Monday, June 30, 2008

Dads Lesson

Written by Just Looking (June 2000)

Tim couldnt believe his luck.
He'd landed a date with Marci, a hot, full bodied red head from his high school class. They were both seniors, and Tim had been looking for an opportunity to take a shot at Marci since they were freshmen.

The evening had gone well, they went to a movie then for ice cream. His parents were out, not expected back until after 1AM, so he suggested that they go to his house and watch TV. They settled in on the couch, all the lights off, just the glow from the TV lighting the room.

Tim had been half hard all evening, a couple of times giving way to a full blown erection that had threatened to explode in his pants. But being a virgin himself, he was unsure as to how to proceed. Marci, it was rumored, was far from a virgin, but very selective about who she engaged in sexual activity with. As they sat watching a somewhat torrid movie on HBO, Tim glanced over at Marci's tight t-shirt top.

The rounded neckline teased the top of her cleveage. She had huge firm breasts, a luscious figure. Tim was starting to get hard again, and this time he was determined to get the relief he needed. He slipped his arm around Marci's shoulders, pulled her close and kissed her.

She did not resist. They kissed longer and deeper, with Tim's cock throbbing at the mere pressure of her breasts against his chest. When she broke away from him to turn on the couch, he glanced down and was horrified to see a huge bulge outlined in his jeans.
He quickly looked up to see Marci staring at it too, with a little half smile on her face. He could not believe his luck! He said, "Oh God, Marci, i need you so badly".
She said in a husky voice, "Let me see what you've got in there Tim".

He was momentarily struck dumb, not knowing what to do next. Marci flipped off her snug tshirt, revealing a lavendar lace bra, her nipples large and protruding. Tim scrambled ot his feet, quickly stripped off his jeans, revealing a massive mound in his briefs. To his horror, a wet spot was starting to show on the front. Marci reached up and in one movement slid them down to his ankles, and his far, red, dripping cock sprang out like a rocket.

She laughed, and Tim thought that it was not a nice laugh. He quickly sat back down on the couch, his cock standing at atention, unwilling to be hidden away by his hands. Marci started to rub her breasts, pinch her nipples, watching Tim's face redden, his cock strain.
"What is it you want me to do Tim" she asked tauntingly.
"Uh... oh god Marci, just touch it, please?".
"Touch it?!" she snorted. You are pitiful. I bet you've never even had a woman touch your sorry little dick before, have you?".

Tim was mortified, what was he going to do? He was preciously close to cumming all over himself, something he did not want Marci to see.

"Oh please, Marci, just touch it. Once, jsut let me feel what it's like? Oh please???" He was practically crying.
He just needed her soft silky hand to stroke the head of his swollen raging cock and he could cum.
Marci laughed again and mocked him "Please?? Oh please?? Touch my weenie, please touch my little weenie!!" she stood up to leave, when the door burst open and the lights flashed on.
Everyone froze in place as Tim, Marci and his parents stood staring at each other.
Tim seemed not to realize that he was standing ther in front of his parents with a rock hard dripping cock in his hand.
His mother stiffled a scream. "Margaret? Leave this room immediately" his father ordered.
"But Frank...." she stammered.
"JUST LEAVE" be barked.

She backed out of the room and shut the door behind her, running up the stairs. Marci was the first to move, reaching for her tshirt laying on the floor.
"Freeze young lady" Frank said, his voice horse and thick with lust.
Marci's eyes bulged. "But Mr. Smith..."
"Shut up you slut!" he barked again.
"Dad..." Tim started to speak up for Marci.
"You shut up too you miserable loser! Look at you? Sitting there with your cock in your hand beggin her to touch it. What are you stupid??"
"And you", he turned to Marci, "how dare you come in here and cock tease my son? Is this how you get your jollies? Well let me show you how real men get their jollies young lady!"

With that, Tim's father unbuckled his belt, and dropped his jeans in one motion.
Tim moaned in disbelief and his father's massive cock was displayed underneath his briefs.
Marci gasped and said "You can't!!! I will tell my father!"

Mr. Smith let out a cruel laugh, "Tell him what? That you were sitting here in the dark with my son with no shirt on teasing him as he jerked off?? Yeah, go tell your father."

He walked toward her and in one quick turn had Marci on her stomach, over the wide arm of the family room couch, her legs spread on either side of the arm. He held her down with one hand, slid up her skirt with the other. Her silk panties were wet and had a clearly visable wet stain on the crotch.

"Yup, just what i thought", Mr. Smith said, "You need some lessons in how to behave like a real woman!"

With no further ado, he slid her panties down, slipped his huge throbbing member out of his briefs and positioned it at the lips of her swollen, slippery pussy.

Tim could not believe what was happening. Marci was sobbing, squirming, trying to get up, but was no match for Mr. Smith's strength.
Tim felt his cock pulsating in his hand, he felt a mixture of sexual pleasure and deep humiliation.

"Now, son, this is how you tame a wild woman!" With that he thrust his huge member swiftly and roughly into Marci's pussy.
She let out a shriek as his cock head banged against the top of her cunt, and his girth filled her whole inside.

"Stop Stop!" she screamed to no avail. Tim's dad was lost in the moment, his eyes glazed over, his balls drawing up to his cock. "This is how a man fucks a woman, son" he growled. He pounded his cock into her driopping cunt over and over and over. Tim could stand it no more.
Just as Marci turned to look to him for help, his cock exploded into his hand, gobs of white cum running down his fist and soiling the couch. And she saw the whole thing! Tim's dad made short work of Marci.

With a roar he reared back and slid almost all the way out, then slammed into her with such force her head banged against the back of the couch. He moaned long and deep as his hot juices spurted into the sobbing girl, running out of her pussy and down her legs.

He removed himself after the last spurt, and stood ther with his spent cock dripping onto the floor. Tim was humiliated, Marci even more so. She pulled her skirt down around her hips, gathered up her tshirt and ran from the house. Tim's father looked down and saw her silk panties in a heap where he had tossed them.

Smirking, he picked them up and threw them into Tim's face.

"Here, clean yourself up with these. You're a mess, son."

The End

Taste of Pussy

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Long Affair

Written by Damian (June 2000)

Their office affair had gone beyond what they each initially expected.
At first they each thought it would last for a few months and end, as they were each married and knew that their prior obligations prevented anything further. But now it had gone on for four years. Each was now so comfortable with the other that they could hardly imagine life any other way.

Their age difference meant nothing; the danger of the relationship meant nothing. If anything, they would risk everything to protect what had developed between them over the years. They were totally at ease with one another. They had each thought things between them would eventually cool, they instead had become better, it was now almost impossible for them to keep their hands off one another, and their rendezvous were looked to with excited anticipation. They needed one another as they had never needed another.

In the last six months their hunger for each other spiraled dangerously, despite all the distractions that entered their lives, or maybe because of them. Any day that they were in each others physical presence resulted in some kind of sexual contact or conversation, usually both.

On days that they were separated, they spoke on the phone, conversations filled with sexual overtones and double entendres. There was even an occasional weekend call, a practice that was strictly forbidden in their attempt to keep the secret. He reflected on this as he lay on the couch in the lake house, his head in her lap, as they both stared quietly into the fire.

He wore only a pair of gray sweat pants, she an oversized L.L. Bean chamois shirt. Their sparse dress left them comfortably warm despite the cold upstate New York March weather outside because the little wood stove that provided all the charm of a fireplace also contributed the warmth of a high efficiency-heating unit. In fact, the problem with the stove was that it could get too hot, the temperature now hovered around eighty degrees.

They had arrived about five after an odyssey of a business trip, squeezing two stops into one day, thereby earning a free day together. Their spouses were informed that there was more business the next day, but they planned to sleep in late and simply enjoy one another on this rare occasion.

On arrival around six, he went through his preparation ritual, started the fire, turned on the hot water, cleared away snow, carried in the luggage and firewood, and generally transformed the camp from a semi frozen meat locker into the warm outpost in the wilderness that was his favorite place in the world, made all the more perfect by her presence.

She sat huddled on the couch as the fire took hold and the temperature rose through the forties to a more bearable sixty. In front of the fire, though, wrapped in a blanket, the house was already amazingly comfortable even for someone with her aversion to the cold. She watched him scurrying about, admiring his still trim and athletic figure, the way he moved and the precision in which he went about his tasks.

She knew he would refuse any offers of help, so she sat still, fantasizing to herself about how good she would feel as his cock slipped into her for the first time tonight, how she could relax by giving herself to him, how she would feel as he came into her with the enthusiasm that she so enjoyed receiving, that he would exhibit in no other context than with her.

She had spent long periods of time contemplating the effect that this man had on her. It was not as if he was her first lover, or even the emancipating second love. Once she reached college she had been extremely sexually active. In the days before AIDS, in the free and easy late seventies and early eighties she had many men, so many that she was not really sure if she could recall all of the names.

There had been one night stands that she tried to forget, short affairs, liaisons with leading men in the theater group she was in, sometimes even something more meaningful. She now realized that most of these relationships had to do with her own self esteem, that she so much wanted to be wanted at that vulnerable time. She had been rejected by men, she had rejected men. But all of these men, including her husband, had never had the effect on her that this man had.

When he entered a room, her first thought was one of amazement that she could have him, that he was hers for the taking. Her second reaction would be physical; she would feel the wetness in her pussy preparing her to satisfy her intense craving for him. If they were out in public she would scan the room and reach the invariable conclusion that he was the most desirable man there. If she could choose anyone, she would choose him.

Not only that, but he was the only one for whom she would have sexual daydreams. In his presence she often had trouble getting her mind to focus on anything but taking off his clothes. She had never felt such things before, and at first thought herself weird, insane, somehow possessed. It was only when he described similar feelings for her that she felt better, although she still attributed such thoughts to men, not women.

The sex had been unbelievable for her from the first. Early in their relationship she had been so nervous, so insecure, that she had not allowed herself to enjoy him fully. But she came to crave the kiss he would give to her neck, the way he stroked her cheek, his tongue running over and around her nipples; she knew he was something special to her, that they had some kind of connection that she had never before experienced. She knew that as soon as she psychologically surrendered to him she would never be able to resist him. And when she did, she knew she had been right.

For almost five years she had been having orgasms that she had previously only imagined as being possible. She knew she would give herself to him anywhere and, in fact, she had given herself to him everywhere, cars, elevators, bathrooms, offices, hotels, boats, trains, dormitory rooms, his house, her house, inside, outside. But of all the places this was the one that she most enjoyed. Here in the off season they were absolutely safe, absolutely alone, and could absolutely concentrate their attentions on one another.

And here she sat, waiting for him to come to her, knowing that he would, wishing that he would hurry. She lay back on the couch, keeping herself covered by the quilt, thinking about how he would approach her tonight. Jobs finally done, he sat on the floor between the wood stove and the couch, a small area since the couch was placed no more than six feet from the stove.

His back rested against the couch, within inches of her face. They chatted lightly about how long it would be until the house warmed, about what they would eat, and how they would spend the next eighteen hours, hours which they had been looking forward to for weeks, hours which they treasured, to be spent slowly so that they could receive their maximum benefit.

"I know exactly what I'd like to do now," he whispered to her.

"And what might that be?" She responded in a breathy tone, hoping he wanted what she knew he would. He turned toward her and kissed her lightly on the lips, then moved the succeeding kisses slowly about her face.

He stayed seated on the floor, now turned toward her as he worked his way down her neck, under her chin, around the side of her face and down behind her ear. From there he worked the back of her neck, behind and under her long sensuous hair, slowly back to her face. When he reached her mouth they kissed deeply, neither wanting it to end.

She knew he was by far the best kisser that she had ever met. When he kissed her she could feel the joy he felt as his tongue explored her mouth, gently met her tongue, tumbled over her teeth. She never knew a man who so enjoyed kissing a woman, who was so willing to linger so long in the activity, who saw kissing as sensuous in and of itself rather than as a means to a goal.

Kissing's intimacy was never so clear, he had taught her a lesson she would never forget, and she would now compare all that were or would be to this standard. She knew it would be unfair to the competitors.

Somehow, their kissing had increased the room temperature perceptibly. She no longer needed the blanket, although he was conscientious in keeping her covered. He moved his left hand under the blanket and while kissing her long and deep, slowly unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time, with almost maddening deliberence. She couldn't wait for his touch on her now heaving breasts.

He let his hand slip under her bra taking her left nipple between his forefinger and thumb. He then ran that forefinger in a circular motion, barely grazing her nipple, then let his hand move to her breast bone, where he paused and in what he always made look like a simple maneuver, unsnapped her bra, freeing her from her self inflicted bondage and giving him free access to her. He kissed her neck, lingering between there and her collar bone. She gasped for air, moaning slightly as her excitement grew.

This was what she had been waiting for; this was what she could not get out of her mind, what she risked everything for, what she lived for, and what was now consuming her very being. She gasped audibly when his tongue reached her nipple, as he took her into his mouth and sucked eagerly as if he was her child.

He had simultaneously moved his left hand down the right side of her rib cage, across her breast, down her body, pausing at her flat, taut belly, while he checked to see how tight her skirt was around her waist. As he reached the top of her pubic hairline he realized things would be much more comfortable if he loosened the skirt now, and he backtracked along the waistband keeping in soft contact with her smooth skin.

She wished he would hurry, but knew he would not; she so enjoyed the tension that developed and would not change a thing. As the waistband snap and zipper came undone, he returned to her pubic area, tracing its outline with his finger. He tenderly reached in, and found her to be perfectly lubricated for his entry.

He would wait as long as he possibly could before he accepted her invitation, because by now he was so excited that he knew he would come explosively in only a few strokes. Before he did, he would make sure that she would want to rest in his arms while he recovered so they could resume their passion.

His finger now found the button of her clitoris, toward the top of her now thrusting vagina. He slowly circled the point, much as he had her nipple minutes before, and her moans became steadily louder, and he knew that she would soon be screaming in the ecstasy which meant everything to him, that was more important to him than his own orgasm.

He alternately sucked on both of her breasts, the nipples of which were now hard and enlarged in anticipation of what was to happen, and he moved back to her mouth holding her head in his right hand, kissing her deeply while kneeling before her. His finger continued to circle her spot and he kissed behind her ear as she began chanting

"Oh yes...Oh yes...Oh yes...." and then she erupted into uncontrollable spasms which passed through her body like waves, emanating from her vagina but enveloping her whole body in the ultimate pleasure, in a sensation of which she never tired, a feeling that brought within her a need to reduplicate, the sooner the better.

She collapsed back, spent and exhausted, secure in the knowledge that he was not through, that as great as this was, it was only the beginning for her tonight. It was this knowledge that made her so comfortable in his arms, this knowledge that so entangled her with him, that made him so indispensable to her.

He pulled away from her so he could see the smile of satisfaction he knew would be on her lips, lips that he now wanted again, more than ever. She lay back enjoying the aftershocks, which still caressed her body, her hand on his shoulder, as she tried to stay in contact with him.

"I think you liked that," he whispered.

"I did, I did, I always like that."

"Then you'll probably like this," he said as he began kissing his way down her body.

She loved the way he would keep the passion alive. For him there was no end, an orgasm or two or three was not the end, merely a point in a continuing experience. When he proceeded past her belly button she realized where he was going and said, almost pleading,

"Oh no, wait, I need to rest a few minutes."

He ignored her and continued to caress her body under the blanket that he kept wrapped around her to ensure her warmth. He removed her skirt and panty hose, freeing her from the final constraints of the real world. She had tilted her hips to allow him to slip off her clothes, almost concurrently with her request to allow her to rest. He knew when her protests were feigned.

When his mouth reached her pussy he was rewarded with the sweet wet taste that he so enjoyed, a taste that he anticipated with such expectation. He rested his head against her slim thigh, kneeling before her as she lay on the couch, his right hand under her buttocks, while his left hand gently separated her legs. She cooperated with his every move, she knew what he wanted from experience, she knew her cooperation would bring her more pleasure, and she lay back to enjoy whatever it was that he had planned.

He was licking the lowest point on her vagina, every so slowly moving upward, alternately licking both lips while working toward her clitoris. When he got there, he turned his head sideways and let his tongue pass over the spot, constant, increasing the pace in almost imperceptible degrees. She stroked his head with one hand, and her own thigh with the other. He removed his right hand from under her and cupped her left breast fully, massaging the soft but firm gland.

Like all but a few women, she had grown up thinking that she wasn't large enough, a sentiment that had been constantly reinforced by her husband. But with him, here, she felt more than adequate, as he treated her breasts like the treasures they were, so respectfully fondling, licking, and sucking them in exactly the way she wished he would. To him her breasts were perfect, firm, always pressing against the tight shirts or sweaters that she wore, or peaking out of semi unbuttoned shirts. To him, heaven would be resting his head between them, alternately sucking on each.

She did not really need much rest. She could feel the sensation returning, the special kind of tension that told her exactly where she was going. She found it incredible that he so enjoyed her response. She had originally written it off to his being considerate, she would accept his token and would promise herself that she would make it up to him in equal measures.

But now she had decided that this was the way a good lover treated his partner, she now understood that her enjoyment need not be returned quid pro quo, that he derived separate and independent pleasure from her own satisfaction. She had learned how to enjoy herself, to accept sex for itself rather than as a competition. No one here was keeping score, pleasure was the only goal, and each was assured that pleasure would be theirs.

He could also feel her orgasm approaching. Her breathing had changed, her moans had increased, and she had once again become a cheering section in her own personal Olympics. Each stroke of his tongue brought her more pleasure, as it made him increasingly aware of the power he held over her. Each stroke brought promise; each brought the joint need for the next. As his pace increased, so did hers. Her hips thrust toward him, again and again, and he had to use care so as not to unintentionally hurt her as she thrust toward his mouth.

"Oh!.., Ohh..!, Ohhh�!, Ohhhh�!....Ahhh!�. Ahhhhh!," and the screams, primeval in nature, as the orgasm raged through her body, this time forcing her to sit bolt upright, the orgasm taking control of her body as well as her mind. He continued to lick her, putting his arm around her back as she bent over him.

As the waves continued, seemingly getting stronger until she did not know if she could stand any more, and she tried to push him away. He resisted, until she fell back in complete exhaustion, unable to move, limp, allowing the climax to subside. He kissed his way back from her pussy to her mouth, kissing her deeply. She whispered, "Oh my God" into his ear.
He held her tightly and whispered back, "We're not through yet."

She knew that. What was coming was what she had wanted all along, the main course after the appetizers had been served. She knew he would soon be inside her, deep and tight. So deep that it would sometimes hurt, but in a way that she enjoyed. She could never quite describe it, but it was a pain that was exquisite in its pleasure. Each of his thrusts would bring pain; each pain would bring pleasure.

God, she wanted that; now. He let her catch her breath while he continued to kiss her mouth and neck, occasionally moving to her breasts. He then used his left hand to guide her right hip, turning her over and off the couch, positioning her on her knees facing the couch, bent over at the waist. He put a pillow under her knees so there would be no telltale carpet burns. He massaged her back, so soft and sexy.

She wasn't sure at first what he had in mind, but her trust of him was so complete that he could do anything to her. Anything. She didn't care. If he wanted it, she would give it. She would capitulate to his every whim, and she could say that because she knew him so well. He would never hurt her; he was so considerate to her that her safety was assured. So when he moved her to her knees she knew she would enjoy whatever was next. He slipped his eager cock into her wet vagina from behind.

This had become her favorite position. She had been taken like this over tables and desks, beds and chairs, but only by him. He would hold her breasts with both hands, or her thighs, and she would pivot so that their mouths would reach and they could kiss deeply, while she could feel him deep inside of her. They would truly be one. Her pain and pleasure would be at its ultimate, and she would experience such pleasure while giving him exactly what he wanted. They were perfect together.

He was always careful with the first thrust. Once he had driven in recklessly, unable to control his desire for her and she recoiled in pain, and although she did not complain, he made a note to be careful. So the first thrust needed to be slow and constant. Maybe not all the way, but in increasing half inch increments until it was all hers. Then she could take it. Then she could handle all he had. Then her moans would be in pleasure as each thrust brought her to her ultimate peak.

He knew that he could not last very long. His ability to sustain the actual sexual act was purely situational. There were times that he could control his own orgasm indefinitely, and there were times that he would come in ten or twelve strokes, without any ability to restrain himself. This situation was more of a ten-second event. He knew he was with the sexiest woman who walked the face of the earth.

She was giving him her exquisite body without hesitation, anyway he wanted. He could watch her reactions to his initiatives. He could see her beautiful breasts, her firm thighs, the almost bony waist, her tight ass. He had watched as she came twice, the second time harder than the first, each time with such grateful appreciation of what he had done for her. And if he could hold on now, he could watch her come for the third time, and even if he couldn't he knew that she would soon be ready to try again, and would give him the reaction that he so much enjoyed.

He found her pussy with his right hand, while he pressed his fully erect cock against it from below. He rubbed it against the entry point, as she spread her legs to accommodate him. She was now whimpering softly, "Oh god, oh please, oh yes, oh, please, I want it so much, oh, you're so good to me, you're so good, oh, please, fuck me , oh please fuck me,�yes,�.yes."
It was the last thing he needed in his fight against the orgasm that he was so desperately trying to delay. Her pleas turned him on all the more, firing the passion that he was so trying to resist.

The first stroke had been like heaven. She felt so good, tight around his engorged organ, tensing against each stroke of his penis, as each successive thrust pushed him deeper into her. He knew how rare it was that two people could so enjoy each other, in which two people could so closely want the same thing, so earnestly, so thoroughly. A couple who totally enjoyed sex together, who would go to any lengths to please one another, while pleasing themselves at the same time.

His love for her was so complete, the closeness that he felt so overwhelming, that it was impossible to put his feelings for her into words, as much as he wanted her to hear them. Instead, he was left with the ever increasing desire to please her sexually, in more and more different ways, or in old ways that he knew she enjoyed.

She could feel her third orgasm approaching, and she could also feel the increasing urgency of his thrusts so that she knew that he was almost used up. She wanted to have him come in her, so she could feel the excitement her body had given him. She also wanted to come together so much that she put too much pressure on herself, trying to hurry herself along, as she sometimes did at home to get sex over with.
Here she wanted what she rarely had, and she was trying to get it after having come twice in the last hour. She desperately tried to purge her mind of all these thoughts and to simply enjoy the sensations that were emanating from between her legs, that would bring both of them such great happiness.

He was in a frenzy, trying to hold back. He was thrusting fast and furiously into a perfectly sized pussy that held him so tight that his slightest motion would stimulate the senses of the entire outer surface of his organ. He found himself fighting a battle that he knew he would eventually lose, but one that he hoped would bring her the third orgasm of the night. "One more time, one more time, one more time..." he thought to himself, but the fight was over. He came explosively into her, so hard that he almost expected her to choke on the fluid that he had just sent coursing through her perfect body. There were several spasms, but the first was the best. He could feel the semen stream out under enormous pressure. He hoped that she could feel the difference so that she would be aware of just how excited she had made him, how much he wanted her always.

His groans indicated to her that he had come. He tried to go on, as he often did, sometimes bringing her orgasm on after his, but this position left no room for such cheating. A fully erect penis was a necessary tool to continue. He might be able to continue in the missionary position, but here more was necessary.

She had almost come as he did. The sound of his orgasm alone was almost enough to set her off again. She could feel his shudders. She knew she had pleased him, and it was a feeling that she loved, she knew she had made him feel like no other could. And at that moment she felt closer to him than ever before. Having him come like that was as thrilling to her as her own orgasm. He was hers. The only thing she wanted now was to hold him in her arms.

In the hour and a half that they had been making love the cottage had warmed. He picked her up from the floor, laying her on the couch and laid his naked body next to hers, wrapping his arms around her and intertwining their legs. They laid there for several minutes, kissing and looking into each others eyes, smiling in the pleasure they had each given and received. They didn't have to talk to one another about what just happened, they knew. They knew that their lovemaking could not get better, but they knew that it would. They knew that they could never give themselves to anyone else as they had just given themselves to each other.

Both had tears in their eyes as they drifted off to sleep. He loved to fall asleep in her arms, usually a short nap from which he would want to resume their play. She was sometimes so exhausted that she thought she could sleep for hours, but she always found the strength to continue. In about a half hour he got up, covered her gently with the blanket, and kissed her on the forehead,

"Keep sleeping, I'll start diner."

He threw a few new logs into the stove, put his sweats on and started to prepare a salad. They would have steak and potatoes that they had picked up on the way in. Although she was a gourmet cook, she was actually a steak and potatoes person, one of the few women he knew that was so inclined. Of course the fact that she weighed a mere 108 pounds on a five foot three inch frame helped.

She rarely needed to watch what she ate, so she could eat what she liked. He threw on his coat, exited through the sliding glass door and started the gas grill. There was nothing like a mid winter barbecue. He would wake her when everything was ready. He opened a bottle of Beaujolais and let it breath while the diner cooked.

She awoke to a completed dinner, and they sat down to eat. Both were starved and ate every scrap, both couldn't keep their eyes off the other while they ate. He had given her the dark green chamois shirt when she awoke, which she had put on, buttoning only one or two buttons in the middle. During diner he could catch glimpses of her nipples. He couldn't believe how much he wanted her again. He cleaned up, while she sat back enjoying the kind of service that she had never received at home.

She thought that he was very particular about such things, almost dictatorial in the way he wanted things to be done. He thought that was not even close to reality, that he was very flexible in terms of house maintenance and clean up. Either way, she liked what she saw and she enjoyed watching him take care of her.

The room temperature had steadily increased, and she settled on the couch, wine in hand staring out the sliding glass doors to the darkness beyond, where the lake lay frozen beneath the snow. Light flakes fell, and they both found themselves again wishing that a massive blizzard would maroon them for a week.

He soon joined her on the couch, lying in her lap, while she stroked his face with her hand, staring out the window, fighting off tears. She wished that this was her life, that she could have this man for her own, here, that she could take care of him and him alone, as he did the same for her. Whenever she let these thoughts enter her psyche, she became sad, wishing for what could not be. She tried desperately to not let this happen when she was with him, because he would always notice, and when he did he would try to get her to talk about it and it would all to often come out wrong. There were many uncertainties in her life, but the one certainty that she did have was her love for him, and it was so great that she could hardly bear it.

He could feel her shapely thighs against his face as he peered into the fire. He knew that their happiness would sink into depression if they allowed themselves the luxury of thought. Their relationship was so hurried most of the time that they did not have the moments of silence in which they could just contemplate their lives.
When they did, it always hurt, because they so desperately wanted each other. The conversation that they would have always led to the same place, they had to accept what they had, because anything else was so unpalatable to them, would hurt others that they loved, and thereby hurt themselves. They each tired to avoid these moments.

He had lowered the stove's draft in an attempt to control the temperature, which was now about seventy-eight degrees. The change effected the flame pattern, which changed from a hectic pace as the flames ripped at the wood within to a now languid action in which the flames lightly caressed the log's surface in a blue flame. "Hun, look at the fire, isn't that neat?" he said, breaking through her thoughts, thankfully changing the downward spiral which had begun.

"What do you mean? she asked.

"Well, look at the way the flame is slowly working it's way over the wood, almost like its licking the outer surface of the logs. Its almost like foreplay."

"Only you would make that connection.

"Maybe, but what do you think, am I right?"

She looked into the fire for a moment, took a slow sip of wine, and watched as the flame continued its erotic action, almost hypnotic in its dance.

"You know, you are right, it is like that."

"I thought so, kind of sexy, wouldn't you say?"

"Do you think that you could duplicate that kind of action?" she said as she unbuttoned the few buttons that she had attached on the shirt and let it fall away from her exquisite body.

"I would sure like to try, let me know how I am doing."

"Oh, I think you'll know."

"I hope so," he said as he turned his face toward her, kissing her softly on the line of her pubic hair, slowly licking and kissing her from there to her waist as he moved upward over her tight body, inch by inch. When he reached her sternum he moved under her left breast, to her left rib cage and worked his way back down to her waist, across her taut belly to her right side, then slowly back up to her breast.

His hands held her hips, and now he could feel her separate her legs slightly, and he knew exactly what she was inviting. But first he wanted her breasts, and he cupped her right breast in his left hand while he rolled his tongue around and around her areola. His right hand moved across her thigh, once again finding the sweet warmth of her pussy, soft and wet in anticipation of what was to follow. He stroked her clitoris while he sucked her nipples, alternating between her breasts to make sure she was symmetrically ready.

She wasn't sure how she wanted to come. With him she really had little preference. With all the rest there was only one way and she would have to hope that they would select the right way and have the patience to please her. She had always been too shy to ask for what she wanted, and even now, despite his encouragement, since he found such requests incredibly sexy, she would rarely state any preference. She could not detach herself from the thought that a request would sound demanding, or worse yet domineering. Of course such worries had little basis in fact.

Domineering was not a trait that could even remotely be attributed to her. As assertive as she could be in the business world, in sex with him she preferred his leadership. She knew he would satisfy her, so the means that he chose was really irrelevant. She knew that when they were done she would be left, exhausted, feeling closer to him than any human being in the world, wanting him to be hers so badly that it hurt, wanting him and him alone forever. And that was what made sex with him so perfect. There was simply no possibility that she would be left frustrated, as had been the case with so many others. So she would do anything he wanted, or she thought he might like, because in the end she knew that she would be writhing in at least one, and more often, multiple orgasms which would leave her with the inner peace that sex alone could bring her.

Now she could feel the orgasm approaching as she felt the familiar waves enveloped her vagina. He had moved to her lap and was now exerting ever so delicate pressure on her clitoris with bold stokes of his tongue. His hands had moved to her breasts, stroking her nipples in countless different ways. She braced herself against the corner of the couch, her left foot on the floor, her right leg bent at the knee, resting on the couch's the back support. He dove in enthusiastically, and she could hear herself come, her screams seemingly coming from another body, as if she was listening in an adjoining room,"oh..oh..ah..ahhhh..ooooh...ooooh..."

As the orgasm passed through her she knew that she desperately wanted him again. She wanted his cock inside her, she wanted all that he could give her, she wanted to take him deeply, to feel him become a part of her, to experience his pleasure. She shifted herself around, pulling herself away from his face, leaving him laying on the couch on his back, and mounting him from above. She expertly took his hard cock in her hand, guiding it directly to her entryway. She sat above him, taking him in, slowly at first, half, two thirds, three quarters, and then with a scream and a smile, all of him as deeply as she could take him, deeper than she had experienced with any other. She would start slowly, increasing her thrusts onto him until he came and she could collapse on top of him.

He could see her wince as it all went in. This was one of his favorite positions, although he had never found a position that he did not like. He particularly liked this, though, because not only did she demonstrate her absolute desire to fuck him, but he could watch her do it. Like most men he was very visually oriented. He knew if he opened his eyes, watched her take him in, watched her face contort in pleasure, watched her breasts heave and respond to his touch, he would come, violently, in short order.

But he loved to watch her, and saw the sweat form on her brow as she worked so hard over him, watched his dark cock slip between the heaven of her creamy, skinny legs, the shaft at first fully exposed, glistening with her lubrication, as she hovered momentarily above him, then disappearing as she buried it within her tight pussy. He watched his fingers massage her nipples, and could hear her moans, and his own, gain in both volume and frequency.

He knew that he could not last very long at this, he wanted to come right now, but as she brought him to the verge of orgasm he denied himself the release, rolling her over onto her back, trying to stay inside her as he did. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, and he put both his hands under her ass, pulling her closer, pushing himself in as far as he could go, kissing her deeply.

He so much wanted to fuck her into a second orgasm, the special delight that she only shared with him. So now in this hideaway, on this lovely couch, the wood stove warming them, the thawing snow and the icebound lake beyond, they made love in a delicious anticipation of something that was theirs alone.

His deliberate, deep thrusting took hold of her, and she could feel that special orgasm rising within her. She responded in joyous anticipation of not only the unique physical release which they would both soon enjoy, but the emotional bond that would receive yet another credit, that would tie them anew, that would make them closer. They came in unison, grunting, shouting, screaming in delirious enjoyment.

And they held one another tightly, crying tears of joy for the act and their meaning to one another. For it was the bonding, the closeness, and the exquisite intimacy that they felt both as they came and now as they lay in one another�s arms that was the reward for their relationship. It was this feeling that would tie him to her, and her to him, forever.

It was this feeling that made all their risks worthwhile, that told them that the continuation of the relationship was right, and that they would do anything to keep it alive. It was this feeling that had allowed them to continue, against all odds, for four years and would make them continue forever.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Night

Written by Paperman (May 2000)

Last night I dreamt about you. Here is what I dreamt.
I could hear you in the bath and slowly crept to the door. I was watching at you lying there in the bubbles, when suddenly you noticed me.

You gasped and tried to cover up, but then your surprise turned to a knowing smile.
You motioned for me to pass a towel and stood up in the bath. Briefly I watched the bubbles slide down your smooth body and passed you a towel from the rack. Stepping from the bath, you wrapped the towel around yourself and picked up a jar of strawberry body lotion from the bathroom shelf.

Leading me by the hand, you walked through to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. You rolled on to your front, exposing your bare back and I started to slowly massage you with the lotion.
The smell of strawberries filled the air as I worked down your back to the tops of you thighs. I slowly worked my way down each leg, one at time, occasionally teasing as I slide my hand along your inner thigh and lightly brushed your rapidly overheating honey pot.

Rolling you onto your back, I started to massage your shoulders and slowly slid down to your breasts. They quivered with each stroke of my hands and your nipples stood erect, like little hazelnuts. I worked down your stomach and you gave a little sigh as the pleasure built within.

Still teasing, I stopped short of the furry pleasure dome and moved to the front of your thighs. Once again I teased with stokes towards the inside until it was too much for you to bear. Opening your legs wide, you thrust your hips towards my face, "Eat me!" you cried.

I buried my face into the furry grotto and breathed in the smell of strawberries mixed with your musky scent. I found the little love bud and flicked it with my tongue. Instantly, your body quivered and you moaned softly as your body shook with Orgasm. I continued to eat your womanhood as I slid my body round to position my groin with your head. Reaching towards my stiff muscle, you take it towards your mouth and engulf it with your velvet lips.

We continue to lick and suck each other giving mutual pleasure until you build towards another climatic explosion. Feeling the pressure building within my self, I gently pull away from your mouth to allow the feeling to subside and continue to pleasure your bud. With the approach of yet another orgasm, I change position and slide deep inside your hot wet pussy.

This is all it takes to tip you over the edge and with a gasp, you wrap your legs tight around my back. I continue to thrust as your pussy tightens its grip and you make noises of pleasure as the orgasm shakes your body. Slowing the pace, we roll onto our sides and I continue to probe your eager pussy with my love weapon as we kiss and caress. As yet another explosion builds, I roll you onto your back once more and plunge in and out with increasing speed.

You wrap your legs around my back once more, hold me tight with your arms and cry with pleasure, as your pussy becomes a milking machine.
With one deep thrust I explode inside you, filling you with the cream your pussy enjoys. I continue with a few slow, gentle strokes as your pussy relaxes from it's shuddering frenzy and we roll to lay side by side.

"I wish every bath night was like that you", you said.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Written by Adam (May 2000)

So a new story of the further developments in what 3 months ago was a struggling marriage.
You may have read about Pam and Sam and how they enjoyed themselves and me, this time my story is just about Pam and me.

Every year we have tried to be away for our anniversary and since the lad was born it is a case of get him sorted and then start a meal or whatever.
This year we went to Portugal for the sun and had a nice apartment with 2 rooms so little man had a room to himself. Anyway the anniversary came around 5 days into the holiday, which until that time had been uneventful (in terms of raunchy sex).

It had been a nice time and the 3 of us were enjoying ourselves. In the morning Pam said we had a busy day and if I was a good boy I would have a treat to remember. So of we went to the beach, as usual I got bored lying in the sun and so did Paul (my lad) and decided to do some exploring. We were exhausted when we met Pam you was lying all day in the sun. We went back to the apartment to shower and quickly went for something to eat. We got back from eating about 10 O�clock, which was early, but all my work trying out Paul paid off he went to bed and was asleep in 10 minutes.

I came out of his room to be informed I should strip naked and wait for Pam to come out of the shower. As usual I did as I was told. Pam entered our room naked except for a PVC string, which I had not seen before. Her body was brown especially her nipples (thank God for sun beds) and I thought glistening from the water but turned out to be baby oil.

Pam then asks have I been to a lap dance club? No I reply. She called me a coward but because it is a treat she would show me what I had missed and then some. She then turned on some music and began to dance. It was incredible sexy as she gyrated and ran her hands over her body. She then moved towards me, as you may have guessed I had a very hard cock by now, she smiled at me and said I am so pleased he still likes me. Then she really started to work me, turning around she thrusted her bum into my face, warning me if I touched her with my hands all bets were off. She rub her bum up and down my face and body teasing cock by squatting but her string blocking entry.

She then told me I should stick my tongue out as far as I could. I did as I was told (who wouldn�t). She then slowly, oh ever so slowly rubbed her bum and pussy up and down my face, this time with the string pulled to one side. I alternated from the taste of her juiced up pussy and her tight bitter ring. I was beside myself and desperate to fuck her in both holes.

She then stopped, I looked hurt and bemused she laughed and told me don�t worry I would get to fuck all 3 holes by the end of the night but not before I had made her come 3 times. I said what do you mean, she said make me come once then you can have one hole, do it again you can the second and so on. I said what if I make you come while I am fucking one of your holes?

She said then she had a bonus but I didn�t because I was going to have my dreams fulfilled. Where do I start? I asked. She suggested I stick my tongue as far up her pussy I could and she would fuck my face until she came. I eagerly dived between her legs and began licking up and down ensuring I wasn�t too rough as it was going to be a long session. Pam grabbed my hair and really started to fuck my face grinding her pussy ever deeper, and then she demanded I stuck some finger up her because my tongue was not big enough.

I immediately put 2 fingers into her dripping pussy, No that is not enough, so I stuck 2 more into her dripping pussy, now that is better she moans and tells me to stick my tongue up her arse because she is going to come and the first place I get to fuck is her arse. So being a gentleman with a vested interest I stick my tongue in as far as I can get it. I feel her cramp and nearly crush my fingers as she comes big style while telling me I am a good boy who will soon be fucking her arse.

I sit back expecting Pam to want a rest, no chance she immediately flips over and tells me to grab the KY and lube up her arse and my cock. I do so as quickly as I could and then cock in fist I moved to her puckered ring. She tells me to keep still and she will rock back and forth to let my cock loosen her up and then bury itself to the hilt. She takes her time knowing I am getting closer and closer to coming as her arse grips my cock head and then lets go.

I could have push forward because she was wide open by now but rules are rules. I cannot stand much more and say, so Pam laughs and says I never thought you had such self-control go on fuck my arse bury your cock to the hilt. That is the sort of invite no man could resist. I pushed forward and as I suspected I slid in right up to my balls. The build up had been too much within about 8 strokes of fucking that beautiful arse I started to cum, I shot my hot spunk deep in Pam�s arse not letting her move, I seem to spurt about 6 or 7 times far more than normal.

Pam began laughing saying that next I would be able to fuck her mouth because if I left that till last she get nothing to drink. We both went for a shower to clean up or so I thought. As soon as we got into the bathroom Pam informed me that I was to clean her all over and then lie down on the floor. I gave her a really good wash ensuring all her private bits were given special attention. She then told me to stop and do as I was told. I lay down on the floor and Pam slowly walked with legs either side of my body dripping what I thought was water from the shower; she reached my face and without warning began peeing in earnest. I didn�t expect it and opened my mouth to complain, which as you can imagine was a big mistake, I took a big mouthful of her piss before I closed my mouth.

Pam was laughing saying I now knew what it tasted like when I did not wash before blowjobs. I promised I would in future. She said I should shower again and meet her in the bedroom. I walk in to see Pam with a banana, cucumber and squash looking like they were going to be used for something other than eating. She said she wanted to see how much her pussy could take and how many times she could come without a cock in her. So we started with the banana slowly inserting it passed her wide-open lips she was moaning nicely rocking backward and forward.

She then said when I felt her coming I should pull out the banana and stick in the cucumber as far as I could. She began her come and I did as I was told and nearly all the cucumber disappeared into her swollen sodden pussy. She began moaning and fucking the cucumber like crazy saying she had never had anything that deep and she was going to come very quickly.

She did but told me to leave the cucumber in her because she wanted another cum with it deep inside. She began rocking again and this time was fucking the cucumber for nearly ten minutes before she tensed and began an even stronger come. She decided that she would not bother with the squash, which she had chosen to stretch her pussy wide and told me I should lie down and she would suck my cock until I exploded. I did just that an she moved down my body first just flicking my cock with her tongue then sucking deep in her mouth. She sucked and licked slowly then quickly then she slipped a finger into my arse and clamped her head so my cock head was in her mouth and sucked.

I could feel myself coming and Pam knew as well she took the first spurt in her mouth then pull my cock out and wanked it over her face and tits I came with another few spurts but if you would have seen her face and tits you would have thought gallons. She then sat up and opened her mouth to show she still had a mouthful of cum. She then proceed to slowly extract bits of come and rub it in to pussy and then she flipped over and use my come to grease up her arse and stick 2 fingers up her arse. She worked the fingers in and out and fingered her clit, I could tell she was close to coming and was transfixed by the sight. She suddenly stopped and informed me I was to take over as she had done most of the hard work.

I immediately slipped 2 fingers into her mouth, which she sucked hard and covered them in saliva then I pushed them into her arse. I moved them in and out and rubbed her clit she was almost there so I decided to re-introduce the cucumber into her pussy. She nearly leap of the bed as I drove the cucumber even further in than last time. She called me a bastard and told me to fuck her with the cucumber hard. She started biting the pillow and calling a fucking bastard begging for me not to stop. She clamped her arse around my fingers as she came and the cucumber survived some how but I am not sure how. Pam took a few minutes to calm down and then said I had another come to go.

She knelt up and I got behind her and slipped my cock up her juiced up pussy. It felt nice and wet and she began moving back and forward. Pam then says I feel small after the cucumber (hardly surprising) did I want to fuck her arse again. I said yes but to make it different I would lie on my back and she could lower her arse onto my cock. Pam got the KY and smeared my cock and then spent longer greasing her anus slipping 2 fingers in and out moaning softly.

Then she squatted over me and slowly lowered her arse on to my cock. It was a great sight to watch seeing my cock slowly easing into her arse then I told her to frig her clit and tell me how she felt having a cock to ride. Pam began explaining that my cock was making her pussy wet by rubbing the thin membrane between her arse and pussy and she needed me to come up her arse as she was going to come and milk my cock with the cramping.

She then sat down hard and began to cramp her arse. It felt great as if she was milking my cock with her arse I knew I was near and thrust upwards moaning loudly as I spunked for the third time deep in her arse. She raised herself of my cock and knelt up on the bed so my spunk dribbled out of her arse over her pussy lips. She then said get the camera she would pose for some shots to remember the holiday by. Thank god for digital cameras because Boots would have had the vice squad round.

First of I took a picture of my spunk dripping out her arse while she had 3 of her fingers in her pussy, then the cucumber (I suspected I would be expected to grow them next year) was stuffed up her pussy, then cucumber in her pussy with a banana up her arse. Anyway Pam posed for another 30 or so photos by which time I was hard and wanting more. She said I had had my 3 comes but because I was a good boy I could screw her pussy. So up she knelt and I put my cock into pussy and really took my time slowly building her up and taking my time enjoying the experience.

She started come and began moaning slowly and some how I started to come my balls ached but it felt great as Pam came buckets all over my cock.

Then as if nothing had happen Pam flips over pecks me on the cheek and says good night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Sisters Hands

Written by By Johnny Hayden (May 2000)

Great! Dad has only been gone a week and that means I have eleven weeks to go being dominated by my older sister, Jennifer.

You see, dad is a ships captain in the Merchant Marines and he can be gone anywhere from three to six months at a time.
When he goes away like this, even thought I am eighteen, he feels that I need someone to be at home with me ... he thinks I'm to young to be left alone and expected to fend for myself.

Usually he has the neighbor lady look in on me and kind of supervise my activities and make sure that I'm eating right and not running wild. Well, this time, since Jennifer was currently unemployed, he decided that she could come home and look after me and he would give her a little something for her time.

Jen, who is twenty, went out on her own when she was eighteen and had been doing pretty good when the company she worked for suddenly went out of business.
That, of course, left her free to take on the responsibility of taking care of me. B.F.D.! For those of you who are totally uninformed, that stands for Big Fucking Deal!
Don't get me wrong. Jen is my sister and I love her dearly. Like I said, she is twenty, a very beautiful girl (former high school cheerleader), has a knockout figure and is really an all round great gal. It just gripes my ass that dad thinks I need her to look after me.

Of course, if things go as they did when she lived here, she won't be around much in the evenings because she had boyfriends (a different one for each night of the week) in and out of the house all the time and was out on a date just about every night. The only problem right now is the fact that she has been home every night during this first week and she is beginning to be a pain in the ass.

Always dogging me to do homework, pick up after myself and make my bed and all kinds of crap like that. It was Friday night and I was expecting Jen to be getting ready to go out on a date but, as I was passing her room on my way to take a shower, with just a towel around me, I heard her on the phone. She was talking to some guy and she was not very happy with him.

I wanted to hear this so, I positioned myself flat against the wall right next to the door to her room, which was open about a couple of an inches. This allowed me to hear clearly and I could even seek a quick peek through the crack an see her laying on her bed. I was really interested in why she was so pissed at this dude but, when I took my first peek inside, my lower jaw almost hit the tops of my bare feet.

There was Jen, stark-ass naked and I have to admit that she is really something to see without her clothes on. Her tits, which were about the size of a couple of extra large grapefruits, were standing up tall and proud. Each had a dark brown aureole and the center of each of those was dotted with a nipple about a quarter of an inch long.

The triangle of pubic hair covering her pussy covered the entire lower half of her body. From just below her stomach to were it disappeared into the vee between her legs, it was solid hair. She had more hair cover her cunt than most guys I know have around their pricks. Anyhow, she was really pissed at whoever she was talking with.

I could only hear her side of the conversation and I would have hated to be on the other end of that phone line a have her say those things to me. You could certainly tell she came from a navy family.

".......... you lousy son-of-a-bitch! You take me out one time and, just because I took pity on you and your sad tale of woe and let you stick that pathetic little thing you call a cock in me, you think I'm not good enough for you anymore.

Well, let me tell you the facts of life, buddy! I faked every moan and groan to make you feel like you were a real man. I could barely feel that little dick of yours and there is no way any woman would get off on that thing. You just wanted some place to dump a load of cum that was rolling around in your nuts and I just happened to be handy.

Next time you can save the price of a dinner if you stick that �monster' of yours up your mothers cunt and give her the biggest disappointment she has had since you were born. Better still, just go sit in the corner and jack-off with the rest of the little boys and see who can shoot their cum farther!"

With that she slammed the phone down and, folding her arms under her tits, and just sat there glaring at the wall. I took my cue and quietly back away from the door and backed my way down the hall to my door and, grabbing the knob, shut it rather loudly and started back down the hall whistling.

As I neared Jen's door she yelled out at me, "Shut the fuck up. What are you so god-damned happy about!?"

Thinking I might get a better look at her, and figuring I was taking my life in my hands, I pushed her door open and started into the room.

" What are you yelling abo ......, but she wouldn't let me finish. Jumping off the bed, Jen came toward me, still bare-assed naked.

"You little pervert ... what the hell do you think your doing busting in here like this?"

She was standing right in front of me and she was so close her tits were almost touching me.
"What's the matter, little man, the cat got your tongue?"

It was true. I was just standing there speechless, mouth hanging open and staring at her. She was gorgeous and all I could think about was the guy on the phone. He must have been with her in the dark because he couldn't know what he was missing out on.

"I'll be damned if I'm going to be the only one standing around here in my birthday suit." with that she grabbed quicker than I could think and she whipped the towel from around my waist and I too was standing there bare-assed naked.

Jen backed up as couple of steps and was looking at my cock. Her eyebrows shot up as she saw the size of it and she began licking her lips.
Then she took the two steps back toward me. Looking me in the eye she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and said, "When you get in the shower, little brother, you had better wash this think pretty good because it feels like it has some very dirty thoughts after seeing me naked."

I couldn't argue with that because my cock was getting harder by the second. I didn't know what to do so, in order to make my retreat from her, I backed up and, because of the grip she had on my cock, the skin came up over the head of it as if she were jacking me off.
I backed out into the hall and headed for the bathroom and Jen stuck her head out her door and said, "No playing with yourself in the shower now," and laughed as she shut her door.

All during my shower it was very difficult not to do what she had admonished me not to and, even though I turned the water to cold at the end, my cock would not go down. After I dried off and wrapped my towel around my waist again it was seriously tented in front of me because the raging hard-on I had. I opened the bathroom door to peek out and see if the coast was clear to make it back to my own room.

Not seeing Jen, I started down the hall but, just before I reached her door, it opened and she stepped out wearing a very thin robe. It covered her but, with out to much trouble, I could still see her nipples and her pubic hair.
That didn't help my situation at all and my cock seemed to get even harder. "Well, I see you took me at my word ... but if you keep walking around like that, we're going to have to find you a towel with a protruding pocket. It's a good thing you have a date tonight ... maybe you will be back to normal when you get home ... if the girl is willing of course."

"I ... I ... I don't have a date tonight ... I thought you did," I said.

Whit that she put her arm around me and hugged my close, forcing her tit into my chest and it felt like the nipple was going to bore a hole into me.
"Looks like we're both going to be stuck at home tonight," she said. Reaching down with her other hand she grabbed my cock again.

"I hope this goes down pretty soon though, I don't want to have to look at it all evening long." Screwing up my courage, I said, "well, maybe it would if you didn't grab it every time you see it!"

"You should know by now I'm only doing it to tease you and make you uncomfortable for busting into my room like that," she said.

Without thinking of what I was doing, I reached up and took one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and began squeezing it lightly.
She gasped and got a shocked look on her face. "Two can play at that game," I said as I moved away from her and continued down the hall to my room.

Once inside, with the door shut, I heaved a big sigh and inhaled a large gulp of air. For the past few seconds I had forgotten to breath. I decided that if that was the type of game she wanted to play with me, then I could play the same game with her. I whipped the towel from around my waist and, going to my closet, I took down a robe I had not used for a long time and put it on.

Like the towel, it too was tented out in front of me because of the condition my cock was in. I combed my hair and left to find Jen and continue the game.
I found her standing at the sink in the kitchen and managed to come up behind her without her hearing me. As she reached for something I reached around her and cupped each tit in my hands and my cock pressed into her ass through her loose fitting robe.

As I kissed her on the neck she seemed to relax and fall back against me.
"See what I mean when I say two can play at this game, Jen?"

She seemed to realize what I was doing and stiffened up and as she did, she trapped my cock between the cheeks of her ass.
All of a sudden she whipped around and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me to her.
Her tits flattened against my chest and each nipple felt like the tip of a hot poker.

My cock was pressed hard against her lower stomach and I could feel her pubic hair under her robe. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, "You really shouldn't do that, honey. If someone happened to see us through a window, they might think you were trying to fuck you big sister ... we wouldn't want anyone thinking we were into incest would we?"

She had me going for a minute, but then I said ... "But it's only a game ... a game you started. Besides, the blinds are closed and no one can see in. Hell, I could fuck you on the kitchen table and nobody would be the wiser," I said.

"Are you trying to tell me that you want to stick that hard think in your own sister?"
Going along with her game, I replied, "Are you trying to tell me you want me to stick this hard thing in my own sister?"

We just stood there looking at each other. I was smiling, she wasn't. The next thing I knew she was kissing me full on the lips and I could feel her tongue running back and forth over my lips trying to put it in my mouth.

Without realizing what was happening, I parted my lips and her tongue darted inside and found mine. When we released the kiss she was smiling and I wasn't. I was horny as hell, my cock was throbbing and I didn't know where things were going to go from here.
"I'm beginning to like this game," she said.
"I'm not." I replied.
"Aaaah, poor baby," she said. "He's got himself a big old hard-on and nothing to do with it. Since no one can see us, I think the right thing to do is make you feel better, seeing as how I started all this in the beginning."

The next thing I knew she was reaching down between us and, grasping my hard cock in her hand, she opened her robe and slipped it between her legs. I could feel her pussy lips parting just a bit so it could ride between them.
She then closed her legs trapping it there. "Jen, we're carrying this game to far," I said.

She hugged me to her again and began rocking back and forth in a fucking motion so my cock was riding through the lips of her cunt. I couldn't help but notice that it was sliding very easy because he pussy was very, very wet.

She kissed me on the cheek again and, again, whispered in my ear, "Don't you want me to help you make that hard thing go down?" All the while she kept up the fucking motion and it felt so damned good that I couldn't answer her.
She kept kissing my cheek and I became tuned on to her motions and moved with her. I moved my hands down until I was holding her ass cheeks in my hands.

"Does that feel better, honey?" She asked.
"You know it feels better ... you don't even have to ask that question," I replied.
Then her lips were on mine again and her tongue was doing battle with mine and then she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her arms around my neck and my hands on her ass were all that were holding her up.

During all of this activity I lost the rhythm and when I tried to continue our fuck motion my cock entered her cunt and was buried balls deep.
"Oh, God, little brother, that feels so fucking good!!"
"I know," I said. "Oh, Jen, I should take it out ... but I can't. It's so hot, and wet and slippery inside you ... I can't stop ... I've just got to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you."
"I know, honey," she said. "I'm a bad sister for fucking her brother, but I haven't thought of anything else since your cock started getting hard in my hand. I love the way you feel inside me. Don't even think of stopping. Fuck me, honey!!"

I moved over to the table and sat her on the edge of it and began ramming my throbbing cock in and out of her super wet cunt. She managed to untie both our robes and slipped my over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Hers she just slipped off and let it puddle on the table behind her ass. She then lay back and again locked her legs around my waist and got into rhythm with me and my cock moved in and out.
"Suck my tits, baby!! I get so hot when someone sucks my tits."

I reached up and caressed both of them and leaned over her and took one of those long nipples into my mouth and began sucking for all I was worth. Before they had just been long but, now, with my cock raging in her love channel, they were hard as rocks.

I glanced up at her and her face was getting redder and redder. Suddenly she tightened her legs around me and held me buried in her pussy. She sat up and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again. Then she was gasping for breath.


Gasping and panting, she released the hold on my neck and waist and lay back on the table. I picked up the rhythm and started fucking her again. I hadn't cum and I was just as hard as before, if not harder. Jen was really slippery now that she had cum so hard.

My throbbing cock was moving in and out of her without any friction at all. It wasn't long before she caught her breath and picked up the rhythm and we were working together like the jeweled movement in an expensive Swiss watch. In and out, round and round, my cock was ravaging her slippery cunt and it was the greatest felling I have ever experienced.

My cock was moving in and out of her in a perfect rhythm and there was a �whooping' sound each time my pelvis crashed against her hot, wet, pussy. Once my cock slipped out when I pulled back to far and, even as Jen was bemoaning the fact that my cock had left her cunt, I had my hand around it and was aiming it at the hole my cock had stretched her cunt muscles to.

It was perfectly round and I could look right into her love channel. This was the first time I had ever seen a girl or woman stretched like that. Once my cock was back where it belonged, Jen took my hand and, taking it to her mouth, licked all of the sticky fuck cream off of it.

Then she raised up and gave me another tongue probing kiss. I could taste her fuck juice that was still on her tongue and lips. When we parted, she said, "I thought you might want to see what my pussy taste like." Jen's face was getting red again and I knew she was getting ready to cum. This time I would cum with her, because I couldn't last much longer and I was ready to let it fly.

Throwing her arms around me and tightening her legs until my cock was balls deep inside her, she said, "HERE I GO AGAIN!"
"I'm with you, Jen," I said.


My cum erupted from the head of my cock and exploded inside her. Spurt after spurt emptied into Jennifer and she screamed once and then bit down on my shoulder so hard she brought blood. I didn't even feel it until later. I was so keyed up and I shot my load into her that I don't thing anything would have bothered me at that particular time. Jen lay back on the table and I leaned over her to kiss her again.

This one was a kiss of love and not the crushing kiss of passion. When we parted, I straightened up and, holding her legs wide apart, I pulled my deflating cock out of her cunt. That perfectly round hole was there again and I could watch my excess cum run out of her cunt, down the crack of her ass and pool on the table under her.

Watching my cum run out of Jennifer was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen in my life. Jennifer gave me her hands and said, "Help me up." Once she was off the table, she dropped to her knees and took my shrinking cock in her mouth and began sucking it.

She sucked and sucked until it was clean of all of our combined cum. She then began licking the insides of my thighs and through my pubic hair to make sure all of the cum was off of me. I helped her up again and, putting her arms around me, she said, "With a young stud like you at home, why, oh why, was I always looking for sex in all the wrong places."

We stood there holding and kissing each other for quite some time. Finally Jen stood back and as we looked down at the floor, there was another pool of cum that had leaked out of her.

"I'll clean it up later," she said. "Lets go upstairs and continue where we left off. After all, we only have eleven weeks before dad comes home."
Needless to say, we made good use of our time together. Jennifer comes over to visit quite often these days and dad is happy that we get along so well together. I doubt he will ever know the real reason.
He would shit a brick if he knew that Jen has had two abortions. I keep telling her we should use some precautions but, according to Jen, if I ever try to use a rubber when I fuck her, she will cut my dick off and shove it up my ass.

Speaking of ass, during our third week together, we began experimenting and Jen discovered that having my cock up her ass was almost as good as having it up her cunt.

About half the time we are together I butt-fuck her, the rest is just regular old fucking.

Maybe we will get tired of it one day but, until that day comes, I will be happy to be in my sisters hands.


A Little Dirty Talk

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Sexy Wife Starts Stripping for Fun

Written by Anon (May 2000)

When I married my sexy little wife in 1962 I knew that she was the sexiest most exciting woman that I had ever seen in my entire life.
Little did I know that she would also become the most sexually active woman that I had ever heard about? Nancy became even more sexually active than many of the women working as full time prostitutes, something that she would also do many times.
The fun thing about Nancy being so horny and insatiable was that she did it because she loved the feeling of men fucking her and because she loved to have an almost endless string of orgasms.

On the day we were married Nancy, my virgin wife, said that she wanted to make me happy by fulfilling my fantasy of having my sexy little wife become a wild little whore if I really wanted her to. I couldn't believe it when I heard her telling me that she had decided to let eight different men that she had already picked fuck her tight little virgin pussy.

When I told her that it was a wonderful surprise and I was very agreeable if she was sure that she really wanted to do it. She quickly told me that she was glad that I had agreed because that she had already invited eight different men from her reception to come over to our apartment and make her a real woman of the world. Nancy said that she had wanted to get fucked for a long time but that she had held off because of the respect that she had for her parents, knowing that they wanted her to be a virgin when she got married.

From that night on Nancy began a wild sexual adventure that lasted for the next seventeen years. During the next seventeen years over fifteen thousand different men had the privilege of fucking my beautiful sexy little wife. Nancy was going out four; five, sometimes six and occasionally seven nights a week letting men that she met fuck her horny little pussy.

This sexy little woman was never satisfied with having only one man a night. During the week when she went out she usually was fucked by from six to eight different men. On the weekends it was an entirely different story. Nancy would let anywhere from eight to more than sixty different men fuck her horny little pussy in a single night.

In 1965 Nancy's personal high at that time was sixty-two different men's hard cocks inside of her horny little cunt in one night. On the night that she got fucked by sixty-two different men she was at a large college party and she didn't manage to get home until after ten o'clock the next morning looking like she had been used by every man in the state. In the years that followed Nancy became more and more insatiable.
Several years later Nancy had become so insatiable that at a large gangbang where she was the main course she let ninety-three different men fuck her that night.

I loved the excitement of having such a sexy horny little wife. It was a constant turn on to have her going out at night letting so many different men fuck her horny little cunt.
The only thing more exciting than knowing that she was out spreading her legs and letting all of these different men fuck her tight little pussy was my getting to fuck her when she came home after a night out letting fifteen or twenty men fuck her. It's to bad that more men don't let their wives go out and let other men fuck them instead of being so jealous that they won't let them do anything.

In 1965 Nancy had let Ralph, a black man that she had fallen in love with breed her because she decided that she wanted to have his baby. She did get pregnant from Ralph but in May of 1965 she suffered a miscarriage and lost her little black baby girl. Nancy was very depressed for a while and to get over her depression she began to go out to little country bars out in the woods at some of the small logging towns about thirty to forty miles from where we lived. Nancy would go to these bars, get very drunk and let the farmers and loggers at the bar gangbang her for the rest of the night.

My cute little wife had been stripping, and putting out, at bachelor parties and stag parties since July of 1963. She absolutely loved to show off her sexy body with her gigantic tits, small waist with her smooth flat stomach and her great legs to lots of men. Nancy performed at several parties a month but in 1968, Nancy, wanting something exciting but a little different went back to several of the small bars that she had frequented when she was in her depressed state right after having a miscarriage.

On a Saturday afternoon in July of 1968 Nancy had me drive her out to a couple of these little bars as she quickly renewed her acquaintance with the owners and operators. Dressed in a very revealing and sexy outfit Nancy went into the first of the two bars to talk to the owner about her start stripping and performing an exotic routine for him one night a month.

She wanted to start stripping at the bar on one Saturday each month. Nancy was gone into the owner's office for about an hour. As I was waiting in the bar I also noticed that the main bartender went into the office for about thirty minutes too. After about an hour Nancy came out of the office and from the flushed look and the smile on her face as she approached me I knew that she had been letting the owner and bartender look at her sexy little body and fuck her tight juicy little pussy.

The operators of the bars knew how popular Nancy had become when she was a customer of theirs several years earlier. At that time she would come over and get drunk letting the customers gangbang her all night long.
Although they quickly agreed that she could come and dance for them one Saturday night each month they didn't want to pass up such a good chance so they had Nancy strip for them and then they sampled her hot little pussy before they told her that they would let her dance at the bar.

When we left that little bar that afternoon Nancy was very hot and horny. Stripping for the bar owner and letting them fuck her had really turned her on. I drove her over to the other little bar that was about thirty miles away and Nancy went in to talk to the owner of that one about performing at his tavern one night a month.

Nancy was inside with the owner for about forty-five minutes as I waited for her in the bar. When she came out she was straightening her clothes and I could tell that she was even hornier then she had been when I had brought her in. As we left she told me that she had also stripped for the owner and had let him have a sample of her hot little pussy. He also agreed to let her start dancing at the bar at least one night a month.

On April 13, 1968 Nancy performed her first dance at one of the little bars. Her first performance was a nine o'clock. Nancy's nine o'clock performance was very exciting as she sexily removed her clothes as the men at the bar sat very quietly watching her. The ones that had never seen her before were very stunned at her sexy little body.

They couldn't believe that a body that small could have such gigantic big tits. After she had finished stripping for them Nancy slowly walked through the crowd of men, still completely naked, over to the bar to get a drink. While she was at the bar, Jack the bartender, told the crowd that Nancy would put on another performance at twelve o'clock. He told the men in the bar that, "up until time for the next show Nancy will be performing private dances for all of you that are interested in seeing her up very close and personal," he smiled and chuckled, "if you know what I mean." He told the crowd that there were six tickets available for private performances

That night there was eight men that wanted to have Nancy strip for them personally before her next performance started at midnight. The bartender collected the money for the private shows and told the men that each private performance would be timed and would last no longer than twenty minutes. When the first man came into her dressing room Nancy was wearing a see thru shorty nightgown and a black robe.

Jack brought the first man back to her dressing room and introduced him to Nancy telling her that his name was Jesse. Nancy greeted him with a big smile and had him sit in a chair that had been set up to sit in while she was giving her private performance.

Watching the excited reaction of the men as they watched her dance and strip had really turned Nancy on. Already being hot and turned on plus the fact that she had had three or four drinks after her performance just added to her wild horniness. As she started dancing she was practically on top of the man watching her private performance. In a few minutes she had become so turned on that she couldn't help herself as she reached out and grabbed his hands and immediately put them on her big tits.

While this amazed man squeezed and played with her big tits Nancy quickly reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his now rock hard cock. Nancy immediately sat down on his lap as his hard cock slipped up inside of her hot wet pussy.

She was so turned on that she rapidly bounced up and down on his hard shaft. It took only a couple of minutes before she began whimpering and growling as she had her first orgasm of the night quickly followed by a groan as her dance customer emptied the contents of his balls into the deep recesses of Nancy's horny little cunt.

Almost in a trance Jesse left as the next customer was ushered into Nancy's dressing room. Jesse quickly began to spread the word that he actually got to fuck that sexy little gal during his private performance. When the men in the bar heard that during a private performance they might get the chance to fuck this gorgeous little woman that they had watched dance and strip for them at the bar, they almost stormed Nancy's dressing room.

Watching her had made them horny and they wanted to see her immediately because they wanted to put their hard cocks into her tight little pussy. The bartender Jack hollered, "all right you guys, calm down. You'll all get your chance with this gorgeous little lady because she has agreed to give as many private performances as she needs to to be sure that no one gets left out."

Nancy managed to squeeze all eight of the men that wanted to see her for personal performances after the first show before she went out for her midnight performance. Nancy's midnight show was really down and dirty as she pulled out all the stops letting them see every part of her sexy little body. The men knew that she had been in her dressing room putting on her personal performances, which they had found meant that she had let these eight men fuck her hot horny little cunt.

Starting her next performance at midnight Nancy began her very hot sexy strip dance for them. When Nancy was completely nude she began to spread her legs, showing them the hot little hole that they were all so anxious to get their hard cocks buried into. Having just finished entertaining her eighth man with a personal performance just before she started doing her midnight show, Nancy's pussy was still gaping wide open from so much use and there were still globs of sperm dripping out of her well used little love box.

Seeing the sperm dribbling out of her really turned the men on and all of them began yelling that they wanted to get a ticket for a personal performance immediately after this show was over. After her show, Nancy, completely naked, wandered through the bar letting the guys really look her over. As she slowly walked through the crowd she reached out and took a bottle of beer from one of the men. After taking a drink she lay down on the table between the men sitting there and began to tease the entrance of her pussy with the tip of the bottle.
Getting hornier by the minute she gradually shoved the bottle into her wide-open pussy, pouring the beer into her pussy as she worked the bottle in and out of her insatiable cunt.

The men were now so worked up wanting Nancy and she had become so wild and hot that the so-called private personal performances quickly became very public. Several of the men simply picked Nancy up, carried her over and put her down on a pool table. They quickly paid the bartender for privilege of using Nancy as they one by one began to climb on top of her and fuck her wild quivering little cunt. It was quite a sight seeing these big loggers on top of my tiny little wife as she wildly took all of their big cocks up to the hilt in her cute horny little pussy.

For hour after hour except for an occasional bathroom run and the short breaks for another drink while a new man was mounting her sexy little body, Nancy was flat on her back on the pool table. She was on the table for hours as man after man climbed on the table, mounted her and fucked her, shooting their hot load of cum deep inside of her heaving belly. As they continued to fuck her I could tell from the sound of her whimpering and growling that Nancy was having a very special night.

Nancy had always climaxed very easily and on occasions like this she would start having an almost continuous orgasm just exactly like she was having tonight. Loving the feel of a hard cock inside of her stirring up these almost continuous orgasms drove Nancy to let man after man ram their hard cock into her so she could continue this wonderful feeling hour after hour.

These horny men kept fucking my sexy wife long after closing time but they were having so much fun with her that no one seemed to worry about the time. Even the bartender was so turned on by Nancy's sexy little body with her big bouncing tits that he also took his turn fucking her. When they were finally done using her sexy body and filling her sex-starved cunt, it was almost seven o'clock in the morning. By this time Nancy had been fucked by forty-three different men.

Some of the men fucking my sexy little wife were farmers from the area but most of men very big loggers working in the big forests nearby. Most of them came by and thanked Nancy for a wonderful show and told her that they would be ready for her whenever she decided to come back and put on another show for them. As I helped her get ready to go home she was very drunk, but she was also very happy and feeling great after having so many body shaking orgasms.

Nancy collected her money from the bartender, she got over twelve hundred dollars for her night of fun and the owner got over eight hundred dollars for letting her dance and service all of these horny young men. As I helped my drunken little wife out to the car she smiled at the bartender and told him that she would call him later and make arrangements on when she would schedule her next performance at the little bar.

On our way home Nancy, quite drunk and tired, said that she had really had fun that night and she was looking forward to putting on her show at another little tavern that she had contacted in a nearby community.

When we got home Nancy said, "honey would you please make love to me. I want your cock inside of me. I love to feel you climax and shoot your load of sperm deep up inside of me. Its exciting to know that it will mix with the cum that all of the other men left inside of me tonight.

Nancy scheduled her performance at the second little tavern two weeks later on April 27, 1968. She had now acquired a very sexy wardrobe for her performances and was prepared to do another very erotic show as she danced and stripped for the men at the tavern.

On April 27, 1968 at seven o'clock I drove my sexy little wife over to the tavern for her performance. She was very excited as we drove over. I could tell from her actions that it was going to be an exciting night because she was already very horny and she hadn't even had anything to drink yet. I knew that after she had several drinks she would become an absolute horny little slut and show off everything and do anything as she performed for them tonight.

As we went into the bar Nancy stopped and talked to the bartender, Fred, to let him know that she was there and have him show which room was hers to use as a dressing room. He told Nancy that they would probably have a fairly big crowd for such a small tavern that night because he had put up a couple of posters of Nancy. Nancy had given him a small picture of her in a tiny bikini to show around to bar to let the men know what she looked like.

It surprised her when Fred showed her that he had taken this picture and had it made into posters, tacking them up in several places in the tavern. As he was showing Nancy her dressing room she told him that she would need an extra chair in her dressing room for the men that wanted a private personal performance to sit in.

Fred told Nancy they were expecting a larger crowd than normal because many of the men in the community had seen Nancy's picture and knew that she was going to perform tonight. He was right because the little bar was really hopping. At nine o'clock he announced to the crowd that the show was about to start as he introduced Nancy. Word had leaked out from her performances at the other tavern two weeks earlier and these men were already horny and ready for a super hot show.

Nancy's combination of a dancing and stripping performance lasted about fifteen minutes. She was really getting into this routine of dance & strip and it showed. By the time Nancy's performance was finished she had the men panting for her. Watching the men get excited seeing her sexy body had Nancy so turned on that she could hardly control herself. When her performance was over she walked nude through the crowd of men on her way to the bar to get a drink.

Several of the men took advantage of the situation and reached out, squeezing and feeling various parts of her body as she passed by. As they touched her Nancy would stop and give them a chance to feel her up and touch anything that they wanted to on her. Many of them squeezed and pinched her big tits while others reached down and fingered her already wet pussy. As they fingered her Nancy would accommodate them by spreading her legs giving them easy access to her horny little hole.

When Nancy went back to her dressing room Fred announced to the crowd that Nancy was ready to give some private personal performances for those that were interested. Fred told them that if they were interested that they could get their tickets from him and then he would escort them back and introduce them personally to Nancy.
Half of the horny loggers jumped up and headed to the bar wanting to get a ticket to a private personal performance. Fred told them that there were only eight tickets available before the midnight show. To make things fair he said that he would let them draw numbers out of a hat for the privilege of seeing a personal performance with Nancy.

After the numbers were drawn and the first of the men went in for his special dance I noticed that most of these men were very big rough looking loggers. I was sitting at a table very near the door to Nancy's dressing room. I could hear almost all of the sounds coming out of this little room. It wasn't long before I began to hear Nancy whimpering and growling as her first lover brought her to a quick orgasm. It was only about ten minutes and he came out of Nancy's dressing room with a big grin on his face. He headed back into the crowded tavern as the man with the second ticket went into the dressing room for his appointment for a personal performance.

From the sounds coming out of the room I could tell that these burly big loggers were really working over my sexy little wife's body as I continued to hear her moan and grunt as they hammered their hard cocks into her tight little pussy. She again just managed to get the eight men who had the tickets all in for their performances before the midnight show was set to go on.

When Nancy came out for her midnight show I could see that she had really been used by the first eight men, as they must have really fucked her hard. She was fairly drunk again as she started her show so I knew that she was going to be super horny as she put on a real xxx rated performance.

When she was finally done stripping for the customers she had the men so turned on that they were almost out of control. They grabbed Nancy and took her back to the small room that had a couple of pool tables in it. As they roughly put her down on the table, one of the big loggers jumped on the table with her and had his cock into her little cunt almost before my wife's back touched the table.

This scene went on for hours as these big men sought to satisfy their horny need for sexual release. Most of these men didn't last five minutes before they blasted their load of cum deep into Nancy's now abused little pussy. They did give her an occasional break to go to the bathroom. When Nancy tried to take a drink between men she had to drink it very fast because as quick as one man finished another one was instantly on the pool table shoving his hard cock into her hot little hole.

Their hurry to fuck my hot little wife forced her to gulp her drinks down as fast as she could. Gulping her drinks down like she was doing Nancy was getting drunker as each man climbed on top of her and fucked her. The drunker she got the hornier she became and the harder she wanted these big men to fuck her little cunt. I could not believe how hard some of these big men were fucking Nancy as she would grunt when they slammed their cock into her as far as it would go only to pull it back out and roughly ram it deep into her again.
Of course it only took ten to twelve strokes before they would add their load of cum into Nancy's already overflowing cunt.

This wild gangbang went on until after eight o'clock the next morning. Nancy had been on the pool table for over seven hours and had been fucked by forty-nine men counting the ones that had fucked her between performances. By the time the last of the horny men had his turn inside of my sexy wife's horny little cunt she was very drunk, tired and well used.

Nancy was so tired and drunk from the night's activities that I had to carry her to the car. As she collected her money from Fred I was very surprised when I heard her tell him that she would be bringing another girl with her to dance and help entertain the customers the next time she performed at the tavern.

On the next story Nancy continues to strip and put out for the men at the little bars but she also talks her sister into performing with her. Nancy's wild sexual flings kept getting better and more exciting every year as everyday she wanted ever larger numbers of hard cocks inside of her horny little pussy.

By 1968 Nancy was spending from eight to twelve hours a day five or six days a week showing off her beautiful sexy body performing at parties and going to nightclubs as she sought to quench her ever increasing need to have orgasm after orgasm while keeping her hot pussy filled with load after load of her many lovers hot sperm.