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Written by Damian (December 2000)

He took the plastic card from the motel room door and pushed it open, moving to the side to allow her to enter the room. It was a familiar occurrence, and they each experienced the rush that they always felt at such times, both so anxious for what they each knew would follow. It had been a while since their last such encounter, and the lunch they had, with it’s accompanying wine and conversation filled with sexual innuendo, had left them myopic; they both knew exactly what they each needed. He closed the door behind them and latched the chain lock. As he turned away from the door and toward the room she was there, her lips reaching up to his, their tongues interlaced, the first of countless kisses that would follow. Their body heat rose as their hands explored the other’s body, as buttons were opened and clothing was removed.

She wore a skimpy, tight, mid thigh royal blue silk dress, low cut with spaghetti straps and buttons that ran its length along the front. He undid the top button as his mouth kissed down her slim neck, to the skin he had just exposed. As he kissed her his hand moved on to the next button. She tore at his blue blazer, and then began unbuttoning his dress shirt, worn without a tie. When he had reached the button that allowed him to kiss the lower part of her sternum he removed the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, allowing the dress to fall to her waist, her firm breasts now fully exposed to him and he looked at her in wonder and awe. He kissed, licked and sucked her rapidly hardening nipples, as her aerolas expanded beyond their usual size. He could hear her moans as her hands stoked his neck, slowly working their way down his body until she reached his behind, which she pulled toward her, grinding her pussy against his hardened cock.

He began unbuttoning the dress from the bottom, and with each button undone he stroked the inside of her thigh, gradually moving closer to the prize he sought while her moans grew ever louder. When the last button was undone the dress fell away, and she was left only in her matching silk blue bikini panties. He stood shirtless, his tan slacks unbuttoned, her hands working to remove them. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her softly down on the bedspread, pulling his pants off and lying next to her. He took her face in his hands, their mouths interlocking in a kiss that lasted forever.

His mouth returned to her neck, kissing there before he moved to her breasts, which she was begging him to suck. As he did so his fingers traced ever so lightly down her body until they found her pussy, already wet and eager, and she lifted herself off the bed so that he could have sufficient clearance to remove her now soaked panties. He removed his own underwear and pressed his cock against her opening as she spread her legs, anticipating his first entry. Instead, he teased her with it as he alternately kissed her and licked her nipples, allowing his hardened rod to only rub against the lips of her vagina, or to barely enter. She could feel her first orgasm rising within, and could hear herself speaking to him,

"Oh, God……….. please, fuck me…………….. oh, fuck me please…. I need it."

"I will, baby, I will, but there are a few things I have to take care of first," he whispered in her ear. She knew that she would enjoy whatever he had planned.

He could hardly wait to drive in between those perfect legs, but he restrained himself, knowing that the longer he could wait the better it would be for both of them. Instead he left her nipples, which were now enlarged and stiff, and kissed his way down her firm stomach, pausing at her belly button to tongue fuck it, while his hands continued to stroke her breasts and nipples in an ever changing variety of ways. By the time that his mouth reached between her legs, she had unconsciously spread them wide, so that they were perpendicular to the bed, her toes pointing to the ceiling as she opened herself to him. He started at the lowest point, slowly licking his way up her lips, working both sides until he reached her clitoris, his tongue’s first stoke on that enlarged organ brought on her first scream, as she put her feet on the bed and thrust toward his mouth. She came almost immediately, the orgasm taking control of both her body and her mind, waves coursing through her one after the other. She expected him to stop, to mount her and fuck her; she wanted that so much. But he did not, instead he kept eating her pussy, which soon exploded a second time, new waves, stronger than the first overtaking her, and then lessening. He continued licking her clit and she was again consumed by yet another orgasm, again stronger, again overwhelming her.

By the time this happened for the fifth time she feared that she would pass out, and heard herself begging him to stop as she tried to push his head away from her pussy. He grabbed both her hands in his, pinned them to the bed, and continued his attack on her clitoris. She came again. He still did not stop, and she could feel another approaching, and although she had first thought that she wanted him to stop, she also wanted him to continue. She wondered how far she could go, she was enjoying the pleasure that had taken control of her, almost like some narcotic to which she had become so addicted that she could never get enough. She came again, having now lost all count and all track of her situation, but she knew she had to stop him, before she had lost all strength to do so. She used all her remaining energy to throw her right leg to her left and over him, so that she now lay mostly on her stomach, forcing his mouth from her pussy. He let go of her hands, allowing her to lie flat, her face in a pillow, which she did while she continued to moan with pleasure as orgasmic aftershocks rolled through her. He came up her body, asking her if she liked it so far, and before she could respond his cock drove deeply into her pussy from behind, and she immediately climaxed again, this time screaming his name over and over into the pillow.

He loved making her come. Each time she did he became more excited, each time her cries of pleasure reached his ears he wanted her more, wanted to give her more. She was the most orgasmic woman he had ever been with, and that alone made him hers, for as long as she wanted. He understood that she had entered some kind of orgasmic trance and was trying to see how long she could maintain it, and how she would exit. He took her orgasms as the ultimate compliment, as if each confirmed her love for him, as if each made him more important to her. This time each of her orgasms had seemed to be gaining strength, and with each the next became easier, as if she was permanently entering an orgasmic state. The strength that she displayed by turning herself over surprised him. But he knew what she wanted, and as he drove into her from behind and she immediately came again, he knew he was right. He continued to slam his cock into that perfect tight pussy, slowly at first and then quickening his pace, and she let him know it was exactly what she wanted as she begged for more,

"Fuck me, oh please…. That’s it, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can….. come in me………… please……….Give it to me, oh God, give it to me…… I need it, I want it……..yes……oh, yessss…….I can’t believe it….. I’m coming again…….oh, ohhh, ahhh, aaaaahhhh……. God, don’t stop……… keep fucking me…...."

She could not get enough. She had known many men before him, but there was something special between them, something that had allowed her to open herself, to experience things that she never had happen before. When she was younger she hardly ever reached a climax, blaming herself, thinking there was something wrong with her. But since they had met, her orgasms often arrived in bunches and she had never failed to reach at least one. In addition to the intercourse, she had allowed him to finger or eat her until she would come, almost anywhere, whenever they were alone, and sometimes when they were not so alone. Elevators, offices, lavatories, deserted hallways, parks, beaches, parking lots, boats and nature trails were just a few of the places that they had used. Each time she came deliriously. She had come in the front seat of the car while going to or from lunch almost every day they were together.

When she thought back, she couldn’t believe she had done it, she could hardly believe she had wanted to, but most importantly of all, she knew that whenever she was with him she would do it all again in an instant. She knew that he would want her again almost immediately, and she knew that she would share his desire. When he would compliment her on her sexuality, telling her she was "great," or "unbelievable" or "fantastic" she would always have one simple response, "only with you, baby, only with you." She meant it; it was true. She would do anything with him, anything he wanted. She was addicted to him.

He felt as if he grew harder with each word she uttered, although he knew that was impossible, because his cock simply could not get any larger. He knew what she now wanted; she wanted him to also lose all control, to explode into her, screaming her name, telling her she was everything he wanted and more. She was and he did, and he came harder than he ever had before. He was amazed at the pressure of his first ejaculation, the jism forced out with such thrust that he knew she could feel his excitement. He could feel his cock immediately reload, shoot another round, and continue to do so until he ran dry and it hurt, his hard cock wanting to go on, his body unable to do so. Her screams of pleasure drove him on. He told her everything she wanted to hear, that she was perfect, that she was the sexiest woman he had ever met, that she was too good for him, and she rewarded him with yet another orgasm, and then she lost consciousness.

He held her as he regained his breath, then got up and turned down the second bed in the room. He picked her up and moved her there, tucking her in under the blankets. He laid next to her, his arms around her, holding her as closely to him as possible, feeling her still hard nipples against his chest. He would wake an hour later, to find her staring into his eyes, with a look of contentment that he had never seen in anyone else. She asked him if he wanted to make love with her. He did.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scarlet and David: Part 2

(December 2000)

She falls asleep. When she awakens the water is running. David returns with an ice bucket of warm soapy water, a sponge and towels. He gives her a sponge bath - her temples, cheeks, chin line, neck, arms. She watches him, her jaguar eyes aglow. As he sponges her underarms, with its nubs of shaved hair visible on the surface of her skin, she feels the sensation change from relaxation to pleasure. He sponges her breasts, lingering some, then works his way down. He washes around but not on her pubic area and sets the sponge aside. The moist warmth of the sponge is replaced by moist warmth of his tongue and lips. He smells their scents, now mingled together.

He tastes her for the first time, her acid sweetness mixed with the salty muskiness of his sex. He licks his tongue over the outsides of her labia, washing and arousing her. He moves to the other side, repeating the stroke up the sides of her pussy like a cat bathing her young. His tongue is silky and attentive, responding as Scarlet maneuvers her hips slightly to increase the sensation from his licks. He takes her labia between his lips, sucking softly and slowly making his way up one side and then the other. She tightens her stomach and legs as he moves close to her clit then relaxes as he sucks his way back down again.

She feels it more intensely now, her fingers brushing over his cheeks and into his hair. He licks now through the centre, beneath the opening of her vagina, lapping her secretions. And over her opening now where his penis had found such sweet fulfillment, he licks, probing his tongue in and around like a french kiss. His fingers are above and around her pussy, framing her clit. She feels diffuse pressure from his fingers against her clit as he licks her vagina and up now over the smooth soft pinkness of the insides of her lips. Up to her clit and as he nears it he feels a firmness at its base in contrast to the smooth softness of her inner lips. She wants him and needs him now, the tension in her pelvis stronger, more desperate.

She feels the urge to take his hair in her hands and pull him onto her clit and have him french kiss it the way he kissed her mouth a short time ago. But she waits, and sensing her urgency, he responds, his lovemaking now a fulfillment not a tease, and lowers his mouth over her clit, applying a pressure around it with his lips and circling around the base of it with his tongue. Her hips buck suddenly and uncontrollably, she gasps from her throat as the intensity mounts. She sucks her, his tongue stroking up the shaft of her clit, again and again, building and escalating the tension. She grabs his hair again, he increases the sweet momentum on her clit. She raises her head and shoulders off the bed, pulls his hair as she forces his head into her cunt, and screams from her mouth at first, then deep down in her throat and out of her belly as she comes in his mouth.

She feels delirious with the pleasure and the attention, lying back on the bed now as her lover moves up beside her, kissing her neck and face, caressing her hair and resting his cheek against hers. She rests as the waves of sweetness wash over her. After a time she brushes her hand across his breast and trails her fingers down the soft hair of his chest and belly. Her fingers glide over his penis, rigid again from her scent and her moans, and her fingers circle and caress his balls. She raises her head from the sheets, and her free hand caresses his chest and surrounds one of his nipples. Her tongue circles it. Her lips enclose it with a soft pulsing pressure. With an unmistakable sigh he exhales. His hand moves down and meets her hand at the base of his cock. "Not now," he says, "It's getting late, you must be hungry."

What she's hungry for he doesn’t say. It's not really so much a hunger as a desire. But she's feeling that spaced out, hung-over, after-loving sensation and, besides, she's intrigued. She can’t remember the last time a man refused her offer. She raises her head, looking at him wide eyed, her face a flush pink through her brown freckles. With two hands he takes her cheeks and draws her towards him, pressing her lips to his with a moist soft pressure. "I have some clothes I’d like you to try on," he says.

He gets up, naked and walks across the room. She watches him, his penis still erect, his body straight and lean. Flesh on flesh he seemed a soul mate, watching him move he seems a stranger again. He is back in an instant, a towel wrapped around his middle, shopping bags in hand. "Here try these on," he says. She remembers their emails. "He never asked me about my body," she remembers, until one message when he was so uncannily direct, not asking her measurements like guys always do, but her clothing and shoe sizes. At the time she thought he must be comparing her measurements to his wife's clothing. She remembered at that time wondering what his wife looked like and what labels he was reading from her wardrobe.

She sits on the bed with the bags. He leaves to take a shower. She opens the first package. It's a pair of shoes — high heels, black patent leather, straps across the toes and ankle - her size. She blushes, no one has ever bought her shoes before — she’d probably swat her husband if he came home with shoes for her. And they’re not the kind of shoes she wears, she's used to sneakers and comfortable shoes, she's always hated wearing heels. She remembers that when she had to wear them, she’d always take them off after a couple of drinks and go bare foot.

The next package — a skirt. It's black, the fabric is soft and shimmery. She holds it up — it will fit — on a good day. "It's a good thing I near starved myself for the last week looking forward to this weekend," she remembers, although her lack of appetite had as much to do with being nervous about meeting David as it did about wanting to lose weight. The skirt was short but not a mini skirt — about mid-thigh. It was a narrow cut. "I’d be taking small steps in this," she thinks.

The next package — a blouse — a black thin sheer fabric. She remembers suddenly the first present he had given her, the scarlet bra and panties. Under this blouse the bra would silhouette through the fabric, emphasizing her breasts. She wondered, confused, as the water was running in the shower. "Does he really want me to wear these things?" They are so unlike her. She spent hours and days wondering what to wear this weekend. She remembered shopping for just the right sweater, not too revealing but revealing enough to faintly outline her shoulders, breasts and hips. She felt good in the sweater, and when she wore it out with the girls one night, they complimented her. At the time, she felt overdressed wearing it to the bar, but she liked the way it made her feel.

She stands up, finds the scarlet bra and panties which had been tossed into corners on either side of the room, and puts them on. Next the skirt. It fit, shapely but not too tight, and when she walks in front of the mirror, she likes the way it outlines her body. But short and not her, she blushes — but she's willing to give it a try. She buttons up the blouse next, self-conscious about the outline of the bra and the low cut that emphasizes her cleavage and the freckles on her chest. It's tailored, not billowy. "I’d have to sit so straight - it doesn’t hide anything," she hesitates.

A thought crosses her mind. Off goes the blouse, and searching through her suitcase she finds her new sweater. She puts it on. She feels more comfortable - more her. It still looks sexy she thinks, but more understated, more casual. She puts on the shoes. "I’ll give them a try," she thinks as she looks at the outline of her calves in the mirror.

"Almost ready?" David asks from the bathroom. Her heart skips a beat, then beats hard suddenly in her chest. "Just a minute," she answers. She looks at herself quickly in the mirror — it's not herself she sees but an attractive and virile woman set to go to dinner in a strange city with a man she hardly knows. Her eyes scan down, then up her reflection. And then, without thinking as much as knowing, she pulls the sweater over her head, picks up the blouse and puts it on.

David comes back into the room, his hair wet, his face freshly shaved, a towel wrapped around him. "You look nice," he says as he comes close, "I didn’t know if you would wear them."

"I love them, thank you," you lie as you reach up to kiss him, your fingers trailing through his wet hair.

He picks up his dress pants and shirt that were still on the chair where they had laid since he took them off what now seems like weeks ago. He takes them to the closet outside the bathroom, she hears him dressing. When he returns, he has changed into jeans, a clean shirt and casual shoes. She expected him to be dressier. She becomes aware of her blouse, skirt and shoes, and for an instant she feels like she's dressed in someone else's clothes. The clothes make her feel different somehow, there is nowhere to hide in them, she feels in a way exposed, like she felt exposed when she lay shackled to the bed naked, waiting for him. But it is not just her body, in her soul she senses that, this weekend, everything will be exposed and nothing will stay hidden.

She looks at him - catching him looking at her. "Time for dinner," he says. As he turns toward the door, she glimpses the bulge in his jeans that gives away his appearance of being so cool and casual.

They walk together through the lobby. She notices the raised eyes of the doorman, following her. She begins to blush, but feels a surge of confidence when David takes her hand and directs her into the cab.

As they settle into the backseat, she sits close to him. He puts one arm around her, lowers his eyes and presses his lips softly against hers, lingering, his mouth opening and closing in a tiny circular motion. She can almost hear an "ou" as she feels the varying pressure and intensity of his lips on hers. She opens her mouth slightly and with the tip of her tongue teases ever so lightly the insides of his lips. He puts his hand between her legs, gently pressing the insides of her thighs. She parts them, releasing the tension like a spring uncoiling. David looks up and says "We get out at the corner. It's not far, we can walk from here."

They walk along the sidewalk on a warm summer's evening, close but not touching. It's a run down part of town, if it has seen better days, they were a long time ago. But the street is busy with Friday night activity. Some men are gathered in groups on corners, talking. Some kids are sitting on the steps of public buildings, watching. A number of young women stand alone or in groups of two or three in tight tops, short skirts and high-heels, waiting. Men alone in cars cruise the street, slow down when they pass the women, leer, and drive on. Scarlet notices a car stopping at the corner ahead of them, one of the women goes to the car, sticks her head in the open window, then gets in and the car drives off.

Scarlet takes David's arm and holding him close she becomes aware again of her own body. With each step in the high heels her hips sway noticeably through the tightly fitting black skirt. She sees the men brazenly eyeing her. One of the women, dressed in a short, black leather skirt and leather boots, glances toward her, away and quickly back again, her eyes following Scarlet. Scarlet meets her gaze, eyes glancing down the woman's body then up again, as they walk past. Scarlet feels a timidness leaving her body, she walks more more erect, head high, hips swaying confidently.

"It's right here," David says as they turn into a doorway. They enter the restaurant leaving the street scene behind. Scarlet looks around. It is a nice restaurant, tablecloths and cloth napkins, fairly small, about half full. She notices a couple at another table across the aisle — late thirties, the man in a suit, the woman, thin and angular, conservatively dressed. Scarlet gets up to go to the washroom, as she walks by their table she notices the man's eyes looking down at her legs, then glancing up. Their eyes meet, Scarlet's chest flushes slightly through her freckles and she smiles.

When she returns, David is pouring the wine, then he excuses himself. Scarlet notices the man in the suit glancing toward her. She turns her head toward him, meets his eyes again, allowing hers to linger now for an instant. She lowers her eyelids as she looks back to her glass. She feels flirty. Men are noticing her and showing it and she is enjoying it. She takes a large drink of the wine and crosses her legs to one side, giving the man in the suit something to look at. She glances down, too, sees the length of her leg from her toes to her mid-thigh exposed, and likes how it looks.

David returns. She leans toward him, takes his hands in hers and says, "I’m glad we’re here, David." "Me too", he answers, looking into the depth of her green eyes. "Are they green or yellow?" he asks himself, wondering if it's the light or her eyes playing tricks on him. They make small talk, about nothing in particular until the waitress arrives. She is young, her black hair pulled back. The waitress looks at David with an expression that says that her whole attention is on him alone. David doesn’t deflect the waitress's attention, he meets it directly. "Hey!" you think, "He's mine," and you ask for a menu. The waitress looks toward you quickly as if she forgot something, hands you a menu, and lists off the specials of the night.

When she finishes David says, "We’ve been working up quite an appetite, maybe the steak would be good." " A busy day?" the young waitress asks. "Something like that," David replies. He looks to Scarlet. "How about the tenderloin?" he asks. "Yes … that sounds good … medium rare." She replies, thinking that she hasn’t even read the menu. He orders — the tenderloin for her, a sirloin for himself. The waitress leaves, Scarlet notices David's eyes following her.

The food arrives. Scarlet cuts into the steak. The pink juice leaks onto her plate. "How's your meat?" David asks. "Tender," she replies and looks slowly up at David. She sees something in his eyes - a flicker. If eyes could blush, his did. He doesn’t speak for a long moment, she watches as the blush is transformed, is redirected into a simmering intensity borne of desire. She remembers back to this afternoon, her fingers around his penis - "Not now," he had said. And she remembers too the bulge in his jeans as they were leaving the hotel room, his hand between her thighs in the taxicab, the look he had given the waitress. She feels a stirring, a receptiveness, like his desire is beginning to penetrate her body — through her eyes as she watches him, through her mouth as she chews, through her fingertips as she breaks her bread and now through her still crossed legs at the side of the table as he reaches over and for a moment gently caresses them.

"I enjoyed this afternoon with you." David tells Scarlet looking into her eyes, now more yellow than green. The young waitress arrives and asks if they are enjoying their meal. "Lovely," David says still looking at Scarlet, in a voice directed not the waitress but at Scarlet's eyes, which are wide now, with a hint of wildness in them.

"You look beautiful when you come." David tells her. Her chest and cheeks are flushed - it's not a blush, but a flush from the wine and the stirring that is flowing through her veins now and building inside her. "I didn’t know what to expect." she says quickly, "I was so nervous this morning driving here. I thought of turning back, but something kept me going on. I knew I just had to meet you, after these months, all of our emails, they made me feel so alive somehow. I just had to meet the man behind them." She talks fluidly now, like she did when she chatted to him through her computer keyboard, avoiding what he said about how she looked when she came.

But he is not to be distracted. He brings the conversation back to this afternoon. She begins to see the man she knew from his emails. He focuses the conversation with an intensity, always polite, but sometimes so direct. He tells her how she looked when he found her waiting for him on the bed, her body bare under the glare of the harsh overhead light. She remembers he had talked in an email of his fantasy of meeting someone for the first time naked under the covers in a dark room — she had almost expected that, and, in fact, it was one of her fantasies too. But his description of seeing her was so vivid, the shadow of shaved hair on her underarms, the soles of her feet against the white sheets, the tuft of hair between her legs. "I knew you would do what I asked." he tells her. She can’t help herself. She feels a need to confess, like she confessed to the priest every week when she was a child. She doesn’t understand the urge to bare herself to him but she blurts it out. She tells him how she almost didn’t put the handcuffs on, how she almost wore her sweater instead of the blouse. He looks at her and smiles. "He wanted me to feel that way," she thinks to herself, and suddenly feels a surge of freedom, a licence to be herself, to be the hopes and desires that until now have lived only in her mind.

She looks again at the couple at the next table. They have ordered steaks, too, and are eating them in silence. The man in the suit looks again at Scarlet, his look not flirty and hopeful as it was before, but forlorn like a man looking in from the outside.

Scarlet looks back at David. He wipes the corners of his mouth with the napkin, empties the wine that is left in the bottle into her glass. It is only then she realizes this is the second bottle. He raises his glass to her, she touches her glass to his, and together they drink it down. "Let's go," he says.

"Just a minute," she replies and gets up to go to the washroom, a little unsteady at first from the wine. She senses him watches her, not like he watched the waitress earlier, now his eyes are full, shouting out the tension in his body, baring his desire and the need in his loins. She returns, he is ready to leave. As they near the doorway, he puts his hand on her waist, directing her, his fingers applying a firm, suggestive pressure. She reaches back, puts her fingers around his, squeezing. She wants to say, "Let's go back to the hotel," but she just turns and looks at him, the wildness in her eyes growing.

They walk back out into the street. It is dark now, a gust of wind blows through their hair. The street is busy, people walking quickly, the same men on the corner, the same women displaying their bodies and staring down the men in their cars as the men drive slowly past. Scarlet in a way feels at one with these women, her walk a now more of a strut, seemingly ready to thrust out her breasts at the nearest man who shows the remotest interest in her. She puts her arm around David's waist, running her fingers firmly over his back and hip.

David doesn’t see the activity on the street. He is walking hurriedly half a step ahead of Scarlet. His mind is focused, his eyes hunting - his destination clear. He spots the opening he was searching for. "Come on," he says to Scarlet, taking her hand, his walk urgent now. They turn down an alley, he pulls her in behind a pile of pallets, presses her up against the brick wall and kisses her full on the lips, his hands grasping her hair. She meets his lips, her open mouth wet. She feels his tongue on the insides of her teeth. She sucks it, he probes, she releases and slides her tongue over the insides of his teeth. His eyes a wide stare, looking into hers, which are wild now and determined. His fingers begin to unbutton her blouse. At the same time, her fingers begin to unbuckle his belt, and unzip his pants. She finishes first and claims her prize. She falls to her knees, pulling his pants down as she kneels. She grasps his cock, erect and red, in one hand. In her other hand she takes one cheek of his ass and pulls him toward her as she gulps the head of his cock into her mouth. She squeezes the base between her fingers and squeezes his balls now too, causing him to rear back in pain. "Ugh" he says and thrusts his hips forward, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. She gasps, withdraws back and, more controlled now, begins to work him. She sucks the head between her lips, tonguing it as she arks down his shaft, varying the pressure, teasing and swirling with her tongue. Both hands now move to his butt, kneading it, working in rhythm with her lips and tongue. He gasps, leans forward to support himself against the wall and gives in to the pleasure and to Scarlet's determined sucking. He rocks with her, one hand on her hair and on her cheek. She feels his legs falter for an instant and his cock pulse. She hears him bear down in an immense effort to save himself from hurling like a man in a barrel over Niagara Falls. With a low moan and two hands on either side of her head, he jerks his penis out of her mouth and draws her up to him. "I want to fuck you," he growls desperately.

There is an old mattress standing against the brick wall. He pushes it onto the ground and in the same movement their two bodies are down on top of it. They kiss again, he fumbles with the last button of her blouse and unclips her bra. Then, at the same time, they both grab her crimson panties and pull them down and off her legs. He is on her, her skirt hiked up exposing her brown pubic hair and her soft white belly. He mouths her breasts, biting them with his lips while one hand reaches between her legs, feeling her incredible wetness. Her whole body contracts as his hand brushes against the red nugget of her clit. He understands without thinking that she needs it as much as he does, and he feels that now too because when he releases his lips from her nipple, she grabs his hair in both hands and pulls his head up to hers and clenches his bottom lip between her teeth. He slides his forearms under her shoulders, and positions his legs between hers. She spreads her legs farther apart, her pelvis tilts in anticipation of it. He thrusts with one motion, not forceful but not gentle, the head of his penis insistent, pushing against her vagina, her vagina calling out, imploring him to penetrate her. Having found its mark, his cock draws back, then rushing onward penetrates her like a wave. He draws back and thrusts forward again into the depths of her wet darkness. She meets him, entreats him again, and he thrusts again, groaning, burying himself inside her, his pelvis grinding down on hers, their soft flesh meeting.

Their bodies lock into a rhythm. A forceful, barely controlled fucking rhythm. As through a fog, Scarlet hears laughter and footsteps. She looks up. Coming down the alley is a woman - the woman with the black leather skirt and boots who watched her so intently on the street earlier. The woman has a man with her, he has his arms around her, one hand up under the woman's top, squeezing her breast. They watch Scarlet and David as they approach. The man stumbles trying to watch them as he walks, laughs, and blurts out at no one in particular, "Christ!" The woman pulls him onward and he yells back at David in a slurred voice, "Give ‘er, boy!" David smiles, looks into Scarlet's wild eyes and presses his lips softly against hers as they continue their unrelenting rhythm.

The woman stops about twenty feet down on the other side of the alley, sits spread legged on a pile of pallets and fumbles with the man's belt and zipper. Scarlet can see the woman's legs wrapped around the man now, and leaning her head to one side, Scarlet sees the white cheeks of the man's ass humping. The other woman is watching Scarlet and David fuck. The eyes watching her makes Scarlet feel wilder still, like a cougar or a lioness, her amber eyes blazing. She meets his thrusts now banging her pelvis against his, her cunt ferocious, incensed. She runs her fingers fiercely under David's shirt and up his back, clinging to him, pulling him toward her with all her strength. Her nails dig like claws into his back. David growls a low, gutterel growl as the pleasure is intensified by the pain. His thrusts are more desperate, his body arching exaggeratedly with each thrust. Her throat opens, she screeches violently as her whole body, centred now on her fucking pussy, tightens and tenses. David feels her surge and meets it, his fingers holding her shoulders pulling her to him, driving her pussy down onto his cock as he fucks in and up, and in and up, his body a hurricane of passion, a violent force surging, stronger and stronger. And in one long breath they come together like two ships colliding in a storm, their bodies wracked, the tension broken. They fall into one another's arms exhausted and full of wonder.

They lay together for two brief minutes, fix their clothes, then get up, weak-kneed and begin to walk back out the alley to the street. Scarlet looks back at the other woman, still sitting open-legged on the pallet as the man stumbles to pull up his pants. The other woman who has seen so much sex in her life looks fearful, almost embarrassed — like she has trespassed upon a shrine which she had no right to enter, like she has witnessed not a fuck but a spell.

They go out to the street, with its bright lights glaring into their eyes, and David hails a cab. As they climb in, Scarlet wipes the sweat off his brow and straightens his brown, thick hair. Their bodies melt together and they kiss the softest kiss with their lips still shaking.

The taxi drives on to the address David gave the driver. They get out of the cab, bodies still touching. It's a bar. The doorman opens the door and they go inside. Scarlet recognizes the haunting blues beat. They walk together to the crowded dance floor, still smelling of sweat and sex and dance slowly, their bodies moving together. They are one body still, the ferocious fucking having given way now to slow loving as they dance the dance of two bodies and souls together.

After the dance, they walk together to the bar. David orders drinks and Scarlet rests her body against him, purring. They listen to the band in silence, feeling the intoxicating rhythms. After a short while they look to each other and their lips touch again. "Let's go," Scarlet whispers into his mouth.

They return to the hotel room and without turning on the lights they take off their clothes and fall into the bed. David's kisses are soft, on her lips, on her cheek, on her neck. He lightly caresses her hair with one hand while the other hand traces the line of her neck and shoulder. Scarlet breathes a slow deep breath, raises her head close to his and says softly, "I started something earlier that I want to finish." He lays back down onto the bed. She moves lightly down his body, positions herself between his legs and wraps her lips around the head of his still swelling penis.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Scarlet and David: Part 1

Written by Fitzgerald (December 2000)

You were meeting a man in a hotel room, a man you never met before. You were nervous, but excited. As you enter the lobby, you look at your watch. "I'm right on time, you think, as you look around. It's a nice hotel, not the most posh, but very nice and close to downtown. You go to the front desk, give them the name "Mulvaney", and as arranged, there is a note for you, with a room key. You take it, turn quickly, and scan the lobby for the elevators.

You unlock the door of the hotel room. There is a scent of freshly extinguished candle. The lights are low, the room is empty. You see an envelope with your name written on it in firm but hurried letters. You open it. "Run a bath." it says, "The bath things are ready for you in the bathroom, you have half an hour. Then look in the dresser drawer at 3:00."

In the bathroom, you find soaps and lotions, awaiting you. They smell unfamiliar, but you linger, smelling them, wondering who, wondering why.

At 3:00, you walk across the floor with a towel wrapped around you and tucked between your breasts. Nervously, but curiously you open the top drawer. A note on top of a shopping bag. You remove the tissue paper and hold up a red satin bra and matching panties. They are lacy and revealing, not your style you think, but they are subtle and soft. You hold them up, you put them on. Then you reach into the bottom of the package and lift out a white satin bed jacket. You look at yourself in the mirror. The jacket is comfortable, but not warm, it reaches just the tops of your thighs. Remembering the note, you tear it open. "Expect a guest at 3:15." Five minutes to spare. "Is he coming? Am I ready for him?" you wonder.

Quickly, you fix your hair, check your lingerie, pull the bed jacket tight and brush your teeth. A knock on the door. Your heart is pounding in your throat. "Oh, god what am I doing? Settle down, answer the door," you tell yourself. You open the door, a woman is standing there, she is carrying a massage table. Your cheeks blush red, remembering your scented body and scarlet underthings. "Would you like it on the table or on the bed? she asks in a calm, rough voice. "The bed," you quickly answer. You notice strength in her shoulders, veins in her neck, a boy's clipped haircut and feel the blood rushing to your cheeks again.

You turn your back to her and take off your bedcoat, feeling her eyes watching you. You lie face-down on the bed and feel her fingers lightly trace a line across your shoulders. Her hands are light but firm, soothing the muscles in your neck and back. You turn your head to one side, feel your hair brushing your cheek and you close your eyes. Her hands pause, you hear warm oil being rubbed into them, then they touch you again with the same firm but light touch along your sides, starting at your armpits, curving downward and inward along your waist and flaring out over your hips.

As she works your body with a trained and soothing confidence, you try to relax. "Focus on the touch," you tell yourself, but your mind wanders, full of thoughts. You know he sent her, but why? Where is he? You remember arriving in the room, nervous, expecting him any minute. You had planned this weekend together for months. Together you resisted the urge to meet earlier, at a coffee shop or in a restaurant, like you know you should have.

"Oh God, what am I doing?" raced through your mind in moments of panic on the three-hour drive to the city that morning. "Relax", you told yourself, "We’ve emailed each other for what seems like forever, in some ways I know him better than I know my husband." You smile to yourself remembering how your heart beat in your chest every time you logged on and found an email waiting from him. And you remember how you carried his words, your thoughts of what he said, around with you for hours afterward searching for clues about the man and what he was really like.

Your mind flips back to the hands working on your back, you hear her breathing stronger now and steady. You sense her presence above you. You feel your body relaxing, you feel yourself submitting to her. You exhale deeply and feel yourself sinking softly into the mattress.

"Turn over," she whispers. Your mind jolts back to reality as you roll over on your back. Your body is slow and heavy, sedated by her touch, it does not want to move. As you lay back with your head on the pillow and look at her with half-closed eyes, you become aware again of your scarlet lingerie. You remember how in the mirror just before she arrived you traced your finger down the edge of the bra along your cleavage.

"Not me, but not bad," you remember thinking as you looked at yourself. Now you feel exposed in your luscious, sexy underwear - but feminine too, a part of you is embarrassed to be exposed like this but a part of you enjoys the feeling too. Your eyes return from your cleavage to the woman above you, her short clipped hair, her strong shoulders, a firm softness in her eyes. Those eyes meet yours now as her fingers lightly begin to touch your collar bones and feather out over your shoulders.

"Your husband said you wouldn't mind," she says in a voice that is direct and authoritative. It’s not a question and she doesn't wait for an answer. You make no sound. Your body is still except for a tiny parting of your lips, a slight movement of your tongue against the back of your teeth. Your stillness hides the shock reverberating through you, your heart thumping, your body suddenly awake, every nerve sensitized. Your eyes dart from her shoulders, breasts and arms to her fingers, which are unfastening the clasp between your breasts. As she lifts off the bra your breasts settle on your chest, white and exposed. You feel the cool air against them, you see a faint tan line running from the scarlet strap of the bra still over your shoulder, to your cleavage. Exposed to the air, you feel your nipples begin to contract.

She pauses, rubs some more massage oil onto her hands. You watch her hands and her neck, see her eyes looking into yours, penetrating. You take a quick deep, involuntary breath.

Two hands cup your breasts softly, squeeze them upward, fingers moving toward and around your nipples. Her hands are firm as a man’s hands, but her touch is gentle and sure. She is deliberate and confident. Your breasts are hers now, the pleasure is hers to give. Her hands move back down the outside of your breasts, pushing inward, now underneath and around, that firm, now familiar, pressure upwards, closer this time to the light brown puckered skin of your nipples.

Your chest feels flushed, you breath deeper, raising your chest up to meet her caress.

She continues the motion, her body straddling yours, her hands caressing your breasts, squeezing underneath your nipple, swirling her fingers. "Oh, please squeeze them," you think as your legs part slightly and your hips tilt forward.

As if on cue, as she moves her hands up and around your breasts this time her thumbs and forefingers pause at either side of your nipples and apply a firm excruciatingly soft pressure that makes your eyes close and your head tilt to one side.

You open your eyes quickly as you feel the momentum of her body moving forward, her thumbs and forefingers still on either side of your nipples, but one hand replaced now by lips and warm breath. Her hair feels sharp and crisp against your chest, her lips like her hands, firm, steady but so soft. Her tongue circles your nipple, her lips pressed in a soft sucking motion. You gasp, grab sheets in your hands and press your thighs outwards against hers.

The tension in your breasts is creating even more tension in your pelvis. Your hips rock up slightly, tense and fall. Your fingers long for the touch of flesh.

She leaves your breasts, deliberately and suddenly. Your breasts crave more. You can still almost feel her mouth and hands on them. Your nipples are wet. She moves down to your feet, touches the insides of your calves and parts your legs. She kneels above you and slides her hands up the insides of your knees and thighs, then down again caressing your soft flesh. Her hands move up again like a wave but pause as fingers run along your panty line, then down again. The third time, her fingers glide along the panty line and she pauses and takes the thin waistband between her fingers. You lift your hips instinctively. As she slides the panties off and down your legs you see the wet stain that makes the crotch a darker, more crimson red.

You smell your musky fresh scent. Your heart pounds as she slides her fingers up over your tender thighs and brushes your pubic hair. She circles your mound and back down the outer edge of your vagina. You are breathing harder, your body aroused, your whole world the tips of her fingers. No thoughts, just want, sensation, then want again.

Her fingers move up over the sides of the lips of your vagina and you tense, shudder and exhale as the tips of her fingers deliberately skim either side of your swollen clitoris. She does it again, you tense, shudder and exhale again. Your being centres on your clitoris, but your arousal radiates like shock waves down your legs to your ankles and toes, and up through your heaving chest, neck and breaking out in a sweat on your brow.

One palm covers your pussy with a constant pressure, and then arks backwards, one finger pressing against your vagina, swirling, teasing the opening. You raise and tilt your hips, rocking into the finger - and obliging, she penetrates you. You want to fuck it, to bear down on it wildly, but at the same time she presses her other palm lightly down against your pubic bone and you relent, your hips sinking back into the mattress.

With one finger inside you, she probes the roof of your vagina, massaging, and rocking firmly, in her style, in and out and around. With the first three fingers of her other hand she works your clit, two fingers on either side pressing and releasing, the middle one applying a light pressure as the other two come together. You growl, you moan, you grab your hair then the sides of the bed, arching your back and heaving your breasts upward. You want to come, your whole body needs to come, your is heart pounding, your pussy is peaking with energy. The tidal wave begins to rush over you and suddenly she takes her hands away. You look at her like a frightened animal, your body shocked, your world rocked.

"Your husband said to wait," she says as she stands up and begins to pack up her things. "He’s not…" you begin but stop, your breathing still heavy, the sweat now cold on your face. Without another word she leaves and you watch her, wondering.

At long last there is another knock on the door. It has only been ten minutes since the massage brought you to the brink of desire and then left you there. The nerve of him to tell the masseuse he was your husband and that you would wait. For him!

"Who does he think he is?" you mutter to yourself. You were tempted to finish it yourself. Your hands reached as far as your hip bones, the comforting softness of your belly, the tips of your fingers longingly teasing your public hair. But you waited. Was it out of obedience, curiosity or just frustration at letting yourself be played with like this that made you wait? Instead, with one movement you pulled the sheet up over you and clutching it in your fist, rolled over onto your side and stared at the wall. Your body still, your mind racing now instead, remembering your nervous excitement this morning, your second thoughts and how it all seemed so far away now - laying here naked in a strange bed in a strange hotel room waiting for who? Waiting for who?

"I should have known better." you say to yourself remembering your doubts. This relationship is so unlike you. You who are always in control, who thinks before she speaks, who lets her mind run wild with fantasy but always acts with precision, with forethought, always knowing, always sure.

And it all started frivolously, playfully — exchanging email, a diversion for both of you. But a tempting diversion. "And I tempted him." you smile to yourself and remember, too, how he tempted you. And it was a tasty diversion. And each taste, sometimes sweet, sometimes salt mixed with the sweet, left you wanting more. And so you went down that road together. You could have stopped any time you wanted, couldn't you? But part of you always wanted to go on.

"Knock." "Knock."

You jump up, startled. You run to the bathroom, grab a towel and tuck it between your breasts.

"Who is it?"

No answer. You peek through the eye hole. No one. You open the door slightly. On the floor outside the door a bottle of champagne in ice, two glasses and a small gift-wrapped box.

You squat down to pick them up. A door down the hall opens. A middle-aged man appears, his eyes widen, fixed on you calves and knees exposed through the slit in the towel. You pick up the things quickly and go in, shuddering at the thought of the old man staring at you and muttering to yourself, "Another fucking note. What is this shit?" You sit down and open the note.

"Pour two glasses of champagne. Have one. In five minutes open your present."

You open the bottle. The cork pops, hits the ceiling and rolls under the bed. You put your lips around the bottle and catch the froth. Licking your lips and wiping your chin you pour the champagne into the glasses. "Fuck this," you say out loud and slam the bottle down on the table.

"Who does he think he is?" you think to yourself as you pick up the gift-wrapped box. It is unlike you to sit back and wait for anyone. If you think something, you say it. If you want something, you take it. You are not the kind of person who takes a back seat to anyone. You’re proud of yourself about that.

You rip open the package. Inside is a pair of shackles — two handcuffs held together with about three feet of chain — and a blindfold. You look at the shackles, pick up your glass of champagne and, shaking slightly, gulp it down.

The note — of course there is a note — says, "Put the chain around the centre post of the headboard. Put on the handcuffs and blindfold and wait for me."

You feel the dizziness in your head from the champagne. Your hear pounds nervously. You gulp down the second glass of champagne. You glance around the room. You see your scarlet bra and panties on the floor. "Fuck him," you think. Then your eyes move again to the note, to the shackles and to the bed. Your mind is telling you one thing, but your senses are telling you another. Your stomach flutters, your eyes open a little wider, your mind flips back to a fantasy you’ve played out in your mind many times before, alone in the darkness of your bedroom. Part of you wants to say no, but in your gut you know that is not a choice you can make. You have to go forward. You have to find out.

You stand up, go over to the bed, put one of the cuffs around the centre post of the headboard, lay on your back and pull the sheet up to your shoulders.

"Click" on one wrist.

"Click" on the other wrist.

You lower the blindfold over your eyes and wait.

It seems like only moments until you hear voices outside the door. First a faint woman’s voice, and then a man’s — soft, deep and pleasant "Yes, a good day shopping. Bye," he says. The key is inserted into the lock, and the door swings open. A rustle of bags, a coat hanger clinks against the metal clothes rack. The flick of a switch, a shaft of bright light peeks in around the edge of the blindfold.

You hear him walking over to the table, picking up a glass, pausing, setting it back down. More champagne is poured into it and he drinks — not a sip — he drinks like he is quenching a thirst. He swallows twice, then refills both glasses.

Silence now except for your own breathing. You try to breath quietly so you can hear his movements, pick up clues - but your racing heart betrays you, pumping hard in your chest, throat and ears.

You needn't strain to hear him, however. His movements are deliberate. He walks over to the bed and pulls the sheet down off your shoulders, breasts, belly, legs and toes. His movement is steady, calm and sure. You remember this being one of the things you sensed about him from that first email — firm but somehow, soft.

But it is not softness you are anticipating. You feel his penetrating eyes looking at you. The lights bright. Your body naked on the bed. Your arms resting above your head with cuffs at the wrists. Your auburn curls on the pillow and on your shoulders. Your legs flat on the bed, and thighs slightly parted. As often happens, you are surprised at your emotions. You’re not conscious of your flaws, instead you feel strangely proud as if to say, "This is me. This is wonderful me."

You hear material rustling. "He’s unbuttoning his shirt." you think. Then the unmistakable sounds of the belt buckle, zipper and pants being thrown aside. Two bodies, both naked now, how you wish you could see him. Six foot two, slim build is all you know. You want to see him, but even more, you want to feel him.

You sense him close now. You take a slow breath, focusing, anticipating. "Ooh," you body says, reacting now to the sudden touch of his fingers and palms on your sides and belly, the soft touch on soft flesh, but deep, burning into you and spreading throughout your body.

His hands move softly up your sides, over your exposed underarms, the undersides of your arms and up to your chained wrists and palms. His touch is gentle, yet firm. He grasps your palm, and squeezes slightly. It’s different from the masseuse’s touch, it’s gentle but masculine. It’s not the practiced controlled massage touch, it’s insisting, an invitation calling out for a response.

Your body responds, your nerve ends sensitized, each wanting their share of the eternal touch. Your hand squeezes his and feels small and feminine, longing to feel the power of his body.

His hands move back down your arms and pause at your sides, you feel him leaning over toward you, his warm breath on your cheek and then - his lips. His lips on your lips, not a kiss at first but a pressure, his lips soft but not full, firm and insisting. They release their touch and return, as if unable to resist. He circles the insides of your lips with his tongue. Your lips part, tongues meet, then recoil. Your upper lip between his, your tongue on the underside of his, teasing and tasting. He brushes the underside of your nose, and you inhale his scent, male and fresh.

You feel his control begin to loosen as he returns to your lips. Open mouthed teasing, your tongues enticing and being enticed, withdrawing and wanting more.

His hands in your hair, fingertips over your cheeks and along your neck as you kiss. You both become aware again of bodies beyond lips, and his lips follow his fingers along your neck. Your arms stretch, pulling the chain taunt, the cuffs leaving small red marks on your wrists.

Your chest heaves as you feel his hands circling your breasts. Your nipples are puckered and engorged for the second time today. You crave that touch and he responds, nuzzling the outside of your breast, caressing and lightly milking the outsides of your nipples. You are relieved and you moan lowly when his tongue finally stops teasing and his lips surround your nipple with that familiar warm wet pressure.

You want him now, you begin to need him as the sensation from your nipples travels directly to you loins, engorging your pussy, swelling your centre. You feel his passion smouldering, a groan of pleasure as he takes your nipple between his lips and tongue.

You feel his hair brush against your chest. The hair is short and full.

A hand now — it rests on your pubic bone and curls underneath, covering your hot moistness. You rock against it, stealing a shock of sensation for your clit. He pulls away, as if to say, "Not yet."

"Roll over," he says in a voice that is not an order but not admitting of doubt. You comply.

As you turn over onto your tummy he directs your legs forward and under you so you are on your knees, facing the headboard, your forehead on the pillow. You feel his body move behind you on the bed. His hands caress your hips and he leans forward over your cheeks and back, his hands exploring, cupping and milking your breasts, seemingly unable to resist another touch, another feel. You close your eyes and enjoy the sensation, more comforting than stimulating, feeling his hairy chest and stomach against your bum and lower back.

The pause is only momentary, as one of his hands moves from your breasts under, down between your legs and the other around behind, meeting up at your pussy. Two fingers in a "V" around your clit from the front, fingers on the other hand trickling up the outer edges of your tender lips. You feel contained, wanting to get out, wanting those fingers on it and in it. Your body moves through the cycle from sensation to desire to urgency and raw sex as his fingers rise up the edges of your vagina to the verge of your clit and then back down and surging upward again and again. Your body is beginning to feel wracked, pressure building in your clit. He bends over, and continuing the motion, slides two fingers inside you. The fingers probe, around and up over your g-spot. You shudder, you tense your stomach, overloaded from the fingers on your clit and the fingers massaging your sweet spot, aching for release.

But his hands leave you. In one movement he is behind you, his hands on your hips and his hips behind yours. You feel his cock for the first time pressing along your wetness and against your clit. It pauses there, hesitates and then brushes your clit again. You tip your hips back toward him to increase the stimulation on your clit, at the same time making your vagina more accessible and open to him. He takes the second invitation, and with one short involuntary smooth thrust buries the head of his cock into your wet vagina. The intense stimulation of your clit is replaced now with a more diffuse, expectant, fullness. Your vagina holding him, your hips tilting back to him, urging him to fill you fully with his hardness. He pauses, savouring the sensation, then gasping, rocks back and thrusts deep inside you.

He is much taller than you, his legs are longer. It feels as though he is high above you, fucking downward, inside the roof of your pussy and then deep into your womb. "Oh, that’s good." you think. He’s almost where you want him and you maneouver a little so now he’s hitting it, your g spot, like mini electric shocks — shocking and dissipating outward numbing, sensitizing, vibrating your entire cunt until you can't stand it anymore. You bite your arm, rub your cunt up and along that cock and shudder and moan, then screech out as waves of your orgasm wash over you.

He feels your coming as spasms contracting and surrounding his cock. His breathing is heavy, the tension in his loins rising with each thrust. When you come he rides the crest of your orgasm like a rider atop a bucking mare. He wants to join you, to fuck hard and fast and over the edge, but you are in control now, he can only ride out the climax, until your orgasm subsides.

He slows as you slow. He withdraws and you roll back onto your back and spread your legs for him. He enters you again and you feel his masculine body above you, his pelvis pressing against yours. You want to hold him, to touch him, to be one body fucking. His head is above yours, almost at the headboard now. You reach up. There is just enough chain, with his help, to allow you to touch his face and run your fingers through his hair. His face is angular, cheekbones high, chin strong and freshly shaven. His hair is short, thick and full.

His head bends forward, he kisses your temple and growls. His hips thrust again with more insistence. You lean your body back, tilt your hips to meet his, grab his hair in your hands and kiss him full on the mouth. Your bodies are rocking together, not starting slowly, but insistently and irresistibly, knowing now exactly where you are going, and not letting any distractions get in your way. Each movement seems a response to another - in tune, not just a fuck but a call and an answer, his thrust answered by your rocking devouring his penis, stimulating it so that he feels it not just along the shaft or on the head but in his guts and his toes.

His body wracked now with that delerium, wanting to fuck forever and at the same time, wanting it more intense, more wild and more delicious. You feel him pressing, not in control now but driven, possessed, his body taunt, his breathing fast. You respond and increase the pressure, your hips grinding and rising with his thrusts, letting his pubic bone linger against your clit, driving you onward. And the cock, oh the cock inside you, fucking you, again, again. Losing yourself, not thinking, focusing only on the rhythm and the passion coursing through your bodies.

You scream, pull his hair again, hard this time, drive your pussy up to meet him. He thrusts, feels something letting go, washing over him in spurts, in waves of pleasure and release, emptying himself inside you as you come together, furiously at first, then subsiding back to pleasure and to quietness.

He lays down beside you, picks up a key off the bedside table and removes the cuffs from your wrists. You remove the blindfold and look at him for the first time. His brown hair is disheveled and damp with sweat, his face is red, his large brown eyes are wide with afterglow. You don't recognize him. He looks like a stranger. But you sense something within you. A oneness not explained but understood instinctively.

"I don't care who he is." you think to yourself as you wrap your arms around him.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heartstopping EKG

Written by Jonathan (December 2000)

As an executive for a large multi-national company, I am required to have a complete physical, including a EKG, annually. I had my usual physical with my personal physician but I had to go to a separate provider for the EKG.
So I called the office and was told the soonest I could get in was the following day at 5pm.

The next day I showed up in a sport shirt and a pair of shorts for the treadmill test. Upon signing in I was escorted to an exam room. The room was typical, 12' x 12'. It had an examination table, a treadmill, and a computer to evaluate the test. Needless to say the room was a bit crowded. A few minutes later a technician came in. She was about 40 year old and didn't appear to have a personality, let alone a sence of humor.

She was dressed in green surgical scrubs. She introduced herself and told me to remove my shirt, She then proceeded to attach the pads and wires to my chest for the test. She then turned and entered some data into the computer. When she turned and started to walk past me she tripped on the numerous cords running from me to the computer. As a natural reaction I immediately without thinking reached out to catch her.
What I caught was a perfect 35C breast. I immediately realized that she wasn't wearing a bra and that her nipple was hard. After she caught her balance I quickly removed my hand, alittle embarassed.

"Oh my gosh, thank you ", she said.
She then looked at me and asked if I liked what I felt.
Even more embarassed I stammered for a moment and admitted I did. She then said just a moment and left the room. There I stood all wired up and no where to go. A minute later she returned and told me her colleages had left for the day.
She then proceeded to tell me that I warranted a special EKG. At that point she started the computer. She then turned around and took off her top. I was immediately hard looking at her perfect tits. She then said this will be phase one of your test. As she said that she unbuttoned my shorts and slid them and my briefs to floor.

She then took my cock in her hand and guided to her mouth, where she slowly licked and sucked every inch of my shaft. The motion of her lips around my cock got my heart racing. After sucking me for a nice long while she all of a sudden stopped and checked her computer.
She then looked at me and said "we still don't have yor heart beat at it's maximum for your EKG."

She then untied the draw string on her pants and let them fall to the ground. She wasn't wearing any panties.
She had a beatifully shaved pussy except for the golden bush on her mound. She then said as if she were instucting me to fly an airplane "I'm going to bend over this table and I want you to put your dick inside of me and fuck me as hard and as long as you can."

When she bent over the table and spread her legs I couldn't help myself, I crouched down and began to lick her very wet pussy. She moaned and said "that's not what I told you to do".

She moaned again and wimperred "I still need you to fuck me .....for ....for the test. I licked her wet pussy until she came, then I stood up and slid my dick as far as it would go into her pulsating slit. I started to pound her harder and harded.
"Oh, oh.......keep fucking me, yes you have to keep fucking me..........faster............yes harder.
After poundering her from the rear I was ready to cum and she stopped me. Looking at the computer, she said my heart rate was good but not as good as it "could be." She then grabbed a bottle off the desk and squeezed a clear liquid into her hand and rubbed it all over my cock.

She then bent over again and grabbed my dick and aimed it towards her anus and said "the next phase of your EKG is fucking me in the ass. I was surprised how receptive her tight hole was. It didn't take me long to filler her ass full of cum. As I did I could feel her body erupt and tremble. After she caught her breath she told me to lay dowm on the examination table. I was still wired to the computer.

As I was catching my breath she was looking at the tape of my heart rate. After a couple of minutes she came over to me and said my maximum heart rate test was "satisfactory" but it was now time for the resting heart rate test. She then started to kiss me all over, working her way down to my resting member. Almost as soon as her warm lips surrounded my cock I started to get extremely hard once again.

She then crawled up on the table and straddled me. And then as if to tease me, she ever so slowly lowered her moist golden slit over my throbbing dick. "Just relax and let me do the work" she said. She then proceed to slowly roll and pump me. Her body glistening with sweat. As I started to nead her perfect breasts and squeeze her nipples she started to grind her body back and forth against mine. It didn't take long for me to once again to explode in her pussy. Even after I came she continued to grind on me until I felt her body start to tremble with orgasmic delight. and with a little more grinding on top of me she would come over and over until she collapsed with exhaustion.

Wearily she crawled off of me and checked the computer. She then took the wires off of me and said "Your test is complete now, you can get dressed." After we both got dressed, she walked to the front door of her office she then put her hand on my croch and kissed me.

"According to your EKG, your heart appears to be fine. I look forward to seeing you for your next EKG." Johnathan

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amanda's Night Out

Written by Damon X (December 2000)

Amanda had already had a few drinks before she arrived at "The Wild Side,"

and now that she was there she was more than a little tipsy.

She shivered as she and her companions waited in line to get in to the club. With her was

her boyfriend Mark, her best friend Brittney, and Brittney's boyfriend Kyle.

Mark and Kyle were getting impatient and were talking about going to a

different club, but Amanda was determined to get in.

"I'll be right back," she said and started off towards the front of the line

with Brittney in tow.

The guys looked confused as they watched their girls walk up to the bouncer

at the door. The bouncer looked down at the two young women and smiled.

"And what can I do for you?"

Amanda smiled back. "Well you could let us in," she returned with a toss of

her shiny blonde hair.

The bouncer looked the girls up and down. They were hot. Amanda was wearing

a very short black mini skirt and a white top that showed off her best

features. Her dirty blonde hair fell down her back and framed her perfect

nineteen-year-old face. Brittney was wearing a shiny white dress that came

down to just past her ass and showed off the cleavage off her bigger than

average tits.

"And why should I let you in when everyone else has to wait in the cold?"

the bouncer said, restraining the growing erection in his pants.

Amanda went up on her tippy toes and whispered something in the bouncers

ear. A couple seconds later they were inside "The Wild Side."

"What did you tell him?" Brittney asked with a concerned look on her face.

Amanda smiled. "I just asked him if he had ever had his dick sucked by two

girls before."

"You little slut," Brittney said playfully slapping her friend on the ass.

"The guys will be waiting out there for at least half an hour, lets try and

have some fun."

With that they headed for the dance floor. No sooner had they stepped on the

floor had they been approached by two guys. The girls each took one and

started dancing. Brittney soon lost interest in hers and excused herself to

get a drink. Amanda and her partner on the other hand started to get a

little closer. After one song he had his hands on her ass. After two he had

his hand up her skirt. After three she was inviting him into the bathroom.

She entered the ladies room and quickly found a stall. The guy (whom she

still did not know the name of) followed a few minutes later. He entered the

stall and locked the door. Right away she was on him, undoing his pants as

her tongue darted around in his mouth. It was pretty cramped, but Amanda

managed to get to her knees. She looked up at him.

"Turn around!" she commanded.

The guy turned, a little confused, and Amanda quickly pulled down his

boxers. His ass was now staring her right in the face. With her delicate

little fingers she spread his asscheeks and touched her little pink tongue

to the rim of his asshole! He almost fainted.

"Fuck yes," he moaned.

Amanda ran her wet tongue in a circular motion around his rim before

wiggling the tip of her tongue into his butt. She reached around and began

stroking his hard cock with her hand as she buried her face between his


"If only Mark could see me now," she thought. "He would just die at the site

of his precious little Amanda on her knees in a bathroom with her tongue

shoved up some strange guy's asshole!"

She plunged her tongue in farther eating out his butthole and she began to

feel his cum rising in his balls. She cupped her hand around the end of his

dick as he exploded catching most of his warm fluid. She then stood up and

looked him in the eye as she raised her hand to her mouth licking up the

white jism.

"Thanks," he said as she walked past him out of the stall. As Amanda left

the restroom she looked across the club and noticed that Mark and Kyle had

finally got in. Kyle was dancing with Brittney and Mark was at the bar

buying drinks. Amanda walked over and gave her boyfriend a big kiss and

accepted a drink that he had just bought. The night wore on and Amanda was

starting to get bored.

It was around 12:30 when the bouncer from the door walked up to Amanda and

reminded her of her little promise to him. She told Brittney, and the two

girls made up a lie about having headaches and told Mark and Kyle that they

would take a cab home. Instead they met the bouncer (whose name was Rick)

outside and went home with him. As the three walked into Rick's apartment,

Rick closed the door and locked it.

"Don't want my girlfriend coming in and ruining everything," he said. "Now

let's see what I've got coming to me as part of our little bargain."

Amanda walked over and kissed him fully on the lips reaching down to rub his

growing bulge. She then broke the kiss, pulled Brittney close and kissed

her. Rick stood behind Amanda feeling her tits as the two kissed. Amanda

peeled off Brittney's dress and began to suck on her nipples and Rick pulled

her panties down her tanned slender legs. Then Amanda took her top off,

freeing her beautiful firm breasts. The two girls then helped Rick out of

his clothes and soon he was standing before them naked with a very large

cock sticking out in front of him, dripping pre-cum.

Right away the girls dropped to their knees and Amanda gently guided her

friend's face to Rick's hard dick. Brittney stuck out her tongue and flicked

it across the tip.

"Ready to get nasty?" Amanda asked.

Before Rick could answer Brittney engulfed his cock in her sweet little

mouth. She sucked it in and out bobbing her head back and forth getting it

nice and wet. Amanda then lowered her head and began licking Ricks balls.

Rick began to moan and Brittney started to suck harder. Amanda then moved

around back and began licking her second ass of the night. After Rick's hole

was nice and wet she slid a finger up his ass and grabbed ahold of his cock.

Brittney backed off and opened her mouth. Amanda was sliding her finger in

and out of his ass and jerking his dick faster and faster.

"Come on, come in her face! Fill her mouth with your cum!"

Rick started to shake and began to shoot stream after stream of hot cum onto

Brittney's lips and tongue. Amanda, still with her finger in Rick's asshole

kissed Brittney hard sharing Rick's fuck fluid.

After a brief rest Rick suggested that they all go to the bedroom. After

they entered the room, Rick lay down on the bed and the girls sat beside him

kissing and feeling each other's wet pussies and asses. Brittney got on all

fours and Amanda began to stroke her wet slit.

"Do you want to fuck Britt's nice ass?" Amanda asked.

Rick stared at her tight little hole. "Oh yeah!"

"We have to get it wet or it will hurt her. Do you want to help get it wet?"

"I want to lick her ass so bad!" Rick returned.

Amanda then spread her friend's ass wide and let a drop of saliva dribble

down to her puckered anus. Soon both Amanda and Rick had their tongues all

over Brittney's pussy and ass. When it was slippery enough Amanda ran her

tongue over Rick's dick and then began to guide it into Brittney's tight

little ass.

"Yes," Brittney hissed. "I want your cock in my asshole!"

Rick started out slowly then began to fuck her ass with increasing force

each thrust. Amanda Crawled under her friend putting them into a 69

position. Brittney immediately buried her face in Amanda's pussy lapping at

her clit with quick flicks of her nimble tongue. In return, Amanda shoved

her tongue deep into Britt's pussy as Rick's cock slid in and out of her

friend's ass right above her face. Amanda took turns licking Britt's cunt,

Rick's balls and ass, as Brittney slid a finger into her ass. Brittney

started to cum just as Rick moaned that he was coming as well. He fired a

few shots in her ass before pulling out. His warm fluid dripped down over

Brittney's asshole and onto Amanda's face. Amanda opened her mouth to catch

as much as she could, then asked for Rick's cock.

He dangled it over her mouth and she took it in sucking the last drops of cum from it. Amanda
then began to lick up the remnants of cum from Brittney's freshly fucked asshole.

"Shit!" Rick said. "You are one kinky girl!"

To be continued...

By DamonX

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Roommate's Girl

Written by Damon X (December 2000)

Kara was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen. Long blond hair. Nice

little tight ass. Good sized, firm tits. Full pouty lips and eyes that

scream "Fuck me!".

She was wearing a very short red skirt that showcased

her luscious legs, and a pair of heels that accentuated her sexy stems.

Too bad she was my roommate's girlfriend.

"Is Andrew around?" she asked.

I had to keep my eyes glued to the television to keep from staring at her

gorgeous body.

"Yeah, he's in his room", I answered.

"Thanks", she replied before heading down the hall. I turned to watch her

ass as she walked away.

"Lucky bastard", I muttered to myself. Kara and I never talked much, but I

think she could sense my lust for her. Sometimes I swear she was driving me

crazy on purpose.

I slumped back into the soft cusions of the couch, trying in vain to divert

my thoughts back to the TV. I had spent many nights lying in my bed jerking

off thinking about Andrew's girl. I felt kind of bad seeing as it was my

buddy's girl, but I kept my fantasies to myself so I didn't think it did any


After a few minutes Andrew and Kara left for a movie, leaving me to my dirty

little thoughts. No sooner had the door shut than my dick was out for a

workout. I thought about pushing Kara's little skirt up and sinking my cock

into her wet pussy. I thought about her sweet lips wrapped around my shaft.

I thought about her tight ass stretched around my dick.

As I walked to the bathroom to get a towel I wondered if she took it in the

ass. Andrew always said she was kinky and into things that he wasn't. I

wondered if that meant ass fucking? Whatever. Having spent my load I

collapsed back on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours later as the happy couple re-entered the apartment. They

didn't say much but went straight to the bedroom. I got up, yawned scratched

my head, and turned the channel. I was feeling horny again so I decided to

put on a porno. After all, Kara and Andrew would probably be busy for a

while. I slipped one into the VCR and sat back on the couch.

After about half an hour I heard the door to Andrew's room open. I quickly

turned the TV off, not wanting to look like a pervert.

"What were you watching"?

It was Kara.

I was flustered. "Um, nothing. I was just going to watch a movie".

She sat down. "Good. What one? Andrew fell asleep pretty fast and I'm not

in the mood for sleeping."

"I don't know. What would you like to watch?"

She hopped up and began to look through our limited movie collection. Damn

she looked good. She was wearing a T-shirt just long enough to cover her

panties, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked like a girl

at a slumber party but she was still fucking hot!

"Aw, lets just watch what ever is in here already", she said pushing play on

the VCR.

"No don't...", I tried to stop her but it was too late. An image of a women

getting bent over a table popped onto the screen.

At first she looked stunned, but soon a smile crossed her face and she

returned to the sofa.

"Damon, you dirty guy. I knew you were up to something in here", she said

with a grin.

She didn't seem too shocked so I decided to run with it.

"Guilty as charged", I replied. "I never knew you were into stuff like this though."

"Are you kidding? I love porn!"

Her eyes were transfixed on the screen, where a woman was getting it in the

ass and mouth at the same time.

"Yum! Now that looks like fun!", she said.

I turned to her. "You like it kinky huh?"

She bit her lip and nodded. "I haven't been getting it lately though.

glancing towards Andrew's room. Someone's never in the mood!"

"You have to be kidding!", I replied. "If you were my girl I'd fuck you

every night!"

I couldn't believe what I had just said. I was just about to explain myself

when Kara slid over the couch and kissed me. Her lips felt so soft as they

first brushed against mine. Then her mouth opened and our tongues met. She

climbed up, straddling my lap kissing me deeper as my hands found her pert

little ass. Things were starting to heat up when suddenly she pulled away.

"That's it", I thought to myself. "She has finally come to her senses".

She looked into my eyes. "Not here. Andrew might wake up. Lets go to the


How could I say no?

As I followed Kara to the bathroom, I couldn't believe my fantasy was

finally coming true.

After I go in she closed the door and locked it. Now our bathroom is not

that big but I was sure we could make do.

No sooner had the door shut than she was on me. Her smell was intoxicating.

Her lips touched mine and I thought I would cum in my pants. Her tongue

slipped passed her lips and entered my mouth. Her delicate hand fell to my

crotch and rubbed the bulge in my pants.

"ohh, someone's exited", she said carressing my rock hard package.

"How can I help it?" I answered pulling her back for another kiss. Soon her

shirt was laying on the bathroom floor and Kara was leaning back on the sink

counter with my face in her perfect tits. Her hands passsed through my hair

as I licked and sucked her nipples. I dropped a hand to her crotch and felt

her pussy through her panties. They were already a little damp and I could

make out the outline of her soft little pussy lips.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have that pussy. Suddenly I dropped

to my knees and placed my mouth over the wet fabric. Kara reached down and

pulled her panties to the side exposing her perfectly shaven cunt. It was

pink and smooth and I wanted nothing more than to sink my tongue deep within

its depths.

I pulled the panties down her smooth legs and Kara put one leg up on the

counter spreading wide for me. I began by planting soft kisses up her

thigh, but she would have none of that. She grabbed my hair and pulled me

into her wet hole. My tongue soon found her clit and I had her moaning in

no time. Every time she was about to come I would pull away and bury my

tongue deep inside her. She was so wet and smelled so good! I had to have

all of her.

My tongue flicked down her smooth soft pussy lips and reached back under her

tickling the area around her anus.

"Oh you bad boy!", she said between moans.

"So you want me to stop?", I said pulling away.

Her eyes widened. "Fuck no!! I love having my ass licked!"

With that she spun around and placed one leg up on the toilet spreading her

ass cheeks showing me her tight little pink butthole. I was in heaven. I

lightly touched my tongue to the rim licking it softly and Kara began

rubbing her clit. Soon my lips were covering her hole as my tongue ran

circles around her ass. The tip of my tongue found her opening and pushed

its way in.

"Oh yes, lick my asshole!!"

She was turning me on sooo much. I pulled away once again.

"You know that soon I'm going to be fucking you here don't you", I asked.

Kara just moaned. "Uh huh. You can do what ever you want to me!"

I looked up. "Anything?"

"yes, I want to be your little whore!"

Those words almost set me off right there. Imagine a hot girl like Kara,

calling herself your whore, while your tongue is stuffed into her asshole!

I resumed eating out her asshole as I stroked my cock. I had to be carefull

not to cum. She was obviously not worried about it though as her rubbing of

her clit increased in pace and she started to convulse.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!!" she moaned, pulling my face ihard into her ass. I

could feel her asshole squeeze my tongue as I reamed her out. Once her

climax had subsided she spun around and pulled me back up. Her lips found

mine and her tongue entered my mouth again kissing me deeply, as her fingers

slide into her slick pussy. She pulled away and flicked my lips with her

little pink tongue.

"Do you want to fuck my ass now?", Kara asked, smearing her pussy juices

over her freshly licked butthole.

I had been expecting to fuck her pussy first but I wasn't about to complain.

"Oh yeah, I'm ready"

"Good." she said. "Beacause I've been craving that cock of yours in my ass

since I saw that slut taking one in your movie."

She hopped up on the counter and leaned back spreading her legs showing me

her wet little pink asshole. I first coated my cock with saliva, then

placed it at her tight anal opening. Kara smiled and pulled it tightly

agianst her hole. She let out a moan as the head slipped passed her tight

muscular ring. Inch by inch my engorged dick disapeared into my rommmate's

girlfriend. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as I slid deep into

her ass.

"I feel like such a slut!", she said between moans.

I leaned forward pushing my cock all the way into her. I put my mouth up to

her ear and whispered to her.

"You are a slut!"

"Oh yes, I'm your... uh, dirty little slut! Fuck my ass! Fill your slut's asshole with cum!"

I could feel her ass clench around me hungry for my load. I crammed my

tongue into her mouth stiffling her moans as the first stream of hot cum

shot deep into her butt. I pulled out a little before sliding back in

spewing out more jism into her ass.

After I had spent my load I pulled my now-soft dick from her ass. Thinking

it was all over I started to get dressed. Kara had other ideas however.

She grabbed my dick and kissed me once again.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mindy's Humiliation

Written by Damon X (December 2000)

It was a normal day at Thompson High. The sun was shining and Mindy

Denson was sitting on the steps in front of the school's main entrance with

her friends. The sun gleamed off her shiny blonde hair as she took a bite

of her apple.

"So what are you going to do for your birthday?" her friend Julie asked.

Mindy thought about it for a moment before replying. "I think Will is

taking me out to dinner".

Her friends rolled their eyes. "So your going to fuck", Heather stated

matter of factly.

"Heather!" Mindy returned. "Don't be so crude. We've only done it a few

times, and it's none of your buisiness anyways".

The girls began to laugh. Mindy turned her attention back to her apple, but

her attention was soon taken by something else. In the parking lot across

the street three guys were getting into a car. Mindy knew them as members of

the school football team.

"I heard Kyle wants to go out with you", Julie stated between sips of her

apple juice.

"I doubt it. He's a senior and he can have any girl he wants. Why would he

want to go out with a fifteen year old?"

"Oh come on, you'll be sixteen tomorrow. And you have to admit it would be

pretty cool to date Kyle".

"I love Will, and besides its also our one year anniversary tommorow".

The girls left it at that and soon changed to topic of conversation to

lipstick. Mindy sat back and finished her apple thinking of the special

time her and her boyfriend would share the following evening.

The day wore on and soon school was out. Julie had chearleading practice so

Mindy had to walk home alone. As she strolled along the sidewalk a car

pulled up beside her. At first she thought it was just some pervert so she

kept on walking, but she froze when she heard the voice of Kyle Johnson call

out to her. "Hey need a ride!"

"Uh, sure." Mindy stammered.

"Get in then", he said leaning over to open the passenger door.

Mindy got in and fastened her seat belt, feelling very uncomfortable.

Kyle soon broke the tension with some light conversation and before she knew

it they were parked outside her house. Kyle looked at her, and Mindy looked

down acting shy.

"Thanks for the ride", she said and started to get out.

"Wait", he said.

She stopped and turned to look at him.

"There's going to be a party tonight at the college, want to come?"

Mindy thought about it for a moment, then answered. "I guess I could go for

a little while".

Kyle smiled. "I'll pick you up at eight then."

Mindy smiled back. "Okay".

Right away Mindy began to get ready picking a cute little blue skirt to

wear. She felt guilty about going but reasoned that it wouldn't hurt anyone

if Will didn't find out.

Kyle picked her up a little late and they left for the college. When they

got there Kyle introduced her to two of his friends. Their names were Tom

and Mark and they imediately offered Mindy a drink. Mindy couldn't remember

much after that except waking the next morning with a huge headache.

When she pulled herself from bed whe was still wearing her skirt but her

panties were gone! She figured she must have taken them off last night and

put them somewhere, but couldn't remember where. She had a shower and a

bowl of fruit loops, then the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" she wondered.

She set the cereal down on the table and headed for the door. She peaked

through the peep hole and saw noone.

"Hello", she said opening the door.

Nobody there. She was just about to close the door when she noticed an envelope on the doorstep.
"What's this?" she asked herself. She picked up the letter and went back inside. Grabbing a butterknife she opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. She almost fainted. Inside was a polaroid of her with some guy's penis in her mouth. Her eyes were half opened and the dick was shoved so far into her mouth the guys balls were mashed against her chin. Turning over the picture she noticed some writing on the back.
If you don't want copies of this picture all over school come to 3180 Green Ave. at 3 pm.
P.S. You are one hot little slut!

Mindy was in tears. Her whole reputation would be destroyed and Will would

find out. Will would hate her. She was histerical. She would have to do

what the letter said. She had no other choice.

Mindy took some time to regroup before walking to the bus stop. She

realized someone must have slipped something into her drink to make her pass

out like that. She took the bus across town and then walked to the correct

adress. She was shaking as she walked up the steps to the house. She only

had to knock once before the door opened.


"Hi babe".

She started to cry. "Why are you doing this? "

Kyle led her into the house and closed the door. When she entered the living

room she saw Mark and Tom sitting on the sofa.

"Have a seat", Tom offered. Mindy remained standing.

"Fine, suit yourself. Anyway, here's the deal. If you don't want to be

known as the town whore you'll do what we tell you. Everything!!"

Mindy was confused. "what do you want me to do?"

"You will be our little sex slave".

Mindy's eyes widened. "No! I have a boyfriend".

"Don't worry, he won't find out as long as you cooperate. Got it?"

Her head dropped in shame. "Y..Yes".

"Good. Now go and change into this." Tom handed her a bag and she

disapeared into the bathroom.

Mindy was fighting the urge to cry as she opened the bag. Inside was a

little mini skirt, some white thigh high stockings and a leather collar. At

first she considered running from the house, but then realized that her life

would be over if anyone should see that picture. She then made a promise to

herself that she would never tell anyone about what she was about to do.

She finished getting dressed and walked back out into the living room. The

three guys whistled as she walked out covering her bare breasts.

"Let's see those tits slut!!, Mark comanded.

Reluctantly she removed her hands letting the guys get a good look at her

perfect firm sixteen year old chest. As they were checking her out she

noticed a video camera set up beside the sofa.

"What is that doing here?" she asked.

Mark walked over and grabbed her hair. "Don't ask questions bitch. just do

what we say. Understand?"


Before she could say anything else Mark pulled her face to his as shoved his

tongue into her mouth. At first Mindy tried to resist, but soon realized

that it wouldn't be a good idea. She was now resigned to the fact that she

would have to do anything these guys said.

All three guys sat on the couch and Tom turned on the camera.

"Let's see what you got you little slut", Kyle said. "Pull up that skirt".

Mindy pulled up the skirt revealing her newly shaved pussy. She had shaved

it for her night with Will, but now it belonged to the three guys in front

of her.

"Play with it, whore!"

Mindy reached down and ran her finger up her slit, rubbing her little clit.

"Shove it in".

Mindy spread her legs wider and slipped a finger into her pussy. She had to

admit that it was turning her on being told what to do.

"Now get on your hands and knees!"

She dropped to all fours with her ass facing the guys. Tom grabbed the

camera and stuck it in her face.

"Read this", he commanded, refering to a piece of paper he held in front of

him. Mindy swallowed her pride and began to speak into the camera, reading

off the paper.

"My name is Mindy and I am a horny little slut. I love getting used and

fucked. I want cocks in my pussy, mouth and ass. I love to drink cum and

suck dicks. I am a nasty little whore."

The three guys were snickering as she read the profanity. Mindy's face was

beat red. Well at least noone else would see the video.

Tom then went around to the back of Mindy with the camera. "Let's see that

ass bitch!"

Mindy reached back and fliped the skirt up over her hips exposing her firm

teenage ass to her captors.

"Oh yeah, that's nice", Mark exclaimed. "Now stick a finger in!"

Mindy looked upset. "What? No please...".

Her pleading was cut off as Mark's hand smacked her ass hard. "Do it you

dirty little slut!"

With that she reached back and placed a finger between her ass cheeks,

pressing it up against her virgin hole. Slowly she began to push it in

untill her little finger was buried up to the knuckle in her own butt.

"Fuck, I think I'm going to cum right now!", Kyle said stroking his bulge

through his pants.

Tom set down the camera and ripped Mindy's skirt from her hips. "Lets get

started then!"

"Get over here", he said harshly.

Mindy crawled over to Tom, who imediately commanded her to take his pants


Gingerly she undid his belt and and unzipped his pants sliding them down his

legs, along with his underwear. His fully erect dick was now staring the

girl right in the face, the tip glistening with precum.

Violently he grabbed her hair.

"Tell me what you want to do slut!!"

"I want to s..suck your d..dick".

"And why do you want to do that?"

"Because I'm a cocksucking lttle whore."

The guys were shocked at her answer, but were very pleased that she was

playing along.

"Do it then, whore!"

Mindy took the hard dick in her hand and slid it into her mouth. She did

not have much experience in blowjobs so she did not know quite what to do.

She sucked it gently, moving about half into her mouth.

Suddenly Tom tightend the grip on her hair and pulled out. Then she felt

her arm get wrenched behind her back. She let out a small cry as she felt

the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs lock around her small wrists. Tom

then slammed his cock back into her pretty little mouth, shoving it all the

way down her throat. Mindy began to gag and Tom pulled out, only to shove

it back in. Meanwhile, she felt hands rubbing her tits, and invading her

pussy. First she felt one, then two, then three fingers work their way up

her tight little cunt.

"Yeah baby!", Tom said as he continued fucking her face. "I'm going to cum

in your fucking face!"

After a few more thrusts he moaned and released a huge load of warm jism

into her mouth. Mindy began to choke, and Tom pulled away.

"Swallow it all whore!!"

With one large gulp, Mindy let the bitter liquid run down her throat.

As she was recovering fron her face fucking, Mark laid down on the floor in

front of her.

"My turn", he said with a smile.

Kyle undid one of the cuffs and Mindy pulled herself over to Mark's crotch

swallowing up his cock. As she sucked him, Kyle positioned himself behind


"Ready to get fucked whore?"

With no further warning he slide his dick into Mindy's moist channel. Mindy

gasped as Kyle entered her, but Mark just pulled her face back down to his

throbbing cock. Kyle gripped her hips and began thrusting into the young

girl. Mindy could feel his balls slapping against her as his cock woked its

way in and out of her most precious region.

Mark was enjoying her mouth and wanted more.

"Lick my balls!"

Mindy did as she was told, dropping her head to run her tongue over Mark's

shaved sack. He moaned as her soft lips parted and covered his balls in wet

kisses and licks.

Mark pulled his knees to his chest. "Lower", he muttered.

Midy dropped lower running her pink little tongue over Mark's taint, as

Kyle's thrusts increased.

"Lower". Mark comanded again, and then Mindy got it. He wanted her to lick

his ass! She was instantly disgusted but did not want to upset these guys.

And so she stuck her tongue out and touched it to the rim of Mark's asshole.

He began to moan and Kyle increased the pace. He was slamming Mindy's

pussy forcing her face hard into Mark's ass. Her tongue was pressed hard up

against his butthole, and with each of Kyle's thrust's her little pink

tongue slipped a little farther up his asshole. Out of the corner of her

eye she could see Tom holding the camera getting a close up of her licking

Mark's ass.

Mindy was starting to have second thoughts about the whole deal. If this

video ever got out it would be way worse than the pictures. But now she was

stuck and there was nothing she could do about it.

Suddenly Kyle shoved his cock in hard and fired a load of hot cum into

Mindy's tight little pussy as Mark was pulling her hair trying to get every

bit of her tongue up his greedy asshole. A small stream of cum ran from her

pussy as Kyle removed his wet dick from her body. Mark let go of her hair

and got. Mindy looked up at the three guys and wondered what was next.

After all it couldn't get much worse.

Tom then laid on the floor. "Get on my dick bitch."

Mindy crawled over his body and lowered herself down onto his waiting prick.

Tom's cock was huge and filled her up completely. His hands grabbed her

ass as he began to imediately thrust his hips upward into her young body.

"That ass is looking pretty good", Mindy heard Mark say. "Oh no", she

thought to herself as she felt two spit covered fingers work their way into

her tight little ass. Soon the fingers were removed and a fully erect cock

was pressing at her back door.

"Please, not that", she pleaded.

Mark just laughed and proceded to dab the head of his dick against her

virgin asshole.

"Beg for it slut!"

Mindy leaned forward onto Tom's body and gritted her teeth. "Please fuck my

ass. I want your cock shoved up my asshole!"

Mark pushed forward and her tight anal ring began to expand around the

invading cock. Mindy bit her lip in pain as her muscular hole opened and

Mark's dick slid inside. Soon she was filled with cock and both men began

fucking her. Then she felt something strange. She was going to cum! She

had never had an orgasm before, and when it began to overtake her she moaned


"The little slut is actually cumming", Kyle exclaimed, walking over to the

threesome. "You hot little cunt", he said wagging his dick in front of her

face. "Suck on this".

He slapped her in the face a couple times with his cock before shoving it

past her cute little lips. Mindy felt like such a slut, and tried to take

her mind off the gang bang she was recieving. She tried to think of the

nice time she and Will would have, and the presents he would give her for

her birthday, but she was torn back to reality as the three cocks pumped in

and out of her small body. Her jaw was sore and her ass was on fire. She

could taste her own juices on Kyle's dick as she sucked him, allowing his

cock to slide freely in and out of her pretty young face.

Kyle managed to mutter something about cumming, before pulling his dick from

her mouth. He gave it a few strokes and fired stream after stream of hot

cum onto her face. The first shot hit her in the eye, and when she tried to

turn away Her head was pulled violently back to accept the rest of the jism,

which splashed off her lips and cheek.

Mark and Tom then came together filling her completely with cum. Tom soon

stopped and pulled out, but Mark kept pumping away untill his dick went

soft. he then pulled out and offered it to Mindy.

"Clean me up whore!".

Mindy reluctantly obeyed, licking the flaccid cock, getting the last traces

of cum from it.

"Good", Mark said. "Now you can clean up yourself". Picking up the camera

he brought it right up to her. "Do it! Eat the cum from your ass!"

Mindy reached back and felt Mark's cum dribbling from her butt. With two

fingers she scooped up some of the fluid and brought it to her mouth licking

it off. The guys cheered as she repeated the process, each time dipping a

little deeper into her freshly fucked asshole. When she had finished, the

guys were hornier than ever.

Tom pushed her back onto the floor and stood over her face, facing her feet.

Then Mindy looked in horror as he reached down and spread his ass cheeks

and lowered himself down to her face. His butthole was pressed against her

mouth and there was nothing she could do about it. She stuck out her tongue

and began snaking it up his ass, as he played with her tits. Soon she felt

another cock enter her pussy and begin pounding away.

"Lick my ass you dirty whore", Tom yelled as Mindy continued tongue-fucking

his butthole.

When he had had enough of that, he stood up and brought Mindy over to the

couch laying her on her stomach with her head over the edge. Soon he was

plunging into her pussy, as Kyle and Mark started to shove their dicks into

her mouth at the same time. Smack! Tom's hand came down on her ass hard.

Mindy groaned in pain as she alternated between cocks in her mouth. Soon

Tom pulled out of her cunt and dove into her tight little ass, reaming the

teen's butt. This went on for quite a while, with Tom alternating between

pussy and ass, and Mindy alternating between the cocks in her mouth.

Then with one final smack, Tom unloaded deep into her ass. The other two

followed suit, shooting it all over her face and hair. The guys all got

dressed and then turned the camera on Mindy for one final shot.

"Tell us what you are!"

"I..I am a dirty little whore. I'm an ass licking cunt, and I love to suck

cock and get butt fucked. I eat cum from my own ass. I'm a fucking slut!"

Mindy was given bus fare to get home, which she did promptly. She showered

and got ready for her date with Will. They went out and had a good time,

Mindy trying to forget the day's events. When Will tried to put the moves on

at the end of the night Mindy refused saying she wasn't feeling well. The

next day Will recieved a copy of a tape in the mail. Mindy never heard from

him again.