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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Neighborly Feelings

Written by David Mac (March 2000)

For a long time I have lusted after my neighbours wife but never dreamt that I could ever do anything about it.
I had taken a day off work to do some gardening and she invited me in for lunch. We killed two bottles of wine while telling smutty jokes. My wife was not due home until six.

Muriel sat opposite me with her legs apart. Her short skirt had ridden up her thighs so that I had a perfect view of the crotch of her panties. The tiny white strip of fabric, which consisted the gusset of her knickers was framed by bunches of blonde pubic hair. The material was so tight that it perfectly outlined the plump lips of her cunt and the deep cleft between them. As I stared a wet spot began to appear. It grew bigger the longer I stared. My cock never went down once while we ate and drank. I kept glancing at her pussy hidden only by a scrap of cloth. by the time we had finished lunch she was very flushed.

She staggered to her feet and said that since it was very hot we were wasting the weather by being indoors. We walked out into the garden and without a trace of embarrassment she calmly took off all her clothes. I just stood their mouth open absolutely flabbergasted.

Her breasts were even bigger and firmer than I'd imagined. They were topped with large brown nipples, she had the most delectable bottom I had ever seen. her pussy was very hairy so it was no wonder that her knickers had failed to contain so much hair. She turned to me and invited me to take my clothes off. I didn't need asking twice. When I was naked she stared hungrily at my erect cock.

She spread a blanket on the ground on the grass and we lay down upon it. Without hesitation she took my prick between her lips and began to suck it hard. I lay there in the bright sun in heaven as the woman of my dreams sucked me off. I pushed her away before she could bring me off and made her kneel on all fours so I could fuck her from behind.

I rammed my hard cock into her hairy cunt as hard and as fast as I could less I waken up. Holding and squeezing her tits she was soon gasping and writhing as her orgasm overtook her. as she came her orgasaming puusy tightened it's grip on my prick and she milked me hard until I could feel that familiar tingle deep in my balls as my spunk blasted deep into her pulsating cunt.

I became aware of someone else in the garden and nearly died when my wife came into view. She was naked and her shaven pussy glistened with honey so she had obviosly seen all. Without saying a words she bent and kissed Muriel full on the lips and then tuened and kissed me hard whilst her hand felt between our still joined bodies to massage us both.

My now softening cock slipped from Muriels cunt and Kelly took it between her hot lips and sucked the last drops out then she proceeded to lick me clean. I was astounded and glancing at uriel could see a satisfied smile on her face as kelly moved down and began vacuuming her pulsating pussy of our combined love juices. Muriel pulled her round until she could lick and suck Kelly's pussy until they both were gasping for breath and trembling at the approach of there orgasms.

I soon noticed that every time Muriels tongue flicked et Kelly's clit that her anus twitched open and closed so moving in I started to lick at her virginal rosebud, this brought sighs of delight from her and seemed to elevate her to an even higher plain her voice became huskier and with a quiver that I had never heard before she begged me to fuck her in the ass. This was something I had longed for since we first met as she has a beautifull tight asshole with lovely well padded cheeks.

I quickly coated my prick with her love juice and slowly pushed the head against her ring as i pushed so she pushed back against me until with a plop the head was inside held tight by her spasaming muscles, slowly she begged give me time to accommodate so I waiuted until she signalled her readiness by beginning to push back against me again and my cock was held tight in her nether regions. It was as if I was in a warm tight glove now I began to fuck her ass as her Muriel kept sucking her pussy so that together we drove her to a wild gyrating orgasm and as she came so I felt the spunk rushing the length of my cock to blast deep into her rectum.

Harder and harder I fucked her until she collapsed with a scream as her own orgsm blasted through her thus triggerring Muriel so that all three of us came and came.

When we relaxed I reached and kissed both of these gorgeous girls and then they admitted that they had been lovers for some time and that they had arranged for today.

So what with Kelly's sister and now Muriel to keep me going my sex life is complete.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Storm Lust

Written by David Mac(March 2000)

I often stayed with my girl friend for the night.
She shares a flat with her sister Sandra. One very hot summer evening a violent thunder storm broke out just as we had started making love.

I was between Kelly's legs licking her pussy and fingering her erect clit when the door opened and in walked Sandra.
She said something about being afraid of thunder and slipped into bed next to her sister. I didn't know what to do, so Imoved away from Kelly's leaking pussy. I slithered up to lie between the two girls. My mouth was covered with cunt juice.

To my immense surprise Sandra grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth as she clung to me I thought I had gone to heaven. There I was flanked by my girl friend on one side, completely naked and trembling with passion as her large breasts pressed into my side while on the other side her sister wearing a skimpy night-dress was plastered against me with her equally large breasts squashed into my arm whilst her left leg was over my thigh rubbing up and down my throbbing prick.

I stroked Sandra's back making her squirm against my thigh while stroking her sisters back with the same result. I turned my head and kissed Sandra and she nearly ate me alive her tongue was deep in my mouth and this made my prick harden and twitch against Kelly's thigh. I pulled my lips away from Sandra and turned to Kelly and kissed her as passionately as her sister. Everything was made more spectacular as the room was lit by flashes of lightning and the crashing thunderclaps. Sandra slipped up the bed bringing her pussy next to my face so that I could see the crinkled lips opening and closing.

It was glistening with her honeyed juices which were running down to the crack of her anus. I leaned sideways and kissed and licked her.
She moaned and her hand twisted in my hair and kept my face plastered against her steaming pussy, I stuck my tongue into her open lips tasting the sweetness and exploring her inner flesh. At the same time Kelly moved her thigh away from my prick allowing it to spring to attention, seconds later I felt hot wet lips engulfing my rampant cock.

My face was covered with Sandra's pussy and my cock was in Kelly's mouth 'Heaven' I sucked hard at Sandra's clit, which was standing out like a miniature prick, taking it into my mouth and rolling it around my tongue, she began to jerk whilst moaning loudly.
It was just as well I was concentrating on her pleasure because I would have come into Kelly's mouth otherwise such was the feelings coming from my prick as she sucked and licked it while her fingers squeezed my balls.
This made me suck even harder on Sandra's pussy, swallowing her honey as fast as I could. Kelly changed her attack releasing my cock from her lips she mounted me and started to fuck me hard and fast.

Taking my cue from her I lashed Sandra with my tongue and using some of her juices as a lubricant drove a finger deep into her anus.
Sandra came first she slammed her cunt hard against my face as my fingers lanced in and out of her anus in time with my tongue on her clit swallowing her love juice and then I heard an felt Kelly rise to her orgasm as her body juddered and her cunt muscles milked my prick as she came this combined stimulus was enough to send me over the top and I pumped spurt after spurt of hot come deep into her pussy.

All three of us collapsed in a heap on the bed recovering from our exertions whilst the storm raged outside. I was suddenly swept up in the realisation of what had happened and was about to comment when Kelly leaned over and kissed me saying she was glad that I loved them both and that we should look towards an exciting future

So now we have a happy threesome and whenever the storm rages outside then I know that inside that hot sex will follow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pussy House-1972

Written by Mr Neb (March 2000)

The year was 1972. The Jefferson Airplane was playing in the corner of my dorm room on one of those cheesy in one radio/phonograph/8-track stereos.
From the missionary position, I was humping the living daylights out of my everlasting true love soul mate whose name escapes me at the moment.
'Humping' is the apropos term for my sensual techniques at that time. I lacked that certain panache and style that developed later in life.

My partner had an uncanny ability to consider a completely irrelevant thought even under these unique circumstances. She could even manage a conversation during my rhythmic attentions. With her 20-year-old coed breasts keeping jiggly time, she managed, 'I, need, you, to, come, to, the, so, ror, i, ty, house, to, mor, row, night.'

Sweat was trickling down my forehead when I managed, 'What for?'

'Just, be, there, at, 8. Bring, your, robe.'

Nothing more was said about the subject and our evening of rapture progressed and concluded as usual, with not one hint of tenderness. It was an arrangement that seemed to work for both of us at that time in our lives.
She stood at the door, looked back at me and said, 'And for God's sake, wear clean underwear.'

Gee, I never thought that was an issue.

My girl friend's sorority house was Pi Mu Sigma. As you can see, the first and last letters conveniently start with 'P' and 'S'. When written, the greek letter Mu (pronounced 'm-you') looks enough like a 'U' for the purposes of hormonally-charged college men.
With just a slight extension of this convoluted logic, Pi Mu Sigma was fondly referred to as 'Pussy House'.
To get into 'Pussy House' you had to be one fine-looking babe, the cream of the crop so to speak, so it was no small wonder why I was so attracted to, uh, what's-her-name.

Per my standard operating procedure, I arrived at ye old Pussy House ten minutes late.
Draped over my arm was my tattered avocado-green terry cloth rode that my mother insisted I take with me to college. I donât think I had worn it for at least three years.
My girlfriend was standing at the top of the stairs and was waving me to come up. She whisked me into her room and told me to take my clothes of. OK by me. In moments I was standing naked with my boxers (clean) rumpled at my ankles ready for another lustful encounter.

'Oh, fer Christ's sake. Pull up your underwear and put on that robe.'

With those words of tenderness still ringing in my ears, she took me by the hand and led me back downstairs into the large sitting room. The furniture had been rearranged for some kind of ceremony. Candles were lit around the perimeter of the room.
The light from two aluminum cone fixtures, the forerunners to modern track lighting, shone down on two ottomans in the center of the room.
There were four other guys standing along one wall. All were wearing bathrobes in about the same crummy state as mine. I joined them as the fifth in line. We all looked at each other and shrugged. Neither of us had a clue to what was going on. (Upon reflection, I guess that could have been said for about 80% of my normal day at that time.)

About twenty or so of the sorority girls were in the darkest part of the room, seated in rows of folding chairs.
After about a minute or so, a procession of girls entered the room single file. No one said anything. They were all dressed in white sheets except for two. Theirs were dyed pink. The first five of the girls stood in front of us in the line. The two in the pink sheets stood beside the ottomans. The last girl I suspect was the Queen Bee of the group. She had some goofy tiara on her head.

She stood in front of the two in pink and started to read from some paper. Thus began a sorority ritual, complete with an overly contrived and amateurish liturgy.

'Hear ye, hear ye. The secret council of the order of sisters of Pi Mu Sigma..'

I heard two guys in line mutter in unison, 'pussy house.'

'.. is now convened. I, Sister Aurora, do hereby call this tribunal to order.'

Aurora? Gee, I thought her name was Stephanie.

'Let it be known that the witness to these proceedings have solemnly pledged not to divulge the details of this evening and to take their memories with them to the grave.'

Pledge? What pledge? I donât remember any pledge. Nobody said anything about any graves either. What was all this mumbo-jumbo anyway?

The queen bee turned to the gals in pink and said, 'Sister Moon Beam, Sister Star Dust...'

What the hell was with those names!

' have been charged with a violation of the sacred vows of Pi Mu Sigma.'

Again those two guys muttered 'pussy house' and then snickered. They would do that for the rest of the evening any time anyone said the name of the sorority.

'We, the sisters of Pi Mu Sigma..'

Another 'pussy house' was muttered.

'.. are bonded in spiritual oneness. Our love for each other is a love of the mind, not of the body. You two are accused of violating the sacred oath to keep our love for each other such that it transcends the temptations of the flesh....'

She went on and on with all this goofy spiritual sister crap. The best that I could figure was that Sisters Moon Beam and Star Dust had experience a little carnal knowledge without the benefit of a Brother.
I was still pretty confused. The story around campus was that just about every girl in Pussy House had had at least one fling with another girl. So what was all the fuss about?

Queen Aurora continued. 'As a penalty for your behavior and as a reinforcement of the proper doctrines of Pi Mu Sigma..SHUT UP YOU TWO!.. which espouses to the goals of earthly male-female relationships..'

God! She was making my head hurt. The bottom line? Because these two girls had an evening of sucking each other's pussy, they were going to get it from the five of us along the wall. It was some sort of re-indoctrination for ex-prisoners of war. Hey! Who was I to argue with the queen bee with the high hairdo?

The head babe Sister Aurora waved her hand at the five girls standing in front of the five of us.
In unison, they dropped their sheets and were wearing only bikinis. They then reached out for us and pulled our robes open and then off. Like a precision drill team, they dropped to their knees and yanked down our shorts.
They were each just inches away from the business parts of some pretty eager college boys. Each of these girls was stunning and no encouragement would have been necessary but these girls were there to get us in the proper mood to take care of the two violators of the sacred vows.
I can't speak for the other guys but if five beautiful women, wearing only bikinis, knelt and one was staring right at my naked crotch, I would need very little encouragement.

Before any of us could react, the five girls took our dicks and started rubbing and sucking. It took just moments for all of us to reach our full potential.
Lots of moaning could be heard, including from the girls that had their mouths full. While we were getting 'fluffed', the Mother Hen went to the two girls in pink and took their sheets off. They did not have bininis!

The girls then laid down on the two ottomans. Another hand wave by the Senior Sister caused the first two girls in the line to stop what they were doing. They stood and with saliva and lipstick smeared faces, escorted their two male charges over to the center of the room. They then returned to us and we shifted down.
I was now third in line and being 'handled' by another gorgeous coed.

I was having a difficult time paying attention to what was going on around me. The young lady kneeling in front of me was very good at her craft. She was a tall girl, with wonderfully long legs.
She had long softly curled light brown hair that fell past her shoulders. Her breasts were delightfully well exposed in her bright yellow halter-style top. They bounced to the rhythm of her talented sucking. It was an added touch that she attempted to smile and look up at me while she sucked by fully engorged cock. Her wet lips and chin shimmered in the candlelight.

The peacefulness of the moment was shattered when the coed next to me shouted, 'Awwww, God Damn it! You son-of-a-bitch!!!!'

That was followed by a slight cough. Then there was a lot of apologizing by her partner. It seems that he had succumbed to the moment and the attentions of his most recent fallatrix. I empathized with the poor bastard. His reputation was now doomed. He was trying not to draw attention to himself but it wasnât working. The more he tried to downplay what had happened, the more pissed she got.
Strings of semen were clinging to her lips and chin and dotted her breasts. It made the whole scene so surreal while she balled him out, spitting cum with every hard consonant.
When it was clear he could not help the situation, he sulked out of the room, to commit Hari-Kari no doubt.

Everyone shifted over one, placing me second in the line. I found myself in front of the lovely lady who had just been the recipient of my comrade's over-eagerness.

She looked up at me while she resumed her position. A thin streak of cum in her black hair just above her ear was all the evidence that remained. She never stopped staring at me and the look in her eyes was one of pure evil.
I was convinced that if I were to commit the same faux pau, she would surely bite it off. It was a sobering thought indeed. I can honestly say without any reservation that that was the one and only time when I actually lost some of my aroused state while my cock was being sucked.

I decided to turn my attentions to the happenings in the center ring where the mood was significantly less chilly. The two fellows were re-introducing the female felons to heterosexual behavior with impressive enthusiasm. They were not going to let an opportunity such as this go by without taking full advantage.

Sister Aurora motioned over to us again and the fellow first in line joined the two already center stage. I shifted over and would be next to join the foray.
Needless to say I was glad to leave the vulnerable clutches of the Iron Maiden.

The activity in the center of room was reaching a feverish pitch. The two women were screaming at the command of the Major Mistress.
Shrieks of, 'Oh yes. I, Sister Star Dust have been bad. I was weak. I need to be punished! Fuck me harder like I deserve. Give me your cock! Fuck me and make me feel like no woman can make me feel!'

Sister Moon Beam was enjoying herself too. 'I'm coming Sister Aurora! I'm coming!'

Carol, a.k.a. Moon Beam, was the lucky beneficiary of some doggy-style treatment from a legendary fellow. His impressively long cock allowed him to provide attentions elsewhere with his hands. For the benefit of his partner, even from this position, he considerately made sure that her breasts were massaged and that her clitoris was well stimulated. She collapsed on the ottoman.
She shook and screamed in orgasmic bliss, still impaled with Maxâ cock.
Aurora signaled over again at it was my turn. I removed my cock from my new best friend's talented mouth with a sexy wet plop. I felt a sigh of regret and was looking forward to another opportunity to take our brief encounter to its logical conclusion.

I joined Max but was unsure of what to do. Moon Beam, still murmuring and quivering, was in no condition to coherently provide direction. Max gently rolled her over and took a position at her head. I
moved to between her legs. Her pussy was very inviting.

Her juices were everywhere and matted the little pubic hair that remained on her mound. Her lips were parted and she was still very open from the recently vacated Max. Her cum seeped from her and she internally twitched with the final elements of her climax.
She smelled wonderful and I felt compelled to enjoy her more thoroughly. I knelt down and plunged my tongue deep into her sweet tasting pussy just as Max entered her mouth.

She let out a loud groan. She grasped my head in a vise-like grip, grinding my face into her every dampening pussy, drenching my face with her juices and moments later, with her cum.

It was hard to stay with her because of Maxâ thrusts and so I stood and took a more conventional position by sliding my cock deep into her while she completed her climax. Max was receiving delightful oral attentions and it wasn't long before he let out a yell. In the next instant, thick white cum came flowing out of Moon Beam's mouth still filled with Maxâ dick.

It was if a volcano were erupting in spite of the plug that was inserted into it. She gagged a bit and the ever-considerate Max removed himself from her mouth, spurting the rest of his impressive ejaculate about her neck and breasts.

Carol, uh, Moon Beam rose as best as she could and looked straight into my eyes. Cum stuck to the edges of her mouth and covered her lips in a faint gray film. It dangled from her chin, streaked her neck and blotted her breasts. 'Ok handsome, show me what YOU'vE got!'

I threw my head back and thrust at her as fast as I could. She moved her hips in unison and we soon fell over the edge together. The spasms of her pussy grabbed and clenched my thrusting member that was spurting wave after wave into her already dripping pussy.

When my vision returned, I gazed over at Star Dust, the girl formally known as Betty. She was on the floor on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by Willy's willie while sucking on Jim's beam.
(Gosh, I'm proud of that sentence!) I'm not sure who was re-indoctrinating whom. Willy grunted, withdrew and squirted strings of cum onto Star Dust's ass and back.

Jim finally had his own release, sending white bands of cum into her open mouth only to have it all slide out, dangle in long dribbles from her chin and eventually fall.

The two women lay on the ottoman, exhausted and breathing deeply. My fellow indoctrinators and I were also panting heavily, our semi-flaccid cocks dribbling harmlessly and unattended onto the carpet. The heady scent of sex hung in the whole room.
Moon Beam and Star Dust rolled over into each other's arms and hugged in a wet and sticky embrace in solidarity for the experience that they had just shared.

I don't now about how successful the event was in dissuading those two lovely college girls from future lesbian lovemaking but if there needs to be another lesson, I'm there!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning Your Pleasure

Written by Martin (Feb 2000)

It is a bright warm morning. I awake slowly from my sleep seeing you beside me in our bed. For a moment I just look at you tracing the outline of your body underneath the covers with my eyes, looking into your sleeping face, my whole being filled with adoration and gratitude that you are my love, my goddess.

I contemplate your beauty my soul worshipping Learning Your Pleasure the temple in which you reside. I slowly slip out of bed careful not to wake you from your slumber. I am naked. I slip into the panties you have worn yesterday.
They are mine today. It is important for us that I wear your panties after you have worn them for a day so that my body and especially my shaft is always surrounded by your nectar. It makes my skin soft and silky and that is what you expect - it is your pleasure.

I want to live for your pleasure alone today, wanting to give myself for you and so I retrieve the collar that we have made together for me and place it on the pillow beside your head.

When you wake up you will know that this is a day where your beauty, your well-being, your pleasure and enjoyment are the focus and the purpose for me. You are still sleeping deeply and I again loose myself in your contemplation, becoming excited at what this day will bring. I can feel the surge of arousal in my loins. With an inward sigh of emotion I turn away from you restraining my growing arousal and walk over to the kitchen to make morning coffee for you and prepare a breakfast for you.

After the coffee is made I pour half a cup into your favorite cup, add some cream and take it into the bedroom, where I have heard you stir in bed. Your eyes are still closed but your arms are stretching upwards as you slowly slip into consciousness. 'mmhhh, coffee?' you murmur with a smile and as your arms slowly sink back to the bed, you touch the collar with your hand.

I can hear the sharp intake of breath from you and again the brightest of smiles lights up your face and your eyes still closed you sigh with contentment a deep satisfied smile. Your eyes open and you look at me and a whispered, lilted 'yes' escapes you mouth.
You ask: 'will you serve me today?' I sink to my knees beside the bed and looking into your eyes I answer with a jubilant: 'yes my Alyssa'.
You gaze at me with a little smile around your eyes and mouth and say: ' you will obey my every word?' and again I say 'yes' with determination. You pick up the collar from the pillow and slowly fold back the covers from the bed revealing your body.
You pull up your legs and let your legs fall apart opening your passion flower and you begin stroking your lips and your clit with your fingers letting me see the nectar emerging from your body.

When you sense your wetness you dip one finger into it and say:' .. come closer to me!'
You lightly touch your moist finger to my lips and underneath my nose and tell me that I am not to let my tongue touch my lips.
'This is my mark on you'. Slowly you pull the length of the collar through your lips and moisture and begin stroking yourself with the collar.
You tell me to kneel beside the bed again and to watch you.

'..I must be sure of your obedience. It pleases me to make myself come and I want you to observe. You may not touch me. You want to give yourself to my pleasure alone, don't you?'

I hoarsly whisper: 'yes Alyssa'. 'Hand me the coffee!' you say softly. With the coffee in one hand and the collar in the other you observe me over the rim of the cup, smiling. You reach down with the collar and begin to stroke yourself slowly with it careful to make sure that your nectar spreads over all of it.
'You need the collar to be wet and soaked before I can put it on you. You need to remember my pleasure as it dries around your neck my Robert.'
I know now that you will not give me the satisfaction of pleasing you until it is your pleasure to do so. My head spins and I cannot help but open my mouth slightly to breathe.
My breath is a little ragged and in my eyes that have begun to look heavy with desire for you, you see that I have begun to fall into you, into your power, into your guidance.

While you have slowly stroked yourself you have finished the coffee. You look at me and know that I have begun to let go of myself. You hand me the cup and ask me to hold it with both hands to prevent my hands from reaching out involuntarily. 'Don't touch me!' you whisper lasciviously, knowing that this is the moment where I will either overcome my arousal and fall to you completely or be driven to touch you by my own desires.

A loud moan escapes my mouth and you see slowly the raging desire of my arousal in my eyes changing to the desire to submit to you completely. Within this moment you begin to come. It is the moment of exhilaration over controlling your and my desire as one that pushes you across the edge and you come into the collar writhing and moaning and calling my name in love, knowing that I am with you close, knowing that my love for you overcomes everything.

As you catch your breath you reach down and pull me up and you kiss me gently on my lips. You place the collar around my neck until it is snuggly fitting my neck. The little brass lock for which you carry the golden key around your neck snaps into place. You know that the collar will chafe a little as it dries but that is what you intended ö to remind me of your pleasure. You attach the golden chain to the collar which is fastened to your wrist.

This day you know is a day in which I will not leave your side unless you wish me to be chained somewhere to wait for you. You slowly rise from the bed and gently pull me after you into the bathroom. You need to pee and you instruct me to kneel in front of you as you sit down on the toilet. As your bladder lets go, you feel this enormous surge of pleasure rising through your body, feeling the release.

Finished you lean back on the seat move your hips to the edge of the seat and say:' I want you to wipe me with your tongue my love. Lick me clean.

I lean forward and for the first time this day I may taste you. I slowly stroke with my tongue along each of your lips from the bottom up tasting the sweat of the night, your urin and your nectar mixed into a sweet and sour mix of delicious fragrant tastes which your body always has.
You sense my excitement and my arousal and you stroke my head.

'This is my day my Robert, make me come!'. Kneeling before you naked clad in your panties and wearing our collar, I begin to stroke your hard clit with my tongue. 'yes, that is good' you whisper as my tongue searches for that magic spot only I know to find and stroke.
I know that you want to come quick and hard and I stroke in those short quick and hard strokes which make excite you most.

Your hands begin to play your nipples with the golden chain with which you bind me and begin to caress your breasts as your breathing grows ragged and fast. You pant and moan, sliding your bottom forward towards my touch.
I feel you frantically pulling on the chain, pulling me into you as you come closer to the climax. As you near your orgasm, you grab my hair and hold my hair while your hips and pelvis begins to grind my mouth and my face, not allowing yourself to completely let me dictate the pace of your coming.

With a loud and urgent wail you begin to come into my mouth and face calling out to me: 'oh Robert, my love, I love you, I love you ..... I.... Love .... you'.
Your hands then gently guide my face into your pussy again and with soft smooth movements you wipe your nectar all over my face, into my eyes, across my chin, my cheeks until you are satisfied, that it glistens with your honey.

Then you stand up and stroke my head whispering: 'you please me, servant of my pleasure. Come with me.' You command me to get up and look at me.
'I have a special reward for you today my Robert'. And with these words you throw the golden chain over your shoulder and walk towards our bedroom. Today I am bound to your pleasure linked to your pleasure by that little golden chain around your wrist, have no will of my own or desire but your desire. I follow you. In the bedroom you open your drawer and pull out a pair of black pantyhose.

You turn around and hold it out to me. 'I want you to wear this over my panties' you brightly smile as you hand them to me. Walking over to your closet you retrieve a carton and also hand it to me saying: 'and this is my special reward for you my slave'
You look at me with an amused smile expectation showing in your expression at the gift you have bought for me. 'Go on open it' you say and I sit down on the floor at your feet and begin opening the box. Inside I find a pair of black high heel strap sandals.

You see the shyness in my eyes but also the wish to wear them. 'Go on, Robert, my sweet lover, wear them' you say smiling down at me. I slowly pull on the pantyhose over my legs pulling it up over my bottom, so that it sits snuggly against my crotch and then bend down and slip my feet into the unfamiliar. Your hand begins to stroke my bottom as I am bent over to fasten the straps around my heels waving slightly at the unusual position my feet are put in by the sandals.

The thrill of the unfamiliar clothing and your warm stroking hands at my bottom make me feel the strain of my cock confined inside the pantyhose. You hear me start breathing through my mouth, hear me panting slightly. You slap me across the bottom and softly say: ' are we getting excited. Remember, it is my pleasure you serve'.
You slip into your flowered dress and with that you pull on the chain and lead me teetering after you in those strangely high heeled sandals after you.

I notice that the sandals force me to take small steps, force me to tread with my toes first and feel me bottom tighten with every step. In the living room, you sit down on the couch and order me to parade in front of you back and forth.
You tell me that I need to learn to walk in those sandals so that my walking becomes a pleasing sight for you. With that you ask me to squat down on my heels.

As I squat down, you sit on the floor in front of me and tell me that I need to learn balance first. Your hand reaches out and you begin to stroke my cock through your panties and pantyhose and you whisper: 'If I can make you almost come without you loosing your balance, you will always know not to fall off your new sandals'.

You tell me to look to your hand stroking me and begin to deftly trace my cock underneath the sheerness of the pantyhose.
I can see the head of my cock protruding through the top of your panties snuggly fitted against my body by the pantyhose. My head starts spinning again and I sway back and forth as you stroke and stroke, seeing drops of precum emerge from the tip and seeping into the pantyhose.

'You may not come, Robert, and I will make you responsible if you do!' you sternly tell me. With fascination I let myself fall into the sensation of your stroking hand gliding up and down over the ridge my shaft forms under the pantyhose.
Small moans escape my mouth as I start panting, swaying on the high-heeled sandals before your eyes. You know that I am close to coming and that if you continue to stroke I am unable to control. 'Don't come' you keep whispering into my ear, where I can feel your warm breath caressing me. 'Show me how much you want to serve me, my Robert'.
'Don't let yourself cross the edge' you say, knowing that my release is entirely in your hands.
As you feel the first twitching of the coming orgasm run through the length of my shaft, you suddenly stop stroking me. I fall to my knees with a wail, kneeling before you panting and moaning and flushed with arousal. In an instant, you have moved up onto the couch and lifted your lifted your flowered dress which you have put on in the bedroom, close your eyes, open your legs wide and say lasciciously: 'Come slave, today your pleasure is my release only. Make Me Come! And reaching down you cup my chin and gently guide me to your wet glistening lips, heavy with blood.
'You must learn to love my release more than your own'. Kneeling before you I know that there is no sweetness greater in this world but the sweetness of forgetting myself in your pleasure.
I let my tongue guide me to your tiny engorged clit and begin my task, stroking, tasting, licking you, until I feel your hands taking a hold of my hair and you push yourself into my face crashing heavily through the door into oblivion of me in your pleasure. I am your instrument.

My entire body is now crawling with excitement and arousal. The skin on my head seems to weave in waves, my cock strains painfully against the wetness that your stroking has created. As you catch your breath you tell me to stand in front of you. 'I must inspect you to be sure you have obeyed me, my Robert' you say and that you rise from the couch and begin a minute inspection of me. I see pleasure in your eyes as you gaze intently at my face, my torso, my whole appearance.

A little moan of delight escapes my lips, 'I please her' I think and a warm joyous feeling spreads across my being as I bask in your gaze which is like the light of sun for me. It lets me live. As your gaze turns to my crotch you discover, that the panties and pantyhose has become very wet where the head of my cock lies snugged against my body.

You bend slightly and begin to inspect with a slight frown. 'Have you come?' you ask me with a little irritation in your voice. I turn a little red. Hastily I explain: 'when you came my Mistress, I felt a large amount of moisture seeping out my shaft.... But I did not come!
The intensity of your pleasure, I could feel it crashing through me......' In that moment I feel ashamed that my body has played this trick with me and caused me to disobey you. I know I did not come but the large circle of moisture in the front of my clothes speaks otherwise.
'I did not come' I murmur, 'I promise you'.
'hmmmm' you say and then 'I will eat now' and with this you walk over to the breakfast table where everything is laid out for you to eat. I know my place is at your feet and so I sit quietly down beside you. You eat.

When you are finished you begin feeding me bite after bite, teasing me with the food. After we are both satisfied, you order me to clear the table while you stand in the kitchen doorway, a place where my chain will reach. Every time I I pass you, you slap my bottom with increasing joy. 'Hmmmm' you muse and begin to laugh bubbly and happily.
When I have finished clearing away the remains of the breakfast, You ask me to follow you.
'You must learn to obey me my slave' you say and silently point to a footstool indicating to me that I am to bend over it.
'Take your pantyhose and panties off, Robert, and while I will spank you for punishment, I want you to wash the panties in your mouth. They must be clean when I am finished. Your cock needs my nectar not yours'.

I remove my panties and pantyhose and you take them from my hand, hold them up to your nose ...'oh my' you say and gently push the wet spot into my mouth. You reach down and scoop some of your nectar onto your finger and begin to gently massage it into my hard cock, murmuring: 'I must care for my pleasure tool'. I bend over the footstool and as soon as I am lying, draped over it you begin to spank me hard and with lust.

I can feel my cock swaying with every stroke you give me and feel warmth mixed with the sharp and fast subsiding pain of every slap I receive for my disobedience. As you slap me, you whisper to me: 'I love you, Robert, but you must learn to do as I demand'. I can feel your exertion and when you finish, and pull me up from my prone position, I see your face flushed and sweaty and an impish pleased smile on your face. While you spanked me I had sucked and washed the panties with my mouth tasting the sweet and salty taste of my precum. You know that the arousal has now completely taken a hold of me.

Every time I open my mouth, a slow, low growl comes out before I can formulate words. My eyes are almost closed and my breath is short and panting. 'Now it is time to teach you to obey' you say and with that you untie my chain from your wrist and tie it to the beam in the middle of the room.
You move the big easy chair in front of me, exactly measured so that I will under no circumstances be able to reach you but be able to come within a hands-width distance of your pussy when you sit in it. 'You must now stroke yourself, until you almost come, my Robert, but you may not come.

You will stroke yourself and I will tell to speed up and slow down. You may only stop if continuing would mean to disobey me. And then only until the excitement has subsided enough so that you can begin again. Will you do that for your Mistress?' I lower my head, and whisper 'yes Mistress Alyssa'.
With these words you reach down between your legs and begin stroking your clit with your fingers. 'Begin stroking yourself, my slave' you hoarsly say and then you close your eyes and stroke and moan and pleasure yourself. My eyes are transfixed by the sight of your pussy, glistening, wet, pulsing before my eyes yet unreacheable.
I feel the agony of watching you stroke, the little movement up and down over your clit followed by a little circular movement around the tip of your clit - not wanting to stroke myself but rather pleasure you. I feel taunted by you.

It seems as if at the moment where I my own pleasure had become unimportant to me you had decided to deliciously remind me how good it feels to be stroked. Your eyes open slightly. 'stroke yourself, baby?' your breath ragged hardly carries the words, but the command is unmistakable. I touch my hand to my cock and feel immediately the electricity running along the entire skin of my body announcing that it will not take long for me to orgasm.
You have taken me to the edge throughout the morning and it seems as if my cock is like a fountain still capped yet quivering with the rush of liquid wanting to rise from it. I am breathing hard and deep within a few strokes, my mouth slightly opened and the tip of my tongue darting over my lips.

Moans and whimpers escape me as I stroke faster and faster for you. You are close to coming, I sense your orgasm as if it was my own, and for a moment feel like a hunter stalking its prey, as I search for the tell tale signs of your release. In that moment I feel the surge of seed beginning to be driven upwards and hear your clear command 'Stop now'.

My hand drops, my body falls forward onto my hands and I smell the incredible fragrance of your sexual heat only an inch away from me, and you come, and come and come wailing, thrashing, hips and legs moving, fingers soaked and frantically caressing your engorged glistening clit. 'oh my goddess' I whisper as I experience the frustration and exhilaration of feeling your orgasm pulsing through me while my own is contained by your will to teach me your pleasure.
I feel my body reacting to your pleasure in every way as if it was my own yet without the release I so crave now.
On my hands and knees, panting, whimpering and wanting you, I worship you my goddess in all your power and all your glory.

'Yes my Robert' you say, 'it is befitting that you lay whimpering before me and worship my beauty, my passion, my sex'. Then 'begin stroking yourself again!'. The next hours stretch into a timeless crimson space. Uncountable times you teach me to love your release without finding my own. I plead and beg with you, as you slowly burn into me your passion, your pleasure. I experience the completeness of your passion for me and in that space inside my soul gratitude and love and desire for you grow.

I begin to growl and I am no longer able to formulate any words but 'I love you' growled out by me when you come for me over and over again. At length you begin to curl upon the couch and close your eyes. I can tell that you are drifting into a dream, exhausted from the stream of gifts of love you have given to me. As I observe you and watch your sleep, stroking myself constantly now but slow, as to not disobey you, I feel the midday sun wander around the house slowly.

I love you, I love you my Alyssa. Growling, wanting, poised to pounce, my soul fills with an overwhelming tenderness streaming out to you surrounding, bracing and enveloping you in your sleep. Finally as the sun begins to turn into the west, you wake. Sleepily, you gaze at me and whisper: ' Would you like to stop my slave?' And lowering my eyes, blushing I confess to you that I have no desire left of my own, and beg you to let me stop. 'Please Mistress', I say, 'please let me stop and leave me untouched until you wish to take me for your own pleasure'.

Your gaze rests lovingly on me and you tell me to stop. I collapse on the floor, lying there panting and exhausted and tired. My cock stands out like a spire, head deep crimson, the skin stretched to a glassy surface. The veins pulse in the beat of my heart and you look at it with such hunger and such desire, that a moan escapes me.
You slowly and lasciviously rise from the couch and step with your feet on the floor straddling my face. I see from below, as you lift the hem of your flowered dress and slowly your wet glistening sex descends towards my face as you lower yourself to sit on my face. You need no longer to command me. With a sigh of contentment I begin to lap your nectar, caress your clit and stroke your pussy with my mouth.

Slowly at first, but then strengthened by your nectar I lick you from the clit to the soft skin between your pussy and your bottom and onwards to that small opening of your bottom. I softly probe you there. I feel your hands touching my cock, and feel your nails of both hands digging lightly into the skin on the shaft of my cock.

With an shiver I feel your moist rough tongue licking me across the head of my cock. I whimper softly as your tongue again and again touches, caresses and excites the skin on my cock. You whisper: 'don't come my love, ....... not yet, you need to learn one more thing before you come' and then 'I will make myself come, my Robert'.
You lift yourself slightly and put a small rolled up pillow underneath my neck, so that my head falls slightly backwards. 'I will take you now, my sweet lover' you say in a soft low voice and with that you begin to stroke your pussy across my face and mouth taking great care that your clit extends outwards with every stroke and enters my lips, to be touched there and caressed with my tongue. 'My little cock is taking you my love, do you feel it stroking between your lips which are it's pussy'. With every stroke into me you lick the head of my cock, searching for the spots inside the folds of my foreskin just where the rim is where you know I am so sensitive and receptive for your touch.
'feel your clit, Robert, how it craves my touch' And as I lie underneath you I feel my masculine body, my masculinity of soul and spirit receding and feel myself becoming your vessel.

I am filled with tenderness, filled with love for you and want of you, being taken and pleasured by your desire to take, to dominate, to reign over me completely. I feel your knees pushing my head in just the position where you can stroke your little cock into me feel you take hold of me and stroke for your release now. Your licking of my engorged clit lets streams of liquid ooze from itâs tip. 'You are so wet my love' you murmur stroking faster now with your little cock and with a growl and a shout you begin to come showering your nectar into me, into my mouth. At the same moment you feel my clit twitching and jerking and it begins to pulse in your hand. No liquid escapes.

Waves of pleasure crash through me and I let out a wail, word fragments 'oh....ohhhhhhhhh..... my Love, my Love .....' floating from me.

You collapse beside me your mouth close to my ear and you whisper: 'I wanted you to know my pleasure today, wanted you to feel like I do when you make love to me.
You know now what pleasure you give my Robert, you have served my pleasure well by submitting to my power.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Genie of Passion

Written by Michael (Feb 2000)

Home alone again at night lying in my bed, naked of course, reading my latest issue of Black Label Penthouse. Mainly looking at the pictures and gently stroking my cock dreaming about what a good fuck feels like. It had been quite awhile since I got lucky with an older divorcee looking for a bit fun for that night. Since then it has been magazines and surfing the sex sites on the web with a box of tissues handy as it was a matter of do it yourself.

Skimming through the Penthouse I came across a travel article on Egypt, I read it with a keen interest as I had only been back from vacation to that part of world recently. I began to recall sites, smells, places and people I met in Cairo.
As my mind wandered my eyes fell upon this small copper urn that I purchased from one of those small markets from a particularly sleazy character. It was engraved with old Egyptian writing along the neck of the urn which was about 6 inches long meeting a bulbous shape at the base. I finished up paying around $US50 for it, way too expensive but his story was fascinating and I thought it was worth it just for that.

The story he told me was that the urn was over 3000 years old. It was made for an Egyptian princess destined to be queen who wanted the strongest and most virile man to marry her to have many children and heirs to the throne.
As a test she had the urn made so that her suitors would have to stick their erect penis into the urn whilst standing and just hold it there until the sands ran completely from a tube, estimated by the storyteller to be around a minute

The princess reasoned that her husband would have to sustain his sex drive long enough to ensure the prospect of children. All failed because the weight told on their shrinking cock as the time past and they lost their chance to live a life of fucking royalty.
She eventually died at a young age without ever having found the right man.
The legend was that her spirit stilled lived in the urn whilst she waited for Mr Strong Cock.

I asked the trader why he didnÕt want to keep trying but his answer was he had tried and failed also mainly because Middle Eastern men do not have large cocks. You can see the story was worth the money and the urn could always be a topic of conversation at my place.

So there I was looking at my dick and wondering if I should have a go. What the hell I reflected in my sex starved mind so I went to the bookcase and took it down. Firstly I thought I had better give it a good clean inside, as god knows how many cocks have been in there over the centuries. I came back to my bed and placed it on the sheets and began to think how I could do it.
In order to get my cock up to a good erection I need stimulation and to maintain it.

All that time downloading porno pictures off the web and putting them into categorised slide show on my computer was going to be just the thing.
I booted my PC up and loaded my favourite slides being teenagers taking it doggy style and started the slide show. Standing there in front of the screen with the urn in one hand and the other pulling my cock as I enjoyed the pictures flashing across the monitor.
Fortunately my cock at its best attention measures around 8 inches or 19cm so I was pumping my tool to bring it to its peak.

Eventually I decided it was time and slid my cock into the neck of the urn, it felt quite snug actually which was probably going to reduce the chance of slipping off.
I took my hands away and looked at my watch then back to the computer monitor to maintain the blood flow.
It was indeed a weight and no way near as comfortable as a real pussy.

But I had to continue to think about fucking those young girls on the screen from behind either in their cunt or up their tight arse, time was passing slowly and the weight was getting harder to bear. I looked at my watch, been going 50 seconds nowÉ. Just a little longerÉ. Yeah look at that delightful arse with her pussy getting pounded by that black dudeÉ 58,59,60,61,62 made itÉ. Just see how long I can go forÉ 78 seconds before my old fella gave away under the strain. Actually it was quite tiring as I fell back onto the bed letting go of the urn.

As I lay there feeling exhausted without even blowing my load the urn began to vibrate falling over onto its side then slowly began to spin around.
I could not believe my eyes and I hadnÕt touched any grass for a couple of days. Suddenly a cloud like mist gushed out of the urn with a swishing noise filling my bedroom.
Just as suddenly it disappeared and there standing at the end of my bed was this gorgeous young lady wearing a sheer plain white dress with what looked liked gold clasps on each shoulder. She was very petite, just over 5 foot tall, I suppose mankind was a little smaller 3000 years ago anyway. She had straight jet-black hair down to her shoulders with a Cleopatra type fringe set off with a narrow gold band around her head. Her olive complexion and dark brown eyes added to make her the most beautiful woman I had ever seen or fantasised about.
It was exactly like the movies and that TV show. Here was my own personal genie but was she real or just a figment of my imagination, that sleazy character in Cairo was right. There was silence in the room, as I lay motionless looking at her in disbelief whilst she surveyed my body with a smile from the end of the bed. Slowly her right arm moved to her left shoulder and undid the clasp holding the front to the back of the dress, letting the sheer white strap fall down revealing her breast, and what a tit.
Small but definitely a good mouthful with the nipple slightly on the puffy side, standing straight out indicating a firm boob. Then she repeated the action on the other shoulder letting the dress fall down to reveal her fantastic tits. Her right arm was draped across her stomach holding the fallen dress at that point, then slowly she withdrew it to her side letting the dress fall to the floor. The body shape was picture perfect and even her pussy was hairless, my favourite kind.

She moved around to the edge of the bed as I lay frozen in expectation. Her hand moved out from her side and pointed to my cock, which by now was still rather limp. My Herculean feat passing her test of virility must have impressed her. Slowly she placed her hand on my cock and I could feel her touch so at least it was real or it was one hell of a dream.
She said something but I did not understand, what the hell we both knew what was going to happen as she slowly moved her hand up and down my cock. The life was suddenly reappearing, as it quickly grew to my normal hard on size.

She seemed fascinated at the size at one stage motioning with her hands apart facing inwards as the length of my penis with a smile on her face. By know she was close enough to touch as moved my hand towards her right tit. It was real, smooth and so soft except her nipple, now beginning to harden also with the blood rush. After awhile of fondling each other I moved my hand to the back of her neck pulling her head down towards my cock. She got the idea and eagerly opened her mouth to take it in, just the head to start with then gradually becoming comfortable with it, right down the shaft as far she could go. I am sure I felt her tonsils on one wild gulp.

By now I could reach her butt as my fingers slid down the crack to her arsehole then her cunt, now very wet. I rubbed her pussy lips and inserted my finger in the heavenly hole. She then moved onto the bed throwing her leg over my head then dropping her pussy right onto my mouth as she continued to suck my cock. It was great; the juices were flowing freely as my face became wet as she moved back and forth across it. Eventually I worked my tongue into the tunnel hole poking it up as far as I could. This caused her to let out loud sighs as I could feel her pussy muscles come alive around my tongue.

I thought this cunt is ready to take it as I rolled over and moved her into the doggy position on all fours; I knelt behind her as my hard cock was aching to getting inside. Her wet cunt lips made it easy to slide in slowly as it brought on more loud sighs from her. I was trying to be gentle given the size of my cock and her small body as I slowly moved deeper until I reached the limit. I am sure I touched her tonsils again but from the inside this time. It was ecstasy as we moved in unison. I had one hand on her hip and the other round her stomach rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

I wondered what it would be like to fuck in the arse, as I have never been allowed to do it with women I had poked before. I thought I will give it go, no harm in trying so I withdrew my very wet cock and moved it to her arse hole.
There was a slight tension in her in her body and then she suddenly relaxed and spread her legs further apart. I stuck two fingers into her wet cunt to get some moisture to spread on her arse hole, slowly wiping around it, then a little inside the hole. My cock was still wet so it was fairly easy, but tight, to ease my cock inside. I did not go far but just the feel and novelty of losing my fucking arsehole virginity was great. I enjoyed the experience and so did she.

By now my cock was ready to explode so I coaxed her to lay on her back, she obliged quickly and spread her legs wide as I moved into position. I had to feel that pussy with my hand again as I rubbed her moist lips, feeling her clit made her react instantly with a deep moan each time I touched it. Now I took hold of my cock and positioned it on her cunt, slowly moving it right in. She tucked her legs tightly around my back pulling me in, trying to get deeper penetration. By now I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock in a rhythmic fashion, pressuring my cum to explode in her. I could feel the surging wave rushing through my body as I placed my hands on her tits, squeezing her erect nipples, then as our hips seemed to pound into each other I blew my load inside her.
As the wave and the peak past we laid back on the bed a heavy breathing, perspiring duo with my cock now definitely in limp mode. Before I could catch my breath she was standing at the end of the bed looking at me with her arms outstretched then bowed her head as if to say thank you. Then a swirling mist appeared and encircled her, within seconds she was gone as the mist disappeared back into the urn.

I lay there dazed at what had just happened at began to wonder if I had dreamt it. No, I can smell that distinctive pussy smell on my fingers and my cock was wet from her juices and mine. Maybe I had the perfect woman locked away in a bottle and available whenever I could stick my cock into a bottle for a minute. Maybe there is a god after all.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yahoo Chat

Show Recent Messages (F3)

Mark is using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger. Certain features may be unavailable.

Mark: good
Josette: How is my friend doing today?
Mark: its hard
Josette: what is hard? The appendage of yours I am in love with?
Mark: yes your little friend
Josette: but not my little visitor!
Mark: mmmm
Josette: sorry - you make the badness come out of me!
Mark: its ok
Mark: i love it
Josette: I know you do!
Josette: Did you like my story? Did you post it?
Mark: yes and yes
Josette: good
Mark: u able to view
Josette: sometimes
Mark: want to
Josette: er, not sure I should today.
Josette: on second thought, I love your dick.
Josette: Did I say that out loud?
Mark: yes
Josette: what are you doing? communicating with someone else?
Josette: Wouldn't it be nice to have two or three women see and talk about you at the same time?
Mark: yes
Mark: i am setting it up
Josette: you are stroking your thingie pretty strong
Mark: yes i did this already this morning
Josette: sweetie, show me the head again
Josette: a thing of beauty!
Mark: it froze
Josette: It does not look frozen to me.
Josette: Quite lickable!
Mark: mmm
Josette: sorry, not sure Kay would want me flirting with her hubbie!
Mark: its cool
Josette: I am sure you would want me to run my toes across your lickable dick!
Mark: yes
Josette: Hell, I just want you in my pussy right now.
Josette: sometimes taking a dick in and having it spray my insides is soooooo wonderful
Mark: in time baby
Josette: you do know I have been faithful to hubbie for more than two years?
Mark: i know
Mark: you do know i just want to borrow u
Josette: and I thought you wanted to fuck me!
Mark: amoung other things
Josette: i'd like to take your dick between my breasts, oh, Mark. I would.
Mark: u will
Josette: will you videotape our escapades?
Mark: if you want
Josette: so I could see you later, mounting my little ass.
Mark: ok
Mark: i will
Mark: and take pics
Josette: but I don't want pics to go on your chilli site.
Josette: just for you to jack off too later on
Mark: ok
Mark: deal
Josette: would you send me a thank you note every time I made you cum?
Mark: yes
Josette: do you get closer to cuming when you read my words?
Josette: when you know there is a woman looking at your cock?
Mark: yes
Josette: god, my nips are hard
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: rub pussy for me
Josette: okay, a little
Josette: I hope no one comes out and sees me doing this.
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: i hope they do
Josette: yeah, and I have to blow them to keep them quiet!
Josette: Thanks, Mark
Mark: mmmmm
Josette: I know, ten minutes in the bathroom with them is better than finding a new job
Josette: but I won't blow them in the stairwell, that is your location, love
Mark: ok
Mark: are you downtown
Josette: actually, I was downtown until recently
Mark: k
Josette: sweets, someone came in - I will minimize for a sec
Mark: k
Josette: back, love
Mark: k
Josette: answering a phone call
Josette: don't these peope know I was looking at dick!@
Mark: lol
Josette: sweets, you look good
Josette: love the look of your dick
Mark: thank you
Mark: wish i could see more of you
Josette: if you don't mind viewing the back of my head, I would love doing reverse cowgirl on you!
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: send me a pic one day
Josette: I am a little funny about pics, sweetie.
Mark: i know and when you are comfortable with me do it
Mark: i have lots from anon bloggers and i never show to anyone
Josette: crap, Mark, are you an expert at seducing women?
Mark: yes
Josette: I thought as much. I am sure you will separate me from my panties one day.
Mark: i hope
Josette: I do love your penis - do you know how large it is?
Mark: 6.5
Josette: really, it looks bigger.
Mark: thick
Josette: very thick!
Mark: yes
Mark: im ready to strech you
Josette: god, I hope you don't rip me to shreds!
Mark: nah i will be gentle
Mark: but i do want all holes
Josette: you know I am not much of an ass lady
Mark: till you met me
Mark: im a converter
Josette: really?
Mark: yes
Mark: i can take 8 in dildo in my ass so i do know ecatly what im doin
Josette: and I thought your one size would fit all - no conversion needed
Mark: lol
Josette: yeah, I am a card!
Mark: i know
Josette: do you ever read my blog?
Mark: yes
Josette: the Josette one or the camilla one
Mark: Josette
Mark: why?
Josette: so it is my real blog - I have a bunch of stories listed under camilla - but not my own work.
Mark: i know
Josette: Josette:
Mark: right i read it
Josette: okay, just wondering
Mark: i dont read as much as i use to because of school but i check on people weekly
Josette: Yeah, I don't read as much anymore too
Josette: Mark, hun, while we have been chatting, I have been neglecting your dick. Sorry. It is lovely.
Mark: mmmmmm
Josette: wow, you are amazing.
Mark: why?
Josette: just that you have not cum yet.
Mark: o
Josette: Mark, how many of us women have seen you masterbate?
Mark: 100 or so
Josette: really - have you ever had two of us on at a time
Mark: yes as much as 12 or so
Josette: really - how many right now?
Mark: back when they had user rooms
Mark: just you
Mark: i let some men watch too
Josette: your penis must be more than 6.5
Mark: nah
Josette: love your vein, sweetie
Mark: ty
Josette: sweetie, I love the sight of you!
Mark: mmm
Mark: im glad
Josette: sweetie, are you ready to cum?
Mark: soon
Josette: good.
Josette: I wish I could smell you right now!
Mark: mmmm
Josette: sorry, I got a call.
Mark: ok
Josette: can I see the head again?
Josette: I feel like I should salute your penis, or eat it or something.
Mark: eat it
Josette: you are dribbling sweet cum, sweetie!
Mark: ever had a man eat your pussy after he cums in it
Josette: yes, my favorite way to be eaten!
Mark: cool
Josette: it means he worships my pussy!
Mark: mmm
Mark: i will
Josette: does Kay care if you fuck me?
Mark: yes
Mark: but i willnever tell
Josette: Good for her.
Josette: Kay is lovely, Mark. Would you care if a woman sucked her?
Mark: i would love it
Mark: ive let other men fuck her too
Josette: really?
Mark: yes
Josette: wow, fairly open, Mark.
Josette: Mark you don't have to answer any of the following short bursts.
Josette: pretend I am there and you are masterbating, and so am I
Josette: pretend we are talking to each other, saying things
Josette: you are talking about anal, and I am not real receptive
Josette: then we keep masterbating
Josette: finally, I roll over and say, Mark, take me in the ass.
Josette: take me, sweet, Mark
Josette: fuck my fucking ass
Josette: and you know I don't normally use the word "fuck"
Josette: and I normally don't take it in the ass
Josette: oh, sweet Mark, I loved just watching you cum
Josette: that was my intent with the words
Mark: i know
Josette: and when you have me turned over, you accidently shoot your load on my ass instead of in it.
Mark: never
Josette: then I sucked you and made you hard again.
Josette: lovely cock, Mark
Mark: ty
Josette: and then you pryed your cock inside my little hole.
Josette: you kept it there until it got really hard, and I could feel the change.
Josette: here I was, you in my unprotected hole, and you started slowly fucking me.
Josette: nice, Mark.
Josette: sweetie, I need to go to the ladies' room. I am quite wet, and I need to dab off.
Josette: you look amazing.,
Mark: ok i will be here finger it for me while your there
Josette: don't get the keys goey, hay
Josette: really?
Josette: finger it while in the bathroom?
Mark: yes
Josette: you know I normally don't masterbate. But I will for you, Mark.
Mark: thank you i will be here to hear about when u get back
Josette: be back in a while.
Mark: k
Josette: oh, the embarrassment. I was gone a long time.
Mark: mmmmm
Mark: tell me about
Josette: well, there is one community bathroom on the floor, and if I would have taken the stairs, I could have used a private bathroom. I chose to use the community bathroom.
Josette: and like you wanted, I began fingering myself.
Mark: good girl
Josette: and I was so fuckin' wet
Josette: my fingers smoothly entered and exited my excited pussy.
Mark: mmmmmm
Josette: yeah, bend that penis, Mark.
Mark: did u enjoy it
Josette: god, yes, it was good.
Josette: I was so close to cuming, and then someone entered.
Josette: I had the stall on the far end - it's handle sticks and is usually in pristine condition
Josette: she took the near-end stall, and so there was a stall between us.
Josette: oh, I wanted her to leave.
Mark: did she hear you
Josette: I was really quiet, and really excited.
Josette: I had a finger inside of me, and I was afraid to do anything.
Mark: here is what i want baby
Josette: yes, sweets

Jenna Jameson Tease

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Comeback

Written by Bakai (March 2000)

"Hello, Lenny. It's Heather. Heather Wells," she says in a familiar sounding voice.
"Heather? Good God, it's been over eight years. How the hell are you?" I ask into the phone as memories of the old days well into my mind.
"I'm okay, Lenny. Just fine. It's good to hear your voice again."
"How'd you get my number? Last time I saw you was in New York."
"I remember. The Contest at Castillo's. You and Annie finished second. How's Annie?"
"Gone. Annie ran off with a skinny guitar player. She's married, living in Canada. How's Frank doing?"
"Frank died two years ago. The bourbon finally got him."
"Sorry to hear that, Heather. You guys were the best. A quarter million dollars in two years. If they still held the Contests you two would be legends."
"That's why I called you, Lenny. They've never stopped the game. There's a Contest in San Diego next month. The tenth anniversary of the first one."
"No kidding? Don't tell me you're still a player."
"No, Lenny. Not for a long time. Frank and I quit a year after you and Annie, but I've watched a few of them in the last few years and they've gotten wild. Real big money now, Lenny, that's why I called you. I'm broke. Frank pissed everything away before he died."
"I'm sorry, Heather. I'm tapped myself. I wish I could help you."
"You can, Lenny. San Diego is going to be special. They're going to feature the players that competed in the first contests, anyone that they can get in touch with. They found me and I found you. It's a special Contest to celebrate ten years. Enter it with me, Lenny."

"You can't be serious, Heather. I'm not a young stud anymore."
"It doesn't matter, none of us will be young. We get twenty-five hundred apiece just for playing. Please, Lenny. I really need the money."

---------- I get a motel room near Old Towne and meet Heather at the bar in the Broadmoor. She is easy to recognize even in the low light. She'd put on a few pounds but still looks sexy and the prettiness in her face hasn't diminished a bit. I am completely charmed.

I slide onto the seat next to her in the small booth and she orders me a drink.
"Damn, Lenny. You still look good," she says. "And you're still a fox."
I lean into her and she accepts my kiss on her lips. We make small talk for a while and when the second round of drinks arrives she takes hold of my hand.
"Thank you for doing this with me, Lenny. Who knows, we might even win some big money. The pots are getting huge. In Denver last year the winners got twelve thousand, and this one, 'cause it's special, might be as big."
"Is it still the same? Two rounds? Forty minutes in between?"
"Yeah, they haven't changed it. How's your hot sperm wad lately, Lenny? I need some weight to control the accuracy."
"I can still pump it out sometimes. I'll try my best to give you a mouthful."
"Whatever you give me, I'll put on a good show," she says, smiling, and then she reaches under the table and feels for my cock.
She gives it a playful squeeze. "Do you want to practice?" she asks.
I decline the offer. With only eight hours to showtime I want to be certain there will be a full load for the Contest.
She understands.

After the two drinks we eat an early bird special dinner and devise a game plan. ----------

The Contest is scheduled for ten-thirty. We arrive ten minutes before nine as instructed. At nine the bettors will begin to size us up and make their wagers. To be late would be an automatic disqualification. It's a big house sitting secluded up off the road.
There are many large expensive cars parked in front, some with chauffeurs standing around, smoking and chatting.

I park my old Sentra and a young man takes my keys. As we enter the house I see him driving it back down the long driveway, into the street. Inside we are greeted by a well-dressed old guy who must be the house man or the butler. It's that kind of place. He studies our written invitation and then directs us to a large anteroom and tells us to undress. He points to another door where we're supposed to go to join the party. We do as instructed.

We enter a very big room full of formally dressed men and women who are standing around with cocktails and studying five couples lined up against a mahogany paneled wall, all as bare naked as we are. I recognize a few of the contestants from the old days. All of them are showing their age but for the most part are still reasonably attractive and healthy-looking people.

Heather and I join them against the wall and face the spectators. She takes hold of my hand. We are not allowed to talk to each other or to anyone until the Contest begins. The spectators are whispering comments to each other as a handsome older man, the host, circulates throughout the room recording the wagers for the first round on a small pad with a gold pen. There is a buzz of excited activity in the room which is encouraging. Twenty percent of the money in the pot is split up with the top scoring two couples, sixty percent of it to the first place finishers and forty percent to the second.

At ten fifteen an area is cleared in the center of the room and six air mattresses are brought in and placed in a row on the carpet, spaced three feet apart. This is where we will perform. When everything is in place Heather and I stand on one of them and await the little bell that begins round one.

Once on the mattress we are not allowed to touch and no male contestant can show a sign of erection until the bell sounds. I look into Heather's eyes and see the competitive spirit I remember her always having. I am only thinking of the twenty-five hundred that is guaranteed me for this hour or so of sex sport but I begin to feel somewhat obligated to show Heather that I am as eager as she is to try for the prize so when the bell rings I attempt to empty my mind of all thoughts concerning the hundred or so people that stand around watching us and concentrate completely on the chore at hand, eager to respond to her caresses.

She leans against me and takes my limp cock into her hands. "Good luck, Lenny," she says and then puts her face up and kisses me, her tongue darting wetly into my mouth.
"Break a leg, sweetheart," I reply when she gives me a chance to speak.

Round One requires the woman to excite the man but not too much. If the man should come before the second bell the couple is out of the competition. In the first days of the Contest this preliminary to penetration was exactly five minutes but some couples learned to train for that exact timing and eventually drew protests from the less disciplined players so the time before the second bell became arbitrary, but never less than three minutes.

Heather's hands on my cock and balls are working wonders and within a minute or so I am as hard as I need be to effectively enter her. I fondle her breasts and nipples and tell her she is doing a good job and she puts her tongue in my mouth once again.

The contestants must stand during this warm-up period before the second bell. After the bell rings signaling the fucking period, the couples are free to assume any position on the mattress that pleases them. Heather and I had agreed on a doggie-style mounting beforehand so when the bell rings she goes to her knees, puts her forehead on the mattress and I quickly kneel down behind her upraised ass where her hand, which she had reached beneath her pussy, takes hold of my cock and guides it easily in.

This is my first time in Heather so I am pleasantly surprised to find her pussy very wet and nicely snug. I begin a slow stroking motion forward and back at a measured pace while she gently fondles my balls and coos my name loud enough to be heard over the sounds of the couples to either side of us.

This is probably the most demanding part of Round One-- to arrive at the point just before orgasm and to hold it until the third bell rings. It is embarrassing to shoot before the third bell. I have only done it once.

"Oh, Lenny. You are so good," Heather cries, and simultaneously, the third bell rings.

Now its a race and I thrust desperately, deeply into her; once, twice, thrice and after the fourth plunge I pull out quickly and jam my spasming cock against the crack of her ass and let my spunk spurt thickly up onto her lower back while an awareness of applause seeps slowly into my brain and I realize right away that I was not the first, the applause had started an instant before I withdrew.

Considering how rusty I am, four strokes to an orgasm ain't bad. I'm feeling proud of myself.
"You're a great partner, Lenny," Heather says. Within a minute we are all standing again facing an appreciative crowd who continue to comment and applaud while the host tries to make himself heard above the racket.
"Couple Three, six points; Couple Five, five points; Couple Two, four points;" and so on.

We are Couple Two. We were third. This is a tough crowd.
"You were really great, Lenny. You got me off," Heather says, hugging me.

They don't give us towels until after Round Two so I run my hands down behind her and rub my mess off her ass and into the warm skin of her back while she rests her cheek against my hairy chest and tweaks my nipple.

The crowd has now had a chance to size us up and a more intense period of wagering begins while we contestants use the forty minutes to gather our strength for the last round. "You got some left?" she asks.
"You'll get it out of me," I reply.
"Third isn't bad, Lenny. If we do good in the final round we can finish in the money."

I'm grateful that she isn't showing a lot of excitement about our chances of winning the game. If she did the pressure I would feel could doom my final performance and she knows that. "We've got the five grand," I tell her.
"That's more than we had this morning."

The host announces five minutes to Round Two so I take my position on the mattress, laying on my back. Heather kneels down over me, straddling my chest, her back to my face but not touching me and while she positions herself a young man places a china dinner plate on the carpet a distance out from the foot of the mattress, approximately ten feet away from my cock.

In Round One the product of the man's orgasm must be visible to the spectators but in Round Two the woman takes it into her mouth. It requires the concentrated effort of both partners for the man to achieve another substantial orgasm forty minutes after the first and I am not certain that I will be up for the task but the sight of Heather's lovely ass just inches from my face provides me with a few inspired stirrings and when the first bell rings to start the round I reach up to cup her breasts as she lowers her cunt to my mouth.

As my tongue probes into her wet folds she reaches down and takes hold of my balls and my half-limp cock, stroking me firmly, and then lowers her head to take it into her mouth. We have at least five minutes and perhaps as long as ten for me to get charged up again before the second bell. I feel Heather's hand massaging my balls as her lips slip hungrily up and down around my shaft and then, gratefully, I sense myself swelling up in her mouth. I work two fingers into the warm mush of her pussy and fingerfuck her while she wets one of her fingers with spit and inserts the tip of it into my ass hole and then swallows my cock again, taking it deep into her throat, coaxed in by her slithering tongue.

I press into her, now fully erect and almost ready to explode when I hear the second bell ring. She rises up on her haunches, letting my cock flop onto my belly and I am relieved. That was a close one. I wasn't sure I could hold it back.
For one long minute we cannot touch as she opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue to the crowd to demonstrate that I have not come prematurely and that her mouth is empty.

I glance over at the big redhead to our right and admire her large breasts. Her man's face is wet with her juices but probably no wetter than mine. To our left the woman seems to be sobbing and then I notice that her man has not achieved an erection.

"Shit, I'm sorry," I hear him mutter. Scratch Couple One.

The last bell rings and Heather quickly puts her hands down against the carpet, supporting herself on all fours as required, and I thrust a hand between her thighs and take firm hold of my cock, holding it up and masturbating like crazy as she lowers her mouth over my knob.

"Come, Lenny!" I hear her plead before she locks her lips around it and then she sucks furiously, waiting for the ammunition to pump up from the little hole.

I feel it coming but the urge subsides momentarily and so I beat it with increased intensity while beads of sweat run off my forehead. Yes, yes, yes! At last it begins to rise out of me.

"Ohhhhhh!" I announce and her lips seal tight around me while I pump quick spurts into her warm waiting mouth. She takes what she thinks she'll need then quickly raises her head up off of me and I hear her spit the bulk of my wad at the china dinner dish as I milk out the remainder of it unassisted and then melt, exhausted, into the mattress.

"Bull's-eye, Lenny!" I hear her say, and then she laughs joyfully.
We finished tied for first. Two other women hit the plate and one of them got it dead center like Heather did but it was a puny splat so we got the points based on volume.

Heather had judged perfectly how much she needed for accuracy. Had she waited to suck up my complete load we would have lost the speed points and finished out of the money.

---------- It's half past midnight when we stop at a cocktail lounge near Heather's motel room. We take a seat at the bar and order two stiff drinks. Heather keeps her big purse clutched tightly in her lap.

"Nine thousand bucks," she says. "I can't believe it."
"You're still a champ, sweetheart," I tell her. "What about the Asian guy, Lenny? Can we take him up on his offer? Can we enter the Contest in Tokyo next month?"
"Damn, Heather. I'm thirty-eight years old. I was too old for the game when Alice and I quit eight years ago."
"You're as good now as Frank ever was, Lenny. Think of the money we could win. All that money would make you very happy."
"I don't need a lot of money, sweetheart. It just ain't a big issue with me." "Then I would make you happy, Lenny. I could make you very happy."

I consider for a moment what it would be like competing against a roomful of young samurai ninja turtles Zen-fucking the brains out of those beautiful little porcelain geisha dolls. I begin to feel a little horny. I really should get a life.

"Okay, sweetheart. Let's go to your room and start a training program," I say.

"We can train tomorrow, Lenny. This is our first date. Let's see if you can seduce me."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fully Satisfied

Okay, this video is a mere 15 seconds long, but someone told me about X-Tube today, and I found the video. The woman is completely filled - and if you have experienced that, you know that the noise you here when your lover leaves, even for a sec, is so wonderful.

Maybe not the world's best video, but I think it is awesome.

Thursday Video: Hottie Techno

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Stoned Love

Written by Bakai (March 2000)

The scruffy-looking man climbs up the narrow trail cut into the side of the bluff and when he reaches the top he lights his pipe and looks out at the ocean. The supply boat appears from behind a point to the south, beginning its return voyage to Oaxitl. The old man blows smoke lazily through his nose, and hears footsteps behind him.

"I've been looking for you, Alex" a woman says when she reaches the clearing where he stands.

"I'm not hard to find," he replies. Somewhere along the narrow beach below them can be heard the faint sounds of male voices and the clink of a pickax being struck against rock.

"The boat brought you a visitor," she tells him as they turn and walk up a path that has recently been carved through the thick jungle foliage.

"I've got no time for visitors," he says.

"It's a pretty young woman. A writer. She says she's interested in what you're doing here."

"I've got to take a piss," he tells her. "You go on, I'll catch up."
He unzips his fly and pulls out his penis.

"Let me help, Alex," she says.

"Ah, Clara. You know I've haven't been in much of a mood for that lately," he tells her.

"For the month we've been on this side of the island," she reminds him. She presses against his back and reaches around to take hold of his penis. "Watch my boots!" he warns, releasing a strong stream of piss which she directs into clump of ferns at the side of the trail. A large black beetle scurries out of the ferns and runs between their legs, disappearing into the tall grass behind them.

"What has happened to us?" she asks, gently attempting to masturbate him before his bladder has emptied. He reaches down to still her hand and finishes his piss while she blows her breath in his ear.
He pulls her hand off of his penis and starts to tuck it away. "Let me suck you off," she says, but he is already zipping up his fly.
"Damn you, Alex. I've been horny the whole time we've been here and you've decided to become a goddamned monk! What's wrong with your dick?"

"Maybe it's the heat," he says. They walk again up the trail toward the camp.
"It was hot in Peru just two months ago. You were all over me like flies on shit," she tells him.

When they reach the camp, Clara leads him to an attractive young woman who is sitting at a makeshift table snuffing out a cigarette and leafing through his notebooks. "This is Carmena Sanchez, Clara says before turning and walking across the small clearing to a tent.

"Hello, Professor," the Sanchez woman says.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he growls. "That's personal stuff."

"Sorry. It was open. Couldn't resist. It's my journalist's instinct," she explains.

"Why are you in my camp, Miss Sanchez?"

"I've heard the tale of what happened on this island, Professor."

"That's unlikely. It's too obscure," he says, sitting down and filling his pipe.

"If I tell you what I've heard, will you tell me what you've found?" she asks.

He lights his pipe. "If your tale is accurate, yes. I'll tell you what we've found so far. Little as it is. You're wasting your time."

"She turns to face him and lights another cigarette. "There was once a relatively large settlement here. They worshipped a god who was half man, half beast. This god took good care of them; kept them in good health and provided plenty of food. All he required was the first roll in the hay with their women. When a girl came of age she'd go to his cave and he'd fuck her brains out. Not much to ask in return for providing the good life. How am I doing, Professor?"

"I'm listening. What happened to them in your tale?"

"The usual. A young maiden fell in love with a boy and when her time came she refused to go to the cave. The people grew impatient with her attitude and tried to drag her there anyway. On the way she jumped from a cliff into the ocean and her boyfriend jumped after her. This pissed the god off and he cursed them.

No more erections for the men, full-time lust for the women. So the women started shagging their pussies to the cave, trying to appease the god but they couldn't get him off. Bored with nothing but soft dicks at home, they voted to seal off the cave and everybody moved to the other side of the island where things weren't much better. That's why there's only a few of them left." She crushes her cigarette under her foot. "Well?" she says.

"You've been to their village. You got that story from the whiskey priest, Callahan. He's been living with those people too long.

"I think he's keeping the population steady," she says. "Did you see the red hair on some of those kids?"

"That bastard somehow got a letter to me, claimed there were a lot valuable artifacts to be found here. He charged me five thousand for that story and we haven't found much," he tells her.

"His story wasn't too far off," she says. "Very much like the one my grandmother told me before she died. I am a descendant of these people."

"I won't doubt you, Miss Sanchez. Your facial features are Indian. You are a beautiful girl."

"Thank you, Professor. So you have found no antiquities here?"

"There was once a large community on this end of the island. There are signs of it everywhere but we haven't yet found a single thing that's marketable. We've located what could be a cave down on the beach. It's behind a mound of rocks that we're trying to clear away right now. Maybe we'll find the god and take him to New York, put him in a Broadway play. If not, we're off to South America again. I think you wasted a trip, Miss Sanchez, same as me."

"At least show me the cave, Professor."

"It's a difficult trail down to the beach. Even Clara hasn't been down there yet and she's a mountain goat."

"I'll reimburse the five grand that Callahan got from you, Professor. Just take me down there."

"You have a fool's curiosity, Carmena," he says. He stares past her and sees Clara walking across the clearing towards them.

"Lonny just checked in on the radio," Clara says when she reaches the table. "There is definitely a cave down there. They've cleared an opening."

"Grab a lantern," he tells Clara then he looks at the young woman.
"You get your wish, Carmena. You can write the check when we get back." Clara fetches a lantern and the three of them hurry off in the direction of fate.

When they get down to the beach they approach a large, sweating man who is sitting in the sand smoking a cigar. Alex stops but the women continue down the beach to a pile of rocks and stare into a dark hole that has been exposed in the side of the cliff.
"What's the problem, Lonny? Where are the boys?" Alex asks the large man. The man points a finger down the beach and Alex spots the two young Indian men far in the distance sitting shirtless in the sand. "What's with them?" Alex asks.

"I dunno, boss. When we opened that hole some real bad air came out of there. I almost retched. They just ran down the beach. It's an awful stink. I ain't never smelled anything like it."

Lonny stands up and the two men join the women who are still staring quietly into the cave. Alex pulls a handkerchief from a pocket and covers his nose. "What the hell is that?" he asks.

"Isn't it wonderful," Clara says. "It's like musk." She leans against Alex and puts her hand on his chest. Lonny backs away and shakes his head.

"Light the lantern," Carmena says. "I've got to go in there."

"Nobody goes in 'til it airs out," Alex commands.

Clara slides her hand to Alex's crotch and squeezes his penis. When he pulls her hand away she whacks him with her fist, then bends down and lights the lantern. "What the hell are you doing?" Alex asks her.
She hands the lantern to Carmena and the young woman ducks into the dark opening with Clara following behind her.
"Shit!" Alex says and he looks at Lonny. "No way, boss. I'll wait out here," the big man scowls.

Alex turns on his flashlight and ducks into the cave opening. He finds himself in a passageway that is big enough for him to stand in so he walks carefully toward the small figures of the two women who are silhouetted in the lantern light fifty yards in front of him. The odor in the passageway almost overpowers him but he presses the handkerchief tight against his face, forcing himself to continue.

"Oh, my God!" Clara gasps as she follows Carmena into a chamber at the end of the tunnel. They walk into the room a short way and then stop. Carmena sets the lantern on the sand-covered floor then straightens up, taking hold of Clara's hand while the two of them stare, enthralled by what they see before them.
Alex reaches the entrance to the chamber but cannot enter, held back by some invisible force of will, the weight of which drives him to his knees. He fights back a feeling of nausea and beams his light into the room.

The creature is reclining on his back in the sand, holding his horned and bearded gargoylish head up to stare down the ten foot length of his body which is a grotesque mix of man and beast.
His lion-like arms are bent and his hands, very human, are held above his stomach, palms facing out, fingers spread and curled slightly as if he were cupping two watermelons spaced two feet apart. His goat-like legs are spread apart, his knees bent and his cloven hooves are planted firmly in the sand as if he were ready to thrust his loins upward. Between his legs an immense scrotum sags to the sand and above it a thick, gnarled penis juts vertically, towering over his narrowed hips.

Alex shines his flashlight into its face and has the eerie feeling that the two pitted blank eyes are taunting him. He studies the smirking mouth, open enough for the beast's pointed, protruding tongue to rest sensually against its lower lip. Alex shudders and again fights back a feeling of nausea. "Amazing," he groans. "It's been carved from a single block of stone."

"He's alive," Clara says.

"It's a good sculpture," he replies. "In this light he appears real. Come on, let's get out of here. Tomorrow we'll bring the camera and some decent lighting."

"He's alive, Alex. I can see him breathing. He's saying something. He wants..."

"You're hallucinating, Clara. There must be a narcotic in this awful air." He tries to enter the room but once again is pressed back by an overpowering feeling of repulsion.

"He wants Carmena," Clara says quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"He's calling for her. Can't you hear him?"

"Dammit, Clara, its just an ugly hunk of rock!"

"He's beautiful," she sighs. "So very beautiful."

Carmena rests a hand on Clara's shoulder and whispers something into her ear, then she reaches down to untie her boots. When she has them and her socks removed she takes a few steps toward the creature. She hesitates a moment and then unbuttons her shirt.
"What the hell is she doing?" Alex asks into the room but neither woman seems to hear him. Clara takes off her own boots and starts to undress. Alex cowers powerlessly at the entrance to the room while both women strip themselves naked before the beast. Alex shines his light on Carmena's face and sees tears on her cheeks. She is trembling.

"She's a virgin, Alex. She's afraid," Clara says.

"Shit!" You don't think she's going to try and mount that thing, do you?" he stammers.

Clara doesn't answer. She walks over to Carmena and hugs her.
"It will be just fine," she whispers and then leads her to the beast.

"Damn you, Clara! Have you gone crazy?" Alex yells but they pay him no mind. Carmena raises her leg over the beast's waist and straddles him. She interlocks her fingers into his and lets Clara guide her hips back, centering them over the top of his penis. Clara puts her hand beneath Carmena's vulva and rubs into it. She withdraws her moistened fingers and lubricates the beast's large knob with the wetness.
"He's very warm," she assures Carmena, and then she inserts her hand between her own legs and brings more lubricant up to smear on his shaft. "You are ready. It will be so good for you. Don't be afraid" she tells Carmena and then she steps back and kneels into the sand, caressing her own breasts and fingering her nipples.

"You're both crazy," Alex mutters, collapsing back onto the floor of the tunnel. He flicks off his flashlight and stares at the rite unfolding before him. Carmena lowers herself, pressing against the top of the beast's penis. Tears roll off her cheeks and drop to her breasts, sparkling in the lantern's glow. She stares into the beast's eyes with a begging smile, and when his knob penetrates her she whimpers softly and settles down onto him, swallowing him deep inside her as a roar echoes through the chamber. She exhales a low moan that gurgles in her throat.

"Ride him!" Clara urges, her hand thrust between her legs, her fingers rapidly coaxing her own private joy as Carmena begins a rhythmic rising and lowering around the penis grasped tightly within her.
Once again the beast roars and she thrusts harder up and down on him, tiny beads of sweat dancing on her breasts, her body straining in anticipation of some mysterious benediction.
The beast roars louder and Carmena stares blissfully into his eyes and opens her mouth to scream but her cry is drowned in a deafening clap of thunder that fills the chamber and she is jolted upwards as a torrent of warm viscid liquid pulses out of her vagina and flows like lava down between her legs, puddling in the sand around his scrotum. But she doesn't notice, having been transported for a few long moments to a place not unlike the sun, consumed by it. At last she relaxes and remains pinned on him for a while, beaming a worshipping smile into his face.

"Please come out of there, Clara," Alex begs, but she is still on her knees in the sand, bent over, clutching an uplifted breast and moaning softly as her other hand makes slow gentle movements within her contented vulva.
Carmena slowly dismounts the beast and stands unsteadily for a moment then walks over to Clara and helps her to her feet. "He's asleep," Carmena tells Clara as the two of them hold on to each other and stagger to the tunnel entrance where Alex is standing up, suddenly relieved of the spell that had been oppressing him. As they squeeze by him he is bathed by the sexual warmth radiating from their bared bodies and his penis begins to engorge.
"Oh, shit," he mumbles, turning to follow them as a horrible, not-quite-human sound of snoring drones behind him.

"What the hell went on in there?!" Lonny exclaims as they emerge from the cave.

"Nothing," Alex replies. They both stare as the women walk down and stand in the surf. Clara kneels down in front of Carmena and scoops water up to wash the beast's thick ejaculate from her legs.

"Shit," Lonny says. I must have died and gone to heaven. He stares at Carmena's young, blushing body and lowers a hand to his crotch, pressing his penis firmly against his thigh.

"We've got to seal this cave," Alex tells him. "Go up top and get all the dynamite we have. And all the fuse you can find. When this cliff face comes down we should be far away."

"But, boss..." Lonny protests, leering longingly at Carmena as she walks out of the surf and passes behind Alex. When she bends over to reach for her bag his eyes light up. "Okay, but then we're gonna party."
He turns to start off on his errand and two bullets zip though the back of his sweaty tanktop. The first severs his spine, the second shatters his heart.

"What the hell..." Alex sputters, turning to face the explosions, and a third bullet bores a neat hole into his forehead, final punctuation for his unfinished question, and he crumples into the sand.

"Alex!" Clara cries, still kneeling in the surf. She begins to sob and buries her face in her hands. Carmena drops the pistol and walks into the water. She kneels down in front of Clara and gently pulls her face up. "They were going to destroy him," she tells her and Clara nods, then throws her arms around Carmena and stares silently over the young woman's shoulder at the two bodies lying still in front of the cave.

In a while they stand up and begin to walk slowly along the narrow beach towards the two distant young men who are still sitting motionless in the sand.
"We'll have those boys bury them," Carmena says. "No one will ever know."

They walk silently for a few minutes.
"We're naked," Clara says. "What will those boys think?"

"We'll fuck them first," Carmena says.

Clara takes hold of Carmena's hand.
"Yes, we'll fuck them first," she replies softly. Then she smiles.