Friday, September 29, 2006

The Train Ride

by T Bear ( JUNE 99)

(His view)

We had a fight, maybe it was that we had been apart or we just have been working to hard.
We had scheduled a trip together, a get to know you sort of trip.
We are scheduled to take a train from Maryland to LA then get on a plan to Hawaii.

I told her that I was going and I didnմ care if she came or not and walked out regretting said what I said right afterwards.
At work I felt guilty and knew that she didnմ deserve that kind of treatment.
I picked up the phone to call and apologies but being a man with all that pride I hung it up.
Half the day went by and I still hadnմ called nor had I heard from her.
My stomach was in knots and I didnմ want to lose her, especially since it was so early in our relationship.

I bought some flowers and went to the house. I open the door and called out her name but you werenմ there. Feeling bad and looking at my watch, I went and packed and headed for the train station.

I went and checked in and went over to what was supposed to be our compartment. It wasnմ a sleeping compartment but it was secluded from other passengers. I sat down and took out some work hoping she would show up so I could apologies.

I heard the trains whistle go off and felt the lurch of the train but there was no sign of her.
I took out some work and started to work on it, resigning my self that I screwed up and probably lost the best thing that happen to me.

As I was crunching numbers the door open but I didnմ look up afraid of being disappointed by seeing it was someone else or the conductor handing me a Dear John letter.

All of a sudden a shadow feel over me and I heard a female voice asked if they could sit down and pointed to the chair across from me.
I said sure not looking up right away.
As I raised my eyes, starting at her feet and then her calves finally to the muscular thighs.
Looking at the flare of her womanly hips, the narrow waist to the white summer dress with a flower design, to the swells of her breast.
The very feminine neck to her pretty face and penetrating green eyes and thick brown hair. I just had to smile but something was wrong.
She pretended to act like she was a complete stranger.
I guess I was really in the doghouse but something told me that I wasnմ but to go with it.

She sat and crossed her right leg over her left, pulling the hem of the summer dress she was wearing over her bent knee.
I pretended to keep working and looked down at my papers.
After about 15 minutes I guess I wasnմ showing her enough attention and she let the heel of her right sandal come off.
There she was sitting across from me giving me a view of a leg and dangling a shoe, knowing that would get my attention.

I knew the game now she wanted me to beg.
She was going to teach me a lesson and she wanted me to know she was in charge.
I still pretended to look at my papers while taking glances at her leg swing back and forth with that dang shoe dangling.
After a couple of minutes of that she uncrossed her legs and cross the left over the right being sure that I could see her thigh before smoothing out her dress again.

I glanced at her face but she was reading a book she took out of her pocket book.
I saw a trace of a smile but it quickly went away, she was enjoying this.
After what seemed like an eternity the train went into a tunnel and the cabin went dark.
When the daylight came back through the windows I looked over at her. It seemed like she was showing more cleavage than I remembered when she sat down.

About 10 minutes later the train went into another tunnel and we were plunged into darkness again.
I looked over at her again and it seem that I remembered her wearing stocking but they to were removed or did she have any on.
My mind is starting to race and my pants have started to become uncomfortable.

I have to admit at this point I was looking forward to the next tunnel but I had no idea whether there was one or not.
I looked at her face and she was biting her lower lip. So I know that there was more to come.
I wasnմ sure how far she would go but she definitely had a devilish grin on her face.

About 20 minutes later we did go through another tunnel, when we came out of it I watched as she put something white in her bag.
I didnմ get a good look at it and wonder what it was. Then I found out.
She uncrossed her legs and fluffed her dress.
I got a view of her most private parts.
The parts that had given me hours of pleasure just the night before.

She looked me straight in the face and smiled.
Then she went back to reading her book.
Her she was driving up the wall and she was reading a dam book.
She then got up and went to the window.
She leaned over so that she could look out, knowing that the back of her dress would rise and give me a better view of the back of her legs.
I felt beads of sweat on my forehead.
It was getting really hot in here. I thought about what I should do.
Well I looked at her legs from her ankle to what the dress had uncovered.
She was in control but I was determined to get a little control back.

I put my papers down and moved to sit on the front of my seat.
I was just behind her about an arms reach away.
I notice that she was keeping up the heat by changing her weight from one foot to the other, flexing and un-flexing her legs.

I bent down and lightly touched the back of her closes ankle, not sure whether I would get slapped or not for the way that I treated her earlier.
There was no slap so I got a little braver.
I slowly and lightly made circles with just the tips on my fingers up her calf.
Still not convinced that I wouldnմ get slapped.
When I got to the back of her knee I felt her buckle just a tad.
I knew that from then on she had just released control to me.

I repeated what I just did to the other leg and again at the back of the knee I felt a buckle, a little more distinctive this time.
I got a lot more courage now and I knelt down behind her and placed a hand on the out side of each of her legs.
I ran them up the sides, from her ankles to her hips raising the dress with my forearms.
When I got to her hips and looked at what the dress revealed I realized that the white object she put in her bag were her panties.
I took a good long look at the back of her legs and her butt.
All that work in the gym really paid off.
She had an incredible body and right now it was all mine.

All of this was still a surprise to me because she is very conservative outside the house.
She didnմ mind showing affection mind you but sex in the great out doors was something all together different.
Some parts of me felt like I had awakened a sleeping giant and I wonder if I will be able to handle it. Only time will tell and I plan to spend a lot of that with her.

I took both of my hands and placed them on both sides of her left ankle and proceeded to run them up her thigh. I then switched legs and did the same to the right.
When I got to the top of her right thigh it was soaked.
She was more turned on than I thought.
I slowly cupped her mound and pressed upward.
She was running like a faucet and I heard her suck some air into her lungs.

I reached up with my hands and grabbed her shoulder and stood her straight up.
I started nibbling on her neck and earlobes.
I whispered into her ear that I was sorry and what did she want me to do to make it up to her.

She turned around to face me and said that I should be sorry and to never walkout on her again until we talk everything out.
Then she got a wild look in her eye.
She said if I wanted to make up with her there was only one thing I could do at this point.

I was willing to do anything and told her I would do what ever she wanted me to do.
With that said she put her right foot on her seat, kind of sat and stood at the same time on the windowsill.
She then took her left hand and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up just above her pubic hair.
She then took her right hand and grabbed the back of my head and brought it to her face.
I thought she was going to kiss me but her face slid by my lip and she started nibbling on my ear while whispering in it.
She told me to get down on my knees and eat her like I never had done before because she needed some relief.

I knelt down and took in her essences through my nose.
I then looked up at her and saw a wide eye look on her face of anticipation.
I then lowered my head and dove right it. She still had her hand on the back of my head and was pushing my face to the spots she wanted touched by my tongue and lips.
I heard her say over and over thatճ it baby, keep it up.
I felt her whole body tense and then spasm. I had to steady her to keep her from falling on me.

I then stood and kissed her letting her taste herself from my lips.
She kissed me hungrily and I knew we werenմ finished.
She pushed me into my seat and worked on my belt and pants. She pulled my pants down to my knees.
Straddled me as she lifted her dress to her waist and knelt over my now very hard erection.
She grabbed me with her hand and placed the other on my shoulder for balance.
She placed me at her entranced and I could feel the heat radiating from her.
She then sat on me.
My cock went all the way in, with on stroke.
She was wet and hot and I felt like I was being wrapped in warm silk.

We stated off slow looking into each other eyes.
Our lips sometimes lightly touching other times smashed together with force and passion.
We picked up the tempo and you could hear our skin smacking together.
We were lost in a world of ecstasy where only she and I could go.
She wiggled her top down and placed her left breast in my mouth that I gladly accepted.
I then moved to the right and that sent her off.
Her whole body tensed for the second time today and mine did at the same time.
She trough her head back and let out a low guttural moan.
I couldnմ stand it anymore and came with her.

After our intense orgasms I looked at the window and noticed it was fogged except for her butt cheek prints from earlier.
I kissed her and told her we needed to open the window.
She smiled a wicked smile and told me thatճ how we got into this situation in the first place.
We put ourselves back together and held each other until we got to LA.

The Train Ride Her View

We had a fight, maybe it was that we had been apart or we just have been working to hard.
We had scheduled a trip together, a get to other better.
We are scheduled to take a train from Maryland to LA then get on a plan to Hawaii.

The nerve of him talking and treating me like I was a child.
I donմ need this from any man.
My life was fine before I met him.
I sat in on the couch almost in tears and started to think if I should go on this trip.
We really havenմ seen too much of each other since he moved up to Maryland with my crazy hours and him getting settled with a new job and home.

There is something about this man that I like.
He is manly yet very boyish at the same time.
Confident yet insecure but he makes me feel so safe in his arms, like nothing will ever go wrong when he is near.

I decide that I wanted this man but that he had to pay for talking to me like he did.
I started to pack and think about what I was going to do to him.
Then it came to me.
I was going to make this man beg to have me back in his life.
I wasnմ sure how I was going to do this but I would come up with something.

I put on some white lace panties and matching bra.
A white summer dress, that has rose pattern on it that comes down to my knees.
I let my hair down because I know he likes that.
And put on some stocking and flats.
I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw and new he would want me when he saw me.

I looked at my watched and had to hurry to get to the train as I was walking out the door I notice a piece of paper on the coffee table with a bouquet of flowers.
I didnմ notice this when I got back from the store.
I read the note and it said that he was sorry and to please forgive him and join him at the train he didnմ know how he was going to make it up to me but he would.
Knowing that he is a man of his word and that he is already begging, I think I am going to have fun on this trip.

I get to the train a couple of minutes before it was scheduled to leave, check in and had the conductor show me to our compartment.
The compartment had two bench seats facing each other and he was sitting there on my right.
I ask the conductor if anyone else was going to be joining us and he said no.

I let the conductor go into the compartment and ask him for his ticket while he puts my bags away.
The conductor held the door open for me and I walk in and lock the door behind me.
He is looking at some papers and not paying any attention to me so I walk over and cast a shadow over him while asking if I can sit in the seat across from him.

He slowly looked up starting at my feet and taking in my calves, thighs, hip, waist and breast and then my face.
I am proud of the work I have been doing in the gym and I know he likes what he sees because when he gets to my face he is smiling.
I pretend not to notice and sit across from him.
Boy was I going to torture him. All in the name of love.

I sit down and cross my right leg over my left one watching out the corner of my eye his reaction.
He is still looking at his papers but I see his eyes darting to my tone calf.
He is a sucker for my legs.
After 10 minutes he seems to be engrossed in his papers so I reach in my bag and take out the paper novel that I had been reading.
While doing this I let my heel of my right shoe come off and dangle my shoe while swing my leg back and forth trying to hypnotize him.

I have to admit that he was playing it cool.
He would steal glances at my leg but he wouldnմ make it obvious.
I decided to heat things up a little and uncrossed my legs.
I started to cross my left leg over my right but raised it hirer than necessary to show him a muscular thigh. I saw him looking and then to my face but I looked away.
I saw him squirm in his seat knowing that I got a reaction out of him.
Boy do I feel good.
I am not sure how much more of this I can take though, I feel the temperature rising myself.

All of a sudden the train goes into a tunnel and the compartment is black.
Thinking quickly I pull the shoulder of my sundress down to the top of my arms showing a lot more cleavage than when I came through the door.
I wish I had a camera.
His eyes seem to pop out of his head when he realized what was going on.
A couple of minutes later we went into another tunnel.
I quickly took my shoes off and pulled my stocking off.
Putting them in my bag I grabbed my sandals that I had and put them on instead of my flats.

When we came out of that tunnel I could tell that he was confused and I felt sorry for him but I wasnմ finished yet.
In fact he didnմ stand a chance.
I figured that I would pay him back for all the teasing heճ put me through.

I acted like I was reading my book because I hadnմ thought about what I was going to do next.
I started thinking about what we did last night.
The way he touches me with those wonderful hands.
His mouth on mine while his tongue exploring my mouth, neck and earlobes.

I love when he grabs my breast, with passion yet gentle not to cause me any pain.
Then he licks them all over never touching my nipples until I moan.
This guy knows how to drive me wild. I love to feel his hands on my bear back and my legs.
He just has this way of needling my flesh to make it warm and wanting.
I love the fact that everywhere his hands go his tongue is not far behind, given me goose bumps and shivers as he explores my body.
If he only knew that my teasing him got me excited more than it did him.
I donմ know whether it is the way he makes me feel or the fact that I have gone to long without but right now he could do with me what he wanted to.

The train hit a bump and I come back to reality realizing that my little daydream had soaked my panties.
All of a sudden we plunged into darkness, another tunnel.
I took this opportunity to take my panties off and just as I was slipping them in my bag we came out of the tunnel.
I tried to hide them but decided not to, letting it slide a little out of my hands.

I have never been one to have sex out in public but like I said I have been to long without and he has away of making anything feel all right to do or try.
I looked at his face and determined that he hadnմ recognized what I had done.
Just like a man, put something under their nose and they just donմ get it.
I decided to help him out.
I uncrossed my legs and open them slightly, fluffed my dress picking it up high enough so that he could see that I didnմ have any panties on.
I donմ know who got more out of it, Him or me.
The cool air rushed up my skirt attempting to put out a fire that started to burn deep within.

I looked over at him and smiled.
I pick up my book as I did I looked in his lap and noticed that I was having an affect on him.
This was good because I needed relief soon.
I donմ know how much more of this I could take.
I was running like a faucet wondering if he could sense my excitement.

After a couple more minutes of me being on firer I had to speed thing up.
I put my book down and got up and walked to the window.
I leaned forward to pretend to look down the tracks, hoping that he would get the hint.
I could feel my juiceճ starting to run down the inside of my thigh.
Man does he keep me wet and he hasnմ even touched me yet.

I looked out the corner of my eye and saw him put down his papers.
Other than the obvious signs in his lap, he was acting very cool.
Dam I hate that about him.
Right now I wanted him to raise my skirt and plunge his tongue in my pussy and give me some relief.
He moved to the edge of his seat, he reached out one of his arms but I didnմ know what he was going to do.
Thatճ another thing I liked about him, he keep me guessing.

I felt him touch me on my right ankle very lightly.
Electricity shoot up my legs to the heat of my desire.
I suck in a cool breath of air hoping he wouldnմ hear me.
He stopped for a second and I was wondering what he was doing then he started torturing me.
He made little circle with the tips of his fingers up my calf.
If I wasnմ already on fire he would have started one. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his touch all the while grabbing the windowsill with a death grip.
I wanted to scream at him to just take me but I still wasnմ sure how far I would let this go.
This is so unlike me.

I open my eyes and looked in his direction and notice that he wasnմ there.
I started to panic.
Did he leave or is he going to give me what I need right now some relief.
I really wanted some relief, not thinking about where I was or about what I was doing.
I was a woman in heat and with a strong need.

All of a sudden I felt his hands on the outside portion of each leg. He started to run is hands up my legs.
I felt the back of my legs getting cooler but the rest of me was getting hotter.
I realize that my dress was coming up my legs as his hands were.
He moved his hand all the way up to my hips and the cool air on my ass and pussy gave me a quick second of relief but I needed more.

I also came to the conclusion that all this time on the train we havenմ said a word to each other.
I wasnմ sure that I wanted to tell him to just take me.
Maybe he would get the hint or read my mind and just plug in.

He put both of his hands around my left ankle and started to move them up my leg. He was sent electric bolts right to my gut.
He got to my upper thigh and I was waiting for him put a finger or something in me to relieve some of the tension. Instead he did the same thing to my right leg.
He got up to about mid thigh and I knew he could feel my juices running down my thigh.

His hands went to my pussy and he started to rise.
I was waiting to feel his tongue, finger, cock, or something penetrate me.
My state of arousal was unbelievable high and I was ready to rip his clothes off as well as mine.
He just cupped my mound and I know that my juices cover his hand.
I havenմ been this excited in years.

His hand left my aching pussy, leaving me to the point of violent frustration.
I felt his hands on my shoulder, straightening me up. My breast longed to be touch and I just new he was going to reach around me a grab them like he has many times before.
Instead he started nibbling on my neck, knowing that makes me even hotter.
He then started on my earlobe and whispers that he is sorry for treating me so badly.
He also said he would do anything I want him to do to get back into my good graces.

I turned around to face him.
I looked up into those big brown eyes and told him that he should be.
I told him as far as getting back into my good graces he would have to worship me.

He looked at me puzzled.
I raised my right leg and put it on my seat.
I took the hem of my dress in my left hand and raised above my pubic hair.
I put my right hand on his shoulder and leaned against the windowsill.
The warm flesh on my butt pressed against the window.
I moved my right hand to the back of his head and told him to kneel down and lick me like he has never has before to give me some relief.

He knelt and grabbed my ass to pull me closer. When his tongue made contact with my pussy, I exploded to a wrenching orgasm.
All that anticipation really makes a girl hot.
I wasnմ finished yet and I used my hand to guide his head and tongue to hit all of my sensitive spots.
He sure knows how to make a girl scream his name.

He brought me to another earth shattering orgasm but I needed to feel him in me now.
I pushed his head away and he asked what was wrong.
I told him nothing that I just needed to feel him in me.
I pushed him into his seat. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his zipper.
I made him raise his hips to pull his pants down to his knees.
I then knelt over his lap and raised my dress to my waist.
I took hold of his pulsating manhood and guided to my opening.
I was still running like a faucet.
I put the head into my opening and sat down.
The feeling of him filling me up was glorious.

We started out at a slow pace.
I wiggled my dress down past my breast and placed my left nipple into his mouth.
Then I did the same with the right.
That really turned me on and I picked up the tempo.

This was exciting.
Someone outside looking in would have gotten a good look.
Anyone could come through the door at any minute, as it was we could here them walk past the door.

I really started getting into it and picked up the tempo more.
I started to sweat and say beads of sweat on his forehead.
I was close now and I told him.
I felt wave after wave of orgasm wrench through my whole body.
I felt him tense in me and come at the same time, which really sent me off.

We sat there for awhile catching our breath.
I leaned back and looked into his eyes and we both started to laugh.
I donմ like to argue but making up with this man sure is fun.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The OTHER Time of the Month

by Mr Neb
written March 10, 1992 - Revised June 17, 1999

It was that time of the month again.
No, not THAT time, the OTHER time of the month.
She was ovulating and for Dana, that time was just as frustrating and annoying as when she got her period, but for completely different reasons.
Dana's body had always been a miracle of efficiency.
It did everything it could to get ready for the possibility of impregnation.
She got horny at the slightest hit of anything sexy.
She would get wet so easily that she would have to change her panties several time a day!

It was happening again.
She was at work and things were a bit slow.
Her mind started to wonder.
Normally, her thoughts would have been of things like what she would make for dinner or about some dress she was thinking about getting for the holidays. But not today.
She was wondering if Rick would be "in the mood" later tonight.
Then she thought about how great it was the last time he was "in the mood".
Then she mentally created scenario after scenario of her desires for this evening.
Dana's mind flashed with the vision of Rick pressing down on her as she lay beneath him while his magnificent cock pushed further and further inside her.
As those thoughts filled her head, her thoroughly efficient body did everything it could to produce those physical feelings.
She could feel her pussy swell with arousal.
She started to squirm in her chair.
Her face became flushed and she felt a warmth grow between her legs.
She squirmed some more.

"Uh, oh", she thought to herself. "God damn it. I'm wet again."

She felt herself get all slippery and she knew that her panties were getting soaked...again.
As deftly as she could, Dana slipped a hand beneath her desk and between her legs.
Carefully, she moved up under her short skirt until her index and middle finger came to a rest on the outside of her panties.
Yep, she was real wet.
Ever so slowly and lightly, she began to rub herself.
The manner in which she touched herself was more like one would scratch an itch to make it go away rather than an attempt to get herself off.
After all, this was neither the time nor the place but her mind continued to imagine the sexual experiences that she wanted to become a reality when she got home.

As if from a far away distance, she heard, "Are you OK?"
Within an instant the voice inside of her and screaming from inside her head, "Is there something wrong with your chair?"

Dana snapped back to reality only to find her boss (her very handsome boss) leaning towards her with a concerned look on his face.
Immediately, she retrieved her hand from beneath the desk and smashed a finger on its edge, shattering the perfectly manicured nail to tiny bits.
Her finger began to throb with the pain.
She placed her elbows up on the desk, clasped her hands together and rested her chin on them in an attempt to regain her composure.
Unexpectedly, her nostrils filled with the delightfully sweet smell of her arousal.
Her eyes watered and she felt her face blush. This all only worsened her predicament.

"Uh...yes. I'm ok. The casters on my chair sometimes stick.
But they are OK now", she said as she wriggled around in her chair in a feeble attempt to validate her claim.
She was desperately trying to recover from what could have been a very embarrassing dilemma.

The boss seemed to buy the explanation and stopped leaning towards Dana.
She felt a bit relieved.
A little closer and he might have begun to ask her about her interesting perfume!
Needless to say, it was a very close call.

Finally the day ended and Dana went home.
She was still ridiculously horny from earlier and was desperate for some relief.
She decided to prepare to attack her husband when he got home in about an hour.

After her shower, she decided to shave a little more than just her long pretty legs.
Carefully, she shaved away the wispy hairs that surrounded her opening.
During the process, the subtle pulling and tugging at her crotch once again excited her.
She was constantly wiping away the clear liquid that was dripping from her body and complicating her task.
Eventually, the opening to her pussy was bare and the hair on her mound was neatly trimmed.
She finished her primping by applying a very light flower scented powder all over her body.
She slipped on a lavender teddy that had a neckline that plunged wide and deep between her ample breasts to just above her waist.
The French cut crotch must have been the highest on record and it constantly slipped between the cheeks of her buttocks and pressed against her pussy.
Dana felt so pretty and sexy.
She was very ready in every sense of the word.

She heard her husband come through the door just as she lit the last candle in the bedroom.

"I'm in here honey," she called to him.
He came around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Dana standing next to the bed.
She watched his eyes move from her head to her toes and back again at least three or four times.

"Don't tell me. Let me guess. You're ovulating again", he said in a partially playful tone.
Dana said nothing but just smiled. He added, "You are gonna be the death of me, ya know that don't you."

She responded with, "That sounds a little like you're complaining. Are you?"

"No. I guess not. But I gotta tell you, I am real beat." With that, he dropped his brief case on the floor.

"Awwwww. Poor baby. Here, let Momma help", she said as she went to him.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.
She made sure that she left a large red lipstick mark. She took off his jacket and loosened his tie.

"Here, let me help you out of those confining clothes."

She pulled his shirt out from his pants and unbuckled his belt. Quickly, she undid the button, unzipped the fly and let his pants fall.
Dana paused, stepped back and took a look at Rick.
He was just standing there with his shirt on, his boxer shorts jutting from below the shirttail and his shoes poking out from beneath his pants that were rumpled around his ankles.
He looked a bit ridiculous actually, but to Dana, it really didn't matter.
She was still very much aroused.

She took him by the hand and said, "Come with me."
His legs swished as he tried to walk with Dana over to the chair with his pants down around his ankles.

She pushed him down into the chair, stood before him and said, "Here, I'll fix everything."

She bent way over until her breasts were at the verge of spilling out from her teddy.
She grabbed his ankle, lifted it up, and removed his shoe and sock with obvious and exaggerated movements.
His eyes never left her giggling breasts.
When finished, she let his foot drop loudly to the floor.
She turned around, straddled both his legs, slowly bent down and began working on the other shoe without lifting it.
Dana did this so Rick could watch the wet crotch of her teddy disappear between her ass cheeks and pussy lips as she bent over.
When she was finished, she turned back to face him and made no attempt to adjust her teddy.

"Now lets take care of that shirt", she said and began to unbutton it.
Once again she leaned over more than she had to.
Now all Rick had on was his boxer shorts.
Dana was sure that he was enjoying this as much as she was because there was an obvious long bump in the loose fitting material that reached almost up to the waste band.
She smiled and slipped her hand under the flap and grasped the erection.
It was warm and pulsated.

"Oh yeah", she gasped. "I like this." With that, she pulled her prize out from his shorts.
"Feels good, honey. Want to use this on me?"

She began stroking the fat cock and slid the fingers of her other hand up and down between her legs.

"What do you think baby?" was his response.

"I think you would like nothing more that to slip this hard dick into my hot wet cunt and fuck me all night."

"How does that sound to you", he rhetorically asked.

"That's fine with me but before you do, you?ll have suck my pussy and make me come a few times", she proclaimed.

That kind of talk was not a usual part of their lovemaking but once in a while, it seemed to heighten the excitement.

They stopped talking for a while but Dana kept stroking his penis.
Rick's cock was impressive, at least in Dana's mind.
It was at least eight inches long and so fat around that her fingers barely touched when she held him.
As she rubbed him, he reached up and slipped a hand beneath her teddy, cupped one of her breasts and began to kneed it.
His palm against her nipple made it feel like she was on fire.
Dana closed her eyes and just let him rub it.
He occasionally pinched it and that sent rockets of tingles up her spine and put her lower plumbing into high gear.
With Dana's free hand, she reached for his and placed it between her legs.
He eagerly followed her lead and started rubbing the outside of her wet crotch with his fingers.
She was in ecstasy. Quite deftly, he undid the three snaps of the teddy and exposed Dana's wet pussy.
He happily played with her pussy lips and she shivered at his touch.
Around and around he rubbed her pussy and never once pressed a finger in.
He was driving Dana crazy.

Dana backed away from him and took off the teddy.
She slipped Rick's boxers from his body, led him to the bed, and had him lay down on his back.

With a breathless voice Dana announced, "I am gonna show you just how excited you make me honey."

She got on top of him and straddled his chest.
Her knees were pressed up under his armpits.
She sat upright and her excited pussy was just and inch or two from his lips.

"Look at me honey. Look at my wet pussy." Dana used both hands to massage her mound.
They both could hear the wet sounds of her slippery pussy.
She used her fingers to spread her lips and expose the deep opening. She wildly massaged her clitoris.

"Oh God", Dana began. "I want you honey! I want you here.
I want you to suck me. I want to feel your hot tongue on me. I want you to slide your tongue up into my cunt and suck my juices."

Faster and faster she rubbed her clit. She watched herself all the time she was doing it.

"Oh God! I am so fucking wet!"
Soon she could feel the wet juices sliding from her pussy and dripping down her inner thigh.
The wet squishing sound was even more pronounced now.

"Taste me Rick! Taste my hot wet pussy!", Dana demanded.

Rick raised his head the slight amount necessary and started to quickly lick at Dana's busy fingers that were also dripping with her sweet slippery juices.
Then, as she continued to work at her swollen clit, he stuck his tongue into her. Oh it felt so good to have him in there.
He began thrusting and licking her all over.

"OH YESSSS, BABY! Stick you tongue into me!" Her fingers moved faster and faster on her clit. "Oh I want to come! I want to come on your face!"

But she couldn't easily accomplish that task with his face there so she pushed him away.
She thrust three fingers of one hand as far up into her sopping pussy as they would go.
The other hand continued to work feverishly on her clit.
Faster and faster she fucked herself.
Her breathing was short and erratic. Her chest heaved with each inward thrust of her fingers.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!", she screamed.

That was an understatement.
Her whole body shuddered as her orgasm took her over.
Her fingers continued as her cunt gushed with hot musky scented cum.
It covered her fingers and clung to her hand. It dripped and covered Rick's face.
The room smelled of her orgasm and they both enjoyed it all.

As the intensity her orgasm finally dwindled, Dana pulled her fingers out from her pussy, slid down Rick's chest leaving lines of wetness, and collapsed onto her husband.
He took her face in his hands and kissed it all over.
Dana could again smell and taste her own cum and she loved its sweetness.
Her pussy dully pulsated until her orgasm had completely subsided.
She was spent.

"Oh baby! You are so hot,' Dana's husband praised. "You have made me so hot too."

Gently, Rick rolled Dana off of him and laid her on the bed on her back.
She was as limp as a rag doll. He spread her legs open and laid that perfect dick at her still throbbing opening.
Slowly, he started to rub the thick fat head through all the wetness that clung to her shaven cunt.

"OH! OH! WAIT", Dana yelped. "I'm still so sensitive.
Not there. Not yet." She hadn't yet fully recovered from her earth-shattering orgasm.
"But don't worry honey", she added. "I'll take care of you. Sit up. Sit on me."

Rick's muscular and trimmed body now straddled Dana as she had straddled him earlier.
His long wet cock lay on her abdomen and reached almost up to her breasts.

"Move up honey. Move up", she prompted. "I won't bite.
I'll do everything else, but I won't bite."

He slid forward and pressed that magnificent dick between her breasts.
Together they pressed her tits and surrounded the sensual snake.
Without any further prompting, Rick began to slide his cock back and forth between her breasts. Dana's eyes were riveted upon the emerging cock and watched the tip ooze the golden drops of pre-cum that made her breasts sticky as well as lubricated.

Dana felt Rick's talented fingers begin to rub her pussy.
She was still wet and quickly began to get wetter.
He brought his damp fingers up and rubbed them over his sliding cock and Dana's breasts.
He also tickled her nipples and that aroused her even further. He made repeated trips to her endlessly dripping cunt and kept their intercourse lubricated.

"It looks so good", Dana exclaimed.
"I love watching your cock. It's so hard and so big.
I love watching your cum leak out." As if to prove her claim of enjoyment, Dana reached up and touched the tip the next time it pressed out from between her breasts.
She collected a small but significant drop of emerging wetness on her middle finger. She brought it to her lips and sucked it in.

"Mmmmm. It tastes so good and sweet", she announced. She could also taste her own pussy juices.

That little demonstration only served to excite Rick further.
His pumping of Dana's breasts quickened.
His fat cock got redder. She knew this was exciting to him. It was to her too.

"You like that baby? You want more?", she asked, but he answered only her fucking her tits faster. "Ok. Let me help some more", she offered.

She reached down and retrieved her own wetness and joined him in rubbing it all over her breasts and his cock. They were getting awfully wet.
She reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him up further.
When he pushed, his balls rested just beneath her breasts and the head of his wonderful cock easily reached her mouth.
She gleefully licked her lips and then opened them.
On his next push up, Dana took that cockhead into her mouth and sucked it hard. He stopped momentarily and left it in her. She gobbled at it. She licked wildly at its length. She sloppily slobbered all over it and made loud sucking noises.

Again Dana felt Rick's hand at her pussy.
This time he pressed a few fingers deep and hard into her. It made her gasp and because his cock was deep in her mouth, Rick even enjoyed that.
He rose up and no longer cared if his cock was between Dana's breasts.
He began to fuck her mouth.
Faster and faster he pressed inch after inch of his rigid cock past those full lusting lips, wet and glistening with saliva and pre-cum.
But before he reached his climax, Dana took him away from her mouth.
His cock lay hard against her cheek.
With wet tongue she slid up and down its length, from bulbous head to his balls.
She used her long fingernails to lightly scratch at his scrotum. That sent shock waves up his back.
He breathed deep and hard and helplessly stared at Dana, anxiously waiting for her to take him into her mouth again but she didn't.

"You like that?", she whispered as she lapped at the side of his dick. "Do you like it when I suck your cock?" Rick did not answer.
Dana was playing with him and he knew it. She licked at his balls.

"Ok. You can fuck my mouth", she taunted while she playfully licked the head.
"I like it. I like the way you taste. I like feeling you slide between my lips.
I even like when you cum. Yeah, I do.
Want to cum in my mouth?"
She slid her tongue along the sensitive underside. A large drop of pre-cum oozed from the tiny slit and slid down Dana's cheek.
Rick only grunted, but it was an affirmative grunt.

"Ok. You can come in my mouth.
You can fill it with your hot cum." Rick was pleased at the prospect that lay ahead and was ready to begin the process.
He pulled back just a bit so that the tip of his swollen penis pressed firmly against her lips.

"Oh no. Not yet", Dana interrupted.
"You have got to fuck my pussy first. If you do a good job, THEN you can cum in my mouth. I want to feel your cock inside my wet pussy FIRST."

Rick wasn't too sure how to react. On the one hand, his mind was presently on track to let loose in Dana's mouth.
He was all mentally (and physically) prepared for that.
Now he was to be denied, at least for the time being.
One the other hand, he certainly enjoyed making love to Dana's pussy.
There was nothing wrong with feeling her pussy quivering and clutching his cock in the deep throws of orgasm.

With such a win-win situation presented to Rick, he was only too eager to oblige.
He withdrew and slid between Dana's legs. She assisted by lifting and spreading her legs.
She reached down and invitingly spread open her wanting cunt.
Rick looked down and noticed that it leaked with clear lubricating juices that were always so abundant at this time of the month.
He grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed the thick head around Dana's pussy.
She closed her eyes in complete surrender to his every move.
She knew he would not disappoint her.

Around and around he slid and then he stopped, poised at the opening. Barely above a whisper, Dana said, "yes".
With that expression of permission, Rick lay down on Dana with all his weight. Deep into Dana thrust Rick's long rigid cock.
She let out a gasp, partly from his weight on her, and partly from how completely he filled her.
They lay motionless. She used her muscles to squeeze him.
He returned the gesture. He began. First, with slow motions, he withdrew right to the brink of escape. Then he pressed into her again.
He thrust in just a little faster than he had withdrawn. With each stroke, his pace just slightly increased.

Dana was lost in the sensations of her body.
She could feel every bump and ridge from the veined masterpiece that slide in and out of her cunt.
She brought her legs up and rested them on his shoulders so that her swollen clitoris got maximum attention from Rick's pressing abdomen.
Dana got wetter with each deepening penetration.
Rick effortlessly slid in and out. Faster and faster he made love to her.
He felt his testicles become wet with her juices.
Her breathing was getting faster and shallower. Her eyes were shut tight. Her cunt quivered with each thrust. She was on a collision course with orgasm.
Dana turned her head to the side and clutched tightly at the bed sheets.

"Faster. Don't stop. I'm coming", she barely whispered.

He happily did as commanded.
Rick's own passions were at the brink but he fought back the urge to climax.
It was not easy, but he felt the reward would be well worth it.
Together they worked toward the inevitable.
Rick thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster.
With each plunge into Dana, her clitoris responded with dramatic twinges.
Her orgasm was as total as any one she had ever had before.
There seemed to be many and it was hard to know where one stopped and another began.
Wave after wave of spasmodic energy swept over her.
Internally, she released torrents of liquid ecstasy.
The thin, clear aromatic passion flowed as much as any man's ejaculate.
It covered them both. Rick arched his back and pressed into Dana hard.
He remained there while she enjoyed her climax.
Together they felt the twitching and clenching of Dana body around Rick's cock until it stopped and Dana's body finally relaxed.

Rick lay down on her once again and remained inside her.

He kissed her face and the sweat on her forehead. He brought her down gently.
A tear appeared at each of her eyes and she hugged him.
They lay motionless for a few minutes.

"I love you", Dana hoarsely whispered.

"I love you too, sweetheart", Rick replied.

The cuddling was special and important. Dana used that tender time to relax and recover from her thunderous orgasm.

Dana said, "You were wonderful. Do you want your reward now?"

"I thought you'd never ask", Rick responded with a smile.

Dana propped her head up with pillows and Rick returned to straddling his wife chest.
He felt her breasts under his ass and against his balls.
Dana felt his cock was a sight to behold.
It was very red from being so engorged for so long.
It pulsated and twitched with each heartbeat.
It was shinny and slick with her cum and still oozed with his pre-cum.
The scent of female cum was intense and enjoyable.
She extended her tongue and he placed the tip on it.
She licked it gently and enjoyed the sweet taste and slippery feeling of her own secretions. She moved her head forward and slowly wrapped her lips around the head. Rick squeezed and deposited a large drop of pre-cum into Dana's obliging mouth.
She smiled as best she could.
She was determined to give Rick as wonderful an orgasm as he had given her. She knew how to do it and so she began.

Inward she drew him until he pressed lightly at the back of her throat. Then out again, almost losing him.
In again and out again, always with her tongue tickling the underside of the thick cock. Her pace increased with each cycle.
Occasionally, she let him escape and sloppily licked the entire length.
She was anything but careful about being neat and her saliva copiously flowed from her mouth and into her chest.
She continually played with Rick's balls with her fingers.
Back and forth she alternated from sucking him deep into her mouth and sliding her mouth along the outside, from the tip to his balls.
Her face was slick with the mixture of her cum, saliva and his juices.

"It's time now", she announced, and sucked him in again.
In and out she took him. Faster and faster she went.
She eagerly attacked his cock that was so eager for release.
Then she felt it start. Rick's testicles tightened and his cock swelled to even thicker proportions deep within her mouth.
She quickly took him from her mouth and grasped him firmly around the base.
At a frenetic pace she licked up and down the shaft with her tongue jutting out from firm pursed lips.
She felt the knot of his ejaculate form under her fingers.
With her lips placed midway up its length she felt it slide up through his cock.
Dana took one hand and covered the head of Rick's cock gently with her fingers.
At the same instant, she felt the hot thick white cum press out and leak between her fingers.
It felt wonderful as it fell against her face.

Before the second burst, Dana moved to again face Rick.
She opened her mouth to take him in but she wasn't quite fast enough.
Rick's cock was only half way into Dana's mouth and her tongue was just touching its underside when out flew another long thick rope of cum.
It struck the roof of her mouth and upper teeth sending some up on her lips and cheek.
She quickly surrounded the spurting head and drew him in very deeply.
Again and again he pulsed hot cum into Dana's mouth.
She loved the dramatic contrast between her own thinly sweet cum and the heady, slightly salty taste of Rick's.
She loved it all. With her tongue, Dana could feel each spurt of cum travel through the vein of Rick's cock.
Each spasm displaced an equal amount of cum from Dana's lips that were still tightly closed around the thick shaft.
It emerged and dripped from her chin down into her neck and chest.
She acted oblivious to this and kept on suckling him.

Rick's orgasm had finally eased and only then did Dana allow him to leave her mouth.
She again ran her lips up and down the shaft.
Dribbles of thick cum still oozed from the crown during the final throws of his orgasm. They lay in streaks against her face and on her lips.
She used her tongue to eject cum from her mouth.
It coated the cock that had performed so impressively and ran slowly from her cheeks and chin.
Rick looked down at her as she slid his still hard cock around her lips, smearing his semen everywhere.
The inside of her mouth was milky with cum and strands stretched from one lip to the other. She was being intentionally obvious and naughty by playing with Rick's abundant cum that way.
It made her feel sexy and she knew it was impressive to Rick.

She smiled a sticky smile and said, "So, what do ya want to do NEXT month?"
Rick smiled back, full knowing that every attempt will be made to top this latest effort.

Friday, September 22, 2006

La Jolla

by Mr Neb
Written 1995

A few years ago, my wife planned a birthday surprise for me.
While at work, the receptionist called me and said that I had a visitor in the lobby.
I was pretty surprised when I saw my wife there.
She told me to lock my office and come with her.
She was 'kidnapping' me.
As we walked to the car, I noticed something different about her.
She was wearing a wonderful perfume and had on makeup as if we were going out for the evening as opposed to the normal day-to-day style.
She looked beautiful.

While I was driving, she told me that we were headed for a romantic weekend in La Jolla.
She had planned everything and that it would be a very 'sensual' experience.
Boy, was it ever!

After about fifteen minutes of general chitchat, we were driving through the 'no man's land' which had the Pacific Ocean on our right and Camp Pendleton on our left.
She slid over and began cuddling with me.
I was enjoying it all, the view, the drive, the cuddling, and the perfume.

She whispered in my ear, 'Keep driving.'
I thought that was a pretty silly thing to say.
Of course I was going to keep driving. As those thoughts were bouncing around in my head, she slipped her hand between my legs and began to massage my flaccid cock and my balls.
I was pretty surprised.
She had never done this before.
My dick began to pulsate and swell beneath my pants. Her attentions got more deliberate.
She ran her fingernails up and down my zipper, sending electric tingles all through my body.

It wasn't long before I was completely erect.
She undid the belt, unbuttoned the pants, unzipped the zipper, and began playing with me through my shorts.
She reached under the seat and pulled the lever, sliding me backwards.
My feet almost left the pedals.
She pulled down the waistband of my underwear, exposing my cock to the cool air.
The tip was already abundantly leaking precum.
I was having a lot of trouble keeping focused on my driving.
She extended her tongue and swirled the tip through the oozing wetness.
Withdrawing slightly, there was a glycerin strand that connected my cock with her tongue.
That was the erotic pause before the storm.
As if a starter's pistol went off, she lowered her head and engulfed me right down to the base.
She began sucking me wildly.
Her fingernails were rubbing and lightly scratching my balls.

I was going nuts! I was certain that I was going to wreck the car. With her head bobbing up and down at an ever-increasing rate, I managed to pull off the freeway and park in a secluded area.
I dropped the seat back and lay down.
She was doing an incredible job.
She held my cock straight up and I could easily see it glisten in the sunlight from all the precum and saliva.
She started pumping me with her hand so that she could speak to me through her wet lips.

'I don't want to mess up your pants so you are just going to have to come in my mouth, ' she announced.

Back down she went and was licking and sucking me at an incredible rate.
I couldn't stand it any longer.
I started to climax.
My cock was only about a third of the way into her mouth when I released a thick stream of ejaculate.
I felt her tongue swirl through it.
She took me further inside her soft mouth as I spasmed again and again.
I saw my white cum form at the seal between her lips and my shaft.
I saw her tongue circle me in order to retrieve it.
I remained in her mouth until the spurting stopped.
Then came a wonderfully stimulating sight.
With my orgasm ending, my wife opened her mouth and extended her tongue and played with the head of my cock that was still oozing the last of my semen.
Her tongue was covered in a sheath of creamy cum.
There were a few strands that stretched from her teeth to the end of her tongue.
A small dribble clung to the edge of her mouth.
Eventually, she licked herself and my cock clean and replaced me back into my pants.

I was breathless and speechless.
She lay on top of me and said, 'You WILL return the favor.
I'll see to it. And you'll do it MY way.' She smiled and we resumed our trip.

We had a wonderful day and evening in La Jolla.
After having a few drinks and lots of laughs at a comedy club, we were soon back in the lobby of the hotel.
As the elevator door opened, she said, 'Stay here for ten minutes and then come up to the room.' I was not about to argue.

The ten minutes seemed like an eternity.
I unlocked the door and slowly made my way into the darkened room.
There must have been fifty candles illuminating the room from everywhere. The bed was turned down but she wasn't in it.
She was across the room, lying down on the small sofa.
She was wearing a black-laced body stocking. She was so exquisite! Her full round breasts where moving between the deep 'V' neckline with every breath.
Her hips look so delicious graced with the sexy lace. She rose up and seductively walked toward me in silence.
She undressed me until I was standing completely naked before her, my cock sticking straight out in front of me, once again leaking liberally in great anticipation.

She rolled two chairs away from the tiny table to the middle of the room.
We both sat down facing each other.
'Don't say a word,' she began.
'This is for your birthday. I know exactly what you like. Just watch and do what I say.'

She stopped talking for a moment and closed her eyes.
Slowly at first, she began rubbing her hands up and down the side of her body.
She purred softly.
Soon she was sliding her open palms beneath her wonderful breasts, pausing at times to hold and squeeze them like and undersized bra.
I was turned on beyond description.
My cock was fully erect and pulsated with each accelerated heartbeat.
Precum continually slid down my shaft to my ever-tightening balls.

She parted her legs and began stroking her inner thighs.
The body stocking was crotchless!
Her delightful and pouty pussy lips were deliciously pink and exposed.
Opening her legs further, I watched her moist lips slowly separate.
I believe my breathing stopped at that point, or at least lost all semblance of any rhythm.

One hand left slid back up and slipped a lace strap from her shoulders, exposing a breast.
The nipple was red, taut and protruding.
I wanted so much to suck and nibble on it.
She pinched and pulled herself to increase her excitement.
She opened her eyes and began to talk to me again.

'Oh, I love when you do this to me, when you touch my nipples and make them hard. Mmmmm.
I get so wet when you do that.
Like this. See?' She used the fingers of her other hand to open her pussy for me to see.
She was indeed wet.
A drop of her sensual juices slid slowly down the side of one delicate lip and disappeared into the black lace.

'Mmmmm. Looks good to you I'll bet.
Don't you wish you could taste me?
Don't you just want to slide your tongue deep into my dripping pussy and lick me?'
Of course that was exactly what I wanted to do!
But she was going to make me wait and in the mean time, she was going to heighten the torture.

'I am going to taste it first sweetheart', she announced.
Two fingers slipped easily into the soft recesses of her pussy and quickly emerged.
They went straight to her lips where she proceeded to coat them with the slippery gloss.
'Mmmmm', she again purred.
'My pussy wetness is so sweet.
You like that don't you? You like it when I taste my own juices, like when I slide your hard wet cock into my mouth after your have just made me cum all over it.'

She began illustrating what she had just described by repeatedly slipping her fingers deep into her pussy and then sucking on the slickened digits.
She was turning herself on immensely.
Her pussy was wet beyond description.
Each plunge of her hand into her dripping opening created that delightfully wet sound.

She expanded her attentions.
She began spreading her moistened fingers on my mouth.
I finally was able to feel and taste the exquisite slippery sweet juices that I love so much.
My cock hadn't been touched and yet my orgasm seemed agonizingly eminent.

With her mouth still wet she stood and slowly removed her body stocking.
She leaned toward me, her hands pressed against my chair, keeping us close but still apart.
Her breasts were almost touching my chest, my leaking cock was so close to her abdomen.

'Lick me', she whispered in a deep sensual voice and proceeded to kiss me hard.
It was as if my face was between her legs.
Her musky scent and slippery juices were all over her mouth.
I used my tongue on her mouth just as I had done on her pussy so many times before.
It was wonderful.
Our kissing intensified and it wasn't long before she managed to sit on my lap. In an instant my grateful penis slid effortlessly and deep into her dripping pussy.
It made us both gasp.
Her hips moved in every direction.
Her up and down motions created great extremes of wanting and fulfillment for me.
Her rocking provided her with the desperate contact to her clitoris that she craved.
In moments she bit my lower lip and said loudly, 'I am going to come.
I am going to come all over that wonderful cock of your that is so deep inside my pussy.'

She moved like a wild woman.
Faster and faster she went until her whole body when stiff.
Her head fell back against her shoulders.
She began quivering and moaning and she couldn't catch her breath.
I felt her internal muscles grab my cock and twitch again and again.
I felt her thin womanly cum warm the base of my cock and dribble down my balls.
She shuddered for what seemed like minutes until her orgasm finally left her.
She sat on me for a moment, motionless, until her senses returned.
My cock was buried deep inside her.
My lap was completely soaked in her wetness.
The room smelled of passionate lovemaking.

She kissed me long but softly.
I felt her hand reach down and cup my balls.
Between kisses she smeared the delicious juices on my mouth and face.
I was in heaven but desperate to come.

'I have one last present for your birthday,' she teased.
Ever so slowly she lifted her body up.
We both looked down and watched the pink wet folds of her pussy cling to my erect shaft as she slowly rose up.
I left her body with a wet plopping sound.

She slid down between my legs and held the base of my cock.
With a smile on her lips she began to rub my wet member between her luscious breasts, smearing her cum on her chest.
The sensation was overwhelming.
She pressed her breasts together, easily surrounding my engorged cock.
Up and down she began to move.
My cockhead disappearing and reappearing between her cleavage.
Several times she paused to watch my crown press out my own lubrication, a sight in which she took personal enjoyment.
On more than one occasion she added to the wetness by either dribbling her saliva down to between her tits or taking the head into her mouth directly.
Her actions were tremendously sexy.

She continued her bobbing motions with me still softly cradled between her breasts.
Her face took on a deliberate and serious expression.
Soon it was clear to us both that I was practically delirious with the thought of reaching my own orgasm.
She would torture me no more.
She began the final portion of my journey by saying, 'I want you to come.
I want you to fuck my tits like you do my pussy.
I want to see it. I want to see your cum spurt out of your cock.'

She went silent and moved faster.
More and more saliva was needed on her chest to keep us lubricated.
She readily provided it.
She also took advantage of the wetness still so abundant between her legs and liberally applied it to our unusual union.
Faster and faster she went.
Longer and longer were the strokes.
My hips thrust to her rhythm, bringing my swollen cock within easy access to her opened mouth.
She would only allow the head to enter and she bathed it with her wet tongue.

I had had enough.
I was coming.
Only after my orgasm was assured did her motion stop.
We were frozen, poised to experience my climax. Her head was down.
My cock was an inch away from her chin and tightly embraced between her breasts. I exhaled a huge breath.
A long thick rope of white ejaculate leapt from my desperate cock and flew to her face, splattering across her lips and up her cheek.
A bit entered her partly opened mouth and rested on her tongue.
She made no attempt to keep it. It dripped off her tongue and fell to her chest.
Another burst of equal ferocity spewed out, this time splashing hard against the roof of her opened mouth.
Again she made no attempt to capture it.
She threw her head back.
My cock rested neatly against her chest between her tits.
This made it easy for the next two emissions of thick cum to slither up her neck to her chin.
All I could do now was ooze the creamy ejaculate.
She took that opportunity to slide me about her still tight nipples, coating them in the slippery film of my cum.

Her final assault on my senses came when through cum spattered lips, she slid my coated cock back into her mouth and caressed me with her talented tongue.
My final expulsions of semen were delightfully coaxed deep into her mouth.

The afterglow of this wonderful event consisted of her sliding my spent member about her chest through all that I had just deposited.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The other day, I started messing around with I try really hard to stay away from porn, but I can't get enough of kissing.

Why is kissing so erotic – the most erotic thing I have seen two people do. Real "all into it" kissing. It almost makes me drip.

South of the Border

By Paul Gordon

My name is Paul Gordon, most of my friends call me Paulie.
I attend Point Loma College in San Diego.
This story happened to me during the last semester (Spring 1999).

I had been dating Jessica for about two weeks before we decided to go camping down in Baja.
Both of us are surfers, and a trip south of the border really enticed us.
(For all you non surfers, Baja has great waves and warmer water than Cali.)

Our relationship had been going pretty smoothly, we were at the point of making out and stuff.
But, we hadn't had sex yet. I guess I hoped to change that on the trip.

I don't want to give to much info on Jessica.
She is a cute 19 year old, kinda at the threshold of womanhood.
I like her personality cuz she takes life easy and likes to have fun.
Her shoulder long blond hair, and blue eyes help too.

I packed two tents (being a gentlemen), blankets, two big coolers of food, towels, surf gear, all the stuff for two days in Baja in my truck.
(It's a 12 year old Suburban with 126,000 miles on it.) I picked up Jessica at her dorm right after lunch, at the end of my last class.

As I pull up to the curb, Jessica is standing there with a backpack and sports bag, and her roommate.
(The roommate had a boogieboard and fins slung under one arm.)
She walked up to the passenger side window and said, "Paulie, Sarah would like to come along. I told her you wouldn't mind..."
She gave a really sweet smile that said I know you won't mind having her tag along.

Sarah was more of a girl than Jessica.
I mean she wasn't so sure of herself, a bit shy.
Probably a virgin. Maybe not. (There aren't many virging college girls left in this country.)

Sarah was a bit shorter than Jessica, and had wavy sand colored hair reaching far down her back.
Her body wasn't as full and curve-filled as Jessica. But, I didn't mind having her along even though she was a sponger.
(Bodyboarders are called spongers by surfers, cuz they lie on a floating sponge.)

Anyway, we were off and driving within a minute or two.
The trip across the border was quick.
Another 200 miles of well-maintained Mexican roads lay afore us.
After getting out of Tijuana, the country side got totally desolate, and the roads became more and more lonely.

I found a nice Mexican radio station, and the two girls and I began to talk.
Sarah sat in the passenger seat; Jessica said it make her feel more part of the gang.
Jessica asked me about my college experiences in Florida.
( I had just transferred to Cali that semester.)
Within a few minutes I was telling the girls about Courtney.
We had a serious relationship, lots of sex, lots of fun.
She was the first girl for me and meant a lot.
I told Sarah and Jessica about her.
Our first time, we rented a hotel room in Daytona Beach and stayed there for the weekend.
The girls (especially Jessica) wanted to know more about my first time. I obliged them with a short account.

After the first night, a night were we explored each others bodies, both of us were on a sexual high.
We wanted more and more erotic things.
I got a pair of scissors, a shaver, and some cream.
Courtney was quite willing for me to shave her.
I had spent a good deal of the night licking and probing between her legs with my tongue.
I just told her without all the hair, it be better for me, and maybe for her too.

But that is not the story I want to talk about.

Anyways, so the girls were enamored with what I did to Courtney.
Jessica began to talk about her first time.
When she said, "I thought the same thing when I first did it, I just wanted to lick her clean pussy," me and Sarah just looked at eachother and said what?

Jessica then told us that her first lover was another girl.
They were 15 at the time.
She said all the boys in her school were dirty, pimplefaced morons. She and her friend trusted each other and explored themselves.
She began to talk about all the things the two did.
The two took photos.
They shaved eachother, and used cucumber as dildos.
Jessica said there craziest thing was to put four inch cucumber up their pussies between classes in high school, and then wiggle around in their seats during class.
She said they usually competed to see who could hold off before climaxing the longest. (I mean see how long they could hold of coming, not who could climax longer. You get it!)

At this point, I said I didn't know she was such a naughty girl.
Her reply was quick, and in such a smooth calm voice.
"We put those veggies in other places too."

166 miles to drive until La Paz.

Sarah then told us about her first time with this guy two years older than her.
All she really said was he just stuck his dick in and pumped for a few minutes.
Afterwards, he just wanted her to suck his dick.
For the next few minutes, we were all kinda quiet.
Jessica, oh Jessica that naughty girl.
I guess revealing our experiences got her in an erotic mood.
I guess she decided to have some fun. Though, I didn't know it at the time.

Jessica just said, "I'm going to take off my clothes. You two don't mind."

I was about to ask if she was serious, but a glance in the rearview mirror showed her pulling her t-shirt over her head.
Her round breasts, with distinct tanlines of a biking, and her reddish nipples reflected off the mirror right at me. (I'm not sure, but I believe I said 'holy shit'.)

Jessica kinda slit her back onto the backrest of the rear seat, and pulled off her jeans.
At this angle I saw her white panties and tanned tighs.
A second later, she pulled off the panties, and sat back down.

Sarah was looking back and said, "You are crazy!"

"yeah, but its so nice feeling the wind racing across my sking. My nipples are already hardening. And, I like the thought of you taking off your clothes too."

Sarah replied with another you're crazy. But as I looked over at her, she had a small smile on her lips.
What the hell did I do to deserve this.

An "ok" came from Sarah, and I saw her pulling off her sweater.
A bra flew off next, and her small somewhat flat breasts waved at me.
( I know breasts can't wave, but I sure wanted to greet them with my hands.)

Sarah began to pull down her pants, taking off her panties too.
I hadn't see Jessica's pussy yet, but Sarah's was right there.
As I looked over at her, Jessica said, " Wow, you have such a nice crack. It's so clear and open and simple. Mines a lot more meaty, and hairier."

Of course Sarah looked back and replied with a giggle, "I like yours, its so full and round."

And there I was driving my Suburban through Baja with two girls critiquing eachother's pussies.
HA! (Where the fuck where you?)

Jessica was enjoying it too.
She was into this stuff, being naughty and shocking people.
"Hey Sarah, I bet you've never seen another girl finger herself. Watch.)

I slowed down my truck at this point, adjusted the rear view mirror and began to watch along with Sarah.

Jessica placed each of her legs on one of the front seat, completeling spreading her legs open and showed off her dare I say 'full and round' pussy.
It had a nice pale color, and her hair was kinda golden.
Her clit was just sticking out and a perfect cherry.
With one of her hands, she began to run one or two fingers across her clit, massaging it and pressing it.
Her other arm snaked around her left leg and came in under her inner tigh, in to her pussy.
This allowed us to see her enter herself with all her fingers and still see her clit being stroked.
Jessica's head was leaning totally back.
She was enjoying it, herself.

You know earlier I said that Sarah was more of a girl, kinda unsure of herslef, and a bit shy....?
Well she did something at this point to make that description of herself seem absurd.
She took a candy bar, a Butterfinger that had been in a cupholder next to the safety brake, and reach back and began to trace a line from Jessica's knee to her inner thigh.
Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw Jessica pull her hand from her pussy and use her thumb and index finger to spread open her hole.
And Sarah, sweet Sarah knew exactly what to do.
She slid that lucky candybar right into Jessica, as far as that Kingsized thing could go.

Jessica began to gyrate her ass a bit up and down, moving her hands to her breasts and pulling on her nipples.
Her full breasts, bigger than thought they were, just stretched out so far.

Sarah began to wiggle the candy bar around inside Jessica's pussy.
And she liked it ( Jessica liked it.) Though I wouldn't hesitate to say Sarah enjoyed the experience too.
Sarah was kneeling on the center console.
Her butt was sticking right at the rear view mirror, completing blocking my view of Jessica's pussy.
Of course, heh heh, Sarah's pussy was just screaming in the rear view mirror.
Her ass and pussy were so close, and I finally got into the action.

Sarah wasn't prepared for what I did.
I guess she was having to much fun doing Jessica.

I reached across my body with my left arm, and stuck my index and middle finger right in her....pussy! ( I guess you thought I was going to say her asshole.)

She was wet, so damn wet I wanted to stop the car and ram my throbbing dick up her cunt. But that would have ruined our joyride.
Instead, I began softly scratching at the inside of her pussy.

She arched her back like a kity cat, and moaned and moaned and moaned.
Jessica was being pretty quiet.
But the second I stuck my fingers up Sarah, she went off. (Sarah went off)

I began to use more fingers on Sarah and she got louder and more wiggely.
She wiggled her ass around, arched her back, rocked back and forth.
Damn, and did that girl moan.
From my limited sexual experiences ( one girl ), I had already obtained an appreciation for vocal girls.
I love when they voice their pleasure.
It tells me I'm doin something right. And I was doing something perfect with Sarah.

Withing a few minutes, she came in a wet explosion.
I almost thought of pulling my hand out, but she squated her ass down and pinned my hand to the center console.
From there she began to rub her pussy across the center console, forcing my hand deep inside her.
I felt a shitload of pressure on my hand. And god was it wet.
And god what was that girl doing. Sarah just moved harder, pushed down harder, fucked herself using my hand.

Jessica also realized something special was going on, cuz she said "Sarah you're giving it to me now.
Oh yeah give it to me you pussy licker. I know you like it hard."
While I was behind the wheel, Sarah was in the drivers seat.
Ramming my hand inside her, always deeper, and she was ramming that candy bar up inside Jessica.
I began to hear Jessica moan more distinctly than before. I guess she was getting it good too now.

Now came Sarah's asshole!

What can I say, lots of shit was happening and I felt like I needed to contribute more.
And Sarah was like just doing everything to everyone. ( My hand was pretty sore by this point.)

I unzipped my pants and wet my index finger with my cum.
(Hey, I came, what else can I say.)
Making it dripping wet, I ran the finger down Sarah's lower back and down her buttcrack.
Her anus was sticking out, a round, forbidden button.
I knew she had never had anal sex before.
Probably she didn't even want it. Maybe she did.
Who knows.

I stuck my finger up her ass with a quick, hard push.
Heh heh.
She yelped in pain. And looked over her shoulder at me.
( I guess your wondering how I was driving the car......well that is quite simple. There was a long straightaway, and I was using my knees to steer the truck. The speed control did the rest.)

I pushed my finger as far in as it could go, and pulled it out an inch or so.
God did Sarah scream "OH!"

I knew it must have hurt.
But since she was fucking herself and Jessica so hard, I guess she handled it. Cuz she said, "More."

Well I gave her more.
Knowing she'd take what ever I gave, I gave her a violent assfuck with my index finger.
I pulled it out almost to the nail, and then stuck it in all the way, and pulled it out again just as fast, and rammed it in again.
For her first time, her ass being as tight as it was, she was getting some. And then some.

She had stopped rubbing her pussy on my hand.
She just layed down on the console and kinda let me take over.
(I'm not sure if she kept doing Jessica. I was too occupied with her ass at the time.)

While she had moaned loudly before, Sarah was now going "Ahhh ahhh ohh ohhhhh, mmmmmhhhhhh." And stuf like that.
She was loud. And, I took that to mean I should continue with her ass fucking with my finger.

Ram ram ram ram ram..... thats what my finger did.
I did it for a few minutes, and then she said grabbed my hand. "Ok. No more."

I pulled my finger out and Sarah slid into her seat.
She just collapsed into her seat totally drained.
Though in her hand she still held the candy bar.
It was so damn wet with Jessica's wetness and cum.
Looking back in the rear view mirror I saw Jessica smiling at me. (She had such a sweet smile at the time. The sweetest smile I've ever seen.)

"Wasn't that nice. And, you gave it to Sarah. You're going to have to do that later to me."

Since we were all kinda acting naugthy and I wanted to taste her, I took the candybar from Sarah's hand and stuck it deep into my mouth.

It tasted so creamy and sweet.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Caught on Tape

by Mr Neb
Written Dec 1993 - Revised June 1999

No one was home. No wife, no kids, no one.
There were no messages on the answering machine, no note on the refrigerator.
I went upstairs to check but no one was there either. In the master bedroom, on the VCR, was a note.
"Play me", it simply read. I pressed the "play" button.

What I first saw caught me dead in my tracks.
I sat down on the bed and watched in astonishment.
On the TV, I saw a picture of a bedroom, MY bedroom.
The camera must have been placed next to the TV, facing the bed.
The bed took up almost the entire screen.
My wife walked into view, presumably just after turning on the VCR.
She was dressed in a way that was very unlike her.
She had on a sexy black lace bra that did a pretty poor job of holding my wife's generous breasts.
The lace cups barely concealed her nipples.
They were still evident through the translucent material.
Their erect condition was also obvious when she turned to a sexy profile.
Her breasts jiggled as she moved and looked as if they would overflow the well burdened garment at any moment.
She wore tiny black lace panties with a minuscule waste band that clung to her sensuously contoured hips.
Her wicked black lace stockings disappeared into long high heeled shoes polished to a blinding shine.

She laid down on the bed and spoke to me, "Hi honey. Welcome home. I made this little surprise for you. I hope you like it. Get on the bed , relax and enjoy the show. I have another surprise for you at the end."

She drew her knees up.
Her legs were parted but certainly not to their maximum extreme.
She spoke to me again, "I have been so horny lately. I can't figure it out. I go through my day just dreaming about the next time I can feel you touch me."

As if to illustrate her point, she cupped one hand over her breast and began to rub it through the lace bra in a circular motion.

"I love when you touch my breasts like this.
It excites me so much. My nipples get so hard. See?"
Her finger neatly circled the very erect bud of her nipple.
Her knees slowly swayed open and closed while she talked.

"Even now, without you here, I am getting hot." She momentarily closed her eyes.
While her hand kept caressing her breasts, her other one dropped between her thighs.
Her knees stopped moving and remained open.
Right above the narrow stretch of her panties, two fingers slid up and down.
Her breasts were being massaged more vigorously.
I watched her soft bosom being pushed hard against her chest.

"Mmmmm, yes. I love you to touch me here too. I love to feel you hands underneath my pants."

I was getting pretty uncomfortable by now.
My penis was fully erect but severely constricted by my clothes while I sat on the edge of the bed.

As if reading my mind, my wife said, "Get comfortable dear. Take your clothes off. Enjoy yourself. I'd like that. I'd like to think that I am really turning you on. I am fantasizing about you right now."

I followed her suggestion.
I removed my clothes, all the while watching my wife rub and pinch her breasts and slide her hand up and down the crotch of her panties.
Once completely naked, I laid on the bed, my back propted up by pillows, in much the same way as my wife was.
My legs lay flat and open.
My cock was at full attention, stretching back up my abdomen, the head and shaft were swollen and pulsating with every heart beat.

"God. I am getting so hot now", my lover teased.
"I wish you were here right now to please me.
I know what you would do. You would play with my breasts. Like this."
She slid a bra strap down and with it went the right bra cup.
Her beautifully formed breast bounced free from its restraint, the taught nipple aroused, red, and visibly hard.

"Mmmm. You'd rub it like this but then I know what you'd do. You'd lick it and get it all wet. Like this."
She bent forward and extended her tongue. With little trouble, she began licking her own nipple.
I watched in fixed amazement as her tongue circled and wet her sensitive nipple.
She undid the front clasp and removed the bra completely.
Her licking expanded to both breasts now.
I was really enjoying this.
My own hand subconsciously made its way down to between my legs.
It wrapped its fingers slowly around my shaft, already wet with warm and slippery lubrication freely leaking from the head.

"I know what you would do now. You do too, don't you." She said and then paused.
"Yes. You know."
The hand that was between her legs stopped for a moment.
My eyes strained for more resolution on the television.
Two fingers slipped beneath the dark lace and quickly re-emerged.
Silently she brought her fingers up.

"Yeah. You know. You would get my nipples wet with my..." She didn't finish the sentence but I wasn't sure why.

Her fingers slowly made their way up to her breast.
I mentally cheered them on, praying for them to finish the trip.
Yes! I watched her slickened fingers slowly circle her nipple again, this time to deposit the liquid evidence of her passion on her breasts.
She was indeed correct.
That is exactly what I would have done and, as I would have, she did it several times and to both breasts.
Her nipples glistened in the soft lighting from their wet coating.

My hand moved with firmer conviction up and down my penis.
My pre-cum stretched in a thin golden line from the crown of my cock down to my abdomen.
It flowed at an increased rate as the tape continued.

Will she also do the next thing that I surely would have done?
Would she do the very thing I was wishing that I could have done at that exact moment?
Oh my! She did.
She actually did what I would have done next.
Without saying a single word, she slipped two fingers deeper into her body than she had up to that point.
After a very slow withdrawal, they went back to her breast and with her eyes looking right at me, she licked her wetness from her breast.
She did it again, then again.
Then her fingers omitted the stop on her breast and went directly into her mouth!

My level of arousal jumped immediately.
A huge drop of pre-cum collected at the head of my cock.
As the thread trickling down my shaft thickened with the increase at the source, my fingers intercepted and spread the wetness around my glans.
This served only to produce more.

"Mmmmm", she muttered. I know you like seeing this.
Don't you? I've never done this for you before, have I? You've never seen me lick my own wetness."

I prayed for a stronger phrasing.
I wanted to see, or more accurately hear, my wife go completely out of character.
Again, she read my mind and she obliged.

"I'll bet you've got a gigantic hardon.
I'll bet you loved it when you saw my fingers go deep into my wet pussy and it drove you absolutely crazy when you saw me stick my fingers into my mouth.
You have got this thing about my pussy wetness don't you.
Yeah, I know.
You like how sweet my juices taste and you do everything to get me to taste them, don't you?
Well here you go.
I'll do it again, just for you.
I'm gonna stick my fingers in my dripping pussy and then lick my juices.
Mmmmmmm. I do taste sweet. It is so hot too."

I watched her repeat the act, two and then three times.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I was so aroused. My hand was rubbing my balls.
My cock was wet and sticky from all the pre-cum.
It's head was fully engorged and very red.
The veins of the shaft were very visible and pulsed hard.

"I am so hot. My pussy is so wet. Wanna see?", she rhetorically asked.
She reached over and picked up the remote control off the night stand.
She pointed it at the camera and with a wet finger, pushed a button.
The camera started to zoom in.
She must have positioned the camera very carefully for when she stopped zooming, the screen was completely filled with the image of my wife's hand slipped beneath her panties.
I could see the crotch of her panties stretch and then relax against the pressure of her knuckles as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy.

"Can you see better now?", I heard her say. "I don't think so."

The picture blurred for a moment since her movement was too quick for the close-up.
When her motions were finished, the panties and her fingers were gone.
I had a close-up view of my wife's aroused pussy.
What remained of the neatly trimmed line of pubic hair on her mons was matted with wetness.
Her bare outer lips and inner thighs were very wet.
Her lips were pouty and deep pink.

"There. Is that better? Isn't that better for you to see me play with myself?'

What a question! What a treat!
And it wasn't over by any stretch of the imagination.

"Oh baby. I want you here. I want your cock deep in my pussy right now!
I want to feel you deep inside me. Mmmmm. I am so ready for you to make love to me.
Are you ready? Is your cock all hard and stiff? Couldn't you just slide it deep into my pussy right now?

Oh man, could I! I was as ready as I could ever be.
My hand was wrapped tightly around my cock and moving up and down very quickly.

"I'm ready. I'm ready for your cock. Wanna see?"

Her fingers returned into view.
They parted her sticky lips and opened her pussy.
I watched her squeeze down as she did countless times when I have been inside her.
I watched her flesh contract. I watched her expel more wetness.
I watched it slip from her opening and slide down toward her out of view anus.

"I told you I'm ready. I told you I'm real wet."

I watched her fingers touch the escaping wetness.
I watched the drops cling to her finger tips.
I watched her spread herself just a bit more.
I watched her expose her clitoris from beneath its hood.
I watched her deposit the erotic nectar on the bud of her sex. I watched her rub it around and caress herself.

"I am going to make myself come for you", she calmly announced. "Watch."

She did. She made herself come.
Her fingers pressed hard into her pussy.
I heard that telltale wet sound as she invaded her opening.
In and out they slipped.
Faster and faster they thrust.
Wetter and wetter she got.
Harder and harder she touched herself. Louder and louder she spoke.

"Oh yes! I feel good. I wish it was your hard dick that was fucking me right now. I want to feel it. I want to hold it.
I want to lick it. I want to suck it. I want to taste you.
I want to feel you press it deep into my pussy.
I want to squeeze it inside of me.
I want to feel you in my pussy. I want to feel you fill my pussy with your cum.
I want to feel it wet and hot in my pussy! Oh! I am gonna come. I am coming! I AM COMING! I AM COMING!

Her fingers moved in a blur from deep within herself and in circular rings around her clitoris.
She got very erratic and moved quickly until she came.
Her hand disappeared. Her pelvis twitched and jerked.
I saw her lips move and her muscles spasm.

She stopped moving.
She was still. And then I saw it.
I watched mesmerized. All sound was gone.
My own hand movements toward my own climax stopped.
I saw it. From her slightly parted pussy lips, out slid a great long drop of clear thin liquid.
It clung to her swollen lips as if not wanting to venture out but gravity and the quantity were too great.
I watched in total awe as my wife's cum, her feminine ejaculate, oozed and slid from her prone body, completely spent from her violent orgasm.
There would be no intervention from her this time.
Out it dripped and out of view it went.
Gone from view but forever captured in the indelible vault of my mind and on the much-to-be-reviewed video tape.

After her recovery, my wife's fingers returned.
For the last time she slid them into her body.
Again the pictured blurred from rapid movement.
Her lovely face was now in view.

"I love sweety. I hope you liked your gift."

Again her hand came into view.
It was the same hand. With a sexy smile, into her mouth went her finger, visibly soaked in her cum.

The last thing she said in a whisper before she pressed the button on the remote control, was, "You're right. My cum tastes very sweet. If you want to taste it for yourself, come to the guest bedroom, right now. I'm waiting for you to fuck me."

* * click * *

Friday, September 15, 2006

Adventures of a Security Officer

by Dick Throb

Here I am again, I have to pull my 4 hours in the Security Booth, but it's not bad.
It's 10 below zero outside and I've got plenty of heat, a TV, a VCR for movies and an FM radio.
A water cooler with hot water for instant coffee or soup, what more could a guy ask for.
All I have do is answer the phone and monitor the fire systems.
Now that we have good radios, communication with the other officers is easy.
Even with all of the goodies, it's still boring sometimes.
But I'll take the night shift over days or afternoons anytime.

Just then the phone rang.
'Cardell Public Safety, may I help you?''Hi darling, how are you tonight?'
I immediately recognized the voice of my girlfriend.
'Fine now that I'm talking to you.'

The sounds of her voice started my cock to grow.
I have never been with woman as wonderful as her.
She can take a man to heights never attained before.
She can hold my cock in her mouth and keep me on the edge for several minutes before I cum.
Then she swallows it all.
No matter how much I give her, she takes it all down her throat.
That's not all.
She has the sweetest tasting pussy I've ever had the pleasure of eating.
The aroma and fragrance is enough to make a man cum right there.
I could cum on her leg just licking and sucker her cunt.
Think of the sweetest most flavorful thing you can, her pussy is better.
Now I'm hard as a rock.

I ask her, 'What have you been up to? You know it's 12:30 in the morning and you have to work tomorrow.'
'Yes, I just wanted to call and say hi.'
'Well I'm glad you did.'
'Are you real busy tonight? If not I'd like to come in early and see you.'
'Sweetheart, I'm never too busy for you. What time did you want to come in?'
'You get out of there at 3:AM right?'
'Yes I do.'
'Well why don't I stop over about 1:30.'
'Sounds great to me. I'll be expecting you then.'
With that said, she hung up.
I knew what was going to happen, and I could hardly wait.

She arrived right at 1:30 AM, she's always on time.
She came in the booth smelling like a bouquet of flowers.
God she always smelled so good.
I turned down the interior lights and we kissed for a long time.

It didn't take long and she started squirming and pushing against my hard cock.
I rubbed her back and kissed her neck. She loves to have her neck kissed, among other things.

One thing lead to another and before long she had my cock out of my pants stroking it and licking my balls.
She knows how much I like that.
She then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started to suck it.
She likes to spread the per cum all around with her tongue. She then softly stroked my shaft up and down for several minutes.

All this time I'm looking around for any cars in the area and trying to concentrate on what she's doing to me.
I think I could have my arm amputated while she was sucking me off and I wouldn't notice until after I shot my load.
Well, she's so good it doesn't take long for my load to start building up in my balls.

I feel my toes start curling and my knees shaking as the load builds.
I have to hold into the counter to keep from falling over.

She can feel my cock getting thicker and hotter.
The vanes are standing out as I get closer and closer. Her hand pumps a little faster as she holds the head between her warm wet lips. It's all I can do to keep from ramming my cock down her throat, but I don't want to hurt her so I let her control the depth.
I always tell her when I'm going to cum so I don't surprise her with an extra massive load and gag her.
At my age it doesn't happen often, but still I have to consider her feelings.

She continues her sucking and pumping while I brace myself.
I feel my cum rushing from my balls up my piss vain to the head where it explodes in a gushing, pumping, squirting fountain of hot juice. She doesn't flinch a bit as she takes it all in her mouth and swallows every drop.
She licks my cock clean, I don't even have to wipe it off.
God I love this woman.
Not because she gives the best head ever, but because she is so wonderful.
She's beautiful, kind, sweet, caring and giving of her very soul to the mans she cares for.
I do the same to her, but I'm married so I do have limits.
She knows it and doesn't care, she still loves me.

After she swallows all I have given her, I pull her up and kiss her long hard and wet.
I can taste my cum on her lips but I don't mind.
After all, she just swallowed everything I gave her.
Why can't I at least show my appreciation by kissing her as though I love her. I know most men wouldn't do that, but I'm not most men. I'm the one that has her heart and she's got mine.

We sit back and small talk until 3:00 AM when my relief shows up.
He doesn't say a word about her being in there with me.
We jump in the car he dropped off and drive to one of the buildings on campus.

Once in the building, we head for the couch.
We've been here before, it's warm quite and cozy. I kiss her again long and hard.
She kisses me back wet and warm. This keeps up while we take our clothes off.

Once she is naked, I kiss her tits.
They are great, medium size but firm and so soft. I continue to kiss them as I rub her stomach, moving my hand down to her pussy.
This causes her to moan aloud and grate her hips.
I know she loves having her pussy played with, any way and any faction. I'm always very careful not to hurt her. I kiss her stomach and she moans louder in anticipation of what's coming, she knows my routine.

Now her pussy is a wet fountain of sweet juices.
I start licking her inner thighs just nudging her pussy with my nose.
This drives her nuts. It also allows me to breath in the fragrance of her pussy.

About now she's thrashing about like I'd stuck a hot poker up her ass.
But my hot poker was no were near her ass.
It was in her hand.
I wet my fingers and thumb in her juices, gently I insert my thumb into her pussy.
Now I have to actually hold her down on the couch.
She is so hot I think she'd go into orbit if I didn't hold her.
Now I lick the inner lips of her pussy while I slowly pump her with my thumb.
She has just enough hair on her pussy. She trims it so I can lick the hair, and it's not too much. I really love her pussy.
I move my tongue and lips all over the opening of her love canal.
I'm licking her cunt from top to bottom.
She's just about ready to cum now, I move my lips to her clit and form a suction with my tongue dancing on her clit.
This, along with my pumping thumb drives her crazy.
I hear her scream and feel the insides of her pussy squeeze my thumb. It gets so tight it almost pushes my thumb out.
But I keep it in, wriggling it around.
Suddenly I feel her steaming juices flowing out into my mouth.
She keeps pumping the wonderful sweet tasting fluid into my mouth for several seconds.
I have difficulty drinking all of it.
Some of runs down onto her beautiful elegant ass hole.

I continue to hold her until she calms down, sometimes this takes several minutes.
I stop pumping her love hole but continue to suck her clit.
Again she grabs my head and screams loudly as a second wave of pleasure racks her body and her pussy erupts with flowing juices.
I drink as much as I can of her inner being, only to lose much of it down onto her ass hole. I stop all contact with her pussy and she finally calms down enough to talk. She tells me it was wonderful.
I say, 'Well I'm real glad you like it because I loved it. You taste better each day.'

We just kiss and hold each other for sometime. Soon she reaches for my manhood again, it's nothing but a hard rock of granite. She again rubs my pre cum around the head of my cock. I rub her pussy spreading her wetness.
I roll her over onto her stomach and I kneel on the floor.
This way I can insert my slippery thumb back into her pussy and lick her ass.
She really like this.
I slowly push my thumb in as far as it will go.
Then I start licking her ass cheeks.
I like the little crease at the top of her leg, below her ass.
That takes several minutes of tender loving kisses.
While my thumb is ever so slowly pumping her pussy, I lick around the little ring of her ass hole.
This drives me absolutely fucking nuts. I lick and suck her ass hole as if it was a lobster dinner.
It's covered with her pussy juice and my saliva. I lick it and rim it while she's squirming and wiggling.
She is moaning again and pushing her ass into my face. I stick my tongue into her ass hole and she screams with delight.
I'm not into eating shit, but to lick and sucking her ass hole is the next thing to cumming.
I like doing it and she fucking loves it.

I continue this licking and sucking while she grabs anything within reach and convulses into another orgasm.
With my thumb in her pussy and my tongue buried in her ass hole, this orgasm causes her body to go into spasms, pumping and pushing against my face as hard as she can.
I love it when she does that.
After some time she calms down and I slide my thumb from her pussy.
I lick her ass hole for a few minutes longer.

Finally we turn to face each other.
Both of us are a wreck. Hair all messed up, smelling of pussy juice and cum.
We kiss for a long time. We each enjoy what we do to the other.

I lay her on her back and spread her legs.
The sight of her open pussy is like a flower in bloom.
I get between her legs and rub my cock all around the opening.
This causes her to whine and move her hips around.
After a few minutes I can't take anymore.
I lay on top of her and she guides my cock home to her steaming hot love canal.
It slips in all the way with no trouble at all. It couldn't be any wetter or hotter.
I stay buried deep for a few minutes not wanting to move. I'm enjoying the warmth of her love and her body.
I love being with her, and making love to her.

Slowly I pull out a little and again hold myself still.
It feels so good I'm afraid of cummimg too soon.
I can feel her inner walls closing around my cock and making it pulsate.
I don't know how she does that, but it,s wonderful. After a few seconds I calm down a little, I slowly bury my cock deep inside and start a nice rhythm of in and out.

I must still go slow, in and out, back and fourth.
Slowly I increase my tempo. Reaching under my cock I find her ass hole and gently push a finger in, still being careful not to hurt her.
Now I can fuck her pussy, finger her ass hole and kiss her lips while she wraps her arms around me.
This we keep up for several minutes, during which time she cums twice more. Each time squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

Now I can feel my load building.
Once this feeling starts, I blow out a huge amount of cum real fast.
It squirts so hard I feel her stomach move.
I feel the extra cum flowing out of her pussy onto my hand under her ass.
I pump her pussy harder and deeper until I feel my cock start to go limp.
I lay still on top of her with my cock shrinking slowly until it falls out. We kiss deep hard and wet for some time.

We love each other, and what we do.
I love her very much.
I would like to have her as my wife, she is a beautiful person inside and out.
I wish she were mine to have and to hold every day, but that is not to be.

We will love each other when we can, and any way we want.
I will do anything she asks, I will please her in any way she needs.
For you see, she is my lover, and I am hers.