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Written by Centerfielder (March 2000)

Mandy strolled along the moonlit beach hand in hand with him. A light gulf breeze was blowing inshore and the cool waves could just reach her bare feet. She was wearing her favorite floral sundress and carrying her sandals in her other hand.

They had just finished a late dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. She was feeling a little giddy from four glasses of wine and her own excitement of being here with him. What was she doing here with a man she had only seen in person a couple of hours ago?
They had met through an on line personal ad service. One weekend she got a response from a man a few years older than herself.

His original e-mail had stated the usual name, rank and serial number, but he had not sent a photo of himself since he was not on the ad service. He had offered to send a scanned photo if asked. Mandy was curious about him and the way his response was written, so she sent him a short e-mail in response and requested the photo. A few hours later she received a return e-mail and they began a correspondence.

As the correspondence continued, they also began to chat on line and eventually exchanged telephone numbers. Several attempts to meet in person had failed due to both of their hectic schedules and some bad luck with regard to weather. Finally, one afternoon, she looked at her incoming e-mail and was pleased to see a message from him. He said he had a weekend coming up with no obligations.

He was going to be in the Florida panhandle at the end of his work week. Since he knew of her love for the ocean and beaches, he invited her to come down for the weekend. He was staying in a two bedroom suite at a hotel near the beach. Mandy read the e-mail with mixed emotions. She knew he was frustrated at the failures to meet and had sensed some impatience in the wording of his recent correspondence.

She was very attracted to his correspondence and his telephone voice, but was she ready to commit to spending a weekend with him? And what was the story on the two- bedroom suite.? He was inviting her to spend a weekend in a hotel with him, but was he expecting her to sleep with him, or was she being given an out if she wished?

She mulled the situation over for a couple of hours, but finally she decided the idea appealed to her sense of adventure. She really did want to meet him in person and at that moment she felt confident that she could handle the situation. In that moment of confidence, she composed and sent a short e-mail accepting his invitation. Several hours later, he sent an e-mail back with detailed instructions on how to get to the hotel. He also wrote that he would be working late through Thursday night, and they probably wouldn't get a chance to chat or talk on the telephone until she came to Florida on Friday. During the three hour drive to the coast, Mandy's self confidence began to fade. Throughout her life, her impulsiveness had been a blessing and a curse.

She had some wonderful times acting on impulse, but she had also been party to some personal disasters. Was this going to be a good thing or a disaster? When she arrived at the hotel, a message was waiting for her at the desk. He had been delayed at the construction site several miles away and wouldn't be back until 7:00. He had made reservations for a dinner at an Italian restaurant, but if she wanted something different, she could change the reservation to any place she wanted.

The key was waiting for at the desk, so Mandy followed the porter up the room with feelings of disappointment tinged with anger that he hadn't been there to meet her. When they opened the suite doors, one door was open to an empty bedroom, so without asking the porter carried her bags to that room, excused himself and left. Mandy began to prowl around the suite, feeling antsy and wondering what to with the six hours until he was due to return.

The suite itself was great. There was a spacious living room with a small stocked bar and refrigerator supplied with sandwich meats and an assortment of wine and beer. Mandy wasn't feeling hungry, so she walked out the glass doors onto the balcony. The suite was on the seventh floor and there was a marvelous view of the white beach and Gulf of Mexico below. The suite was nice, but her mood would not allow her to stay still, so she looked in the telephone book to find something to do.

There was a nice shopping area not far from the hotel, so she decided to see what they had. Mandy returned from the mall a couple of hours later. The trip had not been much of a diversion since she did not have someone to talk to. She had gone into a Victoria's Secret and bought a couple of pairs of very nice panties, but nothing else in the center had caught her eye.

It was still daylight when she let herself into the hotel suite. She walked out onto the balcony to admire the view. The afternoon sun was still beaming onto the balcony and she noted that the balcony was separated from the adjacent ones by a white brick privacy walls. She had wanted to work on her tan while she was on the coast and there was at least one good hour of sunlight remaining. She returned to her room and stripped off her traveling clothes and put on a short robe.

Returning to the balcony, she removed the robe, hung it in a handy place and lay down nude on a lounge in the corner of the balcony which was still in full sunlight. As the afternoon sun warmed her skin, Mandy began to relax and feel better about her situation. After all, it was probably not his fault that he had to work late. After a half hour she turned onto her stomach and listened to the distant murmur of waves against the beach. She awakened shivering from the shock of cold rain falling on her bare skin ..

A quick evening shower had come in from the gulf and caught her napping. She quickly retrieved her robe and scampered back inside. Glancing at a mantel clock she was appalled to see it was 6:15. He was due back shortly and she could have been caught nude and asleep on the balcony. She had a very short time to get ready to go to the restaurant. She quickly showered and prepared her hair and make up. She selected a flattering new floral sun dress. The dress tied at the neck and supported her breasts so she didn't a bra. She completed her outfit with one of her new pairs of panties and strappy sandals. Just as she finished dressing, she heard the door open and his voice call out 'Mandy?'.

From that point on, the evening was almost ideal. The need for getting to the restaurant relatively quickly gave them something to do to cover up the awkwardness of seeing each other in person for the first time. The restaurant itself was great. They sat at a cozy booth near the back. He had been there before and ordered for them. A bottle of the house red wine was brought and she found it delicious. She was pleased wit= h the way he looked in the golden candlelight and as they talked she began to relax and really enjoy being with him.

There was classical music (Vivaldi he said) playing softly over the stereo speakers and the food and wine were delightful. They finished dinner at about 9:00 and left the restaurant to the light of a brilliant full moon. He said he wanted to show her around and they drove along the beach road alternately talking and admiring the sights. They had gotten a little way out of town when he stopped and asked if she wanted to walk along the beach. Mandy loved the beach and she readily agreed. They kept their shoes on until they got to the waters edge the then removed them and carried them while holding hands. Mandy began to wonder again at his intentions as they walked along in silence. She didn't know for sure how he felt or what he wanted from her. As they walked along, a small inlet appeared before them. When they approached, a single wave came up higher than the rest and reached her feet.

Impulsively, she spun her foot in the water and splashed him good. She let go of his hand and ran giggling along the beach. She could hear him running just behind her and just as she was about to stop he caught her and spun her to face him. He pulled her to him and covered her breathless mouth with his lips. Mandy was both surprised and exhilarated. She returned his kiss with enthusiasm and readily opened her lips to his probing tongue. Their passionate kiss continued and she clung to his neck and pressed her body to his. She could feel his hardness against her and she knew he wanted her. She wanted him as well and she moved her hands down his back and under his loose tropical shirt. He finally broke and their kiss with a gasp, but soon returned his kisses to her sensitive neck and ears. His hands slowly moved down her back to her buttocks and pressed her tightly against his growing hardness.

He returned to kiss her lips and one hand travel down the globe of her butt and slipped under her skirt. He moved that hand slowly up the back of her thigh, slipping under the leg of her panties unti= l it was grasping the curve of her ass. He moved his other hand to the tie of her sundress and released it. Breaking their kiss, he stepped back slightly and the front of the dress fell forward exposing her nipples to the night air and his gaze. 'So beautiful' he murmured as he returned his attention to her lips.

Mandy began to unbutton his shirt as he palmed her hardening nipples. When the shirt was loose he released her breast and allowed her to strip the shirt off. She quickly turned her attention to his jeans and as soon as they were unzipped, she pulled them down with his shorts and allowed him to step out of them. She had a short time to admire his hard cock before he spun her around and held her back to him. He tortured her neck and ears with his lips and tongue as his hands freely roamed over her nipples.

He lowered her sundress past her hips and it fell away leaving her only her panties. His left hand returned to her breasts, but his right hand slipped under the waistband of her panties and cupped her pussy. When he felt her wetness against his palm, he curled a finger into her treasure. Mandy gasped with pleasure and her head fell back onto his shoulder as he gently thrust with his finger. He turned her again and began to kiss his way down the front of her body lingering at each nipple. His hands pulled her panties past her hips and down her thighs.

As they reached her feet she stepped up with one foot and flicked them away with her toe. When he looked up, his face was on a level with her pussy and he quickly raised his hands to her ass and pulled her against his lips and probing tongue. Mandy gasped again when he thrust into her and curled his tongue up onto her clit. As her head fell back and her knees almost buckled from the feeling, he lowered her down onto the cool sand without moving his mouth from her. When he began to alternately thrust with his tongue and suck her outer lips, she grabbed his head and rocked her hips to match his rhythm. The feeling of his lips and tongue was overwhelming and she hurtled toward a climax.

Just before she was at the point of no return, he sensed her closeness. He moved quickly up her body, and covered her gasping mouth with his own. Mandy tasted her own juices on his tongue and moaned into his open mouth when he thrust his dick into her open channel. He had waited impatiently for this moment and as soon as his hard cock slid all the way in, his hips began pumping deep and hard. He thrust all the way in and pulled almost all the way out on each stroke.

She felt the pressure and friction of each stroke against her vaginal walls and the base of her clit. She was quickly moving toward climax and she grasped his buttocks with both hands and matched his fucking with thrusts of her own.

Breathless, she broke their kiss and moaned softly with each gasping breath as he began to lose control and thrust more wildly. Suddenly, she went over the edge and squealed her delight into the night air. The waves of pleasure coursing through her pussy caused her inner walls to squeeze against his pumping shaft. He began to cum, panting against her ear with each thrust and sending jet after jet of his hot seed into her slick channel. As the waves of pleasure subsided, they rolled to one side and relaxed in each otherÕs arms. Suddenly their feet and legs were drenched by a an incoming wave of the rising tide.

The shock of the cold water broke their embrace and they scrambled to their feet and scooted up the beach to escape. When they looked at each other, their eyes met and they broke into a fit of laughter. They gathered up their scattered clothes and began to dress. Mandy was only able to find her dress, shoes and purse. Apparently her new panties had been closer to the water and had been swept away by the big wave that had come. As they walked back to the car, the cool wind under her skirt caused her to wonder about her lost panties.

Then she giggled to herself. A couple of things had been made clear. First, there was no question about which bed in the suite she would be sleeping in. Second, the way she felt now, she might not be needing any panties at all for the rest of the weekend.

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College Girl acting like School Girl

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Written by Writer (Feb 2000)

Hello, My husband and I had been married for almost 2 years when he dared me to have sex with one of his work-mates.
I had often fantasised about having sex with 2 men at the same time.
This fantasy originally came about shortly after he presented me with an imitation rubber cock for my birthday present.
When ever we made love he always inserted the rubber cock inside my pussy alongside his own cock.

Well it did turn me on at the thought of two men fucking me at the same time -- and I had told him about how I felt. I loved the imitation cock sliding up me as his own cock came down at the same time.
Sometimes he used to get jumbled up and shove in at the same time as his own cock was going up inside me. At first I would wince alittle as the two cocks went into me, both together, as they felt really thick , and I thought I might split apart.

One day Ron phoned me from work and said that his work mate, Alan, was coming to dinner. Ron also said I should wear something nice as he has arranged with Alan to have a sex orgy -- and I was on the menu. Ron often said silly things and I honestly thought this was another practical joke of his -- and the laugh would be on me.

Anyway I made dinner for three, as suggested, and put on my tightest micro skirt and top. I spent ages making myself up and I thought I looked as sexy as I could be. At 6.30am I heard the car door slam and knew that Ron had come home. The rear door was open and soon he had his arms around me and we were kissing.

"So! Where is your work mate" I laughed knowing full well that he would never introduce another man to me for purely sexual reasons.
"Oh he is sitting in the car, should I invite him in?"
I knew Ron was joking and said "Sure let the guy in -- he can have me first and then you can have seconds or his left overs!"

Ron pulled me into our bedroom, I knew the talk of sex and me having it off with another guy always turned him on. Ron pulled my micro skirt up around my waist and started to finger my pussy.
We stood kissing like that for around five minutes when from behind I felt another pair of hands reach inside my top and start to caress my tits.
My eyes had been shut while I was kissing Ron and something inside my mind demanded that I squeeze them even tighter shut.

I felt Ron's cock as it brushed against my pussy. I slipped my hand down and took hold of him and guided his cock onto my pussy -- I was very wet.
Soon I felt the familiar thrusts of Ron as he entered me. The hands that were still caressing my tits now started to manipulate my nipples and I could feel then hardening.
Then as one hand released my tit I felt another cock being placed against my pussy from behind.
As Ron backed his cock out -- the strange cock entered me a little. Rons cock was now completely out and this new cock was going into my pussy from the rear.

As I have said, I was used to Ron's cock and the imitation rubber cock but this guy from behind was something else. The head of his cock was huge and shaped like a plunger .
As He entered me I suddenly felt the lips of my pussy forced well apart by the size of the head of the cock and then close tightly around the shaft of the cock. I continued to cling onto Ron as more of this strange cock moved further up inside me.

Then suddenly I felt a sudden surge that caused me to open my eyes as the cock slipped well home. In the mirror I saw a black man smile broadly before hooking me deeper on his shaft.
3 months later Ron and I parted.
Now I am going to marry the man who so gently massaged my pussy into wakefulness

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Webcam Girl: Mindy Vega

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Kristen's Story

Written by Anon (March 2000)

I've known Joe for some time now.
We work in the same field and about 8 months ago he went out of his way to recruit me to his place of work. As it turns out, it was the best move I could have made. Joe was assigned to train me in my new job duties. Over the next several weeks he went out of his way to make sure I'd become comfortable in my new surroundings. He turned out to be a great preceptor, and in no time I was feeling right at home.

Joe is just about as average a looking guy as there is, about 6 ft. tall, long hair (besides his goatee, his only distinguishing feature), blue eyes, and built a little better than some. Add in the fact that he's 20 years older (28 to 48) and that we are both happily married made it seem like this should make for a great working relationship. Little did I know that it would go much farther than that. As it is with most workplaces, there was a lot of innocent flirting going on; sexual innuendoes, innocent little gestures and the like. During lunch we would sometimes talk about our past sexual encounters.

I've had conversations like these with men before and can pretty much weed out fiction from fact. Just the way Joe described some of his past made me know that his was no work of fiction. He never bragged about his conquests or his abilities; in fact he hasn't been with anyone else except his wife since they were married. But his ideas and descriptions were so sensual that he would bring me to a point of orgasm.
I don't think this was his intention, but I decided this was a once in a lifetime chance to experience something truly unique. Since I've been married I have never cheated on my husband. I've had the opportunity and the temptation, but never took the step. But when Joe told me that he was not interested in just fucking someone but in experiencing and knowing the whole woman as well, I was hooked.

As luck would have it, my husband won a trip for two to the Daytona 500. Since I'm not a big race fan, I suggested he bring his father instead, an idea he loved. Better yet, I knew Joe's wife was going to be off visiting their daughter at college the same weekend. Since we were both free, I asked him if he'd like to meet for drinks and dinner at a place near my home on that Saturday. I was nervous as to what his reaction would be, but when I saw the look in his eye when he said yes, I knew that this was going to be incredible. I wasn't disappointed. I started getting ready that afternoon. Since my husband was gone, I had total privacy. I filled the bathtub and added my favorite oils. I lit some candles, put on my favorite CD, and slipped into the tub. I have always been self-conscious about my looks. I'm on the short side, just over 5 feet with average looks; I weigh just over 108 pounds and have long brown curly hair.

My breasts are my best feature, being naturally large (34 D) for my size. But the bath made me feel sexy, relaxed and wonderful; my nipples swelling and my pussy getting wet just thinking about what was to come. I decided to dress the part for tonight. Having talked with Joe over the past several weeks, I had an idea as to how to dress to please him. I chose my favorite Victoria Secret's red bra; the type opens in the front and lets just the top of my nipples show. Since I trimmed my pubic hairs very close for tonight, I chose a skimpy thong bikini. A red, loose fitting button down silk blouse and a black, relatively short skirt were the perfect choice.

No stockings or pantyhose tonight! I called a cab (hopefully we wouldn't need two cars) and arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early. Being as nervous as a high school girl, I decided to go to the bar and have a glass of wine while I waited. I didn't have to wait long. Joe usually looks like a Ô60's leftover; tie dyed shirts, jeans and sneakers, but this night was different. His long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, his beard trimmed shorter than normal. He was wearing a short sleeved dress shirt and dress slacks. I couldn't help but think that for a 48-year-old guy, he looked in remarkable shape. When he saw me, he stopped for just a second and I could tell he liked what he saw. He came up to me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips, which lasted a few moments longer than would be normal between friends.

I asked him if he would like a drink (Joe is a beer connoisseur), but he said no! When I asked why, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he didn't want to dull his senses for tonight, then softly kissed my neck. I knew then that we were on the same page. Our dinner was fine, our conversation stimulating. Joe couldn't keep his eyes off me. I left the top few buttons open on my blouse so he could enjoy the view. Every so often I would lean forward so he could see the top of my bra. I could feel my nipples getting harder under his approving gaze.
They felt as though they would pop right through my bra! But it seemed to have the desired effect. He kept shifting positions in his chair; he told me later that he was getting a little too hard for his own good!
After coffee, I explained that my car was home, and asked if he would give me ride there. He just smiled and said that nothing could make him happier. I could feel myself getting wetter as he took my hand and led me out of the restaurant. Joe unlocked the front door for (how unusual to find a gentleman today), and I led him inside.

I put my things down on the coffee table, and when I turned around, Joe was right there. He placed his hands on my face and drew my lips to his; not a rough hard kiss, but a warm and gentle one. I could feel my knees weakening. He looked in my eyes and said he hoped he wasn't being out of line, but he had been dreaming of this moment since I started working with him. I responded by putting my arms around his neck and kissing him long and deep, our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths, his hands on my ass pulling me against him. I could feel his stiffening cock grow against my leg. I led him into my bedroom. I started to unbutton my blouse when he stopped me.
"Kristen", he said, "I told you before that I don't want to just fuck, but I want to experience the whole person."
With that, he stepped behind me and placed his hands on my waist. He kissed my neck, my ear and pulled me to him.
" Do you trust me?" he asked. I was so filled with passion I could hardly answer "Yes!"
With that, he slowly unbuttoned my blouse and turned me around to face him. I'll never forget the look in his eyes as they roamed over my body. Unhurriedly he slipped off my blouse and unhooked my bra.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and ever so slowly let them find their way to my breasts. His fingers found my hardening nipples and slowly and gently rolled them between his fingers. I moaned deeply as he laid me on the bed. His lips found my right nipple, his hand my left. He gently yet firmly nibbled first my right, then my left nipple as they larger between his lips. After only moments I shuddered with my first orgasm! He knew immediately when I came.

"My God", I moaned, " No one has done that to me before."
With that, I drew his lips to mine again. I knew I had to return the favor, and I knew exactly how after all the conversations we had. I unbuttoned his shirt and let my hands roam over his chest, finding his nipples and tweaking them just a little harder than I should. Joe just lay there with his hands behind his head as I slowly kissed my way down his neck to his nipples.
A moan escaped his lips as I sucked 1 then the other with a passion I didn't know I possessed. "Get off the bed, Joe."
I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood in front of me. My eyes never left his as I slowly pulled down his pants and silk boxers. He cock was not yet fully erect. Though not the largest I had ever seen, I knew it would more than satisfy me. Still looking into his eyes, I lifted his dick to my open mouth and slowly drew the head between my lips. I could feel it growing as I took him deep into my waiting mouth. Joe looked at me as he held the back of my head.
I released his cock from my mouth and licked its length down to his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked them until he moaned in pleasure, my hand stroking the length of his cock.

My mouth found the head of his dick again and I took him as deep as I could. My mouth slid up and down the length of it, slowly at first, but the more Joe moaned the faster and harder I went. I could feel myself getting wetter as he kept his hands on my head, urging me on. I knew he was about to cum as his cock started to jerk inside my mouth. When he came, it was with such intensity I thought I'd lose it all, but I managed to take all of his juices and swallow every drop.
He pulled me to my feet and kissed me with a passion I had never experienced. "Do you trust me?" he asked. I answered by placing his hands on my breasts and telling him I was his. With that he lay me back on the bed. From his pants pocket he took out 2 long, silk scarves.

I must have looked at him funny. " I never mentioned this to you," he said, "but I know you'll enjoy this. He looped one scarf around each of my wrists and then tied each to the headboard of my bed.
"They're not tight enough to let you get out, just tight enough to hold your arms up like that." I'm not sure I'd have let my husband do this, but with Joe it just seem right. His hands found my breasts once again, my nipples aching under his touch. But this time he wouldn't let me come.
He'd bring me to the brink and stop. I'd try to bring my hands down to hold his lips to my nipples, but couldn't.

After what seemed an eternity, he lifted my ass off the bed and slipped of my skirt. Thank God I left off the stockings! He slid my panties off and stroked my pussy. "You are absolutely stunning," he said as he lowered his face between my legs. He licked and kissed the inside of my thighs as watched helplessly, my hands still behind me. His tongue worked its way to my clit.
Gently he opened me with his hands, as his tongue made love to my clit. Waves of passion overcame me as he gently nipped at it, making it grow. His fingers entered me, first 1, then another.

Slowly he finger-fucked me as his tongue worked my clit into frenzy. I shuddered as he lifted my ass of the bed and slipped his tongue into my pussy. Wave after wave of orgasm overcame me, but Joe wasn't finished wit me yet. He slid up my body, his hand keeping my cunt aching for him. He replaced his hand with his cock and in one motion drove into me up to his balls. He rode me with unbridled passion telling me over and over how much he loved my cunt. I tightened my muscles around his cock, giving him a tight thrust each time. He slipped the scarves off my wrists and rolled us over.
"Sit on my cock!"
I lowered my self on his dick, taking his length, then sliding up, almost, but not quite letting it slip out of my cunt.
I desperately wanted to feel him shoot inside me, but he slowed me down " What are you doing?" I heard myself moan.
"I want us to come together; I know you're not ready." His hands found my nipples again. I leaned forward so he could take my right one in his mouth. I could feel another wave coming over me. So could Joe.
" Oh my God, I'm cumming again!" I heard myself scream.
At the same time, Joe exploded deep inside my pussy, his cum oozing out of me. I collapsed onto him, his cock still inside me, losing its hardness.

We lay on the bed holding each other a while, completely spent. "This was the best I've ever had." I said. "I knew it would be good Kristen," he answered, " but this was incredible!" We kissed lovingly.
"Its amazing that Jim won that trip and your wife just happened to be going to Philadelphia on the same weekend.
I only hope it can happen again."

Joe just looked at me with a devilish grin and said "I'm not so sure I can afford to pay for another trip for 2 to Daytona again and make it look like a prize!"

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Nick

Dear Nick

I really enjoyed chatting to you yesterday and feel close to you. I just love writing and hope to be a writer one day - so if this is a long letter and if it is too boring, just tell me to be shorter.

Part One

In July 1998 my best friend, Jenny, who is also Indo-Chinese like me, won a competition run by a milk company here in Australia. The prize was a trip for two people to Disneyland/Universal Studios in California for 10 days. She was 18 and I was only 17 at that time and Mum and Dad thought I might be a bit young to go. But I begged them all the time to let me and at last they agreed. Jenny won the trip and $2500 (AustralianÉwhich is about 1550 USD) plus accommodation in Annahiem and also in Los Angeles near Universal Studios. I did not have much money and my family and friends collected about 500 USD - like an early Christmas present!

We flew to Sydney after exams were finished in mid November on a domestic flight and then caught the Air New Zealand jumbo jet to LA which was fantastic. I love flying in jumbos! We transferred in a shuttle van to a nice hotel in Annahiem and spent the next 2 days in Disneyland.....................which was enough! On the third day we went to Knotts Berry farm which was 'weak' after Disneyland. We were actually getting a bit bored and couldn't wait to get to LA. On the fourth day we did a day trip to Mexico and went mad shopping thereÉI loved that! We even tried drinking margarita but it was too strong for me (not for Jenny who is a big drinkerÉshe finished mine too!)

The best fun happened in LA. We arrived there on a Friday afternoon and the hotel was fantasticÉposh! We had a nice Chinese meal in the evening and the restaurant was so crowded. The waiter asked if we would mind if another couple sat at our table because there was two spare seats and we said it was OK. And that's how we met Brian and Julie from San Jose. They flew down for the weekend and had never been to Universal before. He is in the photographic department of the ( name deleted) newspaper in SJ and used to be a photographer but now is sort of like the boss of his departmentÉ(I am not quite sure).

His wife Julie is what I thought all California ladies would be like: blonde, pretty, gorgeous figure and a wonderful personality. They had never met anything like us: Indonesian Chinese girls from Australia who spoke like 'limeys' and did not know any Chinese language! Jenny is very 'outrageous' personality and attracts people quickly. I am quiet and because I don't (actually can't) drink alcohol, people think I am deep and thoughtful! But JennyÉshe drinks like a fish and is always making people laughÉuntil she suddenly gets very sleepy and has to go to bed and is just dies!! Such a funny girl! We agreed to go to Universal Studios with Brian and Julie the next day and had a real blast. I really liked the 'Back to the Future' ride. I was too scared to go on the Jurassic Park looked scary.
We had Mexican food there and I loved that too. They had to fly back to SJ the next day in the afternoon on a shuttle flight and suggested we come up and stay with them because it was silly to come to America and not see San Francisco and all that. I was doubtful because I was running out of money and I was not sure about the reaction I would get from home if I stayed longer. But amazingly, when I rang home to tell them we had been invited to stay in SJ maybe until Christmas (almost a month) they said OK and agreed it was silly to go all that way and not see more of the country and said they would send me some more money.(Another $100 USD!! Not enough!)

It was easy to re-book our return with Air New Zealand and we then got a Greyhound bus to SJ and arrived there on Tuesday night. Brian and Julie met us at the bus station and took us to their house which was pretty posh and as I have said, it overlooked the valley and I could see the airport and the planes taking off and landing. My bedroom was downstairs at one end of the house and Jenny's was up a set of stairs at the other in a lovely little attic room that looked into the back garden. We were so lucky!

That night we were taken to the Mexican restaurant in Milpitas and had a wonderful meal and the doggy bags lasted two days! Jenny got her favourite: margarita !! I really think that the California economy would have noticed when she went home because they would not be selling so much margarita mix any more!!! I like the taste....but I am sort of allergic to alcohol like many Chinese and Japanese people are. Not all...just some.

While Brian was at work Julie took us to lots of places. Like Mount Hamilton, Winchester House, Gilroy (love that!), Great Mall shopping centre (LOVE that!!), the Ranch Market near the Great Mall which is a wonderful Asian supermarket where we bought heaps of food to cook Indonesian food for them as our contribution.

One day Jenny and I went into San Jose and caught a train to SF and we had a great time but not much money to spend!! We also went to SF another day on the BART train from Freemont....

I was having a wonderful time but my problem was my money. I just did not have enough. I started to stay at home more and watch cable TV. Jenny was getting a bit low but had lent me $100 and she had enough to last until we were going home. Brian and Julie had bought us a one-way trip on the United Airlines shuttle to LA to get the plane home. I hate being brokeÉand there was so much I wanted to buy! SighÉ

One day Julie took Jenny to have her hair done. Brian asked me if I would like to go into his office and see how the ( name deleted) newspaper worked. I said 'sure would!' So I went there and had a ball! I spent the morning in the darkroom and the editing rooms and seeing how they use computer programs like Photoshop and Corel Draw to do the work that used to be done in the dark.
In the afternoon I got my lucky break. I went with a photographer called Max all afternoon while he did various photos of things around the city that the paper had given him a list of. We visited a friend of his and they were shooting clothes fashions with beautiful modelsÉso exciting!
Just before we got back he bought me a coffee and a cinnamon bun. He said I was very pretty and had a lovely figure and I thanked him and told him I did not agree about my tiny bustline! He said that for some girls who model that is a plus not a minus.

On the way back home I told Brian I had had a wonderful day and it had not cost me a cent! He asked me then how my finances were going and I admitted..... 'they have gone!!' and explained that I didn't have enough money to go with Jenny to have my hair done! He said he understood.

WellÉ.the next day when Brian came home from work and while Jenny was in the shower he called me into the TV room with Julie. He said that he was not pushing me at all and that the decision was mine 100%, but the photographer who had taken me out the day before (Max, and who I really liked and was a lovely older man) had wondered if I was getting low on finances and had asked Brian if it was so. Brian said yes. So Brian said to me that if I would like to spend the day in a studio modelling (and Julie would be with me all the time) he would pay me $250. But there was a catch: no clothes!!

It would not be pornographic but artistic, and not for publication now or any time in the future. Just for his own portfolio.
I was so amazed! No one had ever seen me without clothes on in my life except maybe Jenny once or twice on this trip. I said I would have to think about it....deeply! They kept saying it was my decision and they were not pushing me to do it or not to do it. Jenny then came out from her shower and we stopped talking about it. But later that night Jenny had a couple of drinks too many and Julie took her off to her bedroom and told me to hang around and not go to bed yet.
When she came back she said that Jenny was out to it and she had undressed her and put her to bed.

So we had a chance to chat about my offer and weigh up the good and bad points. We came to this conclusion: this was America not Australia. No-one would know me there. They are not for publication and if they were published without my agreeing (which I would NEVER do) I could sue them for millions. Also it would be an amazing experience and Julie said it would be a sort of 'awakening' for my womanhood/sexuality.

I did not know what she meant at the time but now I do now. The bad side would be that I would be embarrassed half to death to have people see my body but I assumed that once they have seen it there is nothing more to look at. Julie told me that when you make it with a guy and he sees you undressed for the first time it is embarrassingÉbut later you wonder why you felt that way.
This seemed to make sense to me. Brian said that what was attracting Max and others too in his department was that I was 18 (they thought!) but had the body (boobs!) of a 13 or 14 year old girl.

I thought all night and still couldn't make up my mind. That evening he brought home a contract for me to read. It said things likeÉ 'by signing this contract you attest that you are above 18 years of age, you are not being coerced into this, you realise that photos may be clothed or unclothed, and that to have a photo published it must have a signed consent form on the back each and every individual picture'.

This meant newspapers, magazines and internet. Brian said he brought it home for me to see not to sign. If I wanted to do it Max and I could sign it anytime after or during the shoot. Not before because he would want to see me (!) first because maybe I would not be suitable. The payment was on both our signatures and if we both signed and he did not want to use me he would still have to pay for one day.

Well, as you have probably guessed, I decided to do it. Julie promised to be with me all the time because I was a bit scared of 'funny business'. So on a Sunday afternoon Julie told Jenny that she was taking me to see a friend of hers in downtown SJ and that Brian would take her to a bar which specialises in Margarita drinks : she loved that! Max told Brian to tell me that I should not wear any underwear for two hours before the shoot because the elastic would leave marks on my skin. So about 11 o'clock I put on a warm long dress (it was getting cool as winter came on) with buttons down the front and with nothing underneath. Strange feeling!

We arrived at the studio at 1 o'clock and it was nice and warm thank heavens! Max said it was nice to see me again and introduced me to his make up assistant whose name was Lisa. Julie told him I was very nervous and had never done this before. Max was so nice. He said every girl has a 'first time' in modelling and he understood it might be embarrassing for a while but that feeling would pass quickly as 'you realise that you are a very pretty person and this attention is all for you'Éor something like that. I was nervous....yes....but excited too and suddenly started to wish he would get me out of my misery and start!

He set up his camera and said that the time had come to see if I was what he wanted. He asked me to undo my buttons and bare my body to the waist. He said that if that test was passed, he would ask me to take the dress off and Julie could hang it up. But if my breasts were not suitable I would not have to take everything off. He asked if that was ok and I said yes and undid my dress.
Everyone came around to lookÉwhat an experience! Bare to the waist !!

I waited for the comments and he said: 'perfectÉbetter than I could have hoped forÉok, take it all off!' And then I took my dress off and gave it to Julie.
I was
I remember Max and Lisa saying something about how I was 18 and looked like I was barely starting pubertyÉI just blushed bright red!
Lisa sat me on a stool and started to make my face up. I have a small mole on my tummy and that was covered with make up. And then, maybe ten minutes after I had taken off my dress I suddenly felt proud of adult....and my embarrassment almost disappeared completely. She was a great make up girl and hairdresser too. I checked myself in the mirror and I was so proud...I really looked very nice. Even my legs seemed to be more shapely!

Well he must have taken a million photos of me. No problems about pornography at all. Of course full frontal and even some close ups of my pubic region but with flowers and other decorationsÉquite funny really.
I could say no to any shot but I did not because I thought that he has hired me for the afternoon and unless it is offensive he can take photos of what ever he wants to.

The only photo I a bit doubtful about was a low shot of me looking down to the camera which was shooting up and he was lying on the floor between my legs. But when I saw this pic at another time I was thrilled: it was just terrific and the area I was worried about was out of focus slightly.

This was the beginning of my USA modelling career! I posed for two other photographers after Max saidÉ'you are worth more than $250Éask for $500 and be prepared to barter slightly.' So the other two guys paid me $425 and $450Éso you can see I make over $1100 (USD) for being a show off!!
They were all nice guys and all were gentlemen. I never felt threatened by them and there were no silly remarksÉand all knew I was a virgin and respected me for that. But all thought I was over 18Éso I was the naughty one Énot them! The second lot was in a studio (with a friend of Max )and I had some lovely photos taken by another guy on the beach near Pacifica and I have some of them emailed to me from this guy and I keep them hidden very well!. I was too scared to bring them home and get caught in customs so I got some emailed and he will send me more if I want. I am sure you would agree they are very nice and not really porno. The second guy was the boldest of them and he still sometimes emails me. Max warned me he might be like that and to say no if I was offended.

WellÉthat is a long letter from me. I told you I will reveal all my secrets and so on. But don't expect too much. I have told you I am pretty innocent! I have aspirations to be a writer when I finish university.
I will be doing Arts with a major in English. I am in my last year of high school now and already have good results in English. I am very proud to tell you that I won the prize for English last year (The 'William Blake Prize' donated by PepsiCola) and that was $500 (Aust) which added to my good fortune!! Heheheh

This will do for nowÉI pray I can have a secret pen friend who is mature and sensible. I noticed you did not use any bad words in your chat with me yesterday. I know them all and I am sure you do. But I don't like to use them....except in context.

More of my 'awakening' adventures in California next letter ( Part II)....I have enjoyed writing this and then correcting it (proof reading) before it goes to you.



Dear Nick,

I have decided to call my story to you by the following chapter names:

1. Going broke in America
2. The Awakening.
3. The Experience.
4. The Mystery!

It's like writing a book or short story for you. You'll have four chapters to read and I've already sent you the first one and now I'm going to write the second called 'The Awakening' because this is when for the first time in my life I really felt like a female/woman as opposed to feeling like 'a person' É you understand what I mean? I call it 'the awaiting' because that's what Julie said on the way to my first posing session. I didn't know what she meant then and on the way home afterwards it began to start making some sense.

When Max had finished taking the pictures of me Julie asked him if he had a shower so that I could wash off all the make up and look 'normal' again. Lisa showed me where the shower was and gave me a towel and some soap. Later when we were driving home which takes about half an hour, Julie told me what Max had said while I was out of the room. Apparently he was amazed at how young I looked and how young I acted and was not surprised when Julie told him that I had had no experience with sex.

He said that I have the body of 14 year old girl and such an innocent oriental look about me that it was hard to remember that I was actually an adult (legally). He commented on my 'naivete' when I was posing and said that professional models doing nude work always worry about not revealing any of themselves.
He said I didn't appear be aware at all or seem to care. Julie asked me if I had noticed anything about Max when he was photographing me and I said no I had not. She said that he had a 'hard on' most of the time and it had amused her watching how he tried to hide it. I honestly had not noticed but I was surprised that I had had an effect like that on an adult man É I mean that he could not control his own body. She couldn't believe I had not ever seen a man in that condition before even though she knew I had never had any experiences.

The second time Julie took me to do photography was with more people than just Max and Lisa. This guy was Max's friend and he had someone helping him. Max of course was there to introduce me. I think he thought he was my agent now! I'm still not quite sure, and nor was Julie, who was the photographer!
The guy who seem to be in charge did not pick up the camera but directed the other guy to take the photos É for instance angles, lighting and things like that. What Julie had said was true and this time I made sure I looked.

Sure enough at some time during the afternoon all of these three men had effect from looking at my body. I noticed sometimes a guy would put his hand in his pocket and I could see that he was trying to adjust himself. Other times I could just see that there was something going on now where nothing had been going on before! As I think I told you in my last chapter this photographer was much bolder than Max and took many more photos of me front-on. I realised after while that he was trying to get me to pose in more sexually explicit ways than Max had. Julie said to him that he could not take photos of me which she called 'spreads' without asking and anyway my face must not be showing.

We came to an understanding that if my face was not showing, well, it did not matter much what he wanted to take photos ofÉeven close-up.
I told him it didn't matter and Julie agreed that that although the shoot was definitely sexual in nature (different to 'sexy') it was not dangerous if I was anonymous. Because this guy was paying me over 400 U.S. dollars for three hours I said to myself 'he can take photographs of whatever he wants..... this is not so bad!' I was 'wide-open exposed' but not embarrassed..... don't you think that's amazing for the second time I had done this? And that is why I call this story for you 'the awakening'

I have told you, honestly, that I have known about orgasms since I was about 14. We had discussed this in SJ on our 'Wild Saturday Nights' (which I will tell you about in another 'chapter'). Julie knew I was a virgin and had no experience and she asked me what I thought about (fantasy) when I was doing that. I told to I didn't think about anything. I just thought it felt nice to do that and I loved the orgasm at the end and usually after that I went to sleep.
She asked me, 'don't you think about boys or someone else? Don't you think of kissing, hugging someone or having someone touch your breasts?' And I told her that I did not and I never had. She said she had never heard of anyone like that before and she said it just made me seem more innocent and sweeter than ever. She was surprised that I had never masturbated a boy or had one touch me.
Now I have told you this because that night when I went to bed and I made myself have some orgasms, for the first time in my life I thought about those men who had been looking at me during the day and I imagined they were all undressed too and I could see their private parts.
'My awakening'!! And from that day until today I always think about (imagine) something sexy.

I know that Jenny is more experienced that I am but I also know she is also a virgin. Once she told me she had gone a bit too far with a boy but not 'all the way'. So we are a good pair!

So this ends my chapter II ,'The Awakening'......hehehehe

Are you getting bored with my autobiography? I bet you aren't because you are a sexy guy......right?

Love from


Dear Nick, Are you ready for my next chapter called 'The Experience' ?? I am enjoying writing these experiences to you so much! It is like having my holiday over again. Also I shall print them out and keep them and when I am older I will be able to remember the trip.
And remember you too!

In my last chapter I mentioned our 'Wild Saturday Nights'. Every Saturday night Brian and Julie always try to have an evening at home and they have a nice meal and a few drinks and smoke marijuana (is that how it is spelled?) I hate smoking anything so I was not interested in smoking it but Julie had some 'cookies' which her friend made and I tried half of one on the first Saturday night and it was a lovely feelingÉbut only just sort of relaxing for meÉnot drunk feeling.
After the first time I was able to have a whole cookie and while they all drank alcohol and smoked 'pot' I just floated about deliciously!
What a lovely sleep I had on Saturday nights! I always seemed to be 'sensible' ( but very giggly) and they all got so goofy when they had it with Margarita (Jenny) or scotch whisky (Brian and Julie). But I am telling you this because that's when we had a our wonderful open conversationsÉusually sex subjects of course! Its when I told them (and so did Jenny) that I was a virgin and we both admitted that we knew about masturbation and orgasms.
I complained about my small bust and Jenny told us how she had 'lusted' over a guy and what she told us in minute detail what she had wanted to do to and with him!! Jenny and Brian told us stories of what they had done before they met and how many people they had slept withÉit was so much fun!! Our conversations were so open and without blushing. Jenny usually did not last past midnight if she had a 'nightcap'. Julie would help her to her bedroom and put her to bed. As I saidÉI had the BEST sleeps after my one cookie!

This was our Saturday nights! Often Jenny and I would ask Julie to take us to the Ranch Market near the Great Mall and we would make a wonderful Indonesian meal for them. They will fry fish for you there freeÉwhat a service! And Julie and Brian would supply the margarita mix and tequila for Jenny and a cookie for me! hehehe

Well, the last night we were there was a Saturday and we flew by shuttle to LA on Sunday at 5pm to get the Air New Zealand flight from LAX at 9pm. So we decided to have a lovely meal for the last time.

In the courtyard outside Jenny's window was a spa (They called it a jacuzzi or a name like that). They said that they hardly used it in autumn-winter because the water was cold and took too long to heat up. But to celebrate our last night with them they agreed to get it heated up for the eveningÉit takes a long time and a lot of power. Brian spent a lot of time cleaning it and getting it ready , cleaning and so on. About 9-30 Brian checked it and said it was warm enough and we all went and put on our bathing costumes. They had all been drinking and I had eaten a bit more than a whole cookie and was feeling great! The spa has a wide rim and they could have their drinks on the edge as they sat in the water. I had another half a cookie to have later (which I did!)

It was lovely in the water and the bubbles feel so nice. I had been in a spa before in Australia but it was inside a hotel room with Mum and Dad and not as much fun as this in the open air with friends and with my cookie doing its magic! Lots of drinking and laughingÉa real blast! Jenny wanted to go to the bathroom and as soon as she got out of the hot water was a bit unsteady so I said I would help her. We went to her room and she went to the loo and I could see out the window from upstairs. I thought what a nice couple they were to us. They did not know I was watching and I saw them hug each other and kiss and he had his hand on one of her breasts.Éwhat a loving couple. As I spied on them they refilled my glass with orange juice and topped up Jenny's drink.

I was going to miss them. I was sure!

As we walked down the stairs Jenny said to me that she had drunk enough for one evening and I said 'I have bad news for you: I just saw them refill your glass!' 'Oh shit!' she saidÉ
'I bet I can't finish it!' And sure enoughÉabout 15 minutes later she almost went to sleep in the pool. Julie who was sitting next to her grabbed her and said she would take her to her bedroom and put her to bed. We got her out of the spa and she managed to put her arm around Julie who was back ten minutes later with her wet bathing suit which she hung over a chair to dry out before we left the next day.

Julie jumped back into the spa and asked if Brian had turned off the heater. He said yes - a long time ago. Julie said 'I'm freezing cold! Look at my nipples!' and we saw they were standing up. 'Lets go inside where it is warm!'

We went into the house and dried ourselves with towels. Julie looked at me and said, 'BrianÉlook at Nini's nipplesÉshe is cold too! You are so cruel to us!' So Brian said, 'Look at her nipples ? I am the only person who has NOT looked at her body which you say is so beautiful! You have, Max hasÉthe other guys have. Jenny probably hasÉbut not me!'

'Poor baby' said Julie. 'Why don't you ask her nicely now because she has to get out of her wet suit anyway and hang it up?' She winked at me.

I then said, 'So do you Julie. If you will take off your bathers I will take off mineÉIs that fair?'

Brian said, 'That's fair!!! I agreeÉboth of you!'

So it was agreed and we both turned our backs on Brian and took off our bathers. Julie has a beautiful body with the most wonderful bust I have ever seen. I felt so silly and baby-ish! 'On the count of threeÉwe turn aroundÉone - two -THREE!' and we turned around!

Brians hands drifted to his front. 'Put your hands on your hips, buster!' said Julie and then she said, 'SeeÉlook! He is hardÉLook at that!' And it was obvious that he has an erection under his bathing trunks.

'OKÉtake them offÉshow Nini what YOU are made of' said Julie. He did, and I saw a man for the first time in my life. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was bigger than I imagined. It sort of sat up at 45 degree angle pointing up and wobbled when he walked. Julie said we could maybe make it even bigger and she stood behind me and hugged me and then ran her hands up between my legs and over my pubic hair and then for a moment held both my boobs in her warm hands. He called her 'a bitch' and told her to stop which she did and we all laughed.

Julie told me to feel how hard it was and I squeezed it on the sides with my finger and thumb. It was very tight feeling and then she said 'Now try' and she pushed it downwards so it was slightly 'aiming' down. This time I felt it and it was as hard as if it had a bone inside.

'Hey' said Julie, 'get your digital and take a photo of Nini and me! Okay, Nini??' 'I don't mind' I said

Brian got the camera, his 'willy' bouncing as he walked. He took a photo of Julie and me with our arms around each other and then frontal, arm-in-arm.

'Put the timer on, Brian and get in the photo with us' Julie suggested

'Don't email it to me' I laughed, 'My parents would certainly see it!'

So we stood up in front of the cameras blinking light. 'One-two-three' said Brian and the flash popped in our faces.

'How about one with Nini holding my willy and you holding one of her tits?' asked Brian. 'Would you mind, Nini?'

'Just one' I agreed, hoping I would never regret the extra cookie I had eaten and which had made me so brave!

Flash!! He took it with my hand holding his erect penis, mouth wide open laughing, and Julie with an arm around my shoulder and a hand down holding one of my breasts.

Julie said 'OKÉOKÉThat's enough!' but she was laughing. 'We have enough of a collection to remember the girls visit with'.

She said she was going to have a quick shower and would come up and say goodnight to me before she went to bed. I said goodnight to Brian and he said 'Thanks for showing me your beautiful body' and I said 'Thanks for showing me your beautifulÉumÉbody too'!!! We all laughed!

I went outside and hung up my bathers to dry and then went to my bed, still with nothing on and jumped in. I was so 'horny'. I immediately 'wanked' myself (as Jenny calls it) to a very quick orgasm remembering and thinking about what I had just felt and seen.
Sometimes when I have an orgasm it is good, sometimes it is so-so and sometimes it is a disappointment.
This one was GOOD!!
And so quick! I had left the light on because Julie was going to say goodnight to me.

I lay there and she soon arrived and she now had her dressing gown on. She kneeled next to the bed and held my hand. 'Big night, huh?' she asked. I said yesÉvery big.
'Will you be masturbating ?' she asked.
I giggledÉ 'I already haveÉwhile you were in the shower!'
'Really? I bet you are 'messy' !!' she said and then with no warning at all put her hand under the covers and onto me down there feeling me.
She touched my sensitive spot and I jumped and half sat up closing my legs and said 'No ! Dont!'
Her hand came out very quickly and she said, 'Oh my sweetieÉI am so sorry. I did not want to offend or frighten you'.

Stupidly I said, 'No...that is not the problem. It is very very sensitive when I have just had an orgasm'

'Let me see how wet you areÉand I wont touch your sensitive little spot' she said Without waiting for me to agree she thrust her hand under the overs and said, 'Open sesame!'

I parted my legs and I felt her finger inside my lips there and I was so wet and slippery.
She felt me for a moment and said, 'you are wonderfulÉso sad you are going tomorrow'
She sighed sadly.
'So É if I had come up here straight away with you just then instead of showering, you might have let me do that for you?' she asked and I said I did not knowÉI said I was confused.
'What a pityÉwhat a pity' she said 'I would love to spend the night with you and hug you all night. But you two girls have got Brian so horny he will be coming to look for me soon'

Then she did a strange thing. She put the finger she had felt me with into her mouth and said, 'Finger lickin' good!' and then kissed me so very gently and for a long time on my lips and left.

I was on fire! I really could not tell you how many orgasms I have had remembering that kiss. And that is what I often think about! What a sexy couple. What an experience!

I have tried to write this like a book to make it more interesting. I am not sure I have been able to remember almost exactly what they saidÉbut it near enough! hehehe

But up till now, that is my only sex experience with other people in my life. So...pretty boring I guess if you compare me with other 18 year olds. But I have a lot to look forward to when the right time comes and I am more interested in boys now than I was before America!
And although I am definitely not 'gay', I can now understand lesbians and bi-sexual girls more than I ever would without that experience and would not be frightened if I meet any..

Next chapter is 'The Mystery' which is amazing too!

Love from


Dear Nick,

The Mystery

After we were back in Australia and the holiday was over it all seemed like a dream. We had done so much and met such interesting people and in my case, become 'awakened' and proud of my body.
It was interesting to wonder why, and as Jenny pointed out, and it was obvious to most people, my breasts really started to put on size after that trip. Whether it was the fact that I had sexual fantasies now and more often than before I got a 'turn on' from massaging my breasts and nipplesÉI don't know. But I bet Max in SJ would be surprised to see me now!

The mysteryÉ.I bet you are wondering about that. Well he it is:

One evening Jenny and I went out here to a Mexican restaurant together. We love Mexican food and you can be sure they serve margaritas! During the meal Jenny said that there were a few things she wanted to ask me about our stay in SJ.

First she asked me what usually happened when she 'flaked' after too much drink. I told her that Julie would take her off to her bedroom and come back to re-join us after she had put her to bed.

'And then?' she asked

'Nothing. We just chatted and went to bed. Why?'

'Because on some nights we were there I could drink five margaritas and go to bed myself (a bit tiddly but not 'smashed') and other nights I would just pass out after four. And on two nights I passed out I woke up with nothing on in the morning. I usually sleep in a 'T-shirt' and pantiesÉso I knew someone had put me to bed.'

'Go on' I said.

And on two nights when I had been put to bed like that I had sort of 'dreams'. But because I was so sleepy/drunk I couldn't work out if it was real or a dream.'

'What sort of 'dreams'' I asked

'Like..I was naked and exposed - legs wide apart - and people were thereÉ whisperingÉand there was 'lightening'. And my pants were being taken offÉbut not pulled down my legs And in the dream someone was licking me between my legsÉyou know, 'going down' on me is what they call it'.

'YesÉI know that. And what else? Did you fight them off?'

'No. It was beautiful. Erotic and I orgasmed. And in the morningÉI would lie there and wonder 'did that really happen? Who is doing this to me ?' AndÉ '

'And? And what?'

'I was wet there. ButÉI have had sex dreams with an orgasm and I am wet in the morning. Such a mystery' she sighed.

'Amazing' I said, with a slow sneaky notion what had been occurring.

'I was just wondering,' she said, 'if you had anything like that happenÉbut you don't get pissed, do you?'

'Just as well! ' I said, sidestepping her question.

'And there is something else which I cant understand' she went on. 'you remember before we went to the US we both went up to Target and I bought seven pairs of white cotton panties? One for every day of the week? That's all I took, right?''

I nodded in agreement

'And you have none like that and Julie never had any in the washing when we did their washing, right?'

'Right' I agreed.

'Well, explain this: All my pants are the same. All of them have 'Target Australia - Made in China' on the tag. All except two. They have 'Target America - Made in Honduras'. Other than that, they are identical. I just noticed it when I was on the toilet and I saw the tag.'

'That's amazing' I gulped

'Two of my pants have been replaced. And two of my pants have been taken. Why would they have wanted my pants? I start to think that they were cut off me in my so-called dreams and they just hoped I would not notice the replacements. So spooky! And the 'lightening' was a camera's flash. Maybe I was photographed! Brian was a photographer and they had a digital camera!'

My eyes widened and my mouth sagged. I asked: 'What about on the last night?'

'I woke up with nothing on in the morning but also during the night I woke up feeling cold and the light was on in my room and the door was wide open and anyone could have seen me if they stood at the door.
So I got up, closed the door, turned the light off and pulled the covers over me and went back to sleep. I couldn't be bothered getting my 't' shirt and pants on. But no 'dreams'.'

'Bloody hell,' I thought. I remembered that I was mystified when Julie said to me on that last night that 'both of you girls have got Brian so horny'. Maybe while she was with me Brian was looking at the naked Jenny, drunk on her bed with the light on and that's why 'both' of us had got him horny. And I absolutely knew that he had taken photos of her too!

'That's an amazing story, Jen' I saidÉmaybe Brian wanted your pants as a souvenirÉheheheh'

'He could have askedÉI thought he was so gorgeous.' She said and then, as an afterthoughtÉ'I hope they were clean!' And we both laughed.

Thats the end of my four part story for you, Nick. Do you think I will be a writer one day? I love to write stories and these days I am writing quite a bit. I will let you read some more one dayÉafter I get all the spelling mistakes out.

Talk to you soon in the chat room area.



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keeley Hazel Is Britney Spears

Not that this is better than a Jenna Jameson cream pie.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My First Time (Part I)

I was sitting in a cafe near the apartment I shared with Tom.
It was October, and the fall winds made cold enough for me to wrap up in a sweater and a pair of old but very snug jeans. It was nice and warm inside the cafe so I unbuttoned my sweater enough to reveal my cleavage.

I sat there sipping my tea and read a Cosmo. I had my legs pressed together and did my Kegel exercises, clenching and unclenching my vagina. A busboy, in his late teens, came by to clear a nearby table.
I looked up enough to see him staring at my bosom. He was really cute, in a trailer trash kind of way, so I didn't mind. I thumbed through the Cosmo and paused at an article about 'first times'. That made me smile because I was about the same age as the busboy when I was deflowered.

It was late in March my senior year in high school and lot of my girlfriends had lost their cherries to their boyfriends, most of whom were going to a Catholic school across town.
My own school, this was in New Orleans, by the way, was a Catholic school too. I lived with my mom in a small house in Bayou Saint John, the same neighborhood as the school. Mom didn't come home till late each night, so when I got back from school I had to go inside turn on the air conditioner and wait for the house to become bearably cool enough to stay inside.

It was hot outside, as usual, but a nice breeze was blowing and I went to go sit on the bench-swing outside. I still had on my school uniform, a short pleated skirt and a white blouse, and, taking off my high-tops, rested length-wise on the bench. Since we were on a side street, not many people came by, so I hitched up my skirt high enough to let the breeze circulate between my thighs.

I used my left leg to push the swing back and forth. It was so nice I started to feel drowsy. I wanted to touch myself, too. I slipped a hand under the elastic of my pink panties and caressed my clit for a while. Feeling a little daring I unbuttoned my blouse down to my belly button, and fell asleep there. I don't know how long I was there, but I did feel the cold blast from the AC. There was shuffling around on the steps leading to my front door and I cracked an eye open and there was the postman, a muscular and really friendly cutie, who liked to say hello to me.

He was staring at my crotch. The wind, or something, had blown the skirt up to my hips and left me exposed, except for the pink cotton stuffed in my crack. My heart raced, for a second I wanted to scream and run inside, but I was also curious too, as to what he might do. I was also afraid to 'wake-upâ because the situation might get out of hand. I could see his pants bulging at the crotch.

Maybe, I thought, he would just go away. And then the Devil, made me, as Sister Lucille liked to say, made me naughty. 'Are you going to put that in my box?' I asked. He cracked a smile, and looked at me, and then at the packet of mail in his hands. 'Hey, Kim, what's up?' He came over to me his hand holding the mail to me. I pushed the skirt back down and pressed my hand between my legs.
Groggily, I smiled at him and took the mail. I leaned over to flip through the mail, nothing but bills. I remembered that my blouse was open, and my breasts cupped in my bra, swung out a little, like little pale white pyramids.

Brian, the postman, was watching me. 'Anything for you?' He asked politely, lingering. I nodded my head, no. I looked up at him, his face was bursting with interest.
'Are you thirsty?' I asked.
'Yeah, I'm not supposed to, but I could really use a drink.
' We went inside. It was freezing cold. I shut off the AC, and opened the windows. Brian sat down on the couch. It was four oâclock.
Mom wouldn't be home till after 6. I got him a beer and poured a some of my mom's Southern Comfort, mixed it with some water and sat down next to him.

My heart was thumping like mad, I thought the drink would slow my nerves. I had buttoned up while I was in the kitchen, especially since the chill had made my nipples harden. I wondered what my friends would think of me. Karen would think I was brave, but she was 6 months pregnant, at 17, so she wouldn't be a good measuring stick.
He looked at me curiously. He had broad shoulders, and short dark hair. He liked working out, that was obvious. His eyes were blue. We talked for a while. . He was 24 or something like that.
He had been in the Marines, saw action in the Gulf War, and got a job with the mail after coming home. He said he saw me walking home sometimes from school.
He asked me what year I was in. I said I was a senior. He seemed interested. I'll be 18 in a couple of weeks, I told him. It was a little bit of a lie. He seemed even more interested.

'Where do you and your wife live?' I asked. My boldness trying to overcome my fear.
'I'm not married, don't even have a girlfriend.' a little bit of lie I later learned.
'Why not?'
'Just haven't met the right girl.'
'How about you?'

We just smiled at each other. He finished his beer. 'Can I use your bathroom?' He asked. I led him to it. He didn't close the door all the way, and when I heard creak open a little bit I crept back into the hallway and looked in the crack in the door. Brian had a big smile on his lips and stood with a huge cock in his hand, peeing into the bowl.

It was a beautiful organ, so red, so long. He looked up and I ran back to the living room. I wasn't sure if he saw my face in the mirror. He flushed and came out. He smiled at me, CAUGHT! I thought.
'Well, I got to go,' he said, heading toward the door. I happened to be in the way.
'Well, don't be a stranger,' I said. He could have kept going straight to the door, but instead changed direction and collided with me.
I looked, surprise painting my face in rouge. He kissed me on the mouth and ran his hands up and down my ass. I stood on tippy toes to get closer to him and that encouraged him even more, moving my panties aside to feel my sopping wet labia. I pushed his hand away.

'Can I see you again?' He asked.
'When you bring the mail, tomorrow.' Mom, came and went again at 7. She told me she was going to do rounds (she's a nurse) but she packed her night bag like she was going to visit stay by her boyfriend's.
I invited Karen, who, like I mentioned before, was pregnant at the time, over to eat.
We ordered pizza and I told her about my day. She was all excited for me. She wanted me to go on the pill for him, and let him have me on my birthday.

That wasn't going to quite work, mom would be around and so on. So we decided that I would, if he turned out to be a really nice guy, let him do it to me when my body was ready for him. I stayed out sickâ the next day and went to Planned Parenthood with Karen in tow.

After an exam they gave me the pills. In just a couple of weeks, I could do it with him. It took a few days. Brian delivered in the mornings and I never saw him. Then one day there was a postcard addressed to me, with a phone number on the back.
'Call me, please, Brian.' I talked to Karen about that night and she insisted that I call him. A few days passed, and I finally got up the nerve to call him in the evening. Brian was really happy that I called. He asked for my number and we talked about all kinds of stuff for an hour or so, before mom made me get off the phone. We went out just about every other day. I set it so Karen would call and invite me over to 'study'. But really Brian would take me out to a restaurant and generally took me out on the town.

He would always dress really nicely, and looked so handsome in his dinner jacket and tie. I wore a dress whenever mom wasn't around to see me out the door, and a light blue eye shadow that Karen said looked really good on me. Sometimes he would invite over to my house and cook me dinner. We would watch a movie (usually some boring action film) and he would serve me wine. He had an apartment that shared a courtyard and a swimming pool in the center. There were four other apartments in the building, and Brian seemed to be friendly with all the neighbors who would all come out and say, 'hi'.

I got to really like wine and I often got drunk at Brian's place. After he sobered up he would drive me home. As the time drew near I responded to his touches (he had been getting friendlier all the time) more and more and we made out in his car. I let him kiss me all over.
On the Monday night before the big testâ I let him take my bra off (I wear a 34B) and he massaged my breasts.
He kissed each nipple, and sucked them too. I had never let anyone do that to me before and I got completely carried away.

He had a Honda Civic so it was easy to jump out of my seat and into his lap. I was wearing a knee length skirt with my blouse and I hiked it up when I sat in his lap. He lowered his seat and I straddled his hips. He always had a funny crease in his pants where it seemed like he might have a huge hard-on. I was dying to check it out. I threw my head back as he sucked away at my nipples.

He was gentle the way he cradled my breast with his hand that I didn't mind the progress of his hand down the back of my panties. He rubbed my ass and I pressed myself against him. The bulge in his pants was his dick and I eagerly pressed myself against him. He started to kiss my neck and sucked on my earlobes.
I let his tongue penetrate my mouth and got even more excited as his little muscle darted in and out of me. I started to gyrate on his hips, pressing my clit against his belt buckle. First hard and then softly, and then hard again, my cheeks burnt bright red as I came on top of him.

'unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn' I started to yelp.
The contractions rippling through my abdomen started to subside and I unbuttoned Brian's shirt. He was so muscular, his chest so hard, compared to the pillowy softness of my body. I traced the shape of his abdomen and he reached under my ass and touched my labia.
I nearly jumped when he did that, and his hands fell to his sides, letting me take control. I unbuttoned his pants and stared at his organ.

It was huge and thick. The head reached to his belly button, and it was wet on top. 'What's that wet stuff?' I asked him. He seemed groggy and said 'it's precome. It's supposed to wet your pussy when I.....' His body rattled with pleasure when I took his cock in hand and rubbed it on the head.
I tasted it. It was warm and sticky, and it's taste, 100% man, I guess.

I slipped a finger between my labia and lathered his dick in my pussy juices.
'Isn't that wet enough?' I asked.
He was took excited to talk.
I did it again, stroking his dick. Brian's eyes rolled back and his hands clenched my ass cheeks.
Then his dick started to rattle and the little red cap on top started to spurt little globs of steaming white come all over the place. On my hand, and then on himself and my chest.

The smell reminded me of the taste from his dick. Brian seemed half asleep when his dick, shrinking now, stopped his little explosion.
His yelling tapered off into a sigh. I tasted the come on my hand. It was weird too. We kissed for the longest time and then I got myself together.

We agreed to meet again on Friday night and I got out of his car. The lights were out, mom was at the hospital doing her rounds, and I called to tell Karen all about what had happened. Friday came. Classes seem to go on forever. Mom would be away that weekend with her boyfriend so it didn't matter if I didn't come home that night. Brian seemed to sense that something big was going to happen. He called on Thursday and invited me to have dinner with him at Louis XIV, a fancy restaurant in the French Quarter.

When I got home I called Karen to see how she was doing. She was getting into her third trimester and was going to the doctor a lot, but she was still really into my first time. I was so nervous I could barely eat anything all day, but Karen insisted that I eat something. If I got too drunk I might pass out. Karen drove over to help me prepare. She had taken one of her boyfriend's pornos with her and we watched together in the late afternoon. I don't remember what the video was about (aren't they all the same anyway?), but I do remember trying to laugh with Karen. But really I was a little sick to my stomach. Karen and I sat together, holding hands.
I remember there was one scene where the man was really loving with the woman.
'I hope Brian is like that with me,' I said.
Karen leaned over and kissed me. I looked at her, astounded. Karen? I said, half smiling, enjoying it despite myself.
Karen seemed unsure of herself. She was so pretty, a brunette (I am blonde), with sparkling blue eyes. We were still holding hands, I guess that encouraged her.

'Come on girl, let's give you a bath.' She led me by the hand to the bathroom and watched me undress.
We'd been naked in front of each other before, of course, but this was different, more tender.

She bathed me with the most delicate touch, massaging me with different soaps and washed me down afterwards. She dried me off and ordered me to my bedroom. She painted my nails and toenails. She even picked out what I would wear. A short pleated black skirt and matching blouse. I put on a silver chain around my neck. Mascara and lipstick followed, and then some perfume.
I wanted to put a lot on, but Karen wouldn't let me. 'There,' when she was done fixing me up, 'you are so beautiful.' An hour passed. Karen waited till Brian showed up to drive me over to his place. He was wearing a dark suit and was extremely handsome that night... 'Miss....miss, do you want something to go?'

Woken from my daydreaming, I saw that same busboy standing over me.

It was getting late and I guessed they were closing soon. So I will finish this journal some other time...

My First Time (part II)

Karen went to take my Mom's leather jacket out of the closet. When she got back, I could already hear Brian's car pulling up to the curb outside. A chill ran down my body. Karen looked me over: my hair was done in a bob, with a rainbow barrette. I also had silver earrings and a necklace.
I was wearing a black tanktop with strings crisscrossing my bare back. I had on a short black skirt and pantyhose. I was (still am!) 34B-24-33 and stand 5â4, just so you know. Karen went to peak through the blinds.

'Oh my God, Kim, he's so cute!' She had seen him before, of course, but not dressed to kill like he was that night, in his dark suit and playful crawfish tie. He was getting out of the car and headed to the front porch.
Karen waved to me to go into my room. When the doorbell rang, she answered it, and after talking with him for a second, came to get me. I got off my bed and went to greet him. He pulled some flowers out from behind his back and presented them to me. They were so beautiful.

They also smelled so lovely, I blushed and kissed him on the mouth, the first time I had done that at the start of an evening. At the time I guess I believe that I wanted him to know what was going to happen that night, but looking back on it I figure I also wanted Karen to know that I was a big girl. At dinner we talked and held hands.
I kept on drifting back to earlier that day, with Karen. That kiss, the loving way she bathed me. Her advice that, if I was too scared, I could say 'no' and maybe give him a blow or a hand job.
I kind of laughed it off at the time. When towards the end of dinner he gave me a little gold bracelet with a little heart on it as a gift I felt sure that I was going to give him the gift of my maidenhood that night.
I leaned over to kiss him and let his hand drop to my legs, using them to rub his fingers against my pantyhose.

At his place we got even cozier. I straddled his hips, facing him. We kissed deeply. He unbuttoned his shirt and took off my top. His hands crawled up my legs.
He helped me out of my hose and sat me down on his hips. Breathing heavily, I unzipped his pants.
His organ was huge, engorged with blood, it looked like a red cucumber. I ran my hand up its shaft.
He trembled.
I admit I was getting scared, especially when he pushed back my skirt to stare at my slit.

His dick was just an inch away from my opening. I began to rub his dick, thinking if he came I wouldnât have to face my fears, but he got more excited. Picking me up he carried me across the threshold of his bedroom. It was dark in there, except for the light shining from the bathroom. He took off my skirt and I lay on his bed, naked.
He took off the rest of his clothes. Instinctively, I covered my breasts and watched his tightly coiled body emerge from its cotton shell. I was excited and scared, the moisture from my vagina coating my inner thighs as I pressed them together.

He came over and lay by my side. He put his hand on my breasts and felt my heartbeat, flying at a maniacal pace. 'You ready to do this?' He asked me, leaning over to kiss me. I nodded yes, lying.
He parted my legs and placed himself in between them. He stopped, I guess thinking about a condom. I said, 'no, I want you as you are.
' The soft head of his dick nestled into the folds of my labia. It tickled a little bit. I felt light headed, ready to laugh at any minute. Drunk too, I giggled. Then he began his descent into my body. He touched my hymen.

He kissed me again, and I braced myself by grabbing hold of his ass, my nails digging into his flesh. He pushed and I gasped. It hurt, of course, and I nearly told him to stop as he kept on pushing in. It was a strange filling sensation where I had never felt empty before. He began to slide in and out. The initial pain passed and his invasions became more welcome. 'You are so beautful,â he said and sucked a nipple. They were both erect and I felt a thrill whenever he would push his hairy chest against them. There was a smacking noise coming from down there. I looked up at him and he was deeply engrossed in his own pleasure. I was so happy to be giving it to him that I began to moan.

Karen had told me that faking an orgasm not only helps the man come but he enjoys it even more. So I pressed my pelvis against his and started to moan even louder. 'Come in me,' Karen said, speaking through me. Brian started to shiver and then pressed into me as far as his cock would go. I could have fainted from it, but his mouth dropped open and I could just barely feel this pulsing sensation coming from within my body.
He began to cry out, 'I'm commmmmmmming....'
I thought the whole neighborhood would hear. I made my legs go stiff, just like they do when I come for real, taking them from around his hips and laying them flat on the bed. I arched my back as much as I could on his soft bed and felt the pulsing sensation in me get stronger before it suddenly stopped.

Brian collapsed on top of me, his head beaded in sweat. We kissed. He lay inside me for a few minutes and then pulled out. We lay next to each other kissing and cooing in each other's ears.
His dick was shriveled up now, but his come was seeping out of me. I went and sat on the toilet, cleaning out his come. There was blood on the tissue and lots of sperm too. I fingered my clit, and came quietly.

His goop was all over my bottom so I ran a bath. I sat in the tub and nearly shrieked when the hot water touched my sore spot, seemingly penetrating me as well. Laying in the tub I felt like I was being fucked by a hot water knife. I finished washing and crawled into bed. Brian was mostly asleep. I lay on the mattress next to his slumbering body.
The wetness from our sex still covered the sheets so I cuddled up to Brian.
Soon I was asleep too.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Meeting

Written by Amanda(Feb 2000)

A letter on cream colored(?) linen paper and with it, an airline ticket.
I perspire lightly as I begin to read. I tell myself when I finish, that it wasn't so bad, nothing to make me feel threatened, just step-by-step instructions that must be followed, with one caveat.
I have to make the decision freely, and if I do, I must understand everything that awaits me.

There is an address on the bottom left of the letter, and a footnote that there will be a driver waiting for me at the airport. my head is swimming, that familiar exhilaration,fear,lust,longing,hope monster has me in his grip and now I decide I don't want it to release me.

The drive from the airport was agony. I was on edge and the driver said nothing, not a word, which might have made me feel a little at ease. That, I think, is what You wanted.

I'm here, 'It's my birthday.' I say to myself.

A room. Recessed lighting turned down made it intimate and comforting. I sit in the chair that the letter instructed I sit in, and listen to my breathing, hoping You'll come for me soon.

You don't. I dare not leave the room to ask where You are, so I let myself drift away, daydreaming at first, humming favorite songs, twisting my hair like I do when i'm stressed, and then darkness.

The first thing I sense upon waking, is a scent. Cologne, mixing Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver; masculine, powerful and very exotic.
I peek through closed eyelids and make out a form sitting in an armchair across from me, sitting and watching me sleep. I open my eyes. I want to see You, but I don't want You to see what's in my eyes, so I look at You and then move my eyes to other places in the room.

You're on your feet, taking the 15 or so steps towards me. I stop breathingÉwhat are You going to do?? You take my hand and pull me to my feet, where in one quick motion You encircle me with Your arms and plant a soft kiss on the side of my neck. You sniff my skin as Your lips leave my neck. my perfume is green tea based, heady and feminineÉit mixes well with the smell of You, which weakens my knees.

You whisper. You ask me it this is the path I choose, freely; I can barely get out an answer, my throat parched and tight, but without hesitation, I feel myself hiss the word 'yes.'
You hold me firmly now and ask me, still not looking in my face, you lips to my ear, 'will you obey everything you're told to do without question, and know it is for my pleasure?'
Again I say 'yes'

Looking into my face, taking it between your hands, you kiss my forehead. You take my hand and lead me into a connecting room where, you tell me, a bath is waiting.

Standing before you now, letting you remove my blouse, you seem pleased that I wear no bra, just a camisole. Your finger traces one nipple then the other through my camisole.
I feel electricity shoot from where you touched me, down my legs. You move behind me and cup my breasts with your hands, telling me their fullness pleases you very much. I expect my skirt to come off next, but you instead surprise me, reaching under my skirt and caressing my bottom, then squeezing it gently.
The zipper comes down and you slide the skirt over my hips, letting it fall around my feet. You bring my arms up over my head and take the camisole off. Now I am naked except for a thong and thigh highs.

I feel so vunerable standing before you nearly naked, and you know this. I think it amuses you because you know that deep down it excites me to be seen by you.
Again you move behind me, instructing me not to move. I'm bent over at the waist, practically in half, and you hold my hips.
You're examining me and I feel so open it's almost painful, but again thrilling at the same time.

Your cupped hand covers my pussy, applying gentle pressure, making me squirm slightly.
You keep this up for a short time, every now and then tracing the outline of my lips through the small piece of material the thong provides. I know I'm wet and this makes my vulnerability increase greatly. You move me, still bent over, pressing yourself against me, to a large overstuffed chair nearby where you lean me into it.
All I can think of is you inside me. I can feel your hardness press against me, large and powerful.

I think of how it would be for you to just move my thong to one side and plunge into me, but in another thought, I don't want it to be like thatÉI just want the tease, I want the tease to go on until after that point when you know I cant stand it anymore, and then you will take me - but not yet.
You are just measuring up the goods, taking your pleasure from laying your cock against my pussy, so I must respect that and be happy that it gives you pleasure. I know mine will eventually come.

I'm stood up and you turn me around, instructing me to remove the stockings and thong. There is urgency in your voice, it almost sounds like an order, not a request.
I'm naked and you lead me to the bath.
'Get in Amanda.' You speak my name for the first time since I arrived, and it sends a pain through my gut and down to my pussy.
I've waited to hear you speak my name and it was so worth the wait. As I step into the steaming, blue colored water, more waves of pleasure ripple through me.

You give me my bath, washing me, rinsing me, I think that you adore that.
Then you strip your clothes off and you're above me. Me, looking up adoringly at you, at your face and then your shoulders, chest, stomach and then lingering on your beautiful cock, surprised by its size, but totally excited. It's only half erect, and I can't help thinking of what it will look and feel like when it is fully hard. You're in the bath, sitting behind me, your chest on my back and you soap my breasts again, rubbing the lather around to my back and neck.

My nipples ache. My breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of my body. I can orgasm rolling my nipples between my thumb and finger.
You pull me tighter against you and use me to clean your body. Your breath in my ear and the occasional moan I hear, makes me even hotter and filled with longing to please you in whatever way you see fit.

You get out of the bath and wrap yourself in a towel, bringing one for me also. You rub my body, making the skin pink, then turn to an armoire against the wall, taking out a pair of white cotton panties and a short, thin cotton tank dress. 'Put them on Amanda.' I do so quickly, glad to be covered now.
You lead me into another room. In the room is a bench, a table and a chair. I feel I belong here, it is a comforting room, but there is an air of danger in this room and it keeps me on my guard.

You are circling me not taking your eyes off of me, and when you speak it is to ask me why I am here. I'm afraid to answer, not knowing quite what to say, and fearful that if I answer incorrectly that there will be consequences. I say it anywayÉ'I'm here because I want you to control me, I want to be owned by you and I need you to teach me how that can happen.' You say nothing and I wait, feeling stupid, I must have said the wrong thing.
I was being totally honest when I said what I said, and I think honesty counts for something, so I'll take whatever comes of this.

You ask me if I will, without question, do anything that You want me to, no matter if it please me or not. You ask if I understand that whatever you ask me to do will ultimately please me, because I am here for your pleasure. I am here to be taken whenever and however you see fit, and I will be disciplined as you see fit because it is the best thing for me, and serves to build trust between us. I nod my head, agreeing to all of this.
'Say it AmandaÉsay what you you are here for, now!'

I blurt out that I am here to become yours, however you need me to be, again excited at your saying my name.
You pick up a silk scarf from the table and blindfold me with it. You will not bind me, I know this, we agreed beforehand there would be no binding during this first meeting.

'Amanda, kneel in front of Me.' I drop to my knees and You tell me the position I should be in to honor You. I am on my knees, chest down, and head off to the side touching the floor. You tell me to stretch my arms out away from my body, and now I look like a short T. My bottom raised slightly for Your use.
I don't know if you're still standing before me or not but you leave me in this position for a while. I suspect you are looking at me in this position, becoming familiar with the different contours of my body. It makes me uncomfortable, embarrassed.

Eventually, you pull me to my knees and silky material brushes my cheek as you do. It must be a robe of some kind, I think to myself.
Suddenly I feel your cock on my chin.
You trace my eyelids, my cheek, my nose and then my lips with it. It is hot and very hard and I want it badly.
You take my hair and wrap it around your cock and gently roll yourself through the curls. My heart is pounding furiously by now.

Then your hand is under my elbow, helping me up, leading meÉsomewhere. I'm laid down on my tummy on a hard surface, I think it must be the bench, it is narrow. Only the top half of my body is on the bench.
From my head to where my thighs begin, and this causes my bottom to be raised, knees touching the floor.
Totally available for you now it seems. I feel your breath near my face and hope you'll now let me taste what I am aching to.
Instead, You are asking me if I have been good, or if I have been bad. I'm shaking, I tell You I'm bad most of the time, but try really hard to be good, and I just can't. You laugh, a good, deep, rich laugh and then You are upon me.

You straddle my back facing my bottom. I feel your balls on my back, and it is very exciting to me. 'Bad girls need punishing, don't they Amanda?' Before I can respond I feel the first smack.
It is surprisingly sharp and painful and I catch my breath. The tempo of Your slaps increases and then when I think I can't stand anymore, You slow down.
You slap me with one hand and with the other, You push your cock down flat against my lower back, where it reaches the tip of my tailbone.
You slide it back and forth, from left to right, and I can feel the slickness of the fluid coming from Your body.

I know I am soaking wet down thereÉand aching to be touched. You let Your cock up off my back, and I feel the smoothness of oil on both Your hands. You are massaging my sore bottom, but it isn't for long. You ask me if I think I have been punished enough, and if I have learned a small lesson today. I begin to answer and You cut me off. The slaps begin again and this time the pain has changed. The white-hot pain from before has been replaced. I feel it now in my pussy, my nipples, and my ass. I hear myself moan loudly as You continue. The oil enhances and increases the pain.
You're up now and I lay there shaking, wanting, desiringÉYou.

You help me up and tell me to stay on all fours. 'crawl towards My voice amanda, right now.' I begin to move and am stopped by Your cock pressing against my face. 'do you want My cock in your mouth?' You ask. 'yes I do.' I reply. You grab my hair, twisting it around Your hand and say 'Yes, you do, what?'
'Yes, I do want Your cock in my mouth' I groan.
Again You yank my hair slightly, 'Yes I do want your cock in my mouth, what?'
I am lost now, but you quickly tell me that I will only address You as Sir from now on. 'Yes Sir, I want Your cock in my mouth.'

You push Your cock through my slightly parted lips, and slide in halfway. I roll my tongue around it, loving its taste and texture. You're telling me how hot and wet my mouth is and how much pleasure You are taking from it. I am so wet now I can feel the fluids begin to trickle down my upper thighs, and this embarrasses me.
Why, I do not know. You continue to fuck my face holding my head in Your hands and ramming into me, then slowing Your tempo, only to speed up again.
When You pull out of me, I find the tip of your cock and flick my tongue over it, and underneath where I know it is so sensitive. Then You move away. I can't see this, but I can feel it. You move me to another place, another hard surface, must be the table?

I'm laid across it, face down again and You pull on me around the waist to raise my bottom up higher. And then I feel You tracing a finger down my back towards the cheeks, then down further, as You stop at my pussy, wet and swollen with desire.
You run a finger down the slit and then bring it to my mouth.
'Taste yourself You little slut.' Your finger slides into my mouth and a familiar taste is on my tongue. I'm giving Your finger head, and You are enjoying it a lot. You pull me closer to You and I finally feel your cock, hot and raging, against my wet thigh.

'Do you want Master's cock inside of you, cunt?' I am taken aback at the harshness of Your words, but there is no doubt in my mind or my heart that this is what I want and need; I respond without hesitation 'yes Sir please, I want You inside of me, in every part of me.' You slide your cock back and forth between my cheeks that are slippery with my fluids.

I feel You lay Your cock inside the cheeks and place Your hand over top of it, rocking back and forth, sending pleasure through my body, and I am sceaming inside to be taken this way.
A fingertip circles me there, gentle, then nudging more insistently, eventually slipping inside me. I groan and push towards Your finger as You move it slowly inside me.

Your cock is touching my pussy, right at its opening and I swear it almost feels like I could just open myself up and swallow you in whole. 'amanda why are you here' words that were so simple, and that You knew were timed perfectly.
Me, in the throes of this enormous passion, there was no place to go except forward.
'I am here to serve and please you, my Master and I am here for You to take me in every way possible SirÉthere are no limits.'
At this Your cock slid into me and Your moan drove me right to the brink of my orgasm. I felt You all the way through me and You fucked me, rode me, fingering my asshole as Your cock slammed into me. You knew I was close and You pulled out me.
You wanted me to pleasure You again with my mouth and were in me quickly. I could feel Your cock growing more in my mouth and this told me You were close to cumming too.

As I sucked and licked you I could feel the muscles in my pussy contracting. I needed to cum so badly but I wanted You inside me.
ÔPlease' I moaned.
'PleaseÉwhat do you want, tell me bitch.' You shot back.
'Please sir, I need You to fuck me, I'm begging You.' I replied pathetically.
'I am fucking you, you silly little cunt.' As You pressed into my mouth harder.
'Sir I need You inside me, inside my pussy, my ass, please!'

I heard You moan loudly as You pulled out of my mouth. You moved behind me once more and I breathlessly waited to feel You fill my pussy. You controlled everything, You put Your cock where it would please You to.
You pressed against my ass, I pulled away, never having experienced fucking in this way, but always fantasizing about it, I didn't know how it would feel.
I paid for the mistake that I made in pulling away from You! As You slipped Your cock into my ass, Your hand cracked down onto my ass cheeks, smacking them with every ounce of strength You had.
You were fucking my ass and spanking me, and I was in heaven.

'you want to come, don't you cunt?' I couldn't even answer. 'you'll cum when I let you cum.' You thrust into me even more feverishly, all the while spanking me. I could feel tears streaming out of me now.
Tears of pain, desire, and above all, devotion. Devotion to you my Master. Your pace was picking up and I knew You would cum soon, and I moved with YouÉI wanted to feel Your orgasm.
You breathed heavily into my ear, 'amanda I want to look at Your pussy when you cum, and You will let Me do that.'

This was the most erotic thing anyone has ever said to me. I could barely respond, I think I only made sounds to indicate my compliance.
You continued fucking my ass and used a finger to tease my pussy, coaxing it along. What drove me over the edge is what happened next.

Your hands on both my shoulders, bending me back towards. You as You pistoned in and out of my ass. Your hands grabbing my breasts, pulling me back towards You deeper, and then finally Your mouth on my shoulder, nibbling and then biting as You thrust into me.
'Sir, I want to cum, please!!!' You pulled out of me, pushing me down on the table keeping me there with Your hand pressed flat across my back, positioning
Yourself to look at the most private part of meÉ.removing just a little dignity from me. With Your other hand you slid a finger into my pussy and then placed it on my clit, barely touching itÉtoo hard a touch would stop my orgasm.

It began.
Like a huge swell in the ocean, picking up speed and intensity, and You, bent over, watching my red, swollen pussy as it contracted and shuddered its release. It seemed like it would never end.
It felt like I was fucking the air, thrusting towards a ghost that met my thrusts. I needed to be filled up.
'Please, fuck me, please. I need you now Sir!' Your cock drove into me and You were cumming, shouting obscenities mixed with kindness as You bore into me. 'amanda,' You roared, 'you are Mine, My slavecunt, My bitch. I can do with you whatever I please.'

I felt another orgasm begin. Words are so powerful, and yours consume me.

We remained in this room for a few hours, not speaking much, not needing to.
You massaged my bottom now and then, sending small needle stings through my body, reminding me of my punishment.
My devotion to You was consummated that day, and I wonder how much farther You will take me.