Saturday, June 13, 2009

A night to remember

(June 2001)

On a very sultry night last July, I went to a theme party - “ Gone with the Wind”, Corny, yeah, but it allows everyone to dress up and party. My partner Sue had broken her knee and was in plaster and we had had no real sex for weeks so she knew that I might get up to no good and stay out all night. She grumbled but gave my cock a friendly suck before wishing me luck. She insisted I must tell her everything that happened, when and if I got back. Some hope. Dream on….

At the party, the film was being shown on a big screen and lots of people had dressed up as Rhett Butler and Scarlett. I had put on false bushy eyebrows and a red waistcoat and wore a big Stetson hat. I thought I looked cool – and fucking stupid!

There were some hot chicks around and a lot of booze – wine; Bud and Southern Comfort. I took a few glasses of wine and worked the rooms. After a while in the garden, I saw a foxy babe who had long red hair. She looked about 25 and had terrific tits and long, long legs. She saw me looking at her and I just knew my luck was in. I made my way over to her and started to chat her up. She was on wine but had finished her glass, so she shared mine, dribbling a bit back into the glass. WOW. I leant over and gave her a kiss which she really enjoyed, swirling her tongue around my mouth and nibbling my lip.

Her name was Geraldine “ Ger” for short. “ Dave” I said. We chatted for a while, then she said she had been invited on her own and was looking for a “ friend” – talk about being obvious. I said I was very available but I had to know if the red hair was real –

“ Do the collars and cuffs match?” “ You’ll have to wait to find out “she said, “ what about bringing me home? I’m bored with this, are you?”

Jesus, I could hardly believe my luck. “Sure”, I said, gulping my drink and taking her hand. We said goodbye to our hosts who were fairly well on anyway, took a couple of bottles and went to my car. As soon as I got in she started to stroke my cock through my trousers. “Stop it, I said, “ Its bad enough to be dressed up in this fucking gear. If a cop stops us, I don’t want my cock on public view” “ You can put the Stetson over it,” she giggled, although it might not fit” mmmm

She told me where she lived, a suburb in South Dublin. I drove as carefully as I could and we pulled into a drive of a nice house. “ Good, my sister isn’t home yet” she said. “ We share the house. Come on”

Once inside, she brought me upstairs to her “flat” and fell on my pants, pulling them down and freeing my cock which was as stiff as stiff could be and hot to trot. She clamped her lips around the head and started to wank my cock up and down. I pulled her up and gave her a real tongue lashing – right down her throat and got her dress off. No bra but she had tiny skimpy panties on, -a thong - so at last I would find out about her colour. Her panties were really sopping wet as I pulled them down YES!!! she had a neatly trimmed RED bush and I put my hand into her dripping snatch as she moved her legs to let my fingers get into her cunt.

“Lets’ get out of these clothes and have a shower” she said. I didn’t need any encouragement. She led me into a bathroom off her bedroom and there was a big shower stall. “First, I gotta piss” she said, I needed one too. She squatted over the loo and I could see the full golden stream flow out. It was fantastically sexy so I aimed into the shower stall and a huge long string of pee hit the tiles. She laughed.

“ That was what was keeping it stiff, yeah ?” “No way, I said, I’ll show you”

We climbed into the shower and first she put her arms around my neck and her tongue snaked into my mouth. She began squirming against my body and grinding her hips against my hard cock. We disentangled and lathered each other all over with gel, massaging our bodies and pressing our hands and fingers into each other’s sex equipment. She took my cock with her two hands and gently massaged it, reaching under my balls, feeling and washing my scrotum. I felt her gorgeous tits and squeezed her nipples, rolling them in my fingers until they were like bullets. She was squealing with sex and urgent passion. I reached between her legs and slid one finger and then another into her cunt, stroking the lips and finding her clit which was already poking out. I reached around to slip a finger up her asshole but she murmured “ No, not there”, tightening the lovely cheeks of her arse, but she did lube a finger with gel and reached around and shoved it up my ass which felt wonderful.

She pushed her finger in and out, I bent to ease her way, then she took it out and put it in her mouth and sucked it slowly. My cock was really hard and I knew I had to get out, so we pulled down towels and started to dry each other – concentrating on the sexy parts. Ger took my cock and holding it up, licked and sucked my balls into her mouth. We tumbled onto the bed and I pulled her into a 69, because if there is one thing I am really good at, it is licking cunt, particularly wet slimy ones. I can spend hours flicking and sucking and have happily sucked fresh cum out of overflowing cunts at a group session, but that’s another story.

Ger’s cunt was dribbling her juices and her clit was well out of its hiding place. I spread her legs as wide as they would go and put my wet fingers into her lips. I licked them gently while stroking her clit and rolling it in my fingers. I got a finger inside her and pushed it in and out, rubbing against her clit each time. Ger was going wild, her ass clenching and driving down on my face. She was sucking on my cock, right down to the root and squeezing my hardening balls. I kept licking and flicking with my tongue and holding her ass in place.

I knew I couldn’t hold much longer, then she started to twitch and thrash, I held her cunt open and my lips clamped on her clit, Suddenly, I thought she had peed herself, there was so much of her cum which I sucked and swallowed, I love the taste. “ I’m coming too“ I shouted, and she started to wank me firmly while sucking on my cockhead. She squeezed my balls and I shot a load of cum into her mouth and squirted again and again. She took it all and licked my cock until it was clean of cum.

We collapsed onto the bed, sweating and panting. “Fuck” she said, “ Where did you learn to eat cunt like that?” “ At my mothers’ tits, “ I grinned. “I do get complimented on technique, from time to time. Your blowjob and nut squeezing was fantastic. Lots of girls don’t like to swallow cum”. “I love it” said Ger, “I’d bottle it if I could”

We opened one of the bottles I had nicked and lay happily fiddling with each other. Ger dribbled wine onto my cock which had got hard again and then licked it off. I licked her nipples while she moaned happily. Slowly, we got aroused and began to play with each other lazily and confidently.

Again, I started to nibble on her labia and spread them with my fingers showing the pink wet pussy inside. Ger was wanking my cock gently, slowly bringing her hand up and down the shaft and running her fingers around the cockhead. After a while of this, I flipped her over into a doggy position and rammed my cock into her sopping cunt. I rode her hard, she was moaning and shouting “ Fuck me “, After about a minute or so I felt the build-up and shouted

“ Yeah, well here it comes” as another huge delivery of juicy cum shot up her cunt. I began to slow down, drawing my cock out to the edge of her lips. Her muscles tightened to keep me in. My cock was getting limp and it came out with a wet plop and we fell back on the bed. During our session, I had heard the hall door bang and Ger said, “ That’s’ my little sister coming in. She is the slut of the family” I didn’t pay much attention – I was devoted to screwing Ger into the bedhead.

I fell asleep and thought at some time I heard an alarm clock ring. Still half asleep I felt my cock being stroked and sucked and cool fingers fondling my balls. I sighed happily and looked down. The bed-side light was on and I saw a tangle of blonde hair - not red hair was on my stomach. “ What the fuck.” The blonde head came up and it was a gorgeous young sexy face, covered with sweat and slime. “ I’m Jo, Ger’s sister” while her hand began wanking my cock furiously. “ That’s’ Brian there” and she nodded to the corner near the door where a guy was standing and Gers hungry mouth was sucking his cock which looked huge, at least 10 inches and thick. His eyes were closed tightly; his hands were clenched and his knees were shaking, he was going to pop his bollocks soon.

Meantime, Jo had hoisted her ass over my face and, joy of joys – she was totally bald and shaven. Her young tight cheeks were covered in sweat and her puckered asshole was just waiting to be licked. I spread her cheeks with my hands and put my tongue into the crack and pushed the tip into her arse. “Mmmm “ she moaned and wiggled her ass.

She likes this, I thought. I concentrated on her cunt which was small and tight with prominent lips. Her clit was nowhere to be seen, so I went right up into her cunt with my tongue, licking and spreading. Her cunt started to spew out a cascade of juices which I lapped up greedily. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot what seemed like a lake of cum right into her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop and squeezed my balls to get the last drop out, milking my cock all the time.

At the same time, with a terrible groan, Brian arched his back and thrust forward into Ger’s mouth. He never seemed to stop trembling and shaking; some of his wad came out of her mouth but she licked her lips and took it all.

Jo turned and drooled some cum from her mouth onto my cock and then licked it off again. Fuck me, I thought, this is unbelievable.

Then, Ger and Jo got together and kissed, mingling their mouthfuls of cum, Brian’s and mine. It was fantastically sexy to watch. Jo squirmed up to me and kissed me full on the mouth. She swilled around the cum in her mouth and pushed it into mine. Jesus, this was mind-blowing. I looked over her shoulder and Ger was doing the same to Brian. They joined us on the bed and we kissed stroked and fondled for a while – Brian even stroked my cock - then we lay back and I asked “ So, tell me all”.

“ Jo, Joanne, is my baby sister,” said Ger, “ She’s 20, a student nurse in an urological / impotence clinic so she gets to see a lot of mens’ cocks, cum and equipment.” We all giggled at this.“ I’m an airline cabin crew, so I’m away a lot, but when I am here, we go out “ hunting” on weekends and what we capture we share, right Jo?”
“That’s right” said, Jo, “ so come on Dave, you’re coming with me, and leave these two up here” Ger muttered to me “ Jo’s really adventurous”, and to her sister, she whispered, “ Dave has the best tongue ever ”. Jo grabbed my hand and dragged me off the bed and out of the room.

We scampered down the stairs and into Jo’s flat. This was much bigger than the one upstairs, but Jo explained, “We inherited this house and as I am here most of the time, I got the bigger flat – but we share it when we have friends in,” she smiled wickedly, putting her hands under my balls. My cock started coming to attention again.

“Let’s have a real shower and get the some of that cunt’s smell off you. “ Nice description of her sister, I thought. “ What about Brian’s cum all over you,” I said. “Bingo”, she said, “ Lets go” and she walked into the bedroom.

WOW, this was something else. The ceilings were covered in mirrors and there was a huge bed – much bigger than normal. On the walls were very erotic pictures of guys and gals fucking and sucking and butt-fucking. On a bureau there was an assortment of vibrators and dildos. There were fur covered handcuffs and other bondage stuff including a cane and a riding whip which seemed to have some specks of blood on it. There were tubes of KY Jelly and vaseline and other oils.

“ Are you sure you are a Nurse and not a Pro, a real hooker, “ I asked, eyeing all this sexy equipment, dubiously.

“ No,” she laughed, “ I’m the slut of the family, but most of my nurse friends and Gers’ high flying pals love to use all this stuff and more when they come over. We have a few group sessions here where fucking everything goes”

She was holding onto my cock and leading me towards a door into her bathroom – another surprise.

Instead of a single shower stall, the entire area had been tiled and power shower nozzles pointed out from the walls and the ceiling. “ This is a great turn-on with the guys who grope and finger everything in sight” laughed Jo. There was a loo in the corner and a bidet and hand basin. The whole area reeked of sexual activity.

Jo looked more like sixteen than 20. Her tits were small and firm and her bald cunt was smooth and already slimy. She was a bit smaller than Ger but her ass was tight and luscious and her legs slim and long. What she lacked in years she made up for in enthusiasm – and imagination. She laughed a lot which I liked.

She turned on the power showers and the spray of water nearly knocked us over. We clasped onto each other and her legs went between mine, nudging my bollocks and cock and my tongue went down her throat. We felt and groped every part of each other while the shower bombarded us. I reached behind her and stoked her asshole. She wiggled her ass and said “ mmmm That’s nice”. She whispered “ Do you want a “Golden Shower?” MMMMM I said, “ well lie down on the tiles”

When I was on the floor she squatted down and grabbed my cock, then she tensed and let a huge gush of hot piss flow over her hand; my cock and balls and tummy. It was so, so sexy.

Finally, when she was finished, she bent further and dried her bald cunt by rubbing it on my tummy and public hair – laughing all the time. She took one of the mobile shower heads and directed it straight at my cock, washing me with shower gel, then she took my hand and anointed it with a load of gel and she shoved my willing hand around her cunt and peehole and gave me the nozzle. I carefully cleaned her cunt and moved around to direct a jet of water up her arsehole, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Mmmmm she loved it.

Again we dried each other off and lay on the huge bed. Jo immediately put her arse up in the air and wiggled it around. “ Here I am”, it seemed to say. Her cunt was glistening and her asshole looked wide and inviting. I got behind her and started to lick her cunt, she moaned and started to frig her clit with her finger which I removed, and slapped her ass hard.

“That’s my function”, I said, and started to flick her clit which was at least half an inch long with my tongue, I licked and chewed it and suddenly she turned over roughly, pulling her legs back over her head. Her cunt and clit was open. More important, her asshole was puckered and inviting. I licked it and she pushed back against me. I shoved two fingers into her soppy cunt and then worked them, one after another, up her ass. Jo was moaning and squirming but said that she was loving every moment. Now was the moment.

I pulled out my fingers and, taking some KY jelly from the bedside table, I garnished my cock and then pressed it against Jo’s eager asshole. Slowly I worked it in and she moaned how much she loved it, frigging herself all the time. Suddenly, my balls were slapping hard against her ass cheeks. It was so fucking tight. Her hole pulsed against my cock, really pulling cum from my balls. I moved it bit by bit and she moved too, allowing a fucking motion. I kept asking if I was hurting her, but she shouted “ No, No, keep fucking my ass, keep fucking my ass.”

Suddenly, the door opened and Brian and Ger came in. I was horrified to be caught fucking her sisters ass, but Ger said, “Go on Dave, Get her off: She loves it up her arse. See you in a minute“ and pulled Brian into the shower.

We went at it with renewed vigour. Jo was moaning all the time and frigging her clit. I pulled at her nipples and finally I felt the surge of cum in my cock and the incredible sensation of an erupting orgasm. I shouted at her but I came in the innards of her arse, Jo’s ass muscles were almost orgasmic, tightening around my cock and spasming.

We lay together and slowly her ass relaxed and my cock was released. I insisted on turning Jo over and licked and kissed her succulent asshole which was dripping with my cum. Jo was moaning quietly to herself. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she had never had such pleasure before, mmmmmm Can I get a reference??

The noise from the bathroom indicated that Brian and Ger were getting it on and sure enough they came out “ Gland in Hand”. Ger asked if there was room on the bed – and promptly lay down with Brian. I looked over at Brian and his cock was really big – and attractive. It was long, curved and very thick. I looked at his ballsack which was taut. His body was better than mine but both Ger and Jo seemed to prefer me, alternatively sucking and fondling my cock and balls. – it turned out Brian was a builder who Jo had met in a club – hence the physique. Jo openly covered her fingers with KY and shoved them up my asshole which felt fantastic. She got two fingers in and moved them around. My cock stood up to attention and Ger descended on it. We fucked and sucked each other. Brian was wanking his big cock and at one time I found Brian’s big cock at my mouth and I gave it a friendly suck – both of us enjoyed it. When he came he spread wads of cum over everyone. The air was filled with a musky sexy smell and there was cum everywhere, puddled on the sheets and in the girls hair.

“Lets give Jo a cock sandwich “ said Ger “ but I get to sit on Daves’ face”.

Brian didn’t know what a “cock sandwich” was, so I lay on my back while Jo started to suck my cock to bring it back to life. When it was hard, she shoved a fingerful of KY up her ass crack and lowered herself onto my cock, screwing it into her ass, inch by inch, moaning as it went up. Some earlier juices squished out around my cock onto the bed.

She was squatting, facing away from me. When her asshole was filled, Ger took Brians big cock which was twitching and told him to fuck Jo’s cunt which was open because she was leaning back on her hands. He put the tip in and she gasped. Slowly he got the full 10 inches into her tight cunt. I could feel it squeezing in through her cunt. Jo was gasping with the strain and slowly moved so that a sort of riding motion was started. To add to all this, Ger had taken a big vibrator, lubed it and shoved it up Brians’ asshole, causing him to flinch at first. The buzzing vibrator must have really struck his “go” button because he banged on like mad, grunting as he rammed his cock in and out. Jo was writhing with pleasure, then I felt rather than saw the red haired pussy of Ger descend over my mouth and reached up with my tongue to pleasure her.

I was getting sore and knew there was little cum left in my system. I kept bucking and screwing my cock to give Jo the best of pleasure and flicked Gers’ clit with my tongue. Suddenly, Ger rocked back and gushed out more cum juices, I could see her cunt trembling as she orgasmed and she shoved almost a full hand up her cunt. Brian was pumping and came with a loud groan, filling Jo’s cunt and spreading cum all over the bed and Jo’s tummy. When we had disentangled, Jo said “ Poor Dave” he didn’t get to cum again in my ass” so she turned around into a 69 and she greedily licked the juices and her shit off my rather raw cock, while I sucked out Brians’ huge wad from her very full cunt. It was a glorious “ Cock Sandwich”.

We were all fucked out and tired. We flaked out on the bed and when I woke, Ger and Jo were gone. Brian (holding his huge dick ) was snoring beside me. I crept out of the bed and wandered around. I found the girls, totally starkers, in the kitchen, chattering and making breakfast. I crept up behind Ger and put my hands on her tits and pressed my cock into her buttocks.

“That’s it”. she said. “ I love it but it’s over now. I told you that Jo and I go hunting on Fridays and that we share the guys we pull. Yeah? Well the other rule is that we never, ever see the guys again unless WE call them for a gangbang session. So off you go, after breakfast and dream about hearing from us.”

We all had our breakfast – naked. Brian and I were a bit subdued. Then we were “told” to shower and dress which we did.

On the way out, Ger whispered to me “ You are fantastic, we’ll ask you ( and maybe Sue) to one of our parties. Tell Sue to keep your tongue well exercised”

When I got home, Sue was pissed at not hearing from me. I told her everything with all the really gory DETAILS. She put her hand into her cunt as I was starting and she came off halfway through my joyful telling of the nights events, We had sex again and again later which was better than usual – but we anxiously awaiting for THE phonecall.!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Next Door

by Andrew (June 2001)

I had been living in the apartment building for three years. The two women had been next door for the past two. Over the course of time, we exchanged the typical pleasantries and small talk. Eventually we developed a comfortable but relatively casual relationship.

I would help them out if they needed some other heavy work done or if something needed fixing. They would reciprocate by presenting me with some delicious baked goodies, especially around the holidays. They also helped me dress up my apartment by suggesting things like plants, accent pillows and other such things so much more appreciated by women. They would even invite me over for dinner occasionally. The meal was always exceptional since Donna was a trained gourmet chef. (Or would that be chef-ess? chefette?) I always enjoyed it when I got the chance to see these two women but I never explored any romantic opportunities with them.

I'm not really much of a "lady killer" and don't do too well when I meet women. I guess I'm a bit shy really. But for some reason, women seem to relax around me. I guess they figure that I'm not going to put some flashy moves on them. They sometime treat me like their brother. I am not very threatening. That usually makes it all the more difficult for me to try to develop a romance. I suppose another reason was because I was seeing this other women pretty seriously. I like things pretty simple and didn't want to complicate one relationship and possibly screw up a nice friendship. Besides, if I started dating one, that would probably cause some ill feelings in the other. Too many ways to get into trouble. That isn't to say I didn't fantasize about them. Many times I would allow my thoughts to wonder to torrid visions of sexual encounters with my neighbours. Our two apartment were in the crux of an L-shaped building that faced a picturesque hillside. The windows were extra large in the living room and bedroom to take advantage of the view.

This also meant that if the curtains were open, we could see into each other's apartment. I typically kept the curtains in the living room open all the time. One of my favourite pastimes was to sit in my easy chair by the window and read. I also regularly glanced upward to see if Donna or Natasha could be seen. If they were, we usually exchanged a friendly wave. We were all pretty comfortable with the relationship.

Over time, I have seen the girls entertain the gamut of relatives, girl friends and boy friends. I must admit that I always felt just a bit sad when a boy friend was visiting and the drapes became closed as the evening progressed. Eventually, and inevitably, my relationship with Marilyn turned sour and we broke up. Even during it's best moments it could only be described as flat and not too terribly exciting.

But a loss is a loss and I went through the obligatory depression and sorry-for-myself period. One evening, while in this emotional funk, I was reading and glanced over the tops of my reading glasses and into my neighbour's living room window.

There were about 5 or 6 women visiting and it looked like they were having some kind of party. This struck me as a bit unusual so I watched a bit more intently. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on. They were having one of those lingerie parties.

One woman was presenting her wares to the invitees. They were drinking white wine and there was lots of giggling going on. I couldn't hear anything but from their gestures, it wasn't too difficult to imagine what they were saying.

"OH NO! I couldn't wear that!" a very over-weight woman must have been saying while she covered her mouth with one hand and pointed to the very small sheer teddy being held up by the matronly woman that was wearing too much make-up.

I then saw slender Natasha take the garment and hold it over her tight fitting T-shirt and faded jeans.

"She could wear that just fine", I caught myself saying out loud.

I went back to my book but checked in on the party occasionally. It eventually broke up around 8 o'clock. I watched Donna and Natasha make their way around the apartment picking up after their guests had left. Although the hillside is nice, I rather preferred the view of two very attractive women repeatedly bending over in very tight jeans. I was just about to finish reading and close the book when I took one more glance across the way. In the window was

Donna waving at me as if she had been trying to get my attention for some time. She was mouthing "come on over".

There was nothing unusual about the request so I thought little of it and preceded to do as was suggested. As soon as the door opened, I was greeted with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek by Donna.

The stereo was pretty loud but I doubt if the two of them noticed it. They were probably pretty used to it by now. The air was pretty stale so it was a good thing that Donna went over to open the living room window. There was a heavy odour of sweet cheep perfumes.

I assumed that it came from the perfumes of their guests and the assortment of body oils, lotions, candles and incense that had probably been whiffed by the gathering. There was also another scent that I was much more familiar with but I couldn't place it. It was much more delicate and seemed almost straining to get through the other, more artificial smells.

I liked it. What was it? I knew that smell. Donna, now standing before the screened window, turned to me and said in a louder than necessary voice, "Wanna glass of wine? It's really good."

She giggled and she went of to fetch one without waiting for my answer. It was pretty clear to me that she was already quite familiar with the wine. I have the feeling that they had spent most of the afternoon getting well acquainted. Silently, I wondered, "Where's Natasha?"

As if on cue, out from the hallway swished Natasha. "Swished "was the only way to describe it! I could swear I heard a swishing sound as she went right past me towards the kitchen to join her roommate.

"Hi Andrew", she said to me and preceded stop and talk to the closed door to the kitchen. "Hey! How do I look?", she asked the door.

I think she too had been introduced to the "good" wine. Natasha stood a few feet in front of me facing the kitchen door. Like her roommate, she wore a T-shirt and jeans. But over this unremarkable ensemble was a pink and very sheer ...uh..wrap?.. no...uh...robe?....nope, definitely not a robe.

I'm not sure what you'd call it. It came down to the middle of her very attractive buttocks and was trimmed in some kind of furry stuff that ran around the lower edge and up the front. Even with the T-shirt and jeans I could tell that this garment had great possibilities.

Donna zoomed out of the kitchen and almost collided into Natasha. (I was to find out that there would be a lot of "zooming" and "swishing" going on this evening.) Stopping just momentarily, Donna said, "Looks great". She then continued her zooming and zoomed right up to me.

She handed me the wine, whispered into my ear, "Sorry to hear about Marilyn. But we love you." She again kissed me on the cheek. I suppose I was to take comfort in that.

Turning to her oddly dressed roommate she continued, "...but don't take my word for it. Ask Andy here. He's probably a better judge than me." I hated being called Andy.

I hated it even when I was 8 and I hate it at 28. But somehow I resisted the urge to tell her. What was that smell? "So wadda ya think Andrew. Do ya like it? Does it turn you on?", Natasha asked sarcastically. Then she mockingly twirled in her little nighty.

"Kinda hard to tell but I think it has possibilities", I said casually as I took my first sip of the "good" wine. Augh! The "good" wine violently attacked every well trained taste bud on my tongue.

Did they pour this from the wrong bottle? My remark didn't seem to register with Natasha. Donna sat down on the easy chair and I sat on the sofa with my back to the hallway. Natasha just zoomed back down the hallway. "Had a party here today?", I nonchalantly asked.

"Yeah", Donna answered. "We had a bunch of girls here for a lingerie party. It was fun."

She took a big gulp of her wine and then giggled. No doubt caused by a mental flash of the earlier festivities. "Got kinda crazy for a while. Especially when the sex toys came out. You know. Dildos and Ben-Wa balls and stuff."

I felt a little uncomfortable with the unnecessary clarification. "But they had some pretty sexy clothes." Then I saw her eyes open very wide with surprise.

Her mouth did likewise. Her gaze shifted to over and behind me. "Holy shit", she gasped. I could only assume that a huge oak hutch filled to capacity with very heavy earthenware was about to crash down and squash me.

With an obvious ducking movement I swung around to see the instrument of my destruction. There was no hutch about to crush me but the feeling of eminent disaster did not leave me. Natasha was walking towards us but oblivious to the fact that she had both of our undivided attentions.

She was busy attempting to tie the only two strings that served to close her new nightey just below the neck. During Natasha's absence, she had removed the T-shirt and jeans and had also put on the rest of the outfit.

Under her almost transparent top was a tiny matching pink bra. It was cut extremely low and barely covered her nipples that pressed hard against the pink material. Since her top could only be closed above her breasts, it was open below them.

Her very curvaceous and slender waste was exposed. The tiniest of pink triangles covered her womanhood and it was held in place by the thinnest of strings that made the most enviable trip over and around her lovely hips. Once the top was tied, she opened her arms and asked, "How's this?"

I think she knew the answer which was good because both Donna and I were speechless. Then she twirled without the mocking gestures. Her ample breasts bounced and jiggled with her movements.

That bra was a marvel of textile engineering. Once her twirl was finished, she slipped around the sofa and bounced herself down. Some parts of her body did more bouncing than others and also did it longer. I took a gulp of my wine.

"Holy shit Natasha", I heard Donna repeat. At least I thought it was Donna. I wasn't exactly looking at her when I heard it but I assumed it was her. I might have been me but I'm pretty sure it was her.

"I take it you like this better", Natasha asked. "No shit", is what I thought but did not say.

Donna turned to me and asked, "You're not into that pinky virginal sweetsy crap are you Andrew?" Still unable to answer, she added, "I'll really show you something special."

And with that she got up and did her own zooming down the hall. "Well are you gonna stare at my tits or are you gonna pour me some more of that good wine?", Natasha snapped with a smile.

I got up, backed toward the kitchen, almost tripped over the coffee table and stumbled through the kitchen door. Once inside, I felt myself begin to breathe again. Sweat was beginning to form on my forehead. My heart was pounding. I leaned against the counter to collect myself.

I looked for the wine. "Hurry up in there Andy" Among the messy hors d'oeuvres I spotted a green half gallon jug.

That must be the wine. I grabbed the skinny neck of the bottle and made my way back into the living room. As I entered, so did Donna from across the room. I dropped the skinny necked bottle on my foot.

I didn't feel it. "You strike me as this kind of guy", Donna asserted. She also twirled around. She was dressed in a black-lace teddy with red lace trim. She wore black stockings with garter belts and black heeled shoes. The teddy was french cut well over her hips. That cut was almost as high as her neck-line was cut low.

A wide and deep V plunged between Donna's large breasts. Beside her nipples there was little else of her breasts that couldn't be seen. I stopped breathing again. Donna moved over to me. She placed her arms around my neck and gave me another hug. I felt her breasts press against me.

I also felt a tingling between my legs. I probably had experienced that tingling several times already but this was the first time that I noticed it. She slipped behind me without breaking her hug. Then she whispered into my ear, "This is what you want, isn't it. God, you're a sexy man. All you need is a big cock and you'd be perfect."

I guess technically, under that rather limited set of criteria, I could now consider myself perfect. "Wanna show me?", Donna added as she came around to the front of me and backed away. She took my hand and led me over to the sofa. I sat with Donna on one side and Natasha on the other. The two of them began kissing my face.

They started rubbing their hands all around my chest. What was I supposed to do now?


I guess all men of any maturity eventually reach the point in an uncomfortable situation where instinct takes over. Like the point in time where an airline pilot knows he is going down and if he took the time to think about all the things he must do next, everyone would perish. But all his training and gut instincts take over in such a crisis situation. He reacts with an inner knowledge and confidence. He becomes automatic. He becomes a machine that responds with lightning speed. His mind calculates and processes options instantly. There is never a moment of hesitation. He becomes a superman. All are saved. He is a hero.

I am no different. My mind and body knew what to do. Hell, one part of it was already doing it. My initial shock was quickly fading and was being overcome with much less sophisticated thoughts. They were much more basic and primitive. I was rising to the occasion, literally. I couldn't let all those people in that plane die. One false step and we would be doomed. I had to perform brilliantly. It was all up to me.

I couldn't let them down. My mind, although a bit rusty, began to kick into high gear. Quickly the crust of inactivity broke away and revealed a still well lubricated and functioning mechanism. With my arms wrapped around my two friends, I squeezed them close to me. They ignored the gesture and kept kissing me feverishly.

Donna slid her hand down from my chest and pressed it between my legs. She cupped my balls firmly through my pants and repeatedly squeezed them. I felt my penis working hard to press from under her grasp. She would not let it. She followed the expanding member as it grew and started tugging at me. Occasionally she would pause to slid her hand up and down its length.

"You DO have a big cock, don't you?", she whispered loud enough for Natasha and I to hear.

I recall grunting something unintelligible. Not wanting to blindly accept Donna's assessment for her own, Natasha's hand joined Donna's and they both stroked and played with me through my clothes.

I hugged the two women again and let my hand fall down from around their shoulders. I slipped each hand underneath their panties and found myself with two handfuls of the most delicious buttocks you could ever imagine. They were firm, warm and very smooth. Leaning to one side caused my left hand to slip from Natasha's ass but plunge deep into Donna's panties.

My fingers made their way down between her cheeks and around to the front of her crotch. They were pleasantly greeted by a hot steamy wetness that signaled Donna's aroused condition. The texture was delightfully thick and slippery. I was enjoying this as much as she obviously was.

I pressed down further and allowed my middle finger to slip deep into Donna's pussy. At the same instant she stopped kissing my face, grabbed my crotch hard, and with a hot breathy expulsion of air, whispered into my ear, "oh yes! Fuck my pussy. Fuck me."

I began to do exactly as she requested. I pressed another finger into her and started to thrust them in and out of her eager pussy. She was getting wetter by the second. She was also drawing into herself. Like a parachutest about to lunge through the open door of an airplane, she prepared for her orgasmic plunge into oblivion.

She let go of my now rock hard penis. She stopped kissing me and let her head fall back on her shoulders. She sat more upright so I could press even deeper into her. Her breathing became faster and so did my thrusting. I could feel her hard clitoris press against my wet palm. She was about to come. Totally ignoring her friend, Natasha kept kissing my face and neck. But when Donna let go of my cock, so did she.

It was for a different reason though. Her deft hands quickly undid my belt and zipper. My pants were soon down to my ankles. With equal ease and a little help from me, she slipped my shorts down as well. She grabbed me firmly and held me straight up. "Mmmmm", she muttered as if confronted with a long desired desert. She slid down off the couch and positioned herself between my legs. Looking at me with naughty eyes she licked her lips, opened her mouth wide and sucked me in completely.

My body reacted with a shudder. Nosily and wetly she sucked me in and out of her mouth. She intentionally let large amounts of saliva drip all over me when she licked my cock with her mouth open. Donna was totally unaware of anything but her impending orgasm. It began with quick erratic breaths. She fell against my shoulder. Mixed between her hot gasps I heard, "Huh...Huh...I'm coming...Oh, God!..I'm coming...yes...Yes..."

And come she did. My hand first felt her muscles clench down on my fingers. Then I felt a flood of warm wetness.

I quickened my movements. I was using my whole hand to rub every part of her. It got wetter and wetter with each spasm. I could literally feel pools of female cum collect in the crevices of my hand. She wrapped her arms tightly around me as if trying to hold on against a violent wind. Then she stopped moving. Her orgasm was over.

I had never experienced so violent an orgasm in a women before and certainly not by just fondling her. She kissed me on the lips. Her full lips parted and I felt her warm wet tongue press between my own lips. Her breath was hot and panting. It excited me even further. I drew my hand from between her legs and it left with a noisy squishing sound. I held her face in my hand while our tongues made their own love to each other.

THAT WAS IT! That was the hauntingly exciting aroma I had smelled earlier.

Only now it wasn't bombarded by the smell of cheap wine and a multitude of perfumes of equal quality. My two friends, along with their guests, had gotten themselves so worked up that even that faint, sweet, exquisite, erotic scent could still be detected by a nose that truly knows no better thrill.

I touched our joined lips with my wet fingers. My nostrils filled with the wonderful scent of Donna's cum. I added the warm and slippery cum to our kissing. We both took delight in kissing and licking it from my fingers. In a wicked and determined voice Donna promised, "I will also taste your cum."

Our attentions now turned to Natasha who was dutifully devouring my cock. She was all over me like a crazed woman. She paid equal attention to my balls. She was very good at what she was doing. Each time she slid my cock between those luscious red lips of hers, I could feel the back of her tongue caressing me. Time and time again I intentionally squeezed my groin muscles full knowing that I was pressing more and more of my pre-cum into Natasha's mouth.

Each time she just took me in that much deeper as if to say, "Give me all you can." Donna stood up and removed all of her clothes while Natasha continued her expert work. She stood naked and beautiful before me.

I used both my hands to rub her stomach and breasts. I also spent some time teasing and caressing the small and very erect nipples of her large firm breasts. I occasionally returned a hand to between her legs to retrieve some of her magical wetness and used it to lubricate and excite her nipples. More than once she intercepted my hand and brought it to her mouth to lick the cum from my fingers. She seemed to know of it's special appeal to me.

Then Donna stepped around behind Natasha and undressed her. They were now both naked. Donna interrupted her friend and said, "I want him to suck my pussy."

Natasha smiled with my dick still in her mouth and then stood up. The two of them slid me to the floor. Facing me, Donna straddled my shoulders and pressed her crotch down onto my face. She was still very wet with cum and I was more than eager to lick and suck it from her. I pressed my tongue far into her cunt and playfully lapped at the folds within her. I also licked at her clitoris. That made her squirm about on my face and smear it with her warm cum. "Oh you taste so good", I said. "I love the taste of your cum."

"I'm glad", she replied. "I want to feel your tongue in my cunt. I want to feel you suck my cum from my pussy. Your tongue feels so good in me. Fuck me with your tongue." Natasha said, "Stop for a second."

We did and looked at her. "I want to have your hard dick deep inside my pussy. I'm so wet from sucking on your cock. I could taste your cum. It made me so fucking hot. I want you to fuck me. Look. See?" She squatted over my cock and used the fingers of one hand to spread the lips of her pussy.

Her exposed clitoris was erect and a very deep pink. Her other hand was busy rubbing it and spreading her wetness all over herself. And then a most remarkable thing happened. Her own caresses caused her to get so wet that a long strand of lubrication slowly stretched from her cunt.

The clear slender thread stretched down continuously until it touched me at the tip of my extended cock. It was warm and wonderful. Then she started using my cock to spread it even further.

I felt like I was being tortured. She was stroking me up and down. I wanted to come so bad. I went back to licking Donna's pussy in hopes of delaying my orgasm. Then I felt Natasha sit down.

My well slickened cock easily slipped deep into her cunt. I involuntarily let out a deep gasp. So did Natasha. Without a pause, she started moving up and down on my shaft. Each time she would draw me to the verge of loosing me from her vagina and then sit down again, impaling herself once more. "Oh God. Your cunt feels so good. It's so tight around my cock. I'm gonna cum real soon." "I want you to", Natasha softly replied.

"Come deep into my cunt." Donna got up off of me and kissed me hard on my cum covered lips. Then she moved down closer to where Natasha was riding me. Donna reached under her friend and grabbed my cock. She began to stroke me while Natasha continued moving up and down. She also used her hand to help stimulate Natasha's clit.

Faster and faster Natasha moved on me. She closed her eyes and seemed to do what Donna had done when her orgasm was approaching. She started to move erratically. Her chest expanded and contracted with deep gasps. Her wonderful breasts jiggled with each breath. Then she came. I felt her squeeze me tight. Like Donna, Natasha came hard and a lot. I felt her cunt flow and cover me with her warm cum.

I could see my cock glisten with the clear slick juice that pressed out of her with each thrust. This was all too much for me. "I'm gonna cum!", I warned. They ignored me. Every muscle seemed to contract at once. Natasha sat down on me and stopped moving.

I felt my dick release a long burst of cum deep into her. "Oh yes", she said. "I feel you coming." Natasha was slowly lifting herself up when I spasmed again. I saw my thick white cream ooze out from Natasha's cunt. She leaned far back. Donna then pulled my cock from within her friend and started rubbing Natasha's clitoris with my still spurting head.

Again and again I came. Each burst splattered long thick strands of white cum on Natasha's pussy and up along her abdomen. Donna then fulfilled her earlier promise. As my orgasm began to subside, she sucked me into her mouth. She laid her face against her friends cum covered abdomen and gladly accepted the last remaining spurts of semen.

When my orgasm was over, she withdrew my spend cock from her mouth. She had not swallowed my ejaculate and now let it slide back out from between her talented lips. She deposited it back onto my cock and caressed its length with pursed lips. With cum still clinging to her cheeks and lips, she now turned her attentions to Natasha's pussy just a head turn away.

I watched Donna's tongue tickle Natasha's clitoris and occasionally press into her pussy still dripping with my cum.

Soon our passions subsided and we just looked at each other not sure what to say next. We were content and satisfied. After a few moments I heard myself ask, "Got any more of that good wine."

I deserved it. I had brought the plane down safely

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beach

by Anon
(June 2001)

We have decided that today we will go to the know the one
that runs along the ocean not to far from the cabin we have rented.
We walk hand in hand with the big old blanket to the beach and it is
amazing how the temperature changes from the wooded area where the cabin
sits to the opening area to the beach.
The sun suddenly washes our bodies with its warmth which causes tiny
little goose bumps on our bodies with the sudden temperature fluxuation.
I look at you and your long silky smooth hair is gently blowing with
the breeze and your nipples are solid and so exotic and I am glad that
we decided not to wear any clothes.
Your beautiul brown eyes look into mine and it is like no words have to
be spoken as we "just feel as one". We find the perfect place to spread
the blanket and I ask you if you would like lotion since it seems it is
hot enough to burn.
You give me this big sweet angelic look
and say yes if I promise to apply it very slow. Hmmmmm, please do not
wake me up if this is a dream...
You lay on your tummy and I gently move your hair to one side and my god
it is so soft and I love touching it soooo much. You look over your
shoulder at me and smile sweetly (knowing how just the touch of your
awesome hair excites me) and ask if I am okay.
I begin by putting the lotion in my hands and rubbing my hands together
so the lotion will not be cold when it touches your skin.
Your shoulders are first and I gently rub my hands around the back of
your neck and press softly so I can feel your soft skin and the muscles
of your back.
I use my fingers to massage slowly and deeply and run my fingers up and
down your spine to the small of your back. You moan softly and tell me
that it feels wonderful..more lotion and on to the lower back and I love
the dip of your back right in the area before your beautiful butt

The curve of your buttocks is like the curve of Venus..perfect
absolutely perfect. The lotion seems to melt on your skin and I position
myself so I am straddled over you with a leg on each side of your dick is solid and is resting right in the crack of your

As I raise up to reach your shoulders to massage the cream in even more deeply my manhood slides up and down the beautiful cheeks of your butt.
Your muscles seem tight but are relaxing but you are cheating as you
move your hind end up to meet my dick as I rub your back. Our motions
are identical and I know you must feel the liquid exiting on to your
I move myself down farther so I can rub lotion on your legs and I love
your legs so much, especially the area right behind your knees. The
lotion is warm and your smooth and delicate skin shines in the sun until
I rub it in totally.
Your feet are so sweet and remind of a little girl...I rub the cream on
your feet but cannot resist putting your toes in my mouth one by one and
sucking on them as you giggle and tell me it tickles and I ask if you
rather I tell me if I do that I am a dead man.
One leg then the other, so soft, so womanly, then I place some cream
right on the very sexy part of your is right above where your
cheeks join the lower portion of your is almost like a dimple
and so very erotic.

I rub the cream on your cheeks and massage them slowly and gently but
firm enough that you again look at me over your shoulder and smile at me
so sweetly.......ya know I think I am going to melt right there.
You open your legs just enough so I can rub the cream between your legs
and up the slit between your cheeks. Oh my god I can feel the warmth of
your silkiness even this far away.

I lean down and rub my tongue all over your butt and up and down the
crevice and I love that scent so much. As I kiss your back area my hand
runs down between the cheeks of your beautiful ass and touches your
womanhood and gently I pull on your soft and damp mound just a little,
tugging just enough to cause you to open your legs just a little more.
I continue to use my tongue up and down your butt and the upper part of
the back of your legs as my hand massages your wetness ever so lightly
and my other hand is rubbing your back..........

......I continue to use my tongue up and down your butt and the upper
part of the back of your legs as my hand massages your dampness ever so
lightly and my other hand is rubbing your back.
I thrive on the heat that emanates from your sweetness as my fingers
continue to play with the curls that surround the lips of heaven.
As I kiss your butt I have to put my face down so I can smell you, that
awesome sweet nectar, the smell of your cum and the sweat and you ask me
why I stopped. I simply tell you to savor the beauty of the most awesome
woman in the world.

Your silky soft hair is off to one side as you flip it around as you
talk to me...You look straight into my eyes and ask me to please make
you feel good, and that you want to cum so very much.
You raise your perfect butt just enough to let me have full access to
your perfect swollen area. I rub my fingers up and down the sides of
your beautiful softness right along the lips of your entrance to heaven,
lightly ever so lightly.
Periodically I gently pull on the lips and can feel the wetness begin to
be plentiful. You wiggle your butt back and forth and beg me to way!!!
My finger continues to caress your sweet pussy and my finger begins at
the opening and I push it in slowly and your body begins to further...the heat envelops my finger and your juices are
all over me.
In and then out, playing with your erotic curls , teasing the lips , in
and out and then I make sure I find the magic button that will bring you
pure ecstasy.
I continue to kiss your butt and your back and run my tongue all over
you as my hand continues to caress you. I reach up and can touch your
awesome nipple on one breast if I stretch far enough.
My god it is so rock hard and extends out enough to allow me to tease it
and pull gently on it while my other hand remains in the most awesome
nest ever created.

I love those perfect breasts so much and would love to stop and just
play with them and suck on them and worship them with my hands, mouth
and dick but from the noises you are making I doubt that would be the
proper thing to do right now.

My left hand massages your nipple, my tongue is on your butt , you smell
better than ever before and my hand is between your legs as I rub your
clit with my middle finger up and down gently, softly, slowly and then I
stop and pull my finger out to massage the lips ...then I put my finger
back in and rub your button to the right and left this time, slowly,
slowly, a little faster, then back to up and down and then slowly and
faster and faster only to stop and begin playing with your curls again.
You look around at me and call me a bastard as you smile and I notice
your eyes are glazed over so I know you need to have it happen soon.
Your nipple is so rigid and I squeeze your breast and love the large
fullness in my hand as my tongue is in the crack of your ass and my
finger reenters you so easily as your nectar is so plentiful.
Inside of you I linger feeling the warmth and loveliness of you as my
fingers begin to caress and worship that awesome button....back and
forth, up and down , slowly then faster and back to slow and then your
back rises and I can feel you begin to shake.
You ask me in a breathless manner to please make you cccuuuuummmmm. Your body shakes, my hand squeezes your nipple and my finger is against your clit and I do not let up this time as I go faster and faster and beg you
to cum for me and scream as loud as you desire.

Your hands are grabbing the blanket in your fists, your butt is in the
air and you are partially on your knees now and it moan,
and groan, your button is solid and so easy to feel now and I go faster
and faster and faster until you scream out my name and shake and your
body tenses up so much...your sweet honey is running down your legs and
my hand is drenched with it.
You cum again, and again and then cannot stand your button being touched
right now as it is to sensitive. Your body relaxes some and you lay back
down and turn your head to look at me.
I love the look in your eyes and you smile as you watch me lick my
fingers and hand to ensure I have all of your nectar in my mouth, I use
my fingers to rub the inner part of your legs and on your nest to
salvage any remaining nectar and devour every single delicious drop.
You look so adorable laying there and so, so, so sensual but angelic. I
ask you if you are ready for the lotion on your front side and you say
of course.

You turn over on your back and MY GOD your nipples are so big and hard
and your breasts, oh my your breasts, oh please let me dwell on them for
awhile and your total beauty is in full view and is so erotic.
I find the lotion and look into your eyes and say, now this is going to
be fun.........

You turn over on your back and MY GOD your nipples are so big and hard
and your breasts, oh my your breasts, oh please let me dwell on them for
awhile and your nest is in full view and is so erotic.
I hold the lotion bottle up high in the air and squeeze it to allow the
cream to fall on your perfect tummy. You squeal and tell me it is cold
as it hits your sweet navel.
I begin to rub the lotion in taking my time and enjoying the feel of
your skin and playing with your navel as my hand wanders a little below
it just enough to tease you a bit.
More lotion on my hands and I want to be sure that those awesome perfect
breasts are not sunburned so they will of course need special attention.
First the left one and it is amazing how spectacular it feels to slip my
hand over your breast with the cream on it. It slides so easily and your
nipple begins to stiffen.
So in my effort to ensure you are not burned I rub your nipple with a
liberal amount of lotion and use my thumb and index finger to gently
pull your nipple up.
It slips from my fingers with the cream and so I do it again and again
and you smile at me and I know from the look on your face that you are
enjoying this.

I continue with your right breast repeating the slow sensual massage
with the lotion. As nice and slick as you are now it is easy for my hand
to glide back and forth , up and down those beautiful mounds and tease
each nipple over and over.
I absolutely love the feel of your breasts. So perfect, so adorable, so
succulent. The nipples are very erect now and I take my middle finger
and tease them by barely flicking on them and watch them tighten.
I move down and begin applying the lotion on your long sensual legs
taking my time as I do so. From top to knee to ankle to those precious
toes and in between the toes and of course the bottom of your feet
because I know you are ticklish. the mound of joy that I love so very much, lotion just above
the area where the hair line accents the most beautful nest in
Slowly I spread the cream on the inside of your legs and next to the
lips of your womanhood. Slowly one side and then the other. I find my
hand periodically floating over the lips of your precious heavenly area
and just barely touching them.

I take my index finger and rub cream on one of the lips tracing it from
top to bottom ever so slowly and then back up the opposite side.
Can't help but notice some dew forming
on those lips and ummmm looks like it may be originating from the middle
of those lips. I adore the look on your face and your eyes..god I love
your eyes...

Your nest area is very damp between the lotion and the dew so I begin
using the combination of this succulent mixture to gently run my finger
in the middle of the lips.
Oh my it is so warm and soft and wet and magnificent. I slide my finger
in just a little and run it up the middle of the lips from bottom to top
ensuring as it exits that area that my finger caresses your magic
wonderful clit. You shudder and tell me that it is wonderful.
Not to disappoint you I repeat it again but this time I purposely miss
your sensitive tiny button ...the look on your face is like a pouting
child and you say you want more only touch it.
How can I ever refuse such an adorable woman as you .....slowly from
bottom to top and the moisture is even more profound now and easily
allows my finger to slide through heaven.
I look at you and smile as I take one hand and gently put pressure just
above your button and pull up the skin just enough to expose the
sweetest and most awesome and most sensual button in existence.
There it is smiling at me, so as I continue to expose it I use my middle
finger of my other hand and rub it gently.

You make a noise and I am afraid I am hurting you so I ask
what the hell am I I lick my finger and begin again.
First I use my finger to rub it to the left and to the right very very
very slowly and then I change directions and go up and down. It is so
awesome as my finger goes down I capture some of your dew and rub it on
your clit.

That tiny little area now is larger than I thought possible, the entire
area glistens with your nectar, I continue to alternate directions. I am
selfish though, and periodically as the liquid intensifies I use my
finger to catch as much as I can and I put it in my mouth. YOU TASTE SO
Your eyes are glazed, your nipples are rock hard and your nectar is very

I ask if you would mind if I treated myself to all I can savor with my
mouth and simply reply that it is fine with you but please
hurry as you want my mouth on you....
I slide down and you place your legs over my shoulders and my face is
right where I dream of constantly...looking at the most magnificently
perfect nest that belongs to the most awesome, sensual, adorable, sexy,
sweet, sensitive, angelic woman who has ever walked this earth.
I smile up at you and reach for your nipples as my mouth opens and my
tongue approaches heaven...........

I love the smell of the lotion on your body and especially enjoy the
softness of your thighs against my cheeks. I inhale the aroma of your
dew mixed with the heat of the day and lay my cheek against the
silkiness of your precious soft mound.
My tongue begins to lick the inner part of your leg and traces the edge
of your perfectly trimmed area leisurely encompassing the area and
tasting the dew of your womanhood.
Slowly I use my lips to pull on your soft hairs and then let them go
just to recapture them and pull them gently into my mouth. My tongue
begins at the bottom of one of those precious lips and traces it to the
top and down the other side.
I really enjoy alternating the licking with sucking the lips into my
mouth and tickling them with my tongue. The moisture that is increasing
is extraordinarily intoxicating as you make small noises and tell me
that you do enjoy that alot.

Licking up and down both sides and alternating the teasing of those
awesome lips only intensifies my desire to be inside of you. My tongue
begins at the bottom of your lips and slides easily between them and up
to the top, slowly, the flat of my tongue reaching the top and the tip
of my tongue flicking over the sweet hooded area hiding my friend.
Again from bottom to top and side to side I attempt to coax my friend
out of hiding. Repeating the movements ever so slowly and giving a
little more attention to the sensitive covering I flick my tongue
quickly and repeatedly on the softness only to stop....then repeating
the process while sucking gently on the swollen area.

Sucking, licking, teasing, slow, faster and then slowing down again and
I notice that the tiny button is beginning to show itself. I use my
fingers and hands to continue massaging your perfect breasts as my mouth
and tongue honors your nest area.
You raise your perfect butt up in the air to meet my tongue and ensure
it touches exactly where you desire. My tongue flicks across the button
and your body shakes, you continue pushing yourself into my face and
murmuring something that I do not understand.
I remove my hands from your breasts and use my fingers to gently raise
the soft hood from over your clit and there it is!!!! I continue to lick
it and suck it into my mouth while my tongue teases it, slowly, then
faster, slower and then up and down, then back and forth, sucking ,
licking, teasing, and the nectar is increasing and fills my mouth with
its delectable taste.

You suddenly push yourself away and say NO!!!! You say this time you
want my cock inside of you.....NOW!!!!
Looking into your eyes I can see there is no way of doing anything other
than what you desire. I gaze upon your perfect face and continue to be
fascinated with your total beauty.

I kiss your eyes and feel the flicker of your eyelashes tickle my lips,
I continue kissing your eyebrows, your cheeks, the adorable and perfect
jaw line that has always been my favorite, Then I kiss your child like
chin and continue down your neck.
As I pay homage to your total beauty you place your hand around my
hardness and place just the tip inside of your warmness. I raise myself
up and place your legs over my shoulders as I begin to enter you. Your
head is pushed up against the towels we brought with us, your hair is
damp with sweat, beads of perspiration upon your forehead, your cheeks
are flushed and your mouth dry.
Your eyes are so hypnotic and we are drawn together as if we are not in
control of our bodies. Your knees are over my shoulders and I push
slowly inside of you feeling the wetness, the warmth of you welcoming me
to heaven.
Deeper, slower, deeper and I can feel you contract your muscles around
my cock and I am totally lost in your embrace of my hardness. I feel the
back of you with the tip of my cock and just hesitate for a moment to
enjoy the total depth of you, your warm liquid, the throbbing of us
both, and I bend forward and kiss the sweetest lips in the world.
You whisper to me, now, do it now.... I begin pulling out of you until
just the head remains in your nectar, then I push in faster than before
and then out. Your hands are locked around my neck pulling me towards

You raise up to meet me as I push into you once again. It is as if we
are not making the movements ourselves but somehow are drawn by force to
match each others moves.
Our movements continue to increase in speed, force and depth. I can feel
it rise within me but refuse to release it until I am positive you are
cared for and satisfied entirely. Just as that thought passes my mind
you rise up repeatedly meeting my thrusts and your eyes roll back and
you simply murmur yes, yes, yes, oh it is so awesome.
I cannot hold back any longer and I feel the liquid beginning to build
and as you ask me to please cum inside of you the pressure releases and
my body experiences this fantastic sensation...a feeling as if I am
going to faint, mixed with goose bumps all over my body and this jolt of
electricity that begins at the tip of my cock and shoots straight up my
body and into my brain....a sensation that has never been experienced to
this magnitude by me ever before.

I am not sure if it is you or me or both but my body does not stop
convulsing for what seems to be a very long time. Finally as I regain my
senses I look into your adorable face and see this wonderful, loving
smile and I kiss your lips and remain inside of you as your stretch your
legs out on to the sand.

We lay together, your breasts are against my chest and your tummy is
against mine, our legs intermingled as we feel each others heart
pounding and we begin to regain our normal breathing. My tongue traces
your lips, your chin and your nose, your precious, precious nose and
then I kiss your eyes and taste the saltiness of tears.
I look down at your sweet angelic face and realize it is a mixture of
both you and I. We hug each other words required, just
hugs and laying in each others arms.
We are unaware of time passing but we do react to the coolness of the
breeze as it dries our bodies. I ask if you would like to go back to the
cabin and shower with me.
You smile and tell me I must have been reading your mind. We gather up
our items and as I stand in front of you I take my hand and place it
against your cheek and feel the softness of you.
Slowly.. just touching your face and hair and my heart is so content and
I am amazed as I look at you at how extremely blessed I am to be with
As we begin the trek back to the cabin I look at you and ask if you
would be kind enough to allow me one wish.....your eyes look deep into
mine and you tell me anything I desire I can do or have, what is it that
I request?

I ask if you would mind if I washed your hair for you while we were
You giggle so much like a young child and simply reply.....Ohhh I do not
think that will be a problem!!!

Hand in hand we return to the cabin.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Holly

by Anon
(June 2001)

It may seem strange that I am in love with some one that I shouldn't have been, but since I met her, things just have not been the same. She is on my mind all the time, my wife had taken back up an old hobby that I help her out with and that’s how Holly came to visit us.

She is also horse-mad and wanted to see the pony my stepdaughter was getting to ride. Now when my wife rides her pony, that just sends pictures of Holly through my head that I cannot get rid of, no matter how hard I try. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife to bits, she is the woman for me and I am not likely to leave her, this they both know. So far everyone is happy and everything works just fine.

Anyway, here is the story of how Holly and I first got together

The first time I met Holly I noticed that there was some thing in he way that she carried herself that was unbelievable about her and I wanted to find out more. She is my stepdaughter's best friend and they both go to Boarding - School together.

The first I knew of Holly was when my daughter rang up to check what time I would be picking her up for her free weekend (that weekend) and she asked if she could bring a friend home too, I told her that if was ok with her parents then it was ok with me. Little did I know what would unfold over the weekend? On the Friday evening that I picked them up it was dull and over cast and very cold, so cold that when they came out of the main building, I could see two pairs of pert nipples floating under their loose tops (it is always very warm inside the boarding house).

I was immediately focused on the set of points belonging to Holly. I then looked up to see this beautiful, very Arian face, blonde hair, blue eyes, regal looks, etc, and knew that she was special.

The weekend was set out to be pretty boring, my wife was to look after some horses and ponies. I knew that she would expect me to tag along to help out with any heavy lifting that might need to be done. My stepdaughter is old enough to stay at home on her own and it was only Holly's reaction that made up my mind that it could be different.

At the mere mention of horses she got visibly excited, her nipples getting very erect and her face flushed at the suggestion of being able to gallop hard over a field on the back of a massive beast. Nevertheless, things did get interesting, as you will see.

Once we had arrived back at the village we live in and the bags were unpacked, we had a meal and showered, I had finished work and made the journey to the school straight away, the distance being somewhat considerable there and back. As we weren't going anywhere and it was quite late we were all in our nightclothes and sat watching t.v. It was getting very late my wife had an early start for work and she was first off to bed.

Talk all evening had been about the boys that my daughter and Holly fancied and how they sneaked out most evenings to meet them and the riding that all the ladies would be doing. I expressed my concern that they might end up doing something that could end up with them being attacked or into a situation that they couldn’t handle.

Their reassurances that they would be careful didn’t pacify my thoughts and I tried to express my concerns to my daughter, but she only laughed at me, then she got up kissed my cheek as she had done so since she was able to walk and went to bed.

This left Holly and me alone and we started to chat about how things were at school, and what she wanted to do after she finished her education. She then referred back to our earlier conversation about being in a situation that she couldn't handle and what did I mean?

I explained that some boys and men thought it to be their right to help themselves to whatever they wanted to after a date. They thought that if they had paid for everything, in return they should get their own way with the girls body, that some even resorted to getting rough with the girl to ensure that they got their own way, some used emotional blackmail "if you loved me then you would let me do it " they will say.

"Do what" she said.

"Take advantage of you." I replied.

"In what way?" she raised her eyebrow, her lips mooching, looking very soft.

I could not believe what this heavenly looking creature was saying and acting as if she was as naïve as she would have me believe. I got a little flabbergasted at this and perhaps a little embarrassed too. Well - in for a penny in for a pound - I tried to sound nonchalant but she was not buying it, "please tell me or else I will never know!" oh well I thought here we go.

"First they will want to kiss you - gently at first, but then with tongues, it is called French Kissing."

She asked if I could show her what I meant, so I sat her on the couch next to me and pulled her close so that my chest was touching hers, then I pulled her face towards mine and as our lips touched, the electricity was palpable. Our lips smoothed together opened wide, then I slid my tongue into her mouth, and slowly her tongue slid into mine. After a few minutes, we parted, quite breathless, excitement tingling in the air almost.

"Then what?" she gasped. "Well then he will try to touch your body and try to get you to touch his body too" and then she leaned forward to start kissing again. Her body tensed as I started stroking her legs and breasts, and when I put her hand on my now hard dick, she stopped everything to look at it.

Now I will not brag and say I am massive, that would be a lie, at my hardest I only get to about 6-61/2 inches long. But the way she looked at it showed that she was shocked by its size, not having seen any cocks hard before.

"That is huge" she trembled, I told her that this was only an average cock and that a lover of my wife had had an eleven inch cock, about twice the length that she was now looking at.

"Will it hurt me to play with it?" she asked "No" I replied "it may do to penetrate you, but not for long." She slowly reached back to my still raging cock and wrapped her hand around it. I was quite close to coming, but I did not want it to be over too quickly, so I removed it.

"You are amazing Holly, no girl has ever had this effect on me before, I want to go a little bit further with you now and actually have oral sex, first I will do it to you and then -if you like- you can do it for me. I promise you, you will like this -a lot - I have never had any problems bringing girls to orgasm doing this!"

"What is an orgasm?" she said.

"You will know when you have had an orgasm, you WILL know." I retorted.

Then I pulled up her nightdress and parted her thighs slowly, her breaths shallow in anticipation. Slowly I licked along the furry exterior of her slit, gently pushing them to get them to open. Like a flower in the sun she bloomed, the petals of her moist vaginal entrance opening like the sweetest smelling rose ever, her musky scent sending shivers of excitement to my brain, my hard-on raging even worse than before.

As I penetrated her cunt with the tip of my tongue I reached up under her nightie and played with her small, perfectly round little titties, tweaking the nipples between thumb and forefinger. At this, she started to moan, softly at first, but getting a bit louder, so loud that I covered her mouth with my hand to muffle the noise.

Then her body started to tense up and her legs squeezed my head to the point where I thought that it would pop. "Oh oooooooh!" and then she went limp, her breathing was ragged and she flopped back onto the couch like a raggedy Anne doll.

"That was fantastic, I have masturbated before but it doesn’t compare to what you have just done!" then I informed her it was her turn, if she was up for it, that was. Before I could sit back on the couch, she had pushed me onto the carpet and pulled my p.j.s off of my hips and down my legs, engulfing my cock in her velvety, wet and very hot mouth. Within seconds, I was rising and about to blow my load, as she slurped up and down on my cock.

For someone who said she didn’t know what I was on about, she sucked dick like it was going out of stock and she had the last of the batch. I declared my intention of coming and she just sucked even harder, managing to get a couple of fingers wrapped around my shaft to stroke up and down.

With a rush, I was coming like a tidal wave, and Holly just sucked like a Hoover, every drop going down that slender throat - gulp, gulp - until my cock was drained. Normally my cock deflates faster than a popped balloon after I have shot my load, but to my joy, it was as rampant as ever. Without a word, Holly moved up my body until her moist opening was hovering over my cock.

Her lips parted as she leaned forward to kiss me, "take it slowly, I don’t want it to hurt too much " she said "I know that you had a vasectomy, so I am going to find out how to fuck without protection. I know that men should wear a condom, but I know I am not going to get pregnant with you fucking me unprotected."

Hearing Holly talk dirty like that made me harder than I had been in almost ten years of marriage. I swear that I grew an extra inch - just for her - so that it could be good for her as well as for me, she slowly placed her hot slit against my mushroom head and sank back onto it a, slow gasp escaping her lips as she slid down my cock.

I had dreamed of fucking a teenaged virgin, here I was with one whose cunt was tighter than a vice. She was sliding up and down slowly, pushing a little more inside herself with each push down, until finally I was in to the hilt. "That didn’t hurt one little bit, great huh?"

Holly started to squeeze her cunt wall muscles. I swear that they were rippling inside, up and down my cock, trying to milk it of even more spunk. I sat up and lifted Holly until I was on my feet, never once letting her move off of me, then I pulled out of her and told her to bend over the back of the couch.

"What are you going to do?" she exclaimed, but before she could carry on talking, I put a finger to her lips and sank up to my balls in her pussy. Slowly I started to pump in and out of her; I reached down her front and slowly played with her engorged clitoris.

Within moments she was coming again and I asked, "would you like to do something special for me, it will hurt a lot at first, but after a few moments, I know it will put everything else in the shade. But you must promise to save this for only men that you love and trust completely, or else all men will think you are a slut and treat you like one too. Do you promise, do you, do you?" to which she nodded and pushed back harder as if to agree.

At this point I withdrew my cock from her cunt and slid it up and down her arse-crack slowly pointing it towards her arse-hole. As I tamped my mushroom-cap against her shit-hole she tried to move, but I wasn’t going to let her move away until I had taught her this one last thing.

Pushing slowly, I told her to expect a sharp pain that might feel hot, but I carried on pushing nonetheless and suddenly her anal sphincter popped around my cock-head and I was in.

Holly bit my forearm in her moment of pain and I swear to this day that she drew blood, as slowly but without stopping, I slid my length into her shitter. I started to pump in and out building up a rhythm that wouldn’t hurt Holly too much, when suddenly her anal juices started to flow.

AT LAST, she had now got past the pain and the erotic sensations were returning to her nether regions, causing Holly to start to moan again.

I pumped faster and faster. Now Holly was joining in the race to come first. She pushed back onto my cock, her arse red-hot, almost on fire now. Aaaaaaaagh! I grunted as wave after wave of seemingly endless come shot up Holly's shit-hole, it just seemed to keep on going.

When it stopped, my cock was deflating as fast as it normally did after a quick pump with the wife. In my joy at coming, I had not noticed that Holly too had come and that she was crying.

"Why are you crying my baby doll?" I cooed in her ear.

"I did not know that sex could be so good" she sobbed, leaning into my chest. Quickly afterwards we cleaned each other up, including me licking my come out of both of Holly's holes, for which she appreciated the attention that her sorely fucked arse received from my tongue, cooling it down much to her relief.

Then we wiped each other with a damp sponge we kept in the kitchen and sneaked up to bed. The following day was bright and sunny, but unfortunately, my wife and daughter had come down with a bug and were too busy running to the toilet to notice anything was wrong.

My wife told me that a pony in a nearby field needed feeding and riding that morning. As mentioned before Holly loves horses the reason for this visit and jumped at the chance to come with me (no pun intended) to help out. This was a relief as I knew nothing about horses and was too heavy to ride the little thing.

After riding him for a good hour or so Holly trotted over to the fence where I was and halted flinging her lithe, long legs over his back and onto the ground. She showed me how to groom him, pushing into me as much as possible, teasing my rock-hard dick with her butt-cleft, frotting me to within a moment of coming. After she had groomed the horse, she suggested that we check out the stable for hay and bedding.

I thought that I would now have to hump and dump loads of hay about as it takes several bales to cover the whole stable floor, but to my relief, the pony had not messed up his stable. None the less, I still had to move some hay around to keep him fed. As I went to the store next to the stable I heard Holly, moving something next door and wondered what she was up to. I found out once I returned to the stable.

Lying naked apart from her smile she told me to closed the bottom half of the door and join her on a frayed piece of horse blanket she had found in the corner "no straw up your bum" she said.

Some how I was sure that Holly had done this before, or had read too many Mills and Boon novels. In moments, I was naked too and receiving attention to my rapidly hardening cock.

She laid me on my back and her head started to bob up and down. I was moaning aloud and she seemed to enjoy the fact that because we were quite far from any roads, no one could hear us or see us. This only made Holly more adventurous and certainly more confident than she would have been had we been in my house.

Feeling the sap rising in my cock only made me want to hurry her up. She was in no hurry though, and must have sensed something to stop when she did. She lay back on the blanket and opened her legs. For a girl to be this confident after only one fuck, I felt, must mean that I am as good as my wife says, just a shame that most of the time she doesn’t want more than a few squirts and as long as her orgasm comes who cares.

She could almost be a man. Nevertheless, Holly pushed my head into her fluffy hole and told me to lick like the next fuck depended on it (which it did). I lapped at her cunt like a dog that hadn't drunk for a week, slavering over her lips like a piece of fruit waiting to be devoured, not wanting to miss a single inch of her sweet cunt or a drop of the delightful liquid that glistened on her hole like golden dew.

Very soon Holly came and this time she didn’t have to hold anything back, and screamed her lungs out, pulling on my hair so hard that I thought that some would be torn out of my scalp (try explaining that to the wife), but eventually her screaming subsided to howls, then to sobs, then to whimpers as soft as a new puppy. I viciously grabbed hold of her and flipped her over and I intended to do her doggy style, but Holly had a surprise for me that I hadn't counted on.

She reached under her clothes and brought out a huge vibrator, which I recognized as being the one that my wife used on the occasions that I wasn’t there and she wasn’t having an affair.

It was no small one either, being nine inches long and six inches around the circumference; I wondered what she had in mind.

"Well, I think that it is time you found out what it was like to be fucked up the arse!" and proceeded to start lubricating it with her now sopping cunt lips.

The truth of the matter is that the wife had made me take her lovers' eleven inch cock up my shitter and if I'm honest, it was probably one of the best fucks I have ever experienced. I had multiple orgasms as he rode my shitter like an express train on the main line, hitting my G-spot like nobodies business time after time, until I felt his hot fountain of come cascade inside my bowels.

Even when he went soft, his cock was still nine inches long and firm enough to fuck any woman silly. Nevertheless, I enjoyed licking his cock clean of my feces and his spunk mixed together then licking his arse-hole and testicles as he fucked my wife in both holes and then made me lick both holes of hers clean too.

However, I digress from the main story. After using her juices to wet the vibrator, she told me to get on my knees and pull my arse cheeks apart whilst she went to work on my shit-hole. As expected, the initial penetration hurt, like a bastard in fact, but I knew that it gets better and that if I took that monster up my arse, I could take this pup.

Holly slowly took up a steady rhythm and I soon started getting that tingling feeling in my bowels, I urged Holly to go faster - that I wanted it to go as fast as she could make it go. My arms went lax as I almost fell onto my elbows sticking my arse higher up in the air so that it was easier to slam it into my butt, then it started, an earth-shattering orgasm like I hadn't had in ages.

As Holly withdrew the vibrator I clenched my arse-cheeks to make it harder to remove, Holly did as I expected and started to wiggle it about, causing further waves of pleasure within my abdomen. "Now fuck me with that monster tool of yours, make me come again.

I do not know what you've done to me, but I want sex and I want to learn more about it, NOW!!!" Holly shouted at me. As my cock was still stiff I did not hesitate in teaching Holly a few new tricks and she thought of a few things to try out too. It seemed to go on forever. Just as we started to get dressed, my mobile rang.

It was my wife, trying to find out where we were. I explained that as the stable had been messed up pretty badly by Tankard (the pony), it was taking forever to make it seem fit to let him back into.

Satisfied with my reply, she asked if we could get some painkillers and barley water from the chemist on the way back, then hung up. Checking our watches, we realized that we had been gone for nearly three hours and most of the time had been spent rutting like rabbits.

Making sure that we were looking pretty much the same as when we went out, we got into my car, got the few things from the chemist and returned home. We still fuck each other's brains out on a regular basis, have been for four years now. What a woman she has turned out to be.

As well as two top degrees in medicine and psychology, she now runs a sex clinic in a nearby town practice, where I am regularly called upon as a surrogate "husband" to help Holly cure people of their hang-ups.

Some times Holly and I demonstrate before the patient tries it out, but I know this, things have improved at home and some times my wife (who now knows and gives us her blessing - after five lovers in the first seven years of marriage, she probably feels guilty about it) comes down to help out too; she helps boost the egos of the guys with small penis problems.

I might write in and let you know how things are, maybe I will tell you about my past.

On the other hand, maybe I'll just keep it to my self.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One into one equals one

by Pussy Power (
(June 2001)

Looking out the window of the Yulla Mediterranean Restaurant there is a million-dollar view of Bondi, Sydney Australia's best known beach, "where suntanned bathers parade while the Pacific Ocean rolls onto the golden sands and produces some of the best surf for swimming there is". Sydney has just hosted 'the best Olympic Games…ever' and Bondi featured in the spectacular games of beach volleyball at a specially constructed temporary stadium on the golden sands, back-dropped by the ever-changing movements of the sensuous sky-blue breaking seas.

Located on the southern end of Campbell Parade the name Yulla is the Hebrew word for 'Hurry up/Let's go/Move your butt', and at lunchtime on a mid-summers day, as today, the place is alive and jumping with bronzed and hungry, hunky surfers, many from around the world, to enjoy the exhilaration of riding the strong braking waves of the Western Pacific Ocean. Looking at the beach below everywhere there were people of all ages shapes and sizes displaying a wide variety of beachwear from the stolid conservative to the most provocative, but mostly towards the skin-fest point on the body-revealing scale. Bondi Beach is the 'Australian Riviera' at its hedonistic and visually stimulating best.

The two, early thirties, strikingly attractive, luncheon dinners, me, Jill, and Tony, who had just met again by accident only that morning, after a decade of separation, were enjoying corn fritters and a spinach salad with roast pumpkin, avocado, croutons and parmesan and a glass or two of fine Chardonnay from the nearby Hunter Valley, and talking incessantly-'catching up'. Over the last hour or so, the panoramic view from the long windows triggered the intense exchanges of the highly interactive couple. The choice of restaurant and their table was carefully chosen. It was closest to, and overlooked, the place where they had first met in their teens and subsequently spent many joyous and intimate times together.

Self-loving: Sexual awakenings and satisfying sexual needs
I, Jill, grew up in Bondi in an old house set about a mile from the beach in one of the first settled Federation neighbourhoods, so named after the time of the Australian nations foundation, 100 years ago to this very day as I write, in 1901. I lived with my parents and one slightly older brother and my large high-ceilinged room opened directly from the hall and boasted a small private verandah where I spent many hours basking naked in the sun. My bedroom was my private sanctuary, with lovely old-fashioned furniture including a 'four-poster' double bed of generous dimensions, and by my pubescent teenage years I controlled totally what happened in there. My room was the place where I became a sexy women.

By the time I had reached pubescence my generous, genitalia were hidden away behind a luxuriant bush of deep black tangled pubic hairs. My hirsute mons pubis was a prominent feature of my vulva bounded at the top by the horizontal jungle to within 3-4 inches of my tummy button and between my legs extending to cover each labia thoroughly, to end by encircling my neat little brown anus. I took great delight in running my hands through my thick female forest slowly working them deeper and deeper into the precious jewels that lay hidden in the moist, and often dripping, velvet valley that lay between my legs.

If the sexual voyeur were to examine me with my legs wide apart, as I often did squatting on top of a big mirror, he or she, would see a wonderfully voluptuous cunt, with its pale pink inner surface and vestibule to my vagina sporting a readily arousable clitoris, with the whole of the pudendal cleft generally glistening with mucous secretions. Watching in the mirror, as my pale yellow piss gushed out of my urethra, was always a great turn and start to playing (hard!) with myself.

Very early on I knew many of the intimate details of my ample deep vagina over which the remnants of my broken hymen provided another protective barrier. With my very bushy foliage, I had to really grab hold of each labia firmly and to open up the view into my orgasmic orifice. I delighted in exploring the soft ridges and columns, and texture of my rapidly engorgeable pussy as I began to work up my self-masturbatory passions. So deep was my vagina that it was only when I was fully aroused and close to exploding that I could reach and feel my anterior fornix, and ultimately, my cervix.

As a spunky young chick, one of my favourite positions for sexually pleasuring myself was to perch on the edge of my low lounge chair and watch myself masturbate to repeated orgasms in my carefully positioned big mirror. Starting in the usual way for girls like me, I would first tease and suck my hard nipples standing erect on my firm lovely breasts, and then, as my cunt's juices began to flow, increasingly concentrate on 'pumping my pussy' which I did with the readily available cucumbers and bananas, usually coming to frenetic shuddering climax's with progressively one, two and three fingers working my vagina, my other hand frigging myself horizontally across my super hard ecstatic clit.

I was never quite agile enough to suck my own pussy. Had that been possible I don't think I could contain my sexual passions! However I was much blessed with what I possessed, and possessed myself as often as I could to the limit of my self masturbatory abilities.

But like so many of my location and generation, the lure of the nearby beach and the sea was very powerful. I spent as much time as possible down at the beach close by the Surf Club and its abundance of heavenly spunky lifeguards who I often fantasized over. At fourteen my enlightened mother, Jan, had arranged for me to ' go on the pill' saying it was "good for my development" (it certainly regulated my periods, which I soon became able to predict to the day), and she was aware of the pulling and persuasive powers of young bronzed surf spunks, and the misfortunes of unwished for pregnancies!
The thrill of riding Bondi (and similar) surf is legendary. We local girls, young nubile 'spunky chicks', the nearby beach residents, were passionately addicted to being in, on and under the surf as often as we could be, and at the same time flaunting our bodies at the lifeguards to ensure in our late teens that we got invited, as often as possible, to the monthly Saturday night dances and so were assured of randy, groove-wetting, passionate embraces.

Many a-time I was returned home in the early hours of Sunday morning in a high state of arousal with heavily soaked panties and an irresistible itch which I spent the next hour attending to, enjoying multiple orgasms in my virginal bed before falling asleep exhausted sexually satiated after a thorough finger-fucking session. I had first come around 11 or 12 and ever since then had to masturbate myself frequently, often several times a day, which was easy at home in the intimacy of my room and verandah.

I well remember the first time I did it to climax! It involved a little help from my cousin Claire, who had come to stay for a few days over the holidays. Claire and I had just been for a swim and were wanting to shower. I went first, and finishing quickly returned to my room to find Claire naked and rubbing her cunt in front of my mirror. She said "Oh, you're back so soon. I can't stop now, I'm nearly coming". And with that she continued to rub herself soon to scream out of her twitching body "It's wonderful. I can't help doing it". By the time Claire's passion had been temporarily satisfied, I too had started to drip with excitement and soon had my own pussy tingling. Claire came over. "Have you ever cum yet?" I nodded negatively. "Here, let me help. With that Claire started tweaking my nipples as I put my fingers deeper and deeper and quicker and quicker into my cunt. My juices poured and flooded to the floor, and suddenly my, until then 'innocent', body convulsed. It took my breath away. But it was so good. I was hooked.

Over that weekend of awakening, Claire and I masturbated ourselves and each other a number of times so that by the time we said our good-byes, I could masturbate myself to orgasm nearly every time I developed that itchy irritation between my legs!

I continued to masturbate myself passionately right up to the present. I really love doing myself, sticking my fingers up my lovely hairy pussy and frigging myself off to violent shaking orgasms, with the muscular spasms running through every inch of my body!

It was the era of the 'see through when wet' Bikini and I and my close friends competed to buy and wear the ones that were decent enough to wear walking to and fro from the beach, but almost turned into plate glass when wet as upon entering the exhilarating waters of the Pacific ocean at Bondi.

Typically, times at the beach embraced several wave-catching sessions with opportunities to display one charms to as many as wanted to look, but especially the lifeguards, as one walked to and from from positions close by the 'on-watch' low-set life-tower. I particularly enjoyed the absolute thrill of body-surfing a big wave with the pounding frothy break embracing my body and forcing my Bikini top around my neck so that my nipples and breasts were fully exposed to the nimble fingers of the sea as I coasted right up onto the swirling sand with my tits grazing the bottom. Then, in the dying moments of the wave, to again encase my fulsome breasts in the transparent tops and look down to see again the very clear outline of my bulging breasts and big brown nipples, of course, my most luxuriant and generous dark pubic patch.

At the beach, I behaved as a female always 'on heat' and I really had a very cunt-focussed mind and accompanying actions at the time! Today, at Bondi, much the same is going on as sexual powers of young bodies are flaunted.

If it wasn't quite so public, I could often have readily masturbated to climax in the surf, which I actually did a few times but it was not the easiest environment to come in! You had to be really 'hot' to get it off quickly. The few times I climaxed in the swirling water were early in the morning when the surf was flat and nobody else was near.

If I was really feeling sexually provocative after lying on the hot sand for a while, I would piss myself just before going back in the water, so that I could give another poppy show of my crotch's treasures as I strutted, breasts bobbing, towards the surf and as close as I dared to any young spunks I could see. My walking route (root?) was often plotted to give me the biggest thrill. It was like the then dangerous road 'sport' of playing chicken' in a car. My thoughts, as I walked wet on the beach where of young men's cocks and balls and I loved to see them with protruding erections, which they vainly tried to hide.

Some of the males, soon after I passed, would have had to have obvious spunky ejaculations from their already highly aroused dripping organs! I enjoyed so stimulating them by my erotic and arousing presence (and that of similarly inclined young women), of which there were quite a number. We maidenly provocateurs enjoyed our little bit of beach fun.

After catching a dozen or so big waves, when I had had enough for now, I would usually walk proudly back to my spot close past the lookouts to return to my towel and sun creams and hat, to resume keeping my tanned brown body looking terrific. I enjoyed taunting young men and often saw their rods visibly stiffen through the flimsy fabric of their body-hugging 'cossies'. It was hard for them to keep their manhood respectively under control when so obviously excited by the likes of chicks like me!

Not infrequently, on the beach, you would witness individuals or couples, both homo and hetereo, 'having it off' and several times men flashed and masturbated their penis's at me as I watched them, through my dark glasses, ejaculate. Sometimes then they would walk past presenting their spunk-soiled togs as they passed by, looking at you as if to say "If you want it, follow me!". There was often the musky smell of spent spunk as they passed.

All lifesavers (Ozz for lifeguards) are thought to be promiscuous, but those at Bondi bragged and talked much more than they actually fucked. But most were great spunky masturbators shooting what must have amounted to buckets of creamy, slimy jism, which society's rules for teens prohibited from finding its way into nubile cunts, where it really belonged! What a waste!

My thoughts often turned to giving a lifeguard a 'blow job'. What would it really be like to suck cock? Would my mouth be big enough; tongue sexy enough; how do you suck a mans balls; would I really enjoy a penis ejaculating in my mouth and having to swallow hot spunk-would it burn? Girls have a special hole in which to take cock. Why do it in the mouth at all? Why swallow and waste all that manly jism? Should a man's cock not be used properly to fill up a spunky chicks eager and willing, especially created vaginal organ in her hot and randy waiting cunt?

Lying on a towel in the middle of the crowd on the beach at Bondi was not conducive to immediate easy sexual satisfaction. You had to be discrete! From time to time people on the Beach had been arrested and fined for 'indecent behaviour' - commonly males 'flashing dick' at women, or females with 'inappropriate beach-ware' (too much tit exposure or too little crotch cover). That was years ago. Today, standards are much more liberal, but you still can't indulge in open sex at Bondi! However, it's a fabulous place to be, particularly for those who like to be turned on by young hunks of both sexes!

And the stimulus and excitement was mutual. Sometimes, a particular boy would capture my imagination and when the slit between my legs itched beyond control I would gently masturbate it through my flimsy bottom and try and come on the sand, which, from time to time, I would succeed in doing. Too much sand in the crotch and up an excited young lady's cunt is not the best for auto-eroticism! Your pudendum and clit feels as though it is being rubbed by sandpaper! You just don't do it that way! But generally when the urge to 'come' again was really building and/or the midday sun was getting too hot, it was back into the surf or home. It needed more space and time and 'toys' than the beach could provide, to train, master and really enjoy my rapidly maturing body with my precious pussy!

After the beach the walk back home took about half an hour, by which time on a warm day, my whole body was glistening with moisture and the gooey groove between my legs was wet with anticipation as to what I would be doing to it when I arrived. As I walked it was possible tweak my nipples and touch myself up between my legs a little to heighten my rising sexual desire. And the often urgent need for a relieving pee drew added attention to that hot and sticky rooting furrow riding between my legs and demanding attention which increased with every pace as I headed up my street towards home.

Upon getting to my usually deserted home around midday I would usually have a quick shower letting the refreshing cold water cool me off and cleanse away the sand. But before turning on the tap I would squat and piss, with my togs still on, watching my bush enticingly appear in the see through panel of my Bikini and enjoying the feel of warm pee as it saturated my crotch and trickled down my legs. Before showering, I often piss in my flimsy panties, look down at my today even bigger black bush and fondle my crotch and hold my breasts and tweak my nipples with copious handfuls of steaming warm urine, before I wash it all off.

Stripping off my costume I would force out another big gush catching it in my hands and rubbing the dripping yellow urine through my bush and onto my tits before opening up my cunt, sticking several fingers in and starting to arouse myself. Generally I started with the well-oiled routine described earlier. On many an occasion I would have then have taken the top off a small Coke bottle and stuck it up my vagina thrilling to the warm swirling fizz as I fucked myself with the world famous bottle!

After tweaking my nipples to their fully erect state and finger-fucking my tingling vagina for a while, I would turn on the cascading water and caress and touch every part of me as intimately as I could getting very hot!

Our bath had a hose spray with a detachable head and it didn't take me long to learn how much sexual pleasure could be derived from detaching the nozzle and putting the fat rubber hose up my cunt and feel the rushing water exciting my wanton vagina and cervix. Very carefully varying the pressure and temperature made for a variety of wonderful sensations after which I hastened to complete the process of self-seduction in my room. So, hastily wrapped in my Blue Hawaii Sea Island cotton towel, I'd retreat quickly to my bedroom- my private pleasure palace to fuck myself over and over! The place where, over the adolescent years, I truly trained and mastered my pussy to perform to my most intimate commands!

By 'sweet seventeen', the year before I lost my virginity, my routine in my bedroom upon returning from the beach was well-oiled. Quickly seeking the comfort of my old-fashioned wide-armed cane comfortable lounge chair, upon which I always spread a crimson pink silky smooth bed cover, and sat down spreading my legs onto it arms. A small lockable collection of my private pleasure 'tools of trade'-body oils and lubricants, several dildos and a mirror, constituted my basic resources, sometimes aided by a copy of a racy love story or hot women's magazine, which we shared around.

My favourite artificial cock, which I still use today, was (and is) a perfectly tapered green French wine bottle which I usually used to finish myself off. Its silken smooth body being just the right width to thrust and pound against my fully engorged pussy's lips which are always very well lubricated from my cunt's natural juices. As well, I used a number of other innocent looking items in the room to push in and out of my velvet vagina.

As well as swimming and surfing, I played team tennis and beach volley-ball regularly, so my body was in absolutely top shape, well-proportioned, well-rounded and generally what the boys would call ' a good looking Sheila (Ozzie slang for girl), or a 'good sort'.

In my bedroom I had two mirrors, one full length, in front of which I would stand or squat and view every inch of my body, another smaller one was an illuminated magnifying one with two powerful little fluorescent lights along each side which showed my enlarged cunt in all its glorious sexy detail.

Particularly exciting was to watch my clit grow to full size as I finger fucked myself. In the mirror my clit looked really huge and playing with it often had me near climaxing very quickly. I soon learned how to 'back off' and keep my sex pot simmering for as long as I wished before frigging myself to ecstatic muscle wrenching climax's. From time I would spend the whole afternoon fantasizing about the lifeguards and what I'd do with them if I really had the use of their virile bodies and rock-hard erect penis's. I was never into anal sex though and have never had a cock up my backside. I think my rear hole is rather small.

I usually use my lubricants only when I was a bit dried out following extended sex session which had emptied my vaginal glands and I have an urgent desire to fuck myself again. Mostly the lubes were for my body, tits, nipples and anus, up which I often insert my small silver thimble-sized dildo. I am well satisfied with a little throbbing silver insert up my arse to heighten my arousals! Men's cocks are meant for mouth sucking and fucking up accommodating demanding thwats! My other dildo had a clit caresser too, and I could really make myself hit Everest-heights of devasting and exhausting levels of sexual arousal. By the time I was seventeen I thought I had really mastered the most rewarding art of self-loving!

I had, I found out later, quite an exceptionally large, long and deep vagina in which I could only just touch my cervix with my fingers when it was fully aroused and distended. The top of the open French wine bottle fits neatly around my cervix just before I reach my highest orgasmic peaks, so markedly enhancing my best convulsive climaxes. My cunt was very demanding and knew what it needed to be repeatedly satisfied!

If I were alone I would immediately continue the process of 'touching myself up' which I had started in the shower. It always excited me to watch myself in the mirror when I was doing this, although by the time a climax was approaching it was enough to just concentrate on pure touching and frigging.

A fly on the wall would have seen a pretty ,well-developed and amply bosomed young lady, of medium height and build, eagerly caressing herself and delving her nimble fingers into her voluptuous black-forest protected velvet vaginal slit, and teasing her prominent clit to rock-hard excruciating sensitivity, before backing off to repeat the process many times before allowing herself the ultimate climactic pleasures of repeated body-shuddering fantastic orgasms. Whenever I was away from home, I thought of my room and my bed and that inevitably lead me to thinking about what I would do to myself the next time I was alone with time, and my cunt, on my hands!

Even without my bra, two gorgeous generous firm breasts protruded invitingly forward, their normally well aroused when her legs were splayed apart as they were for the most part during self-loving stimulation. They just begged for caressing and sucking! The very narrowest band of Bikini-line white flesh surrounded the large tangled triangular forest of rich black pubic hairs which guarded the entrance to the love chamber, which when her outer lips were pulled aside revealed an ample deep red gooey groove and glistening pink vaginal entrance and clearly visible, even when not aroused, perfect clitoris amid folds of tender labial tissues.

To the intimate observer, the pubic bush extended well down on each side of her pussy lips but the inner lips were completely clear of hair at the level of the vaginas entrance. When highly aroused, her pussies outer lips extended and raised to form a soft succulent oval of mesmerizing attractiveness. She could gaze for a long time in her magnifying mirror as she slowly touched and explored every fold and wrinkle in her much-fondled gorgeous gooey groove!

Her satin-smooth legs framed her dark-ringed tight hairy anus, normally nestled and buried between her pink-brown cheeks. Wide open, her private parts were an alluring sight of sexual promise!

Even in the days before toilet cams were invented she sometime took a mirror into the bathroom and looked at herself squirting hot yellow piss from the little hole in the middle of her cunt. What a wonderful thing a pussy was! Every time you pissed you thought of sex and what a girl's cunt was really made for. Many a time you just had to masturbate yourself to climax after a piss!

Looking in the mirrors, the fine robust deep brown body with its wonderfully firm breast profile and the often hard nipples showing starkly, and the luxuriant protruding growth of jet-black pubic hairs covering her large mons veneris, which was so clearly visible in wet bathers, was the reason men stared and cocks hardened as the body of this young women walked back from the surf in her translucent Bikini at Bondi Beach!

And to any randy spunk watching with the fly on the wall, it was a most inviting, then virgin, cunt crying out for filling with a hard cock ejaculating pulsating loads of hot creamy spunk! But this spunky chick had to wait until she seventeen before being deflowered and for most of her twenties she was subject to much self-loving-masturbating herself to intense climaxes.

Even now as this story is being written, I cannot remember any day when I have not spent upwards of an hour pumping and pleasuring my, to me at least, perfect pussy! Since I started coming at puberty I have never denied myself this indulgence whether single or married, although very early on I commenced sharing these intimate occasions with very close friends, the first of which was Beth, with whom I was closely involved in a lesbian relationship for one gorgeous exhilarating year of sexual liberation, when we were both 17.

There are many pleasures of the flesh to be derived from solo self-loving acts, but with an equal partner (of either sex) a different range of sexual delights becomes available. Beth and I were just at the right age to fully exploit and enjoy the wonders of each others beautiful bodies.

Beth was a member of the ' beach beauties', a group of us from our nearby Catholic school, who spent all the time we could at Bondi enjoying the warm sunshine and surf and displaying our curvaceous and most desirable hot bodies. When we were younger we would often go to the beach together and upon returning home Beth would drop in for a drink as she still had a little way to go.

One stinking hot day Beth and I had our first shower together and I without thinking started to caress myself and putting my fingers up my horny wet cunt, my normal routine! Beth and I had talked a lot about boys and sex but had never been physical until this day.
Without a moments delay Beth's finger too were up her pussy and she just looked intently at me and burst into a smile. "Let's come together" she said. "I have been dying to ask you if we can get together. I love you and your body. Do you like mine?" With that Beth turned the shower off and preened herself squeezing her nipples and then squatted on the floor and with both hands pulled aside her very hairy bush to expose her fucking delights. Then removing one hand to tease her tits she put two fingers up her gash and pumped furiously. I was mesmerized. "I'm coming" Beth cried. And with convulsive jerks and twists she climaxed herself to ecstasy, after which she pressed her body firmly into mine.
After that horny introduction, I became a lesbian when Beth and I often made love to each other in the security of my room after our many swims during the 'endless' Bondi summers. And when the weather was not suitable for the beach Beth would often come over and we would fuck each other over and over. There didn't seem to be any limit on the number of times we could get each other to come!
Come to think of it being a teenage lesbian with but one partner was a very good thing to be before the legal age of sexual intercourse! You couldn't get pregnant; if both were healthy there were no risks of STD's; you had the time together to really appreciate both your bodies; and you were in a safe environment.
There are a few days in your life when you can recall everything that happened with absolute clarity. The day that two women make first love to each other is one of them. And the day that you fuse together for the first time with a perfect mate, is another!
At eighteen Beth's family moved interstate and although we corresponded for a while we eventually lost touch. For many years I was back mainly to masturbating on my own, with the occasional adventure with a man or a women. And then the man with me today in the Yulla Café at Bondi came again into my life and I fused to the highest possible level of feminine ecstasy as my soul-mate spunked me full of his copious heavenly jism.
One into One equals One
Tony was going to the Jesuit Brothers School at Kirribilli, on the Harbour in Sydney. He too was and ardent surfer and joined the Surf Club as a junior lifeguard. We first met in our teens at a dance to which I had been invited by another surfie. But from the moment we set eyes on each other I was smitten. By the end of that summer we had been to a few dances and the movies together but always with 'the gang' and in the dense urban environment there was never any opportunity to be alone which I longed for and knew what that would mean! But I had sensed that something held Tony back over deepening the relationship. Now, as fate would have it we had met again and as each minute unfolded the magic of mutual attraction mounted.

Leaving our shopping temporarily at the Yulla, we walked barefooted along the beach remembering the gorgeous summers of those surfing years, and feeling the waves break and ebb as they emptied themselves on the beach. With each step we increased the tightness with which we held each others hand and the excitement of being in each other's close physical presence again became electrical.

Tony was a well built quite, hairy man, with a lovely big circumsized penis and full set of spunky balls. As he told me later, he had kept himself physically fit throughout his life and, like most single men of his time, had masturbated frequently to relieve his aching balls. Confined to a dedicated life-style he had never before possessed a women, but his wide reading had prepared him well for the first momentous moment of indulgent heterosexual union.

My fully aroused nipples were clearly visible straining against my blouse and my vagina began to throb and flood. And the prominent bulge in front of Tony as we walked indicated his hard erectile state. " I love you Jill. I need to make you mine…forever". "I love you too, Tony, with all my heart. Take me. I am yours", I responded. I knew that this was it! The time for the fullest possible commitment to another human had finally arrived! And in the prime of adult life it was a prospect of absolute rapture!

As I lay on my back on the bed in my motel my legs locked tightly around Tony's smooth brown naked back, I felt the throbbing outpourings of his organ pushing white hot spunky jism deep into my randy begging cunt as his rock-hard big cock pumped back and forth in my vagina thrusting onto my much-engorged cervix.

With my breasts oscillating rapidly and our matted glistening pubic hairs intertwined, my vagina and clitoris convulsed into fabulous ecstasies in a series of multiple orgasms that engulfed my entire being. Not just once, but three times, Tony filled my satiated pussy full to overflowing and I came and came again! After many hours of enthralling intimacies, finally fucking each other to a standstill, we lay exhausted and 'slept together' for the first time! It was truly perfect bliss!

And as the story unfolded of Tony's last ten years, I understood why we had not consummated our relationship much earlier. Tony had been 'promised' to the priest-hood from which he had just been released after ten tortuous years. At last free to love and enjoy life as a completely fulfilled man, fate had somehow re-united us with each other. Absolute destiny!

That is the story of how I grew up and found my perfect partner in the prime of my life.

Nothing in my past amorous and self-loving experiences, rewarding and satisfying as they had been at the time, had prepared me for my ultimate mature act of union with Tony. I had my man and he had me. We could keep fusing together and fucking each other forever and ever…and still not be satisfied. Intensely loving each other, and always doing it together, proves that One Into One Equals One! All my past experiences had laid the perfect foundations for a married life together of total joy.

And Tony's enforced celibacy had made him all the more passionate when at last his true spunk-filled manhood was allowed to unleash! He had a lot of spunk in his willing tool ready for filling up my passionate pussy whenever I needed a real fuck! Tony's pent-up sexual tensions were imaginatively and wonderfully released on my now frequently ravished accommodating body! And whenever Tony is away, I fuck myself with a revitalized vigour as I imagine Tony's cock and balls servicing my hot hairy gooey groove!

All blessings to the nubile beach culture of Manly Australia, which made myself and Tony together, the loving and sexy people we are. And to Providence that brought us together.

Dedicated to DM