Wednesday, August 30, 2006


By Luvverman

It started as a bit of a joke.
I was in the pub with David whilst our girlfriends were shopping.
We were joking about female sexual demands and how us men never lasted long enough and only wanted to go to sleep when we'd done it just once.
David jokingly said that I should get my dog, Rasputin to shag her when I'd finished which would let me off the hook and I could go to sleep.
Just then the girls came back and the subject changed to what they had bought.
Zoe looked different but I didn't know why until she said "Well, do you like the new outfit?"
I realised that she was wearing completely different clothes from those she'd set off in.
The new outfit looked great, the rich green of the dress really showed off her eyes and long brown hair not to mention her perfectly proportioned tits and firm thighs as it cascaded towards her knee length boots.
She always looked great so I never thought to tell her.

Our conversation made me think about how Rasputin behaved; I recalled how when I first got him he would sometimes lock his forelegs around my legs and thrust at them when we played in the park.
I thought it was just because he was a puppy and strange new instincts were waking in him.
Then I remembered the first time we went to stay with David and Carla with Rasputin.
We were concerned that their dog wouldn't like him and it would be difficult.
In the event, it wasn't a problem, Rasputin and Mutley got on like a house on fire and Mutley was keen to show Rasputin who was the boss and tried to fuck him.
Mutley's penis surprised me with it's length, I had only ever seen the tip before when he cleaned himself, but this was at least four inches long and very erect.
Rasputin wasn't having any of it though and turned it back into a playfight.
David was disgusted that his faithful friend had gay tendencies or sexual tendencies at all.
His three year old collie had never been neutered and had not had much to do with other dogs before he met Rasputin.
I must admit I couldn't blame Mutley, Rasputin is an extremely attractive dog, half Alsation and half Japanese Akita with a luxurious coat and lovely expression.

I remembered that David would occasionally joke about tossing Mutley off and Carla would make some comment about how disgusting he was.
Zoe and I never thought it was actually true but we did wonder.
I kept thinking about David's bestiality idea and I can't pretend that I wasn't curious.
I can't even say that I didn't want to see what would happen if the situation arose and Zoe actually agreed to just let the dog lick her out.
My main concern was that it might affect Rasputin's temperament or attitude to us, not to mention how I'd broach the subject with Zoe.

The following day I told Zoe that I'd had a wank recently and Rasputin had tried to lick the cum off the back of my hand.
Naturally, I was shocked at his behaviour... Zoe just said that he was just trying to clean his master up and that seemed perfectly natural to her.
I said "well the next time we fuck he can clean the cum out of you, and you'll have no excuse for complaining that I stop as soon as I've cum.
You can get a good licking out afterwards".
She just laughed and said, "I'd like to see him try"!
That was the end of the conversation but I carried on thinking about it.

That night there was little enough on the television so we went to bed early.
Zoe was reading her latest Terry Pratchett and I was lying there thinking about Rasputin licking my cum out of Zoe's twat.
I reached my hand out until I felt Zoe's back, following the contour of her body I moved around her front and felt the swelling of her breast.
Her nipple was hard and I lingered, tweaking it gently between my finger and thumb.
Slowly I moved my hand away and ran it south, up over her hip-bone and down her thigh to the back of her knees where I dropped it down and pulled it back up her legs to her arse.
I gently probed my fingers between her legs until I felt the wispy soft hair on her pubic mound, my finger slipped easily between her lips and into her cunt.
Christ, she was wet, I wondered what she was thinking about, is Terry Pratchett writing erotica these days?

She moaned softly and I carried on with my gently ministrations.
I rubbed my finger over her erect clitoris, which had popped up to say "Hi there."
There was now a trail of slimy liquid that ran from her cuntlips and down between her buttocks, it was a real mess and my poor erect cock couldn't take any more.
I pushed myself forward and forced the tip between her legs, she lifted her leg exposing herself to my penetration.

We fucked gently at first then she said "let me get on my knees and you do me from behind,"
Well, I couldn't say no to my favourite position and watched her as she moved onto her hands and knees.
I moved in behind and with my cock in my left hand I pushed the fingers of my right into her and gently opened her gash to receive me.
Nice and slow at first and gradually built up to a furious pumping.
Zoe was screaming "fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me like a dog", I kept thinking about the dog licking her out when I'd finished and before I knew it, I couldn't stop myself emptying my balls into her.

"Leave it in me" she said, "keep moving" she said, but I was finished.
There was sweat rolling down my face and my dick was going limp inside her, I was knackered and pulled my dripping cock from her cunt.
I knew that she wanted more and I knew that I was no good to her for at least half an hour, I also knew that this was the best chance I was ever going to get.

"Stay there and close your eyes" I said in my most authoritative tone, she didn't argue.
I started to gently massage her clitoris and she whimpered softly; "Rasputin" I called.
Within seconds the dog was on his feet at the side of the bed, tail wagging.
I patted the duvet and he jumped onto the mattress, tail wagging.
I patted him on the head and made a bit of a fuss of him and he tried to lick the cum off the end of my cock.
I moved his face to Zoe's sopping cunt.
She was still on her knees with her legs together.
The cum was leaking out of her and running down the back of her legs, Rasputin started licking behind her knees and then further up; then he was lapping at her cunt.
Zoe's moans had become louder, I took my hand away from her clit and left the dog to clean up my mess.

I stood at the side of the bed watched my girlfriend being licked out by my dog and both of them seeming to enjoy it and I felt my cock stirring.
Zoe had now parted her legs, lifted her arse and arched her back to let him lick right through the gap at the top of her thighs.
I think all of the cum had been licked off the outside but Rasputin carried on, seeming to know exactly where his mistress wanted to be touched by the end of his long tongue.
Zoe turned to look at me, she had a smile on her face "don't let it get out of hand" she said.

I was fully erect again and began to wank myself as I moved around the bed to see the spectacle from different angles.
Zoe's face was now buried in the pillow and Rasputin's was embedded in her slimy twat.
I could see everything perfectly, the view of Zoe's buttocks, and as I moved around, her cunt coming into sight was driving me mad.
I could see the dog's tongue lashing at her fannylips and then rolling over her arsehole.
Zoe's moans were at a height I never managed to achieve when I tongued her.

Rasputin was involuntarily thrusting his pelvis back and forward in fucking movements and I saw his cock was sticking out.
It was about three inches long and very pointed at the end.
I reached out with my left hand and touched it then began to run my fingers back and forth down it's length, which was growing rapidly.

Rasputin stopped licking and suddenly climbed onto Zoe's back locking his forelegs around her waist.
"Stop him" she shouted, "it's alright baby, he doesn't even know what he's doing.
He's only a pup and has never fucked anything let alone a person, it'll be ok and if it really bothers you I'll pull him off."

The dog was desperately jabbing his cock at Zoe's fanny but it was going nowhere near.
"What's he doing?" Zoe asked in a curious sort of way.
She didn't seem worried anymore.
"Well, he's thrusting at you but it's not getting anywhere near" I said.
"Ah, poor doggy" she said "push him on a little further so that he can touch my leg with it".
I was somewhat surprised by the change of attitude but was seriously turned on and complied with her wish.
I lifted one of Rasputin's hindlegs forward and then the other, he didn't even seem to notice me touching him and was lunging his cock at Zoe's cunt.
Now he was close enough to hit her thigh every time he jabbed at her, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth and his eyes were rolling - "this is doglust" I thought to myself.

Zoe spread her knees wider apart lowering her cunt nearer to the bed and pushed a hand between her legs to rub her clit.
I was standing to the side, just behind her arse and could clearly see the dog's cock as it thumped against her leg.
Zoe was now using her fingers to spread her surplus cunt juice around her labia and with every forward thrust Rasputin's dick touched the back of her hand.

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and knew that I should stop wanking before I spunked again.
I moved around the side and took a closer look at the action. Zoe had now turned her hand around and was actually letting Rasputin's cock run through her fingers as he thrust towards her elusive cunt.
I don't know why, but I moved Rasputin's leg neared still until his cock was no longer moving out of Zoe's hand.
She was letting him fuck her hand.
"I want to let him put it inside me" she said and moved herself backwards whilst she guided the tip of his cock into her cunt.

As he entered her, her head raised up, she was in ecstasy.
The dog was humping frantically and in moments he was cumming.
He tried to push himself further into her but I'd heard about the knot and held him back.
I was so close that I could see the cum as it began to run out of her, down her legs and onto the bed.
It just didn't seem to stop. Zoe was now wailing in rapture and pushing back against the dog.
Rasputin was hammering away like his life depended on it, his eyes were rolling and his tongue was lolling from side to side with every thrust.
He was locked onto her and his forelegs nearly touched together under her waist.

After a few minutes of his furious assault, Rasputin finished humping and pulled his cock out of Zoe's cunt.
As he moved off her, there was a squelching noise and the dog's sperm squirted out of her and seemed to hang there in one long drip.
The dog was finished, he had lost interest in Zoe and lay on the floor cleaning his cock.
Zoe stayed on her hands and knees with her legs slightly apart.
There was cum dribbling down her legs all the way to her knees and she was panting like a bitch, "finish yourself off in me" she said.
I climbed onto her, taking over from my dog and in a few quick thrusts I spurted my cum into her already sopping cunt.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Diary of a Slut

By Luvverman

Tuesday 23rd

Went to Safeway's at lunchtime.
Bought the usual groceries. Coco Pops for the kids, bottle of whisky for Eric, catfood for the cat etc, etc. Totally boring experience.
Then at the checkout I had my arse touched up by some builder.

I couldn't believe the cheek of the guy, but it did feel quite nice.
I pretended to be annoyed and glared at him.
He apologised and said that his hand had slipped.
Yeah right! I thought to myself.

Then I walked back to my Jeep pushing the full trolley and started to unload it into the back.
Whilst I was pushing the bags into the boot it happened again.
I felt the touch of this hand.
It sort of patted my arse but lingered.
I just knew it was the same guy and for some reason I let him carry on.

After a little while I stood up and turned around.
"My God, I thought you were my husband" I said.
"You dirty bastard, where do you get off doing that sort of thing to total strangers?" I asked feigning disgust.
"You've got a nice arse and I fancied touching it" He replied.
He had a smile on his face and absolutely no shame about harassing me.
"I should call the police and report you. I you'd end up in court" I said.
"Yeah, you're probably right, but you won't do that. I've met your sort before and you're gagging for it.
You're probably kicking around the house all day with sod all to do but wait for the old man to come home"

Now I was annoyed and before I even realised what I was doing I had slapped his face.
"Fuck me, that wasn't very nice" He said
"You're lucky I don't fuckin' drop you for that."
There was a tension that I was completely unfamiliar with, the whole situation was extraordinary and I wasn't sure how to react.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that" I said.
"Well, I know a way you can make up for it" He said with a snigger.
"Oh, come on now. This is ridiculous. Just what sort of woman do you think I am?"
"Look honey, I'll tell you what. I just want you to give us a little flash and we're quits. Come on, what about it?"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
He was young too, I'd say he was no more than twenty one.
He had piercing blue eyes and strong features.
I'd say he was tall, well built and good looking.

I didn't quite know what to do.
I was certainly horny from the fondling I'd received whilst loading my car and the hornyness of the situation, but this could be dangerous.
Besides, I'm a married woman with two kids.
Just then my dull life overwhelmed me and I said "Just what exactly do you have in mind"
"Now you're talking, I just want you to show me your tits"
"Oh, right and that all is it?" I said
"Well if you want more just ask and I'll see what I can do" he replied with a chuckle.
"I think a quick flash is enough, but no way am I exposing myself in Safeway's carpark.
You know anywhere secluded?"
"Oh yeah, you just follow me.
My van is just over there"
He pointed at a shiny Transit van with Mitchell's' Plumbing painted down the side in bold letters.
"OK, I'll wait for you at the entrance" I said and as he strode back to his van I climbed into my Cherokee and fastened the seatbelt.

I started the engine and set off for the exit.
My mind was racing. Was I seriously going to let this guy see my tits?
Where was he taking me? What if he raped me?
What about Eric and the kids?
I was so bored with getting up in the morning and cooking three breakfasts then taking the kids to school and seeing Eric for no more than a few hours in the evening and him always too tired to make love.

This was a wild trip, it was exciting and this guy made me feel wanted, Christ, I even felt sexy and I'd almost forgotten what that felt like.
"Yes, he could see my tits. I'll probably even let him touch them too." I thought to myself.

I waited at the roadside until the Transit appeared.
The driver grinned and winked as he gestured me to follow.
I unbuttoned my blouse and checked that I was wearing a descent bra.
I was, it was the black lacy one that Eric had bought me for Christmas.
I hoped that I'd put the matching knickers on too.
A quick check was all I needed to reassure myself that I was looking good.
Matching knickers and sheer nylon stockings... yes I felt confident.

I followed the van for about two minutes then the indicator flashed right, I slowed down and followed him up a dirt track.
At the bottom was a small estate of houses, none of them were completed and there were several other contractors vehicles dotted about the place.
I parked behind the Mitchell's van and stood beside my Jeep.
As the driver climbed down he said "come on luv, I'm working in this one and there's no one else in here."
Without a word I followed him through a doorway and into the part finished house.
"What are you planning?" I said.
"We'll go upstairs and you just show me your tits, that's it"

My God I felt so naughty, I was really turned on too.
I wondered if he could hear my juices squelching in my knickers as I followed him up the staircase and into an empty bedroom.

Once inside I undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor.
"Phwoar, you're a darlin'" he said.
I laughed
"You like it? Want to see more?" I asked
"Damned right I do"
I unclipped the bra and pulled it over my right shoulder, he could just see the outline of my breast as I covered it with my left arm.
"Come on luv, I can't wait and this is a bad time to get shy." He said
"All in good time" I said.
Then I lifted the bra clean off and raised my hands above my head showing him my now erect nipples.
I ran my hands down over my tits and tweaked the hard buds.
"D'ya mind if I get my dick out and have a little play around?" he said.
I wasn't too sure about that. He'd not said anything about masturbation.
"Alright but you're not touching me, OK?"
"Anything you say luv. How about dropping the skirt though?"
"You are a naughty boy aren't you. Are you going to wank it off in front of me?" I said.
Wow, I was really into this and I decided that I'd like to see him do that.
A total stranger tossing himself off right in front of me.

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down, then he peeled them over his muscular thighs.
He wasn't wearing any underwear at all and his cock was huge.
It pointed skywards like a flagpole.
I reckon it must have been at least ten inches long and really thick too.
He pulled his T-shirt over his head and stood there, just comfortably out of reach.
His dick in his right hand, his jeans round his boots.
Then he began to glide his hand back and forth over it.
The foreskin peeled back, revealing the swollen head, all purple and angry looking.

I decided to show him my arse.
Well, he'd had a good feel in the carpark and seemed to like it then.
Now he was going to get a look too.
I unfastened the buttons at the top of my skirt and slipped it down past my butt and on to my knees, then I let it drop to the dusty floor and stepped out of it.
I was standing there in nothing but my shoes, my knickers and stockings.
I felt great.
He was out of control now, tugging away at his cock like his life depended on it.
"Oooh yeees, turn around and bend over for me" he said.
I slowly rotated myself and then when I knew he was looking right at my arse, I bent forward and touched my toes, pushing my butt out towards his face.

I was so gripped by my little show and getting really turned on myself.
I reached up my leg with one of my hands and found my gusset, it was soaking.
I was embarrassed about my wetness and wasn't sure if I should take my panties off but I wanted to.
I peeled them away from my cuntlips, drew them down my legs and stepped out of them.
Then not even looking at my builder, I picked them up and pushed the sopping panties under his nose.
He was still tossing himself furiously but that didn't stop him from taking a deep snort through the material.
"I want you to lie on the floor and play with yourself" he gurgled.
I followed his instructions exactly and knelt on the dusty floorboards parting my legs and rubbing around my sopping pussy.
I lifted my hips off the floor and gyrated my ass to give him a really good look as I parted my lips and inserted my finger deep inside myself.
"I'm gonna spunk" he grunted.
I looked round at his engorged knob just in time to see a thick jet of cum spurt from the end of his cock.
It squirted upwards and then landed just near my head, it was followed by another two and then to my surprise and horror, a round of applause.

I looked up and was horrified to see three men standing in the doorway. "Oh my God - what the Hell are you doing" I screamed.
"Hey, chill out baby, we just wanna look." Said the one at the front.
I felt totally exposed. I was frightened.
Caught frigging in front of some guy while he tossed himself off, it was terrible.
I didn't know what to do, I just wanted to get out of there and away as quickly as I could.
"Come on luv, we won't hurt you.
We just want a bit of what he got." He said pointing at his mate who was now standing up and sniggering to himself.
"We didn't do anything, I just stripped for him."
"We know luv, we was watching. Come on how about it luv?" he said.

It flashed across my mind that if they had the same show they'd let me alone.
"OK, but nobody touched me. Alright"
"Right on luv" said the man in the doorway as he moved into the room and walked past me followed by his two mates.
They passed a few comments with the original builder as they all stood together.

I plucked up my courage, closed my eyes and started thinking about how sexy I had felt just moments ago.
It worked and within seconds I was prancing about, giving the men views of my body that I could only imagine.

I walked towards the group and not one of them looked into my eyes, their gaze was totally fixed on either my tits or my pussy.
I stood just a few feet from them and began to run my hands over my breasts.
The nipples were hard as nails and I played with them for a couple of seconds.
Then I moved a hand between my thighs.
Feeling the soft skin and the wetness which was seeping from my cunt I began to massage my clit.
The men had dropped their jeans and were standing there, totally entranced and furiously pulling at their cocks.

One said "Lie on your back and stick your fingers up your cunt"
Obediently I lay down and began to rub my hand around between my thighs.
Then I inserted my index finger between my lips and pushed it in to my knuckle.

"Anyone got a hammer or anything?" I heard myself say.
What seemed like a very young lad delivered the hammer.
"You can stick the handle it in me if you like."
I couldn't believe I had just said that but I did.

The boy knelt down at my side and I parted my legs as wide as they would go.
The others were looking on in disbelief which made me feel dirtier than I'd ever felt before and I like it.

He guided the handle into my twat. It felt big but really good.
"Now, fuck me with it" I demanded.
The young lad began to pump the hammer in and out of me.
He was still wanking himself with his free hand and his tongue began loll out of his gaping mouth.
"Lick my cunt!" I demanded.

I was aware that the other men had all moved in for a closer look, one was wanking his cock just inches away from my face and the other two were engrossed in watching the apprentice fuck me with the hammer and then clumsily lick at my wet puffy lips.

By now I wanted cock, no, I needed cock.

I sat up and took hold of the nearest dick and guided it into my mouth.
The young lad let go of the hammer and backed away leaving it in still inside my cunt.
I turned myself around without letting the cock out of my mouth.
My arse was now facing the other three I let the cock slide from my mouth and heard myself say "Somebody fuck me!"

The hammer was pulled free and I was impaled on someone's cock.
"Ooooh" I sighed.
This felt fantastic and the dick was so hot inside me.
It was being used by someone who knew what they were doing too.
"Don't cum inside me. I'm not protected." I said to my fucker who was now ramming me so hard that I could barely keep myself from falling off my hands and knees.

I could see the young apprentice at my side and reached out to take his cock into my mouth.
I licked down it's length and then took it all into my throat.
The boy started to grunt and then his cum blasted into my mouth, filling me to bursting point I let my jaw drop and the jism flooded out onto the floorboards.

Next to cum was the guy fucking me.
His stroke quickened so that he was just jabbing into my pussy and then he withdrew in time for me to turn around and see him finish himself off with his hand and spill his load into my buttocks.
"Next" I cried as the slut in me was fully unleashed.
"Suck this..." I heard as the original builder presented my face with his erect cock.
I crouched in front of him, my knees wide apart and cum running off my buttocks and took his huge member into my mouth and began to suck.

I felt a hand run between my legs, the fingers gently parting my cuntlips and spreading my juices around between my thighs and buttocks.
Just then the hand pulled away and it's owner slid himself underneath me feet first.
I raised myself a little to give him easier access and then lowered my aching pussy onto his cock.

I was sucking one guy in front of me and fucking another underneath me, there was cum dripping off my jaw from the young lad and more between my legs from someone else.
This was the dirtiest thing I had ever seen, even in my husband's porno movies. I was in heaven and about to cum myself.

The pressure was building inside me, my pussy was on fire and waves of pleasure darted through me as I withdrew the cock from my mouth and began to wank it into my lips.
I forced myself down on the man under me.
I was gripped by the throbbing as I started to cum.

Just then the dick in my face let fly a burst of spunk which splattered across my nose and into my fringe and then another and another.
Cum was running off my face and down my body.
Over my tits and down my belly.
Pooling between my pussy lips and onto the man thrusting beneath me.
A second or two later he spurted his load deep inside my unprotected cunt.

Someone passed me a rag as I collected my skirt and blouse.
"Wipe yourself down with this." He said.
I mopped off as much of the cum as I could find and dressed myself.
Then whilst I straightened my hair I looked at the four deflated but satisfied men in front of me and said "That was fun, we must do it again sometime"

I left the house and went home to prepare dinner for the kids.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Jackie Part IV

by David

I didn't see Jackie for several days.
My parents kept on arranging family outings and I still wasn't brave enough to tell them that I had a girl friend.
The fact that Jackie was older than me made me think that they would disapprove and I was also worried that they would think that she came from the wrong side of the tracks.
It was unlikely that they would have heard of Jackie's reputation but nevertheless I kept quiet about the whole affair.
I had Jackie's phone number and phoned her at least once a day.
On the Wednesday afternoon her mother answered the phone and when I asked if I could speak to Jackie she said, "Oh, you must be David. I've heard all about you!"
I could feel myself blushing - for one crazy moment I imagined that Jackie had told her what we had got up to.
I stammered and mumbled into the phone and Jackie's mother invited me round for tea, saying how much she wanted to meet me.
I accepted and spent the rest of the day getting more and more nervous about meeting Jackie's mum.

I needn't have worried, because when I arrived at Jackie's house her mother was very friendly and made me feel at ease in no time.
She was also great looking - she was in her late thirties but still had a very good figure.
Her breasts were larger than Jackie's and a bit too big for my tastes but her face was still very pretty.
They say you should always look at the mother to tell how a girl would age, and if this was true then Jackie did not have much to worry about.

We sat and talked while we had tea and home-made cake and I was very relieved that I did not feel uncomfortable anymore.
Occasionally I would think about the sex that Jackie and I had had and wonder if her mum had any suspicions.
She seemed very broad minded and quite often made little remarks about teenagers fooling around and I began to think that she was quite aware of her daughter's lifestyle.
Every time her mum went out of the room Jackie and I seized the opportunity to kiss and fondle each other and once her mum caught us kissing but she just laughed and teased us.
I was getting very turned on as the afternoon went by and the bulge in my trousers was getting quite conspicuous.
I thought that I caught Jackie's mum looking in that direction a few times and kept my legs crossed with my arm over my lap to hide it.
Thinking about it now it probably just made it more obvious!
Jackie and I needed to be by ourselves and after we had helped clear away the cups and plates and things we told her mum that we were going for a walk in the woods that were at the back of Jackie's house.
As soon as we were deep in the woods and all alone I could not stop myself grabbing Jackie and kissing her passionately.
Very soon my hand was under her T-shirt and I had her bra undone and could fondle her breasts.
She pressed against me and moaned and I reached down and started to undo the buttons on her shorts.

Jackie reached down and took my hand away. "Don't, we can't," she said, "I've started my period".
At least that showed that she wasn't pregnant but I was disappointed at not being able to touch her.
We found a nice grassy spot to lie down on and held each other close as we kissed.
Jackie's hand slipped down to my trousers and squeezed my crotch.
I unzipped myself and exposed my penis and Jackie stroked it gently, running her fingertips lightly up and down the shaft.
She avoided touching the head and soon I was intensely erect, aching for her hand to grip me more firmly.

Jackie kept up the light teasing until I could stand it no more, I took her hand and wrapped her fingers around the glans.
She looked down and giggled.
"Look at it," she said, "it looks ready to burst!"
She held the shaft tightly near the base and squeezed - the glans swelled even more, the skin stretched to almost unbearable tightness.
I groaned and Jackie could plainly see my anguish.
She lay down beside me and kissed me.
"You really want to come badly, don't you?" she whispered.
I nodded frantically. She kissed me again and smiled and then pushed me onto my back.
I thought she was going to take hold of my penis and jerk me off but instead she sat up, undid my trousers fully and to my surprise pulled them completely off.
Jackie moved down and sat level with my knees.
She took my penis in her hand and lifted it up from my stomach, holding it vertically in the air.
Then she did the most stunning thing, something that I could scarcely believe - she bent her head and gently kissed the tip of my cock!
I gasped and my whole body jerked with my startled reaction.
I had heard about oral sex but surely it was just the subject matter for dirty jokes; no girl would ever really do it!
Jackie looked up at me and saw the look on my face.
She grinned at me, "Don't worry, I won't bite!"
She lowered her head again and I watched in amazement as she kissed the tip once more, the moisture seeping from the slit coated her lips with a slippery film.
I moaned as she covered the glans with soft kisses, bending the stiff shaft this way and that so that every part of the head could received the touch of her lips.
She let go of me briefly and moved to lie between my legs before lifting my penis up once more - Jackie kissed the tip again and then her lips parted and she started to lick me, lapping her tongue over the glans until it was wet with her saliva.

I was paralysed - the sensation was exquisite but the visual impact was even more unbelievable - I watched in ecstasy as she kissed and licked my cock, looking up at me from time to time as she did it, aware of the total power she had over me.
Jackie paused, "Does it feel good?" she asked.
I gasped a response, "Oh, Jackie, its fantastic!" She lowered her head again and I expected more kisses but this time Jackie opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock between her lips. She tried to take more but my glans was hugely swollen; Jackie struggled to get her mouth round it, her lips almost enveloped the flared ridge but I felt the touch of her teeth scrape exquisitely on my glans and she backed off. She slipped her mouth from me and looked up, "Its too big!" she gasped. I had no reply to that and Jackie bent her head, taking the tip into her mouth once more. I watched her cheeks pull inwards as she sucked; I lay back groaning with pure pleasure as Jackie took the shaft of my cock in her right hand and began to pump it vigorously as her lips suckled on the head. I abandoned myself to the wonderful sensations and all too soon I felt my orgasm rising rapidly. I cried out, "Jackie, its coming!" and expected her to pull her mouth away but she kept sucking and her fist moved even faster.
I realised that she wasn't going to stop - she was going to keep going until I came - I was going to come in her mouth!
"Aaaah, Jackie, Jackie!" I groaned, my hips jerking upwards, straining to push deeper into her mouth.
She looked up at me again, her face was flushed and perspiring and she had a wild look in her eyes, willing me to come.
The ecstasy reached an impossible level, my fingers dug into the ground by my hips and I erupted; I could feel a thick flood of sperm gushing through my shaft, pouring into her mouth.
Jackie's head jerked but her lips never left my cock;
I squirted my semen endlessly and Jackie's hand slowed, pulling in perfect time with each delicious spurt.
Gradually my orgasm subsided - Jackie kept her mouth tight on my glans as it pulsed and throbbed between her lips, her finger and thumb circled the shaft, gently milking and coaxing the last drops from me.

Jackie slipped her lips agonizingly slowly from my tingling knob; our eyes met and I watched her calmly and deliberately swallow, once, twice - she smiled at me and her lips parted; every drop of sperm was gone! I could scarcely believe it, she had swallowed it all and I knew I had ejaculated like a firehose!
I couldn't speak; my heart was thumping in my chest and I could scarcely move.
My cock lay fat and semi-erect on my stomach, still twitching feebly and dribbling semen.
Jackie moved up and lay beside me; I could smell my sperm on her breath when she spoke.
"That was wonderful," she sighed, "I thought I was going to come myself".
I was totally wiped out - my wildest fantasies had been exceeded by several dimensions.
I clung to her and she snuggled her face into my neck.
"Did you like it?" she asked.
"Oh God, Jackie it was... I never dreamed..." I was at a loss for words. "She giggled, "I'll take that as a 'yes' then!"
After a while my curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask, "What does it..., um, what does it taste like?"
By way of reply she lifted her head from my shoulder and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth.
I couldn't really taste anything other than a slight saltiness.
"Can you taste it?" she asked.
I shook my head. Jackie looked down at my penis and the pool of watery semen that had collected in my navel.
She dabbed a finger in it and held it to my lips. I recoiled at first but she urged me on.
I figured I owed it to her not be squeamish, after all, she had swallowed a whole mouthful.
I opened my mouth and she slipped her finger inside, I sucked her finger and swallowed but there was hardly enough to taste.
"Be brave!" she said and wriggled down my body, moved my penis to one side and sucked up all the liquid from my navel. Jackie crouched over me, a wicked grin on her face, and lowered her mouth onto mine.
In trepidation I parted my lips and she let the fluid trickle into my mouth.
I tasted a tangy saltiness and swallowed, a peculiar taste in the back of my throat took me by surprise but it was not unpleasant.
Jackie saw my startled expression and laughed, "Now you know!"
I pulled her to me and kissed her again; the eroticism of what she had done had got to me and my penis was once more in a state of rigid erection.
I fondled her breasts and tried to undo her shorts but she was adamant and pushed my hand away.
When I persisted Jackie took my hand and placed it purposefully on her left breast, took my penis tightly in her hand and started to jerk me off.
I was hopeful that she would use her mouth again but it was not to be, her hand moved rapidly and expertly and when I started to pant and gasp she pushed me onto my back and sat up to watch the sperm shoot high into the air as I came.
Although coming again after such a short respite I still managed five or six good spurts which elicited an appreciative "Wow!" from Jackie.

We tidied ourselves up as best as possible.
My second ejaculation had gone in all directions and there were several damp patches on our clothes that would need some explaining if our parents saw them.
Hopefully they would dry quickly in the warm summer air.
We walked back to Jackie's house and on the way a lot of the conversation dwelt on oral sex.
I kept asking her for reassurance that she really had enjoyed it.
At one point she took my hand and pressed it to the crotch of her shorts.
"See," she said, "I'm soaking aren't I? I wouldn't be if I hadn't enjoyed it!"
She was indeed very damp between her legs.
"Would you let me do it to you?" I asked.
She grinned at me. "Wait till my period's finished first!"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jackie Part III

by David

I met Jackie at the Trocadero cafe at 2 o'clock on Saturday.
We had a few drinks and fed some money into the jukebox while we discussed what we wanted to do that afternoon.
I would have been happy to do anything as long as Jackie was with me.
She was wearing tight jeans and a pale blue blouse.
The blouse was quite loose and didn't hug her figure the way the T-shirt she had worn the previous day had done but now that I knew exactly what her breasts were like I found it to be very sexy.
Occasionally as she moved the blouse would be drawn tighter over the tips of her breasts and the raised profile of her nipples would show through.
Each time this happened I got a delicious thrill in my groin and my penis would surge in my trousers.
We held hands as we talked and I was very proud to be in public with such a beautiful girl.
I hoped that one of my friends would see us but it didn't happen.

Jackie and I had a great deal in common and as we talked I tried to figure out whether what I felt for her was 'love'.
I was definitely besotted with her but I realised that it might just be the sex.
I certainly liked her as a person, she was clever and amusing and we got on together fantastically.
I was fairly certain that she felt more than just casual friendship for me.

After a little pause in the conversation Jackie said, 'Have you thought about yesterday at all?'
'I haven't thought about anything else!', I replied.
'Well,'she said, 'I have a little surprise for you'.
She reached into her hip pocket and took something out.
Holding it in her closed fist she reached across the table for me to take it.
I held out my hand and she dropped something into my palm.
I stared at it for several seconds before I realised that she had dropped a condom into my hand.
I quickly closed my hand around it and looked around to see if anyone had noticed.
I know I was blushing like an idiot and Jackie laughed, 'Don't worry, nobody saw'.
'Where did you get it?'I asked.
She told me that she had got it from her mother's handbag.
I was a little surprised at first that her mother would have such things in her possession.
'Won't she find out its gone?'I asked.
'I don't think so.
There were quite a few in there and I shouldn't think that she would keep count.'

I hoped Jackie was right. I put the condom in my pocket feeling very excited.
My head was spinning with the thought of being able to use it.
'Is your mother at home this afternoon?'I asked.
'Don't be too eager!'Jackie teased me.

Jackie told me a little about her family.
Her father had died when she was only ten years old and she and her mother were the only members of the family.
Her mother had occasional boyfriends, hence the condoms, but did not seem keen to get married again. Jackie told me that her mother would be working that evening but would only leave the house at six o'clock.
We arranged that I would come to her house soon after.
We left the cafe and went to the movies.
Because we knew that we would be seeing each other in the evening we only kissed and cuddled in the movie theatre and there was no repeat of our first experience.
I think we even watched some of the movie!

Just before six I set off for Jackie's house having told my parents that I was going to go round to see my friend Nick.
Nick was due to return from his summer holidays and I felt confident that they would believe my story.
As I walked to Jackie's house I must have put my hand in my pocket to check that the condom was still there about a hundred times.
I was very relieved to find that Jackie was all by herself and that her mother had left for work on time.
Jackie must have known how excited I was but she played a little game with me, asking if I wanted to watch TV, was there anything I would like from the refrigerator, was I thirsty, did I want to listen to music?

She kept this up for about ten minutes before she let me kiss her.
As soon as our lips met her mood changed and she kissed me hungrily, her mouth opened and her tongue darted against mine.
I pulled her hips towards me so that she would feel how hard I was.
Jackie put her hand down to my crotch and explored the bulge.
'Can we go in your room?'I asked.
She nodded and I climbed the stairs two at a time.
We wasted no time and Jackie and I stripped off our clothes as fast as we could.
We fell onto her bed and held each other close, kissing passionately as our hands roamed over each other's bodies.
I was very eager and soon pulled away from her and reached for where my trousers lay on the floor.
I fished the condom out of the pocket.
'Don't go too fast,'she said and took the condom from me, placing it on the bedside cupboard.
She lay back on the bed and parted her legs.
'Touch me', she said and took my hand and put it between her legs.
I knew what she liked and set about caressing her soft lips, sliding my fingers into her, getting my fingers slippery wet with her juices before I touched her clitoris.
I sat upright on the bed beside her so that I could see what I was doing.
When I had touched her before I had not actually seen between her legs.
What I now saw was intoxicating.
Below the patch of soft blonde hair her inner lips were swollen and pouting.
I was amazed at the colour between them - I had expected a pale pink and was startled to see a deep red.
I was fascinated - I slid a finger into her, she squeezed her muscles and I could both see and feel the flesh surge and grip round my finger.
Jackie wasn't at all embarrassed as I studied her, perhaps she knew how much she was educating me.
I saw the little pee hole and how the flesh round it swelled and bulged as she contracted her muscles.
I imagined her squeezing like that when my penis was inside her - I knew it would make me come instantly!

Jackie reached down and placed her fingers above her pussy and pulled upwards, exposing her clitoris.
The bud was beautiful - I gazed at it, open mouthed, it looked like a glistening pink pearl nestling in the soft folds.

I heard Jackie whisper, 'Please - touch it'.
I withdrew my finger from her and gently stroked the pearl, coating it with a film of her juice.
Jackie shivered and cupped her breasts in her hands as she pushed her hips upwards.
I caressed her the way she had showed me and Jackie jerked and twisted, crying out as her pleasure rose.
A steady stream of fluid seeped from her, wetting the tops of her thighs as she twisted and turned. I stroked and stroked and Jackie loved it, 'Yes, don't stop, its wonderful!'

I kept going for a long time; several times she seemed almost ready to come but never quite got there.
My fingers were getting tired and I decided to try something different and slid two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit rapidly with my thumb.
Jackie went wild, her hips started to jerk uncontrollably and very quickly she started to come, emitting a long shrill cry as her pussy clamped hard on my fingers.
Pulsing contractions threatened to push my fingers right out of her and I imagined how fantastic that would feel on my penis!
The previous time she had squeezed her legs together but now she spread her legs wide and it felt as if her pussy was trying to turn itself inside out.
I pushed my fingers hard into her and was rewarded with an amazing spurt of hot fluid against my palm.

Jackie cried out and grabbed my hand, pressing it hard into her crotch as she came.
I looked at her face, she was flushed and grimacing in ecstasy, tears trickling from the corners of her tightly closed eyes.
Her orgasm slowly subsided and Jackie let go of my hand.
I moved my fingers slowly inside her for a moment until she reached down again and stopped me.
'Oh God, that was fantastic!', she sighed, 'you did that just right'.

I was elated at having given her such a wonderful orgasm but my penis was now so hard it was almost painful.
The head was so swollen that the slit gaped open, oozing a constant trickle of fluid.
I reached for Jackie's hand and put on on my erection.
She smiled up at me, 'Your turn now!'
She sat up and took the condom from the bedside cupboard and passed it to me.
I had no idea how to open the packet and fumbled about with it for a while before Jackie giggled and took it from me.
'Lie down', she said and pushed me onto my back
. I watched her tear the wrapper open and remove the flimsy rubber.
Jackie held the tip between her fingertips and reached for my penis, lifting it up from my stomach.
I watched fascinated as she placed the condom against the head and deftly unrolled the latex over the glans.
It was very tight and the constriction and the touch of her hand on me felt wonderful - for a moment I felt panic as I thought I might come before she had even unrolled the rubber down the shaft.
I think she may have been able to tell how turned on I was because when she had finished putting it on she lay beside me and kissed me and kept her hands well away from my penis.
'You haven't done this before, have you?'she asked.
I shook my head. Jackie smiled and kissed me softly.
She lay back on the bed.
'Come here,'she whispered and held out her arms, her legs sliding apart.
I moved over her, my knees between hers, and lowered myself to her.
She reached down and took my penis and guided it between her legs, nestling the tip between her lips.

I pushed against her and Jackie moaned as the glans slipped into the tight mouth.
She let go of me and her hands went to her breasts, squeezing them tightly as she sighed, 'Oh that's wonderful!'I pushed and pushed and slowly worked the full length into her.
Jackie was so wet that it was much easier than the time before, and having the condom on seemed to stop me from wanting to come too soon.
I paused deep inside her, relishing the incredible sensation of her flesh gripping tightly round the base of my cock.
I kissed her; she parted her lips and our tongues slithered in and out of each other's mouths.
Slowly I started to move my hips, barely an inch at each stroke, gradually increasing the thrusts until I was sliding almost half the length of my cock to and fro.
'Oh, yes, that's it, do it like that!'Jackie groaned and spread her legs wider, tilting her pelvis up, inviting me take deeper strokes.
The sensation was unbelievable but what thrilled me most was that I was making love to her properly, thrusting my cock in her tight, willing flesh over and over again without feeling that desperate urge to come.
If I pulled out too far the tightness of her pussy on my glans was too intense, also if I pushed too deep I would feel a rapid rise in sensation, but steady 'half' strokes I could maintain easily.
I watched Jackie's reaction - her eyes were tight shut and she panted and moaned as I thrust inside her.
I was supported on my outstretched arms and could see almost all of her slender body beneath me.
Her hands moved constantly on her breasts, squeezing and pushing them together on her chest, occasionally pinching and pulling on the erect nipples.
Watching her was too exciting for me and I felt myself surging rapidly towards orgasm.
I slowed almost to a halt. Jackie opened her eyes,'You're wonderful!'she said and held my hips, pulling me deep into her.
I stayed quite still, waiting for the exquisite sensation to recede.
I lowered myself onto Jackie's body, feeling her soft breasts against my chest and she put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.
'Mmmh,'she murmured, 'that feels so good'.

She wriggled a little beneath me and I felt her lift her legs up; her feet caressed the backs of my legs.
Jackie lifted her legs even higher until I felt her heels on my buttocks, I sank deeper into her as her pelvis tilted upwards.
I groaned with pleasure.
Jackie giggled and put her hands on my buttocks, pulling me harder against her.
'Does that feel good?'she asked.
'Oh, yes!', I gasped, 'its fantastic!''
'How about this?', she said and I felt her pussy squeeze hard on the base of my cock.
My groan of ecstasy told her everything and she squeezed again and again.
I was amazed at how strong her grip could be. I started to move in her, very slowly, withdrawing almost completely on each stroke so that the glans could receive wonderful pulses as she squeezed.
The feeling was unbelievable - her pussy felt like a soft mouth nibbling and sucking on the tip of my cock.
The ecstasy rose rapidly and I couldn't hold back any longer - I pushed into her and thrust and thrust, faster and faster, hearing Jackie crying out as I shoved my cock into her as deep as it could go.
I heard myself calling her name over and over - I gave a tortured cry as the thrill grew to an unbelievable pitch.
I gripped Jackie's shoulders, buried my face in the pillow beside her and ejaculated in the most glorious orgasm of my life.
The feeling was so intense that I couldn't thrust anymore - I pushed my cock in her up to the hilt, crushing my groin against hers, my hips jerking in uncontrollable spasms as I released each exquisite spurt of semen.

Jackie clung to me, 'Oh, yes - yes!'she gasped, gripping me with her legs, her fingers raking down my back.
I came so hard and for so long that I thought that I would pass out - I heard a roaring sound in my head and I could scarcely breathe.
I collapsed on Jackie's body, my cock jerking and throbbing inside her long after I had stopped spurting.
As I gasped for air I felt Jackie squirming underneath me and her hand pushed between our bodies.
'Lift up!', she said, and when I did she held the base of my penis, keeping the condom in place as I withdrew.
'It might leak', she instructed.
I was in awe at her experience, she was so in control of what what was happening and was teaching me more than I could have imagined.
I pulled quickly out of her, wincing at the sensitivity of my glans, and flopped beside her on my back.
We both looked at my penis, it was still erect, and the tip of the condom bulged with semen.
'Wow!'Jackie exclaimed, 'look how much there is'.
She sat up beside me and started to remove the condom, pulling on the tip while she rolled the rubber along the shaft, her finger and thumb encircling my penis.
She was as careful as possible but could not prevent some dribbles of semen escaping and falling to my stomach.
Jackie slipped the condom from the glans and held it up, surveying the evidence of my ejaculation.
'The teat's not nearly big enough!'she said, waving the condom in front of my face.
Certainly the teat at the end seemed woefully inadequate; semen filled the bottom of the condom to a depth of about an inch.
'You're amazing!'she said, and reached down and gave my softening penis a squeeze.
I felt very proud; from what I knew about other boys I was aware that I was above average in certain departments.
When we showered in the changing rooms it was obvious that my penis was not lacking in size.
A few boys had ones just as long but none could match the size of my glans.
I never joined in the games that some of them played that involved competitive jerking off but had sometimes watched.

When they came they usually produced three or four spurts that travelled about eighteen inches at best; I could usually spurt ten times or more and propel semen for yards when I was really turned on.
I had worried that girls would be put off by it and it was a great relief to find that Jackie seemed genuinely fascinated by my performance.
She played with the condom, squeezing the end and squishing the semen about before she unrolled a few inches and tied a neat knot at the open end.
'Its a good job we had this,' she laughed, 'there's enough here to make a dozen girls pregnant!'
I didn't find this as funny as she did; the thought of making her pregnant gave me a sudden surge of panic - what if some had leaked out before I had withdrawn?
'You don't really think there's any chance of you getting pregnant do you?' I asked, trying to disguise my anxiety.
'Don't worry,'she assured me, 'I should start my period soon, I wouldn't have let you do it if it was a dangerous time'.
I must have looked perplexed and Jackie gave me a quick account of when a girl was most fertile; something that we had never covered in biology lessons.
She wrapped the condom in a tissue and asked me to take it away with me when I left - it wouldn't be too good if her mother discovered it, and flushing them down the loo was not reliable, apparently they sometimes resurfaced!

It was time for me to make my departure as I wasn't allowed to stay out very late.
Both of us got our clothes back on, interrupted with frequent kisses and caresses.
I would have loved to have stayed with her all night and it was with great reluctance that I gave her a last kiss and headed for home.

Monday, August 21, 2006

As I ring her doorbell

by Nick (UK - MAY 99)

As I ring her doorbell, I take in the sights and sounds of suburbia.
It is a quiet, everyday English street, the time is somewhere between lunch time and mid-afternoon.
The sun is bright and high in the sky.
For some reason, this time of day is important.

Before she answers, I already know much about her.
She is slim, attractive and in her mid-forties - and at the peak of her sexuality.

I know she will be wearing only three garments.
A tight and revealing white T-shirt, and a criminally short mini-skirt which barely conceals an uncomfortably tight pair of thin, white cotton knickers beneath.
She has been wearing them constantly for the past 24 hours.

Another instruction she will have carried out is to start playing with herself for the hour prior to my arrival.
She has been strictly instructed NOT to bring herself to orgasm, and only to massage herself through her clinging, gussetless panties.
Today, only I am allowed to touch her delicate flesh.

This also important - I know her pussy will be moist, fragrant, delicious to taste.

Also prior to my arrival, she has thoroughly washed her bottom with soap and water, making it clean and soft like a babys.
The thought of pouring warm, thinned treacle slowly onto her trembling, exposed anus as she moans at the sensation makes my semi-erect penis press uncomfortably against my tight jeans.

I can feel pre-come dampen my pants, as my cock twitches painfully in anticipation.
My mouth however, is bone dry.

I hear footsteps approach, a white shape grows behind frosted glass.
The door is opened a crack, and she beckons me inside, hidden from view in the darkness beyond.

She is everything I imagined.

Her glorious mature breasts, freed from constraints, swing lower and more naturally, her bullet-hard nipples protrude all too clearly.
Her sun-staved milky white thighs are beautifully displayed, courtesy of the clinging mini-skirt that accentuates her rounded, womanly rear.

Breathlessly, I invite myself into the living room.
Just as this is the time of day that I want to fuck, the living room is the place I want to fuck.
On the carpet, the hearth rug, amongst the upholstery, the arm-chairs the coffee-tables over which respectable conversations are normally conducted.
All of this too is important.
Even the smell of furniture polish.

I instruct her to sit opposite to me, both of us in easy chairs. It has always been a fascination to me, how women are so adept at concealing their underwear when sitting in short-skirts.
It is a subject I wish to learn more about.
Do women practise this manoeuvre from girlhood?
Are they aware that men always look up in vain, for brief and tantalising glimpse of tight, white panty vee, succulently framed between fleshy thighs?
Do they ever deliberately allow men, or even women, a glimpse by pretending to lean for some object, and thus allow a momentary view?

I ask her to cross and un-cross her legs repeatedly, as I stare keenly between her working thighs for a sight of my prey.
She is adept at hiding her assets, so I ask her to deliberately show me a quick flash as she carries on.
Smiling, she complies with practised expertise.
The sight of the white pantie-vee appearing and disappearing is intoxicating.
I know it is warm, heavily perfumed with her glorious, natural fragrance. I know beneath, her vagina is soaking, clinging stickily to the material.

More importantly, I also know that unlike all those other snatched views in the past, this time I will soon be actually able to see this perfect pussy for myself.

I groan slightly at the thought.

My dick is now almost fully erect - making a crude and obvious bulge.
My pants feel as wet as hers must be, and Im concerned the dampness will become visible.
I realise that if I dont loosen my flies soon, Im going to come prematurely by quite some margin.

Its apparent in this case, that I will have to be pleasured first.
The treasured moment of kneeling before her, ordering her to lift her tiny, schoolgirl skirt, and then pealing off and pulling down to her ankles her tight damp, knickers, inhaling that glorious aroma of a womans full sexual arousal, revelling in the sight of a seasoned, beautifully prepared pussy gaping pinkly it will be a moment worth waiting for her.

I order her to the bathroom, she returns with a towel and a tube of baby oil.
I stand, and ask her to loosen my belt, and take my jeans off.
She does this quickly and with out ceremony or comment.
I take off my own shirt, as she kneels and removes my socks.
Dressed only in my pants, my straining bulge is now just inches from her mouth, the damp patch now clearly visible, the equally familiar aroma of male sexual arousal mingles in the room with her own scent.

I resist the all-consuming urge to pull my pants aside and her T-shirt up, before erupting on to her face and exposed breasts with a few quick jerks, and somehow manage instead to continue through with my initial plan.

The towel is laid out on the floor, and I kneel down on it on all fours.
She moves behind me and without a warning, yanks my pants down to my bended knees and making my engorged cock slap against my belly.
The cooling sensation of air against my exposed hotness is wonderfully soothing.

This undignified position of kneeling, whilst she, still fully-clothed, leisurely viewing my exposed arse and dangling balls, makes me feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable.
I feel humiliation.

She initiates my favourite blow job, knowing its leisurely build-up will prevent me from an early ejaculation.
This is done by applying pain before pleasure.

With equal roughness and lack of warning, she quickly reaches down and grabs my swinging, exposed balls.
The pain as she mercilessly squeezes and cajoles them takes my breath away, and I feel as pinned as a dog does when grabbed by the vet in a similar fashion.
I know her grip will not be released, until she has made me come.
The squeezing continues, and I gasp desperately as the pain is expertly kept on the right side of tolerable.
As the minutes slip by, she begins to scold me sternly, accusing me of being a dirty boy, and of enjoying the pain, rather than accepting it as the punishment it is intended to be.
Her treatment becomes rougher; she punctuates her tirade with extra nasty tweaks, pausing only to cruelly slap my exposed, quivering testicles, which makes my hidden cock head gape, and me cry out.

Her free hand begins to spank my exposed bottom, softly and almost tenderly to begin with, but soon becoming a stinging assault from which I cannot escape.
Soon, my pinkening arse is throbbing as much as my balls, but she shows no mercy and calls me more names, as she continues to squeeze and spank.

Mercifully, she pauses. I can hear her panting from behind with exertion, but Im too busy thinking about my pains to enjoy the sound.
A coldness against my bottom- the baby oil - The relief as she rubs it softly into my burning skin is unbelievable, and I jabber thanks pathetically.
Her soothing hands stray from my contracting buttocks, and instead rub oil over the sensitive area between my balls and arse, then the balls themselves, and her grip loosens slightly.
Next I feel the oil rubbed into my bottom crack, and over my hole.
The feeling is wonderful - silky smooth yet dangerously vulnerable.
She can see my most exposed parts, (although she has yet to see my penis - an important moment), yet she is still fully dressed, her treasures still fully covered.
More pre-come seeps from my neglected member, and pools on the towel beneath with splashes of baby oil.

I feel the thick, slippery nozzle of the bottle suddenly press forcibly against my anus, and I tense desperately, although I know it will only worsen the pain of what is to come.
The agonising thrust does not arrive, although the stretched-out seconds waiting for it are pure torture.

Slowly, she works it in inside me, an inch at a time, and slowly twists it in, her treatment of my balls now soft and playful.
For the first time, her finger and thumb stray from their "squooging", and slowly encircle the base of my slippery, iron-rod dick.
They squeeze and contract a while, before beginning to work up and down my burning shaft with a slow deliberateness.
A few seconds of this and I will ejaculate my spunk with such force and volume, that I am genuinely concerned that the mess will be too big a job to clean up.
When I come for the first time, I really come.
She pauses, knowing this, and squeezes some oil from the embedded bottle deep inside me.
I feel some seep out and run over my balls and thighs.
The feeling is wonderful, almost like how a woman might feel when a man squirts deep inside hershe withdraws the bottle.

Without warning, she sticks a finger deep inside me.
As she does this, the playful toying with my testes is replaced with more familiar roughness.
She calls me more names, this time punctuating her remarks by jabbing her finger accusingly.
It is heaven and hell. Im almost in tears.

Soon. I will come.
With or without my penis being touched, I will come. I tell her to stop, and tell her I am ready.
She nods understandingly and removes her finger, but lightly keeps hold of my aching balls.
She signals to the nearest armchair and leads me over to it by the balls.
She places the towel on the chair, and bids me to sit low with my legs wide apart.
Eyes almost blurred with total excitement, I comply and she kneels close in front of me between my thighs.

It is the first time she has seen my penis.
Shes so close I can feel her quick breaths against its heat. It is as erect as is possible to be.
Eight inches, thick, uncircumcised, glistening with sex and quivering almost imperceptibly.

She gives a final sweet smile, lowers her head, and guides it into her mouth.

It is like liquid silk - pure, warm, sexual joy.
Her tongue is light and playful, and focuses mainly on the rim of my cocks head.

Her playful touch returns to my balls, and her finger resumes a more gentle exploration of my anus.

It is with three separate sensory delights, that I am quickly and finally released, crying out aloud like Im a dying man.

Seconds pass, my breathing returns to normal, and I manage to open my eyes.

I barely have the energy to crane my aching neck and look between my dead and lifeless legs.
Beyond my slumped and cream-covered penis, she is wiping thick, tangy come from her cheek and eyebrow.
She smiles again.

Now its her turn.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Stolen Innocence ( Jans' Torment ) Part II

Chapter 6

In the bathroom, they took turns on the toilet, while the other adjusted their hair.
Karen slapped Jans ass once while she was busy looking in the mirror.
Jan, having just had an orgasm, and the pleasure subsided, was feeling the guilt of enjoying it.
She knew it was not her choice that she did these things, but she also knew that it was her body that was cumming.

After Karen slapped her ass, Jan turned around to face her, and glared at her.
Karen meant the slap in a fun way, but Jans reaction to it got her a little annoyed.
"What's the matter, hon?" Jan continued the staring as she backed away from Karen. Karen moved closer.
"Look, if you think I planned this part of the weekend, you're dead wrong. Consider yourself lucky that you, and your family are still alive.
Now, you can either play nice, or I can call Eric in here, and tell him you're trying to take charge of things, and you know what he'll do.
That was all Jan needed to remind her that she belonged to this group of criminals for the time being.
Jan apologized to Karen, and turned back again to face the mirror, once again facing her ass to Karen.

"So, have you ever been with another woman before? I mean, you said out there that you haven't, but you were too good at eating pussy to say that was your first time."
Karen seemed to be pressing Jan for information, out of curiosity, and to make small talk no doubt, but it was making Jan uncomfortable anyway.
Jan tried to smile at Karen as she answered, "No, I have never done that before, and right now, I'm confused about whether I ever want to do it again."
Jan enjoyed it, maybe too much, and she was trying to analyze what it meant, but she just kept reminding herself that it wasn't her choice.

Karen called Jan over to the toilet, to where Karen was sitting. Jan went over to her, and stood in front of her.
"You have a very pretty pussy, why do you hide it?" Karen asked.
Jan wasn't sure exactly what she meant by that, thinking maybe she meant wearing clothes, until Karen reached out and took her pubic hair between her fingers.
"Go get me your razor and some scissors, we're going to display your pussy a little better."
Jan told Karen that she really didn't want to be shaved, and that she had tried it once long ago, and didn't like it.
She begged to be able to keep herself as she was, but Karen gave her the same look as she did before, like she was going to get Eric involved, so Jan did as she was told.
Jan went to the cabinet in the corner, and came out with a razor, some small scissors, and some shaving cream, and took it all to Karen.
Jan stood there, shaking and silent. Karen wet her hand in the sink, and wiped the water on Jans hair, soaking it, then picked up the scissors and began to cut away Jans pubes.
Karen then put the shaving cream on what was left, and with the razor, slowly began exposing Jans pussy.
The farther she went, the more Jan was shaking. "Jan honey, you're going to have to stop shaking, or I'm going to accidentally hurt you." Karen warned her.
Karen continued, having Jan spread her legs more for her, and then pulling on Jans outer lips, stretching the skin tight for the razor.
In a matter of minutes, Karen was done, and splashed more water on Jans pussy, washing off the rest of the shaving cream, and showing Jans pussy, pouting and red.
"There. Much better. See, it looks much better this way, don't you think?"
Jan was trying hard not to cry, having been stripped of her dignity once more.
"Well, I don't care what you think, I like it." Karen added, like she was rubbing salt into the wound.

Karen led Jan back to the living room.
"Look boys, Jan has something to show you." Karen announced to the room.
Jan wanted to run and hide, nothing could have been worse for her at that moment, than to have to show them her bald pussy, but it was out of her hands.
Karen stepped aside, and pointed down at Jans pussy.
The men cheered, and paraded her around the room so everyone could have a closer look.
Eric even suggested she bend over and touch the floor when she stood before him, so he could see it even closer.
"My my my, you are a very nice looking slut, good touch Karen." He said, and laughed.
He then told Jan to go sit in the middle of the floor again and show everyone her freshly shaved cunt in action.
Jan laid down on the floor, and spread her legs, knowing what Eric meant.
She reached down and massaged her breasts, slowly.
She was in no hurry to complete the task.
Jan tweeked her nipples, and moved on, lower, to her stinging pubic area.
She was amazed at how smooth it felt, and the newness of it was somehow erotic.
Jan played with her labia, seperating her lips slowly, rubbing them.
She slid a finger inside, and pulled it back out.
She rubbed her clit with it on the way out, making her close her eyes and tilt her head back.
She was starting to feel more comfortable about being naked in front of the group, and doing these perverse things for them, and was able to start to enjoy the feeling of her body.
Either that, or the sensation of having her pussy shaved was more erotic than she had thought. Jan continued fingering her pussy, sliding them in and out, and rubbing her clit.
The men got up, standing over her, watching her pleasure herself for them.
The cheering began, taunting her to play with herself, making her feel like a slut.
She tried to push out the noise, trying only to concentrate on the pleasure she was giving herself.
Jimbo directed her to insert another finger inside her pussy, and Jan complied, thrusting two fingers into her drenched cunt.
Sly told her to take another, and she did, inserting a third finger to the second knuckle.
Eric told her to fuck herself harder, and faster.
The cream covered her fingers, and they were sliding in with ease.
Frank told her to take another, and her fourth finger disappeared inside of her.
Eric again reminded her to fuck herself harder, forcing her fingers inside further.
Tony told her to ease her thumb in, and with Erics prodding to push harder, she did.
Eric knelt down beside her, and grabbed her wrist, pushing it hard against her, forcing her hand to push into her pussy.
The crowd was cheering, and began to chant the word, "Fist, fist, fist..."
Eric pushed harder, and Jans pussy was stretching to its limit, to take her whole hand. her fingers were straight, and she was getting cramps in them, so she curled them slightly.
It was when she curled them, that her hand slipped in even more, past all of her knuckles, to her palm, and the next push from Eric sunk her hand totally inside her pussy to her wrist.

Karen uttered a gasp when she saw Jan take her whole hand inside of herself.
Jan writhed in both pain, and pleasure.
Jans pussy was stretched wide, and she felt the pain of having it stretched.
She had never taken anything as wide inside of her before.
Eric was merciless, shoving her by the forearm, fucking her with her own hand. Jan spread her fingers a little bit inside of her, creating yet another new sensation.
She was tickling herself in places she had never imagined were accessible.
The feeling was incredible, she was being fucked hard.
She was thankful that her arm couldn't stretch any further, or Eric would have shoved more inside.
Jan was moaning loud, and Eric was encouraging her.
"You love this, don't you? You're a slut Jan, aren't you? Do you wanna cum, slut?" Jan shreiked.

She couldn't believe it, but those words pushed her over the edge.
"Yes, I'm a slut, Yes. I want to cum, please." Jan shouted, and as the last word escaped her lips, she felt herself shaking as waves of orgasm overcame her.
She was cumming harder than ever, and her arm was making sucking noises as it pounded inside her.
She kept cumming, one orgasm finally subsiding, and another one beginning. Jan was in shock, at how much she could enjoy what was happening to her, and at how much her pussy could take.
She felt Eric release his grip on her arm, and she stopped thrusting it inside of her, allowing herself to stop the quaking.
Jan laid there quietly, with her hand still inside of her, and her fist clenched, slowly regaining her muscle control.
The guys standing around her were talking amongst themselves, about how much they enjoyed her shows, and then they went to sit back down where they were.
Jan tried pulling her hand out, but felt the pain and stopped.
She wiggled a little, and flattened her hand inside of her, and moved her thumb until it fell free, and then her hand came out, finger by finger, until it was free.
Jans pussy was gaping wide open, and her juices were running out, and down her ass.
Her hand was coated with a milky white juice too, which caught Karens attention.

Karen walked over to Jan and held her hand out, for Jans hand.
Jan put her hand in Karens, and karen lowered her head to suck on one of her wet fingers.
"Mmmm, very good, I may want more later."
Eric slapped Karen on the ass, and told her that maybe he had two sluts in the house.
Karen told him that it was a possibility.
Jan stayed on the floor, waiting for her body to regain its strength until she sat up, leaning against the empty chair that Karen had been occupying.
She felt everyones eyes staring at her pussy, and looked down at it herself.
She saw her whole mound red from being freshly fucked, and freshly shaved.
Being bald, she was able to see her lips hanging out more than ever, and her clit still protruding from its hood.
Karen returned to the room with a drink, and it reminded Jan of her family.
Jan asked Eric if it would be okay to get her husband and girls something to drink, and to let them out to use the bathroom.
Eric agreed to allow them the use, but that Jan wouldn't be the one to help them.
He instead called to Jimbo and Sly to take them, one at a time, to the bathroom.

While they were brought out, Jan was told to sit on the couch between Eric and Karen.
She was still naked, and left spread wide open, so they could see her red, well used pussy. Jan knew that it would be breaking her husbands heart to know what has been happening, and that her children wouldn't understand what was happening, but the questions would have to be answered....someday.
Bill was led out first, still gagged, and he turned to look over at Jan, and the tears streamed down his cheeks.
He used the bathroom, and was un-gagged long enough for a drink, and brought back.
The girls were brough out next, one at a time, and they got the same treatment as Bill.
After they were taken care of, Sly was first back to the room.
"Hey Eric, when I was back there waiting for them to go, I heard a dog barking, and saw a cage out back. Should I go check?"
Eric looked at Jan.
"What do you have out there, slut?" Jan answered, "It's Mickey, our German Shepherd mix. He's not mean, don't worry."
She was afraid they might hurt him, to avoid a hassle.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing by the group.
Just prior to everyone turning in, they each had Jan suck them off again, all but Karen.
Jan fell asleep on the floor, and was tied to the chair Eric was sleeping on, to prevent an escape.

end chapter 6

Chapter 7

Jan awoke feeling worn out, and disoriented, wondering why she was naked, and on the living room floor.
It didn't take long for her to remember, though.
She heard snoring coming from the chair above her, and from all of the furniture around her.
She tried to move, and discovered that her hands were not only tied together behind her back, but they were tied to the chair too.
She tried to wiggle the knots loose, but it was to no avail.
They were tied too tight for that. Jan had to eventually wake up Eric because she needed to use the bathroom.
She called up to him in as nice a voice as she could muster in the condition she was in.
Her body sore from sleeping on the floor naked, and her pussy still sore from the night before.
Eric woke from her voice, and generously untied her, and allowed her to go to the bathroom, as he followed close behind her.
Her first reaction to her image that she saw in the mirror was disgust, seeing patches of dried semen stuck to her face and chin.
Jan asked Eric if it would be okay to shower, to help her wake up, and to clean off the mess from the night before.
Eric agreed to allow the shower, and waited for her.
While she was in there, he looked out the kitchen window, and saw the cage that Sly told him about the night before.
As he watched it, Mickey moved into view, walking in circles around his bowl.
Eric thought to himself, "{If we don't feed him, he's going to draw attention by barking.}"
Eric called into the bathroom to Jan, "Hurry up, slut. I have to go."
She opened the door a few seconds later. "Stand right here so I can see you while I go. Who usually feeds the dog?"
He wanted to know how to best take care of the problem.
If the neighbors saw strange people feeding the dog, it would arouse suspicion.
From the kitchen window, he could see that one side of the cage was protected from the neighbors view by a wooden fence, and some bushes, but he couldn't see the other side.
Jan answered,"Either of us, nobody in particular, just whoever has time."
Eric finished what he was doing, and zipped his pants back up, smiling wickedly at Jan.

Eric knew that sooner or later, it would be safer if he, and his friends were better acquainted with Mickey, not being able to keep taking the chance on sending one of the family out there to feed him.
He decided that it would be best to have the dog brought in to the house, rather than trying to go out to his cage, sort of taking the protective instinct away.
Eric walked Jan back to the living room, and sat her back in the chair he slept on.
He then kicked his friends feet, and clapped his hands, waking up everyone in the room.
"Hey, we have to get that dog in here before he draws attention, and Jan's going to go out and get him."
Jan looked up at Eric. He stared back. "Before you get any ideas," he added, "This gun will be pointed right at you.
I want you to bring him in by the collar, and keep holding it until we know he's okay with us.
I'm warning you, don't try anything funny.
I want you to bring in his food and water bowls first, though."
Jan agreed to do as she was instructed.
"Karen, go get her robe." Karen got up, and went into the bedroom to get it.
She checked on Jans family while she was in there.
Karen walked out with Jans robe in her hands.
"One of the girls had an accident overnight Eric, but she's okay. Just wet."
Jan was so worried about her family.
Her maternal instinct made her want to rush in there and attend to her wet daughter, but she was helpless.
Karen threw the robe to Jan, and Jan put it on, feeling the warmth of having her body covered for the first time in a whole day.

Jan went through the side door, into the garage, and out the back door to the pen where Mickey met her with his tail wagging. Jimbo went with her into the garage while Eric watched her from the kitchen window.
Jan looked in the window, and saw Eric staring at her, and even worse, she saw the gun pointed at her.
She looked around outside, hoping she could spot a neighbor outside to signal for help, but they were all still sleeping.
It still was only 6:00 on a Sunday morning.
Jan grabbed the food dish, and water bowl, and walked them into the garage to Jimbo, and returned to the cage for Mickey.
She got there, and Mickey was wagging his tail excitedly.
Jan opened the door, and called for him to come out.
She grabbed his collar, and walked him to the garage door.
She glanced in the window before going out of view to see Eric and his gun, still staring at her.
In the garage, Mickey approached Jimbo with caution, but figured that since Jan was taking him to the man, it must be okay.
Jimbo petted the dog, and found him to be friendly and playful. "How old is he?" He asked.
Jan told him that Mickey was four years old, and that they had him since he was a puppy.
Jan walked Mickey into the house, and Jimbo took the bowls.
Once inside the house, Jan was told to take the robe off again, which she did, feeling a chill once again from being naked.
Mickey pranced around the floor, stopping to sniff each of the visitors, which is what they wanted.
They returned to the living room, except for Jan and Eric.
He watched as Jan fed him, and got his water bowl set out. They, too returned to the living room as Mickey ate.

Jan was ordered to sit on the floor again, as the gang made plans of their escape out of town, and plans after they escaped.
They designated meeting places in case they were split up, and rehearsed statements in case some of them were caught.
The news came on, and another report of the previous robbery and murder came on.
They listened intently to it, laughing at the description of the scene, and even more, at the description of themselves.
Jan tried to appear uninterested in their conversations, but she was taking mental notes just in case.
Several notes were passed to the group, from Eric, so Jan wasn't sure if what they were saying were the actual plans or not anyway.
Jan was ordered to call Bills job, to tell them he was sick, and not to expect him.
That would cover his absence.

Hours passed, and Jan wasn't being used as a slut, and she considered herself lucky.
The group was tied up in their plans, but all still present, and keeping a watchful eye on Jan, and her family.
Mickey was comfortable with them all now, being fed by their hands helped them, too.
The dog made his way into the living room, and made his rounds, getting attention from each of them.
After everyone had their turn, he went over to Jan and laid down next to her on the floor, with his head on her lap.
She rubbed his head as he stretched out, and as he adjusted his head to get comfortable, he picked up the scent of Jans pussy, laying naked only inches from his nose.
Mickey tried to bury his nose between her legs, but she had them crossed, and squeezed them tighter when he nosed into her.
Jan was embarassed by this, and told them all that he wasn't used to being this close to people, so he didn't know what he was doing.
Eric, of course, had something to add, "That's okay with us, if Mickey wants to sniff a slut, let him sniff."
Jan didn't respond at all, she just sat there with her legs squeezed tightly together, and Mickeys cold nose trying to pry between them.
Eric spoke again, this time with a little more enthusiasm, "Jan, maybe you didn't understand me, I said, let him in."
Jan looked up at him in terror.
She still sat there dazed.
Jan heard the sound of a gun being picked up from the table and turned to see Frank pointing it at her.
Frank said, "Eric, I think she needs a little inspiration to do as you say."
Eric smiled, and Jan started crying.
Jan knew where this may lead, and she was getting that sick feeling in her stomache again.

Jan spread her legs, and Mickey immediately stuck his head down between them.
He started sniffing her pussy, and as soon as he stopped sniffing, he was licking.
Short, fast licks at first, just running his tongue along her slit, and then the licks got slower, and deeper.
Mickeys tongue split her labia, and found her hole, and Jan tensed up.
Jan was sitting there, stiff as a board, watching her dog licking her pussy.
She was shocked that she was allowing this, but not shocked at all that Eric was.
Jan was repulsed again by what she was enduring.
She just wished the torture was over.
And as she sat there thinking of the pain and humiliation of it all, another feeling of pleasure shot through her betraying pussy.
The dog licked her clit, a long slurping lick that send shivers through her entire body.
Jan leaned back, too weak to support herself.
She rested back on her elbows, and Mickey dove in with the better angle and licked her even harder, and deeper.
Eric leaned over and spread her legs for even wider for her, allowing Mickey to lay his body down between them.
His head was pushing into Jans pussy, licking her like she had never been licked before.
Sticking his tongue deeper than she thought possible.
His tongue was hot, and rough, teasing her, and sending her head back in ecstasy.

Jan just laid there, letting the beast lick her, unable to move away.
Mickey continued his oral assault, licking from her pussy, down to her ass, and back up again.
He would sink his tongue deep into her, and then bring it out like a whip.
Jan was squirming with delight, totally oblivious of her surroundings.
She was lost in lust, like a true slut.
Eric got up and walked over to the group that was gathered watching Jans latest depraved act.
They talked silently amongst themselves, though it didn't matter.
Jan wouldn't have been able to hear them anyway above the beating of her heart.
Mickey danced around on the floor, walking in circles around Jan as his tongue still lapped at her pussy.
Eric yelled more directions to Jan.
"I want you to touch him now, Jan. Reach up and find his cock."
Jan couldn't believe it, but she had been thinking of that before he said it anyway.
She reached up on his next circle around her, and rubbed his belly.
Mickey stopped circling, and stood over her.
Jan reached his sheath with her fingers, and with just a couple soft touches and rubs, the tip of his cock was pointing out.
She kept rubbing it, and it was soon extended to its full length. Jan was shocked to see the differences between a dogs penis, and a mans penis.
She had never known that dogs were so red, or so hot. The pointed tip was odd to her, too.
Jan studied his cock, feeling it still growing.
She felt his precum start forming at the tip.

Erics voice broke the silence in the room.
"I have an idea.
I think her family would like to see how much of a slut she really is.
Why don't we let them watch her do this?"
Jan stopped what she was doing, and sat up, afraid to speak, but she did anyway.
"No, please. It's bad enough that you're making me do this, and in front of you is humiliating enough, but don't make my girls see this.
They wouldn't understand. Please!"
She pleaded with Eric, begged him to leave them out of it.
Eric looked at her, staring with evil eyes, straight into hers.
"Slut, you're forgetting who has the guns. You also have to understand, I could be dead, or in prison for the rest of my life any day now. I'm gonna live now, I have nothing to lose."
He looked at the rest of his gang, looking for objections.
Silence again filled the room until Eric spoke again.
"Go get them. Bring them out in the chairs they're tied to. Carry them like that."
The men got up and went into the bedroom.

end chapter 7

Chapter 8

Jan was still sitting up, shocked and embarassed, when Eric knelt down beside her and whispered to her, "Remember, I could just as easily pull the trigger on all of you, as one of you.
Do as you're told. Got it?"
Jan stared at him, with a look that would send most men cowering, but not him.
"Yes, I understand." She said with a sound of protest in her voice.
Eric moved out of the way as Jans husband was carried out first, being placed at the entrance of the living room in his chair, still bound and gagged.
The girls were carried out next, and sat beside their father.
Jan was in the middle of the room on the floor. Eric spoke, "We thought you'd like to see what our slut would do to save her family.
She's been receiving lots of training, and has been helping us to enjoy our stay here, but this time, she thought you deserved a show, too. Isn't that right, slut?"
Eric looked over at her. Jan was a deep crimson red, "Yes."
Jan uttered those words, though they stuck in her throat.
"You may continue where you left off, slut." Eric told her, and then sat down, taking the gun in his hand, and loaded a round into the chamber mockingly.

Mickey walked back to Jan and buried his nose once again into her pussy, licking her with long strokes.
Jan tried nervously to relax on the floor, but tensed with every lick.
She was facing away from her family, but they could clearly see him between her legs.
Jan tried to support her head in the air, not wanting to lay flat.
Tony saw her struggling, and threw her a pillow from the couch.
Jan placed it under her head, and now laid back, more comfortable, but hurting so terribly from her humiliation.
Eric called out for her to touch the dog again, and she reached up, taking his semi erect cock in her hand.
It had started to disappear into its sheath again, but her touches were once again renewing his interest.
His cock hung down below him, and Jan kept rubbing him, like she was masturbating her husband.
Mickey stood there over her, panting, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Eric asked Jan if she would like to taste what she was holding.
She knew there was only one answer she could give safely, though the thought of it sickened her.
She shook her head to Eric, but that wasn't what he wanted.
"I want to hear you say it, slut. Tell me what you want."
He was waving the gun, as if to remind her what would happen if she didn't comply.

Jan gulped, and forced the words out, "Yes, I want to taste his cock. I want to suck my dogs cock."
Eric waved to her with a gesture to continue, and sat down.
Jans hold of Mickeys cock strengthened as she slid under him.
She brought the pillow with her, so she could be closer to her task.
Jan was staring at it, just inches from her face.
The big red cock was pulsating, and a drop of precum fell to her chin.
Jan tried to move to avoid it, but couldn't.
Jan raised her head, with her lips apart, and her tongue made its way out of her mouth far enough to just barely lick the tip of the dogs penis.
She just kept her tongue against the tip, not moving it at all, adjusting to the pungent smells and tastes.
Mickey began humping his haunches against her mouth, feeling her tongue teasing him.
He thrust his cock farther with each stroke, until it went past her lips, and the tip of his cock was in her mouth.
Jan just laid there stunned, and let him do what he wanted to do.
Mickey tried fucking her mouth even more.
Jan took his cock deeper and deeper, as he adjusted himself for easier access.
The dog was staring directly at Bill, as he fucked her mouth.
Jan gagged a bit as his cock hit her throat.
She felt his precum dribbling down, swallowing it as it leaked out of him.
Jan felt her legs spreading, not from any force other than her own.
She felt a tingling in her cunt that told her that her body was once again betraying her.
She was beginning to feel somehow like she needed satisfaction, too.
Jan reached her left hand down, and rubbed her clit.
Her mouth was still being drilled, full of dog cock, and she was starting to like it.
Jan questioned her ability to think straight, and was wondering if she truely was the slut that Eric had been making her believe she was.
All she knew was that she was starting to enjoy what was happening to her, and it didn't matter anymore.
As she rubbed her clit, she started to writhe around on the floor.
Mickeys cock stabbed between her lips harder, and Jan was swallowing jets of his precum now.
The noises coming from her mouth were more and more gutteral, moaning sounds.
"The slut's loving it." Eric chided in.
"Look at her go."
The rest of the crowd cheering her on with crude remarks.

Bill closed his eyes, not wanting to see his wife reduced to a slut.
He was trying to push the sounds of Jans sucking from his mind, but couldn't.
He heard Erics comments, and felt compelled to see what was happening, so he opened his eyes again.
He saw Jan pumping the dogs cock madly, as she sucked on it.
Jan was moving her head now, sliding her sucking lips up and down the length of his slippery cock.
She wasn't even thinking now, she was just acting, doing the most disgusting acts she could have ever thought of.
Eric spoke again, "Jan, do you like that? Tell us what you're doing, slut."
Eric wanted the pleasure of hearing her say it.
Jan popped Mickeys cock out of her mouth, and answered.
"Yes, I love it. I love sucking his cock."
Eric replied again.
"Whose cock do you love to suck, slut?"
Jan said what he wanted to hear, "The dogs cock, I love to suck the dogs cock."
She took it in her mouth again, and sucked it even harder, still rubbing her clit with her left hand.

Eric walked over to Jan and Mickey, and grabbed his collar, pulling him away from her.
Mickey yelped as his cock slipped from her mouth with a pop.
Eric told Jan to roll over on her hands and knees.
Jan knew what was going to happen next, but didn't even question him, and rolled over.
She put her face down on the pillow, supporting herself with her arms, and her ass was high in the air.
Eric led Mickey back over to her, and he jumped up on her hip, humping her leg wildly.
Eric pulled him off again, and brought him right behind her ass.
Mickey lowered his head, and licked her.
His tongue lapped inside her ass cheeks, and right up against her hole.
His tongue slipped inside as he pushed on it, teasing Jan even more.

Eric pulled up on the collar again, and Mickey jumped up, mounting Jan from behind.
He was humping her, his cock slapping against her ass. Jan reached underneath her, and found Mickeys cock, holding it in her hand, guiding it to where he wanted it, and even worse, to where she wanted it.
His cock found her pussy, and with a couple mad strokes, poked inside.
Jan moaned with the pleasure that her dogs cock was bringing her.
Mickey thrust his haunches harder against her, and his cock went deeper inside.
Jan started moving her ass back to meet him.
His cock slammed harder, and he was all the way inside of her. Jan felt his knot growing against her pussy, and felt the heat from the cock fucking her.
Mickey kept fucking her, and Jan was loving it.
Eric asked her again if she liked it.
Jan answered, "Yes, oh God yes, I love it. I love being fucked by a dog."

Jan was lost again, she knew it, but she didn't care.
She only wanted the pleasure that her dog lover was giving her.
Jan couldn't believe how big his cock was, or how hot it felt inside her.
She was loving it though, loving the feeling of being brutally fucked. Mickeys rear legs danced on the floor, getting his footing as he fucked her.
Jan felt a pressure building against her pussy, and reached down again to feel his huge knot trying to press into her.
Jan had heard about dogs knots before, and knew that she didn't want it inside of her.
She held it in her hand, keeping two fingers wrapped around his cock before the knot.
He continued fucking her as she rubbed his cock with those fingers.
Mickeys cock was throbbing, and making sucking noises in Jans cunt.
Jan felt him fucking harder, and then with a jerk, stop humping.
She felt a rush of heat, boiling inside of her, a wet heat, and knew he was cumming in her.
She felt it gush from his cock, and flow deeper up into her tummy.
The thought of having her dog cum inside her made her cum.
Mickeys cock pushing her fingers against her clit, rubbing against it as she convulsed.

Her pussy gripping Mickeys cock, milking more dog cum into her soaking wet pussy.
Mickeys thrusts were erratic, pushing into her when he felt more cum surging up from his balls.
Jan was limp, unable to continue, exhausted from the hardest fuck she had in years, or even in her life.
She was a rag doll under him.
Mickey pumped a few more times, draining still more of his seed into Jan, and then climbed off, pulling his still dripping cock from her.
Jan fell over onto her side, and felt a river of cum flow down her ass, and to the floor.
Her pussy was throbbing, and she looked up at Mickey as he walked off to the corner, laid down, and started licking his cock. Jan was in a daze, unable to move, and too tired to want to.
She was only partially aware of the clapping from the crowd in the room.

As Jan laid there trying to regain her strength, she noticed the guys carrying her family back into the bedroom.
She was unable to move for more than 10 minutes, drained of all of her strength, and any self respect she may have had left.
Eric and the rest moved around her, leaving her layin there like furniture.
Jan wished she was dreaming, feeling herself slipping from consciousness, hoping that she would wake up and find herself in bed with Bill. She wished.

end chapter 8

Chapter 9

Jan awoke from her daze, feeling like she had just given birth.
Her pussy ached, and she was exhausted, both physically, and emotionally.
She slowly became more aware of what was happening around her.
The television was on again, and they were watching the noon news.
More reports of their crime were being covered, and the local police still had road blocks up, conducting searches for the people involved.
Karen was in the kitchen making sandwiches.
Sly and Tony were taking care of Bill, Becca, and Krissy.
Eric was sitting on the couch talking with Jimbo, but noticed Jan stirring.
"Hello there slut." He called over to her.
Jan answered, "Hi, what happened?"
She remembered being fucked by Mickey, but was unaware of what had happened since.
Eric laughed, "You had more fun than you're used to I guess, and you passed out." Jan crawled over to the chair, so she could lean against it.
"May I get up and go to the bathroom?"
She still felt Mickeys cum leaking out of her, and wanted to go clean up.
Eric called Karen over, and asked her to escort Jan to the bathroom.
Karen followed her, and walked in with her.

"You were pretty wild out there, are you okay?" Karen asked Jan.
"I'm ok, I just feel like my pussy has been turned inside out, and I feel so ashamed that my family saw that."
Jan sat on the toilet, and the last of Mickeys cum dripped from her.
Karen heard it, and laughed lightly.
Jan actually laughed a bit, too.
Karen appeared to have some humanity at times, and Jan tried to play on it.
"Can't you talk Eric into leaving us alone? I mean, I've done enough, don't you think?"
Karen looked at her with mixed expressions on her face.
She agreed with Jan, and felt sorry for her from a womans view, but she knew that Eric wasn't the type that you could talk out of anything.
"He's just having some fun Jan, It'll be over soon." they finished their business in the bathroom, and went back to the living room.
Jan took her place on the floor, hoping she could go unnoticed for the rest of the day, but knowing that that wasn't likely.
The gang was planning some more, hoping the local police would stop the roadblocks soon.
They kept tuned in to the news, and radio stations for updates to gain more information. Jan just wished she could find a way to overpower them, still worried about herself, and her family.
Though she had submitted to their requests, there was still no guarantee that they would be spared, and since she knew their names, and faces, it was likely that they wouldn't.

Jan couldn't get that thought out of her head.
They probably wouldn't survive, and she had submitted to their humiliation.
Her last days on earth would most likely have been served as a slut slave.
As she sat there deep in thought, Eric moved over by her, and put his arm around her.
"Cheer up, slut. It'll be over soon."
He seemed to be trying to console her, but when he was done talking, he reached over and grabbed her breast.
Jan thought about swatting his hand away, letting him just kill her then, instead of prolonging it, but she couldn't.
Eric then pushed her over onto her stomach, sensing that she may have a little fight stirring in her.
He sat on top of her ass, telling her that he didn't like the look on her face.
The more he talked, the louder he got, and soon, he had himself whipped up into an agitated state.
Eric grabbed her legs an parted them, looking behind to see her ass was spread also.

That gave him the idea to do what came next.
He unbuckled his pants and belt, and pulled them down past his waist, and pulled out his cock.
Eric then got on his knees behind Jan, and pulled her ass closer.
Jan made it difficult for him, not volunteering any help to his advances.
Jan winced with pain as she felt Erics cock stab into her ass, without warning or lubrication.
Eric pushed forward more, and more of his cock pushed inside of her.
Jan clenched her ass, trying to keep him from entering any further, but it was useless.
His cock pressed into her anyway.
As he pushed, his precum started to flow, and soon her ass gave way to the lubrication, and he was fucking her ass with ease.
Eric was rough with her, just fucking her like an animal, raping her without care.
Jan just laid there lifeless, allowing it to happen with no other choice.
The others had gotten so used to seeing Jan used like this, that they carried on hardly paying attention to the scene on the floor.
Jans head bucked with each thrust.
Eric grunted, the sweat beading on his brow, and he gave one final thrust, and came inside of her.
Jan felt his cum spew into her, and was glad that he would be stopping.
Eric climbed off of her, stood up, and pulled his pants up again.
She stayed on her stomach, letting the shock of this rape to pass.
Eric walked over to his chair, and sat again, looking over at Jan periodically to check her attitude.

Time passed, and it started to get dark, the sun going down on the second day of captivity.
Jan was in the kitchen making dinner with Karen, and a commotion came from the living room.
There had been a knock at the door, and the men were cleaning up any evidence of their presence, and running for Jan to put on her robe.
They were going to have Jan answer the door, while Eric hid behind it with the gun pointed at her.
The mad scramble to clean up their tracks was done, and the group hid in the kitchen while Jan got ready to answer the door.
She had no idea who it could be, and didn't know how she was going to handle whoever it was.
The house was silenced, and she was directed to open the door.
Jan was shocked.
It was Deb, the woman whose car supposedly broke down Sunday morning.
Her first reaction was that she was there to meet her friends.
Deb greeted her, "Hi, Jan? I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm Deb".
Jan acknowledged her, "Yes, I remember. What do you need now?"
Deb was surprised to hear that tone coming from the woman that was so helpful the day before.
"I'm sorry to bother you again Jan," Deb said, "But I forgot my cigarette case here on your table, I believe. I laid it down on your dining room table when I used your bathroom I think."
Jan told her she would go check, and closed the door as she left.
Jan went to the table, and found it there.
She picked it up, and went back to the door, opening it slowly.
She handed the cigarette case out the door to Deb, and Deb thanked her.
Deb asked, "Jan, are you okay? You seem like something's bothering you."
Jan answered her, "Yes, I'm fine, about as well as you were yesterday.
I'm glad you got your muffler fixed."
Deb thanked her again, and walked down the walk, and to her car.
Jan held the door open staring at Deb as long as she could get away with it.
Deb stopped halfway down the driveway, and turned back to look at Jan.
Jan shut the door, and Deb got in her car, and drove away.

end chapter 9

Chapter 10

Deb was driving down the road, and was thinking about what Jan had said.
Why did she say that she was glad the muffler was fixed? Jan knew it was the transmission that had broken down.
And what did she mean by her statement, " well as you were yesterday."
She knew that Deb was in trouble yesterday....unless...!! Deb said it aloud, "Unless she's in trouble!"
Just then, the radio became overpoweringly into focus.
The news report about the burglary and murder came on, an update, stating that the suspects are still at large, and believed to be hiding somewhere in town.
Deb slammed on the brakes, it occured to her what must be happening with Jan.
She looked down the street at Jans house, waiting for some sort of a sign, but then knew that she had better go for help while she could.
Deb drove to the police department, and told them her story.

Back at the house, the group settled back in, and congratulated Jan for doing such a good job at getting rid of the visitor.
They asked who she was, and Jan told them that she stopped by before they showed up yesterday, looking for someone.
Everyone settled down into their routine, watching the television, and staying busy in one way or another.
Eric set the gun down next to him on the table, and started talking privately with Tony.
Karen started to fall asleep on the couch, and Jimbo and Sly watched the tv.
Frank was pacing the floors, nervous about being cooped up for so long.
"Man, I don't feel good about this, Eric.
When do you think they'll lift the roadblocks? It sounds like they know we're still in town."
Eric told him to calm down, and said that they had a place to stay as long as they needed to.
Jan stayed quiet, minding her business as best she could.
The quieter she was, the better the chance of being forgotten, or so she thought.
Eric called her over to him.
"I think that my friends need to have their minds taken off of things for a while, make them forget, slut."
He pushed on Jan, shoving her in the direction of the men sitting on the couch.
Jan crawled over to them, and started to kneel in front of Jimbo as he pulled his cock out.
As she knelt there waiting for Jimbo, she looked behind him, out the window, through the curtains, and saw a police car drive by.
She was hoping that they were looking for these animals.
Jan tried desperately to prolong touching Jimbo, in hopes that a rescue was planned, but the delay would have been hard to explain.
None of the men saw the police car, and it was better that way.
Jan knew that if she kept them busy, that they would be less apt to see the police, if they did show up.
Jan lowered her head, and took Jimbos cock into her mouth, sucking on it slowly.
She licked the head, and down the shaft. Jimbo stiffened up, and his cock twitched in her mouth.
Jan looked up, trying to look over his shoulders, and out the window, but she saw nothing happening outside.
She continued her oral ministrations on Jimbo, making him cum in mere minutes.
Jan looked at him, and said, "You've been holding that for a while, I think."
She tried to appear as friendly as she could, and moved on to Sly, who was now sitting in the chair.
He stood up to take down his zipper, and as he stood there, Jan looked around toward the window again, hoping for a sign.

This time, she saw one.
She saw a face at the corner of the window, with a uniform hat on backwards.
Jan was excited, but knew that she couldn't give the men a clue.
She was hoping that her ordeal was over.
Sly grabbed Jans head, pulling it down to her lap, and as his hand was pushing, the doors caved in, and there was so much yelling that Jan didn't know where to go to avoid the fighting.
She dove down to her right, toward the floor, and hit her head against the table leg.
Eric was running over to where she laid, and Jan was afraid she was going to be used as a shield to protect him from the police.
When Jan looked up and saw the gun leaning over the edge of the tabe she had just bumped against, she knew why Eric was on his way there.
Jan reached up as fast as she could, and Erics hand slapped hers as they both reached the gun simultaneously.

The gun fell to the floor, and as Jan sprawled out reaching for it, Eric jumped for it.
The police were still yelling, and Jan heard a few shots being fired inside the house.
As if in slow motion, as Eric jumped, Jans foot came up, and caught Eric in the groin.
Eric landed on the floor, smacking his head hard against the corner of the table on the way down.
His hands were clenched against his zipper as he landed.
Jan grabbed the gun, and as she positioned it in her hand, saw the shadows of someone standing over her.
She aimed the gun, and as the figure came into focus, she heard him say, "Whoa there little lady, Police!"
The officer extended his hand for the gun.
Jan stared at him for what seemed like an eternity.
She was trying hard to believe that it was over.
She couldn't believe it.
It was finally over.
she handed the gun to the officer, and laid back.

The officer called for several ambulances on his radio, and found a blanket on the couch to cover Jan with.
Several other officers entered the house, and they dispersed in different directions.
Jan looked over on the floor and saw Eric laying beside her in a pool of blood, unconscious.
She asked the officer if her was dead.
"No, but it looks like you nearly killed him I'm guessing."

Jan then realized that she was the one that disabled Eric, a fitting end to her ordeal.