Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pussy Dirty Joke

This couple were in bed getting busy when the girl places the guys hand onto her pussy. "Put your finger in me..." she asks him. So he does without hesitation, as she starts moaning. "Put two fingers in...", she says. So in goes another one. She's really starting to get worked up when she says, "Put your whole hand in!". The guy's like, "Ok!". So he has his entire hand in, when she says moaning aloud "Put both your hands inside of me!!!". So the guy puts both of his hands in! "Now clap your hands..." commands the girl. "I can't", says the guy. The girl looks at him and says "See, I told you I had a tight pussy!".

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cocoa Beach Dirty Joke

A recently widowed Jewish lady, was sitting on a beach towel at Cocoa Beach, Florida. She looked up and noticed that a man her age had walked up, placed his blanket on the sand nearby and began reading a book.

Smiling, she attempted to strike up a conversation with him. “Hello, sir, how are you?”

“Fine, thank you,” he responded, and turned back to his book.

“I love the beach. Do you come here often?” she asked.

“First time since my wife passed away last year,” he replied, and again turned back to his book.

“Do you live around here?” she asked.

“Yes, I live over in Suntree,” he answered, and then resumed reading.

Trying to find a topic of common interest, Sarah persisted. “Do you like pussycats?”
With that, the man threw his book down, jumped off his blanket onto hers, tore off both their swimsuits and gave her the most passionate ride of her life!

As the cloud of sand began to settle, Sarah gasped and asked the man, “How did you know that was what I wanted?”

The man replied, “How did you know my name was Katz?”

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Site Name Change and Explanation

Since January 2006, I have been using the Wayback Machine, an internet archive site, to retrieve information from the Camilla's Archive site:

I finished placing most of the stories on this site less than a week ago. Since then, I noticed another site has uploaded the stories, well, the entire site. I am not going to take down these stories, as they are interlaced with some more of my original content, as well as to some videos. It would be too hard to delete all of the stories.

I do want to record, however, the title, tagline and explanation that I had in the sidebar all of these years. I will be transforming the blog in the future, making it a bit different.

Title: Camilla's Erotic Archives

Tagline: I did not write any of these stories - I contributed to a site that went down several years ago, and I am attempting to bring back the stories to the Internet for others to view and receive pleasure from. Enjoy!

Camilla's Comments: Back in 1993, I started writing erotica. I found a woman named Susan who ran an adult site, and to drive traffic to her site, she posted other people's stories. I was one of her contributors. The site died out, but I did not want these stories to die out as well. Here is my attempt to save these erotic stories. I will not edit them, other than to take out double-spaces. And I will attribute the stories as they were attributed on the now defunct adult site. Some of the stories had links to erotic pictures, though I am not sure that these pictures are of the people who wrote the stories. Probably a ploy to drive traffic and increase arousal - not necessarily a bad thing.

Some of the stories are disturbing to me, but in the interest of preserving online erotica, I will publish them as well. Because of the volume of online erotica that was once housed at this site, I may not read all stories I post. Some of the erotica is well-written, some is poorly written (with spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc). I will not edit these stories, as I want to preserve the original authors words as closely as I can. And I plan to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poneta Whorehouse

A story written by EdgeofShadows; player in Viva-Ponata.

Another boring night in the Poneta Whorehouse ...
A call comes in and and then Handler comes in and informs you of a out call, You were requested special.
The Taxi drops you off a hour later in front of a seedy hotel , you were told the room number. Just as you go to knock on the door it opens and you peer into utter darkness.. a voice ..male.. calls to you . ~ Enter .. strip leave your clothes on the floor then take exactly 7 steps forward and stop.

While this seems odd at first it is by no way the weirdest you have encountered in Ponata... you step into the darkness and strip.. taking seven steps forward deeper into the dark.. at the seventh step you seem to be falling ... tripped.. you hit the bed face down .. before you can lift yourself up your right wrist is grabbed you feel and hear the zip tie tightening on it and then it being pulled toward the bed corner... as you go to claw at it with your other hand it is grabbed and secured.. then pulled to the opposing bed corner ...your eyesight starts to adjust to darkness you can make out the outline of the man... he utters no sound even when you question him ... then he is behind you on the bed.. pushing you up forward .. you manage to get to your hands and knees but your hands are stretched abit out from you ..
You feel him press against your ass as his hands explore you.. callused figures rough over your nipples as the sway beneath you ... then you feel the knob of that hardening cock press against your labia .. not entering but definitely there.... then that voice cuts off your thoughts.. ~ Such a pretty slut you are ... I assure you that your wrists are well secure but feel free to pull at them during this .. I so love the struggle ... ~ his rough figures pinching your nipples now causing them to harden ... you cant help yourself you pull at the restraints ... feeling them secure but your breif tugs have excited your customer.. so you pull more .. feeling the head of that hard cock press into your soft folds..yet still not entering .. feeling yourself moisten as his rough fingers leave your nipple and one hand taking you by the hip ... the other slapping your ass with a hard strike .. then feeling fingers take you by the hair ... and with a primal growl he shoves that hard cock hard into you ... the sheer violence of you oh so tight cunt being stretched to take this hard cock tears a scream from you ... even as he buries himself fully in your pussy , ...your velvet walls sheathing it completely and without you even getting a breath to allow your body to adjust he drags his cock from you only to shove it harder into you... taking you .. using your hip and hair to pull you back as he thrusts... making the restraints bite into your flesh slightly .
As your body adjusts now the mind blurring the once pain to pleasure start rocking back on that hard shaft willing it deeper still .. as this man takes you with animalistic glee... fucking you ... ~ Yes that's it my lil slut! give me all that pussy!... ~ he releases your hair long enough to send a hard slap on your asscheek... then using both hands on your hips drives impossibly harder into your cunt .. sending waves of pleasure through you... sure there have been many johns you know the sounds to make for them ... but even you are surprised at the sounds coming from you as that hard shaft finds your inner most pleasure .. feeling the head of that cock hit your cervix twice.. running over the g spot ... those rough hands on your skin .. you feel his cock swell even harder ..knowing he is close to release ..the mere thought sends you over the edge ... the orgasm rocketing through you like a runaway train ...your breath seems caught in your very throat at the intensity ... and just when you take a breath ...your orgasm triggered his .. he shoves that hard shaft deep the head of that cock finding your cervix as he releases a hot torrent of cum deep inside you... for that single moment as the first spurt hits your orgasm doubles and you clamp down your velvet walls on that cock milking it with your cunt ... it seems as if time stands still .... and then the world lets out the breath it was holding and you shudder... feeling that cock slip from your well used body ... you collapse.

feeling a tug as your wrists are released .. you turn and see the outline dressing and then heading out the door ~ I will call for you again my lil slutling ... ~ and he leaves.... you grope for a light .. your eyes burn for a moment ...looking around the seedy room you find your money laying on top of your clothing ... :)

Fun in a Mall Dressing Room

This story was sent to me from tangentviper (FC) [84086], a player in Viva-Ponata (see the side bar for more information on the game).

After a few days of our constant love making, I see you searching for clothes online, and realising I'm keep you a virtual prisoner, I suggest "Lets eat out, and do some shopping at the Mall!!" Your eager and we drive uptown.

Once at the Mall, you pass lots of shops and buy you a new wardrobe, but one shop we pass catches my eye, Simone Perele, "We havent bought you any lingerie yet, you should wear only the best".

The shop is quiet, just one assistant acknowledges us as we browse, you select a few basque outfits, red, black and white, I dont know which colour suits you best, so you have to try them on. We head to the changing rooms, simple cloth curtains around the side of the sales desk. The assistant is busy with some paper work so you just head on in, I stand outside, my mind wandering thinking of the bath we should share this evening, and the fun we can have in it.

Then I hear a noise, and you put your head around an edge of the curtain. "This is the red one" you say as you whisk open the curtain revailing your majesty, stocking to mid thigh and suspender belt, a red thong underneath and a generous lacy red bra, with your feet together you twirl around to face away from me, twisting your waist back to see me, your pert ass is framed beautifully with a red line parting your curvy cheeks, "good, but not good enough for you" I say, "how about the black one?" I add.

You smile that wicked smile, and close the curtain again.

It isnt long before you "Pssst!" again and once I'm fully attentive the curtain is raised again, this time a White basque with long suspenders leading to high cut stockings and a white lacy brazilian brief. "This is so much more sexier, dont you think?" You bend one leg infront of the other and lift your toes, I instictively step forwards a little without realising it. Your beckoning me with your toe and foot. Adjusting myself you stop and turn around slowly, stepping in to the small cubicle then spreading your legs and bending forwards, hands resting on a hanging rail in front of you.

You turn your head to me, and as we make eye contact you say, "these briefs are cut really high!!" with that vixen look I'm becoming very used too. I step forwards, but quickly you turn, close the curtain and block my path, "one more to try" you exclaim.

"Hot in here isnt it!" i say to the assistant casually looking at me, with a venomous smile as I open my collar and undo my tie.

I step a little back, to maintain at least a pretense of calmness.

I'm staring at the curtain, willing it open, when you swoosh it aside and reveal a stunning sight, stocking in black to mid thigh, with pink on black detail in lace and silk threaded through, the suspender at your waist the same black with pink details with clasps in front and back, the knickers are the same brazilian type, the bra is well shaped and holds your ample breasts well, but allowing more cleavage than the previous sets, the reddish pink of your aereole showing just above, they are a matching black lace, with see through sections and pink detailing, with silk threaded through the cup edges.

A wicked grin appears on my face, as you turn again, this time to your side and out your hands on the large mirror within the cubicle, looking at me you whisper "cat got your tongue? close the damn curtain quickly and feel this material".

I glance at the assistant, but shes gone, so I cant get in quick enough, closing the curtain I face the mirror and your back as your spreading your legs. I stroke my hands up your thighs, feeling the exquisite fabric and your skin beneath, I bend and kiss your ass cheeks, biting into one, you "Yelp" a little and add "Get your cock out and get a move on!"

I drop my trousers and shorts, and hit yout ass with my hard cock as it jumps out, I pull down the knickers enough to gain access, and can smell your sex already, and see the damp patches on the gusset, I wack you pussy once with my cock and then slowly enter your slipper pussy. Your tightness surprises me everytime, but I move my hands over your back feeling the suspender belt and your sooth creamy skin, then reaching around I cup your encase tits, squeezing them, but not releasing them yet, then one hand I move to your shoulder to pull you back, even though your pushing back iwth all your strength already, the other hand is under you caressing and squeezing your stomach and above your pussy, we keep this up for just a few minutes when I cant hold on, both hands on your waist I pull you back and hold you, cumming within your tight confines, realising your near i pull out.

As we try to get our breath back, i sit you down on the simple bench, kneel between your thighs I begin to drink from your pussy my cum and your juices, frantic to bring you off and quickly, then behind us we hear "dont rush on my account" the shop assistant makes me jump as your breathing increases, I slow a little and begin to massage your clit with fingers and tongue as you put untold pressure on the back of my head to make you cum. You make your gasping sounds, getting louder until your body shivers under me, your scrunch your stomach up and pull a grimace as you climax. My face wet and shiny I plant small kisses on your light hairs up to your stomach and belly button...i guess we have to buy all three sets now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poolside in Miami

This story was sent to me from tangentviper (FC) [84086], a player in Viva-Ponata (see the side bar for more information on the game). He composed this story while playing the game.

We are pool side at my Miami villa, we take a bottle of champange and head out from the living room, double french windows slide open to reveal a covered decking area, which extends out to a 40sq ft pool, with steps leading into the water from the decking, and at the opposite end a water slide, leading into the same pool at the deep end.

We sit out on the decking, warmed by the summers heat, but cooled enough under cover, drinking our champagne, and cuddling, I am sat up, on a sun lounger, my legs raised slightly and open, with you sat between, laying back on my chest, my arms supporting yours while I feed you champagne, a little to quickly and it runs down your ample cleavage before you can stop me.

"you should be more careful, people will think you have a drink problem" I say, with a slight laugh.

"you'll be the one with a drinking problem, you wont be able to drink if you keep that up!!" is your light hearted, barbed reply, "now you'll have to clean this up" you add leaning further back, your head against my shoulder, spilling a little of yours on my arm, but allowing me to lean forwards with my head and lick the wet and sticky liquid from your smooth dark breasts, held captive by your under sized bikini top.

As I lean forward, I purposely spill the remainder of my cold drink onto your rainbow coloured bikini, the deep cleavage cut shows off your curves to perfection, as the liquid runs within and over the fabric, "we will have to remove this now its soaked" I say holding the knotted strap on your back, and as you startle from the cold, you lift forwards and it unties at both the top and bottom behind you. As you realise you instictively grab for the top and your breasts, you stand and turn around, I'm laughing now and begin to stand, we've both had a little to drink and its gone to our head slightly.

"You'll pay for that, and payback is a bitch" you say as a glass full lands on my face, I jump up and chase you towards the water, you run into the shallow sloped area, your heavy breasts bouncing in there new found freedom, and you skip into the deeper water as I reach your waist and tickle you suddenly.

I dive forwards and take you with me, , we are both in the cool but warm water, i surface and quickly spin to find you, for a second your nowhere to be seen, then I feel a rush of water, you pulled my shorts down and my cock and ass are bare in the water, I look down and fell you stroking my thighs, I drop my head into the water and see you swimming away, so i give chase and barely reach you as you make it to the furthest edge, next to the water slide.

"Now you can go get my shorts!!" i say with a smile, "Oh will I, you should be more careful where you undress!!" you reply as you lift your curvy ass out of the water and onto the side of the pool, you lift your legs out straight and splash me, so I push forwards and glide across your smooth skin from your shins and calfs up to your knees and thighs.

"Its only fair you should go with out your bottoms, we'll both be naked then?!" I say reaching up your legs to your nikini bottoms, and before you can stop me I pull the string ties on either side releasing them from your sensual waist.

I move my hands further up your thighs, and to your ass, dragging you closer to me, my lips can now leave small nibbles and kisses on your inner thighs, creating a path as my arms open your legs apart, my licks wipe the water from your thighs and that crease between thigh and your dark shiny pussy, lips still together and small light curly hairs damp from the water.

once at your entrance I lick up from the base, touching the bud of your ass and moving your lips apart as i continue pressing and licking upwards, then i flick your clit into view, moving your skin around under my tongue and pushing deeper betwen your lips and then up and onto your clit again. I bring your body closer to me, but you stop me saying "get out and fuck me Viper, I need that cock and now!" I near jump out beside you, then standing, my hard cock stood out, my whole body dripping wet, slightly cold, except for the heated tool i feel between my legs, you stand and I lean you against the column that forms the mainstay of the water slide, lifting your left thigh I insert myself into you, and feel your slick wetness allowing me access to your slippery cunt.

Up and Up, and Up I push you back and upwards with each thrust, gliding my hands up your waist, then grabbing at your breasts roughly with my palms pushing against your nipples, "uh, uh,uh" is all I can say as I lift you off your feet with each push. My mouth is at your neck, teasing and caressing your skin, changing sides each few seconds.

Your feeling my entire length getting deeper and deeper within, you can now nolonger stand and lift your legs wrapping them around me, biting your lower lip you mutter "come on, come on, make me cum Viper with your cock" your nails digging into my back and sides, sliding into my skin as I hump your tight strained pussy with all my might.

I hold you up, as if I've pinned up to the mast with my hard as nails cock, and cum inside you with a moan, my hands holding your shoulders and our heads resting on our shoulders. Seconds later I continue to thrust, not quite as powerful, or as fast, I bring my hand to your clit and massage it like crazy, quickly bringing you off, your legs tight as a vice around my waist, and your stomach pulled tight, you only say "Viper...Viper"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viva-Ponata: Ryan

One of my new diversions is Viva-Ponata. If you have not heard of it, you can check it out at the following link: If you use the link, I get credit for the referral (if you reach Level 5), and I get 25 diamonds (which is a type of currency in the game). Anyway, it makes me happy.

The game is a sort of a sexual simulation game, and in order to make a little more cash, I am whoring. There is a lot of ass on the site, and to turn more tricks and stand out a bit, I will write about the various johns from the game. Yeah, I know most johns want their anonymity. But every once in a while, a john will want to roar, "I fucked the crap out of this whore."

This is one of those stories; this story is for Ryan. Enjoy.

The other evening, I had to crash at my parent's house. When I said I had to crash, I really mean that my father picked me up from my apartment and took me to my childhood home. He had heard that I had been hooking, and this was his attempt at an intervention.

After coming home and yelling at me for some time, he sent me to my old room – I was in my PJs, and he did not even let me get clothes before taking me home. So embarrassed.

Anyway, I waited until they went to sleep, then went into the bathroom, and exited to my sister's room. She was in college, and I figure I would borrow something of hers, then go out the window and back to the streets. I needed to hook tonight, and you can't do it in PJs.

I open her closet, and it is nearly empty. There is a prom dress, some clothes she uses for working in the yard, and her girl scout uniform. Fuck I need money so bad and nothing to wear that looks like I can hook in. Then I get an idea.

I go to the bathroom to take a quick shower. While in the shower, as I am washing up, quite spontaneously, I decide to shave my pussy. I never really understood why women shave, but I decide I need to this evening. It is a bit tender, but I end up doing a good job with no nicks.

I get out, dry my hair, and then put it in a ponytail. I return to my sister's room, find some panties – plain white is the only option – and put on the girl scout uniform. It is a little snug on top, but it actually fits.

I call someone on my parent's phone, exit a window, and am on the street awaiting transportation.

Twenty minutes later, I am at my normal territory, in a girl scout uniform at 2 in the morning.

A few minutes later, one of my regulars arrives. Ryan says, "have any cookies for sale", and I grin.

"Sorry, not cookie season."

I flash another smile, knowing he wants me now.

We arrive at the motel room quickly, and we enter the room. And I decide not to play my age.

"Hey, mister," I say, "Girl scouts are business-like, and since I have no cookies to offer, I was wondering if I could interest you in something else."

Ryan picks me up and playfully throws me on the bed. He looks mesmerized, not really knowing where this will be going.

He drinks up the site, and then runs his finger over the unit number on my vest. It is located right over my right breast, and I can feel my nipple harden. Then he encircles the senior journey award patch, which is so close to my left nipple, and I moan. Oh, he is teasing me.

He lifts up my khaki skirt, and runs his finger over my panties, or more accurately, my sister's panties. I gasp, and remove my vest. My white oxford-style shirt is snug, and I can barely fit in it. Ryan grins, looking at my heaving breasts. I am so excited, my heart is racing and my breathing is shallow.

Ryan continued to fondle my breasts through my Girl Scout uniform. And then I had the weirdest thought: "I am borrowing this uniform; I better not get anything on it."

I stripped off the uniform and laid it in the corner, coming back in just my undies. Ryan took them off slowly, then quickly undressed himself.

I started fingering myself as he undressed, commenting on his wonderful cock. I laid him on the bed and began giving him a blow job. Oh, his cock tasted so nice, but I could tell he wanted to fuck me.

He sat up and we kissed for a minute. Then he lay down again, and I sat on him, feeding his cock to my pussy. As soon as he was in, he started to move in and out very quickly. I was so wet that it was easy for him to do.

He leaned me back, fondling my breasts as he attacked my pussy with his tool. He reached around and began fingering me while he was fucking me, and before I knew it, I was cuming. I screamed louder than I intended, and he came right after that.

I felt his cum enter me, and then I remembered what I had forgotten: the fucking condom.

But I didn't fucking care.

"Oh, thanks for the fuck, sweetie."

Ryan pocketed the panties, and I went home pantiless that night. I never told him they were my sister's panties.

Monday, August 10, 2009

600th Client

Well, in the game I have been chatting about, I have had 600 clients. Here is the image for lucky number 600.

Jailbait Girlscout Seduced and Stuffed

I wrote something today, and then looked for a video that was fairly near what I wrote.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


by (December 2001)

Being a security guard is not one of the most intellectually stimulating of occupations. Actually 99% of the time it is the most boring job in the world, but that other 1% of the time... Mike was an old high school friend of mine, in fact I was the one that got him the job with the security firm. His post was a large condo under construction down on Brickell Ave.

Mike worked the evening shift from 4 to midnight when he was relieved by another guard. I was the area supervisor. Today Brickell is all 15 to 20 story condos but back then it still had it's share of 3 and 4 story apartment buildings and bayside homes. One Saturday I received a call from the late shift guard that he was sick and couldn't make it in. Saturday night was the worst time as we could never find another guard on such short notice. I would have to fill in for him, another 16 hour day in front of me! Around 5 PM Mike called from his post, he was dizzy, with a headache and very sick to his stomach.

Damn, now I had to work the building all night. I wasn't looking forward to walking around a construction site all night, particularly a Saturday night. When I arrived at the construction site Mike was already sitting in his car waiting. "Well buddy, I'm screwed this time. Your relief isn't coming in either and I'm stuck here all night. You feel good enough to give me the run down"? I said "Yeah, nothing to it, time stamp the clock on each of the first three floors at least twice and keep the gates closed. Try not to fall off the floors the walls aren't up yet, oh and check the seawall for anyone trying to get in from the back.

It's always quiet so you should be OK. Sorry about your night but.. must have been something I ate"! Mike replied. "Get out of here and go get some rest" I replied as he slowly drove off. "Well lets get a lay of the land while there is still some light " I thought. I walked around the building, a luxury condo of about 15 or 20 floors, swimming pool and deck out back, and a beautiful view of the bay.

To the south side of the building stood another condo of about the same size that had opened the year earlier. To the north stood a 4 story older apartment house not 75 feet away. Each apartment had sliding glass doors and a small open brick balcony.

Neither the building I was in nor the apartment house had any outside lights, making navigation slow and careful, good thing I had a flashlight with new batteries, I would need them. My shift went rather smoothly, if a little boring. I dutifully punched the clocks making my rounds, the flashlight becoming more important as the sun set and the building became enveloped in darkness. I had a wonderful view from some of the mid story floors.

A gentle cooling breeze swept through the open building only hampered by a piece of lumber as a temporary guardrail. It felt good up here, besides I could see the whole site. I found a used cable spool, like what we made coffee tables out of in the 60's, pulled it over to about 10 feet from the edge and made this my command post, at least a seat not on the dusty floor. I sat on the spool enjoying the evening.

From the corner of my eye I noticed a light go on in the building next door. I watched the lighted apartment more of curiosity than anything. Soon another apartment was illuminated, a man walked to the glass doors and pulled the curtains closed. In another apartment an elderly couple was sitting on a couch watching TV.

A woman was fixing something in the kitchen on the second floor. It was like watching a documentary on TV. "Domestic Life", in color! Except this was in real life and I could see every aspect from only 75 feet away. I continued to watch the apartment building along with the moon shimmering over the warm bay waters. My butt was getting sore from the hard wood of the spool, besides I needed to make my rounds. I checked out the site, everything was locked and OK.

My car was downstairs and I made my way there to get a cold drink, I also picked up a blanket from the trunk to sit on and a pair of 10 X 50 binoculars. That way I could see every inch of the construction site without having to move.

Looking up at the dark tower before me I could not see into the floors they were so dark, great to see without being seen. Returning to my makeshift seat I sat down and intently scrutinized the scene below, especially the apartment building. More lights were on now, I watched each one for signs of life, occasionally getting glimpses of someone walking around, watching TV.

One apartment the light came on in the bathroom, I could see only a silhouette through the frosty glass. She opened the window and got into the shower, I grabbed my binoculars only to be disappointed by the height of the window. But I could see she was young and pretty. I kept my binoculars trained on her, ignoring all the other apartments. I heard a phone ring and watched as she grabbed a towel and ran for the phone in the living room. Here I had a perfect view as she answered the phone dressed in only a towel, water running down her shoulders, dripping on the floor.

She was only a floor or so below me and so close with the binoculars I felt I could reach out and touch her. She abruptly ended the conversation, slammed the phone down and stomped off to her bedroom. The light went on in there but to my dismay the drapes were closed.

I turned my attention to the other apartments. Still just the usual, bathroom lights turned on and off but nothing much, at least what I could see. In the apartment with the woman from the shower, she eventually emerged from her bedroom, messed around in the kitchen and took a seat in front of the TV. She stayed there a while before becoming bored , then opened the sliding glass doors and stood out on her balcony looking sideways to the bay waters.

She glanced up at the building I was in, but there was not much to see in the darkness. A light went on in the apartment on the top floor at the end around 10. A couple had just arrived home. I watched as they went into the bedroom to change clothes. Being on the top floor and across from a dark construction site they didn't bother closing the drapes. He began to get undressed first pulling off his shoes, shirt, then pants. Dressed in only his shorts he walked back to the kitchen.

She was next pulling off her shirt and jeans. I watched her through the binoculars, my heart was beating faster and harder at the anticipation. She had her back to the window as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She pulled it from her and dropped it onto the bed, she moved to the side slightly and stood in front of a full length mirror.

She reached up to her breasts, slowly rubbing the redness from the bra. She had nice, small breasts with just a bit of a sag to them. Her body was firm and tanned. She stood in front of the mirror oblivious to my watching her.

She ran her hands down her body feeling the flatness of her stomach before reaching the waistband of her bikini underwear. She hooked her fingers in the waist band slowly bent over and pulled them down.

Straightening up she picked up her panties with one foot and tossed them over to the closet. My cock immediately hardened at the sight, I had to move my position to help release the tightness in my uniform pants. The woman rubbed her body from her breasts to her stomach, her hand moved lower to the thick mat of light brown hair at the V of her thighs, She lightly ruffled the hair making it fuller, softer.

My cock was straining for release as I watched her through my binoculars. The binoculars power gave me the vantage of being the equivalent of only 20 feet from her! Turning she walked the few feet to the bed and sitting down on the edge leaned over to open a drawer, her breasts hung down, shaking with her movements. I was in ecstasy, no wonder Mike liked the post. Did he come up here to spy on the neighbors too?

My woman in the apartment found what she was looking for, standing up she pulled on a very loose pair of drawstring shorts. She left her top bare and walked out of the bedroom to the living room and sat down on a couch opposite to the TV and at right angles to me. Her man came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of food and two glasses. He sat down next to her blocking my view. I quickly scanned the other apartments. In one apartment I could just make out the form of a couple in bed having sex.

Their bedroom was only illuminated by the light from the bathroom and the drapes were only half open. They were under the spread but I could make out the humping action of the man on top. "Damn, if only the lights were on! Oh well they are under the covers anyway" I thought Scanning the other apartments I could still see the woman on the balcony sitting in her chair in the half darkness.

In another I could see into the bathroom as a woman got out of the shower reaching for a towel to wrap around her wet, nude body. I watched as she stood in front of the mirror combing her short black hair. She took the towel from around her and squeezed the last drops of water from her hair before combing her hair again. She was older, in her forty's I guessed. Well preserved, a little paunch in her lower stomach and her ass wasn't as firm, having a little spread. Her tits were very large and full, hanging heavy from her chest. The nipples were hard from the exposure after the shower.

I watched her, my cock regaining the hardness from my earlier voyeuristic episode. A shifted my position, should I release my cock and beat off? Would it be right? I rubbed myself through my pants, could anyone see me? I quickly looked around, hell there was no one here. Besides I was sitting in a dark building. I unzipped my uniform pants, reached inside and pulled my underwear down to fee my hard cock. I pulled it out of my pants giving me release from it's confines, it felt good to be exposed. I held the binoculars in one hand my cock in the other watching the older woman at the dressing table. She had finished combing her hair and was blow drying it, each time she shook the dryer her tits would move and slap against her chest. I slowly and softly stroked my cock excited with the thrill of observing her actions.

I looked up from my show to see if there was any other activity in the other apartments. The couple was still sitting on the couch, his body still blocking my view. I could see the first woman still sitting on her balcony, sipping a drink. I returned to the older woman. She had moved from the bathroom to the bedroom. Here I found her laying back on her bed, the drapes were open and blowing in the breeze.

The room was illuminated by a bedside lamp. I raised my binoculars to my eyes to better see her. She lay there with her legs just slightly spread. Her tits were flattened and off to each side of her chest but still an impressive mound. She was slowly rubbing her hand through her pubic hair, searching for her button. Finding it I watched as she rubbed small circles around and around.

My cock was harder than ever, my chest felt tight, my heart pounding. I began to really stroke my cock, wanting to cum while watching this older woman masturbate herself. I could see her chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing as her hand pleasured herself.

The other hand was now pulling and pinching her nipple, occasionally reaching under her tit to lift and weigh their heft. She was clenching her legs tight together shaking as with a fever as she rubbed through her hair. I was keeping pace with her stroking with my own.

She was moaning with pleasure although I could not hear her, I could only watch her knowing the sounds escaping her lips. She arched her back lifting her ample ass off the bed as her orgasm overcame her. She shuddered and grabbed the bed spread on either side of her as her orgasm slowly subsided. I was trying to keep pace with her pulling my cock, seeking release.

I was almost there when she turned away from me and turned off the light by the bed, putting her apartment in darkness. "No, not yet" I groaned, "No, no , damn" I slowed the pulling on my cock, disappointed.

I looked at each apartment that had lights on to no avail. A few had various persons watching TV. Two couples were playing backgammon, nothing remotely exciting. The first woman was still sitting on her balcony with her legs up on the decorative open block wall. She looked like she was drinking something as I could see a flash of glass in front of her. "Please, let something happen" I thought. As on cue the lights went on in a bedroom I had not looked at before.

A lone young girl in her late teens or early twenties was getting undressed. "Yes, please show me" The young girl was quick to disrobe. Standing in the lights of her room, I could see she had the body of an athlete. Small tits topped by small nipples and soft pink areola, her stomach was taunt and muscular.

Her ass was high and tight with hollows on each side, I could imagine her small ass cheeks in each hand as I pulled my body to hers. I was erect again as I watched the unfolding strip tease. I would not be denied this time. I stroked my cock once again with one hand as I watched using the binoculars with the other.

The binoculars were so powerful and she so close I could make out a small mole on the right cheek of her ass. She continued to undress until all she was wearing was a pair of high heeled pumps. She turned to a radio and turning the volume up started to dance. I watched as she bumped and grinded to the beat. Her small tits were giggling to her movements.

My cock was uncomfortable just sticking out of my fly so I stood up and unbelted my pants and let them and my underwear drop to my ankles before sitting back down. I had exposed all of my cock and balls and they felt good to be out of the tight confines of the pants. I pulled on my heavy sack as I pulled my cock with the other hand.

I was close enough to see my unwitting partner as I masturbated to her dancing. I stood up to better pull my cock and balls. I rubbed my cock to the beat of her dancing. My cock was hard straining for relief watching her dance, her tight ass moving in a sensuous pulsating rhythm.

I watched her until the music stopped, when it did her dance ended as well. She quickly walked to the bathroom where the light came on, my view hidden behind the frosted glass of the closed window. "No, not again"! I was frustrated beyond endurance. I saw a movement from the woman sitting on her balcony. She rose to her feet, looked back at the building. and walked back into the lighted living room. "Shit.. Did she see me"? I wondered "No, I'm in the dark and two floors above her, she couldn't have. I better watch to see if she goes for the phone to call the cops. Help there's a guy sitting in a building jerking off"! Yeah right.

"I laughed it off. She didn't go to the phone. She walked to her bedroom put something up and walked back to the living room. The living room was brightly lit by overhead lights as well as lamps, one by the couch and the other a floor lamp by an overstuffed chair that faced the balcony. She sat down in the chair. I softly and slowly stroked my half hard cock.

The woman sank into the chair, She was wearing a pair of shorts and a large men's undershirt. Her movements gave me a good view of her ample chest and the creamy white softness of her breasts. She had long dirty blond hair, her lips were painted a bright red, to match her finger nails and toenails. She crossed and uncrossed her legs constantly in a restless manner.

She stroked her thighs, it looked like absently mindedly. Gradually she began to rub her breasts through her shirt, first with the sides of her arms, gradually becoming more obvert and using her hands. I could see through the binoculars her nipples harden and their darkness through the thin material of the shirt. One hand reached under her shirt to squeeze a nipple, she rolled her head back as she continued to squeeze and pinch.

Both hands reached down to the tail of the shirt and standing up she removed the shirt. My cock involuntarily jerked at the sight of her topless. She caressed both breasts in her hands looking as she was milking them for me. As she ran her hands to the nipples she would give each a pinch. Her areola visibly wrinkled from the excitement. My cock was as hard as it could have been, it throbbed for her, lusted for her. I stroked it as if my hand was a pussy. Wanting her. She bent over from the waist and reaching to her sides pulled down her shorts in a slow, teasing manner. Once off she stepped out of them leaving them to lay at her feet. Totally nude now she slowly turned around giving me a great view of her firm, womanly ass.

Oh I could feel my hands on her! As she turned she looked back over her shoulder with a large smile. After a brief pause she moved the few steps back to the chair and quickly sat back down. Her hands moved back to her breasts, she lifted each one in turn, feeling their weight, then pulled them hard forward, as if to make them even bigger. Pushing them together now made a valley I longed to run my very hard cock through. The hard cock I was now vigorously stroking to her show.

She continued to manipulate her chest, bringing a red flush to her entire upper region. With one hand she played with her breasts, the other moved down to her pubic region. Sitting there with her legs together I could not see the object of my desire. Her hand was busy between her legs for a short while before the feelings got to her. She spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her pussy.

Her lips were shaved smooth allowing me to see every fold with my binoculars. Above her slit was a patch of dark brown hair, full but not a thatch, neatly trimmed in a triangular shape.

Her long delicate red tipped fingers rubbed up and down her now open slit, I could see the redness of her outer pussy lips, her inner lips a slightly darker color, glistened with a wetness emanating from within. She rubbed higher and with small circular motions until she was circling her clit exclusively. Her other hand left her bruised tits to join the excitement between her legs. As it did my mystery woman shifted her position placing each long leg over the arms of the chair.

This brought her ass forward giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy and the tight little hole below. I couldn't help the lust I felt in my groin. I continued to stroke my cock. I felt the wetness of pre-cum and used it to coat the head of my cock. I usually don't emit pre-cum but the erotic situation before my eyes caused my mind to lose control of my body. I felt uncomfortable with my uniform pants around my ankles so briefly stopping my stroking, I pulled off my shoes and pants, my shirt quickly followed until I was left totally naked. I stood in the warm breezes of the sixth floor, my nudeness giving me an even greater erotic feeling.

My cock stood up at an angle from my flat, rippled stomach. I went back to stroking it's length, my hand not quite fitting around the fat shaft. I used the loose skin to stroke with. I was so close I could cum any moment but wanted to wait and cum with my stranger, masturbating in her apartment, oblivious to me. She was in total abandon, the fingers of one hand pulled open her pussy, while the other dipped into her bringing it out covered with her pussy juice. She used the liquid to lubricate the rubbing of her clit as well as occasionally to rub small circles around the little brown hole below.

She was evidentially free in her enjoyment of her body. Her manipulations rapidly accelerated, her chest heaved with her heavy breathing. She couldn't be far from her orgasm. I found it harder to keep the binoculars steady as my stroking increased in pressure and speed in an attempt to keep pace with her. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed. She was frantically rubbing and pulling her pussy, on the verge.

Her back arched as I could see her mouth open in a silent scream, her legs trembled, she clutched her pussy with both hands and tightly held them to her. I felt the pent up cum rise in my cock, my ass cheeks clinched as the first wave of my own orgasm overcame me.

The cum spurted from my cock landing on the dusty floor, I continued to stroke, one stream after another escaping the head of my cock. I looked back to the woman. She was still orgasming but did not have her back as arched as before and her eyes were wide open, as if she were looking into the lens of my binoculars back at me. My cum subsided, leaving a few drops to ooze out of my cock and drop to the floor and over my hand. I relaxed back to the edge of the spool, trying to calm my heavy breathing. I dropped the binoculars to my side.

I closed my eyes. When I looked back at her apartment it was dark. It took me a moment to see her form standing on her balcony in the shadows. She stood there for a minute before turning around and going back in, disappearing from my sight. I stood there still nude for about five minutes, not ready to get dressed, still aroused by my nakedness. Although my cock hung at half mast. I walked over to the edge of the floor and looked out to the bay, then back to the apartment building.

I was sure my voyeuristic night was over. I scanned the apartments, all were normal or quiet except the apartment with the couple. He was laying nude on the bed, she was evidentially in the bathroom where the light was on. I continued to watch, the man occasionally stroked his limp dick. It was the longest limp dick I had ever seen! He held it in his fist and another few inches protruded and hung limply, not covered by his hand. I sat back on the spool not dressing hoping for another opportunity to spy on the neighbors. I didn't have to wait long.

The woman turned off the light in the bathroom and walked to the bedroom. She stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her man, she cupped her tits briefly before joining him in the bed. The foreplay was exciting to watch. I could see clearly by the illumination from the bedside lamps, although they gave the scene before me a soft tan tint. I watched as she lay on her side stroking his cock as he kissed her.

My cock was stirring again. I began to stroke it, softly and slowly. I was mesmerized by the sight of the unaware couple before me. I held the binoculars with one hand, stroking my member with the other. "Have a good view"? a voice asked from behind me. My heart jumped from my chest, the adrenaline began to flow as total terror overtook me.

I whirled around to see a figure standing in the dark shadows. I stood there nude with my cock pointing out from my belly. Who was it? Did Mike come back? Was it a cop? "Who.. What the fuck"! I exclaimed "what are you doing here"?

"I'm just here to watch you" the voice replied, a feminine voice. "What do you mean"? I questioned as I moved to the spool to try and get some clothes to cover my nakedness. The figure moved towards me slowly emerging from the deep shadows of the building. "I've been watching you tonight. I don't know what you were looking at earlier but .. I liked how you jerked off" she said. I reached down for my pants and held them to my nude form. "No, don't cover up" she softly said " I like what I am seeing". She kept walking towards me. Her voice was soft and gentle. I could see she was wearing a shirt with bare arms and shorts. She stepped into the dim light emanating from the apartment building. I could now see the red, glossy lipstick on her mouth framing a beautiful, white smile, the long blond hair falling down to cover her shoulders and arms. It was the girl from the apartment!

"You. you" I sputtered, "how did you know I was here, why are you here? You going to call the police"?

"No, I'm her because you turned me on. I wanted to see you up close, see who I was showing myself to." She went on to explain. " I broke up with my boyfriend tonight, the ass hole! Anyway I went out on the balcony to just have a beer and some fresh air. I could see you going up and down the building making your rounds.

I decided to watch you. Just out of curiosity. I got a pair of binoculars that we used on the boat, and followed you. It was kind of exciting watching without you knowing you were being watched." She had turned the tables on me. She was having a conversation with a nude man late on a Saturday night about watching me watching others. I stood there in shock my pants held in front of me but other wise still nude, not making any move to get dressed, frozen in place. "It was just a lark until you saw something that excited you.

I couldn't believe my eyes as you started to jerk off. I have never watched a man jerk off before." She was looking directly at me, her eyes roaming up and down my body. Continuing in a softer tone, " I watched you fondle yourself and the sight really turned me on. I was rubbing myself too." She looked down but continued " I saw you didn't cum, I felt sorry for you so I decided to.."

She had masturbated for me!

She had deliberately showed me her sex just to get me off! The thought of the private show began to manifest itself in the stirrings in my groin. The erotic situation of standing nude before her as she talked of showing herself off to me was causing my cock to harden.

"You don't have to cover up now" she broke the silence.

"Can I.. ah.ah... can I see all of you"? I slowly lowered the pants I was holding and placed them on the spool table. She could see my half hard cock, twitching in the moonlight, barely illuminated. Now it was I who was giving a show.

She slowly looked me up and down, her eyes tracing little shock waves on my body. I reached for my cock and gave it a gently pull, like scratching a sexual itch. I could see her eyes widen, even in the shadows she stood in.

"When I came up here I was watching you, what were you looking at"? she asked I turned and pointed out the apartment at the end of the building. We could both see the couple still engaged in foreplay on the bed. She let out a small gasp at the sight. Quickly she reached for the binoculars on the spool table, brought them to her eyes she drank in the sight of the nude couple. "Damn," she said " I can see them like they were in the same room with me. These sure are powerful, I can see them so clearly and so up close". Then it dawned on her how I could look at her, how closely I could see every detail of her body. I swear I could feel the heat of her blush rise in her. "you looked at me like this" she asked, knowing the obvious. We stood there together for a moment, gazing at the apartment building. She raised the binoculars back to her face as I gazed at her body. She looked even better in the soft light of the night.

With her hands holding the binoculars up the large openings of the undershirt exposed almost all of her creamy white breasts to me. I could make out the silhouette of her nipples poking through the thin material. My cock quickly rose to attention pointing skyward for the third time that night.

Standing with the object of my desires of earlier, not even knowing her name, my lust filled me, but I knew not how to fulfill it.

How far could I go? The eroticism of the moment had my heart once again beating so hard I thought she could hear it as it attempted to rip through my chest. I softly stroked my cock. She started to describe the action she was watching. "She's holding his cock, gawd, I can't believe how big it is."

"Oh but yours is too", she quickly added. "Look she's going down on him, oh he's so hard" I was too, but not from her narrations rather her presence. I watched her. She began to squirm, crossing and clenching her legs together, rubbing her thighs. I reached for her waist. She sunk back into my arms, not resisting. She stood in front of me, her back to me, between my spread legs. I held her by the waist, slowly rubbing her. I reached around to the front under her shirt to rub her stomach. At the same time I pressed my hard rod against the small of her back. I knew she could feel it and the heat of our bodies. She continued to watch the couple as I took greater liberties with her.

I reached up under her shirt to run the flat of my hand up and over her breasts, feeling the roughness of her nipples in the palms of each hand. Her breathing was coming a little faster now, breathing out of her mouth and nose at the same time. "Ohhhh... " she let out a low moan, "that feels good, oh she's going down on him. Oh man she's sucking his cock"

. "Can you see them"? she asked I moaned a yes I rubbed and pulled her tits as I had seen her do earlier. I pinched each nipple between my fingers, gently but firmly pulling her nipples to stretch the skin as far as it would go. I wanted more. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt to pull her shirt off and over her head. She had to lower the binoculars to let me accomplish this. As I did she turned and gave me a little look as she bared her torso to me. Once off I tossed it in the pile of clothes next to us.

My hands returned to her chest rubbing, pinching, hefting the full, heavy creamy breast. I pushed her away from me slightly, moved partially to her side and lowered my mouth to the nipple of her left breast. I sucked it in, tasting a slight salty taste from the glistening on her bare skin.

The taste and texture were delicious in my mouth as I continued to lick and suck. "She's sucking his balls" she told me. " It looks so delicious, I've never done that." My balls churned at the thought of her sucking and hefting my large soft sack. I could feel my sack contract and tighten, only to relax again, over and over. Still watching the couple she reached back to grasp the root of my cock in her delicate little hand. It must have been more than she expected as she quickly turned around and looked at the rock hard cock in her hand. "Oh. it's so big, a lot bigger than it looked when I was watching you"

My cock stirred at the thought of her observations and a drop of pre-cum or left over cum leaked from the head. She took a finger scooped the drop up and slowly brought it to her lips. Her tongue reached out and tentatively removed the drop from her finger, tasting the salty, sweet flavor.

She handed me the binoculars and quickly fell to her knees on the hard concrete floor. Holding me with both hands she commanded me to watch the couple and tell her what was happening. I took the binoculars and held them to my eyes described their actions. "She's sucking him real hard now" I described As I did I felt my lover draw the head of my cock into her pretty red lined mouth. My cock twitched at the sensation. I felt like I was going to cum immediately and fought the urge. "She's squeezing and twisting his balls' I continued, " oh, it looks so good, she's sliding her tongue up and down his cock.

It must be at least 10 inches"! The scene I described was beingmatched blow by blow by my half nude partner. As I described the oral sex she reciprocated. Reaching up to fondle my balls while her mouth descended on my cock, her tongue snaking out to lick as she withdrew her mouth to the head.

Up and down the pattern continued, bring me closer and closer. "They've stopped. Oh. She's laying back on the bed, he's getting between her legs. His cock and balls are hanging down obscenely between his legs. He's spreading her legs" I told her Getting up my partner stood in front of me, she reached up to my head and brought my mouth down to hers in a deep kiss. Our tongues found each others and fought for control in our open mouths. Breaking the kiss she stepped a few feet away from me. She stood there in the half light, watching each other.

She ran her hands down to her side hesitated a moment as if in thought then quickly pulled her shorts off, leaving her dressed in only a pair of open toed leather sandals. Walking back to the spool table she hopped up on the blanket and laid back bringing her knees up and spreading her legs.

Not a word had been said. I walked to between her legs. She brought the binoculars to her eyes she looked sideways at the couple in the apartment. "He's between her legs, I can see him licking her" her description continued I followed every direction my lover gave me. I lowered my mouth to her smooth, open pussy lips.

They were baby soft and had a slight fragrance of peaches. I licked around not making direct contact with her pussy, getting her more aroused. I hesitated a moment and drove my tongue deeply into the opening of her pussy. I found a warm wetness enveloping my tongue. I wiggled my tongue attempting to penetrate her deeper.

My lips found her inner lips and sucked each one individually into my mouth, attempting to stretch each to their fullest size. The wetness gushed from her pussy lubricating and coating my face with it's wonderful nectar. I circled her clit hood, pushing it up and back with my tongue attempting to find her hidden clit. "Oh, baby it feels so good"! she exclaimed. Oh. he's eating her real good now, she's arching her back and holding his head to her pussy. I think she's having an orgasm". There in the dark my lover reached for her own pussy with one hand, never lowering the binoculars from her eyes. She pulled back the clit hood to give me total access to her little pink button. My own hands were stroking my cock, the pre-cum still seeping from the small slit in the head. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she gave out a moan and shivered from her head to her toes.

I sucked her clit like a small cock, trying to get it to ejaculate. She tasted so sweet I could lick and suck her sex forever. "They moved now" she continued, I hadn't been listening, too engrossed in giving head.

"He's trying to put his cock in her, he's on top" I sucked harder directly on her clit. The first waves of her orgasm began to roll over her. She dropped the binoculars to her side and held my willing mouth tightly to her sex.

My tongue attempting to go deeper into her pussy, her hair tickling my nose. I was in heaven. She arched her back raising from the makeshift table. I reached under her to hold each ass cheek in my hands sucking her pussy even harder as she moaned and shuddered. Her orgasm slowly subsided as I softly licked and sucked on her pussy lips.

Relaxing on the table she was a sexy, erotic sight laying there her knees up, legs spread wide, pussy wide open to me and the night breezes. I stood before her, bent over and kissed her full on her lips. She parted her lips slightly and licked the remnants of her pussy juice from my mouth and lips. Her taste was delicious, her lips soft and yielding. As we kissed I could feel the tickle of her pussy lips on the head of my cock, my cock twitched at the contact. Raising my head from hers I looked down to our sex softly rubbing each other. I held my body above hers, only our sex touching. She reached down to my cock, took it firmly in her hand, began to rub it on her naked slit. My ass thrust forward to the movement of my cock on her pussy. She masturbated herself with my hardness. My cock ached for the warm wetness of her waiting hole.

I pushed forward more insistently. She got the hint and lined my cock head up with her open, waiting pussy. I pushed forward until the head was just within the folds of her pussy. I could feel the heat from her blood engorged lips as they slowly enveloped me. She raised her ass up slightly and scooted forward impaling herself on my meat. Liquid lubrication squeezed from the folds of her pussy, coating the fuck stick moving inside her.

My hot cock slid inside her hot sex hole.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned. Her eyes open looking into my face as I fucked the beautiful stranger. "Yes, baby. Do me, do me like they are doing it" making reference to the couple. I thrust my cock hard into her, pushing her, raising her from the table with a gasp, as my cock hit the back inner walls of her womb. I slowly withdrew my cock. Only to ram it quickly, deeply back in. We continued fucking like the animals we had become, overcome with just lust for each other.

My balls slapped a rhythm on her ass as I thrust and she met each thrust with a grunt and push, trying to take me deeper into her. She looked over to the apartment building, "they're still fucking" she intoned. "Oh it's so nasty watching them fuck as you fuck me, oh baby fuck me, fill my pussy with your hot cock"!

I abruptly stood up and pulled my cock from her pussy. She looked at me with surprise as I pulled her to her feet. "What.what"? she asked, pleaded. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me away from the table. I could see the juices flow down her legs from her overheated pussy. Drops of her fell from my cock. I pulled her with me to the edge of the floor. We were out in the half light now and somewhat visible to anyone that cared to look up and see a couple fucking on the 6th floor of a building under construction.

I leaned her against the 2X4 wood railing and placed my cock at her pussy, pushing in. Her pussy welcomed me back. I resumed pumping her pussy from behind as one hand steadied us and the other found her heavily hanging tits, pulling and pinching her swollen nipples. >From our vantage point both of us could plainly see the couple fucking in the apartment.

Even without the binoculars I could see the enormity of his cock as it pistoned in and out of his mate's hairy pussy. My partner groaned from the eroticism of watching them fuck, as we fucked in the open on this warm summer night.

He was pushing harder into her, we could see the headboard bouncing against the wall with each thrust. Each thrust was getting faster and shorter. He was going to cum soon. I wanted to cum with our unsuspecting partners. My hand found their way to my lover's pussy. Her clit was exposed to me, I took advantage of it and rubbed it hard as I pumped into her.

She shook with the excitement. "Oh , yes, fuck me, fuck meeee.... Oh look at her getting fucked. So fuckin good. Look at his huge cock in her pussy" she said with a groan. " Do me, yessss, cum in me, I want to feel you fill me with your sperm, I wanna feel that hot nasty cum fill me". We watched as the huge cocked guy arched his back and held still for a moment. His cock was shooting into her waiting pussy. That sent my partner over the edge. "Cum, baby, cum for me" she pleaded I did as I felt the cum well up from in my balls.

My ball sac contracted as the cum was pushed up and out of my fat cock into her willing waiting pussy. I could fell the added hotness of her pussy contracting down on my cock and she gushed a stream of female cum over my cock. I exploded in her, I shot stream after stream into her pussy, filling her until it began to leak out as I continued to slowly thrust in and out. I groaned loudly with my release into her. Her legs shook and her body trembled with her release. We held tightly to each other so as not to collapse to the rough dirty ground. We slowly straightened upright, my cock plopping out of her soaked pussy.

I could see the juices running down her legs. She put a hand to her pussy, then placing the hands to her lips tasted our sex. I held her in my arms and kissed her, tasting us. We stood there in the open holding each other until she shivered from a cool breeze. I followed her to the spool table where she picked up her shorts and shirt. She turned to be and gave my soft cock a squeeze. We looked back at the apartment, the lights were off. She turned from me and walked back into the dark shadows. She was gone from my sight. I sat naked on the makeshift table for quite a while, reliving some of the night's activities.

I looked over to the apartment building. Her door opened letting light in from the hall. She closed the door the room again becoming dark until she could reach the light. She turned it on, she was still nude, holding her clothes in her hand. She had walked home and into the building naked.

She walked to the sliding glass door. She stood there for a minute, trying to find me. When she did she ran her hand down to her pussy and rubbed. I sat there in the dark, one hand on my hard cock, she brought the hand to her mouth and sucked our cum from her fingers, blew me a kiss and turned off the lights..

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oriental Secretary

by Andrew Page (December 2001)

I had just finished business school and taken a job for a small dot com in San Jose. It required me moving across the country from Columbia, but I didn't have any objection to that. As I was considering offers, my then-girlfriend, Jenn, told me she was sleeping with someone else. We broke up, and it wasn't much to get me as far away from New York City as possible.

I moved and started my new job, which is fantastic. I'm responsible for coordinating strategic alliances for our small B to B company. I have a staff of five working for me, and it's long hours. But the pay, and the benefits, are beyond compare. The one drawback to moving was not knowing anyone. And since Jenn and I broke up, I hadn't seen anyone else.

To say that I was slightly horny would be an understatement. One Friday, Brenda, my secretary, asked if I wanted to join her for a drink after work. I'd always flirted with her, thinking it harmless. Around five foot three, oriental, with long jet-black hair and dark eyes, and a very firm and trim body, Brenda is often commenting how much time she spends at the gym. I looked at her; she was wearing a short black skirt and a billowing cream blouse. I agreed immediately. An evening having drinks with her would be a whole lot better than another evening at home alone. We left work and decided to grab some food. Brenda knew a great Chinese place up in Chinatown in the City, so off we went. I was very surprised when, upon arriving at the restaurant, she greeted the employees in fluent Chinese.

She noticed my shock and explained that the restaurant was owned by her family. The meal was incredible. I love Chinese food, but this was absolutely amazing. I don't even know what I ate; I left all the ordering up to Brenda. We started with dumplings and soup and then finished with rice and a dish of braised meats and vegetables. I guess it helps when you know the owners. We finished and decided to walk around Chinatown together. It was a languid stroll, with a slow pace, so we could talk quietly with each other.

Soon, though, we were standing in front of a large red door leading inside an apartment building. The building was only three or four stories tall. "Well," Brenda asked, "do you want to come in?" I couldn't really believe what I'd just heard. "You live here?" I responded, nodding at the building. She took me by the hand, opened the door and led me inside. It was dimly-lit, giving the entryway an air of mystery. We walked up two flights of stairs, arriving at another door, this one painted a dark lacquered green. Brenda took out her keys, quickly unlocked the door, and pulled me into her apartment.

Turning the lights on, my eyes were greeted by a wealth of colors: golds, reds and silvers. Black furniture with silk coverings. An elaborately-patterned silk rug on the floor. It conveyed an image of eastern luxury and decadence. Brenda walked into the kitchen and returned with a pair of glasses of wine. We drank as she led me through on the guided tour of her apartment. A lot of the décor turned out to be family heirlooms that had been in her family for hundreds of years. Then we got to the bedroom. There was a double bed, dressed in pure white silk.

She sat down on the edge and pulled me on top of her. Our lips met, and her tongue immediately darted into my mouth, probing it needingly. I reached up to feel her breasts. I couldn't believe it: my tongue was in Brenda's mouth and my hands were all over her beautiful tits! I pushed my hips into hers, and she ground her small waist back against me. We explored each other with our hands before I slid off her body and started unbuttoning her blouse. Off it came, quickly followed by her bra.

Then I turned her over and unzipped her skirt. It, along with her hose, was rapidly removed and sitting on the floor. She was entirely naked. She was naked, and wet. She spread her legs and I could see the moisture between her legs, clinging to the dark hair of her pussy. I leaned over, kissing her firm stomach, finding a path downward to her inner thighs and her pussy. It was absolutely dripping. I kissed her flower delicately, savoring the flavor of her excitement. She tasted wonderful. Keeping my face firmly planted againt her cunt, I knelt down onto the floor. She was moaning and I started really licking and tonguing her pussy in earnest.

I lapped her opening from stem to stern, pushing my mouth hard against her clit. Then, suddenly, she started bucking her hips against my mouth, crying softly to herself as she came. After Brenda's orgasm subsided, she pulled me up off my knees. I quickly shed my clothes, my suit and tie joining her skirt and blouse on the floor. Then I was on the bed, lying on my back. She straddled my head, holding her pussy right above my mouth as she sucked my cock into her tiny mouth. I licked and sucked at her cunt lips before biting on her clit. She responded to the aggressive nature of my play, moaning and taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I knew I had to have her.

I rolled Brenda onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Holding my cock, I placed it at the entrance to her wet hole. Then, with one deliciously long slow thrust, I slid all the way into her. Wrapping her legs around me, she ground her clit up against the base of my penis. I pumped her hard with long strokes. In and out I pounded, reaching around to grab the flesh of her ass to pull her harder against me. When my finger touched her asshole, she went wild. Moaning and grunting, she rocked her hips so that my fingers were directly on the entrance to her ass. I pushed a finger in and she immediately came, her pussy clenching down like a vise on my shaft.

I knew that I was going to come soon, so I pulled out for a quick breather. I urged her over onto all fours. I knelt behind her, looking at her inviting pussy lips. They were naturally open and glistening with moisture. I placed the head of my shaft against those wet lips and slipped in easily. Deep inside her, I pumped her over and over again. Then, leaning over and putting my weight on her, I reached around to take hold of her breasts. I pinched the nipples firmly before pushing down with my hips and collapsing her onto the bed. I reached up, taking her forearms and held them above her head, pinning them down against the silk sheet. She couldn't move. I was fucking her hard from behind while holding her arms still and she was going crazy. She loved being dominated, being possessed by a man.

The scent of out sweat and sex filled the room. I pounded into her with long urgent thrusts, and both of us were groaning loudly. I though we were going to break the bed or, at least, disturb the neighbors.

She came again, thrashing up against my body. I pulled out of her again, grabbing her narrow waist. With some persuasion, she got back up onto her hands and knees.

I reached out to her pussy and rubbed her sex juices all in and around her back door. She sighed with anticipation as I touched and massaged her ass. Readying herself, she arched her back, presenting that other entrance to my rock-hard cock. I pushed up against her, the head slowly penetrating her tight hole.

She grunted, bearing down against my weight, straining to allow my cock into her. The tip slid in and she started bucking against me, panting and moaning. I reached over, held her hips still, and slowly slid in until I was buried to the hilt. I started pumping slowly, getting used to the sensation.

Then I reached around to play with her clit. Brenda was practically screaming with pleasure. She was moaning and crying to herself, telling me to fuck her hard, to fill her with come. I started really thrusting into her with hard and insistent stroked. She cried that she was coming again, and I joined her. It was like an explosion between my legs, a geyser of cum erupting from my cock to fill the dark depths of her ass. I withdrew and we lay there still, trying to collect our thoughts and our breath. Then we fell asleep.

Friday, August 07, 2009


by Andrew Page (December 2001)

I first met Isabella on a dodgy phone chat line. I had recently returned
from a year travelling overseas and while I was happy enough to be single, I
was bored and after some uncomplicated but raunchy female conversation.
Isabella had the sexiest voice I had ever heard, bar none. It was sensuous,
sweet and innocent, which of course only heightened my arousal when the
words that came from her sweet mouth were so filthy, so dirty, so fabulously
horny. Using my personal theory on the laws of inverse probability, I
surmised that this meant she was ugly as sin and probably the size of a barn
door, but as I didn't intend to ever meet her it really didn't matter.

The first time we spoke, she wanted to listen to me masturbate. While I beat
my dick furiously until I spurted in record time, she alternated between
uttering filthy and arousing comments down the phone line and listening to
me wank while she played with herself.
Before long we had exchanged numbers and she was calling me every night to put me to sleep with that sexy voice and that kinky mind.
I was in seventh heaven.
I have always had a good imagination and hers was just as good. She had a
great libido for a woman, needing some form of sexual release on a daily
basis. For my part, I loved the idea of daily sessions where I could
envisage her as a glamorous babe on the other end of the line while she told
me to do dirty depraved things to her and to myself. Now I had a phone
girlfriend, with no hassles and no complications.
Even our personal lives suited our phone fun perfectly. I had no interest in
getting into a physical relationship at this stage, preferring to focus on
whether or not I was going to return to travelling overseas by next year or
return to my former corporate life.

For her part, Isabella was married, at least technically. She and her
husband James had been going through a trial separation, living in separate
bedrooms while sharing the same house. He wanted them to get back together,

she was not so sure. The conditions were perfect for what we had, and what
we had was great!
One night she called me after midnight as I lay almost asleep on my bed.
"Hey," she whispered, "you still awake?"
"Uh huh," I said sleepily.

"Good, I'm so horny, I really need some sex" she whispered quietly.
"Why are you whispering?" I mumbled, slowly coming awake.
"Well, James is getting some work done on the house and my bedroom's got
plaster and paint tubs all over the floor, so tonight I'm sleeping in
hisbed," she replied in a tiny whisper.
"Where's James?" I asked, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me
I already knew the answer.
"Asleep beside me!" she whispered, tiny giggles carrying across the line.
"Don't worry" she added furtively.
"He's out like a light!"
"What? You can't have phone sex with me while he's lying right next to you!
You'll get caught!" I said incredulously.

"Guess what I'm doing right now?" she said, ignoring my concerns.
"I'm sitting up against the headboard with my legs spread wide and I'm
playing with my clit" she breathed.

"My knee is almost in his face" she added with another whisper.
"You little slurry!" I exclaimed, surprised and yet excited at the same
"My pussy is soooo wet, I'm so turned on by this!" she whispered to me,
ignoring my comment again.
"Wanna hear me finger myself?" Her voice was taking on a slight but familiar
"What are you wearing?" I asked, my hand beginning to stroke my slowly
hardening cock. I could feel myself becoming aroused, despite my concern at
her situation, or perhaps because of it.
"I have a t-shirt on and g's" she responded.
"My t-shirt is up above my waist now and I've pushed my g-string out of the
way so I can play with myself!" I could hear her breathing becoming rapid
and irregular and her voice was trembling.
"I'm gonna cum soon, I'm so horny. Shit! Hold on a sec!!"
I heard a clunk as the phone was put down on a hard surface somewhere

"What are you doing?" I heard a male voice say sleepily.
I couldn't believe this! She had been sprung!! Why hadn't hung the phone
up?! Maybe she thought he hadn't heard her on it, that he would roll over
and go back to sleep!!

I could hear the bed creaking, clearly that wasn't happening. A strange
fascination stopped me hanging up the phone right there.
"No James, don't." I heard Isabella say, her voice still thick with sexual
There was the sound of movement, then a gasp. I could hear wet noises, the
sound of, what, licking?
"James, we shouldn't. I don't want you too!" Isabella said, but her voice
was far from convincing and trailed away into a sigh. Suddenly the sounds
got louder, closer.

"Shit. Oh God, that feels good!" came Isabella's voice right in my ear.
"Do you like me sitting on your face, James?" she moaned loudly.
Wet sloshy sounds were the only reply.
"I think I'm going to let him fuck me" she added in a whisper.

"I don't believe you, you horny fucking bitch!" I muttered hoarsely as I
fisted my cock furiously, listening to the wet sounds of sucking and licking
and her breathy cries.
Suddenly the sounds got muffled and as if from a distance I heard the breath
punch out of Isabella in a groan of anticipation.
"Oh, what are you doing, God what are doing?" she moaned as the bed began to squeak rhythmically. I could hear the slap of skin on skin and then a man's low gutteral groans joined her moaning sounds.

"JESUS! God I love doggie! Fuck me, James!! Fuck me, you bastard!!"

Isabella shouted right in my ear again, while his groans increased and the
rhythmic slapping sound got louder and faster.
"He's fucking me doggie style with my head in the pillow, fucking me soooo
hard!!" she breathed jerkily into the receiver.
I was jerking my cock mercilessly now, unbelievably turned on by being a
hidden witness to this late night sex session. I could hear the pace
continuing to increase and realised he was probably going to come very soon.
"Grab my arse, hold me by my hips, you fucker!" Isabella shout forcefully in
my ear.
"Jesus! Fuck me harder! Harder you prick!! Make me cum!!" she screamed down the line as the noises continued to increase in intensity.

"I wish it was your cock! God, I wish it was your cock" she muttered almost
unintelligibly into the phone as the noises reached a crescendo.
I was on the brink of spurting, trying to hold myself for the climax of this
voyeuristic adventure.

"Uhhhnghhhuhhh!!" came an unmistakably male groan, quickly followed by a
disappointed, "Shit!! You're coming! Pull out! Pull out!!" from Isabella.

I could hold my load back no longer. I squeezed the now purple head of my
cock and watched as a small river of ejaculate flowed down the side of my
cock towards my emptying balls. Drops splattered onto my stomach and legs
while I grimaced, while the wave of pleasure crested and then slowly drained
from me.

In the background, the noises slowed then stopped. I could hear panting and
scrabbling sounds as if sheets and pillows were being rearranged. I should
hang up I thought dreamily, still coming down from the most intense orgasm I
had had in months.

"Did you cum, baby?" came the muffled sound of a satisfied male voice.
"I'm OK!" I could hear Isabella say dispassionately from a distance.

Suddenly I heard a bump and then a male voice as if he were right beside me.
"Isabella, what's the portable doing on the bed?!"
The line went dead.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meeting, by Chance

by Karen Stratford
(November 2001)

There's nothing like a Good Girl gone bad, I know, I've met one.
There was great pleasure at watching her.....the way she moved, so slinkily.
Other things flit into my memory, too, about her. I can
picture her skirt gently folding into the crease of her bum cheeks,
which accentuated their firmness, a tight knit pattern. Then
I remember how her legs were perfectly formed at the calf,
not over-muscular through aerobics training - or should that be
- aerobics straining? Stretched tight on the stiletto heels she wore...
but finally - those fish nets nylons, accentuating her calves,
with an outline of a spider's web just showing through her pants.

Then, as now, I stood there mesmerized, letting the world pass me
by ...totally lost in my vision of lust.. I could almost feel her
body warmth...smell her sweetness. Her shoulders rocking...with
barely a hint of her generous bosom when she moved.
She must have felt my eyes fixed upon her, suddenly she turned
and looked directly at me, engaging my vision. My stare now
transfixed with her own. I smiled and she winked with just a
hint of a eyes moved down taking in her high lights...
mentally undressing her where she stood, both eyes almost devouring her,
letting her know what was on my mind. No doubting what outcome I was promising.
Her long dark hair floated from framing around her face...those parted
ruby red lips slightly parted showing a hint of white
from within...unusual eyes, the colour of grass on a warm spring
hillside. She stood staring back at me...the tight leather skirt
and top suggesting what lay beneath. Long thin arms to match her legs
....... nails long, very long and wicked, and as red as her lips.
Wishing I could experience her charms, even just once...
would have lasted me for a lifetime. The woman was what dreams are made of.
I felt myself stiffen as my mind wondered what she was like in bed
...oh how I wanted to feel her in my arms. I yearned to know her
flavour, desperately wanting to savour the taste of her body fluids.
How hot and how sweet was the essence of her, my
cock palms sweating...I moved across the space towards her.
She stood her ground, brazenly looking down to my I moved
..I knew she wanted me too. There was animal instinct at work,
a sexual chemistry flowing between us. I reached out my hand and
gently touched her cheek with the back of my index finger...
removing a lazy, wayward strand of hair from her eyes. She
looked deep into my eyes, a really deep searching..I too searched.
She put her hand to my chest and slid her fingers
through my shirt..feeling the hair and muscle hiding in there.
I could see her nipples rise through the leather
of her top..breasts growing firm and erect. I took
her hand and led her to the privacy of my apartment.

She followed willingly...blatantly aware of what lay in store.
We just got through the door and could not hold back any longer from
this raging inferno of rampant lustfullness we both felt. I took
hold of the back of her head and pressed my mouth to hers...
my tongue probing ...finding her tongue. Then we tongued with vigour.
Both moved in a synchronised rhythm..tongues dancing..enjoying the excitement.
She slid her hand down my chest and over my now rock hard cock...
pressing her breasts forcibly against me. Making me stop fondling them.
I changed from her mouth area to her neck..behind her ear.
I could taste her sweat..smell the perfume she'd put on earlier
that day. She grabbed at my shirt and tore the buttons
loose...kissing my chest..licking from one nipple to
the other. I pulled the leather top up over her head
and found her tits were really firm, hard and sweet, bouncing freely.
Taking them with both hands, I massaging gently...kissing them,
at first from the centre...then slowly out to the stiffened
ends. Demanding the most of the moment. She unfastened
my belt and pushed my pants to the floor. She knelt..taking
my cockpride into her hands...looking up at me with a sinister
grin...she kissed the head of my cock...moaning as she did so.
I felt a shiver run through my body, triggered by her touch.
Moving her tongue in small flicks just around the ridge....
drooling, she slowly took my length into her mouth, deep throating
me, and she moved down...down...full down. Fingers tickling
and stroking my balls and scrotum, like nobody had done to me before.
I closed my eyes and shuddered...then opened them as
she moved her hands up my thighs to clasp the cheeks
of my arse...squeezing and stroking,as she worked her magic.
I felt rally weak and leaned back against the wall...then slid
down to the floor. She lay back, too, and then I moved to her...
taking off her belt, moving her skirt away. The fish nets were
secured by a garter and she wore no panties. I was thrilled
to see she had shaved her cunt, I love bald pussy. I eat bald pussy.
I fondled her feet, whilst kissing her long sensuous legs.
As I moved closer to her hidden pleasure, I could smell the
fragrance of her passion, she was wet already, even before
any foreplay, she was going to get nasty, no teaser this girl.

Filling me with desire...anticipation, I got my fingers sticky,
and began a light game of finger-dipping, to see if she was a tightfit.
It was easy to see that she was so tight, that she could wank me off,
with her cunt, no need to use hands masturbating me to get the jism flowing.
I ran my hands gently along the length of her legs, shaven, silky, sensuously
moving ever closer...savouring every touch. She was so smooth and soft to the touch.
She spread her legs and seized my head forcing me closer in onto pussy...waiting
to see what I would do in her love-slit. I kissed her on the inner most
thigh just out of reach of her womanly joy. By now I could smell and
taste her sweat...vowing never to forget what it was like, ever...I nudged
my nose to her lips. Slowly probing with my tongue..I
parted her love-canal lips...flicking the labia madly. She jerked and
struggled...arching her back...pushing my head inwards to her crotch if to force it inside. Her over flowing juices mingling
with my saliva. I thust my tongue deep...tasting her essence.
I moved my hands near...helping my advancement...massaging
her clitoris. She let out a scream and stiffened as she wanted to fuck,
I now worked my magic. Her back arched, my head was forced upwards.
She pulled at my hair and growled..."Make me cum, you bastard," her
breathing becoming violently more rapid. She said "I want you....I want you
deep, Shaft me, stop this warm up. Go for gold"
I teased her again, by not doing what she wanted right away...
I smiled, again I worked my tongue...moving from top to bottom...
my cock so hard it hurt. Then I stopped....then,looking into her
rage-filled eyes, I lay on top of her...forcing my mouth to hers...
still full of her sweet juices.. She groaned...I skillfully manoeuvered
my stiffy to her G-spot...around her inner thighs...slowly pressing it deeper
...she clung to me, her nails digging into my back. I moaned as I slid my
shaft deeply in...the sucking, wet, grasping cunt was as firm as any virgin's,
but this was no first time shag, she clutched at me and screamed out loud..

Oh my god! Yes...Yes...Yes..!!!" Give it to me, I want all your spunk, cum
like a fountain, I want to fuck your balls dry" she growled, I love dirty talk,
I shot my load, instantly, almost a gallon it seemed, as I could
hold back no longer. We fucked for quite some time, both of us
still longing for more.

This was pure animal shagging, bold, fierce, physical.
No words of romance, no poetic whisperings, just rumpy pumpy.
After the second cumming, I moved slowly so as to not to withdraw, and so
lose my hardness...not that I would with such a sexy creature as this!
Then she clenched my arms...wild fire in her eyes...spasms twitching her body.
My cock again moved with the will of my existence...and once more
I let myself release my jizm deep up into was though we were preying
upon each another... demanding the sexual release, a satisfaction we both needed.
The rest of that summer came , and went, and with the cool of autumn, she moved on,
with her husband, somewhere down Oxford way. I know not where. She slipped away.
In the words of Edith Piaf - "non, je ne regret rien" - No regrets,
........Karen Stratford.........

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Once upon a neighborhood - Chapter One

Written by Humbert (July 2000)

Valerie Fox was sitting with her friends Andrea and LeeAnne in a quiet corner of the library during their study hall period.
The three of them were attending the Academy of the Little Flower, a Catholic school for girls grades seven through twelve. Valerie enjoyed the extra time and used it for doing her homework while the other two girls just gossipped or read magazines.
"Look at this mag I snatched from my mom's nightstand." Andrea giggled.
"It's like Cosmo, only it's in French."
She had cleverly disguised the magazine with a book cover so Sister Eileen wouldn't catch them. LeeAnne grabbed it from Andrea's hands.
"Let me see that." she whispered as she scanned the table of contents. "Hmmm, let's see. 'Swallowing and Breast Size: Is There a Connection?' page twenty-one. Hmph. Oh, here's a good one: 'Sex Secrets of Prostitutes, How To Please A Man Without Removing Your Pants.' Page Forty-four."

She quickly turned the page. As LeeAnne read, she started to giggle. "Listen to this: 'A man doesn't care about breast size, as long as they are presented well, a well-fitting brassiere that lifts the breats and shows off the fullness above the cups will heighten a man's interest in you.
A lot of women choose a color that contrasts with their skin tone, or one that highlights their hair, eyes, or some other feature, but the majority of men are still turned on by the old standby, white. While lace is prettier, satin is the prefered choice because it is smoother' It goes on to say that experienced women know that a man is turned on by what he sees and use this visual effect to bring him close to orgasm by rubbing their lover's penis over their chest and belly."
"Could be," whispered Andrea.
"When I was with Bobby Stetson last week, as soon as I took off my shirt he squirted all over me."
"What was it like?" asked LeeAnne.
"He was pretty embarrassed, but it felt kinda neat! I liked that warm goo all over me. As I was rubbing it into my belly, he got really excited and he squirted again! I guess that's the trouble with young boys, they can't control themselves."
"Oh well," sighed LeeAnne.
"I guess this was written for use on older men. Listen: 'When you see that your lover is as excited as he is going to get, slowly remove your brassiere, oil up your breasts and squeeze them together to form a tunnel for his penis.
Then, slide your body up and down. When the head gets near your mouth, give it a little lick, This will give him the impression he is going to get a blow-job. There is nothing a man enjoys more than the sight of his penis near your mouth. A few minutes of this will reward you with a chest full of his ejaculate and you won't have to worry about pregnancy or disease'.
Hmmm. 'Women with sensitive nipples report that the sensation of warm ejaculate on them causes involuntary vaginal contractions and heightened arousal'. Interesting." Andrea grabbed the magazine and began reading.
"It says here that this one whore uses this method exclusively and charges 1000 francs for the privilege. Wow! I guess men really do like this! Is that a lot?"
She had visions of paying her way through college. "I think it's a couple hundred dollars." said LeeAnne Valerie had her nose in her book and appeared to be ignoring the other two.
Actually, she had been hanging on every word! She had wanted so badly to learn about sex and pleasing men. She even had a man in mind. He was an older man too! "Hey Valerie, how's the studyin'?" giggled Andrea.
"I can't believe you guys." she scoffed.
"And I can't believe women actually believe that crap. Is sex the only thing you guys think about?"
"Sex is power." Andrea replied evenly. Geez, that girl is going to fuck her way right to the top, thought Valerie, putting her nose back into her book. She wasn't putting any thoughts into her studies now. Her mind was racing along. She thought of her breasts. Like most girls, she thought her breasts were too small. Not understanding relative size, she thought her litlle, 30C boobies weren't as appealing to men as LeeAnne's 34A's. She was wrong.
She thought about her bras. The bras her mom made her wear weren't anything to be confused with sexy.
They covered her entirely and had an ugly seam across the front. Her mom had explained that the white blouse of her uniform let people see her bra and she didn't want men staring at her little girl. Like other little girls, the object of Valerie's desire was a much older man, her neighbor, Stuart Spence. She had lived 4 houses down from him since she was born and knew him very well. She was friends with his youngest son.

She could just barely remember the funeral when Stuart's wife had died. She like Stuart a lot. He was very smart and always ready with something funny to say. He had always been able to make her smile and was the kindest man she knew. She frequently asked him for advice and he never failed to surprise her with his knowledge of almost everything. Stuart was like a father to her. He was always there for Christmases and birthdays.

He taught her to ride a bike and to swim. Valerie frequently helped him work on a boat he was building in his backyard. He called her 'mon petite angel.' At four feet eleven inches, and ninety-four pounds, the name fit Valerie perfectly. Some things about Stuart made Valerie wonder.

He had plenty of money, yet he had no job. The rumor in the neighborhood was that hes an ex porn star, and was quite 'gifted.' Her mom was a frequent visitor at Stuart's house (as was Andrea's mom), and she wondered about that sometimes, but whenever she saw them together, they acted more like brother and sister. Valerie's thoughts drifted to the carnal. Although Stuart was two years younger than her own mom, she considered him to be 'old' at thirty-five.

He didn't have a rippling body or anything like that, he was just in good shape and very handsome. She imagined herself on her knees in front of him, his come raining on her like a shower.
The warmth of his goo on her nipples . . . "Earth to Valerie, earth to Valerie." said LeeAnne "Huh?"
"Um, you haven't turned a page in the last five minutes. Something on your mind?" "Oh shut up! We're supposed to be studying" Valerie's cheeks flushed red. She started to formulate a plan.
"Listen, I won't be walking home with you guys today, I gotta run some errands."
Valerie took the bus to the mall and headed straight to the fancy lingerie store.
Standing among the rows and rows of merchandise, she was feeling overwhelmed and a little unsure of herself.
"May I help you, miss?" inquired the salesgirl, a stunning beauty of about twenty-one with apparently huge breasts.
"I'm looking for a bra." she replied, trying to sound older. "What kind?"
"It should be low-cut and smooth fabric. I need a 30C."
"Thirty-two is the smallest we carry. I'm sorry."
Valerie felt that the clerk was mocking her for her small breasts. "That's what I meant, 32C."
"Right this way" Valerie was amazed by the variety. The fourth bra she looked at seemed about right. The cups were smooth and seamless, and small enough to reveal not only the tops of her brests, but the sides and the valley between them also. It came in many colors but she decided that the bright white one would contrast with her dark tan best.

When she tried it on in the dressing room the material almost glowed against her skin. The cups fit perfectly too, but the strap was too loose in back. What the heck, she thought, I can fix that! Valerie hurried home. Her mother would be home at 5:30 today, so she had to work fast.

She practically ran to the sewing room. Once there she took her bra out of the bag and proceeded to do the necessary alteration to make it fit perfectly. She didn't want to look like a lttle kid in a grownup's bra. When she finished, she quickly tried it on. Valerie didn't need any support, and the material was too shear to provide much anyway. She stared at herself in the mirror.

She thought she looked pretty good! She put her tiny hands on her waist and slowly drew them up until she was cradling her breasts. The sight of herself sent a chill through her body. As the chill reached her nipples, they poked out throught the soft, shiny fabric. She turned to the side and noticed that her nipples were about the size of her little fingertips.

She rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers and reveled in the feelings it caused deep within her. All of a sudden she felt a wetness between her thighs. Not being experienced at what was happening, she thought something might be wrong with her. She felt a strange longing inside, as if her body needed something. She had felt this way before, but it had never been this intense. She decided to take a shower to wash herself off. As she stood in front of the mirror undressing, her thoughts again turned to Stuart Spence. She imagined herself undressing for him.

She turned the water way down and adjusted it to hit her chest when she reclined in the tub. She imagined the warm water was Stuart's juices washing over her. Slowly she started to caress her breasts. Again, she rolled her bullet-size nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

This time she felt a slight pulsing in her vagina. She put one hand on it and noticed that her lips were engorged and puffy. She started to pet herself. The sensation caused by her petting caused a soft moan to escape her throat. She quickly discovered a little button just above her vagina that seemed to be the most sensitive spot. She touched it with her finger and was practically jolted by the sensation! She felt more juices escaping from her vagina. She wetted her finger and slowly circled it on this wonderful spot.

Her breathing was becoming rapid and her hips started to move of their own accord. She closed her eyes and and enjoyed the sensations she was feeling, they seemed to be building towards something . . . . That's when Valerie heard the front door.
"Damn! Is it 5:30 already?" she cursed.
She quickly got out of the shower and started to dry herself off.
She was trembling now. Not just because she had almost gotten caught doing something 'dirty,' but because she hadn't gotten 'there' yet.
She wasn't sure where 'there' was, but her body was telling her there had to be something more to this.
Well, I'll find out tomorrow. She smiled.
"Hi mom," she called out from the shower. "How was your day?"
"Fine, honey. Did you learn anything today?"
"Plenty mom. And I'm gonna learn more tomorrow." That's what Patricia Fox liked to hear, even if she had no idea what her daughter was talking about. The next day Valerie dressed for school.

She put her new bra on and covered it with a t-shirt so that no one would notice it. She spent the day in a trance.
All she could concentrate on was the signals her body sent her yesterday, and what she was going to do about them. In Study Hall, LeeAnne and Andrea were commenting about the way she was acting.
"Hey, space cadet, what's wrong?" whispered LeeAnne. "Yeah, you're acting pretty weird today." added Andrea. 'I just got a lot on my mind," replied Valerie. "would you guys mind going home without me today? I got a stop to make."
"Sure." they replied in unison.

After school, Valerie headed straight for Stuart's house. Her mom would be gone until 6:30 tonight. She figured three hours would be enough time. She got to Stuart's house and heard him playing his guitar out in the garage like he did almost every day after school.

Valerie waited for Stuart to finish the song he was playing and knocked on the garage door quietly. He came around the side and greeted her with his usual smile. "Ah, mon peteite angel! Bon Jour!." said Stuart.
"HI Stuart." she replied in what she hoped was a not-too-eager voice.
"may I come in?"
"Why, sure, honey. What's on your mind?" he asked as she entered and he closed the door behind them.
It had been some time since Valerie had visited. Stuart was glad for that. He had known her since she was born. Her father had ran out on the family before then and Stuart had been at the hospital for her birth.
He had been like a father to her. But since rapidly becoming a woman, he found that his affections for her were changing and he didn't like that. He knew on a logical level that it was evolutionary biology that made young girls in the bud of their womanhood the most desirable.

He knew that in some cultures, he might be negotiating with her family to marry her. But this wasn't some other culture. He knew it was just plain wrong, and yet he still had those thoughts.
"Sex." she replied evenly.
"What?" he choked out. "C'mon, you're just a child, for chrissakes, when I was your age, I'm pretty sure little girls weren't thinking about sex." he said, feeling suddenly older.
"Well, there was this one girl in 6th grade, Kimberly Wall, man I had such a crush on her, the rumor was that she was making it with a few 8th-graders in the bell tower during lunch. Hmmmm."
He was daydreaming now. Valerie could tell that Stuart was in a daze thinking about that other, little girl from long ago.
She decided she was going to jolt him back to the here and now.
"You like little girls, don't you?" she asked. "I saw this show on The Learning Channel and it said that older guys liked young girls because youth equals 'good maternal qualities' and it's a part of evolution, and men can't really help themselves"
"I saw that show too," he sighed.
"Yeah, it's true. But, in our culture it's frowned upon--big time" he said as he sat down on the sofa. She straddled his legs and sat on his lap, saying "That's too bad. Something so normal and natural, and then society says you can't. I mean, you're normal aren't you?"
"Yeah" "So, you like young girls don't you?" she persisted.
"Well, uh . . ."
"If you had the chance, you would, wouldn't you?"
"What chance?"
"The chance to teach a little girl about sex."

Stuart was having trouble maintaining control. With this little girl squirming on his lap and with the conversation going the way it was, He felt a strong stirring in his loins; a feeling that he knew to be wrong--but a feeling that couldn't be helped.
"Look honey," he protested.
"This isn't right." Her eyes leveled with his as she bored in on him.
"Please?" With that she started to unbutton her school blouse. As she removed it, she could feel a subtle throbbing against her crotch--she was making him hard! Good! she smiled to herself.

She removed her t-shirt over her head as slowly as possible in an attempt to be sensous. What she felt under her panties was getting harder and throbbing more strongly now.
"You like 'em, don't you?" She knew the answer. She squirmed down harder on his lap and she could feel his answer.
He stared in awe at her body. She had the broad shoulders of a swimmer. Her body tapered down to a rock-hard belly that was only nineteen inches around.
Planted high on her chest, barely held in by her new bra were her firm young breasts. He could see her dark aureolas through the fabric. He noticed they were about the size of silver dollars.
He couldn't help himself. He grabbed her arms and pulled her breasts towards his face.

He buried his mouth in her cleavage and let out a groan as he covered them with kisses and licks.
"Mmm. That feels good!" she whimpered as she arched her back and lifted them even higher on her chest. "You have no idea what you're doing to me" he groaned. She rubbed her pussy front-to-back over his erection and said, "Yeah, I think I do."
Valerie knew that her time as a little girl was about to end.
"I wanna see it!" Stuart's mind was reeling!
He thought again about Kimberly Wall, about how she lost her virginity to that slob, David Drake.
Hell, she probably didn't even enjoy it. Maybe that's why she grew up to be such a slut. He decided that this little girl was going to become a woman the right way. "Give me a minute" he said. "let's do this right."

He led her into the house and down the hall towards his bedroom.
"I'll be right in." he called as he stepped into the bathroom. He opened a panel where there were no less than two dozen electrical switches.

He thought to himself as he turned them all on, Well, if I go to jail, at least I can afford bail! He returned to the bedroom and sat on the dressing bench like he had been doing in the garage.
"Now, where were we?" She got right back on his lap and said "I was telling you that I wanted to see it. I wanna see it, I wanna touch it, I wanna suck on it, I wanna see it come, I wanna feel it squirt all over me"
"I think that can be arranged, take it out." She slid off his lap and down to the floor on her knees. She was staring at his bulge while she worked to get his pants off.
As she pulled his pants past his boner it sprang stright up in the air.
"My God" she breathed. She had seen a man's penis before, but never like this!
She grabbed it with her small hands and could barely close them around it. She felt it pulsating. Of course it was pulsating!
This was every man's fantasy coming true! He had a beautiful young girl half-dressed in a Catholic school girl's uniform and an incredibly sexy bra on her knees in front of him with her hands wrapped around him--he was ready to shoot right now! She leaned forward and guided the head between her breasts and moved it up and down between them.

The softness of her frim globes against his glans was causing him to leak.
"Is that it? Is that your goo?" she asked.
"No, that's just a lubricant that comes out when a man is getting ready to come."
"Are you gonna come?"
"Big time."
"I wanna wear it!"
"You will. Well, you can wear the first one." he smiled.
"What do I do, Stuart?"
"Well, the first thing you can do is call me daddy--I've always liked that."

He handed her a small bottle of oil. "Here, take this and massage me up and down."

She poured some oil into her hand and started to slowly jack him up and down.
"Like this?"
"Yeah" he panted.
"Now use your tongue and lick all around that groove just under the head there, when you're done, suck the head into your mouth and pull it out slowly." She did as ordered and left a sting of fluid extending from her lower lip to the head of his penis.

Stuart couldn't believe his eyes. She could feel the throbbing increase to a fever pitch and realized it wouldn't be long.
She wanted his goo on her, not on her bra, so she unhhooked it and slowly drew the cups away from her breasts.
"Oh God," Stuart heard himself moaning.

Her breasts were the color of milk and stood out sharply against her tan. They were the size of baseballs, almost perfectly round, but a little fuller on the underside.
This caused her nipples to be perched on the top side pointing up and out towards his hungry mouth.

He pulled her close and sucked first one, and then the other into his mouth, nibbling gently on her nipples. She arched her back and lifted them even higher as deep moans escaped from her throat.
"God, that feels so good," she groaned.
Those sensations were again running riot through her tiny body. Her hips started to rock back and forth over his member and he could feel the wetness of her panties.

Valerie decided that her turn would come next, she slid back down to a kneeling position in front of him.
She slowly poured some oil on her breasts and belly. She grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly drew it all over her body, feeling its heat.
Next, she positioned his cock in the groove of her taut belly and slid her body down, holding her breasts together to form a tunnel.
She slid down his shaft untlil the head was even with her mouth.

She gave little, teasing licks on the head of his cock. She gave special attention again to the groove that ran around it. After a few minutes of this, she knew he was close. "Stand up." she ordered. Stuart did as he was told, his cock was bobbing up and down an inch from her face.
She grabbed it with her mouth and slowly sucked it in as far as she could. She pulled her mouth away, looked up at him, and pleaded in her best little-girl voice "Come all over me daddy!" That was all it took.

Stuart grabbed his cock and aimed it for the center of her chest. "UNNNNNGGGHHH," he screamed as the first jet of juice shot from his jerking cock.
It covered her from the middle of her belly up to her throat.
"Oooh, that's hot! That's hot!" she cried.
"UNGH, UNGH, UNGH!" Stuart kept repeating as shot after shot of his hot, sticky goo landed all over Valerie's quivering body.
"MMMMMMMMmmmmmm," moaned Valerie as her body was being showered with his come.
"I love it! I love it!" She rubbed her hands all over her body, smearing his goo around and rubbing it into her titties.
She fell back on his thick rug and started tweaking her nipples. With them covered in his come it felt much better than the afternoon before.
She was in a trance as she savored his warm juices on her body. Stuart collapsed back on the dressing bench and was watching Valerie. She was laying there with her eyes closed, moaning softly and slowly moving her hips up and down as she touched herself.

Stuart had been with a lot of women, but he had never seen anything as erotic as this little girl. He was going to make her a star!
Stuart reached down and touched her shoulder gently, shaking her from her reverie.

"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up."

I hope you enjoyed my story.
Chapter Two will be published shortly.

Humbert Humbert