Monday, January 30, 2006

The Alternative Rescue Service

Written by a woman.
Sarah from Surrey

It was one of those beautiful late summer evenings when the sun was just beginning to lose it's intensity, bringing a calming, balmy atmosphere, peaceful and tranquil.

She had rushed out of the house on some desperate purpose, however, her intentions were fated not to be realized that night, as circumstances detoured the course of events rather dramatically. She was, as usual, driving faster than she should, humming some infuriatingly catchy tune that they seemed to play over and over on the local radio station. The route she had selected had taken her along a rural lane; the amazing variation on the color green distracted her for a few seconds.

Then ahead, she noticed upon a Brooklands green MG sports car which registered in her brain as being vaguely familiar. Her memory scanning rapidly, she recognized the figure standing beside the immobile vehicle. Automatically, her foot released the accelerator pedal and depressed decidedly onto the brake. She indicated left and pulled to a halt behind the MG.

As she stepped out, she greeted the man with a shy smile, 'Well ,hello. I thought it was you'. She quickly absorbed the sight before her; he was at least 6 foot tall, with brown curly hair, a tanned attractive face, long athletic legs covered in faded denims and a plaid shirt covering a broad chest. He smiled back, although plainly he was rather perturbed about the state of his vehicle. 'What a stroke of luck, fancy bumping into you in the middle of nowhere', his eyes sparkled as the grin spread over his face. 'Well, now I'm here, what can I do to help?' she volunteered, surveying the broken down car. 'How about a lift to the nearest phone so I can call out the garage?' he suggested. 'Of course, jump in.' She giggled slightly, amused at the situation. The sun was beginning to set and rays flickered from behind the trees. The sky was developing into a beautifully orangey pink hue, warm and relaxing. A gentle breeze whispered through the leaves, caught the flap of her wrap around skirt and flicked it open for a fraction of a second.

Instinctively, she grabbed the flailing fabric to protect her modesty, but it was too late, he had seen the dark triangle of tight curls contrasting against the creamy flesh of her thighs. He tried to disguise his reaction, but the sharp intake of breath and surprised glance must have betrayed him. Compounded with the stirring in his jockeys, he was convinced she knew that he knew!

She smiled, vaguely embarrassed and gestured towards her car. Inside, he tried not to stare too obviously at her silky thighs which were visible now that her skirt had slipped apart as she had changed gear. 'It's really good to see you again' he started earnestly.

She glanced sideways at him, shooting a wicked , inviting grin. 'I've missed you', she said, removing her hand from the gear knob and lightly resting it onto his leg. Immediately, lightening bolts jarred his insides and he felt his penis struggle to expand in the confined space. He reciprocated by tentatively placing his palm on her leg, half on the fabric and half touching the bare flesh.

She smiled encouragingly, 'That's rather nice'. He grew bolder and inched his hand a little higher. She responded by stroking his thigh a little more persistently, creeping closer and closer towards his crotch. All the while, the car (on automatic pilot) was flying along the country lane in the direction of the nearest phone box. 'I can't concentrate!' she cried out, her voice slightly husky, 'I'll crash the car!' 'Turn left, just past that post box', he took command, recklessly devising a scheme. 'I know of a secluded spot we can stop for a while'. She smiled in acknowledgement and followed his directions to a totally obscure hideaway. She pulled up the hand brake and neatly extinguished the engine. Then, neatly, she unclipped her seat belt and leaned over to the passenger seat. Their lips met, their arms entwined, as she shifted her weight towards him. Both were breathing heavily; tiny beads of perspiration were visible on his forehead and she felt vaguely faint with desire.

They kissed long and hard, their tongues probing, exploring. His hands deftly unsnapped the clasp of her bra, releasing her small pert breasts. He cupped each one in turn, massaging firmly, as if comparing one with the other. The nipples, minute and erect, betrayed her arousal. Her hand massaged his inner thigh, brushed lightly over his balls, causing him to gasp. She giggled at his reaction and proceeded to unbutton his fly. She slid her hands inside his jeans, tentatively pressing her palm to ascertain the exact position of his manhood. Locating the mound, she wrapped her fingers around the warm, slightly damp, impatient rod and grasped confidently. Only the cotton pants between her and her goal now, so she wriggled her fingers carefully under the elastic and back down to reunite with his penis.

In the meantime, he directed his hand downwards, anxious to confirm his earlier suspicions. It hadn't been his imagination, she wasn't wearing any underwear! He stroked her curls then crept down between her thighs to feel her lips, heated and swollen and inserted his index finger inside her. She was extremely wet and inviting, her muscles quivering and the juices flowed even more abundantly. She moaned in approval, clenching her hand around him, decidedly stroking him. 'I want you inside me' she muttered with an air of authority and promptly straddled him. He managed to lower his jeans just sufficiently for his penis to spring out from its restraint. Carefully, she shifted her weight, guiding him into her. He gasped with the feeling as her muscles squeezed and released him as she gently rocked over him. Her pelvic control made him moan in ecstasy and towards oblivion. As the sensations built up, he cupped her buttocks to assist with the grinding motion and to pull her hard into him so he could penetrate her to the absolute maximum.

The intensity increased as they each concentrated on the pleasures buzzing around their heads. Suddenly they could bear it no longer and they were simultaneously gripped by orgasm . Her nails dug through the cloth shirt on his back, her screams of ecstasy almost pierced his eardrum. His cries almost resembled that of torture, but the satisfied grin on his face immediately after betrayed his pleasure. 'That was wonderful' she purred, replete. 'You felt so..oo good, deep inside me'. 'I loved it', he conceded, 'You were just delicious. But tell me something hat made just a tiny bit curious, do you make a habit of going out without wearing underwear?'

She broke into an enormous chuckle. 'No', she explained, 'I was just in a hurry and forgot!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Night Flight

Written by a man.

Sam and Linda boarded Thai Airlines flight 305 bound for Nepal at noon Sunday in Los Angeles. They had been married the day before in Phoenix, got half drunk at the small reception, and then caught the early evening Southwest to Los Angeles; Their first married night together was almost anticlimactic. Often, the realization never quite meets the expectation for some long anticipated but elaborately staged events. And weddings can certainly fall into that category.

Linda gave it a good try, but after a very crowded day of running the wedding, reception, and the rush to fly to LAX she was tired and was just looking forward to a little rest. Not that she didn't want to make love with her love - they had been having sex for the six months they'd known each other, but right now there just wasn't the romantic edge that she had planned on, but she performed as well as she could muster. "Really", she thought once that first episode was over, "once we get to Katmandu we can relax a little and I'll fuck his brains out"! As they drifted off to sleep the recent events of the wedding assaulted her mind in a dreamlike confusion. She only knew that she loved Sam dearly and that little voice in the back off her mind reminded her that she was doing the right thing by marrying him.

The economy class section of the 747-400 was two thirds full. Most were Koreans and Thai's with a few American businessmen and trekkers thrown in.; Sam loved to fly and he had booked a window seat so he could watch the sky go by. They hoped they would be able to spread out a little if extra seats were available. On the 747 each window section had three seats abreast and the center section was five across. This was going to be a long flight and they could use any spare room they could get. Thirteen hours to Seoul, then another six to Katmandu.

A pretty young Asian woman was struggling with a huge bag, trying to shove it into the overhead bin. Sam helped and she smiled, bowed her head, and pressed her hands together in the traditional Thai thank you gesture.; Obviously, she didn't speak any English. Sam got all the bags in place, and sat in the window seat with Linda and Boonlua sat in the aisle seat. After take off and the climb to cruise, the young Thai woman got up and moved across the aisle, to take advantage of empty seats in the center section. She occupied herself by looking at the in-flight magazine and organizing her carry on bag. Soon, a surprisingly good dinner was served along with plenty of wine. The flight attendants efficiently moved up the aisle, smiling that peculiarly insincere smile that you know is a little phony, but they were very nice. The first movie was a Robin William's flick, which was pretty good. Fifteen minutes into the second, Sam pulled down one of the thin blankets provided by the airline and pulled it over him and Linda.; He had raised the armrest; that separated the two of them and they were able to snuggle as two lovers desperate for ultimate closeness; Linda laid her head on Sam's shoulder and was able to feign sleep for only about 10 seconds. She kissed him sweetly on the lips and he held her closely. Her hands moved slowly across his chest and down across his lap. "I love you too," he said, responding to the unspoken message. They both took a deep breath and tried to relax. As soon as they got to their next hotel they would be able to let go and fuck each other silly, but that would just have to wait. Meanwhile, a little petting here in the back of the plane wouldn't hurt and there wasn't anyone in their line of sight except for that girl from Thailand, who appeared to be asleep.

Linda's hands pressed hard against Sam's jean covered cock. He shifted a bit to rearrange his erection and she moved her hands across the bulging crotch. As she rubbed he became rigid faster than he thought possible, causing him to squirm with impatience.

His arm that was wrapped around her shoulder found its way to her breasts through the neck opening of her sweater. They kept the blanket up to their necks and unsuccessfully tried to stifle their movement. He did not want anyone to see them, and hoped the rest of the passengers would be either engrossed in the movie, or asleep. He soon had her bra pulled up over her breasts. He lightly pulled and twisted her hard nipples and lifted the right breast as she pushed herself into his hand. Both of their pelvises ground against their clothes with great frustration and Linda rubbed his crotch all the harder.

"Well, I'm not about to wait till we get off this fucking airplane" Linda whispered. She tugged at his belt and zipper then pulled the fly aside. Losing all patience, she pulled his under shorts down till they lodged under his balls. Immediately Sam pulled the zipper down Linda's jeans and stuck in his hand. All of their movements were awkward, like teenagers in the back of their parent?s car, but their urgency wiped out the need for any finesse. His middle finger dove into the opening in her jeans and she raised herself to him, allowing the finger to enter. They both giggled, and took a furtive glance around. The flight attendants had returned the drink cart and the cabin lights were set to dim. "What if somebody sees us"? She whispered with a big smile. "Who's going to? The girls are finished with the drinks. Come on, nobody'll see!" The only other passenger in direct line of sight was the Thai girl across the aisle, and she was now asleep.

Linda started to stroke Sam's member as he moved two fingers along her slit, and with his other hand he continued to enjoy her breasts. "My friend is lonely," he said. That was their pet code phrase for Linda to go down on him. They had both agreed that it sounded better than "suck my cock" and was the personal little silly lover's joke that they enjoyed. "No way!" she whispered. "Don't you like it when I do this?" and she tugged on him a little faster and with a stronger grip. "Yes! Keep doing it, but my friend is REALLY lonely." It always sounded silly, but it always got the message across.

With that, Linda pulled the blanket over her head and leaned over. Sam lifted up his bottom and slid his pants and shorts halfway down to his knees. He couldn't keep is hand in her cunt anymore but was able to reach around and cup her breast as she consoled his lonely friend. She started sucking quickly right away, which made the Blanket bobble up and with so much enthusiasm that he whispered, "Linda, easy." She slowed down a little.

Across the aisle Boonlua wasn't really sleep. She too, had a blanket around her, her short skirt was pulled up, and was massaging herself as she watched the horny couple through half opened eyes. She had seen them squirm under the blanket and decided that she wasn't going to be lonely either. In contrast to the couple across the aisle, her masturbation was almost painfully slow. Her finger moved, ever so slowly around her sparsely furred opening. To an observer she would appear asleep, but she was just quietly crazed. Linda cupped Sam's balls and continued to make his friend feel not quite so lonely. She had this thing she did that drove Sam nuts. It was some kind of swirling motion she made with her tongue while she sort of rolled her head around. Then she went deeper and sucked harder than ever before.

Boonlua felt ashamed watching them but she was also fraught with desire. It wasn't right watching these two shameless Americans and she knew she shouldn't. But, she also couldn't stop.

Part of the blanket fell off of Linda's head so Boonlua could see the back of the brunette's head as she continued on. Her eyes widened and she tightened her thighs over her busy hand as Sam pulled the blanket back up.

After several unbelievable minutes of this, Sam started to stiffen and tried to stretch his legs out straight. Linda stroked him faster, and sucked harder, just slightly dragging her teeth over the head. She usually did not care for swallowing cum, but had a few times in the past. He put one hand gently on the back of her head in wordless encouragement for her to stay there.

"What the hell", she thought. "There's nothing to clean it up with anyway" as she bobbed up and down harder and harder, tightly grasping his root and balls. "Oh, Linda" he breathed in a loud whisper. "Now, beautiful" he whispered as the hot jet of his cock jammed into her mouth. "I'm cumming NOW!" "Ommghhm" she gurgled. She pulled back a little to be able to swallow, then went down for more, sucking up the rest. Sam was going into absolute spasms. "Oh, my god" he whispered. She suddenly started stroking him faster with her hand and sliding her lips up and down over the head with furious movements. "Oh, fuck!" he cried. That always created a unique sensation, especially in the few moments after he had cum. "Ohhh" he tried to stifle the sound. She took another couple of deep sucks, while stroking him rapidly just for good measure and Sam collapsed back into his seat. "Now what am I supposed to do?" she was frustrated. "You got off, and all I get is breath freshener!" she laughed.

"Lie back against the window" Sam said. He was certainly satisfied, but he loved her and wanted to make her as happy as she had made him. Besides, he was confident that he would revive quickly.

All of the big plane's window shades were pulled down and Linda scrunched up against the side of the fuselage. It was difficult making good use of the skimpy blanket, but did the best with what they had. Sam grasped her slacks at the waistband as she lifted herself up.

She leaned back and pushed her pelvis out, to make it easier for Sam's entrance. Kneeling in the small space allowed for economy seating he searched for her treasure. Sweet kisses were planted on her upper thighs. Oh the scent. I think it was musk by alysha ashley, the subtle aroma of the perfume mixed with the powerful smell produced by her inner body produced an olfactory sex pheromone strong enough to propel rockets!

He dove at her with an intensity that startled and pleased her. "Careful!" she whispered loudly. He barely heard her. Now recovered from the previous orgasm, Sam went after Linda like a desert survivor after a water hole. He first licked up and down, in long sweeping slurps. She alternately opened her legs wider, then clamped his head like a vice. "Oh, migod that feels good" in a voice now a little louder than a whisper.

She spread her legs wider and to steady herself, placed her foot up on the adjoining seat. He slowed down a little and started planting sweet little kisses all over her femininity. He gently pulled the lips back and started long, sweeping licks that caused her to draw her breath in little gasps. First bottom to top, then top to bottom. His kisses under the blanket grew in frequency and intensity. He loved going down on her, and she loved being on the receiving end.

"Please Sam! I've got to cum, please!" she cried in a loud whisper. While still licking, he took her right hand from the back of his head and placed it onto her pubic mound. She started rubbing her clit furiously.

Now she had him deeply eating her while she was doing herself. She kept rubbing herself while Sam moved up a little and started sucking on her now moist fingers, licking the wetness off her fingers. His mouth now captured her middle finger and sucked it all the way in, just the way she had sucked his cock.

"Ohhhh", she moaned. The mixed pleasures of him licking her pussy and sucking her masturbating fingers was just too much. "I've going to cum now! I'm got to cum NOW!"

She was only a little louder, but in the quiet aircraft, it sounded to Sam almost like a shout.

Her thighs clenched around him so tightly he could scarcely breathe. Not caring, he pressed his face harder and shook his head from side to side in tiny, rapid movements. He rose slightly and with his tongue drove her finger away from her swollen clitoris. He surrounded the nub with his lips and exhaled over it while humming a deep sound that set up an unbelievable vibration in her. She grabbed fistfuls of his hair as if she was holding on for dear life itself.

"Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!" she gasped, "STOP!!!!" But he wouldn't, he just kept it up until she stopped shuddering and was able to tug his head back. Sam breathed deeply, finally getting oxygen.

Boonlua was finishing her orgasm too. The shame and guilt that previously encompassed her being was swept away by viewing the unbelievable scene before her. As Sam was diving between Linda's legs, Boonlua's fingers were furiously going at her own love bead.

When Linda started to gasp, Boonlua's body also stiffened, her legs straightened, and her toes curled as the wave swept over her. Unlike her counterpart across the aisle, she did not cry out rather, she let out an almost inaudible squeak. As the couple collapsed, Boonlua curled into her seat as a few tears filled her eyes.

Sam and Linda straightened themselves up and got their clothes back in order and rang for the flight attendant to bring some more wine. There was another 9 hours left in the flight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Violin

Written by a man.

"What's that?" I asked, Intrigued.

Danielle looked up and smiled. It was an appealing smile, beautiful, and maybe just a little shy, as if she were suddenly uncertain that she were doing the right thing.

"This?" She held up two red sticks for me to see, one slightly fatter and longer than the other with a little curved lip added to one end which made it look like a strange spoon.

"You want to know what this is?"

I nodded. "Do you rub them together to make fire?"

She laughed at my, admittedly, feeble joke; but her laugh wasn't forced; in fact I wasn't sure if she was laughing at my joke or rather something else, the irony of which only she understood. When she had finished (with a subtle snort) she shot me a direct look with those amazing hazel eyes and, confident now, replied, "Yes, In a way."

My living room was growing dim from the approaching summer evening, but even in the pleasant gloom I could tell that she was blushing slightly. The delicious scent came through the open French windows from my garden and the song of a solitary bird hung in the air. We had enjoyed a meal and a bottle of red wine and I felt good. One of those brief moments in time that we all live for, hope for. Over the main course she said she was a musician, but wouldn't reveal what instrument she played. "Just wait." she said, smiling "Later." When she smiled a little crease appeared in the corner of her right mouth, which I found charming. I looked at the sticks again, they were both smooth, a metal strip ran the length of the shorter one. I couldn't make out whether they were made from metal or plastic, and what was that lip for?

"So," I said, foolishly attempting another joke, "you play the sticks."

She laughed. "No, silly, it's a violin."

I took another look, didn't look much like any violin I'd ever seen before. "A violin?"

She nodded. Her short red hair bounced. "An electric one."

"Oh!" I said. "Of course."

"Hold on a minute while I..." She bent down and when she straightened she was holding out a jack plug.

"Where's your hi-fi?"

I didn't need to tell her, she saw the system hiding beside the TV. Carrying a small box with her she walked to the hi-fi, pulled it out and began fiddling with the connections at the back. I enjoyed watching her work, bent over the device. She was average height, her body slim, but still full of subtle curves. I like subtlety in a woman, straight lines that turn out not to be straight after all, a thin waist that gradually leads the eyes up to small breasts and a slender neck. Her moderate hips stretching the material of her thin black trousers. When she turned my eyes dipped quickly to her breasts, they were high and slight under her shirt, I could imagine them under the fabric of her blouse, like two tiny, horizontal mount Fujis. A strange likening, I know, but as it turned out an accurate one. She caught me looking, the crease appeared in the corner of her mouth. I quickly turned my gaze to the hi-fi, a little ashamed.

"That's it." She smiled at my confused expression. "No wires, whatever I play is transmitted via the box to the amplifier." She waved her hand. "Through the air. Like magic."

I nodded dumbly, technical stuff was not my strong point. Instead of returning to the sofa she pulled a high-backed wooden chair over into the middle of the room. From her handbag she produced a series of coloured wires, each ending with a little flat bulb of clear plastic. She talked as she plugged the wires into the black box. "I don't own it." She paused briefly and I saw that she was looking inwards. A second passed and she shook her head slightly and went back to work.

"The violin?"

She fitted a red wire. "Yes. A friend of mine dabbled in a bit of inventing. He was a bit of a boffin, I suppose you could say. He was interested in electrodermal activity."


The green wire followed the blue. "Something to do with polygraph tests. To you and me that's lie detectors, which are apparently wildly inaccurate. He didn't go into a great deal of detail but he constructed machines that were operated by the body, by their uncontrollable electrical reactions." She looked at me over her shoulder. "He told me that the body never lies."

I smiled. "Like the camera?"

She shook her head. "The camera always lies." With the last wire attached she began pressing the flat bulbs against her skin, smearing the areas of her skin first with a clear gel from a small tube. "These pick up the electrodermal reactions of my skin." She pressed one against each of her palms, she kicked off her shoes and connected another two to the soles of her feet, followed by her temples. She undid the first two buttons on her blouse, enough for me to see the top of her white bra, pushing the last two onto the white skin of her upper chest. "I'm all connected up now."

Careful not to tug the wires she sat down on the chair. She sat straight, spine resting against the wood, placed the longer stick against her neck, the spoon supporting her chin, very much like a violin. With her right hand she gracefully brought up the thinner rod, the bow, and rested it on the smooth surface of the thicker rod, on the metal strip. I sat back in the sofa with a sort of half-smile on my face, feeling a bit embarrassed, I'm not sure for whom. Her face was suddenly immobile, like a mask, concentration on the task in hand. Very slowly she drew the short stick back and the most haunting sound I have ever heard burrowed its way into my head. The sound came from my hi-fi, I knew that, yet the sound seemed to come from everywhere at once. Inside my head, inside my heart, inside my stomach, over my skin like the tingling of a slight electrical current. The sound was definitely that of a violin, but it constantly shifted, now a violin, then an organ, maybe even the haunting whistle of a flute. The shift was so smooth and subtle that unless I concentrated I wouldn't have thought there had been a change at all. Again I looked at Danielle's face, and this time I saw she was in pain, but not physical pain. Her mouth was pressed tightly shut, her lips two straight lines, her eyes closed, forehead creased, but the bow moved with grace across the red cylinder. My initial curiosity vanished as the music begun to effect me. The melody was haunting and sad, the saddest thing I had ever heard. This was pure emotion converted into the textures and shades of music. I could not compare it with anything I had ever heard before: it was neither classical nor new age, this sound was utterly personal and unique to this young woman who played on the strange instrument. I drifted away... ...and saw my father. He waved goodbye to me from the gate, the briefcase clutched in his right hand, rolled up newspaper in his left. I was twelve and the images of that morning came back with such strength and clarity I could have sworn I was standing there, looking over my child-self's shoulder, feeling the cool breeze touching the back of my neck. My younger self waved daddy goodbye, nothing special, almost dismissively. Today was just like every other day. He would leave for work, wave me goodbye and at seven he would be back home again, like clockwork, hungry, but he always had time to talk to me, to help me with my homework. Sometimes we went out and played football out on the common at the back of our house, and as I waved I remembered that he had promised me a kick-about when he got home. I waved goodbye, too. That day he did not come home at seven. One moment he was there for me, the next moment he was gone. How is it that you only appreciate something when it has gone, taken away? In some strange way I felt angry at him for breaking his promise to me. How dare he leave me like that, so suddenly. How dare he die!

The music had stopped. I opened my eyes and saw that Danielle was smiling at me, but a sad smile. The violin rested on her lap. Her eyes were swollen and red, the damp courses of her tears marked out against her cheeks. She sniffed. Then I tasted salt. I put a hand up to my own cheek and felt my own tears. There was a tightness at the back of my throat and my nose had been running, too. I felt astonishment. "I've been crying?" I said in amazement. Normally I wouldn't have let anyone see me weep, straining to keep my eyes dry, my temper composed. Usually I would grin and laugh to myself while watching a sad movie, one of many tactics to delay tears. I didn't want to show weakness, I didn't like to. But now I didn't feel weak, nor ashamed. In fact I felt relived, as if this emotion had been trapped within me all those years and now released. It felt good and terrible, all at the same time.

"What was that?" I asked.

"A requiem. The man who made this machine... he was my lover. We shared three wonderful years together, and then he was..." She looked away from me. "Just when I needed him most." She let her tears flow, as if wiping them away would be a violation to her lover's memory. I felt I should say something, but could not think of the right thing to, so I remained quiet. After a moment she patted the violin. "He left me this. He said it would remind me of him."

"Does it?"

"Only when I play the tune you've just heard. I wrote it for him." She shook her head. "He is in the past now, still with me, but still the past." Her tears had stopped. "I don't live in the past."

"It was very moving," I said gently. "Beautiful."

"Yes, but I know more than one tune." Her eyes locked on mine. "Would you like to hear my favourite melody?"

Not understanding, I nodded. She lifted her head and again rested the violin against her chin. The bow was brought up and put across the rod. Her eyes were open, she stared down the length on the violin to where her fingers curled around the end. No grimace, no furrowed forehead. This time she did not draw the bow back slowly, but attacked suddenly. The sound that burst from the speakers was loud and vibrant. Deep, rich, throbbing. The bow moved in a blur. Back and forth, up and down. Drawn across the violin's invisible strings with such vigour that I'm sure a normal violin's strings would have snapped from the force of her passion. Her face grew tense, dark as the music rose and fell like the crashing of the waves against her rock. At first I could not discern the melody, the sound seemed to be one seething mass of discordant notes, musical chaos that swirled, tumbled about me. But as I listened the music reached out to me and drew me in. At first I resisted, but there was no way to hold out against this appeal. I fell under the spell of madness. My heart quickened with the music's beat and the tightness returned to my throat, but this time brought on by a very different emotion. She reached out and took hold. Oh my God, I was burning up, my face and chest felt so hot, so tense, like a thermometer dropped in lava. My penis was painfully erect, it pushed against the fly. As the sound throbbed so did it, throbbed with each beat of my strained heart. It felt like my heart was about to burst through my ribs, its sound filled my ears, its rhythm mirrored in a hundred places around my body, in my neck, in my temple... I felt dizzy and sick. Light headed. My whole body shook. Each note from the violin made a different part of my anatomy tremble. Her hand, made out of solid music, as real as if she had reached out herself, caressed my tremble. Gently, delicately, her musical fingers whispered along the soft skin of my sex. They reached the tip, which had pushed itself from the skin and began to encircle it. Round and round, teasing, tempting. Tugging ever so gently. Unable to resist the call I stood on shaking legs. The three steps over to her side could have been miles. I spanned the world. She didn't look up at me. Her face was hard with concentration, but I noticed that her chest rose and fell rapidly, heavily. Her legs were slightly apart and moved as cursed by some irritation. The bow was thrusting in a frenzied imitation of the sex act. Reaching down I undid my belt and unzipped. It was an unconscious reaction. I shed my clothes and hurled them across the room. I didn't care where they fell. My penis stood erect, the purple gland pointing up at an incredible angle. A single drop of semen had emerged from the end, it slipped down the shaft. I wanted to explode. I wanted to come. But the music wouldn't allow me that luxury. The melody I failed to recognise at first now cut through me like a hot knife through butter. It was her, Danielle. In there I could hear the beating of her heart, the passion in her soul, the pure strength of her life straining against the restrictions of the world. She wanted me, she wanted me to touch her, to move my hand across her skin and to touch her in the places where only those special to her could go. I was invited, I was impelled in to her. Avoiding her arms -- still filled with the violence of her need. I bent down and felt her knees through the fabric of her trousers. Even though my head swam with the volatile music, I still heard her moan. I undid the single button fastening her trousers and pulled them down gently. She lifted herself slightly and wiggled her hips. The music wasn't interrupted, nor did it even slow as I worked her trousers down her legs and pulled them off gently, accidentally pulling the electrodes from the soles of her feet at the same time. It didn't seem to make a difference. I threw the clothing over my shoulder and moved my attention down. She wore white panties and I could see that the cloth was damp between her legs, sticking to her reddened skin. A few rogue hairs protruded from the lining around her quivering legs. I reached out and touched her pubes. She moaned again and the music increased. Slowly I pushed and felt her wetness seep through to my fingers. Without thinking I drew my fingers back and sniffed them, I smiled and licked the liquid from my fingertips. Oh, I recognised her scent, it was so strong, it surrounded me in a cloud. She lifted herself again and I took the opportunity to remove her panties. The first thing I saw was that she was red, so swollen and wet. Her opening glistened. The two lips apart, both crimson and inviting. She pushed her cunt forward. I no longer heard the music, I was in there with her, part of her music. I danced along the staves, ran along the bars, skipped from the octaves. I slid one hand up her blouse, under her lose bra and found her nipple, both soft and hard at the same time. I took the bud between my fingers and gently squeezed it. Her breath shuddered though her lungs. My right hand combed her pubic hair and them dived between her cleft. She was dripping. My fingers found her clitoris and rubbed. Now and then I slipped two fingers deep into her vagina, withdrew them, massaged her burning clitoris again. She was so hot, I could feel her heat radiating against my skin. She dictated my actions with her rhythm and I followed willingly, all my control surrendered to that strange machine. She moved her hips is a slow gyrating pattern and I rubbed her pussy and then pushed my fingers into her again, they slipped in smoothly, helped by her wetness. I felt inside her vagina. Her pubic hair hung together in clumps, bound together, almost dripping. I bend my neck and brought my mouth to her hair. I took the damp strands in my mouth and tasted her. I tugged gently at her hair as my two hands worked at her breast and clitoris simultaneously. Her breaths were becoming uneven, ragged. The tune changed and I changed too. I withdrew my hand and burrowed my mouth between her legs. My tongue flicked against her clit and ran along the side of her lips. She slouched down in the chair and her legs jerked wider still, once, twice; roughly, like her muscles were clumsy from the draining strength of her passion. I pressed my mouth full against her and pushed my tongue in deep. Deeper. Swept along by the rhythm I played her, an instrument played by another more powerful instrument. We played each other. I wanted to play her. I wanted to be inside her. She shifted her body and her melody. She raised her right leg back, turning her body away so that I could get close to her without stopping her frantic playing. A thought passed through my head: how could she keep up this level of intensity? It felt like hours, and seconds. I did not care. I stopped kissing her and straightened, bending back slightly. My penis wanted, demanded to be inside of her. I would have died if she had refused me now. With relief, with lust, with my last remaining strength, I entered her. My penis slipped into her wet cunt easily. Once there I paused slightly, enjoying the sensation of being inside. The way her skin pressed on mine, her muscles kept on contracting and then relaxing, like an internal hand was masturbating me. Her playing had not abated, even from her contorted position. Carefully I drew back and then pressed in. Her mouth was open, her ragged breath audible as she began a arpeggio. We climbed together the scales together, up and up. I thrust, thrust, thrust, and she played on. The bow was hardly visible, it flew from side to side, pacing me. I felt the anguish in me reaching its breaking point. I don't usually cry out, but this time I could not help myself. I shouted out and she joined me, our chorus joining, merging with the harsh, gentle, impending music. She hit the top of the scale, the screech almost inaudible, but deafening to us both the same. Our cries mingled together as the tension rippled through our bodies, up from our genitals, expanding out up our trunks, along out legs, along our arms, our fingers, sweeping up to stiffen our necks. I felt faint and almost lost consciousness. My come erupted into her. My penis throbbed with the new rhythm that surged along it, each one shooting more come into her, she was milking me. She threw her arms wide, one stick held in each and I collapsed into her embrace. I held myself in her long after it had softened. We held each other close, enjoying the release, the companionship, the shared pleasure. In that moment I loved all of her, not just her beauty and her personality, her intellect and her humour, but every part. I loved the valves that pumped the blood through her veins. I blessed them. Her lungs which still harshly drew in the air. I blessed them. Her bones. Her kidneys. Her anus. The stuff that made up her brain and the nerves that send the information to every part of her body. I looked into her hazel eyes but I saw beyond the clear white and the warm fibres of her iris, saw into the very cornea. I loved her.

We remained in each others embrace for a long time. When I finally withdrew I saw that my penis was covered with my sperm. I wondered how much I had shot into her, the top of the chair fairy swam with our mingled liquids. Exhausted we returned to the sofa -- she placed the violin to one side and peeled the electrodes from her skin -- we lay together, her head resting against my chest. We slept for a long time. I dreamed of her and her violin, playing the song that makes every other song seem listless. She played against the mountains and the sound came back to me in echoes. Over the years this dream would come back to me again and again. When I awoke her head was still pressed against me. I didn't have the heart to rouse her, so I lay there, looked up at the ceiling, caressed her hair and listened to her relaxed breathing. I ached, and I knew she would too. Every service requires payment and ours would demand several days of sore limbs and stiff backs. I smiled to myself. I was willing to pay that fine.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Adventures of Elf girl

Written by a man.


Gwena was a young elf girl, of average height and shapely, as was the way of elvish females. She had long blonde hair tied in an intricate knot, and delicate, pointed ears. Her eyes sparkled with blue fire, and she had moist red lips. Today she wore a long white dress with a leather vest tied snugly over her round, pert breasts. She walked gracefully down an old forest trail as the day wandered into noon, and she reveled in the sights and sounds of the wood. After walking down the trail for about an hour, Gwena left the trail and moved east until she emerged from the trees and entered a cool, forest glade.

The clearing was large, with a clear stream running down its length. A small waterfall poured down a small, rocky hill to her right, sending droplets into the air to form a light mist. Beautiful flowers gathered along the shores of the stream, with large blossoms of rose and daisy.

Gwena breathed deeply of the scented air, smelling water and the flower's sweet nectar. The elf girl walked to the edge of the stream near the waterfall and took off her vest and dress. Mist caressed her smooth, naked flesh, and her nipples hardened to the water's coolness.

She slipped slowly into the water and moved to stand under the gentle waterfall. The water washed over her slim body as she unbound her long, blonde hair and cupped her round breasts to receive more of the cool liquid. She opened her mouth and drank deeply of the cool waters, then moved her small hands over the contours of her shapely body. Her hands moved across her slim stomach, then down to her blonde mound of pussy hair. The girl's slim fingers caressed her pussy lips, then moved deeper into her hot love hole. Gwena gasped with pleasure and rubbed her clit, moaning lightly with each stroke. She raised her fingers to her lips and licked her honey with her wet tongue.

The perfume of the flowers grew stronger, and Gwena inhaled deeply. The sweet scent of the flowers aroused the elf girl more, so she left the water and moved towards one of the large, rose plants. Leafy tendrils emerged from the plant and moved towards the young woman as she knelt before the plant and inhaled deeply again. The strands moved around her slim stomach and encircled her round breasts. Gwena moaned lightly as the tendrils squeezed her tits, and other limbs pulled her thighs apart. A tendril stroked her wet pussy lightly, then entered into her cunt, making the girl gasp for breath. The plant pulled the naked girl towards it, her arms bound above her head, with limbs around her slim waist and legs.

Gwena moaned as the plant fucked her pussy harder, and little blossoms closed around her nipples and began to suck on them. The naked girl writhed with pleasure as the plant squeezed her soft tits and plunged deeply into her cunt. A phallic-looking tendril caressed her soft cheeks, and moved slowly into her open mouth. Gwena sucked on the limb greedily as it moved deeper into her throat. Sweat began to coat the girl's skin as she sucked on the limb and fucked the tendril in her pussy. After several minutes of ecstasy, Gwena orgasmed, and the plant shot sweet nectar down her mouth. She drank the liquid deeply, then sat up as the plant unwound its limbs from her sweat-covered body and retracted them into its trunk. Gwena exhaled loudly with satisfaction, then she bent down to kiss the rose on one of its blossoms. The plant shook softly as the naked girl plunged back into the water to wash off the remains of her session, then she quickly dressed and returned to the forest trail.


Gwena frowned as she heard shouting in the distance, from the direction of her village. She hastened her steps until she reached the edge of the wood and could see the outskirts of her home. Smoke billowed high into the air as the wooden houses of her village burned. Screams came from the village as Men in black armor rode into the town and threw torches dipped in oil on the defenseless houses and shops. Gwena looked on in horror as she watched an elf woman fall to the ground as a Man pursued her on foot. The Man laughed as he slapped her across the face, then pinned her to the ground with his knees.

The elf woman screamed as the Man ripped open her white blouse and fondled her round breasts. The woman tried to crawl away as the Man sucked on her tits and ripped her dress apart. The Man punched the elf woman in the face, knocking her unconscious, then he opened his pants and thrust his cock into her pussy. The woman's body rocked as the Man thrust deeply into her, squeezing her breasts with his gloved hands. As he orgasmed, he shot his load across her naked tits, then he got up, reached down to grab her naked body, and carried her under his arm back into the village.

Scared witless, Gwena ran from the shelter of the forest and hid next to a burning building. She moved deeper into town, where she saw a group of Men on horseback, directing other soldiers as they loaded metal cages on wheels with the women of the village. A lone Man in black armor had a scarlet cape around his massive shoulders, a larger sword held easily in his right hand. A pentagram pendant clasped his cloak at the neck. A horned helmet hid his features, but he had a strong voice, and a long, black beard.

"Get these elf bitches loaded! And be quick! The Elven Council will send warriors to investigate the smoke in a few hours," said the Man leader.

Gwena started to leave, thinking to hide back in the forest, when she saw her father run into the town square, a bloody sword in his left hand. Three Mannish soldiers chased after the Elf, who turned to face their assault. The Men attacked fiercely, chopping with their blades at their smaller foe. Gwena's father parried the Men's clumsy attacks and sliced his blade across the throat of one Man. As the soldier gurgled on his own blood and died, the Elf stabbed another Man in the heart, and pulled out his blade and sliced open the belly of his third attacker.

The Man leader smiled fiercely and pointed his right forefinger at the Elf. As Gwena screamed a warning to her father, a stream of glowing darts flew from the Man's finger and slammed into the Elf's back, flesh sizzled as the Elf flew forward and fell on his face, then he was still. The Men laughed, as did their leader as Gwena ran to her father's body and cradled it in her slim arms. Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she turned to glare at the Mannish leader and scream, "You killed my father, you son-of-a-bitch!"

"That's not the way a young lady should talk. But all of you Elf bitches are sluts and whores anyway," proclaimed the Man as he dismounted from his horse and approached the young woman. Before she could get up to flee, the Man grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to her feet.

"I'm your father now," said the Man with a grin, "and Daddy wants a kiss. "

The Man leader kissed Gwena hard on the lips, forcing his tongue deeply into her limp mouth. He ripped off her vest and dress, then forced her to the hard ground with the help of two of his Men. As the soldiers held her wrists to the ground, the leader spread open her creamy thighs and moved between them. He leaned down and began to suck greedily at her right breast, while his hand squeezed the other. She screamed in terror and frustration as the Man moved to suck her other tit, then moved down to lick her pussy lips. Gwena squirmed as the Man sank his tongue deeply into her love hole, while his hands squeezed her breasts roughly. The elf girl moaned as her body responded to the Man's attentions and love honey began to flow from her cunt.

The Man drank her cum like fine wine, sucking harder into her pussy. Gwena's body went limp and one of the soldiers undid his pants and forced his erect cock into her slack mouth. The elf girl moaned as the Man thrust deeply into her throat, his hand pinching her erect nipples. The other Men hooted and shouted encouragement, while the other Elf maidens looked on in shock. The leader rose from her warm pussy and opened his codpiece, pulling out his erect penis and stroking her inner thighs with it. The naked elf girl moaned as he put his rod into her tight cunt and thrust deeply into her.

She moaned loudly as the Man fucked her deeper and deeper, and the other soldier fucked moist mouth. Gwena's firm ass rose into the air as the leader grabbed her slim waist and forced her pussy harder onto his tool. Minutes later, the leader orgasmed into her warm love hole, then the man fucking her mouth pulled his tool out and shot his load across her face and neck. The elf girl gasped for breath as the Man leader rose to his feet and adjusted his armor.

Smiling at his helpless prisoner, the leader said, "Take the bitch to the well and wash her off, then put her with the others. "

Gwena stumbled weakly after the soldier who pulled her to the well at the center of the square and poured water from a bucket over her naked body. After two more splashes, the guard pulled her to the nearest wheeled cage and threw her inside, after he kissed her roughly on the lips and pinched one of her tits. Gwena lay weakly on a bed of straw as the Men finished burning the Elf village and began to ride to the south, to the Mannish Empire.


Gwena awoke to the tilting gait of the wagon as the slave convoy made its way down the forest trail. Many of the other Elven girls still lay sleeping as she rubbed her sore eyes and watched the guards patrol the trail on their mounts. One grizzled Man smiled laviciously at her as he passed the cage, but she ignored him. The leader of the band of Mannish slavers, who had raped her when he raided her village, rode proudly at the head of the column, surveying the environment with an arrogant gaze.

Morning passed into noon, and the slaves were tossed scraps of travel bread and a few flasks of water. The girls quickly devoured their meals, then stared with empty eyes at their captors and the forest home that would soon be only a memory.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and at dusk the convoy stopped to make camp. The slavers fed and watered the Elf girls again, and after the Men had eaten their own meals and passed a wine flask around, one of the Men opened the cage and pulled a struggling raven-haired girl to the waiting group of leering soldiers. The girl screamed as the Men ripped off the shreds of her clothing and gang-raped her several times, until hours later, when most of them fell into contented sleep, and the girl lay sobbing quietly near the fire. One of the remaining sober guards grabbed her roughly and threw her back into the cage. She lay crying in the dry straw until an older Elf woman drew forward and hugged her close. Gwena watched the girl cry, then curled into a fetal ball and fell asleep.

Two days passed as the convoy moved south through the forest. The Men shot game for meat, and at night, they would take an Elf girl, sometimes several, and rape them mercilessly. Strangely enough, Gwena was never taken into the orgies, she was left alone except for the occasional lustful gaze. The other Elf girls noticed Gwena's new stature, and began to avoid her. Soon, the girl sat by herself near the edge of the cage, while the other girls watched her with suspicion and spoke in hushed whispers.

On the four day, the convoy broke free of the forest and traveled into open grassland. To the northeast, mountains protected the forest home of the Elves. The slavers had traveled south along the edge of the mountain range, then crossed its tip to enter the prairies of the west. To the south, the Sea of Vaduz crashed against the beach, bringing cool, salty air to the mainland. Gwena inhaled the rich, sea air and marveled at the large expanse of water before her. She had never traveled out of the forest, and everything around her was new.

The convoy traveled northwest, along the coast until night fell and they made camp. As Gwena sat in her cage and munched on some stale travel bread, she watched as the Men cooked fish over an open fire and feasted on them. A rough soldier wiping grease from his chin walked over to Gwena's cage and opened it. v "You, elf bitch! Get over here!" commanded the guard as he pointed at Gwena. The slim Elf girl walked unsteadily to the door, then jumped lightly to the ground. She relished the soft earth with her toes as the Man grabbed her left arm and pulled her roughly after him. He traveled to the center of the Mannish encampment, where the Man leader's large, round tent was perched. The guard pulled her through the entrance and pushed her roughly to the rug-covered ground. The leader sat in a leather field chair, sipping a cup of mulled wine, as the guard saluted and stood at attention.

"Leave us. I am not to be disturbed," said the leader. "Yessir!" replied the guard as he saluted, then quickly left the tent. The Man sat and regarded the Elf girl, his eyes pools of darkness that seemed to pull at Gwena's soul and devour it.

"Care for some wine?" asked the Man as he stood up and went to a small pot hanging from a brazier. He poured a cup for Gwena, then refilled his own. He returned to his chair, then held out a cup for her. The Elf girl tentatively took the cup and took a small sip of the wine. The warm liquid traveled through her body and relaxed her stiff back. The Man watched her drink, then took another swallow from his own cup.

"You know, it's really getting difficult to find elf females like you anymore. Ever since the Darklords destroyed the Kai two hundred years ago, all the creatures of Fey seem to be disappearing. It's a pity, since Elf women provide several important ingredients in Nadziranim magic. Did you know that I am a mage of the Right Hand?"

"I guessed that you were some kind of wizard," replied Gwena quietly. "Yes, your people are steeped in magical lore. You're brought up around it. I can sense the sweet scent of magic in your blood right now," said the mage as he gazed hungrily at her. Gwena swallowed the rest of her wine with a gulp, then nervously fingeredher cup. "Yes, it's a pity that there are so few left," whispered the mage as he flew from his chair and grabbed Gwena by the arms. She whimpered softly as he pulled her to a pile of pillows and furs that served as his bed and threw her onto them. She cowered before the Man as he reached for a knife from a nearby table and sliced open her right arm. The girl screamed as he grabbed her arm and collected her blood with a copper bowl.

"Elvish blood is very useful in spells of clairvoyance and seeking," said the mage calmly as he collected more of her blood in the bowl and poured it into a glass jar. After filling two jars with her blood, he whispered words of magic and stroked her wound. The slashed skin sealed back together and the wound disappeared without a scar to mark it. The mage pushed Gwena onto the pillows and ripped her shreds of clothing away. He gazed at her naked body with lust, then leaned down to spread her legs apart. The Elf girl lay back limply as the Man began to rub her pussy with his right hand. She moaned lightly as her body grew warm and her cunt became wet from his caresses. Smiling coldly, the mage began to lick her pussy with his tongue, sending shivers across the girl's body as his tongue probed deeply into her vagina. His strong hands reached up to squeeze her round breasts and pinch her nipples as he probed deeply into her. She moaned loudly as she orgasmed, and a flow of love honey poured from her cunt. The mage quickly grabbed another bowl and collected the girl's cum with it.

"You may be interested to know that a Elf female's cum is also a very powerful ingredient in Nadziranim magic. Any dark mage who drinks it finds that his spells are twice as powerful for a limited period of time. Sex magic is a relatively new discipline, first discovered around 5150 by a Nadziranim wizard. It was quite an accident really, when the mage drank from a human princess's cunt as he raped her, then cast a fireball spell at a group of soldiers in one of the Northern Kingdoms, I forget which one.

The mage's name was Mordred, I think. He's quite a powerful Nadziranim arch-mage these days, serving one of the Northern Darklords I believe. Human women are satisfactory, but Elven women are even better, it's probably all the magic in your kind's blood," said the mage as he tied her wrists together and connected them to one of the tent poles. The mage leaned forward to kiss Gwena roughly on the mouth, exploring her warm throat with his tongue.

The Man pulled away, then began to suck eagerly on her right breast as his hands stroked her inner thighs and probed her wet pussy. The girl moaned softly as the mage moved to suck her other tit, then lick her warm, sweet flesh between her breasts. He undid his pants and pulled out his erect cock, then pulled her head up by the hair and forced his rod into her slack mouth. Gwena moaned in protest as the Man thrust his tool deeper into her throat. The Man smiled in ecstasy as he forced the naked girl to suck on his cock for several minutes, pushing her harder and harder against his crotch. He pulled away from Gwena, allowing her to gasp for breath, then he forced her legs open again and thrust his cock into her pussy.

Gwena gasped as the mage pushed his rod deeply into her love hole. Her sweat-soaked body rocked as he thrust deeper into her. Waves of orgasmic pleasure assaulted her mind as the mage fucked her without restraint. She came again, pouring a stream of love honey from her cunt. The mage collected her fluid, then penetrated her again, pushing deeply into her warm, tight pussy. She moaned louder as he licked her upraised legs and leaned forward to squeeze her heaving breasts. When the mage finally orgasmed, he spewed cumacross her slim stomach and breasts, then moved forward to run his cock across her sweaty face.

"Lick it, Elf bitch!" ordered the mage as he yanked hard on her long, blonde hair. She reluctantly licked the cum from his rod, then sucked lightly on the tip of his tool. The Man grunted with approval as the girl licked across his shaft, then sucked daintily on his balls until he pulled her away and pushed her down into the pillows.

The mage stood up, pulled on a nearby robe of red silk, and took the bottles with her fluids to a nearby strongbox, where he carefully placed them inside. He refilled his cup with wine, then walked to the entrance of the tent to summon a guard. While the guard was being sent for, the mage retrieved another silk robe, with the flaming eye symbol of the dark god Naar, one of many such symbols. He pulled the limp Elf girl to her feet and draped the robe lovingly across her creamy, smooth shoulders. He cinched the silk belt tight against her slim waist, then traced her cheek with his hand as the summoned guard entered the room.

"Take the Elf slut back to her cage. Make sure no one touches her but me. Is that understood?" asked the mage. "Yessir! None of the men has harmed or bedded the wench, as you forbade us to earlier," replied the soldier. "Good. She's my fucktoy until we reach the slave markets," said the mage.

"Very good, sir," acknowledged the guard as he took Gwena's arm and led her from the tent. "Just so you know, you're the property of Vonotar the Second, mage of the Nadziranim," stated the Man with a wicked smile as Gwena left the tent.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Next Door Neighbor

Written by a woman.
By MusicStar

I lived in the neighborhood for about 6 months now. I knew my neighbors pretty well. One neighbor was gorgeous his name was Mark. He had girlfriends but they never stayed around long enough for him to start a real relationship. I knew that because I frequently found myself spying on him.

It was a hot, sticky summer day and I was out side tanning and Mark was mowing his yard. I could see the sweat dripping from his forehead. I grabbed a coke and brought it over to him.

"You sure look hot I thought you might like a drink." I smiled.

"Yeah but that's not all I would like," he said.

He then leaned down and kissed me like I have never been kissed before. I stopped to catch my breath and I kissed him back even harder. He then took me in his big strong arms inside to his house. We didn't make it pass his couch. I quickly pulled his sweaty shirt over his head and I flung it to the floor. I started to unbutton his jeans but he stopped me. He undid the top of my bikini and my breast flew out and he quickly reached over and he cradled them in his hands. He slowly rubbed them into tight, brown, nubs. He lowered me to the floor and took my breast slowly into his mouth and he sucked them. I ran my fingers through his brown curly hair and I stroked the back of his head with my fingernails. He then slid off the bottoms of my suit. I rolled over on top of him and said "You are driving me crazy I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

I laid on top of him and pulled off his shorts. I grabbed the top of him thick long cock and I took all 8 inches of him into my small tight cunt. I thought I was going to rip in half. I rode him first slow then fast and I kissed his sweet lips and it made me quiver. I kept going impaling on his hard thick cock. I could feel myself coming to an orgasm and he started to twitch I knew he was ready to cum. His body rocked in motion with mine as it made rhythm with the old ceiling fan. With one last hard stroke we both climaxed and a sweet combination of sweat, cum, and my juices splashed everywhere.

I leaned down and gave him a really hard kiss and I said "I'm glad you are my neighbor."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Riding through the outback

Written by a man.
Gus Schmidlap from Amsterdam

I first met Sherry at a trade show in Chicago, where she represented her Australian company.

She had left me with the clear impression that if ever I found myself in Perth, my time would be well spent in visiting her home. Thus, hers was the first number I called when I arrived for a week of business in Australia.

She seemed pleased to hear from me, and we arranged to meet on the weekend. She promised to arrange a day of outdoor fun, and asked if I enjoyed horse riding, which as it happens, I do. And so, bright and early on Saturday morning, as arranged, I arrived at her apartment in a pleasant suburb of Perth.

She answered the door dressed in a night-gown, looking even better than I remembered. Sherry stands around six feet tall, and is firmly built, a legacy of her years of competitive swimming, which left her with broad shoulders, and a muscular frame which she has not allowed to slip. She kissed me warmly on the lips, and apologised for not being ready.

She offered me coffee, which I took sitting in the lounge while she went to her bedroom to get dressed. When she came out, I was surprised by her outfit, which seemed a little impractical for horse-riding. While she had knee length leather riding boots, instead of jodhpurs, she wore a knee length skirt. "What happened to your jodhpurs?" I asked. Sherry flashed her naughty smile, and said "You'll have to wait and see."

We set off in her car, and after an hours drive arrived at a remote farm, where she stabled her horse. Before long we had saddled up, and were cantering along the Australian outback in glorious sunshine. After about an hour of hard riding, we pulled up at a watering hole, and dismounted, tying the horses to a rail while they could have a drink. Sherry produced a hip flask, and we both had a shot of cognac. Before long we were kissing. "You didn't have to bring me all the way out here to seduce me" I said. She smiled. "I thought I'd give you a fuck to remember" she said, "Have you ever had sex on a horse?". Naturally the prospect intrigued me. 'Right, lets see what we have here' she said, untying my belt, and pulling down my zipper, to release a half hearted John Thomas. At the touch of her hand, he soon stood to attention, and stepping back, Sherry raised her skirt and removed her knickers, giving me a flash of golden haired pussy, before her skirt dropped.

'Right, mount up' she said, untying one of the horses. As soon as I was seated, she grasped my arm. 'Now pull me up" she said. With a little effort she was soon positioned, facing me on the saddle. She raised her skirt, and using my shoulder to balance herself, straddled my lap, slipping my cock into her pussy in the process.

The anticipation must have worked for her, because her snatch was wet by the time John Thomas made his entry. Holding me in a firm embrace she said, 'Right, now lets go riding.'

I spurred the horse into a trot, revelling in the feeling of her cunt clutching my cock as she rose and fell with each stride. 'Now lets canter' she said, her breathing starting to quicken.

We soon fell in time with the motion of the horse, and with the feeling of sunshine, and the clean country air, I felt incredibly turned on. My cock was hard as a diamond cutter as it slammed into her, and the effect was obvious. 'God, I'm going to come' she shouted, above the clutter of the horses hooves pounding into the hard sandy track. Her cunt seemed to clench around my cock, and the next thing I knew, I was shooting my spunk inside her. I nearly lost my balance, and had to reign the horse in, which was achieved with some difficulty.

Once we had stopped, she dismounted, and beckoned me to join her on the ground. "I always come like crazy when I fuck like that" she said, "Now, lets try it the other way around."

Placing one foot in a stirrup, she swung herself onto the saddle, and then helped to pull me up, so I was positioned facing her. This time it was a little more difficult, as my cock was still soft when she tried to straddle me once more. Using her fingers, she pressed my limp member into her wet hole, still slippery with semen, and before long I was hard enough to stay inside her. She then spurred the horse into a canter, and the thrilling sensations started once more. The rhythm of the horses stride seemed to force my cock right into her womb. This time it took much longer for me to come, and she took full advantage, shouting ecstatically, as orgasm after orgasm overcame her, while my cock pounded into her. The danger aspect of thundering along the track, backwards, with her full weight pressing down on me added an element of spice which soon caused the most intense orgasm I can remember. Sherry managed to stop the horse, and carefully dismounted me, using one hand to cover her snatch as she slipped of my softening cock. "We cant have come stains on the saddle" she explained as she swung her leg over me to dismount, still holding her cunt with one hand. "Tie the horse up" she instructed, pointing to a nearby tree. While I did this, she lay back against the tree, parted her legs, and using both hands, began stroking the slippery wetness along the lips of her cunny, pausing occasionally to slip two fingers in and finger fuck herself, seemingly oblivious to my presence. I went to stand right in front of her, my cock standing fully to attention as I watched her making herself come.

The hot sun and clean air combined with the smell of her sex was overpowering. I knelt between her legs and started kissing my way up her tanned thighs toward her honey pot. I licked along the edge of her swollen bulge, careful not to rush arrival at her clit. She became impatient, parting her labia to invite my tongue deeper inside her. "Lick me there, harder" she moaned as yet again her body quivered with the force of another orgasm.

Her hand had by now found its way to my cock, and with a little delicate manoeuvring she twisted into a position where she could reach John Thomas with her mouth without interrupting my contact with her pussy. Inspired by her own pleasure, Sherry proceeded to give one of the best blow jobs I've ever known, alternating her pace to ensure I stopped just short of coming. Eventually I could take no more, and started thrusting into her mouth, desperate to come. Sherry slipped away before the crucial moment, and with a laugh, pulled away. As she stood up, her skirt fell back into its normal position, covering her steaming pussy. Coyly crossing her legs, she turned to face the tree, and with some sense of theatre bent over whilst raising her skirt at the same time, revealing her slick wet slit, peach like below her little puckered anus. "Fuck me now" she moaned, her head practically between her knees.

I grasped her hips from behind, and guided my cock between her beckoning labia. She was so wet I slipped right in with no effort at all. We were both so aroused that things didn't last long. The combination of her silky smooth wetness and the tight fist like clutch of her vagina soon started my cock spunking. Sherry's hand had found its way to her clit while I fucked her, and her frantic rubbing ensured she came at the same time. After using the most excellent muscle contractions with her fanny to milk the last drop of come from my well used testicles, Sherry dismounted, and turned to kneel in front of me. My cock was glistening with her wetness as she started licking the slowly deflating tip. "I love to taste myself" she said, looking at me out of the corner of her eye while my cock nuzzled against her lips.

We stayed out for another hour, resting, before heading back to the City. Horse Riding has never been the same for me since.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Daydream

Written by a woman.
By Sarah from Surrey.

She awoke, after what must have only been a handful of hours sleep, to the sun streaming through the bedroom curtains. She became aware of the solid warm body peacefully prostrate next to hers and instinctively snuggled her curves into his, like a jigsaw.
His breathing was deep and regular, but in contrast, hers became labored and gasping as the warmth of his manhood nestled against her buttocks. As he slept, blissfully unaware, she lapsed into a state on semi consciousness. Her insides grew moist and the feeling of desire welled up inside her, almost to the point of no return.

But unfortunately, time was her enemy today and her lust was abandoned, unsatisfied. No matter, she thought, an energetic day would take her mind off that unfinished business.

A five mile bike ride later, she was relieved to strip down to her swimsuit and she plunged into the cool waters of the swimming pool. How she loved that feeling of buoyancy, the water gently cushioning her bruised pelvis and aching thighs, the evidence left from the previous evening's exertions.

After a few leisurely lengths, she maneuvered herself into the Jacuzzi. The contrast was breathtaking; the hot frantic bubbles forcing themselves to the surface, persistently massaging her legs and bum. After 20 minutes of heavenly indulgence, she was too hot for comfort and was forced to take a cold shower, those icy jets like needles on her back and chest.

Next her favorite- the steam room. Thankfully it was empty, so she was able to fantasies without interruption. She stretched out her limbs, like a cat arching her back in ecstasy. The atmosphere damp and steamy, she imagined him sitting opposite her, staring with a look of longing in his eyes. Surely, with the steam so dense, nobody would see them?

He moved across to a seat in the densest corner and stealthily she straddled his lap, her back against his bear-like chest. Discreetly, he released his impatient member from his swimming shorts and deftly adjusted her costume so that he could swiftly penetrate her. She, leaning gently forwards, resting her hands for balance on his athletic thighs, maneuvered herself gently up and down, gripping his manhood. He was forced to remain completely inert; her weight pinning him down against the damp, clammy seat.

Gradually, still with a rocking motion, she opened her thighs wider and wider until she could feel her muscles pulling. With all her concentration, she squeezed her vaginal walls to hold him tight inside her. Finally, he could bear it no more and with all his might, thrust upwards into her, resulting in an almighty orgasm that felt as if the top of his head had come clean away. And, simultaneously, her contractions reached a frenzy to the point where she was no longer aware of her steamy surroundings or indeed even which planet she was on.

The volcanic eruption had completely exhausted all her energies and she was unable to move or speak for several moments.

She opened her eyes. She was alone. Was it a dream or did it really happen?

Friday, January 13, 2006

When in Oslo

Written by a man.
by Brian (in Kent)

I arrived in Oslo for a three day visit, checking on our distributors progress.

I usually go there several times each year, and have several friends in Oslo. Anneus, who is one of our distributors, had suggested to me on previous visits that we go out for a night on the town, and this time I had a free night to accept his invitation to "double date" his girlfriend Magda.

He told me he had spoken to her about me, and that she had asked to meet. I naturally assumed that Magda would arrange a friend for our "double date".

Anneus drove us from the office to his apartment. When we arrived, I was introduced to Magda, who was a classic Norwegian beauty. Long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and legs which were indecently lengthy. She wore a short skirt, with high heels, which made her taller than my own six feet. Her tight fitting T-shirt did little to conceal the fact that she had very erect nipples on the end of extraordinarily large breasts. She kissed me on both cheeks, leaving the hint of a remarkably familiar scent.

Anneus poured drinks, while we chatted about life in Oslo. All very casual and chatty. After finishing two bottles of wine, my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked Anneus who he had in mind when he had suggested a double date.

"Oh no", he replied, "I meant Magda for both of us. She likes a lot of sex, and I enjoy a helping hand every now and then". Magda smiled affirmatively. "Anneus has told me quite a bit about you", she said, moving closer to me, and running her hand along the inside of my thigh. "He says you like to fuck a lot" she said as her hand brushed against my cock. For a brief moment I was somewhat taken aback, but the combination of the wine and Magda's heady scent filling my nostrils, made me quite powerless to resist.

"She has great breasts" said Anneus, removing Magda's T-shirt, to reveal the truth in his words. "Stand up, and let me show him your pussy" he instructed her. Magda rose from her position on the sofa, and allowed Anneus to remove her skirt, and peel her skimpy black panties down her legs.

Her cunt was virtually hairless, save for a small triangle of closely cropped dark blonde hair which started above the topmost fold of her labia. Her vaginal lips were quite swollen, and her wetness was evident. She sat back on the sofa next to me, while Anneus returned to his seat.

"Would you like to taste my pussy" she asked, easing her labia apart with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other.

I needed no second invitation, and in a flash was kneeling between her legs, raising her hips with my hands beneath her ass to gain better access with my tongue. She was very wet, and as I traced the length of her quim with my tongue she kept on rubbing her clit.

She began to moan quite loudly. Gradually with the coaxing of my tongue, her nectar started to rise from the depths of her slit, coating my lips with her slippery wetness.

"I want to taste your cock", she whispered hoarsely. I removed my trousers, and straddling her on the couch, pressed my cock against her lips.

Anneus had undressed in the meanwhile, and moved between her legs to continue where I had left off. Magda's hand circled my shaft, and her tongue began tracing light circles around the underside of my helmet, before swallowing inch after inch until I felt my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. Her hand kept up a pressure against the base of my cock as I began slowly fucking her mouth. Sensing the closeness of my orgasm, she moved off my dick.

"I want you both to come at the same time" she said, gently pushing me off her. She moved onto the floor, and bent over into a doggy position. I moved in front, and fed my cock back into her mouth, while Anneus positioned himself behind her, and began fucking. I could hear the slurping sound as his shaft pumped into her. By now she was wanking my cock expertly, while using her lips to pressure my helmet. I felt the come begin to rise in my testicles. Magda began to moan in Swedish, and pumped frantically at my cock as the jets of sperm began to spurt into her mouth. Anneus groaned, "Oh yes, I'm coming", and removing his cock wanked the spurts of come over Magda's back. Barely pausing to catch her breath, Magda rose from her haunches, and turned to lick Anneus's cock. Far from seeming sated by her double fucking, Magda was only getting warmed up.

"I want to feel you both inside me together", she said, looking straight at me while Anneus's cock pressed against her lips. The prospect caused an immediate response with Anneus. His flagging cock rose once more. Noticing that Anneus sported a good eight inch cock, much the same size as my own, caused me to comment to Magda "Do you really think you can take that much inside you?". Anneus replied. "Oh yes, she loves it. When she really gets hot she just cant get enough". "Lie over here", Magda instructed, positioning me on my back. Straddling me, she slowly eased her willing quim over my by now rock hard dick. Anneus moved behind her, and guided his cock above mine at the entrance to Magda's hungry hole. Magda was lying against my chest, her hard nipples pressing against me, with her bum angled upward. She moved her buttocks upward until my cock was barely inside her to enable Anneus to press his cock above mine. With a little thrust, Anneus managed to get a few inches of his dick inside her. Magda was moaning ecstatically by this time, as she pressed herself downward against my cock, gradually easing inch by inch inside her until, both our cocks were buried to the hilt.

I have never felt such at tight squeeze, made all the better by the rippling contractions Magda was performing with her stretched cunt muscles.

Gradually, as her wetness flowed, movement became easier, and Anneus began a slow fucking motion. I reached a hand underneath Magda's body, and felt for her clit. Her wetness was everywhere, soaking the sparse patch of pubic hair. I found her clit and began rubbing it. Magda started moaning in Swedish, which I didn't understand, although the gist was quite clear from the expression on her face. The pressure on my cock was becoming unbearable, and I began to thrust upwards, meeting Magda's downward pressure, just as I felt the come start to rise from my testicles.

This triggered Anneus, and I felt his cock pulsing against mine, as we both spurted our loads inside Magda's soaked, stretched cunt.

Her moans reached a wail, as she felt our jism shooting up inside her. Her vaginal muscles clenched around our cocks, milking the last drops of come, until finally Anneus slid his cock out, and collapsed backward onto the sofa.

Magda rose off me, careful to cover her snatch to prevent the double load of come from dripping out, and moved next to Anneus on the sofa, where she lay back, opening her legs wide apart, and dipping her fingers into her gaping, dripping quim, began to wank herself, sliding three fingers up to the knuckles between her pouting lips, and rubbing furiously at her clit with her other hand.

Her eyes were closed, and she moaned continuously as she enjoyed orgasm after orgasm until finally, with a shriek with must have made the neighbours wonder, her body spasmed, and she withdrew her fingers from her cunt.

Anneus disappeared to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine, and Magda moved next to where I was still lying on the carpet.

"What a big cock you have" she said in her strong Swedish accent, taking my limp member between her fingers, and massaging it gently. While we lay exhausted on the living room floor, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it", shouted Anneus from the kitchen. I started reaching for some clothes, but Magda stopped me. "It's okay, its just Anna, and I'm sure she won't be embarrassed", she said with a knowing wink. Anneus entered the room with a petite blonde girl, "Anna, this is Milton, Milton this is Anna", he said by way of introduction. I rose to greet her, and we kissed on both cheeks.

Anna was around five six, in her mid twenties, with a mane of curly blonde hair which tumbled halfway down her back. She wore a short black skirt, dark stockings, and a smart black jacket over a white cotton shirt. She turned toward Magda who was still lying on the floor, "Magda, looks like you're being greedy again" she said laughing, as she removed her jacket. "Well, its your fault for having bad timing", Magda replied, "Look, Milton doesn't seem to like you very much", she said, smiling as she picked up my limp cock, and allowed it to fall back against my thigh. "Looks like we might have to put on a bit of a show to get these boys going again".

With that Magda, rose, and started to undress Anna. Anneus handed me a glass of wine, and sat down next to me, eyes keenly fixed on the show starting on the living room floor. Slowly, and sensuously Magda undressed Anna, until she stood in just her underwear.

A skimpy black G string and a matching lace bra. Kneeling in front of Anna, Magda began to peel the G string down her legs, exposing her pert pudenda, rimmed by a trim bush of blonde pubes.

Using two fingers, she carefully parted Anna's labial lips, exposing the deep red flesh of her cuntlet. Magda leaned forward, gently running her tongue along the open lips, until she arrived at the little bud of flesh at the apex of the open slit. Expertly Magda tongued Anna's cunt until the smaller girl began to moan encouragingly.

"Oh yes just there. No one gives head like you. Put your fingers inside me, I'm so close, don't stop now."

Both Anneus and I were standing firmly to attention by this time. Magda slipped her fingers out of Anna's by now dripping quim, and turned toward me.

"I think she's ready now, why don't you take over." I needed no second bidding, and rose to my feet to face Anna. Magda grasped my cock, and guided it to the waiting wet slit between Anna's legs. I had to bend my knees slightly, and then I was sliding up Anna's hot hole. She pressed against me, and began to rock back and forth against my cock, impaling herself with increasing intensity. I placed my hands about her buttocks, and lifted her off her feet. With her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, I could feel my cock pressing against the wall of her womb, as I slid her up and down on my cock.

Anneus had Magda on her hands and knees, and was fucking her from behind as both watched my cock sliding in and out of Anna's tight little pussy. Anna meanwhile was moaning in Swedish, as she came, in what appeared to be one continuous orgasm. I felt my legs start to tire from the strain of supporting Anna's writhing body, so I laid her on the carpet next to Magda and Anneus, careful not to dislodge my cock from inside her. Once on the floor, I kept on fucking her, slow strokes, reaching deep inside her. Magda rose from her haunches, and moved over Anna's face, spreading her legs to position her smooth, well oiled cuntlet above Anna's mouth. Magda's breast were just about level with my mouth, and I took one swollen nipple between my lips, and sucked the hard little bud. Anneus, feeling a little left out at this stage, moved behind Magda, and tried to slip his cock up her from the rear, but Anna was having none of it, grasping his cock, as it nestled at the entrance to Magda's cunt, and diverting it into her mouth.

Magda reached a hand forward, surrounding my cock as I was about to begin another stroke into Anna's dripping pussy, and I felt Magda's fingers try to slip inside Anna's cunt alongside my cock.

She succeeded in slipping three fingers between my cock and the stretched wall of Anna's pussy. The tightness was incredible, and once again I felt the gush of sperm start pulsing into Anna's cuntlet. Somehow Magda dislodged my still spurting cock from Anna's cunt, and wanked my come over her gaping pussy. After the last drops had been squeezed out, Magda rubbed my sperm furiously into Anna's quim, pushing two fingers knuckle deep inside, and then rubbing hard against her swollen clit, until Anna could take no more, and her body jerked spasmodically, in the throes of an uncontrollable orgasm. By this time Anneus was coming in Anna's mouth, and with the smell of sex like a mist around us, we all collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I spent the rest of the night at Anneus and Magda's home, and awoke the following morning to find Magda's lips around my cock.

When she realised I was awake, she said "Just my way of saying good-bye."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girls just wanna have fun

Written by a man. by Hans Schmidlapp

I met Jane whilst enjoying a pint at my local pub.

I had noticed her there before, but she had always been with company. That night Melanie, my live in girlfriend, had phoned from work to say she would be back late, so we arranged to meet at the pub.

While waiting, I saw Jane about to leave with a girlfriend. "Buy you a drink?" I asked. She met my eye-contact, and with a smile agreed, saying a quick farewell to her friend before joining me at the bar. She had obviously had a few already, as the slightest hint of a slur was evident in her diction. All the while I was becoming increasingly aware of her sexuality. She wore a skirt, with a loosely fitting cotton top, through which I was able to see the outline of a tremendously firm pair of breasts, quite disproportionately large for her otherwise petite frame.

Before long the conversation turned to sex.

"Is that your wife I've seen you in here with?" she asked. To my confirmation of this she replied "She's very beautiful, does she fuck as good as she looks?".

"Well I think so, but of course I have no way of knowing if a woman would agree", I responded. "You mean she's never been with another woman?" Melanie asked with the mischievous glimmer of a smile, "And I thought you two looked so liberated". "Do you enjoy woman more than men?" I asked. "Well, not really. There's no substitute for cock, but making love to another woman can be good."

Just then, as if on cue, Melanie walked in. I introduced her to Jane, and they seemed to take to each other immediately. "God, I really need a drink" Mel said, "It's most definitely been one of those days."

By the time I had returned with the next round of drinks, the girls were engrossed in giggly conversation. I was slightly surprised by this, as Mel is usually a little reserved with strangers. As I sat down, I heard Jane asking Mel "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

"Not really" she replied, a glimmer of a smile crossing her lips.

"Well would you like to?" asked Jane, looking straight into Mel's eyes. Mel turned toward me. "Would you like me to invite Jane home with us?" she asked, with more than a touch of coy.

"Perhaps you could twist my arm" I replied, heart racing at the prospect.

We finished our drinks, and set off for home.

Mel led Jane indoors by the hand, and the two disappeared into the bathroom. I stood at the door watching as Mel sat on the edge of the bath and removed her shoes. Jane began undressing. Slipping the cotton blouse over her shoulders to reveal her breasts in all their splendour. Mel was transfixed.

"Are those real, or have you had a little help?" she asked. "All real" replied Jane, smiling, "Why don't you feel for yourself", with which she crossed her arms underneath her breasts, raising them to exaggerate her cleavage.

Mel rose on her stockinged feet, and reached a tentative hand toward Jane's right breast, cupping the underside, and rotating her palm against the round milky white flesh until her fingertips reached the small round burgundy coloured bud of nipple at the centre of Jane's aureole, which must have been a full two inches in diameter.

"They feel so smooth" commented Mel, warming to the task, as her other hand had by now begun to massage Mel's left breast.

Without interrupting Mel's ministrations, Jane unzipped her skirt, and allowed it to fall to the floor, to reveal the fact that no only was she was naked, but completely hairless as well. By this time my cock was thumping against my trousers in a way which demanded release.

Within moments I had undressed, and moved behind Mel to help her out of her clothes. Jane began unbuttoning Mel's blouse while I removed her skirt. Mel had lacy black underwear on, with a suspender belt supporting her sheer black stockings. As Mel's hand moved to release her stockings, Jane stopped her. "No, please leave them on. Just let me take your knickers off." with which Jane knelt in front of Mel, sliding her panties over her stockinged legs. Mel stepped out of her knickers, Jane remained on her knees in front of her, at eye level with Mel's now naked pussy.

"So you really are a natural blonde" she remarked on seeing the trim tuft between Mel's legs.

"I always think blondes taste better". Jane leaned forward, her tongue flickering along the inside of Mel's thigh, working her way toward the honey pot which lay in wait.

While this was going on, I stood behind Mel, pressing my cock against her behind while I massaged her breasts through her bra, keeping a keen eye over her shoulder at Jane's progress. I felt Mel's body tense as Jane reached her quim, and watched that flickering tongue trace circles around Mel's clit.

"God, your making me horny" Mel commented as her hands reached down to Jane's head, pressing her closer to the task at hand. Through her bra I could feel Mel's nipples become as hard as small marbles. Her whole body seemed to generate an electric pulse as she responded to Jane's attention. Pausing momentarily, Jane directed the proceedings.

"Why don't you sit here" she asked me, pointing to the side of the bath. I needed no second bidding. "Now you come with me" she directed Mel, her hands on Mel's hips as she guided her backwards toward me until my cock was conveniently positioned between her legs nudging the entrance to her quim.

Jane reached her hand around my cock, and slowly eased it between the lips of Mel's wet cunny, supporting Mel's weight with her other hand as she gently pushed her backward against me, nestling the helmet of my cock inside the entrance to Mel's cuntlet. "Now both of you stay like that" Jane instructed. She was on her knees in front of Mel, and I had a clear view as she leaned forward to lick her way around Mel's clit. While she did this her hands reached between our entwined legs to cup my testicles, and apply pressure in a way that required considerable self control to stop myself from coming right then.

Mel began to moan with pleasure. "Oh god, don't stop now, I'm going to come" she moaned, her cunt contracting spasmodically around my cock, as Jane's tongue wove its spell around her clit.

Unable to stop myself, I thrust my full length deep into Mel's dripping slit. Jane reacted instantly.

"I told you to stay in that position, and now you've blown it, so you'll just have to wait" she instructed playfully.

Moving both hands around Mel's hips, she lifted her off my cock, and led her out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

For a moment I sat dumfounded, looking at the swollen organ between my legs, and noticing how it shone with the wetness from Mel's pussy. By now the girls were lying on the bed. Jane had placed Mel on her back, with her legs held wide apart and was kneeling between them, tracing upward motions with her fingers, from Mel's ankles along her inner thighs, to arrive at her beckoning labia. For some time Jane kept this up, never quite going beyond a light brush against Mel's cunt, before returning to her feet to begin again.

I stayed at the door watching, until Jane looked up. "Do you want to taste how wet I've made her" she asked, moving backward to allow me to lean over in compliance.

Mel had her hands over her eyes, and her body seemed taut as a wired junkie. My lips pressed against the wiry blonde hairs, in search of her clitoris. When eventually I felt the small bud exposed to the pressure of my tongue, I felt Mel's body jerk in direct response. The smell of her sex was all consuming, as I reached lower with my tongue, licking the wetness along the lips of her labia, before pressing my face hard against her, burying my tongue inside her vagina.

The bucking motion of her thighs caused Jane to lean forward and press Mel's hips against the bed to prevent her dislodging me from the pursuit of my oral ministrations. I felt a pressure against my back. It was Jane pressing her body against me. Rubbing her breasts against my back, she spoke in a loud whisper. "Now it's my turn, Mel can wait a while, watching you do that to me".

Jane lay back, opening her legs below my face. Her cunt was a thing of true splendour. Her labia rose in a muscular pout to reveal her obscenely swollen labial lips, from which a visible line of wetness rolled with the dictates of gravity down over the brown circle of her butt. At the apex of the gash of flesh, Jane's clit stood erect. A small bud of white in a sea of deep red flesh. As my tongue touched it, I felt Jane's hands press the back of my head against her. This seemed an adequate cue for more pressure, so I began to vigorously circle her clit with my tongue, pausing occasionally to reach deep inside her to coat my tongue with her wetness, before returning to the circular motions on her clit. Mel by now, had worked herself underneath me, and I felt her hands guide my cock into her mouth. She knew how close I was to coming, and took care not to spend too long making contact. In a surprisingly formal voice, Mel asked "I want you to spunk inside Jane's pussy so that I can lick your come out of her." I positioned myself between Jane's legs without much difficulty, and found her hand waiting to guide my cock between her wet lips. I felt the hot walls of her cunt clutch my cock, and I thrust forward as sharply as I could, pressing my cock hard against the wall of her womb, in a desperate quest to thrust as many times as possible before the imminent orgasm which I knew to be seconds away. Time seemed to blur in slow motion as I felt jet after jet of sperm shoot into the depths of Jane's cunt.

I must have passed out for awhile, because when I next opened my eyes I was on my back against the pillows. In front of me on the bed, Mel was lying on top of Jane, who was facing the other way, her head buried between Jane's legs. Mel was using her hands to spread Jane's cunt lips as wide as possible, to enable her tongue to reach deep inside to retrieve the remnants of come which she hadn't already used to lick around Jane's clit and labia. Moving myself along the bed, I saw Jane was giving in equal measure as she pressed Mel's bottom to bring more pressure to bear between her tongue and Mel's mound. I moved behind Mel's bottom, and bending my knees was able to press my cock against Mel's cunt, directly above Jane's mouth. Soon Jane began to alternate between running her tongue along the full length of my shaft, and pressing against the well oiled nub of Mel's clit.

Her hands guided my cock between Mel's cunt lips. As I began to build up a thrusting motion, Jane was struggling frantically to match our rhythm with her tongue darting about Mel's clit. The intense double pressure of my cock thrusting into her, and Jane's tongue against her clit brought Mel to another shuddering climax. Momentarily I slipped out of her glistening snatch, lowering my aim toward Jane's mouth. She willingly swallowed my length, using her tongue to press the underside of my cock firmly against the roof of her throat. After of few strokes into Jane's mouth, I removed my cock, and re-entered Mel's waiting wetness. Mel's cunt seemed to be wide open. Her pussy lips had parted to almost an oval, and her wetness trickled in a steady stream, smearing Jane's lips and face. The alternation went on for some time. Fucking Mel's dripping quim, and Jane's mouth, until I could stand it no more, and with a gasp of unrestrained pleasure, I felt the forces of orgasm rise up and assume command. As I felt the warm gush of semen gush deep inside Mel's quim, Jane grasped my spurting cock with her hands, and guided me back to her mouth, where the last jets of milky come added to the abundance of sex juices smeared around her lips. My hard on seemed to last for ever, and after Jane had squeezed out the last drops of come, she guided me back inside Mel, who by now was whimpering with unabated pleasure. Taking the initiative once more, Jane extracted herself from beneath Mel. "I want you to lie on your back now" she directed me. Mel protested. "No don't stop, I'm about to come again", but Jane was having none of it, pushing me backward to dislodge my cock.

No sooner was I lying on my back than Jane was astride me, guiding my cock between the hairless lips of her pouting wet labia, and sinking my shaft deep inside her. As she rode me, her fingers kept up a frantic rubbing on her clit, and her moans became deafening. Mel had recovered herself somewhat by now, and had moved to position herself facing Jane, whilst squatting to position her soaked snatch over my face. The electric eroticism as I tasted Mel's sweet come while feeling the exotic ting of Jane's pussy slipping up and down my cock was quite indescribable. Mel was more turned on than I'd ever seen before. The lips of her labia were obscenely swollen, and her entire vagina seemed to have developed a life of its own.

Mel's hands were massaging Jane's enormous tits, and pulling hard at her erect nipples. "I'm going to come" wailed Jane. The contractions of her pussy intensified, gripping my cock in a fist like fashion. Once more I felt the sperm rise out of my testicles, and pulse in spurts deep inside Jane's willing pussy. "Why don't you lie back here", Mel gestured to Jane, who rose off the rubbery remains of my erection, covering her open hole with the palm of one hand to prevent the spunk from dripping out. Jane lay on her back, opening her legs to invite Mel's attention to her dripping quim. Mel was quick to respond, replacing Jane's hand with her own. With a delicate fingertip she traced the line of semen that threatened to trickle out of Jane's open cunny, and tenderly spread it about, using the mix of our come as a lubricating oil to apply increasing pressure to Jane's mound with the palm of her hand.

Jane's moans increased in intensity. "Fuck me with your fingers" she begged Mel. Holding Jane's slit open with one hand, Mel inserted two fingers into the beckoning wetness, and leaning forward, began licking lightly around Jane's clit while her fingers pursued their fucking motion. Jane's hips began to buck and gyrate as she moaned her way through orgasm after orgasm, coating Mel's mouth with the translucent sheen of her wetness. "Don't stop now" cried Jane, as Mel withdrew her fingers.

Jane's disappointment was short lived. Mel moved to position her cunt between Jane's legs, placing a leg on either side of Jane's, pressing her matted pubes against Jane's slit. "Oh yes" said Jane, as Mel's pubes rubbed against her clit, and she began returning the pressure till both girls reached a fucking rhythm.

My cock was rock hard from the sight of this. "Fuck her tits" Mel instructed me, without breaking her rhythm. Rising to straddle Jane's waist, I pressed her tits together to create a sluice of flesh into which I pressed my cock. Jane was teasing her nipples mercilessly as I pounded my length between her breasts. Holding my cock with one hand, I traced small circles with the tip around Jane's nipples, and then moved forward to rub the helmet against her lips. Her tongue rose to meet me, titillating the underside of my helmet with exquisite delicacy. The girls had now found their cunt rubbing exercise to be a little frustrating, and Mel suggested an alternative . "Come behind us and fuck us both in turn" she suggested. As I moved off Jane, Mel placed a pillow under her waist, raising her mound to a convenient angle, and spreading Jane's legs as widely apart as possible.

Mel then stretched herself face down over Jane's back, and opened her own legs equally wide.

Their cunt's were within inches of each other as I knelt between their legs and slipped John Thomas between Mel's cunt lips. A few thrusts later, I slipped out of Mel, and slid the full length of my by now rampant, cock into Jane's quivering wetness. Jane's cunt felt as tight a fist wrapped around my cock, despite the fact that I was covered in both Mel's wetness as well as her own. With the smell of sex hanging like a cloud in the room, it only took a few thrusts before I felt the floodgates open once more. Grasping my cock with my right hand, I withdrew from inside Jane, and spurted my come over the lips of her cunt, before adjusting my aim to do the same for Mel. The sight of my spunk dripping between the two open snatches before me induced an orgasm of such intensity, that I suspect I passed out for awhile.

When I awoke, Jane was gone, Mel was asleep beside me, and my cock ached with exquisite pain.