Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Little Miss Cuntypants


Little Miss Cuntypants is my toy.
She is made just for me and she does exactly what I tell her to - whether she likes it or not.
She is pure sex.
Her body is sweet & supple, her curves full and sensuous and her look is that of untarnished innocence just waiting to be corrupted.
Her ass is so fine - so round and firm it sits atop a pair of lovely long legs and it juts out such that when viewed in profile it begs for a good hard spanking.
Her tits are petit but they stand on high, pointy little titties with pencil eraser nipples that can be coaxed into hard bullet-like erections.
Those pouty pink lips, so sweet, are made for saying nasty words like "FUCK"or "PRICK".
One dirty word uttered from that pink mouth and I am instantly aroused.
Golden ringlets cascade from her forehead, framing her small heart shaped face.
A fistful of those curls, her long neck arched back and her ass raised high all hot and angry red from the palm of my hand.... that is how I like to see my Cuntypants.
Her clit is pinker than her mouth lips and I know how to make it big and hard.
It gets buried in the folds of her swelling cunt lips so I take great pleasure in trussing her up - pulling those naked bare shaven, fleshy lips wide apart and exposing that tender pink clit.
I belt her slender waist and use a black satin sash to bind her lips open.
I feed it through the belt above her backside, then pull the double thickness down the crack of her ass, through her slit and up to the front of the belt to be tied separately.
I slide each tied end outwards, making them pull tight, up and apart, opening her to me like a flower with it's pistil sticking out proudly.
I love to watch her walk the room, my cuntypants in her pretty belt.
I get to watch her swollen clit, exposed and protruding between her lovely legs.
It is especially exiting to make her fetch me a glass of water after I have stroked and pinched that fine clit near to orgasm.

I make her walk and squeeze her own tits, tugging and twisting her nipples as she paces in front of me.
I want to see her fuck the air with her exposed clit as she pinches her own nipples until they are red and flaming.
I know she needs to cum but she can't - I want her cunt to twitch and burn under the slap of my open hand.
I want her wetness to soak my palm, to hear her wimper for a good rodding up the ass.
When I think she is ready she knows to crawl onto the bed and position herself so I have unhindered access to her sex holes.
I make her stick her beautiful ass up into the air and press her pretty face into the bed.
I want her legs apart so her slit and crack are wide open.
I like to watch as I sink my favourite slim vibrator into her slickened asshole.
Her clit twitches when I turn it on after it is pushed deep in her ass.
That poor engorged clit - exposed, contracting with nothing to touch it - except the short sharp contact of my slapping hand.

She flinches - then pushes her ass up higher, wanting to feel the stinging slap again!
My hand comes in contact with her spread cunt lips and open clit.
She wimpers a small muffled sound.
Her cumming is not far off.
I push three fingers roughly up her cunt hole and pump her hard - her ass still full of vibrating plastic cock.
Her hips grind up to meet my thrusts - pumping into her wet, wet cunt, I never touch that poor open clit.
She is moaning now - she wants it - I tell her to tell me what she wants.
Her cunt walls contract around my three deeply sunken fingers.
I hear her sweet voice begging me for a fuck - pleading for another spanking.
I pull my fingers from her hole - making her cry as I leave her pulsing hot cunt with nothing to rub against.

I tell her to move her ass like she was getting fucked.
I watch her huge clit glistening and twitching - I smack it smartly, then again, making solid contact with that hot pink clit.
Her moans are louder and she cries out "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" over and over again.
I slap her ass cheek hard, I pause, then continue to spank her buttocks without mercy, watching her writhe under me as she pushes up her open slit, wanting my hand to come down on her throbbing cunt.
When her ass is hot and angry red I grasp the base of the vibrator and pump it into her ass ruthlessly.

Fucking her asshole - her cunt is practically dripping.
I reach down her back for a fistful of hair and pull her head back.
She arches and I whack her slit again and again with my open palm.
I spank her hot cunt to orgasm as she writhes and bucks and moans.
My little miss cuntypants is cumming so hard that she squirts hot jets of liquid and sprays the bed with her juicy ejaculate.
I love to make her come like this - I know how good it feels.
I know because I am miss cuntypants.... I am also her lover and because we are one.... we know exactly what each other needs.

A mind fuck is a wonderful thing to waste!


Friday, October 27, 2006

In Good Hands

by Candy

After a long week, I arrange to meet you after your last meeting on Friday afternoon.
I say to you "Honey, I know that you have been working very hard this week and I want you to let me pick you up.
I've arranged for dinner and a lovely evening together."
Of course you comply and happily look forward to seeing me later.
Little do you know that I have amazing things planned for you.
I have the ultimate relaxation schedule planned and I fully intend to see that you get to purr in the lap of luxury.

The time rolls around so slowly to three o'clock then crawls to three thirty, just half an hour to go.
My preparations are finished and I sit back an relax, excited about the evening ahead.
At four o'clock you are to meet me at the loop and join me for what you think will be a Friday night drink at the local watering house.
Waiting at the curb you look down and impatiently kick a little rock onto the road.
It bounces onto the road and collides with the tire of an oncoming vehicle.
You watch as the front end of a slick black limo slides up to the curb and stops.
Irritatedly you look beyond the car that has blocked your view and move to the end of the obstructing limo in order to become more visible to me when I drive up.

Standing there you check your watch again, shift your weight from one foot to the other and then pace two steps forward.
The limo driver emerges from the huge car and walks briskly towards you and addresses you, "excuse me, Mr. Jones, would you please follow me".
Blinking with surprise you turn to follow as he turns and opens the back door, stepping aside to let you enter.

Hesitantly you stoop to look inside, trying to decipher the figure obscured by the shadows.
As your eyes adjust you realize that it is me and with an amused smile you slip into place on the seat across from me.
The driver closes the door behind you and the world you just stepped out of gets shut out with it.
You are now in my world, completely enveloped in these new surroundings and a little bewildered as the car pulls away from the curb.

You eye me up and are pleasantly aware of the scent of my perfume in your nostrils.
You wonder why I haven't spoken and you try to look past my sunglasses for some indication of my intentions.
I just sit there quietly and cross my stockinged legs, watching you intently.

I sit and admire you in your working uniform, suit, tie, shiny black shoes and neatly combed hair.
I imagine your day and the routine meetings and endless conversations.
I have you now, all to myself and I am going to take very good care of you.
I lean forward and smile, offering you a drink.

"Martini sweetheart?" I ask you while I am already shaking the decanter.
I pour us both a lovely cool drink and you take yours from me, letting your fingers linger on mine as I pass it to you.
I give you my little sexy half smile and ask you how your day was.
I lean back maintaining my aloofness as you explain the mundane details of your day.
"Darling, loosen your tie, make yourself comfortable," I say to you, "wouldn't you like to get out of those ghastly working clothes and into something a little more comfortable?"

You begin to loosen your tie as I extract a package from the bag at my feet.
I toss it on the seat next to you and wait for your reaction.
By now you have realized that this is a game and you decide to play along with my little charade.
Opening the box you pull from it the beautiful brocade silk lined robe in tones of ruby and blood red that I have chosen for you.
The lapels are black and the weight of it in your hands is absolutely sumptuous.
Stroking the sating lining you look up at me surprised at my extravagant choice.
"Only the best for you my darling!" I say to you as I slide my glasses down to look at you with my piercing blue eyes.
You lean forward for a thank you kiss and teasingly I reply to it by tut tuting you and telling you to wait.

The car continues on a course unknown to you and your head feels light from the martini.
You look at me for reassurance and I smile lovingly in your direction.
The tension from the week starts to fall away from you and the excitement of the adventure ahead just starts to take it's hold. I am happy to have you near me again and I am also looking ahead to my plans.
I have arranged the ultimate in relaxation and pleasure for you.
"Eugene, won't you take off your jacket, your shirt, and lastly, your trousers" I say to you in a sugary sweet tone.
I know full well that this will not be a comfortable thing for you to do but it is a test...
I know you will not disappoint me.

"I would like to see you in your robe, Darling" I continue "and to know that you are naked underneath it".
Alas, you do not disappoint me and you begin to disrobe in front of me.
Proud as you are, you never take your eyes off me, knowing that I am enjoying every minute of your apprehension.
I take your clothing from you one piece at a time and it is awkward for you in the limited space of the car.
At last I have you in the back of a shiny black limo completely disrobed and beautiful before me.
I revel in the wickedness of it and wait for you to don the silky smooth robe.
My smile expands as I see you take on a different persona as you pull the lapels over your chest and secure the front with a knot.
My lover, the perfect gentlemen, what is he thinking?
I cannot resist leaning forward to run my hand under the robe, up your naked thigh and over your balls.
"Eugene, you look stunning," I whisper to you in a lusty tone, "won't you come here so I can kiss you."
You lean towards me and we kiss, gently at first, exploring each others lips, then more passionately we lock into a soul kiss.
I pull away from your heat, panting, curbing the urge to devour you, to release my desire for your sex.

I know we must be getting close to our destination so I lean back, rearrange my skirt, and gather my composure.
We arrive outside of and immense stone building. Our driver holds open the door of the limo and waits for us to depart.
I have provided you with a pair of masculine leather slippers to accent your robe and I wait for you to exit before getting out behind you.
Most certainly you are unsure of being on the street in a robe but there is not another person to be seen down the block.

I stand behind you, slightly taller than you in my stiletto heels, and I press my hand to the small of your back, urging you to follow the driver.
The entrance is framed on both sides by giant ionic columns with shiny blocks of granite at their base.
The high foyer leads up a set of steps and ends with two large glass doors fitted with brass.
The handles are of solid brass and each is a representation of an elephants head with the long trunk making up the handle.
Inside we are welcomed by rich splendor as we walk into the front room upon a red carpet.
It is splash of warmth on the coolness of the green and white marble.
It runs the length of the front hall and leads to the foot of a winding staircase, curving upwards to unknown rooms on the level above.
I take your hand in mine and with absolute mischief in my eyes I recommend that you must soak your weary bones and relax after a such a long week.
I lead you up the staircase an stop at the first door.
It is a barred by a heavy wooden door carved in bias relief with pictures of intertwining bodies, locked in positions of pleasure.
I push the heavy door open and stand aside for you to enter.
You move through the door and look around in awe.
The room is humid and fragrant with the scent of tropical plants and flowers.
Filling the room are curtains of exotic greenery growing up towards the to ceiling.
The floor is tiled with the undulating shapes of polished river rock.
It is a beautiful atrium with the centerpiece being a bubbling pool of water complete with cherubs and naked nymphs pouring endless streams of water from bottomless vessels.
I turn you to face me, smiling with the joy of bringing you to this paradise. I slide the robe down over your shoulders, revealing the curves of your collarbones.

Your eyes are a deep blue and you are smiling with delight.
I run my soft hands over your naked shoulders and take your face in my hands.
I bring it close to mine and whisper to you "tonight is for your pleasure only, my darling, and your pleasure will be my pleasure."
Kissing you gently on your full sensuous lips I let my hands slide down over your shoulders and then drop to the belt of your robe.
I pull the knot from it and find the opening, pressing my hands flat to your smooth stomach and sliding them around your waist then up your back then to where the robe is resting on your shoulders.

I pull it down further and it falls to the crook of your elbows.
The ebony black lining shimmers against the paleness of your skin and your visage fills me with a longing that I have to fight to control.
You let your hands fall to your sides and the robe drops to the floor in a supple heap.
You are naked, standing proud and erect, your eyes lazily trace an invisible line from the neckline of my blouse up over my jaw to my lips, where they pause, then up to meet my gaze.
You always were the one to make love to me with your eyes alone.
My awareness shifts to the way my clothes feel next to my skin.
The warm humidity of the atrium has caused my skirt to stick and my silk blouse to feel too warm.
As if you had just read my thoughts, you start to unbutton my blouse, the pearl buttons giving in to your fingers, the silk falling open to reveal the lace of my bra.
You tug the fabric of my blouse from the waistband of my skirt and slide your hands around to the fastening at the back.
Deftly you undo the hook and zip as your naked body moves so close to mine.
The skirt starts to move down over my buttocks with the pushing of your hands and it falls down around my ankles. Our faces are so close, I can see tiny beads of perspiration on the top of your lip.

Slowly your hands move up my body, barely coming in contact with my skin, passing lightly over my breasts and thrilling me with delicious shivers of delight.
You take my face in your hands and pull my lips up to meet yours.
Softly you lick the outline of my lips, dragging the tip of your tongue slowly around the cupids bow of the top then tracing the fullness of the lower one.
Your eyes are on mine and I part my lips to accept the tip of your probing tongue.
I suck it between my lips before opening them to accept the fullness of your open kiss on my mouth.
Your lips join mine and your tongue finds a ready playmate.
Our bodies are not pressed together, they hover closely, not quite touching, I picture your penis pulsing with hardness and my wetness beckons with a silent beacon.... "find me" it purrs, eager to have the sensation of first contact.
You take your lips from mine and stand back a pace.
My awareness shifts once again to my attire. Still in my bra and panties I stand before you, waiting for your next movement.
You remove your feet from your slippers and barefoot you step behind me.
Your lips find where my neck meets my shoulders and they settle gently at first then press into a full kiss.
Your tongue forms a wet point and draws a damp line across the back of my neck to the other side.
I feel your breath follow that line, cooling it, making it feel like your tongue still lingered there.
Once again your hands are on me, sweetly they caress the dip of my waistline, the feathery touch igniting sensuous explosions on the surface of my skin.
You find the elastic of my panties and slip your fingers into it, pulling it down and away from my body.
The crotch clings damply to the cleft between my legs and you stop.
With one hand at the front and the other behind you pull the crotch firmly up, pressing it to my swollen mound, pulling it into the crack of my ass.
A tiny moan escapes my lips, this pressure is a relief, a brief respite from your light, teasing attentions.
You hold me like this for a moment then with a swift movement you pull my panties down and I step free of them and my skirt.

This leaves me with only my bra and my lace topped stockings and my stiletto heels.
You again move behind me and I feel the smooth head of your prick moving across the underside of my butt cheeks.
I look down to see that you have a firm grasp of your prick and are guiding the swollen glans over the curves of my ass cheeks.
I thrill at the sight of you.
The hotness of your organ transfers itself to the sensitive zone where my legs join.
I bend forward slightly and let you trace silky circles over this electrifying spot.
I try to press back on you to get a firmer sensation but you move away, just out of my reach.
You aren't about to let me have any clitoral stimulation until you see fit.
I turn to face you and look you haughtily in the eyes, then with a little smile I bend my knees and start to descend on your manhood, planting tiny kisses down your chest and stomach as I go.
Your fist is still wrapped around yourself, squeezing so that the glans has become a beautiful shining plum.
Looking up at you I lick my lips, making them glisten wetly.
You take your swollen sex to my lips, guiding it then pushing it down onto my waiting mouth.
You watch as my tongue flicks out and assaults the surface, wetting it before I let my lips circle the very tip.
Then, with a very strong suction, I pull that hot bulb past my tight lips and into my mouth.
You relinquish your hold on it, groaning and letting your head fall back as you surrender to the sensation.
I don't let up the suction as I draw you further into my mouth.
My hand closes around your shaft, squeezing you to absolute fullness, my other hand finds your balls and I start to pump them in rhythm with my mouth.
I work you, pushing you to your limit, feeling the rushing of semen into your hot balls.
I move my one hand from your balls to the underside of your prick, to that ridge just in front of your anus.
I cup it in my hand and apply a rhythmic pulling pressure.
I hear you groan, your body tenses and I know that if I don't stop now it will be too late.

I stop moving all together, your prick held in the warmth of my mouth.
You stand rigid, waiting, holding back but not wanting to.
I squeeze hard on your balls and shaft while applying a firm suction to your glans, then I release you all at once.
I stand away from you, looking at you in this fully aroused state, taking pleasure in your discomfort.

There is a film of perspiration glistening on your skin, you feel damp to my touch.
Reaching for me you pull me towards you then crush me to your chest.
Your press your lips firmly on mine and kiss me deeply, hotly with a barely tempered passion.
I find your hands with mine and holding them tightly I break from your embrace and pull you over to the pool.
I release you then, stepping out of my heels I a show off my backside with a deep bend as I remove first one, then the other stocking.
You reach for me again and your hands are on the straps of my pretty bra.
You tug them down over my shoulders, revealing my breasts and you firmly grasp them in your hands.

Squeezing them so that the nipples stand fiercely forward you lower your mouth.
I can't tear my eyes away as I watch your tongue dart from between your lips and flick at the end of my nipple. Flicking, flicking, just grazing the very tip of this hard little erection, teasingly causing my clit to contract in it's hood, drawing my attention to a very serious need.
I moan audibly as I watch this torturous assault on my nipples.
You bare your teeth and start to graze them over this sensitive nub, then you bite down gently causing a brief pain that is so pleasurable.
I can feel a trickle of wetness making its way down my thigh, I try to press my legs together for some relief for my clit.
You are relentless, not letting go of my breasts until each nipple in turn has been made into a taught little red raspberry.
I try to pull away but you won't free me from your grip and I cry out for some relief.
"Oh baby won't you please fuck me now!"
You let go of my breasts and steer me by my shoulders down into the warmth of the pool.
Following close behind I feel your hardness against my buttocks.
I succumb to the sensation of weightlessness as I submerge my body and float up to the surface.
You are watching me as I roll onto my back in the water and reach to put my hand between my legs.
Smiling, you catch it before I have a chance to even press my lips together... too late.
You grasp me by my hips and steer me through the water around to the terraced steps on the other side.

My shoulders bump the top stair that is just under the surface of the water.
I struggle to pull myself up onto it as you continue to push me back.
My body is mostly out of the water now and my nipples jut out heartily.
You lick and suck them vigorously again before before positioning yourself to mouth the mound between my legs.
I almost beg you to let me come.... but I don't, knowing that you would probably tell me that payback can be a bitch.

You pull my legs wide and I watch your eyes play over my swollen pussy lips, watch them take in the sight of my very anxious sex, pulsing and twitching under your gaze.
You slowly lower your head, moving your mouth ever closer.
I closed my eyes, anticipating the sensation of your warm mouth moving over my slit.
I felt your hands on either side of my pussy, gently pulling open the folds to reveal the swollen bud of my aching clitorous.
I could only feel your hands for what seemed like forever until I felt the very tip of your tongue make contact.
I moaned and my breathing became more erratic.
It was all I could do to remain still while you pursued this torturous teasing.

Such a tiny flicking sensation...
I pictured again how you had taunted my nipples and imagined my clit in their place.
As lightly as you flicked I knew that it wouldn't take much to bring me to climax.
You persisted with this gentle flicking and you had to move with me as my hips started to buck of their own accord.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not meet with a firmer contact than this maddening flick at my clit.
I almost cried until you stopped flicking and pressed your pointed tongue down harder.
Without stopping the flicking motion you just moved the point of contact closer.
The sensation became stronger, my clit started to burn with the sensation and my orgasm hovered as the heat increased and spread completely over my whole crotch.
I stopped breathing as the heat intensified.... the pressure from your flicking tongue pushing me past the point of no return. I hung on the edge of orgasm for ages before it finally came crashing in on me pulsing in great ribbons of pleasure that coursed through my body.
My hips bucked and danced as you persisted, assaulting my tender clit with more flicking.
I screamed as you unrelentingly sucked my clit between your lips and continued to flick with your tongue.
I came again, harder, my cries echoing throughout the atrium.
Finally, your fervor subsided and you let me come down from the intensity a bit.
I looked at you and saw a fire burning behind your eyes...
you needed your own release desperately.

I carefully stood, knowing what I wanted next.
You followed me to the juice bar in the corner where I pulled myself up onto the counter.
It was a perfect height for you to gain access to my cunt with your stiffened prick.
You took up your position between my legs and placed each of my legs over your shoulders.
Now you had a perfect view of my womanhood which you were about to enter.
I could see it myself, your rigid rod poised to thrust into my warmth. I looked to your face, to meet your deep blue eyes and you stared back intently as you slowly pushed your length into me.
I had to suck in my breath with the extreme pleasure of your entrance.
We both watched as you cleanly slid in and out of my slick wet lips, disappearing then sliding into view again.
Your pace was steady, a slow deep thrusting, hilting me then drawing back to the very head.
I could feel the tension in your body start to build..
your mouth came to mine and your kiss was deep and passionate.
Your thrusting became stronger, more focused and I could feel myself start to build towards another orgasm along with you.
You pushed deep into me, thrusting your hard swollen glans against the walls of my hot cunt.

Your mouth was hard on mine, sucking a licking at my lips and tongue.
You heaved into me, every muscle tensing with the mounting pleasure.
Deeply you thrust again and again until you pulled yourself from me and grasped your spasming prick in your fist as it pumped a huge load of jism over my tits.
It streamed out in hot gushes and landed on my neck, chin and all over my breasts.
You pushed yourself back into my cunt with a final effort and released another flood of pleasure that coursed through my body as I came once more.
We collapsed into each others arms, panting heavily.

We were both sticky with cum and sweat and as you locked me in your embrace I whispered to you....
I really hope you enjoy the dinner I have planned.....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Pulse of Passion

Written by: la'non

We have talked across the computer, shared our fantasies, our thoughts, and what we are looking for in a partner.
We have also talked across the telephone; and after having decided to meet one another, you come to meet me at my house.

Hearing a knock, I walk down the steps and open the door.
We smile at one another, and I invite you in.
Reaching the top of the stairs, we head into the living room.
I go to walk past you to go into the kitchen to fix you something to drink; but before I can walk out of the room, you grab me by the arms and say, "The only thing I want to drink is you."

You hold my face within your hands and lift my chin to kiss you.
At first, your kisses are nice and wet, soft and slow.
Then, you entwine my hair within your fingers, pulling me harder against you.
Your lips come crushing down on mine, kissing me so deeply, that you nearly steal my breath away.

Your kisses become passionate and brutal with their forcefulness as you thrust your tongue into my mouth, and I kiss you back with all the passion and desire that I can muster.

After minutes of kissing, your hands push down upon my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees upon the floor in front of you.
"I want you to suck my cock," you say, as you begin to unzip your pants.
At first, I am hesitant, not sure what to do.
"Do it now!" you say in a very dominant way.

I sit up on my knees and reach towards you, pulling your pants down to your knees.
Looking at you, you looking at me, I then pull your underwear down also.
I wrap my fingers around your hard cock, its heat and warmth like a hot poker within my hands.
Leaning towards you, I slowly dance my tongue around the tip, tasting the first drops of your salty cum upon my tongue.
You thrust yourself towards me as I lick the underside of your shaft.
With my fingers wrapped around the base of your cock, I slowly take you into my mouth.

Back and forth, I inch you in and out of my mouth, as my tongue encircles your hard cock.
With one hand I continue to wrap my fingers around the base of your cock, moving my hand up and down; and with the other hand, I cup your balls within my fingers.

All of a sudden you take both of your hands and grabbing my hair within your fingers, you push my face towards you, slamming your cock within me until it hits the back of my throat.
I struggle against you, gagging against the thrust of your cock within my throat, but you hold me there, slamming into my mouth over and over again.
Having never been deep-throated before, being shocked by the intrusion, and struggling against you, I cannot breathe.
Just when I think I can't take any more, you release your grip on me and pull me by my arms to my feet.

You look into my blue eyes, and say, "That was real sweet, baby."
You pull me towards you, wrap your arms tightly about me, and smother me with kisses.
You kiss my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, and then you kiss my neck. Being very sensitive in that area, I try to struggle away from you, which only makes you hold me closer.
You nibble upon my neck, your tongue tasting my flesh, circling around in fervent figure-eights, until I am faint with ecstasy.
You kiss my lips once again, crashing down upon me, kissing me so deeply that I cannot even comprehend what is happening between us any longer.

Pulling your underwear and pants back up, you grab me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom.
You tell me to lie down sideways, upon my back, in the middle of the bed.
You pull me by the shoulders until my head hangs over the side of the bed.
When I try to struggle to get up, you tell me "not to move."
Taking my left hand within yours, you tie me by the wrist to the headboard; and taking my right hand, you tie it to the footboard of the bed.

I lie there, tied to the bed, almost as if I were being crucified; and I can only watch as you proceed to remove your clothes.
In silent wonder, I swallow as you tell me to open my mouth; and holding your cock within your hands, you rub it over my face, putting it to my lips and pushing it inside.
At first, you thrust in and out very slowly, almost as if you are preparing me for the shock of my life.
Then, leaning forward, you thrust your hips full-force, your cock fucking my face in long, deep, steady strokes. In and out, in and out, you fuck my mouth, hitting the back of my throat over and over again.
I can only take you in as you continue your in-and-out motions, inch after inch becoming one with my body, until I don't know where you end and I begin.

All of a sudden, your body tenses, your hard cock twitching, becoming even bigger within my mouth.
Then, you explode, your cum forcing its way down my throat in spurts of splendor.
"Oh, yeah! Baby! I'm cumming!"
I drink all of you in deeply, savoring the taste of you, as you lean into my face, the whole weight of your body pressing against my face.
Breathing deeply and sighing in pleasure, you pull out of my mouth.

I lie upon the bed, tied down, unable to move, as I watch you walk around the bed to the other side.
Climbing onto the bed, without untying my hands, you proceed to remove the clothes from my body.

After removing everything but my shirt, you open my legs, your hands pushing them as far apart as they will go, as you position yourself between my thighs.
"Now, I'm going to drink you."
My legs quiver as you begin to lick at my clit, your fingers opening my pussy lips until I am completely exposed to you.
"Mmmmm ... you have a nice little pussy," you say, as you begin to lick at me, up and down my sweet slit, as I moan in ecstasy.

I scream as you bite down upon my clit, your finger slowly pushing its way deep inside my wet pussy.
I arch my hips upwards to meet you as you begin to fuck me with your finger, your hot tongue continuously flicking against my clit, making me wetter than I ever dreamed I could be.

My heartbeat quickens, my breath shallow, as the fine line between pleasure and pain is pushed, as you insert a second finger, stretching me wide as you finger-fuck me hard.
You smile this wicked smile as you ask me, "Do you like that baby? Do you like me fucking you with my fingers?"

"Yes," I whisper between clenched teeth, as I fuck back against your fingers.
With your fingers wet with my juices, you begin to stimulate my anus by rubbing your fingers against it with the slightest of pressure that sends me over the edge.
"Oh my God!" I exclaim, as you push a finger inside of my ass and slowly start to fuck my ass with your finger, while at the same time, having your other fingers buried deep within my pussy.

I am so wet, so lost within the feeling, that I no longer try to fight against the ties that hold me down.
I simply relax, my head flung over the side of the bed, as you disassemble the woman that I am and re-assemble me within your hands as a woman that I have never known.
I am lost within the moment and hardly notice as you remove your fingers and position yourself between my thighs.

You stretch forward, releasing my hands from their bonds, and pull me down towards you.
You place the tip of your cock against my wet pussy; and just as you thrust into me, your lips come crashing down upon mine, sucking my scream into your mouth.

I can taste my juices in your mouth; and though I try to pull away, you grab me by the hair and force me to stay beneath your kisses.
Your tongue thrusts in and out of my mouth at the same pace your hard cock is thrusting in and out of my pussy.
As your tempo increases, you release my mouth, moaning into the air as you slam in and out of my body, over and over again.
I pull you harder against me, my thrusts matching your own, my body impaled to the bed as I become an extension of you, sliding back and forth with each thrust in and out.

You whisper, "turn over," as you pull out.
I turn around onto my knees, your legs behind my legs, as you push down on the center of my back with your hand.
You take your fingers and rub my juices against my asshole.
With your cock already wet with my juices, you slide it between the cheeks of my ass, up and down, stimulating me until I beg you to fuck me.

"Where do you want it?" you ask.
"Wherever you want," I say between shallow breaths, my heart beating so fast within me.
"Tell me. Where do you want me to fuck you?" You ask.
"In my ass," I beg, "Fuck me in my ass."

I moan as you start to push your hard, pulsating cock against my tight asshole.
I scream as it forces its way into my tight orifice, stretching me wide.
A burning sensation shoots up through the center of my body, as you slowly start to inch your way deep inside of me.
With one arm wrapped around me to stimulate my clit, you pull upon my hair with the other, pulling me back towards you, as you fuck me in my ass.

I can feel every inch of you.
I am glued to you as you slam into me.
Pulling me by the hair until my body is arched back against you, you bite down upon my neck as you start to cum in my ass.
You thrust deep into me over and over again, releasing every drop of your cum inside of me.
I fall down breathless upon the bed, the whole weight of your body against my back, as your twitching cock continues to throb within me.

Bending your one leg at the knee and wrapping it around my thigh, you pull me back towards you and cradle me against your body.
"That was good, baby, real good," you say as you brush my hair back away from my neck and softly kiss me.
I hold your arm in mine and we fall asleep.

Monday, October 23, 2006


by Alison

Sitting quietly on a sofa, Monica watched the scene around her.
She was realising that actually watching people playing sex games with each other was proving to be infinitely more arousing than seeing the same acts on video.
Naked, as they all were, she fiddled with a small pendant that hung between her breasts and soaked up the atmosphere of the party.
Although she knew everybody there, she had come on her own, and as a result, she did not yet have a partner to play with.

The living-room door opened and a man entered the room unobtrusively.
Monica was the only one to see him - the others being otherwise occupied.
Suddenly shy, she smiled a welcome, as he picked his way across the room to her.
She knew him well.
His name was Peter and she had fancied him for quite a while.
Sitting beside her, he said, "Hi, Monica. Are you all alone? No boyfriend?"
He paused, then when she did not answer, continued, "Is this the first party like this you've been to?"
She nodded, unwilling to take her eyes off his magnificent torso to look up at his face or down to his lap.
"Don't worry, just relax. I'll look after you."

He put his arm across her shoulders and they sat there for a time, watching the activity.
Monica shyly leant against him, feeling his arm drop forward to lightly touch her breast.
Her hand moved uncertainly towards his knees.
Peter leant forward and kissed her ear; she turned her head, and he kissed her lingeringly on the mouth.
Breathless, they parted and sat there, looking at each other.
He kissed her repeatedly.
Monica's arms came up to hold him to her, enjoying the feel of his skin against her.

"Come on, let's find somewhere a bit more quiet." Peter went to pull her to her feet, but she forestalled him, saying, "I can't walk, Peter, remember.
You'll have to lift me - or get my chair.
Its somewhere over there." She pointed vaguely in the direction of the kitchen.
"I've always wanted to really carry a lady off to a bedroom; now's my chance to actually do it!"
Stooping, he picked her up and they went off in search of a quieter place to pursue their encounter.

They wound up in a small bedroom almost completely filled by a king-sized bed.
Puffing, Peter put Monica down on the edge of the bed.
"Ooff! You aren't as light as you look, are you?"
"No, I'm not," she smiled back at him.
"Come down here, I want to kiss you and I can't reach you up there."
He sat on the bed and, wrapping his arms around her, kissed her comprehensively.
They stayed like that for a while, then, gently pushing her back onto the bed; Peter started to caress her shoulders and breasts.
She said quietly, "That's nice! I could just lie here and let you fondle me like this for ages."
"Good. That is just what I intend to do," he replied as he continued to caress her.
"Hang on, I've got an idea! Stay there a moment."
He got up and left the room for a while.
Just as Monica began to worry, he returned, holding a small bottle.
"Massage oil, I've usually got it in my bags," he explained as he tried to undo the bottle.
"Doesn't it leak into your bag?" she asked curiously.
"Sometimes, not that often though," he replied.
With that, he poured some oil into his cupped hand and began to caress her shoulders.
The oil was initially cold to her skin, though it quickly warmed up.
Monica felt his hands roaming over her breasts and shoulders, slowly at first but more insistently as she began to respond.

He gently but expertly roused her breasts so that her nipples were soon standing proud and eager.
"I chose peppermint so that it was more enjoyable to suck off," he murmured as he bent to take one nipple between his lips.
Never having had anyone suckle her, she was unsure about this at first, but soon discovered that she enjoyed it.
Her previous sexual encounters had almost ignored her breasts, preferring a quick tumble instead and she found this attention to her breasts a positive pleasure.

Switching his oral attentions to her other breast, his hand closed round the one being abandoned.
Soon he had her pushing her breasts up with her hands, into his mouth, eager for more stimulation.
Peter continued to massage one breast while tonguing the other nipple for quite a while, alternating his attentions between breasts at regular intervals.
He was enjoying her body just as she was enjoying being enjoyed.
Gradually, he began to caress her stomach, shifting his posture to continue to play with her breasts.

Monica tried to part her legs in invitation, but he held her legs still.
"In a while, my sweet girl, in a while.
Can you kneel?" She nodded.
After a little fumbling and shuffling about, she was on her haunches.
He knelt behind her, his warm body touching hers; she felt his warmth enfold her as he held her and kissed her.
Running his hands down her body, he let her lean forward so that her bottom lifted up to his chest, exposing the fleshy skin between her legs.

Slipping a hand between her legs, he began fingering her.
She was damp already, though not enough to take him in easily.
Slowly exploring the wonderful warmth of her, his fingers found her clitoris and played with it.
Feeling it grow, and the warmth of her increase, he slowly guided her to orgasm. Before she came to orgasm, though, a couple looking for some quiet place interrupted them.
"Sorry! Oh, its Monica isn't it?" the woman queried.
"You've certainly hit the jack-pot with Peter, here," she chuckled, "every woman here would give her eye-teeth to be in the position you are in now."
She giggled.
"Come on Sue, let's go and look somewhere else," the other man said, getting increasingly impatient.
"No, wait," Peter said, "Monica, do you mind having company?"
As he saw her shake her head, he continued, "Mike, Sue, come in and shut that door.
We can have our own mini-party in here."

The newcomers moved round to the other side of the bed and began to fondle each other.
Lying as she was, Monica could see Sue kneel down and take Mike's penis in her mouth.
Mike threw his hips forward slightly and held Sue's head onto him.
Then Monica's attention returned to her body, as Peter resumed his fingering.
She climaxed within seconds, and rolled sideways, to hold Peter in her arms.

They could hear the other two enjoying themselves, and then quiet.
Feeling the mattress give, Monica knew that they had flopped onto the bed, and she became aware of a face looking at her.
Turning, she saw Mike looking at her; she smiled at him as he reached forwards to finger her hair.
"Lovely hair, wish Sue's was as long as yours."
He wriggled nearer and continued, "Lovely tits too. I knew you were good-looking, but didn't know what I was missing."
To Peter, "Any objections if I flirt with this lovely woman?"
"Only if she doesn't mind - and if I can flirt with Sue too." Peter retorted, arm protectively around Monica.
"I don't mind, Peter - truly." Monica said, "In fact, I think it would be rather fun, being a foursome."
As she said this, she reached for Mike's hand, and, pulling it to her cheek, laid it on her face.

They re-arranged themselves on the bed, and the four of them lay together, touching each other experimentally.
Mike then suggested getting some drink from the living-room, an idea welcomed by the two girls and they packed the men off to get them.
While they were alone, Monica asked "Did you mean it when you said I'd hit the jack-pot with Peter? I mean, I like him a lot, but I just didn't think others fancied him too."
"Of course I did. Peter is the sexiest thing here - and you've landed him! Lucky wretch."
Just as Sue had finished talking, the men returned, each carrying two glasses of sparkling wine.
"There was some food, too, but we couldn't find a tray." Peter explained as he gave Monica her wine.
"Doesn't matter - I've got all I want right here," and Monica reached up to pull him down onto the bed.
"Come here. I want to play."
With that, she started tentatively kissing him.
He responded by putting his glass down on the floor and then started to tickle her.
Screaming with laughter, she soon begged him to stop, "What do you want me to do instead, then?" he demanded, laughing with her.
"Make love to me, Peter, make love to me all night."

Quieter now, he scooped her up into his arms and sat, cuddling her while she regained her breath.
Mike and Sue were petting very heavily beside them, and Monica became aware of Sue kneeling across her man, fondling his penis.
Mike was moaning in ecstasy.
"Do that to me, love," she murmured, "I want you to take me."

Peter nodded his understanding, and ran his hands over her perfectly shaped body.
She quivered in anticipation of the storm she wanted to experience with this man, and reached for his head, guiding it to her breasts.
He took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nibble it, while his right hand slid down to her legs.
Lightly tickling her bushy hair there, he got her to part her thighs slightly and he began to finger her fleshy lips.

He lifted his head from her breast and said, "You need a little bit of lubrication, I think."
With that, Peter reached for his glass of now flat wine and dribbled some over her bush.
Monica jumped, the wine was cold on her tender skin.
He went down onto his knees and pushed his head between her legs and began to lick it off her.

Very soon she felt herself being drawn into the most amazing vortex of sensations, as his tongue licked and probed her, to be replaced by a questing finger.
It was slowly sliding into her, searching for her sensitive spot, while his thumb caressed her clitoris.
As she felt herself climax, Peter inserted a second finger into her vagina, stretching it.
"I want you, Peter, I want you in me," she moaned.
"All right, love," and with that she felt his hand leave her.
There was a bit of rustling, then her legs being pushed apart and she felt his penis against her vagina's opening.
The next moment he was entering her, careful not to hurt her.
He felt so big, even bigger than his two fingers.

Moving in and out of her, Peter watched her skin change hue as she became more aroused.
He also saw Sue mount Mike and ride him to a frantic climax for both of them.
They flopped down in a heap, and lay, watching the other couple.
He could have done the same with Monica but he wanted to enjoy the newness of her, wanted to spin it out for as long as he could.
He enjoyed feeling her climax around him over and over again.
"Fuck me Peter - fuck me, please," Monica implored as he slowed down to regain control of himself.
"I will, but I want to take you higher than you've gone before first."
As he spoke, Peter leant forward and fondled her breasts, while keeping himself inside her.

She reached down to her bush and began to masturbate herself, but then an unfamiliar arm pushed her hand away.
"Allow me," It was Sue.
"Let me do that. You just lie back and enjoy yourself. Another time you can return the favour."
Sue found Monica's clitoris and gently began to rub it.
Monica moaned with pleasure, never had she dreamt of having more than one person fondling her, and it was wonderful.
"If you want to call out, you can do, you know." Peter commented.
He saw the other man move towards them, and he said, "Mike wants to join us. Do you mind?"
Monica shook her head, it was all she could do by then.
Her climaxes were coming increasingly rapidly and her mouth felt parched.
Mike took over from Peter fondling her breasts, and as Peter began to thrust himself deep into her, Mike sucked hard on her nipples.

Feeling three people caressing her was mind-blowing.
Her brain had difficulty in keeping track of which part of her was sending which signal.
Mike's attentions were sending sharp darts down through her body to her vagina.
Sue kept her body spinning in a wonderful vortex of sensations, while Peter's thrusting penis felt as if it was going to pull her body apart.
She cried out, "More! I want more! Don't stop - any of you!"
All three of them redoubled their attentions and very quickly Monica was crying out in her pleasure.
At last Peter allowed himself to let go of the control he had been exercising and pounded swiftly and fiercely to his own climax.
Thrusting deep into her he touched the rim of her vagina as he exploded inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, Peter asked, "Did you enjoy that for I certainly did. You are one gorgeous sexy lady."
"Yes, I enjoyed it. Did you really have to ask?"
Lazily, Monica held him as they both recovered, listening to Mike and Sue fuck each other.
They had become aroused as a result of helping Monica to climb to the peaks of passion and now Sue was on her knees with Mike thrusting into her slowly but expertly.
As the exhausted pair watched, Mike withdrew himself and reached for a long bolster.
This he placed beneath Sue and put a couple of cushions on top of it before turning his partner over.
Positioning her so that her hips were at the highest point of the pile, he pushed her legs apart.
Looking for something to lightly tie her knees apart, he left the room, returning with some long curtain tie-backs.
Two of these he looped around Sue's legs and anchored them loosely around the legs of the bed.

With her legs secured like that and lying on the cushions and bolster, Sue looked very vulnerable.
Mike came back to stand between her legs, he was holding a third tie-back like a whip.
"I think you need a little punishing, don't you, Sue my darling? Punishment - then pleasuring, lots of that!"
She nodded, and seemed, to Monica, to lift her bottom higher.
Mike started to flick the tie-back at her thighs, close to her partly shaven mound.

He increased the rapidity of the flicks until the material was moving so fast that it seemed to be alive.
He then came to kneel beside her and trailed the material along her torso and down to her mound.
Dropping one end of the tieback down along her flesh, Mike grasped it under her leg and began pulling it up and down along her pubic lips.

Working it further in between her lips, Mike sawed the material down, then up again, roughly stimulating Sue's clitoris.
He did this time and again, until Sue moaned with pleasure, and then jerked as Mike yanked the fabric hard up against her.
When he had had enough of this, Mike discarded the tieback and began to finger Sue.
Pushing two fingers into her, he flexed them independently of each other and Sue was soon twitching in ecstasy.

Beginning to rub his penis, Mike continued to plunge his fingers into Sue.
Watching them, Monica began to feel turned on again, and reaching for Peter's penis, she found that it was coming back to life too.
Leaning back, she kissed his chin as she watched Mike go down to suck Sue.
Sue reached for Mike's penis and, motioning for him to straddle her, began to rub at his now very hard penis and sensitive scrotum.
As he became more aroused, Mike tongued her until Sue was clawing at his buttocks in her pleasure.

Mike then swivelled around, and, standing up again, pushed his over-eager member into Sue's hot slit.
Massaging her clitoris with a thumb, Mike hammered ferociously into her, intent now only in his gratification.
Sue climaxed time after time as he rode his passion to its conclusion.
Monica felt Peter's penis grow and harden and then his gentle fingers explore her tender flesh.
She was ready for him, and as he whispered, "Shall we race them?" felt him enter her.

"Fuck me Peter - now. I don't want to wait, I want to feel you come in me again."
She said this quietly as he began to rock in and out of her, coaxing her body to climax.
"Impatient little minx, aren't you? O.K., you've asked for it."
With that, he began to thrust deeply into her.
Her tender flesh moistened and she took pleasure in the tightness of her slit around his shaft.

As Peter increased his speed, Monica could hear Sue calling out "More, damn you. I want you to come, right now. Your lovely big cock is tormenting me, please let go. Come."
Mike replied, "I think I might just do that, but in my own time, sweetheart."

"Oh my God! Fuck me!" That was her voice, and Monica felt Peter respond and within a few moments, she climaxed and felt him jerk inside her immediately afterwards.
Seconds later, Mike ejaculated into Sue - who cried out as she felt him come at last.
Totally spent, both couples lay on the bed in the after-glow of their ecstasy and gradually dozed.


Friday, October 20, 2006

All my love for James

by Anonymous

I heard him enter the room.
I stood with my back to him, every part of me on fire, longing to be taken.
To be touched.
To be tasted. To be devoured.
He calls my name, his smooth voice overcomes me, and I close my eyes as I feel my body respond.
He has not touched me, but my nipples are hard and I feel the heat begin to build between my legs.

I turn to face him and I am assaulted by my feelings, all at once.
I know I should not be here.
It's wrong, because I am married and he is not my husband.
He is married and I am not his wife.
But my love for him, my passion for him, pushes all the negative feelings away.
And I know that there is nowhere I would rather be than with him. His smile is warm and seductive, just as I remembered.
His eyes, dark and smokey with such desire, burn into mine.
Into my very soul.
His hand reaches out and caresses my face, and I know that for the first time in 10 years, I am not dreaming.

I run my hands across his strong chest, feeling his heart pounding, feeling the heat coming off of his body.
I am ready for him.
As I look up at him, his mouth lowers onto mine and a soft moan escapes me.
My body presses against him as his tongue parts my lips and I taste him.
I feel his hardness against me and I reach for it, needing to possess him, wanting to devour him.

He leads me to the bed, leaving a burning trail of kisses on my neck.
Slowly we begin to undress each other.
His mouth finds my nipples and he teases me with his teeth and tongue.
His hands work my panties off. He has now discovered how wet he has made me.
And although I want to just collapse on the bed and let myself enjoy all the pleasure he brings to me, I need to feel his hardness in my mouth.

When he is undressed, he pulls me down on top of him, kissing me and making me burn for him.
Slowly I begin to explore him, just as I did so long ago.
I kiss him...slowly licking his nipples, enjoying the feel of them as they respond against my tongue.
I work my way down, yearning to taste him.

I kiss the head of his cock, my tongue eagerly licking the wetness at the tip.
Slowly I take him into my hot, wet mouth and he moans with pleasure.
I move his hard shaft in and out, licking and sucking as I reach to take his balls in my hand and begin to rub them. His hands are in my hair, urging me to move faster.
But I can't get enough of tasting him. I slow my pace, trying to prolong his pleasure.
I gently but firmly rub his hard cock with my hand as I take the head in my mouth and lick and suck.
I want him to watch me. I look up at him as I suck on him slowly.
I know I am pleasing him.
Quickly I take every inch of him in my mouth, wanting to make him cum, wanting to take every drop he has to offer.
He is close to cumming.
I can tell. I use my hands and mouth to please him.
To bring him over the edge. His hands in my hair make me wet with excitement.
Suddenly he calls out my name, and I feel and taste him explode in my mouth.
I stay with him...still sucking and licking and stroking, until the throbbing of his cock subsides, and his hands loosen their hold on me.

The night has only begun, and I am grateful for that.
I slowly make my way back up his body, his flesh seems to be on fire beneath my lips.
I rest my head on his chest as his arms envelop me in a fierce embrace and I am lulled by the sheer strength of his maleness and the beating of his heart in my ear.

He moves me onto my back, and every cell in me awaits the pleasure he will bring to me.
I realize that I have been holding my breath. As he begins to work his magic on me with his mouth and hands, I let out a deep sigh of delight and close my eyes, concentrating on what he is doing to me.
His movements are slow and deliberate.
He knows that he is driving me to the edge and I want to scream his name and beg him to make me cum.
But I am for the most part silent.
For now.
I cannot believe how my body aches for his touch.
My breasts feel fuller than usual, my nipples erect, waiting for his mouth, his touch.
I can no longer stand it as I arch myself to grind against him, feeling the waves of pleasure run through me as I rub against his body.
I place my hands on his shoulders and urge him to bring his mouth lower...to taste me.
Suddenly he has me in his mouth and I do all that I can not to scream from the pure pleasure he is giving to me.
His tongue moves over my clit, making it throb, teasing me.
He lifts me closer to his mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling and the first waves of my orgasm take over me.
My body shudders and my pussy throbs as he slows down.
But he is not done, as he once again takes me over the edge.
I am overcome with pleasure and I moan his name, begging him to fuck me.
To put his cock deep inside me.

He moves up to lay beside me, and once again claims my lips with his. I taste myself as he moves his tongue to part my lips and enter my mouth.
I reach for him and feel his hardness.
I move on top of him, slowly moving down on him until he is deep inside me.

Our eyes meet as I begin to move up and down on him, loving the way he feels inside me.
I close my eyes and move faster, the heat of my orgasm building up inside me.
As I slow my pace and rock myself gently against his body while he is still deep inside me, I lose myself to another wave of pleasure.
My pussy throbs around his cock and surrounds it with the hot wetness of my orgasm.

Unaware of how I came to be this way, I am now lying on the bed and he is on top of me.
My legs wrap themselves around him as I cry out for him to fuck me, to let me feel the heat of his cum.
I ache to have him throbbing deep within me. But he has other plans, it seems.
He slows down, forcing me to open my eyes and look at him. Before he speaks, I know what it is he wants.
And I know that I will not deny him a thing.
In a voice that makes my insides melt, he tells me to turn over.
I hesitate, but I comply, wanting to please him like he has pleased me.

I feel very self conscious with my ass exposed to him in such a way, but I am also very excited.
He enters my pussy from behind, moving in and out, getting his cock wet with my juices.
And then I feel his cock on a place where it should not be.
A place where I want him to be.
And I am surprised by this.
With my face on my pillow, I gather the cool sheets into my clench fists and wait for him to enter me.
A wave of pain overcomes me, and then is gone.
He is being gentle as he slowly pulls out and enters me again.
The sensation is a different one, but not as unpleasant as I thought. As he works his hot cock in and out of me, my hand makes its way to my clit.
I want to cum with him.
He is close, I can tell.
I call out for more. I don't want it to end.
Just as I explode, I feel the heat of his cum on my ass, on my back, and I ask him to rub it into me.

We collapse into each others arms, both in need of a shower, both too spent to move.
Like all good things, our adventure comes to an end..or can this be just the beginning?
Just remember, I love you for always...I will always be here for you...and my heart will always belong to no one else but you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hamilton and Gregg

By Gregg Dean

After a short and unhappy stab at a lasting relationship, I moved back in with my parents.
Shirley was big on monogamy, I exercised my right to have a different view.
She chucked me out of our apartment.
Ok. Her apartment.
It was hardly my fault either.

You see, Lucy is the barmaid at the Duck and Fathers and she has big tits.
I mean big.
She could wrap them in fur and put them up round her ears to keep them warm on a frosty day.
Yes, they were big.
And she fancied me.
Shirley was at home watching a video of ER and the lovely Doctor Ross, while Lucy was giving me the come-on in the public bar.
At my earliest convenience I left the company I was with, taking care not to knock over any one's beer with my erection and followed Lucy down into the cellar.

With little preamble, she pulled down her little white panties, sat on one of the lager barrels and gave me a wink of the pink.
Her pussy lips were spread open and the inner flesh was soft and moist.
"Come on Gregg. Are you going to watch all night or stuff it in?"
Lucy's ability to add romance to the moment still haunts me today.
"Yeah, sure."
"Don't worry. No one's going to see us."
I opened raised her sweater to reveal her bra.
This was an awesome affair, constructed from marine strength sail canvas, steel cables and an advanced cantilever action which prevented Lucy from kicking her tits as she walked.
With the correct rigging they could have kept two boy scouts warm and dry on a wet weekend.
I opened the underside of the canvas titty covers, liberating acres of mammary flesh.
Her nipples were surprisingly small and became pert and hard after a vigorous sucking.
She moaned, pulling my head into the mound of breasts, covering my nose and mouth.
She yanked my groin toward her gaping love passage, unaware that her head lock on me was depriving me of air.
"I know what you want." She hissed.
"I know what you need - you want to poke my pussy."
Not strictly true - what I wanted was oxygen, the poke coming a close second.

She released her grip on my head to undo my belt and get my old man out which she guided into her waiting pussy.
I obligingly slipped my old man inside her flesh and gave a few hard shoves.
She began to moan again softly.
With each thrust she moaned a little louder.
She gripped my bare buttocks in her fleshy hands and pulled my stiff dick into her moist quim in a fast rhythmic motion.
Her moans became small screams until the glass in the windows began to rattle each time she pushed me home.
At last she came and I felt able to relax enough to shoot my load with a satisfying climax.

I now hoped that the noises hadn't attracted the attention of the pub upstairs.
When we emerged, blinking in the glare of the pub lights, the entire clientele of the pub sat in silence as we came up from the cellar adjusting our clothes.
Then everyone burst into spontaneous applause.
Unfortunately one of Shirley's friends was drinking in the pub that night.

I don't mind getting thrown out by a girlfriend, I just hate being misunderstood.
"Look Shirley," I reasoned "we had already agreed that we were going to see other people in our relationship."
I remembered the occasion very well. Shirley was sat watching ER as Dr. Ross was trying to extract a massive piece of industrial machinery which had become lodged in some guy's arse in an a shop floor accident.
I suspect that it was really a case of couple of gays fooling around with a pile driver and a fork lift truck.
You know the kind.
A man goes into hospital with a banana disappearing up his rear end and tries to convince the doctors that he fell on the fruit bowl while taking a shower.
Anyway I digress.
"Don't you remember?" I asked Shirley. "I said to you 'Shirley, we have an open relationship' to which you replied 'You got that right.'"
"What I thought you said was 'a hopeless relationship'."
"Then I wasn't unfaithful. Just misunderstood."
We played a quick game of charades. Two words.
The first word appeared to be "FUCK".

So I'm back with Mum and Dad.
"I've a got a little news that'll excite you." Mum tells me after being home for two days.
News rarely excites me.
Perhaps some young woman saying "Quick, my husband's home" or "Gregg, I had a doctor's appointment this morning" might raise the heart rate slightly but this was truly exciting.
"Hamilton's home for a week and here's staying here."
Hamilton was a mate of mine at school who joined the Navy five years ago.
As we had grown up together, it was Hamilton that introduced me to masturbation.
We spent long hours in his room, reading his father's collection of top shelf material, wanking ourselves into insensibility.
The blisters cleared up after a week or so.
He watched me lose my virginity to a girl called "No-knickers"
Nicola. No-knickers was seventeen, I was fifteen and the experience was unforgettable.
We were in the fields behind Hamilton's house. No-knickers came into the field noisily chewing gum.

"Hello you two." She said and sat down opposite us.
"What you doing?"
She sat down on the grass with her knees up and her legs slightly apart.
From this vantage point we could see her young muff.
In the same instant there appeared to be a lack of space in my trousers.
I adjusted my growing member in a manner I supposed to be discreet.
No-knickers caught the movement in the corner of her eye, grinned and widened her legs.
She pretended not to notice as I gazed at her open pussy.
I swallowed hard and tried to change position again.
We sat in silence for several moments as speech was impossible.
I looked at Hamilton who was openly playing with his cock.
"Okay," said No-knickers in business-like fashion, "who's going first?"
She stretched out on the grass, pulling her skirt over her hips.
"What do I do?" I rasped.
"Shit." She hissed. "First, get your cock out."
I obligingly pulled out my engorged penis where she took it in her hand and played with it.
"Don't you come yet." She instructed. I nodded dumbly.
She spat her gum out in elegant and erotic fashion.
She then massaged my penis slowly then pushed me back on the grass.
She removed her clothing completely and straddled me, sliding my cock in her little pussy.
At the same time she pulled Hamilton's cock free of his trousers and lowered her mouth onto the tip of it.
Slowly moving her hips over my groin and sucking on Hamilton's young tool, she popped two cherries in one go.

When it was over No-knickers wiped herself on the grass and had no more to do with us as her speciality appeared to be first-time boys.
Years later I saw standing outside a shop. I asked her if she still went sans panties.
At that moment her husband stepped out the shop where I hadn't noticed he had been standing.
Whether I had been foolish or brave in asking her this personal question was a point of fierce debate.
Well it occupied the paramedics until we reached the hospital.

When Hamilton's parents died while he was away on duty, he began to use our home as a base.
My parents then saw him almost as a second son.
It was Hamilton who introduced me to prostitutes.
I can't cook.
Everything I try to make tastes like a gro-bag.
I could burn water making a boiled egg I'm that bad, so I don't mind paying for a big Mac or a plate of chips.
I can't change the oil in my car so I don't mind paying for a grease monkey to put the oil in where ever it's meant to go.
But sex is different. All the while I'm on good terms with my right hand, I don't ever intend paying for it. I have an aversion to sexually transmitted money. Hamilton doesn't mind.
In fact he enjoys paying for it.

During his last period of shore leave I met Shula. Hamilton was a regular for Shula. Actually that's a little inaccurate as she never asked Hamilton for money.
He was a good lay for her and an hour's good company.
Shula was pretty, slightly plump and about twice my age.
Not that I mind older women, though not too old. Nothing wrinkly.
The last thing any young man wants is to knock about with a woman who looks like she could do with a good ironing.
The most notable thing about Shula was her dog, Captain.
Captain was a Great Dane.
And Captain was huge - about the size of a family saloon.
So big you might have put a saddle on him and gone fox hunting.
I suspected the animal was really her pimp as no one was going to get stroppy with Shula with Captain there, ready to take over negotiations as only a big bastard dog can.
Shula was skilled in pleasuring men and worth watching.
"Do you mind if my mate watches?" asked Hamilton. Shula shrugged and pulled off her clothing.
She may have been plump, but she was firm and her breasts were not over-large.
They chatted easily as Hamilton got undressed.
"Haven't seen this little man in a while." She said, taking his dick in her hands.
I watched as she massaged baby oil into the head and shaft of his cock.
Hamilton closed his eyes and lay on the big circular bed. Taking the oil from her, Hamilton began to rub the oil into her firm flesh.
He kissed her neck and face, bit her ear, all the time working the oil into her pert breasts, her thighs and stomach.
Finally he reached her secret crevice and Shula arched her back with pleasure.
She groaned softly and I became aware of my own need.
Hamilton sucked her breasts at first slowly, then with vigour.
Shula wriggled beneath his hand movements as he played with the hard bud of her swollen clitoris.
Her hand reached out and took Hamilton's penis, rubbed it hard and rolled him onto his back.
She began to suck on his cock.
Turning around into a perfect 69 position, she dumped her moist pussy onto his waiting mouth.
I rubbed at my aching crotch watching this mutual pleasuring.
After what seemed an eternity of sucking, Shula came, groaning and writhing, grinding her cunt down onto Hamilton's face.
At that moment Hamilton released his own load into her mouth.
After a moment more they rolled apart. "I have something new for you." She whispered.
Reaching into a drawer, Shula took a blindfold out placed it over Hamilton's eyes.
"Oh wow." I could see Hamilton's sense of anticipation grow, and with it the size of his cock.
"Kneel up on the bed." She instructed.
I watched with curiosity as he complied.

As a foretaste of pleasures to come, she reached through between his legs and took hold of his cock, working it slowly.
"I'll be back in a moment." Shual skipped lightly from the room.
For a minute Hamilton looked stupid, kneeling on the bed, blindfolded while Shula went to get . . . what?
I followed her out of the room but stopped outside the door after I heard Hamilton moaning and groaning with pleasure.
"Oh yes. I love my balls being touched. That's good. That is very good. Don't stop."
I re-entered the bedroom. Hamilton was definitely enjoying the moment.
He sighed with pleasure, barely able to stop himself from collapsing with ecstasy.

Hamilton never find out what it was that gave him so much pleasure.
Some day I'll have to ask him what it's like to kneel on a prostitute's bed and have a Great Dane lick your bollocks.

I could go on. I could probably write an entire book based on the experiences I shared with Hamilton.

If I did it will probably start:
After a short and unhappy stab at a lasting relationship, I moved back in with my parents . . .


Monday, October 16, 2006

Hamilton and Gregg Do Toulouse

By Gregg Dean( JULY 99)

I don't go with prostitutes.
I told Hamilton that and it's something he's understood for a long time.
I resent parting with cash for something I've always got for free.
I'm also aware of health risks.
At fifteen, I saw one of those VD leaflets in the health centre with pictures of a range of penises in a selection of fantastic colours.
The woman in the next seat in the waiting room asked if she could have the leaflet after me, pointing to one of the sick soldiers paraded on the page.
The penis in question was a sickly shade of yellow, suffering from a form of advanced non-specific helmet grot.
"I want my house that colour." She said decisively.
I moved two seats away.
I felt I might not be safe sitting next to a woman who thought that a public health leaflet was a Dulux colour chart and wanted to live in a house the colour of a diseased dick.
After being scared shitless by pictures of diseased truncheons, I decided that future encounters would be confined to either virgins or the odd hand job after lights out.
When it was apparent that most of my mates were on a crusade to stamp out virginity and my palms began growing hair, I had to review my parameters.
But prostitutes were still off the agenda. So when on a short break to Toulouse in France, Hamilton said he would find us both a cheap but reputable woman, I said I'd have to think about it.
"Don't worry Gregg, I'll front the cash. French whores are great - and very clean."
I wasn't that happy with the arrangement but we set about looking for a whorehouse in Toulouse.
On the basis that the constabulary have always been the nemesis of the oldest profession in the world, asking a Gendarme where we could pick up a pro didn't seem a good idea.
Hamilton assured me he could manage it and stopped a passing patrol car.
The officer inside the car listened carefully as Hamilton made known our requirements in adequate French.
I listened carefully but I didn't hear the words "cheap" or "free of knob-rot" used.
After a lot of gesticulating the Gendarme invited us into his car.
"Are you sure you haven't just got us arrested, Ham."
"Nope. He's giving us a lift."
Man. Those French fuzz are the cat's arse. Not only will they direct you a whore house, but they'll also give you a ride.
We climbed in the rear of the car and were treated to white knuckle ride by a lunatic froggy copper through the narrow back streets of Toulouse.
The man, supposedly an upholder of traffic regulations, clearly had no regard for them himself.
"So what do we know about this woman?" I asked Hamilton.
"Her name's Maria?" He said, his eyes shut.
"Maria? Isn't that Italian?" I conjured up an image of a pasta serving mama with a moustache fit for a walrus.
"Supposed to be good." Hamilton informed me.
"Looks like Sigourney Weaver apparently."
"Sigourney Weaver's a babe. Is she clean, Ham?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. Pierre has informed me reliably." Pointing to our maniac chauffeur.
"Does he use her himself?"
Hamilton wrinkled his nose.
"Don't be a sick bastard - it's his sister!"

Pierre pulled up outside an apartment block and honked his horn.
He tapped irritably on the steering wheel then told us to go upstairs to the second floor.
A few neighbours came out to rubber-neck at the English pussy-hunters then after exchanging low intelligible grunts returned to peeling onions. Upstairs we found Pierre's sister, Maria.
She was in her late twenties, nice figure, nice tits, pretty face.
There was a rapid exchange of French between them and Hamilton nodded.
"We've got to wait a minute or two."
Her room was clean and bright with a vast range of outfits: school-girl, nurse, German nazi interrogator etc.
There also hung a number of frightening weapons on the walls with jagged parts, spikes and chains.
"What the hell is this?" I picked up a five foot pole with a viscous hook on the end.
"I suppose she shoves it up your arse and pulls out your entrails."
Hamilton asked her what it was for.
By way of demonstration she took the weapon in her hands.
I backed off ten paces and held onto the waistband of my trousers.
Raising the hooked end, Maria undid the louvres on the large window.

Maria was still dressed up in a little French Maid's outfit which I found strangely erotic.
With little or no effort, it was possible to see under her little black skirt and her flimsy white panties every time she reached up to tidy the selection of outfits.
I could see a tasty little luscious Venus mound straining against the white fabric when this happened.
Hamilton asked where the toilet was and left the room.
During his absence I decided to go first.
The maid outfit was giving me the raging horn. I tried to convey my desire to Maria.
"Je veux un shag, Mademoiselle." I accompanied my pidgin French with graphic gestures and a pelvic thrust.
Catching my drift, she grinned and led me by the hand into the bedroom.

We stood for several moments in the centre of the room as she began a slow strip.
Her tan was punctuated by only her bikini bottoms.
Her pussy was shaved bare and her rose bud clitoris was clearly visible.
Still standing, Maria bent over the bed and inserted a finger deep into her pussy parting the soft pink lips.
Withdrawing her finger she placed it under my nose.
I duly smelled the finger assuming it to be a French hospitality thing.
I conjured up images of business men inviting their bosses home for dinner.
"Take off your coat. Let me get you a glass of vino.
Would you like a whiff of my wife's cunt before we have dinner?"
The effect was surprisingly erotic however and my cock was soon busting out of its prison.
She opened my trousers and dropped them round my ankles.
She took my proud weapon in her hands and rubbed it in firm even strokes.
She sat on the edge of the bed and lowered her mouth on the tip of my cock.
Her tongue ran around the edge and I shuddered violently.
With a slick skilled movement she moved her mouth up and down on my manhood, her tongue dancing its own rhythm as she did this. Maria moved her mouth away and without breaking stride she carried on with her hand, pulling my face into her chest.
I greedily took one of her soft breasts in my mouth, feeling the nipples harden and grow beneath my tongue.
Did I hear her groan with pleasure.
I doubt it. Guys coming in and out all day - so to speak - must make my efforts fairly routine.
Maria lay back on the bed, encouraging me to move down to her moist quim.
I parted those lips and pushed my tongue deep inside her hole. She wriggled - yes she actually writhed - as I moved my tongue around inside her.
I ran it carefully over her clit which was now large and swollen.
Now she really moaned, not a fake bit of drama to excite the punter but a genuine piece of enjoyment.

Suddenly she sighed and clamped her thighs around my head and I was shocked to realised she had come.
I wondered if I would now get a discount.
She knelt up on the bed and spread open her pussy.
I knelt behind her and ran my stiff member over her creamy buttocks.
I ran my hands up her thighs to her fleshy mound, sliding my fingers inside her.
I gently worked my fingers in her moist cavity, and she moved herself in time to my movements.
I removed my fingers and ran the head of my cock along her labia, pressing the tip against her clitoris at each stroke.
As it met with her clit Maria shivered with ecstasy.
Placing the head of my cock in the entrance to her pussy, I slowly pushed it home, savouring those first moments of coupling.
When her sweet hole had taken the length of my hardness, I began slow rhythmic strokes.
Maria sighed and almost fell forward.
I couldn't believe that she was enjoying this as well.
I was going to have charge.
Maria now knelt up keeping me inside her. Moving her hands behind her head she touched my face, running her fingers over my lips and neck.
She made circular hip movements and my cock responded to the strange sensation.
I moved my hands around and cupped her titties, kneading the firm flesh as I did so.
She sighed and moved her own hand down between her legs.
I could feel her finger rotating on her clitoris.
I continued thrusting and I realised that the thought that I was having sex with a stranger for which I had just paid, somehow thrilling.
My balls twitched with excitement and I felt an orgasm rise inside me.
As I felt I was about to come she stopped and pushed my onto my back.
She leaned forward, wrapping her breasts around my cock stimulating it in delicious strokes.
As my penis went forward between her breasts she met the tip with her mouth and played with the end with her tongue.
As her breasts became wet, my cock slid more easily and the pleasure heightened until my mouth was dry with desire and longing for release.
Maria moved over me.
Using her fingers to pry open the mouth of her pussy, she lowered her love passage over my eager cock.
With a long deliberate grinding motion, she moved her hips. I sat up and took her tits in my mouth but she pushed me back on the bed.
She moved her mouth onto my neck, my shoulders, my chest taking small bites, nibbling my flesh.

The effect was electric.
My orgasm rose inside me again and I allowed myself the luxury of a long drawn out moan of pleasure.
"You like?" She asked, panting heavily.
I nodded.
"I like. You good fuck."
She moved faster now, moving muscles in her vagina I didn't know existed.
The effect was a titanic orgasm which I thought would take the roof of my head off.
At the same time she closed her eyes, and screamed softly, digging her nails into my shoulders as she climaxed.
Finally I lay back, sweating and spent.

I must have fallen asleep for a minute as when I awoke Maria was getting dressed again.
I raised my self onto my elbow and watched her as she bent over to pick up her discarded underwear.
Once again, her pussy open slightly and my cock stirred.

Without warning the door opened and Hamilton came in.
"If you wanted to watch you're too late." I informed him.
A woman in her late fifties entered.
She was built like a battleship and had a face that had obviously been made from pastry by a three-year old locked in a dark cupboard.
She had looks that could stun a herd of wildebeest from a hundred yards.
There was a quick exchange between her and Hamilton.
Hamilton shrugged and turned to me.
"Maria wants to know if you still you want sex?"
"She wants to know if you can manage it again?"
Bloody hell, was this value for money or what?
"I'm not sure what you mean." I confessed.
"Maria wants to know. Now you've fucked her maid, did you want sex with her."
"So this isn't Maria?" I pointed to the maid.
"But the outfit. I thought . . ?"
My voice trailed off as I realised my mistake. I looked long and hard at the real Maria.
"Hell's bells Hamilton. You're not going to give it a go are you?"
"I admit she doesn't look like Sigourney Weaver." He said defensively.
"She looks more like the alien," I pointed out. "or one of the Gorillas in the Mist."
He shrugged and began to undress as did Maria.

So Hamilton spent the afternoon with Maria and I went out for coffee with Maria's maid.
I sighed from a sense of profound well-being and pleasure.
I just had a shag ranking as one of the all-time greats without resorting to sleeping with a prostitute.
The Toulouse sunshine was warm and soporific and I was going for an al fresco coffee with a very sexy French maid.
Could life get any better I asked myself.
We entered a cafe and the girl took me through to the back.
She gestured to the stairwell and speaking in broken English she explained that she had an apartment upstairs.
She grinned and took my hand again.
Life was just about to get better.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jason's Stories: Part 2...Babysitting


Jodi hated waiting for them to get home.
Here she is, 22 years old, and babysitting.
But the Andresons were family friends and she knew she couldn't say no.
Their 8 month old daughter was asleep in the baby's room, and Stephen Anderson, the 15 year old troublemaker of the family was at a friend's house.
It was just after 11pm, and she wasn't expecting the Andersons home until at least 3am.
They really were partiers. Dressed in her grey sweat pants an her Notre Dame sweater, she flopped herself down on the couch in the family room in front of the 33inch tv screen.
As she flipped through the channels, her attention was drawn to the movie network. Oh... it was one of their cheap b-rated porns.
She laughed at the plot, and the bad acting, but she couldn't turn away.
It made her feel somewhat naughty watching this movie in someone else's house.
It wasn't a sick porn or anything... you never see his penis...unless it's soft, she thought.

After a quick check on the baby, she returned to the family room.
Switching back to the movie channel, she saw that the guy on the screen was working out.
He was gorgeous and built. He did exercises in his house while a woman watched from the bushes outside.
"Yeah, right!" she thought.
"This kind of shit never really happens."
Wearing only a pair of black spandex bottoms, he completed his bench presses with the camera paying close attention to his muscular arms and tight stomach..
He rose from the bench and proceeded to the bedroom where there was also another open window for the woman outside to spy through.
These events reminded her of the experience with her neighbor, Trevor, just a few weeks ago.
The screen's male character stood infront of his mirror and admired his body.
The camera acted as if they were his eyes...coming in close on many of his body parts.
The enormous bulge in his pants sent a rush though her.
The camera then dissolved to a shot of the woman outside sliding her hands into her pants, and she began to caress herself as she peered into the window.

Jodi began to moisten with desire as this scene got hotter and hotter.
The man then stopped flexing and the camera cut to a full body shot of him from behind.
Casually, he slipped off his spandex bottoms and stood there.
The sight of his tight buttocks sent goose bumps through Jodi and she felt her nipples harden under her sweater.
Just then the camera dissolved to a shot of his feet and began to climb up the length of the front of his body...past his knees, over his muscular, tanned thighs... " Oh Jesus!" Jodi whispered under her breath as his soft penis entered the shot.
It was very large, neatly trimmed and circumsized.
It hung below his testicles about two inches..
The camera stopped, and Jodi giggled to herself as she thought about what the Andersons would think seeing her in their family room watching a giant penis on tv.
At that moment the man's right hand entered the frame and slowly took his soft penis, and grasped it tightly.
Jodi began to grind her fist into her crotch from the outside of her sweats. She was soaked through her white panties, but she didn't care.
The movie cut to a shot from behind of this gorgeous bodybuilder masturbating. Jodi was a bit bummed that they didn't show his erect cock, but she used her imagination as she slowly let her right hand slip into her sweats and panties.
The movie cut from a shot of him, to a shot of the woman outside the window.
They were both masturbating, and so was Jodi.
Just as she readjusted herself on the couch so she could get better access to her clitoris, she heard the back door rattle.
Quickly she pulled her hand out of her pants and changed the channel.

Fuck! She thought... Stephen was home.
He came into the room and said hello.
Jodi replied with a blush and a smile.
"What would he think?" she thought.
HE excused himself, saying that he would be in his room.
Jodi gazed at the tv screen, now on CNN and thought about how embarassed he would be if he would have caught her.
Still wet and horny, Jodi desperately wanted to go home and finish what she started.
She figured that Stephen could handle the rest of the night alone... he was 15 and all. Jodi walked to his room and opened his door.

As she peered in, Stephen jumped up and nervously shouted "what!"
"Nothing... I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving." Jodi said.
She looked at him, he was shirtless and covered to the stomach with his sheets.
A surge of unexpected sexual energy washed though her.
She could see the outline of his erection through his blanket.
Stephen, following her line of sight got imediately embarassed and raised his knees...hoping she wouldn't notice.
It must have been the night for masturbating Jodi thought.

Her horniness threw her inhibitions out the window.
"What were you doing?" she asked slyly.
"Nothing....uuh...okay?" Stephan replied covering himself more.
"You're 15 right?" Jodi asked.
"I know what 15 year old boys do all the time, what, do you think that 22 year old girls don't?"
"What are you talking about?" Stephen asked.
"You were masturbating, weren't you?" She couldn't believe she was asking this.
" Well....fuck you then...so what!"
He was trying to be tough about getting caught.
"There's nothing wrong with it... why did you stop?" she was really hot now.
"Why don't you keep going and show me what you know"
"Why don't you show ME what YOU know" Stephen asked forcefully.
"You show me, and I'll show you... just do what you do all the time."
Stephen was really horny... he would have done anything she said.
He slipped his hands under the comvers and started to stroke himself...looking away from her.
"I want to see it." Jodi whispered.
"No!" he replied.
"I'll show you my breasts" Jodi said... and she removed her sweatshirt and her bra.
Stephen's jaw almost dropped to the floor.
He focused intensely on her beautiful breasts as he pulled the sheet away.
His erect cock sprung into the air, and it pulsated with his heartbeat.
"Very nice" Jodi said as she examined it.
It was straight and thin, about 7 inches long.
It pointed towards his face and his testicles were pulled tightly against his body.
His hand played with his pubic hair... keep going she thought as he began to stroke again.
He used fast short strokes that made his balls bounce slightly.

"Stop!" she exclaimed.
Almost out of breath, Stephen stopped and looked up from her breasts to her face.
"I will be right back" she said. Jodi hastily made it to the bathroom, and took the baby lotion out of the vanity, then paused, looked at herself in the mirror, topless.
She could feel her juices trickle down her crotch as she cupped her pussy and gave it one, tight squeeze.
She re entered Stephen's room and walked over to the side of his bed.
As she gaised at him, she fought with herself. Oh how she wanted to jump on top of him and give him a blowjob that would make him pass out. But she wasn't ready for that yet.
"Have you ever tried lotion?"
"No" he replied.
She removed the cap, and hovered the bottle right above the tip of his penis.
As she poured the oil on to the end and the shaft it driped into is pubic hair and trickled onto his testicles.
As she bent over, he began to caress one of her breasts, and his thumb rolled over one of her nipples.
Jodi shivered and smiled at him.
"Okay" she said "stroke it slow."
He began to follow her instructions.
His right hand made a synthetic pussy around his penis, and he began to moan in pleasure.
She bent over him again and allowed him to put one of her nipples his mouth, only for a second, then she pulled away.
Kneeling on the edge of his bed, she admired how he looked, his hard penis glistened with oil, the sound of his slick strokes drove her wild.
He caresed her breasts with his left hand, making both nipples stand at attention.
As she watched this young stud stroke his cock for her, he removed his left hand from her breasts and cupped his balls.
"I'm going to come!" he exclaimed.
"Come for me!" Jody shouted under her breath.
He began to stroke faster and faster with his right hand, his left cupped his balls, and his back arched.
He threw his head back into his pillow and Jodi gasped as the first spurt of cum shop out of his cock on onto his chest.
He cried out as three more shot across his chest and stomach.
He lay there panting for a moment, and he pulled a towel out of the bed and began to clean himself up.
AS he did this, she removed her sweats and stood before him wearing only her panties.

"Let me see you" he panted.
She sat on the bed opposite him, legs apart, and began to remove her panties.
He began to touch himself again, and his cock was still hard.
She sat with her legs spread apart. He gaized intensly at her wet pussy.
"Can you see ow wet it is?" she asked in an erotic voice.
All Stephen could do is shake his head yes.
Jodi lowered her right hand to her clitoris, and began to make quick, tiny circles with her fingers.
'I like to make circles....uh....around...mmm."
She could barely make out the sentence.
She was already on the brink of her climax.
Stephen began to buck his hips with every stroke of his penis.
She used her left hand to stablalize herself on he bed. Jodi moaned and breathed faster.
"Oh....you made me so horny....hhh....I want you to come with me....okay?"
Hearing her say this made Stephen speed up his rhythmic strokes.
There they were, a fifteen year old teenager and his 22 year old babysitter sharing one of the most intimate experiences with one another.
The breathing was fast and sparatic, the sounds of their sexes, her wet pussy and his oil-glistening penis were enough to make anyone come.
Then, it began to hit her.
"Oh now! Come now!"
She screamed as her orgasm slashed though her.
She jerked violently on the bed as he ejaculated again onto his oil and sweat covered body.
Just as he finished his last spasm they heard a car pull into the driveway.

His parents were home.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jason's Stories: Part 1...the Voyeur


Jodi is a 22 year old University student going to school in Toronto, Canada.
She works as a bar tender at a local club.
She has had her share of boyfriends, but is currently single and loving it. Jodi is a 5'6", 110 pound brunette with stunning blue eyes and long hair to her shoulders.
She has perfect skin, eyebrows, and body.
She has 36C breasts, and she likes to keep her pubic hair neatly trimmed.
Jodi lives on the second floor of a rented house on Jarvis St.
All the houses in the neighborhood, because of their age, are close together.
She has her own bathroom, bedroom, living room and balcony, but she has to share the kitchen downstairs with her two roommates.

My story begins late in the evening, on a Tuesday night after she has returned from one of her night classes.
It was a stressful day.
Too much sociology homework she thought as she entered the house.
Her roommates Erin and Dave had gone to the Phoenix club, so no one was home.
She liked that.
Even though she had her own floor, she liked the notion of having no one around to bother her, or to play the music too loud etc.
She paused to lock the door behind her, then she placed her books on the table by the door.
As she slipped off her coat she glanced at herself in the mirror.
She admired herself, noticing how sexy she looked today.
She was wearing a white baby-tee and her favorite pair of jeans. She liked the way her bra was outlined in the shirt.
She knew the guys did too.
Her jeans fit her well too, showing off her perfect buttocks and hips.
She went into the kitchen and fixed herself a snack. Cheese and crackers.
It was nearly 10pm and she wanted to watch tv, so she went upstairs to her floor.
She glanced at herself again before climbing the stairs. She felt sexy tonight.
She went into her living room and turned on the Tv, sat down and began to munch on her snack when she realized that she forgot to get something to drink.
A little to lazy to go back downstairs, she decided to get some water from the bathroom.
Jodi's bathroom is on the east side of the house, with a window that looks out to her neighbor's house.
Living next door is your typical family. Mom, Dad, brother and sister.
The son of the family is Trevor. He is a seventeen year old high school student, and Jody has always thought of him as "cute"
Sometimes when she is thinking her darkest thoughts she fantasizes about seducing him.
Trevor is about 6', well built with brown hair and eyes.
Too young, she always says.

As she entered the bathroom, she looked out of her bathroom window and noticed that Trevor's blinds were open to his room.
With the exception of today, she always kept the blinds down on her bathroom because the window is not frosted, and she is always afraid that Trevor could spy on her from his bedroom window; which was a mere 10 feet away.
Sometimes she wishes he was spying on her.
It turned her on to think of that. But today both of their blinds were open, and because she was feeling uninhibited, she thought she would spy on him.

She turned off the light in her bathroom, walked over to the window and sat on her vanity chair.
As if it was perfectly timed, Trevor entered his room.
He was wearing only a blue towel around his waist, and his hair was dripping wet.
He had just gotten out of the shower. How naughty, she thought as she admired his muscular young body. Trevor stopped in front of his bed and unwrapped his towel.
A surge of energy went through Jodi's body as Trevor's penis dangled freely between his legs.
She'd always wondered what it looked like. It was very nice.
It was about four inches long (probably because it was soft, she thought) and circumcised.
He had very large balls and his damp pubic hair stood out and curled.
As he dried his hair with the towel, his penis swayed back and forth.
She liked seeing this cute young stud naked before her.
She began to feel herself dampen with excitement.
Trevor turned and walked to his dresser and Jodi drew in a deep breath.
Her nipples began to stand out on her shirt, and she crossed her legs, feeling her moist lips rub together.
Trevor had an incredible ass, and as he bent over to get something out of the drawer, she whispered "Oh God!" to herself as her right hand found her nipple over her shirt.
Trevor turned around again and proceeded to put on a pair of white boxer shorts.
Jodi protested in her mind as his beautiful penis was covered by his boxers. Trevor slipped into his bed, which was by the window, and he began to watch tv.
Fuck! Jodi did not want him to go to bed.
She got up, frustrated, and walked into her bedroom.
She removed her t-shirt and bra, letting her 36C breasts free.
Looking at them in the mirror didn't help at all. She was even more turned on than before.
She slowly undid the button on her jeans, and unzipped her fly.
As she stood in front of the mirror, she slipped her right hand into her panties, and began to feel the wetness of her pussy.
Looking at herself, topless, wearing nothing but jeans and panties she thought to herself..."If he were watching me now, he wouldn't be sleeping!"

She went and laid down on her bed, preparing to masturbate herself.
She slipped off her jeans and let them fall on the floor beside the bed.
As she began to feel the wetness on her white panties, she couldn't stop thinking about Trevor.
She decided to look one more time.
Jodi got out of bed, wearing nothing but her moist white panties and walked into the bathroom, and sat on her vanity chair again, in the dark.
Trevor was watching his television.
His white bed sheets were pulled up to the top of his stomach, and his eyes were glued to the screen.
Jodi could not see the what was on the tv.
She could only see its blue light reflect off Trevor's body.
He lay there, with his left hand behind his head, and the other at his side grasping the remote control.
Then something unexpected happened.
Trevor readjusted himself and drew his right hand to his crotch.
"An itch?" she thought.
By no means was this an itch.
With his right hand, Trevor began to slowly message his crotch though his sheets and underwear...his eyes fixed on the screen.
"Was he watching a porno?" Jodi thought to herself... he must have been.
"Oh yes baby" she moaned to herself as she began to grind herself against the corner of the chair.
With her left hand on the window ledge, and the other on her nipple, she couldn't take her eyes off him. Trevor began to stroke his cock, which was still concealed under his sheet and underwear.

Jodi could feel goose bumps form all over her body. Her nipples were hard, now and she began to whisper to herself..."Take it out, stroke it for me!"
She watched and ground herself against the chair as Trevor kicked off his bed sheets.
He was lying on his bed, with his sheets in a ball near his knees.
Jodi could see by the outline of his penis in his boxers that he was much larger than the four inches she had seen earlier when he was soft.
After adjusting something with the remote control, he grabbed his erection again and pumped it through his shorts.
Jodi was now fingering herself with her right hand which was inside the elastic band of her panties.
"I want to see it!" she exclaimed to herself.
As if he could hear her, he took both his hands, grabbed the waistband of his underwear, and pulled off his boxers.
Jodi sighed as she watched his cock spring into the air.
It was beautiful. It looked to be close to 8", perfectly straight and thick, its head filled with blood.
With his left hand, he grabbed his balls, and he slowly, rhythmically began to stroke his penis with his right hand, from the bottom to the top, and over again.
Jodi watched in amazement as she fumbled with her panties, trying to take them off with only one hand.
Her panties, soaked in her juices, fell to the floor.
She then leaned back on the chair and spread her legs, placing her feet on the window ledge.
She moved her hands all over her body.
She began to breathe harder as her left hand caressed her erect nipples. Her right hand found its way down her stomach and into the neatly trimmed triangle of hair surrounding her sex.
Matching Trevor's sensual stroking rhythm she thrust two fingers into her pussy.
The sounds of her juices turned her on, and she wished she could hear the sound of Trevor's hand rubbing his fantastic cock.

Trevor would speed up and slow down, teasing himself. He occasionally would let go of his manhood and grasp the remote control to re-cue one of his favorite scenes.
It was an awesome sight for Jodi to see his cock, free from the clench of his hands.
Because of its weight, it would point slightly towards his face.
She loved to see it pulsate in time to his heartbeat.
Sweat began to form on Jodi's stomach, and between her breasts and thighs.
She was so incredibly wet now.
Her right hand made tiny circles around her clitoris which was soaked with her own juices.
She had never watched another man masturbate before, and this was one of the most intense sexual experiences of her entire life.

She was so close to coming, but she wanted to see him first. Trevor began to stroke faster...then he would stop and press his cock up against his stomach.
His back would arch, then he would let go of it, and run his hands up to his chest.
"He's delaying his orgasm" Jodi said to herself.
Trevor would then take ahold of it again and pump slowly, then faster, then slowly again.
Jodi was so close to coming, her entire body was covered in goose bumps...the tiny blonde hairs on her thighs were standing up, her nipples were dark red and erect.
Her brown pubic hair was soaked in her juices as her hand continued to dance on her clitoris.
Then she saw Trevor stop, and reposition himself higher in his bed.
With his huge hard on pulsating in the air, he re-cued the tape one last time.
This was it, she thought "he wants to come."

He took his right hand and gave his balls a squeeze, then he began to stroke at a medium pace.
He moved his hips rhythmically and moved his legs back and forth on the bed; all the while his eyes were glued to he screen.

Jodi's legs began to tremble, trying everything she could to hold on for just a couple more minutes.
"Oh Jesus Christ" she moaned as she saw Trevor speed up.
He was stroking feverishly now, faster than he had all night.
She could see his chest rise and fall with his quick breaths.
Suddenly, his legs stretched out and his toes curled, he arched his back and threw his head back into his pillow.
At that moment he stopped his speeded stroking, and the first shot of semen spirted from the tip of his penis and landed on his shoulder.
He began to stroke slowly and he shuddered as three more shots of warm cum lept from his cock and landed on his chest and stomach.
Jodi couldn't take it any more.... as Trevor lay on his bed, holding his erect penis with his cum covered hands, Jodi threw her head back and panted loudly as the first waves of orgasm crashed through her.
Her legs straightened and her body grew rigid as she moaned and convulsed for 30 seconds.
It was one of the hardest orgasms she had ever given herself.
She continued to rub herself in circles until her clitoris was so sensitive it was painful to rub any longer.
After her orgasm, she was still in shock and trembling. She was covered with sweat and her juices.
Trevor got out of bed, his penis still semi-erect.
He took a towel out of his laundry pile and wiped the cum off of his shoulder, his chest, stomach and penis.
As he lay back down, on top of his sheets, Jodi watched as his penis regained its original size.

Totally exhausted, Jodi picked herself up off the chair, leaving her panties on the floor.
On her way out of the bathroom, she turned towards the window and blew Trevor a kiss and whispered "You were great baby."
Until tomorrow, she thought.