Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Climb This Pole

by Dick Throb ( JULY 99)

Gail had second thoughts about this job.
The pay was great, the hours were good and the people were nice.
She'd always been a Tom Boy and was used to rough and tumble action.
It never bothered her to get hurt an little, but she had a great fear of heights.
When she applied for the job, it was office work. Not climbing tall poles and playing with phone lines. Standing on a ladder leaning against some wires on a windy day was not her idea of fun.
But when this offer came in, the first thing she thought of was the pay. It was almost twice what the office job offered.
This had overtime, holiday pay and shift premium. God what did I get myself into.

'All right ladies and gentleman, listen up.
All of you passed the wiring portion of this school.
You've learned what the color coding is about, why we use it and how to recognize problems. Now comes the easy part. Easy my ass.

We'll teach you to so the same thing while standing on a ladder that's leaning against a wire 40' off the ground.
Are there any questions?' Gail looked around.
No one raised their hand, damned if she was going to be the only one.

'OK, partner up and lets get going.'
Again Gail looked around for someone to guide and help her.
She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned.
When she turned around she almost fell over.
'Hi, I'm Dan. Would you like to work together?'
She was temporarily lost for words.
Dan Was a dream come true. He was around 6' 4' about 225. Blond hair, deep Blue eyes and built like an ox.
His short sleeve shirt was stretched to the limits with his abounding muscle.
Just looking at him made Gail's pussy throb in wetness.
She felt herself squirming under the steady gaze of this man.
'Ah.....ah sure, I....I.......would love to......Dan. My name is Gail.'
He stuck out his hand and Gail shook it.
God he was strong.
He didn't hurt her, but she felt the solid firmness of his grip.
Slightly embarrassed Gail looked down, but not at the ground.
She was looking at the thick bulge in Dan's pants.
It seemed as thick as her arm, that started her mouth watering.
She unconsciously licked her lips and said, 'Great we can get started now if you'd like.'
'Good, I'll tell the instructor that we'll be working together.'
Dan walked away and Gail just stared at his tight well shaped ass.

After a few minutes Dan returned with two line harnesses.
'Do you remember how to ware one of these?'
Gail looked at it and said, 'Yea I think so.'
'OK, you put it on and I'll check it. I used to be a lineman in the Army, but they still require everyone to attend this school.
I guess because of insurance'
Gail fumbled round putting the harness on while Dan watched her.
It fitted pretty good except around her thighs.
It was ridding up into her pussy, but she was afraid to say anything. Dan looked at her and smiled.

'If you fell with the harness like that your womanhood would be over.
The doctors would have to sew your love canal closed.
Gail had to smile at the reference to her pussy.
'Well, how would you do it?' She asked.
'Do what, protect your womanhood, or wear the harness?'
She laughed at him and said, 'Both.'
'First I'd adjust this harness so it won't rip your insides out if you fell. As for the second part of your question, I'd love that canal like it was made of gold. I know you've heard the expression, women are sitting on a gold mine.'
'Yes I've heard it before, and you know what? It's true.'
They both had a laugh over that. Gail knew they would get along fine.
Dan fixed her harness with gentle hands.
He brushed her all ready wet pussy a couple of time.
Maybe by accident or maybe on purpose.
She didn't know or care, it felt wonderful.

They worked all day up and down the poles.
Each time Dan was there to see she didn't fall.
But it was still very frightening to climb to the top.
Each time Gail came down she was shaking like a leaf.
Dan asked her if she was all right, she said she was and asked him to not tell the instructor.
Dan promised he wouldn't.

At the days end everyone headed toward their cars in the lot.
Dan stopped Gail and asked her if she'd like to stop for a drink and unwind.
'I'll tell you what Dan, I don't live far from here, why don't we go to my house and unwind?'
'That's a great idea. I'll follow you'
'OK, stay right on my ass.'
'No problem, I'd follow your ass anywhere.'

She hopped in her car and took off down the road with a big smile on her face.
God it's been almost three weeks since I'd been with a man.
If I judged that bulge in his pants right, tonight was going to be great.
Gail checked her mirror several times, not wanting to lose Dan.
Just like he said, he was right on her ass.

It only took 10 minutes to arrive at Gail's house.
They parked their cars and headed inside the house, it was cool and comfortable.
Gail left the air conditioning on all day.
'Hey Dan, why don't we jump in the shower, then we can take a swim in the pool?'
'You have a pool?'
'Hell yes, I would ask if I didn't have one. Follow me I'll show you where the shower is.'

Dan followed her outside to a small but very nice brick building next to the pool.
He noticed the whole yard was surrounded by shrubs at least 6' high.
Dan could just see over the top.
Inside were three shower nozzles protruding from the one wall.
There were no partitions or curtains between them. Only one curtain along the whole shower area to keep water off the carpet on the floor.
The room was furnished with a small refrigerator, a large couch, a couple of big overstuffed chairs with end tables and lamps.
Behind a small partition was a toilet and sink.
There was a closet on one wall with shelves inside full of towels.
He was beginning to get the idea. He would have to change in front of Gail, no problem with that.

Gail looked at him and said. 'Well, what do you think?'
'This is great, it's really nice. I'll bet you could have a cozy little party in here.'
She looked at him with a big smile, 'We sure can.'
With that Gail stood on her toes and kisses him full and wet on the lips.
Dan opened his mouth to except her tongue.
They kissed for several minutes as their hand felt each others body.

Gail pulled away and said, 'Lets get into the shower and wash off this dirt and sweat.'
She began removing her clothes as Dan watched.
Her breasts popped out of her bra and stood out from her chest, just the right amount of sag.
Her nipples were pink and hard.
She started removing her pants while Dan took off his shirt.
She was right, he was built like an ox. Strong chest with big arms.
As Dan started to unbutton his pants Gail stopped.
She wanted the first view of that thick piece of meat hanging between Dan's legs.

When his pants hit the floor Gail just gasped. Her eyes got big and her mouth watered.
There was at least 8' of soft meat hanging in front of her. God how big will it grow?
Dan noticed the wide eyed opened mouth look on her face.
He smiled and said, 'Don't worry Gail. It only gets a little longer but it gets thicker and harder.'
That made her smile too.
She loved a cock that would fill every hole she had.

They finished undressing and got into the shower.
The water felt wonderful cascading down her breasts and thighs.
They each turned around a few times to get good and wet.

Gail grabbed the soap and started washing Dan's back.
She had to reach up for his shoulders, then soaped his strong arms. Gail washed every part of Dan‘s body.
She paid particular attention to his ass and cock.
She washed his balls and stroked his now hard cock with her soapy hands.
He was right, now it was about 9' long and very thick.
All the while, her pussy was wet and dripping.
God, that cock felt magnificent in her hands. She continued washing Dan's balls as he reached for the soap.
Now it was his turn.

Dan soaped up Gail's large tits and stomach.
He rubbed her tits slick with soap until her nipples were as hard as diamonds.
He then ran his soapy hands down her stomach to the patch of dark hair, it was already slick with her juices.
She moaned out loud as his hand pushed against her pussy.
Reaching between her legs, Dan fingered her asshole.
This caused a reaction he hadn't expected.
Gail pushed herself back and impaled her asshole with his finger as she let out a scream of delight.
This brought a smile to Dan's face. He loved an ass woman.

They kept up this washing and exploring until Dan couldn't take any more.
He rinsed off and grabbed Gail by the shoulders motioning her to her knees.
Gail didn't resist for a second.
She opened her mouth and allowed Dan to insert as much of his cock as she could take.
She surprised him by taking almost half of his granite cock.

As Gail stroked the hard meat filling her mouth, she reached back to Dan's asshole.
He spread his legs giving her all the room she needed.
With traces of soap still on Dan's ass, her finger slid in easily.
When she pushed her finger in his asshole Dan hunched forward slightly forcing his cock deeper in Gail's mouth.
She adjusted her head and let Dan push his cock in.

Now she was ready to do a job on him.
Gail sucked the head and tongued the underside of his glands.
It was difficult because of the size of Dan's cock, but Gail did her best.
She tongued it and sucked it while stroking his long shaft.
All the while she was pumping her finger deeper in Dan's asshole.

It didn't take long until she felt his cock thicken and pulsate. She knew he was going to cum any minute.
She pumped her finger harder into Dan's asshole as she stroked his pulsating cock.
Her mouth was like a vacuum sucking up all his precum, the taste was marvelous.
Dan grabbed her head holding it tight, but not pushing his cock any deeper.
She stroked and sucked as he grunted loudly and shot his load into her mouth.

Feeling the walnut sized gland in his ass turned her on more.
She felt her own orgasm suddenly build to exploding limits. Gail shrieked and squealed as best she could with her mouth full of hard cock.
She squeezed her legs and moaned as the spasms raced through her body and screamed out of her pussy. Her juices flowed down her legs.
Her pussy was opening and closing as the muscles clenched on nothing.

I need to be filled, my pussy is so empty.

Dan let out a tremendous moan that came from deep within his body. 'AAARRRGHHHHH. . . . Oh God! Oh God! I'm coming.'
Gail was rewarded with the largest blast of hot cum she ever had.
She gagged and choked as the super heated fluid shot into her mouth.
She swallowed as much as she could, the remainder spilled out of her lips and ran down her tits warming them.
God would he ever stop?
Each beat of his heart sent more cum into her mouth.
Gail drank and swallowed while pumping his cock to milk it dry.
Soon he stopped cumming and held her head as his cock softened and fell from her mouth.

Gail released Dan's cock and smelled the bouquet of her own pussy juice mixed with the fragrance of Dan's cum.
While she was sucking Dan's cock, she had a powerful orgasm herself.
The carpet was wet from her juices.
The aroma made her even hotter.

Holding Dan's half erect cock in her hand, Gail said, 'That was you think you can get this monster to work again?'
'Oh I think he'll cooperate, what do you have in mind.?'
'I want that hunk of meat buried deep in my asshole.'
Dan looked down at her and smiled saying, 'I'll pound your ass until you beg me to stop. I'll fill it up with hard cock and shoot cum into your stomach.'
'I'd love to feel that.' She said with a smile.
Dan turned her around and said. 'First I want to lick and suck that beautiful asshole of yours.'

She has such a delicious ass Dan thought.

Gail bent over the couch and spread her cheeks.
Dan got on his knees and licked her crack from top to bottom.
He buried his tongue in her pussy and licked up the juices that dripped from her cunt. He licked her hard and long.
Stroking her cunt all around with his fingers while his tongue centered on her asshole.
He spread her juices over her ass with his tongue. Gail was thinking, God what an ass man he knows what to do.

Soon Dan concentrated on the pink wrinkled hole between her cheeks.
He rimmed it with loving tender wetness, passion and desire.
Pushing his tongue inside her ass and moving it around caused Gail to squeal with delight.
Gail was moaning loudly and pushing her ass into Dan's face as her fingers were buried deep in her pussy, her juices ran freely.
He licked and sucked her asshole as the fragrance of her pussy juice made him hotter and hotter.

He felt his balls expand with another load of cum boiling inside.
Gail's ass was lubricated with spit and pussy juice, ready to be entered.
Standing behind her Dan placed the head of his large cock against her pussy and coated it with the hot slippery juice that flowed from deep within.
Then he held his cock at the base as he slowly pushed in the head. With only a slight pressure the head popped inside.
Man she must be used to this, it's a perfect fit.
Gail let out a little whimper as his cock entered the small dark hole.
The thought and feeling of Dan's hard cock entering her asshole blew her mind.
Slowly, Dan's cock expanded her hole causing her to have another orgasm, gushing hot juice all over her hand.
She screamed loudly and convulsed as her pussy gushed with fluid.

She pushed back as hard as she could, wanting his cock deep inside her ass while her pussy exploded.
Gail squeezed Dan's cock as she came and came.
Feeling dizzy and faint, her legs shook with weakness but she stayed with it and slammed back against the prodding shaft in her ass.
It felt so good, she moan out loud, 'Oh Dan, do me, do me hard and fast.
That's wonderful keep going, fill me up make me feel the hardness deep inside.'

Once his cock was completely lubricated, Dan began a slow in and out motion until his entire cock was buried deep inside.
It was so warm and soft.
It felt nothing like a pussy, as her asshole closed and squeezed his entire cock. His balls rested against her hot wet juicy pussy.

He'd pull out until just the head was inside then slowly push his full 9' into her darklove canal. This slow thrusting and pulling caused Gail to reach back and grab his ass with her hand.
'Faster.......oh God faster.'

Dan grabbed her hips and pushed hard into her ass. Soon he had a steady rhythm going.
He pushed to the limit and pulled out again.
Each time increasing his speed and tempo. His balls kept slapping her wet pussy making a squishing sound.

It didn't take long before Dan felt the familiar tingling in his balls.
They boiled with cum.
His back was tight as the sensations ran up his legs to his stomach.
He pushed in as far as possible burring his cock deep inside and holding it there as his balls released it's pent up load of steamy hot cum.
He felt the load explode from his cock and run deep inside Gail's ass.
He was sure it reached her stomach as she tightened her muscles.
God it felt so good, squirting and squirting his load.
Gail wriggled her ass around as Dan struggled to hold her tight against his buried shaft.
Gail screamed, 'Oh God Dan fill me up.......Oooohh fill my ass with your cum.
Gail howled and yelled as my hot load gushed inside.
After a few minutes she went almost totally limp on the couch.
Her knees were firmly planted on the floor, but I could feel the tremors flowing through her body as her pussy juices flowed out and ran down her legs.
The sudden burst of sweet pussy juice filled the room with the fragrance of her sex.
This unexpected pleasure caused my cock to explode with another load of cum.
God damn, a double load, that's never happened to me before.
My body tensed as the load shot from my balls.
The only reaction from Gail was a deep satisfied moan of pure pleasure and euphoria.

Slowly my shaft softened and laid in her asshole.
Gail closed her muscles around my cock while I slowly pulled it out.
This created a milking action and drained my wilting shaft of all it's fluid.

Once my cock was out, I backed away and looked down at Gail ass. I saw my cum dripping from her reddened asshole.
I hope I didn't hurt her, it looked sore.
'Gail, are you all right?'
'Oh yes, I'm fine. That was soooo good.'
Kissing her neck and shoulder gently, I held her close for a few minutes as we both let our hearts settle down to a normal beat.

After a few minutes we got up and headed for the showers again.
Thoroughly drained of all animal lust and passion, we washed slowly and kissed softly.

Gail and I spent the remained of the evening swimming naked in the pool while we explored each others body.
I made an outstanding dinner for the two of us. We talked and learned a lot about each other.

Gail told me of her plan to pass the class.
She told me she was going to blow and fuck Bill Durum our instructor.
'Gail, if you do for him what you did for me, he'd give you a PH.D. in electronics.'
We both laughed over that.
'Dan, I'm not a whore, but I have characteristics that I can use to get what I want, and by God I'll use them.'
'Hey, you won't get any argument from me, as long as I can have a little myself.'
'Dan after the way you fucked me today don't worry. You're my number one man. I'll suck you off anytime, as long you promise to fill my ass with that beautiful cock you have. I just felt I had to tell you what I was planning. You don't mind?'
'No Gail I don't mind.

You're a smart woman and the only problem you have with this job is the height.
It's not like you're cheating on the wiring that will get someone hurt.
Like I said, I don't mind.' We're not in love.
We both know what we what, and it seems we both want the same thing.
With that they kissed long and wet.

After Dan excepted Gail's invitation to spend the night, she washed his clothes so he'd have them clean for tomorrow.

They sat down and Gail explained her plan to seduce Bill Durum. But, that's another story.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cabin in the Woods

By Dick Throb ( JULY 99)

The radiance of the morning sun drifted through the windows.
It's rays warmed the air and caused the dew to melt away in small droplets of moisture. The sounds and smells of the new day rekindled my mind and brought back thoughts of last night.
I recalled the last moments of bliss, as sleep captured my mind and I drifted off onto dream land. I remembered the warm feeling of Scott's cum running down my ass as it seeped from my wet pussy.
God, what a wonderful night.
After our love making, Scott kissed me for a long time and walked off to the shower.
I fell asleep while my mind drifted in euphoria.
The rays of sunshine warmed more then just the air.
I looked at Scott laying in bed next to me and felt the familiar tingling between my legs.
I knew he'd be completely naked under the sheets.
I examined his form and starred at the bulge I knew to be his flaccid manhood.

Slowly I ran my hand under the sheet until I felt his soft warm shaft in my hand, Scott moaned a little when I moved his balls.
Gently pushing the sheet aside, I leaned over and licked the head.
I smelled the fresh scent of soap and felt the heat radiating from his body.
Pulling my long hair back I lifted Scott's cock with my tongue and closed my warm wet mouth around the head.

Using all the gentleness I could muster, I slowly sucked all of his flaccid cock into my mouth.
I held it there enjoying the feeling of the thick soft flesh filling my mouth.
When I moved my tongue around the head Scott moved a little and moaned again.
I wonder what he was dreaming about? Soon I felt it start to grow.
It expanded in my mouth as it got thicker and longer.
As it grew I had to adjust my head to keep as much as possible enclosed between my wet lips.
This slow wet sucking and tonguing caused Scott to react as expected, his manhood expanded to it's full 8" I released my long hair and allowed it to flow across Scott's legs.
Placing my arms on each side of his body gave me full access to his expanded full length.
I pushed my head down taking as much of his cock as possible and slid back to the head.
Scott's cock was covered with warm wet saliva.
Now I began an easy slow rhythm of up and down stroking with my mouth.
Each down thrust went as far as my throat would allow.
I felt Scott's hardness hitting the back of my tongue.

Soon I tasted the precum that leaked from the small opening in the head.
I licked it and swallowed in anticipation of his Mother load.
My pace increased as Scott's hips began pushing up to meet the wetness encircling him.
He moaned out loud as his hands reached for my head.
Scott's hand closed on my long hair and stroked it as I continued to suck and fuck his cock with my mouth.
He pushed his hips up, being careful not to hurt me while his hands were busily stroking my hair.

I began feeling the pulsating beat of his heart deep inside my mouth as his cock expanded a little more.
Scott's moans became louder and longer as his thickened shaft moved within my mouth.
I knew he was about to cum when he let go of my hair and placed his hands at his sides pushing his hips up and holding that position.
I moved my lips to the head of his cock as I knew the load would fill my mouth.
His precum flowed like a summer stream. I sucked harder and harder.
Scott pushed his hands down and held himself suspended while he let out a loud groan of delight and animal passion.

With that Scott's cock expanded one last time as the steamy hot cum blasted from the small hole.
I pulled my heads back to allow as much of his cum as possible to fill my mouth before swallowing all that I could.
Each beat of his heart sent more cum squirting and gushing from his bloated balls.
His boiling cum shot deep inside my throat as I swallowed and gulped his load of hot love juice.

Scott stayed suspended while the pulsation's and quivering continued. His body was hard as steel while his skin was covered with goose bumps.

Soon I felt him relax as his body slowly lowered to the bed.
His now empty cock began the wilting and softening euphoric stutter of passionate release.
I trapped Scott's shriveling cock in my mouth, wanting to hold it as long as possible.
I continued a soft sucking and licking motion while his body relaxed.
Feeling his heart beats deep in his cock return to normal, I let his completely flaccid and drained manhood slip from my loving mouth.
Looking up at Scott I said.
'Good morning Dear. How was your night?'
He looked down at me and said.
'Great, but not as wonderful as my morning.'
I climbed up to Scott's arms and held him tight as the taste and flavor of his sweet cum remained in my mouth.
God I love him, I wish I'd retired years ago, our sex life has never been better.
Scott held me close for sometime. Then we decided to take a shower and start another wonderful day in the wilds of the north woods.

After breakfast Scott went outside and began chopping wood for the fireplace.
I cleaned up the kitchen and got my list for the store.
The drive to town was almost an hour, so we only made that trip once a month or when we really needed something.
Our careful planning paid off.
We would get a months supply of food and paper products.
We bought all our dairy products at a local farm.

'Scott, I'm leaving for town now. I have the list, did you think of anything else?'
'No, I think that's all we'll need for a while.'
'OK, Iâll be back around 1:00 PM, bye.'

She's one terrific woman, but I was really worried about her retiring.
I lost all my privacy and personal time.
I love my wife but when she retired, I couldn't imagine spending every day all day long with her.
Now it's like we're discovering each other all over again, everything has worked out great.
Our sex life is renewed to a point of personal unveiling.
Glenda's doing things I've only dreamed about and she's more open to experimenting with new ideas.
I can't believe some of the things she comes up with.
Like giving me a wake up blow job in the morning, she would never have done any thing like that before she retired.
Maybe it's the clean air, the woods, the privacy the fact no one is around.
Even the choice of buying this cabin on a lake surrounded by 40 acres of woods.
It was out of character her living in the woods, but a very good choice. Having it's own electrical supply and well, we only leave to buy food in town.
I fish and hunt for most of our food, but a can of soup or a pasta dinner is good once in a while.

Cutting enough wood to last a few days left me a little tired but refreshed.
The exercise was good. I don't mind cutting wood but I don't want to do it every day.
I cleaned up around the yard and checked the fuel level for our generator.
It was reassuring to know we have it in case of a big storm knocking out the power or problem with the electric company.
Once in the kitchen I washed up and made our lunch.
Glenda would be back very soon so Iâll make something real nice.

Lunch was just about ready when Glenda returned from the town.
We put everything away then sat down for a leisurely but scrumptious meal.
Small talk and big talk accompanied the lunch.
Believe it or not, we talked about different ways of having sex.

Why didn't we have discussions like this years ago.
Now we're both in our 50's and talking like teenagers.
I thought Glenda had something on her mind by the way she was talking, but I would have never guessed what it was.
'Scott, you know what?'
'No, dear what.'
'Well, you know how you like to play with my ass sometime when we're having sex?'
'Yes, I know.'
'I never told you before but I really like it. I've done a lot of reading on anal sex, I want you to fuck my ass.'
Glenda never did mix words.
She is sweet and lovable.
She has a flaring temper and always speaks her mind, but this threw me for a loop.
I've wanted to fuck my wife's beautiful ass for years.
Even at 52, she had an ass that would make your mouth water and your cock jump to attention.
She'll never know how many times I've jerked off thinking about fucking her ass deep and hard.
Her spoken words caused a stirring and growing feeling in my pants.

'Hell yes, I've always wanted to do that.'
'That's wonderful dear. I wasn't sure of your feeling on that subject, but hoped you wouldn't mind.
Like I said, I've been reading about it and it sounds exciting, and different.
Lets get things cleaned up and play around some, maybe we'll discover something new.'

When everything was put away, Glenda and I jumped into the shower.
We soaped each other, paying special attention to the areas of sexual desire.
Glenda washed my cock and balls.
She soaped my butt good and fingered my asshole.
That felt wonderful and sexy.
I wonder if she'd think I'm nuts if I told her my fantasy?
After a few minutes she inserted a finger inside my asshole.
My cock got as hard as a rock.
Glenda noticed a change in my demeanor to one of pure pleasure.
She pushed more of her soapy finger into my ass.
Looking at me she smiled, and knew I was enjoying her finger pumping deep inside me.

My balls swelled with boiling cum as my cock throbbed with the pounding blood of desire.
Glenda stroked my cock from the base to the head, she pushed her finger deeper in my ass searching for my walnut sized gland.
I moaned with delight when she found it and started massaging it with her deeply buried finger.

My knees grew weak and I began shaking.
Moaning and groaning with delirious pleasures of release, I pushed back against her hand.
Glenda sensed my urgency and fucked my ass harder while she pumped my cock faster and faster.

I grabbed the wall for balance as my boiling cum blasted from my granite hard cock.
My cum splashed on the wall as she continued slamming my asshole and pumping my cock, wanting to milk it dry.

Slowly Glenda pulled her finger out of my ass.
She held my flaccid cock in her hand and kissed the head using a lot of tongue.
'See, I told you it would be fun.'
'Yea, Iâve wanted you to do that for years.'
'You should've said something before, but now we can learn from each other.'
With that she kissed me deep and wet.
We finished washing and got out of the shower, Glenda dried me and I dried her.
Damn she has a nice body. I can hardly wait to lick her ass.

Getting into bed I pulled the sheets back while Glenda climbed in.
We rubbed and stroked each other and talked.
'Scott you really seemed to enjoy it when I put my finger in your ass.'
'Yes I did, it was great.'
'Why didn't you say anything about it before?'
'I thought you'd think I was nuts or something.'
'Oh Scott, I would never think that. I was embarrassed to ask you to fuck my ass, but I did. I know how you like to finger me while we're having sex.'
'Yup, I do like your ass dear.'

Glenda leaned over to the night stand and opened the drawer.
Reaching inside she said, 'When I was in town I got these.'She pulled out a battery operated vibrator and some anal lubrication.
'Damn, you're really getting into this idea aren't you.'
'Well Scott, like I said. I've done a lot of reading and we might as well start out right.'
I felt my cock getting hard again.
The sight of the vibrator and lubrication sent ideas of grandeur running through my head.
My cock continued to grow and thicken while we kissed.
I licked and sucked Glenda's full breasts until the nipples were as hard as diamonds.
I reached for her pussy only to find it wet and dripping with her love juice.
Leaving a trail of wet kisses down her stomach caused her to moan and push her hips to me.
I kissed all around her love canal while spreading some of her juice on her asshole.
Glenda squirmed and wriggled on the bed.
After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and pushed it into her pussy.
I licked and sucked her clit as she clamped her legs closed and screamed.

Her pussy exploded with a gush of hot slick fluid from deep inside.
Her body trembled and quivered as the waves of orgasmic splendor roared through very soul.
She kept moaning and wriggling for several minutes as the tides of pleasure subside.
Finally she let out a small whimper and smiled with a look of deep satisfaction and tranquillity.
We held each other for along time and kissed.

While we embraced in passion and romance, Glenda reached down for my throbbing manhood.
She slowly stroked it making small cooing sounds.
All the while my bloated cock leaked precum as an indication of the load that filled my balls.

Rubbing the precum all over the head of my cock Glenda asked. 'Are you ready to try this dear?'
'I sure am, but I don't know if this piece of rock meat will fit in there. I don't want to hurt you.'
'Don't worry, it'll fit just fine.' Glenda turned onto her left side and raised her right leg exposing her ass and pussy to me.
Oh, what a beautiful sight. I had an overwhelming desire to lick her dark rose bud before fucking her.
I laid down behind her and spread her slender pillows of flesh with my hands.
She smelled of fresh soap and oils.
When my tongue circled her rose bud she let out a small whimper and whined. 'OOOUUUUU............That feels soooooo good, don't stop.'
I rimmed her ass for several minutes while Glenda softly moaned with delight.
When the area was thoroughly covered with saliva, I wet my finger and slowly slid it in her asshole.
'OUUUUHHHEEEAAA, Scott that feels so good, put it in all the way.'
Pushing my finger in all the way caused her to clamp the muscles tight around my finger.
It was held tight for several seconds while she relaxed and enjoyed the feeling.
Then I started a slow in and out movement that brought renewed sounds of pleasure.
Glenda reached for the vibrator and turned it on as she rubbed it against her wet slippery pussy.
She moaned with rapture as the instrument of pleasure slowly entered her love canal.
I heard the soft buzzing sound and felt the vibrations through the thin membrane of skin separating her pussy from her asshole.
God, that would really feel good on my cock.
I pulled my finger out and spread some lubricant all over my cock and Glenda's ass.
Mixing the lubricant with my precum made it very slippery.
Glenda moved her ass to me when I rubbed my cock head around the hole of my affection.
Slowly applying pressure the head popped right in, only to be held in place by her tight muscles.
I held it there for a few minutes as she continued filling her pussy with the vibrator.
Soon her muscles relaxed and eased the grip holding my intruding shaft.
I could feel the vibrations running all over my cock as I pushed deeper into her dark virgin hole.

The warm tight vibrating feeling of this new place almost caused me to cum right then.
Slowly I pushed all of my 8'granite cock into her ass, it was buried deep within her dark confines.
Glenda reacted by pushing her ass to me and jamming the vibrator deeper inside her juicy wet love hole.
'Oh Scott...........that feels so wonderful. It's filling me up, I'm so full. Ohhhhh.'
Slowly I pulled a little out and pushed back again.
This developed into a smooth rhythm of fucking.
Each time I pushed in Glenda would slam her ass into me.
My balls were slamming against her wet delicious pussy filled with the vibrator.
I know this isn't going to last long, my balls are boiling with cum, it feels too good.
Glenda moaned out loud and called my name as I filled her ass with my massive cock.
All the while she was churning and slamming her pussy with the vibrator.
This caused a scream of magnificent splendor to erupt from Glenda's mouth.

She smashed her ass into me while she plummeted the vibrator in and out.
Her ass muscles clamped tightly on my invading cock as the spasms of orgasmic elation's blasted throughout her entire body and soul.
I held her close as she screamed, wriggled and squirmed on the bed.
With my cock buried deep in her ass I received the full effect of her powerful orgasmic convulsions.
This caused her pussy to explode with hot steamy juice that covered my balls with it's hot fluid.
Soon Glenda relaxed and eased the grip on my cock.
Her breathing returned to somewhat normal as she said. 'Now Scott, fuck my ass hard and deep.'
I pulled out a little then back in as far as I could go. Beginning a deep hard thrusting motion brought about returning pushes from Glenda.
I grabbed her hips for leverage and slammed her deep and hard.

The glorious warm feeling surrounding my cock was amplified by the vibrator still buried deep inside her pussy.
These combined feelings, joined with my hard pumping caused my balls to boil with hot steamy cum.
My cock pulsated and throbbed with anticipation.
It grew even thicker and harder as my body tensed.
I felt goose bumps and tingling all over my body.
My head became light and dizzy as I was lost in a feeling of pure animal lust and desire.
I was in a state of delirious euphoria when my load of boiling hot cum exploded with the force of a geyser.
I held my cock deep in her ass while my body trembled with the explosion of pent up emotion and lust.
Glenda screamed as the hot load was blasted deep inside her ass burning the tender walls.
This cause her to have another powerful orgasm.
She was turning into an animal.

She squeezed her muscles as my cum pumped and squirted out. I've never cum so much before, I didn't think it would stop as my balls kept squirting and squirting.
After several minutes we both calmed down.
Our hearts slowed to it's normal pace and the tremors left.
My wilting cock gradually slipped from her beautiful dark rose bud.
My load of passion dripped out across her pillows of soft white flesh, only to remind me of how wonderful it had felt to put it there.

Glenda rolled over and kissed me long wet and hard.
'Scott that was amazing. I've never felt so full of your love before. I knew you'd like it, and I loved it.
We're going to have to do that again real soon.'
'That sounds good to me dear, but I'm going to have to wait until my head clears up. That was so intense I thought I'd pass out.'
'Sweetheart I can wait, I didn't mean right now anyway.
We have to clean up and try to catch that big Bass you saw the other day.'
'Right, lets jump in the shower.'

Glenda and I washed up and talked about how wonderful that last venture felt.
We both agreed it was marvelous and wanted to do it again.
I don't recall just what I said, but Glenda's response was, 'If you liked that, wait until tomorrow I have another idea'

I thought, Damn, this retirement might be great after all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Hair Salon

Written by Alison(Oct 99)

Sandy needed a hair cut - desperately - and, seeing a new hairdresser's on her way home, popped in to see when she could get an appointment.
To her surprise, she was offered one on the following day.
She took it, and lifted a leaflet about the salon to browse before she returned.

The leaflet explained that the salon was an offshoot of an all-female club called "Le Restaurant" and offered some unusual extras to its female clientele.
Reading through the deliberately vague descriptions, she decided that she had definitely found a place she'd enjoy!

It was with keen interest that she returned the following evening for a cut and blow-dry.
At first, it was just like any other hairdresser's, very efficient and professional hair-care staff and an enjoyable atmosphere. It was only after her hair was cut to the new bob that she'd decided upon that the subtle differences began to show; instead of staying in the main body of the shop, she was invited to go through into a secluded area marked "Women Only".

She had decided on an all-over haircut and buff up, and she had to undress so that her body hair could be trimmed.
Once she was naked, she sat down in the chair and relaxed, prepared to enjoy the experience.

Two staff members came over to her, a man and a woman.
The woman started to run the taps for her hair wash, while the man lightly fingered her hairless armpits and the hair between her thighs.
"Do you want a trim down here or a shave?" he asked.
"A - a - a shave," Sandy stammered.
He had sent tingles through her with his feather light touches and she parted her thighs without realising it, inviting further attentions.

"I'll have to clip it first before I shave you, so you've got a chance to change your mind."
"O.K." Sandy said quietly.

The woman had got the water to the right temperature and now gently pulled Sandy's shoulders back and tilted the chair so that Sandy's head was over the basin.
As her head hair was washed, Sandy felt the man carefully clip the excess hair from her bush.

It felt cool without the mass of fuzz that had built up.
Then she felt him wet the hair and skin, and smother it with cream to make the shaving easier.
She heard the hum of a shaver and felt it slice through the wetness, exposing her pussy for the first time in years.

Soon her pussy was bare, and sensitive to the slightest touch.
The man dried her carefully, but not without turning her on.
She slid forward slightly.
"May I?" the man asked.
"Yes, please!" Sandy responded.

He continued to touch her, gradually going into her clit, then her wet, hole.
It was such a light touch, so different to the massage her head was getting, that Sandy soon found herself breathing in short breaths and trying to get more from the man.
Suddenly, he dipped his head to her pussy and took it all into his mouth and licked it.

"Oh my Gooood! More, please, more!" Sandy moaned, clutching at his head to hold him there.
He obliged and Sandy felt his tongue flicking her sensitive parts, sending her into ecstasies.
Her bud grew as he sucked on it, and Sandy felt herself starting to come.
He stopped sucking then and slid his forefinger into her gaping hot hole and tickled her.
She gasped at the sensations he was creating, and shuddered with pleasure when he put his thumb on her clit and rotated it against his finger.

"Ohhhh, Gooooood. More! Yesssssssssssssss! Yessssssssssssss!" she moaned as he took her nearly to the climax he'd postponed earlier.

"Fuck me, please! Fuck me now" Sandy demanded in frustration at being held back.
The man said gently, "I'm not allowed to penetrate you in the Salon.
You'd have to 'cum' to Le Restaurant for that, but I will send you over the edge with my hands and mouth."

With that he began nibbling at the outer lips of her pussy and Sandy felt the woman's hands slide down to her bare breasts to fondle them wetly.
She stretched her thighs as wide as possible, letting him get as far in as he could, and writhed with pleasure.

This was certainly the best haircut she'd ever had!

Soon she was cumming ferociously - it had been a long time since she'd had sex and this prolonged build-up had made the floodgates even more flooded.

Afterwards, while her hair was being dried and styled, she enquired about the other place, Le Restaurant, and found that it was essentially a sex club for women to explore things in safety and without exploitation.
In fact, it sounded as if the clientele were doing all the exploiting!

Sandy decided that she'd have to investigate this club. Soon.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Anon (Oct 99)

I had a dream last night and wanted to share it with you.
The details were so vivid I thought, even after I was fully awake, surely it wasn't merely a dream.
It must have really happened.
I recall each scene, each detail and will write it down for you.
Remember it well. When you get back home it may no longer be a dream. Realities are often the byproducts of our dreams.

We were living in a small country house.
Close by a stream could be heard as it cut through the forest.
Late spring in the woods is a favorite time of the year for me.
It was warm outside but not really hot. The trees surrounding the place had kept the sun from heating the house to where it would be uncomfortable.
A lively spring breeze whispered through open windows bringing with it a fresh clean smell of new flowers and soft sounds of trees stretching their limbs to the welcome coolness of evening.

The house was clean and supper was in the oven.
I had gone to the store earlier and brought home stuff for making a grand salad, two nice sirloin steaks, potatoes for baking, those special bread sticks, a messy chocolate thing for dessert, and a fairly expensive bottle of wine to begin and end our evening.
All the meal preparations were completed. Delicious smells filled the entire house.

Now, I was giving myself the pleasure of a lazy, late afternoon bath.
I had already filled the tub with hot water and bath oil.
Tiny wisps of stream swirled off the surface filling the room with a sweet smell.
I wrestled a towel around my just washed hair.
It is so short it only took a few seconds to get most of the water off.
Slowly I pulled my soiled shirt from my tight jeans and began to loosen the buttons.
One button got stuck at the waist band of my jeans.
I undid the buttons of my pants and let them fall around my ankles. Now I could get my shirt off. Shrugging out of the shirt, I let it fly toward the open clothes hamper.
It missed and fell to the floor against the wall. Stepping out of my jeans I gave them a kick and they joined the crumpled shirt.
Standing on the toe of each sock, in turn, I pulled my feet free and toed each white tube in an arch to land on the clothes heap.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror.
Softly my dark nipples were showing through the delicate white lace of my half bra.
One nipple was nearly over the top of it's tight confines.
Looking down my body I spotted that irritating little tuft of clothes lint that always appears to be hiding in my navel.
Lower, my bikini panties accentuated the narrowness of my waist and curve of my hips.
Turning I looked over my shoulder and admired how patterns in the panty showed the best of my bottom.
The lace edges trailed down my two rounded cheeks and vanished between them as if pointing the way to something very special.
Reaching back I adjusted the little bit of lace to ride down between my rounded backsides exposing my butt except for the very center crack.

Tugging on my panties had put just enough pressure on my crotch that I began to feel those familiar urgings that needed to be satisfied.

Turning back full face to the mirror I saw that while adjusting my panties that eager nipple had popped right out of my bra and was getting hard.
I slipped my fingers in the outside edge of each cup and gently lowered them, allowing each tit to spill over the top.
I wet thumb and forefinger of each hand and with gentle tugs and pinches urged my nipples to become harder.
Rolling and pulling on each one, between wet fingers, they soon became hard and very sensitive.
I unclasp the tiny hook between my breasts and they stood free and proud on my chest.
Loosened from the braÕs uncomfortable tightness they appeared to become larger as I watched.
My bra brushed my ankle as it hit the floor.
I slipped a toe into one cup and sailed it flopping through the air to join my other clothes by the wall.

Softly I rubbed my hands along that line beneath each tit where that wire always seems to cut off just enough circulation to numb a small area.
The rubbing soon took effect as I felt my nipples get harder.
I looked at my reflection. Turning to see my tits in profile.
Bending forward. Leaning back a little.
Raising to my toes and dropping to my heels to bounce them on my chest. Not bad to look at.
They stood out from my ribs with pride and called attention to themselves.
Maybe they needed to be a bit bigger?
No, not really, each one was more than a large handful as I cupped them in my hands.
Squeezing and thumbing the nipples, I was getting so hot. I liked what I saw.
I liked what I was feeling.

Looking down past my built in lint catcher I saw the smooth curve of my tummy where it met the dark bristles down lower.
Those bikini panties hid almost nothing.
The dark triangle showed clearly through the thin fabric.
Tiny sprigs of hair curled around the panty edges.
Here and there dark tufts poked their way through the material where the lacy pattern gave way.
Clearly visible was a much darker area, a black line in the center of my sex that tightly covered my clit.
The contrast of black on white was nice to see.

I slowly ran my hand down between me and my panties to ease all the tangled fuzz out of the lace.
I jumped a little as a finger slipped across my clit.
I spread my legs a little as I reached further into my panties.
I was getting wetter each time I touched myself.
I withdrew my hand and tucked a thumb inside the waistband.
Using the front of my panties I tried to dry myself.
I jumped again.
Slipping a finger in each lacy side I gathered them in the center.
Spreading my legs again I reached down toward the place where the adjustments I had made in the rear met the front. Holding the gathered lace between two fingers I softly opened the lips of my pussy and tucked the cloth in place.
Holding the front of my panties with one hand, I took hold of the back with the other and ever so slowly, to start with, I eased them back and forth.
My pussy got wetter, my clit got harder, and the panties went deeper, and faster, and faster.
I couldn't seem to get my breath. Sweat began to tickle down my ribs and between my breasts.
My knees weakened as I began to succumbed to the feelings.
Not wanting to cum I forced myself to stop.

I collapsed on the edge of the tub and sat there trying to catch my breath, gulping in great lungs full of warm moist air as it rose from the tub.
I was dizzy and put my hands on my knees to help keep balanced on the narrow rim.
The white porcelain of the tub was cold and worked quickly to cool my throbbing crotch.
At last I was able to stand.

The mirror showed a pink glow all over my body.
My nipples stood out hard and pointing.
Tiny droplets of sweat caught on the very ends, hung on, shimmering as I breathed, before dripping to the floor. Sweat had plastered my panties to me like wall paper.
I rolled the waist band down my hips. Reaching, I opened my pussy lips, pulled my panties down, and let them hit the floor.
I picked them up and like a large rubber band stretched the waist out and shot that soggy pair across the room. Droplets of moisture sprayed through the air when they smacked the wall then slid down to rest on my other clothes.
Time seemed to be slowing down. I turned and stepped into the tub.

Warmth engulfed me as I slipped under the water.
Almost too hot to stand but at the same time it felt so good.
Muscle tensions of the day melted. My neck, laying back on the rim of the tub, welcomed the contrast of coolness to the water's heat. I closed my eyes and just relaxed completely.
A tiny drip from the faucet kept time with the ticking hall clock and I drifted off to sleep.
Thoughts of you drifted through my half sleep.
Your smile, your hands, your body, your voice.
You spoke and it was like birds calling to me. Calling from the trees outside the bathroom window. I woke up and the birds were still calling.
I slowly came to my senses.
It was them all along. I had nodded off for just a few minutes without realizing.
Time was moving faster now and I still had much to do.
I reached the lever for the drain with my foot and shoved it down.
Water gurgled into hidden pipes as the level began to slip down my sides.
I felt weak as I eased myself out of the tub.
The heat and little nap had it's effect on my muscles.
My legs would barely support my weight.
I stood looking at my glistening reflection as water ran down my naked body. My nipples, still hard, ached for your touch.

I began toweling myself dry.
Arms, legs, back, neck, tits, pussy. I was doing fine until I got to my tits.
The roughness of the towel against my nipples edged my need for you up again.
In the mirror I saw each nipple harden and stand out from the smoothness of my breasts.
Putting one foot on the tub rim I watched my pussy open as I moved my legs further apart.

I reached to touch that tiny pleasure button and found a great deal of moisture that was not from the bath.
As I rubbed my fingers over myself the wetness again increased.
Slowly I eased a long finger inside my pussy. First, only far enough to get more slippery stuff to spread around.
Further and further I watched my finger go inside slowly at first then quicker.
In and out. In and out.
As I grew hotter, and the need became greater, two fingers disappeared within, only to be withdrawn, covered with glistening wetness.

I was almost to the point of cumming when I was able to back off and gather my composure.
I went to the sink for a cold washcloth.
I cooled my face and laid the cold cloth across my breasts to help take their heat away.
The moisture between my legs I left alone.
I was certain it would come in handy later.
I quickly slipped the lacy white Teddie you gave me over my head.
I looked down to see my hardened nipples holding the front of it out away from the under curves of my breasts and naked body.
I started to slip the matching panties on but decided it would be a waste of time and energy.
They wouldn't stay on long enough to bother with.

While I had been bathing, among other things, darkness had softly settled in around our house.
Crickets and tiny frogs had taken up the singing where the birds had left off.
I finished tidying up the mess in the bathroom.
In the bedroom candles were lit and the new sheets on the bed turned down.
I heard your key in the door.
That supper was going to wait until later. Much later.

Well, I don't have time to tell you about the whole dream now, but it was wonderful.
Maybe, I will be able to manage some time tomorrow and finish telling you the whole thing.
Then, when you get home, we can make a dream come true for ourselves.

Hurry home to me, my love.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A Gift from the Past


The Arizona summer night was warm but the low humidity made it very comfortable.
The camping area we chose wasn't crowded at all. Most residence camped in the Spring or Fall, not wanting to fight the summer heat. All of the campers here were from States in the North.
The area was laid out with plenty of room between the tents and campers dotting the desert sand.
The only growth around were scrub trees and cactus. They were called trees but weren't much more then large bushes that offered little privacy between sites.
This was one of the few areas that had a small lake near the campgrounds, so it was quite popular during the regular season. It was also illegal to pick up and burn wood or anything else found laying on the ground. If anyone wanted a campfire they had to bring their own wood.
It offered swimming and hiking with marked trails leading to old Indian ruins that were thriving villages years ago. These ruins and history of these villages are what brought most people to this are.
Fortunately most people obeyed the laws prohibiting the removal of Indian artifacts, so there was still a lot to see.
The sun sets in this area are very erotic. It's very large on the horizon, creating beautiful colors in the sky
As it sinks below the far away mountains long mysterious shadows appear on the ground. Some say you can see Indians slowly riding their houses through the shadows.

My interest in American Indians began when I was about 12 years old living on the family farm.
I was playing outside one day and found a stone that looked like an arrow head. When I showed it to my Grandpa he explained that it was in fact an old Indian arrow head.
I didn't know until that day that my Grandpa was part Indian, so that made me part Indian too.
He had studied Indian stories, myths and history all his life.
He told me stories of the many ceremonies that celebrate different things in the life of the tribe.

This got me started on a quest of study and knowledge that eventually brought me to this spot today. It was an area that was inhabited by the Apache tribes and was full of history, being here was a life long desire.
I wanted to see for myself the hard struggle for survival that was necessary in this land of sand and nothingness.
As I walked around the ruins, my mind was filled with pictures and feelings for the people that once lived here in the desert. I could see the ceremonies and rituals being performed, the happy faces of a people so proud and respected.
My husband Bill said I was possessed, but I think it's just a complete understanding and belief in all that I've read and learned over the years.

Bill and I were relaxing by the low campfire after a long day of hiking.
We had taken a good swim in the lake to wash up and cool off then had a wonderful dinner. Now was a quiet time left to thoughts and small talk.
We discussed driving up to the Indian Village ruins and spending the night there under the stars.
We had a trailer, but I wanted to be outside and maybe experience some of the wonders of the village mythology.

Bill and I had been married for 12 years and this vacation was kind of a get to know each other again.
So far it's been wonderful, we talked about feelings, our desires, and fantasies. It was so wonderful we acted like a couple of 18 year kids.
Our renewed sexual desires didn't spark, they burned with a tremendous flame and passion that never seemed to dwindle.
We had sex every morning in our camper and usually 2 or 3 times a day in the desert.

Besides water and the usual survival items, our pack always contained a blanket and other things necessary to have a good sexual romp in the sand.
We were beginning to get a full body tan from having our clothes off so much in the sunlight.
Early on I discovered the sun screen we bought also makes a good lubricant for sex.
Not that my vagina need any lubricant, but we discovered an alternative way of having sex where the lubricant was necessary.

Earlier that day we were walking around one of the Indian ruins holding hands when we started kissing.
He placed his hand inside the back of my shorts and started rubbing my butt cheeks.
He kneaded my cheeks while moving his fingers to my ass hole, Bill had never done that before and the new feeling and sensation felt good.
Immediately I became wet and felt the juice slowly filling my underwear.
We continued kissing while I removed my shorts and opened up his pants. Bill's fully erect cock jumped out like a spring board.
I've always admired the size and strength of Bill's cock, erect it was 8' long and as thick as the small end of a baseball bat. It filled my vagina with great pleasure and actually created pressure and suction when he pumped deep inside me.
I wasn't sure what he had in mind but the feeling I was experiencing was excitement, pleasure and joy.

While his fingers continued to massage my ass, I pushed back against his hand.
He was now getting the idea that I liked the new and different thing he was doing to me.
I rubbed his expanded cock and felt the precum that was leaking from the small hole in the end. It covered his cock as I stroked it from top to the base.
I was getting hotter and hotter as Bill's finger poked and probed my ass.
Soon I wanted his finger deep inside, that's when I got the idea of the sun screen.
Pulling away from Bill, I reached into the pack and got the bottle of sun screen out.
'Dear, I think this will help in our new adventure.'
He looked at me and smiled saying, 'I knew this stuff would be useful for something besides the sun. That's why I bought this brand, it's an all natural blend with no chemicals.'

Bill looked around to make sure we were alone and removed his clothes.
I took off all my clothes and let the warm sun envelope my body.
I'd never been naked in the outdoors before this vacation, but the unobstructed freedom and independence felt wonderful.

Standing naked within the Indian ruins and letting the warm sun cover my body gave me the feeling of being alone in the world.
It took me back in time when the village was full of life and energy, only the bare necessities, water, food and shelter were needed. I imagined love and the struggle of life itself is what held these people together, you could say I'm a romantic type.
Everything was shared, the work, the food, the hunt and the protection of each other was a common goal. It was like everything felt right and good.

I laid my clothes on a rock and motioned for Bill to come to me.
My slim body and 40 D breasts always attracted attention and looks from men, and some women.
But the only person I ever wanted to impress was my husband.

When he was standing front of me I reached out for his beautiful body and closed my lips around his granite manhood.
His moans of pleasure were transmitted through his entire body to the end of his erection buried inside my mouth.

He was so thick all I could do was close my lips around the head and tongue the soft glands on the end.
His precum anointed my tongue and filled my mind with visions of his love and desire for me.
Holding my head still, I only moved my tongue as Bill slowly and gently pumped his wondrous meat between my wet lips.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and kept a steady rhythm with his hips while I too moaned with pleasure.
His excitement and passion transmitted to my body and mind causing me to become fully aroused as I leaked juice all over my bottom.
I knew he was about to cum by his breathing and tight grip on my shoulders. His manhood thickened even more until all I could do was hold the very tip in my mouth.
I gently squeezed his balls as his load of hot cum shot far into my mouth.
With experience and love, I learned to receive his several ounces of hot cum right down my throat.
He grunted and moaned calling my name as the hot fluid was pumped from his balls and shot into my stomach.
After the third large squirt his cum slowed to a steady drip each time his heart beat.
Sucking and drinking all that was offered to me I milked him dry with my hands.
Soon his manhood shrank to a point where I could again take almost all of it in my mouth.
I moaned with pleasure knowing that I had made him feel so good.

Giving Bill a blow job didn't go without causing an effect my own body.
My wetness covered the clothes I was sitting on and the fragrance of my own juice filled the tranquil warm air with it's sweet aroma.

Bill pulled his flaccid organ from my lips and let it fall between his legs.
Looking at me he said, 'Shona, you make love to me like a mad woman and I love it dear.'
He reached down and we kissed for a lone time while he rubbed my vagina spreading hot juices around the outer lips.

After a moment he knelt down between my legs as I leaned back allowing Bill to spread my legs apart.
He tenderly kissed my wet opening and moved his tongue all around the lips spreading delight and pleasure between my legs
. If one could be called an expert at giving oral pleasure to a woman, then Bill was such a man.
He manipulated his tongue inside and around in such a manner that it felt as though several little tongues were assaulting my love hole at once, licking the walls on all sides and going deep within.

It didn't take very long until I felt the wondrous tensions of orgasm building in my body. I pushed my thighs into his face as his tongue now buried itself deep inside my furnace of love.
Bill squeezed my breasts and fingered my nipples knowing I was again about to give him the pleasure of drinking my hot juices.
Suddenly the quiet day turned into dead silence, locked in space and time as the warm orgasmic pleasures raced through my body and exploded from deep within my love canal. I felt the hot juice flood into Bills mouth and felt him swallow the sweet reward of his tender loving care.
He continued to lick and suck me as wave after wave of magnificent amazement flooded my body.
Nothing in Gods world felt as good as having my husbands lips locked onto my vagina sucking my juices.

Soon my head stopped swimming and the quiet sounds of the desert returned to my ears.
'Oh Bill, I love you so very much.' 'I love you to dear.' He stood and gave me a long wet kiss.
I could taste my still warm juice on his lips, but learned a long time ago how sweet it really is.

After a few minutes we pulled apart and stood up.
I felt Bill's monster of love hard and throbbing between my legs.
He looked into my eyes and said, 'Are you willing to try something a little different now?'
' Yes Dear, I'll try anything you want. This place does something to me that I can't explain, but I do anything.'

Bill reached for the sun screen and squeezed some onto his hand then spread it all over his granite meat.
I knew what he intended to do, so I turned around and leaned against the rock again.
The excitement and arousal were almost too much to imagine.

To my surprise and delight Bill got onto his knees and spread my as cheeks apart until my pink wrinkled button was totally exposed to his view.
He stuck out his tongue and started licking the outer ring of my Rose Bud.
This gave me a new sensation that was both wonderful and strange.

His wet tongue felt soft and warm as it traveled around in circles to the center of my dark canal.
There Bill stopped and pushed a little of his tongue inside. I thought maybe I'd be a little repulsed by this action, but it felt marvelous and stimulating.
My juices started flowing again and ran down my leg as my anticipation and desire built. Slowly I pushed my rear back against Bill's probing tongue until I felt it pop inside the ring of muscle.
Mmmmm it felt so good.

His strong hands spread my butt cheeks wide as his tongue assaulted my hole causing my whole body to shutter and shake.
I was reeling with a pleasure unknown to me before.
I pushed back harder and harder.
Now Bill was fucking my ass with his tongue and I screamed with delight as another more powerful orgasm raced through my body.
He quickly placed 4 fingers in my vagina catching as much of my superheated fluid as he could.

After a minute I settled down and Bill stood up rubbing his expanded manhood with my hot cum.
It glistened in the hot Arizona sun, giving it the look of a mythical golden staff. I could hardly wait to feel it buried deep inside.
I turned around again and Bill spread the sunscreen on my ass and his tool of love.
The mixture of sunscreen and my juice made everything very slippery.
He placed the end of his cock against my hole and pushed slowly. It was very uncomfortable, but didn't hurt at all.
I really wanted it inside, I'm sure that had something to do with the way I felt.
He was going slow, not wanting to hurt me when I decided it should be in now. I pushed back hard and felt the enormous head pop inside past the ring of muscle.
Now it hurt. I let out a small whimper and Bill started to pull out.
'No don't. It feels too good. Just let me relax for a minute.'
We were both very still until I pushed back and told him to go on.
Slowly he pushed more and more of his long cock in.

Each thrust in was matched with a slight pull out. Soon all of his 8' was buried in my hole. I felt his balls resting against my dripping pussy.
Bill held himself still while I pushed and pulled.
Getting used to the monster in my ass, I told him to fuck me good and hard.
He started a slow in and out movement that brought the head of his cock right to the opening, then back in again. This tempo increased and soon we were both slamming back against each other.
He moaned with delight and emotion while I screamed with pure animal lust.
God never in my life has anything felt so intense and fierce.
I wanted it all and didn't want to stop.

We banged and slammed making a wet squishy sound when his balls slapped my pussy.
The tremors of a great orgasm were rushing through my body and mind. I became dizzy with pleasure and ecstasy as the feelings grew into a blasting mind exploding experience.
I think I actually scratched the rock from my grip as my vagina spewed the hot juice from my body. I screamed and screamed, shattering the desert silence with the sound of an Indian War Cry.

This was all it took for Bill, he grabbed my hips and slammed deep inside one last time and grunted loudly as his balls erupted in a fountain of hot steamy cum.
I felt the fluid burn a pathway deep inside when his cock blasted it's load.

I stood straight up and squeezed my ass tight not wanting to let go.
I felt his cock pump hot juice each time his heart beat.
Bill held me tight and squeezed my breasts while kissing my neck and shoulders.
Ever so slowly his wilting manhood softened and soon was it's normal size, but still I held it captive in my ass.
'Sweetheart your going to have to let it go.'
'No, not just yet. I want to feel you inside some more.'

We held each other for a long time until I finally pulled away and allowed his flaccid shaft to fall out.
Turning to Bill I said, 'I don't know what ever gave you that idea, but it was wonderful. I think we can do that again and again.'
We kissed long and hard for several minutes, our tongues winding and stroking each other.

In our truck we carried several 5 gallon containers of water, so cleaning up was not a problem. We settled down and gathered all our clothes.
Our drive back to the campground was filled with talk about what had happened and how much we both enjoyed it.

The next day we decided to drive up to an old village and spend the night under the stars.
We packed food, clothes, extra water and whatever else we need for the stay. It was a 2 hour drive from our camp to the village.
Our time was filled with conversation about Indian legends of the spirit world. Bill never made fun of me or ridiculed my beliefs in the legends and myths.
He understood my studies and gave me all the support any woman could ask.

We arrived at the village just before noon. Bill unpacked the truck and set up our camp site while I made lunch.
When everything was cleaned up and put away we walked around the ruins.
Even though Bill was at my side, I felt alone within the ruins.
It might have been my mind playing tricks or the brilliant Arizona sun, but I could see images walking around the abandoned village. I felt a presence of intense power and love.
I didn't mention any of this to Bill, they were my thoughts and feelings and they were doing things to my mind that I couldn't explain.
We enjoyed the sights and surroundings all day long, taking pictures of everything and each other.

We brought enough wood to build a nice campfire next to the area we chose to sleep. We each had our own sleeping bags so we put them right next to each other.
The night was so beautiful, full of stars and desert sounds, when we made love that night we did so on top of the bags.
The fire was down to nice glowing embers with just a trace of smoke rising into the night air. We fell asleep in the dreams of lovers.

I must have been dreaming of a time lost to man when I opened my eyes and looked at the fire. I saw the smoke slowly rising into the night, but it didn't vanish like before. It stayed several feet off the ground and seemed to gather in on itself.
I kept watching as the smoke became a cloud of light gray movement, I was mesmerized at the sight before me.

Slowly a figure emerged from the cloud and drifted toward me.
It was a man, an Indian Chief in full head dress with long feathers draped down his back onto the ground.
I recognized the paint on his face and arms, he was an Apache Chief.
The only clothing was a loin cloth and leather wrapped feet to his knees.
His long black hair hung down to his shoulders and swayed as he walked.
He was carrying a very decorative staff in his right hand and a bow with arrows in his left. He approached me in complete silence and knelt next to me.
He placed the bow and staff on the ground and held out his hand to me. In my dream state I took his hand and received a shock that jolted my body. There was a sudden brilliant flash of light that temporarily blinded me, I was surprised but not frightened.

Within a second the light faded and I found myself in a teepee next to a small burning fire.
The warm flickers of light caused shadows to dance on the sides. I looked around in amazement at the buffalo blankets on the ground and other skins hanging on the walls.
Everything was so clear and sharp, I couldn't believe my eyes. Suddenly the night was filled with the sounds chanting, singing and dancing. Again I recognized the songs of the Apache.
it was the ceremonial song of 'Changing Woman.'

The Chief was standing next to me as I laid naked on the blankets.
He removed his head dress and carefully hung it on a wooden hook.
He was beautiful, his tall muscular body glistened in the fire light.
I was able to see every detail on his body, there was no hair which made the many scars stand out.
These reflected the various battles he had fought to survive in an ever changing world.

He was standing at my feet when he removed his loin cloth. His erect penis stood out like the horn of the great buffalo. Kneeling my feet he lifted each foot one at time and began kissing my toes until my whole foot was covered with warm saliva. Then I felt his hot breath on my legs as his warm tongue traced a soft trail up my thigh to my pussy. My legs were gently pushed apart while he got between them and touch his tongue to my wet vagina.
The music outside the teepee was building and getting louder as his tongue traced around the dripping lips of my pussy.

Oh God the feeling was wonderful.
His soft wet tongue, the glowing fire and warm reflections sent me into an immediate orgasm.
My body trembled and shivered into orgasmic heaven while my mind swam in ecstatic release. I screamed so loud the music and songs could no longer be heard.
My hot juices burst from me while he drank and licked my wide open gash.
He kept his mouth on my vagina until my breathing settled down and my heart slowed.
His soft licking continued for several minutes collecting my hot flowing juice.

Then slowly, as if in a dream, he moved up to cover me with his strong muscular body.
His radiant heat surrounded my body like a warm blanket of love. His strong arms were on either side of me as our lips touched. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue and tasted my still warm juice.
Our tongues met and danced together twisted in the heat of passion and romance.

As we kissed, his granite hard cock eased itself to my wet open vagina.
With no guidance or help, he pushed one time and buried several inches of hard meat deep inside, I felt his balls slam my ass.
My body reacted as though I'd been jolted with a hot poker, it burned so good.

Our kiss never broke as he began a slow in and out motion that again sent me into another world.
Searing waves of pleasurable heat stabbed through me as my orgasm erupted and covered his manhood with a torrent of molten juice.
This caused him to increase his tempo and soon he was slamming me hard and fast. It felt as though I was lifted of the ground each time he slammed into me. I had never felt such glorious force and vigorous energy before.
My mind was a thousand miles away and in another world as my body was hammered with magnificent delight.

Soon I felt him tighten and become stiff as his muscles reacted to the impending orgasm about to explode.
His cock thickened and became longer and harder just as I felt numerous hot blasts of cum shoot deep inside of me.
He held me very tight and called my name as the fluids exploded from his cock.
The pulsating eruptions lasted several seconds and hot juicy cum squished out around his poisoning manhood only to run down to my ass.

After several minutes he pulled his flaccid manhood from my swollen reddened vagina and lifted himself off me and stood at my feet.
My insides burned with the fullness of life given to me in myth and legend.
I was swimming on a cloud of gratification and understanding.

The Apache Chief looked at me and said, 'You have received a gift from a forgotten time. You would have been my princess, only to be served by the people of our tribe, your life would have been one of pleasure and happiness at my side. Your name, 'SHONA' means Cloud Princess. One that can be seen and admired, ever changing, but never held or caressed. Your world and mine are not the same, therefore the only gift I can give you is one of your dreams and desires.'

My mind was still whirling and spinning when he reached for my hand again. I touched his hand and again saw the blinding light before me.

Within a second it cleared and I looked around.
Slowly my senses returned and the real world came into focus.
I was inside my sleeping bag, cozy and warm. The fire was still burning with a low flame and Bill was sleeping next to me.

Then I noticed the extreme wetness between my legs.
Opening the sleeping bag I examined myself, and saw my vagina was puffy and red.
The fluid covering it indicated I had sex.
Again I looked all around searching and wondering, but saw nothing.
The only evidence of my 'Dream' was the steady seeping of cum from my vagina.

I looked back at the fire and saw a figure drifting in and out of the smoke toward the star studded sky.
For a brief time the smoke took the shape of the Apache Chief in my dream.
He was on a great White horse galloping away, he turned and smiled at me, then dissolved into thin air.

I still wasn't sure what happened, but made up my mind I'd never tell anyone about this experience.
It's something I felt and knew was real, I also knew no one would believe me.
He said it was a gift from the past, I'll take it as that and be forever grateful. I know in my heart, I was in a past life and received the ceremony of the 'Changing Woman.'
The legends and myths are real, I know because I was there. With that knowledge I was content, my life long studies a success.

My heart, body and mind were completely relaxed, filled with joy and satisfaction. I laid back and closed my eyes, dreaming of Indians loving and living all around me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Personal Assistant, Chapter One: The Interview

The following story was sent in my a reader of this blog. Thanks, explicit temptations.

by explicit temptations

It's mid morning on a Wednesday, and I just pulled up to a house that was given to me by Lisa. I had a 10am interview with her for the Personal Assistant position she had available. I sat in my car, and looked at my watch, 9:45am, and gave myself one good look in my rear view mirror. Made sure my tie was straight, my face didn't have any food crumbs or drink stains, my hair was fixed, and I popped a breath strip in my mouth to make sure.

I get of the car, and noticed that it is a bit windy on this cloudy day, and walked to the entry of this gorgeous house. I pulled out my slip of paper out of my pocket to make sure the address was correct. I concur the number on the house, is correct with the number on m slip of paper. I checked my business folder to make sure my resume was in there, and then rang the door bell.

"Just a minute, please!", assuming that was Lisa yelling from the inside. Then I hear the sounds of clicking approaching the front door.

Just then the door unlocked, and my throat and stomach sank.

"Good Morning Lisa, my name is Brian, and I spoke to you last night regarding the position for a personal assistant, " Extending my hand to greet myself.

You extend back, as we formally shake hands.

"Thanks for coming on short notice. I have a flight that leaves for Miami at 4pm, and I already have had a busy morning. Come in, Come in!"

I smile at your invitation, and then noticed your attire.

Looking from the ground up, I see you have on a pair of high black heels, black stockings, that trace up to your mini skirt, and black suit jacket, and your hair is up.

I think to myself that I am in trouble, and it's going to be very tough looking her in the eyes.

"How was your drive over here? Did you find the place fine?" You ask, as I follow you to your living room. And took that seat that you offered.

"The Drive was fine, thank you, no traffic or delays. You have an absolutely gorgeous house." In compliments.

"Thank you. I worked very hard for this. Can I get you something to drink, coffee, juices, water?"

"A bottle of water would be great."

I see you walk into the kitchen as you adjust your glasses, you pinned them up again, and you move to the refridgerator, and you bent over slightly and I see your garter line is to your upper mid thighs, and notice you are wearing a pair of white panties.

You walk back, as I see your white blouse is lowered to great anyone with your cleavage, and you hand me the bottle of water, and smile.

You walk over the sofa chair in front of me and have a seat.

"Again, thank you for coming today Brian, did you bring your resume?"

"Of Course!"

I open my business folder and slide out my resume, and reach over to hand it to you. You reach towards me just giving me a good enough view down your chest to see you are wearing a matching white bra. I try not to look, but I couldn't help it, the opportunity was there.

After receiving my resume, you sat there for a minute or two looking over my qualifications. In the meantime, I couldn't help but pray that you don't catch me looking at your fantastic body. My eyes were fixated on the section of your leg where the stockings met your skin which met your mini skirt. You kept crossing and uncrossing your legs, either knowing or unknowning you are teasing me. I catch glimpses of your panties and your skin in the meantime.

"Wow, I thought you said you had experience, all I see on your resume is that you were an aerospace engineer for 5 years, and you have an computer science bachelor degree."

"Yes that is correct, but I really need a career change, and something challenging and new in my life. Sitting in a cube for 40 hours a week was getting dull, and I needed something new," I reply.

"Okay, I just have a few questions for you."


"Do you know what industry I work in?"

"No not exactly", I say in regret.

"Well Brian, I have in the adult industry. The reason why I am looking for a personal assistant is to manage my time and schedule. As of late I have been pushed around by my agent to go to place, make appearances, autographs, and so forth. I need someone to help me or take charge of managing this."

"Great, it sounds like the challenge I need."

"How is your availability? Meaning, I need my personal assistant 24/7, it's a demanding position, and if you have family, you may find it a challenge to juggle your personal life versus what I demand."

"Well, to be honest with you, I am in a relationship, but she understands that we need to make a little more money than what my previous job was paying before. She works late hours, and we are pretty used to our demanding schedules." I start to sweat knowning these questions were going to get more demanding and challenging.

"Have you seen any of my work?" You asked.

You can see the surprise on my face when you asked that.

"Ummm, to be honest with you, yes I have."

"And what did you think?"

"Ummmmm, can I just say thank you for all the nights you've kept me company"

You smile and thank me for that comment.

I unscrew the bottle of water you gave to me, as I can feel my temperature getting warmer. I take a drink of water, and try to relax. During your questioning you have been crossing and uncrossing your legs, and I can see your white panties in my overall vision of you, but never once made direct eye contact with your white panties.

"Have you and your wife seen my work?" Another shocking question.

"May I ask why the personal questions?" I retort.

"You see Brian" As you stand up and pace around. "If you are not open with me, and not comfortable for what I do for a living, then I can't honestly say you are the best for the position."

"Then Yes, my wife and I have seen your work."

"And what did you two do while watching my work?"

I sigh, and take another drink of water.

"We had sex." I say in embarrasement.

"What were you thinking of watching my work, were you doing your wife or doing me in your mind?"

"I was thinking about doing you."

"And what were you doing to your wife while you were thinking about me?"

You start to uncross your legs again, this time your close your legs together, and remove the scrungy from your hair, and let your hair fall down. Your hand brushes through your hair, removing all the knots,and you take off your glasses and start to bite on them.

"Are these questions necessary? I would prefer not to answer those questions because I see no relevance what these question have to do with the position I am applying for." Making an attempt to put my foot down and turn the interview around in another direction.

"Fair enough" You reply.

"Okay then Brian, what do you know about me. It sounds like you seen my movies, seen me in magazines, have you read any interviews?"

"Yes I have."

"Well, tell me what you have read."

"I read in a magazine that you like to watch people masturbate, and that you are bi sexual, and you love having both men and women to please you."

"Yes that is true. Anything else"

"I have heard that you also love to have sex outdoors, or in public because you love the risk factor."

"Not bad. Do you know what type of Men I like?"

I reply, "No I don't, I just thought you like guys that are toned, and guys that are in shape."

"You've been watching too many movies." You laugh. Your legs become a undone as you laugh, and I gaze between your legs again.

"Actually Brian, I love dark guys! Guys who are shy, Guys who know how to treat a woman, you know, guys that are funny, smart, adorable, loveable. You get the idea."

"I think I get the idea." I reply.

"You see Brian, as a personal assist you are to catter to my needs whenever I say." You stand up and walk closer to me. You start to undo the buttons that hold your suit jacket closed. You walk closer and closer, and I just sat there, making eye contact with you, trying not to notice that your nipples are hard, and your skirt isn't straight.

I swallow my throat, "Yes I do understand that, thank you."

"And I've been catching you looking between my thighs, and seeing my white panties, and looking at my legs, my body, and I've notice your body sweating, and your bulgde in your pants." You make your way to me, and you straddle my legs, and sit on me.

"I know you like what you see, shit, you've seen me fuck in my movies, you've seen my pussy and tits in Magazines, you've seen me, and it's only fair I see you."

Your hands grip my head, as you slowly move your hands to my shoulders, to my chest, to my stomach, and you pull up my tucked in shirt.

"I am sorry for looking at you during the interview Lisa, but I am Married, and in a relationship." I struggle to fight, and resist you.

You move your body closer to mine, as you start to untie my necktie, and you loosen it up and pull it off my neck.

"Mmmmm, you smell good Brian!"

"Thank you", I sat there helpless, I know I shouldn't even let her on me, but I am too weak to resists.

Your face moves closer to mine, I notice your eyes are closed as you draw nearer to me. I can smell your infectious scent all over my surroundings. You grab my hands and guide them on your ass, your firm ass.

I lean back, as you lean forward, as you finally lock lips with me. In our first kiss, you can feel the energy in it, the desire, the lust we have for each other.

Your hands roam my chest up and down as I slide my hands to the ends of your skirt, and lift it up. I can feel the soft smooth skin you have on your ass, as we start to breath a little more heavier, and deeper.

You release your lips from mine, as you bite my lower lips, and you slide your firery body down mine, as you make your way between my legs.

"So Brian, let's see what you got"

You unbuckle my belt, and unbutton my black slacks and slide my zipper down and you see I am a boxers guy, and you notice my hard cock poking through.

You open your mouth, and bite my cock through my boxers, and look into my eyes, and then you grab my boxers to slide them down. My pants are boxers are around my thighs.

To your surprise you see that i am completely shaved, no hair anywhere, my balls and shaft is shaved.

You exam it, like a new toy, and compliment me on my shaving. I nodded at you, and grab your head, and shove my cock inside your mouth, as you gag at first, not knowing my 8" cock is thicker than you thought it was.

You bob your mouth up and down my thick pulsating cock, moving up and down. I can feel your warm lips sliding and puckering on my tool.

I thrust my hips upward to meet your tonsils, and make you gag more, as you take a quick breather, and pull my cock, "Mmmmmm someone is anxious."

My dreams are finally coming true. All those times watching her movies, fucking my wife while thinking about fucking her, is finally comming true.

My cock has thicken as you continously motion your head up and down, sliding your expert mouth all over it. I look down to see how wet my cock looks, and how sexy you are with your mouth around it.

You take another breather, and start talking a little more dirtier.

"Mmmmmm, you want my mouth again, you want me to suck on it again?"

I nodded and reply, "YESSSSSS!!!"

"Mmmmmmmmm, you want to fuck my mouth, you need it, I bet your fucking wife doesn't suck your cock as well as I do."

In agreement again with you, "Ohhh please suck me, suck it, take it in your mouth."

You smile and close you eyes again. You move your hands up and down my wet cock, as your mouth follows your hands, up and down, up and down.

This feeling is the best, I think to myself that she is porn star for a reason, she is so fucking good at sucking cock.

Then you give me a good hard deep throat taking me all the way in your mouth.

And your exasperate, and release your mouth from my cock.

"You need to fuck me don't you? You need to slam your hard cock inside me? Do you want to feel how wet I am, and how hot my pussy is?"

I nod again.

Just then you stand up and slide your skirt off. Then you climb on top of me, but you managed to pin my arms down to the chair by putting your feet ontop of them. You are standing on your sofa chair, and squat down.

My mouth and your pussy is literally about 1/2" away from each other. But unfortunately I am too far from licking you.

"You smell that cunt, Brian, you want it?"

"YESSS PLEASE!" Graveling at you.

Then you move your panties to the side, and see your fingers slide in and out of your cunt. I notice your lips moving to the side to accomodate your two fingers, as you slide them in and out. Surprisingly you are have not lost your balance, and you slide them in and out.

"You like that don't you, you wish that was your cock instead my fingers?"

Pumping faster, and I see your other hand rapidly massaging your clit, in circles, moving faster and faster.

"GOD, you feel this Brian, it's so Fucking TIGHT!"

"is your cock hard? Do you want to touch it, or better yet fuck me?"


I look at your cunt, and see your pussy juices starting to drip from your fingers to the palm of your hands, to your wrist and on top my chin.

I try to lick more dripping juices but i couldn't.

You look down to see me attempting to lick you. You move closer to my tongue, and just so fucking close, I couldn't do it.

You smiled in such a teasing pleasure, that you fuck yourself faster and faster. Only teasing me.


You buckled more, and then moved your hips up and down, side to side, front to back, as your fingers are jammed inside your cunt.

Just then, your moans become a louder and grunting has left your mouth.

"Fuck it Lisa, FUCK IT!"

"Mmmmm yeah, I love it"

Then your screamed so loud, that you came all over your fingers. Your Gush left your cunt and drench my face.

"mmmmmmmmmm" as you pet your clit, and slide down from me.

Then you knelt in front my cock, and gave it one good lick.

then you stood up, and you saw my confused look, and my cock still solid.

"Brian, if you want to fuck me, and taste my pussy, you are going to have to work for me, and EARN it."

You turned around and showed me your ass.

"The job is yours" Then you took off your panties, and threw them at me, "This is to help you make your decision."

I sat there and smelled your panties, and then I took them to my cock, and started to stroke my cock with your wet panties wrapped around my cock.

I pumped my cock, up and down, and kept looking at your body.

You turned around and saw what I was doing, and you then encouragemed me to finish myself off.

You watched from the chair you were once sitting, watching me stroke it up and down, as I see you fuck your cunt again.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM GOD!!!!" Screamed, as you see my hot sperm leave my thick cock, and smother your panties. More kept squirting out, as I see you jam your cunt, as you have three fingers fucking it.

I cleaned myself off with your panties, as you gave yourself a final shove, and screamed and came all over your hands.

I took the panties, and threw them back at you.

"I accept the position"

You grabbed your panties, and licked the cum off of it.

"Welcome aboard. Now if you don't mind, I have a plane to catch. I will see you here on Monday."

I looked at the time and it is nearly 1pm, and my wife is expecting me home in 20 minutes.

So I cleaned up, and put my clothes back on.

You sat there naked, stroking your clit, and massaging your tits.

As I headed for the door, you said, "Remember Brian, you have to Earn it!"

"I will Ma'am, thank you!"

I opened the door, and gave you one good look, and left.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Roadside encounter

Anon (Oct 99)

Every morning I leave my house at the same time, take the same route, fight the same traffic.
I actually love my a.m. commute. It's still dark at 6:45, and the air is crisp and cool.
I immediately roll the dark tinted windows of my 1999 bright yellow Mustang down, letting the morning air blow through my still damp long blond hair.

I have always been a flirt, but since getting my new car I have been uncontrollable.
I love to play with the truckers especially...they are high enough to catch glimpses of my shapely legs hardly covered by my short suit skirts.
Coupled with the wild hair blowing, they strain to keep up with me, always startling me with those loud horns of theirs. I just laugh. I love the attention, God knows I get so little of it at home.

For the past few weeks, I have come upon the same truck every morning as I get on the Crosstown Expressway.
It struck me as weird at first, what are the odds that we would merge at the same location day after day?
I made mental notes about the truck, dark blue dump truck, like those found doing road construction. The driver started to wave at me when he saw me, instead of scaring me with the horn.
I couldn't make out his features, being that it was still so dark, but he had shoulder length hair that also blew in the wind. I began looking forward to seeing him, riding my car next to his truck, allowing my skirt to ride a little higher everyday.
I became more and more daring in my show, turning on my travel light to spotlight my legs for his enjoyment, then going so far as to rest my hand on my upper thigh, stroking ever so slowly.
I know this would eventually lead to an accident though, so I never intended our game to go any further.

Well, one morning I got on the expressway and didn't see him.
Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I hadn't gone more than a mile when my car suddenly swerved to the right and began bounce.
I had a flat tire. "Just great" I thought, "this is all I need".
Thankfully, there was little traffic this time of day and I was able to pull over to the right shoulder without incident.
I've never changed a tire myself, but being that I was in a pretty rural area, I knew I had no choice but to try. I've watched people do this, I should be able to change this, no problem, I assured myself. I climbed out of my car and proceeded to open the trunk.
Suddenly, I had this powerful spotlight shining on my back, reflecting off of my rear window nearly blinding me.
I heard the roar of a very large vehicle behind me, and I froze, thinking I was about to be crushed by some out of control driver.
The engine quieted, and the lights dimmed down to the parking lights.
I turned around only to find that same blue truck that I have been playing with for all these weeks.
The door opened, and out jumped the most gorgeous man I have laid eyes on in quite a while.
He had long thick wavy brown hair, a thin mustache and about 3 days worth of facial hair.
His body was perfect, around 6'1", 175-185 pounds, muscular arms and legs, that showed prominently through his tight jeans and white t-shirt.
He smiled at me as he approached, perfect teeth to go with his beautiful blue eyes.
My knees became weak, I had to steady myself on my bumper.
He extended his hand to me, saying, "Looks like you could use a hand.
I thought I was going to miss you this morning, and I knew my day wouldn't be right if I didn't see you. What luck eh?"
I laughed, "what luck indeed" I mumbled.
This was going to be his lucky day alright, if I had anything to say about it.
He was quite the gentleman, he led me to the passenger side of his truck so I could sit out of harms way while he fixed my tire problem.
He opened the door and put his hands around my waist, effortlessly lifting me up to the cab.
Electricity seemed to generate from his fingertips right through my dress and hit every nerve ending in my body. Here was my modern day knight in shining armor, coming to rescue the damsel in distress.
I watched him easily take the tire out of the trunk, and proceed to change the tire.
Oh how I enjoyed him bending over in the spotlight of his headlights, perfectly formed I wanted him right then, right there.
It didn't take him long at all to finish, and he came around to help me out.

He again grabbed me around the waist and began to ease me down to the ground.
My skirt became caught on the lever that moves the seat back, and I found myself with my skirt around my hips, black lace thong panties in full view.
He smiled, sensing my embarrassment, and he just lifted me higher to allow me to free my skirt.
Once on the ground, he reluctantly began removing his hands from me, but I wouldn't allow that.
I took my own hands and place them over his guiding him back to my waist.
He smiled again, and without a word bent over to kiss me. He was very gentle, brushing his lips against mine for only a moment.
He then stopped and looked at me, as if for some reassurance.
I took my hand and touched his face, leading his lips back to mine.
I kissed him deeply, letting my tongue show him how hungry I was, sucking his tongue into my mouth, wrapping it with my lips, demonstrating what I would love to be doing to his cock.
He responded with such passion, such urgency, his tongue swirling with my own, exploring, probing, my mind wandering, imagining this wonderful tongue between my legs, exploring, probing...

I was getting so wet, my excitement building and I pulled him toward me, pressing me against the truck.
I could feel how excited he was too, his hard dick rubbing on my bellybutton.
He pulled away to look at me, running his hands through my hair, "You have no idea how much I have fantasized about you." he whispered.
He brushed my hair off my shoulder, exposing my neck, and began kissing me up an down my neck and behind my ears. I could hear him breathing, deep, labored.
"Let's get in your truck", I said. I needed to have this man...

We both got in through the passenger side.
Once again, he gently took his hand and guided my mouth to his, kissing me.
Oh, how I loved this tongue!
He slowly laid me back on the roomy seat, never breaking contact.
My hands explored his muscular body, slipping under his tshirt to feel his smooth back.
He slid me up away from him, my face close to the steering wheel, while he unbuttoned my blouse.
His lips didn't leave my body for a moment, only began to travel ever so slowly toward my heaving breasts.
He freed them from my bra and slowly licked each nipple, taking turns between them.
He sucked my already hard nipples between his lips, gently biting the tips.
His hands once again returned to my waist, lifting me slightly toward his advancing mouth. Kissing me and licking me, travelling further and further south, bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy.

His hands were now under my ass, his fingers searching for the top of my thong, and upon locating, slowing pulled them off.
I could feel his breath on my mound, the anticipation driving me crazy.

He didn't make me suffer long, his fingers gently parted my swollen lips, and his tongue found its mark.
Long, slow licks up and down the inside of my pussy lips, stopping after every stroke to suck on my clit.
I was dripping wet, my hips rising to meet his mouth, wanting more, needing more.
He was content to take his time, lapping up every drop of wetness he could.
As if he was thirsty from days lost in the desert, he hungrily sucked on my very center, slurping and moaning, finding that he just couldn't get enough. His hands under my thighs, he raised my legs in the air, spreading them even further in the process.
His tongue then dove deep into my canal, lapping at my juices, sucking the air from me in the process. He proceeded to fuck me with his tongue, faster and faster, only pausing long enough to show my clit the attention it needed.
I came with such fury, such reckless abandonment, my hands around his head pulling his mouth deeper into me.

He wasn't done with me yet. It was as if he hadn't eaten in days and a banquet was presented to him.
He didn't want to miss a single bit of my cum.
His hand grabbed my ankles, and holding them together he lifted me higher off the seat.
He traced a path from my cunt back to my anus, licking every trace of juice.
I had never experienced anything like this before.
He deliberately licked my forbidden hole, sending new intense sensations through my body. He made his tongue hard and began to enter me, where I've never been entered before, fucking me again with his tongue, causing me to squirm with both abandonment and absolute pleasure.
I was his, to do with what he pleased.
This was so different, so wild, I immediately came again, pulling his mouth back to my throbbing clit, wave after wave of orgasm hitting me like a truck.

I gently pulled him off me, he would have continued all day it seemed. It was my turn now.
I sat up, and it took me a moment to come back down to earth.
He again smiled at me, reaching for my pussy with his fingers.
I gently pushed him back, making him lean against the passenger door.
His erection was clearly defined in his jeans, and it was then my only purpose in life to release him, to give this man the pleasure he so unselfishly bestowed on me.
I slowly unzipped his jeans, careful of his huge cock looming so close to the metal.
A drop of precum was glistening in the now rising sun.
My tongue licked his head, allowing me the pleasure of sampling his flavor.
Mmmmmmm, he was perfect in every way, he tasted so good.

I wrapped my lips around his cock, allowing my saliva to lubricate my descent down his shaft. My tongue licked the head once again, teasing him, before I once again took him fully in my mouth.
My hand wrapped around his cock, acting as an extension of my mouth, following every move my lips made.
Up and down, faster and faster, I only slowed when he was at the edge, wanting to prolong this for as long as possible.
He began to moan, his hips rising from the seat to meet my mouth, his hand stroking my hair, gently guiding me up and down to meet his rhythm. My mouth continued to suck him in, my teeth grazing him from time to time, his head hitting my throat with every thrust.

He was so close now, and I pulled away for just a moment to whisper, "I want you to come in my mouth. Give it to me, all of it."
His grasp on my head tightened and I continued my quest for the gold.
My lips closed even tighter around his cock, my motions quickened.
My other hand cupped his balls in my palm, gently kneading them between my fingers. His breathing was faster, and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth.
I was also close to cumming again, without even the benefit of a touch on my also pulsating clit.
His body tensed, and I could taste his cum filling my mouth, so hot and salty.
I swallowed his first burst without hesitation, not wanting to miss any that was to follow.
I gently sucked, draining him of his juices, drawing the precious fluid onto my tongue.
His body was trembling, and I used my free hand to stroke his tight stomach, easing him back to reality.
My grip eased, but my mouth refused to let go, still able to lick him clean as each drop surfaced from the slit on the head of his cock.
I didn't miss a drop.

I looked up and saw he was smiling at me again.
The sun was now up, and I realized that we were in full view of every car that passed us now.
I reluctantly sat up and arranged my clothing, as did he.
Our eyes locked on one another, and uneasy silence in the air.

Then he smiled at me again, and I knew that this would not be the last time I would find myself "stranded" on the side of the road.