Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Touching you

Written by Wicked (January 2001)

.... How I long to feel your touch.... To hold your body next to mine... Naked before the dying sun...I fall upon my knees at your feet.... My lips pressed against your cool flesh.... My arms around your long slender legs...soft sensual kisses moving upward.... Soon my lips find that wondrous mound...a different wetness against my cheek.... Your swollen bud beckoning me.... Eager for my hunger.... Your eyes locked upon mine.... The warm waters swirling around us....

As each of us are lost in our own ecstasy.... My hands slowly trace the contours of your body...my mouth moving to your breast.... Searching.... I find and enclose one nipple...feeling its hardness grow...my tongue traces around each breast.... Down your chest...slowly across your belly.... My mouth moves to your hip...and I slowly kiss your soft skin...down to your inner thighs.... My lips kiss the soft skin of your thighs...I trail my tongue across your belly...moving slowly down...down towards that beautiful place between your thighs...I find your clitoris...I gently twirl my tongue around it...sucking it into my mouth...I hear you moaning.... Your hips moving closer.... I place my fingers between your lips...and gently ease them apart...exposing your inviting wetness...I place my tongue to your opening...and gently plunge it deep within you.... My body is aching for you....

Tasting your sweet juices...drives me to the brink...I move my mouth ...covering your lips with mine...our tongues entertwined...you taste your sweetness on my lips...my fingers moving to where my mouth was just at.... Stroking you slowly...feeling you throb against my finger tips...sucking your tongue into my mouth.... Your moan of pleasure...making me more excited...your fingers trail down my belly and find my wetness...your fingers begin to work their magic...each of us moaning softly as we bring each other to explosive heights...our bodies wrapped tightly together...Hearts pounding in time....

My tongue traces the softness of your neck.... Stopping only so I can nibble.... Your skin is so sweet...your fingers driving me crazy as they move lightly over my clit...I moan against your neck...moving.... Together in magical rhythm...soft moans from each other intensifies the feelings...moving you so you're.... So I can devour your sweetness again and again.... Pulling you down so the tip of my tongue traces along your glistening lips...feeling you tremble as my tongue licks gently back and forth.... Savoring the sweet taste of you.... Feeling you tremble against my tongue as it parts your lips...searching for the source of your pleasure...finding it...feeling you throb against my mouth...my tongue caressing it...teasing the tip.... Hearing you moan...your fingers rubbing lightly across my nipples as I suck your throbbing clit into my mouth.... I hear your gasp of pleasure as I suck gently...then increasing the pressure...my tongue sliding all around it as I suck harder...your hips moving in a slow motion rhythm.... My hands running softly over your ass...pulling you down...my mouth moving....

As I pull you down.... My tongue plunging deep in you.... I can feel you tighten up as my tongue plunges repeatedly in your pussy...your sweet juices running down my tongue...increasing my hunger for you...holding you tighter.... My tongue probing deeper...can't get enough of your sweetness.... I can feel your excitement building.... Holding your ass with both my hands.... So tight to my face...moving my tongue in and out of you.... Sliding out only to run it across your trembling clit.... Feeling it get harder...then plunging back into you again and again...hearing you begging for release...your moans getting louder...I stop.... Pulling my mouth back.... I take my fingers and gently spread your lips.... Wanting to see you throbbing.... You're pussy glistening from your juices.... My tongue caressing the tip of you're clit...driving you closer to madness...... I can feel your lips trailing kisses across my belly...your hands gripping my thighs as you spread my legs.... Your tongue sliding down ...discovering how wet you have made me....

As I plunge my tongue back into your sweet pussy...your lips are wrapped around my clit...sucking it hard into your mouth...moaning against you...I moving my tongue in and out of you with urgency...I want you to explode on me.... Want your sweet juices running down my tongue...your mouth sucking harder on my clit...your tongue moving all around it...my fingers moving...to grip your ass tighter.... Pulling you harder on my tongue...I feel you slide a finger inside me...my pussy dripping with wetness as I grip your finger...moving my hips so I can feel you deeper in me.... Moving my mouth back to your clit...I wrap my lips tight around it.... Its so hot...your throbbing harder...I feel your excitement as my mouth works ...to bring you over the edge...your tongue licking around my clit...my pussy moving faster against your sweet mouth...I slide my finger back into your pussy...driving it in deeper...feeling you tremble...then sliding it ...up against your ass...gently....

Moving it in you...feeling you gasp as I enter your tight ass...your pussy shaking on my mouth as I move slowly.... Then faster...begging you to cum.... You're my so tight on my clit...licking and sucking me harder...my finger increasing the pace...you moan against my clit that your going to explode...I feel my own excitement rising...pulling you tighter to my mouth.... I feel your body start to shake and wither ...as your sweetness explodes all over my mouth...you're mouth sucking harder on my clit as you cum so hard.... I moan...as I let my self-go.... Your tongue plunging in to my shaking pussy.... I explode all over it.... Gripping your tongue as my cum drips down your face...licking your sweet juices up as you cum harder.... Wanting every drop of your sweet juice...our bodies shaking and withering against each others...cumming more intensely together...moving so we are lying face to face...

I run my tongue around your sweet mouth...tasting myself up your lips...your tongue doing the same...your sweet juice still on my lips...our mouths...opening gainst each others to share a deep loving kiss...turning over so my back is against you...your legs wrapped around me...I pull your arms tightly around me...laying so close and tight together.... We drift off to sleep...your lips against my neck...

And my arms wrapped around yours...sighing softly as sleep over takes...soft smiles on our faces...

Hot Bunny

Monday, September 29, 2008

The taste of a woman

Written by Wicked (January 2001)


Picture in your mind...a room filled with dozens of candles.... Flickering in the darkness...your lying on the bed.... Eyes closed...when you feel a presence...you open your eyes and see me standing by the bed...dressed in a long black dress...slit up to my hip on one side...my stocking clad thighs ...showing slightly.... Your eyes travel upward from my black heels...ups to my face.... Taking in every inch of my body.... You catch a glimpse of my cleavage.... So soft and supple...you reach over and run your hand up along my leg...up to my thigh...feeling the silky smoothness of my stockings...the soft lace around the top...I smile as your hand slides higher up till you reach ...My lace panties...you can feel the heat radiating from me...You rise from the bed.... Standing in front of me...your hand reaches out.... And touches me softly on the cheek....

My eyes staring into yours...softly I smile...I move closer toward you.... My arms wrapped around your neck...our lips meeting...softly...the touching of our lips...parting...our tongues meeting.... Tasting and exploring each other...your hands slide down my sides...over my hips...along my thighs.... Your gentle, caressing touch sending shivers up my spine.... Our kiss deepens as I suck at your tongue...drawing you deeper into my sweet mouth.... My soft moan against your lips...causes you to pull me closer to you...i pull free from your sexy mouth...and lean in to kiss and lick up and down your neck....

Small nibbles...inhaling your scent...so erotic.... You move my body with yours towards the bed...you kneel down briefly...taking the bottom of my dress in your hands...you raise it up and over my head.... Tossing it aside...your eyes roam across my body...my black heels.... My silky stockings.... With the lace tops.... My black lace panties...and my sheer black bra...I can see the desire in your eyes...you move towards me...your hands touching me all over...you lips upon my neck...my low husky moan as my fingers run through your hair...gently you lay me down on the bed...your body pressed against mine as you kiss a soft trail down my neck.... Against my throat.... Your fingers sliding the straps of my bra down.... Exposing my soft breasts to your hungry mouth.... Your tongue encircling each nipple...teasing it into hardness.... Moving back and forth between the two.... Sucking them into your warm mouth.... My back arching against you...my legs move...wrapping themselves around you.... My hips pressing against yours...my hands moving from your hair...to your back...i can feel my thighs get damp....

Your teasing my senses...your mouth moves from my breasts.... Down my stomach.... Your tongue licking around my navel.... You can feel the tremors move through my body.... My legs locked tight around you.... Pulling you tighter.... You look up at me before you begin your descent...My eyes a deep green...filled with anticipation...you lower your head...softly kissing my inner thigh...your tongue lightly licking.... Gliding up...then moving to the other one...and doing the same.... As you move higher...you grasp my legs...raising them over your shoulders...the silky feel of my stockings softly brushing against the sides of your face...your tongue moves higher...you can taste my wetness as you lick higher.... My hips my toward you...you know what I want...your tongue moves between my lips...moving up and down.... Savoring the taste...wanting more...sliding lower....

Your tongue enters my warmth's...my body jerks...my low moans escape me.... My legs tighten around you.... Your fingers caressing my swollen clit.... As you move your tongue in an out...deeper with each stroke...my hands in your hair.... Pulling you closer.... My juices running down your tongue...my sweetness stirring the flames within you...My hips rock back and forth on your tongue.... Faster you move...deeper.... You feel my pussy gripping your tongue...it pulls you deeper inside.... Your hands slide upward...over my stomach.... Grasping my breasts...so soft and supple...my nipples on fire...your fingers roll them in between them...you move your tongue.... Glancing up at me...seeing the raw passion on my face...the tip of your tongue teases my clit...you can feel it throb against you...my juices running down over my ass...you have so torn up...the edge is getting closer...you suck my clit into your mouth...my body reacts...my hands clutch your head tighter...my heels digging into your back...my thighs pressed tight against your face...moaning louder...my back arches my hips grind against your face...you feel the shaking start...harder you suck.... Driving me mad...my moans reach a scream...as you feel my body convulse.... You release my clit.to plunge your tongue deep in me...as I go over the edge...calling your name...my body moving wildly...unable to stop cumming.... A new wave comes over me...as your tongue continues its magic...my cum spilling over your tongue and face...You move back up to my clit...your tongue stroking it rapidly...my body thrashing about...my hands pulling at your head...still you continue...your hands holding my.... Intertwined...gripping your slightly...my senses reeling...your tongue never letting up...you have one goal...my legs tighter around you....

My heels digging in to you almost painfully...suddenly...your mouth covers my clit...sucking it hard into your mouth.... My mind and body explodes...my screams fill your ears...as i reach total rapture...my hips grinding hard against your mouth...as my cum flows...sweet hot juices...releasing my clit...you dive your tongue back into me...tasting your treasure...in and out.... Licking it all...I feel your moan against my trembling pussy as you taste my essence...raising your head...i see your drenched face...your eyes blazing with unrestrained desire...you move over me...your mouth covering mine...our tongues dancing....

Tasting myself on you...sucking at your tongue.... You slide your body further up mine...till your straddling me.... Just below my still heaving breasts...your eyes fixed on my face...as you slowly slide your swollen.hard cock...between my breasts...feeling your heat...your throbbing against me.... My hand move.pushing my soft breasts around your cock...your hips moving back and forth...in and out.... Your hands join mine...tighter we push them around your cock...i raise my head...my tongue darting out to lick across the head of your cock as it moves in and out...deeper you stroke...closer to my mouth...my lips gliding over it.... Sucking you into my mouth...you stop moving.... Your hands still pushing my breasts together...as i suck your cock into my mouth....

Wrapping my tongue all around it...sucking and licking you harder...my eyes on your face...watching you watch me...your moans getting louder...my tongue twisting all around your shaft...my lips sucking you tighter...drawing your cock deeper in my mouth.... I can feel your balls against my breasts.... Getting tighter...unable to stop yourself...you begin thrusting in me as i suck...your hands gripping my breasts tighter...faster you move...harder i suck...faster deeper...i want you to fill my mouth up...my hands move from my breasts ...clutching your has.... Pulling you hard...my nails digging in.....

I feel your body shudder...I know your going to cum....sucking you deeply in my mouth.... I feel you explode...with such a force...thrusting in me...as your cum fills my mouth.... Shooting down my throat...i hungrily suck.... Draining you...till your movements slow down...you're still hard...your body sliding off me...lying side by side.facing each other...Your eyes all aglow...softly you kiss my neck...your fingers running through my hair...my hands gently touching you...feeling your sweat covered body against mine...my hand wanders lower...stroking your shaft...caressing your balls...you move one hand to lift my leg...draping it over your hip...your fingers move between my legs...feeling my dampness.... You raise your fingers to your mouth...looking in my eyes...as you suck at your fingers...partake of my sweetness...i press my hips toward you...my hand guiding your cock to me...i whisper how much i want you inside me.... Guiding the head of your cock between my swollen wet lips...I close my eyes...as I feel you enter me...my low husky moan...escapes my lips...you move in me slowly.... Inch by inch...till your deep within me...my muscle contract...clasping you tight...slowly we move together in a slow sweet rhythm...in and out...hips in perfect time.... Your hands gripping my ass...pulling me harder against you...you move my leg up higher...thrusting deeper in me...moaning against your neck as i suck ...and lick it...my hands gripping your back...god you feel so wonderful...my juices coating your cock...running down between us...wetter and wetter you make me...moving with an urgency now...getting deeper and deeper into each other...your cock swelling even more...my swollen wet pussy wrapped tightly around your shaft...my whispers in your ear....deeper baby..........our lips come together....a deep passionate kiss......

i feel my body reach the brink as you drive your cock harder in me.......your breathless moan against my mouth...cum for me baby ...cum hard on me.......as my pussy starts to shake.....My ripe nipples pressed tight against you...I loose all control...ohhhh god i scream.... As I erupt on your cock...you plunge in me hard...so deep.... as your body quakes....my Cumming igniting you...you thrust one final thrust as your cum blasts through me.....

Filling me deep within...reaching the hidden recesses of my being...rocking together...slowing down...but still locked tightly together...sweat glistening over our bodies...looking in each others eyes...seeing the bliss...the complete rapture...falling asleep...still wrapped tight together...still as one...our lips pressed together...the trace of myself still on your mouth...

The taste of a woman...

Nichole Graves - Hot Chick

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Talk dirty to me

Written by Wicked (January 2001)

All through the day my thoughts have been on you...thinking of the smile in your picture.... The sweet sound of your voice in my ear when you call me.... The secretive smile I wear through my day.... Knowing I will hear your voice that night...makes my body tingle all over at the thoughts running through my head.... Later that night...lying on my bed...laid back against several big pillows...I let my mind wander...wondering what your doing...then the phone rings...smiling to myself...i know its you before I even answer...your sexy voice in my ear...as you ask how I am...telling you I am fine...especially now that I am talking to you....

We exchange sweet words and giggles.... Our conversation leading to more arousing things...picturing in our minds what each other is doing...your voice getting deeper as you ask me what I am wearing...i lower my voice and tell you just my lace panties.... I hear your mmmmmm at picturing me...I ask you the same.... Trying to get the mental image of you in my mind....You whisper.... Wearing just a smile baby...smiling at the thought of you lying there naked...

mmmmmm I tell you how aroused that makes me...you ask me what I am doing...i tell you that I am sliding my fingers down over my stomach...my legs bent slightly spread apart...i hear the quick intake of your breath as I describe this...you ask what my fingers are doing...knowing how hot this makes you...i whisper softly...gliding my fingers over my lips...feeling my wetness...you moan softly in my ear...telling me how bad you want to see that...i ask you what your doing.....

Stroking my hard cock for you baby...I moan at the thought...wishing I could see you...each of us getting more turned on by the mental pictures we have of each other...i want to hear how excited you are.... My voice so soft I ask you how hard you are...you tell me your throbbing...I let my voice work its magic...telling you how I want to wrap my lips around your cock...sucking you deep in my throat while you watch me work my fingers over my clit and wet pussy...hearing you moaning in my ear makes me dripping wet...my fingers my clit...its throbbing so hard while I whisper to you.... Moaning softly as you tell me how you want to watch me.... How you want to taste my sweet juices from my fingers....

Telling you how my tongue would slide over your cock.... Throbbing against my tongue...your hands moving down my chest to cup my breasts.... Your fingers tracing around my nipples...my hand moving to my breast as you describe this to me...my nipples getting hard ...you can hear me breathing faster.... You ask me what I am doing...moaning I tell you I am stroking my clit....

My other hand teasing my nipples.... You tell me yesssss baby...work it for me...moaning I ask you if your stroking your hard cock for me...you answer back...moaning louder yes...you tell me how hard you are for me...how you want me to slide my finger down.... Slide it inside you tells me...I slide my finger down over my clit.... Sliding it in my wet pussy...I whisper how wet and tight I am.... Telling you how I wish you could feel it...how I want you to taste my sweet juices...you moan to me.... Tell me how you taste baby...I slide my finger out of my pussy.my juices dripping from it...bringing up to my mouth so you can hear me lcik it...mmmmmmm I tell you its oh so sweet babe.... I can hear you moaning louder...i know you're so turned on.... I want to drive you to the edge....

I whisper to you...make me cum hard baby...I want to cum so hard for you.... You telling me what you want to do to me...your making me so hot...my legs sprea wider...my fingers stroking my clit faster.... My moans in your ear...I can hear your voice get more husky and deeper.... Hearing me making you even more excited...you tell me how hot my moaning makes you...telling you how swollen my clit is...i'm moving my hips in time to my fingers...my body arching as my nipples get harder...you whisper to me...get your vibrator baby...I want you to use it on that wet pussy...moaning yes....

I reach for it...I ask you were you want me to use it...you tell me you want me to slide it in me as I stroke my clit...as I slide it in my wet pussy you can hear my moans of pleasure...yes baby you say.... Work it...cum hard for me...on the verge of exploding...I whisper breathlessly...you want me to cum hard for you baby...your voice a deep moaning yesssssssss...I scream your name as I go over the edge ... my body shaking.... My pussy exploding in spasms...your voice so loud shouting yes baby give it to me...cum harder...my fingers unable to stop....

I keep cumming...each harder than the next ...until I hear you shout my name ..yes baby here I cum.... Hearing your shouts and moans ...drives me to the most explosive orgasm yet...we both cum hard...moaning and screaming...unable to stop...the sounds of each other driving us crazy...so erotic hearing the other cumming.... Imaging each other bring us to sweet release...finnally slowing down...our breathing shaking.... We whisper to each other ...mmmmmm ...purring like cats...seeing each other smiling over the phone lines...we laugh softly togther...snuggling together in our minds...mmmmm....

Smiling at the anticipation of what we would do to each other in person.... Hmmm...what wicked thoughts...we each smiling to ourselves as we whisper our goodnights...wishing each other sweet dreams...

mmmmmm...nite sexy...

Sleep well...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mutual Pleasures

Written by Wicked (January 2001)


sitting in front of each other on the bed...my legs stretched out over yours...we decide to do the one thing we have done apart...in front of each other...you remember how you said you wanted to watch me masturbate....well i begin stroking myself...as you watch me...my fingers slowly stroking my clit...

i watch as you are getting hard....i stroke a little faster...i reach a hand to my breast and squeeze my nipple....i watch you..strocking your hard cock...my finger dips into myelf ..and the i take my finger...and with it wet from my juices,, i running it against your mouth...as your tongue licks my finger..........

as i contuine to stroke my self ..you lean over and start nibbling on my neck....you know that just makes me more turned on....i take my hand and start stroking your hard cock with it..

i increase my pace..on my clit and you and i am getting so wet..i scoot closer..my legs almost wrapped around you....your cock so close to my pussy...you take it and rub it against my clit ...making me tremble at your touch ...you slide in just the head...i stroke my self faster....feeling you in me...i tighten up on you..your hands touching me all over....

i am so excited nowyou slide your cock a little deeper in me.....i want to come on you so bad.....i lie back.....so you can watch me better.....stroking my clit faster now....feeling you push all the way in...then not moving....just letting me feel you...as i get closer and closer to cumming...you reach out and rub my nipples between your fingers...so hard they are...

i am getting wetter and wetter...starting to tremble on you...you feel me getting close...you slide your hand under my ass.....and as i reach the edge you plunge your finger in me ...causing me to explode all over you.....cumming so hard on you...my pussy so tight on you as i cum....while still in me you raise my legs up over your shoulders...and lean over me plunging in me hard and deep....my pussy still quivering...you grind against me harder....sucking my nipples in your mouth as you pound in me..harder and faster....

i whisper in your ear....i want you to cum in me..baby i wanna your hot juices...i feeling you swelling in me....oh yes baby i want you to cum ..i am gonna explode again... as i start to cum again i feel you grinding harder as you explode in me...moving wildly against each other...as we cum so hard together...holding each other tight..

Girl Loves Cum

Okay, I will admit it. I love watching men cum. Excites me to no end. And here, the guy cums three times. Pure heaven.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Your Surprise

Written by Wicked (January 2001)


A warm summer night...the air has a sultry cast to it.... Walking hand in hand along the beach.... A slight breeze coming across the water.... We had spent the evening watching the sunset...enjoying a picnic dinner.... Walking along the water edge now...the stars coming out as the moons rises over the water.... We stop to look out over the water...

My back to you...feeling your arms wrap around me...pulling me up against you...snuggling closer to you...leaning back against your chest...I feel your face against my hair...you tell me how good I smell.... Smiling softly...I raise my arm up around your neck.... As your lips find my neck.... Kissing me softly.... Feeling your tongue tracing along my neck...moaning softly...I move closer to you.... You move one hand along my side.... Touching me gently...as you move it higher...my hand around your neck pulling you closer...my fingers running through your hair.... I can feel your hardness against me...

Smiling to myself ...I wiggle slightly against it...you moan softly in my ear...telling me how aroused you are.... I turn to face you...looking up at your face...smiling as I see the passion in your eyes...the heat smoldering there...my hands sliding under your shirt to caress your chest...your head bending down to suck on my neck...hearing me moan...your hands move up my back...pulling me tighter to you...sinking down in the sand on our knees...our mouths covering each others.... Our tongues twisting and dancing together...our moans mixing together as the heat between us intensifies...pushing you back against the sand till your laying on your back.... Kneeling between your legs...i lift your shirt to hungrly kiss your chest...my tongue searching.... Finding your nipples.... My mouth eagerly sucking at them...teasing them...you moan louder as your hands are wrapped up in my hair.pulling my head closer...moving my body against your cock...I can feel your hardness through your clothes...

Raising my head...I whisper to you.... Lets go back to the house...I have a surprise for you...smiling micheviously at you...I grab your hand as we run back to the house...I can tell your very courious...once inside.... I lead you to the bed.... Stopping only to strip your clothes from your body...pushing you back so your sitting on the edge of the bed...i step back...watching your face as I slowly remove my clothes...reaching to remove my panties.... I slide them down...taking my hand.... I glide my fingers across my wet lips...watching your face....

I bring my fingers to your mouth.... Letting my sweet juices drip across your lips...your mouth sucking hungrly at my fingers...i tell you how wet you make me...moving toward you...we move across the bed together.... Touching and moving our bodies together...getting so hot...rolling over so I am across you...my mouth sucking along your neck till I reach your ear.... My tongue teasing your earlobe.... I whisper softly.... Are you ready for your surprise baby? You answer breathlessly yesssssssss...I tell you to close your eyes...and trust me...I reach over to the nightstand...you can hear me rummaging around...you feel my hands take one of your arms.... As I slide something soft over it...i tie one arm then the other to the bed posts...moving downward.... Kissing and licking your body as I move...I reach your legs.... And tie each of them to the other bedposts...smiling as I watch your face...I move back upward...I tell you no peeking...you feel me move from the bed and leave the room...when I return...i can see the anticapation on your face...covering your mouth with mine...I suck at your tongue...kissing you deep...then I feel a sharp intake of your breath as you feel a set of lips...kissing and licking at your throbbing cock...kissing you deeper as you moan against my mouth...i move my mouth and whisper...surprise baby...i tell you .... You can open your eyes now...moving so you can see.... I watch your face as you look down at the very attractive brunette ...she raises her head from your cock.and smiles seductively at you...i smile at the look on your face...

MMMMMMMMM...I can tell by the simle on your face you like your surprise...moving so I am across your stomach.... I lean over...sucking at your neck.... My soft full breasts moving across your chest as I do...my nipples grow hard as the move across your chest...you feel her mouth slide down around your cock.... Sucking slowly.... Her tongue teasing your shaft...i can hear your moans as my tongue travels up your neck.... Reaching your ear.... Running the tip of my tongue along it.... You can feel my hot breath in your ear.... Moaning softly as I feel a hand slide up to stroke my wet pussy...mmmmm...so hot and wet...leaning over you.... Letting my nipples brush across your mouth...your tongue reaching to lick across them...my nipples teasing your tongue...not letting you get but just a taste.... I can feel your body strain against the ties as she takes your cock deeper in her mouth...let my nipple brush closer across your mouth...letting you capture it with your lips.... Feeling your tongue teasing the tip as you suck it into your mouth...you can feel my juices dripping across your stomach as her finger stroke my throbbing clit.... Your body strains even more as you raise your hips to thrust your cock deeper in her mouth....

I hear you moan...baby I want to taste your sweet pussy...I ask you how bad do you want it? You answer me back.... Soooooo bad...i want your juices running down my face...moving so my pussy is above your face...I slowly lower it.... Letting it brush across your mouth...your tongue getting a taste before I move away...I ask you how I taste.... You answer so sweeeeet.... Move back down...letting my clit move across your waiting mouth...feeling your tongue glide across it...making me moan.... Your tongue running back and forth between my lips...my juices dripping down on you.... Rocking back and forth on your mouth...as she works your hard cock.... Moaning as your tongue plunges in my pussy...gripping your tongue tightly...I know you're not far from exploding...

I want to watch you cum in her mouth...turning around...but letting you still have my wet pussy...I watch her.... I'm getting hotter as you suck my clit into your mouth and seeing her mouth on your cock... I want to explode on your mouth as you fill her mouth with your hot cum...moving faster on your tongue...moaning how close I am...watching her suck you harder and deeper in her sweet mouth...my clit throbbing so hard...starting to shake as I feel myself close on the edge...feeling you moan agaisnt my pussy...i lean over...my pussy still on your mouth.... As my mouth joins hers to lick and suck you...the sensations are so intense ...I feel your body strian harder as you blast your hot cum in both of our mouths...i explode all over your face ...my body moving wildly.unable to hold back....

I cum hard on your mouth...my juices running down your face....... We suck and lick your hot cum up...mmmmmm so good baby...but we arent done yet...i move off your face...covering my mouth with yours.... Tasting my sweet cum on your lips and tongue.... I tell you ...theres lots more sexxy...as I smile at you...moving away from you...we move next to you...my mouth seeking hers...kissing her deep...my tongue exploring her mouth.... Tasting you in her mouth...my hand sliding down her stomach as I seek her wetness...turning my head so she can suck my neck.... I watch your face...seeing the excitement in your eyes...watching your cock get harder as my fingers part her lips...slowly stroking her...her juices cover my fingers...I bring them up and I slide my fingers across your eager lips...letting your taste how sweet she is...her hands squeezing my breasts...teasing my nipples...as you watch them get hard...moving toegther...are nipples rubbing against each others.our fingers stroking the others clit...moaning against each others mouth...I know that watching us is making you so hot.......so I ask you if your ready for me to untie you......you asnwer.....Hell yes baby.... Moving to your legs she unties you...as I move to untie your arms...as we let you go...you wrap your arms around me...rolling over so I am underneath you...holding my face in your hands you kiss me deep and say...mmmmmm I like your surprise sugar...kissing me deep...I wrap my legs around you holding you tight to me...as we lay side by side....

You feel a body behind you pressed against you as they wrap their legs around you also.... Bodies all intertwined.... Your lips on my neck as I slide my hand between us ...stroking your hard cock.... Her mouth teasing your neck...her body tight agasnt you as you feel her wet pussy moving against your ass...her hands reaching around to caress my breasts.... Your hand sliding down to find my wetness...moaning as you find it.... Our bodies moving together almost as one...you whisper to me.... I want my cock in you so bad...I whisper back ...oh yesssssss I want to feel you...rolling me over on to my knees...you run your hands over my ass...leaning over to kissing and lick it.... Moaning I move closer to you.... I feel your tongue sliding down.... Getting me so wet...as I feel you slide your cock through my trembling lips.... She moves in front of me....

Lying down so her pussy is right under my face.... I lean down ...run my tongue through her wet lips...hmmm so sweet...watching me lick her sweet pussy.i vcan feel your cock throbbing against my clit...slowly you slide it in my waiting pussy.... Oh god you feel so good...my pussy wrapping tight around your cock...my tongue licking circles around her throbbing clit...her hands pinching her hard nipples as my mouth devours her throbbing clit.... You get even more aroused watching us.... As you plunge your cock in me deeper.... Moaning against her as I feel you pounding in me.... My pussy getting tighter on you...you lean over to nibble my neck as your hand moves around me finding my clit.... I slide a finger inside her wet pussy....working it in and out as she grinds against my mouth.sucking her clit harder...letting my tongue tease the tip .....Your fingers stroking my throbbing clit.... Aching to cum....

Your cock plunging deeper in me...my ass grinding against you as our passion intensifies...your other hand wrapped in my hair.... As your suck harder on my neck.... Driving me to the edge...moving my finger in her faster...sucking harder at her clit.i feel her body start to shake.her hands pulling my head closer as she grinds against my face harder...your cock swelling more in me as you reach the edge...your fingers working faster.... My clit throbbing so hard...you move your hand from my hair.... Sliding against my wet pussy then plunging it deep in my ass.causing me to explode...as my body shakes ...she screams as she fills my mouth with her sweet cum.... Moving wildly against my face as I lick her sweet juices...as I cum hard my pussy gripping your cock so tight I hear you yell yesssss baby I'm cummmmmmming....

As your hot cum shoots in my trembling pussy filling me up...our bodies moving wildly as we cum yet again so turned on by each other cumming.... Finally collapsing on each other...we drift off to sleep.... Hours later wrapped in each other's arms.we find our friend has disapeared...running my fingertips along your face.i whisper.... Did you like your surprise sexxy?..You pull my face to yours and tenderly kiss me and whisper.... Oh yes sugar.... I loved my surprise...grinning at each other ...we fall back asleep.... Wrapped tight together.... Sweet smiles of contentment on our faces....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Julies Story Part 3

Written by Julie playaroundwife@hotmail.com (January 2001)

Hi there, Julie here. You will find my previous two contributions under January and February 2000. Here's an update of what has been happening to me recently.

Over the past year my Master, who I obey because he is blackmailing me with the photos and letters he has of me, has continued to make demands on my mind and body.
One of the most exciting aspects for me has developed from a strange request he made several months ago. I will have to be a bit discreet here. Let's just say he wanted me to go to a kind of sporting show that involved muscular men - I will leave you to imagine exactly what I mean.

I found it a rather strange and pointless exercise, although my Master told me that in his younger day he had followed this sport and had noticed that the participants often took advantage of slutty women who followed them around. There was also an added requirement - my Master would tell me where and when I had to attend these functions, and because they were at night and would involve travel, I would have to get my husband to take me and accept me having sex with these men.

As usual I had my doubts about the feasibility of this working at all, but I knew I had to comply - these was the uncertainty of the fact the when I attended these shows, my Master may or may not be observing from a distance - so my reports to him had to be true whether anything happened or not. For two months I nervously worked on my husband.

He knew I had a reputation for being easy in my teenage days, and he knew about a couple of affairs I'd had since, and to be honest he loved me telling him about having sex with other men while we made love - but the downside has always been that he resents it when we are not making love, so we had a sort of thing going where I tell him things occasionally that are true but pretend they are my fantasies.

So what I did was to pretend that I was developing this fantasy of having sex with a fit, muscular sportsman. Taking it to the point where I wanted to make it reality. Begging him to let me, and finally, on one occasion, where I was on top in bed riding his cock, taking him to the point where he gasped out that he wanted me to make it reality, as long as I told him all about it afterwards.

Later he said he didn't mean it, but I sulked for days until he said I could do whatever I wanted. So on a cold, icy night my husband drove me 40 miles to a small town that my Master had chosen for my first attempt, and as ordered I was dressed tartily, mini skirt, stockings and suspenders, see through blouse, and we arrived to find notices up saying that the show was a sell out. at least that meant my husband had to stay in the car.

I managed to get half way in by saying I was desperate to use the ladies toilet, and then I hung about and I soon got chatted up by one of the participants, a fit, but somewhat older man of about 50, who took me in the toilets and had sex with me, and then took my phone number.

I told my husband on the way home and he went wild with passion and we had sex in the car and twice at home, although the next morning he told me never to do anything like that again.

The sportsman who took my number phoned me regularly and I persuaded my husband to take me to a few more shows where I made love with the sportsman and later one of his friends as well.

My Master was delighted, my husband wasn't, although our sex life always improved when I confessed my sins while we made love.

The major development came one weekend when my lover rang me to tell me about a show in some fifty miles away. I had to persuade my husband to take me. Well, I knew he would, but we had sort of got into this game where I had to beg him to take me, and we would have sex two or three times a day while I tried to persuade him.
He came up with a few "conditions".
Firstly, he could choose what I wore.
Secondly, as we were well away from home, and would know anyone except my lover, I was to be a 'tart' for the night.
I wasn't to take any money - so I had to get picked up or stand outside all night, and I was to have sex with my lover outside if possible.
Thirdly I had to act like a tart with my husband after the show when he stopped on a country lane.
Fourthly, I was to tell him everything afterwards when we got home.

OK, I agreed. In the meantime, my lover phoned me again and said that he wouldn't be there because the show had been changed and it would be completely different people there. He told me not to go, but with demands being put on me by my Master to further my involvement, I knew I had to.

I expected my husband to want sex before we we set off, but he didn't. He told me to get out my shortest skirts and skimpiest underwear, and he decided I should wear a thin bright green skirt that was ridiculously short.
No stockings - bare legs, which surprised me a bit. Black quarter cup bra and black panties that tie at both sides.

He knows I am hopeless at tying them, and after a lot of deliberation about jumper or blouse, he decided on a tight white and yellow jumper and red high heels that totally clashed with the green skirt, but they are the highest heels I have and very hard to walk in.

He said I could put my long leather coat on to get out of the house but then it stayed in the car. I was quite excited. It was quite a long drive over the bleak countryside, and the show was at a picturesque little village completely in the middle of nowhere. We found the venue, which was down a small cul-de-sac.

There was a small lane down the side of the hall where there was a van parked but there wasn't much activity. It got to about 7.10pm and my husband said I had better go and hang about outside.

I would have been comfortable with that except that having him sat watching me through the car mirror made me very nervous. It wasn't cold but was breezy. I got out with my coat still on but he shouted me back and said "Coat", so I took it off and wished I hadn't bothered going. I just took a small handbag with my make up and four durex and some tissues. Wishful thinking?.

I stood outside the front of the hall, shivering with anticipation. A few families turned up and went in as I stood there like a complete and utter tart, with the cool breeze sending shivers round my bare legs. I noticed a car pull up the side of the hall and wondered if it was one of the sportsmen, but when no-one came round the front, I realised there was probably a side entrance, so I walked round and had a look.

There was a door slightly open, so I stood on the corner and waited. There were a few more spectators turned up, and it was getting close to show time. I was getting chilly now and it looked like a wasted journey. I walked up the side of the hall and saw an elderly man having a smoke. So I asked him if he was anything to do with the show, and he said he was. I asked everyone had arrived, and he said yes, and asked if I had arranged to meet someone.
I said I had a friend who was supposed to be doing the show but he had said he might be replaced.

The man said I could come in if I wanted. My lover had once told me that there was an unwritten rule that anyone taking a tart into a show got to have sex with her, and I smiled at the ridiculous thought of this elderly man wanting sex with me. So I went in with him.

The door led straight into the hall and the man left me. He said I would be best sat near the back of the hall and then if anyone asked to see my ticket I should say I was with him The show started, and the dressing room door kept opening a little bit. I wondered if someone was watching me or the show.

Later a tall, well built black man came and stood outside the dressing room. He seemed to be looking at me. I tried to ignore him, a couple of kids came and asked for his autograph, he signed and went back into the dressing room when a few more kids headed his way. Then it was the interval. A few more kids stood outside the dressing room, and when the door opened slightly, it was the elderly man who had taken me in.

He shouted to me "Psst. Excuse me love", so I pushed through the kids.
He said "Would you go and get us four coffees, one without milk, all with sugar, but one with three sugars, tell them they are for the staff".
I went and asked. I got the coffees although they said I had to take the money back as there were no freebies.

I knocked at the door and a man came and took them off me. He thanked me in a broad Scottish accent and I said they wanted paying and he said "Aye, see you later", and took the coffees in.

One of the kids asked him for his autograph and he replied "Piss off". I sat down again.
The show started and the Scottish man came out again. He stood for a while and then came and sat behind me. He leaned forward and said "So what do you do for fun in a back end town like this, watch the traffic lights changing".
I said I wasn't from there I lived in a city fifty miles away. He said he knew the area well and thought that only slags lived there. Charming.
He asked my name. I said Julie. I could feel my panties starting to get damp. He said people called him Mac. Surprise surprise.
He was about 18 stone and had an shaved head, probably about 40 years old and very muscular. He looked almost frightening. He asked me if I had come on my own, and I said no my husband had brought me and was picking me up after the show.

Mac went then, back in the dressing room. The last contest went on, and I saw the dressing room door opening slightly, and then Mac beckoned me to go over and he said "I'd like to see you after the show, don't rush off will you". I said I couldn't stay too long. He asked me for my phone number and said if he didn't see me after he would ring me. When the show finished I sat about a bit and I some of the participants leave.

A few minutes later Mac opened the dressing room door slightly and waved to me. I went over and he said "What time is your husband coming". I said he would be outside now. Mac said "Pity, I could have taken you home, are you coming in for a few minutes".
I asked if everyone else had gone.
He said "No, but they won't bother us".
I went in. There were just two other men there and the old guy who had taken me in. Mac sat on a bench and slapped his lap and said "Come and sit here".

We were in a corner. No one took any notice and Mac kissed me for several minutes and felt my legs and he told me I had seriously sexy legs.
After a few minutes I was sat straddling him on his lap with my arms round his neck while we were kissing and he gradually got my skirt worked up around my waist and his hands up my jumper pulling my nipples.
Next he untied the bow at the side of my panties and pulled them off which started me panting heavily.
He said "Are you going to take my cock Julie"
I said "If you want me to".
Mac said "Hmm I like a woman who does what her man wants, are you submissive". I felt it.
I said "A bit I suppose".
He had his hands on my legs and said I had strong thighs, and he pushed a hand up to feel my cunt and said "And a wet cunt Julie, bet it's warm up there".

He kissed me again and undid his trousers and lifted me up so he could drop them. I said "Will you use something". He asked if I wanted him to.
I said "Yes", and he asked if I had anything. I said yes, and got a condom out of my bag and I stood up and put one on his erection which was about eight inch but fat and hairy, as was his chest when he undid his shirt. I straddled him again and took his fat cock up my cunt and rode it a few times until it was fully up me.

He pulled my jumper over my head and off so I was wearing my quarter cup bra, skirt tightly wrapped round my waist and my high heels. Mac bit my breasts and nipples and I threw my head back, then Mac half stood up and turned so he was astride the bench and he laid me back onto the bench so my head was off the end, and immediately the big black guy pushed his cock into my face and between my lips.

He was about seven inch but not as fat. Mac said "Go on mate, make her swallow it". It was a bit uncomfortable for everyone and Mac said "Lets get her in a better position", and they pulled their cocks out and stood me up so I was stood with a leg either side of the bench and the black guy pulled my bra off and Mac bent me over so I was bent over from the waist with my hands on the bench supporting myself.

Mac stood behind me and pushed his cock back up my cunt and while his mate held his cock for me to take it in my mouth and they were both groping my tits and thighs. I was moaning as Mac fucked me and the black cock almost choked me. No hands to help limit it's entry into my throat. It only took the black guy about two minutes to unload his spunk into my mouth, where I swallowed what I could and a bit dribbled out onto my face. It was a relief as I hadn't been far off choking. Mac carried on fucking me and the black guy wiped his cock across my face, then suddenly Mac stopped fucking me and shouted "Do yer want a go Gary".

That was the other man, a younger, early twenties, shaven headed lad with plenty of muscles. He said "Yeah Go on then", and Mac pulled out. Gary was starkers with a smaller cock, about six inch, but thick.
I got a durex out of my bag. Mac pulled my skirt down and off and said "Let's get you naked, whore". I knelt in front of Gary and put the durex on him and asked how he wanted me. He said "Stood up against the wall". So I stood with my back to the wall and legs slightly spread in my high heels and Gary pushed his cock into my cunt and put his hands under my bum and lifted me off my feet. My legs wrapped around him and he rammed his cock in and out of my cunt and then carried me to the opposite wall, banged me into it and started fucking me again.

Over the next five minutes he fucked me against all four walls and the door, and quite hurt my back as he slammed me against the wall. I was moaning and groaning and Mac said "Come on Gary, she's got a husband waiting outside, he'll be wanting his turn". Gary locked his mouth onto mine and kissed me and forced his tongue way down my throat and then he bit my neck really hard several times, and I started panting louder and louder and I heard myself scream out and I squeezed my legs tighter around Gary and suddenly got cramp in both my legs as he pounded away and kissed me again, and finally he was panting and moaning as he was shooting his spunk. Then we collapsed on the floor.

Sweating, and panting, the room was spinning. As I was coming round there was a knock on the door and a man shouted "Are you going to be long". Mac shouted back "Just getting changed Mate", and then he picked my bag up, emptied on the bench and threw a durex to the man who had taken me in who was about 60, very thin and a chain smoker and his hands were always shaking. He stubbed his cig out and said "Well clear off then, I'm not doing it in front of you lot". Gary and the black guy finished dressing and picked up their bags and said "We'll wait in the car, you've got two minutes".
They went and Mac sat and watched as the old man knelt between my legs, pulled his trousers down and put the durex on and got on top of me. His cock felt very small.

I didn't really see it. He fucked me for a minute or so and appeared to come, then he had a choking fit and climbed off to light another cig.
He threw the durex on the floor and pulled his trousers up and got his bag and he was off, still coughing. That left me back where I had started, with Mac. He said "well that's got rid of them, I prefer to have a woman on my own, bet your husband is doing his nut".

I said it didn't matter as he wanted me to have sex with other men.
Mac said "Sounds interesting, I'll have to pay you a visit at home".
He told me to give him a suck. He had gone limp and he had taken the durex off. I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until it was hard while he squeezed my breasts and made me squirm a bit my tweaking my nipples.

Then there was a loud knock on the door and a man shouted - "Are you done in there, I've got a home to go to".
Mac said "Oh come on lets go out to my car - All right, we're fucking coming".

Mac started pulling his clothes back on, I ran round grabbing my clothes that were scattered about the dressing room. Mac grabbed his bag and threw me his jacket and told me to just put that on. It was far too big for me, I carried my clothes and we went into the hall.

There was just the one man there who was waiting to lock up, and he let us out of the side door. I didn't dare look at the man, he locked the door after us, so we were down the side of the hall in the dark with just Mac's car there. He undid the boot and threw his bag in and pulled the jacket off me so I was naked except for shoes and he put it in his car and shut the boot and then he kissed me and pushed two fingers up my cunt and I dropped my clothes and bag on the floor and he asked where my husband was.

I said I wasn't sure, somewhere out front in the car. Mac told me to get on my back on the floor behind his car. The road was rough and stony.
Mac dropped his trousers and got on top of me. His weight crushed my back into the stones and I gasped. His bare cock went straight up my cunt as I spread my legs and bent my knees and he was so heavy. He started thrusting hard and I was moaning and gasping and he grabbed on of my breasts and squeezed it very hard and kissed me on the mouth and continued ramming his bare cock up me, even though he knew I had asked him to use something earlier.

He was moving me across the tarmac with his thrusting and although it only lasted a couple of minutes I orgasmed just as he was about to shoot his spunk up me, which he did with lots of language like "Oh fucking whore, oh fucking bitch".

Then he stood up and pulled his trousers up and said "Let me get out of here before you go back to your husband, I might ring you sometime if I'm passing".
And with that he was off while I was still struggling to my feet. I pulled my jumper on and my skirt and put my panties and bra into my handbag and went out to the front of the building. It was nearly 11pm, so my husband wasn't happy, but he got what he asked for I suppose.

He never spoke until we got into the countryside, and then he pulled into a deep lay bye and said "Come on then let's see why you were an hour later than everyone else".
I hitched my skirt up and stroked my naked hairless fanny and I said "Why, do you want to go where all the big muscular men have been. Do you think your up to the job, or are you going down to taste what's been up me".

With that he was pulling my legs up and getting his head down between my thighs. He reclined my seat at the same time and after getting his tongue up my cunt for two minutes he asked for a durex.

Good job I had one left. He put the light on so I could find my bag and he saw me pullout my knickers and bra and finally a durex and he switched the light off, put the durex on and he was straight over on top of me and up my cunt with his cock.

He didn't ask anything, just fucked me for two minutes until he came, and then it was off home.
Although I did have to get out of the car for a wee first. As soon as we got home it was upstairs and he stripped me starkers and then stripped off himself and I got a durex out and put it on the bed and he gave me oral and then put the durex on and started kissing me, then he said he wanted me on top so I laid on top of him and steered his cock up me and I rode him slowly.
He said "Go on then tell me". I said that nothing had happened until the end of the show, when a big Scottish man took me in the dressing room.
My hubby asked me how I had got in. I said an elderly guy took me in.
My husband said "Good job he didn't want to fuck you then".
I said "he did fuck me" - " I was in the dressing room and there were two other men and this old guy and the Scottish guy called Mac, and we were playing about and I put a durex on him and we started having sex -'How were you dressed' - well I was soon naked except for my high heels, anyway Mac was having me on this bench and a big black man put his cock in my mouth and came down my throat. (I started riding my hubby faster).

Then Mac asked this younger guy Gary if he wanted a go, so I put a durex on Gary and he had me up against the wall, well all four walls actually and when he had come the old guy had a go, him on top on the floor, but that didn't last long then they all went except for Mac, but we had to get out of the hall as a man was wanting to lock up, so I put his jacket on and we went outside up the side of the hall and he stripped me down to my shoes again and he .... he told me to get on the floor and he got on top of me.......and he started......fuck....fucking me and...ohhh (My husband slapped my bottom and told me to hurry up).

He started fucking me..... he didn't put a durex on.....and he fucked me.... and I was coming...and he shot his spunk up......Ooohhhhhh.. OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhh...me, and now he's going to be visiting me at home.

My husband shot his spunk (I think he had already come once a few minutes earlier). And that was it.

Not mentioned again, although I had a few weeks worry about whether I was about to have Mac's baby.

Anyway that was only the start - Mac moved into my life in a big way.

Hope I get time to tell you about it soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reality or Fantasy - Part 2

Written isabella6869@yahoo.com (January 2001)

Lying on my side I watch you get up from the bed and head towards the bag you dropped on the floor when you first arrived. I watch you walk back with a smile on your face. Reaching into the bag you pull out two vibrators.

The first one is silver, thick and long and the other is a smaller thinner version, which you place on the pillow next to me. You lean down and kiss me parting my lips with your tongue. Instantly aroused I kiss you back loving the way your tongue explores the inside of my mouth. I stroke your tongue with mine, my hands going through your hair pulling your body closer to mine. Your hand slides down my body till it reaches my thigh. With one knee you push my legs apart and your fingers tangle with the curly whispers of hair.

Groaning I lift my hips urging you to finger fuck me. Instead you break the kiss and sit up on the bed. You pick up the thinner vibrator, turning it on I can hear the slow hum, my pussy flooding just at the thought of what�s to come. You order me to open my legs far apart to which I eagerly comply. You edge down the length of the bed till your face is level with my cunt. In one quick motion your mouth takes hold of my already swollen clit and sucks it hard, making me cry out, my hands gripping the sheets. As you run your tongue along my pussy down to my asshole you lightly stroke my navel with the vibrator, slowly moving it over my thighs down towards my pussy. You plunge your tongue deep into me just as you place the vibrator lightly on my clit.

The soft vibrations in combination with your tongue tip me over the edge within seconds with an orgasm that leaves me gasping for air. You move the vibrator off my over sensitive clit and rub it over my lips before pushing it deep inside me. You turn the speed up and start sliding it in and out of my cunt. I feel the juices from my first orgasm spill out running down to my ass. Taking hold of the smaller vibrator you turn it on and slowly rub it around my puckered hole, gently pushing it in, bringing a deep groan from my throat. You really start to get into it now, building a fast rhythm with both vibrators.

You watch me as I�m tossing my head from side to side, clutching wildly at the bed, knowing that I�m about to cum. I scream out arching my back I start to cum making me shake uncontrollably. Before I have even had a chance to calm down you remove the vibrators and replace them with your mouth. I moan loudly as your mouth sucks out my juices.

You plunge your tongue deep into my pussy and then you lick every fold of my lips, exploring my cunt, licking and sucking my clit and lips until you bring me to yet another orgasm. Fighting for control, I push your head away and sit up telling you to lie down. You lie back on some pillows and watch me as I take your hugely engorged cock in my hand. I bend down and plant small kisses along your cock and then run my tongue along the underside.

You moan in protest when I let go of it and move up to your mouth. I kiss you, my tongue stroking yours. I make my way down your neck, kissing and licking as I go down until I reach your nipples. Taking one in my mouth softly sucking and licking all around one nipple and then the other. After teasing them for a while I continue down your chest and stomach reaching your thighs. Your cock, looking more red and swollen than ever, is pulsating eagerly awaiting my attention. I lick and kiss all around your cock.

I take one of your balls in my mouth and caress your cock with my hand moving it up and down along the shaft. You groan loudly and beg for me to suck it. You look down as I lick my way from your balls to your cock, running my tongue ever so slowly up the length of it until I reach the tip, which I lightly lick before enveloping it with my lips.

As I take it deep in my mouth my hand lightly kneads your balls. My mouth gets wetter and wetter as your cock slides in and out, going deeper with every down stroke. I start to go faster, sucking you harder and slowly slide my finger into your ass. You buck your hips forcing your cock deep into my mouth and you explode with a loud groan, your cum hitting the back of my throat.

I continue sucking you till I�ve sucked out all your cum and swallowed it all.

British Bird Getting Fucked

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reality or Fantasy

Written by Isabella (January 2001)

I look out the window of the hotel room, drinking my coffee, imagining your reaction to the letter I sent you which you should be receiving any moment. In it states a few simple requests.

I've given you my room number and hotel address and requested that you be here within the hour. The other requests being, to bring whatever "toys" you wish, that I wanted use of your body for at least two hours and the final one being that you were to cum in my mouth. It's been several months since our last "meeting" but those months have helped my imagination run wild, fantasies of various sexual positions running crazy.

I wasn't in the mood for conversation, I told you in my letter, just sex, wild and passionate ..... if you were up to it. My mobile rings and I recognize your number on the screen. You tell me that you're on your way, but you have to make a few stops on the way.

That's fine, I say, but you only have an hour to get here. An hour later you knock on the door. Dressed in a red shirt and black skirt I let you in. I notice you have a bag, which you drop on the floor at the same time closing the door behind you. Pushing me up against the wall you kiss me, deeply, pushing your tongue into my mouth. Running your hands over my body, down to my legs you lift one up and push your groin against mine so I can feel how hard your cock is.

I rub my pussy against it and start to unbutton your shirt all the time returning your kiss. Your hand lets go of my leg and makes it way up to my thigh, you groan when you realize that I'm not wearing any panties. You cover my pussy with your hand slowly rubbing it back and forth, driving me wild. You can feel how wet I am already. Letting go of me and I walk over towards the bed, dropping your shirt on the chair. You come up behind me brushing my hair aside and lightly kiss my neck. I feel shivers go up my spine and my heart starts beating faster in anticipation of what's ahead. I lean back into you, melting as your lips continue their assault on my neck. I feel your cock as you press yourself into my back. I turn around and my mouth finds yours and again we engage in a hot passionate kiss our tongues entwining. As we continue kissing I rub my hand up and down your cock, getting more turned on as it gets harder and harder.

You reach back and undo my skirt, which falls to the floor. I start sucking on your tongue, imagining it's your cock I'm sucking on. I undo your pants and tug down on the zipper, reaching inside I pull out your hard cock.

Still kissing wildly, I start giving you a hand job. You moan and I immediately react by dropping to my knees and taking you into my mouth. I take you all the way in, as far as I can, loving everything about it. I suck you slowly at first, feeling every millimeter of your cock.

As I suck you I apply pressure with my tongue along the underside. My hand starts getting into the action by gripping you and pulling as I suck. You groan loudly and grasp the back of my head encouraging me to go faster. I increase my pace and I taste your pre-cum in my mouth. I pull away and look up at you.

I am completely turned on completely yours, completely at your service. You pull me back up to my feet and kiss me deeply again, unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off and backing me up towards the bed. You run your hands up and down my spine and it's my turn to moan loudly.

You've found my erogenous zone. You smile at my reaction and turn me around, pushing me onto the bed, on my stomach. I feel you unhook my bra and then I feel your mouth on my back, planting wet kisses up and down my spine, making me writhe in ecstasy.

I instinctly push my ass into your groin rubbing myself against your hard cock, all the time moaning at the sweet torture your tongue and mouth is applying to my back. You stop for a moment to take your pants off before returning to tormenting my back. I feel your cock against my groin and rub myself against it, feeling like I'm going to explode any minute. You turn me back around and your mouth finds mine again. Your hand makes it's way down my stomach and stops at my groin.

Moaning, I lift my hips off the bed, anxiously wanting your fingers inside me. I spread my legs apart for you as your hand lightly rubs my pussy. You are so wet, you whisper in my ear. Your fingers spread my lips apart and find my clit, which you rub lightly. I groan as I lift my hips again.

Tell me what you want, you say. I want your fingers inside me, I tell you. You kiss me again and then your mouth starts to make it's way down my body, stopping at my navel. Dipping your tongue in, you manage to bring a groan from me. You finally reach my pussy, your tongue softly licking my clit and licking my lips, driving me wild.

You push your tongue inside me, your finger rubbing my asshole and two fingers fucking my pussy all at the same time. I start to buck my hips towards your mouth, getting closer and closer to cumming.

You take my clit in your mouth and gently suck on it making me cry out and bringing me over the edge. As I cum in your mouth you continue sucking as you fuck me madly with your fingers. I push your face away and turn you onto your back. Straddling you, I bend over and kiss you running my tongue around your mouth and tasting my juices.

We share a deep kiss and I rub my wet pussy over your hard cock. Still kissing I reach down and push you deep inside me. I start to move slowly, taking you nearly all the way out and then plunging down deep again. I start to build up a rhythm, moving faster and faster, selfishly going at my own pace, the pace I need to cum all over your cock.

I sit up taking you even deeper and bringing a moan from both of us. You reach back and slip a finger into my ass. I start to feel myself cumming and I move faster still, slamming myself against your cock until I start to blow, hard, making me cry out loudly.

As I start to calm down I look down at your face and smile. Your turn. I pull myself off you and move down towards your cock. It's so red, wet and swollen that I hungrily take you into my mouth, sucking you deep into my mouth, loving every inch of it. I suck harder and faster till your hands grip my head and explode into my mouth.

I swallow it all and pull away wiping the last of your cum off your cock and sucking it off my finger. I look up at you and we smile at each other.

That was the entr�e .... the main course is yet to come.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sara's Sexploits - THE "BIG" PARTY

Written by Sara (December 2000)

Sara was on cloud number nine!
She couldn't believe her good luck! Having met Paul only a month ago, and now he was taking her to a party that would include his best and closest friends. They were having what once was described as a whirl wind romance.

Introduced by a friend of a friend, they had become almost inseparatable. From the very first night together the sex and been beyond phenomenal! Paul was hung like a horse and knew exactly how to use it! This was the first time that Sara had ever had a man with over sized equipment, and she now was a true believer in the saying that size DOES matter!

The first time she saw Paul's cock she nearly fainted at the thought of trying to get that monster into her tight little pussy, but Paul was so sweet and considerate the way he made the tenderest love that first time! Making sure that she was totally lubricated and turned on, he ever so slowly inched his organ into her pussy.

After the initial shock of have her pussy stretched farther than ever before, she just relaxed and tried to enjoy it. After a few minutes, however, the feeling of being really filled up overwhelmed her! Just thinking of that huge organ inside of her brought her to a shattering orgasm! Paul hadn't even started pumping her yet and she was cumming like a little cock hound! After that she was hooked! Even when it was soft, it was as big as most of the erections she had seen in the past. One time Paul was in the shower and Sara came in to get her makeup.

While washing his hair, he had his eyes closed and didn't realize she was there. Watching the water and soap running down his chest and belly and then cascading over his low hanging cock was an incredible sight! She plopped down on the toilet and frigged herself to orgasm right then and there! Only when she let out a loud moan did Paul even notice her sitting there! No matter where they were, Sara would try to get Paul into a private spot where she could get him to show her his cock. When they were riding in the car she made him pull it out of his pants so that she could hold it while they were driving! In private, he kiddingly referred to her as his "little cock hound". Although she could be a real nuisance, Paul took her over dose of attention with a good sense of humour, because after all, she was a beautiful woman he was lucky to have for his own! A few times since they first met, Paul mentioned a private club he was a member of. He didn't go into many details, but Sara got the impression that it was a rather exclusive club that was hard to get into. For this reason she was really excited when Paul announced that his club was putting on a party the following Saturday night, and that he was inviting her to come along as his date. Dress was to be casual, and she should be ready for just about anything!

She tried to get him to tell her more, but he just would smile and say, "You'll find out soon enough!"

Finally the big day arrived and her wait was about over. Driving to the party, Sara asked where the party was being held?
"At a private home," answered Paul.
Sara thought that was a little strange, as most clubs met a restaurants or had their own building. She didn't say anything, however, and they rode in silence for the rest of the drive.
The house they finally pulled up to wasn't really a house at all, it was more like a mansion!
There must have been fifteen cars parked in the huge oval driveway! They parked Pauls's car and headed for the front door. As they were walking, he told her that this was a very special kind of party, and that she might be shocked, but that he thought that she would like it! Without knocking Paul opened the front door and ushered Sara into the large foyer. Laughter and music could be heard coming from the next room.

With his arm around her waist, Paul led her into the living room. What she saw made her head spin! Around the room were a variety of couples in various stages of undress!
Most were just laughing and talking, but some of them were in the early stages of love making! Sara couldn't make a sound although her mouth seemed to be trying to ask, "What kind of party is this?!?"
Paul, seeing her reaction soothed, "Sara, this is a meeting of the "Walking Stick Club". The only requirement for membership is that you have at least an eight inch cock when erect!" "We meet once a month here at Anna's place because it's so secluded, and also because it has enough room for the thirty people who usually show up."

Finally able to speak, Sara asked, "Do you have to, you know....,"

"You mean do it in front of everyone," finished Paul? She nodded her head yes.

"Of course not," he answered. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Nobody will pressure you to do anything. It's entirely up to you!"

"Let's get a drink," he offered, leading over to the open bar. While sipping her rum and coke, Sara took a more leisurely look around the room.

"Well Paul was right about one thing," she thought, "every man there had a huge cock!"
Some of them were even bigger than his!!! All of the women seemed to be knockouts, and Sara all of a sudden felt a little intimidated! As she wandered into the back of the house, a brunette girl with a large naked chest came up and introduced herself as Helen.
"First time, huh, said the busty brunette? "Yeah," answered Sara.
"Well, it's the best time you'll ever have," gushed Helen!
"My boyfriend, Greg and I have been coming to these things for four years now! I"m addicted to them, if you know what I mean?!?"
Helen smiled and asked, "Do you do it with just anyone???"
"I've done it with every man here at one time or another, but usually just with one or two at any one party," she answered.
"Come on, let me show you something," said Helen, leading Sara down a long hall.

Stopping in front of and open door, Sara looked in and saw an awesome sight! On a huge king size bed, a black man with at least twelve inch cock was taking on two white women at the same time! He was lying on his back as the two women gave his a blow job!

He smiled at Sara and Helen and asked them to join in, but Helen told him maybe later and showed her to another room. This one had a little tiny red head sitting on a cock that was threatening to rip her wide apart! It was quite obvious that she was feeling no pain, as she was in the middle of a screaming orgasm!

"I usually can't wait for the third Saturday of the month," Helen said.
"I'm so used to having these hung guys, I don't think I could do without!"
"Another thing," she offered, "they're all real nice fellas too. Not a bad apple in the bunch! Really a lot of fun to be around!"

"What about the women," asked Sara?
"Well, said Helen, "Some of them come and go as the men change partners, or there's a divorce, you know!"
"Most of them, however, are good people."

Sara thanked Helen for the tour and went off to find Paul. He was sitting off in the corner talking to naked man about golf. Seeing her coming, both men stood up to meet her.
"Sara, this is Steve Elliot, a good friend of mine," said Paul.

Steve stuck out his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Paul said some good things about you!" Shaking Steve's hand, Sara couldn't help but notice the jumbo set of genitals that hung between his thighs.

Steve and Paul both saw her peeking, and Paul winked at Sara and excused himself to go to the toilet. Steve and Sara then stood talking, she in her silky dress and him totally naked. As they talked, Steve's cock began to slowly become erect, and Sara by now was starting to feel that empty ache between her legs!
Steve could sense that she was now getting very turned on and suggested they check out one of the back rooms.
Sara said, "Sure, why not," and started walking. When they finally found a vacant room, Steve was now fully hard. "I love big cocks, Steve," Sara said, " how long is it?"
"Ten," was all he said. "Take off your, clothes," Steve said, "let me see your young, horny body!"
Sara did a slow strip tease, hanging first her bra then her panties on Steve's erection. By the time she was naked, she was leaking cunt juice down her thighs! Dropping to her knees she took the head into her mouth and sucked Steve to a quick orgasm.

He shot it down her throat, grunting loudly as his cum filled her mouth. Lying back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, she begged, "Ride me, please, ride me hard!!!" Needing no more invitation, Steve got between her legs and guided his big hammer into Sara's burning cunt.
"A little at a time, or all at once," he asked?
"Bury it," she ordered, and with one hard plunge Steve impaled her tight pussy with his huge ramrod! Since he had just cum in her mouth, Steve had to build up to his next cum.

This meant that he would probably have to pound the helpless pussy for a good ten minutes or more to get off his gun! Sara wrapped her slim legs around Steve's back and held on for dear life! This was exactly why she was addicted to monster dicks!
They filled her up like nothing else could! While Steve was driving hard to his orgasm, Sara was in the throes of a seemingly endless string of earth shaking cums! Her tight pussy gripped the big shaft, trying to draw it in even farther!

As his orgasm neared, Steve was now thrusting in and out with piston like precision! Screaming, "I'm cumming," Steve unleashed another torrent of goo into his new found fuckmate! Collapsing on top of her, Steve stammered between gasps of air, "You are unbelievable!!!"

All at once in the back ground they both heard the sound of clapping and cheering! Standing in the doorway was a naked Paul and Helen, his cum dripping off her chin.

"Bravo! Bravo!" the two voyeurs yelled at the two spent lovers. On the way home Sara snuggled up against Paul and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Happy," he asked? "Very," she answered! Slipping off to sleep, she could only dream about the next third Saturday of the month!

"Next time," she thought, "the black guy...... "

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trick or treat Part 4

Written by by Leesa (dsmoya@hotmail.com) (December 2000)

After the door closed behind me, I found myself alone in the hallway, wearing a formal black evening dress, hands restrained my handcuffs behind my back, the key in a plastic container inside of my vagina, a butt plug in my arse, and my arse aching from the spanking I endured during the last hour or two. My mind began to race.

I did not want to knock on the door to my room, because the couple who did this were still in my room. But how could I go down the hall, knocking on doors, asking for help. If someone would help me, at the very least, they would have to pull down my panties and pull the container out of my vagina.

I do not even feel comfortable when getting a Pap smear. I walked up and down the hall, thinking about my predicament. I did not hear any noise from most of the rooms, which is not surprising, since it was after midnight on a weeknight. I walked up and down the hall, looking for a bathroom. I thought I would be able to try and free myself by myself if I had a secluded place to do it. I could not believe a luxury hotel did not have a public bathroom on the floor.

There was a cubby hole with two vending machines and an ice machine, and my heart quickened at the thought of me trying to dig in my vagina at such a public place. Since my hands were behind my back, I knew that the first thing I needed to do is loop my hands around so that my hands would be in front of me.
With that done, I could try to free myself.

There were two things working against me: I had a dress on, which limited movement, and my ass hurt, from the butt plug and the spanking. I was not sure if I could stand the pain if I was trying to pass my hands under my legs on the floor. While I was thinking this over, I heard a door open and close. I hid in the corner of the cubby hole, hoping that the person was going to the elevator. I heard the elevator bell sound, and I was a bit relieved.

I tested bending over, and the butt plug really hurt. I was not sure that I could get out of this situation. Another door opened and closed. I waited, and after a moment, Ross appeared with the ice bucket from my room.
His eyes widened when he saw me. "Find anyone to help you yet?" asked Ross.
"No, I have not. Please help me get out of this."
"Kiss me," Ross demanded.
With that, Ross planted a hard, passionate kiss on my lips.

We exchanged tongues, kissing for several minutes, his hands tracing my body, touching my breasts, my legs, my arse.
We parted lips, and Ross explained, "If my wife finds out I helped you, she will spank me raw. She is really pissed at you, and she wants you to suffer."

With that, Ross filled up the ice bucket, then grinned at me. He removed two ice cubes and placed one in each of my bra cups. In an instant my nipples were frozen bullets, and shortly, my whole body was cold.

Ross swatted me on my arse and left. I could not believe my luck. With my body heat, the ice began melting, feeling even colder as it melted. My dress quickly absorbed the ice water, and I again thought of freeing myself.

I decided that I would have to ask the desk staff if they could help me. I walked from the vending area towards the elevator. Along the way, I passed one door with music on loud enough for me to hear from the hallway.

I put my back to the door and knocked on the door, turning around quickly. The synthetic music quickly was turned off, and in a moment, a young man answered the door.

He had a robe on, and his breathing was a little elevated. My first thought was that I was interrupting him making love to his bride.
"I am sorry, wrong door," I said.
"Are you okay," he asked. His voice was soothing and warm.
"No, but it is late. I should not impose," I answered.

"Come on in," he said. As I entered the hotel room, I noticed a washcloth on the floor in front of the television and the television was off.
The remote control was near the washcloth. Now this makes sense, he was watching a porno film.

"I really should be going," I stammered. The man noticed my hands behind my back. "Hiding something," he inquired.
"Just a hand towel," I lied.
"Okay, I understand," said he, "just close the door on your way out."

I could not open the door, let alone close it. I told him that as a prank, my boyfriend had cuffed me. He told me that he did not have any experience picking locks and he had no tools in the room to help me.

"Actually," I admitted, "I have the key." I took a deep breath, then continued, "He placed it inside of me, inside my vagina. Will you retrieve it for me?"

He turned almost white at that last request. He shook his head yes, and I timidly sat on the edge of his bed.
"Please be professional about this," I requested.

He blew his breath into his hands, saying "Sorry my hands are so cold."
With that, he pulled up my dress and down my panties. He stared at my crotch area a little longer than he had to, and then he said, "Here goes nothing."

He inserted a finger inside of my vagina, and I could swear he pushed the container further into me. He took two fingers, and softly grabbed the container.

He started pulling it out slowly, and then his fingers slipped, my vagina sucking it back into me almost as far as he had initially pushed it.

"Hold on," I said, as I got further on the bed, spreading my legs apart and feeling the butt plug press against me.

"Is this a better angle?"

"Sure," he said.
"You are really slippery down there, and it is hard for my fingers to grab the container. It is buried deep inside of you."

"Wipe me off, first," I suggested, knowing that his washcloth was within reach.
All of a sudden, I could feel his mouth on my vagina, sucking at it. I did not know how old he was, but he could not have been too experienced.

He then reinserted his fingers and pulled out the container. It hurt a little. He then began licking me again.

I knew if I totally rebuffed him, I was in no position to assert myself. Furthermore, I was now laying on the handcuffs, and I was very uncomfortable.
I interrupted, "Sport, although I really am enjoying this attention, you should know that the fluid is my boyfriend's semen, not my own juices.
If you uncuff me, I will give you a blow job for your troubles."

He spat out whatever he had in his mouth and agreed to my proposal. He took the keys out of the container and quickly uncuffed me.
I knew that my dress needed dry-cleaning, if it was not ruined because of the water, but I took off the dress anyway.

He had already been at my vagina, seeing my breasts was no big deal now anyway. The young man quickly removed his robe, and he had nothing on underneath. Unless you count his hard on.

I asked him to lie down on the bed, and I turned on the TV before I got on the bed myself. Sure enough, porn filled the room.
"You have been a bad boy," I said before I kissed him on his penis after first inspecting it for any growths.
Then something happened. The phone rang, and I muted the television.
The young man answered the phone and started talking to someone, calling her dear. He closed his robe, so I figured it was his wife. He placed his index finger over his lips, warning me to be quiet. I placed my index finger over my grinning mouth, and I opened his robe up, exposing a hard penis.

I started licking his penis, and I noticed his voice went up an octave, before he coughed, excusing himself to his wife. He was conversing with her, obviously he was on a business trip like myself. I continued to glide my tongue over his penis, paying particular attention to the ridge below his penis cap.

He listened more than talked. I was paying complete attention to his penis, although I heard him say that he could talk with her for hours. He wanted me to give him a blow job while he was on the phone. I encircled his penis with my lips, and I began silently moving up and down.

He covered the mouthpiece, and I continued. I could taste a small amount of precum which leaked from his penis, and I continued. My hair was falling over my face, and I believe it was tickling his legs because he placed one hand over one of his legs. I continued to move my head up and down, being careful not to be too loud. I played with his lovely cap with my tongue each time I moved my hear upward.

"What happened next," he said to his wife, and I continued to suck his penis, it getting harder and larger. He was covering the mouthpiece and biting his hand, trying not to say anything. He placed his hand on my head, wanting me to stop because of his wife. I simply used my tongue to continue the oral stimulation.

Then it happened. He spewed all over the inside of my mouth, some of the semen dripping onto his robe and my face. He hung up the phone with his thumb as he came, not saying goodbye or anything.
"Fuck yes," he said, and I continued to manipulate him with my mouth. He came again, and then he started becoming flaccid. The phone rang again.

"We got cut off," he said as soon as the receiver was at his mouth.
"Sweetie, I need to get some sleep before the meeting tomorrow." He then hung up, turning his attention to me. I told him I needed to get to bed soon myself, and I suggested that the blow job was more than adequate repayment of freeing me.

I cleaned myself up, choosing to leave the butt plug in my bottom. I was getting used to the pressure by now. I gave the young man my panties, not wanting to remember everything that happened that night, and partly because I knew he wanted a memento for the occasion. My guess is that I was only the second woman to ever see his penis, let alone touch it. I went down to the front desk, and I said I had locked myself out of my room.

They gave me a replacement key, and I returned to my room. Before I entered the room, I noticed that the crack below the door was dark.
My "friends" were either asleep or gone, I had hoped.
I opened the door, and I found Ross alone in my bed. I turned on the light, and he quickly awoke.

"My wife had to go home and get the kids from the babysitter. I stayed to see that you made it safely back here. We were worried about you."

"Bullshit," I said.
"You just did not want me to press charges."

"Did you remember what you did to me earlier this evening. I would say we were even. I would love to hear how you got out of the handcuffs and plugs."

"You are right," I answered, "We are even. And I still have the butt plug inside of me."

"Let me take it out," you half asked, half demanded.
"Okay," I answered, "but you will have to take it out without your fingers."

Ross seemed to enjoy that answer, and I squatted doggie style, still in my dress. Ross started biting the hem of my dress, trying to pull it above my bottom.
He was not having too much luck, and I pulled it up for him. He then noticed that the butt plug was deep inside of me.

He started trying to grab it with his teeth, and it tickled and hurt at the same time. As he grabbed the plug between his teeth, I tightened my ass, and I felt his teeth slip off of the plug. He tried again, me again tightening, and then the plug slipping loose.

The third time he gripped it, he growled a little and then I felt it start coming out. I did not tighten, as I really enjoyed the feeling of him slowly taking it out of my arse.
He pulled it all of the way out, and it fell to the floor. He then muttered something about "Poor angel," and he started licking my sore asshole with his tongue.

I felt dirty and excited. He continued to lick my hole, exciting me greatly. I had had to pee a little while ago, but the feeling completely subsided. He pushed his tongue inside of my hole, and I could feel his teeth and nose press against my cheeks.

He must have licked me for ten minutes, and my legs were growing weak.
Ross asked if I wanted to go to the bed, and I shook my head "yes."

Ross turned me over so that my back was on the bed, and he began kissing me on the lips. I was returning the kiss, lost in the moment, when I felt his penis enter my vagina for the second time.

He fucked me fast and furious, coming before I was ready for him to cum. His face had a pained expression on it, and he was not worried about whether I had cum, that much I knew.

Afterwards, he stayed inside of me for some time. I did not want to say anything, feeling his penis shrink inside of me. When he got off of me and started dressing, I awoke.

I fell asleep with him in me. He mentioned that his wife wanted me fucked good.

When he left, I was afraid that he may have impregnated me.

I would be scared the rest of the month.

This ends the story of the first time Ross, Debbie, and I met.

Bathroom Break

I will admit this much. I don't masturbate often, but most of the time, it is at work in the ladies' room.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trick or Treat Part 3

Leesa(December 2000)

As we got back to the room, thoughts of dread filled my head. I wondered how Ross was doing. Sure I was pissed that he wanted to lie to his wife that I was a hooker, but does that deserve me paying some man to butt fuck him without his permission? No. There was a chance that he enjoyed it, but knowing Ross the way that I do, I had a feeling it really freaked him out. I also did not like him using the name John instead of Ross. I thought it was disingenuous.

All of these hostile feelings began dissipating after I entered the hotel room. Ross looked helpless. "Miss us?" I offered as we crossed the threshold of the room.
I took the handcuff keys from the dresser and unlocked them. "I bet your wrists hurt, sweetie," I said. Debbie looked at Ross and then at me, and she said, "Slip into John's position for a while." I paused momentarily, almost forgetting that Ross� name was John.

I had kept the name deception straight all night so far, and I almost slipped up. I slipped one of my wrists into a cuff and shut it with my other hand.
Then I offered a wrist to Debbie. "Cuff me, sweetie." She cuffed the other cuff, and I was now helpless. As soon as I heard the mechanism snap into place, Debbie said, "Bitch." That did not sound promising. "Debbie," she said to me (remembering from the other stories that we were both named Debbie) and she touched my jaw, positioning my face so that I was looking at her on the bed, "we are going to play a little game, sort of like 20 questions.
I will ask you a series of questions, and you will answer Yes or No." Debbie paused for a moment, then corrected herself, "You will say Yes and lick me when you mean No."

Then Debbie unbuttoned her pants, slipping out of them quickly, making the bed move a little under her preparations. She then removed her panties, revealing herself to me and to her husband. She went over to her purse and took something from it, giving it to her husband. I tried to see it, but I could not turn my head far enough to see the transaction.
She then got back on the bed, spreading her legs so I had access to her vagina. When she mentioned licking, she meant licking. Debbie began the questions: "Has my husband ever paid to have sex with you?"
"No," I answered, then remembered the rules. "Sorry."
"Debbie, you know the rules. John, please spank Debbie for forgetting."
I felt Ross hit me with something made of wood. It stung a little, but surprisingly, it really did not hurt. I quickly licked Debbie's cunny, knowing that this would satisfy her.
"I believe you, Debbie," she said.
"Have you ever met John?" I licked her cunny a little slower, remembering that I might be in better shape if she enjoyed the licking.
"I do not believe you. Spank her John.
" Another hit. And then another.
"Again, have you ever met John before tonight." I licked her again, and I received another hit.
"John, plug her up. What size butt plug would you like?" "None," I answered. "Use the big one, John," responded Debbie. I knew she wanted to control the whole situation, but I did not want her too. Then I felt a cold gel on my arse, and then Ross� finger in my arsehole.
I then felt Ross placed the large butt plug in my arsehole.
It was very uncomfortable. Ross then hit me again, and part of the wood hit the butt plug, and it hurt so much more.
Debbie grabbed me by the hair and said, "Don't lie to me again, bitch." Has John ever been in your little asshole before?" Debbie asked. I licked her again, slowly tracing my tongue along her large labial lips. I received three more stinging spanks. I began to suspect that Ross wanted to spank me.

"Debbie, do not lie to me. I am sure John, or should I say Ross, is spanking you with more vigor now. I know Ross christened your ass last night."
"Did you enjoy Ross fucking your ass last night?," continued Debbie.
"Yes," I answered.
"Ross, hit her for enjoying herself with a married man."
Three more hard hits, each one nicking the butt plug.
My ass was on fire.

"Debbie, Ross wants you now, I can tell. But his ass is sore from the spanking I gave him when I found out about you. He told me that you would not allow him in your vagina, is that correct?"


"Would you allow my husband in your vagina right now?"
I began licking Debbie's vagina greedily, wanting to convey how I did not want her husband in me. I parted her smaller lips with my tongue, and I tasted her sex in my mouth. I knew she was enjoying this. I traced her outer lips with my tongue occasionally, doing what I enjoy when my husband licks me. Debbie then did something totally unexpected. She got up, a bit unsteady on her feet, but she got up nonetheless.

I could tell she was behind me, and she asked, "Do you want my husband to fuck your little cunt?"

"No," I said, and I received a hard hit, by her, I am sure.

"My husband is really ready for a fuck. Can he fuck you in the cunt?"

"No." Two hard hits.

"Can he fuck your little pussy?"


Three additional hits, two took a direct hit on the butt plug. I was in agony.

"Yes," I screamed.
"Yes, what?"
Debbie asked me.
"Yes, I would like your husband in my vagina."
"Call it a pussy, Debbie," Debbie answered.
"Yes, I would like your husband in my pussy."
"Open yourself for my husband," Debbie said laughing, then added, "I will do the honors since you are a little tied up now."

Debbie spread me open, and almost immediately, I felt Ross inside of me.

"Yes," is the only word Ross said. Ross was fucking me doggie style, and I could tell that Debbie was kissing her husband.
He was pawing her and fucking me. This I could tell. It was not long before I felt Ross empty himself into me, the first two squirts being incredibly strong, spewing his cum deep inside of my unprotected vagina.

He continued to cum, continued to deposit his sperm into me. He stayed in me until her was completely flaccid.

It was a great fuck, but now I could not tell my husband that another guy had not been in me since we have been married. I felt guilty and was beginning to feel cold.
Debbie instructed Ross to uncuff my left handcuff.
Ross then untied it from the bed. "Nice cuffs," Ross said after inspecting the handcuffs.
They were very sturdy, needed to be since they needed to restrict Ross when he was getting buttfucked.

"Stand up," instructed Debbie. Because my other wrist was still cuffed to the bed, I was leaning to one side.
Ross then took both my wrists behind my back, his strong hands securely clutching them. He then uncuffed the other cuffs. Debbie then instructed me to clean up and get dressed. She told me not to remove the sore butt plug just yet.

I got completely dressed, even putting my panties over myself, which obscured the butt plug from view. Ross then took my wrists and began kissing them.
I started to lower my guard, and just then he put both hands behind my back, deftly cuffing me before I knew what was going on. Debbie then asked for the keys. She placed them in a small plastic container and sealed the container.

"Neat small butt plug," she said, showing it to me in front of my face.

"It even has a small area to carry things. Debbie pulled up my dress in front, and then pulled my panties down past my vagina.
She stared at my vagina for a moment, and said, "Still wet, I see."

She then shoved the cold hard plastic container into my vagina and put my panties on again. She smoothed my dress down, and then looked me over. She went to the bathroom and got a hand towel, then draped the hand towel over my handcuffs, hiding them.
Debbie then explained:
"It is now about 12:30 a.m., and most of the guests in this hotel are asleep. I hope you can find a Good Samaritan to help you out of your predicament. Of course, I would guarantee that any guy would love to dig into your pussy and remove the key.
But why would he unlock such a taste fuck? Unless you want to let us release you and tell your husband what you have been doing these last two days."
"No, don't tell my husband," I pleaded. With this Debbie said, "Good luck," and kissed me on the mouth, inserting the tip of her tongue in my mouth. I bit her tongue, to which she replied, "Bitch.
Funny thing is that I was just going to scare you and have Ross take off the cuffs. Not now."

With that, she pushed me out of the hotel room. I was fucked. Please e-mail me if you want to see what will happen next.