Friday, June 30, 2006

Barbara Goes To Jail

Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut behind her. For the next three years this would be her home, a maximum security correctional facility for women. How could she have been so damn stupid' Holding drugs for Harry had been just about the dumbest thing she had ever done! When the police broke into her apartment, they found two ounces of cocaine and an ounce of heroin. Harry of course was nowhere to be found, leaving her high and dry. Luckily this was only her first offense, or it could have been ten years!
A gaurd led her to the admitting area where she was strip searched, made to shower with lice killing soap, and issued prison wear. The same guard then took her to the administration office where she was to have a meeting with Warden Dunn. After waiting fifteen minutes, she was ushered into meet the warden. Right from the first, Barbara had a feeling about Warden Dunn, a tall overweight woman. Short dark hair framed a round face that seemed to hold a permanent scowl. An enormous chest was stuffed into a dark brown uniform that did nothing to enhance her figure. She looked like a movie version of a bull dike lesbian. 'Take a seat, Harris,' Warden Dunn said, motioning with her hand. Picking up a folder, she scanned it for a second and said, 'We really don't much care for drug dealer's in here, keep your nose clean, and your stay will pass uneventfully, cause trouble, and you will wish you were dead.' 'Just do as you're told, when you're told, and we'll get along just fine.' 'Sgt. Perkins here, will take you to your cell and go over all the rules.' 'If you have any problems, you go to him!' 'Now if there's nothing else, that will be all,' intoned Warden Dunn.
'Walking through the facility, Perkins went over a myriad of rules that bombarded Barbara's senses, as the stunned young woman followed the Sergeant to her cell. When they reached her cell, Sgt. Perkins said, 'This is your cell, number 310 in block D, you got that, Harris?' She nodded and said, 'Yes.' 'That's yes sir,' he said! ?'Uh, yes sir,' she stammered back. He smiled and continued. 'Your cell mate is named Flo Engle, she's working in the laundry, and that's where you will be working starting tomorrow.' Barbara entered the cell and sat down on bed and began to cry. If things could get any worse, she couldn't see how! Being that it was only 3:00PM, it would be two more hours until Flo Engle got off work and returned to the cell. Lying down on the lower bunk, she fell into a restless sleep. If she had dreamed, she never could have imagined the events that would change her life.
A hard shake brought Barbara out of her slumber. 'That's may bunk you're in bitch,' barked a sharp voice! 'I'm sorry, I didn't know,' apologized Barbara. 'Well don't let it happen again,' said Flo! Jumping to her feet, Barb extended her hand and introduced herself. Giving her a cool once over, Flo took her hand and slowly shook it. 'What are you in for, honey,' ask Flo' 'Drug charge,' answered Barbara. 'And you,' Barb asked Flo' 'Attempted murder,' she answered, 'I stabbed my boyfriend after he used me for a punching bag.' Both women then sat down and exchanged life stories. Flo then gave Barb a run down on the do's and don't's of prison life. Barb listened quietly as Flo told her about the abuse the inmates had to put up with, from the guards, from other inmates, all the way to the warden. Flo told her that the only way you can make it on the inside is to join up with one of the gangs. If you stayed 'single', you were as good as dead, and there would be no one to protect you. Barb was feeling fear take control of her. It was bad being in a gang, but impossible outside of one. Flo told her that she was a member of the Fem Underground, a gang whos leader is a big dyke named Gloria. Once you were a member, nobody from another gang would touch you for fear of retaliation. The only problem was that being a member, Gloria and her partners could make you do anything they asked. They will make you fuck a guard for drugs, or do things for the warden for extra phone privileges. The gangs really were the ones running the inside of the prison, and there was nothing anybody could do about it! You can even get some of the best drugs in here. Flo told Barb that she would introduce her to Gloria before she was taken by someone else. With tears in her eyes barb slept till the evening meal.
Later in the shower, Flo and Barb stood in the back of the shower stalls with the hot water steaming up the air. A large muscular woman of about 28 years or so walked up and said,'who is this little one' ' Flo said, 'This is the new girl I was telling you about, she wants in.' Gloria looked Barb over, obviously liking what she saw! 'So you want to be one of my bitches, huh,' asked the big dyke' 'I guess I have no choice,' replied Barb. Gloria grabbed Barb by the arm and pushed her to the shower room floor and said, 'Eat me you little slut!' Roughly pulling Barb by the hair, she forced her mouth to her pussy. The grip on her hair was powerful. Barb pulled back but could not get free.' I said eat my fucking pussy bitch' Gloria yells. Tears are flowing down Barb's cheeks and she starts firmly licking the womans vagina and clit. All this is taking place in front of twenty five other inmates! Most of them didn't even give it a second look, afraid that they might be next. 'Thats it! Lick my clit you little bitch,' spat Gloria! Barb moved her tongue up and down with a steady rhythm and firm pressure until the dyke shook with an orgasm. Pushing Barb's face away she said, 'Okay, your in!' 'When we get back to my crib I'll put my brand on your ass! Barb looked at Flo and for the first time noticed a one inch diameter circle with an 'x' inside that had been burned into Flo's butt cheek! Barb almost became ill thinking of what was to happen when they went to Gloria's cell.
Later that night, three of Gloria's other bitches held Barb down while she branded her ass while she screamed in pain. 'After it was over, Gloria kissed her hard on the mouth and said, 'Now you're mine and everyone knows it!' Barb sat on the bunk, waiting for Gloria to allow her to return to her cell, but what happened instead, was she was told to follow Sgt. Perkins and do exactly what he told her to do. When they reached a secluded part of the cell block, the guard unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. 'Gloria tells me you have a talented mouth,' he said! 'You better be good, because tomorrow you get to do the warden!' Barb, now in a state of total despair, dropped to her knees and took the rapidly hardening member into her mouth. Luckily for her the stupid guard shot his load quickly, and allowed her to return to her cell. Flo was waiting outside the cell door when she arrived. 'How did it go,' asked Flo. Crying, Barb told Flo all the gory details and how tomorrow she was due in the warden's office! Helping her to her bunk, Flo put her arm around Barb and comforted her. Once in bed, the two women lay arm in arm, trying not to think of the warden, Gloria, the guard, or the whole stupid prison! Kissing softly, Flo let her tongue slide into Barb's mouth, gently probing and sucking on Barb's own tongue. After awhile, Flo leaned down and took Barb's erect nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard. Barb arched her back and moaned, she was giving in to the pleasure, and Flo was an expert! Before she knew what hit her, Flo was lapping at wet pussy. What Barb was finding out, was that Flo was very adept at using her mouth for pleasure! With her ass still burning from the earlier branding, Barb let go an orgasm that almost made her forget where she was! She locked her legs around Flo's neck as she came with a violent rush! After it was over they caressed each other and nibbled each other's ear. In the back of her mind, Barb was thinking about the warden's office as she drifted off to sleep.
Working in the laundry room was not exactly fun, but it was a way to occupy your time, and Barb definitely had a lot of time on her hands! Folding the sheets after they came out of a giant mangle, Barb was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. Sgt. Perkins told her that the warden wanted to see her at once. Dropping the sheet, she followed Perkins through a maze of corridors, until they reached the warden's office. Both Perkins and Barb sat in the outer office waiting to be admitted. A buzzer rang on Warden Dunn's secretary's desk and she was told to go right on in, while Perkins remained in the outer office. Warden Dunn had Barb stand in the middle of the office while walked around her, checking out her body. 'You have a lovely body my dear,' said Warden Dunn, 'take off your clothes so I can get a better look!' Without a word, Barb removed her dress and underclothes, and was now stark naked in front of the warden. Dunn began touching Barb all over her body pay special attention to her tits and pussy. After awhile she said, 'Let me show you my pussy!' Stripping off her own things, the warden's obese body jiggled as she walked back over to Barb, her massive chest swaying back and forth with each step. Putting her arms around her, the warden gave Barb a deep kiss and ground her chest against Barb's. Finally pulling away, the warden sat down in her chair with her legs splayed wide apart. 'You know what to do,' she said! Barb slowly sank down and tongue fucked the big cunt. Soon the warden was bucking up and down trying to push her pussy harder against the hot little mouth! Putting her own large nipple into her own mouth, she sucked on the big tit until she was cumming right into Barb's mouth. Her whole face was now covered with pussy juice! Not moving, she waited for further instructions. Warden Dunn pushed the intercom button and asked for Perkins to come in. When he got inside, Warden Dunn pushed Barb away and motioned for Sgt. Perkins over to her. It was plain to see that this was not the first time that he had done this, because as he walked over to her, he was shedding his clothing! His now hard pecker stood at attention just above the warden's sloppy cunt. Before he stuck it inside her, however, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Greedily sucking it, she deep throated the big dick making the guard moan with pleasure! Before he could cum though, she released him from her mouth and directed it into her slit. With one big thrust, he buried it deep into the pussy of the warden! She screamed as he pounded away at her defenseless quim! In a matter of minutes, the two of them were having an orgasm at the same time. Sgt. Perkins pounded his meat in and out of the wet cunt until both of them collapsed in a heap, him on top of her!
On her way back to work in the laundry, Barb realized that by being young and pretty, she would spend the next three years of her life satisfying the sexual desires of anyone Gloria told her to. She truly is Gloria's little fuck doll and will never be the same!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Road Trip Sex Story

Marie was on her way to L.A.! She just couldn't wait to get out of the small Oklahoma town she was born and raised in, with nothing to do there but count the chickens and tumble weeds! Twenty years old and now she is going to do something she has wanted to do for what seems like an eternity! Everyone said that Marie was pretty enough to be in the movies so she figured, 'Why not?'It took eight months of working in the diner to save enough money to make her move, and now the day had finally come and she was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! One of the things Marie had saved up for was a used car. She and her dad looked all over until they found this 'cherry' 1991 Oldsmobile convertible. A convertible in Los Angeles, boy was this going to be wonderful!
Heading west with the top down and the wind in her hair, Marie felt like she had the world by the tail. Little did she know that within the next twenty four hours her whole life would become an erotic sex stories entry. Only two hundred fifty miles left to L.A., and so far the trip had been uneventful. It was hot, even for July, and the temperature hovered around the 100 degree mark in the shade. Marie pulled up the convertible top and started using her air conditioner. When she pulled into the last stop gas station on the eastern edge of the Mojave Desert she felt like she was finally on the last leg of her journey. The station attendant recommended she pull off the road and wait until nightfall to make her desert crossing, because the temperature can get up to 120 degrees out there and can cause the old car to overheat. ' In the evening the temperature can drop by as much as 40 degrees, which is a lot easier on you and the car,' he said. Now if Marie hadn't been so anxious to get there she might have listened to him, but she was and she didn't! She just couldn't wait the six hours it would take for sundown so she wheeled the car out onto the highway and headed west.
About sixty miles into the Mohave Marie could feel her car becoming sluggish. Looking at the gauges she was startled to see that the temperature needle had risen way into the red zone. 'Shit!' Within a matter of minutes steam began pouring out from under the hood and filling the passenger compartment. Pulling off the road Marie turned off the engine and popped the hood. Standing back and watching the hot stream of escaping antifreeze a feeling of dispair began in her lower intestines. Not knowing a whole lot about cars, Marie could still see she was in real trouble. It had been over an hour since she left the service station and she had not met or been passed by another car. Although she thought she had an adequate supply of drinking water she was unprepared for a busted radiator! The realization that she was stranded alone in the desert with no way to contact anyone for help left her feeling more than a little afraid!
Three hours later and still not one solitary soul, and the heat was becoming unbearable! Now her water supply had dwindled drastically as Marie had drank too much of it earlier in the day. She now was seriously thinking about dying in the desert! All alone! Just when it looked the bleakest, out of the east Marie heard the definite sound of an engine! She stood up and craned her neck hoping to get a first glimpse of the oncoming vehicle. It was a van! A big red Ford Econoline conversion van! 'God, I hope they have some water,' Marie thought!
The big van pulled over just behind Marie's Oldsmobile and a tall good looking young black man of about twenty five got out and walked up to her car. 'Car trouble,' he asked' 'I think it's a busted radiator,' Marie replied. 'I'm on my way to Los Angeles,' she added. 'My name's Luke. That's Josh driving the van,' the black man said. 'I'm Marie.' 'Could you guys give me a lift to L.A.' I'll pay you,' asked Marie. 'Let's ask Josh, it's his van,' answered Luke. Josh listened to the story Marie had told Luke looking Marie over at the same time. The way he looked at her was not strange. It reminded her of the men at the bar she went to on occasion in her home town. It was then Josh made the proposition! If she wanted a ride to L.A. she would have to be more than a little friendly to both he and Luke! Marie couldn't believe it! Here she was trapped in the desert with two men who were willing to leave her to die if she did not have sex with both of them! She remembered the time Jake, a trucker, had told her if she would do it with him he would take her to Las Vegas. She was jarred back to reality when Josh snapped, 'Take it or leave it, it makes no difference to me! Get in or don't, but we gotta go!' Marie thought for a quick moment and asked Josh if she could grab her suitcase' 'Get it,' he said. The next thing Marie knew she was in the back of the van riding to with two strange men who most certainly were going to want her to have sex with them. She was prepared to do it, but hoped that something could be worked out short of going through with it.
Luke had taken the wheel and Josh had slid into the back of the van with Marie. 'Ever suck a black dick,' asked Josh' Marie shook her head no and dreaded the thought that she may have to give this black man head. Josh's long black fingers slowly unfastened the button of his pants and pulled the zipper down. He pulled out the biggest cock Marie had ever seen! She stopped thinking about sucking him, her only thought was when he finally got around to fucking her how was it ever going to fit in her little pussy' Although she wasn't a virgin, her boyfriend back home was on the smallish side dick wise, so her pussy was far from being stretched out! Marie was zoning out on the size of this cock!
She snapped back again when Josh said, 'Get your cloths off!' Marie slowly removed her clothing as Josh watched with hungry eyes! His eyes settled on her tits. He reached out and roughly pinched her nipples, and although it hurt, it also exited her. Naked now and feeling a little more into it, she leaned over and took Josh's big penis into her mouth. She could barely get the head in! The taste and texture of this huge dick began to make Marie's pussy really wet, she couldn't believe the fact that she was becoming extremely turned on by this black man! She was starting to see why so many white women wanted to be with black men! They became addicted to the huge penises these men had hanging between their legs. Marie now was ready for Josh to fuck her, and at that moment she would have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy! Finally he pulled out of her mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs. Marie quickly was on her back with her legs as far apart as they would go. Josh laughed and yelled up to Luke, 'Hey bro, this little bitch is ready now!' 'You want it in you cunt?'All Marie could do was nod as Josh rubbed the head of the monster up and down Marie's dripping crack. When it would hit her clit Marie's body would give an involuntary jerk. 'Please go ahead,' she whimpered. With that, Josh pushed, all ten inches, deep into Marie's quivering little body! Before he reached the bottom of his first stroke Marie was already in the midst of a massive orgasm like none she had ever had before! With every plunge it seemed she was cumming! God she love this big black cock! She threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his ass trying to pull him in even farther! As Josh neared orgasm he increased the already rapid pace of his fucking, and his nuts tightened and it seemed to Maire he even got harder as a gusher of cum was shot like a volcano into Marie's now very stretched out pussy! All she could do was hang on for dear life!
Marie stayed naked in the back of Josh's van for the next five hours fucking and sucking the two black studs. When they finally reached Los Angeles Marie was at a loss for words. She wanted to chase her dream of stardom. She didn't know where to start! As they drove into town Josh asked her where she wanted to be dropped off at' Marie just looked at him and said, 'I'm your bitch.' Josh nodded to Luke and said, 'Let's go home.'

Monday, June 26, 2006

Taxi Drivers Do Get Pussy

I am a Dallas, Texas, taxi driver. I am not memorex but I have a good memory. I have done the best I can to keep this story accurate. It is one thirty in the morning. The bars are about to close. A sexual dream is going to come true but at this point I have no Idea what cute girls will do when they are hot and horny! I am driving down Greenville Ave, one of the oldest streets in Dallas. Greenville Ave has restaurants, side walk cafes and shops lining both sides for miles. One of the old favorites since some time in the early 30s, is the Greenville Bar and Grill.
It is a warm summer night and many people are still sitting at the tables outside. There is a young blonde woman standing in front of the bar and grill waving me down from the curb. She has obviously had to much to drink

She jumps in and exuberantly says "I'm going to the Village can I sit in the front" I say,"Yes" She looks at me and says "hey!, you're cute... I'm thinking this girl is really messed up; the last thing I am is cute. I haven't shaved in days, and I've been up for twenty four hours, but hey I play into it and think there is a chance that this could be a good thing.

She takes it further and starts playing with my hair. Of course that was okay with me because she is cute and young with an ass that I have never thought I would even have a chance of fucking. Lets say, she is very drop dead fine looking with her sexy blonde hair and erotic youthful innocence. She knows that I am enjoying her affections and continues to play with my hair. She keeps looking down at my crotch. I pretend not to notice.

We pull into the parking lot at her apartment complex and she is still flirting with me.She gets the money and pays me for the ride and begins talking about her friends that she left at the club.
Later I found out that she was involved in a relationship with some guy that really didn't want her.

Now, suddenly she leans towards me and slides her hand up..and firmly grabs my swelling dick while kissing me in the mouth. She kisses me with passion! I taste the booz but the kiss and the gentle firm massage on my crotch is intoxicating me. She tells me that she "probably should not be doing this" and then leans over unzips my pants, puts her head in my lap and takes my hard dick in her cute little mouth. She is so pretty and sweet.

She is really getting off on sucking my cock! Slurping and moaning like she is going to cum! She takes it into her throat like a pro. I ask her if we can go to her apartment. She says it again in a drunken slur," I probably should not be doing.." and gets out of the taxi. I lock the doors and follow. She waits for me.

Wow! what an ass oh god I am afraid I might mess this up she is a perfect 9 in the ass department.There are no 10s! It gets hot fast in the apartment. We go to the bedroom and we come out of our clothes. I can see how young she is! Her skin is smooth and soft she has the finest ass damn! She gets on top of me and puts the head of my dick in her. It is so tight and smooth she is wet but she has to work it in! I swear she fucks me as though she is in love! It is so damn good. My dick is going deep in her tight young pussy and she slowly rides it up and down. I feel the lips of her pussy folding in as I go deep and pursing outward around my dick when stroking out. Just start to think that I may need to get on top to cum, she starts picking up the speed and really coming down with a grinding motion. I am breathing heavy and moaning. I start to cum. Ifeel it swelling in me. She gets off grabs my dick and starts jacking me off. As I expode my cum shoots in her face as she takes my dick in her pretty mouth. Cum is dripping from her mouth and chin while I continue to blow! She is so good about finishing me off and squeezing out every drop! I couldn't believe she was so cute and still so nasty. I will never forget that one. I will tell more great stories later. Book Mark! Send e-mail! Book Mark!!!!

I really am a taxi driver and I really live in Dallas.
Hope you enjoy the little journal entry. I have not been driving for awhile or writing much. I was hired by a porn stories company that saw my first stories site and wanted me to get them in the top of the search engines. I needed money so I went for it. My web site suffered and I was distracted from the real reason that I started this little project of mine.
If you have any suggestions or a story or just want to e-mail me please do. I will do my best to get back as soon as I can. You may add your site to our links if you put a link up for us. Come back I am sure there will always be something here for you to read or look at. Yours Truely
Dallas Taxi Driver

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Affair Story

The darn phone hadn't stopped ringing all morning! Linda was in the middle of typing a pile of letters, when it rang for what seemed like the hundredth time. Picking it up and answering, 'Mortgage loan department, may I help you'?" The party on the other end of the line spoke for about thirty seconds before Linda said another word. When she did finally speak, all she said was, 'yes Dan,' and then she hung up. At 12:25, Linda stuck her head into her boss's office and told him she was going out to lunch and would be back in an hour.

Stopping off at the restroom, she went into a stall, sat down and takes off her pantyhose and underwear. Slipping them into her purse, she leaves the restroom and takes the elevator to the ground floor where she goes out the rear entrance and gets into a waiting car. 'Hi,' she says, as she slids into the plush front seat, sliding over to sit next to the driver. 'Hi yourself,' he answers back, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth. Pulling away from the curb, he makes a right turn and heads east. Before they have even driven half a block, Dan, had slipped his hand up under Linda's skirt and wormed his finger into her already dripping slit. 'Do you want to be a cheating slut now'?" He said in a half teasing, half serious voice. Linda, opening her legs a little wider, leaned up against him and said, 'Oh Dan, I need it really bad, please!' Five minutes later they are parked in a semi deserted area on Chicago's lake front not far from downtown. With the imposing skyline behind them, Dan starts unbuttoning the front of Linda's blouse. She is wearing a lacy white low cut bra that shows off her 36C breasts to their best advantage. Everyday she wore sexy underclothes in case Dan called and wanted her. He told her she must do this and she obeyed. Unsnapping her front opening bra, the firm tits spilled into his waiting hands and he said, 'Oh yes, you know how I love these!' Her nipples stiffened under his touch, and she squirmed her ass around, trying to put some pressure on her burning clit. She was so hot for Dan she could hardly stand it. The strange thing about it, was that Linda was happily married for about three years and loved her husband very much. She hadn't meant for this affair to start. We have to go back to the beginning to find out how a happily married young woman would take a phone call at work, take off her knickers, get into a car, and let another man stick his finger into her. P>It all started when Linda was visiting a friend of hers one Saturday afternoon. Linda and her friend Connie were sunning themselves by the pool in Connie's apartment complex. While Linda was usually pretty closed mouth about her private life, Connie was just the opposite. She liked nothing better than trading gossip about other people's sex lives! It was at this time she started giving Linda the third degree about her and her husband Greg. 'Greg's out of town again, huh,' Connie asked, 'how long this time'?" 'Oh about two weeks,' Linda replied, 'he'll be back on the twenty third.' 'Boy that's a long time to go without it, how do you do it,' teased Connie' 'CONNIE,' Linda chided, 'it's not that long, and besides, when we are together it's very good!' 'Yeah sure,' laughed Connie, 'I couldn't go two weeks if my life depended on it.' Linda just laughed and shook her head. 'What do you say we hit a movie tonight and go skiing with Vinnie tomorrow,' asked Connie, 'ya know he just bought a new boat, and he's taking it up to the Chain to try it out'?" Linda thought about it for a second, and decided that a day on the water would be fun, besides, she really liked Connie's boyfriend Vinnie, and she hadn't been water skiing in years! 'Okay,' said Linda, 'that sounds good.'

'Wow,Vinnie, what a beautiful boat,' exclaimed Linda, as she walked along side the gleaming twenty nine foot Bayliner. It was almost stunning, Vinnie owned his own business, and only bought the best. Connie and Linda hopped aboard, but Vinnie stayed on the dock and said, 'We have to wait a few minutes, Dan's coming along, and he just ran down to the store to get some food and drinks.' 'Who's Dan,' Linda asked Connie' 'Oh, just Vinnie's business partner, I've only met him a couple of times, but he seems nice enough,' replied Connie. The two women wandered around the boat, checking out it's many features, while they waited for Dan. Ten minutes later, a tall handsome man came down the dock, struggling to balance three bags of groceries. 'I think I got everything,' Dan said, 'I even remembered to bring nachos!' Vinnie grabbed a bag and the two men stepped on board. 'Dan, this is Linda, Connie's friend from work,' Vinnie said, 'and Linda, this is Dan, my best friend and business partner.' 'Nice to meet you,' said Linda, extending her hand. 'It's my pleasure,' replied a smiling Dan, while accepting her handshake. Was it her imagination, or had he held on to her hand a split second longer than necessary' Her thought was quickly forgotten, however, as Dan cast off the lines and Vinnie guided the big boat out into the channel that lead to the lake.

It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and everyone had a great time skiing, swimming, eating, and drinking, but at certain times, Linda was sure that she felt Dan staring at her. Even though she was wearing a bikini and she had a very nice figure, she felt that his gaze was more than just being appreciative of the female form! That night as they dined on the boat underneath the starry sky, Linda was more aware than ever of Dan's magnetic personality. Whenever he had the chance, he would rest his hand on Linda's arm as they spoke to each other. The shiver she felt from his mere touch, was something she hadn't experienced in a long time! It seemed that when he talked to her she was the only one in the world on his mind. Coupled with the beer and wine, Linda was feeling things that a married woman shouldn't have felt! At about ten o'clock, Connie pulled Linda aside and said, 'I'm going to spend the night with Vinnie here on the boat, could you grab a lift with Dan back to my apartment'?" 'I'll stop by in the morning and pick you up on the way to work, okay'?" Before Linda could even answer, Connie kissed her on the cheek and said, 'Thanks, I'll see you in the morning!' Linda looked over at Dan and said, 'Well I guess you're stuck with me, shall we go'?" Together they walked over to Dan's car and headed back to the city.

It was about a forty five minute drive back to Connie's place, and Linda was feeling the effects of the liquor and eight hours in the hot sun. She leaned back in the plush seat and let her thoughts drift along with the soft jazz Dan had coming out of the stereo. She offered no resistance when she felt Dan's hand on her bare thigh, she knew it was wrong, but at the moment she just didn't care. Gently he pulled her over so she was sitting next to him. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to his side. She snuggled up close, and again offered no resistance when he cupped her breast and began twisting her nipple, in fact, she moved even closer and rested her head on his shoulder. For several miles they drove in silence, with Dan touching Linda's chest through her shirt and bra. 'What a wonderful touch,' thought Linda, and she felt the gnawing feeling between her legs due to the persistent tit play. Dan, sensing that she was now under his control, leaned his mouth to her ear and whispered, 'Take it out of my pants, now!' Now growing more excited, Linda's shaking hands fumbled with the belt and zipper of his dungarees. Finally getting them loose, she slid her hand inside only to discover he wasn't wearing any under wear! Reaching farther down her fingers encountered the largest cock she had ever felt! Her pussy lurched as she wrapped her hand around the massive organ. Her breathing became shallow as she tried to fish the monster out of it's cotton prison. His penis felt alive in her hand, and she had an overwhelming desire to put it in her mouth, the only problem was the she couldn't get it out! Dan sensing her frustration, chuckled and reached down to help her get it out. When it finally came out, Linda let out a groan at the sheer sight of Dan's organ! Without another word, Linda dropped her head into his lap and let the head slip into her mouth. Overcome with desire, her head bobbed up and down on the stiff shaft. Every few seconds Dan would urge her on with the words, 'Suck it, suck it!' Linda, being only to happy to oblige, strained to get as much of it into her mouth as possible. It only took a few minutes until he was cumming into her hot mouth! She moaned when the cum jetted into her throat, and she struggled to swallow it all down. Even after he had cum, Linda didn't want to let the big pecker out of her mouth. Finally Dan pulled her away and told her they were almost to Connie's place. After pulling into a parking space, Dan turned and told Linda he enjoyed what she had done and hoped to do it again soon. Again causing her pussy to throb. Looking her in the eye, he said, 'Let's go upstairs!' She merely nodded and the two walked arm in arm up the stairs. Once inside the apartment, Linda was down on her knees trying to pull off Dan's jeans. 'Let me see your cock, please,' she implored, as he pushed her away. Pulling her to her feet, he asked, 'Would you do anything to have my cock'?" 'Yes, yes, anything,' she begged, 'just let me have it, please.' Letting her go, she was right at his groin, pulling it out to her eager mouth. Again, Linda turned into a cocksucking whore, only this time, Dan didn't want to cum in her mouth, he wanted some pussy. Pulling Linda to her feet, he led her into the bedroom, where he ordered her to strip. Lying back on the bed, Dan watched as Linda removed all of her clothing. Seeing the big pecker erect on his stomach, Linda leaned down and tried to put it back in her mouth, but Dan just pushed her away and laughed. 'So you want some more of it,' he asked, as he took it in his hand and gave it a few quick jerks' Linda reached for it again and said, 'Please let me have it.' Shaking his head no, Dan offered, 'Sit on it for a while and I'll let you suck afterwards.' Linda practically leaped on top of him, begging him to stick it in her. Positioning herself just right, the big dick slowly entered her tight little cunt. She was a virgin when she met her husband. Untill now her husband had been the only man to have intercourse with her. Linda lowered her cunt inch by inch until the whole monster was buried deep inside of her. Her excitement was now turning into delirium! In her whole life she had never felt so horny. Her ass rocked back and forth, packing the big pecker deeper into her straining slit. Even though they were hardly even moving, Linda was wracked with a wrenching orgasm, her vigina convulsing around the big stud that was deep in her vagina. Dan pulled her down so that her nipples rested on his chest. He reached around her back, held her tight, and with one quick motion rolled her over onto her back, leaving him on top of her. 'Now I'm going to show you what a real fuck is,' he whispered through clenched teeth! He takes her ankles in his hands and pushing her legs back to her shoulders. Slowly at first he moved his penis in and out of her tight vagina, gradually picking up speed until he was literally pounding her into submission. Linda groaned in ecstasy as her pussy was opened by the massive penis. As he fucked her, Dan whispered into her ear, 'You're mine now, when ever I call, you come, do you understand me'?" Barely able to speak, Linda shuddered back, 'When ever you call, I'll......Oh God,' she cried out, 'I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard!' Dan's penis was now almost a blur diving in and out of her pussy. Hearing her scream out, sent him over the edge, and both of them climaxed. Collapsing on her chest, Dan struggled to regain his breath, finally rolling off her, both of them panted. That brings us back to the car on the lake front. Whenever Dan calls her up, Linda meets him and either sucks him off or fucks him, or sometimes both. She is addicted to the big cock between his legs. So far, her husband knows nothing of her extramarital affair, but it seems that it is only a matter of time until he finds out. Linda doesn't want to hurt him. Still tweaking her nipples, Dan gives the signal and Linda greedily pulls out her big 'toy'. When it's erect in her hand, Dan asks her, 'Is this what you want, bitch'?" She moans and wriggles her ass in the seat. He never gets an answer, except for the slurping sound coming from Linda's mouth.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dad's Porno Tapes

Her dad didn't even know that she knew about his cache of X-rated videos he has hidden on the top shelf of the bed room closet. Danni had found them purely by accident when she was looking for a blanket last winter. What she found under the blanket, was a box filled with about twenty videos that had just about every type of sexual orientation you could imagine! When her folks are out, she takes one out and watch it, totally fascinated by the action on the screen. Being mature, she had heard of some of the things she saw, like the gay and lesbian stuff, but when it came to the transsexual tapes, well that was just TOO much! What she found that really turns her on is watching two women make love to each other, or a man with a very big penis getting it sucked all the way. She has never done either one, but whenever she watches them, her little pussy gets wet and starts to tingle in the worst way! It was while watching these films that she really learns how to reach an orgasm. She comes to the realization that she is very highly sexed, and required at least one climax a day to keep her mind clear. Taking her best friend Amanda into her confidence, they both watched the shows together, masturbating while they did it. Amanda too had a very hungry young vagina that needed constant attention, so she was more than happy to watch along with Danni. So that they wouldn't have to constantly sneak the tapes from her dad's closet, Amanda brought over her VCR, and together they copied all of Danni's dad's tapes. This way they could watch them whenever they wanted to, at her place or Amanda's.

Although Danni is more interested in watching the lesbian and bi scenes, Amanda is obviously a cock hound! Just the sight of a big cock makes her pussy damp, and automatically caused her hand to rub her little clit. Amanda had a very tight pussy, and Danni was fascinated watching her friend's fingers disappear in the little hole. Danni is a natural blond, and has very light and thin pubic hair. What she did have, however, were lips that were extremely puffy. They always looked like they were in high state of sexual excitement, and her clit is always clearly visible at the top of her crack. When no one is around, they both take off all their clothes and masturbate together. Both girls find that their nipples are very sensitive, and when they masturbated together, they both twist and pulled on their ripe young nipples until they reached their orgasms. One day during a rather hot masturbating session, Danni asks Amanda if she could just taste one of her nipples. She smiles ate here friend with her best sexy look. Amanda thought about it a second, smiles back and says, "Sure, go ahead and try it." Danni lowers her head to Amanda's breast and takes a hard nipple into her mouth. Amanda was shocked at how nice her friends mouth feels! The nipple sucking causes Amanda to have her orgasm much quicker than usual, and much harder. Afterwards, she returns the favor, and sucks on Danni?s chest. Both girls agreed that nipple sucking was the only way to go. From then on, they would take turns nursing each other during their masturbatory sessions together. This leads to stroking each others legs gently

One day while watching two lesbians sucking each other's vaginas, Danni again has the idea of trying it for themselves. Again, Amanda agrees to try it, and Danni proceeded to put her mouth between her friends legs. Kissing the inside of her legs just under her wet vigina softly. She slowly begins to kiss and lick her friends vigina. While kissing and firmly licking her clit she pushes her index finger in Amanda's tight ass. She shoves it in all the way to the knuckel. Amanda comes in a matter of seconds! Having seen this done a hundred times on tape, Danni knew exactly what to do to Amanda's clit. She was surprised at how much she enjoys making her friend cum. She wonders if she is a lesbian. Danni?s own clit burned when her mouth is orally satisfying Amanda. When she pulled away from Amanda's vagina, the first thing she said was, "Please do me now." Quickly laying back with her legs spread wide, Danni pushes her wet pussy towards her friend. Amanda slowly lowered her mouth to Danni's slit, and gingerly licked the outer lips, trying to get a feel for how to best go about sucking and licking her friends pussy. When she finally settled in on her clit, Danni arched her back and exploded into Amanda's mouth! Never before had she experienced that powerful of an orgasm in her life! Her little pussy throbbed as it tried to relax after the brutally hard orgasm that had just ripped through it. She was shacking all over. Both girls smiled at each other.

Although Amanda loved the girl to girl sex she was having with Danni, what she really craves is a large penis in her vagina. Every time they watch movies that have men with huge erections, Amanda felt an emptiness inside that no amount of oral sex could fill. She already knew that when she got herself a boyfriend that he would have to have a very large penis! She wondered what it feels like to have a man push himself inside of her, driving his penis deep, filling her up. Pushing is dick in her ass maybe. She always seemed to have this feeling of needing to be filled, she couldn?t help it, that was just the way her vagina was, always hungry for a large penis! She was fingers her slit as she watches a man with a nine inch cock first get sucked and then fuck a blonde with very big tits. Seeing the blonde being impaled by that monster made Amanda try to shove all of her fingers into her crack. Growing more and more frustrated, she notices the candle on her night stand, and wonderes if that can substitute for a penis? Picking it up, she also wonders how she could possibly get this candle into her tight vagina. She gets a rubber she has been saving and pulls it over the candle. It is a perfect fit! Taking some of the juice from her cunt, she rubbed it all over the base and shaft of the thick candle. Using one hand to hold open her lips as far as possible, she slowly pushed the end of the candle into her hole. Being almost two inches in diameter, it was a very tight fit indeed! Once she got it past the opening, and in about an inch, she just sat still for a few minutes, trying to relax her vaginal muscles. Slowly but surely she pushes the shaft of the candle until it disappears. When all eight inches were almost in, Amanda slowly pulled it back out, and then began repeating the process, only faster the next time. Soon she was actually fucking her herself with the giant candle, and driving herself to a string of incredibly hard climaxes! When she was done cumming, she kept the candle deep in her vagina, savoring the feeling of fullness that she so craved. At least for now, she had a way of satisfying that very female urge of being filled up.

Without her father's tapes, neither Danni or Amanda would have ever learned about sex in such a safe and controlled way.

Monday, June 19, 2006


by David

My clock and watch repair shop is on the High Street in our town and has a recessed doorway in which many courting couples stop to 'canoodle' as they walk home from the pubs at night.
My doorway has been a favourite lovers' haunt for decades.
Back when I was a small boy and the shop was owned by a butcher, my pals and I were well aware that it attracted 'nocturnal activities.'
I don't think that this influenced me to buy the shop when my career started because I was happily married at the time.
But now that my marriage has ended I consider myself very fortunate to own the shop!

It used to be too dark to see exactly what the couples were up to, but because of an increase of vandalism the Council installed additional street lighting about two years ago, and by chance put a streetlamp quite close to my doorway.
At first I thought that this would discourage hanky-panky but it hasn't.
Perhaps this is because the Council have also installed security cameras up and down the street and this has had the effect of reducing the number of places where couples can stop for a cuddle and not be seen.
I am amazed at how intimate they get with each other even though they are in a public place.
They usually rely on hearing the footsteps of anyone walking past to alert them, but some just carry on as people walk by.

The best bit about all of this is that it is very easy for me to see what they are up to from inside my shop.
I have arranged the window display so that I can sit comfortably in a chair just a few feet from my obliging participators and observe them through a carefully placed gap in the display boards.
It is quite impossible for them to see me as my face is in total darkness even though there is plenty of light shining on them.
I find watching people kissing and fondling each other to be incredibly exciting, and if the girl is attractive or they get very carried away I get a tremendous erection and masturbate as I watch them.
The fact that I am so close to them and that they are oblivious to what I am doing turns me on enormously and I have incredibly intense orgasms.

Being technically minded I have added a few refinements to my 'hobby'.
It was very easy to position a microphone outside the shop door about two feet above head level.
This relays whatever they happen to say to a small speaker next to where I sit.
I also have two video cameras setup on either side of the door to record any particularly good scenes.
It was easy to hide the cameras from view and as far as I know no one has ever spotted them.
Friday and Saturday nights are usually the best, and if I happen to be going out myself I leave the cameras running in the hope that I will have a good movie to watch when I get home.

A few months ago I really struck lucky and witnessed (and captured on tape) an event that I just have to tell people about.
It was a Saturday night and the pubs had been shut for about an hour and a half.
I had had a few 'visitors' but nothing very interesting and as the street was getting pretty deserted I decided to call it a night.
Just as I stood up to leave my hideaway I heard a girl's giggling voice and I sat down again.
Success! A couple came into view, the young lad was holding her hand and pulling her into the doorway.
I started the video recorders and switched the speaker back on.
They grabbed each other and started kissing immediately and as soon as I got a good look at the girl I knew I was on to a winner!
She was a real stunner, tall and blonde and wearing a thin white silk blouse and a short red skirt.
The guy soon had a hand on her breast, he gave it a few squeezes and then unbuttoned her blouse and slipped a hand inside.
This was enough to get me going and I unzipped my pants and eased my rapidly swelling penis out.
She was loving his caresses and when he pulled her blouse open a little I was delighted to see that she wasn't wearing a bra.
He fumbled inside her blouse and her blouse came more and more adrift, giving me wonderful glimpses of her breasts.
They were what most men would call on the smallside but were very firm and pointed and she had lovely erect nipples.
I watched intoxicated as he bared her left breast completely and bent down and kissed her stiff nipple.
Through the speaker I heard her moan and her head went back, eyes closed as he sucked on her.

This was better than I had hoped for - I was close to ejaculating already and slowed my hand movement almost to dead stop.
I watched in disbelief as she fumbled at his crotch, got hold of his zipper and pulled it down, pushed her hand into his fly, and eased his cock out into the night air.
He was well blessed and I estimated that a good six inches were in plain view, with at least an inch or two still in his pants.
I was very envious because what my hand was wrapped around was a lot smaller.
She held his cock firmly in her hand while he kissed her breast and the two of them turned through 180 degrees so that his back was to the street.
Anyone passing by would not see that his cock was sticking out of his pants.
She held on to it a while longer and then started to move her hand on him with a very experienced motion.
I moved my hand on my own cock, keeping time with her, imagining that it was my cock that she was working on, but I had to stop almost as soon as I started to avoid coming there and then.
I ran my fingertips over the tip of my cock and smeared the juice that was seeping copiously from the slit over my swollen glans.
I knew I could fondle the glans easily for hours on end without fear of coming provided I didn't touch the frenulum too much.
Somehow gripping the shaft and wanking was much harder for me to control and I had spoiled many an evening's entertainment by getting too excited and comming too early.

He took his mouth from her breast.
'Oh God, Annie, that's fantastic.'
Knowing her name added to my excitement.
He reached down and slipped a hand up under her skirt and started to pull her knickers down.
I heard her say,'Not here, someone will see!'
He reassured her, 'Naah, there's no one about.'
Little did he know!
She let go of his cock as her bent down and pulled the knickers down her long slender legs and she stepped out of them.
He crumpled the small white knickers up and stuffed them in his pocket.
Then he stood up, pulled her towards him and lifted the front of her skirt up.
He bent his knees slightly, put his cock between her legs and stood up straight.
They held tightly to each other and at first I thought that he had put his cock inside her but soon realised that she was just holding it between her legs.
To the casual observer they looked as if they were just hugging and kissing.
He started to thrust his hips against her and she started moaning.
The action of his big cock sliding against her pussy was obviously turning her on.
He humped against her for a while and then bent his knees again and was clearly trying to get inside her. I heard her protesting.
'Don't, you haven't got a condom on.'
He was very determined. 'Annie, I won't come, I promise. Just let me a little.'

She seemed to trust him and stood on tip-toe, splaying her legs as he reached down and fumbled with his cock between her legs.
He had such a big penis it must have been difficult.
After a few ineffective stabs he pushed firmly up and the way that she threw her head back and let out a long groan as she clutched his buttocks convinced me that he had entered her.
I nearly orgasmed on hearing her obvious enjoyment and let go of my cock completely.
I could feel it jerking up and down spasmodically until the crisis faded.

She was such a tall girl that vertical sex was possible for them.
He only had to keep his knees a little bent and he could thrust in her quite comfortably.
The way she arched her back and tilted her pelvis forward to accommodate him was a delight to watch.
I watched fascinated as they screwed in front of me, listening to her groaning and whimpering as he thrust inside her.
Her skirt covered them both very successfully and I tried to imagine his cock inside her.
They say that size doesn't matter but she was obviously having a really good time.

She must have been familiar with his body language because she suddenly started to get anxious and tried to push him away.
'Jimmy, stop, you promised!'
He kept on going and it didn't look as if he had any intention of stopping.
She pushed him away more forcibly, 'Jimmy, stop it!'
He stopped thrusting and pulled back; his cock lifted her skirt up like a tent before it came into view.
It was glistening wet and hugely distended.
I was shocked at the size of his glans, it seemed disproportionately large compared to the shaft.
I have never had any gay inclinations but seeing that monster in such a state of desperate engorgement was a heady experience, I couldn't resist grabbing my own cock and giving it a few frantic jerks before I regained control and stopped.

'Jesus, Annie,' he gasped. 'Please, let me.'
He grabbed her hips and tried to pull her towards him.
'No!' she was insistent and kept her legs firmly together.
He was clearly in anguish, his cock bobbing about in the air as she evaded him.

'Jimmy, stand still!' she commanded him and to my amazement dropped to her knees in front of him.
She took hold of his cock, gave it two or three tugs, then opened her mouth and pulled his cock towards her.
My heart was pounding in my chest as she took his glans inside her mouth, not without considerable difficulty, and started to suck on it while her hand pulled on his shaft.

'Of, God!' he gasped and leaned over her, his hands on the door to support himself.
I watched from the side view, no more than three feet away; watched her jerking urgently on his cock, watched her struggling to keep the whole glans in her mouth; it was clearly too big for her and she pulled back and held about half the huge knob between her lips, her cheeks concave as she sucked on the tip.
He started to groan and his face was contorted with ecstasy.
I couldn't hold back any longer and pulled rapidly on my cock and in seconds I was spurting wildly in the most unbelievably intense orgasm.
I came so hard I could actually hear my semen hitting the wooden partition in front of me in spurt after spurt and I knew if there had been nothing between us I would easily have drenched Annie from where I sat.

As my spurts dwindled I watched her working on him; it was the most erotic sight I had ever seen, her blouse gaped open and her lovely breasts were plainly in view, the tips gently bobbing as her hand moved, she had her eyes closed and her chin was wet from saliva that was running from her stretched lips.
Jimmy was making strangled grunting noises and then he gave a long agonised groan. Annie's eyes suddenly shot open and her head jerked back, her hand paused briefly on his cock before jerking rapidly.
I knew he had spurted into her mouth and I frantically jerked my cock; it was still almost hard and I desperately wanted to come again.
I watched as she took her mouth away from his glans; I saw a thick stream of semen shooting into her open mouth before she could pull his cock downwards.
She closed her mouth and the next spurt splashed over her chin, she aimed him lower and took the next spurts over her throat and the upper curves of her breasts.
I knew she had some of his semen in her mouth, would she swallow it or spit it out?

She looked down as he emptied himself between her breasts and seemed to direct the weakening spurts so each breast received an equal share of pearly drops.
She squeezed his cock a few times when he had finished and then quickly stood up.
I expected her to get a tissue out of her hand bag to wipe herself or maybe spit the semen into but she calmly started to button up her blouse over her wet breasts.
I could plainly see the damp patches develop as the silk got soaked and became transparent.
He started to cram his cock back into his trousers but it was still swollen and he did not find it easy.

'Jesus, Annie, that was fantastic!'
She smiled at him, 'I thought you would like it.'
She must have swallowed! I wished I had been able to catch the moment that she had swallowed his semen.
She still had a thick coating of sperm on her chin when she gave him a kiss, long and lingering and he surely would have been able to taste himself.

When he broke away he had semen on his chin and wiped it off on the back of his hand, grinning at her.
I had been wanking furiously in the hope that I could come a second time before they left, my cock was hard again and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm but to my dismay they left the doorway as suddenly as they had arrived.
I stopped the video recorders and started to put my cock back in my pants.
I had another look through my spy hole, wondering if there were any splashes of sperm left outside my doorway and noticed something crumpled and white on the ground.
I thought I hadn't seen her using any tissues?
I suddenly realised what it was; he had pushed her knickers partly into his trouser pocket when he had taken them off; they must have dropped out! I was outside the front door in 10 seconds and retrieved the knickers.
I took them up to my room and examined them in the light.
I couldn't believe my good fortune.
They were a pair of white 'tanga' knickers.
I inspected the crotch; it was very damp!
Perhaps a splash of his semen had landed on them?
I lifted the fabric up to my nose.
No; no smell of semen, only the wonderfully tangy aroma of a sexually excited girl.
I got totally undressed and lay on my bed, held the knickers over my face with the crotch under my nose to inhale her scent and masturbated, running all the images I had seen through my head.
I pictured her sucking on the tip of his enormous cock; the image of that jet of thick white semen shooting into her open mouth soon had me squirting my come all over my chest and stomach in a glorious orgasm.

I have kept the knickers.
Her scent faded all too quickly but I often put on the video tapes of 'Annie and Jimmy' and watch them as I enjoy a delicious slow wank with Annie's knickers wrapped tightly around the end of my cock.
I never fail to set the video recorders going on a Friday and Saturday.
You never know, they could come back.

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Friday, June 16, 2006


by Joe P

I watched as you carefully placed all of your sexiest lingerie on the bed.
Looking over everything, you chose the black garter, matching lace bra, and hose.
You let your robe fall from your shoulders, standing in front of the mirror examining the naked figure that stood before it.
You were looking at yourself the way I would be.
Your eyes glazed and longingly traced every inch of your body, every curve the way that I would have.

I watched your reflection in the mirror as your nipples began to harden, longing to be be kissed?
to be suckled.
You raised your hands to your breasts gently caressing your aroused nipples with your finger tips, then cupping your firm breasts in your hands as if I were there caressing and massaging them.
They were my hands you felt, my fingers, not yours.
The pleasure it gave you was wet the tips of your fingers with your tongue and traced your swollen nipples, rolling and squeezing them was my fingers you felt , not yours. Your hands sensually fell to your stomach, feeling the smooth curves of your body?the same silky skin I feel when I touch you.
I watched your hands in the mirror as they lingered ...curling in the tuft of hair just above your clit with your long sensuous fingers.
I could feel the heat welling up between your legs as I imagined my hands in your place.

I felt you brush your clit softly, tracing down and over your nether lips.
You were wet for me now.
You inserted your fingers into the wetness? it was my fingers you felt, not yours.
Gasping slightly, you closed your eyes, savoring the sensations of your hands caressing your body.
Your hips began swaying to the movements of your fingers.
Your clit was burning with desire now, urging your fingers to be more deliberate, more intense with each stroke.
You obliged by holding your lips open with both hands and slowly circled your clit.
As you watched in the mirror, it was my hands that you saw; your legs parting for me.
I love the way you touch yourself.
I watched as the figure in the mirror became more aroused.
Your face flush, your movements to the rhythm of your fingers more deliberate, your breathing more labored.
Your fingers began to glide feverishly over your clit, dipping into the wetness of your pussy.
Legs parted wider for me as you continued to hold yourself open to my view.
Your lips engorged, clit too was hard and swollen, the tip peering from the sheath that covers it.
I could almost see it throbbing, so sensitive to your touch. I could feel your body tense as you neared the edge of your orgasm.
Fingers teasing, caressing, massaging, trying to get every last pleasurable sensation from your wet sex?it was my fingers you felt, not yours.
Your breathing more audible now, lustful moans emanating from deep within, rapid circular movements on your clit, fingers dipping in and out of your pussy sent you over the edge.
The blood rushing to the head of your swollen clit, fingers wildly bringing yourself to an explosive orgasm.

God !! I love the way you touch me babe!!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The U-Boat

by Dangermouse

To Jessica it had not seemed like it had been a week since she left England.
The long and tedious voyage combined with the constant "zig-zagging" of the ships in the convoy had made the days drift into one another with wild abandon.
Perhaps it was not such a good idea to leave home so soon -She thought. Though in her heart she knew that if she could but make to her friends in America that her memories of this terrible war would be just that; memories.

1941 had not been a good year for her.
She leaned over the railing and gazed out over the moonlit sea of the Eastern Caribbean, dreaming once more of a mysterious lover to take her away.
Pineing in her heart for a certain man whom she knew not.
A man to hold her close and make the thoughts and nightmares of the madness back in London cease, if only for a moment.
The felt the steamer jerk slowly under her feet as it made another turn in its awkward path to avoid the menacing U-boats that were always on the prowl for new victims in their game of destruction and death, a game that was too often 'played for keeps'.
She wondered what it would be like to live for a night with out fear, to lie and think only of beauty.
It was late and she knew she should be going to bed.
But in bed the bad dreams came. In bed her mind went wild.
In bed she sees "herself alone".
Jessica sighed as she took pity on her situation and resigned herself to another night of tears and loneliness.
She walked slowly to her cabin.

Jessica dressed in her nightgown and stretched out on the rough mattress.
Turning on the antiquated ships radio, she lay awake for many minutes as the gentle music of Glen Miller caressed her mind.
She absentmindedly touched herself to thoughts of a lover to please her in the ways a woman should be pleased.
Drifting off into a blissful and contented sleep, rocked gently by the sea and the rhythmic drone of the engines.
Had it been an hour or a minute? Jessica sat up startled as a huge explosion lifted the steamer upward.
She starred wide eyed as glass from the porthole crashed to the floor.
"Oh My God!" She was screaming. Jessica had but one thought, "Torpedo"!

A second explosion threw her out of the bunk.
She hastily grabbed for her lifejacket.
Her mind in a haze of confusion as she heard the shouts and panic of the crew trying desperately to lower the boats and make their way to safety.
Jessica opened the door to the cabin and joined the throng of crewmen making their way to the upper deck.
It was as if she were caught in a huge wave as she was pushed along by the panic stricken.
The night sky greeted her as she felt the crispness of the night air play upon her body.
She held fast to the railing and looked towards the stern of the steamer.
What should have been a deck was now a mass of twisted metal and debrie.
Jessica was screaming at the horror.
Terrified beyond words as she looked out over the waves and saw the darkened silhouette of a cursed U-Boat.

Jessica stood transfixed, such fear she had never known.
To be so helpless, and at the mercy of others who had but one thought in mind, the death of her ship.
Her fear was cut short as the very air around her became a vacuum from another explosion.
She felt herself being thrown in the air like a rag doll.
Consummating in blessed silence as she fell into the sea, the rush of the water and her heart pounding the only sounds to hear as she swam madly for the surface.

Jessica broke the waves gasping for air.
She felt the heat of the flames on her face as the ship made surreal noises and plunged quickly to the bottom. Leaving her behind.
She clinged to wreckage breathing hard, held in a silence that was deafening, save for the gentle hum of the U-Boat as it drifted slowly away.
The warm tropical seas teasing her body.

The bright sun and dawn of a new day warmed her.
Jessica awoke with a start lying on the white sands of a beautiful island.
She sat up and knew she was quite alone.
Litter from the night before dotted the beach here and there as she walked along the shore.
Nothing of use. She came upon a scorched life preserver, its letters barely legible.
Jessica sat beside it stared at the words "Portsmouth" and cried as though her heart would break.

Jessica knew she had to be strong.
She would have to rely on her wits and fortitude to see her through the days ahead.
She composed herself and knew that crying would not solve anything.
She knew she could not give the enemy the satisfaction of knowing they had ruined her life.
She decided to make the best of the situation and persevere.
"Yes" she thought, "I will survive".
But first she knew she must explore.
The island was a paradise.
There were flowers and fruit trees in abundance.
Jessica strolled through the undergrowth, and marvelled at her new home.
Birds called to her and the soft warm breezes made her feel renewed.

Jessica came upon a small clearing and saw a large pool of fresh water.
It was beautiful.
A small waterfall fed the pond and it was surrounded by large flat rocks that begged for the attentions of someone to sun themselves on their warm dry surfaces.
She slipped off the remains of her tattered nightgown and dove into the clear inviting water.
Its cool sensations excited her body and she let the moment take her.
She wondered if it was how it must have been in the Garden of Eden, as she lazily floated on her back admiring the blueness of the sky above.
The islands new inhabitant finished her swim and lay upon a warm rock munching some fruit.
Her naked body content and warm under the afternoon sun.

The days drifted into weeks.
Jessica explored her new home and became one with her surroundings.
She was happy, save for the knowledge that she was not complete without someone special to share her world with.
She spent her days lying naked on the beach, her body becoming tanned and natural.
Her nights spent in a shelter by the pool listening to the myriads of birds singing her to sleep.
Losing herself in thoughts once again of her special and mysterious lover.
Praying as she did when she was at home that he would come and please her, take her, and make her happy.

Jessica made her way to the beach.
Searching for bits of wood and anything that may be of use to her that had washed up in the night, when a familiar sound made her freeze in her tracks; It was a mans cough.
She felt the fear rising as she cautiously made her way to the beach.
Keeping a watchful eye and making each step as silent as possible.
At the edge of the trees she saw the new visitor to her island paradise. "Oh God what have you done to me?" Jessica cried out softly.
She watched the lone sailor crawl out of the waves.
She saw the dingy white shirt and crushed cap of a U-Boat captain.
His beard rough and sun glistening off the golden eagle of his visor.
Her head was swimming with all the stories she had heard about the "Evil Germans" and what they would do to her if they ever caught her.
But for a strange reason Jessica could not feel anything but pity for this stranger who was so helpless and tired.
She knew the feelings well and wished them on no one.

He lay collapsed on the sand, as she cautiously walked out on the warm sand.
Standing over him she looked upon his face.
His eyes shut his face covered in grime from oil and soot.
Jessica was torn between wanting to run for her life and help the poor man.
The captains eyes weakly opened and a light smile crossed his lips.
He whispered to her with a voice as low and gentle as the soft breath of a kitten, something in a language she knew not.
She knew he was not the threat she had imagined but she remained hesitant.
Jessica smiled back and wiped his brow.

His hand reached to her face and gave her cheek a soft caress as he moaned and sank into unconsciousness.
Confusion gripped Jessica.
She knew not why.
There was something about this man that made her heart sing yet he was her enemy.
She knew however that she could not let the man die.
At least he would be company.
She hurryingly made a stretcher out of branches and began the long and tedious chore of dragging the captain back to her small shelter by the pool.
She sheltered him from the growing chills of the night and held her body close, enjoying every beat of his heart and comforted by the touch of another person.
She soothed the night demons away from him when they came to his mind and gave him fresh water.
At times she would hug him close as his body shivered and he called out strange commands in a language she did not understand.
She knew it would be a long and torturous night.

The sound of a parrot and the rays of a new day greeted Jessica awake.
She stretched and smiled in the comfort of the morning.
"was it all a dream?" she thought.
She looked beside her and saw the officers cap.
But he was nowhere to be seen. Jessica became very afraid.
After all she thought; "he was the enemy".
She walked to the edge of the pond and sat looking into the clear water.
Thoughts of having someone to share her island with were so pleasant but now he was gone.
Jessica wept. wept, as much from fear as the overwhelming feeling of loneliness thrust upon her once again.
The snap of a twig brought her back to reality as she turned to see him.
She tried to hide her tears but he knew.
In his strong hands he had exotic fruits.
She backed away momentarily as he reached out and offered her breakfast.
"Danke Freulein" he said.
He took off his shirt and draped it around Jessicas naked shoulders.
She looked up at him and was met by his steel blue eyes, and smiling face.
He pointed to himself and whispered "Mein name ist Erik".
Erik was a strong man and a born leader of the great wolfpacs.
But he was as lost in the mysteries of love as any other.
He knew that for her to be truly comfortable with him, she must come to him under her own terms.
He turned and walked away, leaving her to enjoy her meal in peace.
He had much to do.

Over the next few days Jessica watched him from the safety of the trees, as he busied himself with making a signal fire and a small hut on the other side of the island.
Occasionally he would see her and wave.
She would timidly wave back but could not bring herself to rise above the fear and go to him.
She always kept a safe distance.

The afternoon was hot and Jessica dove into the cool water letting the wetness fill every pore, toying with her body and bringing the bliss of sensations of passion.
She dreamed as she had many times before and swam to the middle of the pond.
Letting herself lie back in the water.
Her breasts thrusting from the surface, the gentle currents of the water teasing her legs.
She closed her eyes and mused of erotic adventures with her mysterious lover.
A small ripple of water passed over her face, and she sat upright, to be greeted by the sight of the captain as his naked body slid slowly into the water.
He came no further but sat in the water and smiled at her.
Jessica knew.
All her fears vanished, and she swam to him.
Their two souls transcending the bounds of a common tongue.
To speak the universal language of God.
The language of Love unspoken.
They embraced.

Eriks strong arms held her as their passion built, layer upon layer.
All the years of loneliness for both of them vanished in an instant as the two lovers became one.
Jessica threw her head back looking to the sky as his gentle kisses teased her neck.
Her body awake and longing for the energy of his touch.
Jessicas legs parted and encircled his hips.
Her hands scratching at the taunt muscles of his back.
His moans of pleasure betraying the wanting lust of a lifetime.
He softly gave to her wetness the gift of a mans desire.
She gave to him the gift of a ladies heart.
The birds in the trees took flight from Jessicas screams of orgasmic ecstasy; screams from the pleasures of two lovers meant to be and together at last.
Both knowing and loving as the heavens smiled in approval.
How long it had been was unknown to Jessica.
The two lovers lay on a flat rock and held each other, enjoying the afterglow of a love so perfect and welcomed, a love that was meant to be.

The days progressed with wild abandon, as Jessica and her Captain became closer.
The days spent strolling the beach, and gathering fruit. The nights spent in each others arms.
Two sets of eyes looking at the stars, yet both as one mind knowing the thoughts of the other.
Words were not needed.
Each knowing the others desires by a mere look or seductive glance.
It was like there was no one else in the world.
The problems of the earth, and the war seemed light years away, leaving in its wake only the joys of passion.
The two kept the signal fire going in the oft chance of a passing ship seeing their plight and bringing them home to loved ones so dear.
Yet in their hearts neither was optimistic about rescue.
It had been too long. A ship had not been seen passing since her terrible day.
However; the two kept the fire going nonetheless, as if an act of defiance to logic and their own realities.

The noonday sun was hot.
Jessica sat between her lovers legs as the two gazed over the ocean teased by the gentle waves.
Erik massaged her shoulders and she coo'd in delight at his touch.
His hands reaching around her and caressing the tanned soft skin of her firm breasts. Jessica sighed and smiled as his fingers toyed with her erect nipples, her passion building as her hands grabbed his legs and she pushed herself into him slowly.
Her toes dug into the wet sand as his lips kissed her neck, sending waves of pleasure over her naked body.
His fingers tracing a path to her wetness patiently while she writhed in ecstasy.
Her legs parted and accepted his loving touch.

She moaned loudly, as his fingers found her clit and massaged it gently. sensual caresses descended to the wet lips of her vagina, and entered her easily as he brought her to the brink of orgasmic pleasure.
She needed him inside her, and Erik knew.
Erik lay his lady love back upon the moist sand.
Her hair being caressed by each small ripple as the water flowed upon the two with every moan of his lust.
Jessica was clawing at the sand, digging small trenches with her fingers from the sensations.
Her wetness enjoyed the bliss of his loving touch.
Her legs over his tanned shoulders as she let the happiness of the orgasm waft over her from each thrust of his hard cock.
He grabbed her hips roughly, Jessica felt each drop of his gift to her, while his body hugged her tight.
She took his hands in hers as they lay together and listened to the others breathing subside from the moment of nirvana.
All was quiet save for the constant pulsating of the waves, and their love.

Jessica sat up and looked out over the blue water.
Enjoying the warmth and feeling that comes from receiving the unconditional gift of another.
In the distance something caught her eye.
It was faint at first, but slowly it took upon itself a recognizable form, "a SHIP!"
Mixed feelings overcame her as she shook her lover out of his sleep.
She smiled at him and gestured towards the sea.
Both knew as one, exactly what they had to do.
They were running as fast as they could for the signal fire.
Both knew in their hearts that this would be their only chance.
If they failed they knew the sadness would be unbearable.
Erik pulled her along when she faltered.
They only had one chance.
Both were praying they would not be too late to do what had to be done.

They arrived at the signal fire, its embers still glowing from the night before.
Small wisps of smoke trailed into the air.
All it would take was some green leaves and they would be rescued.
The ship was clearly visible in the distance and close enough to see any signal they could send. Jessica took Eriks hand.
The two lovers smiled at one another. Erik kicked dirt over the fire.

Jessica and her Captain sat by the coals and watched the embers die, while the ship slowly sailed out of site.

Embracing, they kissed. Lost in each others love forever.

The End

Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

by Brian

She awoke to feel his hand sliding gently over her stomach and up to cup one breast.
The feeling of his chest pressed into her back and his fingers starting to explore her nipple sent a brief shiver through her body.
She responded by pressing her pert, tight ass back against him, to feel his cock starting to harden against the crack in her cheeks.

"Hmm" she murmured as his fingers tightened on an already swelling nipple.
She felt his breath against her neck as he gently slid his tongue up the side of her neck and around and in her ear.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Darling" he whispered as his tongue withdrew, then slid back inside her ear.

She responded by stirring once more, pushing harder this time back against his cock.
She shifted slightly, to feel the moisture it was making as it slid gently against her bum.
His other arm snaked between her neck and shoulder and reached down to squeezed her other breast.
"Harder" she whispered, knowing the extra pleasure a little pain gave her.
"More" she demanded as he continued to squeeze her breasts and pinch the nipples between his thumb and fingers while sliding his wet tongue around and into her ear.

Twisting around in his arms, she pressed her lips tight to his In a kiss that seemed to last forever.
His agile tongue explored every crevice in her mouth, and she responded with her own deep into his mouth.
As they pulled apart, he trapped her lower lip with his teeth and bit gently.
Her arms tightened around him as she offered her mouth back to him, feeling his tongue penetrate once more, and knowing that soon it would be her turn for her mouth to taste other parts.

Pushing him gently away, she knelt beside him and lowered her head between his legs.
Like an ice cream cone, she first licked the whole length of him, then opened her mouth and sucked his balls in, using her tongue to lick the underside of the heavy sack.
She felt the hard length of him resting against her cheek, and watched as a drop of moisture formed at the end.
As if this was a signal, she placed her mouth over the end of his cock and then slowly slid the whole length into her mouth and down her throat.

He reached over to slide his hand between her legs, feeling instantly the heat and wetness there.
His fingers slid gently over lips that only the night before had been shaven smooth in anticipation of this morning.
First one, then two fingers slid and explored inside her in a rhythm that matched that of her mouth on his cock.
She moved to straddle him, wanting to feel his tongue exploring her cunt, and the exquisite feel of his mouth sucking and nibbling on her clit.
He responded exactly as she knew he would, first sliding his tongue deep inside, then sucking first one of her outer lips into his moth and biting gently with his teeth, then repeating with the other.
At last his tongue and mouth found her clit, and she gasped as he sucked the button hard into his mouth and held it there.
"Aahh! Not fair" she cried as the first waves of pleasure pulsed up from between her legs.
His response was to suck harder and slide two fingers deep inside.
"Tease!' she muttered as she swallowed his cock deep into her mouth once more.

His mouth and fingers continued the exploration of her.
She felt him spread the wetness that was flowing from her cunt around her bum, and a finger slide gently but deep inside as he continued to lick and suck on her clit.
She sat up over his face and gave herself up to the waves of orgasm that flowed like the river of moisture flowing out of her.
His fingers, mouth, and tongue seemed to be everywhere between her legs as she abandoned herself to the pleasure.
Throwing her head back, she heard herself yell, "Fuck me! Oooh yes! More! I love you! I want you! More!" then "Yess, yess ,yes!" as the waves crashed over her once more.

She felt his hands leave between her legs and grip her thighs, lift her off and gently lay her on her back.
Instinctively, she spread her legs and lifted her knees as he knelt between her legs.
She lifted her head and watched as he gripped his cock in one hand and ran the tip up and down the wetness between her legs.
"Tease!" she muttered as she felt the spasms start once more as his cock found her clit.
"Not fair!" as the rubbing intensified and she felt her second orgasm starting to swell inside.
His timing was perfect as he slid deep inside and locked himself hard up inside her.
No movement was necessary as she felt the pressure from his cock filling her completely and her muscles instinctively tightening around him.
She came a second time, holding him tightly, whispering this time how much she loved him, how she wanted him.

She sensed rather than felt the slight movement as her remained deep inside her.
There was first a little more pressure on her clit, then a slight release, and then she felt a slight twitch from the tip of his cock against the muscles of her vagina.
The movement slowly grew until at last he was stroking long and rhythmically within her.
She started to match his thrusts, pushing against him and tightening the muscles deep inside her cunt as her probed inside. "God" she thought, this is a miracle" as she remembered St Valentine, patron saint of lovers.
Still the stroking continued, long and deep as if each wanted to lock deep inside the other.
She had known other men, but this one she wanted to keep forever.
As her senses responded, she knew this was not just any man, this was her friend, her lover, her companion, and her life.

His rhythm started to increase, each thrust coming slightly quicker that the last, but still just as deep and satisfying.
He breathed deeply, inhaling the smell of her, of both, the odor that only two lovers can make.
With out knowing it, his thoughts matched hers.
This was the woman who made him come alive, who made him laugh, who was his friend, his lover, and his life.
He tightened his arms around her, and felt her respond by holding him tighter.
Still thrusting, he marveled at how her response, her insistent thrusting against him only prolonged his final coming.
It was as if they were so perfectly matched each wanting more to give the other pleasure, than to take it.

At last he felt the first tremors starting at the tip of his cock and radiating out to his body.
At the same time he felt her push harder and more insistently against him.
Their eyes met, locked together, and as they looked into each other's souls he felt the release building.
Like an orchestra finale, the crescendo grew greater as they pounded hard against each other until he felt his come jetting deep inside her as they both climaxed together.

For several minutes they remained locked together, gently thrusting to keep the contact deep inside while their mouths once again explored each other and their hands brushed lightly over places that each knew gave the other pleasure.
No words were necessary as they rolled apart, then settled back side by side, continuing to hold each other, and drifted off into the peaceful sleep that follows a perfect love making.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Vegas Trip to Remember

by Anonymous

Every year the sign business has a large convention that we like to attend. Last year the convention was held in Las Vegas.
I talked my wife, Donna, into some needed time-off from family duties and flying out with me, making a mini vacation out of the whole thing.

Once we arrived and checked into the motel I got in touch with Steven, a ham radio friend that I had been talking to off and on for years, but had never met.
After discussing our schedules for the next few days, I decided that Donna and I could unpack and relax for the rest of the afternoon and meet Steven later for dinner at the restaurant in the lobby.

Steven never took his eyes off Donna as I made the introductions.
Of course she looked great that night.
Donna is a 5' 6" redhead with green eyes. She's an attractive woman, not a model but very sensual.
She has a few extra pounds here and there but that only adds to her feminine sexuality.

That night Donna was wearing a black knit skirt, red satin blouse, stockings, and heels.
She looked fantastic and obviously felt so as well.
Throughout the evening Donna was having a great time, with Steven on one arm and myself on the other.
Donna was the center of our attention, both of us flirting with her and Donna loving every minute of it.

When we turned in that night Donna wasted no time in initiating sex.
During our lovemaking I noticed how hot and wet she was.
When I asked her about this she blushed and admitted that being escorted all night long by two attractive men had really turned her on.
I told her that I also enjoyed watching her flirt with Steven.

During the next several days things progressed along the same lines.
Steven and me lavishing attention on my wife, and later in the evening Donna and I fucking like newlyweds.

On our last night in town we decided to do it up big.
First we went to dinner, then dancing.
Donna was almost always on the dance floor, either Steven or myself.
Donna made it a point to dance several slow dances with each of us, each time holding us close to her body.

Back at the hotel we stopped in at the hotel bar.
After a few drinks the conversation started drifting towards sex, jokes and subtle comments flying right and left.
The electricity around the table was getting pretty strong. Steven made it no secret that he was attracted to Donna but limited himself to heavy flirting.

While Donna had her hand on my leg, I couldn't help thinking where she would have her hands if I wasn't with her.
Just thinking about it was giving me a raging hard-on.

Donna and I had talked about fantasies where we have a threesome with another man, but we never found anyone that we not only felt comfortable with, but who we could safely ask without risking our friendship with him if he refused.

I knew this was the perfect chance to make our fantasy a reality but I couldn't figure out how I could ask Steven if he wanted to come upstairs and join us in bed.
I was pretty sure both Donna and Steven would agree in a heartbeat, but if they didn't I'd be the one looking like a fool.
So I suggested that we have a nightcap in our room before turning in, telling Steven we always pack some Irish Mist when we travel.
He said it sounded great and that he would be up in a few minutes.

Once in the elevator I pulled Donna close against me, my hard cock pressing against her bottom through our clothes.
Commenting on my obvious condition she asked what I was thinking of.

"Watching Mike's cock slide into your pussy," I told her.

"Are you sure about this?" "What do you think," I replied and I held her hand tight against my cock.

"OK then. Just hold that thought."

When we got into our room Donna removed her shoes, stockings, and panties, setting them on the table so that Steven would see them.
She then moved one of the stuffed chairs into a position so it faced the other chair, then sat down.

When Steven arrived I settled myself on the bed and he sat in the chair across from Donna.
As we drank we resumed our discussion from the bar, as always centered around sex.
Donna slowly shifted her position and slid one of her legs onto the arm of the chair, which raised her skirt enough that I knew Steven must be getting and eyeful.

Obviously getting worked up and unsure what to do about it Steven jokingly said, "Donna please either cover that pretty little pussy of yours up or let me get a good look."

"Well for a good look," she said while raising her skirt "you'll have to get a little bit closer."

Steven started to get up but then paused and looked at me.
"Sounds like an invitation to me," I told him.

Steven wasted no time at all in getting his 'closer look'.
He knelt on the floor in front of Donna and began licking her pussy, while I started kissing her while fondling her tits through her blouse.

In just a few minutes Donna began shuddering with orgasm, pulling Mike's head harder against her pussy as she drove her tongue into my mouth.
Standing her up we removed my wife's sweaty clothes, and then she helped both of us strip.

Turning around, Donna bent over grabbing the back of the chair she had been sitting in and spread her legs apart.
Looking over her shoulder she told Steven, "Now it's your turn."

He moved up behind her, positioning the tip of his cock against her waiting pussy Steven entered her.
Holding her hips he fucked her, pulling almost all the way out, then driving his cock in again.

I stood close, mesmerized, watching my wife getting screwed by another man. Watching his cock, wet with her juices, sliding in and out of her pussy was the most erotic thing I've ever seen.
My cock was getting so hard it hurt.
I was afraid to touch myself at all for fear I'd cum right there.
Reaching his peak thrust harder and harder, finally holder her tight against him as he came inside her.

As soon as he pulled out of her I laid Donna down on the bed.
Putting her legs on my shoulders I rubbed the head of my cock against her slick pussy before sliding my cock inside her.

Her freshly fucked pussy was hot and wet with both his cum and hers. Knowing I was too excited to hold my orgasm back for too long, I started thrusting for all I was worth.
With our eyes locked together she mouthed to me, "I love you."

As my own orgasm overtook me I came saying, "I love you too Donna, oh god how I love you!"
As I rolled off her Steven came over to take my place between her legs.
He had been stroking himself while he watched us fuck, making himself hard again.
Holding Donna in my arms we began kissing deeply as Steven once again entered her pussy.
He went more slowly this time, his hands massaging her breasts as he fucked her.
Watching my wife getting slowly fucked by Steven, seeing her totally give in to her passion, was overwhelmingly erotic.
Within minutes my cock was hard again.

Throughout the evening we where constantly trying new positions.
Both Steven and I pleasing Donna with our hands, tongues, and cocks.
Being the sexual focus of two men was driving Donna crazy with passion.
Steven and I traded places several times, one of us fucking her, while the other one watched, sometimes pleasing Donna with our hands, sometimes having her suck our cocks.

When we finally reached the end of our endurance Steven returned to his room.
Donna and I took a long hot shower. Returning to bed we fell asleep holding on to each other.

The next morning Donna and I spent some time discussing the previous night's activities.
We both needed to know how we felt about what had happened before returning to our everyday lives.
We were able to accept the fact that adding another dimension to our sex life didn't effect our love for each other.

What we had done, we did as a couple in love with each other.
We met Steven at the airport and said our good-byes.
He thanked us for a memorable evening and told me what a special lady I had.
We thanked him for helping us make our fantasy come true.

While we haven't had another threesome since, we both have kept ourselves open to the idea.

I can't wait to tell her that Steven will be coming to town on business this next Friday and will be staying over the weekend.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lunch Time

by Bob

I hardly ever stop and eat lunch, but on this particular day I'm glad I did. It was well worth the time.

As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot a big black Lincoln pulled in ahead of me and parked. I parked next to it.
I waited for the passenger of the car to get out first before I opened my door.
Out stepped a well-dressed blonde and I couldn't help but notice her ass in my side mirror as she walked along side my truck.
Nice is not the proper description.
Real fine would be more appropriate.
Her husband, I assume, took her arm and they walked into the restaurant. I followed and saw them sit down at a table in the last isle.
I went down the same isle and sat in a cubical on the opposite side facing the blonde.
She was facing the outside wall of the room.

It was a hot, humid day outside and the air-conditioning felt good. I had a T-shirt, a pair of shorts and no underwear on.
I hate wearing them anyway.
I'd rather be free and loose.
I ordered a half a grinder and a large coke.
While I was waiting for my lunch to be prepared, out of the corner of my eyes I noticed the blonde was fanning her dress to cool her legs.
Each time she raised the hem of her dress, I was given full view of her crotch.

She caught me looking but didn't stop.
In fact she only spread her legs further apart and smiled.
This meant trouble.
I could not stop the natural effect she had on my cock.
It grew down the leg of my shorts and raised it like a tent.
This time I caught her looking as I tried to push it down and she smiled.
Both of our meals were delivered to us at about the same time and I started to eat my grinder.
She continued to move her legs in and out as if to be massaging her twat with her thighs. Nothing was changing in my territory either.
I had adjusted my shorts a little to make it more comfortable, but this only afforded her a better view of things.
She licked her lips as she stared and then winked her eyes at me.
I nearly gagged on the sandwich.
She was playing with me and doing a good job of it.
Just then she got up from her seat and walked to the ladies room.
Was her kneading thighs that effective?
Did she have a problem or just a call from Mother Nature?
When she returned, my questions were answered.
She sat back down, immediately swung her legs toward me and spread them wide.
She had gone in the bathroom and removed her panties.
I couldn't believe it.
I was now given a view that I thought was going to stop my heart.
I gulped as my mouth hung open and I noticed her laugh to herself.
They finished eating before I did.
I guess I was too pre-occupied with looking at certain things.
Her husband got up first and headed to the register to pay the bill.
She soon followed, but first stopped by my table and said, how was the dessert.
I said, it 'looked' awfully good, and only wished I wasn't on such a 'forced diet'.

She laughed, patted me on the shoulder and said thanks, maybe another time.
She left - never be seen again.
The waitress asked me if I needed anything else.
I thought a blowjob would be great, but I told her I'd like a cup of coffee.
I needed to sit there awhile and let things get back to normal before I tried to stand.

Monday, June 05, 2006

China Maid (Part 2)

by Bob

She said she was willing, but it will only make me sillier though.
I said who cares. She said sometimes I can't stop giggling and I get all dizzy.
In fact, I feel a little dizzy now. I wrapped my arms around her and said I won't let you fall.
She rested her head against my chest as I felt her lift her knee and rub it against the inside of my leg.
Her tits were pressing into my stomach.
She raised her knee even higher and softly pressed it in my crotch.
My cock responded by the effects of her touch.
She knew it as she carefully rubbed it with her knee.
I broke the embrace, as I was afraid of what I might do.
I didn't want to seem overly aggressive, but she seemed to be doing all of the instigating.
I poured the last of the wine in our glasses and handed hers' to her. She said, do you want me to get undressed now?
I said, what do you mean?
She said, Jeff always liked her to walk around the house naked at night.
I said, remember what Jeff did in the past is history.
I don't expect you to do things the way he wanted you to do them.
She said, I just want you to be so happy with me.
I said, I am and if any clothes were to come off, I would do the undressing.
She said, um O.K.

I think I will make a small fire.
It wasn't that difficult as the fireplace was gas fed.
All I needed to do was turn the switch and a self-igniter lit the fire.
As I lit the fire Won Lee turned on the stereo and tuned in some soft pillow talk music.
I sat down on the floor by the fire and Won Lee joined me.
This time I'll go first as I took one of her feet in my hand.
I took off one shoe and then the other.
As I massaged her feet, her legs relaxed and opened slightly.
As I molded one foot in my hand I could see the white nylon material of her panties framed between her legs.
I caressed her calf and knee as she lifted her leg up for me.
As her knee bent her legs widened and was afforded more of a view.
Her cunt glistened in the flames of the fire.
She said ooh that feels so good.
It makes my head spin.

I ventured my hand further up her leg and softly trickled my fingers down the inside of her thigh.
She giggled and twisted on the floor.
She said, I told you I am ticklish.
I continued to torment her as she kicked her legs in the air.
She fell over on her back and this tickling and kicking caused her skirt to bunch up around her waist.
My cock was now pushing at the limits of my slacks.
The fire, wine and sight of her on the floor were driving me insane.
If Jeff had her walking around the house naked, then I certainly shouldn't feel guilty about playing with her on the floor.
After all I think she knew very well what was going on.
I stopped my torment, took my wine and laid down on the floor beside her.
I propped my head on my elbow and sipped some of my wine.
Won Lee sat up and then kneeled by my side.
She did not adjust her skirt.
I was still hiked up around her waist.
She even pulled it up a little higher so that she could maneuver around on her knees.
She took my shoes and sox off and bent down and sucked my big toe in her mouth.
In her position her ass was facing me.
I could see the fire between her legs and her flimsy nylon covered pussy.
A camera shot of that would have been a 'keeper'.

She stopped sucking on my toe and ran her hand up the cuff of my trousers.
She rubbed my leg and her eyes went to the bulge in front of my pants.
She said you have a 'boner' and before I could reflect on her comment, she took her hands, undid my belt and unzipped my pants.
She said it must be very uncomfortable with these on.
She worked my pants down my legs and took them off.
She looked back at my crotch and asked me if I wanted her to take off my shorts too.
I said not right now.
She moved her hand to my crotch and pressed it on my cock and said O.K but it looks like it wants to come out. She squeezed it between her fingers.
It's so big.
I said lay back down here and finish your wine.
She did as I asked, but before she did she pulled her sweater out from the waistline of her skirt.
I knew I had to fuck her, but I wanted to make every moment count.
I didn't care if it took all night.
I asked her if she thought we should open another bottle of wine and she said she would have some if I was going to.

I got up and went to the wine rack and picked out another bottle. I opened it and returned to the fireside.
Won Lee was still lying on the rug by the fire but had pulled her skirt down some.
That only meant I would have to work it back up again.
I poured some of the wine in both of our glasses and put the bottle off to the side.
I got down on the rug beside her and took a sip of the wine.
My head was starting to spin a little. I had to make sure I didn't drink too much.
I wanted to make sure I was in control of myself.
I had drunk twice as much as she had, but her low tolerance for alcohol had us feeling rather equal.
I asked her how she felt and she said she felt just wonderful, but maybe I should feel her to make sure.
Now she was playing with words.
I said you are teasing me and got on mt knees so I could tickle her ribs.
Her bodily reaction to being tickled would cause her skirt to move back up again.
I could just pull it up, but I'd rather prolong the attempt.
As I tickled her sides she did squirm all over the floor.
She took one hand and was squeezing my arm in agony.
She was strong for such a person of her stature.
I slid my hands up under her sweater as I tickled her.
Her sweater was pushed up her waist and now her skirt was also back up around her waist.
There was one thing different though.
While I was getting the wine she had removed her panties.
That is why she had repositioned her skirt.
My tickling now became more of a caress as I ran my hands up beneath her sweater.
I ran them slowly along the sides of her tits and rather from being tickled but from enjoyment she repositioned her body so that her splayed legs were now in front of me.
I was kneeling between her legs and her naked cunt was right in front of me on the floor.
I tickled her one more time on her ribs and she arched her back and lifted her ass off the floor.
She was gyrating her cunt right in front of my face.
I couldn't resist. I moved my hands down to support her hips and lowered my head to her.
I slowly kissed her abdomen and down the inner-side of one leg. She was moving her hips slowly now in response to my attention.
I looked down at her face as she lay there.
Her eyes were closed and her hands were at her tits.
She was caressing her tits while I was kissing her.
I took my tongue and drew it up her leg and into her pussy.
She moaned with ecstasy.
I stuck my tongue in and found her clit with little problem.
It was very rigid.
I licked it from side to side, up and down as her hip movements began to increase.
She was moving her hips up and down as if she was fucking my face.
I continued to work on her sweet spot until she shook all over and her legs became tense.
Her cunt began to flow from the juices buried deep within.
I lowered her hips to the floor and drew my tongue up her stomach as I pushed her sweater forward.
She assisted me by pulling her sweater up over her tits.
I reached up and undid the clasp that was on the front of her bra.
Quite convenient if I say so myself, rather than one with the clasp in back.
I laid the cups of her bra open and there were two perfectly formed tits shining in the firelight.
They were not very large, but much larger than normal for most oriental women.
They were probably a 'C' cup.
Definitely more than I could fit in one hand.
I caressed them as she took her hips and was now rubbing her cunt against the front of me.
She was grinding her cunt as best she could against my cock, holding my arms, with here hands rubbing up and down them.
She opened her eyes, lowered her body and said now me.

She started to get up and I said wait.
She paused as I lifted her sweater over her head.
Her bra fell to the floor.
She moved her legs and pushed me to the floor. She said, now these come off whether you like it or not.
She drew my shorts down my legs and threw them aside.
I said I like a woman who takes control of things.
She said my goodness as she took my cock in her hand; this is one big cock. I like it. I said I'm glad you approve.
She moved up along my side and unbuttoned my shirt.
'I take this off too'.
She slipped it under me and tossed it over with my shorts.
As she kneeled there she reached around her back and unzipped her skirt and took it off over her head.
We were both completely naked.
She directed her attention back to my cock.
She stroked it up and down very slowly as if she was measuring it in her mind. I could see her eyes staring at it in awe as she rubbed its' head between her fingers.
She said, you much bigger.
I said, if you are referring to Jeff, I don't want to her anymore about him.
She said I'm sorry and bent forward and kissed it.
She kissed up and down all 8 inches of it and kissed my balls too.
Then she took it in her mouth.
She ran her tongue around the head with such precision I was flabbergasted.
Her head moved up and down as she tried to engulf all of it in her mouth but she couldn't.
She held it in her hand and again kissed it as if it were some long lost treasure she had found and was so happy to see it.
She stroked it up and down some more.
Her lips were pursed as she stroked, with such dedicated duty.
I took my right hand and caressed her ass and worked my fingers between her legs to toy with her pussy again.
I stuck one finger in her hole and rubbed my thumb along her asshole.
She pushed her hips back at my hand as she reinserted my cock back in her mouth and continued to suck away.
I could feel my balls fill and it wouldn't be long before I came.
She increased the action, as she must have realized it too.
Then it all let go.
I came in her mouth and she took all in without losing a single droplet.
I removed my hand from her cunt and took her arm and pulled her down by my side.
I kissed her and said that was wonderful.
She said I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed what you did for me too.
We lay there in each other's arms for some time and had some more wine together.

I ran my fingers up and own her body thinking back to my old apartment.
I had never had such a wonderful evening.
She was so special and seemed to care for my every need.
She was diddling her hand down around my cock and had revived it. She was now stroking it up and down again.
She said now that I have this back up again, would you like to fuck me. I said it would be my pleasure.
She said I think it will be a pleasure for both of us then.
She asked, 'what position do you want me in'?
I said surprise me, you choose.
With that she got up and sat on my stomach.
She slid her ass back and forth on my cock while I held my hands on her waist.
She took my hands and brought them up to her tits.
She then took one hand down between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy.
Slowly she lowered herself down on it.
Um, um, oh yeah, as she began to ride it up and down.
She had now worked the entire length of it inside her.
I don't know how she was able to take it all, but they say women are able to take a lot more than we think and she proved it.
Up and down just like a horse on a merry-go-round.
She braced herself with her hands on my chest and slid the full length of my cock in and out of her.
I arched my back in attempt to meet her every drive.
As she lowered herself down on me I drove in harder each time.
She leaned forward as I now took control of the movement.
I grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass and drove my cock in her repeatedly until I finally started to cum.
I drew out of her and let it fly on her backside.
She sat back up again and reached around her back and spread my cum all over her body.
She licked her fingers and said I like the taste of you. I drew her down and kissed her.
I looked her straight in her eyes and said you are one hell of a girl.
I hope you never have to leave.

As time went on we became more and more familiar with each other's likes and dislikes.
She seemed to take care of any of my wishes.
She was an excellent cook, an excellent house cleaner, and an excellent wife.
Yes I realized that I would never find another woman in my life that I enjoyed being with or could care for me as much as we now care for each other. I
asked her to marry me and never leave my side.
We now have an extra room in the house and are trying to fill that.
Not with another maid though, I don't need a maid, I have Won Lee my wife.