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Lusty Love

Written by Lusty (September 2000)

You probably won't believe this, but my wife and I have been married for 12 years and our sex life just keeps on getting better.
Colleen is a very sensuous woman, with large, luscious tits and a great ass. Most of all, she loves me and adores both giving me pleasure and having me please her.
Like the other night we were coming home from a mildly erotic film - the kids were sure to be asleep and on the way home she was already whispering how she wanted me so badly. Once we got through the front door she started pulling my clothes off. Colleen sat me on a wooden chair while she began to undress.

She slipped off her bra from under her silky dress, allowing her breasts to sway under the material. I could clearly see her nipples become prominent and hard. Purring softly, she reached under her dress and pulled her panties off.

Then Colleen drew them under my nose before tossing them aside. She undid my shirt buttons and raked her fingers over my nipples. This always gets me hot, as my wife knows quite well. By this time my cock was aching for attention, but she took her time getting there, making sure my arousal was complete.

Bending over me, I could see her heavy breasts undulating in the soft light. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid her cool, soft hands round my buttocks taking off my pants and underwear and allowing the cool air to brush against my naked body. Colleen stood up and pulled me up to her. I nuzzled her silky dress from belly up, smelling her wonderful aroma as I straightened. My cock was straining now, caught between the soft folds of her dress, where I could sense the incredible heat building.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss, tongues swirling and sucking. Her kiss is enough to set me on fire, especially when I can feel her urgent need. I had visions of my cock buried deep within her hot, throbbing cunt, a prophecy soon to come true. But then my luscious woman broke our embrace and took a step back.

She briefly closed her eyes and touched herself, rubbing her nipples and belly and thighs, pretending as if I was not there. Next she approached me with a grin on her face, and took my left leg and placed it on the wooden chair. Colleen bent down and took my nipple in her mouth, biting it gently and sucking on it alternately.

Her other hand moved down past my throbbing cock, to caress and massage my aching balls. She lifted them in the palm of her hand and gently squeezed, while her tongue circled my sensitive nipple. I groaned and grasped at the chair for support. Her mouth and tongue were tantalizing my nipples, sending electric pulses of pleasure throughout my body.

When my wife finally lowered her head and began to lick my long hard cock, she looked utterly sensuous and sexy, bent over my body, naked under the silken material, her body warm and inviting. I began to stroke her curves through the soft material.

My right hand scooping down under her wonderful tits, pinching her nipples lightly. Then I pulled the dress up to expose her lovely ass and cunt. I could feel the warm night air caress the soft hairs of her pussy from behind. Taking my wife from behind has always been a favorite position for both of us, giving deep penetration and a wild feeling of animal lust.

Now as I watched her hips sway and her mouth engulf my hard member, I could barely wait any longer. I slowly pulled her head off of me and she moaned her disappointment as my cock left her mouth. Then I positioned her hands on the chair so that colleen was bent over and ready.

Her dress was gathered about her hips and her cunt was exposed from behind. I started to stroke her legs up and down without touching her sensitive pussy. Colleen started to moan as the juices began running down her inner thighs. 'please' she said.
'please come to me'.
'Ooohhh, I need you to fuck me. Pleeease.' I took her ass cheeks in my hands, massaging them around so that the lips of her vagina opened and closed with a wet sound.
Then I held my cock in one hand and began to slide it up and down the entrance to her cunt. Her lips were so open and wet that I nearly slipped inside but I kept on moving the swollen head of my member along the length of my wife's pussy, from clitoris to anus, driving her completely wild.

Finally, she began begging and pushing herself back until I had no choice. I shifted my hands so that I now held both her tits from underneath, and entered her hot cunt with one long thrust. 'aaaahhh' she said as a small wave of orgasm overcame her. It was all I could do to not come on the spot, but after some years of practice, I have quite good control. I waited a while with my body pressed against her from behind, savoring the erotic feeling of heat and slick moisture covering my shaft.

Then I slowly began to pull out and thrust in, while her cunt lips gripped me tightly. I pulled out all the way, leaving just the swollen tip of my cock inside, and began fucking her in long powerful strokes. This was enough to send colleen over the edge and she moaned loudly as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her. Her whole body pushed back against my thrusts, begging me to fuck her harder and deeper, until finally I could not stand it any longer.

I began feeling the surge of heat rise from my balls and travel up into my member as I pulled out the entire length and plunged back into her. My cock was now ready to burst and I held on with both hands to her hips as I rammed in one last time. 'aaaaaahhh' I cried out as hot white semen began to spurt into my wife�s cunt.
'Yes, yes, yes -come to me. Fuck me. Fuck me' said colleen.
'Oooooh that is so good. You are sooo fucking good. I love it when you come inside me' she said.

It was several moments before I slipped my still semi-erect shaft from her moist pussy and sat down in the chair. Colleen came over and sat facing me in my lap, straddling me.

She nuzzled my head in her soft warm tits and whispered in my ear. 'Mmmmm. that was certainly nice. I have a little surprise planned for your birthday, you know'.
I had no idea what she was talking about, but I can't wait to find out!

Shake It, Robin

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Lisa (Part 2)

(September 2000)

It was Wednesday, it had been two days since I had last seen Lisa.
She had told me a little bit about her date with Rene over the phone, but she said that she wanted to tell me the best parts in person.

I had just got out of swim practice and headed over to Lisa's house. I walked a little bit faster, thinking of the stories she might tell of her and Rene.
I reached her parents house, and walked around to the back door. I stopped a moment to see Lisa holding Sam, her best friend since the second grade.

It appeared that Sam had been crying. Lisa released her arms from around Sam, and placed them on either side of Sam's head, then kissed her gently. It was just a quick kiss, and as they broke their kiss, their eyes met.
Sam then moved to kiss her taller friend, only this time they did not stop at a short, "friendly" kiss.

Sam's tounge started to penetrate Lisa's mouth, and their passion got the better of them. The both sat down on the floor and continued with the explorations. Sam was now straddling Lisa's torso, and sat up to remove her tee-shirt.

I could not believe my eyes, all this time I had thought that Sam was a bit on the overweight side, but the sight of her now disproved that theory. It was now appearent that part of the reason she always wore baggy clothes was because of her boyfriend, Ron.

He was always accusing her of "flirting" too much with other guys. As a result of this, she seemed to dress-down. Her body, seemed to be more toned than Lisa's. Her breasts were larger, by at least two inches and a cup size. Her waist was slimmer. Her skin a little darker. She removed her bra to reveal large nipples, which she then grabbed and squeezed. Lisa placed her hands on Sam's breasts, and Sam covered them with her own. God, I did not know what to do.

Was it more fun watching these two women, or should I just walk in and join them? I stood there watching as these two vixens pleasured each other. Sam then stood up and removed her shorts and panties.
She then straddled Lisa's face, pressing her pussy down on to her tounge. Lisa's hands now rested on Sam's round ass, kneeding as she tounged her friend's clit.

I couldn't see very clearly, but it appeared that Sam's clit was about three inches long, and Lisa was sucking it like a small cock. Just then, Sam turned and caught me standing outside the glass door, and freaked a bit. She got off of Lisa, and grabbed her shirt to cover herself. Lisa got up to reassure her, and then came over to let me in.
"How long have you been out here?" Lisa vehemently asked.
"Well, I saw your kiss right before you laid down on the floor."
"Then I guess you saw everything. Might as well continue from where we let off, eh, Sam."

Lisa walked over to Sam and pulled her shirt, but Sam did not let go.
"It's ok, Sam. He knows I like women. Besides, isn't this more about getting back at Ron, than anything else. He has accused you of doing something that you haven't. Now is the time to really do it."
They kissed, and Sam let down her guard. Sam put her hand on the back of Lisa's head to pull her closer.
"Well, there is one thing wrong. Ron accused me of messing around with one of his friends. He said that I gave him a blow job, and his friend is running around bragging about it. So, I guess I should really do it. Do you mind if I borrow your boyfriend?"
"Well, why don't you ask him, you vixen-slut." She had a smile on her lips as she said that. "I won't stop you, as a matter of fact, I would like to watch the two of you together. I'll sit over here and play with myself."

With that, Lisa placed my hand in Sam's, then went to sit down. She proceeded to take her clothes off. Sam, in her naked splendor, pressed her body to mind and kissed me. I was bending over a bit, and wrapped my arms around her and picked her up.

She was much lighter than I expected. Her large breasts pressed against me, and I wanted to suck her nipples, but was clearly not in a position to do that.
"If you put me down, I will remove your pants, and then..."

She looked at me very demurly, tilting her head down. I let her go, and she moved down. "I just hope that you are bigger than Ron, but that won't be hard."
Her hand rested on the front of my pants.
"Well, answers that question, I can tell already that you win the contest."
She unzipped my pants and let them fall. She rubber her face against my underwear, with my cock getting harder and harder. She kissed my cock thru the material, lowering the elastic band just low enough to expose the head. She kissed it, and I twitched.

"Well, you are definetly much more substantial than Ron. His cock bearly reaches his waist. You're thicker as well."
"Thanks for the compliments, but could you please..."
With that, she took me into her moist mouth, as she pulled my underwear down to my knees.
"Oh... gawd..."

Sam's head started to bob up and down slowly, taking only about a quarter of my cock into her mouth, her hand holding my cock at mid-length. She was also squeezeing her tits with her left hand. She was a beautiful sight, her naked body kneeling in front of me, my cock in her mouth, and our eyes locked on one another.

I had not noticed, but Lisa had removed all her clothes and had a dildo, moving it in and out of her pussy. Did she leave the room to get it? If she did, I never noticed, as my attention was diverted elsewhere.

It was a 12 inch dildo, and she had the thing deep inside herself. Only about the last two inches were exposed. Sam was an obvious natural at blow jobs, she took about half of my cock in, making sure there was plenty of lubricant. She fingering her pussy while sucking me off. I could feel myself starting to cum, so I placed my hands on the sides of Sam's head for balance.
"Let him cum on your face, Sam!. I want to see him cum on your face..."

Lisa had obviously been turned on, she was beginning to twitch from the plastic cock in her, she was pulling the entire 12 inch length in and out of her hole.
"Oh, fuck... that feels... wond... Ah...". With the sound of Lisa cumming and Sam's delicate mouth around my sword, I started to cum.

Sam pulled me out of her mouth, and held our her tounge. My first shot hit her on the cheek, but she moved to catch the next with her mouth. I still was holding Sam's head, but now it was for balance. My knees almost gave way, as I shot for a third time on to Sam's waiting tounge, her eyes looking up at me.
As I was finishing, Lisa came over to us, and kissed Sam on the lips. As they shared my cum, I was transfixed watching these two women kiss. Lisa still had the dildo inside her pussy, and she placed Sam's hand onto it.
"I want you to pull it out, and fuck yourself with it. I want to see you cum." With that, Lisa spread her legs to allow her friend to extract the giant plastic cock.

Sam laid back to insert the cock, and I saw what I thought was the biggest clit ever. It stood out from her pussy lips, erect like a small penis. She put the fake cock in, and started to impale herself. Her other hand, with a couple of fingers, was stroking her "penis".
Her large breasts sat squarely on top of her chest, not sagging a bit to the side. I could not figure out why Ron would accuse her of messing around, with a body like hers, he should have been greatful that she even went out with him. She could have any man (or woman, if Sam were so inclined) she wanted. Ron seemed to have some hold over her, but what was it.

Anyway, it appeared that she had broken that hold. My only reasoning was that her clit was bigger than his cock, but that was a stupid thought. Lisa and I sat back to watch Sam's performance, one hand controlling the dildo, the other stroking her clit. She started to quiver and her face tightened up, and she let go. Her torso raised up from the floor as she started to cum, her juices running out of her pussy, the hand stroking her clit moved faster still. Her body convulsed again harder than I had ever seen anyone shake. She made almost no noised, with the exception of the sound of the dildo squishing in and out of her canal.

I did not noticed, still transfixed on Sam's orgasm, but Lisa had my cock in her mouth. "You know, you could help out her and move a little, I could get more of your cock in my mouth." I looked down to see Lisa's playful grimace.
"I had heard that Lisa was an expert at blow job, at least she says she was." Sam commented.
What do girls talk about when alone?
"Teach me something new, Lisa, let me be your 'slut-pupil'." With that, Lisa kneeled in front of me on all fours.
"Now is your chance to show me how you can 'fuck' my mouth with that cock of yours."
"Yeah, show us how you can use that thing."
Did she mean my cock or was she refering to Lisa as my 'thing'. Either way, I put my hands on the sides of Lisa's head, she opened her lips, and I entered her.

Stopping half way, Sam commented, "Is that all you can give her, I want to see your cock in Lisa's throat, she told me that she loved your cock deep in her mouth." Now I really wondered, do women talk more about sex than they want us men to believe? Is it just another control issue. (Make them believe that you don't need or want sex, and it will make them want and need you more???)

I was just grateful that Lisa loved sex so much, or I might still be waiting to even get laid. Come to think of it, I think we have 'fucked' only a few dozen times, Lisa loved to please with her mouth. I never hesitated to lick her, either, when she let me. I whispered in Sam's ear, "Would you please lick Lisa's pussy?" She looked at me a bit hesitantly, I then caught on that this was their first time together, and she was not really prepared to do that, yet.

She kissed me, pushing her tounge into my mouth. She whispered back, "I have never done that before, but if it will turn you on..." She kissed me again, staying there for about two more minutes. When she finally broke the kiss, my eyes were shut tight, and I really wanted to keep kissing her. She really knew how to use her lips and tounge. I was mad at myself for asking her to eat Lisa's pussy, it took away her lips from mine.

I don't think I had ever been kissed like that before, but then again, it might have also had something to do with Lisa's lips on my cock. Only way to find out was to kiss her again without Lisa's lips engaged... Or maybe, I could get Sam alone, without Lisa at all...
What was I thinking, I started to feel guilty about thinking about cheating on my girlfriend, who just told me about an afair she was having with her teacher (a woman), and someone who I might not see again after this fall. I mentally made a note to ask Sam out...

With that decision made, I went back to fucking Lisa's lips. My hands were on either side of her head, and my cock now deep in my mouth. I held myself there, remembering the technique she used on Saturday night, I gently swivelled her head from side to side. I released my hands from the sides of her head, and she continued with the motion. I used a little muscle control, and flooded my cock with blood, enlarging its size a bit. Lisa thought I was cumming and pulled my cock partway out. I put my hands back on the sides of her head, and moved back in.

My cock swelled a couple more times, and Lisa deliberatly pulled my cock out of her mouth, she then placed a hand around my cock to prevent me from going too deep. She allowed me a few more thrusts, when I finally came in her mouth. I looked at Sam, who had yet to lick Lisa. She was sitting watching Lisa, she was not looking at me.

The sight of her friend drinking my cum had mesmerized her, her fingers were playing with her clit, and she began to cum, herself. Sam broke her gaze on Lisa, and looked at me. I could not really read her face, but it looked like desire. She turned away, just as Lisa let my cock out of her mouth and turned to look at Sam.
"Did you see? I hope you learned something new." Lisa said playfully.
She reached up to kiss Sam, and when their tounges met, Sam hesitated. She could not stop because of Lisa's hold.
They kissed for a few minutes, when Sam stopped. "We should get going. Your parents might come home." Sam seemed a little hurried. She picked up her bra and panties to put them on. Then grabbed her shorts.
"What's the rush, Sam? My parents make enough noise when the come home that we will.."
"I just need to go."
"Are you ok? Sam, if there is a problem..."
"I can't right now, I have to go. I'll call you later." She barely had her tee-shirt pulled on, and her shoes on when she walked out the door.

"I think she likes you. I do know that she has made comments in the past about her being jealous of me for having someone like you. I never thought about it before, but you should ask her out."

What just happened...

Butter Commercial

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A story of Lisa

Written by Sub-man (September 2000)

It was my last summer before I was off to college, and my parents told me that they would send me anywhere I wanted to go for graduating third in my class, provided that I did not "produce a surpise in 9 months". My father thought it was funny to speak in "second-hand" sexual references, my mother would just roll her eyes.

I thought about where I wanted to spend the summer. All I knew was that I wanted to take my girlfriend, Lisa. We had been together for about 2 and a half years, since she was 14 and a half. I thought it would be good to spend the summer together, as we were both going to be attending college in different cities, she was an early graduate.

But then, two weeks before graduation, Lisa told me that her parents did not want her to go away for the summer, as she was still only 16. I knew they did not like me, well not me particualrly, but any guy who might possibly corrupt their "sweet", but not so innocent, only daughter. Lisa was an expert at blow jobs, swallowing all she could.

Even without the sex, I would have been attracted to her, she was all I could ask for, brains and body. Anyway, the night she told me about the argument her parents, I told her that I didn't want to go if she didn't. I really wanted to spend as much time with Lisa.

Then the next blow came, she wanted to break up with me anyway, as she thought we should just end our relationship now without waiting for the fall.
I was really mad at her, and accused her of finding someone else. She seemed really nervous, and I stopped.
"It's not what you think. I mean, I never thought this could happen. I want you to know that I am in love you, but Rene is an incredible woman, mentor... and lover."

My first though was an obvious one, was she sleeping with not only her teacher (I knew the name Rene, an English teacher, and she was hot), but this teacher was a woman. I thought of Lisa's lips kissing Rene, and it was too strong to fight. I was livid with anger and excited with pent up sexual tension.

"Well... if you really feel that you need to break up with me like this, could I make one request?"
The thought of my mouth being able to form the words to ask this question, as if on auto-pilot, heated my blood.
"I really don't want to hurt you, and if there is anything I can do, just ask and I will do it without question."
I could not believe that I heard those words. My heart was beating faster, I could not believe that I was about to ask her this.
"I want to sleep with you and Rene."

There, I just blurted it out, no hesitation. Lisa's hand moved to my crotch, "Every-Mans-Fantasy. Like I said, anything you want."

She then kissed my lips harder than ever. I could not hold back and came in my pants with her hand rubbing my cock. Just the thought of possibly being with two incredible women was too much.

"I hope you can last longer than that, Rene needs a lot of attention, and I know she likes a good fuck, even if from a boy."

She poked my in jest. My head was still reeling, and I could not see straight.
"Please shut the fuck up and let me eat your pussy."
I know I never talked to her that way, but it some how felt right. We were out in the middle of a grove of tree, and the moon was full.

She stood up and dropped her skirt and then her panties.
"This is something Rene taught me while you were off at the swim meet, two weeks ago. She did this to me on this very spot. I know that I would never have done this before then, so I hope you really enjoy this cause I know I will. But then again, who cares if you enjoy this."

She poked me again, smiling like an innocent slut. She then knelt with her knees beside my head.
I felt compulsed to ask, "How long have you been seeing Rene?"
I was still a little angry, but with a gorgeous pussy hovering above my watering mouth, who the fuck cared.

"She seduced me last Christmas when I stopped by her apartment to turn in an assignment. But, we can talked later, besides you won't be able to talk."

Her pussy lips kissed my lips. Her knees moved a little forward of my head, allowing her to lower herself easily onto my face. She leaned forward a bit so that her clit was accessible to my tounge. "Please lick my clitoris... yes... I did not know how much I loved having my pussy lick, I always felt guilty, but... oh, ah... put your tounge in my pussy... ah, yes."

She lifted her pussy from my face reaching for her purse, rummaging around inside and removing something. She lower herself back to my face, handing me her toothbrush case. "Fuck me from behind with this." She was a wild woman, hellbend to cum.
I was completely at her mercy and her pleasure. It was amazing, this was almost a dream come true. My cock was as hard as a spike, despite of my earlier orgasm.

I started to rub the toothbrush case against her pussy lips, her hips were moving around with her clit finding its own way around my tounge. All I had to do was move the toothbrush cock in and out of her. Thoughts of Rene squating over Lisa's full lips, and then cumming on them blew my mind (as well as my cock).

This was just too much, it was not happening. "Ah... push that thing in further and press it down. Ohhhh..." Her knees move a little further apart, and her body was shaking now and again, almost like I found her 'button' that caused her to twitch. I moved the toothbrush cock a little more deliberately, pushing it from side to side. Her knees shook against the ground.

"Ohhh..." she bellowed. I thought she was cumming, but she continued to fuck her pussy against my mouth. I was not pleasing her, she was doing all the work.
"Keep it moving buddy, or you won't get your surprise..." Her hips were moving in gyrations, with her clitoris dancing on my tounge.

I almost lost her toothbrush cock inside of her, but she seemed to push it back out on her own. She had never been so involved in her own orgasm (at least while she was with me), it was almost like she forgot that I was there or maybe she did not care.

I knew that I did not care about those things, I had always wanted to have a woman cum on my lips, so caution to the wind...
"Oh, god, I gonna cum... fuck me, please fuck me hard... oh, gawd, I gonna...", her convulsions started and she gasped, "Oh, fuck...". I could feel her pussy getting wetter, and she came in torrents with each convulsion.

"Oh... fuck...". Her legs clamped around my head, and she flooded my mouth with her sweet/tart nectar. I did not know that she was capabile of such volumes, but she overflowed my mouth. As many times as she swallowed my cum, I wondered if it would be possible for me to do the same with hers. It seemed to last forever, she would stop for a few seconds, only to cum harder than the last.

She finally finished, slowly lifting herself up. She say back on my chest, our eyes meet and she just smiled.
"Thank you."
"What did I do, you did all the work."
"That's just it, it would never have been as good unless I did it myself. So, thank you."
"I guess I know what it feels like to be a woman used as a 'cum-hole'."
Boy, we had never been so frank. She was now sitting next to me, as I sat up.

"Now its your turn, let me be your 'cum-hole'. Put your cock in my mouth, pussy, or any other place you might find pleasure. I want you to use my body for your pleasure." I could not think of what to do next, so I kissed her mouth, gently.

"You'd better get your clothes off, you don't want to cum in your shorts again, do you?"
I stumbled to my feet.
"Here, let me."

She grabbed my zipper and pulled it down, undid my buckle and dropped my pants. I kicked off my pants. "Ok, now where do you want your 'cum-slut'."
She was almost like a different woman, but I could still seeing her innocent exuberance. Rene must have opened some door that no man could have even known exsisted, let alone how to open it.

"What is your fantasy?"
I stuttered a bit, "Well... first take off your blouse, I want you to play with your breasts... suck on your nipples."

Her 36DD-29-37 frame was the desire of every man and envy (and, appearently, desire, too) of every woman, but she has given it to me tonight, and I wanted to make this last.
"Your wish is my command, my master..."

She really played her role well. Her blouse and bra were removed, and she began fondle her nipples. She lifted her breast to her lips, and suckled herself.
God, I was ready to cum right then, but I wanted to make sure that this particular fantasy goes off as planned.

"Alright, lean back against that fallen tree, and rest your head over it. Keep playing with your nipples, squeeze them, make them hard. What do you think I am going to do to you?"
"I don't know, my master, but do it for your pleasure."

The gleem in her eye told me that she meant that. I walked around back behind her head and knelt there.
"Open your mouth, you are taking me completely into your mouth."
"Please go slowly, just don't cum in the back of my mouth, I might gag."
"You will take what I give you, and like it. It is not your place to make any requests. Now pick up your toothbrush cock and thrust it into your pussy. I want you to leave it there, and go back to playing with your breasts. Open your 'cum-hole' and let me enter."

God, this master/slave thing was hot. I never dreamed that Lisa was thinking such thoughts, and it only made me hotter.
I was kind of turned on with her controlling the situation earlier, so... "I want you to grab my ass, and guide my cock to the back of your throat. I want you to fuck your mouth with my cock, and just remember, you must not touch my cock with your hands."
"Your wi..."
"Shut up, my concubine... please me..."

She gave the head of my cock a nip with her teeth, was it a reminder of just how much control she really had? Was I going to far with my role play? She then pulled my cock into the back of her mouth, taking only half of my length, then pulled back on my asscheeks, thus pulling my cock back out of her mouth.

There was a loud 'pop' as my cock left her mouth. I pushed my cock back down into her mouth with my hand, and she wrapped her lips around my head, sucking gently. She pulled me back in, my eyes were clenched shut hoping to hold off a little bit longer. My cock was moving in and out, each time going a little bit further inside.

I looked down at her breasts to find them taut and her nipples were erect. I started to massage them hoping to take my thoughts off of cumming too soon. As I played with her nipples, she moaned, the vibrations in her mouth resonated my cock, and with each caress of her breasts, my cock went a little further inside, until I was completely inside.

She held me there for a bit, as she turned her head a little from side to side. I could feel myself losing control, and remembering her request, I tried to pull out of her throat. She held onto me, when I think she realized I was going to cum. I backed out just in time to cum on her tounge. She swallowed, pulling me back into her mouth with my next spasm.

She swallowed again, only this time, I convulsed even harder than ever and ended up pulling completely out of her mouth, cumming on her face. Her tounge reached up to my cock-head to catch another drop of cum. I almost fell forward with the force, but caught myself in time. I came again on her face, shooting about three more drops of cum.

This was the first time that she let me do this, even though she would swallow my cum, she did not like me to cum on her face. After I had finished, Lisa sat up, my cum on her cheek, chin and lips. She kissed me, sharing my cum. I could not think of anything but what she just gave me. The taste of my own cum was incredible, and her kisses were sweet and innocent. I was floored by the past hour or so. We finally stopped kissing, once her face was clean.
We looked at each other, not knowing what to say, I took her hand and kissed it.

"I don't want to break up with you, but I still want to see Rene. Maybe she could find you a 'boyfriend', at least we could share something more."

I did not know what she really meant by that, but I knew that I did love her, and we would probably not be together after this summer.
So, I just tried to at least enjoy what sex there might be to come. If this was any indication, I was in for a treat. We fell asleep by the tree.
We awoke, naked, in each others arms. We made love (in a more traditional manner) once more as the sun rose.
Lisa told me that my request might come true soon, so I should not leave town too quick. We got dress, and I walked her home, hand in hand. We met her parents as they were finishing breakfast.

Her mother asked if she was alright, with us being out all night. She assured her parents that I was the most perfect gentleman she wanted me to be. She pecked me on the cheek, and thanked me for "walking" with her all night.

I left, with nothing but a smile, an incredible memory, and hardon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Masturbation with a female friend

Written by Richard, Devon, UK (August 2000)

Dear Claudia

A few years ago I was a first year student at the University of Plymouth in the UK.
That year I shared a house with three other people, a guy and two girls. We were all very friendly and I got on particularly well with the girls.

One weekend I had an experience that I never expected. Let me tell you about it. Vicci was one of my housemates. She is a short girl, about five foot three, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was very friendly to me and we were good friends. One weekend, our other two housemates had gone home for the weekend, leaving us alone in the house. Nothing unusual at all happened until Saturday evening.

That evening, Vicci was about to pop out to a local shop for some bits and pieces and she asked me if I wanted anything. Without thinking I asked her to get my a copy of Club magazine (a UK top shelf magazine).

As soon as I realised I'd said it I apolegised, but Vicci just winked and smiled and said that it was OK.
A short time later she came back from the shop and gave me the mag, and a grin. We were having a quiet night in, watching TV and drinking a few beers.

Vicci was feeling hot a she wasn't wearing many clothes, just a white T shirt, a pair of baggy trousers and her panties. As we watched TV she gently rubbed herself between her legs. I could see her nipples through her T shirt.

More beer followed, and Vicci pulled down her trousers. As well as her trousers, she also caught her knickers, pulling then down. She saw that she had down she pulled them back up, knowing that she had let me see her pussy.

Vicci laughed and said it was nothing compared to my mag. She saw the bulge in my trousers and smiled. She told me to get the magazine. Vicci flicked through the magazine with me, before saying she could be a model and pulling her T shirt and knickers off.

By now I had a full on erection. Vicci said "watch this" and started to copy the poses from the girls in the mag, showing of her pussy, bum and tits.

She got down on to her hands and knees, pushing her bum into the air and showing off her pussy, starting to masturbate herself.

By now, it was all too much and I started to rub my cock through my trousers. Vicci saw this, smiled and said "I know what you need", grabbing by mag and fetching her credit card. Vicci picked up the phone and called a "call back" service, booking a sexy chat.

She was sitting on the stairs, by the phone, and she said "you'll get a call in a minute" Vicci and I both needed to come, and she was wanking herself.

I touched her and explored her tits with my hands, rubbing and kissing her nipples. I moved my hands down and ran my fingers round her smooth pussy lips, wet with her excitement,and pushed a couple of fingers into her vagina. I push in and out, listening to her joyful moans.

I could tell that she would come soon. Then the phone rang. Vicci answered it before giving it to me. The girl talking to us had a very sexy voice and sounded really turned on. She said her name was Lucy and I told her about the evening, and that Vicci was masturbating herself.

Lucy spoke to Vicci and then told me she was doing the same. By now my cock was fit to explode and Vicci undid my jeans and pulled my hard cock out. She ran her fingers over the tip and I thought I would come staight away. I didn't and Vicci her back to wanking herself, rubbing her right foot on my dick.

Lucy screamed she was climaxing and Vicci's masturbation became more frenzied as she started to scream with an orgasm. Vicci's orgasm, together with the sight of her pussy, the phone call, and the ridges of her toes was just too much.

I grunted and shot several thick wads of spunk over Vicci.
Vicci thanked Lucy, and hung the phone up. We spented several minutes cleaning ourselves up, before cuddling up together and going to sleep.

Vicci is still one of my closest friends.

Thanks Vicci

Richard, Devon, UK

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Scoop

Written by "Scotchy" (August 2000)

(We're in my twin bed, nude, a single candle lit on the nightstand next to us, the smell of rain wafting through the window. I tell you to close your eyes and listen to my voice, to let it fill your head and remove you from the present, into the realm of imagination....)

I've been a reporter for this podunk small time newspaper for a week now, and writing about the local feed mill and debates over stop lights is wearing mighty thin. So you can believe that when a good old fashioned passion murder was committed I got excited, especially when the suspect asked for me by name as the reporter to interview her. Her name was Charlotte, and she wore a red dress.

Seems corny in retrospect, but when we met for the interview in my dusty little office, and I closed the door from prying eyes and ears, her name and dress seemed to fit her perfectly, and certainly caused my interest to pique. We engaged in some small talk, then I got right to the interview.

She was cagey, deflecting my questions like a politician, but I could tell there was something smoldering beneath, a simmering passion, a caged animal needing release. I could see why murders would be committed for this woman. My office was stifling, and she moved the strap of her dress down her shoulder, offering a tempting glimpse of her breasts.

A twitch ran through my penis, that twinge I always get just before a hard-on.
"I believe you're flirting with me, mister reporter," she said, her eyes directly on me, her eyebrow raised a little.
She smirked and added, "I've found there's only one thing to do with a man that flirts, and that's kiss him."
I moved forward a bit and said, "Why's that, Charlotte?"
She replied, "to see if there's any sparks. Care to try?"

I was most certainly ready and willing. I leaned over my desk and put my face right in front of hers. She was wearing crimson lipstick and I wanted a taste. She grabbed the back of my head and kissed hard, then flicked her tongue into my opening mouth... I lightly bit her lower lip, then dug my fingers into her neck, just hard enough to leave a little red mark.
"Whoa" , she said, "Fourth of July".

Next thing I know we're on the desk, papers flying everywhere. I removed her dress reverently, she had incredible, white creamy breasts... I don't know much about cup sizes or anything but they were huge. I ran my tongue in little circles around her rosebud of a nipple, licked it and then breathed softly on it, the cooling breath causing her to shudder and her nipple to harden.

I bit softly, and she cooed. She reached down and unzipped my khakis, reached inside and pulled my stiff cock right out. She studied it for a second then said, "yes, this will do just fine." I watched with pleasure as she kissed the tip, then below the shaft along the line of my scrotum, leaving little red lipstick mouth marks all over.
"Oh god," I murmured, "please take it in as far as you can..."

She complied with a wicked little smile, gazing up at me then engulfing my cock, sliding it expertly past her tonsils and down her throat then slowly moving her head back and forth. My knees were weak, and I could here little popping noises in the back of my head.

"I think we'd better get down to business Charlotte" I said.
She nodded and let my cock free, just in time, as I was on the verge.

She stood up, turned around, and leaned over my desk, her exceptional ass sticking out at me. I wanted to stuff my cock in her to the hilt, but thinking better of it, instead slid my fingers over the crack of her ass and down to her panties which I moved aside with one finger, while twirling the other around her lower lips.

She was wet, and her scent permeated the air and coated my fingers, causing a lurch in my gut, the animal instinct. She moaned as I moved my other hand around her, and with two fingers began to slowly slide just around but not quite directly on, her clitoris. She arched her back more and moaned louder, so I slid two fingers from my other hand deep into her wetness, then up and slightly back, touching those delightful ridges along the top inside of her, keeping time with my other hand, which now stroked her clitoris more directly, in rhythm.

She came. And came hard. I bit her earlobe softly, saying "be quiet".
She nodded in complicity as she came again. I couldn't stand it anymore, and moving her lips apart, positioned my cock at her, then thrust in.
I took her fast at first then switched to deep, side to side strokes. She bucked against me, and putting my hands on her hips I slowed her down a bit.

I slowly circled a finger around on her butt, moving it closer and closer to her little ass, until just on the outside. I could feel it pucker.

She turned her head slightly and said "I'm not responsible for what happens when you touch my ass".

I smiled and said, "well, ain't you just the scoop".

Then I came.

Shower (and Vibrator) Time

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clara's Porno Party

Written By: Uninhibited (August 2000)

"Clara, that's the best blow job I've ever had.
"You are the greatest," I must now agree with your husband George, "This camcorder set-up really captures the moment when George is out of town or too busy at work, to be around while his lovely wife performs her day-to-day household chores".

Tell me Clara, would George really rather watch these porno videos or be here himself?
Clara replied, "George would much rather beat his meat watching these private videos that I produce for him, than perform the acts himself. He is really turning into quite the closet voyeur. Sometimes George asks me to jerk him off or he wants me to jerk-off with him. Sometimes he'll eat me out and/or beg me suck him-off, while he is watching these videos. George is really getting heavy into watching others, especially me, enjoying sex with others, mostly the kinky and unusual stuff, he and I hardly "just fuck" anymore.

Well Clara, I'm always glad to help you out whenever you need to provide fresh videos, to help support George's latest fetish.

Mike pulled Clara to her feet and planted a wet kiss on her cum coated lips, his tongue probing and flickering where his big cock had spurted it's load, just moments before. Clara turned off the camcorder remote switch, before leading Mike back to the afternoon porno party, which was now going full tilt, in Clara's living room.
Mike and Clara rejoined the party in the living room; they refreshed their drinks and started to mingle among the other guests.

Clara noticed and smiled to her husband's new friend Bull, who must have arrived while she and Mike were busy in the bedroom. George had introduced Bull and his lovely wife Polly to Clara, at a party last week in San Jose. George confided to Clara that Bull sported a very, very large cock, which he (George) had recently stroked and enjoyed, in a Sacramento motel room, after a recent out of town business meeting.

During their San Jose meeting, George invited Bull and Polly to stop-in and enjoy Clara's next scheduled "My Husband is Out of Town Video Party", Bull and Polly were both interested and quickly agreed, while noting the time, date and address. George was looking forward to sharing his new well-hung man friend with his loving wife in their bedroom video studio.

George later mentioned that he would really appreciate it if Clara could arrange to capture the candid image of Bull's very memorable 'Staff' in action, on video.
George emphasized that he and Clara could both enjoy their own exciting memories of Bull's biggest attribute, during their private video viewing sessions.

The Porno Party activity centered around the big Sony 60 inch projection TV and DVD player, which were currently pumping out a vintage Marilyn Chamber's classic. Clara's porno viewing party guests were all very informal and friendly, lightly drinking, smoking a little social pot, occasionally adjusting their clothing to accommodate their awakening sexual awareness, and otherwise enjoying their common porno interest.

The early stages of these porno parties were usually slow at the start; the guest's hands and wiggling fingers were in usually content in their own laps, occasionally wondering into a friendly neighbor's lap.

Clara walked over to Bull and Polly, smiled and welcomed them to her party. Clara casually mentioned to them that her bedroom was now free and that the "Kodak Moments" between her and Big Mike were captured on about the first 45 minutes of a two-hour videotape.

Clara looked straight into Bull's eyes, saying she had hoped to fill the entire blank videotape today and then premier it with George tomorrow night, upon his return from Dallas.

Bull and Polly's casual and relaxed demeanor, while among a room full of sexually expressive partygoers, signaled their liberated attitude and feelings. Polly appeared to be getting slightly pre-occupied with a sensual and steamy lesbian scene playing on the big Sony screen.

Other viewers also appeared intently into the hot lesbian activity, currently on screen. Clara started to whisper into Bull's ear, as Polly quietly excused herself and sat down on the arm of an overstuffed loveseat, that was already occupied by Mary Lou, Clara's next door neighbor and frequent guest at these porno parties.

Polly had observed earlier that this voluptuous housewife, who was wearing a silky silver button down blouse and black leather mini skirt, was sitting watching the sensual girl on girl activities, intently and all alone.

Mary Lou had started to pinch her blouse tenting nipples, while her mini-skirted legs started to spread apart slowly, she closely watched a close-up image of Marilyn Chambers rubbing her nose and extended tongue into her lesbian lover's wide-open and inviting big wet cunt.

Clara and Bull just looked-on smiling, as Polly started make her move, to become an important part of Mary Lou's pending sexual release. Within 3 or 4 minutes Mary Lou's leather mini skirt was up at her waist and Polly's face was buried down between her widely spread legs.

One of Polly's hands held Mary Lou's panties to the side for better tongue access, while her other hand was deep into Mary Lou's silky blouse, rolling, pulling and pinching her erect fingertip sized nipples. Wow! Bull, Your wife certainly knows what she wants.
It didn't take her too long to find an opportunity to fit into Mary Lou's memory of this party, did it? Clara began to warm-up to Bull by thrusting her unbridled, half exposed and swaying tits against his arm as they were chatting.

Each time her eyes looked up into Bull's, his eyes were deep into her exposed cleavage, Bull started lusting after the full swelling of her tits. Clara let him know, that she knew, where his eyes were concentrating. Clara started to wiggle a little more, to set her tits quivering, letting Bull know she really liked her tits lusted over. Bull took a deep breath, still staring down into the vee of Clara's blouse.
"Where's your bathroom, Clara?"
"All the way at the end of the hall. Better yet, use the master bath off the master bedroom." Come on with me, "I've got to go too, I'll use the main bathroom off the hallway".

Clara grinned at him, as she held out her hand to lead him.
They parted at the main bathroom door. Clara let go of Bull's hand as she started through the main bathroom door. Clara closed the door behind her, paused a few seconds to allow Bull to proceed into the master bathroom, then opening the door, she proceeded into the master bedroom.

Closing and locking the bedroom door, Clara tip toed to the door of the bathroom, leaning her ear to the door listening to the sounds of Bull's piss splashing into the bowl, followed by the sound of the flushing toilet.
Moving quickly, Clara backed away from the door, seating herself on the edge of the bed. (Camcorder turned on) Clara opened the slit in her skirt and began to rub the puffy dark red lips of her overheated cunt.

When Bull exited the bathroom, his hands were still busy pulling-up his fly. Bull's eyes fell on Clara seated on the bed, waiting for him. Her skirt was wide open, her legs were spread as wide as she could and her hand was sunk three fingers deep into her hot cunt.

Clara's wide ice blue eyes were looking directly at Bull. Her fingers stopped moving while she sat frozen for a few seconds looking full into his eyes, her three fingers again began sliding and rolling over and between the wet and swollen lips of her finger bowl.

Parting the lips gently, Clara then moved her middle finger tip over the erect bud of her clit. Slowly slopping around the wet red lips of her steaming cunt, her fingers were glistening with her own sticky honey. Bull's deep voice almost cracked as he spoke. "Jesus, Clara. Couldn't you wait until the party was over before you started finger fucking yourself?"

"Not really Bull," her voice was sultry, slow and deliberate.
"I just got turned on thinking about you, and decided to sink my fingers in to stir my own pleasure box for a little while."
"Wouldn't you rather have something else in that hot box, Clara?"
"Yes Bull, I'd really like something of yours in here. Have you got anything that I could fill it with? I do like to have my love box really filled, from time to time, anytime!"
"Oh, I have something we can fill it with all right, I have big fingers, a long tongue or a giant hot cock! Which one would you like, or maybe all three?"

Clara cocked her head to the side, a parody of thought, as if considering his offer.

"Well, let's see now. I do like to have a few big fingers in my pussy, and I certainly do like to have a long wiggling tongue in there on occasion, but if it's a really "big" cock that you got for me, then I think I'd really rather have that big cock today. Have you really got a big hot cock Bull? I do know that when we all met at the party in San Jose, I couldn't take my eyes off the front of your shorts, especially after my George told me about the night you guys jacked-off and then swapped sperm in a Sacramento motel room."

The sudden bulge of Bull's prick was clearly outlined by his tight brown trousers. The fabric started pulsing and stretching more quickly.
Bull grinned down at his man friend's beautiful, sensuous and obviously very horny wife. What The Hell! "Big, and long and hard besides. Just look here at what you do to me when you play with your hot wet cunt, like you're doing right now."

Clara looked where Bull was pointing. His finger touched the growing bulge in the front of his trousers, the bulky outline of his male sex organ swelling, dominated the front of his slacks.
"I can only believe what I see, and so far all I see is lumpy trousers, I don't see any giant hot cock yet. You might have a big corn cob stuffed in there, for all I can tell from here."
"Watch closely, and I'll let you be the judge, and the jury too, if you want, as to whether it's a corn cob, or more cock meat than you may be able to handle."
"I really don't think there is such a thing as more cock than I can handle, and I want it now. I really want your big hot cock. Right now, I want to feel it, suck it and fuck it."

Clara purred, her fingers still probing the softness of her juicy cunt.
The oily wetness from her lubricating juices coated the red nail polish at the tips of her fingers. Her eyes dropping to stare at Bull's groin, as he drew his zipper from the top to the bottom.

Clara's eyes widened as Bull's prick came out, and came out, and came out. Mike's cock looked like a big banana, but Bull's prick looked like a Polish Kielbasa. So long and thick that it drooped under it's own weight. His cock stood out from his belly, straining to hold itself erect. Clara's ready pussy started to spasm, just looking at Bull's awesome handle, unfolding itself.
"Gawd! Now I know why they call you Bull. The name certainly fits. You're built like a god damn bull!" He stepped forward, his giant cock swinging and bobbling, until it was level with Clara's bulging eyes.
"Try it, you'll like it."
"If I lick it, will I like it better?"
"I don't know if you'll like it better but I'll like it better, if you'll lick it!" Clara giggled up at Bull, still staring at his lusty big prick. Her both hands grasped and held his huge prick, fondling the heavy weight of the meat.

Stroking and pumping, she felt Bull's impressive handle expanding under her caresses until it's purple head was swollen and seeping with moisture. Bull's loose foreskin, lay in thick and heavy folds surrounding the neck of his prick.
Clara's soft fingers moved the heavy folds of wrinkled skin up; to almost cover the head, then back slowly over the neck of his cock until the head was uncovered and throbbing in her hands. Each time she covered and uncovered his cock's head with his foreskin, a small seeping of pre-cum honey emitted from the slotted opening.

For all the length and thickness of Bull's cock, the head was undersized, almost flat, tapered at the bottom but straight at the top. Rounded and spongy to her touch, responsive to the suggestive caresses, her tender fingertips traced over the smooth slick surface. Bull's cock was much larger than her husband's, even bigger than Big Mike's horse cock.

Clara thought and mentally compared it with other cocks she'd seen or had. This one beat them all in length, maybe even in thickness. The hole at its head was a long slit instead of the dimple shaped eye shape, which she was more familiar with. The seeping pre-cum honey oiled the slippery head, beneath his foreskin as she pumped this giant sex tool. Softly running both hands over the massive organ, Clara weighed and marveled at its weight.

She hefted the hairy testicles hanging with bunched wrinkled skin below the hardened shaft, slowly moving her fingers from testicles to head, tracing the blue veins swelling and pulsing under the skin. Again, moving from root to tip, George's sluttish wife Clara squeezed at Bull's giant shaft, milking it and bringing a soft groan from Bull's lips. Clara's milking motion brought another pearl of pre-cum honey welling up on the long slotted opening.

Each time Clara's two-hand grip pumped the heavy foreskin on his prick, another small pearl of honey emerged to perch on the slotted opening. Clara's pink tongue, slipped from between her red lips, pointed at the slit as she brought her face closer and flicked her tongue like a lizard snatching a fly.
"That's it baby, go ahead and suck it all," Bull's macho voice intoned to her.
"That's me, just call me Suzy Spermbreath, because I love to pump and suck cock!" Clara giggled.
Her tongue again darted into the slippery slit at the head of Bull's cock, into the gooey liquid pooling there, to retract back into her hot mouth with the viscous liquid clinging to her tongue. Savoring the sticky wetness clinging to her tongue, Clara scraped her teeth over the head of his purple headed prick, letting him feel the edges of her sharp white teeth on his organ, bringing another groan from his lips as his hips moved slightly trying to slide more of his cock into Clara's questing mouth.

"Suck it Clara, let me feel your teeth again, and I'll coat your tonsils."
Clara pulled back, looking up at Bull standing by the bed.
"I don't want you to come in my mouth, silly, I want you to come deep inside my hot cunt. I'd love to suck you off, maybe another time, right now I'd rather fuck your big hot cock."
"Just one more quick suck, and then I'll fuck your brains out," Bull's voice turned even more macho. Clara moved her mouth quickly over the swollen head of Bull's cock, her flickering tongue covering the head, laving the smoothness of his pounding cock with her tongue, applying even more suction to the slotted opening, pulling the slippery juice out of his prick into her mouth. With one more deep penetration, Clara moved her head slowly, allowing his cock to slip from her questing lips until slick with the excess saliva from her mouth coated his cock head and half of the shaft of his oversized organ.

"You're going to have to take it easy when you put that thing inside my pussy Bull. That's some awesome piece of machinery you have, and it's a lot bigger than the three fingers I have in my cunt right now. Stand back just a minute while I get ready for you. She paused and looked at him again.
"Would you mind fucking me doggy style? I'd really like that, and we wouldn't have to get fully undressed." Bull nodded his head in agreement.
"Any way you like it, sweet lady. It'll be my pleasure to fuck you any way you want, just as long as I get to fuck you."

Clara moved up off the bed, flinging her open skirt up over her waist, bent over the edge of the bed, watching in the mirror to get just the correct angle for the camcorder. Clara proudly presented her bare ass and her well-lubricated cunt gash to him. Holding onto the edges of the bed with both arms, bent over at the waist, Clara's hot cunt was aligned and ready, at the same level as Bull's massive pulsing impaling rod.

Peering into the mirror at the reflection of the camcorder, Clara pivoted slightly, trying to get the best camera angle, knowing the camcorder had to capture the full drama and image of her big sloppy cunt swallowing Bull's massive cock, as he drove it all the way home.
"Can you drop your pants, Bull? I want to feel your balls slap against my ass, I won't feel that excitement, if you don't drop your pants." Bull replied, "I don't get too many requests with that tone of optimism.
OK Clara, if you think that ball slapping is possible, I'm willing to cooperate with your fantasy.
Bull's trousers slid down his legs to the floor. His meaty organ was hanging down at a forty-five degree angle; the head lower than the lowest part of his hairy testicles, his hand grasped around his thick foreskin, jacking his cock to harden it up. The random half-hard flopping and stroking only lasted a few seconds.

Bull hardened rapidly, stiffening until the bluish veins that stood out and his cock shaft turned dark purple. Spitting into his hands and rubbing his saliva on the shaft of his cock, Bull moved a step closer until his big cock touched her swollen cunt lips. Bull centered his cock, slippery with his pre-cum and saliva, to the dripping cunt gash that Clara proudly presented.

Due to her own steady finger fucking, during the licking and teasing of Bull's gigantic organ, Clara felt she was well lubricated and ready. Clara's loins were soaked from her ass hole, past her swollen pussy lips while her love juices were dripping off at her extended clit. Bull stepped close behind Clara, his prick nudging at the curved flanks, dipping lower until his cock meat centered at the hairy wet opening she presented, Clara's ass was wavering slightly.

Bull started to lean his weight into the job at hand, the tapered head of his giant prick slid right into her wet opening like a hot knife in butter, smoothly sliding deeper and deeper into Clara's belly, the head of his prick was like an arrowhead, making room for the shaft to follow. He gently pressed most of his length into her wet cunt as she loudly moaned her pleasure, wriggling her ass a little to help him insert his entire log deep into her cunt. It slithered into her womb, this sexual serpent of lusty dimensions. She put one hand between her legs, groping for his balls;
Clara was delighted to feel how much of Bull's organ she had captured on the first stroke.

Their session of jerk and jill made her wet enough with lubricating juices that Bull's 'Kielbasa' sized cock slipped right into her womb without any pausing or forcing. Bull had a look of pleasant amazement on his face as he began to long stroke Clara's deep and cavernous cunt. His prick withdrawing until only the head was nestled between the outer lips of Clara's pussy, then in one long smooth stroke, he slid it back inside.

Her busy fingers caressing his testicles, rolling them gently, marveling at the softness of his skin, feeling the stones beneath the smooth outer covering, exploring the root of his cock and discovering almost three inches still left outside her lusty loins. "More, More!' Clara moaned, "I want to feel your balls slapping my ass and thighs again.

"Clara, Your wild thrusting is giving me a pain in my back, lets try another position where I can watch your face and you can take as much of this cock as you want or need". Clara didn't hesitate, crawled forward onto the bed, pulled off her dress, and then patted the mattress saying, "OK Bull, you can lay on your back right here. I'll do the back-work while you watch my tits bounce and quiver, I'm going to bottom out on your stallion sized cock or die trying"

. Clara stood over Bull and then started squatting slowly, Bull aimed the big shaft home, as Clara descended all the way down to the shaft's base. Bull watched as Clara rolled her eyes back and started quivering and shaking in wild spasmodic contractions. Bull could feel Clara climaxing, again and again as her love juices began flowing freely across his balls and into a puddle under his ass.

Now Bull was humping and started to erupt himself, Clara felt the first spurt of Bull's hot spunk, flowing somewhere new, way up inside her belly. Clara was startled by the new sensation and pushed herself up and off Bull's big cock quickly, she pushed back and watched as Bull's third, forth and fifth loads shot out in hard spurts, right onto her waiting face and her open mouth.

Clara rolled over onto her back and closed her eyes feeling Bull's massive load of thick cum getting cold on her face. Suddenly she felt Bull's long warm tongue starting to lick her face clean.
"Come on Clara" turn off the camcorder and lets get cleaned-up and re-circulating, we're missing most of the party, Polly will start wondering if we stepped out the back door on her.

She said she was really looking forward to licking some new cock and pussy today. I really love to watch Polly eat her way through a bi-sexual party group. Clara smoothly pulled the comforter over the giant wet spot in the center of the bed. Clara and Bull then returned to the party in the living room.

Clara picked-up a tray with vegetables and cheese dip as she started circulating among the other guests. Bull found his bride Polly enjoying herself participating in a 7-person circle-jerk.
It appeared as though four or five of the circle's players had already done their thing and were now cheering-on the "late cummers". Polly was throat fucking Big Mikes party favor while one of the younger male circle jerkers was getting set-up to shoot his load onto a buxom middle-aged woman's tits, as she held her legs apart attempting to insert the second half the giant two headed dildo, that she and a sharing partner had been grinding with, before her partner shot her load and eliminated herself.

Big Mike smiled and started to hump into Polly's mouth, Polly didn't swallow fast enough and Mikes cum spurted out of the sides of Polly's mouth, as she lifted her face away, she opened her dripping mouth and Mike shot three more un-stroked streams of white spunk into Polly's face. Polly slid over to the buxom middle aged women, as the young jacker shot his last load of hot cum over her large set of soft white titties. Polly asked the buxom women if she could help her get-off.

The women nodded in agreement. Polly pulled out the double dildo and asked the buxom women to get on her hands and knees; she did as the rest of the group watched Polly take command. She knelt behind the women's big voluptuous ass and reached forward to fondle her two large swaying breasts.

Polly started to roll her right thumb across the women's clit while picking up the double dildo. She lubed both ends in the buxom woman's dripping "coat sleeve" looking cunt lips and then slid the double dildo into her cunt about halfway.
Polly turned around on her hands and knees and backed her own cunt into the other end of the double dildo.
As Polly started to slowly grind asses with the buxom women. The scene of these two voluptuous women, joined at the cunt, with their big tits swinging wildly between their arms, generated a heightened level of sexual excitement among the room full of now silent and attentive observers.

They both humped and moaned and groaned as their combined sex juices started running down their legs. When it was all done and over for these two, everyone in the room agreed, this was really a very realistic and exciting exhibition of the actual intended use of your basic 18-inch double dildo.

Clara was so happy that she had maintained the presence of mind to grab the camcorder and finish-up the last ten minutes of todays videotape production with that exciting and sensual circle jerk finale which was so expertly directed by her newest friend Polly.

The party started to break-up, as usual after one of these afternoon parties, Clara's house smelled of sex, booze and stale cigarette smoke! The dirty dishes, half empty glasses, full ash trays, cum stained carpeting and upholstered furnishings were now at rest, awaiting their moment of attention.

Plenty of fresh air and a lot of soap and water were on this loving housewife's agenda; Clara was too tired to face the mess anymore today. George always complemented Clara on her homemaker's pride and fastidious housekeeping. Clara could always depend on her neighbor Mary Lou, to help with the clean up after a party.

Clara always looked forward to the hour or two of reward times that she and Mary Lou would share together after the housecleaning chores were done.
If she was lucky, Mary Lou might be convinced to bring King; her husband's pet Grate Dane along with her tomorrow morning.

That's another story.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Women Massaging Shaved Pussy:

Okay, using a Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager in this way is just wrong.

'Nuff said.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Movie Masturbation Threesome With Clara and George

Written By UN-INHIBITED (August 2000)

Clara's full boobs quivered, shivered, and jiggled like jelly any time she moved, that being the part of her anatomy that men always looked at hard, after staring at her face. Sometimes it became most embarrassing when men stared at her tits, even though it did turn her on and make her feel especially sexy.

When men looked, Clara would fantasize about that man sucking and kissing on to her ample and shapely breasts. That was when she was facing an admiring man. If he was behind her, Clara knew it was her perfectly shaped ass that the men would admire. One of her favorite games was to look suddenly over her shoulder and catch some poor man staring at her ass, look him straight in the eye and then smile.

Every time she caught someone looking, they turned red and looked away, but sometimes, when they smiled back, Clara would feel a tingle in her groin and moisture start to gather in the folds of her "hot to trot" pussy. Men have always been easy for Clara, she had already decided by her fourteenth birthday that someday she'd mature into a sexy liberated women, then during her fifteenth year growing spurt, that amazed everyone who knew her, she evolved from a skinny kid into a voluptuous, well shaped woman.

Clara attributes her metamorphous to her ability to harness her desires into a power to control her own fate and the fate of those around her. Her fingertip-sized nipples grew first, then her large firm breasts started filling in behind them, continuing to grow and grow for the next two years. Clara remembered that every time her mother bought her a bra, within a month or two it was too tight. Her tits continued growing well past her eighteenth birthday. Casting her eyes over her nude body, Clara was content in the fact that she was a still beautiful and shapely woman on her thirtieth birthday she dashed from the bathroom to her closet.

The power still worked. She really was a stunningly and beautiful woman. Clara slid the hangers in her closet to find the right dress to make it easier to have her pussy touched when her husband George got turned on later tonight. She picked a silky jersey dress with a button down front and picked a wide black soft leather Italian belt to go with the dress.

She decided not to wear stockings, allowing her long slim legs be smooth and naked under her dress, quickly finding the right pair of panties in her dresser, Clara then pulled on the new lacy bikini bottom panties that showed-off the curvaceous cheeks of her ass. Slipping the dress on over her head, she buttoned the top, while leaving a generous portion of her ample cleavage showing. Her tiny waist cinched tight, which made her luscious figure even more sensual.

After admiring her sexy appearance, Clara snapped off the bedroom light and proceeded down the stairs.
"Does this look like what the well dressed lady wears, when she goes to a porno movie house?"
George her husband just smiled and said:
"Are you sure this really is how you want to celebrate your birthday?
Clara twirled around to show off her dress, the dark orange jersey dress swirled around her slim legs.

Her full-busted tits strained against the clinging fabric, quivering with no support from a brassiere. Clara said, "Don't be such a prude George, you promised me this night out, anywhere I wanted to go, and I'm getting tired of our old and well worn videotape collection. I want to see a hot first run porno flick, and I want to be able to enjoy it with the big screen environment, where adult features were intended to be shown".

George knew at that moment, Clara would be in full control of tonight's activities. George admired Clara's dress, as he patted her curved ass and grabbed her hand.
"Let's get going sweetness, before I pull that orange dress off your gorgeous body and fuck you right here on the floor."
No Sir, No sir! "You said you were going to take me to a porno movie tonight, and then we could make love or maybe even fuck. I'm holding you to your promise," Clara said, pulling George to the door while smiling at his sexy compliment.

The porno movie house was dark, George was guiding his wife up the steps that led to the upper balcony, then they climbed even higher, up the side steps until they reached the highest back row.

While awaiting for their eyes to adjust, they tried to see if anyone else occupied the rear balcony seats. The rear row darkness was illuminated when one of the men in the audience lit a cigarette. In the flash of a match, they could see most of the seats in the center of the back row were unoccupied.

George followed Clara, as they slipped into the back row and settled into their cold leatherette covered seats. Of the thirty or so seats in the last row, most were empty, as they settled-in to watch the show. The big screen showed two young blond girls licking an erect 10" horse cock that was hung on an athletic young black man, who was sitting in an armless chair, in what appeared to be a living room.

Both of these teenage girls were slowly sucking and twirling their wet, pink tongues around the bulbous head of this black stud's man sized cock. One of the girls was pushing his large balls up his shaft while rubbing her finger around his ass hole. Clara watched the screen with growing interest as the initial embarrassment of being one of the very few females in this porno theatre's audience, was slowly leaving her. The three actors on the screen fitted themselves into ever increasing sexual situations.

The big black stud ran his big hands over the swaying alabaster tits of one girl, pressing her soft flesh and pinching her erect pink nipples gently, then running his hand down, to progressively slide his finger, then fingers and eventually his large fist into the big hairy wet cunt of the blond girl that didn't have her fingers in his ass.

The girl that he was fist-fucking was leaving a slick coating of love juice, creating a frothy bracelet of wetness, on his thick wrist; His whole hand with all five fingers were deep within her stretched and wet cunt.

Clara felt the juices from her own pussy wetting her panties as she squirmed slightly, as she leaned closer to George's arm.
Clara then turned and whispered in George's ear: "Seeing a big hot cock always turns me on, and these wet pussies do too! I'm starting to really get horny.

I can really feel my pussy getting juicy. Wouldn't you like to feel?"
George smiled and started caressing her knee, then running his hand over the warm fullness of her legs. His fingers started touching the hem of her dress, raising it while slightly drifting his fingers over her thighs.

His hand pushed her dress higher, his fingers were touching the taught band at the crotch of her panties, feeling her hot slick wetness seeping through the silky nylon.
Clara squirmed again, spreading her thighs slightly, so George's exploring fingers could have better access to her self-lubricating cunt.

Her eyes were glued to the big screen activities while George's fingers teased at her pussy through the wetness of her panties. Clara's breathing became shorter as he stroked the steaming and aromatic crevasse between her thighs, probing and moving over the sweet wet crotch patch of her panties.

Clara sensed movement to her right and then noticed a man moving closer to them. He seated himself on Clara's right side, leaving an empty seat between them. Clara started to pull her dress down over her exposed thighs, and then she realized that whatever this stranger could see was not much different from what he could see on the big screen.

At first Clara felt uncomfortable with this stranger sitting so close, then on second thought, she felt the sexual thrill of his obvious voyeurism and the possible opportunity for them to conduct a little experiment with her own latent tendencies toward voyeurism and exhibitionism.

She glanced at the stranger out of the corner of her eye. He was not watching them directly but his head was turned more towards them, than towards the big screen. Clara was sexually excited with her thoughts of this strange man sneaking a peek of Clara's husband slowly stroking her pussy through the thin covering of her panties.

Clara really felt as though she was in control, knowing she could excite this curious stranger, by exposing a little more of her long slim curved legs and thighs. She started working her power, "George" she whispered loudly, "Look at that fantastic blonde girl with that big buck's fist deep into her cunt. I bet she's boiling hot with his gigantic fist wiggling so deep in her pussy."
Clara then said out loud, "I'd love to lick off that frothy bracelet from around his wrist. Then she said, "I'm getting really excited fantasizing about getting into a threesome tryst, I think I could enjoy myself more with two men". Maybe we should move a little closer, I could probably see that big cock better."

Clara squirmed again, sliding down deeper into her seat, hiking her dress higher and very slowly fully exposed her fully tanned thighs, up to her bright white panties. She casually glanced over to the man on her right, discovering that he'd fully turned his head towards them and was now looking directly into her lap, without any ihibition or pretence.

Clara squirmed her hot ass around in her seat, looking directly into the stranger's face while slowly raising the hem of her dress to her waist and opening her legs to provide him with a better view. The stranger rubbed his crotch and licked his lips while continuing to look directly at Clara's exposed panties, openly tempting Clara to give him a really good show, with her hot and inviting gestures, feeding this now shared exhibition fantasy.

Clara whispered in George's ear, "Dear, I've got to go to the ladies room, I'll be back in a minute."
She carefully made her way past the others in the row, slowly stepping down the side stairway while looking to see if she could catch sight of anyone openly masturbating.
One man had both hands in his lap and was slowly rubbing.

Before Clara could see if he had his cock out, she was past him and didn't want to be too obvious, by stopping and looking back. The adventurous housewife now looked for the ladies rest room sign.

After finishing in the ladies room, Clara let her eyes better adjust to the darkness, as she walked slowly to the top of the main balcony stairwell.
Clara was slowly swinging her hips as she climbed, glancing into the laps of other porno house patrons as she passed along the side of the upper balcony, eventually she re-entered the rear row.

George's lascivious buxom blonde wife now looked down into the face and then the lap of the man who had been seated to her right. She then turned toward the screen as she casualy bumped his knee, while waiting for him to stand up, then Clara deliberately pressed her firmly curved ass against him, as he stood to let her pass. Clara more than imagined that she could feel the swelling bulge of the man's prick against her firm ass as she slid slowly past, squirming her buttocks over and against his groin.

She paused, deliberately pressing her ass harder against him, squirming slightly, teasing with the firm roundness of her buttocks Clara was pleased with this new feeling of sexual excitement that was growing in her loins.
"Thank you," she whispered as she smiled at him in the dim light. After sitting down next to her husband, she again looked over at the man, noticing that he now had both hands in his lap, covering his groin.
Clara thought, "I know he is holding a big cock down under those hands."
She knew that watching this show's hot threesome's activity on the screen, plus her personal teasing activity must have his cock ready and dripping, as he was now appeared to be rhythmically squeezing the lump in his lap. I hope I've made it better for him, when I brushed my ass against him", she thought to herself.

George put his right hand back into Clara's lap, his fingers started wondering slowly, ever so slowly, under her dress seam and up her soft inner thighs searching for her hot box. George actually jerked-back as his fingers touched the soft ringlets of moist hair around Clara's bare cunt, his fingers immediately felt the seeping love juice from within her hot slippery gash and around her now hard and protruding clit.

She giggled, "That's right lover, I took my panties off so you could get a better grip! The trip to the ladies room was just an excuse to open up the new adventure that awaits both of us, this evening." George smiled, his fingers now sought Clara's bare hot wetness, as she spread her thighs a little wider and lifted her ass a little to let his fingers probe more deeply into her pleasure source.

Clara pulled her dress out from beneath her ass, pulling her skirt up until her tanned legs, non-tanned bikini outline and her dark pink pussy folds against their blond pussy background were now clearly visible in the dim light. The balcony's air took on the musty scent of a women's sexual excitement. Clara's soft, steaming hot wet pussy was now out and visible in the reflected light from the big screen.

Clara sent an oblique glance to the man on her right, to see if he had noticed her wide-open thighs and exposed cunt. Clara again used her suggestive powers and imagined the strangers thoughts:
"Look at that blond cunt spread her legs. My cock wants out too, I think I'll sneak it out and jack it a little, while I watch her getting finger-fucked."

Clara actually began to wish the theme of her thoughts, Clara decided that she would try to entice the stranger to free his cock from the confines of his trousers. Clara always got what she really wished for, this was Clara's own secret power. Her face appeared to be directed towards the on-screen activities, her eyes were slanted right, concentrating on the man on her right, only one vacant seat away.

Clara watched, and wished while holding her breath, as his trouser zipper drew slowly and quietly lower. His right hand slowly reached into his trousers. Clara watched as he reached inside, fishing for his cock, slowly easing it past the sharp metal teeth of the zipper.

Clara felt a fresh gushing of her own sex juices roll down her the crack of her ass from between the lips of her cunt, as the man on her right pulled his cock out. Sneaking it up, holding his right hand over the head, covering the rest of his limp cock meat with his other hand.

Clara estimated he had about eight soft inches, out in the open air. The man was now softly and surreptitiously squeezing his meat beneath his hands, until Clara turned her head towards him and smiled while staring directly at his hands. Slowly his hands uncovered his cock, exposing his now half hard organ to her lusting eyes.

Clara's new friend was now stroking his thick meaty prick slowly, while he continued to stare at Clara's cunt and the love juices that were flowing between George's fingers, as they were slowly dancing between his slut wife's open legs. Clara watched the stranger's response, not fully hard, but very impressive anyway, his thick floppy cock now filled his stroking hand, the upper length wobbling around over his moving hand, as he started long stroking.

The length and thickness , even in the dim reflected light from the big screen, was most impressive to the teasing and sexually excited housewife. Clara's already sloppy wet cunt emitted even more honey, as she looked on with unabashed glee at the now erect organ, that she had enticed into open view, with her special wishing power.

Clara was really enjoying this voyeur / exhibitionist turn-on, then she noticed that her husband George was also staring at the strangers gigantic flopping meat, the stranger was just openly stroking away, as he watched George's hand slip in and out of Clara's finger bowl.

The stranger also noticed that this sexy women's partner's left hand had wondered down to his own crotch and had started rubbing and squeezing at his own lump. Was this women exhibitionists partner starting to fulfill his own sexual gratification or was he allowing his possible bi-sexual curiosity start to stir?
Clara felt a lusty urge to closely watch this strangers intoxicating prick, turning her head until she was staring squarely at this fully erect 12 inch cock, being fondled by it's owner, and only a short arms reach away. His hand continued stroking his hard length, although his eyes didn't leave the screen, Clara knew that the stranger was fully aware of them watching him jack his cock. He raised his body, lowering his arm to allow them an unobstructed view of his masturbation stroking technique.

Clara said; "George, Can you believe the size of this guy's cock?" George said; "Clara, You always said someday you wanted to watch a big hard cock being jerked off, now's your chance to get a really close look."

George returned his left hand back to the lump in his own lap, while his right hand fingers slipped around on Clara's now fully extended and slippery clit. Clara and George dropped all inhibitions as they both turned their heads back to watch the strangers big horse cock being full length stroked, just a few feet away from their eyes.

The stranger looked over to them and gestured with his hands and his cock, Maybe Clara and/or George wanted to get a closer view or possibly wanted to help him manage the obvious task at hand?
Clara squeezed her husband arm, Can I George? Please... George said OK, but I want to stay with you, just in case this little bit of back row jacking and jill'ing starts to get away from you.
With that said, both Clara and George moved one seat to their right.

Clara quickly introduced herself and George to their new friend, as she pushed the stranger's right hand away on an upstroke and grabbed onto his huge meat with both hands!
As Clara was establishing a more comfortable stroking position. The stranger spoke: "Hi, Clara, George, My name is Mike, Clara I must complement you on your warm soft hands, and I couldn't help to notice how juicy your cunt appears tonight, may I please insert a long clean finger or two?

George and Clara replied in unison, "OK"
Mike and Clara wiggled around a little, to fulfill the request, they soon discovered Mike was right handed and exchanging seats between Clara and Mike could better accommodate Mike's request.
George said, "OK my hand was getting a little tired and wrinkled-up anyway, with that Clara and Mike fluidly swapped seats, Clara never lost her two handed grip or missed a long stroke on Mike's big cock, as she passed over him.

George slipped into Clara's prior seat like the move had been practiced one hundred times. Mike's pointer and index finger found Clara's hot cunt in about a New York Minute!
Mikes left hand fell into George's lap and George slowly placed both his hand on the arm rests of his seat. With little resistance Mike had unzipped George's fly and also freed his Willy.

Clara was stroking away on Mike with her left hand, while spreading her legs over both her arm rests, as Mike was trying to insert yet another finger into Clara hot cunt. She pulled his hand away and let go of his big cock. Clara said: Hey guys, we can all make this work better, if I adjust my position.

With that said, Clara grabbed onto her arm rests, placed both feet into the seat cushion and was squatting in her seat.
Mike's picked up her idea and he reached around and under her ass with his right hand, his thumb slid right up into her ass hole as his pointer and index fingers probed around Clara's clit and into her dripping cunt.
As Clara was starting her first climax, George's free right hand reached over and started long stroking Mike's big cock.

Mikes left hand was now pumping away on George's smaller but respectable 7 inch cock.
Clara looked over and saw what was going on with both of these stroking cocks, she got so excited that she started to heavily flow her female love juices all over her feet and the leatherette seat cover. Both George and Mike were now grunting and humping in their seats, as their pre-cum honey excretions were flowing down over their hands.

Mike started to squeeze his fingers together, inside Carla. As he started to spurt his cum, Clara turned to watch Mike's big cock spurt seven or eight big white loads onto her face, as George kept long stroking and aiming Mike's big cock, with long slow and deliberate strokes.

Mike's large spurts of cum were dripping down Clara's face.
This was more than George could handle, George's seat humping climax spurted at least five strong shots of stringy cum onto his own face.

Clara pulled herself off Mike's hand, as she wiped her face with her hand and watched Mike lick her hands clean.
George was also busy lapping up his own cum mess.
Clara started to giggle, "I don't really care that you two guys want to eat your own cum on our first date, but I'll be dammed if you two think I'm going to lick-up my slimy seat cushion.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Sexual Encounters Part 2

Written by SAM (August 2000)

Back at my secaluded villa on the slopes of the mountain and away from any inhabitants for about a few hundred meters on all sides, surrounded by trees, gave the villa the serenity and the romantics it deserved.

This villa, which originally was built about a hundred years ago is quite big and very cozy both in winter and summer. The thick walls keep both the cold in winter and the heat of summer away, although the breeze from the mountain makes it very relaxing to live in. When I purchased this property, it took me quite a few months, and a nice packet to make it what it is today. It comprises of 3 bedrooms with the main enjoying the mountain view, a king size bed on which 3 people can sleep in great comfort and an en suit bathroom comprising of all the necessities for both the male and female needs such as bath, shower, bidet, sink etc.

The other bedrooms have twin single beds and one of them even an en suit small bathroom with shower toilet and sink. Another big bathroom comprising of a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna is also available for all guests who might be staying over in the villa. This is big enough that it can be used either in a private way or common way. The rest is a big kitchen with an adjoining dining room, furnished with solid oak furniture. The strong table is not only used for breakfasts and dinners but also for erotic purposes.

The sitting room is also quite big, with television, stereo etc. plus the usual furniture and most usefully a thick carpet which will be utilized when such ladies are staying over especially in the evenings, when everybody will be enjoying a nice drink au naturel. After arriving at the villa I showed them round all the rooms including the huge garden which is mostly shaded with huge trees, which probably had been planted many, many years ago. The kitchen was left to the last moment so that we can enjoy a very refreshing drink while we discussed the plans.

I had suggested to the ladies that the first thing they do will be to call their hotel and advise the reception that they are going to check out as they would love to move to another location.
Then we will take all our clothes off and enjoy a cold shower together after which we will drive down town collect their luggage, enjoy a meal in one of the local restaurants and return back to the villa for the much needed rest. As we shed our clothes in my en suit bathroom I had a very interesting look at their beautiful bodies, worked my hands up and down their backs starting from their round smooth asses up over their shoulders and finish with collecting their beautiful tits in my hands. I had started with Sandra.

Moving towards her I put my hands under her half moons while my lips went for her lips. She pressed her tongue in my mouth while very slowly I started circling my hands, massaging her very smooth ass, feeling the very smooth skin, and getting my cock as hard as ever. I continued massaging her ass while she pressed her groin against my hard cock which my now was rubbing against her clit while slowly I started opening her ass cheeks with my fingers while the middle finger started feeling her butt hole.

I pressed my finger against the 'O' ring and held it there for some time enjoying Sandra's lips against mine while our tongues were playing inside our mouths.
While her tongue was still playing and exploring the inside of my mouth, her hands where caressing my now very hard pole which, had been pressing against her golden pussy. My hands, slowly moved up, our kiss was broken and very slowly I moved behind her so that I can move my hands further up to cup her round sizable tits. Her nipples got very hard while my pole was resting against the crack of her ass. I pushed my self against her, while she pushed her ass in the opposite direction pressing her crack against my very hard cock.

I started rolling her hard nipples between my fingers, getting them harder and harder. My tongue was giving her new sensations when I started tonguing her earlobe. Ohhhh! Saaaaaam I love that.' she moaned. I kept it up rolling her nipples and getting harder.
My hard rod was really pushing against her ass hole, while Sandra was pushing her ass against my cock which now was being squeezed close to her rosebud.

Her nipples where getting really hard and her body was about to start shaking.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh Saammmmmmmmm........ you really making me sooooo......... hhhhhooooottttttt............ agaaaiiiinnnnn!'

One of my hands moved down to the valley between her legs. She parted them and felt my cock settling further in between her ass cheeks. My fingers started feeling her very wet pussy. The other hand kept the good work at the top. My pointing finger started massaging her clit while Joan was watching the action with a hand between her legs. She was following every move we were making. Her eyes were wide open and watching with jealousy and desire.
I am sure her pussy was as wet. Sandra started shaking. My finger moved down and found the wet hole.

'Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh! SSSSssssssssaaaaaaaaaaammmm................... I am cccccooommmmiiiiiiggg.. cccooommmiiiiiinnngggggggg Sooooh haaarrrrrdddd. Can you fuckkkkk meeeeeee please.'

'Not now darling, later on in the evening after we return,' I answered while I let her enjoy her orgasm, which was long.

Finishing with Sandra I moved over to Joan to give her the same treatment. I moved over towards her, pressing my cock against the side of her thigh. From this position, I had the opportunity to have one tit in one hand and her ass in the other. Holding her right tit in one hand I started massaging the her smooth ass going from one bump to another every now and then feeling the crack in between an moving my fingers through the valley, over her rose bid further down towards her pussy.

Her legs parted giving my fingers more access down over the already wet lips of her pussy. While starting to roll her very erect nipple with my fingers I started hearing low moans coming out of her lips. She turned her face towards me and gazed into my eyes. I looked at hers for a few moments while one of my fingers was collecting sweet juice from her pussy lips. Our lips started moving towards each other until they touched, first lightly and then crushing against each other, while I pulled my finger further up and rested it over the 'O' ring of her brown rose bud.

She did not need too much encouragement as she started pressing her ass hole against the palm of my finger while her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. While sending my tongue against hers I left her tit and moved my hand down towards her clit, at the same time pushing my finger inside her ass hole. She continued pushing her ass back and my finger just popped inside her ass hole while my other finger started working on her engorged clit. She broke the kiss and started to moan loudly.
'Ahhhhh!' .
Her pussy juice was already flowing down between her pussy lips oozing down towards her ass hole.

I pressed the pad of my middle finger against her clit when she gave her another long moan. I moved it down through the wet smooth valley of love and passion until I was just toughing the outline of her gate to the pleasures of love and bliss. 'Ahhhhh! .............. Ahhhhh!............ Ahhhhh!'

Very, very slowly I started pushing both fingers in the opposite direction, one continued to enter her back dark hole while the other entered the now more than overflowing cave of Venus .

'Oooooooohhhhhhh SSSSSSaaaaaaaaaaammmmm. I love this feeling. Stay as you are. Don't move. I am starting to come. OOOOhhhhhhhhh Saaammmmmm!' I stopped my fingers where they were. Her ass and pussy muscles got my fingers inside her. Her muscles tightened against my fingers while her body started to shake with pleasure. Then I pressed my fingers all the way inside her tight ass hole and her pussy. She came with a great eruption of pleasure.

'Oohhh Sssssaaamm I'mmmm ccccccooooooommmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggg. Cccccooommmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggggggg.'

Her ass hole was really tight. Her muscle was contracting against my finger while inside her brown channel of pleasure. Now my fingers where feeling each other, just separated with the thin membrane. Her body was shaking with a huge orgasm she was enjoying. I held my fingers still until she started to relax.

Then very slowly I pulled them out of her holes. She turned towards me, put her hands around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss.
'Oh Sam you are fantastic. What about your hard on?'
'No Problem Joan, I will love to save that for tonight. One of you definitely will enjoy it before bedtime. Although there is the possibility that both of you can enjoy it's pleasures.......... Well I think I would love to be sucked a little.' Instantly I finished talking Sandra went down on her knees and took the whole length of my hard cock into her mouth while Joan moved around my body and with the smooth palms of her hands started massaging my firm buttocks until one of her fingers started looking for my ass hole.

The suction of Sandra's mouth was great on my cock and was getting harder and harder. Joan on the other hand, kept one hand searching for my rosebud while the other hand went round my neck. Her tongue massaging my earlobe and every now and then started blowing light hot air around my ear. Her fingers had found the O ring of my ass and without lubrication was finding it a bit hard to enter the first centimeter.
I pushed my ass back against her finger to give her some encouragement.
'How you like it lover boy.' she said in my ear while pressing her finger to try and jump inside the sphincter. 'I am sure a bit of your pussy juice can make miracles,' I said while enjoying the sensations of Sandra's great mouth sucking and licking my hard cock.

Then I felt Joan's finger pop out of my ass while Sandra took my balls in her hand feeling the nuts moving them from side to side of the sack by per expert fingers. I was only hoping that she will not press them too hard!!!!!!!!. Joan's finger was back at my back door, this time wet with her juices. She pressed it against my ass hole and very slowly in it went without much trouble but it started giving me trouble as I started feeling new sensations. . Sandra's mouth and fingers were also expertly increasing the sensation and I w

as scared that I will fill her mouth with a load of cream which I wanted to save for later. I started breathing deeply, and at the same time pulling up my P.C. Muscle to avoid going over the top. Now Sandra moved her attention to my balls by licking them and then sucking them one by one. She was quit an expert and was moving from one nut to another with her expert tongue while inside her mouth. I relaxed a little bit but soon Sandra started moving her tongue up the underside of my shaft moving towards the head which she very slowly engulfed into her mouth, slowly taking the whole length down towards her throat.

Joan was pumping her finger in and out of my ass sometimes teasing the prostate from the inside increasing the sensations. The feeling I was enjoying was great and thanks to the control I had that I continued to enjoy it so much so without filling Sandra's throat with hot jism. I continued to enjoy their ministrations to the full when I felt Joan getting on her knees behind my, opened my ass cheeks and started licking my rosebud. 'Oh Joan please stop.

I want to save this for your pussy. Please stop.' I begged. She stopped and also felt Sandra pulling her mouth away from my hard cock. As soon as I relaxed a bit I asked the girls that it was time for a shower and hit the road. Together we entered the shower and started helping each other with the shampoo, soap etc. It was great to have two girls giving me a good soapy massage, although this is not the first time I have enjoyed such luxuries.

I had the honour to wash the two ladies, one by one especially their tits and nipples, their wet pussies and also their round asses including their ass holes. After rinsing off the soap the temptation was still there to feel the insides of their wet pussies and the tightness of their ass holes. The problem was the time didn't want to stop and we had to hit the road. The girls put the same clothes minus their bikinis and therefore were bare underneath their thin summer dresses.

A light wind and they are on show. We got down to their hotel within half an hour of leaving the villa, they went inside while I waited in a bar across the road having a bottle of sparking water. Within 15 minutes they were out walking towards me with their luggage, a new set of clothes and a big smile on their faces which can only mean they were more than ready for more.

After loading their belongings into my Pajero we drove to a local restaurant on the side of the city and settled in a quite corner away from the other tables under the coloured lights hanging from the tress above. We ordered a nice set of fish dishes, cooked au naturel with only olive oil and lemon juice, salads and French fries, a bottle of home made wine and loads of water.

I was sure that we were going to have to wait quit a bit to get this healthy food prepared and presented to us and therefore I decided to start a good conversation by asking the girls how they can describe our day's adventures together. Whether they regretted meeting a good old aged man like myself.
'Not in a lifetime Sam,' Joan started.
' I believe that you really know how to pleasure a woman although we have only tasted the tip of the iceberg.'
'Well,' Sandra continued, ' I think that this was the greatest day of my life. I could not believe what I had been through this day.
The enjoyment was second to none and I do not believe it ever happened. I mean I have had sex many times before, but not with such satisfaction. Many times you get a man who is just ready as soon as he enters and if I don't get my pussy sucked before hand I feel nothing except frustration. But with you, its different.

The time you manage to keep your cock hard inside me was incredible, and the orgasms, oh my god this is the best I ever have experienced. I already feel my pussy sore and I do not know what will happen by the end of this holiday.' 'Sam you are the best fucker I ever had the chance to meet.' Joan commented.
'The feeling and the way you prepared me was second to none. I thought that my hearth was going to blow out of my body....... It was the first time that I could not control my body, the shaking, the moaning and the pleasure was incredible. I have never enjoyed sex so much. As a matter of fact I have already started thinking how I am going to miss it as soon as I go back to work......... The way you please a woman is out of this world. I have never had a man who takes so much consideration in giving the woman so much pleasure before even putting his cock inside her.'

'Well men are like that, they think that by fucking a woman, or putting a cock inside her they have achieved the ultimate in sexual pleasure. But how many women are frustrated at the end of the day, just by having to go to sleep with a messy load of cum inside their pussies and probably have to masturbate to finish themselves off.' I continued.
'But by not coming, you will not enjoy it so much. I mean today you have only came once' Sandra said. 'The situation is that when I am pleasuring a woman the electricity generated between us, which will be passing through my fingers especially when the muscles starting to contract mainly the one inside the anal channel gives my cock a great feeling as it would be like exploding.

Therefore I will be feeling also contractions in my cock generated by the pleasure of the woman and this gives me the relaxation to enjoy the love making once I enter her pussy and give a long period of connection between their two bodies that generate so much energy in the woman which had been started during the foreplay, pussy massage, anal massage etc. that at any cost she will be enjoying multiple orgasms that shakes not only the woman's body but also my body. Here where I concentrate as much as possible that I will get the full enjoyment and not come until my body is full of energy.'
'But Sam, just tell me how do you manage not to come?' Joan asked.
'Well it is a long story. Started about 12 years ago. Before I met this particular girl I used to come very quickly usually within a minute, but then I have met this Asian beauty who tried to get away from her poor country and changed my life. She taught me all the tricks of sexuality Asian style. She stayed with me for about 4 years as a live in maid, companion, cook and most of all sexual teacher and masseur. Although since then I have had a harem of girl friends who every now and then make appointments to come and stay over for a few days at a time, I still miss this Asian Beauty. Cho Lin.............. I always called her Lin. But she wanted to go back home to her family. She was great in every respect and I feel very grateful to her and the time she had spent living with me.' I said.

'I am sure you have enjoyed yourself then,' Sandra said. 'If I have to tell you all the stories that happened since then and the pleasures I have enjoyed I have to write more than one book and we would not have time enough in the next ten days. You also have to realize the pleasures I had given these ladies since she has left both young and others in mid age including a few virgins too. .........
They were the most exciting as they received only pleasures from the day my hard cock's first penetrated their virgin pussies including one of 36 years.'
'Oh! Oh! that must be a great story to hear,' Joan said.
'And what about the story of your first time, girls?' I asked. 'Not so exiting........ Mine was the biggest disappointment,' Sandra answered.
'And what about yours?' I asked pointing my finger towards Joan.
'Well nothing special, especially after all the preparations I made for this special day.' Joan said.
'But if you like to hear about it maybe one of these days I will brief you'
'OK Girls. I think I have to hear your stories before you leave and then I also tell you some of my adventure. I think I should start from the beginning, from the time I had purchased this exclusive property' We continued with our dinner during which we enjoyed a nice bottle of local wine and continued chatting about the different things especially their jobs.

Joan was a nurse working in gynecology wards preparing mothers to be and assisting the midwife with deliveries while Sandra was a masseur incharge of physical therapy especially after patients comes out of body accidents. Very interesting jobs during which time in the next 10 days we can enjoy some of the things they were trained to do. As soon as we finished dinner we got into the Pajero and drove away towards the villa to enjoy the rest of the evening.

It was a long day. Too many things happened both for myself and the ladies. The little wine we shared was also helping to close the evening on a good note. After I have garaged the Pajero I helped the girls with transferring the luggage to one of the spare bedrooms where in no time they set evening in the wardrobes, drawers etc. I helped them out of their clothes while touching their soft flesh of their round asses, their tits as also their wet pussies.

After taking off my clothes I took them to the shower to freshen up a bit, prepared a coffee and relaxed infront of the television enjoying the coffee while chatting and every now and then feeling each other's sexual parts. It was close to midnight and as all of us where tired I pulled a coin, asked the girls which side they wanted to choose and shot up to the ceiling, then rolling down until it fell on the carpet. Sandra's side was on top and she was the victim to enjoy my company during the night.

We stood up, sent Sandra to my bedroom while I took Joan to her room. I laid her down on the bed gave her a good night kiss while I inserted my finger inside her wet pussy. I started looking for her G-Spot which on the touch she started moaning. With my middle finger inside her pussy and my thumb attacking her clit she continued moaning while her tongue was moving inside my mouth. Her legs opened wider, my cock was getting harder while one of her hands was massaging my hot rod. We broke the kiss while looking in each other's eyes.
'Ohhhhh! SAM, can you make love to me before I go to sleep.'
'Well, I think you deserve some satisfaction before you sleep sweetie......... Are you ready.'
'Oooohhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! more than ready. Please enter me.'

I pulled my fingers slowly away from her pussy, got on top of her while she pulled her beautiful legs up, opening herself as wide as possible.
It was a fantastic view with her nice darkish pussy lips surrounded by the black hair which unfortunately was in the way, probably until tomorrow morning. I put my mouth against her wet pussy taking all her clit into my mouth while I inserted my still wet finger very slowly up her ass.

'Oh Sam this incredible. Pleeeesse slowly as it is hurting.' I continued pushing my finger in slowly very slowly until it went through her sphincter.
Her body started shaking now and was pushing herself against my mouth which was massaging her clit as also in between her labia from her pussy hole up to her clit. My finger slowly, slowly went further into her ass hole and was feeling per ass muscles closing down around my finger with quite a bit of pressure. 'Ohhhhhhh Sammm you sending me crazy.
I' m commmmmminnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg.'

At this feeling I pulled out of her ass, my mouth left her pussy while I moved up and entered her in one go. She put her legs around my ass, her hands round my neck and became one body with myself shaking with the vibrations she was encountering while enjoying her orgasm.

The sexual energy generated by her body was so great that all her body muscles including her pussy muscles where tightening so hard that I was feeling every part of my body as a part of hers. I wanted to put some movement into her pussy but her orgasm was so strong that the only solution was to let her relax. Her shouting and moaning was very high and I am sure that Sandra was hearing everything from my bedroom. I am sure that Sandra had her hand between her legs while probably praying that I will not come and enter my bedroom with a wilted cock.

As soon as she relaxed I pulled out my cock to the entrance of her pussy and held it there for a few seconds before I started entering through the walls of her wet orifice of love. With every centimetre I was entering she was pushing my ass with her legs. I looked into her eyes, she smiled at me.
' Oh Sam I like the way you treat a woman. You really know what she wants. Thank you I am more than satisfied.' 'Do you like to come again.'
'Love too if not too tired. Sandra is waiting and sure she's also ready.'
I started pumping, in and out very slowly feeling the wet walls and her muscles as it went in and out. I loved the feeling of the vaginal walls against my hard cock. It gave me that fine pleasure of the friction it produces, the sexual energy it puts through the 2 bodies. Sometimes I started giving her long strokes deep inside, hitting the inside wall of her vagina.

At other times I loved the short strokes where I feel her opening trying to engulf my cock further in, teasing her and making her wanting it harder and further inside her. The feeling of her inside muscles made us more joined together as one body while I felt her orgasm building up again as her body started shaking slowly, and her moaning increasing as a volcano started its eruption. Her legs around my ass were getting tighter and with a long stroke getting to her vaginal depths, her muscles again tightened and their was no way I could move. The only movement I was making was in conjunction with her vibrations.

'Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ssssaaaaaammm. Sssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm sttooooooooppppppppp plllllllleeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeee.'

I let her enjoy her orgasm. My lips joined hers and pressed against each other, Our tongues went at it again while feeling the vaginal contractions against my hard cock. I let her relax slowly. She took longer this time until I felt her muscles relaxing from around all parts of my body. I pulled my hard cock out slowly, then I slammed it in as hard as possible and pulled out slowly again. I gave her a last kiss, said good night to each other and with a very big smile on her face I switched off the dimmed romantic light we had in the room. I walked straight into my room with my still raging hard on, still wet from all the juices which Joan had produced during our encounter.

On entering the room I looked at Sandra who was in the middle of the bed. She was on her back, her legs were stretched with one hand between them pressing against per pussy. Her legs were pressed together as if she was about to come. I smiled at her, walked over to the bed and presented my wet cock to her red lips. Her mouth opened and she took it all in to savour her friend's juices.

Her hand pulled away from between her legs and started relaxing, opening herself up, getting reading for the last of the evening's encounters. I let her enjoy the juices while I was enjoying her hot lips working in and out along the length of my shaft. Many times her mouth stops at the top of the head and start licking the head as also the underside of the shaft itself giving me some real pleasures.

One of her hands started caressing my balls sending them from one end to the other of the sack and squeezing the nuts between her fingers enough not to make it painful. She also started trying to ticklish my ass hole with one of her fingers. I loved it and I just stayed there on my knees. I waited a few more minutes and pulled out of her mouth, moved to the middle of the bed, opened up her legs as wide as possible and sat between them.

I pulled a couple of pillows and put them under her ass to lift her up as much as possible. This position could give me all the possibilities of space and comfort to work on her golden pussy. Immediately I started massaging the outer parts of her pussy with a nice sexy oil which I had next to the bed.

I poured a generous amount on her pubic bone. With my right hand I massaged lightly all over her pubic bone down the sides of her inner thighs, inside the lips of her pussy, over her clit and all over her ass hole.
Slowly, slowly I started massaging the pubic bone getting close enough to her clit but without touching it. I kept my fingers away. From the pubic bone my fingers moved down to the inside of her right thigh going up and down working close to her pussy lips as much as possible. My left hand was working on her breasts, her round breasts full of sexual energy, her light brown aureoles and the hard nipples popping up high on top of these beautiful round mountains.

One of the nipples was being manipulated between my fingers, feeling the hardness and the heat it was generating. I was going from the right to the left nipple while the other hand was concentrating on the inside of the right thigh. after giving her the pleasure of my handiwork I moved to the area between her pussy and her ass hole.

This special bone needed a few circles with the oil before going over to the left inside thigh. Up and down and getting close to the lips my hand started pushing the oil in her delicate skin. I have got close a few times towards her clit put every now and then lightly brush against it.

I continued working on the sides of her pussy for a more minutes massaging the oil into her hairy skin. Then I moved to the lips and I took the right one between my fingers of my right hand, started moving up and down with the lip moving between my oily fingers. From her breasts my left hand went under her ass working my index finger towards her wet oily ass hole.
The finger started circling the outer circle of her ass hole without getting close to her puckered hole.

The oil was making it very easy to massage the wrinkled area i.e. the rosebud. I continued circling this area while my right hand started massaging the left lips of her pussy. Sandra was lying relaxed with her ass popped up, enjoying the sensations and feelings administered to her by my now experienced fingers. My cock was getting harder and harder by the transmission of energy from her body to my body.

From the right lip I moved to her left lip and ministered the same formula while the lady was spread eagled on the bed infront of me. She was starring into my eyes with a big sexy smile on her face. I was very comfortable gazing at her smiles, her beautiful, full round tits with pinkish aureoles and hard nipples pointing upwards.

As soon as I have finished with her left labia I moved my right hand's index finger to massage the area around her clit without touching it going round and round massaging the oil on the delicate and sensitive area of the clit. The finger of my left arrived at the centre point of her 'O' ring.

I pressed against the ass hole but not caring to penetrate at this moment in time. I massaged the centre point for a few seconds making Sandra giggle a little bit. I stopped my movement, pressed it a little bit against her ass hole and immediately felt her body shake and a moan left her lips.
'Ohhhhh Saaaaaaammm are you going to send me crazy again.'
I just smiled while I continued pressing my finger lightly, without wanting to enter yet, against her ass hole.
The other finger kept turning close to her clit and then I moved to the depth of the valley between her wet lips, starting to massage very slowly the length of her slit from the bottom of her slit up to near her clit and every now and then tease her by touching her clit and press the palm of my index finger against the bud of her clit giving her the chance to moan and enjoy.

I stopped after a minute or so on her clit. Then I took the length of her clit from the pubic bone down to the end of her rather longish penis between my middle and my index fingers. This gave me the opportunity to massage the whole length of her clit as also putting pressure on it. With some pressure from my fingers I started feeling her clit getting harder and her ass was pushing against my finger trying to get some of it inside her. Her body started to stiffen a little bit by having her sexual energy building into her chakras.

My fingers were moving up and down the length of her clit which now had became very hard and her ass hole was pushing back against the pressure of my finger. My finger started penetrating her 'O' ring and the first knuckle just popped inside her.

Immediately her ass muscles informed me that she was very much on the brink of a great eruption. 'Ooohhhhh! .......... Sssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm! Oooooohhhhhhhh Saaaammmmmmmmmmmm.' Her legs stared to close but I immediately put mine against them to hold them as open as much as possible and keep working, giving her the most terrific evening she had enjoyed.

'I'mmmmmmmmm cccooommmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg. Saaaaaaaaaammmmmm. Pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeeeee stooooooooppppppppppppp. Sttttttoooooooopppppppp'

My finger was going deeper into her ass, automatically by the contractions of her ass muscles. Her moaning was getting loader and her body was shaking as any piece of land under the influence of a strong earthquake. I stopped my fingers but kept them in position to continue getting the energy with which my hard cock was getting harder and harder under the blood pressure my heart was pumping into it.

The pressure was building also in me telling me to get inside her, but there were still things in line before the end of this ssaging her. She was erupting from one orgasm to another flying in the heavens of pleasure.

The pressure her body was initiating against mine was giving me a more harder cock, ready to enter the folds of her drenched love canal. Her eyes were closed. The enjoyment of pleasure was seen on her lips, in her moaning and the shaking of her entire body. I let her enjoy it as long as possible.

My fingers were still working in the inside of her orifices. Her love channel was full of juices and her vaginal muscle was working overtime opening and closing against my finger. Her ass muscle tightened so much that now my finger could not move anymore. 'Oh Sammmmm Please stop..' I didn't. I let her body adjust to multiple orgasm. She continued without stopping. Then she put her hands over my hand trying to pull me out of her vagina. I resisted. I pressed inside.

Her legs were all the time trying to close but I had mine fighting against them. I stopped all her resistance.

Until...................................... Suddenly and with strength I pulled all my fingers out of her holes, pushed her legs up towards her head, changed position as quick as possible and my cock was inside her within seconds taking the place of my finger. I put my cock against her vaginal opining and pushed straight in, deep in one sudden shot.

'Oh Sam Stop please. I could not take anymore.'

I held it there against her cervix without moving it, just feeling the beautiful contractions of her strong orgasm. I only tried to move it a bit sideways just to tease her. As her contractions started to slow down I pulled out very slowly and left the head against the opening of her vagina.

Her legs were now entwined against my ass and our hands were tight around our necks. Our mouth were connected while she was still moaning. I started to give her short strokes just the head in out at the vaginal entrance.
As soon as I started feeling her legs pressure tightening against my ass I felt her building up again another sexual surge and in the midst of her eruption I pushed the whole length of my cock deep inside, hitting the inside wall. Our bodies again became one. Her mouth was crushing mine and her hands were crushing my neck. She could not moan. I started pumping in her......... not too fast........ Just enough to feel the frictions and heat against the juicy wall of her now more than tight pussy. I kept this pace as much as possible so that I could enjoy the pleasures she was enjoying.

We kept at it for about 20 minutes, I getting harder and harder sometimes getting close to explode and try to get myself relaxed. She on the other hand became one shaking body. We cut off our kisses many times.

My jaws became very sore by now and I am sure even her pussy. The way I was making love to her I managed to control her orgasms from high to low and to high again without stopping. In the end her moaning became so loud, her finger nails where digging deep in my back and decided it is time to end it out with a loud cry from my throat as the my juices started flowing inside her vagina to mix with hers. It got harder, Started pulsating, shooting spurts of jism inside her pussy hitting the inside walls.

She was moaning and pressing my body inside her's. Her muscles were making it even difficult for me to keep shooting as it was so tight against my cock. It was just like in a vice. We, both continued crying with pleasure as our bodies were enjoying the last pleasures of the day giving both of us the best enjoyed and pleasures any couple should enjoy. Slowly, slowly I continued shooting more spurts of come while her body was still entwined with mine shaking and wriggling enjoying the height of the best sexual pleasure one must enjoy especially during a holiday.

The end of the spurts came to an end when I continued relaxing with my still hard cock inside her. I didn't do any more movements, but stayed still until I felt her vaginal muscle relax and her tension ease. We collapsed on each other, my hard on was feeling the height of tiredness and started wilting inside her. Her legs relaxed and moved down to rest on the bed. We looked into each other's eyes and kissed each other slowly as a thanks to each other for the pleasure we have enjoyed and for what we gave to each other. I know she was satisfied.
'Thanks Sam that was unbelievable........... great.'

She relaxed again and rested. I pulled out of her, moved backwards and kissed her pussy which was full of mixed cream flowing out of her. The mixture tasted great and I went for it to enjoy it while I could.

I only had to be careful not to awaken her passion again. After enjoying a good taste I moved the pillows from under her ass and moved my body next to her. Switched off the dimmed lights and moved in her arms were we lovingly kissed in the dark and enjoyed the feelings of our bodies together.

I felt very young enjoying the smoothness and the freshness of this young chick against my body. She tried to explain how much she enjoyed herself but I think we were so tired that we have drifted into the dreams of the night and enjoyed a great relaxed sleep going into the sub conscious until late the next morning when I have woken up about an hour before the two chicks started moving. I had looked a couple of times into the rooms enjoyed the beauty of the naked stretched bodies, probably enjoying the dreams.

They were beautiful. Silent. Legs wide open. Breasts hard and primed with erected nipples. I am sure they were dreaming. I left them enjoying the good time before they wake up.

I had more expectations ready for them. I wanted to do great things which probably they had never enjoyed. Shaving their pusses.

Giving their ass hole more attention.

Well could be nice to meet again on Chapter 3 which is already half way on the processor.

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