Sunday, September 30, 2007

All Tied Up

Written by Wicked(April 2000)

Coming up behind me while I do the dishes...I feel your arms wrap around me and you whisper in my ear that you want me to close my eyes you have a surprise for me.

I feel you leading me towards the bedroom. Stopping you take my clothes off slowly. Kissing my body all over as you do this. My body trembling from the touch of your lips.

You gently lay me down on the bed.... I feel you slide a blindfold over my eyesÉfeeling you tie me to the bed...feeling your hands lightly moving across my body.... My body responding to your skin feels so hot...
I feel your mouth on my neck...your tongue slowly licking all around my neck...I feel you nibbling on my neck...knowing when you do drives me to the brink...I feel your breath in my ear.... Your tongue teasing it. You’re whispering in my ear.

Telling me what you’re going to do to you’re going to make me cum so hard over and over.... Your tongue tracing along my cheek till you reach my mouth...I feel your tongue licking across my lips.... My mouth opens against yours and your tonguedarts in teasing my tongue...I suck your tongue deep in my capture my tongue and do the feel me I strain my body to touch yours and I mouth leaves mine.

And your tongue is slowly licking down my neck to my chest. I feel your hands as they squeeze my breasts...your tongue licking in between them...your fingers brushing across my nipples...I feel them getting hard...your mouth moves to my nipples...licking a circle around them with your tongue...

Teasing the tips by nibbling them...then sucking them into your mouth...I arch my back against you...moaning louder know I am getting so wet at this point. I can feel the wetness in my pussy...I beg for your tongue on my pussy, but you tell me not yet...your tongue travels down my stomach. Stopping at my belly lick and tease it...I raise my hips up against know where I want your tongue but you still want let me have it....

Your tongue travels down my thigh. Nibbling and teasing me.... Licking behind my knee...down my leg further till you reach my ankle...then you move to my other ankle and slowly start upward licking and nibbling the same way you did the other.... Slowly up my thigh. Till you reach my is tongue licking along the slit. Tasting how dripping wet I am...your tongue teasing my gently nibble them...your tongue. Parting them and you slide your tongue across my throbbing clit....

My hips straining harder to get closer to lick your way back down my slit...then pull away...I feel your mouth on mine as your tongue enters my mouth can taste my juices on you. As I suck on your tongue. You move away. And then I feel your hard cock moving across my mouth. My tongue darting out to taste you and lick you...

I tell you I want to feel you in my mouth...and you say only for a little bit...I wrap my lips around the head...sucking it into my feel so hard and move slowly in and out...not letting me have it all...moaning softly.... you know how turned on I am right now.... my body moving and straining against the ties.... you know how bad I want move down between my legs.

And I feel you slide your cock against my trembling lips.... Sliding it back and forth...letting me feel how hard you tease my clit by rubbing just the head across it.... You ask me if I want your tongue in me and I say yes and beg you for it...I feel your tongue plunge deep within me and I raise upward. Wanting you deeper.... Moaning and moving plunge in and out of me.

My pussy so wet with my stop and suck my clit into your mouth...driving me further and further towards the know I am so close to tell me you want me to cum so hard on your your tongue plunges back in me I feel your finger slide in me.

Getting wet with my take and slide it in my you plunge your tongue deeper in me...I moan telling you I am going to cum..... Your finger moving faster in my ass, and you’re tongue moving deeper and harder in me.

You feel my pussy start to contract as I arch my back. And explode so hard...I am shaking uncontrollable as I cum so hard on your tongue
. My pussy so tight on’re licking up all my juices as I continue to cum harder and harder, grinding my pussy against your mouth.... I can’t stop Cumming. Its so intense...your fingers pinching my nipples.

They are so hard moaning I tell you I want to feel your throbbing cock in me...I don’t care how. I just want you in move your mouth from my pussy.... Leaning over me you cover my mouth with yours. Your tongue teasing mine as I suck the sweet taste of my cum off of put my legs over your shoulders.

Taking your cock in your hand. You rub it across my still throbbing clit...watching my face you know how bad I want you inside me...but you wont let me have it yet...sliding the head of your cock across my lips...making me tremble as I feel how hard and throbbing you are....

Begging you to put your cock in slide just the head in....feeling how tight I am.... Moving slowly.... Teasing me...I try to get closer. But you hold my hips so I can only have the head.... I feel it throbbing in start moving in me deeper...slow deep strokes.... Moaning how good you legs wrapped tight around your pull almost all the way out. And plunge hard and deep in me....

Your hands are pinching my nipples.... They are so hard. Untying my wrists you tell me you want to watch me stroke myself. ...As my fingers are stroking my clit...I’m watching you look at me.... It makes you more turned on to watch me touching myself...I feel you moving harder in me...pulling my hips tighter to you...your telling me to cum.

You want to feel me cum hard on your cock...faster I stroke my pussy getting so tight on your cock...deeper and harder you pound into me.... I feel myself start to shake.... You moan your going to cum so hard...arching my back as I start to shake....

Leaning over to suck and bite at my nipples.... Your cock pounding into me harder and deeper.... I scream as I explode so hard on your cock...watching my face as cum....pushes you over the edge and I feel you exploding so hard in me...moaning how tight I am.... You fill my pussy up deep with your hot cum....moving wildly together....

Unable to stop cumming ...we grind together harder and harder. Till we explode again more intense than the first time...slowing our movements down...bodies trembling together.... We kiss each other deeply...sucking each other’s tongues.

As we lay exhausted.... But very content in each other’s arms.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Night

Written by Wicked (April 2000)

You're laying back against the tongue sliding along your neck.,licking and nibbling.... My tongue licking lightly along your ear,.you feel my breath as i whisper how i am going to make you cum.....

My lips moving to tongue tracing along your lips.... My tongue darting between your lips to tease your tongue with mine...then sucking it into my mouth for a long deep kiss....
My tongue sliding down to your chest as my hands caress your body lightly...reaching down to wrap my hand around your hard cock...feeling you throb in my hand as my tongue licks and teases your nipples...i slowly stroke you...hearing you moan as i suck your nipples in my mouth...licking them all over,.i lick down your stomach ...licking up one thigh and then the other....

I slide my tongue up and down your hard shaft...licking all around it...feeling you throb against my tongue....wrapping my lips so tight around the head of your cock...sucking and licking it..feeling you throb in my tongue licking all around you....sliding my mouth down your cock .....sucking you deep into my lips tighter each time I move up and down your tongue licking all around it..tasting you...feeling your hands on my head..pulling me deeper on your cock....

feeling you get harder and more swollen....wanting to feel you cum so deep in my throat...feeling you pumping deep in my hand caressing your balls gently..feeling how tight they are..i know your so close to cumming..sucking harder..I want you to cum so hard......feeling you getting harder as you pump harder in my mouth...hearing you moan your cumming ...feeling you cum hard...sucking harder..mmmm you taste so good..swallowing every drop....sucking and licking you as you shake...feeling you still so hard in my mouth.

I move mouth from your cock and slide my body up yours.... I reach your neck and slide my tongue along it till I reach your tongue licking lightly along your ear I whisper...i say babe what do you want to do...and i wait for your answer.... You tell baby I will show you what I want.... You reach in to the drawer of the night stand by the bed ...and pull out a bandana...and tie it around my head making sure I cant see then lead me to a chair...sit me down and proceed to tie my arms and ankles to the chair...

I feel your hands as they move across my chest...gently pinching my nipples...your mouth on my neck licking and biting.... I moan know how crazy that makes me.... I feel myself getting wet.... You sit down in front of the chair and pull it to you....

Your tongue licking up my thigh till you reach my tease it with your tonguesliding between my lips to flick your tongue across my clit...I move trying to get closer to your mouth but you keep your tongue just close enough to lick across my clit....

You stop and I don't feel you anymore...then I hear you come up behind me...your tongue licking along my whisper you'll be right back...i hear you walk away.... I hear your voice on the phone.... Then I hear you rummaging around in the kitchen....

I hear you walking back into the room.... Your mouth on my neck licking and biting I feel something being poured over me.... From the smell and feel of is crushed pineapple...i feel it running down my shoulders..over my chest down my stomach and all over my pussy....

My body trembling ...its such an erotic feeling...knowing what will happen next...I hear a knock on the go to answer it...when you return...i hear two more sets of footsteps...i feel you back down between my legs.... Your tongue licking the juices from the pineapple...moaning as I feel a set of lips on my neck licking and biting...and the other set on my nipples sucking them....

Feeling them get harder in her mouth...your tongue licking across my clit.... You can feel me throbbing.... Trying to get closer to your mouth as the 2 women lick and suck all over me ...getting all the juices and fruit from my body...I feel you move a way and your mouth is replaced by another...I feel you next to me...and I feel you run your hard cock across my tongue licking at hold it just barely out of reach...asking me how bad i want it.... I tell you I want it soooooo bad....

You slide it in my mouth slowly as I suck and lick move it in an out she sucks my clit into her mouth sucking on it.... Her tongue licking across it making me arch against the chair.... Moaning louder.... The other woman.... Straddles my lap...her lips on my nipples sucking them harder into her mouth...biting lips so tight on your cock as you pump faster and deeper...I am so turned on I know I will cum soon....

I feel your hands on my head pulling me tight to tongue licking faster...she sucks harder on my juice running over her face.... The other one slides her tongue along my neck biting ...causing me to start to shake.... Your cock moving deeper and deeper in my mouth...

you tell me you want to cum deep in my throat as i cum hard on her she bites my neck i feel her hands rubbing her clit...her juices running over me.... Knowing I am ready to cum ...the other woman plunges her tongue deep in my pussy as I start to shake and tremble in a violently intense orgasm....

As I strain against the head tight against you as you pump so hard and I feel you start to shake as you cum so hard and deep in my throat.... Sucking hard on your cock want every drop of your juice.... The one on my lap...her hand rubbing her clit faster as she cums all over me.... Her mouth still on my nipples sucking them harder.... I keep cumming so hard my juices running all over her face...

Still blindfolded.... You move to the table ...bending me you bite my neck.... My legs still shaking...I feel you behind me...your hard cock against my ass...i feel two tongues...licking my pussy and my clit...i feel you whisper in my ear...asking me if i want to feel your cock in my ass...i moan ask me how bad...and i say so very bad...i feel you slide your cock in my ass....

Slow at first...moaning i move my ass against you...wanting you so deep in me...i feel a tongue moving in and out of my pussy my juices dripping down her i move against her tongue....

Another licking my clit ...faster...your hands reaching around me pulling me tight to you as you pump hard and deep in whisper in my ear how tight and good I you pinch my nipples.... Arching my back against you as we grind harder together...moaning louder know it will be soon I can't hold back.... Biting my neck you tell me how you want to cum so hard in me as I cum on their faces....

As she sucks my clit into her mouth.sucking harder on it i feel myself start to shake...the others tongue buried so deep in my pussy as you grab my hips and pump hard and deep in me.i feel your balls get tight against me...moaning so loud...i feel myself start to cum....moving wildly with all three of you.i explode so hard.i hear you moaning as i feel you explode so deep in my ass....

Pounding into me hard and fast as I shake and tremble...cumming so hard as they lick my juices up...their faces wet from my sweet wet juice...your mouth on my neck as you hold me tighter to you still moving in me grinding against each other as we keep cumming so hard...till we collapse in each others arms...
and our friends disappear...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Written by Gem (April 2000)

I walked around my small apartment dressed only in my robe as I prepared for tonight’s party.

My best friend Monica and I were having some friends over to my place for a small (I hope) get together.
She said she hadn’t invited too many people and mixed with the seven I invited I know my apartment is going to be a bit cramped.

I walk around making sure everything is clean and put away and turn the stereo on low.
I hear the faint sounds of Creed’s What If as I walk to my bedroom to get dressed.

I slide the robe off my shoulders to the ground and standing there nude I rummage through my closet for the black skirt I planned on wearing.

I stand there on one leg sorting through the clothes on the hangers my blond hair damp on my back and making me cold.
I look in the mirror across the room at my reflection.

Looking back at me was a pretty woman of average height, about 5â6.

I was thin but not overly so.
My long blond hair fell in waves to the middle of my back. The green eyes staring back were pale and large.
I looked away and finally finding my skirt I begin to dress.
Monica would be here shortly and I wanted to be ready so we could enjoy a drink before everyone arrived.

I walked into the kitchen and as I glance at the clock I see she should be here any minute.
It wasn’t five minutes later and the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and smiled widely as I revealed my friend standing there dripping wet. I pull her in and we giggle.
She is mad that she got caught in a downpour and I send her to my room with a towel.
She knows she can help herself to anything. Monica and I had been friends since grade school. We shared everything from purses and clothes to details of our dates and our secret crushes.
We even went to the same college where the tradition carried on.

Seeing that everything was in order and all we needed was our guests, I took two glasses with our favorite drink of amaretto and sour back to the bedroom with me to check on Monica.
She is sitting on my bed towel drying her long black hair. I set the glasses down and sit next to her, taking the towel from her.
She turns away from me so her hair is accessible. I run the towel down her hair and then grabbing a handful I rub the towel over the strands before moving on.

I feel her shiver and I ask if she’s cold, she answers no so I continue.
As I rub the towel over her hair I am increasingly aware of her breathing, which I thought had seem to speed up.
My heart thumped wildly at the thought of this turning Monica on and shocked at my feelings I shook it off and got up.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up and running a brush through her hair several times she smacked her lips at herself in the mirror and we left the room just as the doorbell rang.
Our guests were arriving. The night went quick. Most of our friends showed up and at one time some of them spilled out onto my balcony.
Not many smokers in our group of friends made the cramped situation easier to deal with.

The music wasn’t very loud and we all had a great time talking about college and work.
I caught Monica’s brown eyes with mine as she sat talking to an acquaintance from her work about how she just ended things with her boyfriend after three years and I smiled at her as I passed.

I had heard that story at least 100 times so I didn’t bother stopping.
There was a guy I had never seen before eyeing me up. He was yummy looking in tight black jeans and a white t-shirt.
His sandy brown hair hung in curls at the back of his neck but short on top and his sky blue eyes were able to melt any heart.
He seemed to have come here alone but was enjoying the conversation of my friend Jamie. She was lucky, he was a hottie I wouldn’t mind talking with.
From the look on her face she didn’t find him the least bit boring but she also noticed he was watching me and I laughed as Jamie tried harder to get his attention.

I continued to walk around and mingle, stopping to ask people if they wanted another drink or to refresh bowls of snacks. I poured my sixth drink and was feeling slightly drunk.
I realized that I wasn’t the only one.
Several people here had had too much to drink. I told everyone who thought they were drunk that they could pass out on my floor, couch or in the second bedroom.

Our friends took this as a sign that the party was ending and looking at my watch I was shocked to see how late it was.
After making sure the people who left were sober and lots of good-byes I shut the door and turned around.

My place was a mess but I thought I would worry about it tomorrow. I sat on the couch and looked around. A guy Monica knew from her work was sleeping in my recliner. I saw a guy and a girl head to the second bedroom and close the door.
I smiled and continued to sip my drink.
I got up and walked into the kitchen where Monica was putting some of the food that could spoil away.
She smiled at me and I could see from the glassy look in her eyes that she was feeling as good as I was.

That guy had left his number with Monica to give to me it seemed and we giggled at the prospect of this.
I looked at the paper in my hand. Jeff is his name. I asked Monica if she knew him and she said no. I put the paper down and began to help her. We both swayed and stumbled around the kitchen.

When everything was put away we turned off the lights and headed to my room. Monica lived across town and our plans were for her to stay over tonight so she could drink.
She always crashed in my spare room but all the available spaces were taken.
My queen size bed was large enough for both of us and we had slept in the same bed for years, sleepovers, camping, bunking together in college when her dorm room was flooded because of a fire down the hall.

I peeled off all my clothes except my bra and panties and slide into my warm bed.

I turned over to the wall and tried to get comfortable. I felt the bed dip as Monica got in and felt it shift as she positioned herself for sleep. I lay there with my eyes closed waiting for her to settle.
Finally she isn’t moving anymore and I feel myself drift off to sleep.

I think I had been dozing for quite some time when I felt something on my hip.
I opened my eyes and looked at my alarm clock. It was only two hours later.
I reached under the blanket and felt Monica’s arm thrown over me.
I thought it was cute and I moved a bit to get comfy with the new position.

As I move her arm does to and she slides her hand up to my breast. My breathing nearly stops as her fingertips glide across my nipple making it harden instantly. I gulp in air and as I reach to remove her hand from my breast she moans and begins to rub the nipple straining through my bra.

I gasp at the electric current running through my body.
Guilt washes over me and I realize I am enjoying something I shouldn’t. She hasn’t a clue what she’s doing to me.

I take her hand and pull it away from me wondering at the disappointment I feel.
Her hand falls to the bed and she stirs a bit. Shaking I try to remain quiet but she notices I am awake and smiles at me.
I try to smile back unsure of what she is aware of.

She senses my discomfort and reaches out to brush a wisp of hair from my face. I close my eyes and when I feel the bed move I am shocked to open my eyes up as her lips brush across mine.

Oh dear God she’s kissing me! She feels it too.
I close my eyes again and reach behind her head and pull her a bit more firmly to me deepening the kiss a bit. I am stunned at how bold that was of me but she didn’t seem to notice..

Her hand is still near my cheek and she begins to caress it softly. As we kiss I feel her parting my lips with her tongue and I open them letting her in to taste me.
I suck on her tongue instinctively. Her hand slides down my cheek to my neck and then to the swell of my breasts above my bra and my breathing goes shallow.
I open my mouth to say something and she shushes me, pressing me back against the bed.

I lay there looking up at my best friend and the look of desire in her eyes is amazing.
Not once had I thought of Monica as someone to make love to. Sure I thought about experimenting with a woman but it was never someone I knew and loved like a sister.
As I look at her in a new light it’s then that I notice she isn’t wearing anything.

My eyes are glued to her soft supple breasts and the pink buds standing hard and ready. She laughs as my tongue darts out to lick my dry lips then lowers her head to mine again and kisses me lovingly.
I kiss back passionately this time, overwhelmed by emotions.
Her hands slide behind my back as she kisses my lips sucking and nibbling them.

My bra is undone in seconds, and loosened, my breasts bounce free of the fabric.
Her hands come back to the front and she leans back breaking our kiss to pull the bra off down my arms.
The cool air of my tiny bedroom makes my nipples harder then before and her head comes down again to suck one of them, gently enveloping the peak into her moist hot mouth.
I arch my back and moan loudly, feeling myself grow damp between my thighs.
My hands run through her soft hair as she lavishes attention upon my breasts licking circles around my nipples before sucking on them again, softly scraping her teeth against the tender flesh eliciting more moans from me.

Her soft warm hand goes to the apex of my thighs and cups the wet mound of flesh through my panties and I am in ecstasy, crying out her name on a loud sigh.
My clit throbs beneath her hand as she presses her hand firmly to me and rubs slowly up and down.

I know my panties are soaked at this point and she moves them aside and slides a finger deep inside my quivering pussy.
As she slips her cum-covered finger in and out of me she rubs my clit with her thumb and I orgasm instantaneously.

Hard and fast it hits me, my pussy squeezing her finger tightly as the orgasmic convulsion rips through me and I turn to scream into the pillow. It dawns on me that my little friend seemed to know what she was doing but that thought slid away as she withdrew her finger and brought it to her lips to suck.

Watching her suck my juices into her mouth gave me the urge I needed to make a move.

She is on her knees still so I scramble up to mine and lay her back.
Her knees are still bent and in the air so I gather my courage and get between them and began to kiss her inner thighs.
I work my way down from her knees to just mere inches from the crease of her thigh before moving to the other one and doing the same. Her hands are playing with her nipples and she is smiling at me.

Its all the encouragement I need to move to her pussy and press a gentle kiss upon it. I feel her thighs tighten up and a small sound escapes her parted lips. Making love to my best friend is the last thing I expected tonight but somehow it all seemed right. I grab her hips and pull myself closer to her and tentatively lick her slowly from the bottom to the top of her wet slit.

The taste is salty on my lips and tongue and not altogether unpleasant. I lick her again and this time I press harder so the lips of her pussy part a bit and more of her sweet juices escape onto my tongue and I swallow them greedily. Getting excited again I close my eyes and remember what I like when being eaten and go from there.

I peel her lips apart and reveal her clit but instead of going to it I lick the inside of the pussy lips I hold in my cum-covered fingers, running my tongue all over them. I slide my tongue into her tight wet hole as far in as it will go and love the feel of her wrapped around me.

I take one of my hands and dropping the lip I slide a finger in to rub her clit gently. She moans and I feel myself getting wet wanting to try things I have never imagined before.
She feels me hesitate while my mind wanders and she pulls me up to lay on her. Feeling her naked beneath me drives me crazy and I scoot down to suck on her nipples letting my knee rub her pussy as I make her nipples harder than ever.

My tongue licks the peak in a long fluid motion from her breast to the tip in all directions before sucking on it again.

My knee is soaked and she is writhing under me her hands all over my body. I have never been this worked up before and I let my need to fulfill my desires take over me and I arrange our bodies so our legs were in a v and I slide in so our pussies touched. Immediately my clit pounded furiously and my pussy contracted.
Holding her thigh I begin to rub my pussy and hers together and the orgasm building up inside us is so intense we are unable to make a sound, just feel.

Our pussy lips rubbing against one another’s and the friction of pubic hair is almost more than I can bear. Our cum was mixing together and I could hear a slight smacking sound come from between us as we both work ourselves to the edge and over, my orgasm so brightly intense its near exquisite pain and I bite into the soft flesh of her thigh. Over and over the waves of pleasure bring me up and down and I can’t breathe anymore.

The feelings subside slowly and we lay there unable to move.

We lay there for a few minutes before I move to hold her in my arms. We kiss softly touching tongues quickly before breaking the kiss.
I look into her sleepy eyes and feel a love I have never felt before towards Monica.
I think she feels it too. I feel my eyes begin to close and the room fade away and I hear a faint buzzing. Struggling to understand where it was coming from I try to wake myself. I open my eyes and the sun is shining slightly through my blinds.
I blink rapidly and look around. My alarm clock was buzzing and it was seven a.m.

I had my arm and leg thrown over Monica and I looked again to see she was dressed. It then dawns on me that I had only been dreaming.

Turning red I extract myself from her and get off the bed. She rolls over and mumbling something and I see her eyes blinking at the sun as she wakes up slowly.
I hurriedly dress and go to the kitchen leaving her there, embarrassed and eager to get away.

I see the handful of people that stayed the night were all still sleeping so I quietly began to clean up and make breakfast and coffee. Monica comes out a few minutes later.
She has to work in 2 hours so she kisses my cheek and gets her stuff together and leaves saying she loves me and that she had a great time at my party.
After telling her I will see her later I walk back to the bedroom to make my bed.

I sit down and close my eyes and remember my dream. Oh god I wished it had been true.
I am in love with Monica. I want her and she would die if she knew.
I open my eyes and turn to get off the bed when something under my pillow catches my eyes.

I lift the pillow and find a bra.

I stare at it in stunned silence.

It isn’t mine!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Written by Gem (April 2000)

The trees are swaying gently in the Wind as we get out of the car And walk towards the beach.
We have a picnic lunch and blanket And we spread the blanket out Near a shaded secluded area.
We are quiet as we take in the View of the surf and the beautiful Blue sky with soft white clouds. We leave the hamper with the food next to the blanket not quite ready to eat.

I feel your hand reach for mine and I take yours Squeezing it slightly. We look Into each other's eyes and feel Something pulling us together, An intense heat and attraction.

You pull on my hand and my body Moves closer to you and my face Is mere inches away from yours. You take your hand away from mine And bring it to the back of my head to pull me all the way to you. Our eyes close at the soft touching of the other's lips. We kiss softly at first, ever so loving in our ways. Soft gentle touches and caresses have our kiss deepening and soon our lips part to let our tongues dance together.

We are kissing hungrily now almost greedy in the way we take from each other. We suck at each otherÕs tongues and i am soon sucking and nibbling your bottom lip. Meanwhile our hands are everywhere, touching and rubbing one another all over. My hand is up your shirt rubbing your chest, feeling your nipples grow hard beneath my fingertips.

Your hands are up the back of my shirt working the clasp of my bra. You unsnap it and my full breasts are released. Your hands slide around my sides and you cup them both in your hands. You break the kiss and slowly kiss my neck and ear pull away then and help me take off my shirt and bra before ripping your own off and we are back in each others arms and kissing again.

Your hands cup my breasts again and you rub my nipples with your thumbs. I moan into your mouth and feel myself grow damp between my thighs....the smell of sex is all around us and I can feel the bulge of your cock in your shorts. It seems to be pulsating, beating the rhythm from your heart which is pounding out of your chest. My hands are at your nipples and we kiss softly again, trying to control ourselves. Both of us are squirming around and finally we end the kiss and you get to your knees, with me laying on my back.

You bend your head down and kiss my tummy making me suck it in and shiver in anticipation. Your nose nuzzles the bottom of my breasts as you kiss your way up between them, placing soft wet kisses all over leaving the nipples, untouched and aching. I press my thighs tightly together at the sensations building within me. You finally open your mouth and bring my tender swollen nipple into your hot moist mouth, closing your lips around them and ever so gently sucking on them.
I cry out at this, my back arching.
"oh God, i want you so bad" I moan your name over and over as you move from one nipple to the other and back again replacing your lips with your fingertips.

I feel your hand leave my nipple as you greedily suckle on the other. Your fingers trail down my stomach to the waist of my shorts where you stop to unbutton and unzip them. Then laying your hand palm down on my belly you slowly slide it down into my panties to cup the hot wet mound, your middle finger coming to rest just inside my soft pink pussy lips. Between your tongue and lips sucking on my nipple and your hand between my thighs my clit begins to throb and cum begins to drip out onto your fingers which are still not moving inside my panties.

You unleash my nipple which is so raw and sensitive from your mouth and trail kisses in the wake of your fingers. When you get to my shorts you slide them and my panties down and off and lean in to kiss the soft pussy hair at the top of my slit. Your finger slides into my pussy and your tongue parts the folds at the top and finds my clit already hard and tingly. As you fuck me with your finger your tongue runs circles around my clit and I am instantly wet all over again making it easy for you to insert yet another finger. My hands are on my nipples and my back is arched again and my thighs are spread wide open.

They tense up as you replace your cum covered fingers with your tongue and begin to make love to me with your tongue, making it stiff and sliding it in as far as it will go. In and out you go every so often pulling it out and lapping up my juices from bottom to top before thrusting it back in again. I need to orgasm
I can't take much more.....I am sobbing at the pressures building up and you sense my urgency to slide your two fingers in again and suck my clit into your mouth and tease it till I explode, wave after wave of intense quivering orgasmic rushes and a load of cum forms on your tongue and fingers.

I am panting and my chest is heaving. my nipples are still slightly pinched in between my fingers. you lap up my juices moaning as you do so and when im all cleaned up you come to lay down beside me. I kiss your lips softly tasting myself on you.

My hand strays to your hard cock and I wrap my left hand around it gently and begin to stroke you. The soft skin of your dick moves slightly up and down and I set a pace....we arenÕt kissing anymore and I use both hands to get you worked up. My hands are clasped slightly around your balls and my other hand is pumping your stiff cock.
A bit of precum builds up at the tip and my head lowers so I can lick it up with my tongue. You moan as my tongue touches your sensitive head.

I like hearing you moan so I slide the head in past my teeth and gently suck on the head flicking my tongue All over the tip and open the little slit at the end to lick there too.
My hand on your balls lifts them up a bit and I let go over your cock head and bring my face to your breath is hot and I breathe on them first before tentatively lashing out with my tongue.

Noticing your enjoying this I lick your balls all over from top to bottom and side to side covering them with my saliva, when I back away the warm breeze on them makes them quiver. I move to your cock again where I pump the base and suck on the top again feeling you swelling lift your hips up thrusting yourself in and out of me and my mouth opens wide and I let you go in as deep as you can the tip of your cock deep down my throat.
I suck hard on your cock loving the feeling of you in my mouth coaxing you over the brink, ready to swallow your hot cum.

You are digging your hand into the blanket at your sides and your other hand is grabbing my hair tightly following the movement of my head. I curl my tongue around you as I work you in and out faster now and you yell my name as your balls start to tighten up and your load begins to shoot up and out of you, deep down my throat you cum as I bob my head up and down your moans driving me wild.

I suck hard on your cock as you reach your peak and I swallow as quickly as I can not wanting to waste a drop....I continue to milk your cock with the muscles of my cheeks till the feelings subside and your cock grows limp and the head gets too sensitive. I am smiling like a happy cat - and I come to cuddle up in your arms.

We lay there sexually spent for the time being watching the clouds float by. We remember our picnic lunch and we set out to begin eating and as we munch we begin to relax and we put the food away and close our eyes to rest.

We awaken to the sounds of birds in the trees near us and I feel your soft hand on my breast and immediately I turn to you and we smile. There was so much we had yet to discover and the rest of the afternoon stretched out before us.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Phone repair man

Written by Gem (April 2000)

It was a cold night and the rain coming down smelled of spring.
I walked along the beach throwing pebbles into the surf. I wanted to be alone and this seemed to be the perfect time.
Hardly a soul was here because of the weather..

I spotted a car parked next to mine when I glanced up but didn't think anything of it. I got in the car, cold and wet. My stomach was growling but I didn't want to go yet. Staring out into the ocean I started remembering the night before and a smile came to my face. I was getting dressed and ready for my date to arrive and the phone rang.
'Hello?' I asked as I juggled the phone to put on my shoes.
'Hi, this is the Brian. I am with the phone company. Seems there's been trouble in your building and I was just calling all the numbers to see who was having the troubles. I am in the basement trying to fix the situation,' replies a deep sexy voice.

'Oh, ok. Well I haven't been experiencing any troubles, but thank you.' I hung up the phone and several minutes later I hear my doorbell ring. Looking at my watch I know it's not my date because it was forty-five minutes before the hour. I take one last look in the mirror before I walk to the door and open it to find a hunk of a man in a phone company uniform at my door.

"Hi,' I reply with my mouth hanging open at the sight before my eyes.
'Hello. I just talked to you a few minutes ago and I need to check all your phone jacks,' he said eyeing up my apartment.
'Well alright, there is one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Go next to the couch and you will see it,' I replied. He looked like the guy next door.

Dark hair, blue eyes and rather good looking, the shirt he wore stretched across his broad shoulders tightly, making me drool. He walked over to the couch and squatting down he examined the phone jack. I watched this pose for quite some time before I realized I needed to finish getting ready and stop staring at this man's ass.
'Excuse me while I get ready. The other jack is in the bedroom at the end of the hall next to my nightstand,' I say, licking my lips and smiling to myself. He grunted in reply so I headed to the kitchen to make sure dinner wasn't burning (it was on low but I needed to get my mind back where it had been).

I could hear him whistling and following the tune I knew he was heading to my bedroom. My toes curled at the thought of him in there next to my bed and it was all I could do to get the image of him and I in that bed out of my head. Shaking my head full of red curls trying to clear my thoughts and stirring my dinner had me so preoccupied I didn't hear him come into the kitchen.

'Maâam, I am through here and I am heading out,' he says to me and I look at him blankly.
'Mmmm something smells good in here.'
'Oh, yes,' I respond, startled out of my daydreams.
' Its chicken caccitore.' He chuckles, sending shivers up and down my spine. 'Not the dinner ma'am.. Although that smells very good, I believe it was you I was referring to.'

I looked at him with suspicions running through my head. This beautiful man is standing here in my kitchen on a Thursday afternoon in his work uniform complimenting me on how I smell.
And here I am, my body responding to the low voice and casually offered compliment. He was awfully close and I could smell his scent. The mixture of soap, after shave and sweat were purely male. My body went lax and my nipples hardened.

His eyes, which had been focusing on my own wrenched away from me and he dragged them slowly over my body, stopping at my breasts and the reaction to him was obvious. Drawing a ragged breath I step back and let out a shakey sigh. He smiled and when I looked at his lips I swear I stopped breathing.

Looking away I glanced up and saw the look of total desire in his eyes. There was a hint of electricity running through the air and the room suddenly felt very small. Now I am normally a very reserved person and I don't throw myself into anything lightly. And I certainly don't engaged in sex with someone I have never met before, yet something had me reaching out and touching his arm.

I felt a shock of passion and my breathing became hitched as his arm came around me and pulled me in close.
'I don't even know you,' I said, my voice a whisper.
He laughed and replied softly, ' I can fix that.'

My pulse shot up and I threw all caution to the wind. Hell, I am a beautiful woman, 5â7' 122 pounds dark red hair and blue eyes and being 29 years old what man wouldn't want me.
I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him down. Our lips touched softly, just brushing against each other.
Our breath was coming in shallow spurts and we immediately deepened the kiss, our tongues meeting and dancing together. I was beside myself with pleasure and lust, my eyes closed and my hands everywhere on his body. Later on I would look back in shock on how I acted but for right now I didn't have a care in the world.

All I knew was I wanted this man. All you could hear in my tiny kitchen was moans and heavy breathing. I was on fire and my panties were growing moist as the kiss broke and his lips trailed down my neck and shoulders. His hands begin fumbling with the zipper of my dress.

When he got it down he slipped the dress over my shoulders, letting it hit the floor and replacing the dress with wet kisses. I felt unnerved by the look in his eyes and the smile on his face and it turned me on to be standing half-naked in my kitchen.

His lips were soft and his breath hot against my skin. He kissed all of my shoulders and neck and moved to my chest. My bra was pushing my breasts up tightly and he placed a kiss on the top of each white mound, his fingers straying to my nipples, which were straining against the material of my purple lace bra.

I cried out as he circled my nipples one then the other making me throb between my thighs. I could smell the sex radiating off of me and knew I was getting extremely wet. I had my head thrust back and eyes closed and opened them when I felt him pull away. He was staring at my body making a slight flush crawl up my skin, giving it a rosy glow.

He had a huge bulge in his jeans and my eyes were drawn to it. He watched me looking at him for several seconds. My tongue darted out and I licked my dry lips. He groaned then and I stepped the few feet between us and got to my knees. I exhale my hot breath against his crotch and watching the response in his pants.

Gliding my hand across the bulge I attentively squeeze the hardness in my hand. I can feel his fingers running through my hair. As I knead his cock through his pants I can hear his breathing grow ragged once again. I raise my arms to his shoulders and slowly slither my hands down over his chest and torso finally coming to rest on his waist, stopping to unbutton his jeans.

Opening them wide and tugging them down a bit I delight at the fact that he isn't wearing anything under his jeans. Gasping at the site of his cock I release the rigid shaft leaning in to kiss and lick the shaft all over as one hand squeezes and pumps and the other plays over his balls rubbing and squeezing.

I slip his balls into my mouth washing them with my saliva. I suck them into my mouth completely as my hand continues to pump up and down on his cock. He was moaning loudly, turning me on even more and I felt his balls tighten up and knew the surge of hot cum was threatening to burst.

I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock and began to flick it with my tongue before moving downward, enveloping the stiff shaft in my hot mouth until his pubic hairs tickled my nose and the tip entered the tight confines of my throat. Working it in and out making my throat constrict around him I continued to suck his cock until he tightened up and yelled out.. 'Oh God yes,' he cried.

I felt beneath my finger tips rubbing his balls that he was about to cum and I sucked hard and long until that hot salty liquid hit the back of my throat. I pulled off of his cock enough to greedily swallow the juices. He pulled all the way out and his still twitching cock shot some of his load onto my chest. I was instantly wet as I watched it drip down onto my breasts.

He was picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom before I even knew what hit me. He laid me on the bed and began crawling up the length of my body, kissing my stomach and tonguing my belly button. When he was sitting on my stomach he took his cock and began massaging in the cum he had shot onto me.

He continued to rub my nipples with his cum covered cock, stopping occasionally to slap my perky breasts with his already hard cock. Surprised at his ambition and readiness to play again I slid my hand up his chest to play with his nipples.

He leaned down to kiss my lips, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling gently. He sucked on my tongue and ran his hands up and down my body exploring every silken inch of flesh. His kisses moved downward slowly and soon he was suckling at my hard nipples. The sensitive peaks stood proud waiting in turn as he sucked first on one then the other.
The air was cool on the wet flesh and made me shiver. He slid down my body kissing every inch, leaving nothing untouched. He was between my thighs and watching my face and the sight of him and knowing what he was about to do had me writhing on the bed.

He opened my thighs as wide as he could and began kissing them from the knee down. I was beside myself as he reached the apex of my thighs and his nose tickled the small patch of hair I allowed to grow there. Taking his fingers he pealed my soft pink lips apart and blew gently on the exposed skin. He pressed a kiss to the already throbbing bud before running his tongue up and down my slit.

When his tongue would get to my clit he would tongue soft circles around it. I was moaning and sighing and small whimpers of pleasure escaped my parted lips. I was so wet and he licked up the juices hungrily. I could tell he was enjoying himself from the groans and I closed my eyes and let go of all my inhibitions.

My clit was achingly swollen and I felt an orgasm build up inside me like a storm. Sensing this he backed off and kissed my thighs. His hands came around my thighs and reached for my nipples and he seemed excited to feel my hands already there. He moved back to my wet pussy and again went right for my clit, teasing me unmercifully.

This time when he felt me tense up he slammed his tongue up inside me making it as hard as he could and began fucking me with his tongue. My hands were clutching the covers on the bed and I started rocking up and down in time to his thrusts. I want to cum so bad and I call out that I can't take any more. He withdraws his tongue and pulls himself up so he is on his knees. He grabs my thighs and pulls me to him and his erect dick slides into me slowly.

I gasped at the feeling of his thick hard cock sliding in and rubbing against my pulsing clit. He is so large and I couldn't believe it when his balls hit my ass. He had his eyes closed and he left it sit inside me for a moment before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back into me. He pulled me up to a sitting position on his cock and we rolled over so I could be on top. I rode him hard and fast.

My breasts bounce up and down as I grind my pelvis down into him. My cum is dripping from me and some gets on his balls. . He is all over the place beneath me and I continue to buck knowing is he close to his release. He pinches my nipples between his thumb and index fingers, the slight pain adding to my excitement..

I build up speed fucking him hard -I'm in a frenzy and I feel an orgasm building up inside me.
As I fuck him I hear the doorbell ring. 'Oh, shit!' I cried, still moving but at a slower pace.
'Ignore it,' he replied.
I look down at him, his gorgeous face twisted up and I felt his still hard cock throb inside me. I was so near to orgasming that it took me three seconds do decide to do just that.
After the first ring of the doorbell there was silence. All you could hear was our breathing and his moans as he raises his hips to speed me along.
He lifts his head to my breasts and suck on them both at the same time, squishing my breasts together. I throw my head back and he latches on even harder.
The quivering velvet walls of my pussy clench around him as I ride. I was so into it and him that I failed to notice the shadow at my door.

The figure came around the corner of the hallway and stopped when greeted with the sight of me on top of a man, fucking him in all his glory.

I spread my thighs as wide as I could and let him take over shoving his hips up and down at a fast pace.
The figure in the doorway was shocked at first but soon the sight became a turn on and the figure slid their hand inside their pants and began to rub.

The ache between their legs grew and soon their hand was wet and a moan escaped their lips.
'What the fuck?' I yelled, twisting my head around to see my date, and girlfriend, with her hand down her pants.

She had the most incredible look of desire in her eyes. 'I still had your key,' she said softly not looking the least bit guilty..

'Please don't stop.' She walked to a chair in the corner and began to peel her clothes off.

Brian, who until this time had remained motionless and quiet, got a big smile on his face.
I looked at my girlfriend and said, 'Abby this is Brian. Brian this is my girlfriend Abby.'

At the word girlfriend and the sight of Abby, who was nude and in the chair with her legs spread open Brian groaned loudly and rolling us over started fucking me like a wild animal.

He was so hard and thick between my thighs and my orgasm came back at full speed. I dug my nails into his back and raised my legs to rest on his shoulders giving Abby a view of my tight pussy being fucked by this huge hot stud.

I looked down and to the side and saw Abby lick her hand to rub her nipple while she fingered herself.
Watching my girlfriend masturbating while watching me get laid was an absolute turn on and I got even more wet than before making Brian grunt and thrust his hips even faster..

I wondered if Brian would want to watch Abby and me. I got so excited I hit my peak and I heard Abby yell out. I knew she was close and I let myself go yelling and bucking wildly, his dick was so thick and his balls so tight with cum. I could feel it bursting into me in hot thick spurts and my clit went wild as it dribbled over it.

I orgasmed over and over again before he finally collapsed onto me. Abby had cum all over her fingers and was licking them off, a small smile on her face.
Brian got up and began dressing all the while watching Abby and me.
'Well ladies I better go so I don't get in trouble with my boss. I enjoyed the evening immensely.'
He smiled at us and dropping something on the nightstand he walked out. When the door close I looked over at Abby.

She smiled at me and came over to place a kiss on my lips. I knew she had liked what she saw and might possibly be interested in doing this again sometime.
We looked at the nightstand and I walked over to see what he had put there. I smiled as I read his name and phone number from his business card.
When I turned to show Abby she smiled and we walked out of the room together.
Dinner was spoiled but a pizza sounded great.

The sound of the surf pounding in and the growling of my stomach brought me back to where I was. I was about to start the car when someone knocked on the window of the passenger side. I leaned over to roll it down and was surprised to see Brian smiling into my car.
I jolted and was a little shocked to see Abby sitting in the car he had obviously came from.

She smiled that telling smile and before I knew it we were headed home.


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Authored by Angelique (April 2000)

There's a hotel room outside of D.C. with a really huge, deep jacuzzi that has mirrors all around it and a deep shelf where candles can be strategically placed.
There's also a round bed with mirrors behind it from floor to ceiling. Music's playing from the CD player- a "Pure Moods" CD.

A blindfolded man is tied to a chair in the room. He's not too hard to look at, has a wicked sense of humor, and is quite pleasantly endowed. In other words, he has a large cock. And far from being agitated in his current state, he's extremely excited.

I've promised him a surprise for such a long time; now it's time to deliver. Because men tend to be visual, I've denied him the privilege of seeing me. I've told him to rely on his other senses÷touch, smell, and hearing. (It's amazing what you can hear when you're blindfolded if you give yourself half the chance.)

I start by sitting across from him, where I describe in vivid detail how I haven't worn panties to work all day. In fact I've only worn garters and hose under my short black wrap skirt. Having previously seen my shoes, he can picture me in his head. I tell him about the green peek-a-boo negligee I'm wearing and that my hair is in pigtails. He likes me to wear my hair that way.

I light a cigarette for him and let him smoke it, slowly. All the while, my breath is gently blowing over parts of his upper body. His nipples are already hard, even though I've made it just a tad warm in the room. Giving massages is one of my favorite pastimes; and I start by massaging his head. He has a very thick, full head of hair - which he'd gladly shave for me because I love baldheaded men. But I like the feel of his hair through my hands and on my thighs, so he keeps it. I massage his brow, behind his ears, down his neck; and everywhere I massage, I follow-up with soft kisses and gentle bites - not hard enough to cause a mark, but enough to tingle. Next are his shoulders and upper body . . .

I let my nails mark the trail my hands will follow. (I have nice nails painted a very dark maroon.) When I finally reach his hands, I make sure to pay particular attention to the fleshy part between his fingers and his palms. In addition to massaging them, I make sure to lick and nip, tracing the outline of each finger with the tip of my tongue. His lower back and torso will have to wait, even though I can see ample evidence of his wanting me to "knead" that area. He is, after all, tied down; and I'd rather not have to exert myself by bending over.

I move to face him again. By now he notices my excitement, not by my dilated pupils and quivering lips but by my breathing, which is quicker just from touching him, and by my own unique smell. He thinks I'm going to pleasure him, but I haven't finished with my pleasure yet. Running my nails down his thighs is a feeling of pure joy, knowing I'm that close to his manhood but not touching it (or paying it homage) drives him mad. But, I must admit, that he has incredible willpower, and it's always nice to see how long he'll last. Massaging his legs is like sculpting stone.

I see the muscles start to stand out, and it's like a statue coming to life before my eyes. Next it's on to the feet; they deserve just as much attention as his hands. Are you aware of all of the erogenous zones in a person's foot? Pure bliss. Now it's time to untie his hands and feet. He thinks I'm going to lead him to the bed, but I move him to the jacuzzi. He begins to comprehend that this is going to be a long "session," and he's thrilled.

Obviously I need to be undressed. I highly recommend your taking off someone's clothes blindfolded at least once in your life. If you wait until your other senses have really 'kicked in,' the experience is at a very heightened level. From past escapades, I knew how long to make him wait so that we'd both enjoy ourselves. As I am not wearing much, I caution him to go slowly and to start with my hair. Carefully he removes the bands and unbraids my pigtails.

Then he treats me to a scalp massage, such as I gave him. His hands are gentle yet so sure in their touch. Next he leisurely removes the thin straps of my negligee down my arms. Because his sense of touch is enhanced the tips of his fingers have tiny, pleasurable jolts of electricity running through them. His hands feel awakened, and my body responds openly to his caressing. My neck and arms have goosebumps. Then I break out into a sweat as the tips of his fingers are replaced by his nails, which pulse against my nipples as he draws the garment down.

As much as I want him to continue, I admonish him to stick to the task at hand; advising him he does not have my permission to explore my body the way I've previously 'navigated' his. However, while removing the negligee, his hands find my half-shaved bush; reminding him that I don't have on any panties. I see his hands pause then reconsider their path. (I told you he has excellent control.)

He brings the negligee up and over my body, gently cupping my breasts in the process with his palms. My hosiery follows. His hands are shaking as he unclasps the hooks; but he sticks to the devoir, and the item is hastily discarded. Once again, I warn him to move slowly. He deftly removes my hose, taking care to move slowly down my legs until he reaches my shoes. His hands are like fire on my skin, which is slick with perspiration from my desire.

They are big and callused and can move me to tears÷whether he's rough or gentle when using them on me. Rather than run the risk of his trying to take a quick lick or two of my wet pussy while he undoes my shoe straps, I take a step backwards and place my left foot squarely between his chest. Of course, this opens me wider; and my smell is causing him to sweat more.

Yet he's forced to remove first one shoe then the other at a distance. However, having excellent balance, as I bring up my right foot, I draw it slowly over his hard balls and taut penis, up his abdomen, and over both of his nipples before allowing him to take it off. I fill up the jacuzzi; he smells the eucalyptus oil I'm using÷just a touch because it's so strong, and I don't want it to sting any sensitive areas. The water is warm and inviting. I bring him over, and then weâre both tantalized by the feel of the water on our skin. Now is the time for his exploration of my body to begin, and I can hardly wait. I cross my legs over his, bringing our bodies as close as they can be without penetration.

The feel of his cock between our bodies causes me to catch my breath; and that's when he kisses me. His kisses consume me, alternating between softly chaste and throbbing insistence. The length and depth of them leave me gasping. I can feel his body aching to enter me, but I won't be denied this pleasure. He senses this and turns me away from him, where he starts to massage my neck and shoulders. I take advantage of the respite to work on his legs and feet more thoroughly. His hands feel so incredibly good going up and down my spine, moving on to my arms, then around to my breasts, never rushing but always commanding my full attention.

He whispers that he needs to taste them in his mouth, and I willingly oblige. I'm so hot that I come for the first time as soon as his teeth pull on the first nipple, but he won't let up. He moves from one to the other with the same persistence as his kisses÷licking and biting, sucking and massaging÷and I keep coming. And as well as I know him, he knows me better. He doesn't want me fully spent because he knows that there's more to follow. While he continues to pay attention to my breast, he reaches down with his fingers to slowly stroke me.

In the meantime, I'm massaging his chest and playing with his nipples in the same lavish fashion he's bestowed upon me. By this time the water is slightly cool, and it is impossible to ignore the passion surrounding us. With the sheets pulled down and the pillows in place, the bed beckons. I don't care that weâre wet, but he insists on drying me with a towel. The fabric sends shivers up my whole body; I'm shaking with desire for this man. I can see by the drop of cum on the head of his penis that he is more than ready for me. So, when he finishes drying me off, I return the favor. However, when I drop to my knees and unexpectedly take him into my mouth, he lets out a loud moan, and his balls contract even further into his body.

I move him to the bed where he'll be more comfortable. I LOVE giving head. To me, it's a feeling of empowerment, not a power play. And at this point, I'm so thankful for his amazing skill at holding back because I feel I can go on sucking and stroking him forever. I take the tip of his penis in my mouth and curl my tongue around it, all the while pulling the skin down slowly and turning my hand so that my palm alternates between the front and the back.

I lick and tease his balls, which are so hard and taste so wonderful. And as I take him fully into my mouth, I massage the area between the crack of his ass and his balls because as any self-educated woman knows, more than half of a man's penis is inside; and I want to get to all of it. He's breathing so heavily by now that I back off, rolling him onto his stomach and lifting up his ass. I want to kiss and suck all over and in it, and he wants me to stick my finger in him while I'm at it. What a rush! His smells and tastes are driving me mad. I want him inside of me now; but he has other plans.

I know he's ready to burst; the deep color and quivering of his cock lets me know; and still I cannot see his eyes nor he any part of me. It's all touching and smelling and sweet, pleasurable moaning. He rolls back onto his stomach and in the process pulls my pussy up to cover his face. His tongue shows me what his cock will soon be doing. My hands are on the mirror in front of me, supporting me; and I look up to catch a glimpse of my face. Who's body is this÷so ripe, so ready to be ravaged? Finally when I can take it no more, I remove his blindfold.

Our eyes lock, and he lifts me off of his face and down his body where he thrusts deeply inside of me. I scream with excitement and beg him for more. He tells me in a very controlled voice that he's held out for so long that he's reached a state where it's going to take some time for him to cum. And then he proceeds to take me in a multitude of ways. He faces the mirror and draws me to my knees.

He demands that I look at both of us in the mirror. He wants me to see what being inside of me is doing to him. The depth of his penetration sears through me from this angle; I whimper. And he's so big that I fear anal sex, but I know that tonight I'm more than ready for him. He can't believe I've suggested it, but my body moves with his so easily that I feel pain for only a brief time then incredible waves of delight washing over me. Finally he's ready to explode, and we both want him deep inside of my drenched pussy. I'm flat on my back, and he's inside of me.

His tongue is mimicking the movements of his penis; and both are piercing me all the way to my stomach. Our climax is so intense that neither of us can move when it's over. So we lay in each other's arms, neither of us speaking.

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Sin in the Sun

Written by Joanne (April 2000)

A few of you may remember a series of encounters I submitted last year ( I believe the stories are still in the archives) involving myself and my sister's husband Andy.

I was secretly fucking him behind her back and enjoying it immensely, though I did have twinges of guilt regarding the betrayal. So it was with mixed feelings that I accepted Ruth's offer to join her and Andy on holiday in Spain.

They had rented a villa on the Costa Brava and it had two bedrooms and a pool set amongst pine trees - it sounded idyllic. I accepted on the proviso that I could bring a girlfriend and promptly invited Julie, a pretty colleague from work.
She accepted and we spent the next few weeks down the gym, getting in shape and shopping for bikinis - although why we buy the top halfs I don't know, everybody goes topless on the beaches these days! August soon arrived and after a short flight from Leeds-Bradford to Alicante we were in sunny Spain.

The villa was everything the brochure had promised and the pool beautifully clear and blue. We went shopping, picking up steaks for the barbecue, and while we girls prepared the salads and drinks, Andy did the male thing of lighting the barbecue.
That first night we got drunk on San Miguel and cheap red wine, laughing and joking until the early hours before retiring to bed in preparation for a hard days sunbathing.

As Julie and I stretched out on the twin beds in our room watching the ceiling fan spin round we heard the telltale creaking of the bed from Andy and Ruth's room and we giggled ourselves to sleep as it built to a steady crescendo before dying out.

The next morning was spent around the pool getting a good base tan, and teasing Andy as he strutted around in his skimpy Speedos. He felt us three girls were ganging up on him and made a point of creating the biggest splash he could when he dived in the water.
Ruth pretended to sympathise with him and then confided quietly that she thought Andy was loving being the only man with three women and not to take any notice of him.

Soon we were all laid out on loungers soaking up the afternoon sun taking care not to burn by applying sun oil liberally. Julie was next to Ruth and asked her to rub some oil on her back. Ruth obliged pouring it across her shoulders and massaging it in, her hands caressing around Julie's sides and brushing her breasts. They then swopped and Julie began to rub oil into Ruth's back.

Julie worked down Ruth's spine and then round to her stomach before refilling her palms and reaching around, spreading the oil across her breasts, cupping each one in turn. I was somewhat surprised by Julie's forwardness but Ruth did not seem to mind, indeed I was sure I saw her nipples stiffen in arousal. Nothing further happened and they both settled back down to snooze and listen to their Walkmans.

I suddenly felt very horny and surreptitiously slipped my finger into my bikini bottoms and ran it up my shaven pussy lips to rest on my aroused little clitty.
I gave a little rub and felt a rush of moisture and a tingle deep within me. My other hand trailed across my left breast and I gave a little tug of my nipple causing me to squirm and press my thighs together. My forefinger slipped further into the silky folds of my pussy and slid inside, stirring the wetness it found.

I gave little gasp and this brought me back to my senses, causing me to look around in embarrassment. Ruth and Julie seemed oblivious, lost in their music, but Andy, lying a couple of yards away seemed to by grinning in my direction, though it was difficult to tell with his eyes hidden behind sunglasses.
What was obvious though was the bulge in the front of his well packed swimming trunks! I smiled back at him and he raised himself up and came to sit behind me on the lounger.

Filling his hands with sun oil he massaged my back, slickly coating it and moving round to flick at my nipples with his thumbs. This was driving me insane! I looked across the pool to where Ruth was lying turned away from us on her side so that she could even her tan. Julie was reading a book and looked engrossed.

By now Andy's fingers had delved into my bikini and his strong fingers were gliding up my pussy lips and circling my clitoris. Waves of pleasure washed over me and I bit my lip to stop me crying out. Reaching behind me my hand sought Andy's cock in his trunks. Moving the waistband aside I encircled his wonderful shaft and felt it throb in response.

I poured more oil onto my hand and massaged it in, circling the smooth mushroom head and trailing my fingertips down the ripples and bumps until I felt his silky pubes. Andy moved closer, my upper body hiding what I was doing from the others.

Still his fingers stroked my pussy and clit, occasionally dipping inside. Meanwhile my hand slid up and down his cock in a steady rhythm, feeling him grow even larger and harder. Suddenly I came, throwing my head back and biting down on my knuckle as I spasmed on his hand. A moment later I felt Andy stiffen and his cock jerked, sending warm jets of sperm up my back and running down the crack of my ass. With one last twitch he began to soften and I tucked his cock back into his trunks with a little pat of gratitude.

Andy kissed the back of my neck as massaged his sperm into my back, bringing me back to reality and making me glance hurriedly across at Ruth and Julie. Ruth was still turned away and Julie seemed to be reading still but as I looked at her she cast a look in my direction and gave a slow smile. Had she seen anything?

After a couple of days around the pool I began to grow a little bored and suggested we head off down the beach for a change. Ruth was less than keen, citing an aversion to sand in her sun cream as an excuse and so it was decided that Julie would remain behind to keep her company, while Andy went with me to the beach.

When Andy and I arrived at the beach after a short drive we were confronted by a swarm of local people, youngsters, families and old folk - we had forgotten that it was a Sunday and the whole of Spain had gone there for the day. We trudged off up the beach looking for a patch of sand and wishing we had stayed at the villa until the crowds started to thin. Looking further up the beach we could see it far more sparsely populated and as we passed a sign we realised that we had wandered into the naturist area.

There were a number of shelters set up and a few, largely German, families were spread out or playing that game of bat and ball by the water's edge that they seem to find so addictive. Andy looked at me and asked if I wanted to turn back but I was reluctant to appear the typical shy Brit so said I was game if he was! That said we found a quiet spot and stripped off, carefully applying sun cream to our previously unexposed bits.

Andy was taking great care in putting lotion on his cock, obviously not wanting to get it burned, and joking that he wasn't sure how long he could take over the procedure before it became a wank! That done we lay back to bask in the hot sun.

My eyes couldn't help straying to Andy's cock that was lying across his thigh and I imagined my hand straying to it, stroking it, watching it grow and harden in the sunshine...... I had to cool off. Picking up my air bed I walked into the water feeling the cold waves wash against my legs, then my thighs, bottom and finally breasts.

It was a strange feeling swimming naked in the cool Med and I couldn't help my nipples grow erect as I paddled about. Soon I was sitting astride the air bed as I paddled in the surf, largely alone apart from a few kids a hundred yards or so away.

Suddenly I felt someone haul themselves onto the air bed and sit behind me - it was Andy grinning from ear to ear as he splashed cold water across my front. We both laughed and kept paddling until we were just beyond the surf where we floated, taking a breather. Andy was sitting so close to me I could feel his soft cock nestled in the crack of my ass and as we floated I began to feel it move. I gave a little wiggle and it slipped further down my ass.

This was nice, I leant forward on my stomach letting the cold water wash over my tits further hardening my nipples whilst the head of Andy's cock found it's way to lie along the lips of my pussy. It continued to harden and I felt it's smooth head nudge my opening. I gave a little moan and wriggled back feeling my lips open like a petal to allow him to slip inside an inch or so.

His shaft was cold and I gave a gasp and pushed back feeling him slip further in until his stomach pressed against my butt and his balls nestled against my by now throbbing clit. This was an incredible feeling - cold water sluicing across my breasts and around the opening of my pussy while Andy's hard cock stretched my hot pussy, throbbing in response to his heartbeat. Andy remained still while we rocked in the sea.

The waves set up an undulating motion that caused him to slide back and forth without any effort on his behalf. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the air bed pillow. The sun was beating on my back and I slipped into an almost dream like state. Neither of us said a word as the ocean did the work for us.

I concentrated on feeling Andy's cock slide in, stretching me until the head nudged the opening of my womb then just as smoothly slide out as I used my muscular contractions to grip him and feel each ridge and vein on his shaft. We both wanted to speed up and plunge towards orgasm but we kept our discipline somehow and this seemed to heighten the sensation. Andy's cock was so hard now that it almost felt like he was going to lift me from the air bed as it reared up inside me and ploughed relentlessly on.

My orgasm was building in steady stages as the slow pace continued and I looked around to see Andy, his eyes tightly closed, trying to maintain this excruciatingly tortuous pace. In a rush my climax was upon me and I cried out as my pussy started to spasm and wave upon wave of pleasure rippled through me. Andy gave a shout and then pulled me tightly to him.

Deep within me I felt a throb and then a pulsing as jet after jet of his sperm filled me, triggering little aftershocks as they did so. I felt his warm semen wash down my tunnel and begin to leak from my pussy lips, running across my cold clitoris and flowing away in the cool water..... We floated in the water gasping for breath as our bodies slid apart and looking around to see if anyone had spotted us, but thankfully our fellow bathers were too engrossed in their own fun.

Rolling into the sea I felt the water wash away the sweat and sperm from our coupling and with a kick I struck out for the shore closely followed by Andy dragging the air bed.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing before returning to the villa as the evening approached. We were slightly worried that the girls might question the length of time we were away but as we pulled up Ruth and Julie were sitting on the terrace sipping long cold drinks.

I detected a slightly strange atmosphere between them but nothing I could put my finger on - I was to learn more about what had gone between them later......

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Friday, September 14, 2007


Written by Louise (April 2000)

If you remember my story last month, you will know that Bill is a man in his 60's who abused me for his sexual gratification.

He offered me any amount of money, if I would go along with his final ordeal from him, wit hout knowing what he was going to do.
I am a Dwarf and very inexperience d sexually, but desperately needed to pay off some debts, so said I would do it for £100,000. Not thinking for one moment that he would agree, but he did. He wrote out a cheque there and then. If anything, he was a man of honour and promised me that he would hand over this cheque at the end of the evening. I took a deep breath and said that I would go along with whatever he wanted. He went into another room and made a few phone calls, then returned to me.

He found me a belt that kept my coat together while we travelled down stairs in the Lift and out to his car. While he was driving, he took his minute Penis out of his trousers and made me wank him until he came.

He didn't ejaculate much fluid, so I didn't mind when he told me to lick it all up. We drove for about 15 minutes, then turned into a Car Park in side a recreational Park. It was extremely late at night by now, so there were no children around. Bill stopped the engine, got out of the car and told me to take my coat off and sit in the backof the car. Part of this agreement was that I was not to ask any questions and obey whatever he asked, so I sat there, naked and with great trepidation and fear.

The next thing that hapened was that Bill appeared at the car windowand told me to push the button to open the window fully. When I did that I spotted a queue of men about 20 deep and the man at the front of the queue had his huge cock in his hand. Bill told me that I had to let each man squeeze my uders, while I wanked them until they cum.

He stood in front of them taking £20 notes f rom them and making sure they only touched my tits. Some of them were re ally rough, some more tactile and there cocks differed in size so much. I'd never seen so many in one go.

When they had all taken their turn, Bill got back in the car anddrove me back to his flat. I begun to think that I had over-priced my fee if that was all that was expected of me, but of course, it wasn't.

When Bill opened the cage of the Lift, he pulledmy coat from me and push ed me into his hall. He opened the door of the Lounge and I saw 5 men si tting on chairs in a large circle. They were aged between about 25 and 70. Bill lead me into the centre of the ring and laid me down on the floor on my back.

He blindfolded me and then I heard him say a man's name. T here was a rustling noise above me and I realised this man had removed t he Dressing Gown he had been wearing(they were all wearing tunics or gow ns). Then I felt my legs being pulled apart and a hand slidinto the shav en crack of my cunt. This man wasquite experienced and knew how to make my clit throb. I felt the wetness of my cunt on his hand and then he pulled away.

I sensed that someone was standing astride me over my face. I thought they might kneel down and force their cock into my mouth, but I was wrong and screamed as my face was flooded with warm water. I knew from the smell that someone was peeing on me and as I opened my mouth they aimed the stream of warm urine directly into my throat.

I coughed, spluttered, but dare not spit, so swallowed as much as i could. Then it stop ped and I was rolled onto my front. I guessed again that when they had me on all fours, that someone would try to fuck me "doggie style", but I knew this was impossible because of my short legs, but again my speculation proved unreliable. This time my arse was tilted as far up as they could get it and then felt something cold, hard but round introduced into my wet cunt. It seemed to get larger as it was pushed inside me. It felt really strange and I wanted to push it out, but somebody was just holding it in place.

Then I felt a sudden jab of pain in my arsehole, it felt like nothing I' d ever felt before. I triedto scream, but a large sweaty hand clamped ov er my mouth. The pain at the other end subsided as a large object was eased into my sphincter. With my cunt full and now my arse being filled a s well, I thought I would pass out, but somehow kept awake, my arse was truly fucked with this object, which didn't feel quite as hard and cold as the one being held quite still in my cunt!

I began to relax just a little and my cunt let out a stream of cum as my arse began to throb with excitement. With this, the objects functins were swapped and my cunt was subjected to a long hard pounding, while the object up my arse was held in place.

Again and again, my juices soaked the hand that was forcing the object in and out of my cunt. Finally, I heard Bill order them to stop, then he bent down and whispered that I was to stay exatly in that position while he removed the blindfold.

My arse and cunt were still full of both objects and I was too scar ed to move for fear ofhurting myself. With my eyes now uncovered I slowly lifted my head to look ahead of me, only to see myself staing back. A large free-standing mirror had been placed in front of me and when I looked closer I noticed my rear was reflected as well, because there was a similar mirror behind me. When I realised that I had a large Cucumber poking out of my arse and a Champagne magnum poking out of my cunt I passed out.

Bill had videoed the whole orde al and promised copies to each of the men to add to their collections. When I woke up, my body was free of the intrusions and the 6 men were eat ing cucumber sandwiches and drinking champagne They all toasted me one by one. Bill handed me the cheque, gave me my coat and escorted me to my car. He again thanked me for my time and mentioned that I had been inititiated into the "5 to 1 Club". I was a life member and if I wanted a copy of "my" video, I must give him my address.

I laughed out loud and locked myself in my car, then drove around the corner. I stopped the car nd burst into tears. I had never been so humiliated, confused or angry. But then I remembered my cheque and realised that if I could erase the memory of how I earned it, I could live the kind of life I'd only dreamt about. Next day, the cheque was paid into my account, but 6 days later it still hadn't cleared.

The Bank sent me a letter saying that it had been cancelled and that they couldn't honour it. I was totally irate and decided to drive to Bill's flat, but when I got there, the Concierge wouldn't let me into the building. I stood outside and shouted at the top of my voice what had happened, but the Police were called and they wouldn't believe my word against a Peer of the Realm, as I then found out Bill was. But he was no man of honour though.

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Masturbating Cam Girl

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Written by Wendy (April 2000)

I went to pick up my best friend Jan for a day of shopping at the mall. When I got to Jan's house she was in the kitchen getting her two girls ready for the school bus. I had noticed Jan was a little upset, so I asked what was wrong.

She said she would tell me after the girls left for school. Jan is married to Nick who work's with my husband Tom at the same office, so we''re all pretty close. After the girls left for school Jan told me she acting upset with Nick because she wanted more money for shopping. Well, it worked. Nick came in the kitchen telling Jan he was sorry.

Nick asked Jan if she was okay as he patted her on the ass and gave her some money. Jan said she was fine as she kissed Nick on the cheek and gave me a little wink. I ask Jan what was that all about and she said control. That's when she told me her little secret. How she control Nick and get him to do what ever she want. Jan you must tell me I need that kind of control over Tom.

She asked me if Tom like anal love making. I told Jan that we never tried it and I wouldn't let him - no way. Jan said all men love anal sex and that's how she controls Nick. I get Nick all work up for anal love making by exposing my ass and ass hole to him every chance I get and it drives Nick wild. When Nick came in form working late I was in the bed with my ass all ready for him. 'What you mean ready for him' I asked.

Jan said 'I'll put some baby oil all over my ass, so when he came to bed last night he could see and smell the baby oil on my ass. Then he started kissing and licking my ass and I'll tell him to stop. Then I told him oh Nick just put the head of your cock between my ass cheeks and not in my ass hole and leave it there. So I pulled my ass cheeks apart as Nick put the head between my ass cheeks. Nick leave it there And I can feel it growing between my cheek. I give his cock a little squeeze with my cheek and Nick start to give my ass little stroke with his cock. I'm acting like I'm sleep when I feel the head of his cock slide in my asshole.'

'Oh Nick your in my ass Nick please stop. So I squeeze my ass cheeks down on his cock the more I squeezed the more Nick cock stroked in and out of my. Nick moaning mmmmmmmm! I squeeze my cheeks together and tell Nick to stop PLEASE STOP. I can feel Nick Cummin in my asshole - it's so hot inside me I start to cum also but can't let Nick know I'm enjoying it as well. So I start acting upset telling Nick you were in my ass On dam you Nick you were in my ass.'

Nick put his arms around me telling me he's so sorry. I can feel Nick's cum coming from my ass as he whisper in my ear he's sorry.

' So do you think your ready to try anal love making for that control over him' Jan asked me.

That's another story - Cummin soon.

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Yana Demonstrates her White Vibrator

Monday, September 10, 2007

Camilla Ranks 69

I was looking at my ranking on Cunning Luinguist, and noticed it was a 69 a few minutes ago. So does that mean my lips are planted on my lover's cock, his tongue exploring my pussy? I should hope so!

Naked in the Sunlight

Written by Linda Marie Van Tassell (March 2000)

Junior High was a very difficult time for me. My body still clung to its baby fat, my mother had cut my hair really short, I wore black-rimmed glasses, and my front two teeth were missing thanks to an accident in gym. To say that I wasn't very popular would be an understatement.

The most popular kids from the more wealthy families seemed to mingle in their own "click" and if you weren't one of them, you were an outcast.

The fact that I grew up downtown and was the only white girl in my neighborhood didn't help matters much either. In fact, until my tenth grade year in high school, I was the only white girl on my school bus. It was really strange. Because I wasn't black, none of the black children wanted to have anything to do with me. They had their own little "click" going on.

Because I wasn't from a well-to-do white family, none of the white children in school wanted to have anything to do with me. Having a father whom committed suicide and then growing up in an abusive home, I became what the world would call a "loner." Yet, my life necessitated being alone. No one could know the things that were happening in my home. In fact, it was a matter of survival.

It seems so ironic in looking back that I considered school to be my "out" - my haven away from the hell of home. Yet, even at school, I was withdrawn, introverted, and inside of a shell that no one could break. I seemed to walk alone among the crowd, unnoticed, unwanted, and "unloved," as my mother would say.

The summer break in between Junior High and High School served as a reprieve - a time of preparation for high school. During that summer, as I watched the buds blossom into gardens of beautiful flowers, I hardly noticed as I, too, blossomed. We got a beautiful boxer puppy that summer, and I would run and play with her all day long.

All of that running caused me to shed all of that baby fat. I was a sleek and sexy size 7, with a 34B bustline, which was more than enough for my slender body. My hair also became very long - blonde tresses falling halfway down my back. And miracle of miracles! The glasses were tossed. That was the summer that I realized that I was quickly becoming a woman.

I suddenly took an interest in my appearance, started wearing make-up, and paid particular attention to everything that I wore. I found that no matter what I wore, I looked great. Being skinny was great. I can't tell you how many times men would break their necks trying to get a look at me. I would walk downtown every day just so I could hear the whistles, hear the praises, and see the responses.

I remember one day when one man nearly ran into a brick wall because he wasn't watching where he was driving. He turned his self around in the driver seat to look back at me. Inside, it lifted my spirits so greatly. For the first time ever, I had a sense of confidence that I had never known before.

And so, high school began - It was 1983 and break-dancing was all the rage. "Pioneers Through The Years," was the cry of the school. I remember Mr. Clark and Miss Hix doing the jitterbug at the pep rally.

Mr. Clark wore these really tight pants, with a black tank top, while Miss Hix wore a brown flowery dress that practically looked like a moo-moo. The auditorium was filled with the sounds of disco, Saturday Night Fever, the Beach Boys, and then, with the new fad - punk rock.

It was time of spirit, a time of fun, and a time of self-expression. That was also the year that I caught the eye of Tim Campbell, a senior and an officer in the Marine ROTC program, which I joined for the first time that year. I suppose I felt flattered that he noticed me; but for some reason, I also found him to be incredibly attractive.

He was a mixture of suave, sex, and roughness - a typical Marine. When he asked me out, I didn't hesitate to jump at the chance. The smile on his face when I said, "Yes," should have been an indication of what was going through his mind. I'm sure that he knew that I just felt lucky to be noticed, and so we started seeing one another.

Of course, it was kind of hush-hush. It wouldn't have looked too good, after all, for a senior to be dating a freshman. Yet, I didn't care. I just loved to look at him; and getting to spend time alone with him was like a dream come true. He was a "god" to me.

I worshipped him with my eyes, praised him with my smile, and adored him with every word. The transition from a girl to a woman is a difficult time for any female.. To have a man take you by the hand and lead you there can be such a blessing. It can also be a nightmare.

A virgin knows not the ways of man, and her naivete makes her blind. And blind I was. It was Saturday morning when I got the call. Tim asked me if I would like to go with him for a drive through the mountains. It was such a beautiful, sunny day; and of course, I jumped at the chance. When I hung up the phone, I was practically dancing around the room, from closet, to the mirror, to the bed, back to the closet, to the mirror, to the bed. I couldn't decide what to wear. I had to look perfect! I finally decided upon a red cotton mini skirt, which seemed to just float around my thighs when I walked.

I also wore a white button-down blouse with a hint of a ruffle at the cuff. My little white boots with anklets were perfect; and since Tim always liked for me to wear my hair down, I just slid a hair band through the front and let it cascade gently down my back.

The sound of his horn -I ran down the steps, out the front door, literally jumped off the front porch, and climbed up into his truck. He looked so debonair. Those blue eyes of his were to die for. That smile, and his hair! I always loved to run my fingers through his hair. Being a typical "Marine," he had a crew cut; and I just adored it.

He still had a sort of baby face, but this great rough and sexy exterior. Boy was I lucky! I was so happy. We rode with the windows down, and the wind just blew through my hair. It felt like fingers were just caressing me all over. Tim asked me to sit closer to him, so I slid over in the seat to be by his side.

He put his arm around me, and I just leaned against his chest - that brawny chest. I sighed in contentment, smiled in joy, and giggled as his hand accidentally brushed against my breast. I didn't say anything as I was so embarrassed, and he just grinned to himself. O! It was a glorious day.

The sky overhead was powder blue, with not a cloud in sight. The trees and flowers were all in bloom. Birds were chirping happily in the trees, and people were out everywhere walking and running or just strolling hand-in-hand up the avenue. We turned right onto Old Coffee Road and headed for the parkway.

The sinuous, winding and curvy roads led us into what appeared to be heaven. The sound of the river water running over the dam was like a mini-waterfall running straight into my heart. Tim parked the truck, and we got out and walked along the trail together..

He would lead and I would follow. When I needed help, he would lean to give me his hand to pull me up. At one point, when climbing the Indian Rocks, I lost my balance when he pulled me up; and I fell straight against his body. He wrapped his around me and held me right. I was so nervous that I hid my face within his chest and just pressed myself close against him so he wouldn't see the tear that found its way into the cotton of his shirt.

He gently pushed me away from him, while holding onto my arms. He looked straight into my eyes and said, "I want to kiss you so bad." Then, he took his hands and cupped my face, as he leaned down to kiss me. His lips were so soft and his kisses so gentle. I remember a small moan escaping from my mouth, and his mouth seemed to just swallow it up.

His lips covered mine; and as his kisses became more ardent, his tongue slipped between my lips in search of mine. I just melted into him completely as I felt my breath being stolen away. His fingers were in my hair, pulling me tighter against him, and I could feel something hard pressed against my leg.

I tried to pull away, but he said, "please, let me." And so, I let him continue to kiss me. I was no longer standing on my own. My knees were too weak. His kisses were like wine, and I was so drunk that I couldn't even stand. Only strength of his arms held me up. And so, I was breathless. He pulled away from me and said, "let's go."

We climbed back down the rocks and made our way back to the truck. The drive was just lovely, and we seemed to drive on and on forever. The mountains themselves seemed to give way to fields of green. There were rolling hills and old farmhouses along the way, with cows grazing lazily in the sun.

Tim kept driving until we came to an old abandoned barn of sorts, and he pulled around behind it and parked his truck.
When he saw the look of trepidation upon my face, he said, "Don't worry. I just wanted us to have some privacy. I want to be alone with you."
I didn't know what to say, and as he leaned over to kiss me, I didn't resist.

As he brushed a kiss to the side of my throat, I inhaled deeply. With a smile on his lips and a flame in his eyes, he lifted a hand to touch my face. His hand moved up to stroke my hair; and then, his fingers burrowed into the flowing tresses and raised my face more fully to his. He let his blue eyes drink from the ocean of mine.

"I want to make love to you," he said; and with a hint of savage sexuality in his eyes, his hot mouth brushed mine.

The heat of his body was like a flame, which leapt from his body to mine; and through my clothes, I could feel the fervor of his passion, like a fire. I was intimately aware of his nearness and his power over me. And, try as I might, I could not deny the erotic visions that kept rising in my mind. I shut my eyes tightly. It did no good.

After countless heated kisses and persuasive caresses, I had finally given in. I allowed him to slowly, enticingly, and bewitchingly remove my clothes, one by one. He gently commanded me to open my eyes; and I was so aroused, that I would have obeyed any command.

He made me watch as he stripped off his clothes one piece at a time. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt; and as he did so, I was mesmerized by his fingers upon the buttons. It was symbolic of how he had opened my feelings, my heart, and my soul. I was like a rose about to plucked. He then stripped off his pants, under which he wore no underwear.

When his hard cock sprang forth, I let loose a moan. I couldn't believe the size of it. I had never seen a man's penis before, and I was caught completely by surprise. I was shocked when he took one hand and wrapped his fingers around its hardness; and looking straight into my eyes as if daring me to look away, he said, "Do you want to suck it?"

I was holding my breath. I didn't know what to say.
Instead, I was like a stupid child, stammering, "I.. I.... I don't know how."

I lowered my head in shame; but looked up again when I felt the weight of his body pushing me back against the seat. With my head press against the passenger door, I was caught between his heavy body and the rough texture of the upholstery.

With his hands reaching above me to open the passenger door, his lips came crashing down upon mine. I struggled beneath him, saying, "No, please. Please, stop."

"You want me," he said. "I can see it in your eyes. It's all right. Don't worry."

I vainly tried to deny what we both knew was the truth. I squirmed, my body already afire from his skilled touch. He continued to tenderly caress me while he looked into my eyes and murmured seductive endearments to me.
Finally, he said, "Kiss me, sweetheart. Kiss me and tell me that you want me."

His hard, handsome face came closer, so close that his breath was hot upon my cheek. I lifted a hand to his thick brown hair, anxiously drew his mouth down to mine, kissed him hungrily, and murmured against his burning lips, "I do want you. I do. I can't help myself."

"I know," he said. "But first, I'm going to show you how to suck me."

With that, he lifted his body off of mine. He slowly pulling himself upwards, until his legs were over the edge of the seat and he could use his hands to hold on to the roof of the truck. He then straddled my face, telling me, "Suck it. Suck it for me, baby."

"No. No. I won't. Never." I said, shaking my head. He used one hand to pull my hair and hold my head in place while pushing his hard cock against my closed lips.

"Open your mouth," he said. "I promise you'll like it."

Although I struggled, it was in vain. I could not get away from him; and as he continued to press against my lips, I finally opened my mouth as he pushed his way inside.

"Oh yeah, baby. That's it." He said. "Oooohhh... Your mouth is so nice and warm. It feels just like a pussy."

I couldn't respond. I couldn't do anything but let him have his way with me. His slow sliding in and out of my mouth became more impassioned; and as he increased in tempo, he also increased the depth to which he plunged.

I nearly gagged when he thrust himself so deep inside of my mouth that he was in my throat. I could actually feel his cock against the back of my throat! I frantically tried to move away, but I couldn't. His hand gripped my hair even tighter.

"Don't move. Just relax. Relax." He said.
His thrusts were quick and deep. Over and over again, he fucked my face, pulling my hair ever tighter. My throat felt raw from his constant pounding; and as the tears fell from my eyes, a look of compassion came over him.

He pulled himself out of my mouth and then slowly eased his body back down upon me. With his entire body once again stretched out upon the length of mine, he softly caressed my cheek.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, sweetheart." He said. "I know you're not used to it. It's just your first time. Trust me, though. All women do it. You'll learn to like it. I promise."

With that, I watched as his lips languidly descended to mine. It was a slow burning kiss of such compelling potency, that I felt as if I were already a part of him. And still, the kiss continued.

He kissed me and touched me and murmured forbidden sexual promises that brought me to a dangerous boiling point. He moved his slim hips between my parted thighs.

He slid down and carefully positioned himself so that only the smooth tip of his hard cock was touching my slick swollen sweetness.

"Open your eyes and look at me," he said softly but firmly. My eyes fluttered open, and I looked at him. While our gazes locked, he took my hand in his, drew it down, and wrapped my trembling fingers around his erection.

His hand fell away. I gripped him and anxiously guided him into me. And I sighed with the incredible bliss of it.
Perfectly judging my readiness and need, Tim waited only seconds before beginning the deep, rhythmic thrusting that my overheated body demanded. Immediately, I felt myself being swept into a vortex of carnal pleasure.

I clung to him, experiencing a spiraling sensation of ecstasy so frightening that I screamed. The buffeting pain-pleasure was unlike anything that I had ever known. Then, a sweet explosion of heat washed over me, leaving me weak and happy and glowing. My arms wrapped around his neck, my breath coming in pants. I licked my dry lips and smiled foolishly as I felt every muscle in my sated body slacken totally.

Watching, Tim kissed my parted lips. He stayed as he was; and as my rapid heartbeat began to slow and my limp body began to come back to life, I realized that he had not yet attained release. He was still hard within me. Lost in the impenetrable blueness of his eyes, I lay very still, looking at him, not sure how to handle the situation.

Nothing like this had ever occurred before. Surprisingly, I felt myself rapidly growing excited again, lured by the heat of his eyes and the hardness of him expanding inside me. I enjoyed anew the building of sexual excitement, impulsively lifted a hand up behind his head.

He began to softly kiss my lips, my delicate shoulders, and my breasts; and soon, I was bucking up against him, fevered once more. I tossed my head back and my breathing deepened. I pressed my hips up against him.

At that moment, I looked into his eyes, spoke his name, and Tim started to spasm. His started mine, and together we came in a rush of wild delirium that left our hearts pounding, our bodies slick with perspiration.

Again he easily guided me to total satisfaction; and this time, the depth of my climax was even greater. I lay helplessly beneath him. We were both unable to move for several long minutes, the sunlight playing over our limp, moist bodies. I gave a gentle sigh of satisfaction as I watched Tim slide his body down and off of mine.

He opened the driver-side door of the truck and stood there smiling at me as he began to put his clothes back on. Just as he was zipping his jeans, he asked me, "Did you like that?"

"Yes," I said, in between a whisper and a sigh.
"Well, I want you to do one more thing for me," he said.
"What?" I asked, as I leaned up on my elbows to look at him.
"I want you to make love to my friends," he said, as he stepped away and out of sight.
"What!?!" I stammered as I began to get up.

At that moment, a friend of his, Robbie Harris, stepped into view.
He was completely naked, and I screamed in horror as I turned onto my knees to try and get out of the passenger-side door.

I screamed once again as another friend of his, Kent Yaffe, appeared on my side of the truck. Robbie, all of a sudden, pulled my legs out from under me; and I fell down against the seat.

I was surprised and shocked as I felt the head of his cock pressing against the entrance of my ass, then the head of his cock was pushed slowly and forcefully into my tight, virgin asshole.

"No!" I screamed. "Please! I'll do anything, Please. No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o."

The pain was unbelievable in its intensity. I felt him push deeper and deeper. It felt like a red-hot poker was splitting my body in half; and still, the monstrous mass inched its way into my virgin flesh.

The pain filled me so completely that I could hardly breath; and if that weren't bad enough, Kent said, "Come here, baby, and suck on this cock!" Kent pulled my head up by the hair and forced his hard cock into my mouth.

Robbie paused for a second; and with a quick, brutal thrust, his shaft was buried to the hilt. His balls slapped against the cheeks of my ass, and he took on a slow rhythm of sliding back the full length of his long cock and then rapidly thrusting forward.

I could only whimper as a flood of white pain shot up my spine and into my brain so that I saw stars. Waves of pain washed over my whole being, and seemed to freeze my heart. He kept repeating the painful slide out and the savage impaling thrust forward deep inside my ass.

I was swallowed up in a sea of pain. I was dimly aware of him saying, "Ooooohhhh! You make my dick so hard!" At the same time, Kent was thrusting in and out of my mouth.

Robbie began driving rhythmically, slowly fucking me as if he were a lover. Every thrust was agony. My body trembled and dripped with sweat as I fought to breathe and endure the pain from the slow powerful fucking that my body was receiving on both ends.

I couldn't believe the horror of it! Robbie was thrusting hard, painfully into my ass; and Kent was pumping his rock hard cock in and out of my mouth. As if they had done it a thousand times, the thrust of one dick in my mouth and one in my ass became unified -a long slow slide of cock back through my ass and almost out my mouth then a forceful slide back in.

Together they slowly picked up speed. Robbie's cock pounded into me so hard that I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.

At the same time, Kent's massive cock strangled and choked me. I could only endure it as their thrusts came at a frenzied and heated pace until, suddenly, there came a red-hot explosion as both Robbie and Kent came, pouring a flood of cum into both ends of my body.

As Robbie, pulled out of me, he slapped my ass, saying, "Nice to meet you."

Kent pulled himself out, rubbing cum across my face, and then thrust himself inside of my mouth again. After forcing himself in and out of my mouth a couple of more times, he finally pulled out, saying, "Yeah! Tim's a lucky guy."

I lay there helpless, unable to move, as the sunlight played over my naked body. Tim, then, got into the truck, making me sit up and put my clothes back on. "Don't worry," he said. "This means nothing to me. I was only amusing myself."

His cruel blue eyes locked on me as he calmly shut the door, started the ignition, and pulled off. My nerves raw, my body spent, I felt the hot tears sliding down my cheeks.

I closed my eyes hoping to shut away the nightmare, but I couldn't. I was miserable and confused. All I had ever dreamed of, longed for, hoped would happen, now fell away.

He had raped not only my body but also my mind and my soul. My heart was unhappy. I was a fool... As he pulled up in front of my house, he said to me, "I want you to have this."

He held out his hand; and as I lifted my eyes to see, I started crying in horror as I took the picture in my hands.

"You better rest while you can;" and kissing my lips he said, "I can think of better places for your lips." And so, I live with the memories of being naked in the sunlight.