Monday, April 30, 2007

'A Fantasy with NANCY'

Mr. Neb ( SEPTEMBER 99)

I have never met Nancy, my Internet pen pal.
We exchanged emails and the occasional ICQ message. We have never 'chatted'.
The subject matter was always intelligent, provocative, risque', loaded with double meanings, but so far, not very graphic.
Surprisingly, we have learned quite a bit about each other in regards to our sexual preferences.
Oddly, our preferences and interests are very similar.

Our emails and messages were the fodder of my fantasy and fantasy is the fuel of masturbation.
That was the task now Ôat handÕ. (Pun very much intended.)

The house was quiet.
The windows in the bedroom were open, allowing the gentle cool breeze to continually refresh the room.
The sun was setting, casting a warm golden glow throughout the room.

Naked, I laid down on top of the sheets of the freshly made bed. Anticipation alone provided me with a complete erection.
I laid there motionless for just a moment.
My penis, now eight inches of stick-straight erectness, subtly throbbed with each heartbeat.
My cock and scrotum, shaved completely, were tickled by the delicate air currents.

I began to recall what I knew of my correspondent.
I created her from my previous mental notes.
Slowly, her image appeared to me, blonde, voluptuous, naked and tanned. She drifted before me.
She could see me in my present state and smiled with approval. My virtual lover began her encouragement. Her hands caressed her body, sliding along her hips, her waste, her stomach, and then to her breasts. She seductively licked her lips just as her fingers slid over her hard red nipples. She smiled again at me and firmly massaged her breasts, pushing and squeezing them, as I would have.

My body began its all-to-familiar routine.
A glycerin-like drop appeared at the tip of my cock. This would be just the beginning.
My production of such lubricant, as with the eventual product of my climax, was always remarkably abundant and verged on an anatomical oddity.

We had exchanged a related bit of information.
We both enjoyed the wetter aspects of sex.
It was an integral component to our arousal and enjoyment, not an annoyance to be avoided or eliminated at the soonest available moment.
Neither of us shied away from the juices we produced. On the contrary, we eagerly and fully enjoyed their presence through the senses of sight, texture, smell and taste.
We wholeheartedly encouraged their production.

I was certainly holding up my part of the bargain.
With my imaginary lover floating before me, a riverlet of clear pre-cum now flowed from the crown of my throbbing cock to its base. Hungry for contact, my fingers caressed my scrotum, warm and drawn tight up against my body.
Gently I touched myself, my fingertips feeling the round contours of my testicles through my taught, smooth and hairless skin.
I wrapped my fingers around the base of my erection for the first time and drew them up to the head.
The resulting internal pumping caused a large expulsion of precum.
My ghostly companion breathed deeply, her breasts heaved accordingly, in obvious support. In an expression of our common interests and her desire to arouse, my phantom let a dribble of saliva trickle from the corner of her red-lipsticked mouth. It fell from her chin to her breast.

My efforts transitioned to a new level.
I wanted more than just the visual stimulation from by translucent companion.
I wanted to touch her, to smell her and above all, taste her. I wanted the same for her. I wanted her to touch me, to smell me and above all, taste me.

My hand took firm control and slid all around my cock. Slippery precum soon coated my hand, creating a velvety smooth feeling. That sensation was wonderful, but could not compare with that of the dripping lips or pussy of a woman.
I wanted that feeling badly and so I created it as best as I could. But first, I wanted proof. I wanted proof that my mental friend was as aroused as I.
The ghost of Nancy floated above me. Her soft long legs parted. As clear as if in reality, I looked up at her soft hairless pussy. Her lips were pink, swollen and pouty with excitement.
Her long-nailed fingers seductively parted those lips and I could see her inner flesh glisten. She slowly and with deliberate intentions, touched her budding clitoris and rubbed her luscious opening.
She became more and more excited, more and more damp until her gift was presented. A long silver droplet left the lips of her pussy and stretched at the end of a clear thread down to my face.
The single drop touched my lips and seared them with a heatless intensity.
The smell of the womanâs arousal shot through my nose as if it were actually present.
With little effort I imagined the drop of the miraculous nectar slipping between my lips and touching my tongue. Instantly I created the exotic taste and texture of the juices of a woman.
With my eyes closed, I licked my lips.

My attentions to my cock increased.
I could smell my own arousal. My wispy vision continued to encourage me. She floated back down my body until she hovered over my abdomen. Like a snowflake in a gentle wind she lowered and her phantom pussy enveloped me completely, my own hand providing the surrogate contact.

A huge dribble of precum oozed from the opening and was soon distributed along my length where it would do the most good. My stroking intensified and created the same rhythm as my lover would have.
Her complete body rising and falling, continually impaled on my engorged cock, her wonderful breasts heaving and jiggling in counter rhythm.
Faster and faster I made the ghost ride me. Louder and louder I had her exclaim her feelings of pleasure, her secret wants and her deepest desires.
In a tumultuous explosion I granted her release.
In the absence of real feelings, I could only create the image of her sweet cum seeping all around by cock, still deeply buried in her. I vainly tried to recreate the twitches and spasms that my cock would have experienced if this were all real. I took what little factual information I knew of my distant friend and embellished it as I required. I expanded to ultimate limits her expression that she too loved to experience the textures, smells and tastes of our natural lubrication and ejaculations.
I fabricated the gestures and acts that I wanted her to do as a result of her own pleasures and desires. I quickly rationalized away the fact that they came from my imagination. No. This is what she wanted to do.
This is what she loved to do. Nancyâs floating body rose off of me.
She drifted down between my legs. Her beautiful face looked back up at me, my hard cock partially obstructing the view. No, she did not take me into her mouth. She moved against me.
My cock, soaked in real precum and imaginary female juices slid against her face. The mixture smeared warmly on her red lips and her cheeks. Back and forth my hard rubbery cock bounced over her face. She continued until her face was slick and glistening in the setting sunlight.

With all the power of my imagination, her vision moved up my body, her wet face getting closer and closer to mine.
Then contact! Our lips touched! Her wet tongue slipped into my mouth and mine into hers.
The experienced portions of my brain fired off the familiar warm, soft, slippery and sweet sensations of a womanâs cum. What better way to receive them than by the face, lips, and tongue of their producer! I was in the final stages of the whole procedure. My orgasm, my real orgasm was fast approaching. My hand was all over me. I rubbed hard at my balls. I vigorously stroked my cock in long and fast motions. I was wet and sticky in my own juices. I held the base for my pretend partner.

ÔTake meÕ, I fantasized. It is quite possible that I also spoke the words. ÔTake me into your mouth.
Desire me! Desire my hardness between you lips.
Desire my cock filling your mouth. Desire my eruption! Desire the warmth! Desire the sensation of thick spurting cum!
Desire the taste of cum that would bathe your tongue! Beg me for it. Plead with me to release myself into you.
Encourage the intensity of my orgasm by tickling my balls with your fingernails. Suck my cock hard as if to draw me out.Õ

Reality and imagination collided in a shattering climax.
My mind followed through with the selfish visions that I so desperately craved. Long intense expulsions of thick semen left me and mentally entered the mouth of my friend, as she fictitiously desired. She moaned and continued to suck me as her mouth filed.
My mindÕs eye fabricated the sight of saliva mixed cum dribbling from her lips as I continued to spurt between them.

The sensations of reality began to sink in but my mind refused to confess the fact that I was alone.
The warm sensation of real cum at the base of my cock and along my abdomen did not come directly from me! My ejaculate had not leapt from my erupting cock to fall in thick bands on my stomach and chest.
It was not coating my hand still urging my orgasm to completion. No! No! Nancy took me as I fantasized she would want to!
This was her idea. She loves this! She told me so!
This was her idea, her desire, and her chosen method to enjoy my texture and taste.
My spurting cock was in her mouth and so must be my climax! Surely that is what I felt. Surely I was feeling Nancy open her mouth to release its contents in as seductive a manner as possible.
What she could not retain she was slowly and seductively allowing to flow from her mouth down onto me.

The visions that were so vivid just moments ago now faded in and out. It was harder to picture my fantasy of Nancy.
Soon, her image was missing more times than I was able to retain it.
Eventually, she was gone and I was again alone.

My body went limp in an attempt to recover.
My arms fell to my side. My body, although fully exposed to the cool air, was very warm.
My cock, still long and firm but not as erect, lay up against my abdomen. The long streaks of warm semen were splattered from my abdomen across my stomach. Once a thick rich white, they were becoming a thin translucent gray as they liquefied.

I would lie there for a while. I was in no hurry.
There was never a rush to clean up. There was never a rush to end the feelings and the smells. My only regret was that in reality, at least this time, I was the only one that had created them.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Aussie Bush Passion

By Michael ( Aug 99)

A warm spring day in November down by the river soaking in the quiet of the bush, apart from the birds going about their business.
I just love it !
It is my own special part of the world I escape to enjoy nature and my own company.
I am sure no one else is aware of it.

I ride my mountain bike from my property down a well worn trail by now, snaking through the eucalyptus towards the river gums hugging the waterway slowly gliding along it's path to places unknown to me.
I reach my favourite spot amongst the trees perched on a small hill overlooking the bend in the river. From where I sit I can see upstream and downstream and along the foliage underneath the canopy of trees, where the birdlife is so prolific.
The river is about 10 metres wide on the bend at this time of year and gradually dropping as the rains disappear. Although it is a reasonable width, it is not very deep, probably up to a metre right now.
The opposite side is lower land with not as much vegetation, really it is quite a contrast. There is a grassy bank running down from a clump of trees down to the waters edge, made up of washed sand forming a small sandbar right on the bend.
There is an old tree trunk, that has been washed down the river in some flood years ago, now embedded on the bend probably adding to the build up of the sand at the bend. It really adds character to this part of the river, my river !

My usual routine, when I take the time out to relax, is to leave home around 10am.
It takes about 45 minutes to ride my bike there, good exercise I keep telling myself.
I always take plenty of water and enough food to keep me going, together with my binoculars used for bird watching. Sometimes a towel if I fancy a swim, otherwise shorts, T shirt and joggers is enough.
Weather permitting, I love to be part of nature and generally shed my clothes, just sitting, walking in the bush stark naked.
It feels fantastic and so free. I can only begin to think how the aboriginals felt in similar surroundings, maybe even at my very favourite spot on earth.

Despite my love of privacy at my spot, I will never forget the day my space was invaded.
It was one of those warm November days, around 30C degrees I estimated when I arrived.
I stripped off down to my jocks then sat on the log I use as my resting point and surveyed the surroundings. The birdlife was it's usual busy self, the river was flowing at a gentle pace, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight. I was just enjoying the sun and warmth on my body from the sun.
Hang the skin cancer thing, what could be more invigorating than enjoying this moment. used my binoculars to look for activity amongst the wildlife.
There were at least 6 species of birds I could identify as well as a small group of kangaroos across the river.
It was fascinating to watch them, firstly the male came to the clearing and stopped. He stretched himself to his full height, surveying the countryside with ears twitching in all directions listening for tell tale danger signs and sniffing the air for likewise. I staid perfectly still and fortunately was down wind, so he could not detect me.
Through my binoculars I could see his eyes clearly, the colour and soulful look was mind blowing.
After a few minutes, he was satisfied there was no danger and slowly moved forward towards the rivers edge, using his tail for leverage thrusting his hind legs forward in a slow rhythmical fashion.
Then came the rest of the harem, three females followed in a tight group.
The male stopped as the females advanced to the waters edge to drink.
He sat bolt upright again as if on sentry duty, protecting his family while they satisfied their thirst. As the females finished, he moved forward and drank his fill.
While he was doing that I could look closer at the females, lo and behold, one had a joey in her pouch, it's head was clearly visible looking around at the big world.
As the male drank, the females were eating the lush grass patches on the bank. Suddenly, the whole group as if one, stood to attention and began to look anxious. Then they were off into the scrub, disappearing in a flash.

What disturbed them I wondered, I couldn't see or hear anything. I strained to listen, but all I could hear was the gentle breeze in the trees, even the birds had quietened. Then I began to hear the sound of a car.
It gradually became louder as it was obviously getting closer. 'Damn it,' I thought, 'who would drive off the main road about a kilometre away to come here, this is my spot.'

The sound gradually came closer, the car moving at a slow speed through the bush.
I was searching the bush through my field glasses looking for this intruder, then suddenly I saw flash of sunlight off metal pinpointing the position of the perpetrator. It was one of those trendy Suziki 4 wheel drives, blue to be precise with splashes of multicolor on the side panels.
It stopped under a tree and looked menacingly towards the river.
I focused in on the driver with my binoculars to discover it was a lone female.
I couldn't see her clearly because of the reflections on the windscreen.
After about 2 minutes the driver's door opened and she stepped out.
I knew her from somewhere, how I could forget this beauty.
She had shoulder length auburn hair, almost red, tanned complexion, and from casual observation, a great body.
She was dressed in white shorts with a yellow loose fitting T shirt and sandals. As I peered at her through the glasses I knew I met her somewhere.
The mind was working overtime for some reason, I can't understand why as I don't get to meet many beautiful females in this part of the world.
Then it came to me, she is the new schoolteacher.
I met her at a dance about four weeks ago in town at the old school, I even had a couple of dances with her.
She was very popular with the guys that night as she was the first bit of fresh female seen around here for quite awhile.
The other women weren't impressed as their boyfriends couldn't help ogling her that night.

After stepping out of the car, she stood there surveying the countryside like the big roo she just scared off.
I quietly moved behind a tree amongst some low shrubs, trying to hide out of sight.
It is amazing the similarities sometimes between man and beast in the way she looked around for signs of danger or other animals.
After awhile she reached back into the car and pulled out a sports carry bag and a rug, then shut the car door and walked down the grassy embankment.
She dropped the bag on the ground and then shook the blanket out, letting it settle on the grass, about 3 metres from the waters edge. Kicking off her sandals walking towards the tree trunk on the sand bar in the river.
She stopped when ankle deep in the water, seeming to be taking in the beauty of the bush, river and even the returning birdlife.
I could not help thinking that here was a person who appreciated nature as much as I do, even though it was my spot.
She slowly walked out along the sandbar to the end where the current quietly disturbed the sands at the point.
Her arms reached out in an embracing fashion as if to take in the surrounds.
I was spellbound by her obvious love of the bush.

Having soaked in the atmosphere after a few minutes she turned and walked back towards the rug.
She stood there crossing her arms, gripping the base of the T shirt and quickly removing it over her head.
To my immediate pleasure, she was wearing a small string type bikini top, two triangular pieces of yellow material just covering her gorgeous tits, fastened around her neck and back.
My binoculars focused on them with absolute delight, they were firm and very upright, the type you only see in magazines normally.
No one you ever meet generally is so well endowed, only in your dreams. She had rather broad shoulders for a woman, making her look very fit, maybe a swimmer I thought.
After tossing the T shirt onto the bag she then tucked her thumbs into the top side of her shorts and pulled them down, letting them drop to her ankles, with a side step and a kick they too were on top of the bag, leaving her standing there in her tiny string bikini bottom.
It was just covering her most private part, tied with bows on her narrow hips. Now she definitely looked like someone who was into fitness. Those broad shoulders supporting her shapely boobs down to her small waist and narrow hips, almost like an Elle McPherson.
I couldn't believe this was happening in front of my eyes, so I was forced to focus the binoculars onto her this beautiful creature and feast my eyes
By now my hands were trembling with excitement and my cock was stretching my jocks.
I had to put down the binoculars and drop my shorts and jocks to the ground, standing there naked my old fellow really appreciated the room to grow with a couple of gentle tugs.
She sat down on the blanket and reached into the bag and pulled out a water bottle, took a few gulps and put it back.
Then laying back onto her elbows she stretched her legs out, soaking in the sun, looking out across the river.

After few minutes she turned over, laying on her front. When settled she reached behind her neck and untied the bow, then the other between her shoulder blades.
With a quick movement, the bikini top was on top of the bag.
She lay there, tanning that beautiful body.
I tried to imagine what she would look like naked, obviously getting an enormous hard on just looking at her.
Thoughts rushed before my eyes of me laying next to her, watching her swim nude across the river, sucking my cock, me screwing her in mad passion and many others that I can't remember.
Once again, about 5 minutes later, she stirred.
She stood up facing in my direction, giving me my first full view of her naked breasts. What a sight ! I have never seen such fantastic boobs, so firm, pointing straight out supported by those broad shoulders.
My binoculars focused on them for a closer look.
The teat was quite a dark brown and relatively small, about the size of a 50c piece.
The nipples were clearly hard and erect, obviously she was having a sensual experience just standing there. Then the moment of truth, she reached with her right hand to the hip and pulled the bow on her bikinis, untied they fell around her ankles, leaving her completely starkers.
My trembling hands had trouble holding the binoculars steady as I instantly directed my viewing to her pussy.
There it was, shaven and bare as a baby's bum.
That little mound with her slit clearly visible to me for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a couple of seconds as she neatly side stepped out of the fallen cladding and whisked them towards the bag with her foot.

She was now side on to me as she walked towards the water, giving me a chance to look at those fantastic breasts.
So firm and shapely, they just pointed straight out with no visible means of support, obviously the fitness accounting for that body shape all over.
Walking out along the point of the sandbar, she blissfully kicked at the water in the shallows.
Facing upstream when she stopped, she was facing in my direction straight on.
I froze, hoping I would not be seen as I dropped the binoculars down by my side so as not give off any glint in the sunlight. She stood there, just above ankle deep in the water, in all her tanned glory.
A goddess if ever I had even dreamt of one.
Kneeling into the water, she began to scoop water in her hands and pour over her thighs, then with more handfuls of water, she splashed it onto her tits.
She repeated the process continuously for a few minutes.
By now I had my binoculars back in action, training on those boobs.
I could clearly see that the nipples were very pronounced by now, what with that cold water being splashed over them, they were great.

She was obviously enjoying it to, as to my great pleasure she began to tweak the nipples with her thumb and forefinger, making them even bigger.
The enjoyment she was obviously feeling was etched all over face, her eyes closed, mouth open with her tongue licking her lips.
Suddenly her right hand moved between her legs, as she stood up on her knees widely apart, I could see she was tickling her clit with the middle finger.
I was waiting for the alarm to go off, I had to be dreaming.
I could not believe my luck in watching this erotic show before my very eyes, in close up !
The action of the hand on her pussy and the left hand fondling her breasts must have gone on for around five minutes.
By now my hand was working overtime on my hard on as well.

With her head facing skywards in absolute delight, she stopped, stood up and began walking back to her staging area.
She knelt next to the rug straightening it out, then rolled onto it in one motion laying on her back.
Then the legs opened wide giving me a perfect view of the pussy, by now her arousal had blown up her flaps with the clit area also quite plainly seen.
The hands moved back down to that sensuous area, prizing open the lips with the fingers on her left hand then moving her right forefinger onto her clit, slowly rubbing in a circular fashion. The pace gradually quickened, her hips began to move up and down as the thrill overcame her.
Then the finger was inserted in that magic hole, slowly slipping in and out whilst her she continued to rub the clit with the other hand.
That action must have continued for around 2-3 minutes, then seemingly stopping for breath, she laid back with her legs wide apart and began to fondle her tits.
The pace and frenzied activity had slowed right down.
Reaching for the water bottle, she had a quick drink before placing it back in the bag.
While in the bag, she seemed to fumble around then pulled out a banana.

Obviously the poor girl had worked up an appetite with all that exercise.
She peeled the rather green skin off the banana then put in her mouth as if to take a bite, to my utter titillation she began to move it in and out in a sucking motion, then licking it, obviously the cock she was fantasising about.
Then the banana was slid across her nipples for about a minute, then down it went to her cunt.
Her left hand opening those lips as the banana was slowly inserted into that magic hole, the gentle movement was bringing her back to her state of ecstasy, me too as I watched what most guys only dream about.

I couldn't stand it anymore.
Here was this beautiful woman with the best body in the world, no the universe, laying in front of my eyes in this secluded spot, masturbating her little rocks off, obviously craving for sex.
Here I was, a healthy virile male with an enormous hard on by now just watching.
It was time to make a move.

Placing the binoculars on the log, I quietly walked through the bush to the waters edge.
I stopped before entering the river and looked across to where she was, still heavily engrossed in her own fun, completely oblivious to the world around her.
I could see her still thrusting that piece of fruit up and down, her moans of ecstasy were clearly audible in the bush surrounds.

I waded into the water slowly, trying not to make any noise. The bottom was reasonably clear and sandy, only occasionally having to tread warily on stones.
By the time I reached the middle, I was waist deep, the cool water did not seem to diminish the hard on as I was watching her all the time.
The picture in front of me would have lasted a thousand wet dreams let alone being real, so there was no way my dick was folding under the pressure of a little cold water.
As I approached the waters edge I stopped in ankle deep water, looking at her no more than 5 metres away, still oblivious to everything, thrusting her hips skywards as she now probed her pussy with her finger, discarding the now rather soggy, soft banana..
Suddenly, she must have sensed something, stopping everything and sitting bolt upright staring at me in absolute shock.
The look on her face was amazement and embarrassment, firstly me standing there starkers with my cock at full attention and secondly the realisation that I had been watching her most private actions.
Her immediate actions were to cover her boobs and close her legs, very much an impulse move considering what I had been watching.

'Who are you ? Where did you come from ? How long have you been there ?'
All questions came at rapid fire.
'My name is Ken, I came from my property across the river and I have been watching you since you arrived,' I replied.
'In fact you are in my private part of the world so I should be asking you the same.'
'Have you been purving on me all that time? ' she asked.
'I couldn't help not to as I come to this place all the time and have been here long before you arrived.
However, I must admit it has been my great pleasure to observe an absolutely beautiful woman, enjoying nature as much as I do and also her own body.
You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen,' I replied.
As I spoke I could see her eyes looking at my hard cock and the tension relaxing a little.
'Sorry, you certainly startled me. I did not expect to find anyone out in this part of the countryside,' she said.
'It seems as if our common thoughts are centred around the same thing, why don't you come out of the water and dry off over here,' she said beckoning to the blanket.
I immediately obliged, standing next to her she reached for the towel and began to dry my lower legs, moving up to my thighs then gently rubbing my cock.
'You certainly have a nice tan all over, even this gorgeous cock' she said.
Then suddenly she was holding it with her right hand whilst moving her lips around it, slowly sucking.
I must have died and gone to heaven I thought as I stood there looking down on this virtual stranger sucking me off.
She began to lick my cock slowly up and down the shaft then moving onto my balls, I had never experienced anything like this ever, even at one of those big city massage parlours.
I thought this lady has to be a pro to know what turns a man on, or else she is naturally gifted.

Before I cum all over her and blew this moment, I pushed her away hoping she would take the hint and lay back on the rug.
She did eagerly and laid back with her legs wide apart, inviting me to return the favour.
I obliged by moving onto her pussy with my fingers at first, slowly circling the perimeters of her cunt, then spreading the very moist lips to find that little detonator of hers. It was easy to find, that little hard on of hers was ready for action.
As soon as I touched it she reacted with a loud groan of ecstasy.
I gently rubbed it with one finger, bringing sounds of delight from her.
Here was this smooth, shaven pussy right in front of my eyes, now wet from her love juices. I moved down to start licking, my tongue reaching out to her clit. I slowly stroked it with my tongue as she swayed her hips in a sideways motion, bringing continuos moans from her.
I eventually moved down to the magic hole and began to stick my tongue up whilst nuzzling her clit with my nose.
This worked fantastically as she went wild with louder groans and the gyrating hips increased pace as I probed deeper with my tongue.
Suddenly, she put her hands on the side of my head pulling it away from her pussy.

'Fuck me please, now!' she said, 'I want that hard cock right up me, quickly'

Of course I was ready and very willing by now, my cock slipped smoothly into her very moist hole.
I tried to be slow on the insert but she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me towards her with a large degree of urgency, causing me to start thrusting in rapid fire.
I was in absolute ecstasy and was trying to make the moment last as we curvorted in wild embrace.
We kissed and tongued each other sending additional ripples of bliss through our bodies.
I sensed she was getting really into the swing of things when she rolled us over in one swift action, leaving her on top of me.
She sat bolt upright, bobbing up and down on my cock, trying to drive it inside her as far it would go.
Her boobs were moving up and down in rhythm with her pelvic thrusts as she obviously was into her orgasm mode.
That was enough for me, I couldn't contain myself anymore, I came in seconds as she continually rode my dick for all it was worth.
As we both came together and enjoyed that certain moment, my mind seemed to leave the body and look down at this man and woman having enjoyed a life shattering experience, almost as if I had died and gone to heaven.

Our bodies were wet from the perspiration generated from all that activity, and trying to catch our breath, whilst she still slowly moved on my fast shrinking dick.
She was still groaning with delight as she moved off me onto the rug beside me, realising that the old fellow needed a rest.
Sensing that she was still in the mood, I reached for that very moist cunt of hers and began to finger her clit again.
Well that was it, away she went again in another orgasmic storm, hips thrusting in all directions as she pressed my hand onto her box.
It seemed as if the wave had passed when another surge ran through her body, by now I had counted four orgasms for her and one for me, a bit out of balance but I sure wasn't complaining.
Eventually she laid back seemingly exhausted.

'Wow,' she said softly, 'that was really wild.
Thank you for the best sex I have ever had. What was your name again?'
'Ken' I replied, 'and yours is?'
'Amy, Amantha in full but I prefer Amy,' she answered.
'I remember now, we met at the local dance a few weeks ago in town'
'Of course, I recognise the face now,' she replied.
'I did meet quite a few guys that night. I don't think I was terribly popular with the other girls though.'
'Oh I wouldn't worry about that, a touch of competition never hurt anyone'

The small talk continued for a few minutes with both of us seemingly oblivious to our naked state laying back on the blanket.
As we talked I reached across to the nipple on her right breast and gently began to roll it between my fingers. It was still hard and erect indicating through my touch and sight that she was still aroused.
She suddenly stopped talking as I caressed her tit.
After a couple of minutes her attention was directed to my rather laid back and exhausted cock.

'Let me see if I can coax some life back into your best friend, I'm sure you would appreciate it, ' she said as she softly placed her hand over my cock.

She gently placed her fingers around the shaft and with a slight squeezing motion began a pulling action.
At first, my cock was like a two day old limp celery.
Then gradually I felt the blood moving back into my groin region and my old fella began to respond to her stroking.
After a few minutes of this concentrated attention, it began to stiffen up like normal, with a distinct sense of arousement that my cock was ready for more.
I thought to myself that if I am feeling randy again and she is helping then she must be still throbbing for more. Immediately I went for her still moist pussy with my left hand. My index finger slipped smoothly into her hole and upwards, drawing groans of delight.
With my thumb, I honed in on her still hard clit, rubbing it while still probing my finger inside. This was just what she wanted obviously as her hips began to thrust upwards with the rhythm of my hand actions.
Her increased level of excitement was transmitted to her hand pulling on my cock as the pace and vigour increased, giving me a real rush as well.

Suddenly, she stopped working on my dick and before I knew it she was on top of me, manoeuvring my cock to slip into her cunt, sitting astride me rubbing her tits in ecstasy as she bobbed up and down on my cock.
I reached for those glorious tits and took over the task of fondling them.
She was obviously having a sequence of orgasms without me coming at all.
It was great, all that pleasure happening whilst I could still enjoy it without blowing my load.
But all good things must end, or climax in this case as I felt that flow in my groins as I came again at the same time she was having her final lunge of passion.

What a day.
We both agreed to play act the same roles next weekend as if we were strangers again.
I waded back across the river as she laid back on the rug resting before leaving.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bunny Time Video

What is it about dressing up like a bunny that makes you feel so sexy?


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A lovely meeting. (part1)

By Jimmy ( Aug 99)

I hadn't seen Kathy for ages when I suddenly stumbled on her one beautiful summer day.
We spoke for a while and she asked me to pay her a visit. I agreed and the same week, on a Friday, about half past six I went to see her.
She seemed very pleased to see me and invited me in.
"Time to go to bed", she told her five- year old son, who was still awake.
I watched some TV meanwhile. After a while she entered the room and looked as sexy as ever before. I was 25 at the time and Cathy about 33. She offered some tea and we drank it and spoke about old memories at the same time.

After a while she asked if a wanted to see some movie and I agreed. She had a couple of films recorded and we sat down in front of the TV to decide what to watch.
She was dressed in a white thigh blouse, a small skirt and white stockings and looked very sexy. She had some trouble to get the recorder to work and we sat down in front of the TV, trying to get it work.
She had a white carpet, very soft to sit at, on the floor.

Suddenly she gave me a kiss.
She laid her left hand on my lap and caressed my thigh.
I felt an eager building up and she felt the tension and kissed me again. Her tongue was in my mouth and she straddled me.
With her in my lap my cock was getting very hard.
Her breast in front of me didn't exactly make me feel less eager to have her.
She moved her hips and her lower parts massaged my cock outside of my jeans.
"I want your cock inside me" she whispered in my ear.
I quickly unbuttoned her blouse reviling her lovely breasts, as she wore no bra.

She helped me to remove my socks, trousers and T-shirt.
My cock was making my shorts look like a tent.
After removing them also she was stroking my cock and then bent down and licked the top of it.
She placed it in her mouth and started sucking.

It felt fabulous! To have this hot-headed woman taking my rod deep in her mouth was fantastic.

I moaned and she stopped and straddled me again. I kissed her breast and her neck.
Then lower, down to the breast again. I played with her nipples with my fingers and tongue and they got very hard. Kathy moaned. She had her hands down my back and pressed me against her. She moved her hips in circling moves and my cock was all the time pressed against her pussy, but outside her panties.
My tongue trailed up and down her body. I kissed her lips and then her breast.
"Jeff, I want you to tongue my clit" she pleaded in a loud voice.
"And then I want your cock inside me."

I placed my right hand against her panties.
All wet! Two fingers sledded inside of her white underwear and circled her wet pussy. I lightly massaged her clit, making her move even more, now pressing her hips against my hand and cock.
I let one finger slide in her wet, hot hole and let my cock sniff her opening. She moved up and I allowed my tongue to wander everywhere except her clit.
I removed her skirt and panties and placed her with her back against the floor, on the white carpet.
She shook violently when my tongue then flicked over her clit. She looked as she could barely control herself.
Kathy reached down to hold my head into her.
My tongue ravaged her clit for a while before I stopped.

Kathy cried out, "No! Please! I want you to make me come. Please make me come. I need you to make me come now."

I buried my tongue into her again and licked her fast and furiously.
She couldn't stop.
She groaned like a wild animal in the wilderness. She didn't seem to care who heard her orgasm.

I got up and then lay down on top of her, rubbing my stone hard cock against her mound.
I leaned over, kissing her hard, letting her flavour enter my mouth.
" I want to shove my cock into your cunt, and fuck you."
I forced my knees between her legs, and spread them.
I entered her quickly and deeply.
She gripped my shoulders and dug her nails into me. Her legs wrapped around mine, and she pushed me deeply into her.

I pounded into her, pushing her body into floor mat. Again and again I shoved my cock into her, building to the climax.
She held me tightly, arching her back so that I could enter her more deeply.
She whispered hoarsely to me, "Fuck me, Jeff. Fuck me harder."
She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles, making me almost come. I pulled out in time and exploded all over her.
She smiled and smeared the semen over her chest.

We both wanted more and I started licking up the inside of her thighs, chewing and nibbling until I reached the top.
I buried my tongue into the crease at the top of her thigh.
I could see her juices flowing from her. My tongue brushed over her lips and into the crease on the other side. I attacked it forcefully.

I stopped before we came and led her to the sofa.
Kathy lay back in the sofa, a mischievous smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She held her left breast in one hand; the other hand covered her mound, her fingers barely visible in the moist hair.
I leaned down to kiss her upper legs, and Kathy settled back against the sofa, spreading her knees and delving both of her hands into the thick fur of her vulva.
She watched my reactions, licking her lips unconsciously as I proved with my body language that her age had nothing to do with her desirability. I sat up and stared, openly panting now as she slowly and carefully slid a finger down to part her pubic hair.
For a moment she held it back, exposing the soft, sweet treasures inside.
Then she dipped one finger down to her entrance and slid back up to massage her clitoris.

When I made no move, just to excited, Kathy took my hands forward to press our naked bodies against each other’s and she kissed me again.
I was finding it somewhat hard to breathe, torn between wanting to touch her everywhere and wanting to do something about my own excitement.
I took her hands and pushed them back down to the sofa by her hips. I leaned forward and down, breathing in her sweet fragrance.
I parted the thick mat of curled hair with my fingers and touched the tip of my tongue to the area just above her vagina.
Warm fleshy tongue met damp sweet flesh, causing us both to shiver.
Softly, slowly, my tongue slid up between her thighs and outlines the tiny mound of her clitoris. Around and around I circled, too much perhaps as she gasped and moaned.
I drew back and delved lower, exploring the entrance and the dipping his tongue into her interior, darting in and out with quick motions, then sliding a finger in to join the lingual invasion.

I rested my cock on her pussy. Kathy gasped, her fingers tangled in my hair.
She pushed her hips upward against me, inviting me further.
I had placed my hands on either side of her and pressed steadily.
First the head popped in, causing both of them to gasp and pause, then she urged me on with her hands on my bottom as I sank deeper inside her until she had me completely in. I had to close my eyes from the sensation. It was incredible.
I moved back, then in, building a rhythm as Kathy took her hands away from my buttocks to play with my rudimentary nipples.
She moaned with pleasure in my ear as I laid over her in the sofa.

She pulled me down on my back on the carpet and slowly stroke my cock.
She straddled me with her back against my face. I hugged her from behind as she rocked her hips. She turned her head and we kissed.
My tongue pressed between her lips and she squeezed her vagina around me.

The motion of her hips around my shaft almost sent me over the edge for the second time, and I said so just as I felt the explosion forcing its way through me.
I shut my eyes and muttered something incomprehensible as the feeling sent sparks throughout my body.
Kathy simultaneously got an another orgasm and I helplessly poured my seed into her body.
As I slowed down, Kathy whispered she felt herself coming again, this time in slow waves that rolled over and around her.
We stayed locked together for a while, my flesh hot against hers. Later I went home but I promised to return soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Very Personal Assistant

by Clark Hanson ( Aug 99)

I am a 32-year-old executive PA who has been through two false starts in the marriage stakes.
I cannot stand to be physically involved with the male; the thought of it, having tried it is abhorrent to me.
Yet I am a highly sexed woman and paradoxically, when aroused and randy I crave penetration; to have my cunt stretched round something hard.
I have till recently relied on DIY to satisfy my need and have accumulated a collection of dildos to help and enhance my pleasure.

My other passion if not a fetish is clothes, if I look and feel good, I feel sexy and my evening meal has on many occasions had to wait for me to relieve the sexual tension that has built up through the day.
My outer work clothes although smart and fashionable have tended to be a little frumpish in order to avoid my 5'10" size 16 figure attracting unwanted male attention perhaps making me look a little older than my 32 years.
However, my underwear has been a totally different matter.
I love the feel of silk and satin and the constraint of basques and waspies. If and when I wear knickers, they are usually french.

I recently changed employers and found myself working for a woman, Jane.
Because she had worked hard to ascend past male colleagues, she is a hard but fair taskmistress.
I like working for her and the excitement she generates around our office. She is as tall as myself but a little rounder, I have found out since she is a size 18. I now know that she is 39 years of age.

Where I dressed to smother my figure, Jane accentuates her statuesque form.
She invariably has a 'V' neck line showing the upper slopes of her ample breasts.
Her skirts and dresses; she never wears trousers, always hem on or above the knee exhibiting her well-formed legs.
Her discerning eye soon realised that I was hiding myself and she asked me why.
When I told her of my fear of male attention, she told me not to be so negative, to be proud of my shape, she thought I "looked gorgeous".

The bottom line to this was that evening, we went to dinner together so that I could explain my problem to her without the pressure of work around us.
She was sympathetic to my neurosis and asked me if I was gay.
The question was a blunt one and it shocked me because in my naivety, I just had not considered that as an option.
She admitted to me that she was bi-sexual and thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures afforded by women, particularly naive younger women she could mould to her liking.

Jane's bluntness totally disarmed me and before I could refuse, she had me walking through the door of her apartment. She took my coat and when she returned she took me straight into her arms and kissed me aggressively, her tongue forcing itself into my mouth.
My own tongue feebly defended it's territory and as I felt my libido begin to warm up I surrendered to her with a groan.

She took me into her bedroom and as she came up behind me after shutting the door, she pulled down the zip at the back of my dress.
Being fairly loose, there was nothing to stop it slithering from my shoulders to the floor.
I was left standing in a white half-cup basque, my white hold-up stockings and heeled sandals.
My heaving tits sat on the platforms provided by the half cups, my rapidly hardening nipples clearly on show.
My cunt, now moistened by my excitement framed between the bottom of the corset and the lacy tops of the stockings.

She walked round me, inspecting me.
When she stopped in front of me she leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth, the effect was unbelievably delicious.
As she lifted her head, she told me that if she had known I 'underdressed' like this she would have been under my skirts much earlier.
She stood back and removed her own dress leaving her stood in a black bra, panty and suspender set with tan stockings.
She quickly removed her bra and panties and indicated I should remove my basque.

She lay on the bed and invited me down beside her.
When I complied she kissed me again but this time softly and sensuously, teasing my lips and the tip of my tongue as my mouth opened in submissive acceptance.
She continued the teasing kissing round my face, down my neck, across my chest to my waiting tits.
Her hands formed their shape as the erect nipple disappeared into her mouth, the warm wet snugness of her mouth sending electric shocks from my tits straight to my cunt.

I pleaded with her to do something, I wanted fucking.
It was the first time a mouth had been anywhere near my cunt and the first contact triggered what was to be the first of many orgasms that night.
She kissed little pecks around my bloated labia, the skin sensitive to any stimulus.
Her hands had moved under my buttocks parting them, the tips of her fingers dancing around the rim of my bum hole.
She was now licking my cunt, the broad face of her tongue making slow upward strokes inducing little orgasmic tremors as it passed over my clit.

I opened my nylon-sheaved legs as wide as I could and crossed them at my ankles over her back.
I begged her not to stop, to keep her mouth on my clit.
She had other ideas.
She brought one hand over my thigh so that she could wank my clitoris between her fingers, the other stayed at my anus and as one of her fingers slowly disappeared inside, her tongue bored it's way into my cunt.
I can only remember a scream before I passed out from the intensity of my orgasm.

When I came round I was lead under the covers of her king size bed.
She had removed my nylons so that I was naked.
She was sat in an armchair watching my reaction as I came to.
The smile on her face as I held out my arms to her was beautiful.
As she stood and came toward me, her robe slipped from her shoulders revealing her naked body to me and I noticed for the first time her mons was devoid of pubic hair.
She told me she shaved it regularly.
I told her that I wanted to make love to her but that she would have to teach me.
Teach me she did and I thoroughly enjoyed learning.
At the end of the night she introduced me to her favourite toy, her collection being larger and more extensive than was mine.
This particular beauty was a double dildo about two-and-a-half inches thick and about eight inches long.

She handed it to me and before she could stop me I had inserted one end into my oily cunt and strapped it in place.
The feeling to have an intrusion in one's love channel while stood upright and walking around was unbelievable, I almost climaxed just pushing her roughly over the edge of the bed, protesting that we should be the other way round.
Taking my new cock in my hand, I told her to be quiet, that she was going to get 'one hell of a fucking' and directed it with one vigorous thrust into her welcoming cunt.

She still tried to give me the impression she should be where I was but the groan she emitted as the dildo sank home dripped with sensual pleasure.
I started the fuck her with long deliberate strokes telling her that she was nothing but a bitch on heat that craved to be fucked.
Between her gasps of pleasure she agreed with me, begging me to 'please fuck me harder and faster'.
I obliged, the sensations the false tool was inducing on my own 'G' spot bringing me quickly to my own peak.
As she wailed out her own orgasm, I surprised myself with the speed I could work my hips and the dildo in her cunt, my own climax flooded over me.

From that night on, I became the dominant partner in our private relationship; she was still the boss at work.
Although on more than one occasion I have walked into her office to have her beg me to let her kiss my cunt.
I always refused and invariably spanked her that night for her 'misdemeanour'; I wanted to keep our thing away from work - it was safer.

I threw out my frumpy wardrobe, joining her in wearing more figure flattering clothes.
I have come to enjoy the sensation of being naked under a dress, perhaps wearing hold-ups. I am now also fully shaved.
The realisation that I am thoroughly enjoying my new; lets face it, lesbian persona has helped me brush off the inevitable male attention.

One evening, 'we girls' had to entertain the wife of one of the company's more prestigious clients, the instruction was to keep her happy as a lot of dough was riding on her husbands signature.
It gave me a chance to wear a cocktail dress I had bought some time ago, it was basically a basque with a skirt in black.
The basque part was in soft leather and laced up my back across a wide gap that finished at my hips rather than my waist.
My boobs were only covered to about two inches above my nipples, the d'colletage dipping to about two inches below.
The full skirt, in silk hemmed just above my knee.
White lace topped hold-ups and black stilettos completed my rig.

Jane wore a wrap around blouse and full skirt also in black.
She had chosen black seamed stockings.
Our guest Wendy, was a young redhead about thirty and was more conservatively dressed in a coverall dark green knee length dress.
Throughout the meal the chat was about mundane things and it became obvious that we were lumbered with a child.
Any hint of things erotic resulted in a deep red blush.

We retired to a quiet corner on the restaurant's bar and kept her wineglass full.
Eventually Wendy began to loosen up and when asked, she admitted she had known only her husband since leaving her Swiss finishing school and when pressed further the marriage had been arranged and hers was the bulk of the money behind the business.
It was obvious to me at least; 'been there - worn the tee-shirt', that her marriage was one of his convenience.

In a flash of inspiration and knowing Jane's submissive tendencies I resolved to take her under my wing and 'help' her liven up her life. Jane excused herself and went to the loo and I made my move.
I shifted up close and asked her if she enjoyed sex.
Her answer was blunt, that her husband was useless in bed and had never really had the chance to find out.
When asked if she'd like to find out, her face shot round to mine and was about to ask what I was suggesting when I closed the gap and kissed her full on the mouth.
Catching her in mid sentence left her mouth open for my tongue to roam freely in her mouth.
She must have been paralysed by the shock of my attack because I didn't have to hold her and she didn't move away.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jane returning and broke the kiss. I quickly told Wendy if she wanted to take it further, to go along with whatever I suggested.
She just stared at me I think still in shock, but she did not move away even when I moved my thigh against hers under the table.
The combination of the wine and my attack loosened her up even more and the discussion became raunchier.
She became more confident as we drew her out of herself, she even started stroking my thigh under the table.
I took hold of her hand and directed under my skirt and when she eventually arrived at my naked shaven cunt, her intake of breath was audible enough for Jane to notice.

With wonderful presence of mind Wendy forced a cough but did not remove her hand, covering her mouth with the other.
She eventually removed her hand, excused herself and went to the ladies.
While she was away I updated Jane then told her to get under the table and start sucking my itching cunt.
She looked round to make sure nobody was looking, it was quite dark in our corner and not much could be seen anyway.

By the time our guest returned, my Jane's tongue was lapping my open cunt with gusto.
I answered the query as to where she was by saying she had gone to pay the bill. I leaned toward Wendy and kissed her again, there was no resistance. my hand found it's way to the hem of her skirt and dragged it up with it as it made it's way to her love nest.
When I arrived there, it was my turn to be surprised, she had no pants on either.
With a twinkle in her eye she opened her clutch bag and pulled out a lovely pair of black net french knickers, 'when in Rome' she had smiled.

I asked her if she had ever had oral sex and she blushed and told me that she had, but a long time ago.
When she answered positively as to whether she would like it again I took her hand and put it on Jane's head and told her to help herself.
Within seconds she was slumped in her seat, legs wide apart with her skirt round her waist as my boss brought her to a thundering orgasm.
I had to kiss her to avoid her moans attracting the attention of anyone else.

While my boss really went to pay the bill I told her that for tonight, Jane would be her slave to do with whatever she wished.
We left the restaurant and went to Jane's town apartment.
Once inside I stood behind Jane and put my hands around her hold her generous mammeries.
I asked Wendy if she wanted to see Jane's tits and when she nodded eagerly, unwrapped the black blouse to expose her 40D boobs.
I urged Wendy to kiss them and she rushed forward to oblige. Jane told me I had a rival in the tit sucking stakes.

As Jane's tits were receiving Wendy's undivided attention, I stripped away Jane's skirt and walked behind Wendy and slid her dress zip down.
She helped me by pulling the bodice and sleeves away from her upper torso so that it slipped to the floor leaving her in a black satin suspender belt and stockings.
As Jane led us to her bedroom, I undid the laces at the back of my dress and allowed it to also fall to the floor.
I stood behind Wendy, nibbling at her neck telling her to instruct Jane as to her wishes. She told Jane to 'kiss my breasts again'.
I told her to talk dirty, that they were tits.

'Oh yes kiss my lovely tits Jane, they are lovely aren't they? she asked as if looking for reassurance.
I answered for Jane as her mouth was too busy telling Wendy that she had a gorgeous pert pair of boobs. Indeed they were, not too big but firm and nicely formed.
As I started to kiss down Wendy's back I heard her tell Jane 'to go down on me again'.

'Tell her to suck your cunt' I instructed. I felt her shudder as she repeated the words. By the time I had reached her bottom I knew that Jane was already feasting on her bush.
My hands parted Wendy's buttocks and as my tongue descended between them, I vaguely heard Wendy ask what I was doing and felt her wobble on her legs.
We both steadied her and I continued my quest for her bum hole and when I got there and push my tongue inside, she screamed out her climax.

We both stood up and Jane took her to the bed. I went to Jane's collection and selected the monster that Jane had introduced me too and a similar but smaller one.
I went to the bed and with Wendy looking on in wide-eyed wonder, I made Jane salivate the biggy. Once it was wet I made Wendy insert it in my boiling cunt and fasten the straps.
I told Wendy it was Jane's turn to be fucked first as she had been servicing her all evening. Wendy looked genuinely disappointed.
I told her to be patient but if she wished she could sit on Jane's face.

Jane arranged Wendy on the bed with her nyloned legs spread wide then stood at the foot of the bed and bent over to reach her cunt. I walked behind her and sank the dildo all the way into her own hole in one stroke, pushing her into Wendy's groin.
Jane's and my own orgasm, on hold all evening soon erupted at which we both collapsed on Wendy.
I extracted myself from Jane and when she stood we performed a trick we had developed together.
We stood together and kissed and I reinserted the dildo into her cunt.
As we continued to work each other's mouths, I transferred the straps to Jane then broke the kiss and backed off the toy.

Jane tuned to the bed and without prompting, Wendy told her to 'shag me to death with your tool'. Jane laid on her back on the bed knowing what I had in mind and told her to climb on.
This was obviously a novelty to her and she willingly obliged, taking her time to accustom herself to the size.
It was she said, twice the size of that wimp of a husband.
As she started to ride the phallus inside her, moaning about how good it was to be fucked with a real tool, I fitted the smaller one to myself and anointed the exposed dong with KY.

I moved behind Wendy and slipped the end of the dildo between her buttocks, she froze. 'What are you doing?' there was a tremor in her voice.

'I, dear Wendy, am going to fuck your arse' and so saying pushed the toy passed her sphinctal ring.
Her mouth opened to scream but nothing came out.
Both Jane and I waited until she regained her breath, then started a slow rhythmic fucking action.

'You bitches' she moaned, 'you're raping me' but at the same time she started pushing back to meet our thrusts.
'All right then, fuck me, fuck me to death, I love it, I love it'.
Jane pulled her down to kiss her deeply as I reached round and palmed her tits. I could hear her moaning into Jane's mouth and as the moans got more intense we increased our speed until she broke away and literally screamed out her orgasm then swooned away.

We put her under the bedclothes to recover and tidied ourselves up. In about ten minutes she opened her eyes and smiled at us looking down at her.
She just said thank you, could we do it again sometime.
Jane and I both nodded.
She and I got dressed again, said our goodbyes to Jane and returned to her hotel. In the limo', she asked me if she could suck my cunt but I told her next time, that I was quite sore.
She smiled, 'funny you should say that'.

When we walked into the hotel lobby she mentioned that her husband was still in the bar with our man.
We went over and she told them that she had spent a wonderful evening with us and would like to do so again when they again in town.
Her husband smiled and said that they would be staying for a day or two anyway and why not again on this visit.
She kissed him politely on the cheek as if in thanks then told them she was tired and wished to retire, I walked to the lift with her, again refusing her entreaty for more lust.
I offered to take her shopping the following afternoon.

The following afternoon I picked her up and took her to my corsetair and fitted her up with three basques, all of them virtually bra less.
She had decided that if Jane and I could manage without support with our mammeries, she certainly could with hers. She also bought half a dozen pairs of hold-ups.
We went on to a dressmaker I know and she found a dress that oozed sex and would not be possible to wear with underwear.
It had a choker collar and full sleeves, an open bodice that came down to just above her nipples.
The open back went from collar to bottom, the cleft between her bum cheeks just visible.

After buying two pairs of heeled sandals we went for a coffee to the restaurant we had been the previous evening.
As we drank and nibbled at some gateaux she thanked me again for opening her mind to our 'life'.
Although she now thought she understood her apparent bisexuality and was still determined to make her marriage work, she wanted to explore it further.
I asked her if she had enjoyed dominating Jane as far as it went.
She smiled but replied that her perception was that she had been the one dominated.

I pushed further, did she think her hubby was submissive because I believed her to be dominant.
She looked at me for what seemed a long time eventually conceding that she had no idea.
I suggested that if she wanted to experiment, to try tying him to the bed with some of his old ties, see how he reacted.
Her eyes lit up as she thought of the possibilities.

As we left the cafe she told me she wanted to buy a toy like the ones we had used the night before.
I asked her whom she had in mind, it took two to tango.
She smiled before answering that she hadn't realised till this morning when she spoke to her on the phone that her sister in law had a crush on her and laughing added she definitely fancied her 'in a dominant sort of way'.
We went to a sex shop for women in Soho were she went mad; two vibrators, two double headers, a head mask, a leather paddle and a choker and lead.
We then returned to her hotel where in her bedroom we made slow sensuous love before I left for home.

The following morning I received an excited call from her to report that she had been 'experimenting' with results beyond her wildest dreams; he was so submissive she had even ass-fucked him as a christening for one of the smaller of her new toys.
She'd then paddled him (again) for consequently spraying his come all over the bed.
We agreed that we should meet again that night at her hotel since she had arranged for her sister-in-law to join her during the day for another shopping trip and stop over.

She intended, with our help to initiate her into saphic enjoyment.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ms. G

By Azaxel( Aug 99)

Some people get crushes on their teachers.
Not me, plus I never had a good- looking teacher, until my senior year in high school.
One of my teachers caught my attention, not because of her looks, at first, but because of her age.
She looked like she was 21 (I later found out she was 26).
A lot of guys in the school thought she was hot.
I thought she was very attractive, but not hot.
She did have a very good body. She was 5' 7", 120 pounds, long blond hair, and brown eyes.
She had a tight ass and medium sized tits. I won't give her real name, so I'll call her Ms. G.
Now Ms. G was a funny teacher, but kind of strict.
Her class wasn't the best, or the funnest to be in.
She gave us a lot of work.
I was only in there for a semester and when it ended I had mixed emotions.
As a person and a teacher, I liked Ms. G, but I wasn't sad to be out of her class.
A couple of weeks into the new semester, we had to research a career and find someone to study in that career.
I chose teacher. I had a hard time finding a teacher to study, but Ms. G gladly agreed to.
So when the day came, I showed up to her room half an hour before school, as she requested.

She was wearing black overalls with a tight, tan colored shirt underneath.
Her outfit showed her features well. The day started easily enough.
Ms. G guided me through her lesson plans for the day.
To make you familiar with the schedule at that school, we have block-scheduling.
You have three classes a day.
There are A and B days, so you have A classes and B classes.
The school days go A day, B day, A day, etc. This was a B day. In between the first and second classes is a 15 minute break. In between the second and last class is lunch.
Each class is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. After going over lesson plans, the bell rang and Ms. G's B1 class came in.
The class was boring. They just did a group assignment all period. I observed as Ms. G instructed the class and helped out the groups when they needed it.
The first class ended. Ms. G and I went down to the office, made copies, grabbed a snack, and headed back to class.
On the way back, I stopped to go to the bathroom.
As I headed back to the room, I ran into a friend.
He jokingly asked if I had screwed her yet.(During the time we had Ms. G together she told us she doesn't get involved with her students.
She would tell the class repeatedly because there was a kid in the class who always asked her out.) I reminded my friend she doesn't see her students and we both laughed it off.
Little did I know what would happen by the end of the day.

The break ended, B4 came in. Same story with that class. Boring, they just did the group assignment.
I was hungry and lunch couldn't come soon enough.
Finally the class ended and it was lunch time. Ms. G and I grabbed lunch from the teacher's lounge and went back to her room. We made small talk, I learned she didn't have a boyfriend, which surprised me. We finished lunch and talked some more.
While we were talking, she reached across her desk for a paper.
As she bent over I couldn't help, but admire her ass. I instantly became aroused.
When she sat down, she looked at me, not at my face, but down lower.
I was sure she had saw the outline of my hardon through my jeans.
Ms. G suddenly got up and walked out of the room.
She said she'd be right back.
She locked the door on the way out.
She claimed she didn't want anyone to come in while she was gone.
A second later, she came back in. I didn't notice right away that she left the door locked.
Ms. G walked over to a cupboard and tried to reach for something on the top shelf.
She couldn't get it and asked me if I would get it for her. I got up and walked over to her.
She turned to me and said, " I lied".
She quickly pushed me onto a desk and before I could react, she undid my jeans and pulled them down with my boxer shorts.
She grabbed my cock with one hand and put her mouth over the head.
She sucked and licked just the head before moving all the way down.
I was about to cum, then she stopped, and proceeded again.
She did this about three more times. She was driving me crazy.
As luck would have it, the bell rang for the last class. Ms. G straddled me and gave me a long passionate kiss.
She said we would finish later.
I pulled up my pants as she walked over to the door and let her class in. Needless to say, B6 seemed like it took forever to end.
A couple of times during class, she would look over at me and smile.
I wanted to just run over, throw her on a desk and fuck her right in front of the class.
When class ended, Ms. G scooted her class out the door. She told me to stay seated as she walked towards me.
She straddled me in the chair, kissed me again, and took off her shirt.
She let me take off her bra.
I pulled down my pants as she stood up and took off her overalls. To my amazement, she wore no panties.
She straddled me again, kissing me some more as she rocked back and forth on the shaft of my penis.
She was so hot and wet. I wanted to be inside her more than anything.
She took my cock in her hand, put the tip to her love lips, and inserted it.
She stayed there for a second before taking me all the way in.
The pleasure was intense.
She fucked me hard, picking up the pace, slowing down, then going faster.
Ms. G reached up and turned the radio on to muffle our moans.
I couldn't believe I was fucking my teacher.
The look in her eyes told me she had totally abandoned herself to the act.
It felt so good driving my meat pole into her steamy channel.
We continued fucking as I played with her ass and tits.

Sweat started pouring off her body as she drove up and down my wet length as her ass slapped against my legs.
Holding onto her hips was becoming impossible. The sensation was too great, but before I could cum, she stopped again.
She really knew how to push my buttons. Every time she stopped, I wanted her even more.
We fucked in that chair for what must have been 40 minutes before she climaxed and came with a mind blowing orgasm and collapsed onto me.
We stayed there, holding each other for several minutes, sticking together from the sweat.
Ms. G stared fucking me again after catching her breath.
A few seconds into it, I started to cum, then she stopped, but this time she got off me, pulled up my pants, and pushed me out the door.
She said, " I'm not done with you yet".
Our next meeting happened the next day, during school. I got called out of math class.
On the way to the office, Ms. G stopped me and told me she called me out and to follow her.
We walked out of the back of the school and out onto the football field.
She told me she loved the snow and wanted to fuck in it.
I told her it was crazy since it was cold and someone could see us if they walked out of the school.
She said that's what made it so exciting.
She stripped off her clothes right there, then she stripped off mine.
I laid down in the snow. She straddled me and picked up right where we left off. It was so cold out, My back was almost numb.
Her pussy felt so hot, like it was on fire, and she was wetter than ever.
We fucked out in the snow right in plain of the school.
The thrill was awesome. I couldn't take it and started to cum. Of course she stopped.
" That's it". I said.
I rolled her over onto her back and started pumping as fast and as hard as I could.
I slammed my cock into her pussy like there was no tomorrow.
The snow around us started to melt from the heat of our bodies. Each time I withdrew my dick, it seemed wetter and wetter. I rammed it back in to the hilt.
I felt her clench her pussy muscles giving me even more pleasure. I ran my hands over her body and my fingers down her clit.
The shock from the cold was something else, and it added more intensity. Ms. G was on the brink of the biggest orgasm of her life.
She lifted her head to mine and we kissed as we made hot, passionate love in the snow on the 30 yard line.
I didn't know how much more I could take.
I was holding off until Ms. G came.
Soon, the feeling from fucking and the shock of the cold was to much as her body writhed around, and she shuddered as she screamed and came.
It had become too much and I followed right behind her, as I climaxed and shot my load deep into her cunny.
I kissed her for a long time, then asked, " I thought you didn't get involved with your students?"
She responded by saying, " You are not one of MY students anymore, remember."

Since then we have had sex several times.
Her goal is to have sex in every classroom and office in the school.
I plan on helping her reach that goal.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Boss' New Toy

By Mr. Neb( Aug 99)

God, was I nervous!
I had practically been shaking since I got the news of my promotion and transfer.
I had only been with the firm for a few weeks.
Sure, I felt that I was doing a fine job but I had no idea that the CEO even knew who I was, much less was in a position to assess my abilities.
So there I was, all dressed up, and attending the CEO's private party in the Executive Conference Center.

Looking around, I was even more amazed at my presence.
All around me were all senior executives, all men and dressed in Armani suites.
They were a lot older than I was and with a lot more experience.
They were all chatting and giving that 'corporate chortle' at the bossâ little jokes. And there was the big boss, right in the middle of it all, surrounded by lackeys and wannabes.
Hey, I'm not criticizing.
I just couldn't figure out why I was there!

The hours wore on and I hadn't had more than two conversations the whole evening.
I just wandered around, trying to fit in, and taking advantage of the lobster canapŽs, caviar, and expensive champagne.
By the time the group started to thin out, I was feeling pretty loopy.
Around the time when there were only about five of us left, I figured that I would make my unnoticed departure.
Just as I reached for the handle on the finely carved mahogany doors, they swung open and in walked the CEO.

'Where are you going, ma boy. Stick around. I have to talk to you later.'

The boss just swept right on by.
Wow! The head gonzimocker actually spoke to me.
ME! What could the CEO and Chairman of the Board want with ME?

I sat in the plush chair against the wall next to the door, staring into my umteenth glass of champagne, wondering why I was to remain.
It wasn't long before the last of the Italian suits walked past and out the doors.
He patted me on the shoulders as he left and said, 'Hang in there son.'

'Come with me son', the boss beckoned.

We walked through another set of doors into the CEO's private office.
Like the conference room, it was decorated in exquisite deeply engraved wood.
Artwork with custom lighting spotted the walls. There was a private bar, a great desk, and a small meeting table with chairs.
Two large leather chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table were also in the room. Huge tapestry rugs covered dark hardwood floor.
One wall was all glass that give a spectacular view of the New York skyline.

'Well, what do you think?
Nice little office, eh? Relax. Sit down. Take off your jacket. I'm not going to bite you.'

There was something comforting and yet foreboding in her voice.
Yes, that's right, the boss is a 'her'.
The CEO that ruled this company with an iron fist is a woman.
She had a well earned reputation for sternness.
She took no shit from anyone, either from inside or outside of the company.

I sat on the couch and gulped the last of my champagne.
She reached up behind her head and let her hair down.
It was a soft light brown that just came to her shoulders.
She was wearing a gray business suit that in spite of its smart tailored look, also preserved her femininity quite well.
The jacket was open over white silk blouse with a deep neckline. (Funny thing about well tailored clothes.
They look as though they will reveal more than the wearer wants but they never do.)
The skirt was to mid-thigh. Her very long and slender legs were sheathed in dark stockings.
This executive was a real knockout but no one was going to tell it to her face.

'Ok, Jack', she began. 'Here is the story.
You are a good accountant and you have a bright future here with the company.
But frankly, I can get a boxcar full of good accountants if I need them.
What makes you particularly useful to me is that you are one gorgeous fellow. Definitely model material.'

She talked while she walked around the room, kicked off her shoes, and eventually sat next to me on the sofa.

'Now lets understand each other here.
You can call me Nancy while we are alone but at all other times it is business as usual.
And don't think this will advance your career any.
Forget it. You'll go through the ranks like you should. I will not pull rank on your supervisors. You'll succeed or fail here on you own merits. This is about what I need, not you. Got it?'

I nodded but had no idea what the hell she was talking about. I was pretty cloudy from the champagne.

'Are you following me here Jack? If you're up for it, so to speak, we'll have a few laughs, a roll in the hay once in awhile, a general good time. What do you say?'

Slowly is started to sink in. Women had come on to me before but never like this!

'Oh, fer Christ sake', she muttered.
'Have another glass of Champagne.

It was hard to tell if it was accidental or not but about half of the poured Champagne ended up in my lap instead of the glass.
The cold tingly bubbles soaked right through my slacks.
For the first time, I noticed that I was sporting an erection.
The new sensations accelerated the process.

'Woops', she said. She reached back over, placed her glass on the table and picked up a cocktail napkin.

'Here. Let's wipe that up.'

She had no intentions of wiping anything.
Her hand with the napkin went right down and firmly took hold of my crotch.
She leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth.
Her face smelled of expensive perfume and was delightfully soft.
Her moist tongue parted my lips and played with my own.
Her rubbing and tugging between my legs put the finishing touches on a complete erection.

I threw all caution to the wind.
I made a half hearted attempt to put my glass down on the table but I heard it crash to the floor.
I leaned forward into my bossâ bossâ bossâ bossâ boss and wrapped my arms around her as tightly as I could. I gave her a bone crushing kiss.

'You catch on quick kid. Good for you.'

We couldn't strip fast enough.
No preliminaries for us. In seconds, we were buck naked.
We were a tangle of hot passionate flesh. She would just not let go of my cock.
She was all over it. She pulled and stroked me and massaged my balls like no other but she never broke contact with me.
It wasn't long before her hand was all slippery from my precum.

My own hands were pretty busy too. While we kissed ferociously, my hands rubbed her beautiful firm breasts and tugged at her nipples until they were a deep red and rock hard.
I slipped one, then two, then three fingers deep into her pussy resulting in that great wet sound. She was very wet and ready.

I had to taste the pussy juices of the CEO of a major corporation. I smeared the sweet feminine nectar all over her breasts and plunged my face between them.
Oh, she tasted so sweet! I licked and nibbled her slickened nipples causing her to moan deeply.

For the first time since we attacked each other, she took her hand from my cock.
She grabbed the sides of my face and said, 'Do you like the way I taste Jack. Good. I want you to have more. Eat my pussy, NOW!'

She pushed my head down to her lap but there was just no way to get to her delicious pussy given our positions on the sofa.
We fell to the floor with a thud. I ended up on top of her.
I took just a moment to look between her spread legs.
Her pussy was completely shaved and only a thin line of fine hair covered her mound.
Her swollen pink lips were wet and parted, exposing her entrance that was glistening and seeping juices onto the fine rug.

There was no stopping me now.
I had no clue if this would get me fired but I was going to fuck this woman!
I threw my face between her legs and plunged my tongue as deep into her as I could. Her juices instantly covered my face.
I felt her tight muscles grab and twitch around my tongue.
I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her as fast as I could.
Whenever I wanted to lick at her ever-hardening clitoris, I replaced my tongue with several fingers.
She was heaving and moaning all the time. Her juices were everywhere.
She looked, tasted, and smelled wonderfully!

My fearless leader wasn't a passive participant in all of this.
While I was feverishly working to 'close the deal', she was working things from her own angle.
She had grabbed my cock and had slipped it deep into her mouth. She was licking, sucking and slobbering all over my shaft and crown. The noises she made were extremely erotic.
All the time she was sucking me, her fingers, with those wonderfully long and sensuous nails, tickled and scratched at my balls.

We were both going for all we were worth. Her sucking of my cock got erratic, as did her breathing.
Her hips were swaying and bucking as if to rid them of me but I knew that it would be a career-limiting move for me to stop.
Her orgasm had started. She moaned and coughed with my cock still in her mouth as her orgasm shook through her. My tongue was grabbed in flashing contractions. Her cum sputtered from her pussy, coated my tongue and lips and literally dripped from my face.

That did it for me.
With her orgasm just beginning to subside, my own began.
I felt my groin tighten and the base of my cock swell. I could feel knot after knot fly through my cock, still wetly surrounded by Nancy's mouth. I could feel my thick warm ejaculate leave me and surround my shaft.
Spurt after spurt entered her. I was sure that she could not hold all of me but I never felt her swallow.

I couldn't remain above her any longer.
I rolled to one side, my oozing cock slipping from her warm mouth and sliding along her face. She reversed herself and rolled me on top of her again.
We were face to face now. What a sight we were to each other! White cum surrounded the edges of her mouth and dribbled away and down along her cheeks. I'm sure my face was just as attractive.

'Jack!' she ordered.
'You better fuck me now, and good!'

I don't need orders like that twice.
With deliberate firmness I pressed my cock deep into her causing her to through her head back and gasp.

'Oh God YES, Jack. FUCK ME!'

And fuck her I did!
I thrust in and out of her as if my job depended on it.
She kept screaming about how good it felt and that she was going to come again.
It wasn't long before we both shook and shuddered with another orgasm.

We separated and lay there silently on the floor, naked, dripping, staring at the carved ceiling.

After several moments I said, 'I really enjoyed the party. Thanks for inviting me.'

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Monday, April 16, 2007

My Horny Housewife

By Alan( Aug 99)

I presume that I am like many married men - I have fantasised about my wifes past experiences many times without ever wanting to show too much of an unhealthy interest.
I married Sue twenty five years ago, when we were both 17, so it was a bit surprising when she gradually began to tell me how she had been raped twice by men who knew her reputation, and that she had not only been involved in threesomes and moresomes, she had also taken part in a gang bang with at least eight men.
Sue wasn't sure on the exact number because they all had her at least twice.

Over the years I began to wish that Sue was a horny as a married woman as she was as a teenager.
I tried to imagine that when she went out with girlfriends she was really meeting men, and when we had sex after her return I would be pretending she had been fucked by a boyfriend.
I even told her many times while we had sex that I wouldn't mind if she had boyfriends, but she would always say "Don't be silly".
Sue always looked great when she was off out with her girlfriends.
Stockings and suspenders, sexy undies, lots of make up and jewellry.
No wonder I was always waiting in bed naked for her when she came home.
One night I could hardly wait, I remembered that she had always kept a diary when we met as teenagers, and I decided to look through her personal possessions hoping to find it, although I did actually remember her destroying it when we married.
Just maybe there would be something to give me more details of her teenage exploits.
But no, there was just the old boring photos at the bottom of her pantie drawer.
When I looked in the last, bottom drawer I found it was very stiff, and wouldn't push back.
I took it out completely and underneath I found two boxes that were catching under the drawer.
What I found was amazing.
I had only a few minutes before Sue was due home, and I had found diaries that covered the first fifteen years of our marriage, and envelopes full of photos of my sexy wife in dresses I had never seen.
Some in our house, the ones I first flicked through showed Sue sat on a stool at the bottom of our stairs, in a dress that showed her stocking tops and nipples pushing against the material of the dress.
Photo by photo I saw that Sue was stripped of her dress, her hands were tied to the bannister above her head, her legs were more and more spread, her knickers were removed and her nipples, standing out held up in a quarter cup bra, were getting bigger and bigger.
Quickly onto the next envelope I saw her sat sucking two different, very large cocks, and finally on to the living room carpet with close ups of a big cock up my wife's cunt, and then another.
I should have been horrified, but my cock was bigger than it has ever been, and it didn't even flinch when I realised that neither of the men in the pictures were using condoms, which I had always had to do since Sue became allergic to the pill.

It was already 11.30pm and Sue was late home, I pushed everything back into the boxes and put them away with seconds to spare.
What followed was two hours of the best sex ever, although I daren't say a word about what I had found.
Sue would be horrified if she thought I had been through her things. I fucked Sue in every position imaginable that night, wondering how many other men had fucked my wife in that position.

That was ten years ago. And believe me, Sue is still as horny as ever and I would advise all men to become part time detectives. If your wife is going out look in her handbag and see if she is carrying condoms.
Sue always has less than she went out with, not that she always gets the choice of using them.
I will never know everything about Sue, but believe me, I know enough to write several books.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Midsummerday's dream

by Tinker, December 1993

It happened while I was walking through the city center with a girlfriend
during a nice, but not too hot summer day in August. We had been visiting
some friends and decided to walk back to her place where I had left my car
(we had gone to our friends by bus, since parking is just next to
impossible in the city center). On the way home, we had got something to
drink at a nice terrace at the market square (too expensive for the
service, of course) and now we crossed a beautiful park area, with the
usual lawns, pools, ducks and children running around. It was then that she
turned to me and said: "Shit, I should have gone to the bathroom at that
place on the market".

Of course I casually remarked: "Well, this place isn't exactly fitted for a
pee, is it?" while looking around and seeing everybody running around with
no sheltered spot anywhere near. She nodded and added: "Still, I've to go
*bad*. Where is the nearest pub?" Unfortunately for her, the closest place
where we could possibly find a public bathroom was the market place,
fifteen minutes behind us. Stupid cities with all action concentrated in
one place and the rest being only offices and houses. And parks of course.

We decided to go on and try to reach her house, which was still ten minutes
or so to go. After one more minute of walking, she suddenly went off the
path and crossed the lawn towards a few bushes. "Sorry, I'll try it here. I
*really* need to pee", she said. Looking for a spot where she could
successfully squat down without being noticed, she almost ran around the
bushes only to find a children's playground at the other side. Rather angry
she came back to me. "Grrr who has designed this park. They should force
him to wet his pants," she mumbled, and I could notice that she crossed her
thighs under her wide skirt.

I wanted to try something. "Well, maybe this park was designed by a woman,
you know. Back in the fifties or so, when almost every woman still wore
skirts. Like you do now." She lifted her eyebrows and looked at me. "What's
that to do with the absence of public toilets where they should be?", she
asked. Then the suddenly understood and frowned. "Oh yeah, well, you
mean...". I shrugged. "Yes. Nobody will notice. I will, but I don't mind at
all. Just go ahead, there's nobody close and no one approaching right now."

She sighed and looked down to her white summer skirt that reached down to
just below her knees. She couldn't help still crossing her thighs and now
even pressing her hands in her crotch. "I don't have much choice, do I?
Jesus, if I don't do it myself, I will be wet within a minute anyway. Shit.
What a stupid move of me." That said, she left the path and walked onto the
grass. She looked aside, to me again, and slightly pulled up her skirt. "Do
you think I can squat without people noticing?" Before I could answer, a
bunch of yelling children came in from the opposite corner of the park and
my friend shook her head herself. "Nope. Forget about that. Damned, I'll
look like a three-year-old girl."

Then she stepped out of her slippers, walked for a meter on bare feet
through the grass, stopped, and parted her legs a little. Her wide skirt
effectively hid this pose and from a distance of more than ten meters
nobody would see anything strange. To cover her up even more, I decided to
go down on one knee and started to re-tie my shoelace. It appeared that she
now was waiting for me to finish with my unwilling shoe lace. "Go ahead", I
said. "Just enjoy it." She looked at me with a mix of embarassment and a
smile. "Please, don't tell anybody, okay?" I nodded. She cleared her
throat. "Alright then. Shit. Shit. Shit." Her hands grabbed her skirt,
shook it loosely over her legs, and I noticed that she casually reached
through her skirt to the waistband of her panties to pull them up firmly.
Looking around to the people, she pulled the skirt away from the front of
her panties, let it carefully fall down again, reached behind her to check
that her skirt was not hanging between her legs, and then spread her legs a
little more. "Okay. There we go, for god's sake."

She looked to her crotch and breathed deeply. Then she slowly released her
muscles. I saw her pull her belly a bit inward and bite her lip when her
pee flowed into her panties. She let her breath escape through her teeth
and obviously felt foolish. But the relief was so big that it took over
within seconds. Together with a quite satisfied expression on her face, the
pee started to drip down between her legs. It became a stream, and then an
even bigger stream. When she was in full swing, she giggled and looked
foolishly at me. "Now, how do I look like? Wrong! Eighteen years older!"
Still peeing, she casually looked around and saw nobody nearer than fifty
meters. Casually she put a hand in her skirt's left pocket. "Well, after
all, this isn't so bad. It is only my panties. And it is a warm day,
anyway." She looked to the sky. "Besides, it is not an unpleasant feeling."
Rapidly correcting herself, se added: "That is, now my panties are wet, it
doesn't matter anymore, does it?" I rose to my two feet again and told her
I thought it indeed didn't matter at all. I also told her that I really
liked seeing her standing with her legs a bit apart, wearing a skirt, and
thoroughly wetting her panties. She looked away and blushed. "Really? Well,
at least that will keep you from making fun out of me."

Then the stream died away and she quickly bend her knees, crossed her thighs
and in this half-squatting position she squeezed her panties as well as she
could. A last gush of pee trickled onto the ground. She straightened her
back again, turned around, picked up her slippers and continued her walk on
the path with me. On the way back, we didn't talk anymore about what
happened, and she only three times grabbed her skirt to make sure it didn't
touch her panties.

Within ten minutes we reached her home. While I sat down and picked up a
hifi magazine, she went upstairs and I expected to hear her rumbling about
in the bathroom. To my amazement I heard her coming back down within half a
minute. When I looked up from the magazine, she stood right in front of me,
legs slightly apart, wearing a very short white sports skirt instead of her
long one. She said nothing, just looked at me. I stared to her in
disbelief. We were friends, but had no relation. I had seen her in short
skirts before, but never so clearly challenging. "Still wearing the same
panties?", I asked, knowing that she just had not had the time to change
them and dry herself. In answer she came closer and just said: "Look for
yourself." Putting down my magazine, I reached for the hem of her skirt
and slowly I lifted it with both hands. It reveiled light-blue plain
panties, just below her waist, sporting a dark stain centered in her crotch
and spreading around for about fifteen centimeters, While she still stood
there, I got out of the chair and lifted up her skirt from behind. Same
story. I just said "Wow!".

Then she turned around and told me to follow while she entered the garden.
Arrived there, she squatted down and clearly made preparations to pee her
panties again. Now I couldn't hold myself any longer. "Please, stop it for
a moment. Can I join you?" Playing she was shocked, she looked up to me.
"Just join me? Right as you stand there? C'me on, you won't get away with a
soaked pair of jeans." But she rose to her feet and directed me into the
house again. "Wait here. I'll get you what you need." Hurrying up the
stairs, she clearly showed her wet panties under her skirt. Almost as if I
knew what was coming, I started to take off my shoes, socks, and jeans.
Just as I put them on a chair, now only being dressed in a shirt and my
underwear, reveiling an undeniable bulge in my pants, she dashed down again
and gigglingly handed me one of her tiny skirts. It was a very simple
model, just a band of fabric of about thirty centimeters with an elastic
waistband. I slipped it on. The skirt covered my underwear enough to be
useful, and since it was all but tight, my bulge dissapeared completely. My
girlfriend circled me and giggled again. "It does not fit you. You have no
hips, and those furry legs really seem silly. Still, it will do." She
entered the garden again and I followed her like in a dream.

Arrived where she wanted to be, she turned and took my hands in hers.
Standing about a meter from eachother, we spread our legs, wider this time,
and waited. I felt a great urge to pee, but wanted to see her reaction.
After ten seconds, she said: "Well, now you know how it feels, standing in
the open and knowing that someone watches you while you are going to pee
your panties." I smiled. "Are you ready? I am." She nodded. "Yes, I am."
She winked with her left eye. "Now?" As an answer I looked down towards my
skirt, held my breath, and carefully let go some pee. I felt my underwear
eagerly absorb it as it touched the fabric. I peed some more. Then I looked
my friend straight into her eyes and told her I'd wet myself. Quickly she
lifted my skirt with her right hand and checked. When she saw the stained
front of my pants, she smiled and let the skirt fall down again. Then she
put both her arms in her sides and threw her long hair over her shoulder
with a rapid head movement. She looked down to her own skirt and I heard a
soft, hissing sound. While she carefully peed her panties again, I lifted
her skirt for the second time and watched the pee as it surged through the
fabric, making the blue panties seem like interwoven with silver threads in
the bright sunlight. The stream soon soaked the panties again, and finding
no way out, gradually trickled down onto the ground.

With a groan, I let myself go, and soon my whole crotch felt warm and
moist, while a steady stream flowed from under my skirt between my legs
onto the grass. Now my girlfriend suddenly reached under my arms forward to
my skirt, lifted it above my waist, and thereby pushing my arms higher, so
that I lifted her skirt altogether as well. For one second, she gazed at my
underwear, showing a completely stained front and a big bulge with pee
flowing around it. Then, she came closer, and pushed her crotch against
mine. Her hands let go of my skirt and grabbed my ass, pulling my wet
underwear tightly against her wet panties. I still peed, and she must have
felt that. She peed as well, and I sure as hell felt that. While still
peeing, she started to move rhythmically with her hips, and I could nothing
but follow her lambada. We stood there for thirty seconds, peeing our
panties and firmly pushing our crotches together. We didn't kiss. Then I
felt another function taking over in my abdomen. I started to push back
harder, and she immediately reacted. It took us five more seconds to reach
the point of no return. She closed her eyes and groaned. I slipped my hands
under her skirt and firmly squeezed her wet buttocks. Then I came. My
friend let out a high-pitched squeek and shuddered over all her body. She
took fifteen seconds to complete the orgasm.

We held eachother for quite a time. Then, we stepped back a little, so that
our skirts fell down properly. We both did not feel at all like taking them
off or changing our underwear. Instead, she entered the house to make some
tea and I sat down on a garden chair, careful to pull up my skirt first.
Amazingly, the front of my skirt still was still completely unstained. We
sat there, drinking tea and casually letting something find its way out,
for the rest of the day, until sunset forced us inside to prevent our
bladders from catching cold. Because, as she said, it was nice to wet
yourself when you could get away with it so easily, but sadly that was not
always the case. I could nothing but agree.