Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Karol's Erotic Adventures: Part 2 (Jealosy)

By Karol
Written by a woman.

I walked into the bar after agreeing to meet her there at 9:00.

I was a few minutes late, traffic had been a real bitch and finding a parking spot at the bar was next to impossible.
Not to mention that I had just been thru a impossible day with work.
So many problems that had to be solved right away.
I had snapped at numerous people during the day as it progressively got worse.
I was stressed out and at the end of my rope.
The one pleasant thot in my mind was looking forward to just having a drink and talking with my lover.
She has this incredible way of calming me down with just a smile.

The place was packed, people everywhere, I had to literally push my way thru the crowd which seemed to annoy me a bit.
I saw her at the end of the bar.
She was wearing tight jeans and a long sleeve tee.
God she looked incredible.
I stopped dead in my tracks tho when I noticed the two females she was talking to.
They were laughing at something she was telling them.

I could see how they were looking at her.
I really couldn't blame them, she is so lovely to look at and once you talk to her you are immediately taken in by her intense eyes.
I felt a pang of jealously rip thru my heart as I watched her lean closer to one of them, like she was trying to hear over the music and the crowd.
Oh great I thought to myself, this is the last thing I needed to see today.

The tall blonde placed her hand on her arm and whispered in her ear.
God, I felt like an arrow pierced my heart as I watched her whisper back to the blonde.
What were they talking about?
My mind raced as I tried to decide what to do.
I was so tired from the long day, my thoughts were confused, I love her so much I thought, but maybe its not the same for her.

How many times had we said I love you to each other, did she mean it?
Did she need more than I was giving her?
Somehow I convinced myself for that brief second maybe she wanted this tall blonde more then me.
At that moment she looked over and saw me, I must of had a strange look on my face cause her face took on a puzzled look.

She said "Hi Baby" over the beat of the music.
The blonde said something else before I could respond and she looked at her and laughed again.
"Fuck it" I thought, I can't handle this tonite.
I turned to walk out, but got no more then a few steps before she grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"where you going hon?" she leaned to kiss my lips.
I felt her lips press against mine. "I just had a really fucked up day hon, maybe we should just forget tonite"
My mind was saying "maybe you should just go enjoy your new friend"
She smiled and said "No, lets not forget tonite, lets get you a drink baby, I'm so happy to see you"
I think I smiled a little bit, cause she leaned close to my ear and said "I loveyou"
God, everytime she says that I feel a chill go thru me.
She slid her arm around my waist and led me to the bar and ordered a mudslide for me and another glass of wine for herself.

While we waited for the drinks she leaned me against the bar and stared into my eyes
"so...you had a bad day darling?" she said and leaned to press her lips on mine.
All my tensions from the day just melted away. I forgot about the two she had been talking to.
I forgot about breathing I think.
Her kisses have that affect.
I just become totally absorbed in her, her smile, her perfume, her body, just lost in her.
All doubts of her love for me died in that simple sweet kiss.

Our drinks came, and we sipped them slowly, her staring at me, god her eyes could burn straight thru to my soul.
I want you now, I thought, hell, when don't I want her?
I would have to wait till later, no sense getting all riled here in the bar.
"Come to my window" started up softly on the jukebox , she grabbed my hand and led me to a slightly dark corner, she slipped my hands around her waist, and slid hers up my shoulders around my neck, pressed her body close to mine and started to move to the music.

Here we were dancing in the corner, couples everywhere, bodies moving to the music, her lips found my neck, shivers ran thru me.
I'm so sensitive on my neck, the beat of the music, the words were flowing thru my mind.
The pressure of her warm body against mine as we moved was stirring desires hot thru me.
My hand moved to her chin, to lift her lips to mine.
Pressing softly, feeling her passion flow back thru my lips like a soft electric charge.
God how I loved her so at the moment, like every other moment in my life. "I want you right now" came off her lips as we kissed. My mind whirled with thots of kissing her body, kissing every inch of her, but how could we here? "ummmm me too hon" I murmured back against her lips.

I felt my shirt being pulled out of my jeans, felt her backing me against the wall, her lips were like hot fire on mine, my mind was clouding in my thots of what I wanted from her.
I felt her hand slide under my shirt, felt my pussy go wet instantly as her fingers brushed against my skin.
Felt her unsnap my jeans and slide the zipper down, felt her pull my shirt over her hand as she slid her hand down into my panties.

Felt a groan escape my lips as her fingers reached my wetness.
Her tongue slid thru my lips as she shoved her hand down harder, I was thanking god I had worn baggy jeans.
She broke our kiss and pulled her head back to look at me.

She stared straight into my eyes, a smile on her lips as she worked her fingers back and forth across my clit, I could feel my own juices sliding on her fingers.
I just stood there, locked in her stare, feeling as she slid a finger into me, I looked around to see if anyone was noticing us here in the corner.
I don't think I cared, it felt too good.
I looked back at her as she started to work her finger back and forth in my pussy.
Her smile became a grin the harder she fucked me.
My breathing was coming in short gasps as I watched her eyes .
She fucked me with her finger, she fucked me with her eyes.

Didn't take long for the orgasm to build up.
She noticed my eyes start to go wide and my pussy start to tighten on her finger, she leaned and smashed her lips against mine as I started to cum.

She kissed me thru that orgasm, as it ripped thru me, I tried to scream or moan or something to release the explosion in my mind, but her lips silenced me.
My head was spinning like crazy, my legs were weak.
When she pulled back from the kiss all I could say breathlessly was "GodDAMN baby, that was awesome"
She pulled her hand out of my jeans, smoothed my shirt over to cover my undone button and zipper, looked at me and said with a grin
"that felt Great!"
I grabbed her and kissed her hard.
I looked around quickly saw a door to my left marked "office".
Before a word could be said I took her hand and led her quickly to the room, shutting the door behind me I turned her around and kissed her again.
No words had to be spoken, she knew what I wanted and she offered no resistance, she wanted it too.

I looked into her lust filled eyes and pulled her closer still, lifted her shirt over her head, before it was clear from her head my tongue was licking along the edge of her bra, she dropped her shirt as I licked along the valley between her breasts.

I groaned into her skin as the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils, the texture of her bra on my tongue.
I licked at her nipples thru the material, felt them come alive and harden.
"oh god" she moaned as she held tight to my shoulders.

My hands worked at the button on her jeans, the zipper came down, she reached around me to help me slide them down as I gently bit down on her nipple thru the bra.
Once she had stepped out of them, I dropped to my knees, pulling her to the carpet with me.
I Moved myself between her legs and lifted her bra above her breasts to free them.

God, I couldn't wait, I wanted to do so much to her, wanted to taste her, to love her, to show her the passion that burned deep inside me for her.

My lips sucked her breast in hungrily.
Like an animal feeding I ravaged each breast back and forth while she moaned wildly in my arms.
I could feel her stomach rising and falling rapidly against mine.
I literally dragged my tongue down the center of her body.

Down to her panties as I backed up slowly to position myself.

She opened her legs wide and I could see her wetness on her panties, I licked at the material, feeling her softness beneath it.

Tasting the familiar sweet juices of my precious lover, my mind flooding with a whitehot intense passion for her.

I pushed her panties to the side and buried my lips around her clit, sucking its sweetness into my mouth.
Her hands immediately were in my hair, twisting her fingers to grip and hold me there like she was afraid i would stop.
I wanted so bad to to torture her long and slow, but i couldn't, I needed to feel her pleasure now, needed to feel her sweet pussy contracting on me.
I slid a finger into her deep wet tight pussy.
Heard her say my name as she arched to meet my hand.
I licked back and forth at her sweet little hard clit.
Flicking my tongue back and forth wildly, chasing it with my tongue as my finger slid in and out of her wetness.

Surely, I thot I could never show her how much I loved her enough, this had to be the only way to show her, the only way I knew how.

Her hips were moving to meet my finger, she was moaning my name over and over, her fingers gripping my hair so tight pushing me down as my tongue worked her clit.

Her pussy started to contract tightly on my finger as I shoved it in and out of her.
My excitement built as I felt her orgasm start to roar thru her, as I heard her shout my name out in a raspy passion filled scream.

GOd she came so hard, her body shuddered, her pussy drenched my hand, I removed my finger and licked her softly as her orgasm spasmed its wild course thru her tortured mind.
She calmed as I licked her softly, filling my throat with her cum, covering my lips in her sweetness.
Feeling every drop of tension leave my tired mind as my love for her overflowed my heart and mind.
I smiled as I crawled up her body, her arms moved around me to pull me ontop of her, my lips moved down to hers, as I shared her passion with her.

"I Love You" she said and smiled weakly at me.

"Me, too baby, I love you!"
We ended up getting her dressed and walked out of that little room holding hands.

The two girls she had been talking to smiled at us.

She squeezed my hand hard as we walked by them.
We finished our drinks and danced a little more, before heading home.
We made love again before we fell asleep together
. My last thought as I drifted off was that I could live thru a million bad days as long as she was there at the end of each one.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Karol's Erotic Adventures: Part 1 (Did you notice)

By Karol
Written by a woman.

Did you notice Baby, when I slipped in your door this morning at 3:55 a.m?

Did you hear me walk into your bedroom?
You were fast asleep.
I could just barely make out your form on your bed.
Did you notice I pulled the sheets out from the foot of the bed and crawled up next to your legs?
I was trying so hard to be quiet, but at the same time so excited to be near you.

You were breathing so steady.
I couldn't see your face but you were turned on you side.
I found myself running my hands up your legs.
God, I thought to myself "Such sexy smooth legs".
Did you notice my hands were trembling?
I lightly caressed your legs up your calves to your knees.
My fingers were light as feathers because you didn't seem to stir much, maybe you were dreaming something pleasant, I don't know I couldn't see your face, could only hear your soft breathing.

I could feel my breathing was changing just from being near you, I traced your skin as lightly as i could up your thighs.
Did you notice when I reached your panties?
I don't think you did.
You were sleeping so hard.
So tired out from your long day.
Did you notice when my finger slipped under the edge of your panties?
You must of noticed something because you shifted and sighed in your dreamy state, rolling onto your back.
You made me jump a little because I wasn't expecting any movement from you.
I was pleasantly pleased to find your position had become more favorable.
God how I wanted you so bad, wanted to taste you on my lips, wanted your sweet juices all over my tongue.

Did you notice when i slipped your panties so lightly off your hips?
Slid them down as softly and quickly as I could.
My heart was beating so hard for you baby, I'm sure if you had been awake you would of heard it pounding deep in my chest.
Did you notice when I parted your legs ever so slowly?
Your such a deep sleeper.
I was thinking if I could just taste you for a second then I could lie down next to you and sleep with you.
Maybe in the morning when you woke up we would make love.
But I just had to have a little taste of you.

Did you notice when my tongue lightly brushed against your clit?
Oh god that felt so good.
Just once is never enough.
Did you notice when I teased and sucked your clit into my mouth?
I was trying so hard to be quiet as I laid there between your legs.
I heard a soft moan escape your lips.
I tried so hard to be as gentle as I could.
My purpose wasn't to wake you, only to taste your sweetness once before falling asleep next to you.

Did you notice when my tongue lightly traveled down your soft pussy lips?
I noticed how wet you had become.
Was your subconscious taking this all in and letting your body react as you slept?
I don't know, I just know what the simple taste I wanted was now a craving to have more of you, all of you.
God , how my tongue stroked your pussy softly and slowly.
Moving back and forth across and up and down as I lapped at your sweet tasting juices.

I know I heard you moan, was that my name coming off your lips?
I'm not sure, my head was spinning and reeling from your sweet nectar on my lips, your aroma as I breathed you in.
Did you notice when my tongue softly entered gently into your pussy?
I tried so hard to be a feather.
Sliding it in gently and slowly , licking softly, kissing your clit.
I was feeling my own pussy contract as i licked and dipped yours.
You shifted and your breathing became more ragged.
Is it possible to sleep thru this? Surely you will wake up soon and scream
"Take me" or something, but you didn't, I noticed.
I felt your warm wet pussy starting to spasm lightly on my tongue as I licked you.
Each time my tongue entered into you deep I could feel you growing tighter.

Each time I kissed your clit I could feel its throbbing.
I was in extacy.
The taste of you was overwhelming me.
I picked up my pace.
No concern for your slumber.
I only wanted to feel your explosion on my tongue.
Wanted to feel it grip me and hold me there.
Did you notice me then? I don't think you did, but your body knew I was there.

Your legs closed in automatically on my head as your pussy started to erupt with your orgasm.
Your body grew tense, your pussy took hold of my tongue as the ripples of pleasure rushed thru your sleeping body.
My name escaped from your lips.
Did you notice you came all over my tongue?
Did you notice I licked at you forever as your body calmed?
Could you smell your juices on my lips when I crawled up next to you and pulled your trembling body into my arms?
I don't think you did, I think your subconscious kept this little orgasm all to itself and didn't share it with your mind.
Thats ok, because I noticed your body's reactions and enjoyed them for you and will tell you about them in the morning when you wake up.
For now I'm just going to lie here and hold you and dream of you more.

Will you notice me when you first open your eyes in the morning?
I'm sure you will.
I'm lying so close to you I can hear your heartbeat.
Can you hear mine?
at this moment it beats for you.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Editor's Note: Okay, the next two posts are by a guy named Brian. These are not long ago posts that I am saving, but e-mails I got recently that started out something like, "Camilla, you are the smartest woman in the world, and though I really would like to meet you for lunch and discuss the works of Plato, Ibid and Descartes, I would settle for fucking your brains out behind the smoothie machine at 7-11."

Okay, the e-mail did not really go like that, but it sounded funnier the way I enhanced it. The guy even offered to send me pictures of his penis. Weak in the knees, I am right now. Without further ado, a couple of stories from Brian.

by Brian

“Wow! 3:50 in the afternoon, 10 more minutes until 4pm meeting, on a Friday afternoon”, I thought to myself wishing it was five o’clock already so I can get home and recover from an intense week at work. I am sitting at my desk bouncing my right leg as I am reading espn.com getting the latest sports headlines and scores.

“9 more minutes, I think in 4 minutes I need to go the bathroom, and then I’ll head off to the meeting.”, I said to myself.

I work for aerospace company as an engineer, every Friday is casual Friday, and you don’t need to show up in your nice dress clothes for work. So today I am wearing khaki pants, black shoes, and black polo shirt which is tucked in.

As the 8 minute mark approached, I started to clean up my desk, and get my notebook and pen to bring to the meeting, at that moment my hot sexy administrator just walked past me. Her name was Lisa. What made her so sexy was the way she dressed, always looking classy, and always looking primed for action. Today she was wearing short sleeved button up collared blouse. The color was a light gray, and the material was silk. She had on a very tight skirt, as she walked just covered her knees, with a slit up her right leg, that went up to her mid thigh area. To top it off she had a pair of 3” black heels that always made her legs longer and sexier.

It’s about 5 minutes until the meeting, thank goodness the conference room wasn’t too far from the restroom, so I went, did my business, and then stepped out, and at the same time Lisa stepped out from the bathroom. The initial hit of wind from opening the door, brushed her hair out and made her close her eyes for that moment, while I sneaked a peak and gave her a quick up and down glance. And I looked away instantly as she walked out.

Lisa and I don’t have much of a history, sometimes we would smile and say hi to each other passing by, or I would ask her for few work related items, but that’s about it. When I do visit her at her desk I noticed that she did have on a wedding ring and photo of her and husband on her desk.

3:59pm came around and everyone who was invited to that meeting showed up, and took their sets. Lisa sat towards the right side of, her body was perfectly straight, and her legs crossed. I was sitting at the other end of the conference room table opposite of the projector, facing the powerpoint presentation.

Our manager welcomed us to the meeting, and apologized for having it so late in the afternoon on a Friday, but he wanted together to get an update on the projects he is managing. So he went through some slides, and I sat there, bored as all can be, tapping my feet on the ground, and looking attentive, scratching notes in my notepad. Every now and then I would look at lisa, as she would fix her long hair, placing it behind her ear, and just looking hot. I had the back view, and didn’t have a great look at her as opposed to the guy sitting behind her.

About 35 minutes in the meeting, I kept looking at my watch, and counting down the minutes to go by. Lisa is still looking attentive and talking notes, as I start wandering off.

“And that’s how this project is progressing, and we have to remember that the deadline for this is three weeks away. Well, I think that’s all for this project, I am going to let Brian come up her to talk about the software milestones ahead of us, and how his team is doing, so Brian, the floor is yours.”

I was shocked because no one told me that I was supposed to give a status on software milestones.

So I got up from my seat, and started looking at the previous schedules and deadlines my manager had just shown and relating that to the milestones. In other words I was a complete disaster, trying to looking cool and in charge.

I kept looking at the group, and shying away from Lisa, just picking up a glance or two, and noticing how hot her legs were as she crossed, uncrossed, and crossed them again.

I was a mess, it’s Friday, I wasn’t prepared, I am stuttering, I am using the words “Uh” way too many times, and everyone looked so serious. So I had to wrap it up, now.

“And that’s the next couple of milestones that our team is working on. And the great news is that we are about 4 days ahead of schedule and should have our first software load ahead of schedule, any questions?”

We all know it’s Friday, and no one wanted to ask anything, we all wanted to go home.

Suddenly a sexy sultry voice came across the room.

“Brian, you mentioned you can be done with the initial development in a few days from now? I just wanted to make sure I got that comment correct since I am writing the minutes for this meeting”


God she is fucking hot, at that moment I was thinking:

“Brian, you mentioned your cock was satisfy any woman? I just wanted to make sure I got that comment correct so I can try it out for myself”

“Yes Lisa, that is correct, in a few days, any other questions?”

I can feel my cock bulging as I was looking at her, I was eye fucking her hard.

“Thank you”

I sat down, as my manager stood up, and says, “Well it sounds like we are on great schedule, and I know it’s Friday, and I know that most of you don’t care as of now, and you probably want to go home, but as a reward for everyone’s hard work, I think we all need a break, so in about 30 minutes meet me at the Claim Jumper on 4th Avenue for Drinks and snacks, and oh yeah, the drinks are on me!”

The room muttered, free drinks, free food, alcohol, you name it, the atmosphere was definitely on a high note.

Since Claim Jumper was about 2 minutes away from here, I decided to leave some of my personal items in my desk for the fear of getting too drunk and losing them. I put my wallet, keys, and ipod in my desk drawer.

I saw Lisa walking buy, as she smiled, and headed towards the exit, she was on her cell phone, I guess it was with her husband, I heard her say, “I love you.”

A buddy of mine gave me a lift to Claim Jumper, the group of 15 of us, from that meeting were already there, and my manager showed up on time, and told the bartender, “here is my credit card drinks and snacks for these people are on me.” So we ordered up, I got a beer for starters, and started talking with other people. I saw Lisa chatting with some of her girlfriends from the meeting drinking a Martini.

So after a few beers, and few shots, and few talks about weird shit, I think I was ready to head home. During the time, I kept my eye on lisa, looking at her hot body, her gorgeous smile, and soft skin, and her perfect hair, everything about her was perfect.

“Oh that’s a good buzz!” As I thought to myself.

So I went to the bathroom and took my last piss, and my coworker and I decided to go home. As I was looking for Lisa, I noticed she took off, I just wanted one more good look at her ass before I left, hoping to remember her imagine in my head so I can jerk off tonight.

So I got into tom’s car, and we took off, thank god for the DD.

I was looking around for my keys, and

“Shit, Tom do you mind dropping me off at the office, I left my keys there”

“yeah sure, do you need a ride home?”, Tom asked.

“Nah, I’m cool, I’ll call a cab”.

“You sure, I can wait”


“Promise not to drive home?”

“YES I PROMISE, I need my keys to get into my house!”

“Okay, if you say your cool, your cool!”

We approach the building, as I walk into the building, my bladder had to go again, so I went, washed my hands, and got a drink of water.

I was on my way back to my desk, I looked at the office clock and it was 11:51pm, the cleaning crew left, the lights were turned off, and it was really quiet.

Then I head a faint sound in the background, like someone was lifting something heavy. I thought was completely drunk and just imagining things. So I let it go, and decided not to investigate it.

Then I heard it again, this time it got louder, and louder, and louder.

“What the heck?”

So I followed the sound to the conference room were we had our meeting earlier today. I peaked around the wall, and looked in to the glass window, through the open blinds, and there was lisa sitting on the chair, her skirt was hiked up to her hips, and her right tight out from her blouse.

Her hands were in her panties, clearly massaging her pussy lips, as she moaned louder, and I looked over at the computer monitor she was looking at, and saw something, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

I looked closer, and saw that it was a hand on a cock, and it was being stroked.

“Oh baby, stroke it faster, and faster for me”, Lisa said.

Lisa’s hand was quickening, her touches have become a good long strokes of her pussy. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything well, especially after a night drinking.

I felt my cock getting really fucking hard, looking at her gorgeous body, as she fucked her pussy.

The cock on monitor was getting stroked faster and faster, and then “Oh hunny, move the camera to your pussy, a let me see you fuck your cunt!”

I saw lisa move the video camera between her legs, as she pulled off her panties, and spread her legs, placing both her feet on the edge of the table.

You can see her cunt, completely shaved, as I thought to myself, “I knew it”

The camera was positioned between her creamy thighs as she took two fingers and shoved it in her bald cunt, and fucked her swollen lips faster and faster. Her head rocked back on the chair, as you can see her body starting to lose control.

She kept looking at the cock on the monitor, and arching her back, as she leaned forward to her hand, fucking herself faster and harder.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me, I wish I can feel your cock inside me right now!!!”

The person on the monitor stroked his cock faster and harder, you can see the skin moving up and down with his hand, and you can see the camera zoom in and out from the tip of his cock. The precum was obvious as the zoom clearly made it.

Lisa rocked her body more, since it was dark it was hard to see what she was clearly doing.

“God I need a cock right now, I need to get fucked”, she muttered under her breath.

Just then the cock on the screen spew a glow of hot warm cum all over his hands. And lisa buckled her hips and let out a soft moan as she clearly has cum.

She sat there, touching her pussy, soothing it, as she brought the camera to her face, “I love you hunny, I really miss you, and I can’t wait to see you again. Just two weeks until you come home from England!!!”

The cock on the screen was now a face, and it was her husband.

“I love you lisa, I always have”

“I love you too baby, and thank you”

With that the connection was disconnected, and the image of her husband was gone.

But lisa still sat there, with her legs spread, her panties off, and the glare of the monitor shadowing her hot body.

Shell shocked by what I just seen, I noticed my cock was really fucking hard, and wet.

I stood there, kind of embarrassed of what I seen, but more intrigued of what is to happen next.

Just then lisa, reach into her purse, and got something out. I couldn’t tell what it was, then I heard a humming sound.

She slid the object into her pussy, the humming sound got loud, the soft, loud, and soft.

I realized she was fucking herself with a mini vibrator. I watched her cup her 36C breast sucking on her nipples as she let her hand control her pleasure, as she slid the toy in and out of pussy.

She was talking to herself, “God I need a fuck, it’s been 2 weeks, I need it, I want to feel it again”

I don’t know if she was aware that I saw her exhibition, but I didn’t know what to do.

So I just stood there, watching her, see her shaved cunt swallowing this toy, as she spread her legs more and more, fucking it harder and faster.

Just then, she stood up, moved the laptop away from her, and cleared the table.

She took off her clothes, and got on all fours on the table, and took her toy and slide it in her pussy.

Her face was towards me, and her ass was pointed in the direction of the conference room door. So I walked quietly to the door, and watched from there. I stood there, as she took her vibrator, and shoved it all the way in her lips, moaning, and dripping her juices on the table.

I was taken back of the dream that has come true, as I grabbed my cock, and started to massage it through my pants.

Her legs spread a little bit more, as her toy and fingers were now immersed in her pleasurable lips. Fucking herself faster and faster. I can tell her own self pleasure wasn’t enough as she was getting bored with her toy. The effort and satisfaction was there.

She has laid her tits and face on the cold table, as her ass was still up in the air, her toy was buzzing and humming slowly, as it wasn’t doing her any more justice.

I walked into the conference room, and stood to the left of her, and took my lips and kissed her ass, feeling how soft her skin truly was.

Lisa was taken back and the surprise gesture, as she quickly got up.

“Brian, I am married, how long have you been there?”

As she got up and grabbed her clothes, and all her possessions trying to clean up, and embarrassed.

“I’ve been watching you for a good 20 minutes”

“What did you see and hear?”

I told her the whole story of what I saw, and she sat in the chair, embarrassed, and I assured her that I will never tell anyone.

“Was that your husband?”

“yes it was. He has been on a month business trip in England, and I thought I would come in and use the video camera, and play with him online. I knew it was Friday, and that we were going to the bar, and drink, and I thought everyone would just go home”

“Well, I forgot my keys.”

“oh”, Lisa replied in shock.

She sat there still covered up, and she started to look down on the ground in shame, and still reeling from the fact that she got caught.

I walked up to her and grabbed her chin and told her that I wouldn’t say a word to anyone. And I apologized for the kiss on her ass, and for walking in.

I got a little closer, hoping she would see the bulge in my crotch.

“it’s okay, but I am married!”

“I know that”, and I let go of her chin, and then she started to look down on the ground, and I knew she saw my crotch.

She sat there, still naked, and she was looking around for her panties and shoes on the ground. God I fucking wanted her, I needed to fuck her, she is so fucking hot, and I don’t care if she is married. So as she was distracted, I had found her panties already, and then I pulled my zipper down, and exposed my hard precum dripping cock to her, and put her panties on it.

“is this what you were looking for?”

“Dammit brian, no, I am married!” And she grabbed her panties off my hard cock. I felt her finger tips graze my skin as she retracted it off of me.

Just then I made my decision, still feeling buzzed from the alcohol, I grabbed her head, and pulled her face and mouth closer to my cock, and shoved my hard dick inside her mouth, forcing her to suck on it.

She was resisting really good, as she fought with my cock inside her.

At first it didn’t feel good because she was biting and fighting, I didn’t want to blackmail her, and if I was it was going to be the last thing I do, as pathetic as that may sound.

So I told her, “I heard you say you need cock, and here it is, take it or leave it?”

Still feeling the affects of cumming and fucking her cunt with her hands, she knew that her husband is 2 weeks away from coming home, and that she couldn’t wait any more.

She dropped her clothes on to the ground, and grabbed hold of my hips, as she started to suck my cock up and down. Bobbing faster, as she removed her mouth from my cock.

“OH god Brian, I’ve wanted you for so long, I saw you look at me today at the bar, and…..”

She continued to suck me, taking her right hand, and pumping my cock as she sucked on it, faster and faster.

She took her hands and undid my belt buckle and my pants and let them fall to the ground. She saw my cock was through my boxer pee hole, and she removed them as well.

I stood there half naked, as she took my cock, sucking it, and biting it.

I was looking down seeing her mouth devour my 8” shaved cock, as she was sucking it all the way to the base of my cock, to the tip of it, gagging gently as my cock hit her throat. Up and down her head went, and inhibition.

Grabbing my hips, she took her mouth, and sucked my cock, she was pulling her mouth all the way up to my tip, and then took her tongue and licked the cum off of it, and then slamming her mouth on to my cock.

I quivered in pleasure as she repeated this for what seemed like forever. But I didn’t complain, she was fucking good.

Then she took my shaft, and lifted it, licking my balls, and around it, and sucking on it, and then spiting on it, as I grab her head, massaging it, and stroking her hair.

“God you are fucking good!” as I moaned in complete pleasure.

She moved from the chair to her knees, as her tongue went from my balls, to beneath it, that layer of skin between my balls and my ass.

I moan in pleasure, since not a lot of visitors have pleasure this particular area. Her tongue worked in circles, licking it, as she pumped me harder and harder. My vein was throbbing, pulsating, as my cock was starting to twitch.

I told her to come here, as I patted the edge of the table. I picked her up, and sat her ass on the cold table, as she spread her legs, and put one finger on her pussy, and slid it up her cunt, then licking it.

I pressed my face into her cunt, taking my tongue and licking up and down her pussy, licking her outer walls, and tasting her sweet juices flowing from her lovely lips. Her legs spread further out more, and her hand was grabbing my head as my tongue slowly licked her right lip, I then bit it, and then continued to her clit, pulled it, and then licker her left lip, biting it again.

I repeated this motion several times, as grab my head and pulled me closer to her, suffocating me with her own juices.

I shook my head left to right licking her cunt, and tasting her drops of Jupiter onto my tongue. I looked up to see her head back, as she brought it back down, part of her face was covered by her hair. I reached up and grabbed her nipples pinch it, and flicking it, as she grabbed my hand, and sucked on all four of my fingers. Since she had pretty long hair, I was able to reach around her shoulders, and grabbed her hair, and pull back on it, as I licker her faster, and faster, oscillating my tongue to full speed.

She was resting her legs on my shoulders, “Ohhhhhh shit, lick it harder baby, lick it”

I relieved my tongue for a brief moment, and spat on her lips, and then took my free hand, and ran my fingers through her lips, spreading my spit, and feeling how wet she was.

I did it again, this time, after running my fingers through her lips, I slide two fingers inside her, and then my tongue went towards her clit, licking it and bitting it.

My fingers worked its way inside her, penetrating her, in and out.

“You like that baby, you like the taste of my cunt?”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Unable to talk since my tongue is occupied, but I did nod my head up and down, in reply.

“Goooood you’re are fucking good!”

My fingers jammed so hard inside her wet pussy, I felt her squeezing my fingers, as she screamed louder, my pace quicken as my fingers found her gspot, and I wanted to expose her sexual weakness. So I just fucked her raw, my fingers ramming her hard, and my thumb on her clit massage that, while my tongue just found any part of her pussy, and licked it.

My hand was fuck her faster, as I was completely driver her wild. Her head kept swing back and forth, and her hands roaming my head, as plotted her climax.

“Faster baby!, Fuck this cunt”

At that moment she needed more, so I put another finger in her tight twat, slamming it harder and faster.

I wanted to rock her HARD, so I stood up, grab her back with my right arm, and then slammed her pussy hard with my fingers. Every time I slammed my three fingers inside her, her body jumped, as I stretched it out. Wanting to meet my fingers, she slammed her cunt onto my fingers, meeting me in the middle. I looked at her, finger fucking her, eye fucking her, as she moaned louder “fuck it, Fuck it, fuck my married cunt!” Then I moved to be above her pussy, and spit on, making you watch it hit your cunt.

Just then, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmmmmmm”

I felt your body quiver in pleasurable excitement.

I pull my fingers from your cunt, and bring it to your mouth, as you slowly suck the cum off each finger one by one, licking it, suck it, and biting it.

She slid off the table top, and then grabbed my cock “I need this bad, you better fuck me good!”

So turned her back towards me, showing me her great ass, and she spread her legs and put her right leg up on the table and leaned forward.

I took my cock and slide it inside her, she moaned in pleasure feeling my hard cock slowly going inside her.

“Fuck yeah” She moaned!

I pressed my cock slowly inside her, stretching out her cunt, and feeling her warm juices surrounding my cock, as I pumped faster and faster, grabbing her hips.

“Mmmmmmm baby, yeah, fuck me, fuck this married cunt”

I don’t know why she kept mentioning that she was married, but it turned me on hearing it!

So I continued to pick up the pace, pulling my cock all the way out to the tip, and slamming it back in into her hole. Feeling her body rock back as she takes all of me in. I can feel my balls swing back and forth, hitting her pussy as I fucked her.

I grabbed her hair, with my right hand, as my cock pumped every inch of it’s throbbing member inside her. Her pussy started squeezing me, wrapping it, taking it, oh fuck she is good!

“mmmmmmm baby, fuck me, fuck it” fucking it faster, “YEAH, mmmmm” and harder, “ohhhhhhhh fuck it” spanked her ass, and grunted “oh shit, do it again” so I spanked her harder and pulled her hair harder “ohhhhhhhhhhh god yes!!!!”

I can feel an explosion my cum wanting to fill her, as her tight warm cunt seduced my cum, penetrating every gaping hole of her, filling it.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”

I let go of her hair, and reach around and massaged her clit, feeling how swollen it was I grabbed it and pulled it, spanking it, as my cock fuel her desire, a fucking desire.

Her hot ass was read from my hand spank her, her body quaking in anticipation, and her pussy twitching to an orgasism.

Suddenly her mouth opened up, and her breathing got deeper, and her pussy clenched my cock, as I slammed her tight hole, stretching, hiting her cervix, massaging her inner walls, and fulfill what her husband cannot do right now.


And let out an orgasism that made her body quiver in excitement. The vein of my cock was ready to push, as I can feel my cock leave my balls, and rush through my cock, and shoot my hot load inside her cunt.

She gasp for air, as she moaned like a whore, feeling my cum hit her walls, filling her pussy.

I pulled my cock out, and she got down from the table, and wanted to suck the cum off my cock, so she squatted down and started licking the cum off of me, tasting it. “Mmmmmmm this taste fucking good, you should try it!” She stood up and kissed my mouth, as we exchange our cum in our mouths massaging each other’s tongue.

We looked at the clock and it was 1:30am.

“Getting kind of late isn’t it?” Lisa said.

“It is it is” I replied.

Lisa bent over and gave me a good kiss on cock, before she started to clean up, and got dressed.

While I was getting dressed, she grabbed her laptop, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Brian, I really needed that!”

“you’re welcome”

“I’ll see you Monday!”

With that she took off, and left the building, but she left her panties behind. So I picked it up, put it in my pocket, and went to my desk, grab my keys, called a cab, and I was on the way.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eating Pussy

Editor's Note: Okay, the next two posts are by a guy named Brian. These are not long ago posts that I am saving, but e-mails I got recently that started out something like, "Camilla, you are the smartest woman in the world, and though I really would like to meet you for lunch and discuss the works of Plato, Ibid and Descartes, I would settle for fucking your brains out behind the smoothie machine at 7-11."

Okay, the e-mail did not really go like that, but it sounded funnier the way I enhanced it. The guy even offered to send me pictures of his penis. Weak in the knees, I am right now. Without further ado, a couple of stories from Brian.

by Brian

I have always had this fantasy and ambition to tell you how I would
lick your pussy. Just licking it. I start out with you on the bed.
Your arms and legs tied to each of the bed post by using long silk
scarfs. Your body is in the 'x' position, as you are wearing a black
silky bra, black thongs, and black thigh high stockings.

The room is dark, as I walk up to you only wearing a pair of boxers
and cover your eyes with a black scarf.

Suddenly the room becomes black, and you only hear the burning of
candles lit around you.

You feel a soft object running from your forehead down to your lips,
down your neck, between your tits, down your stomach, and down to
your hips. I take the same object, and trace every inch of your
thong: up and down, side to side, and up and down again, making sure
that every nerve down there was touched.

You can feel the bed pressing slowly down as I lay between your
legs. I start directly at the spot your pussy would be since I am
looking at your thong. I can the smell the aroma of sex in the air,
as I move my face closer to your pussy. You can feel the gentle
breeze of my breath leaving my nose and hitting your pussy.

I move closer as you feel my air getting warmer and deeper. Hotter
and faster, as I tease you by moving my head to my right, and kissing
your inner thigh. I am about an inch from the garter of your inner
thong, as I kiss you more and more, licking your inner thigh from
that mark to the garter of your thong. Next you can feel my tongue
licking from your inner most garter of your thong towards your hips.
I hear you utter softly a moan, as you try to move to my mouth, and
get my lips on yours.

Then I move my tongue along the top of your thong, teasing you more
and more, as I run my tongue across the bottom of your smooth belly.
Then you feel my tongue retract as I start to kiss you on the left
side. My hands gently roam your left outter thigh, feeling your
smooth sexy stockings, as I grab your thigh closer, and kiss your
inner thigh again.

My mouth moves closer to your the inner garter of the left side of
your thong as I move the center of your body, your clit, as I take my
tongue and slowly flicker it up and down, just giving you a tease of
what's to come.

My tongue flickers up and down your clit every so gently, as I make
my tongue flicker down past your clit, to your upper hole, and above
your hole, and now the bottom of your hole.

I give one big lick up to your clit, as I continue to the top of your
thong, as I gently bite down on your thong and tease you, acting like
I am going to pull your thong off with my teeth.

I position my head again next to your pussy, as I softly breath on
it, as you feel my mouth wrapping my lips around your lips, as my
teeth gently graze your clit. You feel a rush of hot air leaving my
mouth as I press my wet eager tongue on your thong, massaging your

You feel your pussy moisten more as I continue to lick through your
thong, up and down and side to side, feel your pussy extract more of
it's sweet nectar.

I close my mouth gently making you feel my teeth grinding against
your swollen clit, as I suck on your clit through your thong. I
pinch and pull what I can of your clit left to right.

I hear your breathing deepening as you want more. I can sense your
body quivering as you want to explode on my lips. I can feel your
body wanting out from your bondage, and your hands pressed on my
head, and your legs wrapped around my body.

But I continue to work on your clit, and press more on it. My tongue
licks your clit more and more as your body starts to rotate opposite
of the direction my tongue is circling you.

I press harder on your clit, circling faster and faster, hearing your
moans turn into utter cries of more pleasure, I surprise you by
removing my tongue, and teasing you more as I blow gently on your wet
thong. I gaze back to see how saturated you, and your thong is
severly wet. It is so sexy to see your wet on your thong.

Still blinded, you can feel my right hand slide gently underneath
your tight ass. You feel my thumb rubbing your pussy lips. Pressing
them together as I feel your wet thong and your swollen pussy lips
around my thumb. Moving it up and down, gently massaging you, you
feel my index finger moving from underneath you to the right side of
your pussy, gently teasing you by pulling on your thong. My thumb
continues to massage your pussy lips as I meet your clit, and massage
it, circling clockwise, making it swollen to my pleasure.

I see your head moving to the right, as you change it to the left,
and back to the right, the thought of you being teased, and the
unability to control what you cannot control is making you sexually
frustrated, but you want more.

You can feel the bed moving again, as I slide my hand and thumb off
of your body. I grab hold of your right ankle and run my hand down
the side of your leg, and up again. Then I kiss your ankle, licking
your ankle and then up to your feet. I put your foot into my mouth,
gently licking in between toe, pushing as far as your stocking would
take me.

Then you feel my hand going to the bounded knot, as I releasing your
foot temporarily.

Then you feel my body shift to your left side, as I kiss your ankle,
lick your feet, and lick between your toes again, closely similar to
what I did on your right foot. And release your left foot.

I bend forward and grab your thong, as I pinch them together. I can
see your lips around your thong, as I move across your body, to kiss
your neck. As I do so, you can feel my hand tugging gently on your
thong, moving it up and down. As I kiss your neck, I take my tongue
a lick to chin, and up your chin, and then make our lips connect.
Blinded by that, you are taken back suddenly as you realize what is

Our connected lips wrestle in the moment of passion as I continue to
pull and tug on your thong. Moving it up and down, as you can taste
your pussy juice on my lips and on my tongue.

After a minute of passionate kissing I can sense your pussy has
become even more drench as the motion of moving your thong up and
down as become slicker. I release our lips, as I kiss your chest,
down your stomach, and down your pussy again. Still holding the
thong in my hand, I lick once the left lip, and lick once the right
lips of you ever hot pussy.

Then I move to your left lip and take my mouth and pinch your left
pussy lip, as I pull it in all different direction, each pull is
unique. I repeat the motion again on your right lip.

Your body wants it, your body wants more.

I get up and grab the sides of your thong, as I pull your thong up,
but keeping it at your ankles. I use it as it binds your legs
together. I look down to see your lips closed, as I move your legs
to your right, and lift your ass up more, and to see your gorgeous
closed wet lips. You feel this sudden wetness on your pussy, as you
just realized that I spat on your lips. You can feel the drool of my
spit moving down your pussy. Then I remove your thong.

I grab your left ankle, bind it again to the bed post, and then
repeat this for the right ankle.

Bounded and immobile, you struggle to get out, as the drool still
runs down your lips.

I take your thong, and put the saturated part of it on your face, as
I make you suck your own juices off of it. I can hear you sluppering
your juices of your thong, as I kiss you again. Our tongues wrestle
with your wet thong as we taste your juices together.

I leave the thong on your face, as I get up, letting you smell wet
juices soaking on your sweaty face. You can feel movement happening
between your legs as the bed is adjust left and right, up and down,
back and forth, and the suddenly still.

You can sense that I am leaning forward as you feel a hard hot smooth
object slapping your clit. You can feel my cock slapping it once,
twice, three times before I stop. You whimper is pleasure, as you
ask me to do it again. I grab my cock, and slap you hard, everytime
my cock makes contact your pussy juices attach to it like spit.

Then I lift my cock up, and then smear it on your pussy, massaging
your clit up and down with my entire shaft. Then lifting my cock,
and then back again, smearing your pussy and your clit, repeating
this motion 5 times before ceasing.

You know your pussy can't handle it any more, as I remove myself from
between your legs, and then stand next to the side of the bed. I
lift your pussy soaked thong from your face, and take what's left and
slide your juices on my cock.

Still blind folded, and tell you to close your mouth, as I grab your
head tilting you on the side, as tease you by smearing my precum on
your lips, lick it was chapstick, and then removing my cock from your

You lay there in despair, wanting more, needing to be fucked as I
walk away from the bed.

You hear me lifting something, as you feel the bed moving again, your
sign that i am right between your legs.

Then you feel a sharp aggressive pain on your clit, and then again,
and then again, as you try to come to your senses. The pain is there
for only a brief second, and then the pain become soothing pleasure
as you realize that I am pouring hot wax on your pussy and on yoru
clit. You want it again, and beg for it, as the pain feels so
fucking good.

Waiting for the wax to build up, I slowly circle the inner lips of
your pussy, massaging it for the next onslaught of wax.

Then you feel my finger sliding out of you, as I reach to feed you
your juicy.

By now your are breating very hard and you don't know if you can take
it any more. Then you feel the wax pouring again, and rest, and then
again, and rest, and then again.

Aggrevating you to a state of sexual primal need. You aggressive
trying to break the bind and hold me, as the binding holds you in.

Then I get up from the bend to put back the candle to where it was.

You hear rummaging next to you as I shuffle through a drawer, and
find what I am looking for.

I kneel between your legs again, and then you feel this cold hard
object sliding up and down your waxed pussy. Then you feel it slowly
circle inside you, as my tongue start to lick your clit. You feel
the object starting to vibrate as you realize what the object is.

I bring the vibrator to full speed as I lick you faster and faster on
your clit, and then I sense your body close to an orgasim, as I
remove my tongue and toy from your pussy.

Again teased and frustrated, you demand I make you cum.

I throw the toy on the ground, and sit there for a minute to let you
settle down.

A minute has gone by, and you lay there still blindfolded and bounded.

I lay ontop of you and slide my half limp cock inside your body, all
of it, you can feel my balls at the bottom of your pussy lips.

I remove your thongs from your face, and start kissing you. I can
sense your passion and need of sex in your kiss as pull back and
starting kissing my neck. You face is covered with cum and sweat,
the perfect combination.

As we passionately kiss you can squeeze my cock between your lips, as
your pussy is hot from all the play, and my cock is starting to
harden inside you. You can feel my cock thicking and my vein
pulsating more and more.

Our kissing have become more passionate, as we breath harder on our
face, panting in our mouths. My cock has erect a full 8" inside your
pussy. You can feel my cock pressing against your gspot as I massage
it more and more. Pumping my fully hard cock inside you, as I let go
of our lips, and remove your blindfold, as we watch each other cum.

Your face clenches with desire and pleasure, as I fuck you harder and
faster, deeper and faster, as I pull my cock all the way to the tip
of my cock, and slam it back in.

You can feel my vein throbbing more and more, as all the teasing and
all the pleasure has lead up to your unveiling of your desire and
your pussy to cum.


As you let out a scream, and I pull on your silk scarf that ties your
arms together.

Immediately, you grab my body as I lay ontop of you and pull your
hair back, and kiss your neck.

I drive my hips onto your hips harder and faster, as you feel my cock
hitting your gspot every time.

Faster and faster, pumping all the way out and in out and in

Suddenly you cum again, as you bite my neck, and scratch my back.

Faster and deeper.

Then you feel my load shoot from my cock, as I explode in your pussy,
and you cum once again, and again, and again, and again.

The multiple orgasims you have just accomplished as you feel my cock
leave your pussy, I finish what I started, and move down to your
pussy, and ravish it with my mouth.

Your pussy is really sensative right now, but I fight all you give,
as I dive my tongue, mouth, and head on your cunt, and lick it,
tasting our juices, as I suck it out. I lick harder and faster than
ever before as you release one more orgasim.

I remove your bindings to your legs, as I move up to kiss your mouth,
and to your surprise, I feed you our cum as we kiss goodnight.

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I am by no means an expert at the game, but it is a fun diversion. If you want to try it, sign up (free), and write me or my online spouse. We can help you out.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain Part V

by Christopher
Written by a man.

As her waves subsided from their furious intensity, I took my tongue away from her saturated pussy and moved up to kiss her puffing mouth.

Her shudders of orgasmic bliss fading, her lips met mine with as much passion as before.

Kissing me, she used her naughty, kittenish tongue to taste herself on me.
Darcy cant get enough of her slick essence, blushingly admitting that every time she masturbates she will lick her fingers clean, finding her exotic taste as exciting as I do.
The fell of her tongue darting along the inside of my mouth, licking along my teeth and lips, seeking the feminine flavor deeply thrilling.
She giggled in the dark at the feel of my heavy erection pulse into her thigh.
She was licking her lips wetly as her fingers slipped around my meaty shaft, her thumb finding the glans very swollen and very slippery from drops of pre-come oozing out from the tiny slit.
"Not tired yet, stud?" she whispered saucily, giving me a single, sensuous stroke.

"Hell no, baby," I replied with false bravado, thanking my lucky stars that wed lit those candles in the main room.

She squealed as I stumbled about, almost falling several times but somehow making it into the area overlooking the crashing sea, the candles flickering wildly.

Darcy slipped from my arms and stared wide-eyed at the surf pounding its elemental fury on the shore, the rain lashing the windows, but we were safe, snug and warm in our little love nest.

My brain was short-circuited through my loins, my breathing ragged from a heart hammering with desperate need and I knew only one cure. I caught hold of Darcy and crushed her to me, grinding my painfully swollen erection against her lithe thighs.

I was on fire as she grabbed my hardness and whispered that she longed to feel me inside her.

Darcy pushed me back onto the spacious rattan couch, straddling my hips with a wanton smile.

Then, still gripping me with her hand, she lifted her hips up and lowered herself on my throbbing rod, her hands guiding my raging cock into her slippery groove, swallowing me whole.

Her satiny cunny tightened about my bulky penis as she settled herself on my hips, stroking my balls.

My dick swelled to its full size, filling her up, and we both groaned in delight. I gripped her firm rear as she began riding me up and down, in and out, her vaginal muscles always clutching at the flaring head before it could escape.

I could feel those pouty lips clenching about me and the pleasure they sent flowing through my engulfed manhood made me gasp aloud.

As she rode me, Darcy leaned over me for more balance to work her surging hips with all the skill of a lusty young cowgirl.

In this position, her smallish breasts jiggled in front of me, occasionally bumping my face.
I grabbed those ripe, bobbling boobs and ran my moist tongue all over them, tasting the slight salt of perspiration beading up, before licking her blatantly swollen nipples.
I licked and sucked each of those plump plums with wet greedy slurps and Darcy began purring with happiness, humping me sensuously.

My own luscious joy was slowly mounting higher, higher and my breath began to become more shallow as she bounced harder and faster, driving my rampantly thick cock deep inside her wetness.

With her body streaked with tiny rivulets of sweat, her hair wildly tossed, her eyes darting about blindly, Darcy seemed consumed by an inner fire. It was a moment to savor but the exquisite ache in my prick said I couldnt wait.

Darcy cried out in surprise and disappointment as I forcibly caught hold of her flailing hips and pick her up off my rigid pole, unbelievably bloated and coated with her flowing nectar.

"Im sorry baby, " I whispered.
"I was about to come." taking a deep breath she told me it was o.k. and gave me a smile resplendent with love and understanding.

Suddenly inspired, I picked her up and lowered her on a nearby lounge chair.

Darcy was still unbearably hot from the incessant rhythm of the torrential downpour outdoors so she draped her legs over each of the thickly upholstered arms.

With her knees wide apart she closed her and spread her plush lovelips with the thumb and third finger of her left hand while her bunched index and middle fingers stroked at the slippery clitoris of naked pink.
I stood back and simply watched this erotic display of self-love, trying to regain my composure.
She then thrust a finger into her squelching, juicy slit, telling me how good it felt, but that my big hard cock would fill her up much better.

I was able to watch Darcy touch herself for awhile longer before succumbing to her salacious invitation.
She lay back in the chair and held her legs wide open for me.

With a lewd look in her eyes she urged me to fuck her so I mounted her, surrounding her body totally with mine.

Darcys right hand found my engorged organ while her left cupped and fondled my balls.

She was so ready for me I didnt need me to guide me into her.

The moment the tapered glans found her slick vulva it simply glided inside.

That initial penetration must have thrilled her because she instantly wrapped her legs around my back and shoved her hips up at me, sucking me in deeper.

I started slowly stroking in and out of her, just a few inches at a time, then another inch, until we could no longer bear the erotic torment and I plunged the full length of my hot cock inside my beloved.

I began pumping her with long, rhythmic thrusts, drawing out most of the bulky shaft, glistening from her oily juices until only the bulbous know was still enfolded by inside her warm labia, then driving forward forcefully, burying myself to the balls in her steamy wetness.

I was also able to stimulate her clitoris by introducing a strong upsweep as I reached the deepest part of each stroke, much to Darcys delight, who writhed her mounting bliss.

I smelled the salty scent of her arousal and thrilled to the soft sounds of pleasure she gasped breathily into my ear.

I could only imagine the view she had of my meaty organ skewering the juicy split peach nestled between her thighs and, behind me, the assault of the waves and wind and rain as they surged toward her widespread legs.

It must have seemed she was being ravished by all the forces of nature.
The sofa creaked and she locked her ankles around my wait and clung to me desperately.

Our bodies moved together with an easy, liquid grace, slippery with the heated moisture of fresh sweat and wanton lubrication.

Higher our passions mounted, and higher until the honeyed pleasures of our lovemaking drew out an orgasm of cascading bliss, her back arching painfully as the deliquescent joys liquefied her convulsing pussy into a steamy, bubbling cauldron.

As much as I wanted to slow down my pace, I could not as within the molten core of my very soul, glittering sparkles of joy began to coalesce.

The thrumming pressure in my loins built relentlessly, beautifully, along my throbbing cock pistoning furiously in and out of her silken cleft, down the rippling tendons of my tensed thighs and curling into the quivering muscles of my taut stomach.

I even felt it in my heaving pectorals, where Darcys breasts bobbled delightfully against my chest, and as they did it seemed that I could feel the sweet little pressure of her rubbery nipples catching upon my firm flesh, flipping free and catching happily again.

I wasnt long before I felt that inexorable tide within my loins begin to rise in great swells like that of the churning sea outside me.

I was growling in the back of my throat in a duet with the rolls of the thunder reverberating within my body and my impending release seemed to be matched only by natures intensity.

A pulsing fullness, blissfully chaotic, fountained up from deep within, a firestorm that broke with raw intensity releasing a whirlwind of spiraling bliss, drawing everything into a voracious vortex before imploding in a burst of such sheer rapture that I sobbed, writhing in excruciating ecstasy as on and on my penis pulsed thick creamy waves flowing into the safety of her welcoming harbor.

I collapsed into Darcys loving embrace, completely spent from an overdose of lovemaking as euphoric as any narcotic.
In the dim glow of the table lantern, she leaned over, her mouth finding mine in a long tender kiss.

Eventually we reluctantly rose and made our way back to the bed where we lay together, lightly touching the planes and curves of each others sated body. I settled down with my head on her warm breast, my fingers curling protectively over her silken muff.

Darcy snuggled closer and I thought I saw the slightest trace of a smile cross her lips as she sleepily whispered "Im glad we had sense enough to come in out of the rain."

She had calmed the storm in me and the one outside seemed overwhelmed by her.

The sound of the blustering wind and crashing waves had diminished from frightening howls of wildness to a soothing lullaby.

But it was the rhythm of the rain that would always stir something deep in my beloved.

Perhaps our next trip should be in the Caribbean. We both have time off in about six months and that should be right about the middle of the rainy season.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain Part IV

by Christopher
Written by a man.

The closer Darcy got to the edge, the more I concentrated on her tender, throbbing love-button, which was now as hard as a pebble, toying with it, batting it back and forth with swirling sweeps of my tongue.

Her humping became furious so I pursed my lips around her and placed my tongue on her agonized clitoris and polished it with all the love that a man can have for a woman.

Darcy screamed out her joy, her naked cunny spasming beneath my lips and tongue, her supple body shaking with the heady throes of a blissful, slow-building orgasm.

On and on I sucked at the sweet salty flesh of her oversensitized clit as she came, a paroxysm of pure bliss making her tummy heave her eyes roll, her lips tremble in the hold of pure rapture

We were both standing in one anothers arms in the shower, nuzzling and cuddling with Darcy murmuring her love and her thanks.

"I need to be inside you," I whispered, gesturing to my once-more engorged penis bobbing under its own weight and desperation for release.

Performing cunnilingus on Darcy had always been a major turn-on for me, and tonight was no exception.

She nodded so I bent my knees slightly and brought the knob of my hard shaft against the gaping hole of her pussy, rubbing the bulbous head along her hot, slick cleft.

Staring into her expressive eyes, I hoisted her up.
I knew it would be difficult to maintain my balance, but it didnt make any difference.

My mind was in an erotic haze; the only thing of importance was to have my cock in the snug warmth of her pussy.

Darcy gave a little jump and wrapped her legs around my waist.

She spread her legs just slightly and her cunny opened up like a devouring mouth, immediately tightening around my rod like a velvet glove.

As I began to penetrate, she angled herself so that I slid in slowly. Instinctively, my hips jerked in a hard thrust into that liquid heat and Darcy gasped.

She pushed herself to me in her need and I could feel her squish with wetness.
She had to cross her ankles in the small of my back to keep from sliding down my body, but the angle and the stiffness of my beefy cock helped hold her there.

As I buried my full length into her steamy snatch, Darcy wrapped her arms all the way around my neck, her flushed face against my hair, her plummy nipples brushing my chest.

My own legs were spread apart, my feet planted firmly on the non-skid strips on the shower floor.

The water was streaming down over us, around us between us. I drew my thickened manhood back and drove back in to her silken grotto, needing her urgently.

Rolling my hips, I stroked in and out, slowly at first, savoring the sumptuous crush of her inner membranes caressing me, but soon I found myself succumbing to the instinctive urge to go faster.

She was making me so hot and horny my prick felt like an iron pipe ravishing her delicate flesh, much to her obvious delight.

"Youre so wet inside," I hissed to my panting beloved, who was tensing and relaxing her thighs to give herself the melting friction she so desired.

"So steamy, so juicy. Why dont you rub your clit while I fuck you."

She looked at me questioningly, as her arms were helping to balance her but I reached around and grabbed her rump, squeezing the soft globes while supporting her.

She slipped a hand down between us and there was just enough room between our heaving, grinding hips to watch her long slender fingers swirl through the luscious pink folds of her womanhood and twirl over her swollen clitoris just the way she likes best.

Watching the woman I love give herself pleasure sent a rush through me so, slipping my hands to the base of her buttocks, I began lifting her up and down, helping my meaty cock drill into her sweltering, slushy depths.

The bulbous knob of my penis was striking quite deep now and the unique angle caused the rugged shaft to rub roughly against her tender vulva, the friction sparking off a wave of euphoria spilling over both of us. "Uhhh " she groaned deeply as I pistoned her vulnerable ass harder and harder, skewering her delicate cunny on the jutting shaft of my aching cock.

Our wet bodies made wet splashing sounds as I hammered my hips up to meet her every downstroke, the exotic aroma of heated sex wafting up to us on clouds of steam.

Darcys head tilted back into the spray and the shampoo in her hair, long since forgotten, began to foam up again, spilling between our straining bodies, increasing the slipperiness of flesh on wet, heated flesh.

Darcys legs were tightening around me and she was whimpering, making hard, ragged breaths into my ear. Her erotic moans were a turn-on, as were her nimble fingers, stroking her clit and the juncture of my penis and her vagina, the flashpoint of our joy.

All of a sudden she gave out a shuddering sob and her inner muscles clenched wildly at the thrusting rod piercing her heated pussy as she felt the familiar throes of unendurable ecstasy pulse liquidly from the spasming center of her very being.

I knew it was time.

An instant after I released my control, an inferno of scalding bliss raged through my blood, sparking off the release of my seed.

I tensed almost painfully as I came, a series of soul-stirring bursts of incredibly sweet sensations reverberating up and down my twitching limbs, shadowed by a fountaining squirt of creamy semen flooding her vaginal cavity as the water came down between us, over us, around us.

As I slipped down from the very pinnacles of ecstasy, my wobbly legs became too weak to support Darcy, my limp cock unable to help support the weight of her body.

I let my hands draw away from her bottom and she released her arms from around my neck, letting herself slide all the way down the front of me until her knees were on the shower floor.

The water was still streaming through her hair, but nearly all the shampoo had been washed out.

She gazed in rapt interest at my rapidly deflating penis, hanging soft between my legs.

Even now a few stray drops of come were mingling with the water and she watched as the mixture swirled down the drain.

With the tenderness only a woman in love can know, she fondly washed my organ clean, placing a tiny affectionate kiss on the very tip before rising up to take my hand.

We both got out of the shower and dried each other off with soft, fluffy towels before heading for the bedroom, arms wrapped around one anothers waist, very much in love.

What we had just done was beautiful, intimate, yet also draining.

Dusk was settling in and the storm was passing.

The dying sun, a fiery orb on the darken sea, set the clouds ablaze in hues of dazzling purple and irradiant lavender.

We snuggled in the bed, nestled among cozy sheets, and watched in silent wonder at the daily resplendent annihilation of the sun, the night settling in as a velvet shroud, lulling us both into the sweet oblivion of slumber

I woke with a start and Darcy immediately shushed me, her ears perked up.

I could barely hear the faint sound of the sporadic raindrops, but their slight tapping sounds had their typical profound effect on my wife.

Her back was arched, very tense, so I sleepily suggested she lie face down and let me massage her back while she listened to the opening stages of this latest storm.

I rubbed deep into her back, working my fingers into the taut muscles of her shoulders and upper spine, feeling the tension melt away.

While I was pressing my thumbs into the softer, more pliant skin of her lower back, my palms and the rest of my fingers cupping and squeezing the soft swell into her sweet fanny, she was almost purring with delight, focusing intently on the building shower.

She was whispering dreamily, more to herself than me, about the raindrops rolling down the glass window panes, broken by the sill, hearing their demise through the slightly cracked windows.

As the rain poured and the distant thunder rumbled, my beloved rolled over, her eyes sparkling in the flickering light of the electric lights in the form of quaint antique oil lamps set about the room. I live for that dancing fire in Darcy's ebony eyes, the way it illuminates her strikingly beautiful features.
Her immaculate, dusky-hued skin was infinitely responsive to the loving caresses of my hands, tracing the curve of her cheek, the impudent jut of her chin, the fullness of her lips. Her desire for our love radiated with such a stirring intensity that was both frightening and thrilling.

We kissed and I closed my eyes, drowning in the feel of her breasts surging against my chest, the play of her supple thighs on my own.
With my fingertips, I brushed back the wayward tangles that spilled over behind her ears, sealing them with a fond kiss.

She responded to my loving touch, to the pattering rain, to me with a subtle shift that brought the full length of her gloriously naked body to mine, enveloping me in a sweet, seductive embrace.

Knowing how much she desired me gave me a deep glow of fulfillment, that I could possibly make this angelic lady happy.

Neither of us wanted this intimacy to end.

I could have kissed Darcy for hours, my lips pressed against hers, slightly parted, our tongues tangling in a slow, easy dance, exploring, touching, stroking.

Instead I opened my eyes and broke the heavenly kiss so that I could worship the rest of my beloved.

I stroked my hands along the gentle slope of her neck, the elegant curve of her shoulders, the soft, smooth taper of her flanks and the feminine flare of her hips.

My reverential touch smoothed softly over her fluttering tummy and delicate belly button.

I couldnt get enough of her warm, curvaceous naked body, that mystical female charm of sensuous allure and tender vulnerability that drives me wild.

Sliding upwards, my wandering hands cupped her deliciously lovely breasts, lifting the modest mounds topped by deeply-blushed nipples.

I began to gently fondle her girlish breasts, running my fingers in a rippling motion and she arched her back, giving a deep breathy sigh.

Her nipples responded by jutting out brashly audacious in their want for sexual stimulation.

Lowering my head to her bosom, I began swirling my tongue in sweeping circular motions.

I avoided her tempting peaks as long as I could will myself to resist, which was not long indeed when Darcys hands began roaming my body, teasing me, seducing me.

I lavished attention on each fleshy nub, sucking greedily, flickering my tongue over each succulent bud while tweaking and pinching the other, just the way she likes it.

Darcys breathing was heavy, her body hot, her urgent hips telling me what she wanted, what she needed. While the pummeling rain drenched the shore, thunder and lightning filling the gloom, we continued exploring each other, yearning for each other.

While I began to trail kisses lower, my hands roamed ahead, caressing her thighs and then her calves.

My tongue was swirling about in her navel as I tenderly kneaded my way back up, focusing on the satiny-smooth flesh of her inner thighs, my fingers tantalizingly close to her most private of places.

She opened her legs, revealing herself to be dewy, wanting me to rub her, kiss her, lick her.

I wasnt ready just quite yet, my tongue tasting tiny droplets of perspiration on her lower torso, my hands stroking slightly quavering thighs, knowing every moment of this excruciating torture would make the final moment ever the sweeter.

Kneeling before my panting, flushed wife, I cupped the supple cheeks of her tush and began kissing the exposed flesh, moving around her moist cleft, kissing and touching everywhere except the molten core of her lust.

When I blew a burst of breath into her curls, wet with her liquid arousal, she purred louder and her hips undulated rhythmically.

Her body was begging me for relief.

I nuzzled my nose in her aromatic bush, inhaling the deep, rich, primal musk unique to Darcy in heat.

I couldnt stand it any longer: I simply had to taste her.

I moved my lover until her knees were on either side of my head and her sweet pussy just brushed up against my watering lips.

Breathing lightly on her swollen, pouty labia, I extended my tongue and slipped it along her pink fleshy folds, from bottom to top, down the other side.

Darcy's hand caught my cheek as I slid along the inside of her puffy lips, lightly at first then harder, bearing down on her pleasure points. As my tongue skated along her buttery labia, I watched her clitoris peek out of its protective cloak, good and hard.
I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth, squeezing her salty-sweet sex with the insides of my cheeks, my tongue darting and weaving among the succulent swells and hollows.

She hissed her uninhibited delight, her creamy thighs coming together tightly, her fingers threading in my hair, urging, pleading.

I didnt leave her wanting. I began pushing my tongue into her mushy opening, twisting it about as I burrowed into her cunny.

My tongue explored as deeply as it could in her steamy hole. Her pussy was crushed velvet inside, the glossy membranes, very warm, very responsive, and she tasted sweeter than a dream.

But even as my tongue slipped in and out of her over-flowing honeypot, Darcy whimpered greedily for more and I knew exactly what that was.

Her clitoris had protruded out of that juncture where her creases melted together, a delicious piece of candy.

I lapped delicately at her love-bud, using tiny flickering brushes Darcy affectionately calls "butterfly kisses."
The tiny organ throbbed in my mouth and her purring deepened into a growl.

The erotic energy of the scene was matched only by the fury of the storm outside.

Lightning suddenly seared the sky followed by a tremendous crack of thunder, the lights flickering then dousing completely, leaving us in pitch darkness.

We were unscathed and I knew Darcy's body so well I didnt need my eyes to give her oral pleasure.
Matching the rhythm of the rain driving into the window, I teased and thrilled her little bud.

The driving beat of the downpour mimicked my noisy slurps and suckles.
I was rewarded by a flash of lightning that gave me a perfect snapshot of her flushed face, gasping mouth and heaving breasts.
She pushed further into my mouth, her hips grinding demandingly and I fairly lashed her swollen clitoris.

She began to thrash about wildly as the culmination of her innermost desires pulsed through her veins and glowed hotly within her frantically spasming cunny, spreading her syrupy wetness all over my eager face.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain Part III

By Christopher
Written by a man.

With Darcys fingers tangled in my hair to guide me, I made my way down to her bosom.

Taking a ripe swell into my hands, my fingers pressing into that remarkable doughy resilience, I began to suckle on the dark plums of her tightly knotted nipples.

I pulled those dusky buds into my lips with reverent lips, nursing as eagerly as any newborn babe.

I sucked her tingling titties deep between my flushed cheeks, one after the other, lashing fiercely with my tongue.

Darcy tossed her head fitfully, her eyes blissfully closed, tracing my cheeks fondly with her grateful fingers.

It felt so good to both of us to have her in my mouth like that, but we both knew that even greater pleasures were awaiting.

Darcy sighed as I took my mouth away from her plump nipple and reached for the shampoo.

She moved closer, our wet bodies pressing against each other, her right hand mingling with mine.

Our mouths met in a hard kiss, our tongues tangling fiercely.

Clutching my head in her hands, she gave a little moan before crushing her lips into mine, lashing my tongue with her own.

I was somehow able to pour some more of the gel into my hand, but instead of reaching for her hair, my slickened hand slid down her flat tummy to seek out the core of her very femininity.

I began to massage the tiny dark curls of the bush between her legs into a rich foamy lather.

Giggling at my brashness, Darcy returned my caresses, kneading my chest and pinching my own nipples with her small, delicate hands.

I slid my hand between her firm thighs as she whispered my name and bent her knees, opening herself for my touch.

She was very ready for me, her slit awash with shameless lubrication, so I slipped my fingers down her fleshy cleft to gently stroke her labia.

I cant imagine anything feeling as smooth and inviting as my wifes vagina; I could feel every fold and hollow beneath my soapy fingers.

I had learned, from her tutelage and happy experimentation, that the she derived the most pleasure when I stroked her slyly, making her thickening pussylips open up like the dewy petals of an exotic orchid, baring the trembling bud of her clitoris.

When I gently opened those silken pink petals, my forefinger drew naughty teasing circles about that quavering morsel, Darcy tilted her head back and gave a throaty moan.

That tiny nub is hypersensitive and she can only bear prolonged stimulation when shes nearing the crest of an orgasm so I settled on sliding a finger between her dripping lips and inside her sultry channel. Her pussy was a wet furnace, liquid fire pulsing within those velvety inner membranes, awakening her vaginal muscles.

They began their instinctive swallowing motion that I know oh-so-well, making the entire length of the passage tremble with the first stirrings of the build towards an orgasmic release.

Darcy pressed me forward into the stream of hot water.

Now it was hitting me on the back of my head and striking her on the face and the top of her head.

The lather of the shampoo began to slide down her naked body; some of it spilling over her quivering boobs and tummy to flow down her loins where my finger was continuing its slow churning of her steamy depths.

She crushed the full length of her body against mine, rocking her open pussy down onto my pleasuring hand, trying to force my finger even deeper into her needy cunny.

The slipperiness of the bubbly soap helped fantastically as we began grinding the front of our bodies harder and harder against each other.

I was achingly aware of the bulbous tip of my soft penis brushing up against her shapely thighs.

Within a few minutes, I was easily able to introduce a second finger, the added stimulation quickly bringing up a fresh wash of lubricating juices welling up from somewhere inside her.

Meanwhile, Darcys right hand slid down my chest, gathering some of the creamy lather.

When she'd gathered up enough, she moved her hand to the base of my limp manhood.

Slowly she began to coat my penis with the suds, her thumb and pinky encircling the base, her forefinger at the top.

She has told me many times that there is nothing for her quite like watching my cock grow from its flaccid, vulnerable state to its full impressive length. It makes her fell very sexy, very sensuous, very wanted, which of course she is.

All shampooing had been long since forgotten.
Darcys panting was harsh, a'rhythmic as our tongues twisted wildly in one anothers mouth, like some primitive mating ritual, as we fondled one anothers sex.

Two of my sticky fingers were pounding in and out of her drenched pussy, lathering her sensitive bud with juices and I knew now she was ready.

She was wonderfully responsive as I began to fondle her clitoris with my thumb and I thrilled to the sight of her, the slippery feel of her body against mine.
Hot, squishy sounds echoed in the small tiled shower, merging with Darcys sharp gasps and mewling cries along with the unique rhythm of the water to form an intensely erotic chorus building towards its crescendo.

She was almost there, so I just started drilling my fingers into her, plunging so deep into her sultry snatch that I thought I could feel her cervix.

Her entire body began to tremble and I had to grab her firm bottom in my free hand to keep her from tumbling over.

With a sudden, violent jerking of her hips, Darcy came with a long, shrill cry, her cunny pulsing with each blissful eruption within her loins.

On and on her pleasure pulsed, hot and joyous and strong, until she finally sank to her knees, her entire body trembling with the exquisite aftershocks of her orgasm.

When she'd recovered enough to stand on her own, I took Darcy in my arms under the warm water.

As I lovingly fondled a perky breast, squeezing it with my whole hand, letting the nipple come between the thumb and forefinger, I wasnt surprised that it wasnt too many minutes before she began to react to my touch.

Once you get her fires burning, they aren't easily doused.
She's always told me her first orgasm was like being hit by a freight train - it takes her a little time to recover but once she does, she says its easier for her to get aroused than it does to get horny in the first place.
True story:

one night, with the help of a sturdy cock ring and some truly inspired fellatio, I brought her to no less than six orgasms in roughly ninety minutes using penetration alone (no cunnilingus) and I had to be the one to call it off.

When Darcy was ready for some more sexplay, she reached for the soap, whispering saucily that it was my turn. I looked at her shining eyes, big and dark, almost pitch black, gazing up at me through beautifully long lashes as she took my softened penis in her soft, skilled hands and began to lather me up.

She gave me a nice slow massage up and down my organ before kneeling down to slide my slowly swelling shaft between her glistening breasts.

They arent big enough to touch one another so she tucked my cock up against one and forced the weight over so that I was nearly entirely enfolded in a silky blanket of tempting breast-flesh.

She gently urged me with gentle nudges of her hands on my ass so that I soon found myself sliding in a nice, slow rhythm, rocking in that slippery, unique embrace.

Darcy, humming softly to herself, kept sliding her tits up and down until my penis began to swell into a respectable half-erect size.

She then leaned forward and began to kiss my stomach, hips and thighs before leaning down to take both of my testicles in her mouth, exploring the wrinkled flesh with her lips and cheeks, pushing the twin spheres about with her clever tongue.

At the same time she continued to masturbate me with her hands, taking the dollop of pre-come and using it to lubricate the spongy head.
"Oh, that feels sooo good," I crooned, my knees shaky from the sudden gentle wash of lulling bliss that drifted through me.

When Darcy rose from my balls, she was entranced by the sudden sight of my penis bobbing in its full erection, curving slightly, pointing straight up in front of me.

With her eyes glittering naughtily, she began to lick me as if I were a sweet ice cream cone, flicking her nimble tongue up and down the sides of my cock, tickling the pulsing veins.

She traveled up and down the shaft with long, lazy laps.

Her hand grabbed the base of my beefy manhood and she pressed her face against it, rubbing it over her cheeks before running her lips from my heavy balls to the spongy ridge of the mushroomy glans.

She made love to my penis, kissing there, lapping there, never hurried, savoring her treat.

With her hair pulled back, I could watch her worship my cock with her mouth, selecting a droplet of water from the shower and thoroughly lick it off.

Her thrilling oral foreplay left me paralyzed, caught on the razors edge of wanting to go on forever like this but desperately needing more.

Finally Darcy brought my wet and throbbing erection to her mouth and let my bulbous, blunt tip bump against her open lips, slightly parted now to welcome me.

She kissed the fleshy dome before sticking out her kittenish tongue to touch me there, tasting the tiny drop that had once more welled up, letting it ride over her tongue, letting me wait.

I stiffened with sweet shock and exquisite pleasure as the heat of her mouth enveloped my cockhead.

She gripped the plump knob with her lips, whipping the velvety flesh with her fluttering tongue, before drawing it into her sultry mouth.

Sucking just the head first, her lips just slipping over the ridge, she worked the mauve-hued glans with a sensuous dexterity, eliciting a sudden surge of heady euphoria within my trembling heart. My breath felt like fire.
I gasped and thrust my hips, willing her to take me, consume me, devour me.

I was panting, burning up, when she suddenly stopped licking and slurped me deep into her mouth.

Using her tongue quickly and ticklingly, she plunged my rock-hard cock into her throat, moving down my shaft until she was clasping her lips tightly around the base.

She settled in for a long slow suckle, her breasts rubbing against my thighs as she ran her fingers through my drenched pubic hair.
Oh, what a feeling it was having her warm mouth all over my throbbing penis!
But what makes a blowjob from Darcy so incredible is the way she so clearly loves performing fellatio on me.

She had been massaging her cunny, dripping with her sweet juices, with her fingers.

She paused for a gasp of breath, rubbing those creamy fingers along my dick like someone slicking sauce onto a big, meaty steak before popping it back in, relishing her own exotic taste mixed with mine.

I groaned at her naughtiness and placed my hands on lightly on her head, gently encouraging her.

She began a deep, passionate mouth-fucking, sucking my long, hard cock all the way into her hot, wet mouth and throat, swallowing me whole. as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue twirled about the ridge, sending electric shocks searing through me, electrifying my nerves.

A guttural groan ripped out of me.
Darcy was thrilled by my passionate reaction to her wanton blowjob and sucked even harder, stroking my slick shaft as she worked her mouth up and down with a zealous fury.

Her efforts spawned a liquid warmth bubbling up in my loins that set off a raging fire of raw lust in my mind.

Suddenly all I wanted was to explode in her mouth, to see my creamy white come dripping from the corners of her pouty lips.

I was grunting and groaning shamelessly as my impending orgasm began its build, promising to thrill every cell in my body.

Darcy raised her head to look at my eyes, her face flushed with the excitement and anticipation of my rapidly approaching ejaculation.

I felt my juices reaching critical mass so I grasped her head lightly and guided her to the sweet sticky seed she craved.

Just as the first tremors of fiery ecstasy began to course through my veins, she took my spasming cock deep, the blunt tip nudging the soft membrane of her palate one last time.

Then I came, pumping and throbbing as a whirlwind spiraled through me and the floodgates burst, a steady flow of thick, gooey semen spilling into her mouth.

She never let up, never flinched, sucking and swallowing then licking up the stay drops as of they tasted like honey until shed slurped up the last strand, scooping up the stickiness off her lips with her lips and fingers.

Darcys mouth released my completely drained penis with a wet plop and I collapsed to the floor in front of her.

She held me fondly to her bosom, stroking my back, whispering sweet words of love and reassurance.

When I finally got my breath back, I kissed her deeply, thanking her for the gift she had given me.

We both giggled and sighed, then realized Id turned the water to quite cold by accident.

We'd both been so wrapped up in her single-minded fellatio that we hadnt even noticed! I jumped up, turning the water back to a nicely steamy heat while Darcy held to me for warmth.

She was still quite horny and it was only a matter of time before we had resumed a rhythmic grind facing one another, kissing softly, sensuously at first, but with irresistibly growing desire.

The shower had been built with a sizable tray below the showerhead for the purpose of placing shampoo, conditioner, loofah sponge, whatever on it.

With a burst of inspiration, I leaned over slightly, crooked my arm around the backs of her thighs, and swooped a squealing Darcy on to the shelf.

If she held the showerhead above her, she was able to keep her ass on the shelf and maintain her balance.

As I knelt down between her legs, she slowly parted her smooth dark thighs to expose the nest of tight curls at the base of her belly.

Her cheeks flushed as I smiled down at her obvious wetness.

"Baby," I breathed, "pull apart the lips of your cunny for me."

Willingly Darcy pushed her trembling hands down between her parted thighs, until her fingertips slipped across the moist fur.

She hesitated, then dug her fingers into the spongy pink flesh of her cunny and pulled apart the engorged petals, making a sticky squelching sound.

The sight was heavenly.
Inside was pink and glistening, wet with wanton lubrication.

Between her shamelessly parted labia trembled the tender bud of her clitoris, naked and upright.

I took a ragged breath and smelled the musky, liquid promise of her femininity.

My mouth quivered at the scent of her sumptuous treat, and I licked my lips in restless anticipation.

Slowly I reached out and drew my forefinger reverently across the slick rosy flesh of her bared clit.

A tremor ran through her body as I began to deliberately masturbate her.

Using tiny circular strokes, I rubbed slowly all about the bud of the flower of her femininity, purposefully, teasingly.
I started at the top of her vulva, employing the first two fingers of my right hand.

Darcys breath caught in her throat, and though Im sure she could bear it, even craved it, I was careful not to touch her most sensitive spot again.

Though she ached for my fingers on her slippery clitoris, I withheld that.
First I would make her suffer exquisitely.

It was joyous work, slowly stimulating my horny wife, sending her pleasures mounting higher and higher yet coyly refusing to grant that ultimate bliss which I made her body hunger for.

Teasingly I ran my fingers over Darcys puffy outer lips, sometimes drawing a sticky dollop of lubrication across the fingertips which spread them so shamelessly.

Soon I dragged my slippery digits over the sensitive inner labia which could no longer close to protect her clitoris.

Yet even though I slipped my fingertips into the entrance of the juicy tunnel which beckoned from beneath that tremulous nodule, still I refrained from stroking the seat of her pleasures.

After several torturous minutes for Darcy, I breathed in one final time to savor that exotic female musk, a serene smile on my face then lowered my flushed face that final inch and gratefully buried my mouth between the slippery labia that her slim fingertips held so daintily open.

Pressing my nose deep into her slushy honeypot, I started to explore her puffy plush labia, nudging away her hands, which quickly rested on the top of my head to guide me. With her fingers laced in my hair, I licked the surface of her cunny fully, from back to front, with one long sweep of my tongue.

Darcy whimpered with erotic delight, splaying her legs out fully, allowing her pussy to unfurl itself, like the petals of a ripe rose and, like a bee seeking a drop of nectar, I crept inside.

I have never understood men who will not pleasure their woman in this manner.

For me, it is the ultimate reward, a chance to drink her wine, kiss that most wonderful, secret place, and push my tongue in as far as it would go. If I could, I would enter her completely and lose myself in that velvet tunnel, perhaps never to return.

As it was I had to satisfy myself with lapping up and down the sensitive little folds of flesh.

They were bubble-gum pink and saturated with her succulent dew.
Oh, she tasted so good, felt so smooth and right that I hungrily licked up and down, up and down her slippery cleft while Darcy arched her back and mewled.

She loped her legs over my shoulders, pulling my face deeper into the warm wetness of her sex.

"You look and smell so good, baby,"
I whispered from deep between her thighs.
"I just want to eat you up."

My thick, rough tongue was sliding easily along her super-lubricated slit and I began a rhythmic oral stimulation of her most sensitive areas, nudging into those tiny hollows she so loves to have explored, but staying away from her clitoris.

Eventually I came upon her gaping opening and I delved in, my twirling tongue plunging deep inside her sweet hole, tasting the sugary drops that clung to her inner walls.

Darcy moaned with an animal urgency, her thighs trembling visibly.

I was letting my wife guide my licking with gentle pressure on my head as well as with her own steady rocking motion against my probing tongue.

Her fingers curled about my ears, trying to use them as handles, as she used my willing mouth for her pleasure.

She was squirming under my attentions, eyes closed, throwing her head back.

"Oh, yes," she murmured with a hoarse voice, barely able to lift it above a whisper.

"Oh, yes, your tongue feels sooo good inside my pussy!"

She began to slowly hump her hips in a gentle rolling motion, knowing that would make my licking even more feverish.
I just love it when she fucks my face, crushing my nose into her wet, pink vagina, smearing her syrupy juices all over my cheeks and chin. I just cant get enough of it.

By now, Darcys ass was perched on the edge of the shelf, back arched and head thrown back, steamy water cascading down her breasts and tummy, matting her hair in wet tangles over her shoulders.

Her legs were raised high and the heels of her feet rested well down my back, drumming in pleasure as I teased and titillated her.

I drank the thick honey spilling out of her secret place, swallowing it in great gulps.

I sucked voraciously at her, lapping up every drop of nectar, licking and nibbling at her silky flesh until her entire body began to quiver as if she were about to swoon.

Realizing that she was ready, I brought my mouth up to her hardened clitoris, now almost painfully throbbing from lack of attention.

I brushed the tiny nub with whispery strokes of my lips, tantalizing the precious little bud that was the key to Darcys ultimate pleasure, making her cry out and tug on my hair. "Oh, God! Yes!"
The animalistic moan seemed to be ripped out of the darkest, most

primal parts of Darcy. "Lick my clit, baby! Dont stop!"
She began to buck and heave and the pulsing within her vagina let me know that she was in the opening stages that would inevitably lead to her sweet release.

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