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My Fantasy Fulfilled

By Her husband ( JULY 99)

Me and Carol have been married almost 30 years and have always had a great sex life.
She will just about do anything anywhere, as long as it is with me.
Through the years we have discussed my many fantasies, one of which is her fucking another man.
Her reply to me was always maybe someday but I will have to be very drunk and in the right mood.
We have been going to swingers clubs for some time now and I must confess deep down something tells me that I really don't want her to go through with this fantasy of mine, but going to these clubs really turns me on by just the thought of other men try to hit on her and fuck her.
And she knows this and does a real good job of driving me crazy.
Because of her great looks and fantastic body she never has any trouble getting guys to hit on at these clubs.
I usually sit back and enjoy the show and Carol knows it, after a few drinks and some sexy dancing with guys at the club we usually find our way to the back with a couple of them to on of the private rooms and Carol will give one or two guys a hand job and sometimes if she has been turned on she will give a couple of blow jobs while I fuck her.
this has always satisfied me and we generally end it there.

One weekend we decided to go out for a couple of drinks, now let me tell you Carol is a good looking 50 year old women she always gets the looks from men when she dresses but when she dresses hot she is a knock out.
To my surprise this night she really outdid herself.
When she came out of the bedroom she had on a skirt that just about covered her ass, no panty hose red high heels and a skimpy blouse opened to the third button, I took one look at her and had to fuck her before we left.

We arrived at the club about 10 o'clock and for some reason I felt this night was going to be something special.
As we walked up to the door I couldn't help but notice that she had opened another button on her blouse and her tits were in full view.
She looked at me and gave me a smile as we walked into the club.
As I started to walk to our usual table she stopped me and said that she would rather sit at the bar which was very crowded, there was only one stool available so she squeezed in and sat down next to two guys who took one look at her and I could tell right away they liked what they saw.

After a few drinks and some heavy conversation carol introduced me to the guy on her left as John who immediately after our introduction asked her to dance, I figured she was having a good time and I was also just watching her turn these guys on.
I decided to leave them alone and see what happens, as I was walking away I couldn't help but notice Carol had her had on his crotch and he had a very visible hard on.
She knows this really turns me on we made eye contact and smiled I watched for a while and went to talk to some other friends.
I must have talked for quite some time because when I returned Carol and John where not in the bar area.
After looking around the dance floor I walked into one of the couples rooms and in the back on some mattresses I couldn't help but notice those red high heels sticking straight up in the air her skirt was pulled up and her blouse was wide open, John had his cock slamming her as hard as he could she also had a cock in each had and one in her mouth.
We have been in this situation many times before but I was always the one fucking her.
There was a mini gang bang going on and I could tell by the look on her face that she was very drunk and enjoying every inch off it.

The guy in her mouth must not have been the first as I got closer I couldn't help but notice she had cum on her face and hands, The scene made me horny as hell there was Carol fulfilling my wildest fantasy and it looked like she was loving it.
I actually had to stand on line with my cock in my hand to get a chance to fuck my wife.
As I came closer I could her talking to each guy she had them so turned on some of them came as soon as they put there cock in her.
She would be disappointed at this and ask for more. When it was my turn she looked me straight in the eye and said fuck me hard I am not sure to this day if she knew it was me?
After I dropped my load I couldn't help but notice all the cum oozing out of her cunt. I guess I was taking to long I was told to move over and I did, As I looked over my shoulder I couldn't help but notice the next guy had what looked like a 10" cock he got on top of her and without any hesitation pushed it completely in I looked at Carol her back arched her eyes opened real wide and she gave a groan and started fucking him wildly.
This went on for a little while longer until John showed up whit a couple of drinks he brought back, as he approached her he picked her up she immediately started kissing him and went with him sipping the drinks he brought back, I decided to sit back and watch what happens all the time stroking my cock.

After about ten minutes Carol finished her drink and was drawing a crowd around her again she still had her red heels on the skirt was gone and her blouse was completely opened.
John at this point had other Ideas for her he stood her up and was dancing real slow with her whispering in her ear and I could see she was nodding her head yes to whatever he was saying.
I followed them to the bar area and decided if his plans were to take her out I was going to step in but that not what he had planned. Carol was real drunk and could hardly walk and they all knew this at this point she was much better on her back.
John took her to the dance floor and every body started dancing with her with there cocks out and she would stroke each one and get to her knees and suck until he would cum.
After about ten minutes of this she just stayed on her knees and sucked cock for about a half hour.
If you are wondering what I did your right I dropped a load in her mouth.
I decide this was enough she was a mess cum all over her face a tits I approached her and stood her up and walked to the bathroom cleaned her up and took her home we fucked for what seemed like all night

I am not sure I liked this new step we took but she sure did..
Carol and I are regulars at the club and it's not just blow jobs anymore.

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By Denny( JULY 99)

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years.
Until recently, I thought she was straight laced when it came to sex.
I mean we had a good sex life.
Most of the time she would wear what I asked her too, if I was feeling a little kinky.
The only thing I ever ask her to wear would be a pair of tights and leotards.
There was just something about seeing her dressed like that. I guess I always have had a fetish about tights and leotards.
She knew that and sometimes she would let me wear them to bed with her.
When that happened it really made for a good sex night.
I tried to talk her into bondage but she would never go for that.
At least I tried.

A couple of years ago a new girl, Jill, started to work at the same place my wife works.
She was ten years younger than Sherrie was, my wife was.
She had a body that wouldn't quit.
She and my wife became very good friends.
Jill lived in some apartments not too far from our subdivision.
She talked my wife into taking aerobics with her at a nearby gym.
Now with my tights and leotards fetish seeing them dressed in those everyday drove me crazy.
They both wore the tightest outfits they could find. I especially loved it when they would wear the thong leotards.
I used to love to make love to my wife when she came home from the gym all sweaty and worked up and we used to do that quite often.
However, all of the sudden that stopped, She would always say she was too tired to have sex.
Finally, I just gave up and quit asking.
I could always put on a pair of tights and leotards have sex for one.
It sure wasn't the same but it was all I could do.

One Saturday the kids were gone for the weekend and I was supposed to be fishing for the day I found out why Sherrie was always too tired for sex, with me.
I was riding with my brother in law to the lake. It started raining so we decided to call off the fishing trip.
He dropped me off at the house about ten that morning.
I saw Jill's car in the driveway and figured she and my wife had gone shopping.
I took a shower and went into my son's room to work on his stereo. I guess I fell asleep.
The front door closing woke me up.
I heard Sherrie and Jill coming down the hall.
I was going to let them know I was home early but they went into our bedroom and closed the door.
That's when I decided to find out what was going on.

I stayed in my son's bedroom until I heard our bedroom door open a couple of minutes later.
I heard Sherrie asking Jill she wanted a beer as she walked out of the bedroom.
I stayed quiet until Sherrie came back from the kitchen and went back in our bedroom.
This time she didn't shut the door.
I stayed where I was until I didn't hear any noise coming from where they were.
What I did finally hear I wasn't sure if I did hear it.
There were quiet little moans coming from the bedroom along with the little giggles people make when they are being tickled.

I silently walked to the bedroom door and peeked around the corner.
What I saw made my heart sink down to the bottom of my stomach.
It really hurt and shocked me at first until my male hormones kicked it and I started getting excited.
I figured I would face my feelings later.
This was, hopefully, going to be fun to watch.
They were both standing in front of the closet doors looking at themselves in the mirrors and rubbing each other's butts.
They would bend over and touch the floor to give each other a good rear view.
Each time they did that the thong part of the leotard would disappear up the crotch.
I would have given anything to be the material of those leotards.
Jill turned the lights out and they both got in the bed.
There was still just enough light coming through the curtains for me to see them.
However, it was dark where I sat down on the floor behind the chair to watch them.

Sherrie got on top of Jill and went down to her crotch and started to rub Jill's mound until Jill started moving her body to match Sherries strokes.
Jill started moaning louder and Sherrie quit rubbing and buried her face in Jill's crotch.
I could hear her sucking Jill's vagina through the tights and leotards until Jill reached up and peeled her tights and leotards off.
Then she pushed Sherrie's face back down on her.
Sherrie stuck her finger in Jill's hole and kept sucking on her clit until Jill was bucking around on the bed like she was going crazy.
That's what I used to do to Sherrie so I guess I did something right.
When Jill settled down Sherrie pulled her finger out and stuck it in Jill's mouth.
She licked it until all of her juices were off the finger.

Sherrie took her tights and leotards off and put her butt right on Jill's face.
I couldn't see but I could imagine Jill's nose sticking right in Sherrie's butt hole.
That must have been what happened because Jill started making little sucking noises on Sherrie's butt hole while Sherrie started masturbating herself.
She grabbed one of Jill's nipples with her other hand and starting moving it between her fingers.

Jill pulled her knees up and pushed Sherrie down to where Sherrie's face was right in her crotch and Sherrie's vagina was pushed right up in Jill's face.
It was like a race, then. Both of them sucking and licking so hard I was about to shoot off in my pants just watching them. They both orgasmed at the same time.
When they had finished Sherrie rolled off of Jill and both of them lay there not moving. I could see both of their bodies glistening with each other's juices.
I just wanted to pile on and start licking until they kicked me out.

They both rolled over and started playing with each other's butt. I couldn't stand it any more.
I reached around to the dresser, pulled one of my drawers open, and pulled out my pair of tights and leotards I had hidden under my socks.
I sneaked out of the bedroom, went back in my son's room, and put them on.
Then I crawled back into the bedroom where they were.
Sherrie and Jill were still lying there rubbing each others butt.
I knew it wouldn't take me long to shoot off when I was wearing my stuff.
So, I tried not to move around.
The more I move the better chance I had to rub my penis against the material of the tights and then I would loose my load for sure.

I thought they were still just lying there until I saw Jill start moving her hips back and forth.
Then I heard her gasp and tell Sherrie to be a little gentler. Then I saw what Sherrie was doing.
She had two fingers stuck up Jill's butt hole moving then in and out slowly.
The faster Jill moved her hips the faster Sherrie went in and out of Jill's butt. Sherrie put her other hand on her own vagina and stuck three fingers up herself and matched the in and out movement she was doing on Jill.
Well, that's about all it took for me.
I could feel the bulge in my crotch getting harder and the juices were flowing that way.

They went on with each other for another ten minutes and finally both of them started breathing harder.
I knew it wouldn't be long then. Their moaning started getting louder.
I was rubbing my legs together and getting really close to losing my juices when both of them orgasmed.
I closed my eyes and shot off all over myself inside the tights. I must have moved too much because they both suddenly got quiet.
I opened my eyes and saw them both looking my way.
Sherrie reached over, turned the lamp on, and saw me sitting there dressed like I was.

They both tried to cover their bodies up but Sherrie couldn't move too fast because Jill was sitting on her hand with her fingers still up her rear end.
I could see that Sherrie was getting mad but then she calmed down.
She really couldn't get mad at me for wearing tights and leotards when she had just had incredible sex with another women in front of me.
I was embarrassed that they saw me like that.
Moreover, I had a big juicy mess in my tights but it had felt so good I didn't care.

I walked out and sat on the couch.
I didn't bother to change clothes. Both of them came out of the bedroom later and sat down on the floor looking at me.
There we all sat wearing the same tights and leotards we started out in.
The only difference was that I was getting excited again seeing them like that and I already had a bulge in my crotch again.
I told Sherrie that I knew she never would make love with me again.
She smiled and told me I never knew she kind of like me dressed the way I was.
We never mentioned what happened that morning again.

They still get together all the time.
I'll never get to see them together. However, as long as she doesn't make fun of me when I wear my little outfit I guess we can all be happy.

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The house

By Ryan ( JULY 99)

The house is dark as you enter the front door, coming home early to surprise me.
You drop your keys and purse beside the front door.
Removing your coat, you hear a noise like static coming from the other end of the house.

As you remove your earrings one by one, you cautiously walk toward the noise, wondering if I am home yet.
As you turn the corner, entering the master bedroom, you make out the sound of running water, a shower going full blast.
You smile, knowing that I am home, talking my evening shower in the dark.
Silently you undress quickly, hoping to surprise me.
Your clothes drop to the floor in a quiet thump, as you step out of you panties your pulse quickens, knowing that you are going to scare me.
You open the bathroom door slowly and quietly, careful not to give away your presence.
Steam hugs your face as you enter, hearing me humming to myself, oblivious to the fact that you are about to surprise me.
You creep closer to the edge of the bathtub, slowly pulling the edge of the curtain back so you can see me.
Just enough light has entered the bathroom so you can see my silhouette as I step under the water, washing my short hair.
You take the opportunity and step in as quietly as you can, feeling the water hit your toes.
I turn around to face you, my hands still washing my face, the water cascading down my body.
You smile, eagerly waiting for me to open my eyes.
My hands drop to my sides as I open my eyes and I gasp and jump back, startled beyond words.
You laugh and catch me as I lose my balance, almost slipping on the slick surface.
I stand, smiling broadly, feeling my heart slow down. I pull you to me, the hot water hitting our bodies as I kiss you, you taste my cool mouth and wet lips as my hands wrap around you. I pull you closer, running my hands down your back as you feel the steam hugging your head.
You wrap you arms around me, feeling my broad shoulders and back as we kiss harder, our tongues wrestling with each other.
You toss your head back as I begin to kiss your neck, the hot water flowing over our bodies as I kiss and suckle your ear.

The water gets hotter as you do feel my hands slide down your back, as you turn your face up to meet mine.
You close your eyes, darkness filling your head, your senses awaking as you kiss my lips.
As we kiss, you pull me closer to you, feeling the steam slowly clearing your head.
Kissing harder, my hand slides up your thigh, brushing your curly hair gently, sliding up past your stomach, and finally cupping your breast as we continue our kiss.
You throw your head back as I cup your breast and slightly pinch your nipple between my thumb and index finger.
As I squeeze gently, I kiss your neck, licking slowly as you feel all the different pleasures sweeping over you - the hot water pelting your body as you hold me close, the gentle kiss I am planting on your neck, the slight pressure on your nipple from my fingers...

You step back, reach for the wash cloth, and slowly soap it up, feeling the lather build.
You turn me around, allowing the water to hit my chest, shielding you from the relentless stream.
Holding the cloth gently, you begin rubbing it over my shoulders, feeling my hard muscles beneath your soft touch.
Across my back you wash, whispering how much you enjoy this, as my head slumps forward and my eyes close, loving your gentle caress as you move down my back, covering every inch.

You hear me moan barely audible over the running water.
You smile, loving that you have me at your mercy, your control, as you move to your knees and wash the small of my back. I spread my legs as you begin to wash my legs, slowly, moving up and down rhythmically.
You can't see my face, but you know that I am smiling, my eyes still closed.
As you move up my inner thigh, you brush against my cock, and smile as you can see me growing...
You stand and turn me around, throwing your arms around me, kissing me hard.
I hold you close to me, you can feel my cock growing hard against your leg as our tongues taste each other.
You pull me against you, as close as we can get, loving what you are doing to me. I move you to the edge of the tub and take your arms and pin them above your head. As I hold them, I kiss your neck passionately, licking and nibbling as I move down to the base of your neck. You close your eyes as you marvel at my strength, so gently taking control as you relinquished it to me, trusting me completely as you inhale quickly, feeling my mouth cover your nipple with my wet cool mouth...

Still holding your arms above your head, I suck on your left breast gently, my tongue running over your hard nipple, licking it gently.
The water is still running full blast, and as I bend down to your chest, the water hits my back and splashes against your face.
You close your eyes, feeling the water hit your eyes, nose, lips and running down your soft cheeks.

I let your arms go and you lower them, feeling the blood rush back into your hands and fingers. You run the tips of your fingers over my back, up and down as I move to your right breast, cupping it gently as I lick and suck your beautiful nipple. The water is still warm, the steam making the air damp and heavy. I rise and face you, wrapping my arms around your body, pulling you against me.
You look at me, even in the dark you can see my smile. You move your hands up my back and slide your fingers through my short soft hair.
Surprising me, you pull my head towards yours, opening your mouth to meet mine.
Aggressively you kiss me, taking me by surprise, sliding your cool tongue into mine, holding my head against your lips, feeling our tongue touch time and time again, playfully licking and tasting each other.
You reach down to my waist, brushing against my cock.
You feel me shudder, as the teasing wave of pleasure erupts through my body. In an instant, I am hard.

Still holding my head, kissing me, brushing my cock again, feeling my body react to your touch.
You smile slightly as we kiss, knowing that you have gained control.
Sensing the chance, you spin me around and pin my hands above my head.
You are smiling now, feeling the water hit your back as you kiss my neck, and nibbling on me every chance you have. You turn my head to the side and take my ear in your mouth, licking and sucking it gently.
The minute you begin to lick it, you feel my hard cock against you leg, amazed by the heat resonating from me. You smile again and begin to kiss your way down to my chest, marveling at the muscles you are kissing. You hear me moan in pleasure, loving what you are doing to me. You let my hands go as you lick my nipples one by one, loving every moment, as you know you are in control.

You run your cool tongue over my nipples, making little circles as you go, feeling my nipple harden as you lick it. Still licking, you kiss your way down my chest, feeling the water running down your back in a steady stream.
Your hands move down my back, your fingernails rake the skin down my back, smiling as you hear me such my breath in. You slide your mouth over my belly button, moving your hands up and down my legs, so close to where I want you to be.
You abstain, loving how you are teasing me, as you kiss below my belly button.
You look up at me, and seeing my eyes closed, you smile and lick my hard cock once.
I suck my breath in again and you watch the reaction on my face as you lick me again. I close my eyes tighter as the feeling of your tongue on me sends a wave of pleasure sweeping over my body. You love the scene before you, in a darkened bathroom, water covering our bodies, as you slowly tease me.

You part your lips and take me, inch by inch, into your hungry mouth.
You hear me suck my breath in as your tongue runs over my hard shaft.
My eyes are closed, as I open my mouth as I feel you suck me gently.
You love how I fill your mouth, tasting the salty precum as you coax it out of me.
I move my hands to your hair, running my fingers through the wet strands as I feel your hot, wet mouth licking and sucking me. I moan and whisper your name as you suck harder, knowing how much you are teasing and pleasing me.

You cup my balls and squeeze ever so gently, feeling how tight they are.
You take me from your mouth and lick my head, feeling the heat radiate from my hard skin.
I take your hands and lift you. I kiss you hard, pulling you against me, our bodies pressed so tightly against each other, our arms holding tightly to one another.
I love what you do to me, pleasing me, and know that I want to return the favor. I break the kiss and spin you around, placing you in the very position you had me in moments ago.
I tug your hair back and kiss your neck forcefully, biting you gently. You feel my strong hands move down your back, raking my nails against your soft skin as I move to your beautiful breasts.
You close your eyes as you feel my mouth take your left breast into my mouth, sucking it gently as I run my tongue over your nipple, flicking it again and again, making it harder.
While I have your breast into my mouth, my hand snakes down your chest. You feel the tips of my fingers dance across your belly button and past your wet curls. You move your hands over my back, feeling my hard back and shoulders, finally running them through my short hair as my fingers brush against your clit.
I hear you inhale as I brush against it again, you whisper "lower".
I smile and slowly sink to my knees before you, running my mouth down your front as I ease to my knees.

You lift your left foot and rest it on the soap holder imbedded in the wall, allowing me to lick you gently. You look down and can barely make out my shape in the darkness, just feeling my tongue cover your clit with hot licks. You toss your head back, loving how I enjoy pleasing you, and at that instant, I slide my tongue into you, gently easing it inside you. Gently licking your inner thighs, you feel me moving up and down your thigh as you feel my hot breath against your lips.
You can no longer hear the water of feel the steam hugging your body, just the sensation of my mouth against your and inside you.
I reach up and cup your right breast and take your nipple between my thumb and index finger and pinch gently, feeling it harden as I bite your inner thigh gently. I hear you let out a small moan of pleasure as I lick your lips again, loving how you taste.

You feel my tongue slide into you, gently pushing into you as you feel how wet my mouth is, licking you slowly. You love the feeling of my mouth inside you, teasing my angel.
I begin licking faster now, moving up and down your slit, and sliding my tongue into you at every moment.
You look down and I look up at the same time. As you watch, I lick slowly, and smile up at you.

I lick you again, you taste so sweet, and your juices are mixing with the water and run down my face.
You run your hands throughout my hair, the wet strands clinging to your fingers as you feel my hand gently lifting your leg higher, and your thighs parting a bit wider.
You love this feeling, and what I am doing to you. I am on my knees before you, pleasing you and enjoying every moment. I flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, feeling how hot you truly are.
You take my hair in your hand and hold me right where I am, not letting me move, as I lick your clit harder and faster.
You feel the water hitting your stomach as I lick you harder, gently lifting your thigh higher as I slide my tongue deeper into you, then I slide my tongue over your tight asshole.

You open your eyes as this sensation surprises you, how delightfully different it feels as I move my fingers over your clit.
I lick your ass faster, the tip of my tongue sliding into you just a hint as my fingers play a symphony on your beautiful clit. You moan loudly and I smile, loving how I am pleasing you.
You lift your leg higher as I continue sliding my tongue into you, moving between your ass and your clit, licking your slit like I am licking a melting ice-cream cone, my tongue licking quickly and furiously, over and over your clit, never missing a spot.
You bite down as I slide a finger gently into your ass, parting your cheeks, the tip of my finger sliding into you, wet from your juice. As I take your clit in my mouth, and it feels like two men are pleasuring you. I slide my finger deeper into you.
I hear you moan an "oh yes" as I slide my tongue into your pussy, as I fuck your ass slowly with my tin finger.
You are close, I know your are, and I want you to cum.
I lick faster, deeper, taking your clit into my mouth and sucking it furiously. Unexpectedly I stand. I cup your ass and lift you up as I lower you onto my hard, aching cock.
Your eyes open as you feel me slide so effortlessly into you, stretching you slowly, lifting and lowering you onto my hard cock, sliding deeper inch by inch.
You wrap your arms around my broad shoulders and kiss me hard as you take all of me at last inside you.
Holding you still, I kiss you deeply.
You can still taste yourself on my lips as I slowly lift you and them slam you back onto me.
I begin lifting and lowering you as we kiss, my hands cupping your tight ass as I begin slamming you onto me, the hot water still beating down upon us.
You feel my cool tongue against yours as I move you against the wall.
The wall is cold compared to the water and my body and you exhale quickly as I slam you onto me again.
You dig your fingernails into my back, sinking them into my hard muscle as I bite your neck, slamming you harder and harder onto my cock.

You love this feeling, how deep I am inside you as we kiss, out mouths covering each other as you feel your clit hitting my pelvic bone with every thrust.
Such power you think as I lift you again and again onto my cock, you can feel the pleasure building in your legs as you tighten your thighs around my waist.
You throw your head back allowing the water to hit your chest just as I slam deeper into you. I take the chance and begin kissing the base of your neck, my mouth sucking, licking and biting you as I feel your nails dig deeper into my back as I slam my cock into you again and again, faster, and deeper.

You moan in delight as I begin moving faster, my hips pumping faster as you tell me to fuck you harder. I close my eyes and you feel the muscles in my back tighten as I lift you off of me only to slam you back down moments later.
Harder and deeper I go into you, until you lock your ankles around my body, as you want me to cum inside you.
I kiss you harder as you start slamming your hips to meet mine.
The pleasure builds, as we are one, the water and steam filling the room, your head dizzy as you begin to cum as I moan loudly, slamming you onto me again and again and again.

You tell me not to stop as you feel my cock explode inside you, filling you with my hot cum.
I feel your nails dig deeper as your orgasm hits you a second later, waves of pleasure racking your body as I thrust one final time into you.
We kiss, I lower you to the floor, as we both collapse and shut the water off, laying in the hard tub wrapped in each other's arms, satisfied and content.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bottom Space

By Endorophin REsearch( JULY 99)

I stood in front of my upstairs bathroom's full length mirror, turning this way and that trying to get a clear view of the dozens of red marks and welts that covered my asscheeks, upper thighs and shoulders.

This was an entirely new experience for me.
There were in fact a string of entirely new experiences in my sex life lately.
But how I, who had always been dominant, a top man and a sadist, had ended up on my hands and knees on Claire's carpet, trying to hold myself still while she striped my ass with a wicked, rubber quirt, a deadly cane and a heavy leather flogger.

Hot tears had flowed down my usually calm face and I had hurtled forward onto the carpet when the one particularly hard stroke had landed.
Claire had curled up behind me, her naked body and lush breasts pressed against my burning body.

She whispered in my ear.

"Get up, Sean. There's only a little more of this".

"Yes, Claire" I murmured and had somehow pulled myself back up onto my knees and elbows to await the next blow.

The next five strokes had been far the worst.
She felt the sadist in her rising up, she would later tell me and had reveled in the feeling.
Those were certainly 2 or 3 of the marks that I was presently staring at in amazement.

Claire and I had met 6 or 7 weeks earlier at an S/M play party slash picnic in August.
I had come to the party alone and had no preconceived ideas about playing.
I had seen Claire dressed in pure slut fetishware and sitting alone on a lawn chair.
I approached.
We made some small talk. I started by asking her if she'd like to try out my new mahogany spanking horse.

Small talk at an S/M play party is not small talk any where else.
In fact, many people do years of therapy before they can manage the truth telling and naked reality of two BDSM players negotiating for their first scene.

Claire had tentatively agreed and we were starting the negotiation process - what one likes and what one doesn't, what the persons, usually the bottoms, limits were, when two arms had wrapped around my head and neck and large soft breasts had pressed against my head.

"Are you going to play with this guy Claire?" I heard a warm familiar voice from behind me.

It was Donnatella, a female dom friend of mine and one of the co-sponsors of the party, a wonderful woman and a voice in the lifestyle.

"This guy" she continued "I love this guy!
A wonderful top and a wonderful guy. You'll be lucky to play with him."

"Thank you Donnatella" I said. "You look especially beautiful tonight."

With a recommendation like that Claire and I soon found ourselves wending our way through the crowds to the basement dungeon where my horse awaited.
I followed her up the stairs and through the house admiring her shapely ass and legs.
This was her first public play party and she was nervous she said.
Relax, I told her, you're in good hands.

And we did play, a very mild scene but pleasant enough that we exchanged email addresses before we went out separate ways at the end of the evening.

And after some heated email correspondence and some wonderful and lengthy phone calls we met.
Ate Sushi. Went back to my place to play.
Life was good. We were intensely happy. Both of us, I thought.

Soon we were doing lots of things together. Dinners, hikes, movies and pool. And play. Always with me as the top.
I thought that our scenes had gone well but apparently she did not.
I was too tentative she said one night.
I worried too much about her and fussed too much.
I should "take her by the hair and make her do things."

But when we tried that we failed as well.
That failed scene ended our Play together for awhile but we remained very close friends.
We would play pool together or hike with her dogs, stay up late talking about any and everything.
We kissed, hugged and occasionally even had vanilla sex but that wasn't the focus of our relationship. Besides, she had another Dom who she had played with and was Playing with again. He seemed to push all of her buttons and I suffered frequent bouts of jealousy.
Despite our problems, Claire and I remained extraordinarily close, often talking on the phone until we were both so sleepy we could barely hang up.

I loved her, she loved her Dom and my tears flowed on a regular basis.
But I continued to see her, her friendship even more precious to me as she grew ever closer to her Dom.

We had spent a week night together - not a very common event and we hadn't slept well.
At coffee the next morning I felt her pulling away as she sometimes did.
We went out separate ways.
For some reason - lack of sleep probably - that day was particularly awful and painful. I had to go to the john twice during the day to cry.
My emotions were all messed up but I tried to hang on - thinking of all the wonderful and amazing things that we had done together.

When I got home from work, I was still all emotionally screwed up.
I sat down to answer my email and I just started typing a letter to Claire. The words "I want to bottom for you on Saturday" came out. We had joked about the idea - after 10 years in the scene I had never bottomed for anyone.
I trusted Claire so much and I wasn't getting the cosmic connection from our Dom play or from our vanilla sex.
I wanted this I said, I needed to FEEL this, I said.

I wrote her not to keep me waiting.
She didn't.
Within hours I had email from her. I was a little disappointed when I read it.
We'll see, she said. Let's talk about it on Saturday because we both might want to change our minds, she said.

We had made plans to hike and eat dinner at her place but it had been a tough week and after a lovely lunch and a beer Claire said "Let's take a nap - 45 minutes or an hour"

"Do you mean `Nap'? Claire, or nap?"

"Just come and lie down with me for awhile". She took me by the hand. It would have been foolish and or impossible to refuse.

We talked. We kissed.
We laughed.
We didn't sleep but it was too sweet for words.
We talked fearlessly. We cried.
We confessed to each other, a thousand imaginary ways that we each thought we had hurt one another.
We kissed. We cried. We didn't talk about my bottoming for her that evening.

After our `nap', I worked on her apartment for awhile, installing several new "attachment points" in her bedroom.
At some point recently, I had stopped worrying that it was her Dom who was getting all the use of the things I did for her. I loved her and I tried, in my way, to make her life better.

We decided to eat a quick supper and see the early movie. We showered together as we always did, washing each other, shaving (her pubes always bare), kissing and laughing.
We didn't talk about my proposition.

After walking the dogs, we headed out.
At the last minute I went back to my toybag and grabbed the handcuffs I'd brought. Just in case.
Maybe I would turn the tables and try to "grab her hair and make her do it".
Maybe she would grab mine, as short as it is. We changed out minds on the way to the theater. We played pool.
Laughed. Had one drink. Did I mention that we played pool horribly. So awful. Two or three ugly games of 8-ball and we HAD to leave.

As we walked to the car, arm in arm, I know that we could both feel the electricity building.

Claire had driven. We sat in the car quietly for a moment.

"So." I started.

"I guess we should negotiate" Claire said.

"We really don't need to" I said. "I know how to stop if it gets to be too much".

"I'll be cruel" Claire said.

"I'm expecting you to be" I said bravely and leaned over to kiss her.

We were uncharacteristically quiet on the ride back to her apartment.
In the parking lot we held each others hands. Claire kissed me.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Ready" I said. "Oh yeah, how should I address you?"

"Can you say my name with respect?"

"Of course, Claire" I said.

"Then do that" she said. "Damn, I wish I'd brought the handcuffs."

"I did" I laughed and reached into my jacket pocket and handed her the silver handcuffs.

"Do you have the key?" she asked as she took the cuffs from me.

"Of course, Claire" I said.

After we had stepped into her apartment, I knew the scene had begun.
Claire grabbed me by the collar and pushed me down to my knees.
Using my leather jacket to bind my arms behind me, she clicked the handcuffs onto my wrists.

"You're a dangerous man, Sean and I think you could overcome these handcuffs and overpower me.
You're not going to try that, are you Sean?"

"No, Claire" I said, as submissively as I could manage.

"I'm going to take you to the bedroom and warm you up and then we're coming back out here for the pain portion of the evening."
She pulled me to my feet and with a hand between my shoulder blades, pushed me toward the bedroom.

I knelt on her bedroom floor while she readied the toys she would use to dominate and punish me.

"Be patient" she said "I'm going to have to move things back and forth.
It's nearly 11 and we can't be waking Mrs. Sterling again, now can we?"

Minutes later, I was stripped and chained to one of the hooks that I had installed earlier.

"I'm going to warm up your back and then turn you around and warm up your front. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Claire."

Her warm-up was not too severe: lashes with several of the floggers culminating with the punch of the heavy leather flogger, interspersed with the cat pure sadism as she made sure the knotted ends "wrapped".
Claire described the welts and bruises these "wraps" would make and promised that they would be the least of the marks that I would leave here with.

"Warmed up" to Claire's satisfaction, I was tied spread-eagled on my back on the living room floor, my arms and legs stretched tight, no gag or blindfold offered.

I heard the clothespins only seconds before the first one bit into my left earlobe.
My neck was next followed by my armpit and several across my chest to my nipple. A blue plastic hemostat was placed there.
I moaned and bit my lip trying in vain to turn the pain into.anything else.
I thought to breathe down in the way my Kung Fu Master had taught me, evening my breaths.
The assault of clothespins continued down my belly, the inside of my thighs and several of my toes.the pain there was ten times more intense than even.well, anywhere but there - six on my balls and cock then the corresponding toes, fingers, earlobes on my right side.
The pain was very intense, more than I had previously imagined that clothespins could contain. I was moaning and try as I might, I could not get my breathing under control.

I cried out "Jesus Christ. The little mother fuckers hurt!"

She played the clothespins.
The pain was everywhere and white hot. I could not see how it was connected any way, shape or form to pleasure, even though I had witnessed and inspired and absorbed pain's effects, erotic and otherwise, many times.

Claire began to remove the clamp and clips.
What I had thought was a threshold of pain was crossed and recrossed again and again. I was shaking and sobbing by the time she removed the clips from my groin and sadistically flicked at the "blue bastards" on my tiny, even for a man, nipples.

When the blue bastards were finally off I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a fetal position, but Claire had other ideas.

"Be still" she said roughly. "I don't want to get wax on my rug."

"Oh, Jesus, Claire" I moaned. I was still shaking. My eyes still full of tears.

"Look at me!" she said.

I looked up at her beautiful face, into her beautiful multi-colored eyes that I had loved to get lost in.

Claire smiled cruelly, "Be Still".

The candle only 6 or 8 inches from my chest, my stomach, my arms, my groin. Liquid fire at that altitude.
Twenty drops turned to fifty. I was moaning steadily and shaking again by the time she stopped and of course started up this time with my own switchblade scraping the wax from me, pulling out chest and belly hairs as she went.

I couldn't control my breath, the shaking, anything. I was not aroused but I was certainly stimulated, undeniably alive.

She worked around my, just out of my peripheral vision.

My bonds were released, first my arms, then my legs. My hands flew to my aching nipples, then my sore scrotum. I curled up and tried to slow my tears. Claire placed her lush naked body against me.

"I want to really hurt you now" Claire whispered in my ear. "I want to introduce you to real pain - the cane and the quirt. I want to make your skinny white ass plaid with my marks".

"Yes, Claire."

"I don't want to tie you. Will you stay still?"

"I'll try, Claire"

"This is a yes or no question!" she barked at me. She was well into her topspace.

"Yes, Claire. I can stay still".

"We'll see about that" she said. "Up. On your knees and elbows. Ass up!"

The first dozen with the heavy flogger were moving, thudding and not all that painful.

The next 20 or so with the cane were far brighter, the pain explosive and electric.

A heavy rubber slapper was worse yet and my shaking and my tears returned. My breath was coming in erratic gulps but I had yet to even consider safe wording or even asking for mercy - a word just short of "yellow" that we had negotiated before we'd begun.

The first cut of the quirt send me flying forward across the bed, curses pouring from my lips.

Claire grabbed me by my hair then and pulled me back into position.

"There's only a little more of the Sean. Don't disappoint me now. You've done very well so far, hold still for these last.

I tried to count in my head but the quirt was like fire - across my back, my ass, my thighs as loud and bright as the cane with more lingering effects.
Claire ran her fingers over the spots where my body was already showing the marks.

"Ten more" she said. "Only ten more. You can do it".

I said, "No, No, No" as she delivered the strokes, all ten, the last few worse than all the others combined and I was sure I would never breathe again, never stop sobbing, never stand, never sit down.

Claire rolled me over onto my side, took off the bra she'd been wearing while she tortured me and curled up being me and held me. The tenderness of this and her soothing words opened up a flood of emotion and a deluge of tears.

"I'm right here baby" she said. "Let it go, I'm here to catch you. Go with it. Feel it."

Claire turned me over onto my back so that I could look at her while I.what? Laughed? Cried?
Both at once for awhile? All the time, she was there.a buoy, an anchor, a beacon. While I shook and laughed and cried.

As the tremors subsided, I started to feel the welts and weals and bruises.
Claire at some point put ice on my nipples and some of my marks. I had to pee.

"Wow, Sean" Claire said finally. "You really let go. You were really flying!"

"Was I?" I groaned.

"Oh, yeah" she said. "I thought maybe with your training and all, you wouldn't be able to let go".

"But that's what I came here to do" I croaked.

"Well, you did it, baby!"

"Thanks" I remember saying.

"Thank you!" she said very sincerely. "You were wonderful".

"You were.very cruel" I said and a smile passed both of our lips almost simultaneously.

"I was, wasn't I?" she laughed then but the cruelty had gone from the sound of her laughter.

"Here, let me help you to your feet. Careful".

I negotiated the bathroom. Leaned against the wall and coaxed the urine flow.

Claire joined me. "Wanna look at your marks?"

"Sure" I said craning around to see.

She adjusted the mirrors till I could see.

"Sam makes me come in and look at mine" she said. We admired her handiwork together, silently.

"They're something" I said. "That rubber quirt is nasty!"

"Yeah. I Know".

"Like lightening" I said. "Who needs electrical play?"

Back on her crisp clean sheets I was still flying, faintly levitating above the surface. Claire was lying face down and I had spooned alongside her. I began to pass my left palm over her skin.

Immediately, Claire started. "Jesus!"

"What's with your hand? It's HOT!"

"I don't know. What do you mean? Hot?"

"Can't you feel it?" Holy Shit! Like HOT!"

As she said the words, I found that I could indeed feel it.heat energy.fairly pouring out of a 2" circle in the center of my left palm. A roaring orange sun.

"Try it with your other hand" Claire, ever the scientist suggested.

I did. Neither of us could feel a thing. But the left hand - that was another story! Energy was absolutely pouring out of me and apparently into Claire.

"That feels so amazing" she said. "How are you doing that?"

"Damned if I know. It is amazing! I can feel my hand burning from the inside. Nuclear"

"My skin is about to have an orgasm, she announced. Claire had told me such a thing before so I knew that it could just be true.
She moaned as I measured every inch of her back and backside with the roaring furnace in my hand.

"Turn over" I ordered and Claire complied.

If anything, the front of her body pulled more energy through my Holy Wound.
She moaned and babbled and at one point told me that she was so high that she didn't want to breathe anymore.
I'm sure I broke her concentration and mine when I barked "Don't even think about that" to her.
But the energy flowed and flowed, concentration, intention or not.
Another pass of my healing hand over her back and we drifted off to sleep, still spooned together.

I went home after breakfast.Claire and I didn't see very much of one another for a long while after that night but amazing things have continued to happen to me and I've continued my 'growth curve' and slowly but surely she and I have gravitated back towards one another. Dinners at first,and then a game or two of pool. It's not everything it once was but it's a good great amount.

We've even Played together.w/ my girlfriend and w/ her top and the Play was a rousing success. Although we've kept a distance and kept the over-analysis to a minumum she is and always will be my friend,unlike any other.
We have worked hard and our efforts have been rewarded.

"Like Stigmata!" I said, laughing. The world is a more beautiful place w/ Claire in it and life is good.

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This video leaves me breathless.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Pick-Up

By Endorophin Research( JULY 99)

I know that this story is going to sound fantastic and impossible, but I swear everything is true.

I was in a bit of a slump, sexually speaking. My live-in lover of 5 years had returned to school to get her Masters degree and I was without female company for the first time in many years.

I decided to go to a local club to hear a ska band I'd read once nice things about. Having not been single for some time and being out of the club and music scene, I managed to arrive at the club a couple of hours too early.

Not wanting to hang out in an empty, smelly bar, I started back across the parking lot. It was just barely dark and a pleasant early summer evening.

As I unlocked my car, a female voice came from across the parking lot.

"Hey, are you going anywhere near Stamford?"

I looked up to see a gorgeous young woman approaching me. She was a little disheveled but very lovely. Tall, tan, wearing tiny shorts and neakers and carrying several gym bags.

"My ex-boyfriend just threw me out of his car and stranded me here."

"Well, I wasn't going that way" but looking at this luscious girl I knew I'd probably drive her anywhere she liked - sucker that I am for damsels in distress!

"OK, Let's go somewhere and have some cocktails. I'm not in much of a mood to go home anyway."

She was young. 21 or 22. I'm 40 although I don't look it. This could be trouble, I thought.

"We could do that" I said, unlocking her door.

"Good. I really need a drink". She held out her hand. "I', Candy" Nice manicure, red nails.

You certainly are, I thought.

As she sat down in the passenger seat, she started pulling off her top and then her bra.

"Don't mind me. I work as a dancer. This isn't bothering you, is it?"

:No, beautiful women introduce themselves to me and immediately take off their clothes all the time!"

"Sorry. I just didn't want to go out looking like this. Can I steal your mirror to do my makeup for a minute?" she said turning the mirror toward her.

"Sure" I muttered, unable to stop her.

"They should anyway, girls I mean. You're a handsome guy" Shimmying into a little halter top. Working on eyelashes and lips.

"Thanks". Trouble. Big trouble.

We had a couple of drinks at a neighborhood/sleazy pub nearby.
She looked better up close, young, tart, maybe a little too much mileage but I'm a kinky older guy and I liked her slutty look.

She loosened up even more and told me about her life, ex-husband, abusive boyfriend, Lesbian affairs with other dancers.

After a couple of cocktails we were necking on our bar stools, making a bit of a scene.

"Where do you live?" she asked, the point of the question never in doubt, her hand rubbing the front of my slacks. "Do you have some champagne there?" I did.
We were there in minutes.

I poured us some bubbly and lit some candles. Nine Inch Nails on the CD.

She undressed to her G-string. Red

"I love him, Kent Reznor. He's so kinky."

I kissed her again. Her skin was smooth and firm. Her breasts, tummy, her nipples hard.

"What are those for?" she asked smiling and gesturing toward the bed.

Amy and I had done some kinky things, bondage not the least of them.
There were the black steel loops at each corner of the mahogany bed I had built 3 years ago.

Honesty, I thought, is the best policy here.

"They're for tying women up."

"I thought so", she said, sinuously wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"What else do you do to these women?" she whispered in my ear.

Oh boy. I paused. Gulped. Out loud.

She went on.

"I mean, do you have more toys? Cuffs? Whips? Vibrators? Dildos? Laughing

"Yes. All of the above" I admitted.

"Goody!" she giggled. "Show me. Tie me to your bed. Do stuff to me!" She smiled. I hardened. She pulled off her panties and laid back, spread-eagled on my black sheets.

How does this kind of thing happen to a man? How could I refuse?

I cuffed her arms and legs to the bed with the black leather sheepskin-lined cuffs.

Diving between her legs, I licked her sopping wet pussy and swollen clit. Her first orgasm took only a minute or two.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me" she pleaded and I was only too happy to oblige her.

She was very wet and very tight. Our pelvises ground together and I knew it was good for her too.
Her second come was on her before we knew it.

I was staring at her face as I fucked her and the face of her orgasm almost scared me.
Her eyes would roll back in her head in a swoon and her features took on a feral look.
Then it would pass and she would kiss my face encouraging me to fuck her harder. Deeper. Her 3rd and 4th orgasms followed quickly and were just as strong.

As she surfaced again, she shocked me asking me to fuck her ass.

"Are you sure, sweet thing?" I asked

"Oh yeah, I love ass fucking.
It's plenty wet down there.
Hook my ankle cuffs to my wrists and put a pillow under me.
I want you to fuck my ass and shoot your hot cum up there. Ooh!"

I slid in easily.
This was not her first time. Her ass was tight but just as wet as her pussy, as if she naturally lubricated back there, too.

I tried to hold back but as yet another orgasmic spasm shuddered through her, I lost it, spilling what felt like a quart of cum up her hot, slippery ass.

But as my cock deflated and began to slide out of her rectum, she began moving and vibrating again, grinding her soaking wet pelvis against mine and moaning softly.

"More, please". Her eyes were starting to roll back in her head again.

"This boy needs a rest, darlin'. Tell you what. I'll let you have a free hand to rub your clit with and I'll get a big toy and work you over. OK?"

"Oh, Goody! Do you have a big one? My little pussy wants a big one."

I opened my toy bag again and went into the separate compartment where the dildoes resided. I picked the next to largest latex toy and showed it to her.

"Is that the biggest one? I'm so wet. I'm afraid I'll swallow that one whole" her smile was incredibly sexy, almost innocent.

I pulled out my largest toy.a 3" thick and 12" long monster.

"There's this or there's." I hesitated at saying the next words.

"Or there's what?" she asked.

"You're incredible" I blurted out

"Or there's what? She asked again.

"Or there's my hand" I said not knowing how this beautiful young woman would react to such a lewd suggestion.

"Well, I know I can take that" she said pointing to the dildo "but I don't know about your hand".

"That's ok, baby, I just."

She cut me off. "Let's try that rubber monster first and then we'll see about your hand. Can I play with myself like you said?"


I released her right hand and Candy immediately starting strumming her clit furiously. She was cumming by the time I had the rubber cock fully buried in her perfectly shaven pussy.

Moaning loudly now, she came three times in a row, exhorting me in word and action to pound the big rubber cock into her cunt.

After the third, we slowed down some. Frankly, I was sure her pussy was totally bruised and battered.

As if reading my thoughts, she used her vaginal muscles to push the giant phallus out of her and onto the bed.

It fell to the bed between her outstretched legs and she sighed.

"You okay, lover?" I asked, moving up to kiss her face, her forehead, her nose and finally her lips.

"Can I have a drink?" she asked and I brought the champagne flute to her lips.
She drank the glass and asked for more.

"I could unchain you" I started.

"NO! I mean no. I don't want to stop".

"Darlin! How much more can you take?" I was incredulous.
This was turning out to be one amazing night.

"I want to try it".

"What?" I asked, innocently, knowing the answer.

"Your hand. Your fist.
Have you ever done it? Had your whole hand inside of a woman?"

"Almost" I admitted.
Amy loved the big toys, loved being stretched down there "Almost but not quite up to here"
I circled my right hand with my left, behind the knuckles but just barely.

Candy started rubbing her clit again. Hard.

"Let's try" she said simply. "We can stop if it's too much. Do you have lots of lube?"

"Of course baby. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure! She said emphatically.
"let's do it now before I cool down."

I excused myself to wash my hands, stopping at the kitchen to grab some strawberries and ice water.

When I got back, Candy was again rolling in the throes of impending orgasm, masturbating furiously.

"Save that!" I commanded as I stepped into the bedroom and the look on her face was pure. Lust and joy.

I knelt back down on the bed between her thighs and lubed my entire hand and watched her masturbate.

2 and then 3 fingers of my hand slid easily into her. I looked into her face and was rewarded with a huge smile.

"Yeah! Oh yeah! Mmmmm"

I tucked my little finger in and she somehow spread her legs just a little wider. My four fingers were buried knuckles deep inside her. I rotated my hand gently back and forth. She moaned.

"More" she said. "Deeper."

Her cunt did seem ready to swallow my fist, tight as she was.
I stroked my hand out, tucked in my thumb and pushed back into her incredibly hot and wet pussy.

Candy looked wild, her blonde hair in sweaty strings, her face a mask of concentration. I thought for a second that she looked like someone giving birth.

I pushed and turned my hand, going deeper already than Amy and I had ever tried.

"God, this looks incredible!"

"I know" she said looking up at the ceiling mirror then returning to that look of intense concentration.

I kept pushing steadily and rotating my hand a quarter turn each way.
I knew we were on the verge of succeeding in our outrageous enterprise.
Then suddenly my hand slid all of the way in.
Candy froze, arching her back and a high keening cry came from her throat.

"We did it" I said.

"I know. Give me a minute and then try to close your hand".
Her attitude was astonishing.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you".

"I'm this close to getting fist fucked for the first time. Try. Go ahead".
I hesitated. "Go on. I want you to".

Her cunt was so tight around my wrist that I thought for a minute that I'd lost feeling in my fingers.

I wiggled my fingers gently and moved ever so slightly back and forth.

Candy's fingers were once again thrashing her swollen clitoris. I tried to close my hand deep inside her cunt.

As I closed my hand and started to stroke in and out of her very slowly, Candy's orgasm was upon her.

It was huge! It was long and powerful.
Candy cried and wailed and thrust her hips at me till I was stroking my fist several inches in and out of her vagina.
When it was over, I started to pull my hand slowly out of her body.

It took several minutes to remove my hand.
As soon as I had extricated my hand I released her ankles and wrist from their shackles and lay down on the bed next to her.

Candy took my KY covered hand and kissed it.

"Make a fist, Sean" Candy whispered.

I once again made my right hand into a fist.

"Oh my God. I had that inside of me. How deep were you?"

I circled my forearm beyond the wrist bone.

"Oh. My God" Candy sighed.

"That was amazing" I said.

"That was AMAZING!" Candy repeated.
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

"Thank YOU!" I said holding her hard dancers body close to mine.

We slept for a couple of hours and I took her home.

I never saw or heard from her again.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Hamilton and Gregg - The School Years

By Gregg Dean( JULY 99)

Everyone knows your parents stopped having sex years ago.
As soon as your family was complete your parents stopped that form of unpleasantness.
No one can, or likes to imagine their parents in passionate congress, so therefore the truth is our parents don't do it.
Neither do school teachers. Teachers are odd in all respects and I apologise now if you are one.
There's nothing personal I hope you know.
Maybe I just didn't understand the education systems as a whole.
Everyone hates school. Pupils hate school, teachers hate school.
In fact teachers hate the pupils.

Teachers are a species beyond my comprehension. Sartorially challenged, (where do you buy jackets with patches on the elbows?) sufferers of terminal dandruff and full time owners of cars even Noddy wouldn't drive.
One teacher particularly comes to mind here. Mr. Bent, our P.E. instructor.
After a lot of digging we found out his first name was Willy and from then on we made his life a misery in the sadistic way that only children can.
"Shut up you little pricks," he would say, "if I wasn't here teaching you little bastards, I could be fishing."
By way of retaliation Hamilton and I used the words "prick" and "bastard" with abandon around the school, eventually blaming it on Mr. Bent who got himself a week's suspension.
Hamilton reckoned it was Bent's own fault.
"You can't go around using fucking language like that.
The bastard had it coming."
I reckoned we had set him up and I felt bad about it.
Not only that, I knew he would wreak his revenge using subtle and commanding ways peculiar to teachers. I decided to handle the situation by brown-nosing my way out and when Mr. Bent returned to duty, I stole a packet of his favourite brand of cigarettes and took them down to the gym.
The door to the gym was locked - well almost.
After pushing twice, the latched popped back and the door swung open. Inside, I heard Mr. Bent working out.
Obviously dedicated to his body, he kept himself in good shape in his own time.
I was impressed and this compounded my feelings of guilt.
I couldn't see him immediately. Then I heard the sound of Mrs. Cooper the deputy head.
She too was down here exercising as she was clearly out of breath.
I found them both in the gym store room on the mats. Mr. Bent and Mrs. Cooper were entirely naked and she was bent forward over the vaulting horse, her pendulous tits hanging over the front. Mr. Bent's hand was playing free with the biggest muff I'd ever seen outside of Red Square on a cold day.

Every now and then, she would urge him to "do it to me" and he would line up his erect baton with her passage, though how he ever saw where he was going to push it with all that hair in the way was a mystery to me.
I tugged at my crotch as my little man had responded to the sight.
"Cone on," panted our deputy head, "shove it in hard."
Mr. Bent obliged, pushing his rod all the way home. Mrs. Coopers mammaries swung magnificently at each stroke, and she cried out in passion.
"There," growled the PE teacher. "what do you think of that you hot bitch-puppy?"
"Yes, again, again."
As he thrust in carefully measured strokes, he manoeuvred his hand to cup her swinging breasts, playing with the large brown nipples between his fingers.
She moaned, covering his hand with hand with her own and pushing them to her chest.
He suddenly broke from the arrangement to get down on his knees.
Parting her copious pubic rug, he lapped at her moist pussy, and she writhed in ecstasy, tittties swinging around out of control.
"What's going on here, Gregg?"
I turned round in alarm to see Hamilton, whispering at my shoulder.
He had evidently followed me down to the gym.
"See for yourself." I whispered.
We watched in fascination as our very own deputy head, stood legs apart, hanging over a vaulting horse while our P.E. instructor, sucked on her clit.
While my mouth was dry with excitement and the keen thrill of a voyeurism, Hamilton allowed himself a low chuckle.
"Well, well. Mr. Bent and Mrs. Cooper, in the gym, with a vaulting horse."
He made it sound more like Cluedo.
"Your nose, Bill. Push your nose in." she urged.
I turned to face Hamilton and he grimaced.
"Did she say she wants his konk up her cunt?" I asked Hamilton.
"Perhaps she's used to fucking aardvarks," he replied.
Mr. Bent obliged with the nose bit, keeping his tongue working her clit.
We then watched as Mrs. Cooper sat back onto Mr. Bents lap, neatly slotting his cock in her muff.
It became obvious that our rutting educators had never in their wildest dreams considered getting caught, as they were remained completely oblivious to our presence.
Mr. Bent's hand went round between Mrs. Cooper's legs, to play with her prominent clit.
"Is she gonna suck him, d'you reckon?" hissed Hamilton, a fan of the blow-job. I wasn't much worried.
This was good enough entertainment for me. As far as my education was concerned, if these two were quite prepared to give us a practical lesson, I'd be happy to sit the exam at a later date.
Visions of me having to take Veronica Smith from behind in order to graduate appealed to my adolescent horniness.
"Bill," said the deputy head huskily, "Bill, I'm coming. Fuck me harder, I'm coming."
Her hips moved vigorously on his lap, one of his hands playing with her tits while the other ran moist circles over her clitoris.
Her breathing came harder and harder and her hip movements became more urgent.
"Yes, fuck me Bill. "She repeated. "Go on, fuck, fuck."
Her breathing came in sharp intakes, ragged with small cries of ecstasy.
Her hands moved behind her, gripping his sides, digging in her nails.
Then she came. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman come.
She released her breath and uttered one long groan, falling forward in a single throe of pleasure.
She remained still for a long time.

"Is she gonna suck him now?" asked Hamilton again.
"Shhhhh!" I hissed.
By way of an answer Mrs. Cooper removed herself from Bent's stiff member rubbing it between her hands.
Bent lay back and moaned.
She moved her mouth down to the helmet of his cock.
Her tongue played lightly with the end, and Bill writhed on the gym mats. Suddenly she stopped.
"Shit, Bill. We're being watched." She ran to her discarded clothes and placed them over her naked bits.
"What are you two doing here?" Mr. Bent demanded angrily.
"The gym's out of bounds during lunch-time".
"You'll find yourselves on report if you don't leave immediately," added Mrs. Cooper, recovering somewhat.

I was no good in this kind of situation.
No matter how wrong they were, I knew I was guilty of blatant voyeurism whilst completely out of bounds.
I hung my head, shamed-faced.
Hamilton on the other hand was made of different stuff.
Even at fourteen he had an innate grasp of one-up-manship.
"I came to tell Mrs. Cooper that her husband is on the phone, what shall I say you're doing?" he said simply.
It was a magical moment.
The silence was profound.
The tension in the air, tangible, as the balance of power shifted second by second.
They were both lost for words. We all knew Hamilton was lying.
My jaw dropped in admiration at his inventiveness and sheer nerve.
"Look boys," said Mr. Bent standing up, his member now at half mast and swinging round like a ship's boom, "we had better all keep this quiet. I mean we could all get into trouble here."
Mrs. Cooper nodded.
I was about to agree and leave when Hamilton pressed home his advantage.
"I'm sorry, but we weren't the ones on the job. I'm not sure how we could get into trouble."
Mr. Bent's face contorted with anger.
"Look you little pricks. I've had enough or this. I'm going fucking fishing".
He reached into his jacket pocket and took out his car keys.
Summoning up as much dignity as a man with his dick in a semi erect state can, he left the gym, walked naked to his car and was never seen again.
Mrs. Cooper, unable to suffer cat calls of "hot bitch-puppy" from elusive pupils, left to become a sex therapist.

This small scandal died away and sex in school life was almost exclusively extra-curricular.
I do remember one sweet moment during a school swimming lesson when Christine X (she's now in government) slid aside the leg of her bikini pants, whilst hanging onto the edge of the pool.
I came up behind her, she took my hard cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.
I remember coming.
The strangeness of the situation added to the erotic moment and I thrashed around in ecstasy to the extent where a life guard came over thinking I was drowning.

Hamilton's sexual experience outweighed my own by some considerable amount.
He was confident, street-wise and better looking then me.
At sixteen he was up to fucking our French teacher both in and out of school hours, but the strangest even took place during an appeal for crisis aid.
It was decided that everyone in the school exercise their imagination in order to raise money for good causes.
Being rowdy and adolescent, we submitted a list of ideas which ran from a sponsored fart to a "see who can piss up highest up the wall" competition.
Actually the wall pissing competition had the additional bonus that Sheila Watts would probably win, and she was worth watching.
I remember Hamilton and me being treated to a special viewing of Sheila and her unusual technique.
"Poke your finger in just below the clit, pull back and there you go." She explained proudly as she ejected a golden stream from a standing start out of the window and into the staff car park below.

There was no getting away from the fact that outside of base invention, my colleagues and I suffered from poor imaginations. Mr. Shepherd, co-ordinator of the event came into the fifth-year common room.
"Now look everyone. We haven't as yet has any good ideas for raising cash. We need a good solid bit of sponsorship."
The sponsored dandruff collecting was discounted on the grounds that the teachers would win.
The nose pick-a-thon was also vetoed as was the sponsored mooning and sponsored swearing.
"You're bloody hopeless, the lot of you," said Shepherd in exasperation.
'No-knickers' Monica was in our common room at the time and raised her hand.
"I could organise a wank-a-thon, Sir." She offered sweetly. It was of course a joke and Mr. Shepherd's face went through a range of colours as he became apoplectic with fury.
"I don't think that's funny," he burst out and left the room, stopping at the door.
"I might also say that urinating over my car is even less funny and when I catch the boy who did it . . ." his voice trailed away, buried under the laughter.

Nevertheless, No-knickers' wank-a-thon event took place in secret and we lined up one evening after school, behind the pavilion, our money in one hand and cocks in the other.
Tom Casey, hidden from view, documented the event on video for posterity as each boy paid, came and went.
I turned to Hamilton in line behind me.
We had both lost our virginity to this young woman, and had had our share of experiences since.
During these episodes, Hamilton had always appeared cool and phlegmatic.
Even now while I stood erect and ready to burst, he was smoking a cigarette, reading a paperback novel.
When my turn arrived, No-knickers obligingly opened her legs so that I could grope her young pussy, expediting the event.
She placed he mouth over mine and pushed her tongue between my lips.
At the same moment I felt her hand close softly around my penis.
The three points of stimulus caused excitement to mount quickly as her hand worked my shaft with even strokes.
Her tongue played against the roof of my mouth, wrestled my own tongue and her lips slid against my own.
My fingers entered her moistness, one finger, two, three.
With my thumb, I stroked her clitoris in a combination of even strokes and tight circles.
I felt her hips move with mounting pleasure, and I climaxed, shooting my load onto a waiting tissue.
At that same moment I felt her come, her pussy contracting and relaxing on my fingers, deep inside her.

Afterward, I waited for Hamilton.
He had taken a quick head count, deftly calculating No-knickers' gross revenue.
"That'll keep a Sudanese family fed for six months." I said enthusiastically.
"It'll keep a Sudanese official in whores for a week, more like," he growled cynically.

We were all surprised as No-knickers almost tripled the expected income.
Mr. Shepherd didn't ask how she had come by the money when she handed it at a presentation.
The event was now by now an open secret. Besides, Tom Casey's video gave us a nice little account of Mr. Shepherd turning up furtively for the occasion, long after the boys had finished.
His eyes closed, knees buckling under the pleasure as No-knickers, grinning into the camera, massaged Mr. Shepherds stiff member.

Mr. Shepherd's contribution alone probably kept a Sudanese family fed for a year or more.
Hamilton reckoned it was enough for ten corrupt Sudanese officials to catch a fatal dose of the clap.
Even now I'm not sure which is the better outcome.


Gregg Dean 1999

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007



My step-mother has a hot friend named Kay.
She comes to our house every Wednesday at noon for their weekly tennis game.
The court is just below my bedroom window.
I used to peep out the blinds to watch them play.
Both wear white mini-skirts and matching panties that show when they bend over to pick up stray balls.
I love how their hair flops as they dart across the court.
Kay has a long, golden mane.
My step-mother, Diane, keeps her hair shoulder-length and has her stylist color it red every week.

As Kay and Diane play, they giggle and shower each other with compliments, like 'nice serve' or 'good return.'
They're best friends. But I didn't know how much they really like each other until a few days after my 18th birthday.
On that Wednesday, the doorbell rang a few minutes before noon. I dashed down the steps and lept toward the front door.
When I opened it, I saw Kay -- or Mrs. Jameson, as I called her then -- standing on the front porch with a Prince tennis racket in her hand.
She smiled and the corners of her bright blue eyes crinkled up.
'Hi, Tyler,' she said.
I was agape.
I couldn't muster a verbal response.
Instead, I stared at the two voluptuous mounds ballooning from her chest.
A white sport-bra covered them.
Her stomach was flat and tan.
'Aren't you going to ask me in?' she asked.
'Oh, uh, yes, of course,' I said.
I stepped aside and caught a glimpse of her ass as she walked through the door.
It was petite and bounced neatly when she walked.
'So where's Diane?' she asked.
My mind struggled for words, but none came.
A bulge grew in my pants.
Kay looked down, saw my giant hump and raised an eyebrow.
She leaned into me, and I could feel her minty breath on my lips.
'Do you find me attractive?' she whispered.
My mind raced. I didn't know what to do.
Say yes? Kiss her? Strip her clothes off and make passionate love to her right there in the atrium?
My step-mother bounded down the stairs before I could say or do anything.
'Hi Kay,' she said in her southern drawl.
'I thought I heard you come in. Are you and Tyler having a nice conversation?'
Kay took a step back and turned toward Diane.
My step-mother looked great, too.
Her tits were a little smaller than Kay's, but perkier -- definitely perkier.
'Oh yes,' Kay said.
'Did he tell you about the big event this week?' Diane asked.
'No, what happened?' Kay replied.
'Our little Tyler turned 18,' Diane said, winking and smiling at me.
'Congratulations,' Kay said to me.
My face got hot and I nodded sheepishly.
'Thank you,' I said.
'Well,' Diane said. 'Shall we play a few sets, then have a few martinis.'
'Let's,' Kay said.

I watched Kay's ass as she bounced onto the porch and around the corner of the house.
As Diane moved toward the door, her hand brushed against my dick.
'Was that intentional?' I thought. 'Naw, couldn't have been.'
Then she dropped her tennis racket on the porch.
She slowly bent herself in half , keeping her legs perfectly erect, to pick it up.
When Diane stood, she shot a sexy look at me and said, 'We'll be back soon.'

I rushed to my bedroom window.
Hot cum stirred in my loins.
I yearned to see Kay and Diane spurt across the court, exposing their luscious thighs and shaking their beautiful breasts
I watched Kay scamper onto the court. She was smiling and seemed anxious to play.
Diane's voice came from the side of the house.
I couldn't make out what she was saying. But it made Kay stop, nod and giggle.
'Sounds good to me,' Kay said, then jogged toward Diane's voice.
I couldn't believe it!
I laid on my bed and sighed.
What I thought was going to be the sexual highlight of my life had been thwarted because Kay and Diane decided to play bridge or sun themselves at the pool or do whatever they were going to do.
Whatever the case, it seemed I was out of luck.
I unzipped my pants, grabbed my member and thought of Kay's ass.

The bedroom door flew open. Diane was standing in the hallway with her arm around Kay.
'I thought we might find you doing something like this,' Diane said.
My face warmed. 'Oh great,' I thought as my bare cock sat in my hand, 'another embarrassment.'
Then Kay finished Diane's sentence.
'So we decided to come up here and help you out,' she said.
I sat on the edge of my bed and took off my shirt. Diane and Kay sashayed seductively toward me.
They stopped just short of the bed and turned toward each other.
Diane planted a kiss on Kay's lips.
I slipped my hands up their skirts and felt their silk panties.
Diane and Kay stripped off each other's clothes.
It was obvious they wanted each other badly.
I had never seen Diane naked.
She was in great shape -- trim and wrinkle-free.
The thought of fucking my own step-mother excited me to the point I nearly came.
Kay was even sexier than I imagined.

Diane gazed at me and licked her lips as she tweaked Kay's pink, silver-dollar nipples.
'Now I'm going to show you how to eat pussy,' Diane said to me.
Kay sprawled herself out on my bed. Diane positioned herself between Kay's legs.
She kissed her left thigh, then the right. I played with my cock and watched. Kay moaned.
'Eat my pussy,' she said to Diane. 'Stick your tongue inside me.'
Diane peered at Kay's glistening labia and traced circles around the edge with her fingertips.
Kay arched her back and gasped.
'Mmmmm, that's good, isn't it?' Diane said.
'You like how I tease you, don't you?'
Diane raised her hand to my face.
'Suck my finger,' she said.
I took it deep into my mouth.
When the index finger was sloppy with saliva, Diane extracted it from my mouth and slid it into Kay's meat glove.
Diane fingered Kay's hole and lapped at her clit, like a cat does milk. Kay grabbed her own hair and squirmed.
'Oh, that is so fucking good,' she howled.
It wasn't long before Kay gushed all over Diane's face.
Diane ran her tongue along her upper lip and chin.
'Mmmmm, that your cum tastes good,' she said.
Now it's time to do something I've been wanting for a long time.'
'What's that?' Kay asked, huffing to catch her breath.
'Tyler is going to fuck me doggy-style,' Diane said.
Diane kneeled on the edge of the bed.
Her head was down and her ass was up.
Kay slid my shorts off of my legs.
I stood in front of her, hard as a rock.
'Here's a little warm up for you,' she said.
Kay wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slid down.
Her head bobbed for me. Diane cranked her head to watch us and fingered her clit.
I felt like blowing my load in Kay's mouth. 'Oh no you don't,' Kay said as my body tensed. 'You can't cum yet. Go do as your step-mother says.'
'Fuck me,' Diane said. 'Fuck me hard.'
I plunged my cock into her moist pussy.
We fit together perfectly. Kay stood behind me and pinched my nipples.
Her mouth was just above my ear.
'Oh yeah,' she said. 'You like fucking your step-mother's pussy don't you? Fuck it hard. Fill her with your hot cum.'
I could feel the jism bubbling in my balls.
My rod slid easily, like a piston in a well-oiled cylinder.
As I pounded away, Diane's ass jiggled.
'Pump me full of your cum,' she screamed. 'I want it all. Every drop in my pussy.'
Kay dug her tongue into my ear.
'Shoot it, baby, shoot it,' she whispered.
I couldn't hold it. My splooge surged deep into Diane's cunt. 'Oh God,' I said.
Diane quivered as her pussy swallowed my cum.
I flopped onto my back on the bed. Diane leaned over and graced me with a passionate wet kiss.
'It's not over,' Kay said. 'We still have to finish that blowjob.'
'Of course,' Diane said. 'May I join in?'
'Certainly,' Kay replied.
My dick restiffened.
I stood and the girls kneeled before me. Kay sucked me first as Diane licked my balls. Then they switched and Diane tasted my cock.
They traded places like that until I was ready to cum again.
'Who wants it?' I asked.
They looked at each other and said in unison, 'We both do.'
'Kiss for me,' I said.
They tasted each other's tongues as I stroked myself inches from their faces.
Cum flew onto their cheeks and dirtied their hair.

Feeling satisfied, we showered and dressed together.
We went into the barrom in the basement where Diane mixed two martinis.
She handed one to Kay and kept the other for herself.
'Hey, where's mine?' I asked.
'Tyler,' she said. 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
You're not old enough to drink.'

That was fine with me, because I knew another tennis day was only a week away.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two Girls Kissing Video

What is it about girls kissing that excites both men and women? I have no idea. I have only watched the first 30 seconds of this video and found it to be spectacular. Yummy kisses!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



My girlfriend and I were slurping on each other's pussies in a 69 position when my pager started beeping last Saturday night.
I reluctantly pushed her to the side and scambled to the nightstand to see what the big emergency was.
The screen on the pager said, '551-6914, 911.' 'It's David,' I said. 'He must need some.'
Sara, my girlfriend, groaned.
'Doesn't he ever get enough?' she asked.
'I guess not,' I said.
Sara sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the silky sheet over her cantaloupe-sized tits.
She tilted her head, and platinum blonde hair cascaded down her soft shoulder. Her blue eyes peered at me sadly. I sat next to her and stroked her hair. 'Oh baby, I know things are difficult now,' I said. 'But all I have to do is make a few more deals and we're out of this place forever. We'll go to Maui, just as we planned and live free, like dolphins.'
'I know,' she said, resting her pretty little head on my shoulder. 'Just becareful, OK?'
'Of course, darling,' I replied. 'But really, I must go now. When I return, we will make love until the sun comes up.'
My black thong panties were on the floor. I picked them up and felt the crotch.
I had made them so wet while Sara and I were fucking each other, I decided I would be more comfortable without them.
I flung them in the hamper and slipped on my garter belt and black thigh-high stockings.
Then I squeezed into my black Spandex dress. It's a sexy number that has a zipper that running down the front from the hem line to the cleavage. In the bathroom, I used Sara's maximum-strength gel to fluff up my long black hair.

As I rushed toward the door, my high heels click-clacking on the floor, I kept thinking that I was forgetting something.
'The stuff is in the safe,' Sara yelled.
'Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me,' I said sheepishly. I peeled back a corner of the living room rug, spun the combination on the safe, opened the steel door and grabbed the paper bag of goodies. I dashed outside to the fire-engine red Porsche parked in the driveway. I put the bag under the spare tire in the trunk and zoomed off into the night.

I had to drive through some shitty neighborhoods to get to David's house. I tried not to think about getting carjacked and raped by some shadow lurking in the dark alleys.
As I sped past the ramshackle houses, I daydreamed about Sara.
She has the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted -- and I've tasted lots of them.
All we needed was another $2,000. Then we would be able to live out our dream of finger-fucking each other's moist cunts on the beaches of Maui everyday for the rest of our lives. Just thinking about it made love liquied drip down my thigh.
I pulled to the curb in front of David's house a few minutes after midnihgt. I took the bag out of the trunk and walked up the path to the front porch.
The house leaned precariously to one side. David and his cronies lived inside.
I knocked on the screen door and it fell off of the hinges.
'Who is it?' the voice inside demanded.
'It's the tooth fairy. Who do you think it is?' I said.
David opened the door. He was a tall, thin man in his late 20s who always had a 5 o'clock shadow on his face and carried a bottle of Budweiser in his hand.
When he saw me, he smiled with half of his face. I didn't trust him, but he was a frequent customer and I needed the money.

'Come in,' he said. 'Me and the boys been waiting for you. Go on in the bedroom and have a seat. Would like something to drink? Beer or somethin'?'
'No thanks,' I said.
I stepped over empty beer bottles and piles of clothes to get to the bed. Women's panties and bras were hanging on the wall. I was looking at it when David came in and sat next to me.
'That there is our Wall of Fame,' he said. 'Maybe you'd like to make a contribution?'
'No thanks,' I said. 'I'm like you: I fuck women only.'
He cackled and slapped me on the knee.
'You sure are funny,' he said.
I sensed something strange with David. He was being too polite. Normally we do the deal with as few words as possible and I leave. No bullshit. No small talk. I decided to make the sale and get out of there as quickly as possible.
'So what do you need tonight, David?' I asked.
'Two grams.'
I unrolled the top of the paper bag and took out two small baggies filled with cocaine.
I exchanged the bags for a wad of money.
I started to get up when David grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the bed.
'Now I'm going to snort this shit off of your tits,' he said.
'Very funny, David,' I said, trying to shake his grip. 'Now cut it out.'
He held on tight.
'Boys, come on in here!' he yelled.
Two blonde lumberjack types lumbered into the room with sinister grins on their faces.
One had a mustache. The other was clean-shaven and had pieces of rope in his hand.
David smiled at me -- almost lovingly.
'We're going to tie you up and have some fun,' he said. 'So you just relax and enjoy.'

They laid me spread eagle on the bed and bound my hands and feet to the posts.
'Listen David, this joke has gone too far,' I said. 'Untie me.'
'Oh this isn't a joke,' he said, kneeling on the bed next to me.
He slowly unzipped the front of my dress. I squirmed and tugged at the ropes. There was no getting loose.
David pushed aside both sides of the dress to expose my body.
'Whooooeeeee,' he said. 'You sure are the prettiest little thing I've ever seen, ain't she boys?'
I feigned a few tears in hopes he would let me go.
'Don't even try that,' he said. 'Just sit back and try to have some fun.'
He opened the Ziplock seal on one of his bags of coke and dumped a small mound between my tits.
As he lowered his nose to take a sniff, my nipples hardened.
David noticed.
'I told you this is going to be fun,' he said, sniffing and wiping powder from the rim of his nostrils.
'We should catch this on tape. Jim, go get the video camera.'
The one with the mustache left and came back with the camera.
He held it up to his eye and started filming immediately. I was liking this more and more by the minute.
'This is excellent cocaine,' David said. 'Have you tried it yet?
'I never get high off my own supply,' I said.
'Well, now you can try it,' he replied.
'I bought some from you. That makes it my supply.'
He scooped up some coke with the fingernail of his pinky and held it to my nose. I inhaled deeply.
'Now we're going to have some real fun,' David said.
'You're going to fuck like a crazywoman., ain't she boys?'
He stripped naked and laid on top of me.
As he dug a tongue in my ear, I felt a tremendous surge of sexual energy.
My pussy salivated. I could feel the head of David's stiff cock pressing into my clit.
I moaned. David looked at me and smiled.
'You want it, don't ya?' he asked.
'Fuck my pussy,' I said. 'Jam it deep in me and make me cum.'
David fed my nostrils a snort a piece.
Then he made thin lines of cocaine around my silver-dollar nipples.
He snorted slowly around each swollen circle, then licked off the residue.
He stood on the bed and howled. The boys were rubbing their cocks through their pants.
'OK boys,' David said. 'Make sure you get this move on tape.'
He dropped his knees just above my shoulders and guided his enormous prick into my mouth.
Jim moved in for a close up. I loved how David's cock filled my mouth.
He shoved it in so deeply, I nearly gagged.
Yet, I still wanted him inside me even deeper. David pumped my face until he gave me a taste of pre-cum. He pulled out andgrabbed me by the chin.
'Are you ready to get fucked little girl?' he asked.
'Fuck my cunt hard,' I said. 'I want your cum in me.'
'I like that answer,' he said. 'Since you're such a good little girl, I'm going to give you a treat.'
He dipped his wet cock into the bag of cocaine.
The tip of his dick emerged covered in powder, like a pool stick.
'I'm chalking up for ya babe,' he said.
The boys chuckled.
Their jeans were around their ankles and their naked cocks were poking straight out.
Jim was fondling himself with one hand while holding the camera with the other.
David positioned his pelvis between my legs, then rammed his rod into me fast and hard.
He pumped steadily and grunted. With every thrust, he sent intense zaps up my spine.
'Fuck me good,' I said. 'Cum inside me. Give my pussy every drop.'
His body began to quiver. I tightened my cunt muscles around his dick.
'I love fucking your pussy,' he said.
His cock tensed, then blasted its wad deep inside me.
I came at the same time, my hot box gushing with milky love cream.
David dismounted me.
I tried to rise with him but realized I was still tied to the bed.
'OK boys,' he said. 'Your turn.'
David took the camera from Jim and took over filming duties.
My body was still shaking from the work of David's prick and the cocaine.
Jim kneeled on my right, the other guy on the left.
They had gigantic cocks, at least 12 inches.
They put their engorged penis heads inches from my face and stroked themselves.
'Open your mouth and lick your lips for them,' David said. 'They're going to shoot hot cum on you.'
I did as I was told. They came at the same time, gobs of jizz flying onto my face in hot, heavy spurts.
They used their cocks as squeegies to bulldoze the cum into my mouth.

They untied me and I cleaned up in their bathroom.
What would I tell Sara?
I decided to keep my mouth shut. No need to spoil our plans over one fling with a few good ol ' boys, I decided.
David leaned on the bathroom door.
'I had a good time,' he said.
'Me too,' I replied.
'I need more coke. How much you got.'

I did some quick calculations in my head. With another $1,300, Sara and I would have enough money for plane tickets to Maui.
'Thirteen hundred dollars worth,' I said.
'I'll take it,' David said. 'I know a few guys who could use a few bags. But there's one other thing I want.'
'What's that?'
'An addition to the Wall of Fame.'
I gave him my garter and headed home.
When I told Sara we had enough money to leave the next day, she leaped and wrapped her legs around me.
We kissed passionately and began undressing each other. As Sara unzipped my dress, she fell to her knees.
Then she stopped and looked at me queerly.

'Weren't you wearing your garter when you left?' she asked.