Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Business (Part 9)

Written by Mally Stewart on 10.16.99 for Camilla.

Jessica Falcone-Sturgess could scarcely believe how kind fate had been to her!
To think that Jason had proposed an open marriage!
A week ago the idea would have been preposterous!
She understood that she had misunderstood him on 2 critical points.
First, he was more deeply hooked on the business than she'd thought, (as evidenced by his reluctance to divorce her for the sake of the business) and second - and this one wasn't so pleasant to think about - he obviously hadn't been as deeply in love with her as she'd imagined, for why else would he agree that she could continue seeing Marshall? .
Sure, he'd said he'd gone through some torment after seeing her and Marshall, but his torment hadn't prevented him from picking up some bar slut and fucking her on her - Jessica's - desk!
Still, she couldn't be too disappointed about it because in one swoop her biggest problem had been taken care of:
How to see Marshall again without jeopardizing her marriage!

She couldn't wait to talk to him.
She had his personal cell number and the first chance she got on Thursday she called him.
Her little raw spots had pretty much healed and her body let her know that it was ready for action. Just thinking of Marshall made her hot.

When he answered her call, his deep voice resonated inside her. He seemed very pleased to hear her news, told her he would be in New York for most of the following week, and would she be able to join him there?

"I'll have to have some sort of work-related pretext," she told him.
"Not so much for Jason, but for the staff."

"I'm going to be looking into the that shipyard deal," he told her.
"You've heard that it's back on the market? The movie studio thing fell through. Perhaps your company would be interested in looking into that, too?"

She grinned happily.
The shipyard deal! Sure, everybody knew about that! Nobody would find that story fishy and in fact she would look into it and prepare a real report! Great!
She told her secretary to make the travel arrangements.
Jason raised his eyebrows when she told him.
"The shipyards?
Yeah, that could be an interesting property to handle. Sure, you go for it, Jess."
If he thought that she would be meeting Marshall he didn't let on.

She flew into Kennedy on Tuesday, arriving at 11 a.m.
Marshall had a stretch limo waiting for her and she was chauffeured to the Trump Tower, where Marshall was staying.
She wondered if he owned an apartment there? They were fabulously expensive.
No. Probably he knew somebody who let him use it occasionally. That was how things operated in Marshall's world.
Wealthy people enjoyed the social cache of being seen with celebrities, and celebrities accepted such trades as one of the perks of fame.

Marshall was not there, but there was a huge bouquet of flowers with her name on it, and a note saying that he would see her for dinner at 8 at Peter Luger's Steak House. Jerry, the chauffeur, would bring her to the restaurant.
She loved the bouquet, hated his absence.
She'd imagined all kinds of scenarios for their reunion, all of them including his pleasure at finding she'd remembered not to wear panties.
She sighed.
Ah well, he did have his work, after all, and they would be together for 5 nights.

The area Jerry brought her to wasn't that impressive.
It was across the river in Brooklyn, near the bottom of the bridge, in a seedy industrial-looking area. The restaurant itself wasn't any better looking.
Inside, it was small and stuffy and very crowded.
When the maitre d' found out who she was, he led her up 2 flights of stairs, fighting his way through the crowd, and getting out of the way of hurrying waiters.
He took her to a private room on the 3rd floor, where a group of people - about 10 men and 2 women - were sitting around a large table.
Marshall spotted her and rose to meet her.
Conversations stopped as everybody turned to look at her.
He introduced her to them, one by one, and calling her Ms. Jessica Falcone-Sturgess.
They were all involved either in commercial real estate or banking; knew of her company and expressed their interest in doing business with her.
All except one.

Amongst all those money professionals, one stood apart. Jessica should have expected that Marshall would have personal staff but the thought had eluded her.
Now Marshall introduced her to his personal assistant, Melody McKnight.
She was a beauty! Black, but the color of cafŽ con leche, she had bright green eyes that were looking at Jessica with badly disguised hostility.
Oh oh, thought Jessica. Here's a jealous one.
Wonder if she was his lover? Looking at her, Jessica couldn't see how a man like Marshall could leave a woman like Melody McKnight unmolested.
She was quite tall, almost as tall as Jessica, and put together, as the vulgar vernacular has it, like a brick shit-house.

Despite how busy and rushed the restaurant was, 3 waiters had been assigned only to them.
The moment a glass was emptied a fresh drink took its place.
One of the waiters took her steak order, questioning her closely as to just exactly how she liked her steak. The salad was brought out, and it consisted of whole tomatoes and onions cut into thick slices on a wooden cutting board right there on the table.
Fresh baked bread was brought out, still steaming and filling the room with its heavenly aroma.
Jessica began to understand that this was a special place, not at all what she'd expected from its location and appearance.

Marshall took time out from his discussions to bring her up to date on what was happening with the subject property.
Now that the Hollywood thing had fallen through there were dozens of speculators converging on the property, trying to put deals together.
Marshall had brought the people at the table together to see if they could come up with a profitable use of the shipyard, and if so, propose a package to New York City, who was the owner.
His attitude towards her was business-like. There was no touching, no stolen glances. She understood that business was business and sex had its own time and place.

The steaks arrived and then she knew why they were there.
After chewing up one bite she looked at Marshall and grinned. "This is the best steak I've ever tasted!" she enthused.
How in the world do they do it?

Melody McKnight slipped her a dirty look.
Marshall grinned. "Well, first of all, you never find a steak of this quality in a supermarket. Restaurants like this get first shot at the best cuts direct from the suppliers.
Then, they know exactly how to prepare the steak, they know to the second how long to cook it to satisfy your request and, last but not least, they cook it at a temperature that you could never achieve at home - something like 1200 degrees fahrenheit."

Jessica snickered. "Well, I guess that explains it!"
She took another mouthful and shook her head. "Hmmmm mmmm!"
The money professionals laughed, enjoyed her enthusiasm.

They wrapped up at about 10.30p.m.
One of the men asked Marshall if he'd like to go to a club, but he declined, saying he needed to get to bed early. Jessica liked the sound of that.
Jerry the chauffeur drove them back to the Trump Tower.
Jessica was surprised when Melody McKnight came all the way with them.
Couldn't Marshall have dropped her off somewhere?
To her relief, though, once they were inside the suite Melody told Marshall "see ya later" and went into a bedroom on the opposite side of hers.
Alone at last, she melted into Marshall's arms in a fiery kiss.
Amazing how much frustration can build up in such a short time when the lovers are hot for each other!

Marshall picked her up and carried her into his room.
Now he found out that she'd remembered not to wear panties, and he grinned hugely as an exploratory finger found her naked pussy.
"Ah Baby, you know how to please a man!" he said as he intensified the passion of his kiss.
In seconds they stripped their clothes and threw their naked bodies at each other.
How she'd missed him! His kissing, his easy sexuality, his size and strength.
They were too hot for each other to spend time on foreplay and soon he was inching the head of Mario The Monster into Lady Mine.
Now that she was a little used to the size of him she found it easier, and more pleasurable.
He still took his time, making sure that she was ready for each phase of his entry, gently pushing in, holding it, pulling back and inch, holding it, pushing in again, a little deeper.
She played with his nipples, stroked his balls.

"I missed you," she whispered, her breath already ragged.

"I missed you too, Baby. I couldn't get you out of my mind."

She wanted to ask him if he'd made love to his wife, but knew that would be a mistake. Melody?
Also, no. Her wandering mind was soon brought back to the action by a rapid build-up of sensations coursing through her body.
Marshall said he'd missed her and his actions were proving it.
His huge weight was pushing her deep into the mattress and he was concentrating on his pile-driving activities, not sparing her his fantastic strength.
She was like a little doll, her strength completely overwhelmed by his.
But she was all too happy to give herself over to him and let her body go with the flow.
The feelings rose to a crescendo and she almost fainted as a series of rolling orgasms seized control of her body. She hoped that her wail was loud enough for Melody to hear.

Let the bitch know who was first in line.

Marshall rolled over, putting her on top. He was still deep inside, still hard.
She kissed him deeply. God! What a man! "Do you know what's a real turn-on?" He asked.

"Don't tell me we're going to do it in public again? You know, that's how I got caught.
Jason had flown down to Miami to see what was going on, and he saw us in the water, and saw what we were doing. I had no defense! He had me."

"Well, just as well he loves his business - and his top salesperson - to do anything about it."

"Yeah, that was a surprise. So, what's on the turn-on menu this time?"

"Ever made love to a woman?"

"A woman?" She was outraged. "Absolutely not!"

"You've never done a three-some?"

"A three-some? Good God no! What a disgusting thought!"

"Hey! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it."

"A three-some? I would never even think of it."

"OK. Suit yourself, Baby. Right now I have to satisfy another woman. If you want to join us, fine. If not, suit yourself."

She was stunned. He was going to see another woman? Now? How could he?
"Wait!" she said as he started withdrawing.
"What are you talking about? I thought we were going to be together! Just the two of us!"

"Well, we are together, Baby, but I have this problem. Melody is a spy for my wife, and if I don't keep her happy......" he made a throat-cutting motion.

"Melody! Oh no! Why her?"

"Why? What's wrong with Melody?"

"She doesn't like me."

"That's not surprising, seeing as how you're cutting into her Mario time."

Jessica looked at him with new eyes. This was a Marshall she didn't know. She was confused. "But, I thought..."

"I know, Baby, but what can I do? If I don't satisfy her she'll tell my wife and I'll be busted."

"I was busted! That didn't seem to bother you."

He gave her a disgusted look, completed his withdrawal and climbed out of the bed.
"I told you from the start that I don't want no fooling with my marriage. My wife is the mother of my children, and I will protect her."

"Even if you have to screw Melody McKnight." It wasn't really a question, more like an acceptance statement.

"Right." He went into the bathroom and she heard him washing himself and cleaning his teeth.
She couldn't bear to part with him now. Then another thought hit her.
What better way to show up Melody McKnight than to visit her with Marshall.
He was going there no matter what she did or said, so she might as well get some points out of it.

"All right," she told him when he came out of the bathroom, "I'm coming with you."

He beamed mightily. "That's my girl!" He hugged her, patted her bottom and started toward the door.

"Aren't you - we - going to put on some clothes? A robe?"

He shook his head. "No need. Melody will be naked by now."

The room was dark, but Marshall knew his way and Jessica followed him to the bed.
Suddenly the bedside light flicked on and Melody's angry face was glaring at her.
"Don't tell me you brought that bitch with you," Melody said, her voice full of venom.
Melody was naked, as Marshall had predicted, but the face drew Jessica's attention.

"It's OK, Doll. She's scared to stay by herself in a strange place, so I told her she could come.
Besides, she's never been introduced to the joys of feminine love, and where could she find a better teacher?"

"I ain't touching that pasty-assed bitch!" She was clearly indignant.

"Nobody wants you to touch me," Jessica responded. "I'm not here for you, I'm here for him."

"Good! You can have what's left after I get done with him."

"Oh Baby," Marshall said, "I love it when you talk tough."

"Well come on down and show me just how much you love it."
She lay back on the bed, her arms outstretched and her legs spread.
Jessica noticed that the skin that was covered by a bikini was much paler than the rest of her.
She's almost white, she told herself, then scolded herself for a having a racial thought.

Marshall lay down on top of her and began kissing her lips.
He motioned for Jessica to lie next to him, which she did.
He got up on his knees and traced his tongue down Melody's throat and on to her breast, taking a hard nipple into his mouth and sucking with noisy relish. He looked at Jessica with big eyes.
"You should try this, Baby. It's delicious!"
He continued tracing his tongue downward.
"Come look at this, Baby. I bet you've never really looked at another woman's pussy, right?"
He parted Melody's lips with thumb and finger.
"See how pink it is inside? Looks like a fresh mushroom, right?"
He put his nose up close to it.
"Smells much better though. If you want to identify one smell as the smell of sex, this is the one. Come on, come down here with me and take a sniff; see what I'm talking about."

"I'm not a show horse!" Melody protested.

Marshall ignored her, dipped a finger into her opening. Melody's hips rose up to meet him.
"See how wonderful it is. Touch it like this, and there's the response."
He pushed his finger a little deeper, then withdrew it and held it up for Jessica.
"Smell that. Tell me that's not what sex is all about."

Jessica could smell it from a foot away. "Smells like cunt to me," she said.

"Hey!" Melody shouted at her. "You calling me a cunt?"

"Easy, girl, easy!" Marshall tried soothing her, but she was having none of it.
She sat up against Marshall's effort and grabbed Jessica by the hair.

"You calling me a cunt, Bitch?" She pulled Jessica's face down to hers so they were an inch apart.

Jessica found herself not at all intimidated.
"If the shoe fits, wear it!" She wished she could have thought of something more original.

Marshall intervened by placing his face against both of theirs. The left side of his lips was touching Melody's lips, and the right side Jessica's.
He held both their heads and kissed them both at the same time.
His tongue moved from mouth to mouth and Jessica found herself aflame.
She tried to take over the kiss, pushing Melody's face aside. Melody responded by pushing her away, and a sort of wrestling match ensued.
Marshall laughed and pulled Jessica's body down so that the three of them formed a triangle with each girl lying half on him and their shoulders and hips touching each other.
He pulled their heads to his again and kissed them both.
Jessica felt his tongue on her lips, and then Melody's tongue too.
It was like a lightning bolt hitting her pussy.
Her hips ground down involuntarily.
She felt Marshall's finger feeling her pussy, parting her lips, rubbing her clitoris.
She groaned. Marshall pulled his head back a little and she found herself kissing Melody full on.
Melody's eyes were on her, still hostile, but challenging.
She made no effort to withdraw her face from Jessica's, daring her to continue.

Marshall's finger was still working on her and her thirst for sensation was much stronger than her logical sense.
All right! She thought.
The bitch wants to see kissing, I'll show her!
She clamped her lips down harder on Melody's and ran her tongue into her mouth.
Melody grunted and thrust her hips.
Jessica felt a hand on her breast and knew it was Melody's because Marshall had one hand busy with her pussy and, she realized, the other one was busy with Melody's.

"I want you to suck my tits, you miserable little whore," Jessica told her, moving her body up so that her breasts were now level with Melody's face.

Melody took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucked it gently for a second and then bit it.

"Ow!" She shouted, pulling her nipple out of Melody's mouth and hurting it worse.
She dropped down melody's body quickly and grabbed one of her breasts between her teeth and chomped down hard.

Melody screeched in agony.
"All right, Marshall," she said, "That's it! Let me fuck this bitch! Get out of my way!"
She got hold of Jessica and threw her down on the mattress and climbed on top of her.
"I'm going to fuck you, now, Bitch! You say you never had a woman?
Now you gonna get one!"
Her body was all over Jessica's, moving and sliding over her breasts, her leg pushing Jessica's legs apart and forcing it up to rub against her mound.
Jessica fought back, and it was the weirdest thing she could ever have imagined.
They were fighting like cats, genuinely hating each other, yet working each other into a sexual frenzy.
The push and pull of love and hate was in full play, and the hurts they caused each other were more than compensated for with unimagined sensations.

Marshall loved the whole thing. He egged them on, caressing them, putting his fingers in unoccupied spaces.
Jessica felt Melody's fingers driving into her pussy - not one, but all four.
Her thumb was pressed against her clitoris and she was biting Jessica's neck.
Jessica was gasping for air, making noises like a person choking.
Melody was on top of her, and Marshall lay down on top of Melody and entered her from behind.
It was her turn to gasp and grunt, and Jessica managed to get out from under her.
She lay down on top of Marshall and got her hands under Melody's chest and found her nipples and squeezed them as hard as she could.
Melody's breath caught in her throat, then she began whimpering, but from the approach of her orgasm, not from pain.
The whole thing was a wonderful experience for Jessica, feeling Marshall's hard body under her, with all his powerful in-and-outs, and also feeling Melody's body thrusting back against him - and her.
Then her orgasm exploded and the bed went haywire.
Jessica found herself on the bottom of the pile, under Melody, and Marshall on top of her.
Marshall's knob reached down to her pussy and entered her.
Melody kissed her viciously with grasping lips and nibbling teeth and returned the favor of squeezing her nipples.
She came in moments, and in buckets.

Marshall kept riding her until she felt him building up for his orgasm.
At the last moment Melody grabbed his penis and pulled it out of her.
She pushed Marshall onto his back and took his bulbous glans into her mouth, making appreciative noises as Marshall came in her mouth.
Jessica lay watching the performance, her curiosity getting the better of her feeling cheated.
She could see the great tube on the underside of his penis pulsing and throbbing in orgasm, saw his balls bobbing up and down, and saw Melody trying to handle the volume of cum spurting into her mouth.

When he was done, Melody looked triumphantly at Jessica. "Bet you don't love him enough to do that," she said.

"Think so?" Jessica answered. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Have you done it yet? Have you tasted his cum? I don't think so."

She still had strings of cum hanging off her lips.
Jessica closed her lips over Melody's, sucking the cum off of them.

"No need to fight over it, ladies," Marshall chuckled. "There's plenty more where that came from."

But the girls ignored him, caught up as they were in the extreme pleasure of their kiss of hate.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Business (Part 8)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla

Jessica was introspective on Wednesday.
Jason watched covertly as she cleaned her desk, quietly imagining what her thoughts were; who she suspected, and if she imagined what the lovers had looked like, fornicating right there on her desk.
He knew he shouldn't, but he had to see Melissa and tell her what was happening.
On the pretext of discussing some work, he quietly told her that Jessica was cleaning her desk.
Melissa tried to suppress a giggle, but she couldn't stop herself from blushing.
Jessica came looking for him, and when she saw him talking to Melissa he saw a moment of speculation in her eyes.
Hoo boy! he thought.
Jessica was really sharp. Jessica told him that she wasn't feeling well, and took off.

When she'd gone Jason, talking quietly, asked Melissa to meet him for lunch.
There was a nearby motel that had a restaurant, and he suggested that she meet him there.
She looked a little doubtful, but nodded in agreement.
He got out of there, not wanting to provoke too much suspicion amongst his staff.

He was waiting for her in the lobby.
When she headed for the restaurant he stopped her.
"I've already ordered lunch," he told her.
"It's being delivered to our room." He grinned at her.

She looked annoyed. "A room? A room in a motel?"

"Yeah! What's wrong with that? I just want to be with you, spend some time with you."
He sensed that she was about to step into one of her roles.

"Oh. I thought you wanted to fuck me, silly me!"
She sounded disgusted.
People were walking through the lobby but she seemed not to notice.

Nervously, he pulled her aside. "Let's go to the room. We can discuss it there."

"Just like that! A room in a motel! What you must think of me!"
A man stopped to stare at them. Jason turned his back, hoping the man didn't know him.

"Come on, Lissa! I've got the key right here. They'll be bringing our lunch soon. Come on, Sweetheart. Please don't make a scene here." He was pleading.

"A slut. That's what you must think I am. A common slut in a motel room!"

"Shhhh! God, anybody can hear you! Somebody might know me!"

"Oh, your reputation is important, but mine isn't! Thanks a lot, Mister! I'm leaving!"
She turned to walk out but he grabbed her arm, holding her back. People were really staring at them now.

"All right. What do you want?"

"I want to be treated with respect. I want to be consulted! Asked. I don't want to be invited to lunch and find out that I'm on the menu! In a motel room, of all things! Belatedly he realized that she was not playing a role, that she really meant what she was saying. He sighed, released her arm.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise."

She looked him over, decided he was apologetic enough, and nodded.
"Well, I'll overlook the insult this time."

"Thank you. Now, can we at least go and eat our lunch?"

"In a motel room?"

"Well, that's where it's being delivered."

She gave him a look, sighed. "All right. But only lunch!"

The room had a table against the window.
She opened the drapes, destroying any sense of privacy.
They ate their lunch in silence. She still wasn't feeling friendly.

"I take it you've never been to a motel room before?" He asked as he finished his meal.

"Of course I have! When we go on vacation we usually stay in motels."

"I see. That's not what I meant, though."

"Oh. You're asking about my sexual history?" She looked him squarely in the eye.

He shook his head.
Was there an end to the surprises this girl could pull on him?
"No, I guess not. Not really. I was just wondering if I was the first man - male - to bring you to a motel room?"

"I see. Just because I find you attractive and interesting, and feeling sorry for you I allow you to seduce me, you assume that I'm easy and must have been to many hotel rooms with dozens of men?
Well, if you must know, yes! I've been in at least 2 dozen motel rooms with men - males.
In fact, it was in a motel room just like this one that I serviced our high school football team!" She sat back, her eyes challenging him.

He laughed. "All right, Lissa. I'm sorry. I've behaved badly and I apologize."

"Yes, you have behaved badly, and you must be punished."


"You've studied Newton? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? What goes up must come down? What goes around comes around? What is bad must be punished?"

He grinned. "I didn't know Newton put it quite that way."

"Yes, well, he did. Only the history books forgot to write all down. Hmmm. Let's see."
She looked around the room, sighed.
"There's not too much in here by way of resources. Let me see your belt?"


"Are you getting deaf? Give me your belt!"
He pulled it through the loops of his pants and handed it to her.
What the hell was she doing? She hefted it in her hand.
"It's a little light. Imported. I prefer a thicker, heavier local one myself, but, it will have to do."
Holding it by the buckle, she raised it above her head and smacked it down on the table. It made a whacking sound.
"OK!" She looked at him, a stern look on her face.
"Drop the pants, Buster, and lie down on that bed, with your ass end up."

"What? You're going to spank me? Sorry, I'm not into S&M."

"Right. S&M is for fun. This is for punishment."
She slapped the belt in the palm of her free hand. "Come on, you big sissy! Time to get with the program!"

It hit Jason that she HAD been playing a role all along!
Jesus H. Christ! How many times was she going to bamboozle him!
"Can I at least close the drapes?"

"No! Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done!"

He groaned.
This kid claimed to be 17? Incredible!
He knew some famous person had made that quote, he just couldn't think who.
He finally obeyed her, trusting that she wouldn't hurt him, at least, not too badly.
She lifted his shirt away from his butt and whacked him. It stung, but not too bad. She whacked him again, harder.


"This is hurting me as much as it's hurting you," she told him, and whacked him again.

"Yeah, sure! Every parent says that to their kids!"

"OK. Last one." Whack!
This one was the hardest yet and really stung. He jumped up and wrestled the belt away from her.
She fought back, and they fell on the bed, his weight on her.
Next thing her mouth was on his, kissing him fiercely.
"God," she gasped, "I'm so hot! Take me, Boss! Make me your motel slut!"

He hooked his thumbs on the elastic band of her panties and pulled them down.
He felt her.
She was sopping wet already.
He entered her and she thrust up at him, taking him in all at once.
They thrashed around on the bed, causing it to bang loudly against the wall.
Neither one of them cared, so consumed were they with venting their passions.
Jason couldn't help comparing Melissa with Jessica.
Melissa was much freer in expressing herself, and a lot more vigorous.
Her thrusts were more powerful, and her orgasms quicker, stronger and noisier.
Not that Jessica was a bad lover in any way, just that she was more reserved, and not quite as young and resilient.

When he was about to cum Melissa bit his chest.
"Not yet!"
She was grinding her teeth, and pushing up at him with tremendous force. The pain of the bite chased the incipient orgasm away, and he resumed meeting her thrusts with his own.
This time their build-up was coordinated and they came together.
Melissa threw her head back, every muscle in her body rigid, and wailed out loud.
Jason held her tight, filled with wonder at the way this girl was working her way into his heart.
He caught a movement out the corner of his eye and remembered the drapes.
The drapes! He swung his head around, and several people were there, watching them.
One of them began clapping his hands, and the others joined in.
Jason grabbed a pillow and covered their heads.
Melissa started giggling, and the sound cut through his worries.
Unable to stop it, he began giggling too, and they lay on the bed, hugging each other and laughing their heads off.

After she'd gone Jason cleaned up as best he could before going back to the office.
He had Melissa's juices all over his shirt and his shorts.
Man, that girl was wet!
Back at the office he went through the motions of doing work the rest of the afternoon, but his mind was wrapped up in Melissa.
He couldn't believe that such a person existed at all, and especially one who was only 17!
He found himself rethinking his plan to try to get Jessica to agree to an open marriage.
He wanted to be with Melissa.
He didn't want to share himself with anybody else.
But... If he wanted to stay in business - and he did - he'd have to try to keep the Melissa thing quiet, at least until she was, say, 20?
He groaned. Even 20 seemed so young!

At home, Jessica was preoccupied with some papers.
There was no supper prepared. She said she wasn't hungry.
He ordered a pizza and ate it all himself.
He washed it down with several beers.
Jessica pronounced herself tired by 10 p.m and went up to bed.
He watched TV for a while, then went up too. He showered, washing the remains of Melissa off.
When he approached the bed Jessica was pretending to be asleep.
He pulled the covers off his side and climbed into the bed.
He noticed that she was still wearing her robe.
He lay down, and then the odor hit him.
He sniffed around, located the spot on his pillow.
He knew at once that this was a message from her.
She'd figured out that he was responsible for the stuff on her desk, and she'd done this to let him know that she knew!

This was the moment! Already!
Suddenly he saw the value of the training he'd received from Melissa in role playing.
This was a moment that demanded anger and outrage.
He grabbed the covers and yanked them off the bed.
Jessica's eyes flew open. "What are you doing?"

He grabbed the stained pillow and thrust it at her face.
"What the hell is the meaning of this?" he thundered.

She pretended ignorance.
"What? What's the matter with you?" He could see that his anger was scaring her. Good!

"You've rubbed your cunt on my pillow! What the hell for?"

She jumped out of the bed. "I don't know anything about that," she sniffed.
"Of course, I DO know about the cunt that was rubbed over my desk!" Her voice rose with her own anger.

"And you think I did that?" his voice was suddenly eerily calm.

"Who else could have sex in the office? It HAD to be you!"

"Aha! So, you apparently smelled something on your desk, assumed it had to do with sex, and that of course meant that I was the one. Is that it?
Is that what this is all about?" His voice was raised again. They were face to face, their angry eyes glaring.

"Who was it?" she asked.
"Was it Debbie?" She mentioned one of her friends, the one who had given Jason a long wet kiss at his birthday party.

He felt relieved. She had no idea.
He backed away from her, sat down on the edge of the bed.
"I have to tell you something," he said.

She licked her lips, expecting some kind of confession. "Yes?"

"I know about you and Williams." The words seemed to hang in the air, extending their life as her expression changed.

"What? What do you know about me and Marshall?"

"I know he was screwing your brains out," he said, his voice rising again.

"I deny that! That is not true! Who told you that lie?"

He smiled sadly. "Nobody told me, Jess. I saw you."

She sat down as though her legs had turned to rubber.
"I don't know what you saw, or how, but you must have misunderstood it!"
She looked at him. "How did you see anything, anyway? Were you spying on me?"

He shook his head.
"Listen, Jess. I know bout you and Williams. The whole office is talking about the way you were all over him.
And yes, I was worried about what you were up to. Is that so bad? I flew down to Miami last Saturday. I saw you in the water with him. I saw what you were doing. In saw you when you came out, the bikini you were wearing, the way you danced around him!"
His voice had risen again and he was really shouting now as the emotions he'd suppressed came bubbling up to the surface.
This was not role playing! He was genuinely angry, his face in her face again.

She must have thought he was going to strike her because she covered her face with her hands and curled up on the bed, her knees protecting her chest.
Most of all, she knew that he wasn't bluffing. He remembered his plan, and calmed down.
"So. After seeing that, I came back and picked up a girl at a bar.
I was angry and hurt. I wanted some revenge, and at the time I thought that screwing her on your desk would get me some.
For what it's worth, I was wrong. I should not have done that."

She looked up at him from between her hands, saw that his anger had subsided. "Who was the woman?"

He shrugged.
"That's not important. What is important, and I think I have a right to know this, are you going to see Williams again?"

Emotions flashed across her face as she considered different answers. She sighed, decided to go with the truth. "I suppose so."

"I'll take that as a definite yes," he said. "And what am I supposed to do while you're off fucking Williams?"

It was something she hadn't thought out. "Are you going to divorce me?"

"Perhaps. I'll have to think about it. And you? You want a divorce?"

"No, not really."

"Do you love him?"

She fidgeted nervously. "I.... I'm not sure. In any case, he won't leave his wife."

"Ah, I see! So you're going to sneak around and meet him in motel rooms! Conduct a sleazy affair in the dark of night!"

"I didn't think of it that way."

"No, of course not. And what about STD's? The man gets around."

"He's clean."

"From now on, if we make love, I will wear a condom." As soon as the words were out he knew he'd let her off the hook! Damn!

She looked up at him with hope in her eyes. "You're not going to divorce me?"

He put on his gruff voice.
"Probably not. We've got a good thing going with the business and all. It would be a shame to spoil that."

"I see. You'll keep the marriage together for the sake of the business?"

"Yes. That's right. If we divorced, it would affect everything we've worked for."

She looked at him with a new understanding.
"You're not as upset as I thought you would be. I know the business is important to you, but is that all there is to it?"

Jessica was too sharp by far!
"Well, if you're out having fun, I'm not going to stay home and play jilted husband all by myself. Why should I when you're already deeply involved in your own extra-marital affair?"

She sighed. "I'm tired. Let's sleep on it. We can talk about it some more in the morning."

"No. I want an understanding.
If you're going to go on seeing Williams, I want you to agree that you will be very discreet, that whatever you do with him, you won't do it where people we know might see you.
Preferably, if you must meet him you'll do it out of town."

She looked at him, amazed. "You're proposing an open marriage?"

"Listen, Jess. I saw you two. I could see how you felt about him, and he about you.
I went through hell for a few days there, but I'm out of it now. I know that in life there are some things that you can't control, and if you try, you lose.
I've already lost you in the sense of a faithful wife, but I don't want to lose you as the official wife, if you can understand that?"

"Yeah, sort of like the royals? But for the sake of the business, not the country?"

"That's the idea."

"And you want my permission to sleep around?"

"Not your permission. Agreement. And of course, as I'm asking you to be discreet, you can expect the same from me."

"I don't see how I can refuse!"

"We'll be practical, and maintain friendly relations. We'll attend events as a couple, and continue about our lives as though everything is going forward as usual."

She gave him a wan smile. "OK."

He sighed. It was done. He imagined Melissa smiling on him, and he felt that warm fuzzy glow that the thought of her produced in him.

Jason and Jessica climbed into their bed, turned the lights off and went to sleep, carefully not touching each other.

For all her maturity, Melissa Freeman was still in fact a 17 year old.
Keeping the affair to herself proved impossible, especially when her best friend Arlene Kemp came over to spend the night, a habit they'd developed over years of friendship.
There had never been secrets between them.
Whatever happened in their lives they shared. There was nobody in the world who knew more about her.
In fact, their first early explorations into the world of sex had been with each other.
Arlene had been the curious one, and the initiator.
She was taller than Melissa, and thinner, though not lacking in feminine qualities.
Her hair was dark brown and she wore it in a Cleopatra, with bangs across the front and the back and sides cropped around the top of her neck.
She liked to think she looked like a younger Winona Ryder.

After dinner they went up to Melissa's room.
When the door closed behind them and the cd player wasturned on, Arlene gave her the enquiring look.
"So! What's up with the boss guy? Your mother seemed very impressed with him?"
It was true. Her mother had gone on and on during dinner about what a great boss Mr. Sturgess was, and how he was taking Melissa under his wing and grooming her for stardom in the world of business.

"Stop exaggerating, Mother!" Melissa told her.

"Yeah," her father Harry chimed in. "He wasn't that great. He's just a dirty old guy making a grab for jail-bait over here."

"Harry! You stop that! And don't call her that!" Fran Freeman scolded him.
She turned to Arlene. "He's not like that at all! He's a gentleman, and a very successful businessman.
I've seen his wife, too - remember, Lissa the day she came out when I picked you up? - and she's a beautiful woman herself. What would a man like that want with a girl like Lissa? No, he was just concerned for her safety, and he took care of her."

Now, Arlene was demanding to know the facts.
"He took care of you? Did he?" Melissa giggled and blushed.
"Ah, I see! He took VERY good care of you! Come on, girl! Give it up! Details?"

They lay on the bed, facing each other.
Melissa told her about how everybody at work was outraged at Jessica's behavior with Marshall Williams, and how she'd felt so sorry for Jason.
Then, when he'd called and asked her to come in and work, she'd jumped at the chance.
"He was so nice, and he seemed like a little boy lost. When he asked me to go out with him, I went. He took me to his club and I was bathed by servants, and massaged by a lady with very strong hands. Oh yes! She rubbed me all over, and made like it was nothing!"

Arlene whistled. "You mean, she touched you?"

"More than touched! She grabbed and pressed! But it wasn't sexual, somehow. It was, really, massage."

"How weird! I can't imagine somebody doing that to me and not getting turned on."

"Yeah. You're just a horny bitch!" Melissa laughed.

"Am not!"

"You know you are!"

"Well, I guess. It's hard to believe, though. But, go on with your story. Did you fuck him?"

"Not so fast! After the massage he took me into the sauna.
It was incredibly hot. He took his robe off, and stood stark naked in front of me, and his body is quite nice for an older guy. He keeps in shape."

"And? What did you do?"

"What could I do? I took my robe off, and he was looking at me like that, you know?
And he started getting hard. Next thing I knew he was kissing me, and his body was pressing against me, and I could feel his hard dick on my stomach.
I don't know how it happened, but next thing he was inside me, and we were fucking like cats!"


"Yes! And he went down on me, and made me cum."

"You're lying!"

"No, I swear!"

They were giggling, their bodies writhing on the bed.
Arlene dragged every detail out of her, greeting each new revelation with squeals of laughter.
When Melissa had exhausted all the details, Arlene went back to the massage.
"I still find it hard to believe that you could have somebody massaging you all over and not turn you on! Why do you think you were so hot in the sauna?"

Melissa hadn't thought about that.
"Hmmm. Maybe you're right. It didn't seem to be having that effect on me at the time."

Arlene got an introspective look on her face.
"Maybe you could massage me like that, and see what happens? Huh?"

Melissa was hesitant.
"I don't know if I could do it like she did. She was so strong, and very professional. There was nothing personal in anything she did."

"Come one, let's try it!" Arlene was shedding her clothes already. She lay back on the bed, completely naked. "Is that door locked?"

Melissa went over and turned the key. "You sure you want to do this?"

"I'm curious. Come on, give it a go."

Arlene had been Melissa's first sexual partner, in a sense, but that had been years ago.
They'd been curious and scared, and had played with each others' nipples, and gingerly fingered each others' clits.
They'd french kissed each other, but nothing much had come of it.
They'd been excited and giggly and nervous, more adventurous than amorous.
As they matured they became interested in boys and, while they exchanged information, they'd had no more intimate touching.
Now, Melissa looked at Arlene's naked body lying on her bed.
How she had changed since those early days!
She was fully formed now, with firm conical breasts with large, juicy nipples.
Her flat stomach tapered into the classic bell shape of her hips, and her butt was meaty and firm.
Her pussy was covered by a thick bush of dark pubic hairs with just a hint of the delicate white skin of her labia peeking through.

Melissa sighed and started massaging Arlene.
She tried to remember everything the woman had done.
She told Arlene to turn over onto her stomach and began by gripping her glutes and squeezing, then bringing her hands up her back, pressing as hard as she could.
She repeated this several times, and Arlene grunted her appreciation.
She continued, massaged her back, her shoulders and neck.
"OK. Roll over!" There it was again, that ripened body!
She started at Arlene's feet and worked her way up, picking out the individual muscles and massaging them. "This is hard work!" she said.
"My hands and arms are getting tired!"

"Oh please don't stop," Arlene begged her. "This is fabulous."

Melissa worked her way up Arlene's legs.
She spread them out so as to get at the upper muscles.
When she got near Arlene's pussy, Arlene started small thrusting motions, which seemed to be involuntary.
Melissa left that area and started on Arlene's hands and arms.
"Chicken!" Arlene told her.
Melissa ignored her and continued with what she was doing.
Eventually she had to come back to Arlene's torso, and to her chest.
She worked all around the breasts without touching them.
"I thought you said she not only touched you, but rubbed you hard?" Arlene said.

"Oh, all right!" Melissa did what the woman had done to her, grabbing Arlene's breasts firmly and squeezing them.
Fascinated, she watched Arlene's nipples harden and the areolae fill up and stand up above the plane of her breast.

"I'm getting turned on," Arlene said.
"You must be doing it wrong. Try it again."

Melissa repeated the actions.
Arlene was clearly becoming hotter. "Nope, it's no good," Arlene said. "Come, let me try it on you."

Again Melissa hesitated. "I'm not sure that I won't get turned on," she said.

"Oh, that's OK. I'm already turned on, so why shouldn't you."

She undressed and lay down on the bed.
"You tell me if I'm doing it wrong," Arlene said.
When she came to the area close to Melissa's pussy, Melissa noticed that she too was rolling her groin.
Arlene didn't shy away from it as she had done, and moved in even closer, her knuckles touching her pussy, almost incidentally.
Melissa was getting turned on. Arlene wasn't shying away from it.
In fact, when Melissa thought about it she realized that Arlene wasn't massaging her, she was deliberately trying to turn her on!
The heat in her pussy was rising, and she squeezed her legs together.
"Aha!" Arlene laughed. "You ARE getting turned on, aren't you? Come on! Admit it!"

She took Melissa's breasts in her hands and squeezed them, watched for the swelling nipples, smiled triumphantly.
"What do you think about that, Lis? I'm turning you on!"
She straddled Melissa's stomach, continued playing with her breasts.

"Your boss sucked these?" She asked, and took one of Melissa's nipples into her mouth.
Her eyes were on Melissa, gauging her reactions.
She moved to the other one and sucked it up into her mouth.
"Did he do it like this?" Holding the nipple with her teeth she ran her tongue over the tip.

Melissa's breathing had become audible. "You better stop, Lenie."

"Oh. You want me to stop? Hmmm. Not really. Right?"
She lay down on Melissa, stomach to stomach, breast to breast.
Her eyes were inches from Melissa's, gauging, calculating.
"You don't really want me to stop, do you?"
She whispered it, saw her answer in Melissa's eyes.
She lifted her bottom, straightened her legs out so that they were touching along the whole length of their bodies.
Slowly she moved her lips to Melissa's, barely touched them, held them there while examining Melissa's eyes again.
Satisfied with what she saw there, she increased her contact with Melissa's lips.
She felt Melissa rolling her groin, a very small, subtle motion, but there all the same.
She answered it with a slight motion of her own.
"Ah, yes my beautiful friend. You want me now, don't you?"
She kept her lips on Melissa's, talking into her mouth. "I've wanted to make love to you for a long time, but I never had the guts. But now I know that you want me too. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it down here." She pushed her groin down on Melissa's.

Melissa remained still, unresponsive except for the faint thrusts of her groin.
Arlene put her tongue on Melissa's lips and gently forced them apart, then pushed it in into her mouth.
Again, she felt the slight rolling response, a little stronger this time.
She could feel Melissa's breathing rate increasing.
Thrilled that she hadn't been rejected and growing more confident, Arlene reached a hand down between their bodies and boldly put it on Melissa's pussy.
At the same moment she pushed her tongue deeper into Melissa's mouth.

Melissa, who had been lying passive throughout, could no longer maintain her lack of involvement.
Her arms went around Arlene's body, her hands to her bottom, and she pulled Arlene's groin down hard against her own.
Arlene sighed, a long, happy sound. Her lips closed down on Melissa's and were warmly received.
They kissed, tenderly at first, and then growing quickly into a frenzied passion.

Arlene broke away for a moment. "God! I've wanted to do this for so long! But ever since you rejected me, I've been too scared."

Melissa frowned. "I don't remember rejecting you."

Arlene traced the edges of Melissa's pussy with her finger, raising goose-bumps.
"Oh yes. Remember that time when we went to Johnny Treloar's birthday party, and after you kissed him, I got jealous and tried to kiss you too, and you pushed me away?"

Melissa remembered, but it had been such an insignificant event! And a long time ago!
Arlene had held it and let it fester for so long?
"Oh, I'm so sorry, Lenie! I had no idea! I wasn't rejecting you - I wanted to get some cake, and you were in the way!"

They looked at each other as the full understanding of each others' point of view hit them.
All of a sudden it seemed very funny, and they cracked up laughing.
Their naked bodies were still pressed tightly together, and Arlene's hand was working on Melissa's pussy.
The laughter dissipated as the heat rose, and very soon they were kissing each other again, their bodies straining against each other.

Through her ragged breathing Arlene whispered the words that every woman wants to hear. "I love you, Lissa, I really, really love you."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Business (Part 7)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla

in which Jason and Melissa play a game.

Jason Sturgess found himself with more than a vengeful affair on his hands.
Melissa Freeman was a multi-faceted personality who kept him guessing - and interested.
For instance, he had not expected her to agree to make love on his wife Jessica's desk.
She'd thought about, sort of agreed, then, when he started in the direction of the office, said she had to get home, her mother would be worried.

'I thought we were going to...'

She interrupted him. 'When does she get back?'

He thought. 'Maybe Monday night. Tuesday for sure.'

'OK. We'll do it Monday night. You'll put on a very good suit, and you'll come and pick me up at my house, where you will meet my parents. We'll tell them that we're going to a company event and that, because I'm so young, you feel personally responsible for my safety and well-being. They will be very impressed. Then, you'll take me to dinner at Ciboulettes. (A dressy French restaurant in downtown Atlanta.) I'll also be dressed up, but if my age comes up when you order the Dom Perignon you will convince them that I am old enough. If you don't, you'll let me drink from your glass. If that doesn't work, then I'm going home.'

He shook his head. 'You've got it all planned out, don't you?'

She nodded, a serious expression on her face.
'Yes. That's what I do. I've given it a lot of thought. I think that, if you're going to take a major act of revenge against your wife, it should be done in style, with dignity and ceremony.'

He was amazed at her. Again. 'What? Revenge? What are you...'

She cut him off. 'Oh come on! All the world saw how she was coming on to that baseball guy!'


'Whatever! Now she's delayed her return and you know very well what's going on. That's why you're with me.'

He didn't know what to say. He'd never met anybody like her.

On Monday evening he dressed up in some very expensive clothes. His corn-yellow silk shirt was custom made for him.
The Armani suit, a powder blue color that brought out the blue of his eyes, had set him back at least a couple of grand.
Imported shoes. He looked himself over in the mirror and nodded.
Not bad. Not bad at all. He kept in shape and looked and sounded younger than his actual 43.
He'd always felt that his hold on Jessica, who was only 29, was a tenuous one.
Perhaps, he'd thought, by working out and keeping in shape he'd be better able to keep her. He grinned at his reflection.
So, he told himself, you couldn't keep a 29 year old, so now you're going after a 17 year old! Good thinking, Jason, good thinking!

A woman answered the door.
He could tell right away that she was the mother, and he could see where Melissa got her looks.
The woman was an older version from the same mold.
She greeted him with a vigorous handshake.
'Mr. Sturgess!' She beamed at him.
'LISSA,' she yelled up the stairs, 'Your boss is here.'
Turning back to him, 'Come in, come in, Mr. Sturgess! It's so nice to meet you!'
She led him through a hallway into a living room.
Her husband was in there watching the Monday Night Pregame show.
He was a small man, a bit scrawny looking. He shook Jason's hand and welcomed him to his house.
'So, where's your wife?' he asked.

'Harry!' His wife scolded him.
'That's none of your business!' She turned to him.
'I'm sorry. He gets grumpy when his TV viewing is interrupted.'

Jason saw that she was much younger than her husband.
Was that why, looking at his own history, the man was suspicious of him?
He laughed. 'That's OK, Mrs. Freeman. I understand. if we didn't have this event tonight I'd be watching the game myself.'

'Men!' she muttered, with a smile.
'LISSA! Your boss is here!' She yelled again.
'You can't believe how she's making herself up for this event! It must be very special? She was in the shower for half an hour! But what can you do? The kids today, they know what they want and us older folks can't tell them anything.'

'Oh, you look pretty young yourself, Mrs. Freeman.'

She giggled. 'Thank you, Mr. Sturgess! You hear that Harry? he thinks I look young!'

The man grunted. 'Yeah. I hear him. Perhaps he'll give you a job, too.'

Jason looked at him.
The man really didn't like him. Had he sniffed him out that easily, that early?
He doubted it. The man was just a grouch.
Never one to ignore a challenge, Jason took him on.
He turned to Mrs. Freeman. 'Please, don't explain. If I had a daughter who looked like Melissa I'd be beating the men off with clubs. I understand.'
From the corner of his eye he saw the man give him a piercing look.
He continued. 'That's one reason why I wanted to escort her personally. As her boss I feel its my responsibility to make sure that she's safe.'

'You could have invited us,' Harry Freeman said. 'We would have kept her safe.'

'Harry! It's for the business! Not for parents.'
She looked unhappily at Jason, shrugged. 'LISSA! What's keeping you?'

'It's all right, Mrs. Freeman. I'll go wait in the hall. Let him watch his game.'

She followed him out. 'You can call me Fran, Mr. Sturgess.' Her smile was just like her daughter's, or was it the other way around?

'Thank you, Fran. And you should call me Jason.'

Suddenly the reason for Mr. Freeman's grouchy behavior became clear.
Melissa appeared at the top of the stairs, and Jason caught his breath.
She'd pulled her hair straight back and tied it at the back of her head, from where it cascaded down around her shoulders, emphasizing the lovely, swan-like lines of her neck.
Her face was fully revealed, and it was beautiful.
Her hazel eyes, large and widely spaced, glittered like gems.
She had a touch of red on her cheeks, and a delicate shade of pink on her lips.
Her oval face shone with an inner confidence, an acceptance of her beauty.
She wore a sheer white dress, no more than a slip, of a diaphanous material.
It was cut low in front and the slope of her generous breasts was fully visible.
An emerald brooch, the only jewelry she wore, rode proudly in the hollow of her throat.
The dress was short, ending 3 or 4 inches above the knee, showing off a pair of fabulous legs.
Jason realized that he was staring, almost drooling, and glanced at Fran to see if she was watching him, but she wasn't.
Her eyes were on her daughter, too, and they were filled with pride.

A lot of women would have looked trampy dressed like that, but not Melissa.
She carried herself with an innate dignity that spoke of true femininity and if people found her sexy, then that was their judgment, not hers.
She glided down the stairs, her eyes fixed on Jason's.
She was seeing his emotional responses to her, knew that she was blowing him away, and enjoying every second of it.
She approached him with her hand held out.
'Mr. Sturgess. Boss. How nice of you to come.' She sounded like Eliza Doolittle practicing a proper English accent, with each syllable carefully enunciated.

Fran was paying attention now! Her eyes flew from her daughter to Jason, and back again, a dawning suspicion in them.
Melissa noticed, did nothing to dispel it.
She craned her neck and kissed his cheek, then smiled at her mother.
'I'll spare Daddy the agony of looking at me, so say goodnight for me, won't you? Oh, and don't wait up. As you can see, I'm in good hands.'

In the car, Jason admired her. 'You look sensational, Melissa. No wonder your dad was so suspicious of me.'

'Was he? Poor Dad. He'll get over it.'

'He's quite a bit older than your mom.'

'Yes. I have a half sister who's the same age as my mom.'

'That must be weird.'

'Not really. You grow up with what's around you, and it all seems normal.'

He had the radio tuned to an oldies station and Ella was singing 'Love For Sale.'
Jason's head was already spinning from all that he'd been through so early in the evening, but when Melissa started singing along, and with a very nice voice, he gave up.
'Just how do you know a song like that?'

'Dad plays that old stuff all the time. I grew up with Sinatra and Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis Jr and Ella - all of them.'

He shook his head in amazement. 'You're starting to bug me, young lady.
Just how does somebody as young as you become so mature so..... accomplished?'

She shrugged. 'Who knows? There are things that I just know how to do. I don't know how i know. I just know.'

'Well, whatever the reason, the results are truly special.'

'Thank you.'

The Maitre D' led them to a banquette in a quiet, cozy corner.
He ordered the champagne and watched the waiter carefully.
The man nodded. The question of age never came up.
And why would it? Sure, Melissa looked young, but all grown up. Looking at her, nobody could have suspected that she was only 17.

She ate grilled Hudson Valley foie gras - and pronounced it correctly - with rosti potatoes.
He had the rack of lamb with real mint leaves.
Throughout they sipped their Dom Perignon. He would have thought he'd have nothing in common with her, but she was up to date on world events and had her own point of view on them. China?
They're coming along. Give them time. India and Pakistan? Dangerous.
She wondered why religion was used to create so much hatred.
Nuclear Proliferation Treaty? No good.
Why should the United States - who genuinely lacked aggressive intent and was not interested in the territory of other countries - give up the right to test weapons when people like Saddam would have no such restraints?

After dinner they strolled through Centennial park, arm in arm, talking, and breathing in the crisp October air.
Back in the car, on the way to the office, he asked if she wanted to go through with the plan. Knowing her so much better, and forming respect for her, he was almost regretting what they were about to do. 'We'll see,' she said. 'If you're a good boy....'

When they were out of the down-town area she asked, 'Would you like a road-job?'

'A road-job? What's that?'

'You don't know?'


She leaned over to his side of the car and unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled his penis out.
She put the head in her mouth and gnawed gently on the bulbous ridges while rubbing her tongue across his pisshole. He was instantly erect, and very surprised.
'Hey! You want me to crash this car?' he demanded.

She laughed at him, continued what she was doing.

He pulled into an empty parking lot and got as far from the street as he could.
He gently caressed her neck under her hair. 'I think I'd rather save it for the office,' he told her.

She relinquished her mouthhold and sat up.
'Your pre-cum tastes like almonds,' she told him.
'Want to taste?' She kissed him, pushed her tongue into his mouth.
He could taste something, but didn't think it was almonds.
Forgetting that his right foot was holding the brake pedal down, he turned in his seat to hold her more tightly.
The car lunged into a privet hedge before he reacted and stopped it.
'Jesus H. Christ! Look what you've made me do!'
She was laughing hysterically, laughing at him. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove away in a hurry. 'What the hell you laughing at?'

Between gasps she managed to splutter, ' You should have seen your face! It looked like a big red balloon that had been blown up too much and was ready to pop! Your eyes! They were wide as saucers, and scared!'
He glanced over at her, and registered a lot of impressions all at once.
Funny how the eyes can comprehend something in a flash that takes a lot of words to try to describe!
First, encompassing all the other impressions, was her youth; the young voice bubbling with laughter, the tight skin around her eyes, the uninhibited way she threw her head back, exposing the delicate neck.
Then there was the way she was laughing at him, not yet ground down into the politically correct idea that it's wrong to laugh at somebody, especially right in their face. He watched her flexible young body writhing on the seat, as though it were boneless.
All these perceptions came together and landed in a place inside him that he hadn't even known was there.
It was a soft place, a warm and fuzzy place, a loving place. He looked at her. She had gotten to him, no doubt.

At the office, she jumped out of the car and went around to his side of the car. 'Carry me,' she said.

'What?' He looked around. His building, a two storey metal frame and glass structure, was just one of many in a large office park.
There was a security patrol, but they were not in sight. Lights shone randomly from nearby buildings, but he couldn't see any people inside.

'I said, carry me! What kind of a knight are you, anyway!' She was indignant.

He got it.
She was playing a game, and expected him to play it with her.
He was to be her knight in shining armor, she the fair maiden in need of saving or freeing or something.
'Yes, my lady! Right away!' He swooped her up in his arms and walked into the building, unlocking the door while holding her.
He pushed the door shut with his foot and locked it again. He looked at the stairs. 'Do I have to carry you up the stairs, too?'

'Of course!' She was laughing at him again, but she clung to him and arranged her weight so that she would be easier to carry.

'I see. The gallant knight has rescued the damsel from the alligator infested swamp down here and is even now carrying her to safety in the hills above.'

She kissed him. 'Yes. You are my gallant knight, and I will have to find a way to reward you.'

Upstairs was where the executive offices were, including Jessica's, which was right next to his own.
These offices were more like cubicles, with half walls and glass tops. There were no secrets at Sturgess - at least, not until tonight! he shouldered the door to Jessica's office open and carried Melissa inside.
He was puffing noticeably now and almost dropped her.
She got her feet on the floor quickly and steadied herself, then stamped one of them angrily.
'Why have you brought here?' She demanded.

He was mystified. 'What?'

'Why have you brought me here, to the den of the wicked witch?'

'What?' He was becoming angry himself.

Without the least warning she hauled off and slapped him, hard.
'To think I trusted you! What a fool I was! What a cold, hard hearted thing you have done! To bring me here, into the cave of the evil witch herself! Have you no decency?'
She seemed ready to slap him again. She was really into this role! Jason decided he'd better get into his role fast! His mind working rapidly, he came up with a plan.
'Forgive me, your ladyship! I neglected to tell you that I have the antidote!'

She looked suspicious. 'The antidote? What antidote?'

'I dug it up myself! With my bare hands I invaded the crypt of the dead wizard and brought out the books he'd taken with him.
It took ten thousand professors working night and day for two years to crack the code, but they did it! We now know the secret of the witch's power! And we have the antidote.'

She seemed to soften. 'Let me know the nature of this antidote. Is it a potion, a spell, a curse?'

'No. It turns out that the witch first captured the power by the use of, um, a certain part that resides in the warm area between her legs.'

'I see. And the name of this resident is?'

'Well. Um, it has many names, really.'

'Can you name one?' Her impatience was growing.

'Yes, well. Um, pussy. Yes, that would be one of the names. Pussy.'

She seized on the word, shouted it loud.
'Pussy? Is that the antidote? Ten thousand professors worked night and day for two years to come up with pussy?'
He stepped back from her, fearful that she was ready to slap him again. man, she really was into this!

'Yes, ladyship! But listen to the wisdom of the wizard. He said the key that locks the door is also the key that opens it.
As the wicked witch used her pussy to capture the power, the secret to releasing it is - pussy!'

'I see.' She seemed unconvinced. 'This wicked witch, she actually has a pussy?'


'And you know this from personal experience?'

He hesitated, not sure what she'd do to him.
'Yes,' he got out, ready to jump away from her.

'Hmph!' She snorted. 'That explains how you are able to touch the witch without having your body turn to dust.'

'Why, yes! That's probably true.' he was relieved that she hadn't attacked him again.

'And the name of this witch, her ral name is?'

He didn't like this.
Calling his wife a witch in the abstract seemed almost OK, but making it specific was an attack on her, and on their relationship.
He came to the understanding that Melissa wanted to push Jessica aside and move into her place.
He hesitated. She kicked his shins, hard. He broke role. 'Hey, that hurt! Cut that out, now!'

She ignored his outburst. 'The name of this witch is?' There was an angry warning light in her eyes. He might be weak enough to break role, but not her.

It seemed that if he wanted to fuck her - and he wanted to fuck her - he would have to get back in role and play with her. 'Jessica.' He hung his head.

'Je sick a.' She separated each syllable. 'And this Je sick a, she has a pussy powerful enough to capture the wizard's power?'

He really didn't like where the game was going. 'All right,' he said. 'Let's quit this now. If you want to go home, that's OK.'

She broke role. 'What's the matter with you? Why are you protecting her?'

'What? What are you talking about?'

'Oh please! Give me a break! You saw her! We all saw her!
Coming on to that baseball player like that! Do you think we're blind? And she's not home yet? There's no mystery as to what she's doing with that guy!'

'Basketball. He was a basketball player.'

'Whatever! I can't believe you're trying to protect her!
Why did you want to fuck me on her desk?
You know exactly what she's doing! Why are you with me at all?'

She had him. Everything she said was true.
And, dear God! She was beautiful when she was angry! he reached for her, wanting to hold her.
She slapped him again, back in her role.
'This je sick a, she has a pussy powerful enough to capture the wizard's power?'


'And you think I might have a pussy equal to, or greater than, hers?'

'It's possible.'

'But you don't know, do you?'

'Well, I've had a brief....:'

'Should you not inspect the prospective pussy?'

'Why yes! Yes, of course I should!'
This was much better! He lifted the hem of her dress. it didn't have far to go, and he soon saw that her legs went straight up to her bare pussy, unimpeded by panties.
He flattened out some fingers and pressed them against her pussy.


'It seems pleasantly plump,' he said.
He parted her lips, put a finger between them. 'And moist. Juicy.'

'And what of the aroma?'

He pushed her dress up over her hips, freeing his other hand.
He knelt in front of her and pushed his nose into her pussy.
'Hmmmm,' he said appreciatively.
'What a beautiful bouquet!' He poked a tongue between her lips, swirled it around.
'Ahh, yes. Full bodied, with a smoky texture and a hint of berries. Earthy. Delicious!'
He pushed harder, opened her up and rubbed his tongue over her clitoris.
She leaned back against the desk and groaned.
'Do you think it powerful enough to release the power?' Her voice was reedy, full of passion.

'Oh yes, your ladyship! It is a flower of great beauty and delicacy, and yet robust enough to the task at hand.'

'I see. And what is the task at hand?'

'Why, my lady, it is to apply the antidote to the wicked witch!'

She was thrusting against his face, her body already caught up in the rhythm of sex. 'Ah yes. The antidote! How will we do that?'

He stood up and released his raging penis.
'Your pussy is the antidote, and this is the key!
By placing the key within the pussy, the power will be released!'

'Time is fleeting, my knight! Apply the key, now!'

Jason needed no urging.
Opening her up with his fingers he rubbed the head of his penis between her lips, lubricating it with her juices. 'You are very wet, my lady.'
He pushed the head in, waited a moment, absorbing the sensations. Yes, her pussy truly was wonderful. Warm and wet, and snug. He lifted her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. She wore no bra, and her beautiful breasts swung free. He hunched his back so that he could reach them with his mouth.
He felt the nipple growing, hardening as he sucked it.
Melissa was pushing her pussy at him, trying to get him in deeper.
He lay her back on the desk with her butt on the edge and, still standing, began ramming into her.
It turned out that the desk was the perfect height for him and he was able to perform with strength and speed. Remembering how she'd slapped and kicked him, he decided to give her a little of the rough treatment and began ramming up against her clitoris as hard as he could.
She didn't take it as punishment, though, and the volume of her breathing and grunting increased greatly.

'Fuck me, my gallant knight! Fuck me hard!'

He was able, this time, to keep it going for many minutes before he felt the swell of his cum boiling up below his balls.
'Are you ready to cum?' He asked her.

'Yes! Yes! Put your fingers on my clit! Hard, damnit!'
Her body writhed under him, working in great determined thrusts.
He squeezed her clitoris and banged away as hard and as fast as he could.
He became aware of the noises they were making; the hard, deep breathing, the slapping of flesh on flesh, and flesh on wood; the grunting and moaning and gasping; it all combined to create a symphony of lust unbridled. he couldn't hold it any longer.
'I'm cumming!' he gasped.

'Me too!' She spoke fast, breathlessly. 'Me too! Here it commmmmmmessssssss!'
She started wailing and her body went rigid.
Her grip on his arms was unbelievably strong.
The orgasmic spasms engulfed him, and he joined her in shouting out his release. He collapsed on top of her, and they lay there, gasping for breath, feeling their passions run out of their bodies.
After a while she pulled his lips to hers. 'That was fantastic,' she told him. 'That was the best fuck I ever had.'

As their tongues played in each others' mouths, he felt himself heating up again.
She made a noise of appreciation as she felt him growing inside her too. 'Let's go do it on my desk,' she said. 'That way, when I'm working, I can see us together, and get a thrill.'

He picked her up and, still inside her, carried her down the stairs and into the data entry area.
'I want to be on top,' she told him.
'And get those clothes off!'
Naked, he positioned himself on her desk and she climbed up onto him. She had all kinds of moves.
Sideways. Rotating. Up and down. Backwards and forwards.
Her face gradually became more flushed as she built her pleasure and became hotter and hotter. He could feel the juices running out of her and onto his stomach and down between his legs.
He didn't care.
The sweet velvety feel of her cunt surrounding his cock was all he wanted.
Presently she built up speed and began to grind on him, rubbing her clitoris on his mons. He could feel the tip of his penis hitting her uteris, he was so deep inside her.
'Oh Jason! I'm cumming again! I'm cumming! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!'
He felt her pussy gripping him tight as she came and it caused him to cum too.
She lay down on his body, kissing his face, his neck, his eyes, his nose.
'You are a fabulous lover,' she told him, smiling sweetly in his face.
He wanted to believe that she meant it, but his experience with other women told him that women never say things like that.
At least, not to him. Yet, he had been good! He had lasted quite well, especially considering how tight her little cunt was.
And he'd gotten it up twice! It had been a while since he'd been able to do that!
Perhaps she hadn't had many lovers, and the ones she'd had had been green boys who didn't know what to do? yeah. That was probably it.

He went back upstairs to get her dress and noticed the wet stains on Jessica's desk.
He turned to go get some towels from the bathroom, but changed his mind.
Let her find them! She should know that she was not the only one who could cheat!

He dropped her off at her house, where she kissed him passionately again.
'Good night, my good knight,' she told him and slipped through the door.

Jason worried on his way home.
The girl was very young. If their affair became public, he could be disgraced.
He really should not meet her like that again.
But how could he resist? She was the brightest, most enjoyable thing he'd ever had in his whole life! He would exercise caution, and be discreet. Very, very discreet. And what of Jessica?

This is a new age, he thought.
Old values aren't working so good any more.
Perhaps they could work something out? She had her lover, and he had his.
Other people had open marriages. Yes! He'd give it a shot.
Confront her, and then confess his own affair, but without revealing who. he felt better.
But first, he wanted her to notice the spot on her desk, and let her work it out. Then he'd confront her.

He slept well that night, thinking that life could be wonderful.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Business (Part 6)

by Mally Stewart written for Camilla.

Things seemed strange when Jessica got home to Atlanta.
She had to allow that she herself was irretrievably changed and, allowing for that, things were still strange.
Her husband Jason seemed happy that she was home, but there seemed to be an underground current emanating from him.
It almost seemed that rather than being happy with her, he was secretly laughing at her. His smile was almost a smirk.

Her torrid affair with Marshal Williams was still all over her.
She was sore in several places.
She'd iced her lips during the flight back from Miami because they were visibly puffy and she didn't want her husband to see them that way.
The feel, the taste and smell of Marshall was burned into her cells and she feared that she would be unable to hide anything from Jason. Mostly she feared making love to him.
She'd heard - girl talk - that a big penis could stretch a vagina out and that if a man was reasonably perceptive he could tell right away.
True or not, she had no idea, but along with the pleasures she'd enjoyed came the fear of being found out and the consequent necessity of being guarded and careful.
Apart from that, in a weird way she felt a need to be faithful to Marshall.
She understood that her thoughts and feelings were not logical - they just were there and had to be dealt with.
Strange, to think that making love to her husband would be cheating on her lover!
Fortunately, he went to sleep early and was already gone when she awoke.

There was a strange atmosphere at the office too.
When she got to her desk she definitely smelled the odors of sex.
At first she thought she was having a flashback, but no, the smell was there on her desk!
Somebody had been screwing on her desk!
She was outraged!
Who would have the nerve to do such a thing?
Surreptitiously she looked around, looking for what she didn't know for sure, but felt she would know it when she saw it.
Was anybody reacting differently to her? Were there any hidden smiles? That made her think of Jason's smirk, and she felt herself flushing with anger.
Who else would have the nerve - or even the opportunity - to screw somebody on her desk?
The more she thought about it, the more certain she became that her suspicion was justified.
But with who? Somebody from the office?
Someone he'd picked up while she was gone? One of her friends?
Oh God, she hoped it wasn't one of her friends!

Her head was popping with ideas and images. Her emotions whipped her into feeling sick.
She went to find Jason to tell him she wasn't feeling well and was going home.
She found him in the data entry area, talking to that new red-headed girl whose name she couldn't remember.
They stopped talking when she appeared.
Jason had an almost insolent look on his face and the girl ..... no, the girl was much too young for Jason.
It couldn't be her.
The look on Jason's face, though, hardened the suspicion that he was the one.

She admonished herself on the way home.
How could she be pointing a finger at Jason, based on sheer speculation, when she herself had indulged herself so thoroughly?
She thought of Marshall and felt herself heating up.
Had she fallen in love with the man, or simply in lust? She didn't know, only knew that she missed him and wanted him.
She thought about it.
Taking a man into your body was quite a thought.
The whole process, from initial interest and attraction, to the closing of distance between the man and the woman, from distance to touching, from touching to pressing, from kissing and manual manipulations and heated cells secreting lubricating liquids designed to facilitate the entry, the complete take-over of the logical brain by the sensations produced by mutual thrustings followed by the Pavlovian reactions that caused her to thrash about, whimpering and moaning, building up to the gigantic release of orgasm, to the man's liquids spurting up inside her and bathing her insides with the hot little DNA packages called sperm, and then the peaceful descent into a relaxed feeling of accomplishment - a joint accomplishment with her lover - and the warm loving feeling towards that lover.
She shuddered, thinking about it.

What was it about sex that could so wrap a woman up in a man, while it didn't seem to have the same power over the man?
Men were dogs, no doubt. Were they biologically programmed to plant their seed in every available receptacle? It sure seemed so.
Look at Jason. The moment her back was turned he was screwing somebody else, and on her desk too! That was a direct insult, she realized.
With Marshall in mind, she wondered if she should worry about Jason; try to take this further and find out who he'd been screwing?
If they were headed for divorce it might be handy to know shuch a thing.
Divorce? The word shocked her.
The thought had never come up before.

'Whoah!' she told herself. Divorce?
That brought a whole new perspective to things. Was Jason that bad of a husband?
No. He'd always treated her well.
Would Marshall be a good husband?
The thought caused her to laugh out loud.
Should she be like Hillary and hang in there with her man, no matter what?
Keep Marshall as a side dish, a very spicy dish all the more delicious for being rare?
She nodded. Yup. That made more sense.
Having reconciled herself to her current situation she felt better, but not yet entirely. She DID want to know who Jason had been screwing.

In their bedroom, she lay down on the bed and thought about the days and nights with Marshall.
She thought about how their first kiss had made her so hot that, from that moment, there was no possibility of resisting.
She grinned as she remembered that up until that moment she was sure that nothing much would happen between them.
What had happened? Marshall was not the first man to kiss her.
His tongue was not the first to pierce her lips, his fingers were not the first to squeeze her nipples, nor was he the first man she'd felt growing against her body.
Why this man? Why that kiss? Why his tongue?
What about him had rendered her suddenly unwilling to resist, demanding to receive him into her body?

As though acting on their own volition her fingers crept up the inside of her leg. She remembered how Marshall had pushed her panties aside and caressed her with his tongue and fingers.
Her fingers repeated the performance and soon she was in the throes of a ripping orgasm.
With sudden inspiration she knelt over Jason's pillow and as the juices flowed out of her she rubbed her cunt all over it.

When she'd calmed down she sniffed the pillow.
Yup. The funk was there. She made the bed and took a cold shower.
Whatever Jason's reaction would be, she was sure it would be interesting, and expected that it would give her the opportunity of questioning him about who he'd been screwing.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Business (Part 5)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla.

Marshall took her shopping.
They were going to 'do the town' and he wanted her dressed appropriately.
He dismissed her protests with a quiet insistence.
He liked a delicate pink dress that was little more than a slip that clung to her body at every curve.
She felt practically naked. He bought it and ignored her thank you's.
They went back to the hotel and made love until near midnight, when he decided it was time to to get ready for their night out.
She continued to be surprised at the magnitude and frequency of her sexual appetite, to say nothing of Marshall's.
She was on fire for him and willingly loved him in every way he wanted. At first she was shy to ask him for favors, but after she realized that he was as hot for her as she was for him, she shed all her hang-ups and let him know exactly what she wanted. They were drenched in sex. Body, mind, bed, room - it was all about sex.

Marshall showed her a wonderful time.
He knew the Miami night scene well, and everywhere they went he was welcomed and celebrated, and she with him.
She was accustomed to being treated with a certain degree of importance in the places she frequented, but it was nothing like this.
They dined in elegant splendor, joined by important people who discussed serious subjects with them, who acted as though their opinions counted.
As instructed, she wore no panties, and he idly played with her under the table while talking about the implications of Russian money-laundering.
They went to a dance club and Marshall instructed her in the nuances of hip-hop with a Latin flavor.
Hot and sweaty, they made love in the Men's Room with her pushed up against the sawn-off stall door, ignoring the comings and goings of others. They went to a comedy club and laughed themselves silly.
Finally, at four in the morning, they crawled into her funky bed and she fell asleep with him buried deep inside her.

On Sunday morning a maid woke her up, offering to clean the room and make the bed.
She declined. She liked the bed the way it was with all the spots and smells reminding them of the passions they'd shared.
They went out for brunch, followed by a long, leisurely walk on the beach, then back to the room and into the bed.
She was feeling soreness by now, but the sexual fire that burned in her was so intense that the pain blended into the other sensations and added to them, bringing her to new highs.

Dimly she wondered why Jason hadn't called and ironically wondered if he was out cheating on her. "Your wife doesn't call you?" She asked.


"Why not?"

"She knows I'm busy."

"Busy making love?"

He snorted. "No, of course not."

"What would she do if she found out about us?"

He shrugged. "She'd be pissed, I can tell you that."

"Is she a jealous type?"

"No, not at all. She's very secure."

"What would you do if you found out she was screwing some guy in a hotel room?"

"I'd kill him."

"Really? How interesting!" She was hurt. She'd begun to think of herself as THE woman in his life.
"You realize I'll be making love to my husband when I go home?"

He was silent for a while. "Yeah. I've thought about that."


"I'm not happy about it."

"But you'll be making love to your wife, too."

"Yeah. I guess so."

"And God knows how many others whose asses are yours forever."

"No, Baby. You've ruined all that for me." He pronounced 'ruined' to rhyme with 'burnt' - 'rurnt'.


"Right! Rurnt!"

Jessica felt let down.
The thought of Marshall with another woman - even though she was his wife - depressed her.
As their time together drew to a close she felt it more and more. "When will I see you again?" she asked.

"I'll have to see about making another deal with your company." He smiled. "I'm going to be spending a lot of money!"

"Make it soon!"

"I will, Lady Mine, I will."

Jason Sturgess thought about it for all of one minute, then pulled his rolodex up and looked up the phone number of Melissa Freeman the red-head.
It turned out she still lived at home and Jason had to explain to her mother that he was the boss and needed her to come in and work.

"But it's Sunday!" The mother protested.

"I can call someone else," Jason said, making his voice sound bored.
"There are people who want to get ahead in the company." She got the message and put her daughter on the phone pronto.

Jason was wondering how old Melissa was when she came on the line. "Hello?" She was a little breathless, excited and nervous.

"Miss Freeman, I'm sorry to call you on a Sunday, but something's come up and I could use your help in the office. Of course, you'll be paid....."

"Oh, I'll be happy to help, Mr. Sturgess! When do you want me?"

"Good. I appreciate that. Come in as soon as you can, please." He liked the way the words 'want me' sounded.

His business was large enough that there was always work waiting to be done.
He arranged some folders that were reasonably important and, when she came in, he put her to work on them, but not before taking in the way she looked.
She was really young, he realized, when he saw how tight her skin was around her hazel eyes.
She wore a plain dress of forest green that complemented her hair.
She had the most beautiful head of red hair he'd ever seen.
He couldn't help but comment on it. "Irish?" he asked, plainly admiring her hair.

"No. Jewish," she responded, her eyes looking for reaction.

He nodded. How had he missed that?
There was nothing Jewish about her appearance.
Her nose was straight and quite small. Cute, in fact. Nose job? he wondered.
Her skin had that northern European look, pale and delicate, with pink touches at the cheeks and around the ears. He shrugged mentally. It didn't matter.
He left her to get on with the work, then, at 12.30, announced that it was lunch time, and would she honor him with her presence?
She blushed charmingly. She admired his Porsche, and otherwise sat quietly as he drove to a restaurant on Pharr.

Jason ordered for both of them. She refused his offer of wine, softly saying she wasn't old enough.
He should have realized that she was definitely not 21! "Just how old are you, exactly?"

"Seventeen," she answered self-consciously."

"Seventeen," he said, his eyes all over her. "You are very mature, Melissa. I had no idea."

She grinned happily. "How old did you think I was?"

"Oh, twenty one, at least!"

She blushed brightly, looked down.

"You finished high school, right?" He frowned.

"Oh yes! I'm going to school nights. Business Administration."

"Is that right? I really admire that. A woman like you could go far in this company."

After that she was not so tense with him, and he caught her looking at him with very interested eyes.
She quickly looked away, but it was too late.
On the way back to the office he casually put his arm on her shoulder. "I don't know what's happening to me," he said, "But I find myself terribly attracted to you." He glanced over to catch her reaction.
She was surprised and pleased. He pulled his arm away, not wanting to rush it.
"I'm sorry!" he sounded contrite. "I don't know what came over me!"

"No, it's OK," she told him.
He wished she'd say more, but she didn't. It was up to him.

"Did you ever wonder what it is that causes some people to be attracted to each other?
I mean, why isn't every man attracted to every woman? Why just that one particular woman?
Do you think it's a mysterious unknown connection that happens, one that sends a message to the cells of your body and starts a process of heating up and making a complete and utter ass of yourself! Huh? Do you think?"

She laughed at him, turning to face him. "That's not what I heard," she said.

Now he was pleased. At last! Spontaneous conversation! "And what did you hear?"

"I heard that men ARE attracted to all women, and it's up to us girls to maintain order amongst the primitives."

It was his turn to laugh. The girl had spunk! "And your body doesn't receive mysterious signals that warm you up and make you want to throw off your clothes and jump on somebody?"

"Well. Maybe if it were Brad Pitt."

"Brad Pitt!" He was outraged. "You'd jump on Brad Pitt? Give up your.. er..."

"Virginity? What makes you think I'm a virgin?"

"I know it's none of my business but, since you brought it up, are you?"

"You're right," she told him.
"That is none of your business." The words were harsh, but not the tone.
She was still smiling at him, and blushing furiously.

He pulled up in front of the office building.
"Well," he sighed, "Time to get back to work!"

Sitting in his office he fought the urge to be with her, to play with her, to seduce her.
He'd planned on seducing her, a simple slam bang thank you ma'am kind of thing, a nice severance check at the end of the month and sayanara!
Now he wasn't so sure.
Affinity had developed, and affinity is hard to betray.
He wanted her, no doubt, but in a different way. He kicked himself mentally, told himself that he was getting soft.

Around 3.30 he couldn't keep away. He went to the data entry area where she was diligently working and reviewed what she'd done. He nodded his head in approval.
"You've done a lot more than I expected," he told her. "I'm going to reward you with a visit to my club, where you can get a massage and relax in the sauna, and then I'll buy you dinner.
How's that sound?"

She smiled. He noticed how wide her mouth was, how kissable her lips.
"Sounds great! I'll call my mom and tell her not to expect me home for dinner."

He overheard her telling her mother not to worry.
There were a lot of 'Yes Mom's' and 'I know Mom's' and patient sighs.
Her mother was warning her about the married man, he knew.
The older, experienced man. The man who was her boss, who held her future in his hands. Potentially.

He took it as a signal.
She knew who and what he was even before her mother warned her.
She certainly had to know what he expected of her. Yet, she was going with him. It was a signal, had to be!

She hung up, shook her head. "She warned you about me?"

"Of course."

"Said I was a married man, not to be trusted."

"Mmm hmm."

"Told you there's just one thing I want from you."


"And what if she's right?"

"I'm a big girl now."

He pondered her answer.
Ambiguous. A big girl, meaning that she could do what she wanted?
Or, that she could take care of herself? Women! His club was special.
He and Melissa were ushered into an area that looked like a hotel suite.
An attendant took her into one of the rooms, where she was helped out of her clothes and into a shower. The attendant sponged her down, then dried her off.
She was shown to a massage table, where she lay down, naked, and a large fluffy towel was placed over her. The attendant left.
Soft music was playing.
She relaxed. A muscular woman came in, nodded briefly, and began massaging her.
The woman played no favorites, and ignored no part of her either.
Everything got worked on, including her butt cheeks and even her breasts, but so matter-of-factly that it seemed perfectly normal and strangely non-sexual.
The woman told her to drink lots of water and left.

Jason found her still on the massage table. He handed her the robe and watched passively as she pulled it over her beautiful body.
He led her to the sauna, and sat her down on one of the wooden benches.
She found it dangerously hot, but he told her to relax - her body would get used to it.
They were the only people in there.
He sat next to her, his face turned to watch her.
"You are amazingly beautiful," he told her when she was becoming uncomfortable with his stare.
He stood up and removed his robe, hanging it on a peg next to the door.
He felt her looking him over.
He was in good shape, and felt proud of his body. He was nicely muscled.
He held his hand out, indicating that she should hand over her robe.
"You'll be very uncomfortable in that robe," he told her.
"Don't worry, it's very normal. Here, take this towel and cover yourself, if you're embarrassed."

He made no effort to look away as she pulled the robe off.
She took her time, teasing him, giving him a show.
Being a decisive man, he went to her, approaching quickly, and pulled her body to his.
She was hot and sweaty, as was he.
He held her head in his hands and kissed her, preventing her from backing away.
Not that she did.
Within seconds he was parting her labial lips and entering her.
She was as hot as he, and they made passionate love on the hot planks of the sauna room.
He came too quickly, and was full of apologies.
"Don't worry about it," she told him. "You can satisfy me with your mouth."

He looked at her, not believing he'd heard her properly.
She lay back with her knees raised, her legs spread.
"Kiss me, Boss. Kiss me right here, and kiss me now!"

He wasn't a great fan of cunnilingus, one thing that made Jessica angry.
But how could he resist this?
Her cunt was delicately shaded from white through several degrees of pink to deep red.
It was lightly haired with strawberry colored pubes.
She opened herself with her fingers, egging him on.
He fell upon her like a starving wolf.
Tongue and fingers probed.
Teeth nibbled. Lips kissed and sucked.
Soon she was bucking like a rodeo bronco, he hanging on to her legs and continuing to stimulate her as best he could.
She screamed out as her orgasm finally rolled through her body.
She pulled Jason up to her and kissed him greedily.

They swam in a cold pool, then dressed and went out to dinner.
She was a changed person - suddenly a woman, not a girl with him any more.

"Before I take you home," he said when they'd finished eating, "Can I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

"I'd like to fuck you in the office. On Jessica's desk."

She giggled. "Oh boy! You are a bad boy!'

"And you'll be my bad girl?"

She gave him a speculative look. It took her a while to answer. "What would she say about that?"

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

She took a deep breath.
"All right." She whispered it against his ear. "I'll fuck you while you fuck your wife, if that makes you happy."

He shook his head.
"No, You and I will be fucking, but for my wife, it's just business. Just business."