Friday, June 29, 2007

The Seduction

Written by Keith R. Reynolds (Oct 99)

Chapter 1

The wind was soft and warm as it blew through the sea grass covering the dunes.
That early in the morning, the sand was warm and bright white, but not too hot to walk on.
The early morning was the local's time on the beach.
By mid-morning, the place would be crawling with plump white people in loud clothes, and even louder children. The quiet would return briefly in the very early afternoon when most of the tourists retreated to the air conditioned hotels and bars, and the locals moved to the screened porches of the beach houses.
Then, once again in the evening the beaches once again belonged to the locals.
The tourists were all off looking for a 'good seafood restaurant, like Red Lobster.' Pity the poor pathetic tourists.

He had not noticed her before on his morning walks through the dunes, and he was sure he would have.
Perhaps she was new to the area, she didn't look like the typical tourist as she lay on the blanket and stretched lazily, reaching over her head. Her tan was natural; not the oil induced kind he was so used to seeing on the beaches and in the hotels and bars.
Her breasts flattened against her chest as she stretched and lay on her back.
Her print bikini just barely hid her womanly charms.
Her legs well formed and it was evident even at a glance that she kept herself in shape.
How old was she?
30 perhaps, maybe a year or two older.
A mature woman, an arousing woman. Her shoulder length dark hair shone in the sun.

Michael stopped and watched with interest as the woman rolled over and lay on her stomach. The pattern of the dunes hid them both from the normal traffic on the beach.
She lay on her stomach, her head on the blanket.
She reached behind her and unfastened her bikini top. Nothing particularly unusual about that. But this woman did not just lie on it as most women did. She pulled it off completely and set it beside the blanket.
She raised up on her elbows so that her breasts hung down, and her nipples just barely touched the surface of the blanket.

Sitting down on the sand Michael watched intrigued as the woman rocked back and forth, brushing her nipples back and forth on the material of the blanket.
Her bottom wiggled and she spread her legs wide apart and pressed her sex into the sand.
Michael chuckled to himself.
She was masturbating on the blanket. Her right hand slid under her, and into her bikini bottom. Even at a distance he could see the motion of her hand as she caressed herself.
Eyes closed, she bit her lower lip and a look of sexual joy crossed her face.
His own sex began to come alive as he watched the woman make love to herself.
He knew he probably should leave the woman in peace, but something about her made him stay.

Her hands moved to her hips, she undid the ties of her bikini bottom, and in an instant her bikini bottom joined the top, and she was completely naked.
He was not surprised to see that her body was completely tanned, and it was evident that sun bathing in the nude was not new to the woman.
It did surprise him to see that her sex was completely bare of any hair.
The aroused lips of her sex were full and open.
As quickly as it had left, her right hand returned to her sex.
Her left hand caressed and teased her firm round ass.
A finger teased and caressed her ass and then slowly, gently moved inside the tight opening.
Slowly she began to move the digit in and out, relaxing with each movement.
After several minutes, a second finger joined the first. She moved to a kneeling position with her head resting on the blanket and her ass and hips raised her sex and ass fully exposed, and equally full of her fingers.

Michael released his cock from its prison in his trunks.
He was a little surprised at how excited he really was.
Although he loved watching women, and watching them masturbate; he could not remember the last time he had gotten this excited while watching.
He slipped out of his trunks, and like the woman was totally naked.
His cock felt good in his hand.
From the time he was a young boy, he loved to masturbate, and did so frequently.
He would frequently bring himself almost to the point of ejaculation, and then stop.
When he finally did allow himself to finish, he would cum all over his hand and stomach.
He frequently licked his fingers and hand clean, enjoying the taste of his own seed.

Gently, slowly he caressed himself, watched intently as the woman did the same.
She moved her fingers from her sex to her mouth and back again.
Each time opening her sex wider, inserting more fingers until she nearly had her entire hand inside herself.
A third finger joined the initial two in her ass.
She rocked back and forth, brushing her nipples across the material of the blanket.
From his vantage point, Michael could see that her nipples were very long, and very hard.

Almost together, they reached orgasm, both moaning out loud.
Michael's cum shot in a long streak across his stomach to his chest.
He came again and again, coating his stomach with streams of hot, white fluid.
Gently he lifted the fluid from his stomach with his fingers and licked them clean.
The salty, slightly metallic taste was good in his mouth.
He watched as the woman seemed to scoop the wetness from her sex to her mouth.
Finally she pulled her fingers from her ass, and they too moved to her mouth.
She collapsed on the blanket, spent.

Lying still for a few moments, she finally pulled on her bikini bottom, leaving the top on the blanket beside her.
Sitting up, she arched her back, as if to offer her breasts and nipples to the sun. Michael slipped into his trunks and glanced at his watch.
He would have loved to have stayed and watched her, but he had things to do and people to see.
As he stood up, he glanced one more time at the woman.
She turned and looked over her shoulder at him.
She touched her finger tips with her tongue and smiled the smallest of smiles, and turned away to watch the ocean.
The look stopped Michael dead in his tracks.
She had known he was there!!

Michael finished his walk and ended up back at the house.
By the time he got home it was hot and sticky.
He showered and then headed for the porch.
The heat hit him like a punch in the face as he stepped out of the air-conditioned house onto the screened porch and threw himself into the comfortable rattan chair.
The bright sunshine and soft whir of the overhead fan soon lulled him into a light sleep.
He woke with a start as a beautiful young woman glided onto the porch carrying a chilled crystal glass and a bottle of sparkling water. She moved like a cat, slowly, not making a sound. Her steps were cat like, fluid, and yet purposeful.
Dianne was Michael's personal secretary and all around 'girl Friday' as well as being his submissive lover.
She was 25 with soft brown hair tied back in a braid that hung straight to the middle of her back, and had soft round curves in all the right places.
She was completely naked.
Her breasts were large and her nipples were dark and erect.
Tiny gold rings pierced her nipples and she had absolutely no pubic hair.

'I thought you might like something cold to drink, sir, and this message just came in off the computer,' the young woman said softly with a faint island accent, her eyes lowering in deference.

She bent over and set the tray on the table beside the chair. On the tray was a folded piece of white printer paper.
She smiled at him softly and just as silently as she had arrived, she glided back into the house.

'Thank you Dianne,' Michael said as he watched her walk into the house.

A look of concern shadowed his face and beads of perspiration began to form on his forehead as he read the message on the page.
Taking a sip of the cold liquid, he looked again at the printed letters on the paper.
The message was short, simple and to the point.
'London, Friday the 23rd. 0900, Sir Roger.' There was nothing particularly unusual about a message to report to the home office.
What was unusual about this one was that it came under Sir Roger's name himself, and he had never, ever, gotten a home office call back directly from Sir Roger.
Even what the message said was most unusual.
'London, Friday 23rd. 0900, Sir Roger.' Short and simple and to the point, and yet something was not right.
Something big was going on to summoned back to the home office like this.
After all, orders were orders and orders should be sent through secured channels, and confirmed! Isn't that one of the first things they taught at the Pre-School? Any why send this through electronic mail for God sake! Who knows who might be hacking this?

'No, something is not right' he said slowly to himself.

He had to take some time and think this one through.

'James, I'm going down to the boat and do some fishing for a while, I'll be back later,' Michael yelled through the house to someone unseen as he headed for the car.

Assignments and callbacks were always, always, always done through secure systems.
How many times at Indoctrination had they drummed that into your head? Nothing goes out in the clear, through non-secure systems without express written permission of the director himself.
THE DIRECTOR HIMSELF! He walked a little faster. What was happening that was so important that the Director would become involved?
He hurried to the car, and got in.
The seat was hot and the steering wheel was even hotter.
Damn, he should have remembered to park in the garage last night.
It was hotter, and more humid as he headed to town.
It smelled like rain, a storm must be coming up.
The material of his shirt was already wet with sweat and stuck to his chest.
The car started down the hill toward town on the winding road narrow rode past the oil refinery and coca plantations toward Fredrickstaad.
He drove a little faster than normal.
There was no traffic on the weekends, and even less now that the tourists had gone home. He liked to drive fast especially on this road.
The Austin held the road well, almost as if it could drive itself.
There had been times, years ago when after having drunk too much, he was sure that it had.
'What foolishness that had been' he thought to himself, but when you are young, nothing can hurt you.

The afternoon sun sparkled through the palm trees and the lush underbrush, it was early yet, he glanced at his watch, only 2:00 P.M.
That early in the day Fredrickstaad was empty, just like he liked it.
All the fishing boats were still out. Besides, it was off-season and all the cruise ships were up north. He really hated tourists.
Especially the American's with their usually loud fat wives and even louder flowered shirts. The fat white people who complained because things here weren't like back home. They should keep them all on the cruise ships, or better yet, make them all stay home.
Little wonder the term 'ugly American' had stuck.
Michael Ian Kelly was a very good-looking 35.
Dark hair, salt and pepper beard and mustache.
He worked out on a regular routine and could still do a mile in the pool in less than 30 minutes.
Considered by most women that knew him and some men to be extremely good looking.
His mother had been Irish and his father was American, although like Michael, he hadn't lived in the country for a number of years.
In fact, Michael wasn't even sure where his father was.

They'd been somewhat estranged since Michael's mother died in an auto accident when Michael was only a teenager.
Although Michael officially claimed American citizenship, he traveled under any number of different names and passports.
He maintained a wide variety of friends and contacts both legal and illegal, in the first, second and third worlds.

After doing well in some very good private American primary and secondary schools, undergraduate work in political science at Cornell and then on to Harvard Law, he'd spent a couple of years in both the CIA and DOD, counterintelligence.
By all accounts he was one of the best young prospects in the agency.
His work both in the field as an agent, and as an analyst at headquarters at Langley, had been noticed by people that mattered. Rumor had it he was being groomed for stardom.
Then only a day after the still unsolved bombing at the women's clinic that killed his young wife, he dropped his passes, badges and weapon on his section director's desk, walked out of the building and dropped out of sight.
No explanation, no notice, he was just gone.
He surfaced in London about six months later. When questioned by American intelligence at the embassy, he would only say that he had taken a position as the special assistance for security for a Sir Roger Wythe.
Questions were still being asked concerning the circumstances of his leaving.
Michael was not very helpful. Of course if asked by the press what was the status of Mr. Michael Kelly, officially there was no comment.

A glance at the British Who's Who of Royalty would provide the following information about the equally mysterious Sir Roger Wythe. 'Wythe, Roger, David Michael, 5th Earl of Norburg, Military Intelligence /Special Projects Desk, retired. Sir Roger was head of one of the richest and most reclusive sets of families in all of England.
The exact sources of their income were closely kept secrets.
The families married closely within their own circles. Sir Roger had held nearly every important and visible position of the upper echelons of the intelligence community, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since retirement he had moved rather rapidly to gather significant holdings in international mass media.
In each case of a take over, within a short period of time the company or division showed a decided shift in programming toward a more liberal position on providing sensitive material. Some rumors had been surfacing that he had significant contacts with the Irish Republican Army and the expanding Russian erotic underground.
Nothing had ever been specifically proven, and of course Sir Roger and his stunningly beautiful wife Sara were as pure as the driven snow.

Michael bought the island house within six months of joining Sir Roger's operation. Intelligence units of governments on both sides of the Atlantic had kept tabs on him.
It was known that he spent most of his time on the island with frequent trips to the UK, the US and Europe.
The trips were never for very long, and he was always seen with the most beautiful women and most influential persons of government, industry and society.
No one at CIA, DOD or British Military Intelligence could quite figure out what he was doing, or why.

He had been seen frequently in the company of some of the most beautiful women and men on both sides of the Atlantic.
The women he was seen with were all extremely sensual, and appeared most willing to express their sensuality.
It seemed that he had no long-term relationship with anyone particular woman.
He'd been seen in New York, Washington, London, Paris, Rome, Miami, San Francisco, and other major cities. Of those keeping tabs on Mr. Kelly none were exactly sure what it was he was doing.
What was known was that he was obviously being well paid.
The plantation house, the boat, new wardrobe, and first class plane tickets across the globe didn't come cheap.

None of the usual sources were any help, and the Caribbean bank accounts were closed to prying eyes.
In any case, recently, after Michael's visit to a particular city, there appeared to surface an increase in upscale very private clubs with an exotic flavor to them.
Inquiries were being effectively thwarted as to the exact nature of the clubs.
Most of what was known had been obtained illegally.
Questions were being raised in many cities. The car slid to a quick stop in front of Mother's Pub.
He had a taste for a beer, and Mother's was his favorite.
Mother's was empty and cool as he stepped in from the heat of the street.
The air conditioning made him shiver a little. Mother's was what one would call in polite circles a waterfront dive, but it suited him well.
Half indoor, and half outdoor not unlike many of the bars in the town.

A little run down, with a very lived in look, native island look, even if it was designed that way.
Even during the season the place didn't see many tourists. That was one of the reasons he liked it.
Most of the tourists stayed on the other side of the island anyhow.
'Mother's' was a rather seedy kind of waterfront dive, on the outside, and a rather classy place on the inside. That was all by design.
The owner, a good friend of Michael's was of like mind when it came to tourists.
Michael thought the locals should have a place to call home, even during the season. The bar was almost cliche itself.
It looked like something straight out of 'Key Largo' or 'To have and Have not' One might have expected Bogart and Bacall to come walking down the stairs any time or see Walter Brennan limp through the front door looking for a free drink. The food was good, the beer cold and the drinks potent with local rum.
For Michael's money, Mothers was the best bar on the island.

'Good day Mr. Kelly, you want the usual?' the large black man behind the bar asked as Michael slid into a seat at the bar.

'Good day Raymond, yes, the usual please,' Michael said.

His Irish accent was faint, he'd been gone from Dublin too many years, but it was there none the less. Raymond the bartender set a shot of Jameson's Irish whisky, neat on the bar then poured half a bottle of Guinness Stout into a glass and set in front of him. Tan colored foam filled half the glass.

'Fifty degrees, right Mr. Kelly,' Raymond said, indicating the temperature of the beer and grinning widely, proud of his knowledge of Michael's preferences.

'That's right Raymond, everyone tells you that the Irish drink their beer at room temperature, they just forget that in Ireland 50 degrees is their room temperature.'
They both laughed. Michael took a sip of the whisky and then a swallow of the thick dark beer. Guinness was only really good at room temperature, Irish room temperature. It felt and tasted good going down.
The bitter aftertaste welled up in the back of his throat.
That was the best part.

'Sure is a hot one out there,' Raymond said, leaning on the bar with both arms.
The muscles rippled in his arms and the sweat glistened on his skin. Raymond had very large wrists and had done some professional fighting in his time.
'Yes, yes it is, just like I like it,' Michael replied.

The bartender looked up suddenly.
'Oh Mr. Kelly, I meant to tell you, a guy was in here about a week or so ago asking about you. I think an American, businessman kind of looking chap.
He asked if I knew you or where you lived. I told him I'd never heard of you. He had one drink and then left and I haven't seen him since,' Raymond said seriously.

'What did he look like,' Michael asked, looking up over the top of the glass of beer, as a frown knitted his well-tanned brow.

'Oh, he's about 6 foot maybe 6-2, about 200 lbs. ' He had short dark hair, a little mustache, one of them English kind of mustaches, really narrow and straight and he had really big hands, looked really strong,' Raymond replied.
'He talked really soft though, seemed like a nice guy, except for the gun under his jacket. I saw that as he leaned over the bar. He didn't look like a government man, his clothes, they was too nice.'

'Has he been in again, have you seen him since then?' Michael asked as he took another swallow of the dark thick beer. That same shadow of concern crossed his face as when he had first read the return order.

'No, I haven't seen him since, but I thought you'd like to know,' Raymond said quickly.

Michael nodded his and lapsed into silence.
The description didn't fit anyone that came to mind. He knew most of the goons from the other side. Still, it was a little odd. This stranger shows up and then the message about London. Suddenly it came to him. He would have to give Robert a call when he got home.

He motioned to Raymond to come closer. 'Listen Raymond,' Michael said, 'I may have to go off island for a little while, and I'll probably be taking James and maybe Dianne with me, how about keeping an eye on the place for me, and keep an eye on the boat too?' Raymond lived down at the marina where Kelly kept his boat.

'Sure Mr. Kelly, I'd be glad to,' Raymond replied.

'The usual rate OK?' Michael asked, 'I'm not sure how long I'll be gone.'

'That's fine Mr. Kelly, you know you pay me too much anyhow,' Raymond said with a grin.

They both laughed. 'I'll probably be leaving tomorrow at first light,' Michael said. 'I'll have James call you here and let you know when I'll be coming back so you can give the boat a once over and go up and open up the house before I get back.'

'OK Mr. Kelly, you want another round?' Raymond asked.

'No, I think not. Maybe I'll go see how the fishing is,' Michael replied.

'I heard they were hitting up at the north end early this morning, maybe you try up there,' Raymond offered.
'Thanks Raymond, maybe I'll check up there, and I'll see you when I get back,' Michael said as he slid of the barstool.

Finishing the beer, Michael waved a hand in salute and headed out the door. The bartender wiped the bar and washed the glasses and shook his head as Michael hurried from the bar.
'He's a strange one,' Raymond said to no one but himself.
The fishing wasn't any good, even at the north end of the island.
Maybe it was too hot and all the fish had gone farther north, like the tourists.
Michael shut down the engine and drifted with the current for a while, trolling, but nothing was hitting.
Finally he stripped naked and lay on deck and let the sun bake him.
He liked the feel on the sun on his skin. Even for a fair skinned American, living in the islands had turned his skin a beautiful golden brown.

The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully, but Michael never did quite get the woman in the sand, or Raymond's description of the guy with the gun out of his mind.
It was nearly dark when he finally pulled on his shorts, started up the boat and got back to the pier.
He cleaned things up, stowed all the gear and made sure everything was secure and headed home. The narrow dirt road from the main road was barely wide enough for the car. If you weren't looking for the turn, you would go right by it. He knew as soon as he hit the first bump in the dirt road that James would know he was coming.
Microelectronics were a wonderful thing.
The house was high up in the hills. From the big screened in porch he could see the whole west side of the island.
It was an old place, originally a plantation house for a coca plantation.
Except for some improvements to the wiring, phones and plumbing and the security system, it looked about the same as when the original owner had moved out nearly 50 years ago.
He had picked it up for nearly nothing.
It suited him, large and rambling, four or five bedrooms, lots of open air.

'James, get a call through to Robert Smythe in London! I'll be on the porch,' he said to the young black man that met him at the door 'and have Dianne bring me a beer.'
The orders came out rapid fire, like one would expect from a man used to giving orders and expecting them to be carried out to the letter.

'Yes sir' the good looking young black man said with an easy grin.

James returned to the room a few moments later with a stack of unopened mail.
'How was the fishing?' the young man asked still grinning as he handed Michael the stack of envelopes.

'It sucked, but then again I'm not a very good fisherman' Michael said with a chuckle, his tension easing.

They both laughed as James headed to the office and Michael headed for the screen porch at the back of the house.
He stopped at the desk in the hall and dropped off most of the stack of mail. Nothing of importance caught his eye.
He made a mental note for James to answer one or two of the letters.
He threw himself into a rattan lounge chair on the screened porch.
A ceiling fan whirled over head. This was his favorite time of day. The heat had broken and the sun was just above the horizon.
The sound of the surf rolled up the hill and he could see the breakers crashing at the end of the island.

Michael dropped the remaining mail on the table in front of him and slid back in the chair. He was so relaxed that he'd nearly fallen asleep when the phone on the stand beside him jingled letting him know James had made the connection to Robert Smythe.

'Robert? Michael Kelly here.' Michael said. 'Sorry to bother you this late at night, but I just got this e-mail from the Director concerning the 23rd.
What the hell is going on?
'I know it's got to be something big for this thing to come through normal civilian channels.'

A clipped British accent on the other end said, 'I'm sorry old boy but I'm afraid I'm just as much in the dark as you.' 'We are all in a state of shock here.'
'The top floor has been off limits to all but special branch folks for a week or better.' 'As I understand it all of you special project people from outside headquarters will be coming in for the meeting.'

'Come on Robert, level with me,' Michael said sternly, the frustration showing in his voice. 'I know you too well to believe you don't know anything.'

'Honestly Michael I don't, and you know me well enough to know that I wouldn't tell you even if I did know what was going on. Especially over open, unsecured phone. How do you think I've managed to stay head of British Operations,' Robert chuckled.

Michael knew he was going to get nothing out of dear old Robert. 'Oh all right, I guess I'll have to believe you. Listen, I'll be flying in probably the day after tomorrow.
Can I put up with you for as long as this thing lasts?
You know how I really hate your English hotels,' Michael said laughing. 'Nothing personal Robert.'

'Well of course it's all right Michael, you're always most welcome.'
'I know Mary will be most pleased to have you here,' Robert said.

'Great, I'll have James fax you my schedule and if you could pick me up when I get in that would be even better,' Michael said.

'Not a problem old boy see you then,' Robert replied.

'Oh one more thing,' Michael continued. 'I've gotten some information that someone, maybe American, has been snooping around down here.'
'You haven't heard anything about an internal security check have you?' Michael asked expectantly

'Not a word from here. Do you think maybe it's someone from the other side perhaps,' asked Robert with a genuinely surprised tone of voice.

'Well the other side is always a possibility is suppose, but things have been really quiet and most of the regulars from that side already know I'm here.
I know most of their troubleshooters well enough and they would normally have stopped by the house for a beer,' Michael laughed.
'I didn't see him personally but a normally reliable source mentioned it to me.'

'Sorry Michael, can't say as I've heard anything. Want me to make some inquires?' Robert asked.

'No, I'll hopefully get some answers in the next couple days. Thanks Robert and I'll see you late tomorrow or the next day depending on flights. I'll have James fax you all the flight information.
Bye for now,' Michael said as he hung up the phone.
The phone jingled again as soon as he had hung it up. Quickly he picked it up again.
It was James.
'You're confirmed for 7:00 on Friday morning sir through Miami, arrive at 17:00,' James said.
'I'll fax Mr. Robert back right away with the schedule and flight numbers. Did you want me to make the usual arrangements in Miami?' James asked.

'No, I won't have time this trip, she will have to wait till I get this London thing straight,' Michael said quickly. A slight tone of irritation was evident in his voice.

'I'm afraid she won't like that sir, as I recall, this is the weekend you did make a promise to spend a couple of days with her,' said James.

'Well, she can stay mad or she can get over it,' Michael sighed with a note of resignation.
'This London thing has to take precedence over every thing else right now.'

'Very well sir, will you be having dinner this evening?' James asked.

'No thank you James,' Michael replied. 'Have Dianne bring me so of the cold shrimp from the fridge.
I will be here on the verandah,' I think that will be all for tonight. Thanks for getting right on that flight stuff,' Michael said.

'How long should I pack for sir?' James asked.

'Oh, a week will do. If this thing lasts any longer than that I'll pick up what I need in London,' Michael said. 'Until I get a handle on what this London thing is I think you an Dianne should go up to the New York house.
Something tells me this may be a mainland project and I will want you and Dianne close by. I will call you from London with the details, but make the plans to close down here anyhow'.

'Very good sir, should I tell Dianne about the trip to New York?' James asked.

'No, I'll tell her,' Michael said with just a hint of a smile. Dianne could be difficult when she wanted to be.
'I'll see you in the morning James,' Michael said.

'Very good sir,' James said. The line went dead in James' hand.

Dianne brought the tray of cold shrimp and a glass of pale white wine to the verandah.
Nude, Michael sat back in the chair. He loved to watch the young woman move. Her body was nearly perfect.

'Anything else sir?' Dianne asked, her eyes downcast, her voice barely above a whisper.

Michael parted his legs, 'Take me in your mouth,' he said firmly.

Dianne silently knelt at his feet and parted his thighs. She began to slowly caress his thighs and her tongue slid up his thighs to the base of his rising manhood.
She gently kissed and licked his balls as he began to eat the shrimp.
She was good, very good, and her mouth felt heavenly on his cock.
She moaned as she as she rubbed his cock and balls all over her face.
She began to lick and kiss his cock.

She moaned softly as she looked up to his face.
With one hand she stroked his cock into her mouth and with the other she caressed her own sex, she was dripping wet.

He let his head fall back against the back of the chair savoring the taste of the shrimp and the feel of the girl's mouth on his cock.
He closed his eyes, wiped his fingers clean and gently caressed her face as she slid his cock into her mouth.
Her saliva coated his cock as she began to suck him harder.
Dianne loved to suck cock, and have Michael cum in her mouth, and it showed. Sitting up and bending over slightly he cupped her firm young breasts, pulling at her nipple rings as she began to suck him deep in her mouth.
She moaned again with pleasure and pain as he continued to squeeze and mold her breasts.
She loved the rough treatment he gave her breasts and nipples, and knew there would be more delicious pain to come.
She reached both hands into her crotch to caress her now dripping pussy.
Looking up at him she let his hard manhood slip from her mouth.

Almost in a whisper she pleaded, 'Please use my mouth, let me pleasure you.'

Silently he slumped back in the chair, holding her head in his hands he began fucking his cock in and out of her mouth.
It felt like hot velvet wrapped around his cock.
He took her mouth, using her for his pleasure.
She reveled in the power of his cock, and his control over her.
More than anything she wanted to please him. She was his to use and abuse.

'Ahh, yes suck my cock, make love to my cock,' he moaned softly as she held just the head of his cock in her mouth.

She waited for his seed, not wanting to waste a drop of the delicious fluid.
His orgasm washed over him, the hot white liquid, filling her mouth.
She held it all in her mouth until he finished and then swallowed it all.
As she did, she moved her fingers deep inside her wet, sex and she came, again.

'Thank you Dianne that was wonderful just like always,' Michael sighed softly.

He drew her to him and she curled up in his lap, He kissed her deeply, using his tongue. He could taste his own essence in her mouth.
She moaned with pleasure and her hands moved to toy with his nipples.
She bent her head and sucked and nipped at his nipples.

'Go and prepare yourself, and I'll be up in a few minutes,' he said as he lifted her from his lap and she stood up.

'Yes sir,' she said softly.

She kissed him again and glided into the house. He finished the shrimp and his beer and sat for a few moments and listened to the silence of the island.
He loved this time, the dark cool quiet. It gave him time to think. The day's strange events kept rolling around in his mind.

'Well, all will soon be cleared up,' he said to himself as he climbed out of the chair.

The house was dark and cool as he walked down the hall to his bedroom.
Dianne knelt on his bed, her hands clasped behind her back.
Her head up and her mouth open.
Her legs were spread wide, her sex fully exposed.
The lips open and fully aroused. From her nipples, silver nipple clamps hung with a single chain of silver connecting the clamps.
Her nipples were hard and extended and like the lips of her sex, fully aroused.
At each corner of the bed lay a length of rope, with a leather shackle attached. On a table beside the bed lay several sever looking whips, paddles and a cat-o-nine tails.
Beside the whips and riding crop lay a slender dildo and a medium sized butt plug.

Michael moved through the room, as if not even seeing Dianne, to the bath. A hot shower seemed to revive him.
After completing his shower, he returned to the bedroom.
Dianne had not moved. He was dressed in a silk dressing gown.
Moving slowly to the bar, he poured himself a drink.
He sipped his drink slowly, enjoying the taste in the back of his throat.
Finishing his drink, he stepped to the bed and lifted the chain between Dianne's breasts and tugged sharply at the nipple clamps.
Dianne bit her lip as the pain shot through her nipples.
Oh what glorious pain.
Michael continued to tug at her nipples, leading her off the bed until she was standing in the middle of the room. Silently, two ropes dropped from brackets in the ceiling.
At the ends were leather bracelets that Michael attached to Dianne's wrists. Kneeling quickly, he attached similar bracelets to her ankles.
As Michael pushed a button on a small table, the ropes retracted as silently as they had appeared and Dianne's arms were pulled over her head, and her legs were pulled wide apart.
She could not have been more exposed.
Excitement quivered through her body. She knew if she was not careful, at the first blow of the whip or crop she would cum.
But Michael would not let her cum until he was ready.
Michael dropped into an over stuffed chair facing the now nearly suspended Dianne.
The moonlight streamed through the open doors to the balcony, bathing Dianne in its delicious soft light. Except for the moonlight, the room was completely dark.
To Dianne it seemed like hours before Michael spoke.
The pain flowing through her nipples and pussy was delicious.

'You are such a beautiful woman, and you have such a marvelous pussy' 'You really are a most darling slut,' Michael sighed as he stood and stepped to the table beside the bed and refreshed his drink.

'Yes Michael, I am your slut,' Dianne panted, almost in relief. Having started she knew she would soon achieve her release. 'I exist only to give you pleasure,' she moaned again.

Michael finished his drink, picked up a stiff riding crop and slowly walked around the now squirming beautiful woman.
Using the fold end of the riding crop, he traced the end up the inside of her thighs, across her tummy and up to her nipples.
Dianne jumped slightly at the touch of the leather. Oh how she loved the crop.

'Do you need the crop?' Michael asked as he traced the instrument of pain and pleasure across Dianne's beautiful quivering ass.

'Yes, please Michael, my darling master I need the crop on my ass and my nipples or wherever it will please you, anything to please you,' Dianne cried, now pressing her ass toward the whip. 'Please Master, if it will make you happy, whip me,' she cried.
As the word 'me' left her lips, the first blow landed on her ass.
The pain shot through her ass, burning, stinging.

'Count for me,' Michael said in a low calm voice as the blows continued.

Nearly out of breath, 'One, two, three, four, five,' Dianne counted as the blows landed on her ass.
The blows stopped.
Tiny welts began to appear on her ass the backs of her thighs.
The pain was almost unbearable. Her nipples ached with glorious pain from the clamps.
It seemed like hours that Michael waited, and then blows began again.
'Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,' Dianne cried out.
The pain in her ass was both terrible and wonderful and suddenly it was done. Michael stepped to the table beside the bed.
He exchanged the riding crop for a slim, flat paddle.
Dianne's eyes widened as she watched him.
Knowing full well, what was to come.

'Kiss it Dianne, kiss the paddle,' Michael said, almost in a whisper.

He offered the paddle to her mouth and she lavished it with kisses, licking it as if it were candy.
Michael pulled away the paddle and in a single movement, Michael brought the paddle up sharply between the writhing girl's wide spread legs, striking her dripping cunt with the flat of the paddle.
The pain was nearly overwhelming, and yet.
Again and again Michael struck. Dianne cried out, forcing her cunt forward, inviting Michael to strike again.

Then suddenly there was a gentle touch.
Michael dropped the paddle and knelt between Dianne's legs.
Her pussy was open and very pink.
He could see the wetness glistening in the moonlight.
The sweet scent of her filled his senses as he gently kissed her there.
Opening his mouth he drew her into his mouth. He chewed gently, biting lightly on the tender flesh.
She pushed her crotch into his face, trying to get more of her into his mouth.

'Oh yes, Michael, eat me, please,' she cried.
His tongue seemed to be all over her crotch at the same time.

Just as she was almost to the edge of orgasm, Michael stopped his oral caresses. Dianne nearly cried out in frustration.
But she knew that by prolonging the wait for her orgasm it would be that much more intensive.
Michael smiled to himself.
This was the fun part.
Taking her right to the edge, and backing off.
There were nights when he would do this two and three time. Several times, Dianne had actually lost consciousness because of the force of her orgasm.
But tonight, he needed his release.
The tension of the day demanded it.
He laid down the paddle and selected a long slender whip.
Dianne's eyes widened.

'Oh Michael, that will sting and hurt so much,' she cried.

Yet she arched her back, pressing out her breasts in anticipation of the blows to her nipples she knew would be coming. Dianne knew how much Michael loved seeing the welts form on her breasts, and more than anything she wanted to give herself to him. The whip hissed through the air and struck her nipples.
The pain was nearly overwhelming

'Oh yes,' she heard herself cry out softly.

Again and again the blows fell across her breasts.
Angry red welts criss crossed her breasts, concentrated at her nipples.
Then, as suddenly as the blows and pain began, it stopped.
Michael slipped slowly to his knees between her wide spread thighs. The juices were nearly running from her sex.
Michael attacked her sex with his mouth and teeth.
Biting and chewing the delicate lips of her pussy.

'Oh God yes,' Dianne cried out at the amazing feelings of pain and pleasure at the same time.

'Now,' Michael ordered, looking up from between her legs!
Dianne didn't have to be told what now meant.
In an instant, her juices flooded his mouth and his face with her cum.
She shook and quivered as her orgasm surged through her.
Then, just as suddenly as his mouth had touched her, it was gone.
Michael stood and walked around her slowly.
She could see her juices shining in the moonlight on his face and beard.

He moved behind her and began to lovingly applied warm scented oil to Dianne's burning ass.
The aroma of Jasmine filled the air as he caressed her ass, his well-oiled finger sliding deep into her ass.
She gasped, the wind nearly leaving her longs as Michael slid a hard, thick dildo deep into her dripping pussy.

'Oh please Michael, take me, use me,'she whispered 'I need to feel you inside me,' she moaned as she tried to take more of his finger inside her.

'Yes my darling little one,' Michael whispered as he kissed her gently.

He released her wrists and ankles and bent her over the end of the bed.
Quickly, using soft ropes, he bound her wrists and ankles again.
Bent over the bed, with legs spread, she was fully exposed.
Michael knelt behind the bound girl and parting her ass, his tongue lashed at the pink rosebud of her ass.

'Are you ready my sweet?' he asked in a whisper as he stood and bent over her back.

He pulled back sharply on her hair, and kissed her roughly on the mouth.
Just as she began to beg him to begin, he drove his rock hard cock deep into her wet sex.

'Oh God yes,' she cried as she became instantly filled with him.
'Take me,' she cried, thrusting her ass back to meet his strokes.

With long, pounding strokes Michael took Dianne.
Reaching under her he caressed her full aching breasts and nipples.
Long deep measured strokes, in and out of the writhing woman under him.
Sensing her impending orgasm again, he slowed.

'Do you want to cum?' he asked with a slight chuckle, already knowing the answer.

'Oh my God yes Michael, please, let me cum again,' Dianne cried.
She was right at the edge of orgasm.

Michael sighed, and he drove his cock deeper inside her. He knew she could stand no more and not orgasm.
In one movement, he drove his cock deep into her pussy and reaching under the moaning, quivering young woman, he yanked the clamps from her nipples.
The pain and pleasure of the instant took Dianne's breath away. The pain shot through her nipples, just as the hot seed shot from Michael's cock, filling her pussy.

Orgasmic waves washed over her as she cried and moaned and whimpered.
She felt him shudder and quiver, and heard Michael moan as he too became engulfed in an orgasmic wave of pleasure.
Her whole body shook as her orgasm surged through her again and again. Oh how wonderful it was to belong to Michael.
All of her openings were his to take.
Her breasts and her nipples were for his pleasure.
Her pussy and ass and most of all her mouth were proper places for his cock and his seed.
Michael quivered and shook as he spilled his seed into the beautiful woman's pussy.
Gently he slipped from her.
Releasing her wrists and ankles, he pulled her up into his arms, kissing her deeply, gently, and lovingly.

'I do love you,' he sighed.

'How long will you be gone this time?' she asked after a long silence as she lay curled up in his arms.

'I'm not sure,' he said quietly, with a hint of sadness.
'This thing could be a week or more.
After that I'm not sure.' He could see the tears forming in her soft eyes.
'It could be a while,' he said almost in a whisper as he held her gently.

'Can't I come along?' she asked almost expectantly. 'You know how boring it is here without you,' she said with a pout.

'Not this trip,' Michael said. 'I promise the next trip I make to England I'll take you along. I want you to go with James to the New York house and wait for me. James will make all the arrangements.
I will be there as soon as the London stuff is over.'

With tears in her eyes, Dianne nodded her accent as she curled up in Michael's arms.
As Michael drifted off to sleep, he could hear her crying softly.

Chapter 1


'He's still there all right. But he sure as hell isn't doing a lot.
Some fishing, some diving, but most of his time he spends up at the plantation house,' the man with the big wrists and little mustache said almost in frustration.
'We watched the place for a week or so.
He usually sends the big black guy to Christianstaad to get the mail daily and get supplies.
The locals are really closed mouthed about him. The bartender at his favorite hang out wasn't real forthcoming with information.
I had the impression he knew more than he was saying.'

'We just intercepted this the other day,' the older man behind the desk said waving a piece of paper.
'London, Friday 23rd. 0900, Sir Roger' was typed on the paper. 'What do you make of this?' the older man asked.

'Looks like our boy is going home,' the mustached man said simply. 'What is the big deal?' He asked, shrugging his shoulders.

'The big deal is that it was sent via normal Internet traffic,' the older man behind the desk sighed. His eyebrows raising.

'That is interesting,' The mustache man said, rereading the paper.
'Do you think it might be worth a trip to London to see what we can pickup? There might be something beginning.'

'We also got some information that several of their top field people are being called in from other parts of the world as well,' the man behind the desk said.
I think we need some more information on what the hell they are doing. Right now we don't know what direction they are going to move in.
'Kelly is the American link, but Browning the head of the Eastern European section was also called home as well as Kian from Tokyo,' the older man said, his hands flat on the top of the desk.

'I'll catch the next flight to London and see what I can find out,' the man with the mustache said as he stood up.

'Good, report back to me as soon as you find anything,' the man behind the desk said sternly.

'Yes sir, I will,' the mustache man said quickly

The man behind the desk sat down and began looking at a folder. 'She has made contact and she will take over the direct observation of Mr. Kelly,' the man behind the desk said.

'Is it wise to have contact that close?
'I know she is one of our best, but her methods are hardly shall we say orthodox,' the mustached man said, the concern evident in his voice.

'That decision was made at the end of the hall,' the man behind the desk said sternly.
'I'm not in a position to question that decision and frankly, neither are you! This briefing is over,' the man behind the desk said as he closed the folder.

Chapter 2

A Diversion

'I'll call you to set up the logistics on whatever is happening after the planning meeting,' Michael said as James held the door for him at the small island air terminal.

'Very good sir, have a good trip,' James said with a grin. The flights to London were uneventful and good to his word Robert met him at the airport.

'Michael dear boy, so good to see you again,' said an older, good- looking man at the end of the Customs outlet.

Kelly hugged him warmly. 'Robert, you're looking well considering this dreadful weather,' Michael said, genuinely glad to see Robert.
They had developed a warm friendship in the short time since Michael had known him.
A chill rain was falling and the fog was thick as soup as they walked out of the terminal.

'I don't know how you English ever took over the world and still live with weather like this,' Michael complained.

'That is why we did control the world old man, because we thrive on this muck, but I suppose you're too used to your soft island climate,' Robert laughed admiring Michael's tan. They both laughed.

'I'd like you to meet my wife Mary,' Robert said as he and Michael stepped up to a Bentley waiting at the curb.

An absolutely beautiful young blonde woman of about 35 stepped out of the car. Her blouse was tight across a pair of large, full, gorgeous, and braless breasts. Her nipples showed clearly through the nearly shear material. As she swung her legs out of the car, for just a moment, her short skirt slid up her legs nearly to her crotch.
She wore garters and hose, not pantyhose.

Michael extended a hand, 'I'd know you anywhere,' he said. 'But Robert's descriptions hardly do you justice.'

Mary reached up to give Michael what he thought was a kiss on the cheek. Instead she kissed him full on the mouth.
Mary's arms encircled him and held him closely.
Her tongue opened his mouth, searched deep into his mouth as they kissed.
She pressed her breasts to his chest as Michael drew her to him.

'That is what I would call a real English welcome,' Michael panted.

'Any friend of Robert's is a friend of mine, isn't that what you American's say?' Mary asked a husky, sexually filled voice.

'All right you two, let's get going,' Robert said as he directed them to into the Rolls. 'Let's head home David, ' Robert said to the driver as they pulled away from the curb.

Robert Smythe, was a very wealth media executive about 50, and a good-looking 50. Mary Smythe, his second wife, was in fact 27 and absolutely stunning.

Her long blonde hair was pinned up and made her look even younger than she was.
Robert's first wife had died quite suddenly a few years ago.
Robert was one of the first members of the Association Michael had met not long after leaving government service and the two had become close friends despite the Differences in their ages.

The Smythe estate was some distance from the city and it took a little time to get there by car.
Robert and Michael sat in the back seat of the Rolls facing forward while Mary sat facing them.
As Robert and Michael talked, Mary stared out the window, and looked bored.
She crossed then re crossed her legs, and pulled at her skirt until it slid up her thighs to the top of her stockings.
Michael watched out of the corner of his eye as the skirt reached the top of her stockings.

Robert noticed Michael's glance at Mary's legs. 'Doesn't Mary have the most marvelous legs?' Robert asked.

Mary tugged at her skirt and spread her thighs slightly. Michael could see the white skin of her thighs above her stockings, nearly all the way to her crotch.

'She certainly does, they look very long and smooth,' Michael said softly.

Mary raised her skirt a little more and spread her thighs even farther apart.
Michael could see nearly all the way to her crotch. She moved a little and he saw the pink, pouting lips of her pussy. She wore no panties and her crotch was bare of any hair.
Mary's shaved, naked sex was open and wet and very pink.
Mary slowly pulled her skirt all the way to her waist and began gently and slowly caressing herself.
Moaning softly, she gently pushed a finger deep inside herself.
It was hot and wet!

'Do you like what you see Michael?' she asked softly as she stared at Michael, stressing the word pussy.

She licked her lips, her breath getting ragged. Her hand never left her crotch.
With her other hand she unbuttoned her blouse and her naked breasts were soon free from her blouse.

'How about my breasts, do you like my hard nipples?' she asked almost in a whisper as she parted the material and gently squeezed and molded her breasts.

Mary's breasts were round and firm and tanned all over.
The nipples were long and hard.
She pulled hard on her nipples with one hand, and pulled open her pussy with the other.
Mary pulled her fingers from her pussy, licked them clean.

'Oh how I love the taste of myself,' Mary moaned softly as she pushed her fingers back inside her cunt and then spread her wetness all over her nipples until they glistened with the cunt juice.
The smell of sex was heavy in the speeding car.

'Show how well you can welcome Michael to England my darling,' Robert said with a grin.

'Oh yes, thank you Robert,' Mary sighed. Leaning over she unzipped Michael's pants and pulled his cock out of his trousers.
'I am not only Robert's wife, but I am his slut and his cunt.
I simply love having men cum in my mouth and I simply must taste you Michael'
She moaned softly with pleasure, closing her eyes, and slowly she took the length of his cock into her mouth.
Robert smiled at Michael and sat back in the seat, unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard manhood.
He began gently and slowly stroking it. Mary lay down on the seat, never taking her mouth off Michael's cock.
She reached over and began stroking Robert's cock as well, and caressed his balls.
Michael reached under Mary and caressed the soft lips of her sex and then and traced a line down to her ass.
She moaned her appreciation as he slid a wet finger deep into her bottom.

'She loves to be taken in the ass, don't you Mary, you darling,' Robert sighed, now squeezing his wife's breasts.

'I love being taken everywhere, any of my openings darling, anytime any place.
I am a complete slut, I love to be raped and I love being a slut,' Mary said proudly as she quickly lifting her mouth from Michael's cock and then just as quickly deep throating him again.

As the car pulled up in front of the estate Mary moaned as her orgasm washed over her.
Michael gently pressed his cock all the way down Mary's throat and ejaculated, filling her mouth.
He pulled his fingers from her ass and cunt cleaning them on the towel Robert handed him.
Mary held Michael's hot seed in her mouth, relishing the taste and then swallowed all of it and cleaned his cock with her tongue.
Turning around quickly, she took Robert's cock in her mouth just in time to receive his load.
She licked her lips and moaned in pleasure and then she swallowed all of their essence.

'Oh, how absolutely wonderful,' she sighed wiping the corners of her mouth with her fingertips, pushing little drops that leaked into her mouth.
'I love to feel a man swell and throb in my mouth as he cums.'

Mary slipped from her blouse and skirt as the car came to a stop at the front door.
Naked she stepped from the car.

'I almost never wear clothes,' she giggled as she noticed Michael's stare.
'I want everyone to see how beautiful and accessible my body is.
With Robert's permission, anyone may take me anywhere at any time.
I am yours to use however you wish, and I do hope you will take me in all of my openings while you are here with us.'

Mary stood on her toes and kissed Michael warmly on the mouth and glided into the house.
Both Michael and Robert watched her beautiful ass wiggle as she walked.

'We won't have dinner until nearly 7:30,' Robert said as Mary entered the house.
'You might like a short nap to refresh you after your trip.
Marvin, our man, will show you to your rooms and lay out your dinner clothes. I'm sure you will find everything to your liking,' Robert said as they walked into the house.

'This is Mr. Michael Kelly and he'll be staying here with us for a little while,' Robert said to a handsome but rather stiff looking young man that met them at the door.
'Please show him to the Norfolk Room Marvin.'

'Very Good Sir,' Marvin said as he showed Michael to a beautifully appointed suite of rooms with a bedroom, sitting room and bath.

'Your dinner clothes are in here sir,' said Marvin, showing Michael a large walk-in closet.
'Feel free to wear any of these things sir.'
A black dinner jacket, white shirt and tie and trousers hung in the closet.
'I might suggest a nap sir. Dinners here at Smythe House can turn out to be quite late affairs.
After your trip, a nap might refresh you, sir,' Marvin said.

'Thank you Marvin,' Michael said. 'Please call me at 6:30.'

'Very well sir,' Marvin said. 'Nice to have you with us sir.'

During his stay with the Smythes, Michael never saw Marvin again.
His clothes were laid out every day and the bed was made and the room cleaned but he never saw any of the staff, except at dinner.

The nap did wonders for him.
Although he traveled the world, Michael could never quite catch up from the jet lag.
The phone next to the bed rang, waking him exactly at 6:30. It was Marvin,

'You asked to be called at 6:30 sir,' Marvin said.

'Thank you Marvin,' Michael said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Michael was very pleasantly surprised when he saw what Mary was wearing for dinner.
Even after their diversion in the car and the front of the house he had expected something more traditional, and British.
What Mary wore was anything but traditional.
Not knowing Mary well he still wasn't quite prepared for Mary's attire.
The top of her dress was completely shear white lace from the high collar at her neck, to just above her slim waist. Round holes were cut, exposing her breasts completely.
She wasn't wearing a bra and her firm, large breasts with their hard pink nipples showed through the openings in the material.
The skirt of the dress was low waisted, made of pale pink satin and the front panel was missing from just above her crotch to the floor.
The gown hung open to the floor.
The back of the dress was completely bare from the base of her neck down to the top of her firm round ass.
As she walked toward him, her pussy was completely exposed.
Under her skirt she wore only white hose and a lace garter belt, no panties.

'Oh Michael darling, there you are,' she said as she caught sight of him.
She flowed into his arms.
'I hope you slept well,' she said as she kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue into his mouth.

After recovering from his initial surprise, he held her close as she pressed her firm breasts into his chest.
His hands slid down the open back of her dress to gently caress her naked ass.
She moaned softly as he squeezed Mary's ass.

'I want you to feel at home while you are here,' Mary said in a breathy tone to her voice.
'Please feel me, take me, and fuck me whenever and wherever you like. I especially love having a cock driven deep in my ass' Mary said with a laugh as she kissed Michael again.

As she turned away, she brushed her hand across his crotch, lightly caressed his rising cock through his trousers.
Her hand rested there and gently she squeezed his rising manhood.
Her finger traced the outline of his now hard cock.

Two beautiful young girls hurried into the room making the last preparations for dinner.
Each wore tiny maid's uniforms with very short skirts with very tiny lace g-string panties.
The uniforms barely held their apple sized breasts and their nipples were completely exposed.

'These are Pam and this is Linda, our maids,' Mary said introducing the girls.
'Which do you prefer Michael, with or without panties?' Mary asked, as she motioned for both girls to raise their skirts.

'Oh without panties, definitely,' Michael said with a wide smile as Mary handed him a glass of Scotch from the sideboard.

Mary nodded to the girls and they both bent from the waist and skimmed off their panties.
Like Mary, both of their pussies were bare of pubic hair.

'You may have one or both of them any time you like,' Mary said as she tugged at the girls' uniforms to bare even more of the girls' breasts.

Like Mary's, the girls' breasts were completely tanned.
Mary pulled up her skirt, caressing Pam's cute round ass.
Linda stepped next to Mary and Mary lifted Linda's skirt and showed him Linda's naked cunt.

'Their mouths, cunts and asses are at your disposal any time, isn't that right girls,' Mary asked in a firm voice.

'Yes ma'am,' the two girls readily agreed.

They both hurried over and kissed Michael, rubbing their breasts and nipples all over him.

'You can fuck me anytime sir,' whispered Pam. 'I love a hard cock in my cunt.'

Linda took his hand and pressed it to her pussy.
'All you have to do is call,' she sighed as she pressed his fingers to her wet pussy and then lifted his hand to her mouth and licked it clean.
The girls pressed their damp panties into his hand.

'Enough you two, lets get dinner ready,' said Mary sternly.

'I see you've met the girls,' Robert said with a chuckle as the girls hurried past him as he entered the room.
'They are both very good.' Pam is 17 and Linda is 18'.

Mary glided across the room to Robert's side, a drink in her hand, opening her skirt as she did.
Robert slid his hand between her legs to caress her pussy as Mary reached up to kiss him.

'My daughter and son will be joining us in a moment,' Robert said. 'I don't think you've ever met the children.'
'They're both home on holiday from school.'

'I didn't know you had children,' Michael said as he sat down at the table.

'Victoria and Brian, are my children from my first wife. Rebecca died several years ago of cancer,' Robert said as he sat down and the head of the table.
'They are normally away at school, but their just home for holiday. Victoria is 19 and Brian is 22.'

'They are both wonderful young people, I do love them dearly,' Mary said as she sat directly across from Michael.

Just as she sat down a very good looking young man and beautiful young woman hurried into the room

'Ahh, even as we speak and here they are,' Robert said. 'Michael Kelly, this is my son Brian and my daughter Victoria,' said Robert.
'Brian, Victoria, this is my very good friend Michael Kelly. He'll be spending a couple of days with us.'

Brian extended hand and said 'Pleasure to meet you sir.'
Victoria kissed him gently on the cheek and in a whisper said, 'It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Kelly. Are you American? We don't often have the pleasure of having Colonials stay with us,' Victoria said with a twinkle in her eye.

'Please, call me Michael,' Michael said. 'And I am only half Colonial, the other half is Irish rebel.'

'Well, what is this family coming to?' Victoria laughed. They all laughed.

Both young people were as attractive as Robert and Mary. Brian was dressed in a dinner jacket and tie.
Victoria wore a shear lace gown that buttoned down the front.
As Michael stood to greet them, he could see through the material of the gown that her young, yet full breasts were naked under the dress and she wore no panties.
The front of her dress was unbuttoned from her neck to her waist and just barely covered her nipples.
After greeting Michael each bent down and kissed Mary warmly on the mouth.

The dinner was a very pleasant affair.
The main course of pheasant was done to perfection and the side courses were equally excellent.
The very cold, pale pink wine, complemented the meal perfectly.
During dinner Michael had frequent opportunity to fondle both the maids Pam and Linda.
Sometime between the soup and the main course they had stripped out of their uniforms, and for the rest of the meal wore only thigh high stockings and heels.
With each new course they would offer their nipples to be sucked, cunt or ass to be fingered.

It was nearly 10:00 P.M. by the time dinner ended and Michael was completely done in.
Between the long flight, the rich food and wine, he could hardly keep his eyes open.
As much as he wanted to enjoy the two Smythe women's company he had to excuse himself.
Both Mary and Victoria kissed him warmly and bid him sleep well.
Robert and Brian shook his hand and he headed up stairs
Michael was just about to drift off to sleep when he heard the door to his room open and then close.
He tried to focus his eyes in the near total darkness.

'Who is there?' he demanded.

'It's me Michael, Mary,' a small voice said.

Michael relaxed as Mary, now naked slid into bed with him.
Her mouth found his and she kissed him warmly.
Her body was soft and warm and sweet smelling.

'I told Robert that since you were going to be our guest, I wanted to sleep with you while you were here.
I need you to fuck me Michael, fuck me hard,' Mary moaned as she curled up in Michael's arms.
Michael rolled over on top of the small woman and in one movement, was deep inside her.
They spent the night making love.

cute girlfriend sucking dick and drinking sperm

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I got a post from a girlfriend. She is married and bi. I sometimes have "taglines" on email messages.

She has a tag image:

Makes me want to jump her ass everytime I get email from her, and I am not bi or gay. Wow.

- Camilla

Lust in Public

Written by Frank (Oct 99)

This is a story of something that happened to me several years ago with a girl called Pam who I had been briefly dating
We were studying together and got to know each other pretty well in our final year of college when we became lab partners. Pam was fairly tall, 5 8 or so with brown hair and green eyes.
She has small but wonderfully shaped breasts and very large aureole.
Her hips were generous and very womanly.
Although there was a mutual attraction, neither of us did anything till just before final exams.
Pam and I had been studying together in my bedroom and during a rest period we sort of fell on each other and ended up making love all night.
That was the start of the relationship but unfortunately we graduated soon afterwards and had to move back to our respective parents homes for a while.
Before we left college we booked a vacation for 2 months later.
During those 2 months we only got to see each other once so by the time we met up to go on vacation we were both somewhat anxious.
We both arrived in our university city about midday and we had about 11 hours to kill until our flight.
This is the story of how we spent those hours getting more and more desperate for each other with nowhere private to go.

As I recall my train arrived first and I walked down to meet Pam off hers.
As soon as we saw each other we hugged and hugged and kissed for about 5 minutes.
We were both dressed very sensibly for flying, I had jeans and a rugby shirt on and she had a lose floral skirt and a lose sweater.
We were both wearing light jackets.
As we kissed our hands discretely moved under each others jackets.
My hands cupped her ass and she pulled me against her as well.
As we separated I had to pull my coat shut for a few minutes to hide my erection and I remember her grinning at me.
We decided to leave our luggage at the station and pick it up later just before we got the airport transfer.

We decided to get some lunch and sat in a Pizza Hut for about an hour, talking, staring into each others eyes and holding hands over a pizza.
Several times during the meal we lent close and kissed over the table.
Pam had soft generous lips that were wonderful to kiss.
People must have looked our way because as the meal went on we were getting more and more lost in each other.
Reaching across the table to hug as we kissed deeply.
Then sitting there slightly breathless for a few minutes, our eyes locked until the need to touch became too strong to resist and we had to kiss again.
Finally we paid and left.
Thank god the air cooled us down a little otherwise we could have been arrested.
We had been getting all together too carried away.
We walked around, arms around each other, hips brushing as we walked. looking in shop windows for a while.
It was nice but less arousing and eventually I even got soft and could open my jacket again.
We could probably have managed like that, just window shopping and grabbing snacks, but as evening arrived we were both tired and really wanted to sit down and rest.

We decided to go for a drink and we went into this nice old bar we both knew.
It was made up of lots of little rooms off the central bar area and as soon as we had bought drinks we headed for a secluded table.
By the time we were on our second round of drinks it was clear that we were both horny again.
By the third drink we were desperate for each other.
We sat side by side our legs pressed close, and our bodies turned to each other.
We kissed and nuzzled each others faces, whispering to each other.
I remember the main topic went something like....Pam saying perhaps we should stop before we drove each other insane since we couldn't really do anything.
I would say yes she was right and we would stop at first for all of 5 mins.
Then we'd start to discretely touch each other again.
As we kissed, she turned to me and I was able to stroke the outline of her small breasts through her sweater.
She let me touch her nipple briefly but then stopped me saying that it was making her too aroused.
Meanwhile we each had a hand on the others thigh under the table.
We sat like that for an hour or more, her hand resting inches from my aching erection.
I certainly understood obsession that mind had only one thought...I wanted her to move her hand about 1 inch to the left.
Finally I shifted slightly towards her and her hand brushed over my balls.
I moaned and she looked straight at me.
Her face was flushed and I knew that she was as aroused as me.

I lent close and whispered to her. I said something like..."if we stroke each other a little maybe it'll help relieve the tension a bit".
Not a terribly realistic idea I know but I wanted her to touch me so bad.
After some experiments we came up with a position that let us do that in the middle of this buy then crowded bar.
We each crossed our legs and sat very close side by side.
By partly towards each other with our arms around each others backs it made it look like we were having an intense conversation.
Under the table level though our free hands were resting on each others groins.
I slipped my hand between her thighs so that I could stroke her by wiggling my fingers.
As I did this she would bury her head in my shoulder and moan softly. I'm not sure she could cum like that but it was getting her very aroused.
Because of our situation she was nervous to let me do too much and after a few seconds she would ask me to stop for a min.
I suspect part of it was to do with the fact that Pam was very expressive as she came normally and she was not sure she could keep it in.
Pam for her part has her fingertips resting on my erection through my jeans.
She would stroke a little and then stop.
As we sat there we talked about what felt best.
She tried lots of things on me.
Her fingernails, her palm.
Each was slightly different and achingly erotic.
At one point I looked down and saw a wet patch on the front on my jeans.
I realized that my underpants must have been drenched in precum.
Pam kept saying we should stop but neither of us could by that point.
It was like being an addict.
Her hand gave me momentary relief but each time it was withdrawn the ache was worse.

Finally we had to leave for the airport.
After 3 hours of this we were both in a terrible state.
As we left the bar I took her hand and pulled her into a dark shop doorway.
I pushed her against the wall and we kiss roughly.
I pushed my hands under her sweater and rubbed and rubbed her breasts.
My knee pushed her legs apart and we ground our groins together.
Our hands grabbed each others asses and we started dry fucking.
I'm not sure why we didn't keep going.
I think partly we just couldn't get enough friction to finish but also this was not a terribly private place.
We started to walk, stopping every few yards to press against each other again.
Eventually we got the airport bus we found we had to wait for another 30 mins.
We found these seats and sat there.
Around us were a few people also waiting.

Our breathing was still pretty erratic and we were both in a high state of arousal.
Pam had a wonderful idea though.
It had gotten colder and she took her coat and put it over us like a blanket so that we were somewhat covered.
She stretched out a little and rested her head on my chest.
We sat there. Me looking around the room trying to look normal, Pam apparently resting on my chest.
Under the coat was another story.
I was playing with Pam's very hard nipple through her sweater and bra with one hand and teasing her clitoris through her skirt and panties with the other.
She was stroking my cock back and forth through my jeans in earnest this time.
We could both feel the tension in the other.
Her hand touched mine and she pushed down on my fingers with her own indicating she wanted me to rub harder and faster.
I closed my eyes feeling my orgasm close and knowing Pam was almost there too.
Then the bus arrived.
I grabbed Pam and we quickly got onto the bus.
All I could think of was finding somewhere to continue.
I almost physically pushed her to the back of the upper deck (a double decker).
We bundled into the against the window and prayed. A guy came up, looked at us and went to sit at the front.
Finally the bus started moving and we relaxed.

We kissed again, this time knowing there was no stopping.
I whispered to her... lean back.
She did and I was able to slide my hand under the waistband of her skirt.
Pam moaned and put her head on my shoulder, trying to straighten out as much as possible so I could reach down between her legs.
As the bus drove on I slipped my hand under her panties and slipped my finger inside her.
Pam used to have a special way she needed to cum.
I had to keep my finger very straight and move it in circles inside her vagina.
Keeping my finger rigidly straight I moved my hand over her pussy in a big circle....pressing against each side of her vagina in turn.
This happened very fast.
After only a few seconds she tensed against me, her fingers digging into my chest.
Suddenly her whole body tensed and she buried her head against my shirt, her hand slapped over her mouth.
She whimpered almost like she was in pain and I felt her cum, her pussy closing hard on my finger.
It was a wonder she didn't break my finger because I kept it rigid against the pressure for her.
After a few seconds we separated, both voicing our appreciation of elastic waist bands.
Her throat was bright red and she looked a little more relaxed.

She kissed me and touched my cock whispering...what about you.
I said god yes, please rub me.
I leaned back and she rubbed my cock quickly through my jeans.
Unfortunately I just couldn't get enough friction to get over the edge. I was going insane.
I unzipped my fly and she put her hand inside.
Her fingers massaging my cock through my underpants.
Still I couldn't come and we were getting close to the airport.
I looked up ahead and the guy seemed oblivious to what was happening.
There are times when lust is so strong I no longer care and this was one of them.
I pulled my cock out of my fly so that it was free.
Pam took my naked cock in her fist and pumped it up and very fast.
I was almost there when she whispered...cum on baby you need it, cum for me.
That was all I needed and I shot cum all over my shirt.
It was one of the most needed orgasms of my life.

We quickly arranged our clothes and I had to put my jacket back on to cover the wet patch on my shirt.

As we left the bus we held each other tight, very relaxed and contented.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Meeting

by Nighthawk (Oct 99)

She felt like she had known him for forever.
They had shared the most intimate secrets one could imagine.
Finally, finally she would meet him, touch him, make passionate love to him and she could not wait.
But the thought of it often overwhelmed her and she was not sure how she would react.
As she checked into a room where they would meet, she became increasingly nervous.
He called and asked if he could stop at least just to talk and meet her but they both knew they both wanted much much more.
She admitted her nervousness and he understood he shyness, his desire for her far beyond the sexual to a deep passionate need for her in all ways. He suggested a plan to ease her nervousness which she accepted.

As she waited in the room in a short black negligee, purchased to ensure his desire for her, she heard a knock on the door and her heart jumped.
She had left the door unlocked and as he partially opened the door he reminded her that she was to face away standing and not look at him until he told her too.
She fought the need to turn, to see him in the flesh, but her fear and their agreement made her stand, her legs shaking as he walked closer to her.
She could hear his breathing heavily as he walked nearer knowing that her body and their months of sharing each others wildest sexual desires was affecting him.
She could tell he wanted her without seeing him.
He moved near her and placed his arms around her waist as she closed her eyes and he lightly kisses the back of her neck.
He pulled her against him and she could feel his hardness against her ass indicating his arousal.
As they had discussed, he took a silk blindfold to ease her tension and placed it over her eyes tying the back.

She was now before this man she had wanted for so long, in a sensual negligee, blindfolded and vulnerable.

He reached around, his breath heavy, under her negligee and cupped on breast as she could feel the wetness beginning between her legs.
She had not worn panties knowing how that would arouse him further.
He reached over and let last of her clothing drop to the floor and she could tell he had removed all but his boxers as he pressed against her from behind.
His hard throbbing cock strained through the boxers against her ass as he cupped both breasts in his hands from behind, whispered into her ear how beautiful she was and how he had dreamed of this moment, as his finger lightly pinched her taunt nipples.
His breathing increased as she could feel him getting harder as her rubbed against her.
She could feel the wetness increase between her legs.

Slowly he pushed her to a chair and sat her down as he kneeled between her legs, her blindfold still in place.
He placed her legs over his shoulders as he kissed inside her soft thighs, licking from her knee to where the crease in her hips meets her thighs and back down again in slow, sensuous, deliberate licks.
She gasped as his tongue neared her pussy then moved back down her leg.
She felt a cold bottle of champagne she had prepared for them later rub inside her thigh causing her to gasp as she could hear him take a drink directly from the bottle.
Suddenly, without warning, she felt the cold champagne pour over her hot, wet pussy and his tongue quickly beginning to wildly lick up and down the length of her pussy as he lapped up the cold champagne and her juices in LONG , SLOW, FIRM LICKS.
Her knees trembled feeling his tongue for the first time.
His cold tongue flicked and darted inside her causing her to moan and he wiggled it inside her.
He then began a slow torturous teasing of her pussy as his tongue stiffened, and just the tip, licked slowly side to side and up, side to side and up.
Every inch of her hot, wet pussy was being touched by his hot tongue causing her to squeeze her legs then open them wider for the pleasure he was giving her.
She felt him suck in her labia, rolling his tongue over it as he gently and firmly sucked them in.
the resumed this slow side to side licking.
She felt his tongue dart inside her as she moaned again.
Quickly, he placed his hands under her ass and pulled her hard into his face as it tongue rammed inside her, making her come to the edge of an orgasm and his tongue flicking in and out wildly, fucking her hot, wet, throbbing pussy.
She came quickly as he then quickly flicked his tongue tip over her clit, the pearl swollen for his taste.
As she came, he gently sucked he clit in in. While firmly sucking her clit, he inserted a finger inside her, hooking it, rubbing the inner wall of her pussy as the orgasm swept over her.
She could hardly breath as she felt his tongue rubbing her clit in firm circles around and around and around, and his finger pumping in and out.
She felt him come up for air and take a drink and she knew she would soon feel a cold tongue flicking inside her.
However, instead she felt a wild touch on her clit and quickly knew he was lightly dragging a soft sexual feather over her clit driving her wild as his cold tongue then plunged into her pussy.
She screamed as she felt her body go over the edge again, the feather flicking over her clit like a hot flicker of a candle with his cold tongue flicking in and out and wiggling deep inside her.
She begged him to rest as he ran the feather lightly down the length of her pussy and quickly sucked at her clit then moved away.

He grabbed her hand and stood her up and turned her around telling her to grasp the chair arm as she felt him move behind her.
His cock brushed her thighs as he went around indicating how hard he was and increasing her anticipation of feeling his hot member inside her.
Her juices flowed down her legs from cumming so hard from his tongue.
She was in a wild frenzy wanting his cock in her badly.
She felt his hard, throbbing cock rub over her pussy from behind but not enter as she begged him to fuck her NOW.
He was silent as she arched back to force him inside her.
She felt the head of his cock on her pussy lips then suddenly, slowly, and deliberately he pushed inside her.
They both gasped as he slowly slid in and out.

He moaned loudly feeling her hot wet pussy tightly grasping his hard, throbbing cock.
He grabbed he hips and begin to pull her back into him as he thrust forward her juices flowing down her thigh from her recent orgasms.
He began to move in faster and faster, deeper and deeper, his balls slapping on her ass as he began to wildly fuck her.
His hand reached under and begin to rub her clit maker her even wilder…She heard a buzz and realized he had turned a vibrator on as she was lost in the feeling of his cock pumping in and out as she gripped the chair harder and he drove his cock deep inside here and stopped .
She could feel him throbbing and pulsing inside her as he began to rotate his hips driving her wild as she felt the head of her vibrator touch her clit causing her to gasp, her pussy to contract, as she went into a wild orgasm.
The contracting of her pussy made him go wild as he began to slam into her from behind.
He reached up untying her blindfold as her orgasm subsided and suddenly she was in front of a full length mirror.

She could see her naked body bent over the chair, this man she has wanted for so long pumping his hard pulsing cock into her pussy from behind, his hands on her waist pulling him into her with each stroke.
He was moaning loudly, panting madly as he pumped his cock into her again and again.
It was like she was watching a movie of her self being fucked hard and fast by this man she had fantasized about for months and had masturbated to his voice.
Her mind going wild be the scene she could feel herself ready to cum again.
Suddenly, she felt his body stiffen as he let out a wild loud moan as she felt his hot load shooting inside her.
This caused her pussy to contract again milking his cock of it cum as he spasmed into her again and again, her body rocking with its final orgasm.
His body relaxed as she looked up into the mirror and weakly smiled at him as He leaned over her back, his cock still in her and he gently whispered in her ear.
'Baby this was what I had dreamed of for months and I love you'.
He pulled out as she turned around seeing him face to face for the first time kissing him passionately, beginning the most wild and erotic experience of their lives.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Home Office Quickie

by Mr. Neb (Oct 99)

Working at home sure has its benefits but a lot a free time is not one of them.
I sit figuratively chained to the office chair, continually tapping away at the computer keyboard while my wife goes about her business during the day, keeping her distance so that I can work undisturbed.

The morning started pretty much as usual.
I was up early and working. The kids were already off to school.
I heard the sounds from the other end of the house of my wife getting up, showering etc. I kept working away, suspecting nothing unusual.

Without any warning, my chair start to swivel around 180 degrees.
In a split second it stopped. My wife straddled my lap and sat down.

'You have been working home for a few months now,' she began, with a smile on her face.
'Not once have you taken advantage of the situation during the day.'

My wife was dressed in a short silk nightie.
It was a deep burgundy with string straps.
The low-cut neckline was trimmed with lace and made the exposed cleavage of her full breasts all the more alluring.
The nightie was very short, barely covering her crotch as she sat on my lap.

'Today, I will not be ignored!' she announced and kissed me hard on the mouth.
The office chair fell over backwards and we tumbled to the floor, still locked in a passionate kiss.
Her tongue felt warm and delicious while she probed my mouth.
The faint scent of her lightly applied perfume pleasingly tickled my nose.
It was so enjoyable to embrace her silk-covered body while we kissed.

After rolling around the floor for a while, I ended up on my back.
With the deftness of a lioness, she slid her body down mine until she was between my legs.
Quickly, my pants were opened and my cock was exposed to her.
My erection was not fully developed when she took me completely into her warm and very wet mouth.
Her intentionally aggressive and wet sucking accelerated the process and in no time I was a full attention.

'I just love feeling you get hard in my mouth,' she offered.
'It is so wonderful to feel your cock get longer and firmer while I suck on it.
Your precum is so sweet and delicious. I love feeling it on my tongue! It makes your whole cock taste so good!'

She was in complete control of things.
She sucked me to her complete enjoyment and was very careful not to go too far.
As much as I wanted to release my abundant ejaculate into her talented mouth, she had other plans.

She got up and stood above me with her legs straddling my hips.
She caressed her body through her silk gown to the enjoyment of us both.
Her hands rubbed over her breasts and she lightly pinched her budding nipples.
She was enjoying herself very much.
Her hands made their way down to her hips.
Her touches caused the gown to move but she was very careful not to expose herself yet.
She was teasing me very effectively.
It wasn't until she felt the time was right did she raise the hem of her nightie to give me a glimpse of her most special area.
Her pubic hair was trimmed to the faintest levels on her mons.
Her opening was smooth and very inviting.
Her caressed continually progressed until her hands were between her legs.
Her sexy fingers parted her pussy lips, showing me how ready she was.
Her plentiful wetness was very obvious and the magical scent began to reach my eager nose.

Taking my cock in her hands, she sat down on me but did not place me inside of her.
She leaned forward until her lips were almost touching my.
She began to rub the crown of my cock around the slippery opening of her pussy and she started to talk to me.

'This is what I want. I want you to fuck my pussy with your hard dick. Can't you feel how ready I am for you? Can't your feel how wet and slippery my desperate pussy is for your long stiff cock?

Without waiting for an answer that would never have come, she again kissed me hard on the mouth.
Simultaneously, her tongue plunged deep into my mouth and my cock pressed deep into her pussy.
We both let out a deep gasp. Her hips started pumping at a surprisingly rapid rate.
Her pussy was so wet that the delightful sounds of our lovemaking where easily heard.

She kept kissing me and talking to me at the same time.
Her lips and tongue never left their contact with mine.
Her saliva was all over our mouths and continued to flow while see talked.

'Oh, you feel so good deep inside me! It drive me crazy to feel your cock in my pussy.
I love to be fucked by you! I'm going to come very quickly. I am going to keep riding your big dick until I come all over you!'

Her rate got even faster. Her hips were bouncing wildly and her tongue made every attempt to penetrate my mouth to the same degree as my cock thrust into her pussy.

She sat up, my cock penetrating her to its fullest.
In one smooth motion, she slipped her silk gown over her head, its work complete.
Her whole body bounced fast and hard, her pelvis pounding against mine, the head of my cock pressing hard against her cervix, her breasts jiggling uncontrollably.

She lowered her torso again, placing her face close to mine, only her hips now maintaining the necessary thrusts.
Her breathing was extremely short and erratic. In short breathless bursts she talked me through her orgasm.

'I'm coming. Oh, it feels so good! I'm so close! Your cock feels so good! Mmmmm. Yes, oh yes! Feel me. Feel me come! Now! I'm coming! I'm COMING!!!!'

She collapsed on top of me. Her whole body racked with the welcome convulsions of orgasm.
Her body twitched and quivered, internally as well as externally.
He inner muscles clenched down hard all around my cock, bringing me ever closer to my own climax.
Her sweet fluids sputtered from their deep recesses, coating us both. It felt so warm slipping down onto my balls.

Only when she entered the twilight of her orgasm, did her hips stop thrusting. She just lay motionless on top of me.
He pussy occasionally spasmed involuntarily around my still inserted cock.
We lay there, silently, until she had fully recovered.

'I'm not through with you yet', she warned.

Sitting up and raising on one leg, my engorged member slid from her pussy with a wet slippery sound.
It bounced flat against my abdomen and glistened in a complete film of her cum.
Her pussy lips remained parted, her vagina still open, very pink, and very moist.
Her clitoris was quite exposed and erect.
For just a moment her hand rubbed the wet length of my very sensitive cock, then held my balls in her warm wet hands. Her next move was between her spread legs.
She rubbed her clitoris for a moment and I watched two fingers disappear into her pussy. Withdrawing them, they were a wet as my cock.
She slid them across my lips and slipped them into my mouth. Her cum-coated fingers never tasted to sweet.
I loved the slippery feeling of her cum all over my lips and tongue.
The sweet scent electrified my sense of smell.

'Do you want some more of that?' she rhetorically asked.

In a flash, her legs were straddling my face. Her finger held her pussy wide open.
I watched her muscles twitch and internally clench an imaginary penis.
My nose filled with the wonderful bouquet of female cum. While my tongue extended, she lowered herself onto me.
My eager tongue slipped deep into my wife's seeping pussy and was enveloped in its delightful wetness. Instinctively, my tongue danced within her, eager to tease, stimulate and excite her to another thunderous climax.
It would not take long. With my tongue performing inside of her and my lips, wet with her juices, massaging her clitoris, her climax came quickly.
I was flooded with her warmsweet cum and again treated to the spasms of her pussy, this time, around my tongue.

Sliding her wet pussy from my face, she once again laid on top of me. My cock again slipping deep into her pussy.

'Oh God, you make me feel so good.
I looking down at you with your face between my legs. I love watching you eat my pussy and the idea of me coming on your face like that!'

She spoke while kissing me all over my face.
The fact that she was kissing me through her own cum was not lost on me.
It was a wonderful sensation to have our faces sliding about, lubricated with her juices.

With her face all wet, she said, 'Mmmm. I taste pretty good. I'll bet you do too! I know you feel good deep in my pussy but I am anxious to taste you just like you tasted me. Would you like that? Would you like me to kiss you and make you come? I'll bet you are about to burst.'

Just like the previous proceedings, there was to be no pretense about this. With a wonton deliberateness she placed herself again between my legs.
One hand massaged my wet balls with no hint of delicacy.
Her other hand twirled around my cock, effortlessly lubricated by her remaining juices.
When she wasn't touching me with her hands, her talented mouth covered me. Saliva and my own precum liberally flowed.
Her movements were fast and deliberate. My orgasm was her only objective.
It came with her hand rubbing around the crown and her lips wetly sliding up and down my shaft.
A long stream of thick white cum leapt straight up from the head, landing in a long line from her hair down across her cheek.
She tried to slip me into her mouth but didn't completely make it.
The second expulsion splashed against the corner of her mouth, half streaking her face again and the rest coating her tongue and the inside of her mouth.
The rest of my orgasm occurred with my spurting cock comfortably deep in her warm wet mouth.
Her tongue slid up and down my length while I continually spurted.
Only when I was finished, save for the occasional twitch that oozed the final portions of my ejaculate did she swallow the thick creamy content of her mouth.
My cock was treated to the sensations caused by her swallowing.
They were surprisingly similar to the feelings generated by her pussy writhing with orgasm.

We spent the only tender moments of the morning embracing on the floor.
We were warm, wet and sticky with satisfaction.

My thoughts drifted to tomorrow's 'day at the office'.