Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday in Rome

My wife and I live in Istanbul.
We are both 34 and married for 8 years.
My wife was a virgin when we married, and she did not even see a naked man before, except for the movies.
She is 166 cm tall, with a very pretty figure of 94-60-90 and a really very beautiful face.
Her very big tits are still the favorite parts of her body, although they are not as firm as when we first married.
Her small pussy is always totally shaved without one single hair to expose her beautiful lips and clit.
Her round ass is at the perfect size only with a little celluloid that just started.

During our summer vacations, she always wears small bikinis that cannot hide much of her swinging big tits and her appearance that attracts other guys makes both of us very hot.
We always had a fantasy to have a strange cock for her to play with, since mine was the only one that she had seen in her life.
And I can tell you that full size of my circumcised cock is not bigger than 12 cm.s, although my performance makes her quite satisfied, she has a big curiosity for a big cock that she sees in porno pictures only.

Until three months ago, we never had an opportunity to overcome her big curiosity, because none of the alternatives we thought was safe enough for an occasion.
Finally in our summer vacation we went to a small and lovely hotel in Rome for one week.
The weather was very nice and she was as usual wearing shorts and T-shirts during our daily touristic excursions.
It was our 3rd day, and she had a short T-shirt that was leaving her belly naked, and her very big tits, with the support of her bra were lifting the front of the T-shirt even higher.

That day we realized that wherever we went she was the attraction center for the men around. And it was a real proud for me to have her by me.
The same day I decided to payback this to her by giving her the chance to see the second cock of her life.
In the evening, when we returned back to our hotel, the two young men in the reception were no exception to the other guys we have seen during the day, and they were both focused on her big tits and smooth abdominal area.

After having a shower together and a nice fucking in the bathroom, I told her that if she still wanted to see a strange cock, we could make a plan for that.
She got very excited by the idea, but told me that she did not want to fuck a stranger, but just to see it.
I said that I also was very excited to see her excitement but did not know how I would react to the real action.
So, she decided not to fuck but to play with a new toy that was her biggest curiosity ever. Then it was time to start our game.

She selected her sexiest black bra that supported her soft big tits from the bottom and left a big area uncovered at the top, black transparent panties that left her pretty ass visible but covered her hairless pubic area with some flower figures.
And wore a transparent short babydoll. Then we asked the technical service to come to our room telling that the toilet was out of order knowing that young boys were servicing. We had to wait for an endless 10 minutes until there was a knock on the door.
It was a 20-21 year old young man who entered the room in a very polite way. As soon as he saw my wife, we both realized that his cock started to grow under his trousers.

In a very direct way, I asked him if he wanted to have a good experience, he should obey everything that my wife orders and not to go beyond those orders.
After getting his approval without any hesitation, my wife asked him to go to the bathroom and have a quick shower to be very clean.
In almost 10 minutes he was back only with a piece of towel on his waist.

I saw how excited my wife was, and to keep her excitement, she wanted to make him even hotter (if that was possible) before seeing her second cock after mine.
She stood up and asked him to sit down and watch her. She first got off her babydoll with very slow movements.
His looks were immediately focused on her big tits under the black bra. Then she turned her back to show her ass under the transparent panties.
Her body was really very impressive, and seeing my wife showing her wonders to a perfect stranger, turned me on as I was never before.
Then, she came closer to him, and asked him to open the clips of her bra. He obeyed without hesitance.
She got off her bra very slowly, when we were facing her back. Now his eyes were on the perfect ass cheeks.

My wife's tits are so big and she is so thin that her tits are seen from behind when she is topless.
So the poor guy was also able to see their sides while her back was still facing us.
She turned back, and she was holding and lifting her big breasts without being able to hide all of them with one hand for each.
She was only covering her nipples and the brown area around them. She suddenly released her hands and the big ones fell down fastly, swinging for a while.
He was paralyzed for a moment, and then acted to hold them, and my wife stopped him to tell that I was the owner of everything he saw, so he had to get my permission first. Hardly speaking, he asked me if he could play with them, and again hardly speaking, I could say yes.
He first got the left tit, I think because it was slightly bigger then the other one.

He was holding it with two hands and licking and sucking the nipple like hell, then did the same thing for the other one, and continued with both by squeezing the big and soft tits for a while. My wife was breathing very fast not only because her nipples were sucked and her big tits were played, but also because they were exposed to a men except me for the fist time in her life.

Then she was so eager for her real target and stopped him. This time she sat down on the bed and asked him to stand in front of her, with his back facing her. She slowly took his towel out. The boy was 3-4 cm.s taller than me with a slim body.
She hold his ass cheeks with both hands, caressed and squeezed for a while. Then it was the great moment for her to see another cock, and asked him to turn.

When he turned we both saw that his cock was 17 or 18 cm.s compared to my 12. I was very glad for her, because his cock was quite different from mine, by its 5-6 cm. extra length, almost double thickness, and being uncircumcised. But a very bad surprise was waiting for us and as soon as she hold it tight with both hands, he started to come and sent his hot semen on my wife's face and big breasts. He was very embarrassed and she asked him to take a shower and come back.
When he came back from the bathroom, she also went to wash herself.
In a minute or two, she came back, her big tits were swinging while she was walking.
She sat down and pulled him again to stand in front of her.
Took the towel out and this time faced a soft and limp cock which was at my erected length.
She hold it with care and started to pull back and forth the skin to open and close the head, I saw that to have an uncircumcised cock gave her this kind of playing chance that she could not have with me.
Then it was the turn of the balls which were also twice bigger than mine, she hold them, squeezed them and caressed them for a long time.
He was still small, I think due to the embarrassment he had. Then she pulled the cock's head out of the skin and started kissing it first.

Soon she shoved it into her mouth, I saw her red lipstick on somebody else's cock. She is always good at blow job to me but this time she was really different. Then she took one of his big balls into her mouth and sucked it for a while.
His cock was now growing bigger. Suddenly she turned to me and asked me to bring my cock to her so to compare them together.
As a next step, I stood together with the boy to let her do any kind of tests with two organs.

She hold both of them simultaneously, she could cover my cock completely with one hand but half thickness of his cock was not covered.
She looked at them together from front, and sides, hold our balls and weighed them, tasted both cocks one after another in her mouth.
Then she said that she wanted to show him how a great Turkish pussy can be, and stood up on the bed, turned back, and slowly took off her panties.
Now we had perfect legs, a great ass only with some celluloid, a thin belly, and sides of two big and swinging breasts from behind. She turned slowly and we saw a totally shaved, hairless pussy exposing her clitoris and lips to us.

She always has pedicured pretty feet and likes them to be sucked by me.
This time they were for the boy and he started as she ordered.
After having sucked all of her red colored fingers, she asked him to use her womanhood to bring her to final orgasm.
She was lying on her back and I went over her from the opposite side to lift up her legs for easier work for him and better visibility for me. Separating her legs as wide as I could and pulling them back, there was no better way of exposing my wife to a stranger (her gynecologist even did not see her this way).

He first watched the hairless pussy for a while and then started to lick her small asshole that was virgin.
He even shoved his tongue in her asshole, but when he wanted to do it with his finger he was stopped by my wife.

After finishing with the ass, he started with the clit, and the lips. She was so hot that even the sheet was wet.
Finally her hips movement got faster and she came with screams.
The boy wanted to shove his big cock in her but he was stopped again.
Knowing that it was not fair to leave him like this, my wife turned, came to a doggy position facing his cock, and asked me to fuck her while she gives a blow job to that beautiful giant cock.
Her big soft breasts were swinging and spanking on her chest as I fucked her and she was sucking a huge uncircumcised cock. First I came when he started holding and squeezing her big tits.

Then attracted by the huge soft breasts, he asked my permission for a tit fuck.
Upon my approval, she sat on the edge of the bed and he put his giant cock between the giant tits. It was a marvelous show.
When I try this, my smaller cock is always lost between those big breasts, but this time his cock's head was still seen going up and down the big valley. Finally he came again and squirt the white cream all over my wife's beautiful big and soft breasts.

When he left the room She thanked me to give such an opportunity to her and I told I was even more proud of her then.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Joel Finds Happiness

Joel walked in the house, flinging his bag into the corner he dropped into the easy chair.

"Hello darling how was college"?

Joel's mom kissed his brow and set the table for tea, he watched as she moved around the table, her Legs shone in the sunlight drifting through the window, her hips swayed as she moved around tossing The flimsy dress from side to side.

Joel looked at his mom with love in his eyes, he had no girlfriend to speak of, he preferred his mom's company, and they would sit close as they watched TV, often laying his head on her arm.

Diane finished setting the table and sat next to her son, he smiled as she tousled his hair," lets play cards tonight", Joel agreed.

After tea, they set the table up they started to play bridge but the game got boring.

"Any suggestions"? Diane asked

"Strip poker" Joel said for fun.

"I haven't played that since my college days "she laughed.

"Scared mom"? Knowing his mom liked a challenge.

Diane looked at her son, at seventeen he was a hunk, if she was his age she would have got him in bed a long time ago.

"Your on Joel, I hope you don't get embarrassed when you lose your shorts.

"I hope you have on that sexy black underwear I saw on the washing line the other day, I reckon you'll look dead sexy in it, I might even take a photo or two.

"Sounds good to me" Diane dealt the cards.

Diane lost the first hand, standing up she slowly gyrated as she took off her sweater, Joel's eyes took in the swell of his mothers breasts under her t shirt, they must have been at least a 38", Wow mom you look hot".

Diane smiled as her son eyed her body, she knew she looked good.

"Your turn will come soon she smiled, waiting for the chance to see his gorgeous body.

His turn came the next hand; standing up he slowly undid his shirt, jutting his hips forward As he removed it, Diane looked at the bulge in her son's jeans, it looked so big.

The game moved on and they both removed shoes and socks, the next garment was crucial for both of Them.

Diane felt confident with a full house, soon she was going to see her son in his jockey shorts, and she didn't know why she was gasping for breath.

Laying her cards confidently on the table she gave a yell of triumph, "Sorry mom, try four two's"

Diane looked at the card he lay down, four two's.

She was down to her bra and panties, something had to go.

Joel felt his prick rising as he did a slow hand clap, Diane thought, oh well, in for a penny, and rose from her seat.

"In the middle of the room", Joel sung, Diane blushed as she moved into the middle of the room, she had not been seen in a bikini since college, now she was stood here in bra and panties and one had to come off.

Joel sat quietly as Diane reached behind and undid the clasp that held here bra up. His mouth gaped as her hands held the cups of her bra, slowly she removed it, looking down at the floor she felt the blush cover her breasts.

"OH MY GOD MOM THEIR FANTASTIC", Joel looked at the areola, at least two inches of dark brown skin tipped by two gorgeous nipples.

Diane looked at her son, he was stood up, his jeans tented at his crotch her eyes took in the large bulge.

"Let's get on with the game she said sitting down, her mind was in a whirl, she was having sexual thoughts about her own son.

Joel lost the next game and Diane's mouth went dry as he took off his jeans," sorry mom excitement of the moment", his prick poked out from under his shorts, the purple head seemed so big.

Joel sat down in a daze, he was sat opposite his mom with a hard-on, and she showed her breasts and didn't bat an eyelid. This would be the last game, one had to expose their genitalia to the other, and they both looked at each other.

"Let's call it draw mom", Joel said, "No way sunny boy" said Diane with a smile, she had a full house.

Joel looked at his cards, two pairs, he could tell she had won.

Diane jumped with glee and relief as he put his cards on the table, she had won.

"On the table for the big unveiling" she sang out, Joel stood on the table, his shorts bulged with his hard on.

Diane stood two feet from him as he bent down and removed his shorts, as he stood up his prick stood proud from his body, Diane looked mouth open, her husbands prick was seven inches, Joel's looked eight and a half.

"Stay there she said quietly", she went to the draw and took out the camera, Joel looked up as his mom entered the room, she focused on the huge appendage hanging below, Joel's balls were huge, filled with sperm, she took several shots and put down the camera.

"Joel, I never thought you were that big down there", "It must be you mom, you turn me on so much".

Diane gasped as she heard her son admit she got him excited moving forwards she kissed his lips gently Joel opened his arms and she melted into them, his prick trapped between their belly felt so hot to Diane.

Her hand made it's way to it,, she had to feel it, and grasping his balls gently she rolled them in her hand, they were so heavy, she gripped his prick, he gasped as she bent down and took him deep into her mouth, he held her head as she bobbed in and out, he cried out.

"I'M COMING MOM ,,,OH MY GOD", Diane gulped as her son shot his load deep into her throat, her pussy was creaming as she massaged his balls to get it all out.

They collapsed to the floor in a heap, Diane had never been unfaithful before, Joel reached for her and kissed her deeply, his hand found her pussy, still covered with her panties, slowly he removed them, Diane lifted her hips, she needed him right now.

Joel gasped as he took in the sight of his mothers pussy clean shaven except for a tuft of hair on the top of her mons, his fingers found ht's way inside her slit. The lips parted with sexual excitement, his fingers delved deep as he sucked her nipple, she gasped as he lay between her legs.

Even though Joel had just cum his prick was still as hard as ever, Diane felt his mouth on her thighs just below her pussy, he could smell the musk of a woman in heat, he traced his tongue along her thigh.
His lips kissed the soft skin of her pussy lips, they were swollen with sexual excitement, he tasted the river of life exuding from her slit, it was so sweet and plentiful.

His tongue entered her hot lips, he felt her body jerk as he covered the whole of her sex in his mouth, her clit rubbed against his nose as he licked and sucked at her honey pot.

"FOR CHRIST SAKE FUCK ME", she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her belly, Joel moved up ,her hand grabbed his prick and placed it at the entrance of her slit, he felt the heat on his sensitive head as she rubbed it against her slit.

"FUCK ME HARD", she gasped as her hips thrust against his prick, he felt the lips open as he gently pushed the head in.

Diane lunged her hips forward and engulfed the full length in one push, she was so wet, and Joel felt the vaginal muscles grip his prick so tight, it was like fucking a virgin.

Diane was crying with lust, she sobbed as she felt the solid rod of flesh hot the bottom of her cunt, never had her husband filled her like her loving son.

Joel pushed slow and hard, he wanted his mom to know his love for her was not just sex, as he pushed deep he felt her cervix bump the tip of his prick.

His hips moved around from side to side trying to touch every part of her he felt the neck of her cervix sword fence with his prick, she was screaming and lunging at the same time.

"Please darling, cum deep in me," she gasped as he picked up the pace, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed in deep and hard as he felt the sperm leave his prick.
Diane locked her legs around his hips as he plunged deeper and harder with each spurt, he knew this was unprotected sex but he felt elated as his baby making sperm filled her clasping pussy.

Diane had one orgasm after another as she felt the sperm trickle out of her filled pussy, with each thrust Joel withdrew more out of her, it ran down to her ass and made a puddle on the carpet.

Joel was possessed, his prick was still as hard as ever, as he withdrew from his mother he saw the sperm travelling down to her ass. Her hips still gyrated as she came down from another hit, Joel ran his finger along the line of sperm until her reached her puckered hole, his finger pushed the sperm into her ass, she coo-d as he slowly entered her ass. The sperm eased the way , she turned onto her knees ,she was in a state of sexual frenzy , he son had turned her into a slut and she loved it.

"Use your prick darling, fuck my ass with your prick".

Joel had never had anal sex but her pleading made him line his prick to the tiny hole, slowly he entered, he felt the muscles relax as the head entered, Diane gasped as she felt the hard shaft pierce her rectum.

Slowly Joel felt his prick slide the full length deep into her bowel, Diane thrust her ass in the air so more of his prick entered her.

The effect on Joel was immediate, his hips picked up the pace and he felt the ribbed tube grip him, it was so warm and wet, his balls slapped against her pussy as he pummelled her , gripping her hips let him go deeper.

"I'M CUMMING MOM DEEP INTO YOUR ASS ", she screamed as she felt the first shot deep in her colon, it was so hot, she stuffed two fingers deep into her pussy and creamed again as her son filled her ass.

Joel flopped down onto his mothers back, she collapsed under his weight, his prick still deep in her ass, she wanted it to stay there all night.

They lay there for half an hour both luxuriating in the after glow of sex.

Diane put her hand under her body and felt for his balls between her thighs, "Is there any more sperm in there for me"?

Joel kissed her neck, "let's take a shower together and see".

As they moved apart Diane felt his still hard prick leave her ass, she felt the sperm travel down her legs, she knew this was the start of an affair that would leave her pregnant, but that was what she wanted she decided.

The end

Friday, October 26, 2007

The School Trip

"Come on get on the coach" Mr Taylor called to the last stragglers, three girls ran from the ladies loo and boarded the coach.

Miss Ward did a final headcount and confirmed to the driver they could go. The girls voices rang with excitement as they waved goodbye to their parents, a week in Scotland skiing, they were on their way.

Miss ward sat in the front of the coach while Mr Taylor sat at the back, three girls joined him asking questions about their holiday as the coach hit the motorway.

As the day grew to an end and night set in the girls had started to fall asleep, Mr Taylor has the back seat to himself now and relaxed as the girls settled in for the night.

One girl was restless, looking up he saw it was Julie, she was fourteen and from a single parent family, her dad had died when she was two. Mr Taylor asked her what was wrong quietly, she was uncomfortable in the seat she replied.

Mr Taylor called her to the back seat and she laid her handbag as a pillow and rested her head on it and lay quietly.

As the night went on Mr Taylor noticed Julie had fallen asleep. Her hair fell across her eyes and she looked very pretty, her T shirt was tight on her young body and Mr Taylor could easily see her breasts outlined they looked quite big as they rose and fell as she breathed.
Her skirt was knee length but with her legs askew her had a good view to the top of her thighs, he felt his prick rise as her tried to see her panties but in the dim light it was all in shadow.

Suddenly the coach hit a pothole and the coach bounced Julie onto the floor unceremoniously, Mr Taylor jumped up to help her, she was trapped her body had wedged itself under the low seat.
As Mr Taylor bent down he saw her skirt had risen above her waist showing him her panties, the bulge between her thighs told him she had a big hairy bush that covered her pussy.

He pulled her skirt down and helped her to her feet, she was crying as she sat down, Miss Ward had come to see if they needed any help but Mr Taylor shooed her away.

Julie was still sobbing as the coach settled down again, Mr Taylor put his arm around Julie's shoulders and pulled her to his chest. "I was so scared when I couldn't see anything she sobbed, and when I realised my skirt was up to my waist I was so embarrassed".

"Don't worry no-one else saw anything", I tried to console her, "but you did sir" she sobbed.
"What I saw was the legs of a very pretty girl" I replied.
Julie smiled and calmed down, I still held her as she dropped off to sleep again her head resting on my shoulder.
As the night wore on Julie had moved down the seat and used my lap as her pillow, her cheek rested on my prick and I prayed that I would not get a hard-on.
She put a hand under her cheek and right on my prick, she squirmed a bit and then settled down, I looked at the rest of her body as she lay asleep, her waist was so slim and her hips had taken the shape of a woman's.
I could see her breast's closer now, her nipples making small indentations on her T shirt, I placed my hand on her waist, she did not move, I slowly moved my hand around her belly feeling the softness of her flesh under her top.

My hand moved closer, my heart was beating so hard, here I was ,a teacher trying to touch a fourteen year old girl in my charge, I must be mad.
I felt the swelling of her breast with the tip of my fingers, she still had not moved, my prick was solid under her hand as I moved my hand closer.
Gently rubbing her nipple with my open hand I felt it respond, soon it was hard and quite pronounced.
Laying my whole hand on her breast I gently cupped it, it felt so nice, suddenly she stirred, I moved my hand and feigned sleep.

Her head raised and she looked around seeing everyone asleep she laid her head back down, slowly she realised where her hand was , she looked up at me and saw I was still asleep, her hand still covered my hard prick.

Slowly she felt the outline with her fingers, I felt my prick lurch as she reached the tip and I gasped, with the exquisite spasm that ran the length of my prick.

She lay her head back down still with her hand on my prick she obviously like the feel of it in her hand.

Daybreak saw us arriving at the outskirts of the ski resort, I gently woke Julie and as she sat up she looked at my prick still hard and showing.

"I'm sorry sir" she stuttered.
"Lets keep it our secret shall we" I whispered.
She beamed a smile at me and said thank you.
The rest of the day was spent unpacking and sightseeing, Julie made sure she was in my group and stuck by me all day.
She wore her ski pants and a colourful sweater, her pants were skin tight and showed her beautiful ass fully, her mons pushed the front out and she caught me looking, she blushed and smiled at me.
Most of the girls went to bed early, Miss Ward made sure that they went quietly and said she was going also.

This left two girls and myself watching TV. One was Julie.
After ten minutes the other girl left, I was alone with Julie.
She kept looking at me and once I caught her.
"Sir are you married"?
"No Julie not yet, nobody wants me"
"Oh I don't know" she mused, "you are quite good looking" she quipped with a smile.
"Have you got a boyfriend"?
"No, no-one wants me either"
"Oh I don't know" I said, " you have a pretty face and a fantastic body, I sure that someone would love to be your boyfriend"

Julie blushed.
"Well it's time for bed", I said rising, her eyes looked at my crotch, I had a hard on.
Julie came towards me and reached up and kissed my cheek, I could feel her breast's press onto my chest.
I reached out and pulled her closer, holding her head in my hands I kissed her gently on her lips, her hips pushed against my prick as her hands pulled my ass closer to her body. Her mouth opened under my probing tongue, I explored her mouth and she responded with her own tongue.

I knew we could get caught but didn't stop, my hands made their way to her breasts, gently squeezing them, she moaned and ground her pussy against my prick.
I knew I had to have this girl, telling her to wait I checked the corridor, it was clear.
I signalled her to come and she followed me to my room two doors away.

As we entered the room I went and pulled the curtains, turning the bedside light on I saw her standing by the bed.

I moved towards her, her arms lifted to encompass my neck as we kissed again, slow sexy kisses.
I placed my hands on her waist and slowly pushed her sweater up, she broke the kiss and pulled it off.
Standing there in her bra I moved forward and bent my head, kissing the valley between her breasts.
My hands moved around the back and undid the clips, her bra fell away slowly.
Her nipples were pronounced, they had grown bigger and harder, gently I laid her on the bed, my mouth covered one nipple and I sucked it , she held my head tightly against her tit as my tongue swirled around the hard nipple.

My hand made it's way down her belly until I felt her thighs open and my hand was on her mound.
I cupped it, it felt so good, her hips moved up to meet my hand as I stroked her pussy.

Kneeling on the bed I pulled her ski pants down, her panties followed.
She lay there silently as I got undressed, when I pulled my shorts off she gasped as my prick was exposed.
"It's so big" she said moving closer, I took her hand and placed it on my prick, her hand formed itself around it and moved it gently back and forth.

I laid on the bed facing her as she still held my prick, my hand went to her pussy, she had a mass of hair that covered her mons.
I moved down to look at her pussy, I could smell her fragrance emanating from her love channel, I moved closer and parted the hair, her lips glistened in the soft glow from the bedside light.

My tongue rasped the length of her slit, her juices were so sweet, she gasped and rolled around the bed as I delved deeper and deeper into her love canal.
Suddenly she shook as her first orgasm swept her young body, she whimpered quietly as her orgasm coursed throughout her body, I felt my prick lurch as I came over her belly her hand still moving as she drained the last shot of sperm from my throbbing penis.


We lay side by side , my sperm dribbled down her belly and mixed with her hairs, her fingers played with the sticky mess.

I lent over her body and kissed her lips, her nipples still hard , my fingers teased them as we kissed.

"I must wash this off" she said.

Going to the washbasin she ran the water and started to wash, it took a long time to remove it all from her hairy pussy.

"I wish I hadn't grown any hairs now"

"We could always shave them off "I said quietly.

"What a good idea, would you, please, please, please"?

I laid a towel on the bed and she flung her self on it, getting the shaving foam and my razor I approached the bed.

Julie flung her legs wide open and I knelt between them, shaving foam in hand I aimed it at her pussy, as the foam spurted out I rubbed it well into her bush.

She squirmed as I ran my fingers close to her lips, they were swollen with sexual excitement. As I massaged her clit with the foam she gasped and flung her legs wider, my finger entered her gapping lips and I felt her vaginal muscles grip me.

"Time for a shave madam" as I pulled my finger out, she lay still as I slowly shaved her mound, soon I had shaved the outer lips as well, pulling her lips open I carefully shaved the last bit.
Washing the foam off I padded her puffy mound dry with a soft towel, sitting back I look at her nude pussy, her lips gapped and I knew it would soon be nice and smooth.

Getting a tin of Vaseline from my bag I gently applied a dab, working it around her groin and between her lips.

"Let me shave you now", grabbing the foam she covered my groin with lather, soon she had removed all the hair on my balls and around my ass. Dabbing a bit of Vaseline into her palm she slowly massaged it onto my ball sac, it felt so good. I felt her tongue lick the length of my shaft, working her way to the tip she pushed her mouth over the head.

If only she knew what she was doing, my spunk made its way up as she went deeper and deeper, suddenly I shot a wad deep into her mouth, she gagged and swallowed, repeating this action until I was empty. We lay together holding each other in our arms, words were not needed, we kissed slowly, caressing each other's bodies.

"Can I call you Rob when we are alone"? I answered yes as I moved above her body, I eased her legs apart and knelt between them.

"This might hurt a bit " I said as I lined my prick up to her puffy lips, slowly I entered her, I had just pushed one inch in and then I felt her hymen, moving slowly I stretched it each time I pushed forwards.

Julie started to pant as the nerves in her pussy responded to the stimulation, suddenly I pushed harder, I was through, I felt her vaginal walls grip my prick as I buried it deep into her body.

"That's it darling move slowly, let it build up " I whispered into her ear, she pulled my ass, forcing me in deeper as her hips rose to meet mine,

Her vagina started to lubricate as we moved faster and faster, her muscles vibrated as her orgasm started to build, her legs wrapped around my waist as I lifted her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders. This movement caused me to go in deeper, I could feel the neck of her cervix butt the tip of my prick, this was enough to make me cum, as the first shot hit her cervix she screamed out as her orgasm jolted her body.

Shot after shot filled her tight pussy, soon there was no room for more, it started to dribble down my shaft and onto her puckered ass hole.

I placed my finger on her ass and massaged the sperm onto the entrance. "Oh Rob" she gasped "that feels so good",

I pressed gently onto the centre, feeling it give way with my sperm acting as a lubricant, my prick was still in her pussy still hard, I made slow lazy strokes that kept her on the boil.

My finger inched in deeper her hips still moved with me, soon I had all my finger deep into her ass, I could feel my prick through the thin wall of her rectum, and I was in heaven.

Her colon spasmed as another orgasm coursed through her body, she screamed loudly, "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING SO HARD" her hips thrashed on the bed as I joined her with another cum, weaker than hers but oh so good.

We lay sated and drifted on clouds of contentment.

Suddenly the door opened and Miss Ward stood in the doorway, she flicked the light on and screamed when she saw us still coupled and very naked.

"Get back to your room miss, I will deal with you later"!

Julie stood up and slowly got dressed, Miss Ward watched her every move, MY GOD she thought, she's shaved her pubic hair off, looking at Rob laying on the bed she noticed he was shaved too.

"Hurry up, hurry up", she said moving towards Julie, picking up her sweater she pushed Julie towards her room slamming the door on Rob and his rampant prick.

Claire Ward made Julie take a shower, she supervised Julie as she soaped her breasts slowly, Claire was fascinated by the young girls body, so perfectly formed, her breasts stood firm and her pussy was so smooth,.

Claire was a virgin, at twenty eight she had no contact with boys or men, her mother domineered her and her free time was spent studying, when she went to college she had to return home straight from class. She had seen other women undressed when they did sports and always had a funny feeling in her stomach when she saw them naked.

She had that feeling now, she noticed sperm dripping from Julie's ravaged pussy, OH MY GOD HE'S COME IN HER", her heart beat faster as she watched the sperm dribble down Julie's thigh.

Seeing a plastic cup on the side she gave it to Julie saying,

"I want you to take his cum out of your pussy and put it in this cup, it will be evidence" Julie took the cup sobbing, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy she scooped Rob's cum into the cup, handing it to Miss Ward she begged her not to say anything.

"Now get to bed and don't talk about this to anyone", Julie went to bed, Miss Ward went to her room.

As she entered her room her heart was still beating hard, she had watched Julie sink two fingers deep into her own cunt to retrieve Rob's cum, and she had it in this cup.

Claire dipped her finger into the cup, she pulled a glob of spunk out and ran it through her fingers, oh my god it feels so smooth, her stomach fluttered as she pictured Rob's prick standing well away from his body and so big.

Lifting her fingers to her nose she breathed in the musky scent of sperm mixed with Julie's juices.

She felt her pussy getting wet, undoing her robe she lowered the night dress her pointed nipples stuck out, getting another finger full of the sperm she applied it to her nipple, it was so silky smooth as her fingers glided over her breasts.

Claire's breathing came in gasps now, she felt the moisture running down her thighs," Oh my god it feels so good," her hand slipped down to her pussy, she felt the heat radiating from her pussy as her fingers found her hole.

Putting Robs sperm on her pussy lips she rubbed it all around, her fingers dipped into her pussy, she felt her legs getting weak and laid on her back on the bed.

Drawing her leg's up so her heels touched her ass ,she felt so bad, this was the first time she had touched her pussy in a sexual way.

Rob had paced up and down his room, wondering if Claire had called the police or Julie's mother, he had to find out.

Putting his robe on he made his way to Claire's room, he knocked quietly on her door, no answer, turning the handle he entered the room, he gasped at the sight before hi.

Claire was masturbating herself, her fingers going deep into her pussy, she whispered something, he could not hear what, suddenly she came, her hips rose from the bed.

"FUCK ME ROB FILL ME WITH YOUR SPUNK, JUST LIKE JULIE" she tipped the contents of the cup over her pussy, Rob could see it was spunk.

Rob heard her calling his name, slowly he took his robe off and approached the bed, his prick hard,

"Try the real thing Claire" he said, she froze, her fingers deep into her pussy was covered with his spunk and her juices

Rob was holding his prick, slowly stroking it, pre come leaked from the tip as he looked at Claire's body., her thighs spread open her breast stood firm and her nipples were about half an inch long.

Slowly he bent down and kissed her on her mouth, she tried to protest and push him off but he held her down as he kissed her open mouth.

Claire stopped struggling as his tongue invaded her mouth, he cupped her breast and she gasped as he tweaked her elongated nipple, bending his head he sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, her hand pulled his mouth tighter to her aching breast.

Rob put Claire's hand on his rampant prick, she moaned as she felt the hard pole, he showed her how to rub it back and forth, Claire was confused, her body screamed for more but she knew it was wrong.

Rob's hand moved to Claire's pussy, he felt the sperm mingle with her own juices, his fingers found her slit and slowly pushed his finger in, her vaginal muscles clamped his finger so hard he had trouble going in deeper.

Claire's hand was wanking him at a fast pace as her sexual urges beat her morals, she sat up and guided his prick to her mouth.

She was on remote control now, licking the shaft she tasted Julie's pussy mingled with his sperm, she swallowed his prick deeper, and her pussy was in spasm as she felt his prick swelling.

"I'm cumming Claire" he gasped, she moved faster sucking deeply ,suddenly she felt a shot of hot liquid hit the back of her throat, she swallowed shot after shot of his hot cum,

Even after he had finished cumming she sucked deep and hard, his prick was still solid, his fingers delved deep into her sloppy pussy covered with her love juices

Taking his prick out of her mouth he positioned her hips on the side of the bed, He lay on top of her and lined his prick up with her pussy.

Pushing slowly he entered her tight but slippery pussy, she gasped as she felt her first prick go deep into her.

Rob moved faster and faster, Claire felt her body responding with feeling she had never felt before, her belly felt full as he pushed in deep, her breasts was covered in a blush showing her sexual fervour.

"Fuck me liked you fucked Julie Rob ,fill me with your spunk and then fuck me again ", she was talking in gasps as her orgasm crept up on her.

Her whole body shook and went rigid as she came, her legs thrashed on the bed as Rob went faster and deeper, and he was very close to cumming.

He shot his wad deep into her ,she hit another orgasm as she felt the burning liquid shoot against her cervix, it was all to much for her and as she shook with another cum she past out, Rob still shooting his spunk held her tightly as his climax finished.

Part three

Julie crept back to her room, her friend Mandy was awake, "where the hell have you been".?

Julie slowly undressed, still sobbing she sat on her bed in her bra and pants.

Mandy sat by her side, "What the hell is up"?, "Miss ward found me in Mr Taylor room, we were making love".


Julie to Mandy all about it, Mandy was still a virgin but had played around with her boyfriend, she made Julie tell her in detail.

"I loved it when he sucked my nipples, he made them so hard and twisted them gently, I could feel the pain hit the centre of my pussy"

"Oh Julie did it really hurt"?

Julie took off her bra and showed Mandy her nipples still solid, "they look so sore" said Mandy.

Julie caressed her nipples feeling the pain shoot to her pussy, her knickers started to feel damp again.

Mandy went to her bedside cabinet and got some moisturiser cream , she laid Julie on the bed and started to rub the cream into the sore nipples, Julie gasped as the cold cream was applied.

Mandy felt funny, her fingers gently caressed the rigid tips, they felt so hard, and moving her fingers around she covered the firm breast with the cream.

Julie started to moan softly, "You do it just like he did, it feels so nice"

Mandy noticed Julie spread her thighs apart, she could see the damp patch forming, Julie's lips were showing through the damp material.

"OH MANDY I'M CUMMING AGAIN", Julie grasped Mandy's hand to her breast as her climax coursed through her body, her hips jerked, she pulled Mandy's head to hers, she kissed Mandy on the lips, Mandy was caught up with Julie's climax, she returned the kiss.

Mandy had never thought about girls before but she loved the way that Julie was kissing her, she pulled Julie close and returned the kiss, using her tongue she invaded Julie's mouth.

Julie still cumming pulled Mandy under her, laying breast to breast and crutch to crutch she gyrated her pussy against Mandy,

Mandy's hands moved to Julie's ass , pulling her closer so that there pussy's meshed together, their kissing became more passionate.

Mandy felt her body responding to the sexual advances, she had never felt this sexed up, her pussy was soaking wet, she felt Julie's finger move to her pussy, spreading her legs she allowed Julie's probing fingers find her slit, she shook as her first orgasm took over.

Julie's fingers pulled the panties down to Mandy's feet, pulling them off she moved back to the bushy slit that lay between Mandy's thigh's.

Julie was on remote control now her body was electric, her fingers found Mandy's slit and probed the inner sanctum, Mandy squirmed as the fingers delved deep .

The only noise that could be heard was the squishing of Julie's fingers in Mandy's cunt and the heavy breathing as Mandy soared to another climax.

Suddenly Julie moved down the bed, her mouth found the sweet smelling pussy of her best friend, her tongue snaked out and licked the soaked puffy lips, liking the taste she delved deep with her tongue, flicking the tip of her tongue over the honey spot of Mandy's clit.

Mandy was floating, her body jerked as Julie's tongue probed deep into her love box.

Julie looked up ,seeing her best friend spread out like a slut, loving every bit of it.

Mandy jerked when Julie stopped, she sat up, her body shaking from the last orgasm, their eyes met, Mandy laid Julie down and pulled her panties off, she gasped as she saw the shaved pussy, "WHO DID THAT TO YOU"?

Julie smiled, "guess", Mandy looked closely at the nude pussy, she could see the thick moisture trail dripping to Julie's ass.

Pulling her finger through the puffy lips she gathered the moisture on her finger tip and put her finger in her mouth, it tasted so sweet.

Lowering her head she licked her tongue across the length of Julie's pussy, Julie was on the edge of another orgasm, one more lick was all it took, the orgasm was so intense that Julie passed out.

Julie came round as the sun shone into her bedroom, Mandy was asleep in bed with her, and her hand covered Julie's pussy as if guarding it.

Mandy stirred, slowly she realised what had happened, seeing Julie awake she started to blush and tried to explain . Julie leaned forwards and kissed Mandy gently on the lip, "Shush, I know, I enjoyed it too.

They lay in each others arms, admitting to each other their feelings.

At breakfast Julie was called into the office, Mr Taylor and Miss Ward were sat close to each other on the sofa.

"Please sit down Julie", Mr Taylor started to speak but was cut short by Miss Ward.

"Julie I must thank you for last night, I must admit what I saw astounded me, a teacher and a student having sex, unthinkable, but you did make a lovely couple".

Julie could not believe her ears, she was being praised for fucking with a teacher.

Mr Taylor stood up and moved towards Miss Ward, wrapping his arms around her waist he kissed her neck, then he moved towards Julie and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"after you went to bed I went to talk to Miss Ward, to cut a long story short we ended up making love, and we have you to thank for it".

Miss Ward came to Julie and took her in her arms and kissed her lips, Julie felt a spark in the kiss and relaxed.

"Mr Taylor can I speak to Julie alone please"?

Rob kissed them both again and left.

"Please Julie call me Claire when we are alone, I want to let you know how it happened, I led a very sheltered life as a girl, no contact with boys at all".

"When I saw you both last night I was so confused, you were so young and pretty, your body was so alive".

Claire took Julie's hand and pulled her onto the sofa, still holding her hand she continued.

"When I saw you the shower fully naked I felt so turned on, your breasts seemed so firm and your pussy shaved was the biggest turn on for me, you see.

I have often thought I was gay, when you pulled Robs spunk out of your pussy I came in my panties".

Claire started to cry, Julie pulled her into her arms and let her, she caressed her hair and rubbed her back, Claire moved back and looked into Julie's eyes, slowly they moved towards each other, their lips met and they parted lips, tongues lashed tongues as they melted together.

Julie slowly undid Claire's blouse, her breasts were about 38b and were held in a black lacy bra, Claire's eyes were closed as Julie undid the clasp, the breast's free of their restraint feel forwards.

Claire gasped as she felt Julie's hands cup her breasts, her fingers teased the nipples that went rock hard. Julie pulled Claire to her feet, undoing the skirt Julie let it fall to the ground, Claire moaned as her resistance ebbed, her eyes still closed. Julie got undressed and led Claire to the bed.

As Claire laid down she opened her eyes, Julie was bent over her hands reaching to Claire's panties

Slowly she pulled them down, the hairy bush was soaked with love juice.

Julie ran her fingers through the bush, feeling the elongated clit she pulled it with her fingers, gasping as her dreams were being fulfilled she felt Julie twist her clit and pinch it, she jerked as a bolt of pain jolted her pussy into secreting more juice.

The door opened and Rob looked in, he wondered what was taking so long, he smiled as he saw the two lovers on the bed.

He got undressed and locked the door, moving to the bed his prick jerked as he saw Julie fingering Claire's pussy, neither were aware he was present.

Julie was kneeling on the bed, her ass poked towards Rob as he moved closer, wetting his prick with his spit he covered the tip.

He moved into position prick in hand as he saw Julie bend down and lick Claire's pussy, slowly he placed his prick at the entrance to Julie's pussy, feeling the prick Julie jumped and looked behind, she smiled when she saw Rob and went back to the leaking pussy.

Rob entered Julie's pussy, it sank right in, she was so wet, as he sawed deep into Julie her tongue lashed deep into Claire's love channel .

Rob felt his spunk rising as he pushed deep into her gripping cunt, suddenly he spurted hard, Julie felt the shot hit her womb and moaned deep into Claire's pussy, the vibrations of her moan sent Claire into a deep orgasm and they all came together.

Claire gasped when she opened her eyes to see Rob prick still hard standing next to her, taking his prick she sucked it deep into her mouth, loving the taste of Julie's pussy mixed with sperm.

Julie collapsed as she felt her own orgasm subside

They lay together on the bed, sated for the moment, Claire blushing as she recalled the feeling of another woman bringing her to orgasm.

Julie surprised them both by saying she knew someone else who was new to sex that would love to know them both.

They lay planing the rest of the weeks sexual agenda.

The end.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Payment Arrangements

You walk into my office.
I am your last hope to get out of the debt you owe to my company and you know it. My secretary takes you down to my office and closed the door behind .
You rise to shake my hand, and I try to be subtle as my eyes move over you.
I offer me a seat in a large chair opposite my desk,as you sit, crossing your legs.
"So what do you think I can do for you?" I ask, as I stare at where your short black skirt has ridden up, revealing a glimpse of creamy white thigh above your dark stockings.

I suddenly ask you, . "Are you wearing anything under that skirt?"
You blush,and murmur "No,sir."
"I then tell you with a seductive smile to uncross your legs and spread your legs apart".
The authority in my voice starts your juices flowing.
I notice your legs part, allowing a full view of your moist pussy lips.
You can feel the juices oozing down the crack of your ass.
"Mmmmmmm, nice," I say, moving in front of you and kneeling I push your legs apart further, opening your hot wet pussy to my inspection.

I grab your hips, and pull you forward in the chair, then use my fingers to part your pussy lips, revealing your hard throbbing clit.
Slowly I suck it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue as my fingers slides inside you rubbing your pussy deep inside. Your legs begin to tremble as I lick, suck and finger your hot wet pussy.
Your pussy tries to suck my finger in deeper as your thighs trembling and you can feel your clit pulsing beneath my slow moving tongue.

Your juices are flowing faster and we can hear the sucking noises as your pussy grips my fingers.
Suddenly, I dart my stiffened tongue into your pussy and out again quickly flicking over your clit.
My tongue darts in again as my thumb begins to lightly stroke your clit.
Your moans are getting louder now, and you grind your pussy into my probing tongue. I can tell you are very close to cumming..

.."Not yet," I say, rising and pulling you to your feet. Your legs are trembling so that you can barely stand, and your juices are dripping down your thighs. Your clit is throbbing and swollen.
You try to touch yourself and I say "NO, not until I say you can."

I lead you toward the desk and ask you if you will pay now or need more discipline?You grin and say you will not pay.
I lead your towards my desk and tell you to sit on the edge as I push your skirt up and force you back on the edge.
Your ass is at the very edge.
"Make yourself cum, " I order, "I want to watch you." I unzip my pants and slip them off.
My cock is hard as I stroke it as I watch you..
Your hand is moving faster now, plunging in and out of your pussy, feeling the pressure building.

"Don't come yet!" I tell you, still stroking my cock.
"Rub your clit, but very slowly..."
You do as your told slowly massaging your engorged clit, rubbing your juices over it.
"Now slip one finger into your Pussy, not all the way, just alittle...."
I stroke my cock faster now as your eyes watch it get harder and harder.

I move closer so that my cock head is right in front of your mouth.
You lick the slit, tasting me as you start to slowly suck you into your hot wet mouth, your finger moving in your pussy, slowly, churning up all the hot flowing juices.
I hold my cock still stroking it as I let you eagerly suck it in, inch by rock hard inch, until your lips are wrapped around the base and the head is deep in your throat.

I begin to fuck your mouth, slowly at first, as you caress my balls with your other hand, feeling them begin to tense. Your fingers are moving rapidly now, wanting to may yourself cum as I cum in your mouth.
I slowly pull my glistening cock from your hungry mouth and move your fingers from your pussy.
I lock my elbows under your knees, your legs across my shoulders and push my cock towards your dripping pussy.
Holding it with one hand, I rub the head of my cock along your juicy slit up to your clit, teasing you, then back down

I slowly slip the head between your pussy lips as you try to thrust upward, wanting every inch of me in you, but I have your legs pinned .
You moan for me to fuck you.
I want you to beg me to fuck you," I say, pushing my cock in a little further.
I pull it back out so once again the head is nestled between your pussy lips.

You are writhing on the desk now, wanting to feel my cock all the way in me.
"Beg for it, or I'll stop!" I say, slamming it in with one long hard stroke and then pulling it almost all the way out again.
"Oh yes!"you scream, Please, please fuck me now! I want all of your cock in me! Fuck me, fuck me!"
My hot mouth covers yours, drowning out your moans, as I shove my cock all the way into your pussy and begin fucking you hard .

My tongue is probing your mouth as your cock plunges in and out of your pussy, filling it.
Your pussy grips my cock even tighter as you start to come, your screams filling my mouth. I feel your pussy pulsing around your cock as your juices stream out.
I withdraw my cock from your pussy and stand up.
"But YOU didn't come,"you protest.
"Oh, I will, I will, you'll see," I smile and you wonder what I am going to do to you now.

I ask again.."Going to pay now or more discipline." You look a me, your pussy dripping, and smile and say "NO". I walk over and reaching into my drawer and pull out some spare ties and towels and order you to move onto your stomach on my desk .
I begin to bind your wrists to the desk and your ankles to the desk legs, tightly, so that you can't move.
You can feel your cum puddled beneath your belly and still some oozes from your pussy.

"Do you want more?" I ask you, as I slip one finger in your pussy and stroke.
"Yes...."you moan, pushing yourself onto my plunging finger. I move up onto the desk and place my cock on your pussy from behind and begin to rub your clit as you arch your ass up.
"Do you like it?" I ask, and you answer you with a moan.
My fingers are moving faster on my clit now, every now and then sliding into your pussy .
"Beg me to fuck you doggy style I command.
"If you don't beg, I won't come, and neither will you."

My fingers are rubbing your clit harder and I know you are close to the edge.
"Fuck me deep with your cock you beg."
I ram my cock in your pussy from behind and tell you to rub your clit as I grab your hips and pound my hard throbbing cock in your pussy from behind, My cock seems to grow even harder inside you as you finger your own clit, my cock pounding into you again and again and again.

You feel my hard throbbing cock inside you as it slides in and out of your hot wet pussy.
You feel your self ready to cum and as you scream you feel my body tense and my cock jump as hot cum shoots inside your throbbing pussy.
I cum long and hard inside you and collapse on you as I slowly pull my spent cock from you.
I untie you and stand you up your knees shaking from cumming so hard.

I pull your dress on you over your dripping pussy and give you a hot deep kiss.
I look at you and say, "I am disappointed you will not pay.
I will have to discipline you more later since it is obvious your debt to my company will be there for a long time.
We need some type of payment plan or in-kind reimbursement.?

I smile, slap you on the ass and send you back outside to my receptionist for another appointment to discuss the terms of our settlement.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pleasure in Pain

Making love to beautiful women has been a constant purpose in my life.
My first recollection was when I was about five, a girl called Gillian gave me every encouragement to satisfy my curiosity.
I discovered something wonderful; girls seemed so much more interesting than boys. The naughty excitement as I slid my hand under her small skirt and along the soft skin on the inside of her thigh. I remember few details about this incident except that to make it easier for me she removed her panties. I met her again, quite by chance some twelve years later when I was teaching sailing at a summer camp on the East Coast.
We spent some time together on the beach. After the barbecue, each evening we continued to party alone behind the dunes, she was just as enthusiastic. She professed love since she was five, I thought of lust. Again I felt guilty of taking advantage of her and as ever it added to the dizzy excitement. I never saw her again.

I am now old enough to recognize that lovemaking has changed from the thrill of pursuit and seduction to the discovery of more exquisitely enjoyable techniques.
I was in a video store in Long Beach last week and was looking through the porn section.
A man of about 20 approached me and said he had never seen so much pornography, I said it was disappointing that so little of it had a good story line or reasonable production values.
He didnÕt mind about the story he just liked watching lots of fucking. I would probably have agreed with him once but I am now less interested in quantity than quality.

One of the fascinations of erotic experiences is that we are confronted with our own dark-sides.
Submission, domination, coercion, deceit, aggression and pain are exciting elements of erotic fantasy. Introducing a virgin to the adult world, or taking someone anally for the first time is always exciting. Once you have introduced a girl to the sensuous delights of her own sexuality the thrill of feeling her stir and push back on you as you slide inside her, never fails to be exciting.
The tears and the resistance turn to warmth and passion.

I like to pursue and seduce it is also exciting to be pursued and seduced.
Domination and control are not necessarily best; to be bound-up, blindfolded and to surrender to humiliation is thrillingly dangerous. When I lived in London I had a torrid affair with a girl who could only really enjoy herself when she was tied-down and blindfolded.
Her husband was much older; She was English and beautiful, he was Greek and wealthy. I thought it strange that he saw so little of his beautiful wife.
I thought at first, he was not able to satisfy her formidable appetites but she told me that his real interest lay with young men.

It was an arrangement that worked well for us all. I met him several times and he seemed quite happy that I was 'taking care' of his wife, we were always very discrete. Everything was fine except that however much his beautiful wife might have enjoyed being bound and restrained, I found it frustrating.
Once she was tied up and blindfolded, selfishly I felt her restricted movement caused her to become unresponsive, to me.
She was locked in her own world, her passion was frighteningly intense but it was not possible to share. She liked me to take her quite physically and she encouraged me to slap her and be almost violent. I did this to please her and to give her what she wanted, my reward was watching her enjoy the most physically shaking orgasms, I have ever experienced.
In spite of my reluctance and concern about hurting her she would beg me with the most extravagant promises to indulge her strange pleasures. I did not analyze too deeply why she found it so rewarding; until one Sunday morning.

We were reading the newspapers in bed and trying to cope with bad cases of cocktail flu; we had been to a party the night before.
She leaned over towards me and gave me a deep languorous kiss; simultaneously she moved one leg over me so that she could sit over me.
Her beautiful breasts were in my face and her hands were on my shoulders.
She smiled a familiar smile and asked me to surrender to her complete control. She wanted me to do as I was told, trust her and she would look after me.

I agreed, could I do anything else? I was told to close my eyes and lie down on my back.
Perceptibly her character changed as she took control; she became authoritative and commanding. She stripped away the covering sheets and removed the pillows.
I was completely naked and uncovered. She was obviously prepared, in a moment she returned with soft rope with which she tied my hands and feet and stretched me out on the bed. I was not tied to the bed just my ankles were tied together and above my head my wrists were tied.
She then tied her black silk scarf around my head completely covering my eyes.
I was now concerned because I had no idea what she wanted to do.

I felt she would not do anything, if I asked her to stop but I worried about her enjoying the pain, which I had inflicted.
She left me alone for a few minutes whilst I adjusted to my new restricted world. I was conscious of my body and the restraints on my arms and legs but all that I really had was a feeling of isolation from visual sensation.
And an accentuated feeling of nervous anticipation.
Lying there completely at her mercy was exciting and before she even touched me I could feel the familiar stirring of my penis, I was beginning to understand. I was conscious of her standing by the bed and I felt her hair fall on to my chest.
She was leaning towards me, I could feel her breath on my skin. She didnÕt move, I could feel her close presence, the tension was intense.

Suddenly she bit on my left nipple, gently to begin with but increasingly hard, simultaneously she was drawing cold air through her clenched teeth.
There was no other touch than her teeth on one nipple and then the other, the cold air numbed and heightened the shiver of exquisite pain.
My nipples became erect and stiff I could have exploded in seconds. I was aroused but as soon as she started she stopped.
She was teasing me.
She told me to roll over face down. I could hear her opening a bottle and the noise and smell as she warmed some oil in her hands. She then sat over the back of my legs and gave me a delicious slow massage starting at my neck and moving down my spine to my buttocks.

She slid her oily fingers between the cheeks and over my anus. The nails on her fingers scratched a gentle line, which became the whole focus of my attention.
My anus became so sensitive, I tensed because I realized the inevitable.
I had never been fucked. I could feel the warm oil sliding down over my anus and drip onto my scrotum.
I could almost hear the pounding of my heart, the adrenaline and endorphins were jumping through my body.
Her fingernail circled the clenched muscle, teasing me until almost without my noticing she was inside and all I could do was relax and move back on her hand.
I wanted more. She was sliding her finger deeper and deeper into me.
I was pushing up and back on her hand, I wanted more of her in me.
I was now nearly kneeling resting on my elbows with my hands still tied together.

She untied my ankles and moved between my legs facing my back, I was in a daze my penis was as hard as a rock but all I could feel was a deep warmth from my anus as by now, she had at least two fingers deep inside me.
My legs were wide apart and kneeling face down, my arse in the air. She slowly withdrew her fingers and immediately I was conscious of something much more substantial moving into me, subsequently I found out that throughout the massage she had clenched a huge dildo inside her so that it was warm and well lubricated and now I had it thrust into me.
The vibrator and me were turned on, the vibrant sensation went right through my spine and exploded in my head. The experience made me dizzy and completely disorientated.
I was conscious of nothing except my distended anus and this deep-seated vibration.
She was leaning over me with her breasts gently stroking my back and she was holding the vibrator in my anus by pushing it in to against her stomach.
Slowly she brought her arms around me and started to caress her hands down my chest not touching my penis but slowly she massaged my oil-covered scrotum.

She then moved from me and stood away. I worried about what was going to happen next? I was kneeling with my hands tied together and a vibrator up my bum.
My penis felt enormous and I realized I was aware of a new sensation because she had moved around and taken me into her mouth so softly I was hardly aware of it happening.
She took more of me into her mouth and my attention was for the first time diverted from my vibrating rectum. I knew I was now deep inside her mouth because I could feel her face pushing up against my balls and I could feel her tongue and the constriction of her throat.

With her left hand she was holding the vibrator deep in my rectum. I was being taken from both sides at once and it was glorious and too much.
I tried to hold back but I could no longer control myself. My hips were beginning to pitch and thrust into her mouth.
Her right hand was also now holding on to me. She knew what was happening and she was in control, her lips formed a tight ring around the saliva-covered shaft of my penis as I thrust into her mouth. I could not get away even if I had wanted to. I held back for as long as I could.

My hard penis was churning into her mouth. I exploded into her with an orgasm that I thought would spurt my balls and spine down her throat.
I collapsed, I could have passed-out, mothers little helper was removed from me and I was unbound.
She cleaned me up and very gently applied soft cold cream to my anus.
I collapsed completely spent and drained. She held me to her, softly embracing me and kissed me, I could taste myself in her mouth.
Her face, hair and breasts were covered in my semen.

She smiled and I realized I had just been given a lesson. I slept exhausted and well fucked.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Innocence Lost (Part 3 of 3)

In Which Innocence is embodied in the value of Twelve; and joined in a fury of pain and pleasure; and in which Chastity pursues love of a woman and Innocence the Love of God.

It was in another field, this time within Une's extensive estates, that Une and Innocence were happily fucking together.
Being her own estate, Une naturally chose a comfortable field where the grass was short and green enough for there to be relatively little scratching or discomfort from the ground as the two lovers pursued their business.
It was a lovely sunny day, and as Une straddled her thighs over Innocence gazing down at her beautiful penis thrusting in and out she could feel the sun burning her back.

It was with a little surprise that Une felt more feminine caresses from behind. But she didn't care.
After making love to Chastity on a few occasions now, she no longer cared about her attention.
She merely moaned appreciatively and bent forward over Innocence's prostrate body to give the caresses as free rein as possible. She pushed her tongue into Innocence's mouth and the two lovers explored each other while these other hands explored her.

And, then, with a shock, Une felt another object, hard, stiff and clearly the right shape, also enter into her moist welcoming vagina. What was this? she wondered.
One of her lovers? Or (and this gave her a glorious frisson of desire) a woman endowed like Innocence? With that fantasy she brought herself to the point of a loud and explosive orgasm as two tools exercised themselves inside her capacious void.

It was only when Une disentangled herself from the writhing bodies she found that there was in fact only one other person and she was a totally normal woman. Normal, that is, in the biologically accepted way.
She was a little skinny, with high cheeks and perky breasts dominated by pointed nipples.
She was also virtually naked - but then so too were Une and Innocence.
How this girl was not normal was that her hair was virtually all shaved except for a long pointed quiff on her head several inches long.
Body jewellery decorated and pierced her body, including golden dangling earrings and pointed ivory caps over her nipples.
She also wore a dildo strapped around her waist which although it totally obscured her vagina seemed somehow much more indecent than total nudity could ever be.

Une had seen this look before. It was, she knew, a fashion amongst many girls in the cities to dress in this way - and it meant nothing there. Secretaries, receptionists, hairdressers and all sorts wandered around quite naturally with curious hairstyles and either dildos or, less provocatively, codpieces covering their cunts.
Even in the cities, total nudity was not that acceptable. However, this style of dress was bound to attract a great deal of adverse attention in the country. And, anyway, what was a girl like this doing so far away from the night-clubs, bars and haunts of the big city.

Her name was Twelve - a common sort of city name it appeared.
She had come to the countryside with her lover - a man called Three - and the two had had an argument.
He was not very tolerant when he found her in bed with two other people, and had stormed back to the nearest railway station leaving her behind. She was renting a room from a couple of local people - "real yokels" she described them. Une knew all the people in the village, and the family she described were some relatively poor freeholders who farmed goats just above the village.
Heaven only knows what they thought of a provocatively dressed girl like Twelve who probably had no sympathy or understanding at all of country ways!

Normally, Une would have had very little time or sympathy for someone like Twelve, but after the circumstances of their meeting - in which she'd betrayed rather more interest than she normally would have done - it seemed churlish not to invite her back to her farmhouse.
Twelve agreed, and they returned to meet Chastity, whom these days made no effort to disguise her indulgence in sex with two of Une's lovers. With semen dripping out of her mouth, she greeted the company and almost immediately discarded her male company to focus her conversation on Twelve.

It came as no surprise to Une when, as the night progressed, Twelve and Chastity disappeared off to have sex together.
She knew that it didn't involve the dildo, because Twelve had long past removed it and her ivory nipple protectors and left them on the mantle-piece ("It's wonderful to go naked!" she announced, almost incongruously).

Twelve became quite a regular visitor to Une's household - and, with increasing jealousy, it became apparent to her that it was Innocence and her wonderful penis that attracted her the most. "Innocence is so lucky!" Twelve announced, holding Innocence's erect penis between forefinger and thumb.
"The rest of us just pretend to have this kind of thing - but for her it's real. And it comes all over you so creamy and rich! I just love the taste of it!" Une's jealousy was not lessened by the evident fact that Innocence also enjoyed Twelve's attention.
How could she prefer such a vulgar slut? she wondered. But she could see that beneath her urban veneer, Twelve was a very tender lover and treated Innocence in a way that perhaps only an experienced lover of women could. Une's experience of making love to women was still not very great, and it was something that she had still not reconciled herself to. She wasn't a dyke was she?

Twelve had some peculiar interests.
She listened to music which sounded about as execrable as music could be. Fast and cacophonous. Noisy and unstructured.
It wasn't music at all. Only the fact that Innocence would be listening to the music with Twelve, and Une's wish not to lose touch with her enticed her to spend more than the smallest amount of time with them.
She also seemed extremely interested in films which had moments of violence and pornography of the kind that most villagers were quite happy to watch, but to Une these were only the interesting bits of films which punctuated periods of plotless meandering and self-indulgence. And the art she professed to like! What was the point of art that gave no pleasure?

However, for Innocence's sake, Une tolerated this and the mammoth sex sessions that Innocence and Twelve indulged together. Even Chastity seemed to find Twelve's fascination with Innocence's penis a little bizarre.
"There's only a few inches to it!" She exclaimed. "Surely she must know it in total detail by now." Une couldn't answer. In fact, she wondered if it might not be the peculiar drugs that Twelve and Innocence indulged together that kept the two going for so many hours.

"Innocence isn't a happy girl!" confided Twelve one day, while Une and she were lying face down in the sun. Twelve's skin had gone rather red in the sun.
She clearly wasn't used to it at home, but she still persevered. She had developed a reddish freckly glow on her shoulders and around her nose.

"What do you mean? Not happy?" wondered Une. Perhaps Innocence had realised that Une was the only true love for her life.
"In many ways Innocence is just an ordinary girl. And she just wants to be an ordinary girl. But she doesn't want to pretend to be something she's not. She's curiously endowed and she doesn't want to change that. But she does want to feel less of a freak."

"There's nothing wrong with being unusual," sniffed Une conscious of her unusually large vagina.
"But your asset doesn't give you identity crises," mused Twelve. "Innocence knows that she's not really a woman. But she's also clearly not a man. So what is she? Gender identity's pretty important you know!"
Une sniffed again. "And what is she supposed to do about that then?"
"That's exactly Innocence's problem."
Twelve soon moved out of the cottage she was lodging in to stay at Une's home.
She complained to Une that she was fed up with having anal sex with her landlord. "It's the only way I can afford to pay," she declared. Une wondered why it had to be anal sex.
Why not more conventional forms? "Well, it does get a bit painful - especially when he asks for a month's rent in advance.
And he's not very subtle. But it's the only sex his wife tolerates. In fact she has to watch to ensure that he doesn't commit any infidelity and enter me from the front." Une didn't comment, but she was aware that among some of the more traditional villagers there was the belief that the only sex which really counted was that which would lead to procreation. Sex with animals, prepubescents, men or any anus wasn't considered in the same way at all.

Not long after Twelve moved in, a friend of her's, also from the big city, came to stay at Une's home. This girl was of oriental background with the undeniably exotic name of Ching. Ching was a smaller girl than Twelve with a slender waist and breasts that were more just aureate pink bumps on her chest. However what she lacked in endowment she compensated by a brashness that easily exceeded that of Twelve.
Her own dildo was held on by rings pierced around her anus and vagina and was of exaggerated dimensions, more than a foot in length. Her hair was completely shaved off except for a little tail of hair dyed an incongruous golden colour flicking over her shoulders. She made no attempt to disguise the flatness of her breasts and in fact was habitually naked except for her dildo, petite golden sandals and an ankle-ring.

Ching didn't hesitate at all before making love with Twelve, Innocence and Chastity. It was only a little later that on Twelve's insistence Une also made love to her. Ching's dildo was well-designed for Une's cunt - the tightest fit she'd had for a very long time. Despite it being artificial and unable to spurt any semen, Ching made up by a passion and skill at love-making which was greater than even Twelve's. Indeed, as Une came to be aware, Ching's sexual appetite was biased quite differently to Une's own.
The clearest evidence of this was that unlike the other three guests, Ching had no interest in her male lovers at all. However much they tried to interest her in their own endowments, the only penis that attracted Ching was Innocence's that was only rarely permitted inside her.

Ching had other tastes which Une only gradually became aware of, and this began to change the atmosphere of Une's home. The first time that Une discovered this was when she found Innocence one morning in the living room with her hands tied behind her back and legs and penis tied by ropes to the furniture.
As the rope tying her hands was attached to a hook from a ceiling, she was in a very uncomfortable position which made her eyes water as she pulled on the rope. Her penis was decorated by a ribbon tied in a quite pretty knot which nonetheless must have squeezed when she got an erection. She had been unable to cry out as her mouth was covered by a cloth tied around her head.

Une quickly untied Innocence and soon established that this was the way she'd been left by Twelve, Chastity and Ching after they'd been playing one of Ching's games. Innocence, as Une soon gathered, became the object of most of Ching's games which required bondage and a little pain. Perhaps it was because Innocence was the youngest of all the people staying at Une's home or because of her general attitude of doing whatever she could to be of help to others.
But Une surmised that it may have been more to do with Innocence's endowments which somehow attracted Ching's attention.

Innocence wasn't the only one to be smacked, tied up or mildly humiliated. Une found Ching herself face up while Innocence was urinating on her face and Twelve was fucking Ching with Ching's own dildo.
On another occasion it was Twelve whom Une came across tied spread-eagled to a bed while Ching and Innocence fucked her repeatedly despite the blood that had gathered just between her legs. Even Chastity, who generally seemed above the role of the victim, accepted a role of helplessness when Une found her tied to Innocence whose penis was inside her anus and secured in such a way that it couldn't easily come out.

Une herself didn't take part in the girls' games, and soon got to feel a kind of exclusion. Perhaps it was because she was so much older than the others or perhaps they realised that Une's sexual predilections were of a less unconventional kind.
She also realised that the tensions among the four other girls were exacerbated by Ching's games along with the peculiar drugs she'd brought along - some of which apparently did wonders for one's sexual appetite and stamina. Innocence seemed to be becoming more silent and reserved. On the occasions that Une made love to her, she was aware of a kind of desperation in her passion. She sometimes wept silently just after achieving orgasm as if the release it brought had also caused her pain.

Innocence was the centre of all the attention. Twelve would still hold her penis for hours on end, gently stroking it and occasionally taking it into her mouth. Ching and Chastity also pursued Innocence, and competed with each other for her body.
This produced many occasions where the two girls would be locked together in sex games where the underlying aggression of Ching's predilections would lead to quite visible bruises.

However, neither Ching nor Twelve were to stay for very long. They departed as abruptly as these two manifestations of urban life had originally trespassed into the peace and calm of the countryside. Their last night involved a lot of noise, screams, giggles, slaps and groans. Une was sufficiently disturbed by it to go into the bedroom Ching shared with Twelve to see what was happening.

In actual fact, she still couldn't be sure as all she could see was a contortion of flesh, leather, dildos and Innocence's erect penis that was hammering away inside Ching's vagina. String, rope and vegetables were strewn around and there was a strong smell of sex mixed with urine. Une felt reluctant to either intervene or participate, so she retired to her room. Her first thought had been to call two of her lovers and satisfy a kind of sexual vacuity, but somehow the thought of just masturbating was more attractive.
So, she lay in her room imagining what was going on elsewhere and moistened her vagina with milk, carrots and her fingers.

The next day, both Ching and Twelve were gone. The house felt as if a hurricane had passed by, but was now back to the calm which had preceded their visit. Innocence however still seemed a little shaken by it all and Chastity now seemed to spend more time with Une's male lovers than with either Une or her sister.
Une felt that Innocence was going though some kind of crisis precipitated by the hedonistic abandon of the last few weeks.

A curious side effect of Innocence's melancholy was that she no longer made love to Une, Chastity or any one else. She now spent most of her time sitting in a chair by the fire reading books. She took to wearing a simple white robe much as Une did which trailed down to her ankles and covered her shoulders and arms. As she sat on the chair with her bare feet pulled up, her long hair flowing down to her waist and her beautiful face looking so serious, Une felt more passionately in love with Innocence than ever before. But as Innocence made quite clear, she could look but not touch.

Chastity, however, had become more engrossed with Une and very soon the two women developed a routine of making love together with two or three of Une's male lovers and sometimes just the two of them. Chastity herself seemed a little more reserved and sometimes she would talk more to Une than indulge in more physical conversation.

Une became aware that Chastity was actually in love with someone, and not, as she'd originally believed, just in herself, and not, she was less pleased to discover with Une, but with a black woman she'd met before she'd come to stay in the countryside.
Chastity's intention was to go and live with this other woman in another part of the country where she described a life of naked frolics and passionate lovemaking. Une wondered what was so different about their own amorous activities, but she'd lived long enough to be aware that affairs of the heart were less to do with what was done but how it felt to do it.

Chastity was also very concerned about Innocence. She confessed that she felt that her current unhappiness might very well be Chastity's own fault.
She had introduced her sister to incest, lesbianism and a host of lovers. Some of these lovers Une knew - they had somehow passed her path before - but Une wasn't at all sure why that should be a problem.

"It's only a problem because Innocence doesn't know what she is, and where she wants to go," explained Chastity. "She's a girl with a penis, and she doesn't know what she's supposed to do about that."

"She doesn't seem to mind having a penis," commented Une stroking Chastity's clitoris gently and thinking of Innocence's passion.
"In fact it seems to cause her less problem than it would for most men."
"I'm not saying she wants it removed. That would almost be too simple."
"What do you think she'll do?" Wondered Une. She thought of Innocence lying front down on the carpet by the roaring fire in her white robe with one leg nonchalantly raised and the other stretched out straining over a novel by Dostoevsky, a poem by Goethe or some other book.

"Well she's been reading the Bible recently," commented Chastity.
"The Bible?"
"And the Koran, the Baghasadvita and Kant. She's gone through almost all your collection of religious and philosophical books.
She's read the I Ching and the Kama Sutra. She's looked into Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and Thoreau."

Une had a very large library of books which she'd collected on her journeys around the world. At one time or another she'd been to almost every country and acquired things from each. Carpets, ornaments, paintings, flowers, compact discs, videos and, of course, books. It wouldn't be true that Une had read all of them.
It wasn't too easy to read books written in those languages she hadn't yet learnt. A large part of her collection was of erotic books from different cultures and different times. It was these books, she knew, that Chastity and Twelve used to read. Innocence didn't read those particular books.

One of Une's most prized books was a copy of the Bible reinterpreted by a sect which seemed to see sex in everything. The italicised annotations on the margin made constant allusions to sexual activities and proclivities sometimes blatantly referred to, but more often only hinted at.
The most interesting part was an Apocrypha of obscene stories concerning Jesus' fucking of a hundred whores, Moses' incest in the desert, Eve being fucked by Cain and Abel, and missing chapters from Revelations which featured the sexual humiliations of hell.
There was a particular chapter on the sexual tortures of early Christians by the Romans. This, however, was not the copy of the Bible that Innocence was reading.

Une also had a collection of Jacobean and Elizabethan sex plays which were performed surreptitiously and invariably climaxed in on-stage sex in the fifth act. This however was as nothing compared to some decadent Roman reworkings of Euripides, Sophocles and other Greek playwrights.
There came a phase in the Roman Empire where authenticity became very important. Although it was possible to persuade slaves to enact the classic plays in authentic blood and gore, a good actor would have a short life. Oedipus could only be blinded once.
So an attempt had been made to reinterpret violent action by sexual action, which stretched the physical resources of slaves, allowed sufficient humiliation to satisfy the appetite of the Roman audience and for those in the audience who liked authenticity.
Une's knowledge of Greek and Latin words for the anatomy and sex had improved remarkably.

It was not a total surprise when Chastity and Innocence announced that they would be moving on.
Chastity would look for her black lover and she hoped that the two of them would be reconciled. Innocence however had decided to work for Christ and was going to live in a Convent. She was assured that as she had no vagina and had therefore never been penetrated there, she was technically a virgin and could take such orders without any hypocrisy or deceit.

Chastity didn't seem too pleased by her sister's decision and had even tried to persuade Une to intercede.
"I can't bear the thought of having a nun for a sister," she complained. Une, however, had a longer view on this.
The point is to keep looking. Not to find. To join a holy order is not the last step of a journey of discovery, but possibly just the first step of a new journey within a particular frame.

"Fuck that!" Chastity snorted uncharitably. "The sooner my sister returns to her senses the better!"

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Innocence Lost (Part 2 of 3)

In Which Alice is introduced to Innocence and Chastity, and discovers that of the two she prefers Innocence; her friends practise the thespian arts and learn the theatrical skills of Innocence; and, to her disappointment, she discovers her lover prefers the charms of Chastity.

Alice wasn't so sure she liked the idea of being identified for her incestuous relationship with her sister, so when Dinah told her that this was the main reason why Blanche's friend Chastity and her sister Innocence were visiting, she wasn't at all enthusiastic. No more than Innocence did she like to feel part of a freak show.

"If they expect the two of us to make love together in front of them, they're going to be very disappointed," Alice announced.
Dinah was always inviting guests to stay at the apartment the two sisters shared, and, to be honest, Alice was never very enthusiastic about the sex games Dinah tried getting her to participate in.
She couldn't really appreciate Dinah's argument that because they were no longer living with their parents, they should do exactly what they wanted.

However, Alice didn't feel so troubled when she was introduced to Chastity and Innocence.
Chastity, Alice felt, was a girl much like her sister, if anything just a little more self-confident and exuded more of an air of promiscuity. Innocence was very different.
She was a girl much the same age as Alice herself, and very pretty as well. She was dressed in such a sweet blue dress down to her knees with a pretty blue bow around the waist and dainty little shoes and white socks. Her face shone with an air of trust and hope, and her long hair swept down to her waist. Alice wore what she always wore at home, which was nothing, so Innocence could see Alice's newly formed fifteen-year old body - her small breasts totally hidden by the long bush of hair that flowed down her front.

Alice wasn't at all surprised when Chastity took her cue from Alice and Dinah's nudity, and within minutes of being introduced had taken off all her clothes. Innocence, however, did nothing of the sort, and indeed seemed somewhat discomfited by being with three naked women. Alice had not always been a naturist - and indeed she couldn't really say she was one now.
It just seemed natural never to bother, with Dinah not wearing clothes anymore, and most of Dinah's friends doing the same. If nothing else, it meant less trouble in the morning when preparing for the day.

The four girls chatted in the living room, and Alice was relieved that the subject of incest didn't come up.
Although she enjoyed making love to Dinah, it wasn't something she wanted to make an issue of, and in fact was a little embarrassed about. She actually felt a little disgusted at the idea of Chastity, who was eighteen - just two years younger than Dinah - making love to such a sweet girl as Innocence.
Clearly, Innocence wasn't as comfortable talking about sex and lovers as Dinah and Chastity were.
Alice chatted to Innocence mostly about her school-life and what her hometown was like.
They also chatted about Blanche and the district of Brook that Innocence had never visited.
As Alice explained, she felt that Brook, although a delightful place in many ways, was not really where she felt most at home.

It came as little surprise to Alice to see Dinah and Chastity become increasingly affectionate with each other, leading to them kissing each other. When Dinah announced that she and Chastity would be going to the guest bedroom together, Alice declined the offer of joining them. Innocence wasn't asked, and Alice was sure she would also have refused anyway.

When evening came, Dinah announced that she would be sleeping with Chastity, so Innocence could share the bed with Alice.
The two girls' apartment consisted of only two bedrooms and a living room, so Innocence had only the choice of the sofa or the bed with Alice. Alice accepted the offer, as she was sure that sleeping with Innocence wasn't going to be one of those situations where she'd feel obliged to make love. Despite this, Alice was attracted to Innocence: there weren't very many women as pretty as she.

When bedtime came, Alice washed herself in the tiny bathroom and towelled herself dry before jumping into the bed. While in the bathroom, she could hear Dinah and Chastity making the loud noises of lovemaking. Dinah's probably brought out the sexual accessories, thought Alice, thinking of the cupboard full of dildos and vibrators.
When Innocence went to bed, though, she went into the bathroom fully clothed and came out after several minutes fresh-smelling and wearing a white cotton nightie down to her ankles.
Innocence walked into the bedroom carrying her clothes in her arms and saw Alice lying prone on her back on the back masturbating at the thought of Dinah and Chastity's lovemaking which was now loud enough to be heard through the walls. Innocence put the clothes down and stood back watching Alice's fingers exercise her crotch. Innocence felt simultaneously embarrassed and aroused.
She was too embarrassed just to enter the bed while Alice was so engaged, but as she stood by the door she began to get embarrassed for a different reason as her prick got aroused and was beginning to stand out very obviously against her nightgown.

Alice saw Innocence standing quietly by the door, but thought nothing of it - except it was strange that she should be wearing a nightgown.
As she examined the nightgown from her position with her head against the pillow, she noticed that there was a very strange protuberance around the waist.
It pushed out the nightgown at least seven inches from Innocence's waist and Alice couldn't think what it might be. Overcome with curiosity and with the fingers of her left hand still rubbing away at her crotch, she leaned over and put the fingers of her right hand on this protuberance.

It was a sausage-shaped, stiff, but warm protuberance which Alice felt through the nightgown and which Alice recognised very well.
But that was impossible! Her other hand disengaged itself from her crotch and both hands felt it under the nightgown. "I thought you were a girl!" she exclaimed in surprise.

"I am!" said Innocence sadly.
Alice pulled up Innocence's nightie to the waist so that her penis stuck out raw and pink and hard. Alice ran her fingers down the length of it from the hair at the crotch to the pink glans. "This says you're not."
Innocence gently pulled the rest of her nightgown up and over her head. She shook her hair loose as she freed it from her shoulders. "I am!" she insisted.
Alice could see what Innocence meant. Except for the lack of vagina, and the presence of this penis, nobody could doubt that Innocence was a woman. She had flesh in exactly the right places, and her breasts were as round and well-formed as any that Alice had seen.
Without her clothes, Innocence was even more attractive, and Alice felt her heart melt like hot wax as she contemplated her.

"You're so beautiful!" she cried throwing herself onto Innocence and guiding her backwards on to the bed.
Alice sat aspread Innocence's thighs and studied her body. She stroked the legs and smooth taut stomach with her hands. "So beautiful!" She looked at Innocence's erect prick, and there was no doubt that there was some reciprocity of feeling.
Alice brought her mouth down over the end of it and exercised it with her lips and tongue. It shone and glistened with the bedroom light reflected in its smooth wetness.

It wasn't too long until Alice had guided Innocence's penis inside her cunt, and Alice's own cries of pleasure joined those of Chastity and Dinah. Innocence was a girl who despite her apparent demureness was easily sexually aroused and thanks to Purity and Chastity much practised in the art of making love.
Alice hadn't had such a passionate night of love for a very long time, and her reservations about the oddball couple were soon forgotten.

Several hours later, while Innocence lay asleep in her arms, Alice studied the blissfully sleeping form. With such an unusual encumbrance Innocence was a girl destined for unhappiness, but one who would also give so much pleasure to other people. Alice listened to the faint roar of steam trains in the distance as they left for their destinations.
Perhaps somewhere, Alice reasoned, there may be a place where Innocence wouldn't be such a freak.

Alice had many friends, one of which was Mouse whose unannounced visits she had got rather used rather accustomed to. Now that Mouse was an actress, her life seemed to have no routine except when she was in a performance somewhere. As Mouse was soon to be playing Cordelia in a performance of King Lear, Alice had been expecting Mouse to descend on her at any time.

She perhaps didn't expect Mouse to arrive while she and Innocence were making love in Alice's bedroom, but Mouse was not at all embarrassed. She was rather more fascinated by Innocence's penis.
She stood back, in only a psychedelic tee-shirt and nothing else besides a collection of bangles and bracelets, and watched as Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Alice's cunt and as Alice grunted rhythmically in pleasure. It startled Alice when, after Innocence had spurted out her semen into Alice's mouth (so much better than having it drip down the thighs), Mouse introduced herself.

While Mouse and the girls chatted, she held onto Innocence's prick and stroked it with her fingers.
"It's so perfect!" She commented. "A girl with a penis - paradise indeed!" Innocence's ever-ready member swelled and throbbed under the attention, but Alice wasn't too keen on seeing her new lover make love to Mouse, so she tactfully eased Innocence away from Mouse.
She noticed that Mouse was still shaving her vulva although her hair was now long and flowing - nearly to her waist. This was necessary, Mouse told her, for a role in a Shakespearian play.

Mouse pointedly ignored Alice's attempt to separate her from Innocence and her hand massaged Innocence's prick the more vigorously.
"Why do you have to do that?" asked Alice exasperatedly.

"Well," answered Mouse, "I've got to get some practice for King Lear.
It's a modernised version and I've got to make love with at least two men in the three hours of the performance - so I've got to stay in trim."
"When is the performance?" wondered Alice.
"It starts in just two months time, but we've not even started the rehearsals.
I've got the script though. It's mostly the original Shakespeare, but there's a lot more sex in it and some of the boring bits have been taken out. I've seen the costume I've got to wear and it's really groovy. It's meant to be authentic Celtic - and as we know these Celts didn't wear much, especially when they were fighting. It's just a head-dress, boots and a sort of thong which doesn't hide anything."

It took Mouse a bit of persistence, but eventually she persuaded both Alice and Innocence to help her with rehearsing her part in King Lear. To be authentic, it would involve Mouse making love to Innocence. Mouse would play the part of Cordelia, Innocence the relevant male characters and Alice would play all the others.
It was also necessary, Mouse said, for them all to be naked - but Alice saw this didn't mean Mouse shedding any of her jewellery. She pulled off her top to display her well-rounded breasts which certainly couldn't disguise themselves under the flimsy tee-shirts she chose to wear these days.

This version of King Lear was markedly different to the version that either Innocence or Alice had read at school.
The first scene was essentially an incest scene.
It featured King Lear, played by Innocence, who had decided to make love to his daughters to impregnate them so that only the purest royal blood would flow in the veins of their children. Both Regan and Goneril, both of whom played by Alice, readily agreed - and most of the first act involved Alice and Innocence making love. The stage directions for the love-making were quite specific and required full penetration by King Lear. Alice quite enjoyed this, though Mouse seemed relatively frustrated as Cordelia really had very little to do except masturbate (which wasn't in the script, but Mouse claimed that this kind of ad-libbing was perfectly reasonable).

Both Alice and Innocence were quite happy when they had to switch roles halfway through the act, after King Lear, who was still humping away at Regan, asked Cordelia to join in. As was required Cordelia refused and Innocence, holding the script up in one hand with her penis still deep inside Alice, ranted at her.
The reason for Cordelia's reluctance was less to do with an aversion to incest (which Mouse insisted was quite common amongst Celts) than to do with her father's pride.
After this, Alice took over the role of King Lear and other people, and Innocence took over the role of Cordelia's suitors.
The act required Cordelia to have love made to her first by Burgundy and then by France, both played by Innocence. This involved fellatio for Burgundy and full sex with France. At the end of the scene, Innocence was totally exhausted and found it difficult to pronounce her lines. Alice noticed how very professional Mouse had become in her role, barely skipping a word or a studied nuance however frantic the love-making.

Cordelia's next appearance in King Lear was right at the end of the play, so the three girls didn't have to rehearse any of the intervening acts or scenes. However as Alice noticed, this involved the King making love with the Fool who was described as ambisexual and for whom all sex had to be anal. It also involved sex between Edgar and the Fool, three-way sex with Edmund, Regan and Goneril, and several scenes of cunnilingus, fellatio and masturbation.
She was pleased to see no equivalent of Gloucester's scene of having his eyes cut out. Indeed, if anything, this production was actually less sadistic than the original version.

The last scene began with France and Cordelia making love while various of the significant characters - including a much reduced role for Kent - came and went apparently unabashed. Again Innocence played France, and as this involved several stage directions requiring some rather peculiar sexual positions, she found it quite a strain. "I'm sure," Innocence remarked, "that a man is much more flexible than me."
"It's only practice that does it," Mouse replied.

Innocence had to rest for a while after playing that role, and examined herself for bruises - one of which between her thighs was clear evidence of the acrobatic excesses expected of modern theatre.
After that the three girls had to play the final act which required Lear, played by Innocence, to make love to a dead Cordelia, who had just been hanged. This role was quite difficult, and Alice was aware that the actor who had to play Lear on stage was going to have a difficult time.
He would be required to make love with six or seven different people, change his character from an egotistical monster to something more like a normal sex maniac and still remember some quite awkward lines.
The art of the last scene, as Mouse explained, was not just to show Lear's remorse, but to show necrophilia in a positive light. Her part, which was to make no response except a shudder during the "Never never never never never" speech, required the skill to play dead and express no sexual excitement. "The exact opposite," she pointed out, "of what's normally expected of an actress."

The three girls, on Mouse's insistence, rehearsed the scenes several times, and Alice could see, from a dispassionate professional view, that Mouse's performance was improving.
But as it involved making love to Innocence, who was quite clearly rather enjoying it, the whole affair was not of overwhelming appeal to her.
It also came as no surprise to her, that as the days passed, Innocence left Alice's bed, and she and Mouse began sleeping together on the bed-settee in the living room. To a certain extent, Alice rather welcomed being able to sleep alone again.
On the other hand, despite the fact that she and Innocence would still occasionally make love, it still troubled her to see Mouse and Innocence sitting together with their clothes tossed aside and Mouse's hand invariably grasping Innocence's penis. In fact, Mouse's hand and Innocence's penis hardly ever seemed to be apart.

When Alice heard that her friend Kedi was visiting, she felt a real tremble of excitement.
She had never loved anyone as much as she loved Kedi and the thought of making love to her again made her flesh tingle and her body feel warm. Kedi was coming in by train, so it was with great enthusiasm that Alice volunteered to wait for Kedi at the railway station.

Alice arrived early just in case Kedi's train should also be early, but no! In fact it was late, and she sat disconsolately on the platform, watching people getting on and off the trains. There were people travelling from all over. Some Alice kept her eye on as they walked by, almost hoping that they would satisfy the lust she was feeling.
Soon, however, Kedi did arrive. As a concession to public decency, she wore clothes but as always as little as she could. In fact, she wore nothing on her slim black body but a pair of shorts and not even a pair of shoes.
Most people wore more than that and so Kedi's breasts attracted a great deal of attention. Alice herself, knowing of Kedi's arrival, wore as little as she dared - which was a tee-shirt and a pair of very brief shorts - but she was overdressed in comparison.

Alice ran over to Kedi and smiled into her grinning face and the beautiful erect nipples which seemed to suggest that Kedi was pleased to see her. She felt like instantly throwing herself on the ground and making love, but the most she could do was kiss her full on the face and breathlessly declare how pleased she was to see her.

Alice and Kedi walked back to Alice's flat, with Alice helping to carry Kedi's bags. When the two girls came by a little copse near home, passion got the better of Alice and she flung herself on Kedi. "Here! Now!" she gasped as a command. "Now!" Kedi nodded, and the two girls crept into the copse out of the public gaze.

When they'd got behind a bush, Alice pulled off her tee-shirt in one passionate gesture and forced down her shorts. She then pushed herself on top of Kedi who was overwhelmed by the attention. Alice put her whole mouth over Kedi's nipple and while biting and nibbling it, eagerly rubbed Kedi's vagina. Kedi reciprocated with just as much enthusiasm but with more practiced skill.

Anyone passing by would have heard the moaning and groaning as the two girls forgot everything and made love on the damp and dirty ground. Grit and trampled leaves affixed themselves to Alice's skin, but she didn't care. All she cared about was Kedi.

After Alice didn't know how long, the two girls were sated and with reluctance picked up their things to return to Alice's home, but Alice just couldn't find it in herself to put her clothes back on. It felt so wonderful to be skin against skin with the one she loved! Consequently, Alice and Kedi wandered back naked together through the tree-lined streets to the flat, unconcerned about the attention they attracted.
What did Alice care for what other people felt: she was just happy to be arm in arm with Kedi, nestling up against her warm black body.

When they got back home, Alice brought Kedi straight to her bed and they resumed making love. In fact, they wouldn't stop. The only reason Alice ever found for leaving Kedi was to go to the toilet or to have something to eat and Kedi would follow her, invariably as close to her as she could.

Innocence and Mouse were also making love most of the time now, but Alice felt that with the onus of having to entertain Kedi she was excused from helping Mouse with her rehearsals for King Lear. Unfortunately, Alice soon found that she couldn't monopolise Kedi's attention, as Kedi offered her assistance quite willingly. Alice had never before felt so much jealousy as when she watched Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Kedi's vagina with Mouse eagerly plunging her tongue in Kedi's mouth. So, she argued, maybe it is for art, and maybe the part I'm rehearsing is redundant at this point, but must I watch this?

She wondered what Kedi thought of Innocence's rather strange body, but, as always, Kedi just accepted it as it was. "Innocence is a beautiful girl," she commented, "and she is especially endowed where girls are not usually endowed at all." She also loved it as Innocence thrust in and out of her. It was on these occasions that Alice only felt a lessening of her jealousy if she caught sight of Mouse, who was clearly very passionately in love with Innocence, watching the two of them together with that look of jealousy Alice so recognised from herself.

When Alice made love to Innocence now, it was almost all out of spite to Mouse who also loved making love to Kedi (especially when Kedi used some of the curious penis shaped roots she'd brought with her from her own country). She especially made sure of doing so when Mouse was watching and she made sure that she expressed as much passion as she could as Innocence's prick pushed deep and deeper still inside her. In all this she would try and involve Kedi: licking, kissing, masturbating her as Innocence thrust away and caressed the both of them.

In the evenings however, Alice kept Kedi to herself. Mouse can sleep with Innocence. Dinah can sleep with Chastity. But Alice must sleep with Kedi. And through the night she would come and come again with a passion that she was sure echoed throughout the flat, and if it woke her sister or her friends, what did it matter? It showed that Alice and Kedi were very much in love and inseparable. No love, Alice was sure, was greater than that she felt for Kedi and her beautiful black body.

Alice loved everything about Kedi's body. She loved its relative maturity. She loved the fact she was so black, so that when the girls' bodies intertwined in as many as four - and when Dinah and Chastity became interested six - people, Kedi's body was so much apart from the rest of the white and pink flesh. Alice loved Kedi's strong gleaming white teeth, whose grin filled a whole room and would instantly stricken Alice with a passionate and helpless longing.
She loved Kedi's cunt which so enveloped her tongue, which lubricated so easily with her fingers and gave out such a rich hot and seductive smell. She loved Kedi's round breasts with the beautiful brown nipples. If she prayed, and Alice never prayed, she would have prayed that Kedi should never leave her.

Much as Alice enjoyed Innocence's company, she never felt so warmly towards Chastity.
This didn't matter so much while Chastity and Dinah spent so much time together - after all they were much the same age and had very similar sexual appetites. What changed Alice's attitude towards Chastity was when she took Kedi away from her.

At first it seemed almost innocent. Chastity only made love with Kedi while in mixed company, and, perhaps in compensation, Alice would be embraced by more than one other girl at the time. However, as Alice viewed Kedi and Chastity making love through Mouse's pubic hair with her tongue slowly licking at the moist opening, Alice felt acute pain as she watched the two girls in what could only be true passion.
Even the slow rhythmic thrust of Innocence's prick up her own cunt while supporting herself on Alice's raised buttocks couldn't distract her from her jealousy.
Mouse noticed Alice's unease, and tenderly lifted herself up, obscuring Alice's view of the black and white coupling, and stroked Alice's head. "What's the matter?" Mouse wondered. "Don't we satisfy you?"

Alice couldn't answer, but there came to her a sudden welling up of emotion as she thought of Kedi making love to Dinah. She took her mouth away from Mouse's cunt and looked longingly into Mouse's face. She felt terribly conscious of the salt track of tears down her cheeks - but she knew that any attempt to hold them back would merely cause her to cry loudly.
She could hear not only Innocence's pants as she thrust vigorously away, but also the painfully loud and mutual gasps from Kedi and Chastity.

Any illusion Alice may have cherished that Kedi's and Chastity's affection was less than mutual were removed when with a rush of hot thick semen and a gasp Innocence had come inside her, and the cries of her lover and Chastity couldn't be in any way confused. If anything the loudest and fullest throated cries may have come from Kedi while Chastity voraciously chewed at her vagina.

It didn't really come as too much of a surprise when Alice found that she was sharing Kedi with Chastity, but the first night when Dinah returned to their bed and Kedi stayed in the same bed as Chastity still required severe mental readjustment. Dinah could see that Alice was troubled and did her best to comfort her. But making love with Dinah didn't work that evening. The thought of incest only reminded Alice of Innocence's sister and whom she was sleeping with.

Alice thought that maybe her selfless love could be resolved merely by being near Kedi - but the fact was that although she and Kedi would still make love it was less frequent than before and there was always the strong smell of Chastity about her. In fact, although their moments of passion satisfied Alice in a way that no one else could, she couldn't hide her misery and jealousy from Kedi.

"But Alice dearest," Kedi tried to argue. "It is no reflection on my love for you that I sleep with Chastity now."
"But I love you," replied Alice. "When I'm not with you I feel a void in my life. Only when we're together am I whole."

"Don't be silly," Kedi tried to laugh, but she was visibly troubled by Alice's contention of love. Kedi however did suggest that she make love with Chastity. "Perhaps you could get to love her as well."
"But I only want you."
Alice had not once made love to Chastity, although Chastity had frequently felt and tongued Alice's body when all six girls were making love together.
These sixsomes usually only happened by chance and not usually on Alice's volition. But sometimes when a couple became a threesome, it seemed only natural that the numbers should be added to.

So perhaps Kedi, Innocence and Alice might be making love on the garden lawn as the evening sun drew in, only to be joined by Mouse - tempted as always by Innocence's penis that she would always want to have pushed into her mouth and feel the hot warmth of it against her lips and the back of her tongue down her throat. Then one of Dinah or Chastity would join in, excited by so much sexual activity, to be joined not much later by the other older girl.

It was in such circumstances as these that Alice would find herself having love made to her by Chastity, but not once just the two girls together. However, one night, Alice was lying in bed alone listening to the sounds of Mouse, Innocence and one other making love together - Mouse as always making the loudest moans.

"Innocence! Oo! Innocence! Ooo! Oooo!" she gasped. She was masturbating desultorily to this, imagining Kedi's gorgeous black body against her's. Kedi's tongue in her cunt. Her fingers up her backside. A slim black bum stretched out in front of her on the mattress.
It was then that Alice became aware of another presence in the room, but it wasn't Kedi. And it wasn't Dinah either. Chastity was sitting perched, naked as always, at the end of her bed watching Alice's fingers stroke and finger her cunt. Seeing that Alice had spotted her, Chastity tenderly stretched out her arm and her fingers to anchor on Alice's knee, and to stroke it softly, softly.
She gradually moved her hand from stroking the knee to the inner thigh and stroked it more sensually towards the upper end of the thigh near the crotch. Alice removed her own fingers from her cunt, and lay back in an almost helpless position as Chastity became bolder with her caresses.

Alice neither resisted nor encouraged Chastity in her love-making, as Chastity soon engaged her mouth on the still quite moist cunt and nibbled around the hairy flowering of it and the legs around it. After a while, Chastity could see that there was not going to be much more response, so she briefly kissed Alice on the left nipple and left her room.

A few minutes later, Dinah entered the room, quite clearly exhausted after her love-play with Innocence and Mouse. A trail of Innocence's thick semen trickled down between her legs, and would soon make a little damp patch on the sheets wherever Dinah should choose to sit.

"You know," said Alice, almost as an aside, "the apartment's got terribly crowded since Chastity and Innocence have been here."
Dinah started, as if this revelation had never occurred to her, but she looked at Alice thoughtfully. Clearly, she had had her own discussions with Kedi and Chastity on Alice's happiness.
"I suppose four people is about the most this apartment can handle for any length of time. Perhaps the two sisters would be happy to visit the countryside."
"The countryside?" wondered Alice.
"Well, I know that Une's quite happy to entertain any of our friends," suggested Dinah.
"Would they like that?"
"It would be absolutely perfect," Dinah said. And what is more, Alice thought, Kedi could stay here with me without Chastity's malevolent influence.

In Which Innocence and Chastity are found in the countryside.

Une just loved to be fucked. But with a cunt as large as hers it took such an effort for her to be satisfied.
Generally, one man just wasn't enough, she'd need two or maybe three simultaneously pounding away in her nether regions for her to be satisfied. It was sometimes awkward to arrange such a meeting of pricks inside her, but practice had brought great facility and imagination to her.
Two was easy enough. One from above and one from underneath both thrusting into her cunt. A third was more difficult, but her more athletic lovers soon found a way of squeezing a penis between two already active members.

Une was at first reluctant when some friends of Blanche's asked her if she'd mind them visiting.
They were both sisters and she'd not met either of them, and she wasn't sure they would make pleasant company.
Une generally preferred the company of men, particularly if there were deep inside her, - but she had a large old house in the country, so she couldn't plead lack of space nor was she planning to go away for a while.

When Innocence and Chastity arrived, Une greeted them in the long white dress she usually wore which flowed loosely from straps around her shoulders, just covering her breasts and reaching down to her bare feet.
Her long white hair wisped down about her hips, nearly the same colour as her skin and dress. Evidence that she was no albino was provided in the shining gleam of her blue eyes.

Une thought Innocence and Chastity were rather curious names for two girls who really didn't look like they possessed these attributes at all.
The simple dress that only just obscured her groin and knowing air made Chastity not seem at all chaste. Innocence seemed the more chaste of the two, but it was obvious to Une that innocent she was not. She hoped her male lovers wouldn't be distracted by these two very pretty women and choose to fuck them instead of her.

Une showed the two girls around the house and where to put the very few clothes they'd brought. She explained to them, as tactfully as she could, that some country people had some very strange ideas, and that they should be very cautious about how they behaved in public.
"I'm sometimes considered to be a witch because of my appearance," she elaborated.

Chastity sat back on the four poster bed in the bedroom that had been allocated to her. "What is there about you that makes them think you're a witch?" She asked in an ambiguously coy way.
"You certainly don't look like my idea of a witch!"

"There aren't that many people with such white skin and hair as me," Une explained.
Chastity laughed. "I thought witches had pointed black hats and rode on broomsticks."
She looked conspiratorially at Innocence. "No," she said thoughtfully. "I think they think you're a witch from what Alice told us about you."

"And what's that?" Asked Une, both fascinated by what this Alice might have said and annoyed at Chastity's cheek. "Why! That you've got the biggest cunt in the world," Chastity exclaimed. "I'm told you can get three pricks in it at once."
"Four on occasion," corrected Une. "Well, yes I have a very large vagina. But if you think I'm also a lesbian ..."
"Don't worry," smiled Chastity. "But I'd love to see your cunt. I really would."
"And what could you give in return?" Wondered Une who wasn't at all sure she liked such blatant conversation about her crotch.
"Why!" Exclaimed Chastity as if surprised. "Hasn't Blanche told you about Innocence? Her attributes make your oversized cunt seem like nothing at all."
"I'm sorry I don't understand."
"Come on Innocence. Take off your clothes and show Une your stuff," ordered Chastity.

With some reluctance, Innocence removed her pretty white blouse and knee-length skirt. She took her sandals off first, and then unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her full breasts and feminine curves.
Then she gradually eased down her dress. Une was feeling rather bored. Nudity really didn't excite her, even on very attractive girls like Innocence, and what on earth could a girl have that would interest her? A cunt as wide as her own perhaps.

Une wasn't prepared for Innocence's prick that popped out as she pulled down her white knickers. As soon as she saw it, her original feelings of scepticism were replaced by curiosity and a certain amount of lust. Innocence's penis wasn't nearly one of the largest Une had ever seen or had inside her, but it was a beautiful well-formed penis - one which surely deserved to be enjoyed.
"Does it function?" Une wondered. Innocence nodded, obviously embarrassed by Chastity's blatancy.
"Touch it and see," instructed Chastity.
This Une proceeded to do. Knowing what was expected of it, Innocence's penis immediately stiffened. Une stroked it gently in her hands and watched in great wonderment as it grew and grew just as she'd expect from the penis of any of her friends.
So, Innocence certainly didn't have as large a cunt as Une. In fact, as Une's examinations swiftly established, Innocence didn't have a cunt at all. Instead she was blessed with a beautiful penis. And a penis on such a beautiful and feminine body.

As she saw Innocence's penis grow to full size, the hunger she felt in her crotch got so great she just had to do something. With one very simple movement she brought her dress off over her head and her otherwise naked body. Her cunt was already moist with lust. "Put it in me. Put it in. Now!" she begged looking at the stiffness of it.

In next to no time, Innocence and she were rolling about and fucking in a way that surprised Une in its intensity. Clearly, Innocence was a girl accustomed to satisfying the lust of people, perhaps several at the same time. And also, as Une became aware from Innocence's own passion, she was a girl as attracted to Une as she was to her. What surprised her more, was that, although there was still plenty of space spare in her vagina, Une was feeling sexual gratification she'd not felt for a very long time. Not even with three men crawling over her, fucking every orifice. Une wasn't at all sure why Innocence gave her such intense pleasure but it was intense enough and she just wanted more and more and more.
Soon enough, Chastity was forgotten. For all Une cared, she might have run on to have sex with one of her lovers who were staying with her.
She didn't care how much pleasure that slut of a girl was giving nor to whom.
All that mattered was the passion that Une felt as Innocence's expert and practised penis thumped in and out of her, occasionally spurting out with warm, delicious semen, and yet still seeming to have yet more erection and come to give.

For the first time since she'd made love to a real elephant of a man, Une just came and came and came. Her cries of passion were loud enough to fill the whole house. What did it matter how full her cunt was by prick?
What mattered was the delight of it! She would experience this again and again, Une resolved. She was going to enjoy the visit of these two suburban girls.

Une just couldn't be parted from Innocence. Wherever she went, Innocence had to come with her, and fuck her as hard and as often as possible. They made love in all the rooms of her house and in her large garden.
Sometimes Une's other lovers would join in, turned on not only by Une's body but also by Innocence's. Une guessed it was probably the first time that Innocence had had sex with men, and it was clear to her also that although she enjoyed it, it was with her that Innocence got the most pleasure. In any case, Innocence's anus wasn't really comfortable with a man fucking her. She preferred putting a man's prick in her mouth while fucking Une. Although Une didn't usually like women sharing her men, in this case she made an exception, and of course Innocence was in one crucial way as much man as any of them.

Une didn't really care too much what Chastity was doing - Innocence was enough for her. She knew from what her lovers told her that Chastity was making love with each of them, either in turn or together.
On one occasion, she came into Chastity's bedroom to see two of her well-trained lovers pounding away at Chastity's orifices (in her case, her cunt was only just big enough for two, so she clearly found it more comfortable for one to take her anus and the other her vagina).
Normally, Une would find this kind of disloyalty intolerable and would have ordered out both Chastity and her lovers, but now she just didn't care. As long as she had Innocence's beautiful feminine body and her wonderful prick inside her, what did it matter?

It was market day in Une's village, when people from all around would come and sell their wares. Une persuaded Innocence to come along and so, too, did Chastity.
She was aware that Chastity was attracted to her, but as a rule Une really was not interested in women. Innocence was an exception - but then she was an exception in much more than one way.

The market sold all the wares associated with village markets. There were stalls selling cheap imported tee-shirts, bootlegged videos, cheaply made jewellery, oddities that Une found at best amusing in their cheap vulgarity and wares which would never be accepted by Health and Safety Officers.
Une examined the stalls desultorily, as always wondering why she bothered, but also aware that there might always be something there that would make the excursion worthwhile.

Chastity located a pornographic book-stall, which sold second- hand magazines and books which were a little worn at the edges. She picked up copies, with clearly no intention of buying and viewed them with amusement. "How was that goat persuaded to do that!" she exclaimed showing a picture of a girl and a goat.
"It looks pretty awkward for her as well." She flicked a few pages. "But the sperm looks just the same as human sperm, doesn't it Une? In fact it looks just like yours, Innocence."

Innocence picked up one which concentrated entirely on anal intercourse. "That looks painful!" she commented, putting it down and casting her eyes around at other stalls.
Chastity dropped the magazine she was reading. "God! This market is so boring!" she remarked. "Is this really the high light of life in the country?"
Une felt offended by this. It was the country itself, not its market, that made the place worth living in. If Chastity couldn't appreciate even this little thing, then what hope was there for her?

The three of them made their way out of the market, and into an inn which was mostly full of market stall holders. They were talking animatedly with each other, while in the corner a video sex machine was flashing images of various scenes of sexual intercourse.
Besides Une and her two friends, there were few other women in the pub and those were all old and ugly.
"Where's your boyfriends, m'dear?" asked an elderly gentleman walking up to their table.
Une smiled in the way that she knew would normally devastate the relatively ignorant villagers."How is your missus's lumbago, Giles?" she asked considerately. "Bearing well. Bearing well," he said moving back to his company.
Chastity was clearly very uncomfortable here. "This is fucking boring!" she announced, swallowing her half pint of porter. "Come on, Innocence, let's go somewhere more exciting."
"Where?" wondered Innocence.
"Anywhere!" announced Chastity. "Anywhere that's not here, anyway!"
Une and Innocence followed Chastity as she stormed out of the inn and followed the path out of the village towards Une's home. She certainly did not appear happy. They passed by a corn-field within sight of Une's house.

"What I need," announced Chastity, stopping suddenly, "is a fuck. A fucking good fuck! And I need it now!"
"And how are you going to get that?" asked Une, visibly annoyed with Chastity.
Chastity frowned at Une. "From what you know about Innocence, you need to ask that?" asked Chastity incredulously.
This was the first time that Une became aware of the incestuous relationship between Innocence and her sister, when boldly, and with no regard for Une's feelings, Chastity pulled off the slip she was wearing and unbuttoned the pretty little dress that Une had provided Innocence.
It was one that had made the little girl look even sweeter, flowing out at the waist and coming to her knees. But this was soon down over her ankles and pushed to one side. Then with the practice that must have come from making love with Une's lovers, Chastity persuaded Innocence's penis into erection and straight in her cunt. Une looked on in astonishment as Innocence blatantly fucked away at her sister.

Une looked imploringly at Innocence, her little darling, and then noticed Innocence returning the look even while her buttocks thrust up and down on Chastity. Chastity also looked at Une. "Don't wait to be invited," she commented. "Join in!"
Une certainly did not feel inclined to do so, but soon her lust for Innocence became too much for her, and then, for the first time in her long love life, she made love with a woman who was a woman in every detail.
Perhaps, it wasn't really the same thing, she thought, as she shared Innocence's so virile member. After all, she reassured herself, this is fucking as it's normally done between a man and a woman. And, in any case, was this so very different to love with two men.

But one partner, she couldn't help thinking, who couldn't satisfy the rapacious desire of her cunt. And indeed, as their bodies writhed in the corn, scratching her skin and catching in her hair, she felt for the first time since she'd started making love with Innocence a kind of emptiness in her cunt.
A feeling that was normally only satisfied by an extra prick inside her. This evening, she resolved, she'd get at least two, maybe three, inside her, even if it meant sharing Chastity with her male lovers.