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by Peter
(April 2001)

Peter's girlfriend is wilder than he thinks.......
This is a true story about me and my girlfriend when I was just 14........

I'd been going out with Kelly about a month. She was by far the horniest girl in school and everyone wanted to go out with her. Anyway, She was blonde, about 5 and a half ft tall. Her tits were relatively small for her age which was Ok as I am turned on by small tits!

Everyone in school said they'd either got off with her or fucked her, which was probably true-but I didn't care. I thought I knew everything about her- But as I was soon to find out, I did not........

It was a Saturday. And we had arranged to go swimming as usual- but this time we weren't gonna have my nagging parents tagging along like we usually did, they had to go out and wouldn't be back for about 7 hours. When Kelly arrived at my house I opened the door, she had a strange look on her face that I had never seen before. She told me to hurry up, so I did.......

When we got to the swimming baths, we got changed-in seperate cubicals, as kelly did not like to be naked in front of people-apparently anyway. It was so obviously not true.We got into the pool and began racing, as usual. After two lenghths I suddenly realised Kelly was missing.

She must have gone to get a drink or something, I thought, and carried on. Suddenly, I felt something reaching for my shorts underwater, I thought it must just be the flow of the water, But then suddenly, it yanked my shorts down! AHHH, I was naked in a public swimming pool! Luckily there was no one else in the pool, and the lifeguard was a bit thick, and couldn't care less, so I dived underwater to find out what was going on.

As soon as I dived down, I saw Kelly, completely naked in front of me! I felt my cock getting harder and harder, as Kelly swam over to me. In one swift movement she swam down below me and I felt her soft, warm, 14 year old lips incase my cock! She was giving me a blow job underwater! The fact she was giving me a blow job amazed me, but underwater!

At that point I stopped thinking about why she was doing it at decided to make the most of it. I reached down below me to find one of her tits, but instead I found her shaven pussy!

As my fingers began to find their way up inside my beautiful girlfriends pussy she began to suck my cock even harder. I knew what was coming, I had to cum!

Hey, I'm gonna cum inside the most sexy and beautiful girl in school's mouth! I inserted two, then three fingers into her tight little pussy, and I moved my other hand towards her ass.

Almost without realizing it, I began to trace her muscular ring before slowly, but oh so pleasurably shoving two fingers up inside her rectum! Suddenly I got a strange feeling. I was going to cum! I knew I couldn't hold it, and after she'd run her lips up and down my fully erect cock a few more times I exploded into her mouth!

She looked at me with a sexy half smile and swallowed the sticky fluid in one gulp. It was then I realised I had been underwater for at least two minutes. In needed air! I quickly grabbed my shorts from the bottom of the pool and swam to the surface, with them on as best as I could do. Kelly surfaced next to me and slowly swam over to me. She wispered in my ear, "You liked that didn't you? You wanna fuck me don't you? You wanna stick your cock up my sweet little pussy don't you?"

At this the only answer I could find was, "Uh-uh, err, yeah, yeah......"

I couldn't believe she was coming on to me in the swimming pool.

"Follow me to the changing rooms...."

I obediantly followed.

Back in the changing rooms we both went into our seperate cubicals, only for Kelly to emerge a few seconds later and come in with me! I could fell myself getting hard again, She slowly took off her wet bathing suit. Finally I could see her perfect, teenage body clearly. Fuck she was hot!! She knew I was desperate to fuck her, so when I moved towards her she turned to me and told me to be patient.

" Take off your shorts, You won't be needing them for a while."

I quickly took them off and my rock hard member sprang out just inches away from Kelly's ass-hole. I was tempted, but she told me to wait, but I couldn't. I slid my manhood into her ass and embraced her from behind.

She let out a small gasp as I penetrated my girl for the first time. The gasp soon turned to small moans of pleasure as I began to rythmically move my dick around inside her anus. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this, so I didn't really know what to do.

Luckily, I had picked up some useful hints from the infinte porn movies I'd seen (note to parents: TV quite definitely IS good for you!) and I moved my hands round to her chest. I traced my hands over her petite little tits before holding both her erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed hard and gently pulled her nipples away from her. Kelly let out a very loud groan and told me to rub her clit. Shit I hope nobody heard that groan. Still ramming my cock in and out of her ass like a piston on speed, I moved one of my hands away from her tits and towards her hot, sweaty, tight little pussy. Just like I did in the pool, I traced her pink folds slowly and lightly. I felt her shudder at the feeling. Ha I just made KELLY shudder with the beggining of an orgasm! I was so proud of myself!

"Fuck me harder"

Harder? I was going flat out for fuck's sake. Suddenly I had an idea. I reached into my bag to find a piece of string. I also shoved my swimming shorts, that were covered with cum from earlier, into her mouth. Then I tied her hands together and ran the string between her legs and round behind her. Now she couldn't speak and if she moved, the string would rub HARD against her pussy. Through my shorts she mumbled something to herself that sounded like, "this is more like it"

I carried on until she was bound completely and laid her on her back on the floor. It was very sexy seeing her lying there at my mercy! I straddeled her and sat down so that my member went inside her moist vagina. Then I leant forward and flicked her left nipple with my toungue. She made a muffled gasp as I began sucking on my new slut's nipple. I cummed many more times before I decided to finish. We had only ten minutes to get out before the place closed! I untied her and she kissed me softly.

I could taste the taste of my own semen on her lips. She got dressed and so did I. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair and wispered in her ear, "You liked that didn't you."

We left the pool and walked home.On Monday at school I told the friend I could trust what happened. He believed me completely, and I spared no detail.

By lunch time it was all over the school. I sat down next to Kelly in the hall and we got some funny looks from the surrounding tables. Fuck. Even the newest kids knew about us. I couldn't see what the big deal was. After all everyone't they?

Shit! I was the first person she'd ever fucked! Unfortunately the news spread too the headmaster in fact.

We both were expelled from school. We still go out with each other, we're both nineteen now, and fuck have we had fun!

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Viva Ponata Signature

I joined Viva Ponata recently (to learn more, you can check it out here:

A little bit about me.

I grew up in a middle class family – I went to college for a couple of years, and started stripping after a girlfriend, also in college, recommended it. For a few years, I said I was just dancing to put myself through college (first lie). I liked the attention, and I liked the life. I did lap dances as well, convincing myself it was dancing (lie 2). After having unprotected sex twice in a week (once in a parking lot, once in a bathroom), I stopped the life.

I quit stripping and got married. After the marriage failed (thank Gawd, no kids), I ended up here. I am working my way up in the strip club, turning tricks on the side. Anal sex hurts like hell right now – partly because I didn't really do much of it. But that's what the johns want. I was fortunate enough to get into a studio - Seductive Dreams.


Another in the Passion Series by Michael and this time in a unique two-person story line with the help of co author Leesa email:
(April 2001)

It was Tony’s turn to host the poker night for the five of us friends. We had been doing it regularly once a month for the past couple of years, not big stakes but just a boy’s night out with a few beers and some fun. Besides Tony and myself there was Jeff, Matt and Jason. We all arrived around 7.30pm by which time Tony’s live in girlfriend had left, as Tony said, "to go to the movies".

After we sank a couple of quick beers each we got stuck into some serious cards, well for us anyway. The luck moved around the table with no one making a real killing this night.

It was around 11pm when Donna arrived home from the movies. She came through the front door and into the card room, standing at the door looking at us. We all turned to say Hi with a few other comments thrown in as well. She was quite tall with a very imposing beauty, short cut brunette hair and really long legs supporting her upper body. I know I envied Tony for having this delightfully sexy thing on tap every night. She was wearing jeans and tight fitting top revealing her more than adequate tits, at least a 36 I thought.

"You guys still going?" she said. "I thought you would have won all their money by now Tony"

"Afraid not Donna, the lady luck is moving around tonite," Tony replied.

"OK, got room for this lucky lady to join the game?"

"Yeah, sure come on in" was the general chorus from the guys as we all shuffled our chairs and stuff to make room. She walked over with a chair and promptly sat down requesting a beer and $25 worth of chips.

(I could smell the testosterone in the air with all these guys sitting around drinking and playing cards, and then in walks this female who wants to be part of the action. As I looked around the table, I was amazed at how attractive Tony’s friends were. I was not an expert poker player – but I knew what suit beat what, for the most part, but I bet based on feelings more than strategic gambling. Interestingly enough, in about an hour I actually was winning money, while some of the guys were loosing. This made me more self-confident, and I flirted when she was more self-confident. I thought to myself this is fun having the attention of these guys as well as my boyfriend Tony tonite.)

The game was going great, mainly because I started to win and Donna was doing well also, which began to give Matt the shits as he was loosing the most. Eventually Matt and Jason were cleaned out. Matt was a bit pissed by now but suddenly stood up at the table and said. "How about we have a break from the betting with money, seeing I haven’t got anymore, and play some strip poker? Seeing Donna has lady luck on her side she should be willing to have a go, what does everyone think?"

All us guys seemed to quickly glance at each other with a wry smile and then focused on Donna. She had a contemplating look on her face as we all looked at her, and then she broke the silence.

"OK, it might be fun to see all you guys naked, of course I will be the only one left with clothes on as I’m on a roll here."

"Your call honey," Tony said. "How about the making the rules shoes, pants, shirts and underwear all count as one item, no taking socks or belts separately, OK you guys?’

(By now I was feeling lucky and thought what the hell, it would be fun to see these guys cocks swinging in the breeze or maybe even pointing higher. I had confided to Tony after our love making sessions my fantasy of having group sex with me as the only female with at least two other guys. Here was the opportunity if I really wanted it and Tony did not mind.)

There was sudden rush of enthusiastic affirmatives from the rest of the guys as we could sense the opportunity of least catching sight of Donna’s tits if she had some bad luck. So we drew highest card to start the dealing and Jeff won. Tony won the first hand so the group all opted to remove their shoes and socks. Next hand Jason won so off came everyone’s sweaters, including Donna’s and thereby revealing her bra-encased tits in all their glory. The next hand saw Matt win so off came my shirt and Donna was now forced to shed her jeans. The guys were really ogling her as she stepped out the jeans to reveal her remaining gear being her bra and panties. I was down to my jeans and underwear with Tony, Matt and Jason all with three items left.
By now Donna was jokingly complaining about cheating and set ups which all drew derisive cries from the guys like "you can’t help bad luck" etc.
The next hand Tony won with three queens, all eyes immediately turned to Donna eagerly waiting to see which item was to come off. She looked around the group with a wry smile knowing full well the guys expected her bra to come off. In flash she made a sudden upward movement off the chair, her hands disappearing under the table to reappear waving her panties in the air. She had completely fooled us all so we saw nothing obviously with her pussy not even being exposed for a second. I could feel the sense of disappointment from the guys, all except Tony who was killing himself laughing at us perverts.

"Well," said Donna, "what are you waiting for, I’ve done my bit so get your gear off"

We all meekly obliged with myself now down to my boxer shorts, Jeff, Matt and Jason their jeans and underwear with Tony three items left and looking the winner.

Next hand it happened to be Donna’s deal, which was timely as she could not accuse anyone of cheating if she lost. Everyone suddenly became quiet intense with guys obviously keen for Donna to lose. She seemed quite relaxed about it and was going about business of shuffling and dealing in a jovial manner. We played the hand out with Jeff throwing down a full house with a loud "yes!" knowing that Donna had lost more so than he had won. Once again the guys all looked at her as she obliging reached behind her back with a broad grin on her face, then whipping off the bra and tossing it away to reveal her sumptuous boobs. She then stood up to give us all the "full monty" with her mound being completely shaved atop of those long legs.

"Like it?" she asked to the group as she put her hand between her thighs covering it up. "Tony does, in fact he shaves it for me."

"Yes you guys, someone has to do it and Donna insists I do it so don’t get any fancy ideas," Tony replied.

As she stood there and looked at the rest of us with mouths wide open she said, "Hey Michael, you lost as well. Get your gear off and stand up as well."

That got my attention back off perving on her delectable body and then all the other guys started to call out a few derogative remarks, so I stood up and dropped my jocks to the floor with my cock on the way up. The guys then started making plenty of suggestions so I turned to Donna and said, "let’s get away from these morons and go sit on the sofa and wait for these idiots to finish the game."

She nodded and we walked across the room to the large sofa and sat down together. In the meantime the guys were still carrying on as if they had won but I realised that I was the real winner because here I was sitting next to this naked, sexy young woman. As I looked more closely at her rounded tits with her hard nipples quite pronounced, and then down to her slightly spread legs revealing the top of slit leading to her shaven pussy, I realised I was in a better position than they were. By now my cock was on the erection path as it moved up eventually pointing to the ceiling. This did not escape Doona’s attention as she looked at me with a smile and without a word being spoken, took hold of my dick encircling it with a soft touch. The sensation of her soft fingers around the shaft was enough to send it into "attention" mode. With that she began to tighten her grip and slowly moving up and down the shaft.

(Here I was next to a friend of Tony’s naked and pulling on his cock. Michael’s penis was so hard and cool. I continued to move her hand up and down his shaft, initially looking over at the poker table, wondering what Tony would think, then shifting my attention to Michael’s cock again. Silently I continued to touch Michael’s dicks as my soft hands were working him into frenzy. I could feel my excitement rising as my breath quickened and my nipples became hardened and the feeling of my pussy pulsating was a real buzz)

By now I could not resist a feel of her magnificent tits, gently cupping her boob underneath and moving my hand up and around until I felt the bullet like nipple. Gently squeezing it caused a reaction in her as she tightened her grip momentarily on my cock in response.

We were sitting there gently playing with each other with the other guys in the room, including her boyfriend, engrossed in the hand of poker. The hand finished and Tony had won with two pairs. Matt and Jason looked around at Donna and myself and saw what we were doing. In an instant they had stood turning their back to the other two and dropping their jocks whilst heading towards us. Matt quickly sat on the other side of Donna very close so he could participate as well whilst the slower Jason sat on the floor near Donna. By now three naked guys surrounded her with cocks at 12 o’clock and she seemed to be enjoying it.

"Jesus Donna," said her boyfriend Tony, "so you finally got your fantasy to come true"

"It’s amazing darling," she replied, "the dream may come true"

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"Oh it is a one of those fantasies couples sometimes talk about," Tony replied, "Donna has always wondered what it would be like to have more than one guy to play with, you know what I mean."

"Right," said Matt, "we are only to pleased to oblige. Hey but you guys have to still decide the winner."

"Do we have to?" asked Jeff.

(By now I felt I was floating on a cloud of ecstasy, or was it the booze, but the excitement of having three horny guys around me with their cocks ready for attention and their gentle fondling and probing of my tits and thighs was fantastic. I smiled at the three guys around me, wanting to continue while my boyfriend was playing poker. I wanted to touch these three right now – and wanted the game to continue. It was only fair).

A unanimous chorus of "Yes" rang out from the rest of us. So Jeff and Tony began the hand. It must of the quickest hand ever with Tony winning again with a pair of threes, as Jeff was only interested in participating in our little group. He stood and dropped his shorts to reveal this massive donkey dick. The rest of us guys had no idea he was so big. His cock looked pretty firm, but it was still pointing to the carpet, probably because it took a lot of blood rush to get it upright. He walked across to us as he started to pull on his cock.

Donna was taken aback by the size at first then said, "Wow that is some tool, I want to feel that inside me later but you have to promise to blow your load over my body if I let you fuck me, deal?"

"Sure Donna, anything you want," Jeff replied eagerly

"For the rest of you guys we can all have some fun but remember one thing, I am the boss here and you do what I say, OK?" Donna asked.

(I looked around to see if the guys were amenable to the arrangement. I had a number of feelings going through my mind at that moment – feelings of excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of danger, but what the heck, you only live once.

I have seen a few cocks in my time but when Jeff dropped his shorts, I was breathless for an instant as the size of his member, still hanging down, was amazing. Now I had the whole gang and I knew what they expected and what I wanted, but I was going to control this little party. I knew from the quick glance and nod from my boyfriend Tony he was happy for things to carry on with my fantasy.)

There was immediate acceptance from all of us guys as it would be silly not to, possibly missing an opportunity and her Tony was around as well. As thought of Tony I immediately wondered what he thought of his lady taking on us guys. I looked around to see Tony walking back into the room, naked, and with a digital movie camera in his hand.

Donna then spoke again, "what I want is to suck on each of those cocks to taste the difference, then you can each have a turn to suck my pussy, then Jeff please be gentle when you stick that horse dick inside me. I want all you guys to blow your cum over my body, tits or face, whatever you want as long as I feel that warm, creamy jizz."

She continued her assertive approach, " now let me sit forward on the sofa then I want you guys to present your hard on to me for taste testing."

(I love sucking cock, especially Tony’s but I here I had a smorgasbord in front of me. So I decided to taste each one and give the guys a bit of a thrill.)

Matt immediately jumped the queue and presented himself in front of Donna with his erection full on. Donna took hold of his cock and gently slid her fingers down the shaft whilst positioning her mouth to consume it. Hep lips encircled the tip and then she slowly devoured it, moving up and down the shaft. The sight of this really got my blood rushing thru my dick as I pulled away, eagerly waiting for my turn. Donna probably spent 2 – 3 minutes working on Matt’s cock until she seemed to sense his level of intensity rising then stopped and looked the next closest cock.

This time Jason pushed past me as he received the same treatment of sensuous cock sucking. Tony was walking around the action with the digital video camera recording all the action. After a couple of minutes Donna stopped working on Jason and reached out for my cock. Before I knew it she was swallowing my cock deep inside her throat, as she seemed to becoming more excited by the situation. She definitely had a talent for this, as I could not recall getting a better blowjob, not that I have had that many. She finished with me then looked for Jeff. By now his donga was fucking huge, I had never realised he had such a large tool. Donna seemed to stall as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, wondering how much she could get into her mouth. She took up the challenge and began to suck.

(All the cocks were great and each different in size, shape and taste, but my anticipation of taking Jeff’s dick was always in the back of my mind whilst I was sucking the other guys. Eventually I was confronted by his now full on erection and it was scary. It was much larger than any other she had ever seen, with the exception of some x-rated pictures a girlfriend had showed her once. I wrapped my fingers hand around the shaft just and began to stroke up and down, he was circumcised so there was no skin fold to peel back off his head. The bell shape dick head was really quite beautiful as I began to lick around the ridge of it. She knew Tony really went wild over that, and Jeff was no different. Who was I kidding? Jeff was different.
He was so large, and his penis reacted slower than other penises. She knew that Jeff was proud of his monstrous tool – and I wanted to master it. I eventually worked my mouth around it and began to devour down on it. I did not get very far down the shaft as my little mouth was full. I could taste his pre-cum seeping thru as he grabbed my hair and began to force me to take more of his cock. That was enough to make me choke with the mass of flesh in my mouth so I broke off the activity to gain control of the situation again before it finished up as a gang bang.)

When she had enough she sat back on the sofa and put her feet up on the edge and opened her legs revealing that magic slit. She reached down and parted her pussy lips to expose the pink flesh to us. "Now it’s my turn for some fun, just licking and sucking please and no biting," she stated.

(The guys have had their little bit of pleasure now I wanted them to return the favour by eating my pussy. By now my juices were well and truly flowing as I spread my legs apart for the guys, fingering my wet cunt lips and inserting a finger inside my love canal to excite them. As I rubbed my clit to make it easier for them to find it was great to see all these guys pulling madly on the cocks just looking at me doing my thing. I felt a sense of pussy power over these poor males caught up in the excitement of it all. Tony was videoing the whole event, obviously for our private viewing later. As I looked around at the guys, Michael made the first move.)

With that I jumped the queue this time and knelt on the floor in front of this magic looking cunt and began to lick the lips before probing for her clit. I sensed her little bullet nestled in the midst of the moist flesh as I titillated it with my tongue. I then had to suck it like a baby sucking on a nipple, in and out motion with her clit and surrounding flesh forming a delightful mouthful. I could sense her arousal as her hips were moving in a rhythmic fashion and her legs were wrapped around my back as if to hold me in. I don’t know how long I was there but the next thing I was being pulled away by the other guys and Matt got down and quickly began nuzzling in. Donna looked down at him and smiled at me, as if to acknowledge her satisfaction before closing her eyes and enjoying Matt’s sucking. Jason moved in next and buried his face into her now very wet pussy.

(Having each of these guys suck and lick my pussy and then poke their tongues into my hole was amazing. I could not believe I was receiving oral sex from so many willing partners at once. My slit was so sensitive, feeling these different men pleasing me. Each had a little different technique and each was great. My cunt was awash with my juices pouring out and their saliva, by now I was aching to be fucked and as I said at the start I wanted to feel Jeff’s big dick inside me and wanted the feeling of warm cum over my body from the other guys.)

Donna had really got off on all the sucking and seemed to enjoy it greatly. Jeff eventually got a short turn to slurp away in her gushing cunt before she pushed him away and said, "Let me feel that sausage inside me now."

With that Jeff stood up holding Donna’s hands, pulling her to her feet as well. He then motioned for her to lie on the floor, which she duly did spreading her legs wide with her moist pussy glistening. Jeff knelt between her legs giving his donkey dick a good pull to get a good erection before eventually positioning it at her oyster like cunt, slowly sliding inside. It took him about four in and out strokes before he lunged it deep inside her up to the hilt. She gave a sudden gulp as she experienced the awesome size of the cock deep inside her. Her face showed a grimace as she probably felt some pain. After a short while Jeff’s slow pumping seemed to be acceptable to Donna as she replaced the grimace with a smile of satisfaction.

(As I laid on the floor as was Jeff’s want, I spread my legs wide to expose my pussy to Tony and the video camera as he continued to record all the action. I moved my hands down to prise open my pussy lips to allow clear access to my tunnel of love. Jeff was pulling on his already ample weapon making it harder and more erect as he moved closer between my spread legs. He playfully rubbed the tip of his cock against my already conspicuous clitoris sending shudders through my thighs and aching pussy. Eventually he pointed his dick at my hole and began to ease it in.

Being so wet certainly helped as it slid gently in, stretching my cunt as it felt like I was shoving a wine bottle up it. The initial reaction was painful but then with his slow rhythmic thrusts it became pleasurable as I relaxed and my pussy adapted quickly to the size. . My first concern was the length of the shaft, but as Jeff was fucking me I felt his penis head was rubbing the walls of my vagina in such a way as to excite my groin area.. When I closed my eyes, I could almost imagine the giant head entering my shaven vagina and coming into contact with my very sensitive walls.)

While all this fucking was going on in front of the rest us, we were standing there all pulling away on our hard cocks, just wishing we could be fucking her instead. I moved to kneel next Donna’s face so could fondle her tits and eventually blow on her face. Tony was still shooting his home movie. The other guys took my lead and began to crowd around Donna. Jeff’s breathing in the meantime was becoming louder and obviously indicating he was about to cum. With the instinct of an experienced hooker, she pushed him away from her and said, "OK, I want that cum over my pussy Jeff and you guys cover me with your hot juices."

(As I felt Jeff’s level of cumming getting closer I pushed him off, not wishing to have unprotected sex completely. I could see all the other guys were pulling on their cocks with all this fucking going on so I thought now is the time to live my fantasy and have multiple cocks spraying hot cum all over me. I urged Jeff to shoot his load over my pussy as he pumped his tool vigorously after pulling it out of my cunt, in short time I watched this enormous stream of white cum shoot from his dick across my stomach and then over my pussy. The feel of warm cum was great)

We were all feverishly pulling on our cocks by now positioned around Donna. The first to blow was Jeff not surprisingly. He shot this enormous stream of white cum over her stomach and pussy in load then another shorter shot that fell directly onto her spread cunt with his pumping away squeezing the remaining drops out.

By now Matt had also blown his load across her tits and seconds later I aimed my cock at her face and chocked the cum from my cock directly over her face. It was amazing to see my cum splattered over her face to followed soon after by Jason shooting into her open mouth. As us guys sat back exhausted with limp cocks, she began to rub the abundant cum over her body in very self indulgent way occasionally sticking a coated finger her into mouth to seductively suck on.

(The sticky feeling of all that cum over my body really turned me on even further, the smell of sweaty males and cum made for one great aphrodisiac as I began to crave more. I was almost playing with it, rubbing it into my skin and tasting some of the more thick globules. I felt like the queen of cum. Sadly all the dicks around me were hanging limp and looking worn out, except for my darling Tony.)

As I looked around there was Tony still recording all the action on his camera. He smiled at me and said, "very horny session guys and you were superb darling, all that cum was amazing. Donna has always wondered what it would be like to have a situation like this. What did you think honey?"

Donna looked at him with a big grin and said, "amazing seeing all these pricks shooting cum over me at the same time, and the feeling of that baseball bat of Jeff’s inside me was fantastic. But what I want is you Tony, lets show the guys our favourite"

With that she rolled over onto her knees and her hands with her legs spread wide opening her rear pussy view to Tony. In flash he handed me the camera and told me to shoot away. He moved into position with his erection full on and slide easily into Donna’s juiced up cunt doggy style. As he pumped away Donna was obviously starting to orgasm big time as her moans became intense.

Tony did not take long to blow his load as he wildly thrust into her buttocks. They both eventually collapsed onto the floor as we all sat there looking at each other taking in what we just had. One fucking good time was had by all.

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The Visit, Part 1 - Anticipation and the Power of Imagination

A Ms. Neb Story
(May 2001)

I was so glad that the limo driver wasn't the talkative type. I much preferred to be alone with my thoughts. I raised the privacy screen just in case. My excitement had been building to this feverish pitch for the past four days when Bob first called. His wife Linda was my best friend. We hadn't seen each other for three years, every since they moved back east from California.

I loved them and missed them both terribly. Bob called to invite me to spend a week with the two of them and offered to provide the plane tickets, the limo, everything. It was first class all the way. I was to be a birthday surprise for his wife. Before Bob and Linda moved away, and before my husband's unexpected death, the four of us were the closest any couple could be. We enjoyed each other's company no matter what we were doing. It could be a simple evening at home playing cards, a day at the beach or a formal event at the Country Club. We were extremely close but never crossed that line where our relationship became sexual.

Oh, we exchanged the usual flirting and risqué joke and things usually intensified in proportion to the alcohol consumed but that is a far as we ever went. But I must admit, my private fantasies were very strong and vivid. I never confessed to anyone, not even Jeff, that I wish we had all shared a sexual relationship.

I guess I never wanted to risk ruining the entire relationship on my fantasies if the others didn't feel as I did. Ever since Jeff's passing a year and a half ago, I changed emotionally. It took some time but I guess I grew into a much more confident and self assured person. I was much more in control. I guess I also became more philosophical. I am much more inclined to speak my mind and enjoy life to the fullest that I was back then. On this crisp, cold winter's day, riding though the beautiful rolling hills of the eastern countryside, knowing that I was on my way to see my two closest friends in the world, I was fully aware that I was now much more likely act on my inner desires.

As we got to within a half an hour of Bob and Linda's country home, I let my fantasies loose. They were strong vivid sexual incarnations, complete with virtual sounds, textures and smells. My mind had little trouble with recalling these sensations despite the fact that it was over 18 months since I had anything more than my memories to comfort me.

The crystal clear mental enactments that I was now enjoying had very real physical effects. I could feel a queasiness form in my stomach. A familiar warmth and wetness started to build between my legs.

My sexual eagerness was being comforted by the discrete caresses of my fingers. Much more would be required. I re-checked the control for the privacy screen. I slowly slid my long skirt up over my knees and high up on my thighs. There was now no need for it to provide any warmth. I lifted up my left leg and placed my foot on the counter of the limo's bar.

Even to me, my leg looked enticingly sexy, being unconventionally separated from the other one and covered from mid-calf on down in a black leather boot. My hand now had unencumbered access to the source of my passion. I made no pretense about my touches now. I wanted to feel my body rack uncontrollable in the throws of a deep orgasm.

My hand vigorously rubbed the outside of my wet panties in long firm strokes. My right leg now mirrored the left. One foot now rested on each extreme of the limo's width. My breathing became deep and erratic. My hand rubbed faster and harder. My other hand firmly massaged my aching breasts through the material of my over coat.

My eyes were closed and my head swayed from side to side causing my long hair to streak about my face. It was deep penetration I now craved and so I provided it. I squeezed my breast and simultaneously pressed two fingers deep into my pussy. I gasped with the sensation of fulfillment. I fabricated the concept of a cock now performing its magic deep inside me. I fabricated the weight of a man pressing down on me as he thrust in and out of my willing body, rubbing his pubic bone hard against my protruding clitoris.

I silently screamed with passion, encouraging him to please me, to use my body to please himself, to bring me to climax, to make me come, to come in me. My hand stopped at the very instant of my orgasm, fingers pressed in as far as they would go.

My chest heaved wildly, seemingly trying to inhale and exhale at the same time. My fingers felt my internal muscular twitches and convulsions and the wet sputterings of my pussy. I quaked in the aftermath of my orgasm with my eyes shut tight and my fingers pressed deep inside me, my hand wet and slippery between my legs. It took several moments before I regained my composure.

It took several more before I removed my wet hand from between my legs. The scent of my sex was already evident but as I brought my hand closer to my face, it grew with delightful intensity. I kissed them and licked my fingers in reward for a surrogate job well done but I wished I licking, tasting and looking at an engorged cock shimmering with my cum. Such was the power and intensity of my desires and imagination.

The Visit, Part 2 ˆ More than Just Friends

The limousine turned off the main road and moved between the old stone pillars that secured the open ornate iron gate. The car made its way though the heavily wooded grounds towards the large and impressive 200-plus year old stone manor house. It was all very imposing yet welcoming. The driver opened the car door and I began to step out.

Even I was reasonably sure that I had regained my mental and physical composure after my delightful spontaneous tryst with myself, I wasn't completely sure that what I had done was completely undetectable. I certainly had the lingering scent of sex with me but the driver gave no indication either way. Linda must have been watching for my arrival. I was barely out of the car and still trying to evaluate my driver's demeanor when the front door of the house burst open and Linda came rushing out at me.

She practically took us both the ground with a crushing bear hug. We were wrapped in each other's arms, crushing our bodies together, sobbing with deep emotions, telling each other how much we missed and loved each other, our voices muffled by crying and our smothering embraces. It took a while but we eventually calmed down and moved into the house. Linda gave me a tour of their lovely home. We walked through the manor hand in hand. The tour ended in front a beautiful upstairs bedroom. My suitcases had already been placed beside the bed.

While Linda and I hugged again, she said, 'I'm sure you would like to relax after your trip. How about a sauna? I‚ll be right back with some wine. There is a robe in the closet if you need one.' I did have a robe but took advantage of the oversized plush white one that was provided. I wrapped it around my naked body and instantly I felt warm and secure. Linda returned in an identical robe carrying two fine crystal glasses containing the most exquisite Chardonnay. We talked and sipped down the long hallway and entered the sauna anteroom. Large towels hung on finely carved wooden hooks.

A full bottle of the same Chardonnay sat cooling in an ice bucket. I followed Linda's lead and removed my robe and wrapped myself in the towel. Linda went from robe, through nakedness, to towel with amazing ease. I deliberately took advantage of the opportunity to see Linda's naked form. It was perfectly lovely. Linda watched and smiled at me while I made that same transition. Linda pulled her long auburn hair back in a ponytail, grabbed the wine bottle and opened the door to sauna.

I felt the hot air on my face, arms and legs. We sat together on the long center bench. We reminisced, drank wine, giggled, hugged and enjoyed each other's company. It didn't take long before the combination of our emotions, the hot steamy air, and the Chardonnay made up both lightheaded. The tone of our conversation turned.

We became a bit more somber and wistful, not a giddy as before. We missed each other so very much. We sat together on the bench, she leaning back against me, my arms wrapped around her. She turned her head and looked up at me. I returned her gaze. Our faces, dotted with tiny pears of sweat, moved closer. Our lips touched gently but with the heat of a thousand saunas. Our eyes closed, my arms tightened around my Linda.

Our lips pressed together just a bit harder. Our breaths were deep and filled with emotion. We stayed in that first kiss until it was just natural to end it. We looked into each other's eyes and we knew this was right. We could kiss again. We should kiss again. We did kiss again. Linda turned so she could also hold me in her arms.

'Oh, Lisa', she purred. 'I love you so much. I am so glad you are here. Stay with me. I love you!'

'I love you too Linda. I have missed you so much. You mean so much to me. It has been so hard for me since Jeff died. I need you very badly.' There was little else to say at that point. I kissed Linda again. Her perfect mouth parted and our tongues met. It was a delicate dance, filled with deep love and passion, not hard or rough. She tasted as she looked, so very soft and so very sweet.

This kiss ended and I whispered, 'Linda. I want to make love to you. Please.'

She hugged me to reassure me that I had not hurt her or our friendship. 'Yes. I want you to but not here. Not like this.' We left the sauna and used the anteroom shower in complete silence. Again wearing the robes, Linda lead my by the hand into her and Bob's grand bedroom.

We laid on the bed still in our robes and resumed our kisses with an increasing intensity to our passion. Lying side by side, we paused and looked at each other longingly, our hair in damp tangles, our robes doing little to cover us. This time I kissed Linda's lips very softly. I drew in her breath. My hand slowly moved down the side of her trim body, still draped with the open robe. My eyes looked at her firm luscious breasts as they swelled with the rhythm of her deep breathing. My hand made its way over her waist and down past her hips and touched the bare skin of her beautiful thigh. Linda knew of my intentions and she wanted me to continue.

Her leg lifted and my hand rested against the inner thigh of her lower leg. Her eyes closed and her body relaxed into a willing surrender as my hand moved up her thigh. She twitched the instant that my hand touched her womanhood. I felt her. She was smooth, soft and damp. Her legs parted further as if begging me to probe her. My fingers cupped the wet entrance to Linda. Her flesh was very warm and seemed to pulsate with passion. My fingers delicately traced her slippery pouty lips. I gently parted them and tickled the entrance and brushed against the hard swollen bud of her clitoris. Linda brought her face to mine, her eyes still closed.

She kissed me, extending her wet tongue slowly past my lips. My fingers duplicated this act and effortlessly slid deep into my precious Linda. She squeezed down hard on my fingers, wrapping them in her wet internal folds. We had finally crossed into that special area. There was no fear or concern now. We could freely express our love physically as well as verbally. We now shared our bodies as well as our feelings. I withdrew from Linda and brought my hand to her breast. I placed the tips of my wet fingers to her nipple and circled it, spreading the clear wetness. Her nipple contracted quickly.

I delighted in the sight of seeing it become so hard and erect as I liberally spread the juices of her pussy. I brought my face to her breast. I was eager to taste my Linda. My own pussy flowed with liquid anticipation. I first licked the wetness from her nipple with my tongue before absorbing her nipple deep into my mouth. I sighed deeply when Linda's velvety taste bathed my tongue. My tongue swirled around her nipple until I had replaced her juices with my saliva. We both cooed and moaned. I was startled when I felt Linda's fingers touch my lips at her breast. They were very wet and smelled of her pussy. She was presenting me with more and more of her taste. We began to do it together. Together, both our hands made trips to the source of Linda's wet passion and together we brought it to her breasts and my mouth. We both drew in her exquisite scent. I looked deep into her eyes and as our hands once again moved up from between Linda's legs but this time we did not touch her breasts.

Her hand went to my mouth and mine to hers. We kissed, our tongues mingling and sharing the taste. Our hands left our faces. Mine again slid deep into Linda but this time, hers opened me and filled my dripping pussy. Oh how I welcomed that great feeling! Now we kissed hard and with no restrictions. Our tongues pressed deep.

Our mouths pressed together hard. Our fingers, coated in cum, slid across our faces and into our mouths. Our separate tastes created one unique sensation. The heat of our lovemaking rose to a new level. We needed more. We needed the release of orgasm. I wanted to taste, smell and feel Linda, not from her mouth or her fingers but directly from the source. I wanted to feel the power of her orgasm on my mouth. I wanted my tongue to feel what my fingers had already known. I also wanted her to experience the same from me. I wanted to feel her hands against my buttocks and the feeling of her face pressed completely between my legs.

I wanted to feel the delicate probing of her tongue deep inside of me. I wanted her to quell the ache of my clitoris. We were of like mind. There was no need to say anything. In moments we were completely naked. I was atop Linda looking between her legs, my own on either side of Linda's head. Linda's pussy was so lovely and inviting.

Her hard clitoris was no longer covered by an unaroused hood. Her lips were wet, pink, swollen and parted, presenting me with the slippery entrance to her ecstasy. I lowered my face and pressed into Linda. My hips did the same and Linda's mouth slid against my pussy. With identical motions and caresses we moved ourselves to orgasm. My face slid effortlessly about Linda's wet and hairless pussy. I sucked her fleshy lips with my mouth, savoring the scent and texture of her nectar. It felt so wonderful to have Linda's face at my pussy. I could easily feel my body clench and expel more and more of my own lubrication with each dart of her tongue into me. As I became wetter, Linda and my union became more and more slippery. It was a wonderful sensation! 'Lisa! You taste and feel so wonderful. I want you to come!' Linda exclaimed. I felt two fingers fill my pussy.

Linda's tongue furiously danced about my clit while her fingers mimicked the motions of a cock.

'Oh Linda! I'm going to come. Please don't stop! I want to come so badly. I want to make you come too!' We performed a wonderfully symmetrical sexual dance, she doing to me exactly what I was doing to her. It took only moments and our climaxes took us over. We both quivered and clenched in orgasm. My tongue was blessed with the contractions of Linda's pussy, my face drenched with her seeping cum.

My own spasms produced no less of a result. We collapsed on the bed as if momentarily paralyzed but our lovemaking could not end there. We faced each other again and hugged. We kissed, our wet faces still wet with our love, our scent all about us. A calm easy sleep crept over us. I dreamt of Linda. I also dreamt of Bob.

The Visit, Part 3 ˆ The Three of Us

We awoke from our afternoon nap, naked but warm. The delicate scent of female-only sex laced the air. We embraced and gently caressed each other before putting our robes back on. In just the first few hours of my visit, my relationship with Linda had reached a level not attained after years of living much closer. I had hoped that by default, this meant that I had reached that same level with Bob but I had enough sense to know that I had to leave that conclusion to Linda.

I didn't take long to resolve that issue. 'I wonder what Bob will do if he knew what we had just done?' Linda mused while we straightened up the bed. I kept quiet and let her continue. 'I‚ll bet he‚d come right in his pants if he knew that we had just made love and that I had gone down on another woman!' More than Linda's sexual freedom had been awakened by recent events. The ability and confidence to be more open and expressive was an additional side effect. 'We have just got to figure out a way to let him in on the good news, right Lisa?' So much for my concerns. 'Oh no question about it Linda. We just can't leave him out of a thing like this now can we!' Linda and I took a refreshing shower and discussed how we would introduce Bob to the new dimension of our relationship. It was Friday and already late in the afternoon. Bob would be arriving home after a long work week so we decided not to broach the subject that day. We would wait until Saturday when he had the energy to properly deal with the situation. It was hard for us to control our giggling. When Bob arrived at the house, I hugged him appropriately for old friends. I was truly glad to see him. Linda stood next to us and allowed us that brief time. His arm was still around my waist and mine around his when he asked, 'So, what have you two been up to while I was at work. No good I‚ll bet.' It was an obvious and innocent cliché but I returned with a Mae West answer of, 'Oh no Bob. It was very good.' That prompted more giggling from Linda and I. Bob just managed a confused shrug. Linda and I had a hard time keeping straight faces when we were around Bob. We tried to get through breakfast and the rest of Saturday morning but it was getting more and more difficult. Eventually, by mid-afternoon, we had all caught up on small talk and reminiscing. The effects of just the right amount of wine and the warmth of the light through the great windows in the sunroom had made the moment just right. We were all sitting on the large soft sofa, Linda and I on either side of Bob. Linda began to snuggle up to him. She spoke softly but she was not trying to prevent my from hearing what she was saying. 'Bob. You‚ll never guess what I did yesterday. You will be so proud of me.' 'What was it?' he asked. 'Was it before or after Lisa came?' Linda and I just howled! Bob had no clue as to why. We were off to a great start. Linda only partially regained her composure and said, 'Well I guess both! Before AND after!' More howling and more confusion on Bob's part. 'What are you girls laughing at? What is so funny? How about letting me in on the joke.' 'Ok Bob. I‚ll tell you. You‚ll never believe it.' Linda moved even closer to Bob to tell him. 'I made love with Lisa yesterday.' 'What?' Bob exclaimed. 'You‚re kidding right? No shit!' Bob looked at me. I just smiled in affirmation. He looked back at Linda and asked, 'Are you serious? Are we talking about, uh, you know, how far? I mean how far did this get?' Linda announced proudly. 'As far as it could go. We had sex. We kissed and hugged, fondled each other's breasts and went down on each other.' Bob was just silent and trying to get it all straight in his head. I'm sure his mind was exploding with vivid images of us making love. As if to over-load his ability to take it all in, Linda added in a tone just above a whisper, 'That's right Bob. I licked Lisa's pussy until she came and she did the same to me.' 'Holy shit!' was all Bob could muster, at least verbally. I glanced down and had no trouble noticing the presence of a pretty advanced erection in his trousers. Linda hugged her husband and started kissing his face. He returned her affections. Linda began warming him up to what was about to transpire. 'I love you so much Bob. I want to make love to you. Right now, with Lisa. I want us all to make love.' Bob embraced his wife, wrapping his strong arms completely around her. Linda dropped one hand into his lap and onto his erection. 'Oh Bob, yes! You‚re so hard already. You are getting so excited. So am I. I am getting so wet. I can feel my pussy getting wet for you and for Lisa!' Linda then began to do what only a loving wife can do. She started to prepare Bob's mind for sex. She told him many things that only she knew he enjoyed hearing. Some were completely untrue but it didn't matter. Linda wanted to build Bob to a feverish level of excitement and arousal. 'Oh Bob! Yesterday, when Lisa and I were making love, I kept telling her what a great lover you are. How good you make me feel. How good it feels to have your cock so deep inside me. I kept telling her how much I wanted her to have those same feelings. I was licking her, tasting her cum, looking right at her pussy and telling her over and over again how much I would enjoy seeing your big hard cock sliding in and out of her wet slippery pussy. I wanted so much to see you make her come.' We had had no such conversation but I wish we had! The idea was perfectly delicious. My body ached to have that all happen in reality, not just in fantasy. I couldn't sit still from the nervous anticipation. My panties were soaked with the hopes that what Linda was describing would actually take place. Linda reached out to me and I joined in the embrace. We both kissed Bob's face. I drew in deep breaths. It had been such a long time since I had enjoyed the scent of a strong and handsome man. Linda took my hand and we both caressed Bob's hard cock through the material of his slacks. My body briefly shook with chills caused by the feeling of holding a man's cock in my hand. Even through the material of his pants I could feel it pulsate. It felt so full of energy and strength. My mind reeled with the thoughts of the pleasures that I might soon experience. I follow Linda's lead. 'Linda is such a lucky woman,' I said. 'I was so excited when she told me how good you made her feel. She also told me what she does to you. She told me how she loves to feel you deep insider her pussy. She also said that she loves feeling your cock in her mouth. She loves sucking and licking your balls. She loves tasting your juices and your cum.' I glanced over at Linda. Her expression told me that I had not said anything untrue. 'I was so happy when we were making love and we were kissing. I could taste my cum on your wife's face when she was telling me that it was OK if we all made love together. I want to do that Bob. It has been so long. I want to feel your cock inside me, filling me. I want to feel your cock swell and spurt your warm cum deep inside me. I want you so much. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you, to smell you and taste you.' I kissed Bob hard on the mouth. My wet tongue thrust deep into his mouth with the sole intention of delivering the message that I was desperate for his cock to do the same thing to my pussy. I stood up to catch my breath. Linda sat on Bob's lap and took over. 'Tell me Bob. Tell me how excited you are. Tell me how much we have turned you on and what you want us to do.' 'Oh God! You girls are driving me crazy! My cock is so hard. I want the two of you so bad. Just the idea of the two of you together is enough to make me come. All this talk! All this nasty talk and you two rubbing my dick, I want to come so bad! You have got to show me. I have just got to see the two of you play with each other. I have got to see you lick each other's pussies!' Linda stood and responded, 'Oh is that all. Sure. We can do that, can't we Lisa?' Without waiting for an answer, Linda wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. We intentionally kissed with open mouths to that Bob could watch our wet tongues. Linda's hand went to my breast and she started to unbutton my blouse and then my bra. In moments I could feel her delicate fingers tugging my already hard nipples to full. It felt so good to have her caress me. It felt so good to feel her hand fully around my breast. It felt so good to do the same to her. We effortlessly removed each other's clothes, barely interrupting our erotic kissing. 'I know what you want,' Linda teased. 'You are dying to see my face at Lisa's pussy. Ok honey. Just keep stroking you hard cock for me and I‚ll show you what you want to see.' As if we were mirror images of each other, our hands moved down over each other's breasts, onto our wastes and then between our legs. My fingers felt the wet warmth of Linda's pussy and she felt mine. We held each other around the waste and managed to separate our legs to provide better access and view. I let out a soft gasp when Linda slipped two fingers into me. I did the same to her and we kissed again. She brought her finger to my mouth and I brought mine to her. We duplicated the sharing of our tastes just as we had done the day before. 'Oh my God! That is so hot!' was all Bob could manage while he watched his wife and her new lover lick the sweat nectar of our pussies of each other's fingers. 'I can't do this anymore,' I pronounced with only partial sincerity. 'I love you Linda. I love your touch and how you feel at my mouth but I have just got to feel a man again!' I went straight to Bob, sat on his lap, his clothed hard cock pressing against my pussy. I kissed him with an open mouth. My lips, still slippery and scented with the juices of his wife, slid over his lips and tongue. I rocked my pelvis so that his cock rubbed my clit. My naked breasts pressed firmly against his chest. Linda joined in the kissing and both our scents and tastes where evident. Had Linda not interrupted me, I'm sure that would have come. 'Lisa. Here. Let me. Let me get him ready for you.' I stood up and panted with pure animal lust. I had to have Bob. When Linda brought Bob to his feet, I fell to my knees. I wanted that cock to be freed from this pants. 'No Lisa. Let me.' Linda undressed Bob as if unwrapping a Christmas present for a young child. The unveiling of his wonderful body only added to my sense of desperation. His strong toned chest transitioned to a firm and well defined abdomen. Linda took extra care when it came to the last of Bob's clothes. Linda was quite seductive when she slowly slid the silk boxers down his tight buttocks until his cock was finally revealed. I was delighted to finally see it. I wanted him so badly! Bob's cock stuck straight out from his body without the slightest bend. Not inordinately long and about 7 inches but impressively thick. I would image that the classic Greek sculptors would have loved to have Bob pose for their most erotic statues.

The perfectly shaped circumcised head was a deep pink and seemed to flare almost imperceptibly with each heartbeat. With almost the same regularity, the tiny opening at the tip secreted drop after drop of clear glycerin-like precum. 'Oh Linda!' I practically screamed. 'I have got to have him inside me right now! I want to feel him in my mouth! I have to suck his cock!' His slippery cock pressed against my opening lips but awkwardly slid against my face leaving a streak of warm precum. I remedied the situation by grabbing him firmly at the base of his cock from below. My palm carefully cradled his balls.

They felt very warm with the heat of his excitement. I slid my lips right over the head of his cock and drew him in deeply until my nose rested against my fingers. I quickly started sucking at his cock and moved my head rapidly. I was amazed at the amount of precum that slid from his cock onto my tongue. It was warm, thick and very sweet tasting. It seemed to coat my tongue in a warm velvet film.

Faster and faster I moved so that he fucked my mouth. My tongue swirled all over him. The mixture of saliva and precum slid from my lips. It dangled and swayed and dripped from my chin. I felt it dot my breasts.

'Oh Lisa!' Bob gasped. 'You have got to stop. I'm going to come! It's too soon! Not yet!'

There was an air of desperation in his voice. He was right. It was too soon but I was feeling pretty selfish at that moment. Nothing would have been better at that very moment than to feel the crown swell and erupt with a thick stream of sticky cum and to have it squirt right into my mouth. I was fully expecting to feel the thick semen cover my mouth and bathe my tongue.

I had every intention of allowing his cum to seep out around my lips, coating them in a white film and dripping from my chin, overwhelming my entire capacity for taste and smell. This would have been the perfect time to feel his ejaculate sliding between my breast, the heat of my body liquefying it, causing it to flow faster. Ah, but it was not to be, at least not then. Linda wrapped her arms around me and moved me away from Bob, his cock leaving my sucking mouth with a wet plot.

She laid me down and said, 'Let's give Bob a break.' She laid on top of me and started kissing my wet face. Looking up at Bob, she said, 'This is what we did yesterday.' The next thing I felt was Linda's face between my legs. Just as she had done yesterday, her talented mouth and tongue were stimulating my pussy to incredible heights of ecstasy.

Her legs straddling my head and her dripping pussy was just above my face. I needed no further invitation and promptly slid my extended tongue deep into her warm slippery folds. It didn't take long before we both came in shuddering orgasms, delivering sweet cum to the mouth of our respective lover. We remained in the '69' position while we made our way back to sensibility.

Linda, her face wet with my juices, looked up at Bob and said, 'Please honey. My pussy is so ready for you. Fuck me! Please fuck me.' From my position between Linda's legs, I watched Bob move over me, his hard wet cock right over my face. Grabbing his shaft, he moved the crown over the moist fleshy lips of his Linda's pussy. She twitched at the tickling sensation that it must have caused. I watched Bob slowly press into his wife, her pussy easily enveloping his member until he could giver her no more. 'Oh Bob! Yes! Your cock feels so good inside me!'

Bob wet balls lay at my forehead. He began loving his wife with long slow deliberate strokes. His veined shaft was soon sheathed in her lubrication and the sweet smell of sex swirled through my nose. I could not just be a spectator in this. It was an easy matter to wrap my hands around Bob's tight ass and join the rhythm of their lovemaking.

I followed and licked is balls and traced my tongue along his cock until I met the delicious fold of Linda's pussy. 'Oh YES Lisa! Oh yes! Suck my pussy while Bob fucks me!' I placed my mouth on her clit with the intention of bringing her to orgasm. Bob cock slid against my face with an ever increasing pace. She screamed our names in delight. More of her thin cum made its way from around Bob's cock and dripped to my eager lips and mouth. Bob moved out from his wife.

Her very pink and juice pussy remained open to my view, my kisses, and my tongue. Linda reversed her position and laid on me. She kissed my face, still wet with her cum.

'Now Lisa,' she said to Bob. 'I want Lisa to feel your cock in her pussy!' Bob moved around and I quickly felt the pressure of his cockhead at my opening. He teased me, not thrusting in as I so desperately wanted. 'BOB!' I screamed.

'NO! Put it in, please! Oh Bob. I have to have you inside me! I want it so bad. Fuck me with your cock like you did to Lisa. Give it to me!' It took just one quick thrust and it seemed like Bob's cock filled my entire body. The breath escaped my lungs in one huge gasp. I let out a deep moan of joy.

I looked deep into Lisa eyes with an expression much like that of anguish. She smiled back at me, letting me know that she knew exactly how I felt at that moment. Lisa held me and kissed me in support. It was if I was enduring a field operation without the benefit of anesthetic but I was not experiencing any sensations of pain. I was being overwhelmed with pure ecstasy with each hard thrust of Bob's cock into my very willing pussy.

Every nerve of my body was on fire. My body could not process the intensity of the sensations. I soon overloaded in an explosion of orgasm, internal spasms, quivers and shudders. Linda hugged and kissed my throughout my 'ordeal' until my vision cleared and was able to hug her back. After a long wet kiss from Linda, she looked over at Bob and spoke to him in a soft but commanding voice.

'Come her honey. Give me that beautiful cock of yours right now. I want to suck it. I want to suck Lisa's cum right from your cock.' Just as I had watched Bob's cock slowly slide into Linda's pussy, I now watched the cum-covered shaft being slowly drawn into her mouth. I imagined that Bob was at the bursting point by now and that he was not willing to put off his own orgasm for much longer. He was ready to be released by his wife's talented mouth.

As best as she could manage, Linda muttered, 'I want you to baby. I want you to fuck my mouth. Come for me baby. Come for us. Fill my mouth with all your hot creamy cum!' Bob was thrusting in and out of Linda's mouth at a rapid pace. She licked at his cock but she was much more successful at just letting his cock slide in and out between her closed lips. His balls slid up and down my face.

I licked and kissed them in an attempt to heighten his pleasure. 'I'm coming Linda! I'm going to come!' Bob stuttered Bob instantly stopped thrusting. His legs started to tremble. I felt his balls tighten in his scrotum as they lay on my face. He let out a loud gasp and his body stiffened. The vein along the underside of Bob's cock thickened and pulsed and I knew in that exact moment, cum was rushing into Linda's mouth. She moaned deeply and started to provide the thrusting rhythm that Bob could no longer maintain. A white milky film started to develop at the edges of Linda's lips that surrounded Bob's cock.

More soon developed and trickled under Linda's lower lip. I took hold of Bob's shaft in an effort to encourage his ejaculation. Linda opened her mouth and extended her tongue beneath the erupting crown. I watch with mesmerized fascination as several long spurts of creamy white cum darted toward Linda. One splashed against her upper lip, slid and collected onto her tongue. Several others splashed inside her mouth.

A streak ran from the corner of her mouth and up her cheek. Bob's orgasm was just beginning to wane when Linda's mouth and tongue could support no more. Thick white cum fell along either side of her coated tongue and stretched down toward my face.

I happily collected the escaping semen that dangled down to me. Linda once again drew Bob's cock deep into her mouth; the final expulsions coating her caressing tongue. This released a wave of cum that overflowed her lips, dripped from her chin and fell right to my mouth. It was so very warm and thick.

I circled my tongue around my coated lips to savor the taste. When Bob orgasm was complete and he could no longer tolerate the stimulation to his very sensitive cock, he withdrew and stepped away. Linda, with almost a sense of pride, showed me just how thoroughly she had experienced Bob's orgasm. Her lips, mouth and tongue were covered in a white film. Strands of cum connected her upper and lower lips across her open mouth.

A small pool of unswallowed semen lay at the back of her mouth. It seems that Linda and I had developed this habit of punctuating our other sexual escapades with lot of hugging and kissing. This was to be no exception. Linda was still lying on top of me when she brought her face, literally dripping in cum, down to mine and began kissing me.

Our faces slid through the plentiful lubrication. Our lips seemed sealed in a film of sexual fluids. What Linda had retained in her mouth slid in a single mass into my mouth. The sensation and taste was exhilarating! Midway through our kissing and sharing, Linda looked up at Bob and smiled. Long white filaments still connected her lips with mine. We resumed our kissing until Bob's cum was either consumed or had dispersed over our bodies.

I felt many emotions while I lay there exhausted, naked, open, dripping, and smelling of cum from both sexes. I felt energized with a new sexual power. There was a sense of liberation and excitement that coursed through every nerve fiber in my body.

What I had done felt like a necessary affirmation for the deep love that I felt for my two friends. I also felt the pure uninhibited electricity of basic sexual passion. This was all a very good thing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visual Aids

By Mr. Neb
(May 2001)

From all indications, the day was not going to be unusually different than many other days. Jackie and Carol had been next door neighbors and close friends for many years. Countless times before, like today, they had gotten together at one or the other's house starting in the late morning to enjoy a few hours of each other's company.

They laughed, cried, bitched, commiserated and otherwise shared the events and issues of these two individuals and their close families. As close women will do, there were few personal secrets between them. Many very personal conversations had already taken place on many provocative subjects with maybe just a few of the details left out.

On this occasion they were at Jackie's home. It was a warm southern California spring day with a gentle breeze performing its climatic magic on this affluent coastal home. The two very attractive woman, one 30 and the other 31, chatted blissfully, enjoying the beautiful day bikini-clad and poolside.

The two women were much alike physically in terms of height, weight and physique. They were also both the beneficiaries of a very kind aging process aided by reasonable eating habits and regular but non-fanatical exercise. Where they differed most was in their personalities.

Carole, a former manager at a public relations firm, was the more reserved of the two, more unsure and cautious. She usually dressed with a more tailored style. She kept her hair above her shoulders and always neatly in place. Jackie's former career in modeling and dancing highlighted her more carefree, vivacious and open personality.

Depending on her mood, she dressed in many styles, on occasion, several at a time! Her hair was longer, always attractive but always with that free-spirit wind-tossed look. The two sat in adjacent lounge chairs beside the pool, deep-soaking in the warm sun, and talked with their eyes closed. Their arms were held away from their bodies. It looked as if they were preparing for ascension to the sun that was licking at their already tanned forms.

The gentle breeze generated a soothing rustling sound through the comb of the fully leafed trees before it tickled its way down their semi-naked bodies from head to foot. The two women welcomed the sensation on both the covered and uncovered portions of their skin.

The several glasses of chilled premium Chardonnay had motivated a spirited conversation on a wide variety of topics. Eventually, like these conversations tend to do, it turned to family, husbands and their relationships. The comparing of notes was common and generally expected. Their marriages were long, sound and loving so there were no touchy subjects. The talk was quite candid and rarely was there any outright complaining. It was more like a mutual calibration.

Today was one of those days. They giggled and joked about stereotypical male failings and meandered into a discussion about how their husbands were so preoccupied with sex and whether this was a unique situation or applied to men in general.

'I swear', Carole mockingly complained, 'that man would poke me day and night, any time, any place if he could!'

'Oh I know what you mean! So would Mark if he could', Jackie quipped.

'Me I mean, he'd poke me!' The two girls laughed and giggled some more. Carole took the tenor just a bit to the more serious side. 'and Ron is just a maniac when it comes to oral sex. I don't get it. I'm not sure he likes it. I think we have plenty of oral sex but when we're finished, there is always something lurking in the background, like it wasn't good enough.'

In a bad German accent attempting to emulate Dr. Ruth, Jackie replied, 'Hmmm. Verrry interesting. Zats a goot schtart. Tell doctor Jackie more.'

'Oh cut it out! You know what I mean, don't you? It's like it is good enough not to complain about and he doesn't want to hurt my feelings but there is something that just isn't right?'

'Ok, Carole but what are we talking about here. Which oral sex are you referring to? You taking care of him or him taking care of you?'

Jackie couldn't keep a serious tone for more that a moment so she added, 'We are keeping up with are feminine hygiene aren't we girl?'

'Oh GOD! You bitch!' She leaned over at smacked Jackie's arm in feigned anguish. 'Geeze! No. I mean when I do it him. There must be something that I'm leaving out or oh, I don't know!'

'Ok. Let's tackle this scientifically. What are we dealing with? Are you a little kisser or a deep throater? A swallower or a spitter?' she said with a snickering grin on her face.

'Aw my God Jackie! You are something else! Nothing shocks you does it? I am nothing like you.'

'Well I'm sure there are things that do shock me but this is certainly a long way from it.' The best friends were now sitting on the edge of their lounges facing each other and talking pretty intently.

They were trying rather unsuccessfully to get their hands around the heart of the matter. Between the effects of the wine and Carole's inability or unwillingness to express herself plainly and blatantly, not much progress was being made.

Carole, in a very obscure and probably subconscious way, was trying to extract suggestions from Jackie on how to improve her ability to please her husband. Finally, after twenty minutes of confusing talk, Jackie finally pieced together what it was that Carole was looking for.

'Would you like me to tell you what I do to Mark? That way you can see if there is anything you might like to try on Ron.'

'Ok', Carole replied sheepishly.

'Damn, girl! You could have just come right out and said it! It would have saved a lot of silly guessing!'

To punctuate the revelation and an indulgent attempt to rattle Carole further, Jackie leaned across the gap in the chairs between them and with their noses almost touching, Carole felt Jackie's wine scented breath as she whispered, 'Would you want me to describe how I take Mark's nice long hard dick between my lips and deep into my mouth. Do you want me to tell you how I use my tongue to lick his cock until he spurts warm sticky cum into my very eager mouth.'

Carole dropped the wine glass, shattering it on the pool pavement.

'Then, if you learn something new, you are going to be dying until Ron comes home and you are going to ravish him with your mouth.'

'Jackie!' Carole stammered. 'You are one crazy women! Well yes, I guess so but how can you talk dirty like that so easily! I have trouble even THINKING like that!'

'That's it! That's you trouble right there! You‚ve got to completely give into the moment. Here, come with me.' Jackie took Carole's hand and kept talking as she led her into the cooler house.

'Why are you holding back? Let yourself go! Be free to really enjoy it all. Everything in life should be that way, not just sex but since it is sex we are talking about, you have just got to let go more. Ron loves you very much and would never do anything to hurt you. You can completely let your inhibitions go when you are with him. Feel safe. It's OK to be vulnerable.'

Jackie led her dazed friend through the first floor of the house until they were in a room that served as a den and cozy multimedia room.

Two rows of tan leather sofas faced a huge blank video screen. When in use, images of superb quality were displayed, emanating from a hidden projector on the opposite wall. As throughout the rest of the house, tasteful classical music could be heard from undetectable sources.

Rich cherrywood shelves lined the walls on either side of the screen from waist level to the nine foot ceiling and held many volumes on a wide variety of subjects. Below them were lateral wood panels that served as the fronts of pull out drawers.

Carole sat and was absorbed by the center of the front sofa while Jackie kept up her monologue while she searched through one of the drawers. Jackie's fine smooth and tanned bottom, covered minimally by the tiny bright yellow bikini, swayed facing Carole as the search continued. 'I think I have the right approach.

Damn. Where is that thing? First, never be in a hurry. No aspect of sex and especially this one should be performed like a race complete with a starting signal and a finish line. Trust me. If it's all done right, it will finish to everyone's complete satisfaction. Nope, this isn't it.'

'What are you looking for Jackie?'

'Ah, here it is.' She turned and stood in the middle of the room and continued her preamble.

She held and waved a tape in her hand without initially mentioning it. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with her movements exaggerated by the passion to convey her message.

'Look. Giving head is an art, not a science. Great blow jobs are like snowflakes and fingerprints. No two should be alike. You are not baking a cake here. There is no fixed recipe. Go with the flow sweetie. All I can do is make suggestions but you will have to figure out all details yourself.' 'Jackie?' 'Yes?' 'Are you going to tell me about that tape or are you just wave it around threatening to hit me with it?' 'Oh, sorry. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well this should be worth about a zillion.'

Jackie pulled the center panel just below the massive screen and dropped the tape into a slot. Automatically, the classical music stopped. The projection system flickered to life and displayed the black lead from the tape. Jackie took a position next to her confused friend on the cool leather sofa.

'This isn't some gross cheesy porno tape is it Jackie, because if it is, I'm just not interested.'

Jackie replied with a mischievous smile, 'Well if you feel that way after we look at it, then Mark is going to be pretty insulted. He is a professional editor you know.'

The tape faded up and a date of a few months ago was briefly displayed over a view of Jackie and Mark's bedroom.

The camera had been placed level with the bed at its head and provided a view across to the opposite corner. The entrance to the spacious dressing area and bathroom could be seen in the background. From that doorway, Jackie emerged wearing a sexy light blue silk teddy with white lace in all the places. It had a deep neckline that revealed plenty of her natural and abundant cleavage.

The bottom was cut dramatically high. Jackie hammed for the camera, performing exaggerated 50s-style fashion poses by alternately putting one hand up the doorway with the other on her hip and jutting it out towards the camera.

The tape was obviously made around sunset. A golden cast lined all the curved edges of Jackie's very desirable figure. Long shadows accentuated her form. Mark was indeed a professional. He took maximum advantage of both natural and well placed subtle artificial lighting.

'Oh my God! That's you! What is this? Is this what I think it is? Is this some amateur porno tape? Forget it! I'm outta here!'

'Will you chill out! Amateur? Hardly. Like I said. Mark is a professional. It's edited and everything.'

'Does it have that shitty music?' Carole was beginning to settle down.

'Nope. Here. Let me fast forward through all of this beginning stuff.' Jackie pointed the remote at the screen and the action sprung into a silent screen comedic pace. A naked Mark rapidly jerked into view and Jackie pounced on the bed.

The two women laughed while the video showed in quirky movements the couple twisting and turning in various embraces alternating between he and her in the superior position.

Finally, still in fast motion, Jackie could be seen rising up and straddling Mark's hips, no doubt impaled by his as yet unseen member. The speed of the tape was just too fast to discern that detail which Carole secretly wanted to view. The sight of a naked Jackie bouncing up and down at a ridiculous speed was too much for two women. They were besides themselves and howling with hysterical laughter.

Jackie intentionally released the fast-forward button at precisely her intended moment. The lovers were still in the intercourse phase of their lovemaking but now being viewed at normal speed, the scene was no longer comical.

Jackie and Carole immediately stopped laughing. The sounds of the recorded event were now clearly presented through multiple hidden speakers in the room in high-end multi-channel fidelity.

At this point, there was no dialog, just the wonderful panting and moaning of two people passionately making love, oblivious to the camera, and with the female participant on the very edge of a shuddering climax.

Carole watched her friend intently, almost trying to connect with the person on the screen. Jackie's golden sunset-lit form was very erotic, even to Carole. On the screen, Jackie moved with complete surrender to what she was feeling deep inside. Her head swayed in every way possible, her hair swooshing and landed in every array.

Carole watched Jackie's hand disappear behind her and her head fall back, her face looking to the ceiling.

'What are you doing there Jackie?' Carole asked in a soft respectful tone.

'Oh that drives Mark wild. I'm reaching back and rubbing his balls. I just love the feeling of his tight sack in my hands, all wet and slippery with my juices. You can't see it but as best I can, I'm kind of jerking him off.'

'Oh my! What did you just do? What did you just do with that hand?'

'What? That? You can't see it because Mark's head is not in the picture but I brought my hand up to his face and he's licking my fingers. He just loves that. He can't get enough of my taste and believe me, there was a lot to taste. Watch this. I'm about to come.'

For the first time, without anything being spoken, the two women realized that they were pretty excited by what they had been watching. They were now cognizant of the uncontrollable seeping that was dampening their small bikini bottoms. Soon the miniscule fabric would be overwhelmed and another uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situation would present itself. The on-screen Jackie began to bounce at an increasing rate.

The hand that had visited Mark's balls and then his mouth was now placed between Jackie's legs. No close up or explanation was needed. Carole knew that her friend was assisting in the process and fingering herself over the precipice to orgasm. 'I'm coming Mark! I'm coming!' could be heard in stereophonic clarity throughout the room.

'Oh I just love the feeling of you so deep inside me. Yes! I love how you fill my pussy so completely. I'm coming Mark! I'm coming all over your hard cock!'

Carole sat and watched the images with her mouth dropped open while Jackie smiled and nudged her friend as if she wasn't paying attention and she shouldn't miss this. Jackie was pretty proud of what was going on up on the screen. Jackie fell onto Mark's body and for the moment, neither of their heads was in the picture. They were hugging with deep affection.

'Ok Jackie. I think I‚ve seen enough. It's been great but I think I'd better be going. Thanks for sharing. Let's do this again sometime real soon.' Carole was looking for some way to leave the room gracefully. She had been immensely turned on by watching her friend make love but was not prepared to share the evidence to that fact. Her pussy was liberally flowing with her wetness. She dared not look but knew all to well that her bikini had absorbed all that it was capable and a damp spot would be clearly visible once she stood up. She hoped that that would be embarrassment enough and that she would not be leaving anything on the leather cushion.

'Hey, not yet. This is the part I wanted you to see. Stay and watch it with me sweetie. This is the best part!'

Carole did not get up to leave. She really didn't want to. She settled again into the sofa and looked and listened to the video lovers. Jackie, still lying on top of Mark, began to raise and lower her hips, again slowly enjoying Mark's penetration.

'Oh baby, that was so wonderful. You made me feel so good. I want to make you feel just a wonderful Mark. Do you want me to kiss you baby? Do you want me to suck your cock?' The sounds of kissing could be heard and Mark was muttering in the affirmative. Jackie slowly rose up off her husband and then lifted her leg closest to the camera.

Carole starred mesmerized at the screen. Mark's cock could clearly be seen slowly emerging from Jackie's smartly shaved pussy. It left her with a decidedly wet plop. The firm stiff shaft glistened in the waning sunlight, as did much of the area between Jackie's legs. His impressively long and thick cock stuck straight up.

He too was shaved except for a small tuft just above the base of his shaft. Jackie made her way down to between Mark's legs talking while she repositioned herself.

'Ok dear. I'll suck your cock', Jackie began. 'I love sucking it. I love sliding it so long and thick so deep into my mouth. I love how you taste and feel and smell when you are in my mouth.' She licked his wet shaft from the base to the tip and swirled her tongue along the head in one motion.

With an open mouth, she moved her lips and face about his wet cock leaving shiny smears of Jackie's juices on her cheeks. 'Oh man', the real Jackie interrupted and paused the tape. The image of Jackie with her open mouth and lips lightly pressed against Mark's engorged shaft froze on the wall.

'I don't know about you but this has made me so fucking hot. When Mark and I watch it, we rarely get past this part before we rip off each other's clothes and fuck ourselves silly. See? Look at me. I'm practically dripping all over the place.' With absolutely no reservation, Jackie opened her legs for Carole to see the large darkened damp spot in Jackie's bikini.

Carole looked at her friend's wet crotch. She was utterly amazed at how things had gotten to this point. Looking back and pointing at the screen, Carole said, 'Aren't you-uh-can't you-uh-.I mean-'

'Oh for crying out loud! What are you trying to say!'

'Taste yourself. Aren't you tasting yourself when you kiss him like that. I mean after you‚ve just-uh-had an orgasm?'

'You mean come, don't you. Well of course I can taste my cum on him.' She resumed the tape.

'My cum is dripping all over him. Surely you can see it. Damn woman. In all the years we‚ve known each other, I didn't know you were quite this up tight. Yes, I am licking my cum from my husband's cock. He loves that and so do I. Frankly, I taste pretty good. Don't you? Haven't you tasted yourself before, maybe not intentionally but just in the heat of passion?'

'Well I guess so', Carole responded timidly.

'I know what I taste like because I‚ve kissed Ron after he has gone down me but nothing like THAT.'

Not bothering to comment further, Jackie resumed the tape and began a running narrative on the finer points of fellatio. 'OK, now watch. See what I'm doing here. I'm not just devouring him like a mad woman. Take it very slow at first. Barely touch him softly with your lips. Don't take him in your mouth right away. Just put gentle kisses all over him. Can you see what's happening? He is so turned on and I‚ve hardly touched him. I love watching the precum seep from his cock. Keep watching.'

Video Jackie ran her tongue up the complete length of Mark's cock, coaxing another large expulsion of clear liquid. It began to drip away from the crown in a tiny rivulet. Jackie extended her tongue over the head just to the point of contact with the emerging juices. 'Give it to me baby. Give it to me', Jackie urged in very a breathy voice.

Mark ran his index finger through his wetness and then ran a circuit around Jackie's lips making them glisten. She closed her eyes and purred then sucked his moistened fingers between her lips. Her tongue tingled with the welcome taste of her husband's secretions. Jackie guided Mark's finger out of her mouth with her tongue and quickly engulfed her husband's cock.

He let out a deep anguished moan. Jackie moved her head up and down in a few short strokes. 'Oh man! I love this part. He is leaking so much precum into my mouth. I love how Mark tastes. It is so sweet and it feels so wonderful on my tongue. Now watch. This is very important. See what I'm doing there. I have filled my mouth with lots of saliva and it is mixed with all of his precum. This drives Mark wild. See? I'm letting it drip in that long dribble from my mouth, just as if it were his cum. I'm letting it slid out over my bottom lip and letting it fall onto his cock. I love how it slides all wet and juicy down his cock and onto his balls.'

'Look. I‚ve left that nasty thread between us. It just breaks and I let it lay on my chin. See? I'm doing it over and over again. Mark really gets into this. I'm sure Ron would too. You‚ve just got to let loose and try this. The point it so keep his delicious cock completely wet. Make it feel to him like he's in your juicy pussy. It is also great to tease him. Use all that wetness as if it were really cum.

It drives him wild to fantasize if you will actually be doing any of that when he does eventually come.' Again, on the screen, Jackie pressed out a large mixture of precum and saliva and it was very clear she was trying to emulate his ejaculate. She let it roll off her chin onto him and them slid her face through the wetness. Her cheek was now as slippery as Mark's cock.

'Now I'm licking his wet balls. I love it when he is shaved like that. His sack is so soft against my face. I love licking it and feeling his hard balls inside and drawing them into my mouth one at a time.'

The on-screen Jackie resumed her delicate licking of his still-oozing cock. As best as she could manage, she talked to her husband through the final tease of the process.

The off-screen Jackie raised the volume. 'Do you want me to make you come baby? I know you are ready. Mmmm. Your cock feels so good deep in my mouth. You taste so good. I love how you taste and feel on my tongue. Do you want to give me your cum so I can taste and feel that too?'

'Carole, you‚ve got to talk to them. They love it. Tease the hell out of them. Be creative. Say anything and everything that comes into your mind. Try to surprise them. Keep them off balance. It heightens the pleasure for them. Say stuff that you would never say normally, outside of the bedroom.'

'Now watch this. I'm letting him know that I am almost done teasing him and I am going to make him come. See. I'm looking right into his eyes. He loves that seductive, sleepy-eyed look. At the same time I'm gently rubbing the head of his cock over my lips, leaking saliva from my mouth, practically daring him to squirt it into me, once in a while sliding my tongue over his leaking head. Damn! Now THAT's power!'

'OK Carole. Eventually you'll want to stop teasing him and make him come. Make sure that you have driven him completely wild first. Make sure that he has already pictured himself coming a bunch of times already. Make him completely desperate for release. You do that by teasing the shit out of him!' 'It's now that time. Here is where I finally make him come. I'm taking him much deeper into my mouth now. I'm sucking him deep into the back of my throat. Up and down in a constant rhythm, twisting my head from side to side, all the time making sure that my mouth is extremely filled with his wonderful juices and saliva. Let it keep dripping from around you lips. It feels good and looks good to him. Once and a while, see, like that, just empty your mouth all over him. It's like a preview of what you might do when he does come. When do that, I like to swallow him completely right away. Also, see what I'm doing there? I'm rubbing and lightly scratching at his balls. You can't see it but I'm also tickling his ass. Trust me, he is crazy with the thought of coming. You are in complete control at this point. Man, if you wanted a diamond ring, a mink coat, or a new Mercedes, now would be the time to ask for it.'

Carole, stunned but not completely out of it, quipped, 'Yeah but it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.'

'I'm about to come baby. I can feel it. I'm going to come! I'm going to come in your mouth Jackie! I'm coming!!' The two women sat in complete silence while Mark moaned in the initial throws of a thunderous orgasm. He thrashed and grabbed at the bed. Jackie managed quite well to keep her husband deep in her mouth. 'I love feeling it start. I love holding his balls and feeling them tighten in my hand.

I love having him so deep in my mouth that my lips and the tip of my tongue can feel the base of his cock swell and thicken as he is about to come. Now I can feel his whole cock stiffen and expand. With my tongue I can feel this large knot of his cum move quickly through the thick vein in his cock. I know exactly when his delicious hot cum will burst into my mouth. THERE! Right there!'

Jackie paused the tape but not before it had progressed some. Frozen on the screen was an image of Mark's cock in the full rage of orgasm. It was long, hard, engorged to a deep red, shiny and slick with wetness. A long thick erratic rope of white ejaculate hung motionless in the air, the leading tip just at the entrance to Jackie's open mouth.

A collection of soft white fluid was at the corner of Jackie's mouth and clung to her lower lip, no doubt the results of the first expulsion that had already taken place in her closed mouth. 'Now listen to me Carole. This is very important.' Carole just stared mesmerized at the screen.

Her mouth hung open in total awe at the wall-sized, crystal sharp image of her naked best friend, with mouth open, a streak of white fluid laying on her wet tongue, poised to most likely to receive much more. 'CAROLE!' she yelled to break her friend's trance.

'Listen. This is very important to men. There is no right thing to do here and it certainly depends on your own preferences. Personally, for me, I like how a man tastes. I'm not going to make a steady diet of it but I don't mind swallowing some 'for the gipper‚ if you know what I mean.'

'Some guys like the idea that you swallow every drop. Honestly, Mark isn't one of them. Thankfully, he really doesn't care what I do as long as I'm OK with it. This gives me all the options. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?'

Carole was starring at her friend as intently as she had been staring at the screen.

'I can't believe what I hearing,' Carole said while shaking her head back into reality. 'Am I really hearing you tell me about the different ways you deal with Mark coming!'

Artificially indignant Jackie replied, 'Hey, I'm just trying to help. It's not like you can take classes in this. We girls have just got to help each other out.'

'I guess you're right Jackie. OK. You have my undivided attention. Just how do you take Mark's cum?' She said that with as straight a face as was possible under the circumstances.

'Well, like I said, there are no hard and fast rules. Just go with the flow!' The two girls just couldn't resist more giggling.

'Sometimes, like when we're in the car or all dressed up, I don't want to take any chances. I figure I'm better off taking as much into my mouth as I can.

It's not always easy and I don't think we enjoy that as much. Then there are times we get real messy. It's like the complete opposite of the car situation. I want it everywhere BUT my mouth. We do this in the shower a lot but other places too. I'm usually kneeling. As soon as I feel Mark about to come I take him from my mouth and stroke him firmly but not too fast.

This usually makes his orgasm very intense. If I can, I usually like that first spurt to fly over my face and streak up into my hair. I want Mark to know it's completely all right for him to come on me. I usually like to keep my mouth open because I like to taste him but the idea is usually to have his cum on my face. I get into these real naughty moods and I just want to feel it all warm and sticky, clinging to my cheek and dripping from my chin. I like seeing it drip down my chest and between my tits.'

'Holy Shit Jackie! I can't believe you're telling me this!'

'What! Just because I like sex in a completely uninhibited way? Hey! I'm not alone in this you know. Mark does some pretty great stuff to me too. I have no complaints. Anyway, just try it sometime. I'm sure that you won't be feeling the way you were when we started this conversation.'

'So what was it like this time. What's going to happen here?' Carole asked.

'Oh. This is the best. I guess it is a cross between the two. Here, watch,' and Jackie resumed the tape.

'I just keep right on doing what I was before he comes. See. I just keep right on licking and sucking on him while he is squirting. If it lands on my face, in my mouth, or where ever, I just keep right on doing my thing. It's great! Mark loves it too. Just between you and me, I always make sure that Mark sees some of his cum squirt into my mouth. He just loves the idea of me tasting him but the rest can just go wherever it goes! And see that?

That feels really good to him. See how his cum is just running down his shaft now. I just love sliding my lips on him like that. He tells me that it's so soft to feel my lips on him when he's lubricated with his cum. I'll tell you Carole, it feels pretty good to me too!' 'At this point he's just about finished. I want to take him down softly. See? Just draw him into your warm wet mouth real slowly. Don't tickle him with your tongue. His cock is real sensitive now. He'll jump right out of the bed. Just suck on him slowly, let the last of his cum just seep into your mouth.

Feel his hard cock pulse and get just a little bit softer. Jeeze, I just love this part.' 'Damn Jackie!' I can see you are really into this. I can't believe that I am looking at a five foot movie of you sucking on Mark's cock, knowing at that exact moment, his cum is filling your mouth!'

'Well believe it babe because I'm about to show you.'

'OH MY GOD!' Quite seductively, the Jackie on the screen slipped Mark's cock from her mouth but made no attempt to close her lips. Like before with the saliva, she let the modest amount of Mark's semen just flow right back out over her lips.

It fell in a large dollop back onto his cock and slid down along the shaft to his balls. Jackie provided a sticky smile and then rose up from between her husband's legs and laid back down on him. Again their heads were out of the picture. They could be heard kissing and professing their love for each other.

After a few more moments, there was a fade to black. Jackie got up off the sofa to stop the tape. The soft classical music returned over the house-wide sound system. 'Jackie, that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have got to hand it to you. You are one very uninhibited woman. I knew you were a lot less uptight than me but THIS! Wow!' Jackie returned to the sofa and hugged her best friend. Their breasts pressed against each other.

'Listen honey. I didn't mean for this to be uncomfortable for you but I just thought if you saw it, it might help you look at things differently with Ron.'

'Well that's for sure! No, I'm not hurt or anything. Hugely embarrassed but not hurt.'

'Well embarrassment is easily dealt with. That will pass but on another note, I don't know about you but I am so fucking turned on by watching that! How about another glass of wine?' .. be continued, maybe.