Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Imagine an Office

By Nisaa

Imagine an office....I'm sitting at my desk.....
you sit across the room from me....and as you turn in your chair, I'm chatting on the phone with someone and see you glance my way.....
I spread my legs - my skirt hikes up my thighs.....
my wet lips part as you stare at can't help but notice I'm not wearing panties....
and the harder you stare....the more my legs open and close for you.....teasing you.....wanting you......I see you licking your lips.....

Will you sit there at your desk looking busy yet wondering what it would be like to crawl between my legs with your tongue?
Should I drive you that much to distraction?
Be the tease you want me to be.
Be the woman you want to lick with every breath you take?

I can. I can be that woman.
I can make you want me. I can see you coming nearer to me.
Taking the phone from my hand.
Your hands on each side of my face.....holding my head up for your kiss.
You kneel in front of me taking my hips and pulling me down further on my chair.
I say nothing through this....letting you have your way.
I like this, like the way you've taken charge.
Like the way you smell, the manliness of your cologne.
You seem to want this, you seem to crave this.....silently making me let you do this......your hands spread my legs wide, pushing my skirt all the way up my hips.
You have exposed my pussy for your full view.
Go ahead.
Spread my lips for your tongue.
Taste me.

I feel you lick me.
The flat of your tongue along my lips. Savoring my taste.
I want your tongue on me.....lick me long and hard. Take me in your mouth.
I want your tongue inside of me.....darting in and out of my wet cunt.....oh and I'm getting wetter with the thoughts.
It's very difficult to maintain this phone conversation while I'm wanting your personal attention.

Perhaps I'll just hold my lips open for you.
Let you feast your eyes as I lick my lips and my wetness glistens for you....can you imagine the taste, the feel?
Can you hear me moan as you start to caress my naked wetness?
Would you want to hear me moan for you?
My legs wrap around your head or should they lay loosely draped over your shoulders?
As long as my scent is assailing your nostrils, my taste on your tongue, would you care where my legs were as long as they were spread wide for your pleasure?

You're trying not to watch me.....aren't you?
I see you visibly straining to keep turned the other way....but oh the view I'm giving you.
What would you do if I started to finger myself while you tried not to watch? Should we find out?
Hmmmmmmmmmm....that's such a delicious feeling.
Watch my finger.....sliding up and down my lips.....playing with my clit.
Hear the sound of my wetness as I no longer try to hide it from you.
Yes, turn and watch me.
Turn and watch me fuck myself with my fingers......
I can pretend they're long before they are?
How long before your hard cock would slide inside of me?
Feeling my slick wetness surround your full cock.....feel my muscles squeeze you as you fuck me.....
How hard can I make you? How hard will your cock get for me?
Drip for me.....feel my cunt surround the head of your cock as it drips pre-cum for me.

Would you pull me onto your cock?
Yes, you would wouldn't you......I can feel you tug at my arms, drawing me to you.....
your hard cock standing straight up as I sit down on it drawing it into me.....
go ahead - take one look at my pussy as it descends on your cock and swallows it.
Oh you feel so good inside of me.....your cock so hard, throbbing, thick with cum.....

Oh yes....Don't think I haven't noticed you.
You've been trying not to watch me at work for about a week now.
I've decided to play your game.

Did you notice?
While you were staring at my wet pussy .... Oh I bet you did.
My fingers slipped to my mouth, sucking slightly on my fingers while my legs opened for your view.
We share an office, how can you not notice?

Now tomorrow..... When my breasts sway while I walk?
Will you notice how hard my nipples get under my silk shirt?
I can feel the silk against my breasts already, my nipples getting hard just thinking about playing with you....
Will you notice them rubbing on the silk - hard and ripe for your lips?
Or will you be watching me walk past your desk? Will you be looking for panty lines?
I bet you never noticed my phone conversation ended a long time ago.....I just wanted to be holding something hard and stiff in my hand as I imagined we share an office.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Birthday Present

By Nisaa

'This is by far the most bizarre thing we've been asked to do.....well, okay for a total stranger.'
'Well, lets do it and hope his friends were right in their assessment of the birthday boy'...pressing the buzzer for the doorbell.

Opening the door, he looks at us....probably wondering why two strange women are at his door at this hour of the night.
'Hello, may I help you?'

'That depends. Are you Liam Bradz?'
'Yes...I am.'
'Well, then we have a special birthday present for you but you have to follow what we want you to do without question, and we hope that you will enjoy your present.'
'Who is it from?', looking around us for some kind of gift-wrapped box I'm sure....
'Oh, we can�t tell you that yet....all in good time', flashing him a smile.
'Are you game?'
'How could I refuse? Please, come in or is this going to take place...oh I get it - this is one of those singing telegrams right?'
And he chuckled.
'Kind of like a singing telegram. We'll need a few minutes to prepare so perhaps you'd like to fix yourself a drink. And, may I suggest you get out of those jeans and into something a bit shall we say, less restrictive?
Oh - My name is Nisaa, and this is my friend, Judy.'

Liam leads us to the den and strides to the side bar to fix himself that drink while Judy and I prepare in the bedroom off the den what we want him to have for his birthday.
I walk into the den after a few short minutes and take his hand silently as he follows along not questioning anything.
We have set up a chair for him to sit back and enjoy, side table for his drink, phone is off the hook and Judy stands at the foot of the bed as naked as I am.
'What is this....?' He starts to ask.
'Honey, this is your birthday present and all you have to do is watch.'
He hadn't taken off his jeans at our recommendation, but since we are naked, we decide to undress him ourselves before he sits down.
Hmmmmmmm....his cock is already paying attention. I do think he's going to enjoy this.

I walk over to Judy, behind her....wrapping my arms around her....she lifts up her arm and pulls my head to her lips....and kisses me.
My tongue trails down her cheek to her neck, giving her soft kisses on her neck and bare shoulder.
Judy and I are almost the same height, but I have white/blonde long hair, her's is almost black as night, her skin as tanned as mine, also showing no tan lines.
It's nice to tan in the tell tale lines of any kind.
My hand glides up and down her side to the front of her body cupping one breast and lifting it for full view.
Her nipples already hard my thumb and fingers tweak it a bit to make it stand up straight for him.
I sneak a quick look and he's all eyes....well, except for his cock.

My hands massage her breasts, lifting, pulling nipples, squeezing them.
My body close behind Judy's...rubbing on her back and her buttocks.
My one hand leaves her breast and travels down to her pelvic area....pulling her to me I rub my already hot cunt on her butt.
My hips moving in circular motion....wanting to feel her soft skin on my naked pussy.
Judy starts to move for me....reaching up with her hips toward my hand moves lower.
Her incredible naked pussy lips waiting for my touch.
My fingers spread her lips wide...rubbing up and down her lips as they open for me.
Finding her erect clit, my fingers move quickly to her mouth so she can lick them and get them wet....down to her pussy my fingers travel....again sliding open her lips, but teasing her clit with my wet fingers....I want her and my motions show my need of her....

While Liam watches, my finger slides into her wet cunt and back out again....continuing in that direction....stopping inside her wet hole to finger her and out, cupping her mound with the palm of my hand to rub her clit while I finger fuck her.
She moans for me....moves her hips on my finger....I insert the second finger inside of her....her wetness becoming very apparent in the juicy noises her cunt is making. I have to taste her.
To feel her lips with my tongue, to feel my tongue slide inside of her wetness.
To suck her nectar from her core.

I turn her toward me, and kiss her mouth deeply, pulling her to me, cunt to cunt....bare skin rubbing on each other.
Leading her to the bed, 'Judy, lay down for me darling.....spread those legs for me and let me take you with my mouth.'
Judy lays on the bed, looks at me with heat in her eyes, and sneaks a look at Liam sitting there.....although at this time his hand is starting to circle his hard cock....masturbating slowly as he watches.

Standing before her, my hands tease her legs....up and down her thighs, to her knees....picking up her leg and kissing her soft hands travel down her body, spreading her legs wide....continuing to enjoy her wetness....I look at Liam and insert my fingers in her wet pussy.
Staring at him, he looks at my face, then back to my hand, clearly mesmerized by what is taking place.
My fingers return to fucking Judy....I want to feel her wetness, jamming my fingers deep inside of her....holding them inside and moving them....tickling her cunt from the inside.
Her hips move on my hand, helping me fuck her....deeper still with two fingers, then three.
Her pussy juice flowing freely down my hand....

I take my fingers out of her and move my hand to my mouth, licking her juice from my fingers.
My tongue lingering, savoring....making licking noises as my other hand never leaves her skin.
I kneel down before her and my mouth descends on her wetness....licking open her lips....taking my other hand to keep them open for me....flicking over her hard clit...sucking, then teasing, rolling around it and sucking some more while my fingers resume fucking her.
My hands then move under her butt cheeks, lifting her to my mouth.
My tongue sliding flat along her lips, lifting her hips while she opens her legs tongue slides inside her hole, moving, licking, sucking on her cunt....her moans becoming louder, her breathe more excited and her voice raspy as she begs me to make her cum.
I ignore her pleas and continue to tease her....taking her with my tongue....licking her lips to her ass....spreading her legs wider with my hands....then lifting her to my mouth again...pulling her to me....hard....holding her strongly to my tongue and mouth.
She wiggles her hips in my grip and I hold on tighter, pulling her to me harder....she's rubbing her cunt on my face and I'm licking her juice as fast as she's producing it.

'Please Nisaa, please....let me cum....let me cum on your face.'
'What do you think Liam? Is it time for her orgasm?
Are you ready to cum while watching her cum?
Do you want her to cum with you?'
His grip tightens on his hard cock, his hand pumping his member. I can see the pre-cum formed at the tip and dripping down the side of his steel rod.
'Yes....yes, make her cum for me.' he says breathlessly.

Pre-hidden on the side of the bed is such a nice toy....Sliding it up and down her wet cunt lips...not going inside of her but pausing at her hole, twisting it, moving a bit, then sliding up to her clit.....My mouth once again descends on her cunt and I ram the hard dildo inside of her....
while I suck on her clit I fuck her with the toy....
in and out, sliding up her lips to my tongue then back down into her....
using it on her as a man would use his cock.
Sliding it deeply inside of her, she rides it like a real cock....
I hold it deep inside of her while sucking her clit.....fucking her mouth leaves her clit to encourage her orgasm.
'Do it baby, fuck this cock....fuck it and cum....let me feel you cum on my toy Judy.
I want you to cum for me girl, cum hard. Cum now!' and I ram it in and out of her....
fucking her while she fucks it back.....she rides the toy hard, moaning and squirming for me.....
at the point of orgasm my mouth takes her clit and sucks it hard, not releasing it until she screams my name.

Her orgasm flowing out of her, I feel her spasms on the toy in my hand.
I glance at Liam and his cum is shooting out of his cock. His hand pumping away as the swollen head of his cock explodes and drips down his hand. Judy's motions starting to lessen....her pumping slowing down.
I lighten up on my sucking motion, taking the toy from her body, and licking her clean with my tongue.

The room smells of sex.
Such a wonderful aroma.
Always my favorite. I kiss her clit once more and take her in my arms.
Liam unsure what to do....

I look at him and wink. He's just staring at us.

I get up from the bed, pulling Judy with me.
'We hope you enjoyed your birthday present.
Now you must shower and meet your benefactor wearing only a towel. That will be the next one to knock on your door. Be ready to complete the present that we started for you.'
He is at a loss for words, but does my bidding and heads for the shower, and we dress....
giggling I ask Judy....
'Do you think we should tell him? Noooooo....let him be surprised when his friend shows up at the door'
Grinning at each other, completing the conspiracy that started with a phone call....

Camila's Encounter

Not to be confused with Camilla, this video stars Camila.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Runner

By Nisaa

Many days I've lain out here.
The fence not too high, but it allows enough privacy to be comfortable wearing my thong and slight halter to catch the major rays of the day without attracting a crowd.
If I want the fresh morning sun, I have to lay in the front yard of my home.
During the heat of the afternoon, it is always much better at pool side in the back. Besides, *smiling as I think*, one can be nude in the back yard, the fence is much higher.

Each day for the last week I've seen this runner.
Nice back muscles as he sprints past my yard.
Those silk shorts of his clinging to his nice round buttocks, short enough to get the mind started wondering what he would look like running nude.
Hmmmmmmmm......I've had many mornings lately dreaming of his naked body ............often wondering if he noticed me laying here.
Am I laying here every morning just to notice him? It could be.
I've never been such a sun worshipper as lately since he's included my home turf on his route. Wondering where he comes from? As he runs past the yard, my eyes close once more in gentle reflection of what's in store for the day.

"Excuse me, Miss?" I hear looking up and the mysterious runner is at my gate.
"I was wondering if I could trouble you for some water? I could use your hose if you have one outside?"

Looking into the bluest eyes I've ever seen, I realize I've never seen him from the front, just his back as he's run past.
My body coming up on one elbow to address him as I lay there, "I can get you some fresh water from the tap."
He murmured his appreciation but opened the gate and headed for the hose at the corner of the house.
Turning it on as I sit up he says, "Well, if you wouldn't mind, this is more what I had in mind."
He takes a sip of the water and then turns the hose on himself. "I get a bit warm and have noticed this hose each morning."
"Oh � so you only want me for my hose?" and I laugh.
He turned toward me his eyes dancing with light humor, "I can't imagine someone only wanting water from you, but since we've never met, well � I have to admit it was an open invitation for me to use as an excuse to say hi."

Striding over to where I sit, the water glistening on his body, his silk shorts a bit wet from sweat and water, "I'm new to the area and this is about mid way in a route I mapped out for myself.
I've noticed you out here each morning and had to devise some plan to introduce myself.
I've not noticed any children's toys, nor is there two cars in the drive. I could be wrong and if you aren't single, then I apologize for seeming so forward but I finally had to stop, and I was rather hot." His smile baring the whitest teeth I've ever seen.

My eyes sweeping over his body, thinking how incredible he looks from the front view.
Instantly planning how to keep him or at least get him to come back.
I flash him my brightest smile and know the sparkle in my eyes barely hide my intentions.
"Well, I have to admit, just before you asked for water I was wondering if I laid out here each morning with the same intent in mind."
Extending my hand to shake his as he takes it and holds it a bit longer than any necessary introduction hold.
"Nisaa, my name is Nisaa."
"An unusual name. I don't believe I've ever met a Nisaa. My name is Jay."
"My mother was an Egyptian history nut and the name can be traced back to old Egypt"
"It has meaning then?"
My eyebrows raise as I look him straight in the eye, "My sister did some investigation and it means 'She who Makes Men Forget'. Perhaps my mother was a bit of a romanticist when she named me."
"Perhaps your mother saw long ago what I see before me now. Surely Cleopatra would've felt threatened by your namesake," and he smiled still holding my hand.

"I was just going to go for a swim to complete my morning ritual. I'll be so forward as to ask if you would like to join me?"
"Ah, that sounds like my dream coming true, except I don't have my trunks with me and I don't see where there is a public pool in the neighborhood."
I smile and take his hand, feeling a connection as we spoke that I dare not pass up.
Following me silently through the house, we leave by the patio doors through the kitchen.
Entering my private domain, he stops suddenly and appraises the surroundings.
My eyes follow his. I'm quite proud of the effect it has on everyone.
The pool is impressively long. Odd shaped as the almost tropical greenery creates an oasis at the curving center where the trickling waterfall was built in to the pool side. I always liked to hear the sound of water and this was my intent at the waterfall addition.
A clearing of sorts beyond the plant life creates the ambiance of peace and serenity, seclusion and privacy.
The gazebo in the center of the clearing stands silently inviting all who enter here.
The hot tub built at the far end of the pool completes the water area.
The fence surrounding the whole yard is tall enough to discourage not only intruders, but prying eyes.

My hands go to my back and untie the top I'm wearing.
My hands then sliding to the band of my thong and glides it down my body. I glance once into his eyes as he watches me and my fingers undo the hair on top my head and my long blonde hair cascades down my back as I give it a shake to loosen it.
Standing at the edge of the pool I dive in. Coming up near the center of the pool I turn around to see he is still watching me.
"Care to join me?" He takes off his running shorts and jockey's and he is magnificent to look at.
His body not only tanned, but trim and muscular.
He dives in and comes up sliding his body next to mine. His hands reach out to touch me and I feel his fingers traveling on my wet skin.

My body turns to swim around him........looking at him.......watching his eyes watch mine.
He treads water silently as he watches me circle him. I lean back in the water, my body floating near the top as he wraps his hands around my ankles and pulls my nakedness toward his mouth. I feel his lips on my legs.
His tongue sliding up my legs. I'm watching his face ever nearer my core.
My body heat travels the length of me as I'm sure it's searing his mouth.
He plants his lips on my pussy lips and his tongue slides along, opening me for his exploration.
Hands under my body, aiding my flotation. I feel his fingers massaging my butt cheeks as he delves his tongue inside of me........then moving to suck my clit. His lips roaming in circular motion........sucking me, licking me........on my cunt lips, on my thighs........back to my lips and entering me as deep as he can with his tongue.

Pulling me further along his lips travel up my belly, to my breasts........hands cupping them as my hard nipples are being teased by his thumb and forefinger of each hand. He starts to nibble, and nurse............each breast being devoured by the heat of his mouth.
My legs are wrapped around him as his mouth centers on mine.
His hands at my sides as he eases my body down further into the water. I feel the tip of his hard cock probing, rubbing me.......sliding up and down my lips.
As his tongue enters my mouth deeply, I feel his cock enter my body.
His hands gripping my sides to plant me connecting our two bodies.
His hips move back and forth as his cock glides in and out of me with ease.
His motions gentle at first, then ramming himself deeper into me holding my body hard to him with his hands as his arms wrap around me, trapping me to him.

His cock so hard, so strong inside of me.
My muscles' squeezing him as he draws back then enters me more forcefully. Our bodies locked hips moving, his hips moving........our motion creating a heat circle in the cool water as it laps at our naked skin.
Kisses so deep, mouths devouring each others as his cock rocks my world. His motion more insistent........his lips kissing my face, my body leans back to give him access to the mounds of flesh on my chest. He backs up to the side of the pool........never disconnecting from me.......not really looking where he is going............he finds the ledge near the waterfall and sits down........I pull my body up and lean toward him, my hands grasping the edge of the pool.
Much better leverage to direct and guide my body motion as I start to slide up and down the length of his steel hard cock.
My breasts grazing his face as my body moves up........almost taking his cock out of my cunt.
My chest smashing his face into it. I ride him.......slowly, gently........body movements deliberate.
I feel his breath on my skin and hear his moan as I devour his cock with my pussy.
Up again with deliberate slowness........teasing him with my movements. As I tease his cock with my pussy, his face with my body becomes a mindless machine............wanting to fuck him........take him to the clouds and back.

My body starts to move a bit faster, more dominant than before. Driving hard onto his cock, my body envelops him.......swallows hips demand more depth. His arms wrap me closer to him........
I take his head in both my hands and look at him while I fuck lips move to his mouth as my tongue enters to dance with his. The heat burns in my breath coming hips moving faster........his body matching each of my movements as I ram onto his cock, he drives deeper into me. His arms come up around the back of me and his hands grip my shoulders........helping him to propel his hard cock deeper inside of me.
"That's it baby.......fuck me.......fuck me harder.
Make me cum" my voice deep with passion. "Yes that's it into me.......fuck me Baby."
I command him and he answers like a jackhammer fucking my cunt .......
Vigorously demanding more from me as I demand it from him.
My body is on fire.......impaling myself on his hardness.......My hips move in circles, consuming him.......rubbing myself on him as I fuck him........I feel his cock swell inside of me........his moaning coming deeper from within body answers as my orgasm grows near.......I feel it in the pit of my stomach.......building to new heights............he stands and flips me over on my back on the grass at the edge and drives himself into me........his cock ramming into me........harder, deeper........driven mindlessly to the edge.
My legs wrap around his waist and I pull myself up once again writhing under him........holding him deeply into me as my body explodes on his cock and his cock answers the hot wetness that wraps around him as my muscles constrict and his cock shoots hot seed deeply inside of me.
Holding me to him as his cock empties, his pumping subsiding.

He wraps me in his arms and kisses me as our breathing returns to normal.
"Where do we go from here?" he asks.

I smile into his face and whisper questioningly........ "To the hot tub?"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Favorite Number

By Nisaa

When you take me in your arms like this my body trembles and my blood races.
I feel your hands all over me, sliding up and down my naked skin.
You cup my breast and kiss my hard nipples....circling each nipple with your tongue.
Squeezing my breast so it stands upright for your mouth, you suckle bringing sensations to my already wet pussy, my clit throbbing waiting for your touch.

Wrapping me in your one arm, your hand cups my pussy.....your fingers gripping and squeezing.....palm rubbing on my clit.
I feel your fingers slide my lips apart and you play and hips rising to meet your hand.
One finger enters me as deep as it can go move it inside of me and my mind starts to be my cunt.
Every fiber is tingling.....each movement of your hand and fingers sets me on fire. Two fingers enter my hot cunt and I raise my leg up....positioning my body on my side, giving you deep entrance.
Your fingers twitching inside of me sending electrical pulses throughout my body.
You hand slipping up and down and fingers sliding in and out of me � to my clit to tease and stroke, back inside of me to deeply fuck me and twitch driving me insane. Our lips never parting as our tongues twist and turn in each others mouth. My body wants you so badly.

I want to feel this way forever, yet wanting to fuck you.......and still more wanting to suck your cock. It's like you're reading my mind.....your lips leave mine and I feel your body tongue trailing hot path to my cunt lips.....
I feel it hard and slipping in between them.....licking my pussy up and down.....sucking at my clit......your fingers enter me to fuck my hot hole while you suck my clit. You roll me over on top of you and there is my prize.
Your hard cock standing straight up for my mouth to devour. I want to lick you and suck your you the pleasure you are giving me.

I grasp your cock in my hand, slipping my lips over the head sucking its length into my mouth.
You are so hard.....your silken shaft feels so good in my mouth.
My mouth slides up and down it....stopping to suck on the head.
Hearing you moan is one of my goals....making you cum in my mouth is the ultimate goal.
I cup your balls with my hand while my other hand slips under your butt cheek and brings you to me.....your hips moving on their own so your cock can fill my mouth.
I lick and suck you.....while your hips move.
Your other hand reaches for my shoulders. Are you going to do it Baby? Are you going to push my head onto your cock? You want to � I can feel it. The slight pressure you place on my back and shoulders tells me you would love to fuck my face.
I'm waiting for you to do it. I'm going to drive you insane so you do.
"Come on Baby," I'm thinking, "Fuck my face with this wonderful cock".....and I suck harder on your cock....

I'm going to tease you with my slides up and down, licking your cock as my hand cups your balls.
I want to suck your balls. "Would you like that Baby?"
I slide down your cock to your sack and suck and kiss each ball in its turn.
Gripping your cock so it doesn't feel lonely....sucking each ball into my mouth.

While I'm busy lick and sucking your cock and balls, your tongue and lips are sliding in and out of my hot cunt. Your fingers fucking my wet pussy as you suck on my clit.....harder you fuck my hole, stronger you suck my clit.
My hips apply pressure to your face and I'm fucking your face with my cunt.
Sliding myself on and off your tongue and fingers.
Wanting to feel everything....wanting to swallow your cock as my cunt swallows your face and fingers.
Your hand grips my ass and pulls my wetness closer to your face.....your tongue enters me and you other hand again reaches for my shoulders � once again wanting to hold me onto your cock as your fuck my face.

I once again take your cock into my mouth......I feel how hard and swollen it has become. Like a cobra the head swells in my tongue dances on the head of your cock.....slipping in and out of your hole tasting the precum. My mouth is wet with my saliva giving your shaft easy access as you pump in and out of me.
I am on top of you in total mouth going down on you as your moans get louder and louder, your breath coming faster � sucking your cock harder. I love to see your cock enter my mouth.....watching your hips raise and lower, in a fucking motion. Your hand is there....pressuring my body closer and closer to you.....holding my mouth on your cock.....but I wouldn't leave it now. I feel you.....feel how close you are to own body responding to your lips and fingers.
My orgasm close at hand.

I feel the edge coming on to both of us.....our moans mix in unison.....our bodies moving on each other.
The sensations in my body have started in the pit of my stomach.....I feel your cock starting to twitch.
Orgasm is near for the two of us......

You start....your cock deep in my mouth....I feel your orgasm pulsing to the head of your cock and taste the sweetness of your cum as it splashes out of you into my mouth. My cunt reacts ... my orgasm shooting out of me drenching your mouth or fingers. I am unsure at this point as my mind has totally taken over all sensation and all I know is that I need to cum on you.....on your face.
And I'm sucking and sucking up your cum as it explodes from your cock.
I want more and more and suck you hard as you groan and your last stages of pumping explosion enters me......and you slow down your movements.....your cock starts to subside in my mouth. I'm sucking yet but not so hips slow their movements as you continue to lap up my juices with your tongue.

We are spent.....our bodies sweat mouth leaves your cock lightly placing kisses on it and your balls.....your lips leave my wetness and your hands slide up my body, followed by your body. We right ourselves as you once again wrap me in your arms.....kissing me......contentment overwhelming.

My last thought before sleeping is how next I want to feel your cock explode inside my pussy.....
and a slight smile creases my face as I doze off with my plans to fuck you when we awaken.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


By Nisaa

I want to feel your body slide into bed next to mine.....naked.
Feel you wrap your arms around my naked body and wrap me in your warmth.
I want your naked body so close to mine I can feel the blood race in your veins.
I want to kiss the pulse points in your neck and feel them throb on my lips.

Feeling your warm skin with my hands.....sliding up and down your back as our legs entwine.
I feel the hardness of your body under my fingers and smell your scent in my nostrils.
My body trembles with the knowledge of what is to come.
My fingertips lightly pass over your back to your butt cheeks and back again.
I can hear your breath intake at my touch.

Your kisses are exquisite.
Your tongue enters my mouth and my tongue dances with yours.
The electricity in our lips meeting sends messages all through me.....
Your hands holding me tight to you.....cupping my back.....sliding over my skin.
I feel my wetness starting with just your nearness.
Can you smell me?
Can you smell my scent? My body is now in preparation for your entrance.

I feel you as your hand slides down to my breast.....cupping, squeezing gently, your fingers find the hardness of my nipples and your lips slide down my face and neck to suckle at my breast.
I feel that my breast and my clit must be connected as my clit feels each and every sucking motion of your mouth on my nipple and starts to throb on its own. My legs automatically start to spread as your leg takes mine and makes room for your hand to slide down my belly. You cup my womanhood with your hand as your fingers start to play softly, subtly and your palm massages my clit.

My body responds and my hips move against your hand......slowly, gently.....wanting to be touched as you tease my slit. Your lips still on my breast, the wetness seeping out of me, your fingers splay my lips to find my clit erect and ready.
I feel your fingers move up and down my inner hear me moan.....wanting more and more from you.

My mind wants to feel what my body is feeling. My mind sees you sliding down to my wetness. Your fingers insert themselves and my mind explodes with the feeling of their invasion into my inner core.
Your fingers go deeper into me and my body wants more....deeper.....harder.....and moves on your hand. I feel on fire with my want of need of you.
My body remembers each and every time you touch me and craves what you can bring. Craves the feeling of love, passion, and wanting that you bring to the surface.
That special desire that only you create.

I feel your lips leave my breast and travel down my belly. You position yourself between my legs and I know what's coming next. I know the feel of your tongue licking me....sliding inside my lips to tease my clit. I know the feel of your mouth wrapped around my clit as you suck it and your fingers playing inside of me.
My body raises to meet your lips. My hips straining to give you better access.
My legs spreading wide for your caressing lips.

That first touch of your tongue sends thrilling sensations up my spine to burst inside my brain.
Each lick of your tongue is like the 4th of July! The feeling of your tongue tasting me is indescribable. My mind goes blank except for the feeling you induce.
My whole body becomes a sexual organ ready for your playing.
With each new time we are together you become the master musician and my body is your willing instrument.

I hear you lapping at my juices, feel your tongue on my hot hole.....licking, sucking.....wanting more from me.
My hands reach down to hold your head against me. My hips rub my clit on your face.
My body gyrates under your mouth and the pit of my stomach feels the intensity rise. I'm going to cum on your face.....on your tongue....on your fingers. The feeling ignites a fire in my system.....the heat has risen 100% and my mindless body takes over from all conscious thought. Grinding into you as my orgasm explodes and you don't continue licking until the last of my spasms have died down.
I feel you slide up my body....wrapping me in your warmth. Wrapping me in the safety of your arms. You continue kissing me and caressing my body until I come down from the incredible high you created.

Once conscious thought regains entry I once again feel the urgency in your touch. Your fingers once again rebuilding the fires I just banked.
My body is so in tune to your touch that it starts responding once again. This time you crawl inside my legs to enter me with your hard shaft.
I feel your entrance and my legs wrap around your hips and pull you in deeper and deeper. My hips grind against your hard cock.....wanting to feel your orgasm fill me.....wanting to feel your seed explode against the inside of my core.
Your arms holding you up so we can see our joining.....the feeling of oneness with you is so strong.
Our hearts are consumed with our love.
You start to move faster in and out of me. I can see the veins in your neck start to expand as your orgasm draws near. My body moves under you meeting every thrust. Needing to feel you inside of me.....needing to feel you spill yourself into me I move with all the sensual ability I have to offer.
I want to feel you, feel you explode......feel your love spill inside of me.....filling me. Any my movements are rewarded with the feel of your thrusting cock's explosion. My muscles milking you dry.

You wrap me once again in your arms and we fall asleep holding each other all night in a close embrace.
Content in the knowledge that we are in love.....and we are one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dare to Disobey Me

By Nisaa

Walking into the house, having had a very tough day.
I set my briefcase down and flip through the mail.
"Where are you?" I wonder.
"Why aren't you here to great me?" and I hear a faint moan coming from the bedroom.
I've had such a bad day and don't enjoy surprises when I get home.
Opening the door I see you lying there, naked on the bed.
Your hard cock in your hand.
You are so intent in what you are doing that I realize you haven't even heard me enter the room.
My pictures strewn all over the bed.....some of the naked photos you have taken of me closest to your body.

I watch you as I slip out of my panties quietly, your body so hard and your cock standing straight up for me.
I see the precum forming at the head of your huge dick and yearn to lick it off you.
I want to suck your cock till you explode in my mouth.
I can almost feel your length sliding between my lips.

Oh but you've been a bad boy.
You disobeyed one of my major rules.
No masturbating until I tell you and can watch.
My heeled leg goes to the side of the bed, hiking my skirt high on my naked thighs.
In unison I grab your hair and your cock, "What's this?
What is going on? What are you doing with my cock in your hand?"
Your eyes flip open wide and you stammer to answer, "Mmmmmistress.....I didn't, I didn't hear you come home."
"That's quite obvious to me slave.
You lay here how often playing with my cock while I'm away?"
"No mistress, no...." and you try to rise and I slam your head down into the pillow looking you straight in the eyes, "What is this you were doing then?"
"But mistress, I was so lonesome, I was so hot thinking about you ...."
"You were lonesome? Hot? My poor baby needed my body and I wasn't home?", taking your cock newly released from your hand and gripping it with mine.
"You missed my touch? Is this what you missed slave?", stroking you slowly at first and then squeezing until you moan.
"Yes Mistress, yes.....I needed you to touch my cock.
Stroke it like only you can Mistress."
And I comply.....sliding my hand over the tip of your cock getting precum on the palm and fingers, then sliding it up and down your steel shaft.
I watch as it gets harder, throbbing in my hand, more precum forming at the tip and I bend close to it to lick just the head.
Once again I hear you moan and your hips rise up to my mouth.
My grip tightens and I stroke you harder....longer strokes.....squeezing with each upward motion.

"Is this what you missed? My touch? My hands? My lips on your cock?"
"Oh please Mistress, don't be angry?"
My hand leaves your cock and I take your hair in my other hand raising your head to my lips.
Long, lingering kiss with deep tongue thrusts assault your mouth.
I whisper into your lips, "Now suck my clit. Eat my wet cunt slave. Eat it as though your life depended on it."
And I unzip my skirt and slide it off my hips.....your eyes grow wide at the mere thought of my naked pussy, but when you see it, your tongue moistens your lips and you put my leg back up on the bed, sliding your head between my legs to start licking me softly at first.

Your tongue darting in and out of your mouth sliding over my clit, molesting me with each tap of your tongue.
You raise your body up and sit on the side of the bed.....grasping my ass cheeks in each hand you take my body with you as you lay down again on the bed, this time with me straddling your face, my thighs on either side of your face, my body straining to not smother you.
You continue to lick and taunt me with your tongue.
Delving inside of me licking me harder and harder, playing with my clit with your thumb.
I lean over on the bed and rake your face with my hot cunt.
Sliding myself along your tongue.
You know when I start this to just let me go, your hard tongue is my target.
You reach around my ass and start to tease my anus with a finger......I'm fucking your face with my dripping pussy, each motion of your tongue driving me nearer and nearer the edge.
The tip of your finger slides into my ass as I move harder and harder on your face.
I'm grunting and moaning like a woman possessed and you eat me hungrily as if starving, the flat of your tongue along the length of my slit, stopping to go deep into me, then out to lick your way to my ass and back again.

"Fuck me Slave. Fuck me now. Ride me hard."
And you scramble out from under me and enter my cunt from behind with your engorged shaft.
"Fuck me it" and you shove your cock deep inside of me, grabbing my hair and pulling me back onto you.
My cunt dripping, running down your balls.....the sweet smell of sex assails my nose driving me crazy. I feel your cock expand further inside of muscles working your cock, grabbing and squeezing....milking at you.
My orgasm explodes on your cock.
Hard and fierce my muscles contract.
My body slowing from exertion.
My breath coming back to me slowly.
My mind clears as I feel you inside of me still.

I lay down on the bed and you lay down at my side.
"That was nice Slave. Exactly the way I like to be fucked. But you didn't cum did you?"
And you quietly say "No Mistress", but I feel your hips slightly moving on my thigh, your cock soaked with my orgasm.
"You want to cum don't you Slave? You want to cum hard and fast don't you Slave? If I tell you to cum for me now.....would you?"
"Oh Yes Mistress, please, let me cum for you?"

I slip off the bed and stand in front of you.
While unbuttoning my blouse, and taking off my bra, I stroke your cock intermittently as you lay there on your back.
You face intent on my huge breasts as they fall from my bra.
I take my hands and cup them.....playing with the nipples with my thumbs and forefingers.
"Do you like these? Do you like my tits Slave? Would you love to cum in between my tits?"
Your head nods affirmation as my hands continue to caress my breasts, lifting them so I can lick my nipples with my tongue.
This motion driving you crazy with wanting me.

I kneel at the side of the bed and pull you to me.
Once again you're sliding down the bed to sit at the edge.
I take your cock in my hand, slick with my cum, and stroke it a few times.
Kneading it expertly with my hands.
Dipping the head of your cock into my mouth with each upward stroke. Grazing the head with my teeth.
Your breath intakes with each stroke and I feel your body tremble.
Just once taking the length of it totally into my throat.
Sucking hard on it as I slide it out of my mouth, creating a vacuum, pulling it with my lips.

Leaving the floor, I lay down on my back.
Again taking my breasts in my hands as you watch me.
Holding them up high for you.
You reach in the side draw of the nightstand and grab the bottle oil and spill it on my chest.
I take my hands and oil my breasts for you, sensually grabbing them, cupping them.....holding them up for you.
"Fuck them now. Fuck my breasts."
You straddle my chest and I wrap your hard cock in their fullness as you start to fuck my chest.
Your cock sliding in and out of my cleavage easily from the oil.
My mouth opens and you know I want to suck your head as you fuck me.
And your cock gets closer and closer as my tongue darts out of my mouth, licking the head of your cock as it plunges in and out of my tits.
Your hands taking over from mine, you start squeezing my breasts around your cock harder.
My hands grip your ass cheeks and spreads them.
My finger drives into your ass sending you once again closer to my mouth.
As I fuck your ass with my finger, your cock head slides into my lips and I taste you, and my cum, and the oil that has greased your way. I start to suck furiously on the head of your steel are holding it there in my mouth while it is wrapped in my chest.
I feel your body start to shake.
Your ass being fucked by my finger, your cock sucked by my mouth and your hands holding my tits to your shaft as it barely moves.
You're moaning harder and harder and then one deep plunge into my mouth and your cock explodes down my throat.
I'm sucking your orgasm harder and harder as you thrust into my mouth.....shooting your hot cum into me in spurts.
Grabbing your ass and holding you inside of my mouth, you empty yourself into me with one last thrust and collapse on the bed beside me.

I gather you into my arms. Kissing you on the lips. I give you a hug and before I leave your side I tell you, "We'll talk about your punishment later."
I slap your ass and walk out of the room to take a shower.

Smiling as my mind already thinks of what to do to you for masturbating without me.

Amateur Couple

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Nephew

By Nisaa

Quickly donning my robe to answer the door, I wondered who would be out on a night like tonight. I peered through the security hole in the door and was utterly amazed.

Opening the door and exclaiming, "Well, hello stranger! What brings you here?" to my ex-nephew as he appeared soaked to the skin on my front porch.

He laughed and said "I don't suppose you'd believe I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop?"
"Well, whatever the case - come in, come're soaked.
Whatever were you doing out in this storm?
Or should I not ask?" and it was my turn to giggle as I let him enter the house directing him into the den. "I've a fire going. I don't mind storms, but I hate being damp.
Please, let me get you a towel. I'll be right back." Re-entering the room, I threw him the towel and walked over to the side bar. "You still drink Scotch?" and he nodded as I proceeded to pour us

both a drink. I sat his down on a table next to the chair nearest him and I sat on the loveseat opposite him.
As I watched him towel dry, feeling the flex in the muscles as they rippled along his back, I remembered another day, another time, another place oh so long ago.
"Oh - I'm sorry. I quite drifted off there for a minute didn't I?", I smiled at him as I took a sip of my drink.
"You did seem deep in thought", he smiled back.
"Well, lets just say I was remembering, or let me put it this way - you were one of my fonder memories of my married life to your uncle," lifting my drink to toast him.

"Auntie Nisaa - how strange that sounds now. How far we've come. How long has it been now? Five years? Less? More? Since we saw each other?" "I would say that's about right.
Now tell me, what were you doing in town?"
"I honestly came to town to see you.
The storm hadn't hit when I left home and by the time it got bad, well, I was closer to you than to my house, so I proceeded. I should have called first?"
"Nonsense. You were one of my favorites. You and Papa."
I sat up still for a moment, looking him in the eye, "It's not Papa is it? That's not why you're here is it?"
"No - grandfather is fine. Honest. I just felt the need to see you.
Frankly, this feeling has been over me for months now and tonight I decided to do something about it. And - here I am!"
"I think about you often, and others.
I promise and promise to visit but can't bring myself back to that place.
That town....", I sighed as he stopped me.....

"Please Nisaa, lets remember only the good things.
I won't ever come back if I bring you pain when I see you", he smiled at me through those dark eyelashes. Lifting his glass to toast me.
We both settled back to stare into the fire for a bit. nephew who wasn't my nephew. How very good looking he still was....and how very good-looking he was back then. I remembered his visiting me once I left his uncle.
That brought a smile to my lips as I remembered how he returned weekly, checking up on the kids and me he said.
I knew different.
He'd had a crush on me since I married his uncle.
It grew into infatuation as he grew older.
He was almost 30 when I left his uncle....again that smile on my lips....but this time he caught it.
"And what brought this look on your face?
The smile? Might my ego think I can still bring a smile to your lips?"
"Oh dear man, you could always make me smile and if I recall, blush too." Winking at him as I said it.

He looked me long and deep in the eyes and said, "With all the niceties out of the way I think now is the time to tell you why I'm here.
And I'd like to be really close to you and tell you that way so I'm going to sit right over here next to you.
There's something you should know.
I mean, something I've wanted you to know for a long time now.
It's true we haven't seen each other in awhile and I have a very good reason for that. I wanted you to forget about everything else, my uncle, the town you lived in and just be able to concentrate on what I am about to tell you."

"It's no secret that I've had a crush on you for a very long time.
The secret was probably that I do have very deep feelings for you and have for an equally long time.
This can no longer be called a crush. I'm no longer in the throws of adolescence and have thought about this for a very long time."
Taking my hand in his, "Nisaa, I've inquired about you on and off for years now whenever I can.
I know that you are not involved with anyone seriously and this is what I want to talk to you about.
I want to explore possibilities with you. I want to be with see you all the time and be with you all the time.
Enough time has passed that I feel I can approach you now with all the thoughts I've harbored all these years. The many times I saw you after your divorce, well, I felt the time was just not right. You still thought of me as a "nephew" and that is the last thing I wanted you to see me as."

Reaching over to touch my face, taking my drink and setting it down on the table, his lips started towards mine.
I realized my heart was racing and my mind was reeling. Our lips touched gently.
He raised his face and looked me in the eyes and then bent his head for another kiss.
"What are you doing?" I asked softly.
"Kissing you - this is a kiss," and he smiled and kissed me again, pulling me into his arms. "I've wanted to kiss you like this for so long, for as long as I can remember." His kiss deepened and my mouth opened for his tongue. His embrace tightened and his hands felt so good on my back.
I seemed to melt in his arms.
This felt so good.
So right. So entirely wonderful.
His hand traveled to my side and he cupped the side of my breast � naked under my robe.
My nipples erect from his kiss, I could feel the wetness starting to seep from my core. He broke the embrace and stood before me, taking the couch pillows and tossing them on the floor before the fireplace.
Then he knelt before me taking my hands to pull me down to him on the floor.
Laying my body down in front of the fireplace, once again pulling me into his embrace. My robe separated slightly as he entwined his legs with mine, kissing me once again strongly with his tongue, holding me closer than before.
"Nisaa, I've wanted you for so very long. Do I dare hope?
Do I dare think that this could be possible for us?"
Once again kissing me softly on the lips, then traveling with those same lips to different points on my face.
Traveling down my neck with his lips and tongue, his hand slipping inside my robe to massage my breast.
Bending his head further, lightly licking my nipple, then looking at me once more with those deep brown eyes...kissing my lips once again then resuming his attentiveness on my nipples.

Moaning softly as he nursed at my breasts, his hand then slid to my legs, rubbing my thighs softly, kneading the muscles a bit with each stroke.
His hand traveling up the inside of my thigh to my naked pussy.
Feeling my lips with his fingers, sliding them along my lips to open them, and taking time with my clit - stroking, teasing, rubbing harder...then slipping his finger inside of me as my wetness made it so very easy for him to enter me.
Constant sliding in and out of me with his fingers, my legs parted for him to gain access.
My moans even more perceptive with each entering of my body.
He untied the sash on my robe as I started to unbutton his shirt, helping him to get naked before me.
I marveled at the tightness of his body and the slight sheen on his skin as he resumed his position next to me on the rug. He helped me out of my robe completely and I could see his eyes travel over my body in the firelight.
His hands seemingly everywhere, touching, caressing, probing inside of me.
His body traveled down mine with his lips licking their way on my skin.
He positioned himself between my legs and spread them wide for his view.
His tongue licking my hot pussy lips until they opened for him.
He found my hard clit and continued to lick, then circle it with his tongue, licking more and then down to the source of my wetness.
His tongue dipping inside of me, moving within me as his thumb massaged my hard little nub.
My hips pressed into his face as he started to suck at me and he positioned his fingers at my entrance, inserting two of them deep inside of me.
My body responding with every movement of his mouth and hand.
My hands reaching for his head to hold him there. Writhing under his lips and tongue, my moans escaping my lips, my breath ragged with each assault from his mouth. "Oh yes...don't stop...take it...suck it harder...yes, that's it...Oh God yes", I moaned. I could feel my orgasm building, I knew I would explode on his face and I tried to get loose from him.
His hands taking my hips in their grip, he held me fast to his mouth.
"Cum for me Nisaa, come on my tongue, on my face..." and his tongue began again in earnest.
My body reacting to being held down, my hips moving on his face faster as his tongue and lips went to work on my core.
"Oh yes...I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum on your face."
With that declaration I exploded with orgasm, my body spasms jerking my body involuntarily as his licking and sucking continued.

I wanted him inside of me, to fill feel his cock enter me.
Yet he crawled up the side of my body and held me close to him...kissing me so I can taste myself on his lips and tongue.
His hands never leaving my skin, he started to stroke my body again.
His fingers gently reaching for my core once more, my body jerked as he started to massage my clit once more. My breath barely caught as he started to arouse me once again.
His fingers lightly playing with my lips and clit, then down into my hot cunt once more...deeper, more insistent, a bit rougher.
I raise my leg turning my body toward him, and his fingers fuck me, my body reacting once more to his touch.
My hips fucking his fingers as they enter me and then slide up to my clit, teasing, stroking, then back once more inside of me. He continues this way until I think I'll go insane. Lightly teasing, then roughly probing...fucking motions with his hand so his fingers probe me deeper still.
Once again my body reacts and I orgasm on his fingers.
He kisses me deeply and allows my body to regain relaxed status as I come down from my high he created.

"Now? Now will you enter me? I need to feel you inside of me..." I ask as he momentarily stopped kissing me to look at my face.
His smile is evident and there's a magic gleam in his eyes as he takes my mouth with his, then says, "Not yet...I want this to be a night you will remember and I want to be the man you want more of."

And once again his hands start to travel, and his lips caress my skin.
And I know this will be a very long night.
And I would never think of him as a nephew again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It Starts With a Feather

By Nisaa

"Ohhhhh.....why doesn't someone answer that phone?", thinking myself awake.
Lying naked on my stomach on the bed wondering what time it is.
What is this?
Trying to move my leg didn't work......looking at my wrists, then my ankles.
I'm tied to the bed?!!
Oh who is playing games now?
"Honey, Honey are you still here?.......C'mon this is quite cute but I don't think games are what's called for now"
Getting no answer I decide I must relax until he comes to release me.
Was I a bit rough last night that he's decided to take his turn?
Smiling to myself.......No.......perhaps not rough enough for his taste......but he liked it for sure.......Hmmmmm.....oh yes, he was quite pleased.

Having fallen back to sleep, I waken to that soft sensation of feathery things gliding along my skin.
Soft music playing in the background.......I turn my head and see you standing there naked and hard.
You do have a feather in your hand.
You grin at me, not saying a word and continue with the feather moving it over my foot, my ankle......slowly, painstakingly up the calf of my leg.
You know the back of my knee is ticklish so you don't quite avoid that spot but you lightly glaze over it continuing up my thigh.

Oh that feels rather nice.
The feather floats across my buttocks, sliding up and down the crack of my ass, then circling around on my butt cheeks.
Almost subconsciously I lift my bottom to you, noticing you did give me a bit of give in the satin ties.
You once again start to travel on my body. Feeling the feather start once more......up my sides, to the curving swells of my breasts as they're crushed beneath me, gliding up my back, over my neck.......I feel your hand gently touch my skin.......lightly, almost not touching me at all. Taking the path the feather left for you.

"Like it baby?" you whisper.
"I know you will like this". Once more with the feather, you travel......down my spine to my ass.
Your one arm goes under me, directing me to prop myself up with my knees until the satin ties go taught.
You put the feather down and take my legs with your hands and spread them.
I am quite vulnerable in this position, my pussy open for your review.
The feather glides over my pussy lips, stopping to tickle......back up to the crack of my ass and down to my pussy lips.
You're very busy going softly back and forth with the feather.
Your hand comes up to caress my butt cheek, the feather lightly playing with my skin. Your fingers gently massage my skin, squeezing my ass.
I feel you behind me on the bed.

The feather trails off and I feel your hands one on each cheek. Spreading them as you squeeze me.
You bend to kiss my cheeks. I feel your tongue making circles on my skin.
Your tongue licking its way to my pussy lips. Long easy strokes with your tongue.
Dipping your tongue tip into me once and then the flat of your tongue sliding up my pussy.
Your finger sliding inside of me.
My wetness evident at the sounds your finger makes going in and out of my hot cunt.
A moan escapes me as your lips start to nibble on my clit, your finger entering me again.
You finger fuck me as you suck gently at first on my clit, then applying more suction, harder and harder you suck my clit.
Your tongue and lips lapping up the juice as it flows freely from me.

You take my ass in both hands and insert your stiff tongue inside my hot cunt as far as you can, crushing me to you.
Licking and sucking, your tongue assaults my hot core.
You hungrily eat me like a starving man.
You seem to be all over me.
The flat of your tongue licking me to my ass, your tongue inserting in my hole, and then your lips wrap around my clit and you suck hard on me.
All the while holding me closely to your face.

Your lips leave my wet cunt and I feel you kneeling close behind me.
Your hard cock rubbing my skin.
"Did you like that Baby?" you ask in a whisper.
I am whimpering from the pleasure you have evoked.
My body on fire and begging for release.
"Tell me you want my cock" state almost a command while you rub your cock on me, up and down my ass, sliding along my cunt lips bumping my hot hard clit with the tip of your steel shaft.
"Tell me what you want Baby" and you continue to play.
I'm feeling quite helpless.
At your mercy as you have engineered this totally to your advantage.

"Yes, Yes, take me now," I say in a hoarse throaty whisper.
"This? This is what you want?" and you slide your cock hard inside of me, ramming me with it, burying it to your balls.
Then slowly take it from me. "This what you want Baby?
My hard cock fucking you?
Tell me you want this.
Should I fuck you hard with my cock?" as again you only play with me.

My body arched for your entrance, my hips trying to move back onto your cock.
Your hands grip my ass, once again spreading my ass cheeks.
Your cock slides up my crack and plays at the entrance to my ass.
Fucking my ass cheeks as your wet cock slowly slips between my ass cheeks made slick by my own wetness on your cock.
"How do you want it Baby?
Hard and fast like this?" and your cock slams into me, fucking me harder and harder with each stroke.
Then stopping as you ask, "or soft and sweet like this?" and you enter me slowly, stopping and holding it hard inside of me, deep, buried and throbbing.
Then slowly backing out, slipping inside so slowly, gently, holding it deep again inside of me.
Barely moving but I feel you move.
My senses whirling around me.
The feelings growing in the pit of my stomach.
Your hand reaches up and grabs my hair, slightly pulling my head toward you.
"Say it, tell me what you want" you demand of me while your cock is buried deep inside of me and my hips start to move on it.
Pushing my body back onto you, impaling myself on your shaft.
My hips start to make a circular motion, pushing you into me as my muscles start to squeeze you.
You kneel still behind me letting me fuck you with my wet cunt.

"Yes Baby. Do it. Fuck me Baby.
I need your cock hard and fast. Fuck me Baby. Fuck me now."
My breath ragged as I whisper my need of you. "Please, fuck me now. Make me cum.
Do me like you would a whore. Make me your whore. Please Baby, I need your cock to fuck me" and you start as you tug on my head still holding my hair.
I feel your hips moving, your cock starts to pound into me, riding me hard.
Your cock burying itself deep inside of me with each move.
Ramming into me. Your hands go to my hips holding them and you pull me back onto you with each stroke.
Ramming me like a jackhammer, fucking me hard.
Your balls slapping my clit, your cock deeper each time you enter me.......our bodies find a rhythm that matches the fucking motion we need to complete our release.
My body bucks under you matching you stroke for stroke.
I feel your body start to tense up.
I hear your moaning through my unconscious mind. My hips now assault your cock as I feel you hand over control to me.
My body gyrates under you, making your breath ragged as mine.
My hips circling, squeezing your cock, milking motion starting as you try to pull out and then push back into me.
My cunt wrapped tightly around your steel hard shaft.

"Hang on Baby," I squeal, "Hang on.
I'm going to cum on your cock. I'm going to explode all over you.
Cum with me Baby. Cum inside of me. Spill your seed into me now."
And my orgasm body pushing hard on your cock and I feel your body arch, deeper inside of me I feel your orgasm erupt inside of me, thrust after thrust your seed spills into me. My body slows holding you inside of me.
You hold your cock deep, emptying yourself within me.

Still deep in me, I feel you reach to untie my ankles, then release yourself from my cunt, reaching up as you slide up my body to untie my wrists.
You wrap me in your arms, holding me tightly to you. My hands stroking your chest.
Kissing you lightly. "I Love you", you whisper into my forehead as you kiss it.......
I reply with my declaration of love for you and we drift off into another sleep.
Consumed in the knowledge of our deep bond.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Capture

By Nisaa

What a glorious night it is.
Moon so full.
Stars so bright.
Hear the gentle surf as it laps at the shoreline.
I Love the night.
Could it be that I was born at night....not long before the witching hour?
The soft breezes blowing my gown around my body as I walk.
This section of beach is so secluded it feels like my own.
Perhaps a dip in the water before turning back.

Letting the black gauze slide from my naked body laying in a pool at my feet, I step toward the water.
The moonlight touching the deep tan of my skin...the water sparkles as my feet break the surfs pattern.
Knee deep in water, the warm air caressing my skin - my body lays into the water as I start my swim.
Completely lost in the moment, forgetting time exists. Nothing exists except me, the water, and the blanket of stars in the black of night.

I don't know how long I floated on the waves but that is a distinct figure sitting on the shoreline, by my calculations, right near my clothes.
Well, I can't stay here forever....

My strokes smooth and sure, it doesn't take me long to reach the shallow of the beach.
There you sit.
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
I watch you stand brushing the sand off your clothes, you pick up my gown and hold it out to me as I walk from the water.
"Thank you", I say as I take my gown.
My skin wet as I take the towel you are offering.
"Do you always walk the beach late at night carrying a towel?"
"Towels come in handy when running into naked women on the beach", you say as your eyes watch me, running the length of my body.
I give a small laugh, "You do that often?
Look for naked ladies on the beach to towel dry?"
Now it's your turn to laugh, "No - just you. I've been watching you. For weeks now, I've been watching you."

I stop in my ministrations, looking you in the eyes, "You never made your presence known before."
I stand still wondering if I should be afraid, when your hands reach out, taking the towel from me and you start to dry my skin...."I didn't intend to towel you dry but it sounded like a good idea coming from your lips."
"Coming from me! I never heard anything so absurd in all my life..."
I turn and start walking away.

"Wait, don't go" and I hear you behind me.
Slipping into my gown, I turn, handing you the towel, "Now look Mr...." "Jed, my friends call me Jed".
"I hardly qualify as a friend, I don't know you, and I'm highly doubtful if I want to know you and..."
My possible tirade being cut off as you turn me into your embrace and kiss me holding my arms strongly, your mouth rakes mine, your tongue slides into my mouth, your arms enclosing my body in your fullness.
Trying to push you away doesn't quite work as you hold me tighter.
My mouth slipping away a bit, when your hands reach and hold my head to your face.
Then you release me.
"smack" the sound echoes as my hand connects with your face.
Once again you take me to you and kiss me hard and full on the mouth, my struggles don't seem to deter you, only making you more forceful in your attitude.

Your arms wrap around me and your lips slide along my cheek, whispering in my ear....
"I've watched you, night after night walk on the beach, mostly nude, sometimes swimming, sometimes just mind and body wanting you with each passing night."
Your lips recapturing mine, I feel the muscles ripple in your body, so taut, somewhat lips opening for your tongue.
Your body presses into mine, I feel your hardness against my thighs...your hand traveling down my back, tickling along my spine, hands settling on my buttocks.
Warm, strong hands caressing my cheek, pulling me into your hardness, your other hand surrounding my breast, thumb and forefinger tweaking my nipple with each squeeze.
Your lips travel down my neck, bringing my breast upward as your tongue licks at my nipple through the flimsy gauze.

You bend my body down to the sand, sliding up next to me....rubbing your body on mine....
your hands taking my gown and slipping it up my body until you slide it over my head.....
your lips return to my skin.
Both hands on my breasts, your mouth sucking from nipple to nipple.
One of your hands feeling its way to my buttocks once more...
pinching, squeezing....the sensations you create in my body are overtaking my senses.
Your lips once again touch mine and I feel your hand traveling to my cunt....
rubbing gently, spreading my legs....
feeling with your fingers.

You split my lips and find my clit with your finger tips, playing softly....sliding up and down my slit....
then down and entering my hot wet hole. One finger sliding in and out of me while your mouth sucks at my breasts.
Two fingers entering me, more insistent than the last one.
Your lips travel down my belly, licking, sucking, kissing your way to my fluid.
Your tongue darting at my clit, sucking one minute, kissing, breath ragged from the assault on my senses.
My moans escaping as your fingers fuck me....your lips suck at me.

You take my legs, spreading them wide as you hungrily eat my pussy, licking at my juice....
dipping your tongue deep into me as your hands spread me open for you....
licking me out, tongue flat on my body sliding up and down again....
your fingers finding their way back in....
I feel the excitement in your hand, in your body aching for release....
the thought of fighting you long gone as you continue to suck on my wetness.
I am so close to more time you start to suck my clit as you ram your fingers inside of me....knowing I'm going to hips meeting your fingers....I hear my juicy cunt meeting with your hand....feel the sucking...
"Oh yes, suck harder....suck my clit harder"....and my body starts to shake.
I feel it start in the pit of my clit aching in your wetness flowing out of me.....
"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum on your face."
And you don't let up for a minute as you make me cum just like you set out to do.
My hands grab your head, holding it down on my hot cunt, my body rubbing your face....
feeling your fingers fucking me, two at a time....I explode for you.
My hips pumping, my pussy squeezing your moans release with my orgasm....
the grip my hands have on your head releases as my body starts to relax....
your tongue, lips and fingers softly lapping at clit so sensitive my body jumps as you lick it.

You start to kiss my thighs, and I feel your body travel up mine.
Somewhere in the process you've divested yourself of your jeans.
Your hardness stops for a minute to slide along my lips....
gently nudging at my clit...then back down to my wetness.
You stop to look at me and as your eyes capture mine, your steel hard cock rams inside of me all the way.
You're buried deep inside of me....pushing deeper and deeper....
then you start to back out...slowly, teasing my walls as they grasp at the tip of your cock.
Once again watching my face, you pound your cock into me.

Your breath gasping, as you tell me how you've dreamt of this, dreamt of burying yourself inside of me, dreamt of tasting my juices, savoring my essence.
Your cock continues to slide softly, slowly out of me....ramming back inside of me....
my legs wrap around your hips....your mouth bends to my lips and I taste myself on your tongue, smell myself on your mouth....
your tongue buries itself deep inside my mouth as your solid shaft buries itself deep in my being.
Harder, faster, stronger....deeper with each penetration.
I watch your body above me, feel your muscles ripple, your body as hard as your and out, stroking my body with your hardness. I feel your cock swell inside of me, hear your breath become ragged.
One last shove and your cock buries itself to your balls and you explode inside of me.
With the feel of your cock exploding, so hard, throbbing, my body reacts and I orgasm again all over your cock.
My cunt milking your cock, squeezing it dry.
Our juices mixing....

Your lips reach for mine once again, softly kissing, a caress in the kiss. "I never meant to go that far..."
and my fingers reach your lips to stop you from talking.....
I reach up and kiss you on my own...

"Don't", I say, "Don't say a word, don't think about before, feel the afterglow of what just happened....
then let me go until next time."
And I kiss you again....

You roll off of me, squeeze me to you....
holding me tight...kissing once again....

I feel your eyes watching me as I walk away....the sun is nearly up as I walk toward my bungalow on the beach....
turning at the stairs to the deck, I see you standing there....still watching....I throw you a kiss and see you wave.....
as I head for the shower and much needed sleep and I smile as I remember the look on your face when I whispered, "Meet me here tomorrow night. Let me capture you this time."

Destiny Summers (20 YO Jersey Girl)

Those who don't think porn stars are not actresses should not watch this. This was poorly edited, and you can see at about the six minute mark, where she takes direction. Sort of funny.

Monday, April 21, 2008


By Nisaa

Hmmmmm.......I so love mornings.
Listen to the morning doves, drinking coffee on the verandah......
the morning sun touching the horizon.
There isn't a sound of wind out there, no rustling of the leaves in the trees.......the lake is like a mirror.
Smooth and glistening in the morning sun. It was by far the best idea I've had to live on this side of the lake.
The other being so commercial, tourist heaven.
No thank you very much. I do like my seclusion.
I couldn't sip coffee in the nude now could I? Well, I could if I were indoors.
A smile crosses my lips as I remember the hustle and bustle of the city.
Oh yes, this is truly heaven. Not much traffic on this side of the lake.
The island stops them.
The tourists do like that island.

Faraway early fishing boats can be heard periodically, but that won't stop me from getting in my morning swim.
The cool water on my skin is way too enticing to stop me.
Besides, if they want to look.......well, who cares.

Walking down the wooden staircase toward the lake, stopping to just look at the morning.
Oh yes this was a wonderful idea.
The water beckons me and my feet feel the sand in my toes......gliding toward the water as a nymph would.
Hmmmmm......feel the water as it slides past my hips.......a bit cool to the touch in the mornings but so enervating I can't help but be addicted.
My nipples stand at attention as I take my hands and slide them up my body, feeling my wet skin.......
to my breasts as they glide under the water and I start my stroke.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the rubber skiff with the diving buoy but pay no attention as I swim out and turn onto my back to drift in the sun......
feeling the warmth of the rays on my breasts.
I hear a slight splash far off but that doesn't bother me.
Could be a fish now couldn't it?

Daydreaming in the first light of day......

I hear the splash a bit closer.......still no recognition of how close, or which direction.
Still no care where it is.
My mind drifting as my body floats on the water.......such a sensual feeling.......naked in the water in the morning.

"Miss?"...... "Miss, I don't want to scare you but I want you to know I'm here"......
Looking over my left shoulder.......ahhhhh.....the diver.
I guess he was closer than I thought.
My body gently turns in the lake and faces him. "Hello", I say and smile.
"I didn't want to intrude, but I couldn't help but notice you and couldn't stop myself from coming closer. I'm sorry if I startled you."

"Oh you didn't scare me......I suppose I should be a bit curious as to why you're here......on this side of the island when most stay close to where they say the small yacht went down years ago.
I would imagine that's what you're searching for?"

"Can I come closer to you?
I'm sorry but are you real or did I dream you in my morning wanderings?" and he has such a bright smile I can't resist but wave him over.
"I assure you I'm quite real, I'm quite naked, and I don't bite.
If you care to explore you should know there is an inhabitant on this side of the lake."

"They say you're somewhat of a mystery.
I mean, those in that small town just off the don't go into town. Your groceries are delivered.
They know you have a phone but they don't know too much about you."

"I like mystery.
Don't you like mystery?" and I start to swim toward him as he swims toward me.
I'm thinking how exciting this could early in the morning and I find a mystery of my own.
Soon we're face to face......he has such nice as the sky.......bright white teeth and when he smiles his grin reaches those blue eyes.

I swim closer to him.......almost touching him.......I'm feeling quite playful and wonder how much I can encourage him to play.
My arms out to the sides, treading water to stay afloat.
"The town only knows what I want it to know.
My name is Nisaa.......and that's about all I may want you to know," And my smile is a bit devilish I'm sure.

"They know you're name.......Nisaa.
Some say they can hear the name being whispered in the breeze late in the evening.....but then that I heard at the local pub last night.
I'm staying in one of the commercial cabins on the resort property.
I'm an amateur diver here for relaxation."

I laugh as I think of being the subject of conversation over drinks at night.
A recluse enjoying seclusion in her lakeside cabin.
"I think I enjoy that......being the subject of conversation over drinks.
I hope this gives them something to peak interest in their everyday lives.
I do love good gossip. Was it good? What they said?"

As I ask I swim around legs touching body gliding around in hands coming closer and closer as his hand reaches out to touch mine, taking my fingers at first in his hand, then my hand..........pulling me to him......closer and closer I let him pull me.......
feeling the water caress my skin as his one arm slips around me......
my arm sliding onto his shoulder as he holds me to his body.
Imagine my surprise to find a fellow water worshipper......also nude in the morning mist.......looking me straight in the eyes he says "Some say you don't really exist.
Some say you're an angel sent down from heaven to watch over them.
Some say you are a sex goddess......that your hair is like champagne clouds about your face, your skin like porcelain, your green eyes dark as emeralds sparkling in the sun and deep as the lake itself.......
sent to tempt man."
With that my lips open and my tongue moistens them......
his face comes closer to mine and his lips descend on my mouth.
His kiss is deep and strong, his tongue invasive, masterful.......our tongues dance together, tasting, devouring, courting the unknown.

My body starts to slip away from him but I don't let go of his arm.......leading him back to my lair.......
I want to play......His swimming is expert and he flows onto my back.......turning my body to him and we're swimming together.......
kissing, turning in the water.......playing the mating game as two dolphins would in the ocean.
We reach my shore and lay in the surf.......water lapping at our bodies......his gear discarded on shore, his hands slipping down my body, his tongue following his hands.......licking at the water droplets standing on my skin.
My body arching in the sunlight.......letting him know I want more.

I feel his strong shoulders as he settles himself on top of me.......his body between my legs......gently nudging them wider......I feel his hard cock rubbing on my thigh.......
his arms taking my body, wrapping it in his arms......holding me to him as he kisses and licks my skin.......
"More, I want more.......give me more of you.......take my body.
Feel the fire in my core burning to be touched."

"Nisaa", I hear him moan....... "Nisaa" he whispers into my skin.
I pull his face to mine and feel his shaft at my hips raise up to meet him.......and I feel the hard cock enter me as my body surrenders to the pleasure of feeling.
"Oh" and our bodies start the rhythm of the game.
My hands reach for his hips....... "hold still......feel my body make love to you".....and my hips writhe under his......his body held taught as I stroke his cock with my vaginal, wet.......wrapping around his hardness.......milking him, rubbing.......he surrenders to my body.

"I can't......I can't hold still......Oh Nisaa I can't do this", and his body plunges into me......
fiercely taking possession of my body, of my soul.....thrusting faster and faster, his body stroking in and out.......his hardness throbbing inside of me......slowly pulling out..........untamed thrusts into me.
My body gripping his cock.......locking around him as my hips meet his every thrust.
His body like a jack hammer......ramming into me, hard, fierce.......his body shaking from the sexual exertion.
My body commanding his to perform......his sending signals to orgasm starts to build in the pit of my stomach......
I feel it shooting toward my groin......I'm going to cum all over his cock.......exploding for body opens like a flower......his cock thrusts deep inside of me and he holds it there.......
we explode together as his back arches and he pushes into me..........
my moans cry out to body swallowing his seed.......

He collapses on top of me and my arms envelop his body, holding him as I feel the last of his pulses shooting into me.......
he whispers into my ear, "Those who say you are here to tempt man are right."

My face turns to meet his, kissing his lips, my tongue entering his mouth.
I hear him moan once again as I whisper, "Did you have plans for the rest of the day?
I thought I'd work on the rumor."

Lesbian Encounter

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Post Operation

By Nisaa

"Ms. Nisaa....Ms. Nisaa....are you awake?
Time to wake up now. Come on....come back to us.
Time to wake up now? Are you awake?"

My eyes open to bright lights overhead and the feeling of "where am I?" going through my brain.
Oh....I remember.....I just had surgery.
The nurse standing over me is quite young and she looks a bit concerned.
"Yes....I'm awake.....I'm okay?"

"The doctor will be here to see you in just a bit.
You had a close call but you're going to be fine".....and I drift back to sleep.....

My eyes open once more and I feel the gurney being moved.
I look around and spot transport looking down at me and I know I'm on my way back to my room.
They gently put me back into my bed and prop me with pillows.
The IV's are re-hooked and hung at the side of my bed and the lights are on their softest setting.
I know it's nighttime as they draw the drapes in my room.
My family smiles at me and asks how I feel....I know I tell them I'm fine and they stand around my bed and talk to me and around me as I feel like I'm floating above the bed watching what's going on.
It's been a long time since I was in any hospital.
They say my appendix burst as they were taking them out of me.
The pain is gone so I know the appendix is gone. The doctor still has yet to appear.
I think I'll rest. I know I tell my family to go home.....
I'm fine and I'll see them in the morning.
Don't sit with me all night.
I'm a big girl and the nurses will care for me now.
They say their good-byes and quietly leave the room.

I'm lying there in a semi-awake state.
Taking stock of my body.
I realize the gown I have on is only draped over me.
And I feel with my free body feels warm to the touch.
The dressing is on my lower stomach.
Not too bulky it seems.
Not pressing on it too much as it is sore.
I think it is sore.
I guess the pain medication hasn't worn off just yet.

The doctor comes quietly into the room.
I must've dozed off.
He's feeling my face and forehead.
My eyes open and I see the warmest huge brown eyes looking down at me smiling.
"Hello Nisaa. How do you feel?"
"Well Doc, on any given day but today I'd tell you I feel with my hands.
You tell me - how do I feel?"
I notice there's no surgical nursing assistant with him.
Unusual for them to be alone with a patient, especially a female patient.

"You are going to be just fine.
We had a bit of a mess to clean up but I will keep you here a few days.
We want to watch you carefully so you don't have any infection. You feel fine."
I'm starting to awaken fully as I watch him.
He asks if he can look at my bandage.
I smile and say sure wondering if he noticed my pussy is hairless.
I wonder what they had to say while I was asleep.
Did someone ask who shaved me for surgery? I giggle a bit in my thoughts and he looks at me as he takes down my covers and slides my gown to the side.
He's feeling my stomach and checking the bandage for leakage.
His hand is very low and brushes my skin oh so lightly.
He has good hands.
I noticed that before the surgery.
"Do I still feel fine Doctor?"
I guess I kind of startled him. He seems a bit embarrassed as I raised my hips pretending to adjust my body.
"You have wonderful hands Doc. That feels so good. Don't stop just yet."
And he continues to feel my skin, traveling down my legs....gently squeezing in different spots.
My legs spread just a bit.
This is a natural reaction for me.
Down to my ankle he goes and back up again...again stopping here and there.
Gently applying pressure with his wonderful hands. Down my other leg.
Stopping at my thigh for what seems like an over long stop, I hear myself moan a bit.
"Are you in pain Nisaa?"
"Oh no pain....just feeling the sensation of your hands on me."
"I have to check your legs....I have to..." and I stop him.
Telling him to check some more as I'm enjoying his hands.
When this hand comes back up to my thigh it's on the inside.
He travels with his hands all the way up the inside of my thigh.
My legs spread further for him and his fingers graze my pussy lips.
"Am I wet Doctor? I can't help but get wet when such expert hands are on my body."

He slides his fingers along my lips and feels my wetness....sliding one finger up and down my hips move a bit on his finger, giving him encouragement to go on.
I feel his finger slide to my opening.
He looks at me....straight in my eyes and I stare back at him and nod my head.
"Yes....please touch me there.....I need to be touched there."
My hand travels down to my wet pussy lips and I open them wide with my own hand....
he's watching me and I see his chest raise and lower as his breath quickens.

"Taste me doctor. You know you want to taste me.
Smell my core as it beckons for your tongue."
And I see his body start to move toward me....his other hand now caressing my breasts....
my nipples rock hard at his control.
His finger slides inside of me and my hips move on his hand.
My legs spread and his tongue touches my mound.
All I can think of is I need him. I need this sensation.
I need to know that I am still alive and can still feel.
A moan escapes my lips as my hips reach up to his mouth.
His tongue sliding along my wet lips.....he stops to gently suck on my clit.
Harder, then harder he sucks.....he brings two fingers into me.
His other hand leaving my breasts to spread my hot cunt for him.
My hand goes to his surgical pants and I feel his hardening cock from the outside of his pants......
I'm massaging his shaft as he licks me.....and his tongue is as expert as his hands were in the operating room.
My hand goes to the waste band and releases the tie.
I want to feel his cock in my hand.
I want to squeeze him....
wrap my fingers around him and feel the juice start to form at the head of his cock while I pump him.

His tongue wants more.....
my legs are spread wide open for him as he dips his tongue inside of me.
My hot wet cunt responds and he laps up my juices whispering into my hot hole.....
he wants more.....his tongue is strong and hard......
he once again slips his fingers inside of me.....his tongue circling my clit.....
his mouth traveling up my body, stopping at my bandage to kiss it....
then his mouth is engulfing my breasts....
teasing my nipples with his tongue.....his fingers pumping into me.
"Cum for me Nisaa....cum on my hand.....let my fingers make you feel good......
let my tongue devour your clit as you cum for me."
He stops to kiss my mouth....
whispering what a delicious patient I am....I moan into his lips, breathless.....
wanting more.

His hand and fingers fucking me - each penetration deeper than the last.
My hand grips his hard cock and pulls it to me....pumping him harder.....
wanting to feel his manhood throbbing in my hand getting ready to explode for me.
His lips travel back to my pussy lips and his tongue once again licking and sucking me.....
licking me harder and clit extended for his mouth.
My body arches up as he finger fucks me and takes my clit into his mouth sucking.
His hips making his cock fuck my hand.
I'm going to cum on his face....I'm going to cum for him.....
I just had surgery and I'm going to cum so hard for this man I just met before surgery......

"Nisaa, Nisaa....wake up now Nisaa.
We have to get you back to your room now so you can rest.
The doctor will see you there."

Now that's a post-operative fantasy!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm doctor!!
Can I cum again?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Pool Game

By Nisaa

"Nice quiet place", thinking to myself as the cue connects with the ball and the ball slides into the pocket.
I've been looking for a "neighborhood" type bar to go by myself to unwind after a long day.
I think I've found it.
Looking around the room as I chalk my cue, "oh yes, I notice you watching me", smiling to myself.
Doesn't matter where I go, someone watches.
The smiling turns into a devilish grin as I lean over the table to take my next shot.
Maybe I should've worn a bra under this black spandex?
Maybe not as I take aim and once again connect perfectly making my shot.
Knowing you're watching is making my nipples quite noticeable under this top.
The spandex straining with my breasts.
The material clinging to and rubbing on my hard nipples.
I pretend to study the table casting you a sidelong glance.
I must admit you look pretty good in that tank top and jeans.
Maybe it's the way you hold your beer bottle as you watch me.
Who's kidding whom here? I think it's the way you watch me.

My shot is at the opposite end of the table to you.
I'll have to bank it off the rail to make this shot or could I just lean into the table, one leg off the ground?
Will you notice my nice firm butt in the air?
Will you notice how my skirt rides up my hips with each movement?
It's the boots. You'll notice the boots won't you? Men like the spiked heels on these boots. Heaven knows I dress with care in the morning, knowing exactly what men will like. Caressing the corner of the table with my body, I take my shot. "Crack" the sound seems to reverberate in the air. Satisfied with that connection I glide over to the bar where my drink is and take a taste. Every move I make as sleek as a cat, but more like a panther than a house cat. Black is my favorite color and my black outfit exudes the confidence I carry with me every where I go. The eight ball is left. Straight in shot to the corner pocket. Easy for anyone to make. Should I make it look a bit difficult? Smiling once again I lean over the table, showing exaggerated cleavage, the eight ball sinks into its destination. You leave your post behind the bar and put your money on the table, looking at me, not saying anything, just looking. I smile at you and ask, "Was wondering how long you'd let me play by myself?". The other customers had all left for home.
I noticed I was the only one left in the bar.
"Did you want to close? I could leave"

"The last thing I want you to do is leave," you say.
"If you're not too tired, perhaps a game or two so I can unwind?"

"Rack 'em up" and you do.
The sound of the balls falling into the cradle echoes in the now empty bar.

"My table, your shot" as I slide over to the chalk taking it back to the barstool with me.
Sitting down and crossing my legs, I'm figuring you'll make a couple balls in and you don't disappoint me.

Don't think I haven't noticed that nice ass of yours in those jeans.
I take in everything around me, and especially you.
"Do you play much pool?" you ask.
"Some, but not on a team anymore".
My shot comes and you've left me solids to play with.
You're still standing near the table and I walk in front of you, between you and the table, brushing your body slightly with mine.
I look back into your eyes and smile.
"You're new around here, to this place I mean," you say this as more of a thought than a question.
"Looking for a place to unwind, a quiet place where I can go unnoticed".
"Lady, I don't know where you'd go without being noticed", and you blush as you realize you voiced that thought out loud.
I laugh and wink at you, "Seems you have a point there, however, I've noticed you too".

Bending over the table, cleavage apparent, my cue rings true once more.
"Can I see that stick for a minute?" and I hand it to you.
"It's flashy, I also noticed the stick", you manage to say as you check the balance on my cue.
"Yes, everything I do is flashy", and I wink at you once again.
By this time my body is on fire.
My mind imagining you naked playing pool with me.
My pussy is moist with the juice of my womanhood.
I can smell my scent and I'm sure you can too.
I wonder if you'll notice I'm not wearing any underwear as I magnify my bend once more over the table.
"Too much English. I do miss a shot now and then", and I laugh as you approach the table.
I'm noticing the bulge in your pants.
As I walk past you, my hand goes to the crotch of your jeans, applying a bit of pressure, looking you in the eyes, "Nice stick", a bit more pressure and I walk back to the bar.

Three more balls hit and on the fourth you miss.
I've watched you move over the table, around the table.
Noticed your hands on the cue, your breathing, your eyes on the ball your eyes watching me from across the table.
You don't move.
Waiting for me to approach the table.
I have to cross your path once more and this time you place your cue in front of me so I have to stop.
I lean back a bit on the table as I turn to you, looking you in the eye, your mouth moving for mine.
I feel your free hand take my upper arm and guide me closer to you.
Your lips taste mine as your hand skims down my back.
Taking my ass cheek in your hand, you squeeze it and pull me to you once more.
This time your tongue invades my mouth, slowly at first, then with more insistence.
"Nice ass", you say as your lips travel down my neck, your hand caressing my back side, my hands take in the sides of your head and I pull your mouth to mine once more.
My tongue invading your mouth, my body invading your space, close to you for slight contact � feel the electricity in the air between us.
Take your best shot and by this time the pool game long forgotten.
You gather both our cues and place them on the table.
Then you gather my body to yours, your mouth on mine.
Crushing me to you � your hands grip my waste and sit me down on the table.
My skirt ridden up, my legs slightly part, your hand goes to my pussy, as your mouth assaults mine once more.

"I want you," you whisper as your fingers apply pressure to my hot wet cunt.
"I want you right here, right now" and your fingers enter my body sliding into the wetness, my legs spreading further to aid your access to me.
"What's stopping you?", I ask as your lips travel to my cleavage, your free hand pulling the spandex down under my breasts.
Licking my nipples one to the other as your fingers pump into me.
The feeling is exquisite.

A public bar, the smells of cigarette smoke, beer.......and sex........quite overwhelming.
I lay back on the table and my body starts to move for you.......writhing for you.......wanting you just as much.
Your head travels to between my legs and I raise my hips for your tongue.
Your hand never leaving my breasts, your mouth licking me, sucking my clit, tongue dipping into me where your fingers were.
I feel the heat of your breath on my wetness and press my pussy into your face.
"Lick me hard, take me with your tongue" and you grab my hips to pull me to you as my body balances on the edge of the table.
My long legs spread even further, my booted feet raising to the sides of the table.
I open myself wide for you, for your mouth, for your fingers.
Your mouth devouring me with an expertise as if we've known each other forever, delving your tongue into me, exploring, lapping at my hot juice.

I feel the edge coming nearer, my body responding to your tongue, my breath coming in short gasps.
You tell me to cum on your tongue, "Cum for me baby, let me taste all of you, cum on my tongue, on my face.
I want to eat you until you cum".
My moans quite audible with my body movements, my hands taking your head and applying pressure to my hot cunt.
"Oh yes baby, yes........take me with that tongue, fuck me with your face.......make me cum for you" and your tongue licks, and plunges, and your mouth sucks on my clit.

My body so unbelievably turned on, my squirming telling you I'm so near to orgasm, my hips meeting your face as I fuck your tongue, your fingers........and my orgasm starts at the pit of my stomach and my body jerks with the pressure and I explode on your face as you lap up every drop of my cum.

As my body starts to calm, your lips travel up my my mouth and I taste myself off of your tongue.
You raise me to you and hold me tight as I gather my strength and slide down off the table brushing your engorged cock with my pussy as I kiss you back.
"Your turn now baby" as I hike up my skirt and turn around with my back facing ass rubbing on your cock.
"Take that out of your pants, I want it inside of me", and your hands had traveled up to my bare breasts, now releasing them as I bend over the table, my bare ass staring up at you........
"take me now baby" and your jeans are unzipped and I hear you pull them from your body.

Your hard cock slaps me on the ass and then you guide it to my wet slit.
You enter me from behind, hard and fierce, your hips connecting with my ass, your balls slapping my pussy lips.
Your hands once again grabbing my hips and pulling me to you, pushing yourself into me again and again, each time harder than the last time.
I feel your steel shaft split me wide open and my body once again responds.
You're moaning and grunting and fucking me so hard.
My ass pushing against you......wanting more, and still more, my muscles wrap around you and milk your cock with each thrust.
"That's it baby, feel it.......feel your cock surrounded by me.......feel my muscles milk it baby, fuck me hard."
And your thrusts become more powerful, your body responding to my words.
Your hands grab my hips hard and you impale me on your cock as it explodes inside of me and shoots hot cum splashing the walls of my love canal.
I feel you pumping into me, your explosion violent inside of me as another wave overcomes my body and I orgasm with you.
You lay your body on top of mine, stuck together in ecstasy.
And you kiss my back and caress my sides.

Separating us, you move to behind the bar for towels to clean up.
I smile at you and ask if you come here often.
"I own the place."
I move away, grabbing my purse and my jacket as you stop me at the door asking, "But what is your name?"


"Where are you going?"

"Going to rest up for our game tomorrow night � If you care to play again?"

I wink and walk out of the bar.