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Newlywed Fun - 4


The weekend passed with Janet staying alert for any suspicious behavior by Mark or Laura.
She tried to avoid Bob on both Saturday and Sunday, afraid that a telling blush would give her away, and she made a real effort to appear normal and casual with Mark.

The weekend also brought fleeting incidents of guilt, which Janet handled rationally.
She couldn't deny the excitement and pleasure she felt over what she had allowed to happen Friday night between herself and Bob.
Sucking him off had even become something she fantasized about in her private moments, and not once did the thoughts fail to turn her on.

Her confused emotions couldn't stop her from wondering what kind of fuck Bob would be.
She shocked herself by admitting secretly that she longed to have his cock almost forcefully stuffed into her hot, ready pussy.
The notion made her practically shudder in sweet anticipation.

To soothe the guilt feelings that accompanied her wanton fantasies, Janet made a real effort to be especially hot and wild with Mark.
Both Saturday night, and for two hours on Sunday afternoon, she treated her husband to prolonged cock sucking delights.
It was as if she were anxious to make up to Mark for her brief fling with Bob.

She had no doubt that her love for her husband remained as strong as ever.
Her feelings for Mark and her marriage hadn't altered a bit since the strange and illicit scene Friday night with Bob.
If she had to justify her feelings and desires, she managed quite well by telling herself that she was just now beginning to sow her wild oats and experience the worldly adventures her somewhat sheltered young adulthood had restricted.
"You didn't hear a word I said," Mark said, his voice cutting into her rambling thoughts.
Janet snapped her head towards her husband across the dinette.
Her attention immediately riveted on him as her heart raced.
It was Monday morning, and Mark's breakfast had been quickly eaten while Janet merely picked at hers, daydreaming about Bob.
"I'm sorry, honey," she said quickly, fighting the panic that knifed through her.
"I guess I've just got the Monday blues. It'll be better when I find a job."
Her husband smiled at her, filling her with love for him and a sense of shame as well.
"I was saying," he began, "that Thursday is the day we scheduled for the crew to come out and lay the new carpet, and I was reminding you not to be moving any of the heavy furniture. I'll send someone out Tuesday or Wednesday to do that."
She nodded eagerly. "Okay. More toast?"
He shook his head and pushed away from the table.
"Gotta run," he said as he stepped towards her and leaned down to kiss her lips.
He gave her big tits a gentle caress and squeezed a hand through the loose folds of her gown and winked.
"See you tonight. Just the two of us, right?"
"Right," she replied with a smile. "I'll accept no invitations and make no plans."
"Good girl."
She sat at the table, finishing her coffee as she heard his car leave the driveway.
She sighed and then poured herself another cup.

Less than five minutes later, she heard a knock at the back door, and then Laura entered the kitchen.
The blonde helped herself to a cup of coffee and sat down across from Janet.
"Saw that hunky stud of yours leaving," Laura said, grinning lewdly at Janet.
"You two have a little morning delight?" she asked, boldly staring at Janet's ripe tit melons pushing through the loose opening of her gown.
Janet giggled as she shook her head.
"We used the weekend for that."
She took a sip of her own coffee, and then blurted, "How about you and Bob?"
"Are you kidding?" Laura waved her hand as if dismissing the question as utterly ridiculous.
"Bob is pissed at me right now. He's been horny as hell all weekend, but I'm holding him off until the end of the week.
That's when things should be right for me to try and get pregnant, and I don't want him wasting good cum before that."
"Well, I can understand his frustration."
"Yeah, well, we both agreed to try for a kid this year, and this is just a part of the plan," Laura said.
"Of course, Bob's mad because he feels as if I'm using him for stud service." The blonde chuckled throatily.
"Fuck, honey, what guy wouldn't like that kind of job?"

"Well, I'll bet my Mark wouldn't complain!" Janet replied with a laugh.
"I'm not sure, though. I don't know if I could hold out on him if he wanted to make love."
"Well, maybe, but I'll tell you something," Laura said after finishing off her coffee and helping herself to another cup.
"Sugar, it ain't only the guy that gets buggy waiting around for the right time.
Shit, I've finger-fucked my poor pussy more in the past week than I did in a whole month back before I was married."

Janet belched a shocked laugh and felt her face blush. It was still possible for the blonde to embarrass her, but Janet didn't really mind.
Actually, she found she was enjoying Laura's company.
She was over the initial nervousness of being around the wife of the man she had sucked off.
She could well imagine a time in the near future when she might even tell Laura about the mouthful of cum she had sucked out of Bob's over-filled balls.
The notion that Laura may not be getting all she expects from Bob in the coming weekend amused Janet, but Laura didn't ask her to explain her grin. Instead, the two women chatted through another cup of coffee.

Gradually, their conversation became more and more intimate and personal, with a strange uneasiness settling over Janet.
She couldn't explain it at first, but then she realized that the older woman was eyeing her, especially her partially exposed tit, in a leering, almost mannish way.
"You're a beautiful girl, Janet," Laura said during a lull in their conversation.
"I'm sure Mark knows what a lucky man he is."
Now Janet was blushing, but not like before.
Suddenly, Laura reached a hand across the small dinette and covered Janet's left hand with her own.
Janet froze, her eyes locked on the blonde's direct, steady gaze.
Janet tried a weak giggle as she pulled her hand free.
"I guess I'd better do these dishes, or they'll be sitting here when Mark gets home."

She stood and began clearing away the dishes, trying not to act as awkward as she suddenly felt.
She turned away and carried the plates and silverware to the sink.
Just as she bent to open the dishwasher, she felt Laura's arms circle her waist.
Janet trembled and then dropped the plates and silverware into the sink.
A plate shattered, but the sound was a distant thud to her.
She held her breath as the older woman's hands crept towards her full, heavy tits.
Then the blonde's fingers closed around her plump melons and Janet stiffened and gasped. "Laura..."
"No," Laura whispered, her lips moving towards Janet's ears, her breath hot. "Don't say anything."
"Please, Laura," she protested, but still was too shocked to move.
"I've... I've never done anything like this before, and..."

The blonde kissed Janet's ear as she kept tightening her hold on Janet's tits.
Then the blonde pressed her body against Janet's, rubbing against Janet's back and ass.
Quickly and steadily, Laura dotted the side of Janet's neck with soft kisses while continuing to expertly knead and massage the young housewife's tits.
Janet's knees trembled, then panic and dismay battled over her nerves.
She shivered, as if caught in a chilling wind that wouldn't die.
She tried to speak, but her voice stayed in her throat.

"Relax," Laura urged, her voice husky and low, her lips nibbling the younger woman's smooth flesh.
"Never, never turn down an opportunity for pleasure, Janet. Let yourself go.
Stop resisting, honey. Five minutes from now you'll beg me not to stop."

The blonde's words droned on hypnotically, plucking on Janet's nerves and seeping into her consciousness.
The raspy words and hushed promises, and the delicious manipulations of her tits melted Janet's will.
The young housewife felt herself giving in, actually swaying in the blonde's erotic embrace.

An intoxicating rush of raw lust and desire began as a flickering spark and, much like what had happened with Bob, Janet was slowly being engulfed in the intense energy of sexual need. She couldn't stop and sort it out.
Things were happening much too fast.
The shock of the moment drifted away, leaving in its place a steady drumbeat of passion and craving.
Her young body was now pulsing with desire.
It no longer mattered that she was in the arms of another woman. It didn't even matter that she had never even fantasized about this kind of sex.
All that mattered was that her nipples were like sensitive rubber darts, burning and stinging under the exquisite touch of the experienced older woman.
She tried telling herself that it was perverted, unnatural, but she felt helpless to stop it, and, even more shocking, she didn't want to stop it.
Laura had been right! Janet wanted to experience more!
Laura effortlessly turned Janet around to face her. Smoldering eyes locked.
Then Laura's lips covered Janet's and the women kissed passionately.

The blonde's tongue darted into the hot corners of Janet's mouth. Janet whimpered and shook, but received the blonde's tongue and sucked on it while wrapping her arms around Laura's waist.
Then she clung to the older woman, as if for support. The blonde broke off the kiss and stepped back. "Come with me," she whispered, taking Janet by the hand and leading her from the kitchen.

Janet followed trance-like through her house till they reached the master bedroom.
Her expression was almost blank as her dazed senses recorded everything in soft focus.
Every glowing, wanton detail branded itself in her mind. The blonde stretched Janet across her own bed.
Laura then unknotted the housewife's gown and peeled back the folds, exposing the young woman's lush nudity.
Laura's eyes travelled the length of the younger woman's body, and Janet trembled with passion.
"I'm going to make you cum," Laura rasped, tracing her fingers along Janet's inner thighs.
"I don't want to tease you, honey, I want to give you real pleasure!"
Obediently, Janet opened her legs wider and smiled as Laura eased herself onto the bed.
She rubbed Janet's thighs and then teased her dark cunt bush with her fingers.
The sensual, delicate action made Janet moan and squirm.
Then the blonde started to probe the younger woman's cunt, fluttering her fingers over the hairy, puffed pussy lips until Janet nearly screamed.
Seconds later, the blonde slipped two fingers into Janet's pussy and began to piston them in and out while she used her thumb on Janet's stiff clit.
The blonde's fingers felt to Janet like a small cock sliding in and out of her burning hole.
Instinctively, she began to hump against the sawing fingers, moving her hips and ass up and down, just as if a man were fucking her cunt with his hard cock.

"You're taking right to this," Laura beamed, but not taking her eyes off the steaming cunt.
"I knew you would, honey, and I know you're almost ready to cum."

"Oh, don't stop, Laura!" she croaked, finally finding her voice. "Oh, yes, yes, finger-fuck me! Make me cum!"
Janet rammed her pussy at Laura's fingers.
Her big tits flopped and heaved up and down as her gyrations became frenzied.
She squealed and shrieked as her thunderous climax approached, then lost all sense of time and awareness.
Janet came suddenly and hard, the explosion rippling through her cunt, jarring the delicate, creamy tissues of her most secret place.
A hot river of cum washed over her cunt lips. Her breathing became heavy and her burning pussy gripped Laura's fingers, trapping them in her vibrating cunt. Slowly, the waves of her mighty orgasm lessened and became decreasing tides of pleasure.
Laura prolonged the sweet process by gradually softening the strokes of her invading fingers.
When the orgasm finally tapered off completely, Laura leaned down and kissed Janet's lips.
She tenderly patted the younger woman's cheek, then gave one of her tits a playful squeeze.
"You are even more beautiful when you cum," Laura whispered.
"But what gets me is that you claim to be so sheltered and inexperienced.
A girl with your passion makes that hard to believe."
Janet chuckled a little self-consciously.
"Well, it's true. Mark is only the third man in my life, and I've never done anything like this before.
I can't believe this happened! It will probably blow my mind later when I stop to think about it!"
Laura smiled patiently and stood beside the bed.
She began unbuttoning her blouse while looking at Janet's flushed face.
"An older cousin taught me about the pleasures one woman can give to another," she said, "but that was years ago -- I was only twelve. I've tried it several times since then, sort of as a nice change of pace from men.
It's a fine diversion, but don't get me wrong, it will never ever replace men and their nice hard cocks. But men and cocks are not always handy, or practical, if you know what I mean?"
"I think I'm starting to," Janet answered.
Laura cocked her head and laughed uproariously. She tugged off her blouse and dropped it on the floor at the side of the bed.
Her over-sized tits bounced into view, and Janet felt an arousal nipping at her clit.
The blonde's tits were as large, or larger, than her own and Janet had a sudden desire to suck them.
She watched as Laura unzipped her slacks and yanked them down over her hips.
She saw a glimpse of blonde fringe as Laura quickly removed her bikini panties and stepped out of them.
Then Laura climbed onto the bed and reached for Janet's tits. "Honey," Laura rasped, teasing one of the younger woman's nipples.
"You may think you've started learning some wild things, but I'm about to show you just how sheltered you really have been! Think you're ready for it?"
Janet didn't bother to answer.
Her eager look said it all. She knew she was about to embark on an erotic adventure that would perhaps change her whole outlook on life.
She worried about the prospect of finding out secret facets of herself.
But the concern didn't compete with the raw excitement of having lesbian sex.

She eagerly embraced the older, more experienced woman and cuddled against Laura's curvaceous body.
Her arousal and delight soared as she realized that the ecstasy she was experiencing was almost equal to that she felt with Mark.
"I know you're curious," Laura said in a quiet, voice that tickled the cords of Janet's nerves.
"Don't be bashful. Touch me."

Laura felt Janet's tits as Janet ran her hands over Laura's flat stomach.
Then Janet's fingers dipped lower and lower until they nudged the outline of the blonde's honey-colored muff. Scorching tingles nipped at her fingertips.
To be touching another woman so intimately left Janet feeling wicked.
The young housewife once again fluttered her fingers through the blonde's pussy hair, feeling a dampness.
She felt puffy cunt lips beneath the dense furry covering and her own senses were pricked.
She grinned and moaned, her eyes meeting the smoldering gaze of her partner.
"Take a better look," Laura encouraged softly.
Janet's pulse quickened as she slowly slid down on the bed. Her cheeks flushed as she stared right at Laura's cunt.
She had never dreamed of this, not able to believe that the sight of a pussy would turn her on so much.
"Touch me again," Laura coaxed, her fingers now playing over Janet's shoulders and back.
"Touch my pussy just like your man touches yours.
A strange shyness crept over Janet.
Reluctance gripped her as she tentatively fingered Laura's swollen labia.
She pried apart the creamy, pink cunt folds and stared at the spread lips.
She could sniff the sweet aroma of the older woman's musk, and it was intoxicating.

Janet dabbed a finger around the hot, moist pussy lips, letting her other fingers slide along the slick inner flesh.
When Laura uttered a soft groan in pleasure, Janet glanced toward her face and asked, "Am I doing all right?"
"You know you are," Laura replied, spreading her long shapely legs further apart.
"But whatever you do, don't stop now. I love your soft touch."
She ringed the blonde cunt folds with her fingertips, using massaging motions till she reached the central core of the older woman's fuck tunnel.
The movement was a teasing manoeuvre such as the one she had used on herself whenever she masturbated.
She was pleased to see it also stimulated Laura.
Gathering confidence, Janet glided her fingertips over Laura's exposed, swollen clit.
The tiny bud seemed to beckon her attention.
She stroked the clit carefully, lightly at first, then harder.
"Oh, god," Laura gasped, practically sitting up on the bed, her large tits heaving as she breathed heavily.
"Yes, yes, yesss!"

As Janet continued to massage the clit, Laura's body quivered and contorted as the waves of her orgasm overtook her.
Janet's fingers were quickly drenched in syrupy pussy juices, and she wasted no time in redoubling her efforts. She held the very sensitive button between two fingers, and used a third fingertip to delicately rub it.
This jolted Laura into another fit of ecstasy.
Before the vibrations stilled, Janet sent her into a howling, ass-humping series of gyrations by stabbing two fingers into her juicy cunt, working them deep into her pussy and burying them to the hilt inside.
She wiggled them around, massaging the inner pussy pulp.

Laura wailed as another orgasm suddenly ripped through her. Her body actually bounced up and down on the bed, even as she squeezed her thighs together, trapping Janet's hand and wrist.
"Use more than your fingers!" Laura begged between groans and sighs.
"I know you want to! Oh, do it! Do it now!"
Janet's ears reddened, registering her excitement, and the sudden surge of anticipation caused her heart to beat wildly.
She knew automatically what her friend wanted her to do, because the same thought was in her own mind already.
She was aroused by the notion of actually licking and sucking the other woman's cunt.

She crouched between Laura's legs, spreading them as wide as possible for easier access.
Keeping two fingers securely inside her cunt, Janet brought her face closer and closer to Laura's pussy.
The heavy cunt aroma startled her senses and added to her growing excitement.
The act was outrageous and thrilling at the same time.

Slowly and deliberately, the young housewife flicked her tongue over Laura's clit and tasted the wet, slick cunt.
Laura humped wildly and cried out passionately.
Then, on pure instinct, Janet's tongue whipped Laura's exposed clit while she increased the pace of her finger-fucking.
She drilled her fingers in and out and the result was wonderful.
Laura shrieked and her cunt juice gushed out, soaking Janet's lips and chin and fingers.
The blonde's turgid clit became blood engorged and Laura's cunt spasmed violently.
For Janet, the whole experience was super.
She couldn't believe she was causing Laura to shudder and groan in such explosive ecstasy.
She was extremely proud of her accomplishments.

Laura continued to sway her hips and pump her ass.
She fucked up as Janet drilled her fingers down, continuing to howl joyfully.
Her orgasms seemed to intensify as they merged together.

Finally, Janet lifted her cum drenched face and looked at her sexy neighbor.
Laura's face was contorted in a lust-crazed expression.
Her long legs were splayed open and her big tits flopped about.
Laura was massaging her own tits and whimpering in the aftermath of her climaxes.
Then, Laura's gaze focused on Janet and she returned her smile and reached down to gently caress her face.
"I am going to love living next door to you, young lady," she said softly.
"Now, do something special for me."
"What?" Janet asked, turning crimson.
"Masturbate for me," Laura whispered breathlessly, her eyes wide.
"Sit up here, your back against the headboard.
Draw your knees up and finger-fuck that pretty pussy of yours.
I want to watch you do it."

Janet giggled. "You sound like Mark," she said.
"He always likes to watch me jerk off."

Laura flashed a bright smile as she shrugged.
"So we both know what turns us on," she said.
"Come on, do it. I promise you'll enjoy it," she added with a wink.

Janet crawled up the bed and positioned herself as Laura had suggested.
She leaned back against the headboard, then slowly drew her knees up till they touched her pointy, hard nipples.
She glanced shyly at Laura. "Okay?" she asked softly.
"Yes, do it, Janet," Laura told her. "Finger your pussy.
Play with yourself. Do it just like Mark enjoys it."
At first, Janet felt terribly awkward as she lowered her hand to her own cunt.
She tried to ignore Laura's presence as the blonde scooted down on the bed for a better view.

Meanwhile, Janet edged her puffy pussy lips apart with a fingertip.
She glanced away from Laura and looked toward the bedroom window.
Displaying herself so lewdly to another woman still made her feel awkward, but she couldn't deny the mounting arousal that compelled her.
Her cunt flexed and then her whole pussy throbbed.

She leaned her head against the headboard and closed her eyes as she touched her clit with her thumb.
She moaned softly, unable to suppress the desire whipping her senses. Her hot pussy was responding to her fondling.

She licked her lips and enjoyed the taste of Laura's cum on them.
At the same time, she fucked two fingers into her pussy and sighed as she brought herself off.
Her climax ended her shyness once and for all.
Now the horny housewife was consumed by her own needs. It no longer mattered that Laura was watching her every move with a wicked gleam in her eyes.
Just as when she performed for her husband, Janet found herself caught up in her own pleasure and forgot she had an audience.
She dipped her fingers in and out of her cunt, penetrating the slippery opening to the hot moist walls of her cunt, making lewd sounds.
She rocked her head from side to side, her panting intensifying.
Then more cunt juice spewed from deep inside her pussy.
She humped her ass rapidly, fucking her fingers, using them as if they were a cock.

At the precise moment, as yet another orgasm ripped through her, Janet felt a strange sensation she could not identify.
Confused, she blinked open her eyes and gasped in surprise to see Laura's blonde head between her legs.
In the next instant, she knew the strange, marvelous sensation of a woman's tongue licking along the crack of her ass.
The realization caused much pleasure.
The young bride continued to finger-fuck her cunt while the older woman tongued her ass.
Janet welcomed the blonde's tongue against her asshole.

Screaming, Janet trembled from head to foot, as Laura's tongue penetrated her tight asshole.
Automatically, Janet's anus gripped the invading oral organ, and it went deeper and deeper into her rectal channel.
Janet had never felt anything so electrifying. Every nerve in her body tingled as the sexual pleasure overwhelmed her.
Her pussy spasmed as another intense orgasm was triggered.
Meanwhile, Laura had gripped her young lover's ass cheeks and held them wide apart.
She kept fucking her tongue into the soft, tight depth of Janet's ass.

"Oh, ohhh, fuck, I can't stop cumming!" Janet howled.
"Ahh, yesssss, yessss!"

Her ecstasy forced her body to writhe out of control, and her wild bucking forced the tongue deeper still.
Janet's position shifted until she was sprawled across the head of the bed, crushing the pillows.

She couldn't remember ever being so hot or wet. Her pussy seemed to leak cunt juice continually and her orgasms seemed to last forever.
She whimpered as her arms and legs twitched and the wild spasms inside her pussy went on.
But, eventually, the echoing of her massive climaxes gradually faded out.
She didn't know how much time had passed when she regained her senses and felt the tender, soothing touch of Laura's hands once again roaming over her ass and legs. She purred as her body responded.
Lifting her round, shapely ass, gently thrusting it up, she felt Laura's hot breath on her ass cheeks and her fingers grazing her cunt from behind.

The blonde was teasing Janet's cunt lips and Janet began humping her ass up and down in lewd motions.
She was becoming more excited and begged Laura to either finger or tongue her exposed, vulnerable pussy.
"You can't get enough, can you?" Laura asked.
"I like that. I've always wanted a close girlfriend who had a pussy as hot as mine. Looks like I've finally found one."
Janet didn't respond.
She was too consumed with passion. Her pussy was beginning to churn and convulse again and her inner thighs were sopping with her cunt cream.
A few seconds later, she let out a shrill cry of pure pleasure as Laura finally fucked a finger into her upturned pussy, then quickly entered a finger into her ass.
Instinctively, Janet rotated her hips and humped back, impaling her twin holes on the blonde's penetrating fingers.
She continued to whimper as the fingers sank deeper and deeper into both her ass and pussy.

The intensity of the pleasure made Janet climb to her knees and begin to rock back and forth, meeting the double stroking.
Her stiff pink nipples grazed across the bed as her huge tits jiggled and swayed.
An orgasm raged through her.
Both her pussy and her asshole clenched as her whole body trembled and quaked.
She collapsed on the bed, only vaguely aware of Laura laying down next to her, turning her over on her back to lightly kiss her lips. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck and opened her mouth to the kiss, letting her tongue entwine with Laura's.

"So beautiful and so hot," Laura whispered when she broke the kiss.
"I think things are going to work out just beautifully."
"Oh, yes, they are," Janet answered softly, feeling a sense of warmth and appreciation toward the older woman for showing her there were many sexual pleasures to experience.

Laura kissed her forehead as Janet closed her eyes and let her arms slip from around Laura's neck.
She wasn't aware of Laura getting off the bed, for she quickly drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Newlywed Fun - 3

By Casie ( Aug 99)

For the next few days Janet had plenty to keep her busy.
Arranging the furnishings and getting settled in their new home filled her time.
But the evenings were the best.
Every night she greeted Mark with a special meal, served by candlelight in their new dining room.
Afterwards, the young couple would fuck till near dawn.

Then, on a Friday morning, the moment she had been dreading happened.
She answered a knock on her back door and saw the pretty, blonde neighbor standing on the patio, a pleasant and slightly self-conscious smile on her face.
Janet blushed. "Hi," she said weakly.
The blonde nodded as her smile broadened.
Then abruptly, she laughed.
"Are you going to invite me inside, or keep me standing out here all day?"
Janet laughed too, and reluctantly opened the door so the woman would come in.
"Sorry. I was... well, to tell you the truth, I'm still embarrassed about the other day."

The blonde entered the kitchen and looked around.
"Listen, honey, don't mention it."
She faced Janet and snickered.
"Let me tell you, I've been thinking of almost nothing else since I saw the two of you the other day. And, honey, let me tell you something else. That husband of yours is something special!"
Janet's blush deepened.
The blonde's rash, lewd comments were startling.
Yet, she could not help but feel a flicker of womanly pride.
That this older woman could appreciate Mark's obvious manly qualities pleased her.
But, she was vaguely disturbed that this stranger, who had seen both her and Mark locked in a sixty-nine, was broaching the subject in this positively open manner.

"I think we've broken the ice enough to be on a first name basis, don't you?" the blonde asked.
"I'm Laura Spring. I'm your next door neighbor to the east."
Janet nodded and introduced herself.
"I should apologize for the other day," she added, finding it a bit difficult to meet Laura's eyes.
"Oh, forget it," Laura said with a casual wave of her hand.
"Obviously, the two of you were not expecting a nosy neighbor to just barge in, but the front door was unlocked, and I just assumed the two of you would be busy unpacking, I was going to volunteer my help."
Laura flashed a look at Janet and added, "You were busy, all right, to put it mildly. Hell, girl, I forgot just how busy a couple of young newlyweds could be!"
In spite of herself, Janet laughed.
It was hard not to like the brash Laura, and Janet quickly found herself at ease with the older woman.
She offered the blonde a cup of coffee and the two women sat at the dinette, telling one another about themselves and generally getting to know one another.

During their conversation, Janet learned that Laura was twenty-nine, and that her husband, Bob, was a cop.
They had been married for almost ten years, but had put off having children until just recently.
Laura admitted that she and Bob were now having a great time trying to have those children.
After more than an hour of sitting around drinking coffee and talking, Janet felt as if she had known Laura for years.

"Bob and I are having a little get acquainted with the neighbors party tonight. We would love to introduce you and Mark to the rest of the neighbors," Laura told her as she stood up to leave.
"Would seven-thirty be okay?"
"Well, sure, I think it would be," she replied.
"Mark and I would both appreciate it."
"Nothing fancy. Just some snacks and some good booze. Real casual."
"Sounds like fun, Laura. Thanks."

For the rest of the afternoon Janet busied herself around the house and fixed a light supper for herself and Mark.
When he came home, she told him about the party as they were taking a shower together, having fun soaping one another up.
"Sounds like a good idea," he told her as he easily picked her up in his arms.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and he let her weight drop back down, spearing his cock into her cunt.
"Oh, yesss!" she hissed, her eyes rolling back in her head, "I think so too."
She put her arms and legs tightly around his body as he fucked up into her cunt in quick, hard strokes, and before long both of them reached climax.
She held his cock in her for a moment, squeezing the muscles around it as she kissed him.
"You know," she said with a grin, "we could excuse ourselves from the party and fuck ourselves silly for the rest of the night."

"Little slut!" he teased as he picked her off his cock and stood her up in the shower.
They hurried and dressed, going next door just as things were starting to get going.
The party was turning out to be a great success.
Janet was having a great time meeting her new neighbors.
Everyone seemed very friendly and charming. The atmosphere was casual, and she quickly felt at home and at ease. She and Laura had even exchanged girlish giggles when she and Mark first arrived, because Mark blushed when he was introduced formally to Laura.

"He looks almost as good dressed as he does naked," Laura whispered to Janet when Bob had escorted Mark to the bar in the Springs' den.
"Of course, he looked especially dashing with his face buried in your pussy."
Janet laughed.
Already Laura's outrageous remarks were less shocking to the young newlywed.

Bob Spring proved to be a considerate host, keeping her well supplied with drinks.
The attentive policeman impressed Janet. At thirty, Bob had a mature grace and ease, which merely enhanced his good looks.
Curly, dark hair, alert grey eyes, and a strong, square jaw were some of his more appealing features. Janet didn't mind the slight tingle in her pussy when he took her arm and escorted her around his crowded home, introducing her to the other neighbors.

By midnight the get-together had progressed into a dance party.
The stereo was getting a workout, and several people were dancing nonstop.
Others were clustered together, laughing, talking and making frequent trips to the bar.
Mark had just finished dancing with the stocky woman from across the street and then began a discussion with her husband on the merits of his company re-carpeting their home, while Bob took Janet's arm and led her from den.

"We're running low on scotch," Bob said, leaning close to her ear to make himself heard above the music.
"Let's get the private stock from the wine cellar."
The wine cellar turned out to be nothing more than the basement, and the private stock a case of beer icing down on a battered workbench.
Still, Janet didn't think too much was amiss until she noticed Bob locking the door to the basement.

"Isn't this better?" he said, stepping up to her and gently slipping his arms around her waist.
"We can have our own private party."
Janet laughed nervously and tried to back away.
"Hey, now, don't get shy on me," he said, pulling her closer against his chest.
"Just relax, this is supposed to be a get acquainted party, remember?"
"Hummmm, maybe I should call a cop?" she said, feeling both panic and excitement passing through her body.
He smiled and brushed himself against her.
"You already called and, ta-da, here I am."
He kissed her quickly on the lips, then made a little series of kisses along her neck.
When she squirmed he pulled back a little.
"Are you going to make me arrest you for being a cocktease?"
She flashed a feeble smile.
"I'm not sure I would like that," she whispered.

Things were beginning to happen so quickly.
Her head was practically spinning, and she didn't think it had much to do with the booze she'd had.
Bob Spring was affecting her in a way that no man other than Mark ever had before.
Bob, like Mark, had the broad shoulders and the hard body that she liked in a man.
And Bob, again like Mark, was obviously an aggressive guy.

The spinning continued as she went through a whole assortment of mixed feelings and conflicting signals.
What was obvious was that she was horny and getting more so by the second!
"You're fighting it, Janet, for some reason," he said, pulling her tighter.
"You're fighting me and yourself. Why don't you stop pretending. You know you want this as much as I do, we both know it."

She felt his lips on the soft, sensitive flesh of her neck and upper chest.
His hands were securely gripping the firmness of her ass cheeks, squeezing the flesh through her tight-fitting skirt.
Then his lips were again on hers and his tongue was darting into her mouth.

Janet trembled and felt herself melt against him. Instinctively, she sucked on his invading tongue, taking it all the way inside her mouth.
She moaned as he rubbed against her.
"Not much time now, baby," he whispered, and kissed the side of her face and tongued her ears behind the silky curls of her long locks.
She felt the pressure of his hands pushing her down by the shoulders.
She swooned, her control vanished completely. It was crazy, but she was sinking down to the floor on her knees in front of a stranger, her fingers awkwardly fumbling with his zipper and belt.
It was as if she were outside of herself looking in, her body about to perform this incredible act.
I love my husband!
I love only him, I really do, she told herself.

Yet, her fingers continued to work on Bob's fly until she reached inside and actually touched his hot prick.
A startled yelp escaped her lips when she actually touched his cock.
She hadn't touched another man's cock since before her marriage to Mark.
She could not believe what was happening and what she was doing.

She pulled out Bob's prick and looked at it, studying it as it twitched against her fingers.
She felt it stiffen and a surge of excitement swept over her.
She realized the lewd joy of turning on a man other than her husband.
His cock leaped and trembled, growing rapidly as she stroked it.
She eyed the ballooning cockhead pointing right at her.
"Damn, Janet, see what you do to me?" he hissed, his voice breaking into her wanton thoughts.
"Go ahead and kiss it, honey. I know you give great head.
I could tell that the first time I saw you. Show me I'm right, baby. Prove it to me.
I know you want to do it."

"No, Bob, I can't!" she protested weakly as she continued to grip his prick, gazing in lewd fascination at his swollen cock knob.
"It's too dangerous."
"Stop worrying," he scolded her mildly.
"Everyone up there is too drunk to even know we're missing."
He smiled down at her. "Come on, honey, do it. You're not getting back upstairs until you do," he said as he reached down to fondle her big tits through her blouse.

She gasped when he touched her breasts.
Deep inside her creaming cunt a fire blazed, igniting her passion even more.
In that strange instant Janet knew there was no turning back.
She knew what she would do, and she knew how she wanted to suck Bob's cock.
She wanted to taste his cum and drink it down.

"Oh, I hate myself, but I can't help it," she whispered.
"Come on, sweetheart," he urged, fondling her tits through the sheer material of her silk blouse.
"Why save it all for your old man? Spread the fun around a little, you'll be happier for it."

Janet's blood raced at the mention of Mark's name, and a flood of guilt coursed through her.
She closed her eyes for a second, but, when she blinked them back open, she was still staring at Bob's hard cock, her hand still securely holding it by the base.

"What if we get caught?" she whispered.
"Forget it," he snapped confidently.
"No one will come snooping around down here. Besides, the door is locked.
We're safe and you don't have a choice."

Her mind went blank and Janet had only to listen to the urgent whispers of her lust-filled body.
Almost absently she continued to squeeze his cock, concentrating on the head area.
She was amazed that Bob's cock was almost the same size as her husband's, although not quite as thick in the shaft.
As she studied his prick, she felt some wondrous contractions begin and as she shifted her position, she could feel her juice-slickened pussy lips rub together deliciously.
Her clit began erecting quickly in proportion to her horniness and growing lust.
The way Bob continued to play with her sensitive tits was gradually driving up the heat of her cunt even more.

She closed her eyes again and imagined how wonderful it would be if Bob would begin to suck her nipples.
She always loved it when Mark played with her tits, licking and sucking on the nipples.
Suck action never failed to make her cunt extremely wet and hot.
She sighed, realizing the fantasy of Bob sucking her tits wouldn't happen tonight.
There just wasn't time.
She was afraid someone would surely soon miss them.

She began moving Bob's cock flesh up and down, sliding her hand over his hard, stiff shaft.
It felt both strange and exciting to be touching another man's cock.
She couldn't contain her curiosity as she used her free hand to cup his balls.

She shivered as she held his prick with one hand and his nuts with another.
His big, hairy balls were hot and sweaty on her palm, and she crooned a raspy sigh just imagining the huge cum load stored in them.
As if she were in a trance, she leaned her face forward, bringing her lips an inch from his swollen cockhead.
She could now smell the intoxicating aroma of his maleness and the scent nearly overpowered her and she was forced into action.

She touched the tip of his cockhead with her lips.
She ached to have his prick in her mouth, to feel the pleasure of it stretching her lips, clogging her throat, stuffing her full.
She longed to feast on him, to give him the wild pleasure that no man can resist and that every man craved.
She longed to please him and, in turn, know that he appreciated her for that.
With a cautious flip of her tongue she licked at the head of his shaft, tasting the pre-cum.
The taste thrilled her, being different from the taste of her husband's.
She went to work on the tiny slit with her tongue.
"Oh, shit, you sure know how to tease a guy," Bob groaned, now tangling his fingers through her long silky hair.
"I knew I was right about you, Janet. You were born with a natural talent for sucking cock."

The horny woman held his throbbing organ in her fist as she opened her jaws wide and sucked the swollen knob into her mouth.
She closed her lips around the bulbous head and continued to suck.
At the same time, she swirled her tongue around and began covering the shaft with her spit.
Janet moaned as she sucked him.
She savored the taste of him and soon was no longer content to just taste his cockhead.
She sucked vigorously and drew in several more inches of his prick between her lips.
Her mouth slid down over the veined flesh, creating a tight ring as she gobbled up inch after inch of his hot cock.
Then she flattened her tongue and arranged her mouth to allow herself to take in more cock until, at last, her lips nudged the bristly clump of his dark pubic hairs.
Bob groaned with delight.
His reaction thrilled her almost as much as the satisfying sensation of his rubbery cockhead pressing into her throat.
She prided herself on being able to mouth all of Mark's prick, and now the satisfying feeling was just as strong as she performed the same action with Bob's cock.
Slowly, she pulled her head back.
Then she brought her tongue back into action, flicking it along the ridged underside of Bob's cock shaft.
Then, with only his cockhead between her lips, she once again swirled her tongue over it.
Bob grunted huskily as she gulped his prick deep into her mouth, taking it all with one swift suction force.
This time she didn't linger. Instead, she pulled back swiftly and released his prick entirely from her mouth.

Before he could object, Janet attacked his cock with her wet tongue.
She licked and nibbled, covering every inch of his fuck stick with spit while massaging his balls with both hands.
"Damn, honey, you sure are doing some fine action on me," Bob gasped, twisting her hair in his fingers and trying to pull her mouth back onto his cock.
Finally, she did suck his cock back into her mouth.
She moaned as she tasted him again and she was especially happy with the active responses his cock made with every sensual touch.
Then Bob grabbed the back of her head and roughly fucked his rigid cock straight into her face.
The sudden motion caught her off guard for a moment, but she recovered before gagging.
Her own moans grew louder and more urgent as he began driving his cock in and out of her mouth with deep strokes.
Now, without a doubt, Janet knew she enjoyed the rough treatment.
She loved a forceful man, especially when it came to fucking and sucking. Her pussy heated up as Bob fucked her mouth.
His big, hard prick hit against her windpipe as he gyrated his hips and shoved into her mouth repeatedly.
He built up the rhythm and the pace until his balls literally bounced against her chin each time he fucked his cock to the hilt into her mouth.
Her lips burned from the friction of his prick, but she didn't care.
The hot fire in her pussy suddenly blazed out of control and a great climax shuddered through her.

A second later, she felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of her throat.
She jumped involuntarily, but the desperate hold he had on the back of her head kept her locked firmly in place, forcing her to receive every drop of his salty cum.
The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes.
Janet gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch her breath.
For a panicky moment she feared she might actually miss some of his milky load, but she managed to drink it all down.
She squeezed his balls, then his cock root.
She wanted to make sure she had completely drained him before freeing his prick from her mouth.
Then she let his softening prick slide from her lips and stood up slowly.

She smiled shyly as he beamed a lewd, broad smile back at her.
"I think I'm going to love having you right next door," Bob said with a throaty snicker as he pulled up his pants.
Janet didn't answer, but the smile on her face suggested that she shared his feelings completely.
He took her hand and led her back up the stairs, unlocked the basement door and took a quick peek around before leading her into the kitchen.

They rejoined the party and she found Mark sitting next to a petite redhead she recognized as the one who lived about four houses down from theirs.
She grinned to herself as she saw the lust in the woman's eyes and caught the position of her hand as it rested on Mark's thighs.
It lay dangerously close to his cock, which was about half-hard.

As she crossed the living room to sit down on the other side of her husband, she was filled with conflicting emotions.
On one hand, she felt extremely guilty about what she had just done with Bob and hoped that Mark would never find out.
Yet, she knew in her heart that she would do it again if the opportunity presented itself.
On the other hand, she wanted Mark all to herself, not wanting to share him with anyone.
But, she realized that if she were going to suck and maybe even fuck Bob, then why shouldn't Mark have the same freedom.

She could tell by the way he was reacting to the redhead that he would love to fuck her.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006

Newlywed Fun - 2

By Casie ( Aug 99)

"I won't be able to step out of this house as long as we live here," Janet said, stretching under the bedcovers.
Her naked leg brushed against Mark's bare body.
"I think I'll die of embarrassment the first time I see that woman."

Mark smiled and playfully cupped his wife's full, rounded tit.
"Stop worrying about it. I'm sure we didn't show her anything she hasn't seen or done before. She looked like a lady who has been around."
"Is that right?" Janet scoffed, giving him a poke in the ribs.
"You sure seemed to have noticed an awful lot for someone in the position you were in at the time."
He rolled onto his side and began fondling her tits with both hands as they snuggled closer together on the bed.
"Honey, I've always told you that I admire a good-looking woman, but, you also know that you are my number one woman. You are the one I love, and the one I married."
"Keep trying to talk your way out of this one, Mark," she said with a grin.
"You aren't getting off the hook that easy."
She smiled lovingly at him, despite the flicker of jealousy that flashed through her mind.

She decided to change the subject.
"Mark, you have to feel a little embarrassed about what happened, too. I mean, that woman will surely tell the other neighbors and, well, every time I see someone from the neighborhood, I'll be sure they are snickering behind my back."
"So? Let them," he told her, gently rolling one of her plump nipples between his fingertips, loving the way the little bud stiffened from his touch.
"At least we've given them plenty to talk about. Think of how popular we'll be."
"Mark, you're impossible!" she cried with a laugh.
"And, speaking of impossible, isn't it hard to believe we have spent the whole day and most of the night in our new house and have only fucked once?"
"You're right," she replied with a grin, reaching beneath the covers to grab his stiff cock.
"And that is something we should change right now.

She felt his lips lock around one of her nipples as she gently squeezed his cock.
She couldn't help but think of the way he was able to make everything seem okay just by turning her on.
She would turn into a real slut if not careful, she thought as new arousal swept over her.

It had been a long, tiring day with the move, unpacking, and the other work that went with any major move, and with the startling intrusion of the neighbor.
Now, as she lay beside Mark, thrilling to his manipulations of her tits, the familiar excitement of his wonderful sexual expertise returned.

She reached down and cupped his balls in her two hands, cradling them with loving care, massaging them delicately as his cock surged into glorious hardness.
She moaned as he sucked on first one nipple and then the other one, and nibbled on them just hard enough to make her cry out.
As he tongued her nipples, Janet began stroking his cock shaft, trying to cover every precious inch of his manhood.
She loved the way his cock seemed to dance against her hand.
Within seconds, her pussy was pulsing and aching with the need to be filled with her man's cock.

"Ahhh, yes," she moaned when his right hand slipped down her thigh, and then she held her breath as his fingers began their search through her downy pussy hair.
Her puffy cunt lips began to tingle with anticipation.
His fingers caressed along the edge of her slit, massaging the slick tissue and making her sigh and groan.
His fingertips teased the entrance of her fuck hole, driving her mad with lust and desire, and pleasure continued to build.
There was no stopping the expanding flow of heat which glowed inside her.
"Fuck me now, Mark!" she pleaded breathlessly.
"Oh, honey, fuck me! I need your great big cock inside of me! Please, fuck me hard and deep!"

His only response was to swirl his tongue faster and faster over her excited nipples, dividing his attention equally between her two tits while continuing to tease her cunt lips with his fingers.
She felt juices wash over her trembling pussy lips and she enjoyed the vibrations that tormented her clit.
Then she trembled all over when Mark gulped one of her big tits almost all the way into his mouth.
She squeezed the base of his cock as her hoarse groans rasped in her throat.
She wanted to force his cockhead against her pussy, then suck his prick into her quaking cunt, all the way to the hilt.
She tried to move herself on top of his prick, but he refused to cooperate.
Instead, he kept toying with her cunt lips.
He sucked her tits vigorously, moving from one to the other, even when he finally tweaked her clit between two fingers.
Janet cried out, her passion obvious in her body's reactions to his touch. Her arousal gradually turned to frustration, and she started jerking on his prick, milking it fast and hard.
Her guttural pleas were no longer understandable, but she kept on babbling.

At last, Mark shoved two fingers up inside her syrupy cunt. Janet shouted out in ecstasy and automatically began humping her hips, impaling her cunt on her husband's fingers as far as she could. He glanced up at her and smiled sheepishly.
Then he lazily licked her stiff nipples while continuing to fuck his fingers in and out of her cunt.
"You're a lot of woman to handle," he told her softly.
"I just love to prove that I'm man enough to do the job -- and do it right."
"Do it, Mark!" she almost screamed.
"Damn you, do it now! Fuck me, honey. Fuck me with your big hard cock! I can't wait any longer!"

He nibbled her dark, erect nipples for a few seconds more while sawing his fingers in and out of her pussy.
Her whole body was now aching with passion.
She whined as she pushed herself up, planting her knees on either side of his hips and frantically positioning her dripping pussy above his bulbous cockhead. All the while, Janet maintained her firm grip on Mark's thick cock, holding his prick straight up.
She quivered feverishly as she lowered her pussy onto the swollen rod.
Her wet lips spread around his mushroom-shaped cockhead as her muscles flexed and gripped his invading cock.
Then she straightened, throwing her head back, allowing her long curly hair to hang down her back and her huge, snow-white tits to jut from her chest.

In one swift motion, she impaled herself completely and shrieked in a mixture of pain-pleasure as his cock forced wide the walls of her cunt and slammed into her.
Her ass came to rest on his cum-filled balls and she felt like she was in heaven.
"Oh, yesssssss, yessssss!" she hissed, squeezing her knees against his hips.
"Ohhh, lover, this is what I've been waiting for."
She smiled down at her husband's handsome face as she began swaying gently back and forth on his lap.
She rocked her hips in large, slow circles as her cunt clung to the entire length of his prick.

Mark reached up to finger her tits and began twitching his hips, knifing his cock up into the depths of his wife's hot, wet cunt.
His breath came in ragged spurts, his own desire soaring as her cunt walls massaged and stroked his cock.
He pinched and pulled her tits and nipples even as Janet began lifting her cunt up the length of his rod, till only the head of it rested inside the velvety, slippery cunt.
Then, without warning, she dropped back down, taking the whole nine inches into her depths.

There was no stopping.
She bounced up and down on his cock, her pussy sliding madly in a faster rhythm, her head rocking from side to side.
She glutted herself on the tremendous feelings going through her.
And Janet rode her husband's cock with glee, pounding up and down, setting the tempo of their fucking.
"I'm cumming!" she cried as tingles swept through her entire body. "Oh, yes, fuck me, Mark! Fuck me, I'm cumming!"
His hands gripped her ass cheeks, squeezing the firm round flesh as she kept riding him.
He made an effort to snag her jiggling tits with his lips, and more than once he almost made it.
When, at last, he managed to suck one of the nipples into his mouth, Janet bellowed another throaty shriek and her lovely body trembled mightily.
Another bone rattling orgasm rocked her.

It was this second climax that drove Mark over the edge and made him lose control.
His cock leaped inside Janet's cunt. His cockhead throbbed and he groaned as the cum exploded from his cock.
Thick gobs of jizz rocketed into her pussy, blasting up into her hot hole.
And, at that very instant, he slipped a finger into her tight vulnerable asshole, causing her to shriek and gyrate all over again as a third orgasm rattled through her.
Janet's pussy milked him dry as she collapsed on top of him.
Finally, she lay on her husband, her head resting on his chest, her pussy clenching his spent prick.
She savored the glorious sensations that slowly pulsed through her.
The fading pleasure of her multiple climaxes left her serene, and she refused to waste the special moment by doing anything other than hugging herself to the man she loved.
Time passed without her awareness, and when she finally stirred, dawn was peeking through the bedroom curtains.
She moved cautiously, so as not to wake Mark, and spent several sweet moments gazing lovingly upon his resting body.

Gently she rested herself beside him and moved down the bed till her face was level with his semi-hard cock.
She studied the thick mat of his pubic hairs, now dried and crusty with her cunt juices.
She touched the loose flesh of his ball sac, tracing his nuts with delicate touches of her fingertips.
Then she leaned over and lightly kissed the crown of his prick.
Mark moaned softly and shifted slightly in his sleep.
Janet smiled and lazily licked her tongue over the tip of his cock.
She tasted the sweetness of her own juice and the strange sensation that followed slightly shocked her.
Such a wanton action almost disturbed her, but she gradually dismissed the troubling idea as his cock stirred into arousal.
She gently sucked his cock between her lips and held it there.
With gentle, coaxing sucks, his cock began to grow, expanding in both length and width inside her mouth. She shivered with excitement.

Soon, Janet couldn't help sucking more and more of his growing organ into her hot mouth.
Feeling his shaft uncoil caused her own lust to grow, and she absently reached down and placed one of her hands on her cunt.
She touched her clit as she increased the tempo of her sucking and, within seconds, she had Mark's cock standing tall, pulsing between her lips as she felt fresh wetness in her pussy.
She inserted a finger into her hole and wiggled it around.
At the same time, she gulped more of his prick into her mouth.
She sucked harder on his cock and continued finger-fucking herself.
Tasting the pussy juice on his fuck meat thrilled her and provided more than enough excitement to make her masturbation reduce her to swooning pleasure.
She squeezed her lips around the middle of his cock and started tickling the underside of his length with her tonguetip.
She felt his cock tremble and a moment later his eyes blinked open.

"Don't you ever get enough?" he asked, chuckling softly as he reached out to touch her tits.
She shook her head without removing her lips from his prick. She met his smile as she gulped more of him down.
She inserted another finger into her cunt and began pumping faster in and out of her juiced up hole.
She was hoping Mark would take the job over for her, but she soon realized he was enjoying the show too much.
Besides, she guessed men just naturally liked that sort of thing, and she was determined to please her man in every way she could.
More than ever, Janet wanted to be the perfect wife. As her self-induced orgasm neared, she started bobbing her head up and down on his prick.
Her lips blazed over his cock, creating a terrific friction which she knew he loved.
Then, her cunt juices washed out over her fingers and Mark's cock jerked inside of her mouth.
She next tasted jets of jism blasting against the back of her mouth and throat.

She sucked fast, swallowing down the thick cum as quick as she could.
When her orgasm had finally faded, and she had drained Mark's balls, she kissed the tip of his cockhead lightly, making Mark laugh as he reached out to warmly embrace her.
As they kissed, Janet sighed.
There's nothing like a nourishing drink of cum to get the day off to a roaring start, she thought.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Newlywed Fun - 1

By Casie ( Aug 99)

The movers had been gone less than an hour.
Janet White was crouched among the luggage and packing boxes which littered the spacious front room of the house.
She glanced up and saw her new husband, Mark, stripped to the waist, sweat glistening off his broad shoulders as he carried a heavy trunk toward the staircase.
Seeing him that way stirred sweet sensations in her lower abdomen, and Janet sighed softly.
This was the happiest moment in her life.

She pushed a long, dark curl away from her face, continuing to savor the joyful feelings coursing through her twenty-year old body, enjoying a salacious tingle as her dark nipples hardened against the cotton material of her T-shirt.
And her huge, shapely tits throbbed when, acting on impulse, she stood and made her way towards the staircase.
She was in hot pursuit of her twenty-four year old husband and his brawny, sweaty body.
They had been married nine months and had lived during that blissful time in Mark's bachelor apartment.
House hunting had been fun and adventurous, but Janet was glad it was over and that they had bought a place all their own.
For the first time in months she felt truly married.

The young bride couldn't wait to organize her kitchen and to prepare Mark's favorite meals and serve him each evening when he arrived home from work.
But, as she crept up the stairs towards the master bedroom, her heart pounded with fresh, erotic excitement, as she was even more anxious to celebrate their new home with a wanton, mid-afternoon fuck.
She stepped into the doorway of their bedroom and eyed Mark, his back to her, bending over the trunk and unloading its tissue wrapped contents.
Her dark blue eyes focused on his small, tight-packed ass stretching the seat of his jeans and her pussy fluttered involuntarily.
She felt pussy juice seep out and dampen her hairy cuntlips and wet the crotch of her thin, blue bikini panties under her tight shorts.

As he bent and twisted, Janet's eyes caught the graceful stretch of Mark's muscles and her heart beat wildly. She moaned softly and caressed her big tits and squeezed her thighs together.
Then, suddenly, because of her groans and moans, or just from male instinct, Mark glanced over his shoulder and spotted his sexy young wife.
"You got nothing better to do than stand there and stare at me, little woman?" he teased, his green eyes focusing on the bulge of her tits.
"Oh, I've got a lot to do, honey," she cooed, stepping towards her husband with a sway of her curvy hips.
"And I'll bet you're thinking of a few wild things that will keep me busy for the rest of the afternoon, as well."
Mark chuckled as she stepped up to him.
He stood silently until her jutting tits brushed against his sweaty, naked chest, then he slid his hands onto her hips.
Their eyes locked just as he lowered his head towards hers.
"I'm thinking of something much more exciting than unpacking," he whispered before his lips touched hers.
"Mmmmmm," she moaned when he kissed her and slipped his strong arms around her slender waist.
He snaked his tongue between her moist lips, sliding it around the inside of her slippery mouth.
She melted against him and smelled his enticing, manly aroma as she sucked on his tongue.
Then she whimpered softly as her arousal leaped, her pussy spasming and her nipples tingling deliciously.

His hands roamed her ass and back, massaging the soft flesh through her shorts and shirt.
Janet groaned and squirmed as she felt his throbbing prick press against her, and in that moment her senses urged her to go on.
She wanted more than mere touching through clothes.
She sank down in front of him, dragging her hot wet tongue along his chest to his stomach.
Her tonguetip toyed with his navel as she positioned herself on her knees and braced herself by clutching his hard ass.

Mark's fingers tangled in his wife's long, dark hair and he started bucking his hips gently, swaying provocatively as his cock bulged inside his jeans.
"Stop teasing me, woman," he hissed, playing a familiar game with her.
"You know your duty. Get to work now."
Janet giggled as her fingers played across his fly.
"Yes, sir," she answered, acting out her role to perfection.
She loved their private games and she never tired of acting out the part of Mark's slave.
Skillfully, she unzipped his pants, delicately reached inside and brushed her fingertips against his pubic hair.
She moaned when she felt his throbbing cock twitch against her fingers and an instant later she had his large prick through the opening in his pants.
Janet gazed at the bulbous, red head of his cock.
I'm so lucky to have a man like Mark, she told herself as she lightly rubbed the engorged stalk.
Such a man. Such a stud!
Janet had not been a virgin when she married Mark, but she hadn't been very experienced either.
Her beauty and her body made men hit on her everywhere she went, but, raised by strict parents, she had not dated frequently.

A steady boyfriend had popped her cherry the night before he and his family had moved away.
She had just turned eighteen a few days before.
After that, she hadn't had sex for almost a year, and then she was seduced by her boss.
Janet had been working as a secretary and her boss had been extremely nice to her. Some of the other women in the office warned that he was just after one thing, but she hadn't believed them.
He had never made any sort of sexual comment to her and always treated her with respect.
But he began to make little requests such as asking her to stay a little later than the others, to take care of some important last minute work.
One thing led to another and one night he took her to dinner.
He told her of his unhappy marriage and his growing attraction for her.
He felt it was the beginning of a new and fresh love. Because he was so handsome, charming and worldly, Janet fell for his line, and before the night was over, she found herself making passionate love to him in a downtown hotel. After that, they continued to meet secretly while maintaining discretion at work.
She would steal glances at him when she could, and once she even snuck into his office to suck his cock when the other girls had gone to lunch.
But the bubble burst when Janet asked him when he was going to divorce his wife and marry her.
He informed her that he had no intentions of divorcing his wife, because she was the one who legally owned the company.
To divorce her would be putting himself on the unemployment line. Janet quit her job that very day.

She had met Mark when he came to install some new carpet for her parents a few weeks later.
He had bashfully asked her out and she accepted.
A year later, with the blessings of her parents, she and Mark married.
Her ambitious young husband was still installing carpet, but he had big plans.
He wanted to buy the small company he worked for and, with Janet, was working towards his goal.
But nothing mattered at the moment to Janet, except feasting on Mark's pulsing meat.
Pleasing her man turned her on more than anything, and she never tired of proving it.

She fished a hand into his open fly and caressed his sweaty balls as she flicked her tongue over his swollen cockhead.
She tasted the drop of pre-cum that seeped from his winking piss slit, the salty flavor causing her arousal to surge.
She wasted no time in swirling her tongue around and around the slick cock flesh.

He twisted the dark curls of her hair in his fists and groaned as she began licking up and down the veiny length of his pole.
She massaged his bloated balls while she serviced his prick with her tongue, drenching the meat with her saliva. Then, without warning, she opened her mouth wide and gulped half of his shaft between her lips.
At the same time, Mark lowered his hands from her head, grabbed her shirt and pulled it off.
He tore it from her shoulders, allowing her mammoth tits to flop free, and her dark nipples stiffened and stretched.
He then bent his knees slightly and managed to cup her heavy breasts in his palms while she continued to suck his long, large prick.

As he fondled her sensitive tits and nipples, Janet forced herself to swallow every bit of his cock, going all the way down to his pubic hair.
Her lush lips brushed against his hairy base while her fingers busily played with his balls. Their happy moans and groans made sweet background music with Janet's lusty slurping sounds.

She trembled as excitement engulfed her. Her pussy was on fire.
Just bouncing his cum-filled nuts in her hands gave her a huge charge, but nothing like the sensation of having his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.
And she couldn't ignore the exquisite pleasure Mark was giving her as he expertly caressed her tits.

The big round circle formed by her lips squeezed against the thick cock as she began moving her head back and forth, keeping in time with the gentle rocking of his hips, moving forwards and backwards a little further each time.
His grip tightened as he began fucking her face.
Janet nearly swooned with delight as her husband's cockhead nudged the back of her throat.
She gulped involuntarily and readied herself for the sweet explosion of his milky cum into her mouth.
She started sucking faster, furiously, anxiously awaiting, wanting to swallow his heavy load and feel his jism coat her throat.
But then, Mark pushed himself away, freeing his jerking prick from her mouth.
Heaving and panting, he eased himself down and gently lowered her with him, so that he was squatting above her.
He bent over just as her back reached the floor, his mouth attaching itself to one of her succulent tits.
He chewed eagerly on her swollen nipple, then gulped more and more of her sweet breast into his hot mouth.
Then he rolled his tongue around the nipple again and again, biting down gently, causing Janet to arch her back and cry out in raw ecstasy.

Mark slipped his hands down to work at removing her shorts, and succeeded as Janet cooperated by squirming her hips and ass.
She shivered as he exposed her wet, steamy pussy.
Her shorts and bikini panties formed a thin rope around her knees, and she wanted desperately to kick them off. She wanted to spread her legs wide and give herself to the marvelous stud that she loved so much.

"Fuck me, Mark," she whispered huskily.
"Oh, lover, fuck me. I need your cock inside of me!"
Gradually, he eased her constricting panties down her legs until he finally pulled them off her ankles.
At last her legs were free to open up and her burning pussy was prepared to take his mighty cock.
She pumped her ass, driving her pussy up to meet has savage thrust.
"Yes, Mark. Fuck me!" she gasped.
"Don't make me wait any longer. Please!"
But, instead of fucking her madly as she wanted, he merely chuckled and pulled his cock from her and again attacked her tits with his hungry mouth.
Just when her need and lust reached the point of explosion, Mark surprised her by abruptly pushing himself up.
He rested briefly in a squatting position, grinning down at his sexy wife, and his hard cock jutted straight out from his crotch, aiming right at her exposed pussy.
He made no move to give her what she craved.
Then, before she could voice her confusion, he moved again.
This time he swung a leg over Janet's chest as he turned his body, and, in the next second, Janet found her husband straddling her lovely head, his cock plunging towards her gaping mouth as he lowered his head to her silky thighs.

She uttered a gleeful groan just as he stabbed his cock into her open mouth.
At the same time, he whipped his tongue through the creamy, hairy folds of her cunt, parting the moist tissue with quick slices of his tongue.
Janet sighed and relished the double dose of pleasure that immediately blanketed her.
Every nerve in her body sparked as the sensations overwhelmed her.
The young women savored the taste of her husband's cock almost as much as she thrilled to the sensation of his tongue parting her cuntlips and teasing her clit.
Waves of eroticism spread through her body.

Automatically, the eager, dark-haired bride grabbed the back of her husband's thighs as she sucked every bit of his prick into her mouth.
His hairy balls danced just above her eyes and she thrilled to the wanton way he had positioned himself above her face.
She let her hands roam up over his smooth, taut ass cheeks and boldly traced a fingertip along his ass crack just as his tongue touched the entrance of her cunt hole.

In the next second, Mark skipped his tongue along Janet's oozing cunt until he touched her clit with its tip.
She went wild. Her hips jerked and her shrill cry of joy was only partially muffled by the thick stalk of cock against her wind pipe.
Mark closed his lips around her clit, nuzzling the sensitive bud.
He jerked gently on the little clit, driving Janet further into ecstasy, and her legs spread even wider apart as she humped her ass up and down in heated response to his pussy sucking.
Then, as if his own desires had suddenly overwhelmed him, Mark fucked his stiffened tongue straight into her oil-slicked fuck hole.

Janet's climax was sudden and intense.
Her juices started seeping from the depths of her cunt to spill out in a cascading gush against his lips and over his chin.
The wild spasms rocked her pussy, jarring her whole body.
Her passionate wails were stifled by his cock fucking in and out of her mouth but she squealed nonetheless.

Just at the peak of her orgasm, Mark's cock leaped into action inside her mouth.
His cockhead swelled as his jism shot out.
The first gobs of his sticky jizz struck her tongue, then the tidal wave flowed unabated. Her throat was filled to overflowing by the thick amount of cum juices, and the lusty woman gulped and gulped.

She savored the sensual pleasure that continued to spread throughout her entire body, letting his gyrating hips by her face captivate her attention.
Then her senses became alerted to a strange presence.
She stiffened automatically and knew in that same second that her husband was reacting in the same way. His body became tense and he abandoned her juicy cunt with an abrupt snap of his neck.

It was only a heartbeat later, when Mark had lurched off her awkwardly, that Janet glimpsed in wide-eyed shock the stranger standing in the open doorway of their new bedroom.
She was an attractive blonde woman of perhaps thirty, and she met the startled stares of the young couple with a slight smirk on her curved lips, blush coloring her lovely face.
She cleared her throat nervously and began to back out of the room.
"Oops, sorry," she said with an embarrassed laugh. "I guess this isn't exactly the proper time for anyone to welcome the two of you to the neighborhood."
The blonde started to say something else, then shrugged her shoulders, chuckling.
She gave Janet and Mark a feeble wave before bounding down the stairs and out of the young couple's new home.
For a moment neither of them could move, but then Mark began to laugh and Janet soon followed his example.
The idea of being caught in a sixty-nine, at the height of passion, by a total stranger who was to be their new neighbor, seemed absolutely hilarious to the two of them.
They rolled around on the floor together, holding one another as their laughter filled the room and joyful tears rolled down their cheeks.
Then Mark stood up, pulling Janet to her feet as well, and the two headed for the bathroom and the shower.

They got into the shower together and began to soap up one another, knowing they were merely building up their desire again.
As soon as Mark's cock was once again jutting out from his groin, Janet grabbed it and pulled him from the shower stall and back into the bedroom, and pushed him down onto the bed and fell on top of him.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Halloween Story

By 'kimwell' ( Aug 99)

In the early evening of Halloween night of 199X I went out to dinner with some friends at a popular vegetarian restaraunt in A.A.
The town where I go to college.
It was warm for that time of year so I was wearing a black cocktail dress and stockings.
Two of my housemates, Tim and Cara were there too.

I should explain.
I live in a co-op with Tim, Cara, two other guys and one other women.
We share a house not far from downtown. Tim is 6'3 and extremely handsome.
With bright blue eyes and wavy brown hair, Tim is thin but athletic.
Cara is taller than I am. She is about 5'8 or so, but we are both thin, so we often share clothes (that night she was wearing my Capri pants).
Anyway, she's a blonde and I am a brunette.
Since this is an erotic story I can tell you that Cara wears a B cup and I wear a C cup.
Ah, details, details.

I was 22, Cara 19, and Tim 26.

After dinner, it was already 9 o'clock when we got up to go to a party.
It was going to be the first stop in a long night of parties.
Tim and Cara more or less disappeared when we got to the first place.
Someone gave me a lemonade that was spiked with everclear.
Some men saw me hanging around the tv, where some students were playing a drunken game of Monopoly.
I was already on my second drink and already wasted when I met Larry, a law student.
He was a bit husky but very cute and friendly.
We got to talking.
He seemed a bit too conservative for me but he was so funny I didn't mind when he navigated me toward one of the back rooms.

There was a bed in the room and we got really close and I whispered in his ear: 'not on a first date.'
He smiled and said, no problem, and leaned over and turned on the CD player.
It was something really old, like Jim Croce, and we danced to it.
He held me close.
We swung around the room with fresh drinks in our hands. I pressed my breasts into his chest.
His penis was hard, pressing relentlessly against my belly.
He kissed me on the lips.
His dick was incredibly hot and I let my hand slip into his pants to stroke it.
He ran his leg up my stockings, and under my skirt, and he fingered my clit.

He led me to the bed and lay me down on my back. He helped me take off the stockings and I lay there, my heart racing, as he pulled my panties to the side and started to suck and tongue my clit.
I was going to give in to him.
Even though both Cara and I use the rhythm method of birth control (the natural way) I didn't want him to penetrate me without a condom.
I never found out if he had one because just as he stood up to take off his pants, Cara and Tim came into the room.

"Kim!" Cara called out.
"We have to be back at the house for midnight!"
"What time is it?" I asked.
"It's a quarter till," Larry jumped in.

I couldn't see my stockings in the dark, they were probably on the floor, so I got up slowly.
Larry helped me to stand.
We supported each other for a few minutes.
I kissed him on the mouth, letting my tongue touch his and said "see ya, around."
He took his right hand and squeezed my bottom.
Then he took his hand and, slanting it sideways, drove in between my labia, forcing the cotton of my panties between them.
I was sopping wet and he licked the moisture off his fingers.
We exchanged phone numbers and we ran off.

The house was dark when we arrived.
The living room, where we supposed to meet was pitch black except for a single bright lamp lying on the floor.
We went in.I stood in front of the lamp, trying to make out the faces dimly visible outside of the ring of illlumination.
Tim, who was right behind me, grabbed me and pulled my skirt up.
The light brilliantly illustrated the way that the cotton squished into my pussy, I felt so naked, so exposed and so excited I thought I was going to come right there.
I had never been into public exposure before, but there in front of my friends I felt so beautiful.

Then I noticed that the people in the room were wearing masks.
Most of my housemates were in theater so they were wearing costumes.
Long Athenian robes and some had face paint.
Tim gave me a small mask that covered my eyes.
He donned a green one of the same shape and Cara took one, it looked blue in the dim light but it was hard to tell.

A man, I think it was Terry, another housemate, stepped forward and took off his gown.
I had never seen him naked before and I was struck dumb at how beautiful his body was.
He took me by the hand and laid me down on one of the four mattreses that were in the living room.
Everybody gathered around to watch. His dick started to straighten out and grow.
He ordered me to put it in my mouth. I was eager to do that (I love sucking cock!) and I put its silky hot flesh into my mouth and ran my tongue down the length of its shaft.
I played with his balls while I let myself get lost in the passion of giving head.
Call me sick, but even as much as I call myself a feminist, I find submitting to a man while making love an immensely powerful and beautiful moment.

Everybody got closer as he pushed my shoulders down and I lay down.
He took my dress off and undid my bra.
I couldn't get my eyes off of his gorgeous cock, bobbing around in the half-light. He stripped off my panties and tossed them aside.
He pulled my legs ajar and took his dick and placed it at the mouth of my vagina.
He teased me with the head of his cock for a bit, dipping in a little and then pulling out.
The sweet smell of dope hung in the air.
Briefly self-conscious I put my hands on my breasts to cover my erect nipples.
Terry pushed my hands away and my tits wobbled in the light as he slowly poked his away further into my body.
When Terry finally slammed fully into me I let out a cat's meow to break the tension in the room.
A ripple of laughter quickly returned to the tense air of quiet and deepening breaths between me and Terry, his grunting rocking back and forth took on a very relaxing rocking of my body.
Pinned down by his organ on one end and his hands on my shoulders at the other, my breasts jiggled and lolled around, stopping only when he leaned in and started to suck my nipples.
We kissed deeply and he sucked the lobes of my ears.
Suddenly his grunting grew louder and the slapping soppy noises coming from my cunt grew more urgent.
I knew he was getting ready to come.
His body began to tremble and his eyes went back into his head.
I grabbed him by the ass to let him know it would be ok to flood my womb with his sperm and I arched my back so he could pierce me in his moment of ecstasy as far as he could go, and in his convulsions I opened my eyes to watch him and watch our friends watch us in their starstruck amazement.
Unlike a lot of people our age would have reacted, our friends didn't have a nasty look on their faces.
They were clearly moved by our sublime union.
As Terry slumped onto me I could feel his come slowly sneaking past his deflated cock and creeping onto my ass.

Even though he was half unconcious I was still really turned on and I started rock back and forth, pushing my engorged clit against his rock hard abs until I came.
Little did I know that was just the beginning of a very special night!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Day At The Beach

By AMANDA( Aug 99)

"Luscious," I thought, as she walked by.
Her pink nipples looked painfully hard atop her full breasts.
Her g-string bikini bottoms didn't leave much to the imagination.
Her clearly shaven pussy lips strained against the fabric, and the outline of her clit was just barely visible.
"Very nice," you whispered in my ear, as she strolled by us on the beach.
Seated as I was between your legs, I could feel your cock beginning to show serious signs of interest.
She gave us both a saucy wink and a smile as she passed by.
We both admired her tanned figure before she passed out of view behind a group of rocks.
We had been having a fine time at the nude beach by ourselves, but this was plainly an invitation to fun that was irresistable.

"Grab the camera," I said.
You grabbed it and we both followed her trail of footprints in the sand, past the rocks, to a small alcove hidden from the rest of the beach.
We came upon her sitting in the sand, just above the tideline.
She shaded her eyes, and smiled at us.
I kissed you passionately and said, "Time to see if those photography classes were worth it."
She had dug her toes into the wet sand, and I sat down next to her to do the same.
I moved my sandy toes next to hers, and she giggled as a heated bout of footsies ensued.
Then her hand moved over mine.
We moved to kiss each other at the same time.
I heard the shutter begin to click as our lips touched - so soft.
Our hands came up to brush each other's faces, as our kiss deepened.
Through the camera lens you watched as our hands moved to caress each other's bodies - fingers pinching nipples, hands cupping breasts.
You zoomed in for a close-up of our hard nipples brushing together.
Breaking the kiss, she stood up to peel off her bikini bottoms.
As soon as they came off, I dove right in.
You could see my tongue glide between her inner lips, up and down, lapping the wetness from her beautiful pussy.
She moaned as I began to suck on her clit.
Her pussy was flooded with moisture.
I pursed my lips and rubbed my entire mouth over her pussy.
You captured the shining wetness of her sex coating my face.
She pulled me to my feet.
Then she knelt down between my legs, and I felt her hot tongue dart between my soaked inner lips.
Her tongue teased my clit, circling and stroking it until at last, she took it into her mouth and began to suck
. Now it was my turn to moan. My legs began to shake, so I lowered myself to the sand, and we feverishly embraced, our bodies writhing in passion.
Her fingers found my clit, and the wetness between my inner lips.
My fingers quickly found her clit as well.
Moaning into each other's mouths, we fingered each other's dripping pussies.
Our bodies tensed as we climaxed in each other's arms.
Still embracing, we kissed as I heard the camera stop clicking.

As you and I walked back up the beach, hand in hand, we turned back to wave at her one last time.
"Did you enjoy the show?" I asked.
Your smile, and your raging erection were all the answer I needed.
We found our own secluded alcove, and made love until the sun began to set.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Pastor's Daughter II-- Return of the Pastor's Daughter

By Laralee( JULY 99)

The truth is, I learned how to fuck from my Mom.

Before she taught me, I only knew what my inexperienced, before-me-a-virgin boyfriend had taught me: that I laid down, he stuck it in pumped me a few times, jizzed into his condom, and fell asleep.
I knew that the first time it hurt, and after that it almost felt good, as long as he wore a lubricated condom.

But Mom saw that, and she wanted me to know better.

I had just finished getting off on my Mom's vibrator (which did more to me than Patrick's member ever had) while watching her fuck my boyfriend, when I decided that I wanted Patrick to fuck me, too.
I laid down on my bed and spread my legs in anticipation while he got on his knees between my legs, stroking his semi-erect cock to get it rock-hard again.
I used my hands to stroke and pinch my nipples while I waited for him to shove his dick into my pussy.
He was just beginning to rub the head over the glistening lips to my pussy when my Mom suddenly said, "Wait, stop."

Patrick almost instantaneously lost his erection and I felt an urgent desire to cover my naked body.
I couldn't fuck my boyfriend while Mom watched!

But Mom kept looking at me. "Lara, are you even wet?"

"No, Mom, I stopped wetting the bed years ago!"

My Mom laughed at my innocence.
"No, sweetie, not that kind of wet. Doesn't Patrick ever lick your pussy?"

I thought about it.
Not really.
In fact, when I touched myself and used the vibrator, I made myself wetter than I'd ever been with Patrick.
One time he sort of started to eat me out, but he complained that it smelled kind of funny, so I immediately made him stop.
I was very self- conscious of the new smells my body had been producing since puberty.
So I had never truly had oral sex from Patrick, even though I had sucked him off a couple of times, even let him come in my mouth.
The first time I did that, we were in his truck in the parking lot of the high school one night.
I knew that I wouldn't have anywhere to spit or wipe my mouth off with, so I swallowed every drop.
He looked so satisfied after that night that I had to do it a few more times, just for the satisfaction of seeing Patrick's stupid permanent grin afterwards and knowing that I caused it.

But suddenly my Mom was kneeling next to me on the bed, grabbing Patrick's head and guiding it towards my pussy.
"Now do it to her, lick my daughter's pussy," she instructed, and he nodded nervously in agreement.
"Do what you did to me to my beautiful Laralee," she quipped.
And boy, did he ever obey!
He started licking liberally at my labial lips, and flicking the tip of his tongue to my clit.

"So, the . . . smell . . . doesn't b- . . . bother you?" I gasped between deep, loud breaths.
I felt the beginnings of a tremor deep in my belly.

"Oh no!" My Mom answered for him.
"Patty loves the taste of pussy, don't you Pattyboy!
The hotter and wetter it is, the more he yearns to have you just sit on his face so that he can drink your come, right Patrick?"

I was still shocked by the sound of my Mom (the Youth Pastor, no less!) talking dirty to my boyfriend.
As Pat just buried his face in my muff, his nose rubbing over my clit as his mouth and tongue fucked my cunt, I felt that tremor explode on my insides and My whole body shuddered.
I started grinding my hips and I grabbed his head, pulling him into me and fucking his face.
My Mom watched on in approval. "Now suck on her clit, Patty."

Again Pat responded immediately, and I was suddenly coming just as I had with the vibrator, only now I had my boyfriend lapping it up frantically.
I now urgently needed to have him inside me, so I took my hands from his head and grabbed his shoulders as I leaned back so I was laying down completely and he was on top of me.
He grabbed his now very erect penis and started to guide it into my completely slippery slit.

"Hold it," My Mom said, and Patrick and I both froze in our places.
We had forgotten that she was still watching.
"No daughter of mine is going to live thinking the missionary position is the only way to have sex.
Frankly, I don't think that Patty's big enough to satisfy you that way.
Patty, get off of Lara. Lara, roll over and get on your hands and knees."

Patty obeyed, I think, out of fear.
I was obeying purely because I knew that my Mom wanted me to learn every possible pleasure my body was capable of producing.
She was making it possible for me to explore myself in ways I was ordinarily too shy to investigate.
She was helping me to let go of all my inhibitions so I could achieve ultimate satisfaction from my boyfriend.

"Now, Patty, I want you to take Lara from behind.
I want you to wrap your arms around her waist and rub her clit while you penetrate her, and fuck her slowly with deep strokes.
I don't want you to come before I get back," she said, stepping out of my room.
I wasn't sure where she was going, and though I was curious for a moment, I forgot all about her as soon as I felt Patrick's fingertip stroking my clit softly as he entered me from behind.

As his cock slid in, it felt deeper than I'd ever felt it, and it felt great.
He pushed the shaft in so slowly until he was pressed right up against my bottom.
Then he began to draw back again, slowly, until just the head was still inside of me.
Then he started to drive it back in, still slowly, but not as slowly as the first time.
Then he pulled back out and pushed back in, picking up the pace ever so slightly with each stroke.
His finger correspondingly stroked my clit with increasing frequency.
I felt my eyes starting to roll back in my head as I moaned loudly enough to rouse the neighbors, I thought.
Then Patrick suddenly stopped mid-stroke and took a long, deep breath.

"You stopped," I moaned, "Don't stop, Patty, PLEASE don't stop," I begged.
I needed that cock, just a few more strokes!

"Your Mom said not to come before she came back," he said, worriedly.

I twisted around to see him as best as I could, and I growled, "Fuck what my mother said.
I need that cock and I need it NOW and you're going to give it to me."

Patrick had a confused look in his eyes which made me think he didn't know who to fear more, my mother or me.
I think the pain of thinking about it made his brain shut down and his dick take over, because he finally shook all the thoughts out of his head as he pumped his shaft deep back into my pussy, making me moan again as he pressed his body against my ass cheeks.

My Mom returned a few strokes later, and asked me if I came yet.
I nodded.
"I think I'm working on another one, though," I moaned in between deep breaths.

"Make her come one more time before you do, Patty," She commanded my boyfriend.

Patrick nodded but started pumping his hips faster, and he was fondling the nipple of my right breast as he quickly stroked my clit in time with his thrusts.
I came with a high-pitched moan and Patrick started his trademark growl as his body shook and he shot his hot semen into me.

I fairly collapsed on the bed, with my arms and legs spread wide. I felt so warm and satisfied.
My eyes locked with my Mom's, and I smiled.
I can truly say that she's the best teacher I've ever had.

But the episode with Patrick was certainly not the last lesson . . .

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nursie IV (Nursie in Trouble!)


I took Simon back to his bed and went back to the night-desk where Nicky was sitting with her book.
She looked up at me and gave me that knowing smile again.
"Everything alright?" she asked.
"Oh, yes, no problems," I replied, hoping that I sounded convincing.
"You were gone a long time," said Nicky, "I was going to come looking for you. To see if you needed any help."
The way she was grinning at me convinced me that she knew that I had been up to something with Simon.
I felt myself blushing. Nicky continued, "Simon's really quite impressive, isn't he?"
I still tried to bluff it out.
"What do you mean?" Nicky closed her book with a snap.
"Oh come on, Sue, don't pretend with me, I've seen how you are with Simon, You can't leave him alone!"
I realised that denying it was futile and sat down on a chair next to Nicky.
"Oh, God," I groaned, "has it been that obvious?"
"I've been watching you for a while, Sue. You always jump up when he needs something.
And you spend more time with him than you do with the other patients.
It doesn't take a genius to work out that you fancy him."

My mind was racing - it wasn't a crime to fancy a patient - did Nicky know that I had done a lot more than that? Nicky continued, "Mind you, from what I've seen he certainly has a lot to fancy!"
I acted dumb, "What do you mean?"
Nicky laughed, "Sue, we've all had to tend to him at some stage.
You can't tell me that you haven't noticed his huge penis!"
I knew I was blushing like a schoolgirl. I was also jealous and didn't like the fact that the other nurses might also have taken a shine to Simon.
I realised at that moment that it wasn't only his cock that I was infatuated with, I was actually falling for him!
I was irritated by Nicky's comments and snapped at her, "So what! He's actually very nice you know. He's a lot nicer to talk to than most of the other crabby patients we have to deal with!"
I realised I was leaping to my defence too readily and shut up.
Nicky smiled, "Keep calm, Sue. If you get on well with him then that's great. Just don't lose sight of the fact that he is the patient and you are the nurse.
I wouldn't mix business with pleasure if I was you."
So saying she got up and walked off, leaving me none the wiser as to how much she knew.
Furthermore, how much did other people know?

I had had several late duties in a row and so when I went home after my duty ended I had almost 24 hours rest before I was due to return to work.
I spent a great deal of time going over what Nicky had said and thinking about my actions.
I knew I had acted foolishly and resolved not to be so reckless ever again.
I would try and keep in touch with Simon after he was discharged because I really did like him, but until then I was determined to behave myself.

When I next went on duty I busied myself about the ward, acting like Florence Nightingale herself, chatted to Simon without any touching, and by lunch time began to feel that I had everything neatly in perspective.
I even talked to Nicky a few times and we got on very well. She made no more references to Simon and I began to feel that she was on my side and supporting me.

I was dealing with a patient who needed his dressings changed when a nurse popped her head through the screens and told me that Mr Walker wanted to see me.
Mr Walker was the senior orthopaedic surgeon in the hospital who dealt with all the patients in the ward.
Because I was a student nurse I had been to many of his lectures.
He was very strict and quite frightening and expected us to learn about breaks and fractures almost as quickly as the medical students.
His consulting room was on an upper floor and when I had finished with my patient I went up to his office.
I knocked, feeling very nervous, and heard him say "Come in!" I went in and closed the door behind me.
Doctor Walker was sitting at his desk writing something on a patient's notes and I stood waiting for him to finish, getting more and more nervous.
He didn't look up until he had finished writing.
Eventually he put his pen down and looked up at me.
"Now, Miss W*, do you have any idea why I have asked to see you?"
"No, Doctor." He looked annoyed.
"I am a surgeon - call me Mr Walker. You realise that I am responsible for the orthopaedic ward, and that includes the welfare of the patients and the professional development of the nurses and student nurses?"
"Yes, Doctor... Mr Walker."
"There appear to be a few concerns on the ward, Miss W*, and I have heard that you may be getting too, how should I put this, attached to one of the patients."
I was now terrified; I could see my nursing career flying out of the window!
"I don't know what you mean, Mr Walker."
"The patient is Simon J***, and there have been allegations that you have allowed yourself to get involved with him to a point that brings into question your suitability for nursing."
There was a rushing sound in my ears and the room started to spin.
I felt as if I was going to faint. Mr Walker saw my distress, "Perhaps you had better sit down," he said and motioned me to a chair.
"It would appear from your reaction, Miss W*, that there is an element of truth in this allegation."
I knew I couldn't bluff it out and my eyes filled with tears. I nodded in silent confession.
Mr Walker then questioned me with immense cunning - he phrased his questions so cleverly that even though I tried to make it seem that I was merely infatuated with Simon I could not prevent him from extracting more and more information until it was obvious that I had indeed had sex with Simon.
The exact nature of what we had done was never referred to but Mr Walker constantly referred to 'improper conduct'.
"I have a difficult decision to make, Miss W*," he said, getting up from his chair and pacing up and down behind me.
"If improper conduct is suspected of a student nurse, then it is my duty to report this and a thorough investigation will ensue.
You will of course be suspended until the outcome of the investigation is known.
From what you have told me so far, it would appear that you would be very unlikely to get through this process unscathed."
"No, Mr Walker."
"My decision is difficult, Miss W*, because I hold the future of your career in my hands.
At the moment I am the only person in authority who knows about this. If I choose, then the matter will go no further. If I report it then it is very likely that your nursing career will be over. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mr Walker."
"I have looked at your record, Miss W*, and until this incident your record has been perfect.
I am naturally reluctant to let such a promising career end without exploring every possible avenue."
At this stage I was sobbing into my hands, a quite pathetic sight.
Suddenly I felt Mr Walker's hands on my shoulders, his voice had been stern throughout but the touch of his hands was gentle and reassuring.
"There is a possibility that I could be convinced that ending your career was not the best option." Now his voice seemed softer and I stopped crying.
"What do you mean, Mr Walker?"
"I hope that you can see that I don't want to jeopardise your career.
It is the last thing that I want. But if I don't pursue the matter my conscience would trouble me.
I would need something from you to convince me that it was the right thing to do."

Now, dear readers, I know I am not very smart. Right up till then I had not had the faintest idea what his spoken words were referring to.
But his hands were now gently massaging my shoulders and I felt his index fingers softly stroking against my neck.
"Do you think we can come to an, err.. agreement, Miss W*?"
I had a quick decision to make - if I rejected him then he would certainly end my career out of spite.
I would never be able to prove that he had blackmailed me.
If I complied with his request there was no guarantee that he would not continue to seek 'agreements' for the rest of the time I was at the hospital.
I desperately wanted to continue nursing and turned my head to face him.
"Yes, Mr Walker, I think we can."
His hands stopped moving. "You're a clever girl, I am sure you have made the right decision."
He pulled an expensive monogrammed handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to me.
"Dry your eyes." He turned and walked towards the door of his office.
For a split second I thought I had misunderstood him and that he was leaving but he locked the door and came back to where I was blowing my nose and wiping the tears from my face.
He lifted me to my feet and held me at arms length for a moment.
"You're a very pretty girl, Susan."
He pulled me towards him and kissed my cheek and then put his mouth on mine.
I kissed him hesitantly, it was strange, I felt no passion or desire for him and kissing felt so peculiar without those emotions.
His arms encircled me and he pulled me tighter against his body, flattening my breasts against his chest.
His hand stroked down my back and fondled my bottom.
I could feel his erection pressing into my stomach and as it grew harder he ground himself against me, his tongue slipped into my mouth and I despised myself as I felt my body responding to him, I felt the moisture start to seep between my legs.
He sensed my response to him and as we kissed his hand slipped between us and he fumbled to undo his zip.
He took my hand in his and placed it on his erect penis and held it there.
I could not resist wrapping my fingers around it, testing its size.
As soon as he felt me holding him he let go of my hand and I squeezed him and moved my hand up and down his shaft.
He was nothing like my beloved Simon but was still quite large - I estimated about seven inches.
From the sounds he was making I could tell that my hand exploring him was turning him on, he stopped kissing me and started to undo the buttons of my uniform.
He uncovered my breasts and fondled them, pulled each of my bra cups down, and pinched and pulled at my nipples.
I held his glans in my fist and squeezed it rhythmically, feeling the liquid seep into my hand.
Mr Walker groaned and his hands went to my shoulders, he pressed downwards and slowly pushed me to my knees.
I knew what he wanted but my earlier timidity had evaporated - I was in charge now, and I would make him beg for it! I knelt on the carpet before him and pulled on his cock, the tip was inches from my face and I could smell his strong male scent.

What I could see of his cock sticking out of his fly was actually rather beautiful, the shaft was surprisingly smooth and sleek without the usual bulging veins and it had a sensuously graceful upward curve.
The glans was dark red and satin smooth and so fiercely swollen that the slit gaped open, dripping with juice.
I was amazed at how turned on I had become, my clit was tingling with anticipation and my knickers were drenched!

Mr Walker groaned and thrust himself towards my face but I moved back from him, coyly turning my face to the side.
I allowed his glans to brush lightly against my cheek.
He was desperate, "Susan, please, kiss it!"
I turned towards him and gave the tip of his cock a shy little peck and pulled quickly away.
He gasped, and thrust towards me.
I jerked my hand rapidly on his cock, looking up at his face.
"Oh, God," he groaned, "please, suck it!"
I opened my mouth, and slowly licked my lips.
His glans was scarcely an inch from my open mouth.
I breathed warm air over him and he whimpered, "Please, please, take it in your mouth!"
I figured that this was time to seal our 'agreement'.
"You will promise to put an end to this nonsense about Simon and me, won't you, Mr Walker?"
"Yes, yes, I promise!"
"Cross your heart and hope to die?"
"Yes, yes! Oh God, I promise! Please, quick!"
I opened my mouth and engulfed his pulsing glans, he groaned in ecstasy as I held his hips and bobbed my head rapidly up and down on his rampant cock.
"Oh yes, Oh God, I'm coming!"
I sucked him harder, feeling his knees starting to shake and then he exploded into my mouth, his fingers dug painfully into my shoulders as he spurted and filled my mouth with semen.
I kept my mouth on him for a few seconds longer and then pulled quickly away and got to my feet.

Mr Walker fell back against his desk, gasping for breath, his cock still jerking convulsively with squirts of semen flying in all directions.
He grabbed his cock and tugged frantically on it to finish himself off as I darted towards to the door and unlocked it.
"Susan, wait.."
I opened the door and turned to face him, relishing the spectacle of the senior orthopaedic surgeon jerking himself off all over his carpet!
I took his handkerchief from where I had placed it in my pocket, unfolded it, and spat the mouthful of semen into it.
I dipped a finger into the pool of semen and wiped it quickly on my bra, folded the soggy handkerchief up, and popped it back in my pocket. I had learned a lot from Monica Lewinski!
"I think I had better keep this, don't you, Mr Walker? Did your wife give it to you?"
I finished doing up the buttons of my uniform as Mr Walker fumbled to get his dripping cock back into his trousers.
I opened the door and stepped outside.
People were passing by in the corridor and he quickly turned away to zip himself up.
"Thank you, Mr Walker," I called out and closed the door behind me.
I made my way back to the ward with a spring in my step and a grin on my face.

I don't think I will be having any more trouble from Mr Walker, do you?