Monday, July 31, 2006

The Shower

by Dick Throb

I arrived home early that day.
As I opened the door I could see her standing at the sink.
She was cleaning vegetables for dinner.
I knew she had been in the garden by what she had on.
She always put on the halter top and very short shorts after she took a shower.
I could imagine the sweet taste of her vagina, fresh and warm from the hot water flooding over the inner folds of her pussy lips.
The thought made my cock stir in my pants.
She was beautiful, standing there with her long tan bare leg, no shoes and her hair laying across her back.

She turned slightly and smiled.
"Hi, how are you?" she asked.
"I'm doing real good, now that I'm home and see you, life is great. And you are beautiful."
Knowing that I had taken a shower before leaving work, I felt as fresh as she did.
I knelt on the floor behind her and started to run my tongue up her leg.
The shorts gave me a slight view of the nice crease of the bottom of her ass cheek.
I lick that area, it always drives her crazy.
She pushed her ass back into my face a little and I could heard her breathing getting heavy.
I licked the crease and into the crack between her pillows of flesh.
She stopped what she was doing and held onto the edge of the sink.
She moaned loudly as my tongue made contact with her ass hole.
It was so sweet and smelled of soap and oils.
I knew what she had done in the shower with herself and didn't mind a bit.
As I licked her ass hole my mind drifted to her image in the shower.
I could see her with water cascading down her beautiful body.
Flowing over her tits down her stomach and funneling across her sweet pussy.
Her feet and toes would be standing in the fresh water.
Ready for me to lick and kiss.
She would wash her tits and slide the soap to her ass. Gently she would lather up her ass while concentrating on the dark rose bud nestled between her cheeks.
All the while she continued to wash her pussy, making it foam up with soap and water.
Soon she started to moan and push back against the hand that was on her rose bud. She would push back and open her legs slightly.
All the time smiling with her eyes closed.
This continued for several minutes until I saw her bend over and grab the side of the tub.
She let out a scream and pumped her ass hole hard with her soapy hand.
I could imagine the tight ring around her ass hole opening up to admit the finger I knew was buried deep inside her ass.
She continued to have an orgasm pumping her ass as her pussy juice flowed down her legs.

After several minutes she stood, smiling with a glow in her eyes.
She now concentrated on her pussy.
This too was covered with the soapy water worked into a lather.
She inserted two fingers into the open dripping pussy and started to pump her hand.
Slowly at first, just touching her clit. Gently brushing it as her finger went in and out.
She kept up this pumping until she had to grab onto the hand rail.
She gripped it tightly as the spasms of her orgasm took over her body and mind.
I could smell the sweet aroma of her fresh pussy juice as it gushed from within.
Mixing with the hot water, it gave the whole room a fragrance of glorious sex.
Now she reached just outside the shower and got the vibrator.
Totally enclosed in rubber made it perfect to use in the shower.
She put some oil on the end and rubbed it all over.
She then place one foot on the edge of the tub, and while rubbing her pussy, she slowly inserted the vibrator into her ass hole.
I could see it slowly disappear into the deep recess of her beautiful ass.
Once she got it in, she turned it on.
She immediately began moaning and writher around in the tub.
She is the only woman I know that can have an orgasm from a good ass fucking.
That's just one more thing I love about her.

She pulled the vibrator out almost to the end then pushed it back in hard.
She kept up this fucking, in and out, hard and fast until she almost fell over.
I could see her face shining with pure delight and pleasure.
Very soon she stood up and squeezed her ass cheeks together and slammed her pussy with her hand.
She screamed out loudly and moaned with such great depth.
I almost came just thinking of her.

After a few minutes and slid the vibrator out of her ass and washed it off.
She washed herself again and got out of the shower.
She replaced the vibrator and dried off.
Taking great care to dry everything as she let the towel drift over her body.

I continued to lick her ass and smell the fresh oil on her puckered rose bud.
I reached up and unhooked her shorts and pulled them down to the floor.
As she stepped out of them, I saw her ass spread slightly in anticipation of what was going to happen.
I buried my tongue into her ass and felt the tight ring of muscle close around the end.
I removed my pants as I rubbed her wet pussy.
Her sweet juices flowed freely all over my hand.
I spread it onto her ass hole and licked it. Mmmm, so fresh and warm.
I spread a lot of her juice on my granite cock.
I continued to lick her ass as I stroked my shaft with her juice.
I stood behind her and she bent over the sink.
I rubbed my cock head against her juicy ass hole.
I pushed slightly and the head popped right in.
Very slowly I pushed a little further until my whole 8" of rock hard meat was deeply buried in her ass hole.
I could feel her hot pussy juice on my balls.
Slowly I pulled out some and pushed in again.

I continued this slow in and out until I knew my cock was completely covered so I wouldn't hurt her.
She knew what was going to happen next, so she held on tight to the counter top.
I started fucking her ass.
All the way in and almost out then back in again.
Each time it was harder and harder.
Slamming her ass, pumping with all I was worth.
My balls slapped against her pussy as my cock went deep into her rose bud.
Her warm wet muscle gripped my cock like a rubber band. It squeezed and milked it.
I kept up this hard banging and fucking as I felt my cum building from my toes.
My groin started to swell with my cum.
My knees were getting weak. I pumped hard and fast.
She was ready as my cock slammed into her.

Suddenly she let out a scream and squeezed my cock hard.
She matched each and every stroke as she pushed her ass onto my pumping cock.
I reached around her and felt her juices flowing from her pussy.
I rubbed her clit and was rewarded with a hand full of hot steamy liquid gushing onto my hand. It felt so great.

At that time, my balls could hold back no more.
I grabbed her around the waist and pushed one last time as my boiling cum exploded from my cock filling her deep dark love canal with it's life giving fluid.
I held it deep inside as her ass muscle milked my dry.
After several minutes, my spend flaccid cock fell from her as hole.
She turned around and we kissed hot wet and deep for a long time.
She was still quivering and shaking from her tremendous orgasm.
We held eachother until we were again steady on our feet.
She looked at me and said, "Lets take a shower and get ready for dinner. There's something in there I want to show you".
"Dear, that's another reason I love you so much, you're always showing me things".

We then headed for the bathroom, but that's another story.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Two girls, a guy and a hot tub

by Mr Hard

Having been friends for a long time, Julie and I had just started living together after her last boyfriend moved out.
My lease was to be finished soon and she needed a roommate to help on rent, plus she liked the idea of having a guy around in case she ever needed help w/ fixing anything, or if there was ever a mouse to take care of, plus she felt it would be safer if she had a guy around.
So we moved in together.
It was easy to adjust b/c we were such good friends and it was so easy being around each other since we shared everything together anyway.

She had a ski trip planned to Colorado, and once I moved in, asked me to join her and her friend who had been her college roommate.
So I readily agreed, liking the idea of 4 days of skiing and staying with two gorgeous women.
The trip was a month away at the time so I had plenty of time to schedule vacation time.

The only hard thing about living together was watching her run around the house half-naked. It seemed she had no inhibitions about letting me see her body and told me she didn't mind if I wore only my boxers while lounging around.

Seeing her walk around in her panties and bra was quite a turn on.
And she liked wearing the silky, see thru kind too.
She wore panties that were rather skimpy and allowed most of her sexy ass to show.
And her bra clearly showed her breasts, herr nipples being clearly visible.

Having only one bathroom was awkward at first, but after a while it was no problem.
Since she went to work before me she normally got ready before me.
But a couple of weeks before our trip she got up late and I had to get ready.
So I asked if I could join her to start getting ready as she finished up.
She said, "Sure" and opened the door, wearing only her bra and panties.

I was wearing only my boxers and began to brush my teeth.
However, it was very hard to concentrate and to keep from staring at her gorgeous body so close to mine.
Since the bathroom was so small, she brushed against me time after time.
Feeling her next to me and looking at her sexy body in the mirror made me very horny, and my cock began to grow.
She actually seemed to like having me in there, seeing me stare at her lovely body.
I noticed her nipples were hard and pointed out thru her bra, clearly defined, but she caught me looking at her.
I suddenly realized what I was doing and looked up to see her smiling.
She passed behind me, her breasts brushing against my back and the rest of her body brushing against my ass.
That quickly made my cock rise to its full height becoming extremely hard, pointing its large, swollen head up at the ceiling, pressing against my boxers pushing them way out.
The harder I tried to keep it from hardening, the harder my cock became.

Passing from behind me, I looked at her to see her admiring my own lean, muscular body, running her eyes down my body to glance towards my cock, which she was surprised to see was hard.
I saw her eyes widen as she saw my long, hard, thick cock outlined thru my boxers, my swollen head pressing them out.
I tried to keep talking as if nothing were wrong, but noticed she now kept glancing down at me.
Seeing her and feeling her next to me was making me extremely horny, and I felt my cock begin to twitch excitedly back and forth.
The movement caught her eye and I saw her look down at my cock to see it twitching back and forth excitedly in my boxers.
She looked me in the eyes and I felt my face flush a deep red.
Surprisingly she smiled a sly, coy grin and asked, "Are you feeling good this morning?"
I stammered out "Uh, yeah I am".
Feeling really hot I thought I had better leave.
But as I was passing behind her, there was hardly enough room and I had to squeeze by.
My cock brushed against her sexy ass, my hard cock sliding all the way across her ass, actually sliding between her cheeks as it went.
I took in a deep breath feeling her, and heard her take in a deep breath and let out a soft moan of surprise.
Embarrased, I uttered "Oh, sorry" and heard her reply, "Oh that's ok" as she looked down at my cock jumping wildly back and forth in my boxers as I left.

Little did I know at the time that she was also extremely turned on, although I had noticed a distinct and different smell that morning and wondered if that was the smell of her cunt.
The sight of my hard cock pleased her so much she began to tease me more around the house.
She disguised it so well, I just thought she was a very sensual, open person that was not in the least inhibited.

Only a few days before our trip she asked me if I could give her a back rub, complaining that she was really sore and tight from working out getting ready for our ski trip.
I had given her many back rubs before, as she had me also.
But this particular night when she called me into her room, she was wearing only a long, thin tshirt and a pair of your skimpy panties.
I noticed her nipples poking thru her tshirt, pointing thru and being clearly visible.
She thanked me telling me, "I'm so tight and sore I really appreciate you rubbing my back."
"You always give such a good back rub!".
She got on her bed, and as she was laying down pulled her shirt up to her neck asking me to rub a special lotion on her back.
Standing to the side, I could see her breasts exposed and marveled at the sight of them, noticing they were not huge, but were firm and had those erect nipples pointing out and almost upwards.
I could scarcely believe she had just done that and paused a moment to take in the sight of her laying on the bed in front of me.
Her smooth back exposed, her sexy, round ass mostly exposed since her panties were kind of drawn up in her crack.
My cock began to harden immediately when I suddenly heard her ask, "Well, what are you waiting on?"

I was wearing a pair of shorts over my boxers and a tshirt also.
I sat to the side and began rubbing her back in long, deep strokes, my large, strong hands finding all the right spots.
But she asked, "Do you want to straddle me like I do you when I rub your back?
You can get more leverage that way you know."
So I agreed, climbing over on her.
My cock was extremely hard and throbbing and pressed into her ass as it rested between her cheeks, throbbing down into her crevice.
She moaned a soft moan of pleasure, and muttered, "Ah that feels good".
I thought the same as I loved the feel of her silky smooth skin under my fingers.
I spread my fingers wide to lightly brush them all the way down her back from her neck to her ass.
The chills leaped out onto her skin allowing me to feel her pleasure.
Then I began to knead in small circles around her back, allowing my fingers to slide down onto her sides, rubbing against the base of her breasts feeling her shudder slightly as chills leaped out all over her again.
I noticed the smell of her cunt as I knew she was getting wet and aroused.
Slowly I rubbed down her back, till my hands were on her very lower back, just above her ass.
I rubbed the top of her ass, wandering if she would stop me, but she didn't.

Feeling more daring, I allowed my hands to find their way under her silky panties, still not feeling any resistance.
I slid a finger down into the crevice between her cheeks, feeling my cock jump as I imagined my cock being my finger. She squirmed and said, "Hey, that's kind of low isn't it?"
I had to stammer out, "Uh yeah, I'm sorry, I kind of got carried away".

Finishing up, I stroked her back in long, light strokes, barely brushing her skin allowing her to relax and adjust as I finished.
I rose from straddling her and stood up, my cock hard and twitching as it pressed against my boxers and shorts.
She also rose, pulling her shirt down as she did, but none too quickly, allowing me another quick glance at her round breasts.

She stepped towards me, leaning up into me to give me a small kiss of appreciation on the cheek.
I felt her nipples touch my chest, then felt her lean into me more, tiptoeing as her hands pulled my head down so she could whisper softly in my ear, "Thank you so much".
I could feel her breathing in my ear, making my cock throb hard.
Her breasts pressed into me hard and I felt my long, hard, throbbing cock press into her stomach.

I left her room for mine to go to bed, sleeping fitfully that night dreaming about her.
And upon waking the next morning I found my dreams had not all been imagined.
My boxers were completely soaked in the front and stuck to my body.
I could smell the smell of my cum and realized I had cum during my sleep, dreaming about her.

The day of our ski trip finally came and we flew out to Colorado together, having a great time laughing and teasing each other as we unwound and relaxed getting ready for a great vacation.
We got in late at night so we went to bed as soon as possible to prepare for a big day of skiing the next day.
She and her friend took the downstairs since it had two beds, and I took the roll-away bed upstairs.

We skiied the next day having a blast together, enjoying each other, laughing easily and often.
After we got back to our condo, we all wanted a hot shower.
Being the gentleman, I offered to go last.
And when finally I heard Julie yell upstairs to me that she were done, I walked down in my boxers, not thinking anything about it, until suddenly I realized her friend was there too.
Well to my surprise and enjoyment, she was as uninhibited as Julie and was wearing only a bra and panties also, just like Julie.
I couldn't help but stare at her friend Dana as I walked toward the bathroom.
She in turn stared at me, smiling as she did, apparently approving of my lean, muscular body and the sight of my cock swinging in my boxers.
Slightly embarrased, but extremely exhilarated I hurridely stepped into the bathroom for my shower, noticing Julie smiling at me looking at Dana.
She was slightly taller than Julie, standing about 5-9 and Julie at 5-8.
She was built thinner, having a long, lithe graceful body with less curves than Julie, but nonetheless she had a very sexy and enticing body.
I estimated her breasts to be 30c and weight to be 120.
I knew Julie's breasts were 32d since I had handled her bras when doing laundry, many times fantasizing about fondling her breasts as I cupped my hands around the cups.
And I knew Julie weighed 125 from seeing her on the scales at home.
Taking my shower, I stroked my cock a few times, thinking of Julie and Dana half naked just on the other side of the door.

We cooked a meal of pasta and wine that evening.
After our meal and dessert of ice cream we each had another glass of wine and began to feel that nice, warm feeling permeate our bodies partly from the wonderful feeling of our tired muscles, but moreso from the wine relaxing us.
Feeling relaxed I asked if anyone wanted to join me in the hottub just outside in our deck.
We had it all to ourselves and I planned to make the most of it. Dana quickly agreed as did Julie.
I was the first to get my swim trunks on and to get into the hot tub which allowed me to watch Julie and Dana walk outside to climb in.
Both had bikinis on, their sexy bodies barely covered, their asses clearly visible as their bikinis slid between their cheeks as they walked.
They both climbed in, exclaiming at how hot the water was.
But I told them it felt really good after your body adjusted to it.
They were both across from me, their heads tilted back and eyes shut as they both relaxed. We each had our arms out, spread out to our sides.
But having just seen two wonderful, sexy and enticing bodies my cock was hardening, especially as I adjusted myself to allow a jet of water to rush over my cock.
I lowered an arm under the water to begin to stroke my cock.
Dana opened her eyes and saw me looking at her, with one hand under the water, and one hand out.
She smiled at me, immediately knowing what I was doing.
Looking me in the eyes she said in a flirtatious tone, "Feels good doesn't it?" and smiled.
She then lowered her own arm and shut her eyes again, her lips slightly parting as I could tell she began to fondle herself.
Then being clueless, Julie opened her eyes and replied "Yes it does", looking at me, noticing my arm in the water moving up and down slightly, smiling as she noticed I quit once I knew she was looking at me.
Then she glanced over at Dana and noticed her own arm moving back and forth, her eyes closed and lips parted.
I could tell Julie knew what Dana was doing since I saw a small smile form on the corners of her lips.
She said she were going to bed, but that she forgot her towel and asked me to get it for her.
Dana then asked me to get hers too since she had also forgotten.
Feeling embarrased, I knew that they both would see my hard cock, but also figured they would know anyway if I said I wouldn't get out.
So I stood up, my wet boxers hugging my body as the water dripped down my body, steam rising from my hot body meeting the cool air.
I saw both Julie & Dana stare at my long, thick, hard cock which was clearly defined as it pointed skyward, pressing my wet boxers out.
And as I got out, I saw the two look at each other and smile as they leaned toward each other whispering excitedly.
As I came back, I wrapped a towel around myself to cover up my hard cock, but there was still a clearly visible bulge as it pushed against the towel.
As I walked to hand them both their towels, they both just stared at me, smiling coyly.

After having slept a sound sleep filled with erotic dreams of Julie and Dana, I woke to the sounds of breakfast.
Both she and Dana were up and fixing breakfast in the kitchen upstairs which was just on the other side of the eating bar.
I still felt aroused from my dreams and glanced down to see my cock pushing the covers high.
I looked to see if either of them were looking at me.
The movement of my head as I turned caught Julie's eye and I saw her looking at me, saying brightly, "Good morning sleepy head!"
Then she turned to Dana and said, "Hey, lets go jump on him!"
And sure enough she and Dana walked around the bar towards me, both of them noticing the covers being pushed up, turning to smile at each other as they advanced.
Wearing robes, they both rushed me and jumped on top of me, first Julie then Dana, both of them allowing their robes to fall open as they did.
Julie across my body, her stomach on top of my cock, and Dana perpindicular to her, parralel to me, laying on the top.
One of her legs was between mine and I felt it pressing into my balls.
Julie leaned towards my ear and breathed into my ear, "Did you have sweet dreams? I sure did".
Being caught off-guard I was embarrased at first, but then realized that they both knew what they were doing after that comment and wondered how long they had stared at my hard cock as I slept.
And having two good looking women on top of me was quite a turn on.
I felt Dana brush her leg back and forth against my round balls a couple of times before she stood.
And then Julie slid her whole body over my cock as she slid to the side off of me.
As I felt her body slide over my hard cock, I felt it jump wildly and knew she felt it too.

After eating a nutritious breakfast we took off and had another great day of skiing.
Then we got back to the condo for showers before our dinner.
Again, being last I walked by both Julie & Dana in their skimpy, sexy underwear and had to stare as Dana was bent over at the waist with her ass stuck up in the air towards me.
And then Julie stopped me to tell me something, bending down too, to allow me to see most of your breasts, noticing she looked up to see if I was looking.

After our dinner and two or three glasses of wine we were all feeling really good.
We got ready and all got in the hot tub again, allowing the hot water to relax our tired bodies.
We were talking and laughing when I felt a foot slide up my leg to stay there.
I wasn't sure who it was, but suspected it was Julie since she were on my left side and the foot was on my left leg. My cock hardened very quickly to its full height becoming extremely hard, causing me to pause in my conversation.
Dana asked, "Is something wrong, you look kind of flushed".
For good reason I thought to myself. My whole body felt extremely hot as I felt the foot slowly sliding further up my leg from my calf.
And then surprisingly I felt another foot on my right leg, rubbing up and down, sliding up my leg.
Slightly out of breath, I finished my remarks and quit talking, leaning my head back to close my eyes as I felt extremely turned on and horny with two feet and legs sliding up my own legs.
I couldn't believe it was happening and didn't want to say anything for fear it would stop. Dana kept talking until suddenly she turned to Julie and said she had a dare for her.
"I dare you to take off your bikini."
I heard Julie objecting, "But can't someone see us from the neighboring condos?".
Laughing, Dana said, "That never stopped you in college!"
And just like that I saw Julie reach down under the swirling water to jerk out her bikini with a flourish, throwing it toward the condo door.
I could hardly believe it, but heard her laughing, saying, "Ah that feels even better!".
Then Dana said, "I meant the whole bikini."
At which she replied, "Only if both of you strip naked also."
Dana with no hesitation whatsoever, reached down, looking me in the eyes as she did, and pulled out her own bikini and threw it towards the door.
Then, simultaneously they both said excitedly, "Now its your turn John!"
Laughing too now and feeling very excited and exhilarated, I reached down to slide my swim trunks off, feeling the water jets swirl the water around my long, hard, bare cock.
I dropped them to the side where I could reach them if I had too, but heard them say, "Hey, thats no fair, throw them over to the condo like we did!" I said, "But the people in the other condos can see we're naked when we get out to walk over there!".

At which Dana rejoined, "Thats part of the excitement, the thrill, the exhilaration!"
So I reached down and turned around to throw them to the condo since my back was to it.
As I was turning back around, I saw two bikini tops flying over to drop beside my trunks.
And then facing Julie & Dana again, I noticed they were both just sliding down into the water smiling as I grinned myself from seeing them both with breasts exposed.
Once under the water, I could tell they didn't have anything on, but couldn't see either Julie's or Dana's breasts clearly b/c of the swirling water.
Julie and Dana started talking about masturbation and asked me if I ever did that, telling me they both did frequently.
I admitted I did also and said "Wow, wouldn't that be such a turn-on to do that now?"
And heard Dana say, "Yes it would, why don't you do it? I dare you!"
And I felt two legs brushing against mine again, feet sliding up my legs all the way to my inner thighs as both Julie & Dana slid closer to me, one on each side.
So I reached a hand down under the water and grasped my hard and throbbing cock, wrapping my fingers around the base to slowly slide my hand up my long, hard shaft, all the way up to my sensitive, swollen head, gasping as I slid my hand over it.

I saw both Julie & Dana staring at me intently, peering down to my hand on my cock.
I noticed they both slid both their arms under the water too, and knew they were beginning to pleasure themselves. I felt a foot suddenly slide upwards to my balls, the toes massaging them as they wriggled around. I had to let out a deep breath and heard Julie slyly say, "That feels good doesn't it John?" To which I could only nod my head and grit my teeth as I felt another foot sliding up to my cock, this one pressing against my shaft. I took my fingers off my cock and encircled them in the toes of what I knew now was Dana's foot. She smiled as I did, rubbing her foot up and down as I pulled it up and down. Then I felt both sliding away and noticed they were looking at each other, smiling as they both rose up to walk to where I was sitting. I stared in awe and wonder at their lovely bodies. The water dripping down their wet, naked bodies, their lovely breasts wet as driplets of water clung to them. Feeling really horny, I fantasized about fucking both Dana and Julie, and wondered to myself how much all of this had been planned, and if indeed I were going to have a threesome experience I had thought was only a wild, erotic fantasy that would never come true. Sitting on each side of me, I felt their hot, naked bodies slide down in the water next to me, each touching me making me even hotter as I felt my cock jumping wildly back and forth in extreme excitement. I said in a light tone, "And to what do I owe this extreme pleasure?" At which Julie replied, "Ah, this is only the beginning of pleasure, and no, we aren't to the extreme part yet."
I felt her hand slide down my muscular chest, down my washboard abs to take my hard, thick cock in her fingers, wrapping them around it at the base.
At the same time, I felt Dana slide a hand down my hot naked body also to enwrap her fingers around my large, swollen head.
I let out a groan of pleasure and felt Dana pulling up slightly on my cock as Julie pushed her hand down.
The pleasure was intense and I had to let a deep groan again, feeling like my whole body was on fire.
I slid both my hands down to rest on both Julie's and Dana's thighs, sliding them slowly around to tease.
I felt Dana lean forward to breath deep breaths into my ear, her breasts pressing into me as she did.
Her breaths making my cock jump wildly in both hands, making them both giggle.
Then on my other side, I felt Julie lean her tits into my body, to kiss my other ear, sliding a wet tongue inside, making chills leap out all over my body despite the hot water.
I shuddered, and then touched my left hand to her pussy lips, at the same time using my other for Dana's pussy lips.
Then I heard both of them let out small moans of delight as they felt my hand sliding up and down their pussy lips, a finger sliding between them to rub circles around their clits.
They both quickly hardened as they both began to moan in pleasure, Dana tightly closing her eyes as she shuddered slightly.

Sliding a finger inside their cunts, I touched both their g-spots with my forefinger, rubbing it in a "come here" manner, feeling both their hips grinding against my hand, their bodies sliding around as I fingered their most private of places in a not so private place.
Dana whispered into my ear, her body writhing against me, "This feels so good! Especially since its outside and since other people can see us! Its making me sooo horny!"
She slid a leg over mine, straddling my right leg, her cunt rubbing back and forth against my leg as she pressed her tits into me and pressed her lips to mine in a long, deep kiss that made my cock throb wildly.
I heard Julie exclaim as she kept sliding a hand up and down my cock, "John I can feel your cock throb - that feels so wild!"
As Dana then slid off me, I turned to Julie and slid a leg between hers, my balls pressed into the top of her leg, sprawling on either side.
I pressed my leg into her cunt, and felt her grind her cunt into it, opening her mouth to gasp, allowing me the opportunity to press my lips to hers, sliding my tongue thru her parted lips.
I felt her kiss back passionately, our tongues sliding over each other wildy, making my long, hard, thick cock twitch against her stomach.
I felt her pull back to ask, "This feels really good, but should we be doing this since we're roommates?"
Leaning to her ear, I paused a second, blowing into your ear, feeling her shudder as I did, noticing the chills on her skin which told me she were extremely turned on.
Then I whispered, "Yes, we should be doing this."
Then after a couple more seconds breathing into her ear, I whispered, "I want more though, I want to fuck" and wondered what the response would be.
She whispered back breathlessly, "I do too", then "Only if Dana can join us though - she wants your cock as bad as I do".
In reply, I turned back to Dana and kissed her deeply, sliding my cock up her leg as I slid toward her, hearing her moan in my mouth as I did, her body shaking slightly as she felt my long, hard cock sliding up towards her hot, juicy cunt.
I let it slide up to flop against her pussy lips to just rest there.

She pulled her head back and exclaimed, "AHHH, that feels so good!".
I felt a hand slide down to wrap around my cock and realized it was Julie's.
She smiled as she saw my eyes widen in intense pleasure as she pulled it up and down, sliding it up and down Dana's wet and swollen pussy lips.
Dana had her eyes shut intensely and her moans became louder and faster as she felt my cock rubbing against her.
I kissed Julie deeply as she continued to rub my swollen head up and down Dana.
I reached a hand around to grasp Julie's ass in my large hand and pulled her to me, feeling her tits press against either side of my shoulder, Her hips tilting up to press against my leg.
She said, "Why don't you stand up out of the water, so I can get a good look at that cock of yours?"
So, pulling away from Dana, I stood, allowing her to take in the sight of me naked before her.
Dana opened her eyes as I stood and smiled as she stared at my long, hard, thick cock in front of her, my large, swollen head pointing straight up at the sky as it twitched back and forth in the excitement of having two gorgeous ladies stare at it.
I turned around to see if anyone else was looking and noticed the lights on in the condo with the group of college girls from Nebraska.
And to my disbelief, there were all the girls in front of the large open window on their second floor.
They were all staring at us and were gesturing excitedly.
It looked like they had been watching for some time the way they were all sitting in chairs pulled up to the window.
I turned back to both Dana and Julie and said, "Well, I hope you're happy, we have a crowd watching us".
Dana said, "That was the whole idea, although I'm sure I have no idea on how they noticed us", smiling at Julie as she said this.
I saw Julie smile a sly smile back, and realized they had both clued those girls in as to what they were going to do to me!
Well, it was kind of exhilarating knowing we were being watched, so I grasped my cock and began to slowly stroke it. Smiling Julie said, "Show off! You're going to make those Nebraska girls even hornier and wish they were down here".
Dana said, "I like it! I love to watch a guy masturbate in front of me!"
She reached out to touch my round balls, making me twitch as she did. I could feel her massaging them in her fingers.
Then she slid her hand up to place it above my own hand sliding up and down my cock.
I paused with my hand at the base. Dana's hand was on top of mine, with the last part of my shaft and large swollen head protruding out the top.
Then both Julie and Dana got in on the fun as Julie wrapped her hands around the last part of my cock, encircling her fingers around my swollen, sensitive head.
Then, teasing me, she began rubbing her palm up and down on my sensitive head, making precum ooze out as I still grasped my cock as did Dana.
Seeing the precum glisten on my head as her hand coated it all around it, Dana said, "I feel like I'm holding an ice cream cone and its melting as it runs down the cone. I think I'll lick it up."
Then she bent down to loll her tongue around my already senstive and swollen head. I let out a loud "AHHHH", not caring who heard.
Julie said, "Quiet, we could get in trouble".
But I could tell she was extremely turned on since she was touching yourself, rubbing her fingers around her swollen clit.
I told her to turn around and lean down to grasp the rails leading down into the tub.
Doing so, she turned around and asked, "What are going to do?"
To which I replied in excitement, "I'm going to fuck you doggie style long and slow".
The water level was between her knees and her cunt.
I stepped up to her ass, and with her head turned to watch, let my cock rest on her ass, resting in her crevice.
I slowly slid it up and down, hearing her moan softly.
Then I asked Dana for some assistance, asking, "Dana please help me by rubbing my cock up and down her cunt."
Gladly, she grasped my cock in her hand and began to slide it up and down Julie's wet and glistening pussy lips.
Her own moans became louder which prompted me to teasingly say, "Hush, someone might hear you."
To which she let out a loud, long, prolonged moan, "Ummmmm AHHhhhhh"

Then with Dana's hand still around my cock, I slid it inside Julie's pussy lips, slowly sliding it deep inside her hot, juicy cunt.
Finally getting to the base of my shaft, Dana pulled her hand away and got behind me to press her tits into my back, and her cunt against a muscular ass cheek.
With each thrust out, my ass would press against Dana as she grasped one cheek in her hand, and tried to thrust her cunt up to meet me as I thrust in and out of Julie.
My swollen head passed over and over Julie's swollen clit, making her scream in ecstasy as I pounded my long, thick, hard cock inside her wet, juicy cunt.
Our bodies slapped loudly against each other as her tits bounced back and forth wildly from my cock thrusting deep inside her.
My loud deep groans mixed with her loud high-pitched moans and screams of pleasure.

Then pulling out, I turned quickly to Dana, taking her in my arms, bending down to thrust my cock up to her pussy.
At first it just pressed hard against her pussy lips, and then moving slightly, my cock slid deep inside her cunt as we stood.
She gasped in surprise and seemed hardly able to breath as my cock jumped back and forth inside her.
I had to pause for fear of cumming right then.
As I did, my cock kept twitching wildly back and forth.
Apparently it was too much for her, because she reached an orgasm, her body racked with violent, shaking spasms, her body twitching, her tits bouncing up and down as she came.

Once subsided I began to slide down and up into her, making her gasp, "Ahhh, Ahhh Ahhh!"
And then quickly she had another orgasm, her cunt contracting around me to pulsate wildly.
I kissed her deeply and pulled away, leaving her gasping for breath.

Then Julie twisted me around to face her, her back to the condo with the girls watching, leaving me to look at them staring at us.
She started kissing my chest, slowly going down, sliding her wet tongue down my hard body till she was next to my long, hard cock.
At first she just pressed her lips to it, kissing it lightly all the way up and down my shaft and head, making it twitch wildly back and forth to keep hitting her in the mouth when she pulled away.
Then her tongue began to slither up and down and around my cock, making my body tense in extreme pleasure.
I let out my own loud groans, "Aaargh, Ahhhh".

And I could see 4 horny girls staring at us, knowing I could see them watching us.
And as Julie was giving me a mind boggling blow job, those 4 girls began to each undress in front of the window.
And then standing there naked, they began to rub their own pussies.
They would look at each other, then at us and giggle.
Then Dana bent down in the water to come up underneath me to take first one ball and then the other into her mouth, lapping her tongue around them.
I noticed one of the girls really getting into masturbating while she watched us, her face constricted and her body shaking as I could tell she was having an orgasm. The other girls just stared at her as she came, and then they all began to wildly stroke themselves faster and harder.
Watching 4 naked girls masturbate and having 2 lovely naked ladies pleasuring my cock was too much and I felt my cum building pressure.
My body started shaking as I felt it rising from deep within me.

Apparently Julie could tell I was about to cum, because she started sucking harder and then pulled her mouth off my cock to grasp it in her hand, squeezing it tightly.
Dana then stood up too and grasped my cock too, her hand at the base since Julie's was already gripping my cock just below my swollen head.
I felt both hands stroking wildly up and down my cock, squeezing, pulling, pushing. I looked down and saw both Julie and Dana with their lovely round firm tits side by side, leaning down by my cock, eagerly awaiting my cum to spurt out onto their tits.
I felt them both lean into me, touching me w/ their breasts, feeling like my whole body was going to explode, I looked down thru half-closed eyes as I felt my cum leaping out to spurt out in torrents.
I let out a loud scream of pent-up aunguish and pleasure, finally being able to let go.
Both Julie and Dana were moaning pleasurefully as first one, then the other would direct my spurting cock to their tits, coating them w/ my thick, creamy cum.
My whole body was as taut as a tight rubber band, my lean muscular body constricted in the throes of an incredibly intense, erotic, wild, and mind-boggling, spine tingling orgasm.
The first couple of spurts lept out, shooting up into Julie's face before she directed my cock downwards to her tits.
As my cock jumped wildly back and forth in both their hands, it spasmed wildly, spurting out cum.
Coating first Julie then Dana as I couldn't believe how hard I was cumming and how much kept coming spurting out of my long, thick, swollen, and red cock.
I saw Julie take her hand off to rub both her tits, lathering the cum all over them, bending down to lick at them.
Dana kept rubbing my cock hungerily.
Finally, spent, my cock was dry of cum, but kept jumping wildly back and forth in Dana's hand.

Dana began giggling softly watching my cock twitch as she used her other hand to slather my cum all over her tits and erect pointy nipples.
I looked Julie in the eyes and smiled, seeing her smile of pleasure in return.

I felt her hand grasp mine, pulling me after her as she climbed out of the tub.
I in turn, turned to Dana and grasped her hand to lead her after us.
We all three climbed out, our hot naked bodies dripping wet.
I loved seeing both Julie and Dana's lean, sleek bodies with the water dripping off their hard, pointy nipples.
And the water dripping down their stomachs, to drip off the hair just above their cunts.
Their hard, sexy asses so beautiful and wet to watch walking in front of me.
We just kept looking at each other in mutually admiring awe, reveling in the sensuous and erotic environment. I saw both of them glancing down at my cock, seeing it was still hard and bouncing up and down as I walked.
I still felt chills up and down my spine from our orgasmic experience and could tell my long, thick cock wasn't subsiding any time soon.

Dana looking up at the condo where the Nebraska girls were, pointing to them.
We turned to look and saw them, still naked, waving good nite.
We three waved back, enjoying the thrill of having had them watch us fucking and playing.

Turning to me, I heard Julie ask, "Anyone up for some more fucking? I know I am!" And looking down at my still erect cock, said, "And I see you are too!", laughing as I twitched my cock back and forth just for the effect.
Dana, still horny and desiring my hard cock inside her, softly, and desiringly said, "Oh, yes I want to fuck more, I want to ride that long, hard cock all night!"
Laughing, I said, "Hey, just twist my cock, I mean my arm!".
At which point Julie said, "Hey, Dana can't ride it all nite long, I want your cock too!". I said, "Well, lets go up to our condo before we get caught out here naked."
"You two can have your way with me there", looking forward to the ensuing night of pleasure and ecstasy.
Not quite believing what had just happened and what was going to happen the rest of the nite with two sexy, cock-hungry women.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun with the family

by NeilP

Part One

I knew the small house next to mine had been sold, but had no idea who the new owners were, or when they were moving in.
I had been mowing their lawn when I did mine for the month of May, and had just finished on Saturday, this first weekend of June, when the moving van pulled up in front and then a car pulled into the driveway.

I shut the mower down and walked over to give a first neighborly 'hello.'
Jury Street, or our one-block stretch of it, was a very friendly community where we all knew each other's business.
During the summer families would be out and around, kids playing in the street, neighbors talking.
I was the only single guy on the block-- everyone else was married, most with kids not yet in high school.
Because I'm single, I suppose, I was considered a little odd for not dating very much, in fact, not at all in the last five or six years.
At 40, having been divorced and burned in the few relationships I had since, I was willing to live a monk's life punctuated with a few affairs along the way.
Since most of those affairs had been with neighbors' wives, each very much a secret unto itself, the reputation of my monkly life prevailed.

As four females-- obviously a mother and her three daughters-- got out of the car, I held out my hand and introduced myself.
"Hi, I'm Neil, " I said, "your next-door neighbor."
The mother, who I later learned was 36, looked at me and smiled while shaking my hand.
"Well, hello back to you," she said, "I'm Anna."
Then, looking to what was surely her middle daughter, Anna said, "Nicola, here, take the front door keys and let the movers in.
They're getting paid by the hour, so we don't want them dawdling for no good reason."
Turning back to me, she added, "We're not rich, so we watch pennies when we can and dollars all the time."
I laughed. "I know that feeling, Anna, I'm an English teacher here in town.
The summer vacation is great if you don't have to find a second job to keep the cash ooze going."
Anna was a good looking woman in an ordinary sort of way.
She wore no make-up, her dark hair was cut short, barely covering her ears.
What lit up her face was her beautiful smile and white, even teeth.
What lit up her slim, spare frame were her breasts.
Large and well shaped, they sort of held your eyes.
Her bra held them high and out, sort of in-your-face if she had been taller.
I guess she stood about five and a half feet.
I guess all of 'em did.

By the time Nicola was back from her mission, Anna proudly turned to her girls.
I shook hands with each as her mother introduced us, suddenly wishing I had done some serious analysis of window alignment when remodeling my house a few years before.
They were an eyeful.
"This is Lisa. She's seventeen and will be finishing high school this year."

Lisa was a little taller than her mother, and it looked like her round ass would split her tight jeans if she bent over.
With her dark brown hair and shining brown eyes, Lisa looked as if she had some Irish blood in her.
I tried not to stare at her breasts as I said hello, quietly hoping she would be in my senior English class.
"And this is Nicola, who just turned fourteen and who will be a sophomore this September." Nicola was a live one.
She just seemed to revel in being fourteen and having the ability to turn a man's head simply by walking by.
Where Lisa had worn a pressed Oxford shirt, Nicola had on a halter top that just molded her apple-sized breasts, and her shorts showed an ass smaller than Lisa's, but one which fit her body perfectly.
If I could realign windows, the first would be to get a good look at Nicola.
She looked pure Sicilian. "Michelle here-- our Mickie-- just turned twelve and will be finishing middle school."
"Hi, Mickie," I said, taking in her tiny frame.
Her breasts were just budding, not even the size of limes yet, and more swollen nipple than flesh from what I could make out through her sleeveless T-shirt.
It was interesting how the girls seemed to have different ethnicities-- Mickey, with a darker complexion and almost black eyes, seemed more Mediterranean, almost Egyptian, if that were possible.

"And I want to thank you for mowing our lawn, such as it is, " Anna said.
"We used to live in a condo in Chicago, so I hadn't given the lawn any thought at all.
Once my divorce was settled, we decided to come here to Connecticut to start over in a new place.
Fortunately my company has a branch here, so I could transfer and keep my pay and seniority."
The five of us had walked into their backyard, and all of them reacted noticeably when they looked over to mine.
If you like gardening, having the summer off is a key ingredient to success.
If I say so myself, my yard is spectacular, with separate gardens and bushy cul-de-sacs.
Though the yard's not huge, it's almost big enough to get lost in as you walk through the paths that were all that was left of my lawn.
What blew them away was the three koi ponds and their fountains.

Until they saw my garden, Anna had been friendly, but reserved, Lisa had been actively disinterested in everything, as only a seventeen-year-old could, Nicola seemed reined in by the lack of stimuli, and Mickie had just been shy.
The flowers melted any reserve, as it usually does.
Mickie made a bee-line to the fish ponds and was delighted when I showed her how to move the garden mulch to find worms to feed to the fish.
As she dug with her fingers and cast the poor worms to a watery fate, I could see her small tits through the armholes of her blouse.
Until then, I had never paid a twelve-year-old any mind at all, but her tight little butt and those titties made Mr. Stiffy worthy of his name.
Lisa and Anna walked together and looked at the individual flowers, bending to sniff their aroma and giving me perfect views of their bra-encased breasts.

Getting that downblouse view of Anna revealed an almost cone-shaped bra that held her tits together. I dreamed of cumming in her cleavage.
Lisa had an underwire rig on, pure white and very lacy, making Mr. Stiffy swing back and forth between mother and daughter like a confused divining rod.
Nicola was overwhelmed by it all.
She ran down one path, then another, often out of sight because of tall decorative grasses that surrounded the ponds.

I love showing off my garden work, so I was in heaven because of the compliments and all the breasts and asses that hadn't graced my yard in a long while.
I thought they might stay all day until reality broke in the form of a "Yo, hey, lady," from one of the movers.

After an acknowledging wave to the man, Anna marshaled her troops into a huddle.
Anna was going to supervise the unloading of boxes and furniture, Lisa was taking Mickie down to the beach and for a walk through the neighborhood, and Nicola pleaded with her mother to let her stay in my yard.
"I think that's more up to Neil than me, Nic," Anna said, "and I think he's pretty busy."
"Not at all, " I replied.
"The maintenance around here is lonely work, ma'am, and I could use a gardening buddy. Should Nicky become bored or a problem to me, why, I'll just send her back to you!"
"If you can stand it," she said, laughing, "it's okay by me."
"Hey, before you go, why don't you and the girls join me for dinner here in the garden? I'll get the grill out and see what we can put together, maybe steak and lobster?"
Anna paused and thought for a moment.
"Okay, I think I'd like that. Keep in mind, though, we were on the road for six hours just to get here, so we may just eat and go to sleep. And just do something simple-- remember to watch those pennies and dollars."
With that, she went over to the fidgeting trucker and I was left alone with Nicky.

"Well, Nicks, what's your poison?"
"Nicks-- are there two of me?" She started laughing. "Okay, you and only you can call me Nicky, Neil. What do you mean, what's my poison?"
"Well, what do you want to do? I mean, I could put you to work if that's really what you want to do, or you can loaf by the pond, or whatever you want."
"Um, I think I'm going to change and come back and I'll do whatever you're doing!"
When I nodded that I didn't care, she smiled and hopped back to her new house.
And I went back to weeding, that nasty chore of pulling unwanted plants out by the roots and covering the weeded area with freshly cut grass.

An afternoon with Nicky-- how to describe it?
She had changed into shorts cut from sweat pants, revealing flawless legs and thighs, and a sweatshirt cut off across her flat belly, with no sleeves and the neck seam also cut off.
In short, I had as much of a view of her in her bra as if she had worn nothing at all.
I knew she was giving me every chance to look down her blouse, but I tried to be a little reserved.
But when our eyes met and we'd both smile, it was hard to ignore her firm breasts.

At about three o'clock, Nicola said she was going to shower and then help me get dinner together, and I watched her walk across the short path separating our yards.
Looking at her ass, all I could think of was two football helmets chewing gum.

A moment later she was back.
"I think I have about five minutes more to help you weed, Neil, okay?"

Without looking up I said, "Great, Nicky," and asked her to weed next to me near the roses.
"And watch the thorns, too," I cautioned.
And then I felt her next to me, her butt against mine, side to side, without question intentionally.
I looked over to her, then down her sweatshirt.
She had left her bra at home.
Beside me were hanging the two most beautiful pieces of woman-flesh imaginable.
"Shouldn't you be watching the thorns, Bobs?" she asked.
Then she got up and ran to take her shower and I forgot about realigning windows.
I took a shower, too, and, freshly scrubbed, Nicky and I went grocery shopping.
She didn't flirt at all, and it was as if I was shopping with my own daughter.
She was a fun companion and reminded me of all the things I would have forgotten to make the dinner complete.
At about seven that evening the grill was cooling, light was fading, the girls were falling asleep, and Anna just looked relaxed and contented.
She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that hugged her conical breasts.
"A great meal," she said. Looking at the garden around her, she added, "In a perfect setting."
I brought out two bottles of champagne left over from a party in January.
"Here, let's toast your settling in."
At first she waved away the idea.
"I won't be settled in until tomorrow, Neil," Anna said.
"Today was unloading, tomorrow's unpacking and putting things away.
Champagne would just knock me out."
Her daughters overrode her objections, holding her and their fluted plastic goblets for some of the bubbly.
I toasted their arrival, refilled the glasses, and then they toasted me for being a nice neighbor. In my mind I was toasting the eight best breasts and four greatest asses ever to have been at 45 Beach Drive.
As I started to refill the glasses a third time, Anna said, "Let me get my girls to bed, Neil, and if I have the strength I'll be back for one more toast."
I had to let her go, of course, but made her promise to come back.
Nicky and her sisters all said goodnight, with Nicky adding, "Neil." After two more glasses of champagne, I took Anna by the hand for a twilight garden tour.
She didn't mind holding my hand-- in fact, she squeezed it often as I maneuvered her to the area behind the decorative grasses where we couldn't be seen.
The only sound was the earliest of summer insects and the splashing from the pond fountains.
I snaked my arm around her waist and pulled her to me as she rested her head on my shoulder.
"You wouldn't want to take advantage of an inebriated woman, would you?" she murmured.

I held her close and felt her breasts poking my chest as my hands traced the bra strap across her back.
"Yeah, I would, but you're not, um, inebriated."
I kissed her on the lips.
She didn't move away or reject the kiss, but she didn't actively return it. I broke away from her lips and just held her. Then she held me close, too, and whispered that she had a lot of issues to sort out before she could even think of, well, anything.
I said that I understood, but I was disappointed, and she sensed it.
I eased up with my arms, still tracing her bra strap, and she adroitly spun around so my hands were on her breasts.
She stood still as I let my hands take in the sensation of her firm tits held up and out by her bra.
Then she kissed me, with just a slip of her tongue pressing against my lips.
Before I could respond, she skipped away.
"Just let me get settled," was all she said.

Part Two

It was another two weeks before Anna and I got down to the critical point, and I was becoming increasingly disappointed as we moved along.
We had dated a few times (the talk of Beach Road!), just out to dinner and a movie, maybe a few drinks afterward.
One of the problems of living next door to each other was where we ended the date.
Ordinarily I'd have taken her home, but our neighbors would be all too well aware of the significance of that and I'm not sure Anna would have gone along with it, at least insofar as any significant event occurring.
But, after a time, she relaxed with me and seemed to acknowledge that having sex was on the agenda.

After our fourth date, we stopped at her house for a nightcap.
The girls were asleep, and my mind was very much on Anna.
She had worn a Danskin dress that clung to her every curve.
Fashionably short, the dress accentuated her slim, firm legs.
The top rose along her flat belly and then flared out to accommodate her jutting breasts.
Drinks in hand, we sat on her sofa, my arm around her.
"I enjoyed tonight," I said, after sipping my drink.
"A lot." I let my right hand move from her arm to her breast.
My cock immediately went from its usual state or readiness to red alert.
When she didn't object, I let my hand slide over her breast, pausing to lightly pinch her nipple, then sliding again to feel how hard that nipple became.
I kissed her and it was her tongue that made the first penetration.
We disengaged to awkwardly put our drinks on the coffee table, then clutched each other again, tongues entwined, as I ran one hand up her long legs to gently rub her pussy through her pantyhose while my other hand squeezed her breasts.
She was pumping her hips slightly as I played gently with her cunt, her tongue all over mine.
"Stop, please." she whispered
I couldn't believe my ears. Stop?
"Let's go to my bedroom, Neil. Be very quiet so we don't wake the girls."
"Why don't we go out the backdoor and go to my place?" I asked in barely more than a whisper.
"I can't wait. Come with me."
She took my hand and led me down the short hall to her small bedroom.
She had a single bed, and that was fine with me.
Besides, even a full-size bed would have almost filled the room.
I held her and kissed her as she gripped my stiff cock through my pants.
Reaching behind her, I unhooked the top of her dress and slowly pulled the zipper down.
I pulled away and looked at her.
"Anna, I have to tell you, I've wanted to see your breasts since the time I first saw you getting out of the car. Please take your dress off for me."
She smiled shyly, then shrugged the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall slowly over her breasts, past her slim waist, and down to the floor.
I couldn't believe what I saw.
Her black satin bra held her breasts high and together, two black cones filled with her soft, pale breast-flesh.
Holding her index finger to her lips for silence, she turned, rifled her nightstand drawer, and then lit two candles, placing one on each of the stands flanking the head of her bed.
I was spellbound.
I couldn't take my eyes off her.
She walked like a feline in her pantyhose.
I beckoned Anna to come back to me, but she stopped at the foot of the bed and slid her stockings slowly off, leaving her in just the black satin bra and panties.
My cock was standing straight up.
I had let my pants and underwear fall to the floor and was unbuttoning my shirt as she first sat on the foot of the bed with her back to me.
Then she lay back on the bed, her tits still riding high in the uplift bra, and scooted herself so that my cock was hovering over her breasts.
She folded her arms over her chest protectively.
And, basically, that's how sex with Anna was at that point.
I had sort of hoped she might play with my rigid cock as an inducement to hurry into bed, maybe even that she might sit up and slide my stiff penis into her mouth.
Or, at the least, say something like, "Hurry up, lover," or even just, "Hurry."
Instead she just lay there, her breasts covered, her legs together, simply watching me finally get naked.
I lay down beside her, turned her toward me and kissed her, and ran my free hand all over her body as my other hand reached around to unhook her bra.
Suddenly Anna froze, arching her back.
"What's the matter, Anna? Tell me."
"I want to leave my bra on, Neil. My breasts aren't what they were before I had three babies. Do you mind?"
"I don't mind," I whispered, trying not to laugh and further upset her. "But I will tell you I had looked forward to sucking your nipples."
I really didn't mind her leaving her sexy bra on.
Feeling her up in satin was just fine with me.
On a more practical side, though, I had seen Anna only once without a bra, when I had stopped by one early evening unannounced to drop off a bouquet.
Anna was in her robe, obviously just out of the shower, and she looked flat chested.
But when she shoved that tit-flesh into one of her cone-bras, well, that made all the difference.
"You can suck them through my bra," she answered.
However you want it, I thought, as I kissed her again, reveling in the feeling of my hands on her satiny breasts-- I let my hand slide down her flat, soft belly to the top of her panties and again felt her go rigid, although she didn't say anything as my hand slid down through the trimmed pubic hair and onto her pussy.
I sucked the thin satin bra into my mouth and felt her nipples swell against my tongue.
I would rather have had her naked nipple in my mouth, but sucking through her bra was a turn-on of its own.
Her cunt was moist, then slickly wet, as my fingers slid over her clit and up into her cunt, then back out again and over her now lubricated clit once again.
I took her hand and placed it on my cock, absent-mindedly wondering why I had to lead her each logical step of the way.

"Do you want me to rub your penis?" she asked in a whisper.
"Yeah, jerk me off slowly, I--"
Anna sat up. "Look Neil," she said, "I like sex, it's fun, but it doesn't have to be dirty to be fun. I'll rub your penis if that makes you hot, but I don't like gutter talk."
What was I going to say? I mean, she had just eliminated most of my sexual vocabulary. Would it turn her on if I said, "Darling, I want very much to insert my erect penis into your well-lubricated vagina so that we can make love as the earth moves."
Christ, a line like that would make Mr. Stiffy into Mr. Droopy.
Then what happened? I fucked her but kept my mouth shut. I had wanted to kiss her pussy and taste her cum, but once I started kissing down past her breasts, she pulled me back up to her.
Somehow I didn't think a blow job was in the offing.
She did let me pull her panties down, get on top of her, and slide my cock into her.
And, yes, it was great and it felt good and I came in quarts and then I slid off. I think she came-- she did at one point seem to go rigid-- but there was nothing else, not even the slightest indication that she had cum or, indeed, that she had enjoyed it at all.
And this wasn't the basic wham, bam, thank you ma'am variety of fuck, either.
I fucked hard, slow, and sideways for forty minutes.
She wouldn't be turned or moved from the missionary position, so I arched my back and swiveled my hips in every different way to try to find what would stimulate a visible or audible indication of her pleasure.


Was it bad sex? Nah, so long as I come it's at least okay sex.
Can't say I've ever had bad sex.
And I did come heavily, though not in quarts (there's an image to dwell on).
When I shot my load into her slippery pussy I supported myself with one arm so that my other hand was free to feel her up as much as I could, what with her arms crossed.
And, yes, I did so enjoy coming in her, not that she even so much as twitched an eyebrow.
When I was through she kissed me and thanked me. "It was the first time in a long time, Neil, and it was wonderful."
She kissed me again. "Let's have a drink before you leave."
So, here we were, back out on the sofa once more, with me back in my clothes and she in her robe, sipping the drinks we had left there.
"I think once we can both relax more with each other, " I ventured, "it'll be better yet," and I kissed her.
Anna seemed surprised. "I was perfectly relaxed, babe.
You made me cum (come, if she had written it out). I couldn't ask for more." And then she kissed me.
I smiled, and held her right breast as I said, "I can't wait to go down on you, I--"
There she was again, all rigid with indignation.
"Neil, you seem determined to ruin a wonderful experience.
I loved having sex with you and I want to do it again-- and again. You're a wonderful lover. But-- but, I don't need to have my sex dirty to enjoy it. What we did is what we'll do."
Oh, man, I was getting her drift.
"So, you mean you wouldn't, um--"
"Take your penis in my mouth? Let me spell it out, Neil, I don't do, even think about, the dirty things that seem to be on your mind."
She sat there hugging herself, now very much withdrawn, but still beautiful.
Just your everyday enigma.

I held her again and kissed her neck.
But she didn't put her arms around me again until I said, "Anna, I would never ask you to do anything you didn't want to do. Never," I lied.

"It's late," she said, and it was.
We kissed again and she walked me to the sliding door that led to the deck in her backyard. "I hate to have you leave by the back door," she laughed.
I laughed, too. "Well, it makes sense," I said, stealing a kiss before I turned to leave.
I heard the door slide shut behind me as I made my way through her yard to the path to mine.
I heard a rustling in the driveway between our houses, Anna's driveway, but saw nothing and assumed it was a neighbor's dog staking out some new territory.

Part Three

Anna and I continued to see each other over the next week.
I was home all day, of course, one of the major joys of being a teacher, and I'd still be in bed when I'd hear her leaving for work at 7:30 each morning.
We didn't go out so much anymore.
We didn't need to use going out on a date as a pretext for fucking when it was just easier to wait until the girls were asleep before getting into bed.
And once-- just once-- I was able to talk Anna into coming to my house to get laid.
I tried to use the time before we actually got into bed to get my jollies because I knew once we were in bed all that would happen is straight missionary pussy fucking.
So I spent a lot of time undressing her, feeling her up, once even stripping her in the garden.
Even though she had clearly stated her ground rules on sex, I had a lingering suspicion that, given the right circumstances, her wall against 'dirty' sex would crumble and release a woman who really wanted to find her sexual identity.

Just a suspicion, but something I wanted to follow up on.

I didn't see much of Lisa or Mickie, except on weekends.
Lisa already had a part-time job as a cashier at the local supermarket, and Mickie spent her days at a friend's house under the supervision of the friend's mother.
That left Nicky, who would alternate her time between strutting her fine, young body down at the beach and helping me maintain my garden.
Despite her being a sexual show-off, I liked Nicky.
She was (really) a very sweet and sometimes innocent girl.
So, even while I'd gaze down into her blouse while we weeded or spread mulch, she and I became very intimate in our discussions.
For example, I don't think I had ever really looked back at my marriage with any sort of introspection until Nicky asked me about it.
Without being at all obnoxious, her questions led me to explore just what had gone on during my wedded days.
Sure, Nicky liked to ask how my wife had been in bed and what she did that I liked best, but she picked up on my nuances of married life with startling clarity of understanding.
All of which I used as justification to get as good a look at her body as I could without actually asking her to pose.
Lord knows I knew her collection of bras as well as she did, and I would have loved to have had some sort of code through which I could tell her whether it was a red or black or white or beige day.
Her tits appeared to be just a tiny bit smaller than her mom's, and I loved to see how different bras molded her firm flesh into different sculptures. Lingerie has always turned me on, which is why I tolerated Anna's insistence to wear her bra during sex, but Nicky had me walking around all day with a hardon.
Whenever I'd excuse myself for a call of nature, she'd look at me out of the corner of her eye as if she knew I was going in to jerk off while thinking of coming all over her sweet lips and tongue.
One sunny morning I just relaxed in my lawn chair with a cup of coffee.
Nicky came over and plopped into the chair next to mine.
I saw she was wearing her revealing cut-off sweats, and my cock stiffened immediately at the thought of what she wore under it.
She glanced at my crotch and I knew that she knew I was hard as a rock.
Then she stretched, her arms over her head and the cut-off sweatshirt rising high enough for me to see a hint of her red brassiere.
It was as though she could read my mind.

She sat back and looked at me and said, "Are you screwing my mom?"
I'm always prepared for that sort of question and gave my standard denial.
"No, I'm not, which is not to say that I wouldn't love to, but your mom's not knocking on my door every night begging me to take her to bed."
Well, the knocking thing was true.
"And why do you ask?"
"Lisa said a couple of times when you brought Mom home you didn't leave until long after."
"That's because we often had a nightcap and talked for a while. Dating isn't always doing something, like going to a movie or eating out. It has a lot to do with getting to know each other."
I couldn't help but notice Nicky's smirk when I used the phrase 'eating out'.
Nicky pondered that and then replied, "Well, Lisa suspects that you're humping Mom, just so you know to be careful. On the other hand, Neil, I know that you're fucking Mom!"
I laughed. "And how do you know that?" I laughed again at such an absurdity.
"Because I watched you in her bedroom last week. I saw you fuck her, Neil. Don't be mad, please.
I watched through her bedroom window. I sneaked out after I heard you two go back to her room."
Ah, I thought, the rustle in the driveway.
Nicky escaping to the front of the house while I made my way home out the back door.
Or was she bluffing?

"Sorry, Nicky, I don't buy that one."

"How about if I told you Mom wore her black bra the whole time and that she doesn't like some of the things you'd like to do?"
I was quiet, not sure how to handle this.
I mean, where was Nicky going with this? What did she want to accomplish?
Again, she could read my mind.
Leaning close to me, she said, "I'd do those things for you, Neil. You don't have to ask me, just tell me when you'll let me do them.."
"Nicky, you're much too young to even bring that up with me.."
"I'm not so young that I can't be in love with you, Neil. Why do you think I let you look at me that way?"
Oh, man, this was all wrong, not that I didn't have a list of masturbatory fantasies to last the rest of my life.
I tried changing the subject.
"Hey, would you like some iced tea?"
As though we hadn't just been talking about having sex with each other, she sprung up and said, "Sure! Come on, I'll help you!"
Now, that was Nicky my gardening buddy back in charge.
Suggest something that needed doing, and she was off like a flash.
We raced to the back door of my house.

Once inside, I busied myself with getting glasses from the cabinet and ice from the freezer.
Setting the filled glasses on a tray, I turned and dropped it all.

The mess of tea, broken glass, and ice cubes had no effect on me.
All I could look at was Nicky sitting at the table with her top off.
Facing me, she smiled as she caressed her breasts in her red bra.
I went over to her and handed her the sweatshirt.
"I don't want to wear it, it's too hot outside," she said.
All I could do was utter, "Christ, Nicky, I'm only human, please stop this."
There was still three feet between us, or there was until she slid off the chair and onto her knees, crawling forward until her face was in my crotch and her hands fumbled with the zip on my shorts.
Push had come to shove, fantasy had come to life.
With all the willpower I could muster, I pulled her up until she was standing.
I mean, Christ, she was only just fourteen years old.
Jail bait.
But impossibly sexual and just beautiful to look at.
And look I did.
My cock strained to get out of my pants and into her mouth or cunt.

Nicky started crying, her head on my shoulder as she hugged me tight.
"I'm sorry," she said, gasping, "I didn't mean to make you mad, I meant it when I said I loved you. I'm sorry."
I patted her back and said, "Look, it's all right, I understand. I'm not mad.
This whole thing is just so difficult to deal with, you know?"
"I know, I'm sorry," she said.
She was rubbing my cock and working her hand into my shorts, pulling my cock free and then bringing it against her panties, right at the lips of her covered pussy.
And she started stroking me, gently at first, then insistently, until with a cry I came thickly on her hand and panty-covered young cunt.
By then she had her tongue in my mouth, deep inside, grinding those pert young breasts against my chest.
I nearly fell to the floor my knees were so weak.
I grabbed at the back of a chair to steady myself.
I looked at Nicky and saw that she had her shorts pulled down to her knees so that my cock would be directly on her brief panties, which now had thick stringy white lines of cum all over the front.
She stepped out of her shorts and licked her hand clean.
Then she started to slip her panties down.

"They're all messy," she said, "I'll have to clean them."

I stared at her young, trimmed bush and felt Mr. Stiffy taking charge again.
Then she put the crotch of her panties in her mouth and sucked my come off.
Next went her bra.
She put both on a chair and put her shorts and sweatshirt back on.
"I'd better get that cleaned up," she said, looking at the mess I had dropped when first seeing her.
I was still holding the chair when she had finished and was about to leave.
With a sly smile, she said, "Why don't you keep those," indicating her undies, " for when Mom's not around.
Remember, you don't have to ask me to do anything for you, you just have to tell me.
And if you don't get around to telling me, I may just have to take things in my own hands."

I held the chair for dear life.

Part Four

Not just another Saturday night with Anna, no way.
She had sent her three daughters off to visit a relative for the night.
As much as I couldn't get Nicky off my mind, her mother was no slouch when it came to physical appearance.
During the day we had a great time together.
Anna has a terrific sense of humor and we just did everything as though we were one.
Now, back at my place after dinner out at the area's finest seafood restaurant, I was exploring her sexuality more aggressively than I might have had Nicky not made her intentions known a few days before.
After all, if I couldn't get the particular satisfaction I wanted so much from Anna, her daughter was ready to provide.
And my aggressiveness was paying off in small ways.
Even within her rules there were ways to get her much more aroused than I had before.
No, I couldn't talk dirty, but I did make it a point to tell her just how much I liked to play with her breasts, how beautiful she was, how her hard nipples drove me crazy.
No, she didn't want me to suck her pussy-- excuse me, vagina-- but she nearly lost control when I gently bit her nipples, even going so far as to lower her shoulder strap so her bra cup revealed more of her firm flesh.
She didn't mind jerking me off -- that is, rubbing my penis to make me feel good-- at all, and she liked to watch my cock shoot its cum, although she carefully angled herself to be sure that none of the white goo would land near her.
And, finally, the two times we had fucked so far that evening I had gotten her to at least keep her arms at her sides when I slid my cock in and out of that slippery cunt of hers.

It was new high to squeeze those globes while her cunt pleasured my stiff boner.
But now I was about to play my hand and I was nervous about it.
First, of course, I wanted to get off again, even if it was just from cunt fucking.
Second, I wanted to keep on fucking Anna-- I just wanted to expand the related activities, so to speak.
We were cuddling on my sofa. I was naked.
Anna was in her bra, of course, but also was wearing a very sexy pair of white lace panties, the kind that rode high on her hips, yielding a long 'V' pointing down to her pussy.
I kissed her and told how her breasts were about the sexiest I had ever touched, and her blue bra made my boner-- um, penis-- harder than it had ever been before.
And then I dropped the bomb.

"I want you to suck my cock, Anna. It's time to get past this hang-up of yours."
Oh, she stiffened right up, reaching for an afghan and covering herself defensively.
Once she was all arranged, she said indignantly, "I told you I don't want to hear your dirty mouth.
And I won't do dirty things."
She sat back, secure in the fact that this was as far as we had ever gotten in this sort of conversation.
I had never pressed any further. Clearly, though, she was offended that I brought it up again, and so soon.

I put my arm around her shoulders and tried to hug her resisting body.
I kissed her unresponsive lips.
"Listen," I said, "I know I promised never to ask you to do something you don't want to do. I'm not bringing it up to be mean or to torment you. It's only fair to let you know that I like that sort of thing and that, well, if you don't want to give me some relief, then I have someone else who will."
Anna started to cry. "I thought you loved me," she said.
Tears ran down her cheeks.
I had never told her that I loved her, but I did.
But I also liked getting my cock sucked, and there was no reason I could think of that Anna's pert mouth wouldn't do the job wonderfully.

"Who is she?" Anna asked.
Yeah, right. "Who she is isn't important.
What's important to me is that even though we've had no relationship, there's no commitment, she's willing to do something to make me feel good. It's not personal."

While Anna sobbed, I started rubbing her breasts through her bra, pinching her nipples and feeling them harden like never before. "You have beautiful breasts, Anna.
I'd like to lay you down and fuck your sweet tits, even if you want to keep your bra on."
"I guess she'll do that, too," Anna gasped between sobs.
I kept at it. "Feeling you up like this makes me want to shoot my cum all over you-- in your mouth and on your face and tits.
You have great tits, Anna, I want them naked and in your hands when I jerk off all over you."


All the while I massaged one breast, then the other, with one hand, while my other hand was cupping and squeezing her cunt.
"You're so wet, Anna, your cunt is on fire.
I want you to tell me how good your hot cunt feels when I squeeze it. Tell me."


"You don't know how much I want you to blow me, Anna. I can just see my cock in your mouth while you slide your wet lips down the shaft.
I can see my cum filling your mouth until you gag and let it drip down your chest and onto your magnificent. . . tits."

"You're lying," she said between sobs.
"You don't know anyone who would just suck your cock."
She spat the last three words.
"I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not." I kissed her again.
"Believe me, I'd rather cum on your face and on your tits than hers."
"You're lying," she repeated.
I got up, went to my dresser, pulled out Nicky's undies, and came back.
Pushing the crotch of the panties on Anna's lips, I said, "Can you smell my cum and her pussy, Anna?
Do you want to taste me on another woman's panties?"
The panties slid into her mouth when she started sobbing harder.
I let go and she made no move to remove them.
"All I did was feel her up while she jerked me off on her hot cunt, Anna. If I have to see her again, I'll let her suck my cock and wear my cum like it was the crown jewels."

I was ready to explode, my cock was harder than it had ever been.
The sight of Anna sitting there, her face all wet, her daughter's panties in her mouth, was almost too much to bear.
"We'll take it one step at a time, Anna," I said, tugging the panties away and sliding its wetness on my boner.
Wetness from Nicky's cum, my cum, and Anna's saliva.
I bent over and kissed her. Even though she was unresponsive, I kept at it until my tongue was in her mouth and she slid hers in mine.

I reached to my side and picked up Nicky's red bra, putting its cups over Anna's own cups, feeling her up through her daughter's bra.
When we broke from the kiss to get some air, she turned beet red as I caressed her with another woman's bra.
"I want you to put this on," I breathed into her ear.
"Wear this bra for me, Anna, let me suck your beautiful breasts through it."
Another one of Anna's silences, but a short one, ended, I suppose, by her abruptly standing and then striding to the bathroom.
She shut the door and in a few moments emerged with her breasts encased in Nicky's red bra.
I think at that point my cock had never been harder.
Not only was the red bra sexy-- it cradled her breasts in a more natural look than the cone bra-- but it was her daughter's bra, something Nicky had left for me to play with in her absence.
And I had, of course. What else Anna didn't know was that I had cum into the cups of that red bra at least six times without ever washing it.
So, yeah, the cum was dry, but still it was on Anna's tits, and that just brought me even closer to shooting my cum.
But where?
How far could I push this with Anna?

I sat her down next to me on the sofa and started feeling her breasts with both hands, telling Anna how sexy she was and how hard she made me (using acceptable language, naturally).
I made her cry again as I pinched her already swollen nipples and said, "This bra makes you look younger, like the girl who gave it to me, Anna.
My cock gets really hard when I feel your breasts in another woman's bra."

New tears flowed, but I held her breasts in my hand and squeezed gently.
As Anna sobbed, I could feel her breasts jiggle, something that the armor-like cone bra didn't allow.
I started to suck her breasts though her daughter's bra, wetting the lace to nibble her nipples.
Even as the tears poured out and her slender body was wracked by sobs, I sucked her breasts and fingered her cunt.
But I hadn't lost sight of my primary objective.
Still, maybe it was a little too much a little too soon.
Time for a compromise.

Taking my chances, I reminded her, "The last time I felt a woman up in this bra, she was willing to do anything-- anything-- I wanted."
There wasn't silence, but she didn't say anything, instead sitting there with her eyes scrunched shut and tears running down her cheeks.

"Do you want to drink my cum, Anna, Swallow it all down?"

She shook her head violently from side to side.
"Okay, I'm still going to fuck your mouth, Anna, but I want to cum all over your breasts in that sexy red bra."
This was the make it or break it moment.
Anna's tears increased and she looked up at me in anger.
Anna sat up on the sofa facing me, my cock now inches from her face.
I pulled her closer, sliding my cock on her cheeks to wipe her tears away.
That made the shaft slippery and I rubbed her tears and my pre-cum all over her face before pushing the tip between her lips.

She tried to pull away, and as she leaned back, I pushed forward, placing my shaft right between her tits and Nicky's bra cups.
The bra was cut low along the inside, and my cock, wet from tears and pre-cum, slid nicely between them.
"Your tits are so nice, Anna, so soft and slippery.
Look at me, Anna, and take my cock in your mouth."

Her eyes locked on mine as she brought her pressed lips to my cock.
"Get your mouth wet like your cunt, Anna, loosen up, take it in and slide your wet lips on it.
It won't take long, baby, I'm ready to shoot my cum on those big sexy tits of yours."

She held the shaft in her hand and said, "Just on my breasts, right? Promise?"

"Promise. Now suck my cock, little girl."

And she did, and it was better than anything I had ever experienced.
I looked at how her breasts swelled in the confinement of her daughter's brassiere and held her head still while I fucked her lips.
I resisted jamming it down her throat because I wanted her to enjoy what may well have been her first blow job.
And it didn't take long, not long at all.
After about a minute of alternating between fucking Anna's mouth and wiping her saliva into her tears and all over her face, I was ready to cum.
She sensed it in my groans and tried to pull back, but I held her head and shot the first splash of hot, white, semen into her mouth and the second two loads onto her face as she pushed the first load out of her mouth with her tongue.
My last two explosions of cum landed on Nicky's bra cups while my first loads were dripping down her cheeks and chin onto her chest.
I pulled her close and used my softening cock to wipe the cum on her nose and eyelids, pushing more onto her cheeks so it would drip on her cum-soaked breasts.
Fresh tears made little rivulets through my cum.
I still held her by her ears and kept my cock right in front of her cum-dripping face.

"Lick it clean, Anna, suck the cum off my cock."
"You said you would only come on my breasts, Neil, you lied to me," she pouted.
"Just suck it clean, Anna."
She didn't say anything at all after she licked my cock clean, not even after I wiped my cock along her cum-soaked face and made her lick it clean again.
She was shell shocked by it all, I guess.
She didn't seem angry, but, then again, she didn't seem to be feeling anything at all.
Anna started to dress, and as she started to put her blouse on, I stopped her.
"Give me back the brassiere, Anna, it's not yours."
A little sullenly she turned her back and unhooked the bra, throwing it on the sofa where her own blue bra was.
"They're both mine," I said.
All I could think when she left was how sleepy I was and how I wished I had been able to catch all the action on videotape.

Part Five

I didn't see much of Anna on Sunday.
Well, I did see her in her yard, but when I came out she disappeared quickly into her house without making eye contact with me.
Was she angry? Embarrassed? Hurt? Elated? I didn't know.

The end of the weekend marked the return of the girls from wherever they had been sent so Anna and I could be alone.
It wasn't until the next day, Monday, that I began to get a sense that I still had no idea of what Anna might be thinking.
Anna, of course, went off to work, Lisa went to her job, Mickie went to her friend's house, and that left me with Nicky on a sunny morning.
Nicky was in a bikini sunning herself, and I was staring at her perfect form while thinking of how much I enjoyed her making me cum on her panties and her willingness to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted her to do it.
My cock was at half mast as I gazed at her, thinking she must be Traci Lords' little sister.
So pretty, so well put together.
"I like it when you stare at me, Neil," she said without looking at me.
"It's hard not to, Nicky."
"Is there anything else that's hard, Neil, now that you have Mom all worked up?" she asked.
"I think," I started to reply, "that this isn't best discussed outside."
Nicky was on her feet and heading toward my house. "Let's talk about it, Neil."
And talk about it we did. This was the odd thing about Nicky .
At times she was like my best friend, an ageless confidant in whom I could confide my innermost thoughts, while at those same times she still was this fourteen-year-old nymph who not only sympathized with me, but who also was quite prepared to help me relieve any related stress.
From her I learned how she and her sisters perceived Anna's Saturday night date with me.
When asked by Lisa how the date had been, Nicky told me, Anna had answered evasively, her voice artificially high and her tone breezy, something to the effect that it had been 'a nice time.'
"Lisa's always said that Mom looks like she had the shit fucked out of her after a date with you," Nicky said.
"We all could see that. Well, maybe not Mickie, but even she knows there was a difference in Mom yesterday.
What Lisa and I can't figure out is, is whether you truly fucked her brains out or is there something else.
It's like looking at a book written in a foreign language.
You know there's something to be read, but you just can't read it."
I should tell you that by that time Nicky was sitting directly in front of me on the sofa, my legs splayed around her.
I played with her firm breasts and totally erect nipples.
And she was responding as only a highly sexed kid could.
What had my rapt attention was her left hand inside her bikini bottoms.
I could see the outline of her finger as it probed the inside of her slippery cunt.
And so we were as I told her not only what had happened two nights before, but all that had transpired since we had first met when they pulled into the driveway barely a month before.
Well, there was more to it than just the narrative.
It was when I reached the part about Anna's reluctance to remove her bra that first night she and I fucked that Nicky reached behind her neck to untie the strings that held her cups over her breasts.
One thing was for sure, Nicky was making statements as I told her about me and her mother, and those statements led me to believe that this young kid was determined to outdo her mother in every respect.
I had no doubt that Nicky would do exactly that, although in one very big respect Anna was still very much a turn-on herself.
It wasn't difficult to have Anna and Nicky in the same thought.

I pushed my hard cock against Nicky's firm little butt as she wiggled in rhythm with her middle finger as she slid it over her clit, down deep into her hot little cunt, then back up and over her swollen clit.
I stroked her teen-age breasts and pulled her protruding nipples as I went on with the story of Anna.

It was obvious that the morning was going to end with more than a handjob onto her panties.
We crossed the Rubicon, so to speak, when I told Nicky how I had made Anna switch bras.

"You made my mother wear the red bra I left here with you? Had you come in it already? And you kept her bra, too?" Nicky asked.

I answered yes, yes, and yes.
Quick as a gymnast, Nicky lifted and swiveled astride my lap.
Her firm, young breasts jiggled inches from my face, and she had pinned my hands so I couldn't reach up to fondle her.
Arching her back so her full breasts hung down from her in curvaceous glory (but not touching me), she put her face in mine and hissed her question.
"Where is it?"
"Where is what?" I was so wrapped up in the image of her swaying breasts and my cock straining at my shorts that I completely lost all train of any thought other than coming on her.

Nicky looked me hard in the eyes.
"Where?" she hissed again, sliding forward so that one nipple, then the other, slid across my cheek, over my lips, and down the other cheek.
I told her, of course.
Nicky leaped off me, her breasts bouncing as she ran in her bikini bottoms to get her mother's powder-blue bra out of my dresser.
When she came back, her bikini panties gone and the cone-shaped bra on, she strutted across the room, showing off her ass and the high bra straps across her back.
Then, feeling her own breasts in her mother's bra, Nicky's eyes closed as she turned to face me.
She went rigid as she pinched her nipples, her back arching.
She shuddered and a wet stain appeared around her cunt and upper thighs.
She was getting off just feeling herself in the cone-bra! It seemed to me that her concentration was more on feeling new and strange breasts, not her own. I slipped my shorts off and, naked, started to stroke my cock, my eyes fixed on hers.
One hand caressing her cone-shaped breasts, the other between her legs, her longest three fingers working in her cunt, Nicky slowly went to her knees and then on all fours.
"You came all over my bra, Neil, all over my mother.
Now it's time for you cum all over Mom's bra and all over me.
Just like you did to her."

She was right. It was time.
But it wasn't just like it was with Anna.
Anna was shamed into allowing me to do something to her, Nicky couldn't wait.
And with Anna, it was something I did to her-- I held her head and fucked her mouth like it was a cunt. The difference with Nicky was, she was going to fuck my cock with her mouth.
This time, it was being done to me. Nicky crawled across the room, swaying her shoulders so that just her protruding nipples rubbed across the carpet as she advanced.
When she reached me, she raised onto all fours and rubbed my pulsing boner across her mother's satin bra.

My cock was twitching as she pressed her breasts around my cock and started jerking me off.
And she kept telling me how much she wanted me to let her do one thing or another, that all I had to do was tell her because there was no point in asking her do what she already wanted to do.
I was fighting my need to cum and it wasn't easy.
As she stroked my hard cock with her warm, silky tits, Nicky kept her eyes fixed on mine.
"How many spurts did you put on Mom? she asked.
"And where?"
I told her.
She bent over and licked the head of my cock-- so warm, wet, slippery.
"And Mom didn't like it when you came in her mouth?"
I shook my head 'no.'
Nicky grinned, then took my cock in her hand and stroked me. "I want you to cum in my mouth. Please, Neil, please?"
Mentally numb, my eyes wide, I nodded insistently.
She lay across me on the sofa, facing me, her head in my lap and my cock an inch from her young, wet lips.
She lay on her side and I started feeling her up in her mother's satin bra as her wet lips slipped over my knob, taking its full length until I could feel the back of her throat. Ever so slowly she slid back up, backing off my cockhead with an audible pop.

"I want to do it a little different from Mom, okay, Neil? May I?"
My cock twitched in her face and she took its nod as my yes.
"I'm going to suck your cock all the way down, and up, and I'll lick it all the while it's in my mouth.
Please put all your cum in my mouth, Neil.
Show me you love me like I love you."
With that her head descended again and she pumped her wet, slippery lips up and down my shaft.
With my right hand I cupped her breasts and stroked them in her mother's bra, with my left I traced her wet lips that wrapped so tightly around my boner.
I started to pump my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her teen age mouth.
At my first groan, she slid her lips up my cock until only the tip was in her mouth.
She stroked my cock quickly with one hand while she gently squeezed my balls with the other.
That was it, an orgasm that started in my balls and swelled throughout me until my cum spurt into her young mouth.
Nicky looked at me with loving eyes as I pumped load after load of my cum.
When I finished, my cock quivering in her mouth, she proceeded to suck my deflating and cum-soaked cock until it was only semi-hard.
Sucking all the wet sperm off my cock, Nicky smiled at me, and the sight of my cum across her teeth made my cock try (unsuccessfully) to stand up again.
She opened her mouth a little wider to let me see that she hadn't swallowed a bit of my load, then she let some juice slide out of her mouth and onto her cheek, using my cock as an applicator as she wiped it across her face.

Still holding the better part of my load in her mouth, Nicky leaned forward slightly and spit about half the remaining cum on her mother's bra cup, then pulled the left cup completely down to reveal her naked tit and spit some cum there, too.
She used her tongue to coat her lips with white cum, then gulped and swallowed what was left.

Reaching behind her, Nicky unhooked the bra and wiped her face on the cup she hadn't spit cum on.
Her young breasts jiggled nicely, which caused the cum to zig-zag down her left tit.
She spread the bra on the table, then sat on my lap, both of us naked.

Nicky kissed me deeply, and I could taste my cum as our tongues twirled.
She whispered in my ear, "I love you, Neil.
My only goal is to make you happy."
Then she kissed me again.

As I regained my strength and composure, my cock slowly came back to life, as if it had suddenly become aware of this girl-child's tight buns pressing on it.
"Where did you learn to suck cock like that?" I asked.
"One night last year, back in Chicago, Lisa and I watched some dirty videos.
I guess I learned from that. I've never really sucked a cock before. You're my first because I love you, Neil."

I held this naked child and wondered if I loved her, too, just as I wondered if I loved her mother.
Well, like the old song goes, love the one you're with.
That's when the question occurred to me.
"Nicky, are you a virgin?"
She buried her face on my neck and said, "Yes."
I could feel her tight, young butt squirming on my hardening cock.
She didn't say anything (and didn't have to) as she once again sat astride my lap, this time holding my cock upright.
"Nicky, I want to be gentle--"
"Don't worry," she said, cutting me off. "I broke my hymen with a candle when Lisa and I watched that movie.
And my period is due like any minute, so it's a safe time."
She kissed me.
"Tomorrow I'll make an appointment with Dr. Wentworth to get birth control pills."
She kissed me again, this time letting my tongue slide along hers as she squatted lower and lower until my cock touched her cunt lips.
Nicky used my cock to stimulate and lubricate her hard little clit, then let the head slide into her cunt.
With her mouth planted on mine, she took more and more cock into her fuckhole until she had her groin pressed hard against mine.
I started to pump, but she went "uh-uh" as she fucked my tongue with hers, and somehow, intuitively, I knew that she wanted to fuck me.

I would have agreed to anything to keep that virgin cunt stuck firmly on my pole.
Nicky experimented with flexing her cunt-muscles and I felt spasms of pleasure spread through my body.
Once again, it didn't take long.
As she increased her pace, rising and falling along the length of my cock, I felt my balls starting to boil again.
I held her young and firm breasts and squeezed her swollen nipples as she started moaning loudly, telling me she loved me more than anything, and as my boner lost its load into her wet tightness, she just exhaled in a long, almost shrill sigh.
She arched her back, her arms raised, pulling her tight little tits even higher and tighter, and I pulled her to me so I could suck her swollen nipples.
Finally we fell into a sweaty tangle of arms and legs, her cunt still milking me for any semen that hadn't made it out.
And we kissed and kissed.
And said how much we loved each other.
Still, there was at least one sane neuron left in my brain, and that little neuron was thinking how complicated things had become with Anna.
Not to mention Nicky.

And my cock started to throb at the prospect.
Another neuron awoke and focused on something Nicky had said.
Something about she and Lisa watching a dirty video together.
That made my cock rock-hard again.

Part Six

Nicky and I fucked all that morning and afternoon, exploring (for her) new things.
She loved to have me straddle her and fuck her tits and she loved to talk dirty.
Once when I was pumping my boner between her oiled boobs, my cock thrusting toward her mouth, then receding, then forward again, she watched the head of my dick race toward her face and said, "This is like watching you fuck me from inside my cunt."
Not exactly the passioned cry I might have expected, but it turned me the hell on anyway.
Look, there's no question that in the eyes of society I shouldn't have been fucking a fourteen-year-old girl, but she was irresistible.
I didn't feel guilty about it-- I was still too overwhelmed at all the sex I'd been having.
Remember when I said I had a monkly life?
Well, not anymore.
At about three that afternoon we both seemed to understand that we had to go back to our regular lives.
We showered together and came together yet again-- me with my cock between her ass cheeks and she when I washed her clit with a bar of soap.
I was almost glad when she left, just so I could get some basic things done around the house.
I mean, more than half the day was gone because I fucked a virgin girl all day.
And yes, I think she was telling the truth about being a virgin.
Sure, she wanted to try everything, but each time we tried something new or different she was ever so slightly hesitant.
I don't know how to put it-- she was a nymphomaniac, she wasn't hesitant at all, but you could just tell it was the first time she did one thing or another, maybe it was the obvious delight she showed after she tried something.
In any event, there was a difference before and after she did something different.
But life was intruding on the little relationship we were building, and happily it occurred right away so there was time to think some things through.

The reality check came later when my next-door neighbor's wife, Barbara, commented to me, "Well, you seem to be getting comfortable with everyone next door on the other side, aren't you."
Typical of Barbara, it was a statement rather than a question.

I like Barbara, but she's always in everybody's business and spreading the news.
I wanted to handle this right from the get-go.
"You mean my dating Anna for a while?"
"It was more than a while," Barbara said, then asked, "Why, is it all over so soon?"
"Hey, Barbara, they're nice people and I've helped them settle in.
I assume that they'll be next door for a long while, so I'm being a nice neighbor. I helped Mark move your furniture in when you first got here, remember?"
Barbaba smiled, and she had a beautiful smile. Not long after they moved in, when I was in her garage allegedly to help her find something, I asked her to smile when I was ready to cum on her face.
We had fucked and sucked in the garage a few times after that, but I couldn't stand it after a while.
She simply talked too much.
But the encounter with Barbara was just a little thing that made me think about being a little more careful in the future.
I had no idea if anyone noticed Peggy entering or leaving my house or how long she'd been inside.
Anna was one thing, Nicky at fourteen was quite another.

I wasn't worried about Barbara-- there was no reason to be concerned because she knew nothing and wouldn't about what had already happened.
But it did make me give more than a little consideration to orchestrating any future encounters, especially with Nicky.
That evening I was out in my yard reading by the fish ponds and saw Mark about to start his lawnmower.
Mark's no rocket scientist, but he is a good neighbor in the sense we felt free to borrow each other's power tools without asking, each of us knowing the other would return it promptly and in good condition.
He had no idea I had fucked his wife, but that was five years ago anyway.
He waved when he saw me looking toward the fence that divided our properties and motioned for me to come to the fence.
"Hey, Neil, you have some load of pussy next door."
That's Mark-- right to the point.
"Yeah," I agreed, "I wouldn't want to live there. It must be constant PMS."
"So, how's the mother?" He wasn't asking about her health.
"She's a nice lady, good looking and all, but I don't think she's interested in me as anything but the nice guy next door who mows her lawn."
"She any good in bed?" Good old Mark, right back to the point.
"Beats me," I laughed. "When I find out, I'll let you know!"
If I have one rule in life, it's never, ever to brag about an affair, not even mention it.
It keeps me safe from jealous husbands, for one thing.
But it's also a self-serving rule.
Women talk to each other in ways men don't, and I knew for a fact that once other women knew I would never mention anything, it made them more aggressive about getting some sex outside the home.
"Get a load of that." Mark gestured for me to look behind me.
There was Lisa out on the deck in cut-off shorts and a bikini top.
Stunning, just stunning.
Although I know Lisa, Anna, and Nicky shared wardrobes, it didn't mean they were cut from the same cookie cutter just because everything fit pretty well.
Lisa's thighs were more muscular than her mother or sister, and her breasts were fuller and sat a little higher on her chest than Nicky's.

"She is something," I said, agreeing with Mark's unspoken evaluation. "All four of them seem to be nice pieces of ass, " he said, "even the little one, what's her name, Michelle.
My daughter plays with her a lot.
Nice kid. But you can see that she's going to have a killer ass even now."
He was right, too.

Well, I went back to my book all the more resolved to be very careful.
I waved 'hello' to Lisa as the light faded.
"Want a beer?" she asked, holding up her own.
"Sure," I answered.
Lisa came over to my yard, handed me a cold brew, and plopped in the chair next to mine.
"Great day, today," she said
"Yeah, lots of sun, not too hot, no humidity." It had been a fine day, I thought, even if I had spent so much of it inside.
"Not just the weather, you know?" Lisa said.
I had no clue. "How do you mean?"
Lisa smiled lewdly.
"Well, for one thing, both Nicky and I got laid twice.
Well, we both fucked two different people."
I didn't like where this was going. "Oh?" was all I could say.
"Yeah, like this afternoon I fucked Tracy, another checkout girl at the supermarket," Lisa said casually.
"Did you know I like girls better than guys? I think I'm a lesbian."
I had to laugh.
"Well, thanks for sharing that with me, Lisa" I said.
"Maybe you just haven't found the right guy yet."
"Maybe, but I'm not looking for a guy.
I just like other girls. Aren't you going to ask who the other one was?
I told you that both me and Nicky had sex with two people yesterday."
I was holding my breath. How much did she know?
Where was this going?
Who else had Nicky fucked today, and when and where?
Lisa said that she had been fucked by another girl, Tracy, that afternoon.
I knew who she meant. Tracy was about eighteen and built like a brick shithouse, with huge boobs that just grabbed a guy's eyes and made them lock on.
Tracy was on the heavy side, but right now she looked as good as she ever would look.

Well, better to deal with all this up front, I thought. "Okay, so who was the other lucky person?"
Seemingly absentmindedly, Lisa scratched her breast, leaving her hand to rest along the top of it.
"I know Nicky's first fuck was you, Neil, she told me all about it."
Before I could utter a word of denial, she cut me off.
"Don't worry, Nicky and I always tell each other everything.
Always have.
She showed me your dried cum on her tits and I sucked it off.
That's what got us started.
We finished the day with each other."
Wow. Oh, man. What the fuck was I supposed to say? So I said nothing.
Not that my silence slowed Lisa down.
"So now Nicky's scared you won't fuck her again because she's a lez like me, but I think she's really just bi because she sure liked both experiences, you know?
She said she'd like to have both of us fuck you, but I told her I'd much rather have her and me watch you fucking Mom.
That way I could get off with Nicky real hard."
Oh, sure, just drop that bomb on me.
All I did was raise an eyebrow.

"Would that turn you on, Neil?" Lisa smiled again, looking at my crotch.
"I guess it would, because it has."
I was hard as a rock.
"Now don't you be mad at my little sis, hear? And why don't you patch things up with Mom so we can get this show on the road?"
With that, she finished her beer and went back to her deck.
There was so little light left that I started to go inside to finish my book.


It was Anna.
Here in the garden, standing at my end of the short path between our yards, looking so plaintively beautiful.
I suddenly realized that I really hadn't expected to see her again.
No explanation for why I felt that way.
After all, she did live next door and I had seen her since our last encounter.
But I guess I had thought I wouldn't actually be able to talk with her.
She was not a happy cowgirl when she left my house the other night.
"Hi, Anna," I said. "How are you?"
She sat in the chair that Lisa had vacated moments before.
"I saw Lisa was here.
I'm glad my kids get along with you, Neil.
Nicky adores you for letting her be a part of your garden.
I think she has a crush on you," she added.

"Nicky? A crush on me?" I laughed.
"She can do a whole lot better than me, Anna."
Anna reached for my hand and held it.
"She could do a whole lot worse, too."
"She's a good kid, Anna.
You seem to have three good kids. How are they adapting to the new neighborhood?"
"Oh, jeez, I had to drag Mickie all the way here.
She was hysterical about leaving her friends.
Now she doesn't even want to keep in touch with her friends in Chicago.
Lisa's a little apprehensive about starting all over again at a new high school, but that's more than two months away, and she's already got a lot of new girlfriends."
Anna chewed her lower lip, adding, "And for Nicky, you are the neighborhood."
I tugged on Anna's hand and she rose from the chair, letting me lead her to sit on my lap.
The short twilight was over, and we sat in the dark.
She was such a tiny lady, petite, a light package, and I enjoyed how she ground her breasts into my chest as we kissed.

"I missed you, Anna," I said. "I'm genuinely sorry that I, um, well, acted as I did."

"No, no," she murmured as she nuzzled my neck, "no, you woke me up."
She drew away from me and sat straight up on my lap.
"Neil," she said, "when I left here I felt humiliated, degraded. I cried myself to sleep over it, but the more I thought about it, the more I let my body respond to the images of that night, well, the more I felt okay about it."

She started nuzzling me again, taking my hand and putting them on her breasts.
I started unbuttoning her blouse as she licked my earlobes.
"All I want is to make you happy, Neil," she said.
"Your cum makes me happy. I want to be your slut."
"My cunt," I blurted.
"Your cunt, lover, your cunt."
Anna slid from my lap and knelt between my legs.
Her hand slid up my leg and into my shorts, her hand grasping my throbbing cock.
She started to gently jerk me off as she unbuttoned her blouse.
And she kept talking, using the words and situations she had condemned as dirty not long ago.

"I want to suck your big cock, baby," she said.
"I'm your dirty little cocksucker, your whore. I liked sucking those panties, Neil, I liked wearing that other woman's bra when your cum shot into my mouth.
Your cum gave me the biggest orgasm I've ever had."

By then Anna had pulled my shorts down to my ankles, and as she started to suck me she pulled the shorts free and tossed them aside.

I held her head, my fingers caressing her ears as her wet lips and tongue made love to my blood-filled boner.
I arched my back from the pleasure of it and looked straight up at the starlit sky.
As the spasm subsided, I reached down to caress her stretched lips, enjoying the feel of my fingertips tracing the path her mouth was making.
And that's when I saw a flash of movement by the side of my shed.
It was Lisa. I could see her clearly in the moonlight as surely as she could clearly see her mother giving me a blowjob.
As I watched, Nicky came up behind her and untied Lisa's bikini top, cupping her breasts and looking at me and Anna.
Lisa turned to face Nicky, who was already topless, and I watched their breasts flatten against each other as they started to kiss and to undo each other's shorts.
In a moment they were naked and grinding against each other.
Anna's lips were insistent.
She alternated between sucking the entire length of my rock-hard cock, then holding it against her lips as she kissed and licked my shaft from top to bottom and back up again.
I watched Nicky's and Lisa's hands caress their cunts, and I started to pump my hips, driving my cock hard into Anna's mouth.
The two girls fixed their eyes on me, maneuvering to find a better vantage point so they could see more clearly.
"Anna, I'm going to cum," I panted.
I guess I wanted to be fair so she could decide where to take my load.

She leaned back, her breasts thrust forward by her arched back and uplift, white brassiere, her hand still stroking my boner, back and forth, back and forth.

"Shoot your cum on me, Neil," she gasped, "I want to see it shoot out of your cock, I want to wear it, I want to sleep with your sperm on my skin, on my bra, on my face, in my mouth. Give it to me!"
She spit on her hand to make it all the more slippery and jerked me off, my cockhead about a foot from her face and breasts.
"I want it !"

The single sane neuron worried that neighbors might hear this woman.
The rest of me loved to hear it and was glad that Nicky and Lisa could hear, too.

I looked down at Anna.
Despite the dark, the stars and the moon gave some resolution to her crouched figure.
She sucked me again, just twice up and down, and I looked over to see Nicky and Lisa bent over at the waist watching.
Their young and full breasts hung straight down, swaying gently as they squirmed on their own fingers in their wet cunts.

Knowing that her daughters were watching, I pulled back slightly and let my load shoot a thick, white jet of cum directly onto Anna's nose, splitting and flowing down either side.
The second load flew inside her mouth and onto her chin, and the next three splattered her neck and white-clad breasts.
I could see Nicky's smile from her exposed white teeth. Lisa watched fixedly, unable to stop staring at her mother.
As Anna used my boner as an applicator to wipe my sperm all over her face, the girls gathered their clothes and disappeared silently into the house.

"Tell me I'm your cunt, Neil," Anna demanded.

"Anna, you are my cheap little whore," I said as she smiled at the recognition.
She kissed, then gently sucked my balls as I continued on.
"Your slutty mouth is better than any cunt, except yours and you-know-whose."
She shuddered in orgasm at my reference to the 'other woman'.
"I had her wear your bra when I fucked her again, Anna. It was like fucking you, but in another cunt."
"Who is she?" Anna asked, her hand down her jeans and her fingers furiously working on her sopping-wet clit.
"Wouldn't you like to know," I taunted.
"I do want to know, Neil," she said.
"Just thinking about you with another woman makes me hot."
She looked down so I couldn't look into her eyes.
I could see she was embarrassed, but wasn't sure by what.
It seemed that she was horrified by what we had just done and what she had just said.
But I was wrong.

"I get dripping wet thinking about being with you and her, Neil.
If I'm sharing you with her, then I want you to share her with me. It's only fair."

Part Seven

Like peas in a pod, they were.
Nicky, Lisa, and Anna, despite their ability to be brazen, were all basically good girls still guiltily exploring a newly released sexuality.
I mean, Nicky had watched her mother blow me, had cum when I came on her mother's face, but now she was the very embarrassed fourteen-year-old she in actuality always was.
When I first saw Nicky the day after the garden event with Anna, she looked away.
called to her, and she joined me, sitting on my front steps.
"Hey, you,"
I breathed, wanting to cuddle her right in view of everyone on Beach Road.
I spoke softly because the short street was active enough for an audience to happen by on short notice.
She still wouldn't look at me, instead staring across the street without expression. after a moment she whispered, "I didn't think you'd want to be with a lesbian."
"Do you want to be with me?" I asked.
I could see the relief spread her face with a smile.
"You know I want to be with you again."
At that she finally looked at me and at that moment I knew I was in love with her-- genuinely, deeply.
"Then, my love, you are no lesbian. Bi-sexual maybe, and I hope you are.
Seeing you with Lisa was very exciting."
The happy Nicky was back.
She could hardly contain her enthusiasm.
"You sure you're not going to like Lisa better than me?" she asked, obviously comfortable with her supremacy.

"It's not Lisa who I have in mind, Nicky," I said, "although Lisa's a very close second."
"Who, then?"
"You wore her bra, Nicky."
Peggy was shocked. "My mom?"
"Ssssshhhhh," I hushed her, looking around to see if anyone was nearby.
"Come on, keep it down. If you don't like the idea, I'll drop it right now and forever."

In the time that it took me to say that, Nicky, the deep-down slut part of her now in dominance, said, "You can't know how wet I am, Neil. I didn't know what to think or feel when I watched your stiff cock pump Mom's mouth."

"I liked having you watch," I said, wanting to pull Nicky's top down and fuck her mouth in front of the neighborhood.
"Lisa and I licked each other when we went home.
I sneaked into her room and we sixty-nined. I was sooo hot, Neil. Not just because I was licking my sister's pussy, but because I was thinking about you and Mom.
You, your cock spurting onto her. Mom, with her face dripping in your slippery cum.
I wanted to suck your cock and lick your cum off Mom."
Nicky was turned on. So was I.
"Care for an iced tea?" I asked loudly.
"Sure!" It was Barbara's voice, Barbara the busybody.
She walked into view and said, "Only kidding. It is a humid day, though.
Well, don't let the girl die of thirst because I can't keep my mouth shut!"
With a wave Barbara went back to talking to another neighbor.
My trail covered nicely, I grabbed Nicky's hand and drew her inside.
I swung the door shut and pressed her against it.
I pushed my right hand under her short skirt and onto her panty-covered crotch.
The material was already wet and getting wetter as I pushed my middle finger against her clit.
"You liked seeing your mother sucking on my cock, didn't you?"
"God, yes, it was so hot watching you," Nicky answered, her eyes closed and hips pumping steadily against my hand.
"Anna wants to know whose bra she was wearing, Nicky. She wants the three of us together."
I kept massaging her grinding cunt lips.
I kissed her, licking her tongue and lips.
"Yessss, yesss," she gasped.
"But Lisa wants to have you while I fuck your mother.
Lisa wants to play with you while Anna and I get it on."
"No, no," Nicky said. "Lisa already got to watch with me."
I rubbed her sopping wet crotch, working my fingers under her panties and onto her slippery cunt-lips.
"Nicky, maybe it should be the four of us."
Nicky was having her orgasm, shuddering as the pleasure swept over her, arching her back and going rigid, then shuddering as I slowed my hand, leaving two fingers in her flowing hole.
Had she come just because it was time to cum, or did the prospect of sharing me with her mother and sister push her over the edge?
I was kissing her, our tongues jousting. Nicky was stroking my cock through my pants with one hand, while with the other she tugged at my belt and zipper.
"Fuck me," she said, first pulling my pants down and off, then her panties, finally bending over the back of the sofa with her skirt pulled up over her waist.
Like I was going to say no? Fat chance.
I stood behind her and slid into her cunt.
I stroked in and out, bending over her so I could feel her soft tits through her T-shirt and bra.

"In my ass, Neil, fuck me up the ass."

Up until this point I sort of thought I was the master of the universe-- I was teaching them. Well, Anna was no virgin, but I had sure introduced her to some new things.
Yet this was the first time I had ever seriously thought about fucking someone in her ass.
And I liked the thought.

I pushed Nicky's T-shirt up to her neck and unsnapped her bra, letting her heavy little breasts hang free, and shoved my boner in and out of her pussy.
She reached back with both hands and said again, "In my ass."
I pulled my cock out of her cunt.
It was glistening with her slippery cunt juice as I pushed it against her tight, puckered asshole.
My cock grew even harder as I pushed slowly against her.
Just as her anus dilated and allowed my cock inside her ass, I pulled out, and stuck it in her cunt again until it glistened once more.
Coated with her cunt juice, my cock slid slowly into her ass until my balls bounced against her cunt.
I don't think I've ever felt anything so uniformly tight around my cock.
I leaned over and played with her naked nipples as I pumped her ass.

"Do you like my boner up your ass, Nicky?" I asked.

"Yes, Neil, fuck me in my asshole, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass," she chanted.

"Do you want me to cum in your asshole, Nicky-girl,?"

"In my ass, in my ass," she kept saying.
Here was my very special girl bent over the sofa, her cute, rounded ass in the air, and my bursting cock was in her fourteen-year-old asshole.
I felt my orgasm begin and I pushed as far up her asshole as my cock would go, then thrusted slowly and in short strokes so my cock would be as far up her ass as possible when I squirted into her.
That, combined with the rush I felt from playing with her stiff nipples, made me blow my load, gob after gob of hot, white, cum up her brown little ass.
I was actually resting on her back after I came, exhausted from draining my cock.

"I like it up my ass, Neil," Nicky panted.

I squeezed her young breasts and said, "Your ass is made for it, babe."
Even as I spoke my softened cock was pushed out of her contracting anus.
I moved back and watched the cum drip out of her ass and down her cunt-slit.
I could see Nicky was using her internal muscles to give me a show of her pushing the cum out.
I kissed her ass cheeks and wiped her clean with her panties.
Pegs quickly pulled the rest of her clothes on, made herself presentable, poured herself a glass of iced tea, kissed me, and pranced out the door, saying, "Gee, Neil, is it okay if I bring the glass back later?."
That took care of Barbara.
"Sure, Nicky, take your time," I answered. Whenever you're ready to get your ass drilled again, I thought as she scampered across my lawn to her front door.

As it turned out, I didn't get the glass back until that evening.
Anna called when she got home from work and invited me to dinner.
As she had promised, it wasn't any special fare, just meat loaf, baked potatoes, asparagus, and a salad.

We all had wine with the meal and chatted about nothing in particular.
To an outsider, it might have been as innocent as an average family sitting down to a Sunday meal after church.
Well, it wasn't innocent and they weren't average.
And, while I never thought of myself as particularly innocent, I felt even less so after fucking young Nicky's asshole, and that, too, made me feel decidedly more than average.

The wine flowed freely and, as the Romans say, in vino veritas-- in wine, the truth.
Anna seemed dreamily distracted, occasionally catching my eye suggestively, her blouse unbuttoned to the point of outright seduction.
Nicky seemed more vivacious than ever, as though she were the birthday girl.
Lisa's smirk made it obvious to me what had delayed return of the glass.
No doubt Nicky had blabbed about getting ass-fucked the moment she saw Lisa and they had spent the rest of the day licking each other.

And Mickie.
Mickie was noticeably getting sleepy.
Four glasses of wine for a twelve-year-old was a bit much, and she was obviously having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Not wanting to seem the very young child she was, she gulped down most of a fifth glass before dreamy Anna saw what was happening.
It was just after eight when she told Nicky and Lisa to clear the table and wash the dishes.

"I think I'd better get little Mickie ready for bed," she said, slurring her words slightly.
Anna was just a bit uneasy on her feet, and I suggested maybe I should carry her youngest girl to her bedroom.
Mickie was out like a light.

Mickie was a mere waif in my arms, and as I held her against me I could see her tiny lace bra cups.
Well, hell, I was feeling the wine, too, so I let myself get hard at the thought of what was in those little a-cups.
I lay Mickie on the bed, then put an arm around Anna and said, "Well, that's taken care of."
I was hoping Nicky and Lisa would also succumb to the wine.

Anna's head was on my shoulder and my boner was hard as I wondered what the night would hold.
Was I really hoping Nicky and Lisa would fall asleep?
What would happen if they were up and ready?

"Neil," Anna said, "I should get Mickie ready for the night, so I'll meet you out on the deck, okay?"

I turned her to me and kissed her, feeling her breasts. Her nipples were as swollen as my cock.
"I'll stay just in case you need help, Anna"
Any other time that excuse would have been as bald as a baby's bottom, but with the two of us heady with wine and Anna slurring, it almost sounded noble.
But I'm sure Anna knew I just wanted to watch her strip her twelve-year-old daughter.
I lifted Mickie and held her against me as Anna tugged the small T-shirt over Mickie's cute bra.
I shifted my grip on the girl so Anna could get the shirt over her head and off her arms.
I let my hands graze the young girl's tiny titties-- they were just too small to be called tits or even breasts.
I could see the slightest bulge of flesh, but the most prominent part of her budding boobs were her puffy nipples.
I couldn't resist, I squeezed the tiny bulge.

"Neil!" Anna said. "You stop that!"

Did she mean it? Whatever, I allowed my thumb to circle the small, pink nipple "Neil, I mean that.
I don't want to see you getting hard because of Mickie!"
She meant it all right, and I wondered what her response would be when she found out that the mystery bra belonged to her other daughter, Nicky.
I lay Mickie down again.
"Anna, don't be angry. I was and am hard just because of you. Jeez," I said, "She has hardly anything to get hard over. No offense, but you know what I mean. Next year, maybe. But not yet."
Anna bought the explanation and unhooked the front clasp on Mickie's little lacy bra.
She exposed her daughters tiny breasts when she pulled the cups aside and the bra out from under her, and they were just as I had imagined them to be.
So young, so tempting.
Anna then slipped Mickie's pants down and off, leaving her young daughter with only her panties on.
Anna started to pull a sheet over Mickie, but I held her arm. In vino, veritas.
"Anna, take her panties off."
I was behind Anna and cupped her breasts.
"Come on, you slut, show me your daughter's little pussy."
I massaged her nipples and pushed my hard cock against her ass.
"Strip her for me, Anna, and you'll get this cock to play with."

Without hesitation or any sound, Anna bent over her daughter and pulled the panties down to where we could just see the start of her downy pubic hair, soft and almost filmy, just a hint of evidence that this child was in fact a woman.
"Are you ready for the show?" Anna whispered.
"Are you ready to see Mickie's baby pussy?"

All I did was squeeze her tits harder.
Anna pulled Mickie's panties down to her knees and off her completely, leaving the child's legs spread wide so I could see her virtually hairless little slit.
Anna pushed back against me and turned, pushing me out the door of the bedroom.
"We'll take care of that hard thing in your pants later," she said.
I couldn't get the image of Mickie's naked young body out of my mind.
Oh, well.
Three out of four ain't bad. I guess Lisa counted for something-- I mean having a girl watch her mother suck me off wasn't the same as fucking her, but it still has to count for something.

Part Eight

It took a while to sort things out, but finally I wound up out on the deck with Anna.
I knew where Nicky and Lisa were and what they were up to, but Anna didn't have a clue.

We lay back on her lounge chair, squished side-by-side in a delightfully uncomfortable position in a lounge made for one.
Anna snuggled against me and I cupped her breast.
"So," she said softly, "tell me whose bra I was wearing when you first released me from my hang-ups."
"You know, Anna, the old saying that you shouldn't ever ask any question you're not prepared to hear the answer to?"
"Just tell me."
"No other questions?"
"Just tell me, dammit!" Anna was being playful, and from the way she squirmed I knew her cunt was flowing with her slippery juice.
Nicky, who had been listening at the kitchen window, emerged onto the deck wearing a short, silk robe.
"Hi, Mom," she said.
Anna stiffened at the thought of her daughter seeing her getting felt up.
"Nicky, I think you should go inside."
"I want to show you something, Mom," Nicky said, walking closer to us and opening her robe.
"Do you like my red bra?" She leaned over us both and kissed me, her bra rubbing Anna's lips.
I kept sliding my hands over Anna's breasts while I tongued with her daughter.
"Oh, Nicky, my little girl grown so big," Anna said quietly.
I looked down and saw Anna pulling Nicky's bra aside so she could take her daughter's nipple in her mouth.
Anna gently sucked Nicky's breast while I slid off the lounge, leaving mother and daughter in each others' arms.

"I love you, Mom," Nicky said, unbuttoning Anna's blouse. "I love you and want to show you how much."
Anna looked at me and sighed.
"What about you, Neil? Are you going to watch us?
Is that what you want?"
I had already dropped my pants and my erection made a perpendicular tent out of my undershorts.
I pulled the waist band down and stroked my cock.
"I love you, Anna, and Nicky knows I love her, too. We can be together and love each other."

By then Nicky had her mother's blouse open and was sucking Anna's breast through her sheer, white bra.
Anna's hips pumped slightly at the stimulation.
"Are you going to fuck my daughter in front of me?" Anna asked.

I smiled. "Yes, Anna, I'm going to fuck your daughter's wet cunt."
And even as I said it, Lisa came out on the deck with a video camera. Lisa was fully dressed, a halter top and very tight jeans that accented her round and protruding ass.
She set the camera on a tripod and aimed it at her mother and sister.
Looking through the viewer, she sized up the frame and moved the tripod back a few feet.
Then she set the machine to 'on' and stood next to me.

"Yes, Anna, you're going to see me fuck your daughter, and so will my darling Nicky."
I pulled Lisa to me and kissed her, our tongues jutting into each other's mouths, and I tugged the halter top up over her breasts and let my hands feel them as she grinded her cunt against my stiff cock.

"Oh, my darling baby," Anna moaned as Nicky pulled her slacks and panties off, kissing down her mother's flat belly toward her neatly clipped pussy.
"Oh, baby, suck Mommy, do Mommy's pussy and make her feel good."
And Nicky obliged, licking her mother's pussy-lips, then sucking the swollen clit.

I had Lisa's jeans down to her knees and held her from behind, my boner pushed against the soft silk of her panties.
"Do you still think you're a lesbian, Nicky?"

Nicky looked up from the wet cunt in her face and turned to me.
"I like doing whatever makes you want to cum, Neil. I'll do anything you want me to, especially when I like it."
At that, she went back to slurping her mother's cunt juices.

I whispered in Lisa's ear, "And do you think you're still a lesbian, Lisa?"
I pinched her erect, stiff nipples through the lace of her bra, then lowered the straps so her cups fell, leaving her high-riding breasts bare.

She wiggled her ass against my cock.
"No guy ever had me this hot before, Neil.
Maybe it's just watching Mom and Nicky fucking that's making me so horny.
But I want you to screw me now while I watch."
I unhooked her bra and pulled her panties down, inching her closer to the lounge until she had to lean over Nicky.
Lisa's face was inches from her mothers flowing cunt while her sister lapped at the juices.
Seeing Lisa's big breasts pressed against Nicky's back, I took my cock and slid it into Lisa.

Cunt is cunt is cunt, but these three women had the most exquisite cunts in the world.
Lisa was contracting around my cock as I fucked her.
She wiggled forward a little more so that she and Nicky both licked their mother's steaming pussy.
I could hear the soft whir of the video camera just to the side of us.

Anna unhooked Nicky's infamous red bra and pulled her middle-daughter up so that Nicky's naked breasts traced their way up to Anna's silk bra.
Anna held one of Nicky's tits and rubbed her distended nipple across her own.
"My baby's grown so big, so soft," Anna whispered.
"Let Mommy suck your tits, darling , give Mommy your breasts."
With Nicky's panties now within her reach, Anna slid them over the girls ass while she sucked frantically on her childs young breasts.

I grabbed Lisa by her hair and pulled her face away from her mother's pussy.

"Lick Nicky's asshole, Lisa," I said.
Lick her cunt and her ass.
Nicky, get your panties off so Mom can suck your hot little cunt."
I let Lisa suck her sister's ass for a few minutes as I slid in and out of her wet, tight cunt, then pulled her away and back to her mother's pussy.
As Lisa slurped and licked, I told Nicky to face me and put her pussy on Anna's mouth.

We weren't noisy, but we all moaned as we fucked and sucked and got fucked and sucked.
I had my thumb pressed against Lisa's asshole and felt it loosen as I massaged it.
She went wild once my thumb was in her ass, her hips gyrating so wildly it was hard for me to keep my cock jammed in her teenage cunt.
I used her wet slit with my cock while I probed into her anus and watched Anna lick Nicky's young cunt until her daughter's cum ran down her face.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have three beautiful women doing whatever you wanted, like a movie director giving instructions to the cast?
Let me tell you, it's the best thing in the world.

I was getting ready to cum and said so.
Nicky told Lisa to take my cock in her ass and Lisa started moaning and panting.
I pulled my cock out of her sweet young cunt and told Nicky to lick her asshole.
Anna slid down so Lisa could nuzzle her breasts.
I went over to Anna and pushed my cock in her mouth.
Anna started her orgasm when she tasted Lisa's pussy on my boner.

For the finale, I had Lisa lay on her back on the lounge, her knees next to her ears and her ass straight in the air.
Nicky sucked my cock and left her spit on it as a lubricant.
Lisa's asshole was gaping and my cock slid in her easily.
I fucked her ass slowly as Nicky cupped my balls and Anna kissed her other daughter fully on the mouth.

In and out of Lisa's brown asshole, so hot and tight.
I told Anna and Nicky to suck Lisa's breasts, and they did, their tongues laving Lisa's nipples, their teeth nibbling.
I started to moan myself and pulled out of Lisa's ass, arching my back and leaning forward to shoot the biggest load of my life, huge gobs of cum that splashed Lisa's heaving tits and her mother's and sister's faces.
And just when I thought it was over, my cock stiffened again as if summoning extra reserves of hot, sticky semen, and I shot another load on my three lovely women.

And then I was done.
All that was left was the beautiful image of Anna and her two daughters, their faces and breasts slippery with man-juice.
It came from behind me. It was Mickie.
We had all assumed little twelve-year-old Mickie would sleep through the night.

Part Nine

At the sound of Mickie's plaintive cry for her mother, Mr. Stiffy did his Mr. Droopy act so fast that cum-covered Nicky and Lisa started laughing.
Anna's motherly instincts drove her faster than common sense as she rushed to Mickie's side to comfort her.
She drew her youngest daughter to her in a hug and didn't realize that she was pressing Mickie's face into the thick cum on her bra.
"Mommy! What's that gooey stuff on you?"
I was still looking at Lisa and Nicky, who were laughing even harder.
I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or call the police to surrender myself.

"It tastes funny, Mommy. Did you spill some cream on you?"
I turned to see young Mickie licking a gob of cum off her mother's brassiere.
Anna looked at me with an expression that was of horror and a hint of lust.
She knelt beside Mickie and said, "Give Mommy a kiss, baby."

Mickie kissed her cheek and found more of my cum to lick. "Is there any more of this, Mommy?" Mickie asked. "I really like it."

I moved into the shadows and watched Anna point Mickie to her sisters.
Mickie wore only a long T-shirt as a nightie.
She must have put it on after we had left.

"Over here, Mickie," Lisa said softly.

"Did you spill some of the cream on you, too?" Mickie asked.

"That's why we don't have any clothes on, Mick," Nicky said.
"We spilled that wonderful cream all over us."
"Can I have what you spilled, too, huh, Lisa? Please?"
Mickie sure liked to lick my cum, and Mr. Droopy was reforming himself as I watched the little girl slurp my jism off her older sister's breasts and cheeks.

After Mickie cleaned Lisa, Nicky welcomed her into her arms, squirming as her little sister's tongue roamed over her face and breasts.
This time, once Nicky was clean, Mickie stayed at her nipples to suck.
"That feels good, Mickie," Nicky said. "Don't stop."
Anna was in the shadow behind me, her hand in front stroking my hard cock.
"You be gentle with my little darling," she said.
"I can see what you want"
I turned to her so my hardon pressed against her cunt lips.
With a gentle push I was in her cunt, her warm cum juices flowing all over my cock.
We continued to watch Mickie and her sisters in sex play.
Lord knows the child had the best teachers.

"Is there any more cream?" Mickie asked.
"I really liked it. Where'd you get it?"
"Neil brought it over special for us, little sister," Lisa said.
"Maybe he'll make some more if you're a good girl."
"I want to be a good girl," Mickie said as Nicky stroked her downy young slit, her finger inside the tight cunt, sliding her wetness up and onto her still developing clit.
It didn't take long for us all to go inside.
There wasn't enough light to even see each other, much less capture that Kodak moment on tape.
Anna stayed on the deck for a few minutes talking quietly with Mickie as Lisa and Nicky moved the camera and tripod into Mickie's room.

"You don't know how much I want to suck your cock right now, Neil," Nicky said.
"This is so hot. Are you going to fuck our little Mickie?"
"Let's see what your mother says. But I'd like to. Maybe I should just shoot my cum up your pussy and let Mickie lick it out."
Nicky leaned heavily against a dresser and started to rub her engorged clit.

That's when Anna came in with little Mickie in tow.
Mickie lay down on the bed, and Nicky and Lisa joined her, one on either side, both touching Mickie's swollen mound , their hands tickling her small pussy while they gently sucked her puffy nipples.
Anna said she wanted to talk to me outside Mickie's room.

"Look," she said, "events here have gone way beyond anything I ever imagined.
We're in it now, I'm comfortable with this, but I still think Mickie is a little young to have your cock in her."
She held my boner while she kissed me, almost in apology."But soon huh?"
"What now, then, Anna?" I asked.
"Let her taste your cum, Neil. I explained to Mickie what it's all about, just what sort of cream it is and how it's made. Just don't put your cock into her pussy.
That's for me and Lisa and Nicky. Not Mickie, not just yet."

I wasn't sure why she had drawn the line, nor was I sure what big difference it made where she had drawn it, but my cock was just waiting to be milked.

We went back into Mickie's room.
Nicky and Lisa had their sister very much worked up.
"Mom," said Lisa, "you handle the camera and Nicky and I will help Mickie."

The three of them sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of them.
Lisa leaned over and sucked my cock for about a dozen strokes, then leaned back and held my cock so Nicky could suck up and down as many times again.
"Got the idea, Mickie?" Lisa asked.
Mickie nodded and leaned forward tentatively, her small lips brushing my cock, then parting in their sweet wetness to take the end of my pole into her mouth.
She was so young, so beautiful.
I pushed slightly and she took more and more in her mouth.
At one point, though, she gagged and coughed, leaving my boner to bounce in front of her face.

"Put your hand on it," Nicky advised.
"Don't take it as far in unless you want to.
You can suck up and down on part of it and stroke the rest with your hand. It'll make him cum faster."

Mickie did what Nicky suggested, sucking and stroking my prick until I said I was going to cum.

"Cum on her titties the way you came on ours," Lisa said.
"We're going to share it."

I straddled their little sister and rubbed the head of my cock on the child's breasts.
I started to stroke my boner, but then felt Anna's hand take my cock.
"I want to make you cum on her," Anna said.
"All you have to do is give my little girl your cream to eat."

Anna spit on her hand and started to jerk me off just above Mickie's tiny breasts.
I couldn't hold back, and, with a low moan, I came, shooting my first load into Mickie's welcoming, open mouth, and the rest onto her little boobs.
Anna's hand kept stroking me until my balls were as empty as they've ever been.

Mickie smiled, my cum dripping all over her lips and teeth, swallowing the load that had gone into her mouth.
Lisa and Nicky licked the warm cum off her tiny breasts and held it in their mouths before kissing their young sister, swapping my cum between them and all over their faces.
Their fingers worked on her until she came too, noisily I slumped on the bed, exhausted.

Anna snuggled close to me and kissed me.

There was more to come, of course, but perhaps that's best left for another time.