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The Wife & I - Epilogue

Written by By Jethro (September 2000)

MEAN WHILE, BACK IN THE HOSPITAL (Sarah tells another tale)

I slept well last night but I still woke at about 5 a.m. after 10 hours sleep and my room was in total darkness. I had gone to bed early after showering and drinking Tim's sperm which I had pulled out with my fingers while I masturbated in the shower.

I fumbled to find the light switch but accidentally hit the emergency button and once activated it had to be turned off at the nurses desk. After a minute or two my room door opened and someone walked in.

My eyes were adjusting to the darkness I could just make out a nurse walking around my bed, 'What is it Sarah?'
'I'm sorry' I said 'I accidentally pressed the button thinking it was my light switch'
'You're good at pressing buttons aren't you' she said sarcastically
'Pardon?' I wasn't sure what she meant
'It's well known in here that you pressed Troy's button, and not content with that you had to press Tim's!' she sounded aggressive and I was a bit frightened
'I'm sorry, I didn't realiseÉ'
'You didn't realise what?É That Tim was my fiance?'

Oh shit, I was in trouble, she leant over me and put her mouth to my ear.

'Yes that's right, I'm Angela, Tim's wife to be, we had a row last night and he told me everything you slut!' she whispered, I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.
'and if you know what's good for you you'll keep away from him from now on'
'I really didn't know, I wouldn't have done it if I'd known, what can I do to make it up to you?' I whimpered with tears in my eyes.
'Ooh let me think' she tilted her head to one side and put her index finger to her lips in a sarcastic thinking gesture, ' how many times did you cum?'
I was surprised by the question

'I..I don't knowÉsixÉseven..'

'Is that all, Tim normally makes me cum at least a dozen times, he must have just used you to empty his balls into, at least he spends some time on me!' she said angrily
'but that's still six or seven orgasms he gave you instead of me, so I think you should give them back'

'I don't understand,' I said

I shivered. The room was becoming brighter and I could see Angela's pretty face but I couldn't look her in the eyes.

"Have you ever fucked another woman?" She said sticking out her tongue and wiggling it provocatively.

'No' I replied in a frightened voice
'Well you're going to, I, going to make you, you like to be made to do things, don't you?"
I nodded in fear

'You're going to do me until I cum six or seven times, then we'll be even won't we' she snarled Ê I glanced about like a frightened rabbit, but her gaze suddenly transfixed me, and I stared into her green eyes as she leant closer and brushed my parted lips with hers.
"Poor Darling," she breathed, and stroked my hair.

"You want to lick my cunt, don't you? Do I make you wet? Hmm?" Ê I couldn't have replied even if I knew what to say. I felt scared, but so turned on by her attentions, by not knowing what she would do to me, by her being in control, I had only considered making out with another woman yesterday, and now it looked like it was going to happen, even though I was theoretically going to be raped I was already half out of my mind with desire.

Her hand at the back of my neck gathered my hair and pulled down on it hard enough to make me turn my face up.

"Put your tongue out," she commanded, keeping up the tension on my hair.
I gazed at her, and peeped the tip out; it felt so strange, and I think we both imagined it buried in her cunt. She laughed, and bent to kiss it, sucking hard on it.
"Lick my cunt, Hmm? Lick it?" her warm breath spoke into my mouth, as I gasped back into hers.
She released my hair, her hands were on my breasts now;
I was only wearing my bra and panties and she reached around me and unhooked my bra.
My breasts spilt out, into her hands, at first with my nipples burning into her palms, then intense sensations swept me as she twisted my nipples roughly between her thumb and forefingers. Ê "I... I..." I stuttered, but Angela was unzipping her nurse's uniform.

She unhooked her bra, kicked off her shoes and her small breasts bobbed free.

She quickly slid her skirt down, then her panties, revealing her carefully tended mound. It was cut very short, and shaved at the sides.
She was evidently a natural blonde.
She climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of my face, her hands in my hair again, pushing my face into her warm pubes.

Ê "Lick my cunt, Sarah, put your tongue in. I'm wet for you. Lick me!"

She parted her thighs, and ground my willing face into her moist slit. The dark, heady perfume of her juices filled my lungs, intoxicated me.
She hunched forward, and I craned my head forward, then squeezed my tongue between her cuntlips, tasting her heat and moisture.
How sweet her moisture was! With one hand she pressed my face into her mound, the other was busy at her nipples, pulling them out and letting them snap back painfully.

Ê "Oh, you tongue me, you slut," she hissed, "you tongue-fuck my cunt."
She rocked her thighs into my face. My tongue pressed into her moist crease, tasting her sweet fresh juices. Ê Suddenly she pulled back, I stared at her breasts with their stiff nipple-turrets as she moved down my body.

She leaned over me to remove my damp panties, I craned up and caught a nipple between my lips briefly, then lay back as she jerked my panties down. She pushed me roughly over on my tummy, grabbed my hair with one hand, and pulled it tight enough to hurt a little.
"Slut! " she said loudly, and her open hand came down hard on my bottom with a loud smack. It stung and I cried out, muffled by the bedcovers.
"You want to tongue me, Slut! Say it!" She smacked me again, harder.
"Say it to me!" The burning in my bottom joined with the warmth in my tingling slit.

"I..." She pulled back harder on my hair, bringing my head off the bedcovers, smacked me again. Tendrils of pleasure-pain felt around by body. "I want to tongue your cunt," I whispered. And I did. I adored her strength, the way she dominated me. I wanted to worship between her legs. I felt her thumb force its way between my exposed bottom-cheeks, and press in and out against my anus. I was hot, hot. I wanted to be taken.
She roughly turned me over again, on my back, and straddled herself on top of me. She moved up until her breasts were above my face.

"Suck my titties, Slave-Slut," she commanded from above me. I reached up and caressed them, then craned up and captured each nipple in turn, sucking the nipples hard, how I liked it. "Ooooh, feels good!" Angela gasped.
After a moment one of her hands reached down to roll and tweak my left nipple painfully hard. I raised a knee and ground it into her pussy.
It felt hot and sticky.
We continued this way for minute, then she raised herself, and bought her sweet cunt over my face. We stared into each other's eyes with lust.
"Tongue me, Slut?" she teased, her perfect blonde quim inches above my hungry lips. "Yes, yes," I husked.
Finally, she pressed her open thighs down on my mouth. Her hot, sticky moistness enveloped me, and I was glad. I opened my mouth so my top lip worked on her clitoris as I moved my head, while my tongue pressed into her as far as it could go.
Ê She rocked on her knees above me as she came over and over again, her hands reaching back to squeeze my breasts and brush my nipples. My own cunt ached for her, now. After a time her movements became spasmodic on me, and she deserted my breasts.

I looked up to see her hands clamped on her own, her eyes closed, mouth parted. My tongue tasted sweeter juices deep inside her. She was close to another orgasm. I nibbled on her clitoris, my hands wanton on her bottom-cheeks, moulding them, pressing her into my face. I wormed a finger between them, as she had done to me, and pressed at her anus.
She gasped, above me, and her thighs jerked frantically on my face.

I moved to remove my finger, but a quick hand darted down and pushed it back into place. Her anus relaxed rhythmically on my finger, but I kept up a gentle probing pressure with my fingertip.
After a few moments, she collapsed on top of me, panting. Her nipples burnt into my breasts, and mine into hers.

Her mouth sought mine, and our tongues entwined. I knew she could taste her own juices from me. Her leg slipped between mine and at last her thigh squashed my pulpy slit, to my pleasure.

Her caressing hand trailed down my body, reached between my thighs. She ran her forefinger smoothly up and down my oily channel, slipping over my raised clitoris and lightly into my vagina.
"Oooh, like that, Slut?" she breathed. I ached to feel her within me.
"Fuck me, make me come!" I gasped. Her smooth finger slicked up and down. She leaned down and covered my mouth with hers. My thighs parted wider and I quivered.
Her hand twisted - now her thumb stroked horizontally across my clitoris, and her slick, oily finger wormed confidently into my bottom.
I bucked as she pressed her fingertip into my anus, but her weight held me down, and her tongue licked mine soothingly.

Her experienced finger slipped in, lubricated by my juices. My hips jerked, my breath rushed in and out - her finger slid in my anus all the way to its knuckle. My back arched, and I came, like never before - my whole body was alight, my tensed muscles sang.

Sensing I was coming, Angela slid down my body, and replaced her thumb with her tongue. She splurged her hot tongue into my wet slit, and shifted her head up and down so the whole surface of her broad, muscular tongue pressed up and down the inside of my cunt-lips. Her finger in my bottom vibrated. I came again, and again.

Eventually she slipped her finger out of my bottom, and moved up the bed to me. As I lay there panting, she embraced me, kissed me tenderly and stroked my hair.

We lay there, our legs entangled, each feeling the other's smooth thigh against their soaked cunt. Ê I don't know if I had repaid Angela her orgasms, I was to engrossed to notice.

But as she dressed she said, 'I can't wait to tell Tim I've fucked his bitchÉ.. maybe I'll do it again tomorrowÉSee you later slut woman', a snarl spread across her face
'your pussy tastes like Tim's spunk' she growled as she left and closed the door.

Chapter 12

I left Helena's house early in the morning.
I hadn't slept much as you can imagine, but I thought if I could get home early and sneak up to bed without waking her then Dianne would think I just got home late and not think I was avoiding her.

I sneaked through the front door and closed it as quietly as humanly possible. I walked up the stairs like I was walking on eggs and opened my bedroom door. I started unbuttoning my jeans as I turned to face my bed and jumped out of my skin as I saw Diane sitting up in my bed, her arms folded and an angry expression on her face.
'Carry on' she said pointing at my half unzipped fly
'You owe meÉ not only three nights baby sitting money plus overtime, but also your lovin' big boy'
'I can't right now Dianne,' and I couldn't, not even if I'd wanted to, I was spent
'Forgive me for making you wait but it's not an easy decision for me to make, you have to understand that I'm a married man,'

I then remembered my conversation with Helena, 'Besides, what if I tell Sarah that you're trying to blackmail me into sex? If I tell her before you do then she'll be on my side' I said triumphantly.
'I've already thought of that' she replied calmly
'How'd you mean?' I asked her
'I told Mum the whole story,'
'The whole story?'
'Yes, the whole story'
'and what did she say?' I asked curiously
'I told her I had seen your big cock and that I wanted it, I'm fed up with all those little boys with little dicks who cum in ten seconds, I want a man, I want you!
'and what did she say?' I asked again,
'She said she could understand why I would want your cock, she said it was the biggest she had ever had and that you knew how to use it, and that if you did fuck me it would be a real eye opener for me - she then went into great detail about the time you and her did it in the car park of a pub one night over the bonnet of a Rolls Royce, while the rest of the pub was enjoying a barbecueÉin the car parkÉ twenty feet away.'

'That was a long time ago Dianne, we were young and fearless'
'She still loves you you know' Ê I didn't reply,
'She asked me to give you this'
She handed me a note, and I read it;

My Fantasy is an innocent thought that I hope could become reality.
Desire, an insatiable feeling that needs to be satisfied.
Touch, a pleasurable sensation that can awaken the body.
Love, a precious fruit that grows from a fantasy.
Moment, time suspended that no other can touch.
Reality, the gentle wind that ignites the fire within.
Flames, the passion that once burned between you and me.
Warmth, the comforter that reassures and protects.
Ecstacy, the pinnacle of my body's desire.
Joy, the cry of pleasure that you heard that night.
Dew, the dampness that covered our bodies and my sex.
Rain, the shower from your body that you gave to me.
Climax, the explosion that rocks my soul.
With You, my ultimate fantasy, my only desire, my one true love. I still want you

'Does this mean what I think it means'
'Are you stupid or something? She wants you as much as I do, she never stopped wanting you, but she could never cheat on her best friend. She said if she can't get it then me getting it would be the next best thing.

She also said she would be a witness, she said she would tell Sarah that she walked in to find you kneeling over my face with your dick in your hand shooting all over me, I've had to modify it a bit but you get the idea. We're like sisters remember?'
She lowered the duvet to reveal her firm young breasts.
I was right back were I started and I couldn't cope with much more.
Too much deceit, too many lies, my wife had been fucked by a black man, I had fucked three nurses, I was being blackmailed by a sixteen year old nymphomaniac and her smitten MotherÉ.It was time to come clean, I decided I was going to tell Sarah everything.

I left immediately telling Dianne of my intentions, she didn't believe me and said she would be waiting when I got back, she wasn't going to give up.

'I'll get you Greg' she shouted as I walked down the stairs. I turned when I reached the door to see her standing halfway down the stairs, naked, her fiery red pubic mound was so tempting, but I turned and walked out the door.

Ê I drove as quickly as I possibly could, I wanted this over with as soon as possible. I parked, paid my pound and ran into the hospital, Helena was walking down the corridor
'GregÉ whatsÉ.'
'No time HelenaÉÉ explain later'

I ran to Sarah's room and charged straight in, she was kneeling on the bed
'Sarah I've got somethingÉÉÉ.' I stopped as I realised she was kneeling over the face of a man.

He was laying on the bed with his head at the wrong end, the sheets were pulled over his body and feet, only his face protruded, which was clamped firmly between my wife's thighs.
Sarah knelt there staring at me open mouthed, I stared at the man between her legs open mouthed, the man on the bed rolled his eyes to look at me, he was open mouthed, because his mouth was full of my wife's pussy
The silence lasted for a few seconds
'Sarah', I sighed, dropping my head to one side and slumping my shoulders. I felt so empty and betrayed but saw my opportunity.
'Right Sarah, ' I said quickly, 'I know you screwed Troy, I was watching you, Troy knows I know, but I forgive you because I screwed Helena and her two friends, Dianne is blackmailing me into having sex with her and Shirley still wants me'.

I breathed in deeply having completely run out of air in my lungs.
'You screwed three women?'
'Yes, oh and I watched someone having sex with a Great DaneÉthat was different'
'Well..' she paused 'I got fucked by Troy in the toilet, he fucked me again in my bedÉ'
'I know I was watching'É..I interrupted but she continued
'I got fucked and fisted by Doctor Tim, I got raped by nurse Angela and I've just cum on this guys faceÉÉWhat do you mean you were watching'

'I watched through the window while he did you' I told her
'Why didn't you say something earlier?' she said, and I noticed her starting to rub her pussy over this guys mouth'
'Can we get rid of this bloke and talk in private?' I pointed at the stranger licking her enthusiastically
'Yeah...2 seconds..........Oooooh Yeeaah...'

I couldn't believe my eyesÉshe was making me wait while she finished coming in this guys mouth, before casually climbing off and ordering him outside.

'Wait in the day room, I'll carry on later'

She was being so brazen about her new found slut status.
'Who was that', I asked pointing to the door
'Dunno, I found him in the corridor, I think his wife has the room next door.'
She climbed onto the bed and sat back against her pillows while pulling her nightgown closed to hide her open and wet sex
'So.. it was you in the toilet? I came in and saw you! Well I suspected it was you because of your slippers'

'I heard someone come into the loo's' she said 'I'd never have guessed it was youÉGod that's making me horny'
'The thought that I was taking a big black cock from behind while you stood on the other side of the door listening not knowing it was me in there, and I knew someone was listening but didn't know it was youÉ Wow.'

She stared at the wall wide eyed and smiling.
'So you also got shafted by a doctorÉ.and FISTED' I exclaimed
'Yeah, that was weird, but getting raped by his jealous fiancŽ was really exciting!'

I was speechless as I tried to conjour up these bizarre images in my mind. We stayed silent, both picturing what had happened.

Sarah closed her mouth and turned to look at me, Ê 'So you slept with three nurse's, Helena was one of them I presume?'
'Helena and her two friend, Charlie and Sandy' I informed her casually Ê 'Is that Charlie, the Staff Nurse from D wing?'
'Yes......' I said surprised, 'How'd you know her?'
'I met her one night when I wandered into the staff room by accident one night......she sucks a mean pussy, and hasn't she got a hairy cunt? I was pulling her pubes out of my mouth for hours'
I just stared in awe 'When was this ' I asked in a voice that sounded like someone had grabbed my nuts a squeezedÉhard.
'First night I was here'

I pictured Charlie's wet pussy wrapped around my cock that night, no wonder she had enjoyed it so much, she probably still had my wifes saliva in her pubes when she stuck my dick in her, what an erotic thought.

'So.. lets tally this up' Sarah started to count her fingers, 'I've had Troy twice, Tim once, no twice'
'TWICE?' I yelped
'Yep, twice' she said casually, Ê I was amazed at the 'matter of fact' way in which she was doing this, she had been unfaithful to me god knows how many times and here she was counting them up as is she where counting the change in her purse.
'Angela once, and that guy outside, oh and Charlie that makes six and a half'
'how'd you get the half' I said curiously,
'The guy I just sent out, you can't count a good licking as a completely gratifying sexual experience'
Again I was speechless at her casual manner.
'How about you? How many have you had?'

'Er.. Helena twice Sandy once, Charlie once, so four altogether'
'Crikey, we've had a horny couple of days between us haven't we' I nodded saying nothing, 'but do you still love me Greg?'

'Very much, do you still love me?'
'More than everÉ I'm glad we can be like this, most people would have split up over less' she said rubbing my arm and smiling
'Yeah but you've had six and a half and I've only had four, so you owe me two and a half' I pointed out smugly
'Did you say that Dianne was blackmailing you into having sex with her?' Sarah asked
'Yes she is, I told her I couldn't do it but she has concocted a plan with Shirley, they were going to tell you I was trying to seduce Dianne and Shirley walked in and caught me and that if I didn't give Dianne what she wanted then they would tell you'
Sarah swung her legs off the side of the bed and leant over and kissed me on the cheek
'Go home and give her a good seeing to' she said
'But she's only sixteen!' I said astonished Ê 'I know, so she'll be useless, so piss off and teach her a lesson before I change my mind, you can tell me about the Great Dane when I come home.'

I stood and said to her
'That will make it five, to six and a half, you still owe me one a half' I said gesturing with one and a half a fingers
'Make it a whole two,' she said laying her pretty head over to one side
'I'm going to finish off that bloke who was here when you arrived', she smiled her sexy smile.

Somehow I wasn't jealous.
This had become a game, an exciting game that neither of us wanted to win, we wanted a tie.
I would still have two to go after Dianne, where could I use that?????????

Chapter 13

It was midday when I arrived home, I casually walked in and strolled into the kitchen to grab a glass of milk, I opened the fridge and took out the carton, poured a glass of ice cold milk and returned the carton to the fridge.
Dianne walked in wearing another of my shirts.
'Did you tell her?' she asked looking at her fingernails
'No, I decided I couldn't, you win' I said as I raised the glass and swallowed the milk.

'You'd better have some more milk, it gives you energy you know' she said not shifting her gaze Ê 'I think I have enough energy to handle you my dear' I said as I put my glass in the sink Ê 'I dare say you have, but the stakes have changed, you had your chance and now my demands have increased' she said looking into my eyes.

'Oh right what's it to be now then, you and one of your teeny friends?' I said sarcastically
'Close', a voice said from the hallway before walking into the kitchen,
'Shirley!' I gaspedÉ
Shirley strolled in and stood beside Dianne, she too wore one of my shirts, a blue one the same as the one Dianne wore.

It was then I noticed that neither of them wore bra's.
Two pairs of erect nipples poked tantalisingly toward me through the thin material of the silk.
'You want me to take you both?'.
The thought of mother and daughter at my mercy instantly brought my overworked dick to life.

'Why don't you come and find out Greg' Shirley said
'But I thought you felt guilty about Sarah, why the sudden change of heart?' I asked her
'Well, my daughter needs some training in the art of sex, I thought that making my daughter happy would be worth the sacrifice'
'Nothing to do with the fact you still want me?' I asked
'That's just a bonus Greg, now lets go, perhaps we'll all learn something'

I followed the two fiery redheads out into the hall and up to my bedroom.
'Strip off and lay down Greg' Dianne demanded
'We've got something to show you'
the two girls removed the shirts to reveal their stunning bodies.

I followed the instructions and lay naked on my bed, my cock semi-erect at the thought of what was to come. Ê 'Still as big as ever I see' Shirley remarked, I just put my hands behind my head and when Shirley could get Dianne's eyes off my cock the show would begin.

Shirley reached out and gently caressed the dramatic curves of her daughters breasts, which were even fuller and more luscious than her clothing had betrayed. Her fingertips grazed Dianne's nipples, making the her shiver and close her eyes. My cock, already jutting upward, stiffened at the sight.

They joined me on the bedÊI tattooed a line of kisses along Shirley's shoulder, then cupped and cradled Dianne's globes in my hands, enjoying their weight and warmth. Shirley bent forward and experimentally teased a nipple with her tongue. When I did the same, Dianne moaned and laid back on the bed, cradling her breasts in her own hands and offering them up to our mouths. ÊWe were quick to accept the invitation.

Dianne's nipples rose rewardingly under the eager attention we gave them, lips and tongue and nipping teeth. She squirmed on the bedspread and made quiet mewling sounds of pleasure.

At one point Shirley and I pillowed our heads on Dianne's breasts as we kissed, sloppy hungry kisses that seemed to arouse Dianne almost as much as they did us.

Hands were everywhere, the unexpected touch part of the strange wonderfulness of three together -- exploring the familiar and the unfamiliar in turn and at once. Dianne's fingers in my hair, Shirley lightly stroking my now-throbbing hardness, my own hands firmly squeezing Shirley's ass cheeks, the way I knew she liked, or tracing lines across her daughters belly and inner thighs, looking to discover what she liked.

Before long, I slid down along Dianne's body, kissing my way to the apex of her thighs, and parted her red fur with my tongue. Her taste was complex, her fragrance intoxicating, and I happily buried my face there and began to give her the very best of my oral talents.

Her clit swelled gratifyingly under my tongue just as her nipple had, and soon the whole bed was moving with Dianne's ecstatic contortions. But, not long after, her moaning, from which I'd been taking my cue, seemed to stop.

When I glanced up, I saw why. Shirley had taken inspiration from what I was doing to Dianne, and moved around to where she could lower her own wet pussy onto her daughters mouth.
Shirley's eyes were closed, her lips parted, her fingertips pinching her own nipples as she rode Dianne's tongue in a haze of delicious sensation.

Dianne was pinned to the bed at one end by Shirley's silky lips and at the other by my mouth. In between, she arched her back and clawed at her own breasts, squeezing them harder than I would have thought she'd enjoy. But Dianne was at that point of arousal where pain and pleasure merge, and I began to tongue her faster, to suck gently on her swollen clit.

Suddenly she let out a gasping, moaning cry that even Shirley's thighs could not muffle, and Dianne's body jerked in powerful spasm.
Dianne was near-faint in afterglow, and Shirley moved from her to me, nudging me onto my back and lowering herself onto my cock.

Her inflamed pussy was like a hot velvet glove sliding down over my hardness, but she was so wet that there was barely any friction. She leaned forward to let me suck her nipples, and rocked up and down on my shaft with a voracious, ferocious energy that brought me right to the edge of orgasm.

But, reaching down to where we were joined, Shirley seized my cock at the root and clamped her fingers around it in an iron grip, staving off my explosion while she rode me to her own. Her almost agonized cries of joy and a warm, spreading wetness between us declared the intensity of her release. ÊBy this time, Dianne had sat up, and was biting her lower lip and watching us intently.

"Is there any of that left for me?" she asked hopefully when Shirley, emerging from her flushed haze, finally noticed her. Shirley shimmied playfully atop her impaler.
"Feels like it to me," she said, leaning forward to kiss me."What do you think, Greg?"
"By all means -- it's only polite," I answered with a smile.
So Shirley gave way, moving to the side and helping Dianne kneel astride my hips, even guiding my cock inside her daughter's hungry opening.
The differences in texture, in temperature, in enveloping sensation, between the two women was remarkable.
But Dianne was no less exciting than Shirley had been, just much tighter, especially when she began to enthusiastically bounce up and down, her muscles milking my cock and driving all coherent thought from my mind. ÊI scarcely noticed Shirley moving until she was at my head and above me.

But when I looked up and saw her glistening crimson gash descending toward my mouth, a shiver of delight ran through me. When her lips were sealed against mine, my tongue tasting her exotic dew, I was transported to heaven.

It was the picture out of my fantasy, only better -- because I had always seen it from the outside, and now I was in the middle of it. I licked Shirley eagerly as I thrust my cock deep into her daughter, and asked for nothing else but for it to go on forever.

It couldn't, of course, for there's no way to store that kind of sexual electricity, to endure such exquisite stimulation, for long.

All too soon -- and at the same time, none too soon -- I was lost in a storm of my own, flooding jets of come into Dianne and sending a lightning charge of pure animal pleasure from my arching body into both my partners.

I think that one, maybe both, of the women came for a second time soon after, either from what I had given them or from what they had been doing to each other. But it wasn't important enough to ask about as we collapsed into a happy, fragrant huddle of warm, tired bodies. Shirley leaned across and began to ease my cock from her daughter.

She lifted her up and put her mouth where my cock had been. Dianne moaned with pleasure as her mother drank my cum from her teenage pussy. She lapped out every drop before turning her attention to my cock, which she cleaned of all my cum and her daughters juices.
The sight of this made my cock start to rise again, particularly when Dianne turned and kissed her mother passionately and I could see Shirley transferring my seed into her daughters mouth.
That was too much I started to rub Shirley's cunt lips and with each stroke a little more moisture appeared. My cock, too, was getting its fair share from Dianne.

I could now feel drops of pre- cum forming on the tip. I felt another hand in my crotch area. I then felt four hands around my crotch area while I kept one of my own on Shirley's cunt. The two girls were massaging my cock and balls and it certainly felt good.

Feeling that Shirley was quite moist, I stuck a finger in her hole.
Ê'Spread your legs a little,' I whispered to Shirley. And she did.

She lifted her leg and placed it on the chair next to the bed. I was now able to get a finger deeper in her hole and give her a good fingering. ÊDianne then got off of the bed and kneeled in front of me.
Shirley still had her hands around my cock while Dianne bent down to give a good licking to the tip, licking all of the pre-cum from my tip. I was able to see the two girls. Shirley was still sitting next to me with her hands on my cock with my fingers deep in her cunt. Dianne was now kneeling in front of me and her tongue was giving my cock a good licking.
Shirley then guided my cock into Dianne's mouth.

She licked up and down the shaft, the entire length, while Shirley continued stroking it. Dianne then put her entire mouth over my cock. Shirley got onto her knees so that her cunt was right at mouth level. She pushed her cunt straight into my mouth once again, she liked a good licking. I stuck out my tongue and started licking the lips of her pussy.
She reached down and started fiddling with her hardening clit. I then took my hands and spread her lips apart and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. The aroma was quite pleasant. I started losing concentration as to what Dianne was doing to my cock.
I then moved my mouth slowly away from Shirley's pussy.
'Does Dianne swallow?' I asked.
'Yes, she loves come,' Shirley answered.
'Good, because I'm about to come.'
I stuck my tongue back into Shirley's cunt and began licking away again.
'I'm about to come too,' Shirley said.
I could feel the come boiling up within my balls, and I suppose Dianne sensed this too because she started to massage them.

I could hear Shirley panting as her orgasm was coming on. Her pussy started contracting around my tongue and I knew she was having a good orgasm. She then got off her knees and sat beside me, putting her lips close to mine so that we could embrace in a kiss. ÊDianne was still sucking me and my come was really nearing its point of no return.

I then felt my cock contract and spew a load of come, and then another contraction and another squirt. Dianne kept her mouth over my cock, swallowing as Shirley said that she would. After I had spent my load, Dianne removed her mouth from my cock.

'That was good,' Dianne said. She then sat on the bed and brought her hand toward her cunt. She stroked the length of her slit with one hand and rubbed her tits with the other. ÊShirley continued kissing. She moved her tongue deep into my mouth, tasting her own juices.

I was still quite limp from Dianne's blowjob, but I was again slowly getting aroused. I could hear Dianne moaning from her fingering herself and that was getting me even more aroused. Ê'Greg,' Dianne said, 'come over here and lick my cunt. My fingers are getting tired.' ÊShirley gave a short sigh as I moved away from her and moved toward Dianne.

I put my head between her crotch and started to lick her inner thighs. She began squirming quite a bit, so I continued teasing her. I then moved my lips toward her red haired pussy. Her clit was quite visible as it stuck out from beyond her hood.
Extending my tongue to meet her clit, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me closer to her pussy. I moved my tongue below her clit and stuck it deep within her hole.
ÊDianne continued moaning and massaging her breasts as I continued licking her cunt.

'I'm going to come,' she screamed. I then felt her vaginal walls contracting around my tongue as she squirted small amounts of fluid into my mouth. I swallowed some but stored the rest in my mouth, and when Dianne had finished her ejaculation I moved across and kissed her mother, transferring her daughter's juice into her mouth, she swallowed the lot.
We slept for a while and awoke at about 5 p.m. After we all showered and cleaned up we returned to my bedroom.
'What do you fancy doing now girls?' I asked the two beauties standing either side of my bed, "We'll do anything you want," Shirley offered, speaking first.
"Anything at all!" Shirley stood by the bed and ran her hand up my leg, pausing to tweak the head of my dick which was laying dormant across my belly.
"Yes, anything you want to do!' Dianne agreed.

The girls weren't wanton sluts, but the situation had to be taken advantage of, we may never get this chance again, any of us, I was developing an outrageous erection my dick now hanging down my leg, Dianne came over, dropped to her knees, and planted a wet kiss on the head of my painfully throbbing dick.

My erection became harder still. "get back on the bed ," I suggested, "Then we can have some more fun."
"Lay down on your back.", Dianne insisted.
"Have we got something for you!"

I complied, and Dianne leaned over and put my dick in her hot mouth. Her tongue swirled once again over the head, ran up and down the shaft, and started over again. I looked over at Shirley and she was watching avidly as her daughter sucked me.

Not having anything better to do with my hands, I reached between her legs and caressed her cunt.
Shirley gasped, then spread her legs. Her cunt was already hot and wet, so I slid my middle finger in all the way, then started finger fucking her and massaging her clit with my thumb.

Her clit hardened and grew. Shirley had her eyes closed and was erotically tweaking her erect nipples. She was slowly lowering her body, deepening the penetration of my finger, and rocking her hips back and forth, intensifying the stroking of her clit. Shirley's hot pussy juices ran down my hand while Dianne's mouth was still working on my throbbing dick.

I began to draw my hand from Shirley's sopping wet cunt, but she grabbed it and held it tightly to her crotch. I pulled my hand now, and she came with it. I grabbed her thigh and swung her leg over me, so she was now sitting on my chest. I pulled my finger from her hungry cunt, grabbed her ass, and pulled her snatch right up to my face.

As soon as I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue, she went wild, humping my face, filling my nostrils with the sweet aroma of her cunt juices. I thought I had give her all the licking she could handle, but obviously not.

I rammed my tongue into her with all my might, then gently nibbled on her clit. She had a low threshold, and this was all she could stand. "Oh God, I'm coming!", she screamed, ground her self into my face one more time, quivered, then collapsed sideways onto the bed.

One down, one to go. I looked at Dianne, still sucking my dick for all she was worth. I was nearing the end of my endurance. I grabbed Dianne's shoulders and pulled her mouth from my dick. I turned her around and held her up, her red pubic triangle just inches over my waiting tool.
"Give it to her! Now!", Shirley whispered.
'Fuck my little girl good and Hard'

Dianne's cunt didn't look wet enough to take anything in it yet, but my dick was ready to take some pussy.
Shirley reached over and spread the lips to daughter's fairly dry pussy, and began tweaking her clit.
Dianne gasped and within seconds, her clit and inner pussy lips began to swell, and her juices started flowing.

I slowly lowered Dianne to my rod, admiring her glistening pinkness. Shirley guided my throbbing rod into Dianne's wet love hole. I grabbed her ass and began sliding her back and forth.

Dianne bit her lip as a tear trickled down from one eye.
"Stop, Greg! Its hurting her!", Shirley commanded.
Then to Dianne, "You haven't done it this much before have you?"
"Just once at a time, this is my third in as many hours and he is big. It's a bit sore!"
Dianne sobbed.
"I wanted so bad to do it with Greg because he's been so sexy, but three times is too much. Oh, it hurts!"
"You'd better get up then.", I reassured.
"I don't want to do anything to you that you don't want me to do."
"I want to go on, really I do! But don't you have anything I could use to make it easier?"
"Yeah, any Vaseline or K.Y. jelly or something like that?", Shirley asked.

"I have some K.Y. jelly in the bathroom.", I answered. (Sarah and I had used it when we experimented with anal sex but Sarah didn't like it) Shirley jumped up and padded into the bathroom.

I watched her naked ass jiggle as she left.
"You're gonna have to get up.", I told her.
I gently lifted up on her ass.

She bit her lip again and moaned as my dick slowly withdrew from her tortured hole. With a pop from her pussy, a shriek burst from her lips as my dick sprung from her nearly dry pussy. She knelt on the bed next to me, softly crying, clutching herself where it hurt. I realized that she had been wrong in pretending to be so eager.

A more gentle approach was needed. I reached over, pulled her to me, and passionately kissed her lips. She jerked once in surprise, then melted into my arms, returning my kiss, forgetting the pain in her twat.

I ran my hand around to her firm tits and gently stroked her nipples, feeling them harden under my touch. I pulled my mouth from hers and kissed the point of each hard nipple. She moaned and gasped with each touch of my lips, but from pleasure this time, not from pain.

While I had her aroused, I lightly traced circles on her tummy with my finger, each circle going lower and lower, until I finally reached the red muff of her pubic hair. Slowly, I reached down and cupped her pussy with my hand, being careful not to press too hard or insert my finger. I would know when she was ready for penetration. She responded with a jerk and a gasp. I pressed again, and she gasped again.

I kissed each firm nipple one last time, then started kissing down her tummy to her love nest, which was now warming and starting to respond to my touch. I spread her legs and gently ran the tip of my tongue the full length of her slit. When I reached the vicinity of her clit, she reacted as though she had been shocked. She arched her back, pressing her cunt against my face. Maybe she was ready.

I probed again with my tongue, harder this time, hard enough to separate her lips and tickle her clit. She went mad again, jerking and twitching in response to the touch of my tongue, moaning and panting. Then I felt her clit harden, her inner lips swell and spread, and her delicious juices start to flow.

Now she was definitely ready for more.
I probed her fuckhole with my tongue, licked all the way up to her clit, swirled it around, bit it gently, then probed her hole again. When I started doing all this, she went even wilder. She spread her legs, humped and reared against my face, and pulled my head tight against her hot pussy.
"Oh-h-h-h-h, fuck me," she moaned, "I can't stand it any more! I don't care if it does hurt! Please,please fuck me again!"

I put her throbbing clit between my lips and gave it one hard suck, drawing it completely into my mouth, and pulled my head back sharply, causing her clit to pop back. She screamed, thrust her hips at me, and grabbed her sweating breasts. When she had subsided, her legs still spread, I mounted her in the traditional position.

I started to position my throbbing pole for a gentle entry, but Dianne released her tits and spread her cuntlips with one hand and guided my tool to her sopping wet fuckhole with the other. She was much wetter now than when I had fucked her earlier.

"Please do it now!", Dianne pleaded. I began to cautiously insert my dick, and found that due to her juices, entry was no problem.
Dianne groaned like a virgin as I slid into her hot wetness. When she had taken as much of my huge tool as she could, I still wasn't all the way in. But she began pumping her hips, causing the swollen head of my dick to ram against the back of her pussy.
She was as deliciously tight as a virgin, but she stretched easily, for with just a few strokes, my balls were slapping against her ass, and I was in to the hilt once again.

My tenderness and foreplay had paid off. "Oh-h-h-h, that's good!", she purred when I began pumping to meet her rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was pumping as hard as I was.
With each stroke, I would completely withdraw from her hot, tight wetness, then shove my eager tool back in to the hilt, never missing her voracious target, always sliding easily in, jamming against the back of her pussy. Her pumping increased in tempo, and I sped up to match. Each pump became harder and more frantic than the one before. Dianne's breathing became harder and faster.

She was about to come, and I wanted to come with her. I raised her legs over my shoulders so that I had a better angle at the depths of her tight hole, and started ramming as hard as I could.
"Don't stop! I think I'm gonna come! Oh-h-h, its so good! Come in me! Oh, please, I want to feel your load in me!", Dianne screamed.

She bucked and reared and screamed incoherently, then went limp. I continued to pump. In just a few seconds, she began to pump anew. For more times than I could count she orgasmed. Once I felt my orgasm approaching, I gave her one last hard ram and drove my weapon in as far as I could. I came at this point, spurting her sweet, tender young cunt full of my hot sticky come, like an erupting volcano. She gasped, trembled, and fell back to the bed. I pulled out my softening dick.

Our sexual energies were spent for the moment. I glanced down at the foot of the bed, and saw Shirley, whom I had forgotten about.
She sat in the chair at the foot of the bed, her legs spread, working a coke bottle in and out of her pussy. She had found the K.Y. jelly, then found us screwing away.
Feeling left out but excited by the erotic sight of her daughter getting a good fucking, she slicked up the coke bottle and began using it as a dildo.

I saw that Dianne also was seeing something she had never seen before, her mother's cunt, gaping open, a coke bottle almost disappearing inside it. "Look how far in she puts it! And see how big it is to go in her like that.
How does she do it?", Dianne asked, amazed.
"Why don't you get a closer look," I suggested.
"Ask her."

Dianne crawled down to the foot of the bed and sat on the end, astounded, watching Shirley masturbate.
Shirley finally looked down, under heavy-lidded eyes and saw Dianne so close.

"Why don't you do this for me?", Shirley asked. Dianne pushed Shirley's hand aside and grasped the slippery end of the bottle.

"In and out and twist it a little bit. Oh, yes-s-s, oh, yes-s-s. Do it good, oh, that's so good!", Shirley purred. My dick was hardening again at the sight of a young girl masturbating her mother. I had an idea.

If Shirley was as promiscuous as she seemed, she might not object to what I had in mind. While Dianne continued to work the bottle in Shirley's stretched cunt, I helped Shirley out of the chair and down to the floor, her heaving tits on the floor, her ass up in the air.

She stayed in that position, crooning wordlessly, her juice dribbling down her thighs, Dianne still masturbating her.
I picked up the tube of K.Y. jelly that Shirley had used, and liberally covered my erect rod with it. Then I stood behind Shirley, straddling Dianne.

"What are you going to do?", Dianne asked.
"Watch and see!", I responded. With that I grasped Shirley's hips and aimed my dick at the delicate rosette of Shirley's ass.
Using my dick like a weapon, I suddenly shoved my tool in as faras I could. Shirley let out a scream, tearing out fistfulls of carpet.

"Oh God, fuck my ass! That hurts so good! Fuck me harder, give me all you've got! Make it hurt! Give me more of that bottle!"

"I'm assfucking your mother!", I informed Dianne, who was now completely mindblown.

I needed no invitation, and neither did Dianne. Both of us gave Shirley all we could, Dianne with the bottle in her mothers's cunt, me with my dick far up Shirley's clenching ass.

Shirley rocked back to take us both in, then forward, then back for more. I couldn't see how Shirley could take my dick, as long and thick as it was, all the way up her ass, but she was doing it and getting her rocks off, to boot.
"Take that bottle out of Shirley's pussy, and stick all your fingers in!", I panted to Dianne.
"Are you kidding me?", Dianne asked in disbelief.
"No, cover your whole hand with K.Y., bunch your fingers together, then push 'em in!"

My dick felt the bottle withdraw, and moments later, the pressure of Dianne's fingertips. "Now push harder!", I commanded, giving Shirley's nether hole another stroke.
I felt increased pressure on my dick and heard Dianne wail, "My whole hand went in!"
"Good! That's called fistfucking! Do her just like the bottle did!", I gasped.

"Cram my cunt full. I love it!", was Shirley's response to the new violation. She trembled, then shoved her ass and cunt, doubly impaled, back at us for more. We continued like this for another minute or so.

"Harder! Oh God don't stop now, I'm coming! Fuck me! Come in my ass! Squirt me full! Fistfuck me!" Shirley arched her back, then screamed as I pushed my dick to the absolute limit, pumping her reamed ass full of another load of my hot lava. Then she collapsed to the floor, exhausted. I pulled my dick out of her ass, as Dianne pulled her hand out of Shirley's stretched cunt with a squelching sound.

Shirley lay on her belly, her ass stretched open obscenely, my cream oozing out, dripping down to her spread, gaping pussy.
"That's incredible! I didn't know mom did that kind of stuff! It had to hurt! I know it would kill me!", Dianne exclaimed.
"No it won't," Shirley contradicted, "You've just got to relax your cunt and ass muscles and want to do it. If you do, you can take anything in either hole." "I don't think I could. I haven't done it too many times. I'd be too tight and too scared.", Dianne countered.
"I could fistfuck you by morning with no problems on your part. I would make you want it.", was her mothers's rejoinder.

"No way on Earth.", Dianne flatly denied."
"I'll prove it. Lay on your back."

Dianne complied with Shirley's instructions, looking apprehensively at Shirley.
Shirley began talking to Dianne in a steady monotone, telling her how good it would feel to have her pussy stretched, how she would get Dianne's hole all wet and juicy, how she would stick her whole hand in Dianne's tight pussy and stretch it to fit, and how Dianne would love it and want to do it again.

Shirley placed her hands on Dianne's thighs and began to massage them as she spoke. Dianne watched Shirley and listened to her talk, and her apprehension began to fade away. I realized that Shirley had Dianne hypnotized.

Shirley slowly spread Dianne's unresisting legs wide apart, talking all the while. She reached down and began stroking Dianne's furry twat, still talking. As her daughter began to pant and get aroused, her inner pussy lips began to swell and enlarge, protruding between her outer lips, glistening.

Shirley, still persuading Dianne of her desire, grasped Dianne's delicate pink fleshy inner lips and began massaging them between thumb and forefinger, stretching them out and allowing them to return to their normal size. Juices began to ooze from Dianne's now exposed hole.

It was hard to believe that this delicate young girl had been a wanton slut just a few hours earlier. Shirley prodded Dianne's clit with one finger, causing it to become firm and enlarged. Shirley released Dianne's inner lips and grasped her clit. She pulled on Dianne's sensitive bud, then slowly allowed it to return.

Dianne was writhing all over the bed, but Shirley never stopped her erotic teasing of Dianne's tortured snatch or her monologue. Shirley reached for the K.Y. jelly and put a dab on her fingers. She spread Dianne's cuntlips with one hand and inserted two lubricated fingers of her other hand a fraction of an inch into Dianne's waiting hole. She spread her fingers, opening Dianne's relaxed pussy. She took the tube of K.Y. jelly and placed the orifice right at Dianne's open gash. With steady squeezing, she squirted the entire contents into Dianne's pink hole, filling it with the clear lubricant.

Shirley bunched her fingers together and placed all five fingers just inside Dianne's hole.
"You're all lubed up and ready to go now. Are you ready for it, Honey?", Shirley purred.
"I'll give to you when you're ready."
"I'm ready, do me!" Dianne replied distantly. Shirley started flicking Dianne's erect clit, then pushed her fingers into Dianne's slippery hole, twisting her hand as she did so. Dianne gasped and drew her knees up, making her cunt open wider, easier for her mother to ream. "More, more, go deeper!", Dianne gasped frantically.

Dianne reached between her legs and grabbed Shirley's wrist, pushing Shirley's hand further into her own hot pussy. In just moments, Shirley's hand had completely disappeared into her daughter's hole.
Dianne's cuntlips were wrapped around Shirley's wrist. Shirley grabbed a mirror and held it up where Dianne could see her own private parts, stretched, violated, impaled upon Shirley's hand.

"See, Honey, I told you you could do it!" Dianne took the mirror and stared dumbfounded at it. Shirley partially withdrew her hand, then pushed it back in. "Now comes the fun part!", Shirley pronounced.
"Feel it when I move my fingers around!" With that, Shirley began wiggling her fingers and moving her hand around inside Dianne's slippery wet pussy. Dianne went crazy, thrashing around on the bed, alternately screaming for Shirley to stop, it was too much, or to go deeper.

Finally, Dianne screamed one last time, pulled Shirley's hand one last time, then went limp. I spent the rest of the night alternately fucking Mother and Daughter, shooting great loads of hot jism into both girls.

I never knew I had such stamina. Our final session saw Shirley and Dianne in the 69 position sucking my spunk out of each other, and me screwing Dianne in the ass before shooting my load into her mothers mouth. In the morning I got up and made us all breakfast.

The girls came down about 10a.m. and sat at the table looking exhausted, I felt on top of the world and smiled to myself at my prowess.

'Morning ladies', I said chirpily, 'I've got a confession to make,' I was very smug at this point.
'Go on then superstud' Shirley said sarcastically, 'Ok, I lied about not telling Shirley, I told her everything, it was her idea for me to come back and fuck Dianne'
I laughed, They both laughed back, then looked at each other, then looked at me, 'We know' they said together.

I looked at them quizzically, 'Sarah called me' Shirley announced, 'it was her idea that I came over, she wanted you to fuck us both so as you could get even on your tally, I think she thought you'd just fuck us both and we'd leave, but we got a bit carried away last night and I think we should keep that as our little secret'

'No way,' I boasted 'I can't wait to tell her, I'm ahead for the first time'.

Chapter 14

I was starting to get concerned about our relationship. Sarah and I have been married for a long time, and most of our relationship has been great.
We enjoyed most of the same things: music,Êmovies, sex. We made love often, and it was usually super.Ê Nevertheless, I had always had this nagging feeling that she was not being completely satisfied by our lovemaking and this has been compounded by her recent behaviour.

She always said that size doesn't matter, which surprises me as I've got a pretty big dick, Still, I had to admit that she almost always seemed to reach orgasm, particularly when I took her clit in my lips and licked back and forth across it as fast as my tongue could go. I could see her tummy muscles tighten in spasms as she groaned faster and faster until she cried out and then relaxed, becoming all soft and warm.

Her climaxes were similar when I pushed my cock in as far and as fast and as hard as I could, but those orgasms were not as intense (at least I wasn't sure). As a result of this and all the other recent events, I began to wonder whether I might be falling some what 'short' in fulfilling her sexual needs.

Sarah returned home and as time passed, I began to develop an idea as to how to test my theoryÊthat Sarah would be more satisfied by a biggerÊcock, she certainly seemed to have enjoyedTroy's, perhaps she had just got bored with mine and fancied a newer, bigger model.Ê

At first I thought about getting one of those giant dildo's I'd seen inÊtheÊporno store, but decided that that wouldÊhaveÊbeenÊso obvious as to negate the value of the test results.Ê TheÊonly true test would be for Sarah to think that I was fucking her,Êbut withÊa bigger cock, then I would know if she wanted me or just cock.

However, there were no hospitals providing dick enlargement operations that afternoon, so that meant that if I was ever going to find out, I would have to find someone else (with a really big dick) to fuck Sarah while she thought it was me! Where does one begin to recruit someone for this sort of aÊplan? I couldn't go to a nightclub and 'pick up' someone.

It hadÊto be someone I could trust, someone safe, and someone 'hung'. ThereÊwere plenty of guys at I knew that would love toÊget their dick in Sarah, but there's the old saying about 'don't shit in your own backyard' that made anyone I and Sarah knew out of the question.

SoÊwhat to do? It was about this time that an old friend from my school days called to say he was back in town and would like to get together and renew our friendship.

I didn't put the two situations together at first, but when Mel and I began reminiscing about out days together on the hockey team, I remembered why I had envied him. As I recalled, Mel's prick was as big soft as mine had been hard, although we never made a direct comparison. I thought that he was very probably (at least physically) what I needed to fulfil my idea.

As Mel and I talked, I learned that he was recently separated from his wife, and that they were going to get a divorce.Ê He stated his displeasure at re-entering the dating scene, saying that all the really great women had already found someone and gotten married or were at least living with someone.Ê He also confided that he had once had a desire to pursue Sarah, but that I had 'beaten him to it'.

This was almost too unlikely to believe, but what the hell, I decided to give it a try and see how far I could make this go. Could I really knowingly let another man fuck my wife? I know she had done it recently but this time it was me doing the planning. Over the next several weeks, we had Mel over for dinner and we went out to the movies together a few times. Sarah fixed him up with some of her girlfriends, but nothing clicked.

All the while, I was making casual hints about Sarah and me to Mel, trying to see if he showed any interest, He seemed genuinely concerned about us, and I felt more comfortable all the time about revealing my idea to him.

One night, after dinner, as we were having a drink, and Sarah was on the phone with a friend, I decided to open the door on my soul a little wider. I asked Mel to confirm that he still found Sarah attractive, which he did. I then began to explain my concerns about our physical relationship.
He understood, and joked 'all you pencil-dicks have that fear.' 'Thanks a lot', I answered.
'You're a big help.' 'Well, what the fuck can I do about it?', he asked. 'Look Mel, you and I have gotten pretty close, and I think I can tell you something in confidence without fear of your having a bad reaction.'
I proceeded to carefully outline my idea to see if Sarah would have a stronger orgasm if she were making love to me and I had a bigger dick. 'So how you gonna do that?', Mel asked.
'Well', I said, 'You asked what you could do....'

Then I went full ahead and detailed what I thought could work to fool Sarah into thinking that she was screwing me when in fact she'd be screwing Mel. Mel wasÊ not too eager at first, but after someÊ long-winded rationalizing, I began to turn him toward agreeing to give it a try.Ê I asked him just how big he was, to which he replied 'big enough!'.Ê
Finally I got him to admit to 10 and a half inches.
'Sure!', I said. 'Want proof?' he asked. 'Show me!'. I got a ruler, he got Êit hard, I checked, he'd lied... it was actually just over 11'.

'Whoa', I said. 'maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all'.Ê

But I'd committed to this course, and I was determined to get the answer to my question. Obviously, it would be necessary for Mel to be present without Sarah knowing it, so the first order of business was to select a location where I could be fucking Sarah while Mel was close by. We decided on the bedroom at night, because of the airing cupboard nearby where Mel could hide until I got things going.

Next, we had to figure out how to get Mel into the airing cupboard without Sarah knowing that he was even in the house. We figured that we cold 'sneak' Mel into the house while Sarah was at the store.

Then we had to come up with a way for Mel to relieve himself in case he had to take a piss while he waited in the cupboard. An empty coffee can with its plastic lid would work OK. Since there would be no easy way to signal Mel when to come out of the store room, we agreed that he would just have to peek around the doorway and use his own best judgment as to when to come in.

The lights would have to be off so that Sarah would not be able to see Mel and I trade off. Finally, the big night came, and as Sarah left in her car to go to the store, I called Mel. He parked around the corner so that Sarah wouldn't see his car when she returned. 'Are you sure about this?' he asked as he came in.
'Yes! I've got to find out, or I'll wonder for the rest of my life.'
'OK', he replied, 'as long as you're sure.'
We checked out the airing cupboard, and the path through to the bed, so that he wouldn't trip on or walk into something as he approached in the dark.

Fortunately, there was a moon out that night, which would help light the room a little through the window. We went over the plan while we waited. I would start making love to her on the bed. I would get between her legs and caress her thighs and hips with both hands, one on each side.Ê I would continue this caressing as I put my cock into her.

At this time Mel should show up and get into position behind me and a little to my left. As I would bring my left hand down her right leg, I would lift it away, and Mel would begin to caress her as I had done.Ê

Then I would pull my cock out of Sarah's pussy and run it along her thigh, back and forth, while fondling her clit with my right hand.

As I reached as far down her leg as I could, Mel and I would trade places, and he would move his cock up her leg and into her pussy. His hand would take the place of my right hand as we finished the switch-over. It sounded like it would work OK. In any case, we would know pretty soon.

When Sarah returned, I helped her put away the groceries.. We went to the bedroom, talked about work and about going on holiday to Florida next summer, and listened to some '70s music on the Hi-Fi. Sarah was enjoying the mood, and her body was warmer and her kisses more demanding all the time. We started kissing and she began rubbing the front of my jeans with her hand.

I kissed her deeply, and began undoing the buttons of her blouse.
'I love you, Sarah' I said as kissed her neck, then her breasts. Her nipples pointed upward slightly, and were hard and hot as I sucked on them.
Gradually we undressed one another and held each other close, kissing.

As we sank slowly to the bed, I turned out the last light, and slid a big pillow under Sarah.Ê I began caressing her arms, her breasts, her tummy, her thighs, her everything.Ê
Sarah was only moderately active, which was exactly what I'd hoped for. As I kissed my way down the front of her, she moaned softly.

As my tongue parted the lips of her pussy, she only moved a little. It was then that I pressed against the insides of her knees until she had spread her legs wide apart. I hoped there would be enough room for the switch from me to Mel. I continued to kiss her pussy and caress her legs until I felt Mel move in behind me.

I almost panicked at this point, for fear that Sarah would realize that I was up to something and that she'd get pissed off. But she was still enjoying my attention and didn't sense anything other than my tongue, and my hands. Slowly, I raised my head up from between her thighs and moved myself into position. I gently eased the tip of my dick into her and then pulled back, rubbing the tip around the outside.
All the while I was rubbing up and down her right leg with my left hand and fondling her pussy with my right. When Mel put his hand on my left forearm, I almost jumped.

I wasn't expecting it, but managed to maintain my concentration. I raised my left hand off of Sarah's leg, and Mel took over the caressing on that side. I pushed my cock back into Sarah, a little further this time. I moved myself as far to the right as I thought I could without arousing suspicion, then pulled out again.Ê

As I moved the tip of my dick along Sarah's right thigh, she moaned 'Please put it in again'. I raised up as far as I could on my knees, and Mel began to move in front of me. In the dim moonlight, shining through the skylight, I could see his big cock sliding down her thigh.

'What the fuck am I doing?' I thought. But before I could think about it I had to move out of the way. That required pressing very tightly against Mel's back.
As my dick passed over the crack of his ass, I had a thought.
'No, this is not the time for that kind of new experience' I thought.

I moved all the way out then, and positioned myself so that I could watch the penetration.

Mel was soooooo big! I felt very strange as I watched the tip of his dick enter that beautiful 'honey hole' that, up to now, had been my private playground. In it went, past the tip, past the circumcision scar, down, deeper, deeper, all the while Sarah's moans getting louder, deeper, different than I'd ever heard before.

'Oooooooh, that's sooooo good!', she said in a low, very soft voice. 'Don't ever stop!' Mel picked up the pace, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.Ê

Sarah's moans were almost gasps. 'Ooooh, Oooooh, Yessssss, Yesssssss, YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS'. It was finally over.

It was then that I heard those words that I'll never, ever, forget.

'Oh, Mel, you're as good as ever! You always were the very best!'

To cut a long story short, Mel and Sarah lived happily ever after, I moved in with Helena and her friends.

One night we all got together, Troy, Tim and Angela, Helena, Charlie, Sandy, Shirley, Dianne, Mel, Sarah, and Me. We didn't invite Harry and we couldn't trace the stranger in the hospital that Sarah had seduced, but what a night we had

Would you like me to tell you about it?

No...............we'll leave that for another day............................

The end

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wife & I - Chapter 8 +

Written by By Jethro (September 2000)

Chapter 8

The trip to the hospital was becoming routine, I drove from a different place but I still drove, as usual, I parked, as usual, I walked to the ward, as usual, and found someone else in Sarah's bed, unusual.

'You're not my wife' I said to the old lady lying their looking at the flowers I held
'No, but if you give those flowers I might let you jump in beside me'
Not another one. Had all the woman in the world become sex mad?

I strolled towards the nurses desk to see if I could find Helena but could not see her anywhere, looking at the other beds in case Sarah had moved. I asked another nurse where Helena was 'She called in sick this morning, she'll be off for a couple of days'
I began to wonder if I'd done something wrong, maybe she was trying to avoid me.

I decided I'd call in on her later. I would have to see her because it looked as if Sarah had been moved somewhere else in the hospital and I wouldn't be visiting this ward in future.
'Can you tell me where Sarah has gone?
She's obviously been moved to another ward'
'Oh yes,' She said suspiciously
''Her friend Troy managed to wangle a private room for her, it's all right for some, she must have been very nice to him' a knowing look crossed her face.
Troy and Sarah had become very pally, and I'm sure it was those two that were in the toilet that day, the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming, but I still would not accept it, Sarah wouldn't do that, would she?

After listening to the nurse give me directions I wandered off and promptly got lost.
Half an hour later I found the private wing and looked for room 29, which I did manage to find quite easily.
I tried the door but it was locked, I could hear noises from inside but the door was definitely locked.

There were two windows into the room but the curtains where drawn, I found a gap and could see inside quite clearly, but I suddenly wished I hadn't bothered.

My eyes widened in amazement as the full scene in the room came into view.

My wife was laying on the bed, fully nude. That would be enough to be considered unusual, but the full impact of what I was seeing was slow in reaching me.

Sarah was on her back with her head slightly off the end of the bed. Her voice was subdued because her mouth was completely stuffed with Troy' huge, hard, throbbing cock.

She had her head thrown back and he was standing next to the bed feeding his cock down her throat.
She was fondling his balls and occasionally reaching around to grab his ass and force his cock deeper into her throat.

I was shocked to see Sarah displaying such sexual excitement. She was writhing around on the bed, her hands dipping between her legs, then returning to the hard cock that was forcing it's way between her lips. I'd never seen her this turned on before when I was making love to her. She was moaning louder now.

Every time Troy withdrew his 10 inch cock enough she begged him to cram it deeper into her throat. He started to pump his big rod between her lips now in a steady, determined rhythm. It seemed obvious to me that he was close to cumming and I was surprised to find myself wondering if she was going to swallow his load.

Sarah had one hand between her legs now. Her knees were wide open and fingers were probing into her pussy and playing with her clit. Her hips were making short urgent thrusts off of the shooting through her body.

Suddenly she reached behind, grasped Troy by his ass and forced the cock as deep into her throat as it would go this time holding him there. I could see the muscles of his ass working, forcing his hot load of cum into my wife's waiting mouth.

Sarah was taking all of it too, after he finished she let it run out of her mouth and down her chin. Coating both herself and the big black cock she still held with her lips.

Troy pulled his cum soaked cock from her mouth and stroked it around her face. Rubbing the cum into her chin and cheeks. She could only moan and scoop it up with her fingers so that she could lick and suck on them.

I thought they were finished as Sarah pulled away and turned around so that she was sitting in the middle of the bed.
I started to move away from the window and leave quietly when I heard her say
"Fuck me now. Fill me with your big black cock!"
He moved her onto her knees, facing away from me at an angle so that I could see her pussy, still moist and wet and very open.

Seeing my wife being fucked by another man gave me the strangest feelings I had ever had. Now Sarah was on her knees with her head resting on the bed. She looked open and inviting and damned sexy. I suddenly found myself wishing that it was my cock that was about to invade her dripping cunt lips.

But it was his cock, Troy's cock that found the entrance to her pussy. He placed the massive head between the wet lips and pushed slowly till his cockhead forced them open. My wife released a low, gutteral moan as his thick throbbing cock sank into her. He teased her for several minutes, with little short thrusts, never filling her completely until she was moaning and begging for him to slide it in deeper.

Then with one quick, long motion, he sank his thick cock into her cunt till his balls slapped against her legs. She gasped and threw her head back as he held his long cock deep inside her. She was practically yelling now, nothing about her was subdued now that she was caught up in this sexual fury.

"Fuck me, baby," she begged.
"Slam your big cock into me. Make me feel it deep inside"

Troy withdrew his prick until just the head spreading her pussy apart. Then he started to stroke it into her in deep, hard strokes. Every time he slammed his big rod into her, her whole body bounced with the impact and she was letting out little squeals and grunts.

I could see his thick black cock as it splayed her cunt open with each thrust. She was even wetter than she had been when she was sucking him off and playing with her clit. They were both on the verge of cumming. Sarah remained with her face down on the bed and her eyes closed. She was still moaning and groaning in pleasure as the assault on her pussy continued. She pressed her ass back against the cock invading her cunt and arched her back as wave after wave of her orgasm spread through her body.

The bastard behind her pulled out his cock and shot a huge load over her ass.
He started to rub his rod up and down between the cheeks of her ass and over her pussy as he milked out the last of his cum.
Without saying another word Troy zipped up his trousers and walked toward the door leaving my cum soaked wife spread-eagled on the bed.
As he left the room he saw me, he just grinned, and continued on his way.

I stood there for about five minutes not knowing what to do, what would I say to Sarah when I went in?
'Hello dear, that was a big old dick you had stuffed in your pussy, didn't it spurt a lot' I don't think that would be very diplomatic.

When I walked in Sarah was wearing her blue nightgown, sitting up and reading a magazine.

'Hello' I whispered, 'Hello honey, are they for me?', she pointed at the flowers I was holding, 'Yes, erÉhow are you feeling' (How are you feeling?

I'd just watched her suck and fuck a nigger with a cock as thick as my wrist and what do I say?É..How are you feeling?

'Oh I'm feeling all sticky and it feels like I've been fucked by an elephant darling that's what she should have said, but she didn't') 'Oh I feel fantastic' (I bet you do you slut)

'The doctor says I should be allowed home in a couple of days'

'That's great' I said, (Two more days of fucking any thing that happens to be nearby, is what I should have said, but I didn't theÊ moment had gone) 'have they found what's causing the stomach pains?' (A 10 inch dick stuffed in your pussy as far as possible that's what the problem is you bitch)

'No, but it's getting better and there's nothing serious, so everything should be fine'
We chatted for a while, I couldn't believe that I was talking so casually when I was churning up inside, I didn't want to lose her, so rather than risk it, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

After all, I had spent an evening of passion with Helena.
Yes that's it, it's passion, she doesn't love Troy and I don't love Helena, it was good old-fashioned lust.

I had cheered myself up without doing anything.

I fucked someone, she fucked someone and now we'll carry on as if nothing had ever happened. The only trouble was, I knew she had done it and I would have to say something when the time was right, but she didn't know I had. Ê 'I can't wait to get you home', I said as I stood to leave, 'I want to give you a night to remember'
I put my hand up her nightgown and stroked her cum soaked pussy, she pushed my hand away and turned red
'Save it till we get home' she said

'OK sweetheart. I must go I've got to relieve the baby sitter'
'Not literally I hope', she joked (if only she knew)
I laughed, 'See you tomorrow babe, Oh! By the way, I think you've still got some sperm on your chin, but it's OK, Helena had the same problem last night.'

She wiped her face as I left the room.

Chapter 9

I drove towards Helena's house with a huge grin on my face - what could Sarah possibly say, I'd just more or less told her 'I know what you did, but I did it too, so forget it'

I was so pleased with myself. I just hoped Helena would agree, after all, she still had to face Sarah.
Perhaps I wouldn't say anything yet, I'd just wait and see what happened.

I arrived at Helena's to find the front door ajar;
I walked in cautiously, remembering Harry's attentions a few days ago
'Helena?' I whispered, no reply
I reached the lounge and heard noises so I peeked round the door vigilantly. For the second time that day, I was extremely surprised.

I almost fainted when I saw Helena spread out naked on the floor.
She was on her back with her legs wide apart and a large pillow stuffed under her ass.
She was frenziedly pulling and twisting her big, swollen nipples as her huge Great Dane hungrily licked her pussy.
My gaze was next drawn to the enormous erection thrusting out from beneath the dog's furry belly.

I was completely stunned as I watched the Great Dane's pink tongue lapping a frothy, wet path up and down between Helena's wantonly spread thighs.

The obviously aroused dog was whimpering excitedly as he hungrily licked his mistress' hotly oozing slit.
I could plainly see that Helena's pussy was swollen with desire, drops of creamy, hot juice glistening against the slick pink tissues.

"Oh, yes, Harry," the voluptuous blonde was softly moaning as the dog drilled his tongue between her widely spread legs, licking and lapping up the sweet nectar of her pussy.
Slurping up the horny juices from her feverishly aroused slit, the well-trained animal was obviously half-crazed by the erotic taste of Helena's overheated pussy.

Still shocked as I silently watched them, I could tell that Helena's Great Dane wasn't licking her pussy for the first time. It was more than obvious that the animal had gone down on her many times before.
"Oh, sweet, Harry," she was moaning.
"Lick me good, honey! Make me come!"

Nearly out of her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Helena was writhing all over the floor as the dog hungrily slurped on her hot, open sex.

"Oh, shit, Harry! " she squealed, pinching her nipples harder.
"It feels so fuckin' good! "

Twisting his face from side to side, the long-nosed Great Dane drilled his tongue even deeper into the hot depths of her slippery cunt, his snout deliciously rubbing against her erect clit.
Ê "Oh, shit, baby! " she sobbed, curling her fingers into his fur.
"I can't stand much more, Harry! Itfeels so fuckin' good!" Ê Hearing the dog whimpering with excitement, I could see that he was revelling in the taste and aroma of Helena's heated pussy. Ê Unaware that she was being watched, Helena was writhing around on the floor in a wanton state of total ecstasy.

"Oh, Harry!" she panted. "That feels so good, baby!"

As the heavenly pleasure increased in her writhing pussy, Helena was excitedly squeezing her deliciously naked thighs against her dog's face.
No longer caring about anything but his fantastic tongue, Helena was obviously enjoying the agonizingly beautiful sensations that were burning through every part of her body.
Ê "Oh, Jesus, I'm coming!" she suddenly squealed, throwing her wide-spread legs into the air.

"I'm coming, Harry! Oh, fuck, how I'm coming . . . COMING . . . COMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG! "

Her voluptuous body wrenched and twisted through the heavenly climax, and when her orgasm finally ended, she slumped back on the floor.
"Oh, you sweet fucker," she sighed a few moments later when Harry pulled his juice-drenched face out of her steaming cunt. "You sure know how to make mama happy." Ê

Watching through the door, I was shaking like a leaf. As filthy and depraved as the whole thing was, I was finding the disgraceful scene strangely fascinating.

I knew it was wrong to be watching something so filthy and depraved, but I couldn't seem to tear herself away from the sight.
Watching as Helena slowly recovered from her intense orgasm, I was a bit surprised when the naked blonde scooped the big, shaggy Great Dane up into her arms.

With the animal on his back and his head resting between the her tits, I could see his massive 9 inch bright-red boner sticking up under his furry belly.

My heart pounded in my throat as I watched Helena's hand move slowly down over the Great Dane's stomach until her fingers found his hard cock.
I watched breathlessly as the voluptuous blonde's long, tapered fingers fondled and stroked the throbbing hardness of his slippery, hard prick. Ê I could hardly believe my eyes when Helena suddenly lowered her head and lightly licked her tongue across the tip of his cock. Whispering something to the dog that I couldn't hear, she took his cock in her fingers, then holding his prick straight up, she began hungrily licking the huge cock-head.

Ê momentarily deserting the end of his prick, Helena began licking up and down the slimy length of his long, red cock-shaft, deliciously saturating his prick with her bubbling spit. The animal was soon shaking violently as she lowered her head further and began licking around his furry balls. Enjoying the texture of his cum-swollen ball-sac, Helena began sucking his balls in and out of her mouth.

When she finally had his balls thoroughly drenched, Helena lovingly nibbled back up along the sensitive underside of his slippery, wet cock-shaft.
Then, opening her mouth wide, she took the head of his hotly oozing cock into her mouth. I saw Helena start pumping her lips up and down over Harry's hard cock. With each plunge of her head, she was taking more and more of the dog's prick into her throat.

Suddenly seeing a rivulet of slimy cum oozing out from between Helena's cock-squeezing lips as the Great Dane began jerking and whimpering, I realized the dog was coming in her mouth.

Horrified at what was happening, I saw Helena smack her lips and wipe her mouth with the back of her hand when Harry pulled his limp wet cock out.

Thinking the performance was over, I was just about to leave when I saw that the dog suddenly had another horrendous hard-on as he barked at Helena.
"Now what's the matter?" she giggled as she reached under the dog's belly and tickled his brand-new erection.
"I'll bet you want a fuck."

I just stared open-mouthed as Helena got up on her hands and knees.

"Come on, Harry," she whispered back over her shoulder, wriggling her creamy bare ass around in front of the whimpering Great Dane's nose
"Now give me a nice, hot fuck."

Knowing what was going to happen, the well-trained animal began excitedly sniffing and licking around her ass and pussy.

Ê "That's it, Harry," she sighed. "Just stuff your cock into my hot little cunt."

Having obviously done this lots of times over the years, the Great Dane threw his forepaws up over her shoulders and drilled the entire length of his huge, shiny, red cock into the naked slut's horny slit.
Ê "EEEEEEEGGGHHH!" Helena shrieked in ecstasy, feeling his fantastic prick spearing into her pussy. Seeing the dog bury his long, hard cock into Helena's cunt I was strangely intrigued at the way this dog was wildly humping over her kneeling naked body.

I couldn't understand how Helena could support the animal's weight on her back, but she was doing it and obviously enjoying the fuck. Ê "Oh, sweet Harry!" she was whimpering as she felt her dog's canine prick fucking in and out of her sizzling pussy. Writhing in ecstasy, her hot, juicy cunt flesh was squeezing deliciously around his hard cock-shaft, bringing more and more joy to her overheated pussy.

Ê "Oh, sweet Jesus!" gasped Helena as the Great Dane's wildly fucking prick stimulated every nerve ending in her hotly sizzling sex. Shivering with rapture as she knelt beneath him, a heavenly ecstasy was rippling through Helena's pussy as her wonderful pet feverishly fucked into her.

As Harry fucked her, the intense pleasure seemed to increase as the aroused animal quickened the tempo. The rapture was intensifying so rapidly that Helena was almost on the verge of losing her mind. Ê "Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" she cried as her fantastic Great Dane fucked deeper and faster, bringing her more joy than she had experienced with me. Tonight he was giving her the fuck of fucks.

"OH, SWEET FUCKIN' HARRY!" screamed the feverishly aroused blonde as the animal deliciously reamed her juicy hot hole.
Kneeling with her head down, Helena could look back between her legs and see his wondrous cock fucking in and out of her hotly clasping pussy.

Crazed with the joy of this heavenly animal-fuck she was getting, the perverted blonde was slamming her creamy-white ass back to meet every thundering thrust of her dog's hotly pistoning boner. Ê "Oh, fuck! " she cried, feeling the rapture of his long, red prick fucking deep into her seething cunt. "Fuck me harder, Harry! Fuck me harder!"

On and on they fucked, Helena violently thrusting her ass back to better receive every hard thrust of the dog.. I no longer gave a shit whether it was sinful or not I'd never enjoyed anything so much in my life, and watching my lover being fucked by a dog didn't seem as depraved as it had a little while ago. In fact my cock was now rock hard and I was almost tempted to walk in and stick it in her mouth.

Ê "EEEEEEEGGGHHH!" Helena screamed as the relentless fucking continued. Ê The feel of his super-hard boner fucking in and out of her writhing slit was almost blowing her mind.

The voluptuous blonde's sizzling-hot cunt was sucking passionately on the Great Dane's slippery, juice-slickened prick as he fucked in and out of her lust-swollen lips.

Her face was a mask of the fiery passions that were flooding through her steaming pussy, and she was aware of nothing else in the world except this big shaft of canine-cock that fucked so deliciously into her writhing cunt. Listening to the dull thud of Harry's furry belly slapping against Helena's soft ass as he fucked into her was driving me wild.

"Oh, sweet doggy!" I heard her squeal in ecstasy. "I love that beautiful cock of yours." The feel of his super-hard prick fucking in and out of her writhing cunt was obviously blowing Helena's mind.

"Shit, Harry!" she squealed as the intense pleasure increased in her pussy. "I love your cock, you sweet fucker!" She could feel every ridge and sinew on the animal's deliciously hard dog-prick rubbing. against every tingling nerve end in her hotly squeezing pussy. The rock-hardness of his heavenly cock was fucking deeply into the magical hotness of her squeezing fuck-hole, reaming out big globs of slippery juice from deep in her pussy.

"THAT'S IT, YOU BIG-COCKED DARLING!" she cried, almost hysterical from the intense pleasure she was feeling. "KEEP THAT BIG COCK FUCKIN'!" Ê

The animal was thrusting his long cock into her with rapid, strokes, each quick thrust bringing her closer to a climax. "That's it! " she screamed when the hot gush of his dog-cum into her triggered her orgasm. "CREAM ME GOOD, BABY! I'M COMING . . . COMING .. . COMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!"

Watching as Helena climaxed all around her dog's spurting prick, I saw dog cum running out of her and settling in large puddles on the carpet, before Harry withdrew, releasing a torrent of hot sperm.
It was then I decided to leave, feeling very inadequate.

What a day...............

Chapter 10

I sat in my car contemplating what to do with the rest of my day, it was only 4 p.m. I didn't want to face the nympho babysitter, and I couldn't call on Helena yet, I guessed she need time to mop up. I rummaged through my wallet to find the number for Sandy, I didn't know if she was home but I thought I'd chance my luck.

Her phone rang and rang 'your call is being diverted' a snooty voice informed meÊ..
'Hello Sandy speaking'
'Hi Sandy its Greg'
'Hello Greg' she replied in a seductive manner, 'what can I do for you?'
'I was just at bit of a loose end and wondered if you fancied a late lunch or something, I tried to call Helena but she's not answering' I lied
'She won't, I think she's tied up today' (full up more like, I thought to myself)
'she told me she'd made plans for today'
'Did she, I don't suppose you know...'
'I do but I'm sworn to secrecy' she interrupted, 'I'm at Charlie's House now, we were just going to Helena's, we'll meet you there in five minutes' she said
'But I thought she was out' I quizzed
'She er..just called to say she was home, I'll ring her on the way round and let her know your coming'
'OK I'll see you in five, bye'

I waited and waited, I was on the verge of leaving after over half an hour when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Charlie and Sandy walking down the road

I got out and locked my car.
'I'd almost given up on you', I scolded.
They both wore long coats, which I thought was odd as the sun was shining and it was quite warm.

'My fault', Charlie replied, 'I called Helena and then had to get ready'
'Ready for what? You're only visiting your friend' I joked,
The two girls looked at each other and giggled before walking towards Helena's front door. The door was still open and we walked in, closing the door behind us.
Harry was nowhere to be see, probably sleeping off his three course meal of Helena's juice followed by Helena's cum followed by Helena' cum mixed with dog cum
'We're here', Sandy called

'I'm in the shower,' a distant voice called, 'Come up'

We made our way upstairs and into Helena's bedroom, through the bathroom door we heard the shower turn off. Ê We chatted idly for about five minutes and I found it strange that Charlie and Sandy still wore their long coats. Helena finally emerged wrapped in a towel.

'Hi guys,' she said, I could still picture her on all fours with Harry's huge cock in her humping wildly, my prick stirred.
We said our hellos and Helena walked to the dressing table and brushed her beautiful blond hair.
'Have you told Greg of our plans?' she asked while looking into the mirror continuing her brushing
'No, we thought we'd wait for you' Charlie said
'Well I'm ready when you are' Helena responded
'What, are you going out to lunch in a towel?' I joked
She put the brush down and turned around
'I'm not going anywhere'
'But I thought we were.. well I assumed we were.....'

'well its dangerous to make assumptions' she said as her towel dropped to the floor. Ê

She looked as fuckable as ever as she moved towards me and kissed me, my cock jumping instantly to attention.
She began removing my clothes as I caressed her lovely body.

She stepped back to undo my trousers and take out my now fully engorged prick, it looked bigger than ever as she removed my shoes, socks, boxers, wellÉ everything.

I suddenly spun round, remembering Charlie and Sandy were still thereÉI saw them both still standing by the door having removed their coats to reveal their nakedness underneath, I now sensed a little plot had been hatched, but I wasn't in the mood to disapprove.


My husband Greg is a great guy, he's visited me every day since I came into hospital.

We've been together for 19 years and married for 14, he stole me away from my first husband who I married very young and who was a real pig.
Greg is the best thing that ever happened to me, which makes me feel even more guilty about what I have done, and to make things worse I think Greg knows I did itÉI had let the porter of the hospital, Troy, fuck me on two occasions.

The first was in one of the public toilets, that was risky and I hadn't enjoyed it very mush and I'm sure someone came in and heard us as we screwed doggy style in one of the cubicles. The second time was much better.

Troy had wangled me a room in a private ward, although he's only a porter he has a lot of sway with his superiors, particularly the female ones. I'm sure he's had every woman in the hospital. I would never have imagined I would be unfaithful to Greg, but lately I have just had the urge to experience other men. I have restrained myself.....................until Troy.

I felt guilt, but I also felt passion, not love, just lust, and I enjoyed every inch of that big black cock.
As I said, I think Greg knows because he said something to me yesterday, but he also implied that he hadn't been exactly true to me.

He mentioned Helena, she's one of the nurses here, she's very nice and very attractive, maybe if my urges continue I might try a bit of her muff, I've often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman and I might just try it out. I was laying on my bed thinking about my session with Troy and getting very aroused, I don't know what's the matter with me lately, I just can't get enough.

Over the past few days my pussy has been filled with either my own fingers, the vibrator I snuck into hospital with me, or Troy's cock. Troy was a good fuck and my first black cock but I was bored with him now, I wanted someone else. I am becoming insatiable.

My door opened and a doctor I hadn't seen before walked in
'Hi Sarah my name is Tim'
Tim was about 29, over 6 feet tall, dark hair, and very handsome, a real hunk. Ê He explained that he was working what they call the dead shift, from 10 to, whenever. He told me he normally does his rounds with another doctor but to try and finish off a bit earlier they had split up. I didn't mind who wouldn't want to be alone with a handsome doctor.
Tim was very witty and a bit of a flirt, he asked if he could lock the door while he examined me
Ê 'Please do' I told him in a very provocative manner Ê He locked the door and instantly started making passes and flirting. I responded enthusiastically.

'Could you remove your nightgown for me Sarah?' I had it almost off before he'd finished asking the question
'Right I'll need to remove your panties to give you an internal examination', he winked at me.

My panties were off in no time Tim put some lubricant on his hand
'I don't think you'll need any of that' I told him 'I'm well and truly lubricated already'

Tim put his hand down to my pussy
'Wow, that's wet' he said inserting two fingers into me
'that's very wet', he inserted a third, then a forth. I was laying flat on my back moaning in ecstasy, this guys hands were fantastic, they moved in and out of me with such expertiseÉI wanted this guyÉright now.

I reached my first orgasm as he lowered his head and licked my burning clit.

I was so wild that I'm sure the whole hospital could probably hear what was going on, but I really didn't care.

All I wanted was his tongue and his fingers working deep inside me, stirring my pussy to a fever pitch. I kept pushing myself down harder and harder on his probing hand while he bunched his fingers together and fucked me with them, pumping them in and out like a giant cock. Then the impossible happened:

Tim thrust hard at the same moment I was rocking my pelvis onto his hand, and his entire fist slid into my pussy, up to her wrist and beyond. I gasped, seeing what had happened, feeling myself filled as I had never been filled before. I had heard of fisting, but it had certainly never happened to me before.

If I thought of it at all, I simply thought of it as something that would undoubtedly be painful beyond belief. For a few seconds I waited for the pain to shatter my vagina, but there was no pain. I moved experimentally, and Tim began fist-fucking me, and then I really went wild. "Tim, your whole fist is inside my cunt," I moaned.


Tim's busy tongue was lapping my clit like crazy and I couldn't get enough. I must have come a dozen times while his big fist worked in and out on my pussy.

Tim removed his fist and I felt empty inside, he move up and put his arms around me and kissed me so passionately, I almost came again.
I was a goner. Within ten minutes, we were both naked on the bed doing a 69, with me on top. His cock was just like the rest of him, tall, strong and handsome. I hungrily sucked on it as he licked my clit. In about five minutes, I felt myself about to come and started to squirm my ass around and moan. He knew it and really went to work on me. I came really hard soaking his face, almost screaming while I still pumped on him.

When I finished my climax, I moved off of him and continued to work on his cock. He laid back and moaned as my lips move up and down his hard shaft. It only took a couple more minutes before he told me he was about to shoot, and did just that. His come tasted so sweet, I had to swallow every drop.

He came so much, I didn't think I could take it all, but I did. After he stopped shooting, he pulled me up to him and rolled me onto my back. He then started to kiss me all over, paying extra attention to my nipples. Within a few minutes, I was excited again and he was hard. He slipped his dick into my wet crotch and started to slowly fuck me.

His stokes were slow and smooth. I found myself floating on a cloud. With each forward motion, my head spun. With the passing moments, he moved faster and faster until he was pumping me like a wild animal. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and his manhood penetrated me even deeper.

Again I was about to come. I thrashed under him, moaning like a baby. He too, was about to come. Our moans mixed together, echoing through the room, as I felt his hot jism shoot inside me as I released my own climax. It was wonderful, coming together like that.
He rested on top of me for a few minutes, passionately kissing me. We then decided to get dressed.
We didn't want anyone to come back and catch us.

Tim left. He returned an hour later and said he wanted to take me for a precautionary scan, but he wasn't being truthful.
We left my room and on the way we snuck into an empty office, and grabbed a quickie on a desk.
It was exciting as another batch of his sperm mixed with his first ejaculation that was still inside me, and very sneaky, but not as fantastic as the first time. My god, I was turning into a wanton slut.

Chapter 11

Helena looked at Charlie and Sandy and saw them just staring down at my member.

She followed their gaze and she, too, looked at my dick. Guess she'd been so hot the last time that she hadn't looked at it, but when it registered, she quickly took on the expression most women get when they see a big dick. Her lips pursed as she inhaled sharply. Her face flushed , out of excitement, not embarrassment.
The tip of her tongue wet her suddenly dry lips. Charlie and Sandy had done the exact same thing.
'God damn!' Charlie said, more of a loud, breathy whisper than shouting.
'Look how big that damn dick is!'
'I've never had one that big,' Sandy answered, also with a breathy tone in her voice. ÊÊ Helena added her own contribution to the discussion. 'That fucker's even bigger than my dildo.'
Hey, it does wonders for a guy's ego to have three women stand around and talk about his dick while they look at it and smile, and when the look in their eyes tells you they want, it is all very flattering.

But flattery and looking and talking don't empty the balls.
And that's what I wanted to do. ÊÊ I was getting brave, I squeezed my dick as I slowly stroked it up and a large drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit. Three pairs of eyes watched as I touched my thumb to it and smeared it around the swollen head.
I could feel that each of them wanted to do something besides just stand there, but didn't know what to do with the others there. I figured it was up to me to goad them into doing something.

'Well, are the three of you just going to stand there and watch me have a good time, or is this going to be a party?'
Sandy, Charlie and Helena looked at each other as if for some suggestion.

'Fuck it!' said Charlie as her and Helena reached out and wrapped their hands around my dick, pushing my own hand out of the way.

'So goddamn big,' she mumbled as yet another clear drop of pre-cum oozed from the end. But before I could figure what Helena's next move was going to be, Sandy lowered her head and swooped in with her mouth wide open and wrapped her red lips around my dick. Shit, that felt good!
Well, the expression on Sandy's face told me that she certainly liked having a big fat dick in her mouth. And the way her tongue twirled around the head told me that she'd sucked dick before. Her hand rubbed my balls, making me ooze more juice for her to swallow.

It looked like Charlie didn't trim her bush at all and her light brown thatch was already showing signs of matting where her slit was juicing. I backed away from the girls and lay on the bed, Helena climbed on the bed, straddling my head.

'Here, see what you can do with the this!' she snapped at me as she grabbed my ears and lowered her pussy to my face. Ooh, it smelled good. Hot and spicy and fresh. And it tasted even better. My tongue slid between her oily lips and right up her hot hole. Helena moaned and started grinding her clit against my nose.

I could feel two tongues working on my dick, but I couldn't watch Sandy and Charlie licking it. After a minute or two I felt someone climb on the bed and a hot pussy engulfed my dick. I really think a guy should be allowed to watch when a new pussy takes his dick inside. I found out after a while it was Charlie, so there I was, being face-fucked by one nurse while another rode my hard-on and another watched. Talk about wild!

Helena came pretty fast. Helena always cums fast. Her cunt juice just poured out of her pussy as she mashed her gash against my lips and chin. She's also a screamer. When she cums, she shouts and groans and everybody in earshot knows what's happening.

Charlie doesn't cum quite as fast or as noisily. I felt her muscles clenching my dick, though, and I felt her juice running down onto my balls and into the crack of my ass. She bounced and twisted and squirmed on my dick and as Helena got off my face, I watched Charlie going through the sweats as her body jerked around.

Man, when she cums, she really goes through some wild moves.

'He still hasn't cum yet,' Sandy said as she again took hold of my cock, now covered with Charlie's slime. She squeezed and stroked, milking out another dollop of juice and licking it off. 'Don't you want to cum?' she asked ÊÊ She kissed my dick and licked it even with Charlie's oil on it.
'How is his tongue?' Charlie asked Helena.
'Oh, he eats pussy great. Best I've had. How's his fucking?
Charlie giggled and stuck her hand between her legs.
'Wonderful! Just having that big thing inside me was enough to make me cum. Can you believe he hasn't shot off yet with all this going on?'
Sandy was still working her lips on my dick and finally said
'Shit, I just have to fuck this!' and she climbed up and settled her teen pussy onto my dick. Hot 'n' tight.

She was slicked up inside and my dick went in like a warm knife in butter. Her boobs were firm and pert and I reach up and grabbed them while she rode me. She really tried hard to make me cum. She came, I didn't.

She climbed off my still-stiff dick, sweat glistening on her body, pussy juice running down her thighs.
The bedroom smelled of fresh pussy, it reeked of pussy, and my cock, solid and blood-filled and shining with my pussy cream, jerking as it stood proudly, waving at it's lovers.

'Can't you cum, Billy?' Sandy asked, a definite sound of worry in her voice. I wanted to cum, but I was determined to make this dream come true last as long as possible.
'Come on,' Helena said, 'Make yourself cum' I wrapped my hand around my dick.

I stroked about a dozen times, smelling pussy and looking at the three naked women looking at me, and I let go a gusher of cum that spewed two feet into the air and left white streams of spunk all over my thighs, my chest, my stomach, everywhere.

Charlie reached her fingers into the puddle on my stomach and then tentatively tasted my stuff. Helena just dropped her open mouth onto my dick and sucked my cum fresh from the source. I think Sandy just didn't want her own friends to see her eating my cum, so she just watched as Charlie licked the cum from my body and Helena sucked my dick. Thankfully, Sandy got over her hesitation to let her friends see her eat my cum.

We all lay on the bed for a while 'We should do this more often' Charlie sighed 'I'd make the most of it' Helena replied 'His wife comes home soon'

Charlie and Sandy groaned, and once again I started to feel guilty about what I had done.

But what was a man to do when he is presented with the opportunity to fulfil one of his wildest fantasies? Charlie had to work the night shift but I decide to stay that night. The baby sitter would have to wait until another day.

We all slept.