Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Best Friend's Wife

by Linda Chorlton (Story # Two)
(October 2001)



This is a continuation of how I have been secretly fucking my best friend's wife. By the way, for those who want to know, I am 36 and the rest of the people are about the same.

I quickly found out that Linda loved the danger of the whole relationship we were having. Now that I was able to talk a lot more intimately with her, I found out that Ian was just not doing it for her at home. She even slipped me the odd letter that explained how she felt about us, and how good she felt about what we were sharing.

The most amazing letter of all was an early one where she "confessed" to having been raped at 17 years old, which turned her off sex, and from a fun-loving teenager who lived for the weekend dances at the Ritzy, to become almost a recluse. She eventually moved from Liverpool where that incident happened to North Wales, and the Jehovas Witnesses that she had joined there threw a joint barn dance event, one Easter, only for the same nasty rape scene to bear its ugly head again. Apparently, it was a joint Rugby Club event, Wales had beaten England, a lot of Welsh pride was in the air, and booze flowed like water, and her consort was way out of his depth, and raped her in a hedge near her new home.

This time, rehabilitation, though, did not take as long to work the shame out of her system, and she met Ian at chapel Nativity Play rehearsals, and he was the perfect gentleman, and they got married within the year. However, he like many men nowadays, was way too wrapped up in his work and hardly spent any time at home with Linda at all, the only time together really, was when he had soccer on the tv in the lounge, whilst she read Romance mags. Consequently he had forced her to look for another man to give her a buzz.

I talked with her and it turns out that she would talk to my girlfriend about their sex lives. My girlfriend loves to get kinky and let me use toys on her as well as get really spontaneous and do it on the worktops, or the stairs.

With Ian it was just done in bed, hardly any excitement, and rarely spontaneous. Linda was making all the advances, he never ever seemed to surprise he by demandind a shag. She said she got so hot when my girlfriend told her about times like the one when we were out in our backgarden. I was watering the plants and Debbie was laying out in the grass in the sun in a tiny little bikini that barely covered her. She was half asleep when I sprayed her with the hose.

She got up and started chasing me around the lawn. I stopped and we started wrestling around. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were on the ground kissing and having wild passionate sex. From what Linda tells me, Debbie has told her the in depth details of our sex life for quite a while now. Evidently Debbie would brag about how good I was in bed and then ask about Ian.

Linda was a bit embarrassed when she wouldn't have anything juicy to tell about them. She said that she was so hot for me that she got to the point where she would fantasise that it was me every time Ian fucked her. (Kind of makes a guy feel really good about himself) She said she knew it was just a matter of the right timing before she finally had me. I felt kind of weird the first few times we all hung out together after our first encounter.

Linda didn't behave at all like I expected. I was stricken with fear as to how she could make or break all our lives, she now had power. Would she kill us all? I expected her to be even more flirtatious with me and try and feel me and get me to grope her, while Ian was not looking. But actually it was just about the same as before, maybe even less, she was still very friendly with me, but she did a good job of keeping her distance.

I would still get an occasional cleavage, or knickers shot, but I still had to put in a little effort. It was great because Ian didn't suspect a thing, which was great for me. About three weeks went by before anything really serious happened again. We had agreed at the cabin in the Lake District that it would be best if we just let our meetings work their way into our daily lives instead of trying to sneak away together all the time and risk others getting suspicious of us.

We knew that it would keep the excitement level up and we would definitely not get bored of each other. Linda did like the idea of having me screw her in situations where we could get caught by either Ian or Debbie, but in a situation where it was known that we would be together. I could definitely tell, after a few times, that she preferred that type of setting.

Our second time was great. One Saturday night we were all hanging out and eating pizza. I was talking about the secondhand, universal, do everything type, gym I had just bought and how Debbie and I were going to try a stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule of working out. Linda gave Ian and little elbow to ribs and said "See, that's what we should be doing".

Ian said "Ya, I know, but it's hard for me to make time, though". I told them "Well, you are both welcome to come over on those days, too, and work out with us. We'll probably get to start around 6:30 when we arrive home from work". Debbie then said, "Ya, it will be fun." Linda says she wants to do it and persuaded Ian to commit also.

Debbie and I said "Great we will be waiting for you, then". That was on a Saturday, the next day Linda calls in the evening, to make sure everything is still as arranged.

I had found out earlier that day that Debbie has to go meet her Mom after work Monday, but that didn't matter. So Monday comes and all day at work I was kind of dreaming about seeing Linda in a workout outfit, I've see her go jogging and stuff in the past and she isn't very conservative. That night around 6:50 Linda shows up in a ladies business suit, (the outfit she wore to work). She says sorry I'm late but there was a ton of traffic.

I came right over so to not keep you waiting. She says I was wondering if you have something I can wear. I direct her to the master bedroom closet and tell her to take anything. She starts walking toward the bedroom and looks back at me to says thank you. Then she stops, pauses for a second and says with a hint of a smile, says, "Oh ya, Ian won't be here 'til later, that is, if he's able to come at all. He has to work late at the pharmacy."

In the next moment a million fantasies race through my head and my dick starts to get a "stiffy". I head to the bedroom where the weights are set up and begin to organise some things. Not long after that, Linda finds me and says "Is it OK if I wear this?", with another smile.

She has on a pair of Debbie's black Lycra daisy duke style work out shorts that almost show the bottom of her ass. Tucked into the shorts she is wearing one of my white tank tops. My tank tops are cut low on the sides and front and very loose fitting on her, and as she walks past me into the room I have a pretty good view of the side of her tit, it was fairly obvious that she had taken her bra off.

My cock started to throb as I set up the machine to be a bench press. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Now, we'd only had sex once up to this point, so it wasn't like we just stripped down and fucked every time we were in a room alone together. She bent over to put down a drink that she had in her hand, and as I glanced over at her I could see her entire breast. My cock felt like it was going to burst in my pants. Her attitude was for the most part what made it so erotic.

It was like we had never done it before and I was still trying to get a peek at her. She asked what we were doing first. I told her bench press and asked if she wanted to go first or second. First, she said. So she laid back on the bench and grabbed the bar. I positioned myself behind her head in a spotting position and looked at her chest as one of her nipples peeked out from behind the tank top. Some girls' tits disappear when they lie down, not Linda's. Boy! Oh Boy! This peanut smuggler look is a big turn on to a bloke.

I bent down and whispered to her how hot she looked. She whispered back, "Why do you think I chose to wear this.?" I set the weights on the bar ends and she started lifting. My dick was aching for her as her muscles contracted and relaxed. I was in the perfect position for watching her. I looked down the top of the tank top at her breasts. Every time she pushed the bar up she would also push her tits together to form a nice bit of cleavage.

I looked at her nicely tanned legs straddling the bench and fantasised that I had my dick up inside her again, pumping her to orgasm. She finished after ten pushes, then we switched spots. I added a weight and laid on the bench. As I lay back Linda noticed the bulge in my pants and said "Gee I wonder where that's come from?". I replied, "Hmmm, I wonder".

After my set we switched again. We did this twice, then we went to the butterfly. It had been a fairly warm day and hadn't cooled off that much. We had started to sweat in no time. I set up the machine and Linda went first again. I stood in front of her to help her, and of course to get a good view of her chest. She began to push her arms together and this smashed her tits together very nicely. With every rep I got a great view of her beautiful breasts pushed tight together like in her black push up bra.

I couldn't help but stare at her chest. Beads of sweat formed on her face and neck then rolled down the front of her chest and down between her breasts. I wanted to lick her skin, taste the salt and find the nipple. As her arms went back to he sides on the second part of the movement. I stuck my tongue out and licked from the middle of her breasts up her neck.

Her head tilted back in pleasure as my tongue inched up her neck to her chin. Then in a sassy tone she said, "OK that's enough of that we are here to work out right?" I said, "Ya, right". I took my turn and we took a break. We were drinking some water when Linda saw a pull up bar I had set up and said, "Lets do that!" I said OK and Linda went first as usual. She grabbed the bar and started to hang. Her breasts instantly popped out from behind the shirt.

I got behind her and put my hands on her hips. She has fairly good arm strength and was able to do a few with little assistance, but I kept my hands on her and let them ride up a little farther with each pull up. After the fourth I slid my hands into the sides of the arm holes and started massaging her firm breasts. She let out a soft, "Oooooohh ya". Then she dropped from the bar and told me to face her and do my pull ups. I did as she requested and grabbed the bar and hung facing her. She said hold on I have to fix this. And with that she undid my shorts and pulled them down my legs and off my feet.

"Much better now you can start." She ordered. I got ready and as I got to the top of my first pull up, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my rock hard dick. I continued to go as she moved up and down with my body movements all the while sucking slowly with her fingers tightly holding the base.

It was hard to make it all the way up with all the pleasure she was giving me and soon I had to stop. I dropped to the floor and pulled off my shirt as I lay down on the soft carpet as she followed along with me still sucking on my dick. I watched her as her moist red lips moved up and down o my cock. Ebbing and flowing as though she was a Cadbury's Flake actress doing an advert.

After a few moments I decided to do my share and pulled at her to turn around. She pivoted around my cock and moved her leg over my chest so that her gorgeous ass and pussy were staring right at me. I grabbed her ass and caressed it gently as I noticed a drops of her juices sliding out of her cunt and down her leg. I massaged her lubricant into her thigh and slid my fingers up to her lips. I spread her lips apart with one hand and lightly stroked her clit with the other.

My palm pressed and rubbed and stroked her vulva. I could feel her body tense up as thepleasure pulsed through her body. I slid my fingers more and more firmly over her inner lips from her clit to the end of her pussy. Her ass quivered as my fingers slowly entered her hole bringing her to a small orgasm. My fingers slid in and out of her as her juices flowed down my hand.

Her lips continued to make my eyes roll back in my head as she sucked relentlessly on my cock pausing only to enjoy her orgasm. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and let my tongue glide through her cum, over her clit and into her hole. I began to move my tongue faster and faster as her ass began to move in rhythm with my licks. Then I had to stop. My muscles in my legs tensed up as Linda's sucking began to bring me to orgasm.

My hips lifted to meet her mouth as my hot load of jizm started to spurt into her mouth. She swallowed my dick until I felt the tip of my woody touch the back of her throat and then with a extra tight grip, her lips pulled what felt like a huge shot of cum into her mouth. I felt the warmth of my cum surround my cock. She paused to swallow what I gave her then she ran her tongue around my dick to clean up what was left. I let my head fall back as all my muscles relaxed all at once. Linda crawled off me and turned around to straddle my hips and sit on my somewhat limp dick.

She began to push her tits together and massage them for me as I watched. She then reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. She started to rub the head against her pussy and I started to get stiff again. As I grew she started to slide it into her wet cunt. Linda moved her hips to get me in the right position and then began to slide her ass forward and back moving my dick in and out of her. She played with her breasts again and my slowly hardening cock grew even faster.

She started bouncing up and down on me. I laid back and focused my attention on her muscles tightening and releasing around my shaft. After a minute or so she gestured to me to get up and at the same time removed herself from me and turned around so the she was on her hands and knees in front of me. I got up to my knees and took my cock in my hand. I gently rubbed it along her lips before diving it back into her. I began slowly pumping my dick into Linda's cunt doggy style.

My hands gripped her hips firmly as I pulled her toward me with each thrust. I then let may hands wander over her beautiful body. I caressed her ass and thighs and then moved them up the middle of her back and back down along her sides. I reached around her to feel her stomach and then leaned forward to cup her breasts in my hands. I gave them a little massage then I grabbed them firmly and used them to pull her toward me as I began to ram my cock deeply into her. I listened as she moaned in pleasure at first and then shouted Yeess! Then I began fucking her harder and faster.

I released her breasts to swing freely beneath her and grabbed her hips again to get a good grip on her. I started slamming myself into her. Linda began to say "Oh God Yeess" as her elbows buckled and her torso lowered to the floor.

I continued to fuck her wet pussy as hard as I possibly could. As I brought her to orgasm I could feel the rush of her hot cum surround my dick as it slid in and out of her. Linda's moaning and screaming were getting me so hot I just wanted to fuck her harder. I flipped her around to her back and lifted her ankles to my shoulders. Having never removed myself from her I immediately resumed fucking her. I again grabbed her hips and pumped my rock hard dick into her dripping pussy. Her legs fell to my sides as I leaned forward to lick her nipples.

I pushed her breasts together and sucked wildly on each breasts. My tongue ran from her cleavage to her neck as I kissed and sucked on the sides of her neck. Her moans got louder and louder as I fucked her wildly. Then my cock began to swell inside of her a tell tale sign of my approaching orgasm. I reached under her arms and grabbed her shoulders to get as much of a grip as possible and I fucked her as hard as I could. She began screaming as my extra swollen cock filled her cunt and pounded even deeper into her. She began to have an intense orgasm and her screams got louder and higher pitched.

At that moment I shot what cum I had left in me in to her pussy as her body quivered in my arms. I felt her body tense up an then release sending another wave of her own cum to surround my cock again. I slowed down my rhythmic thrusting and came to a stop as I collapsed on her chest.

With my head beside hers and her mouth by my ear. She purred, "Now that, was a workout" We lay there with our eyes closed, breathing heavy, our bodies pressed together and dripping with sweat. We must have dosed off because I was awakened by the sound of Debbie's car pulling into the driveway. I quickly woke Linda up and told her to put on her clothes. She picked up her skimpy outfit and darted off to the bathroom while I slipped back into my shorts and put my shirt back on. I started organizing the equipment to look busy and Debbie walked in the door.

"Hi", she said. "Hey what's up", I replied. "Are you guys all done?" she said. "Ya we were just finishing up." I said. I told her Ian never showed up it was just Linda and I.

Just as she was about to ask where Linda was, Linda walked out of the bathroom. "Hi", they said to each other. "I hope you don't mind I borrowed some of your clothes to work out in.?" Linda said. "No not at all. Did you guys have fun?" Debbie asked.

"Oh ya", Linda replied, "I'm sure I will be sore in the morning. "We'll see ya all later." Linda said as she left. "Bye", Debbie and I replied.

I let her out the front door and we gave each other a little smile and she blew me a little kiss as she walked down the path to her car. That was a night I will never forget. Debbie never said anything, just grabbed me, pulled me to the bedroom, and made me make love to her, too ..............boy, what a lucky guy I am, like the proverbial dog with two dicks.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Best Friend's Wife

by Linda Chorlton (Story # One)
(October 2001)

Just to give a little background information. Me and my friend, Ian, have been friends for years and he has been with his wife Linda for most of the time I have known him. Linda and I have always been good friends also. Linda is a gorgeous woman and it's pretty hard to not be sexually attracted to her. She is about 5'6 with tan Latin skin. Her breasts are a large C and her ass is not petite, but is nicely rounded.

In the beginning Linda didn't show any real interest in me. It wasn't until about a year before they were married that she started flirting with me off and on. I heard her mention once that she wasn't getting much from Ian at the time. Anyway, Linda started doing things like putting her arm around me when we were sitting next to each other as well as hold my hand and give me hugs. I thought it was kind of nice, but I was pretty sure Ian wouldn't like it if he saw her doing it.

She was pretty subtle about the whole thing. She would do things like I mentioned when we were just out of Ian's line of sight or when he was in the next room. She turned me on like you wouldn't believe. We, (Ian, Linda, my girlfriend(Debbie), and I), would all go out dancing or go on holiday or just go hot tubing together just us or with a group of friends and some of the out fits she wore drove me wild. We went to a club one time and she was wearing this short black dress with a lace up area from the neckline to just above her belly button. She had it tied tight, but there was about a one inch gap so she was showing a nice amount of cleavage. She has a lovely pair of tits, but never shows her nipples to the world. I really needed to see hers. Curiosity was really going to kill this cat. I had to touch her boobs, or die.

There were five of us dancing at the time, Ian, another guy, myself, Linda and Debbie. Debbie had to use the bathroom and at the same time Ian and the other guy took off for the bar. Linda and I continued dancing and the club was packed so we were dancing pretty close. We start doing the grind and by this time my dick is totally hard from looking at Linda and all the other hot girls in the club. I knew that she must have been able to feel me bulging through my pants, but we both had a couple of drinks by that time and I know I didn't care. She looks up at me and smiles then turns around and starts grinding her ass into me. I put my hands on her hips and slightly pull her toward me, but not like she was my girlfriend or something. I'm buzzed at this point, but I still have some respect for Ian.

She kept grinding her ass right into my stiff cock and I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. She new that she was poling a stiffy, because I started to stroke her arse, push her away and grab her to pull her in to me tighter when she stood up with her back to me. She took her hands and laced her fingers behind my neck as she arched her back, still keeping her bum against my stiff cock. I love it when girls are arched and their tits are nice and firm. I was too horny to resist so I started sliding my hands up and down her sides. This started to get her hot, too. I would go down her legs as far as possible and then move up her sides each time getting closer and closer to her breasts, finally I went for it and slid my hands over her tightly stretched breasts. She was wearing one of those half-cup underwired, platform bras.

I could feel the lacey effect as I caressed them gently and waited for a response as I moved them. She said nothing and turned around and started to dance normally again. Moments after this I heard "Oh there you guys are". A friend came over and said everyone was at the bar. The three of us started walking toward the bar when Linda reached forward and gave my ass a firm squeeze without the other guy seeing. I was still a little shocked at what I had done, but that gave me a good assurance that it was all right with her. This was the first most exciting sign that I was getting somewhere nearer my goal, to shag her. That was the first time I had really touched her.

The next time I saw her in private I was a gentleman and apologised for what I had done. She accepted and said it was alright. The next erotic encounter we had together was when we went on a holiday together. The four of us stayed in one room to cut down on cost. We didn't mind the lack of privacy because we could have sex at home when ever we wanted. We all had a good time but it was also the first time I saw Linda naked and actually I got to see her twice. The first time was on the first night. Linda had gone to bed with a sweat shirt on as her only top.

I am a light sleeper and in the middle of the night I guess she got hot and wanted to take it off. I heard her rustling around and I woke to see her stripping off her top and laying back down with no covers on her chest. I stared at her beautiful breasts by the light of the parking lot lights. I was in heaven, those dark pointed nipples were all I'd ever dreamed they would be. My lips had to suck, tongue an nibble them.. The next time I saw her naked was when Linda was coming out of the shower. All of her clothes were outside the bathroom door so she began to change there. She was behind a wall blocked from our direct view, but what Ian and Debbie didn't know is that I was getting a perfect view of her from the reflection in the mirror. I was trying not to look obvious and trying not to let on to Linda that I was checking her out, but she caught a glimpse of me. She didn't acknowledge me, but I knew she saw me ogling her.

It must have turned her on because she gave me a nice little show. She bent over at the waist to give me a great shot of the tight, rounded, cheeks of her ass, then she put her foot up on the vanity unit to dry her leg off ,which gave me my first nice view of her pussy. I had to stop looking when Ian went around the corner to see her. Nothing much exciting happened for the next couple of months after that. It wasn't until the four of us went to a cabin in the Lake district together that the most exciting thing happened. The plan was that Ian and Debbie were going to go down to the lake in the early morning to do a little fishing.

Both Linda and I wanted to sleep in so they took off with out us at about 6am and planned to be back at around noon. I woke up at about 8:30 and walked out of the room to go to the bath room. As I was half way down the hall and approaching the door, Linda walks out of her room and greets me in a pair of loose silk shorts and a low cut, loose fitting silk top that cuts off just at her tummy button. I couldn't believe how good she looked, I got an instant hard-on and got kind of choked up as I offered to let her go first. She exits as I walk in and as I finish and open the door I hear from downstairs "Come help me with breakfast!".

I walked downstairs to see her standing behind the stove starting to cook eggs. I stared at her tan legs for a second and then continued down the stairs. I started fixing different things when she bent over right in front of me. I got a perfect view of her braless tits, even her nipples. I was in heaven. I continued to peek at her when ever possible, but the best was when we sat down in the living room after eating. We sat down in big chairs that were opposite each other. We started talking when she pulled her legs up to her chest so she was totally on the chair.

The way her legs were positioned I saw right up the leg of her shorts to her pussy. I had all kinds of images going through my mind at that point, I wanted to fuck her right there. I couldn't stand it I had to walk away or I was going to explode. I walked over to a bank of windows that looked out over the lake. I said "Hey check it out, there they are." Debbie and Ian were in a boat in the middle of the lake with poles in the water.

So what should we do till they get back, I asked her. "Wanna put in a movie and soak in the hot tub." Linda says. "It's kind of early isn't it?" I say. "Ya but that's OK, c'mon it's all warmed up" she says.

So we go get our swimsuits on and she comes out in this neon orange string bikini. It had a thong bottom to show off her great looking ass and the top was so small it barely covered her nipples. Her body looks incredibly tan in the contrast. I said "Wow, you look great" she mentions that it was new and that she bought it for this trip. We picked out a movie and popped it in the VCR. We grabbed a jug of water and settled back. In the first two minutes Linda had her legs resting on mine. We watched the movie a little and I started to give her a foot rub. She shaves her legs, and creams them, making them as smooth as silk. She enjoyed this "footsie" so I started to rub up her leg.

I inched farther and farther until I was at her thigh. At that point she moved over next to me. She urged me to continue stroking with my leg, so I did. She rolled onto her stomach and I continue to rub. I moved up to her bum, and back, and then up to her shoulders. She kept giving me moans of approval, so I started to push to the limits.

I inched my fingers onto the sides of her breasts and began to push them together ever so slightly. This sensation of firm and soft is so exciting for me that I gasp, and this made her moan and gasp in return. At this point my dick was so hard and I was so horny I really stopped caring about anything else. I just wanted to bury my dick into her pussy. She didn't seem to mind my advances so I started working my way around to the front of her chest.

I rubbed around her breasts first then up her cleavage, then finally I slid my hand underneath her top. I went in from the side and as I did she let out a low "Yeeeesssss". I used a free hand to untie her top and remove it. After caressing her firm breasts for a minute more, I slid my hands down her back and over her ass. I spread her legs apart and ran one hand up and down her inner thighs and massaging her pussy while the other went back to massaging Linda's breasts. I was working myself as well as Linda into a frenzy.

Finally I took hold of both sides of her thong bottom and stripped it down to her ankles as she stepped out. I drew myself close to her and whispered to her how badly I have wanted to fuck her over the years. She said nothing, and just turned to start taking my shorts off. I step out of them as Linda turns back around and bends over the side of the tub. Her legs were spread wide as I slid my fingers along her pussy rim, and with out waiting a second longer I eased my cock into her aroused vagina.

I slid my head into her cunt hole and Linda moaned "Ohh Yaa". I gently started pumping my cock into her. Bit by bit it slid in farther until with one last push, it went all the way in. She was mine, and I was hers..... we both wanted it, and lost ourselves in a pool of desire.

Linda moaned with pleasure as I thrusted my cock in her. The warm water mingled with her juices to produce a interesting lubricant. The water splashed and spilled over the side as I grabbed her hips and fucked her like an animal. She had obviously needed this shag, as she was gripping, grabbing, hugging on to me with an equal passion and intensity, way beyond the normal sex acts we experience.

The hunger was obvious.Then after she had about three orgasms. I sat her onto the side of the bath and started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. It drove her wild. She laid back with her knees in the air and her cunt in my face.

One of my favourite positions is the face-sitting one.I was still horney and I still hadn't cum yet, so I sucked on her clit and brought her to orgasm again and she repaid me by cumming all over my face. Her cunt lips were sucking at mine, dragging my tongue deeper into her vulva. I needed to fuck her again so I got onto the seat and while she lay back still recovering from her last orgasm, I slid my dick into her again. I had only fuck her like this for a few seconds before she wrapped her legs around me, sat up and started bouncing up and down on my cock in the water.

I couldn't stand it any longer, my body was screaming to ejaculate. I needed to pound her. I bent her back over, grabbed her hips, and shoved my dick into her as hard as I could. I tensed up, gasped with ecstacy just before I was about to cum. Just as I shot my load into her pussy she came with a loud scream.

Our hot juices mingled together inside her and then oozed out into the water around us. As we sat back enjoying the after glow I realized The best fuck of my life had just been with my best friend's wife. Both Ian and Debbie returned on time at noon with two fish each and by that time we had cleaned up and there was no clue that I had just fucked the living daylights out of Ian's wife, Linda.

The weekend went on and no one was the wiser, but Linda and I never looked at each other the same way again.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tropical vacation

by Sabrina (October 2001)

I am simply going to burst if I don't tell someone, and since it can't be
anyone I know, you might as well do.

Sharon and I have been best friends since her parents split when we were in
grade 9. Both of her parents are loaded, her mom through the divorce
settlement and her dad, well, he's the CEO of some company. Moving into our
middle class neighborhood was a definite step down for Sharon, but her mom
thought the "middle class values" would only help Sharon. Ha! Her dad
still showers her with gifts and a huge monthly allowance. The only problem
is the gifts always have a hook. The most recent was a trip to the
Caribbean. If we both posted a 4.0 in first term, then he would send us,
with Sharon's mom as chaperone, off to the Caribbean during the break after
exams. We didn't exactly "earn" our grades in the conventional way (that's
another story), but we got them.

The first day Sharon's mom set down the ground rules. We got our own room,
but had to be back in our room at midnight. While both rooms were on the
fifth floor, owing to a error by the hotel, instead of adjacent rooms, her
balcony faced ours from the other side of the pool.

We exhausted ourselves trying to do everything in the first afternoon. We
shopped for tiny little thong bikinis we would never wear at home, but which
show cased our tight asses and generous tits. On the beach, and in the
disco after we were rewarded with lots of attention from any male within
visual range. While we dressed for supper with Sharon's mom, I have to
admit we were absolutely brazen when we chose our clothes for the disco
later. I wore a pair of cut off jean shorts that were almost tight enough
to read my lips, topped with a crop shirt so short that anytime I lifted my
arms up I showed a generous amount of my firm white tits, just stopping
below each dark areola. Sharon was just as bad. She had picked up a lycra
mini dress earlier, and having tried various combinations of lingerie,
decided that only going commando would do the dress justice. The friction
of the lycra was giving her a case of permanent nipple hard ons, and when we
walked in the disco I actually saw one guy's jaw drop.

That night we were the cock teases that every guy wants to mount. I drank
way more than I normally do and so did Sharon, but it was like the glass was
never empty, and who cared? We danced until we were absolutely glistening
with sweat, grinding our hips against the changing dance partners, feeling
them grow hard as each dance went on, and then spinning away when the song
was over. One particularly lovely jock managed to dance me against the
wall, and then slid his thigh between my legs so I was actually riding him
with my moist pussy in time with the beat. I was really getting into it
when Sharon showed up and said "C'mon Cinders, we've got to split the ball
if we want to go out again tomorrow". I couldn't believe Sharon was being
so responsible about the time, last time I had seen her she was grinding
between 2 very horny locals who seemed to be both fucking her with their
clothes on.

We made it to our room just as the phone was ringing, and assured Sharon's
mom that yes we were in for the night, and no, we didn't have company, and
she was welcome to come check if she wanted. She declined (I'm not sure SHE
didn't have "company"!), and said goodnight.

"I am having absolutely the BEST time" I said to Sharon, throwing my arms
around her neck to give her a big hug. "Me too" She said, squeezing me
back. Sharon and I have hugged hundreds of times, and this didn't feel any
different-to start with. For some reason neither one of us was letting go.
Her lycra covered breasts were pressing back against me, and I found I was
really enjoying the feeling. She must have been too because although she
pulled back a little so we were face to face, she kept her arms around my
neck, keeping our nipples touching. I could feel her nipples were hard as
rocks, and while it tickled to have them teasing my own erect nips, it was
starting to turn me on. Running her hand thru the back of my hair, sharon
said "I'm really glad we could do this" and have me a short, soft kiss on
the lips. While she had kept her eyes on mine, her weight had shifted
slightly, and now our flat lower bellies were also in contact.

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was what we had done to get there, I don't know, but
on impulse I leaned in and kissed her again, maintaining contact, and slowly
sliding my tongue between her lips. I expected her to freak, or withdraw or
something, but instead she pulled me closer! her tongue and mine playing
tag around her mouth, her breasts crushing against mine. I had slipped my
hands down to Sharon's ass, and pulled her hips against me, grinding our
rising clits against each other through our clothes.

We broke apart for a moment, almost unsure what to do next. "wow" was all I could say, as we
stood there in indecision. Sharon solved the issue by slipping my crop
shirt over my head so my breasts sprang free to her view. " I always thought
you had great tits" sharon cooed as she admired the rack she had seen a
thousand times. I couldn't believe this was my best friend! She was like
another person, radiating the odor of sex and drink, looking at me as if she
wanted to devour me, and I was TOTALLY turned on by it.

" You can tell me to stop if you're not comfortable" she said, and then sat
down on the edge of the bed and pulled me to stand between her legs.
Sticking out the tip of her tongue, she licked one nipple then the other,
then going back to the first she slowly sucked the nipple into her mouth.

The hell I was going to stop her. I massaged her hair and the back of her
neck as my best friend gave me the best titty sucking I've ever had in my
life. I was absolutely dripping by this point and was desperate for some
attention to my pussy, but was afraid to ask. Remembering my friend at the
disco earlier I mounted Sharon's thigh as she continued to suck my tits,
grinding the seam of my jeans hard against my clit. Sharon must have know I
was close because slipping a hand on my ass she stopped me, and slowly laid
back so I was on top of her. Rolling me over, she pulled my denims down,
and moved down my body to position herself at the end of the bed, her face
only inches from my dripping gash.

In a sudden case of deja vu I thought back to when I had bought my first
bikini, and Sharon had told me I would have to shave to wear it. Unsure
just how to go about it, Sharon had actually been the one to do the shaving,
spreading me out naked on her princess bed with her dad's old razor and a
wash basin. I had been dripping then too when she had finished, for while
she had never touched my clit, having her gently pinching my labia as she
opened them to closely shave down my little bush had been a real turn on. I
remembered wanting her to accidently slip and finger in me, or brush my rock
hard clit, but it never happened. She had rubbed shaving lotion all over my
shaved mound when she was done, and the sting had given me a fast and
intense shudder of orgasm which I thought she hadn't noticed.

And now she was poised above my pussy, smiling as she pushed my thighs wide
and buried her face in my dripping mound. I was quick to discover that
only another woman can really know what exactly to do. Lapping at my clit
like a dog she slid 2 fingers in me and began to finger fuck my G-spot.

She ran the hardness of her nose up and down my gash, causing me to writhe
against her, grabbing her silky blonde hair I humped her face from beneath
her. I would have loved for it to last forever, but the intensity was
getting too much. Reaching up to pinch and pull my own nipples, I closed my
eyes as sharon slid one dripping finger out of my pussy, and forced it into
my tightly puckered anus. I groaned as Sharon attacked my clit with a
ferocity I had seen only once before. "lick me, lick me, oh ya" I moaned as
she sucked vigorously on my clit while fucking both my ass and pussy with
single fingers. "be my friend, eat me sweetheart, oh my god, you are such a
goood friend.... ahhh, ahh, yess!" Shuddering and bucking against her I
climaxed as I pulled viciously at my own nipples.

Sinking back into the bed, I watched sharon slowly rise, and climb up with
me. Kissing Sharon and tasting my own pussy, I pulled at her lycra dress,
slipping it up so her bare pussy was exposed. Slipping down a little on
the bed, I nuzzled her tits on my way down to her pussy. Could I do this?
I was still really drunk, but satiated, and I didn't know if I could
actually eat another girl out, even if I had really liked receiving her

I think Sharon sensed my indecision, because rolling a bit, she straddled my
face, my nose buried in her slit. Lifting her hips back so she was sitting
more of my chest, I gave a tentative lick of her clit. MMMM, she tasted
just like me (and any girl who says she hasn't tasted herself is a liar).
Sucking her clit into my mouth, I ran my long finger nails all over her ass,
scratching gently as she ground against my face. Looking up I saw the lycra
dress fly off, and she began to massage and pinch her own tits.

Sharon was much more vocal than I had been, whispering "there, there, harder, more
tongue, suck it sabrina, oh please, more, please, get in me" she commanded
as I sorted out how to lean her forward to shove 4 fingers deep into her
cunt. She screamed as she came, my fingers crammed into her, her clit
clamped carefully between my front teeth, riding the line between pleasure
and pain.

My mom is coming, I'll have to tell you more later. Promise. ;-)

Well I might as well tell you how we got the 4.0 By midterm it was pretty
obvious that neither of us was going to make it. It's not the we're stupid
or anything, it's just that we would rather party on the weekend than hit
the books.

Our school has all of our marks on a central data base, so the challenge for
us was not earning the marks, but having our report cards look like we had.
We needed a hacker.

Money was no problem as Sharon's monthly allowance was more like my parent's
pay cheque. Finding the right person was the issue. Most of our friends
were jocks and Barbies. Having asked around (a LOT) we finally found the
right guy. To say he was the archetypical computer geek would be kind. He
wasn't awful looking or anything, he just looked like he spent a lot of time
by himself, and not looking at a mirror!

I drew the short straw, so approached him at his locker after school one
day. He knew who I was from classes, although we had never sat near each
other. It was obviously not his first time as he was all business. For
$500 he would fix it up just after we wrote our final exams so no one would
have time to notice before the cards went out. "Bring the cash to the
computer club room Tuesday after your last exam, and bring your friend
along. She's not hard to look at". I would have slapped him if I didn't
need his talents so badly. Neither Sharon nor I was "hard to look at". We
dedicated our summers to tanning and sports, and were both a taut size 7.
Sure her chest was bigger (I'm only a 38C), but we both fill out our
sweaters nicely.

I told Sharon the news knowing she would be relieved. No studying for
finals (what did it matter!) and our trip would be assured.

The following Tuesday we showed up for our exams dressed as they say, to the
nines. Having told sharon the nerd's comment, we had both gone all out to
make him drool. While we never dress in matching outfits, for this one
occasion we had both worn our curve hugging angora sweaters over short lycra
skirts. The knee high leather boots made the ensemble a bit slutty, but we
were on top of the world thinking of our approaching vacation.
The computer club is housed on the top floor of the school which sounds
rather grand, except that it's horribly hot up there, explaining why no one
else wants the space. We both had a sheen of persiration across our
cleavage by the time we had climbed the 4 flights of stairs and waited for
his lordship to arrive.

"Have a seat" was all he said as he arrived and sat at the nearest computer.
The place was deserted, so we felt quite safe as we spounted our student
numbers, full names, address, etc. while he tapped into our files. It took
less than 5 minutes, and then he turned the screen for us to see our
"wonderful" final results.

Reaching in her purse, Sharon was about to hand over the money when he stopped her. "I've changed my mind" he said. "I can get money from any sap in this school who will flunk out, or get an ass
kicking from his parents for his grades. This has been a particularly good
semester as a matter of fact. I think you 2 can do better than money". I
have to admit, we didn't catch on right away. When it did, I told him to
fuck off in no uncertain terms. "If you think either of us is going to fuck
you Dwight Marshall, you've got another thing coming. We're virgins, both
of us, and you sure as hell aren't going to be my first!" This seemed to
stun him for a minute, and I'm not surprised. Both of us like to look the
look, and love to play, but that's one line we promised we wouldn't cross,
not in high school anyway.

"Well ladies, I can always change these back, or make them worse". Worse
had never occured to us. We sat stunned for a moment, before Sharon spoke
up. "Suggest a compromise Dwight, but know that screwing you is not an
option". "I'm a reasonable man ladies, but a man I am. You came up here
dreessed like sluts, so now I want to see you act like sluts. If you want
these marks to hold, I get to see what's under those yummy sweaters, and you
each get to suck my root-and swallow he added with emphasis". Sharon and I
looked at each other. What were the chances of him having an STD? The guy
was almost certianly a virgin. "Can we think about it" I asked. Pulling
away from the computer desk, Dwight revealed a huge hard on straining at his
track pants. "I'm sorry ladies, but this is a limited time offer. If I
have to take care of this in, well, my usual fashion, then my next setp will
be to assign each of you your 2.0 So what will it be"?

What choice did we have?

In unison, we slipped the sweaters off. "Mamma mia!" Dwight exclained,
eyeing the view before him. We had both chosen red satin push up bras which
made our breasts look like they wanted to jump out of the fabric.

"Closer!"He commanded, reaching our and stoking each of our breasts with the palm of
his hands.

"Undo them". Feeling more trapped than ever, I opened the catch
at the centre of my bra, my breasts spilling out to his view. "Magnificent"
he sighed, running a finger over my nipples, bringing them erect. I felt a
familiar tug deep in my pussy in response to his attention to my nipples and
hated myself for it. This was a nerd, about to make us suck him off, and I'm
getting all tingly because he played with my nipples!

"Who wants to go first ladies" he asked while freeing the giant erection we
had clearly seen through the cotton pants. He was circumcised and already
dripping with precum. Neither of us volunteered. "Okay, fine, then you" he
said pointeing at me. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I waited for
directions. Wrapping his hand in the back of my long blonde hair, he
slowing pulled my face into his lap. "Just do it baby, your grades suck and
I'm sure you'll be a great student at sucking root". Now I was pissed.

I figured the best revenge was to get this over as quickly as possible.
Opening my mouth, I slid the head slowly in, sliding my tongue along the
shaft, and letting it settle into the back of my throat. I may be a virgin,
but that doesn't mean I don't know how to deep throat. My chin was touching
his balls when I felt him slide my skirt up, showing my nearly bare ass and
red thong. "Just checking out all the merchandise" he said as he ran his
hands over my tight ass. His index finger skirted briefly across the tight
pucker of my anus, pressing gently in as if to invade me, but feeling me
tense and start to withdraw, he chose not to push his luck.

Sharon stood slight to my side so I could see her watching as I bobbed up and down on the
shaft of his hard cock. Both of his hands were now buried in my hair,
controlling my pace and shoving my face deep in his lap on the down stroke.
"Why don't you play with that gorgeous pair of tits while your friend works"
I heard him say, and was shocked to see Sharon starting to pinch her
nipples, and massage her breasts as she watched.

In the back of my mind I was worried that some other computer geek might
come in, cause what a scene! Me on my knees, ass bared to the world with my
face buried in this nerds lap, sucking his root for all I was worth, while
another gorgeous blonde looks on in mini skirt and leather boots and plays
with her tits!

I intensified the pace of my bobbing, and felt the subtle change in the
pressure on my head. I was in control now, sucking my way down, licking my
way up. Letting the head slide to the front of my mouth I tongued the glans
vigorously, then plunged his cock all the way down the back of my throat.

It worked, I heard him gasp at the same time I felt the hot spunk boiling
up through his cock and into my mouth. Holy shit could he cum! Suck
(swallow, swallow!) suck more (swallow)! I was practically choking in the
volume, but good to our word, I swallowed and licked off every last drop.

"Good girl. I knew you would suck like a demon. Now for your friend". I
was shocked. After coming like that how could this guy plan to be ready
that fast? "No, I want you to share with your friend. Give her a nice big
kiss and let her taste me". I stood up and timidly faced Sharon.

Although we were more than a foot apart, our bare nipples were almost touching each
other, and the near contact was making my nipples grow harder. "Get on with
it girls, I'm a busy guy". It was Sharon that moved, closing the distance
between us, she kissed me briefly, full on the lips. "Now thats more like
it girls, but do it like you mean it".

"Okay, but only once more, that wasn't part of our deal" Sharon offered,
quite reasonable given the circumstances. Leaning in to kiss me again, this
time I felt her breasts pressing against mine, I could feel the pillowy
softness pressing against my own hard nipples, and just as I was begining to
realize I think I liked it, she pulled back. "Good enough"? Sharon brazenly
asked. "Good, then lets close this deal". Dropping to her knees she flicked
her hair off to one side, hiked her own skirt up "to save time" she said
briskly, she gobbled up the wet soft cock before her. "hey slow down!" he
gasped, but there was not stopping sharon, she was all business.

In under a minute her ministrations had him hard again, and she was vigorously sucking
on his cock. Watching her, it was almost an act of aggression, she was
attacking his cock, she was in charge not him. Standing beside her my hands
strayed without purpose, up towards my own breasts as I thought what it
would be like to have her suck on me like that.

Dwight seemed too stunned to participate in this attack, and leaned back watching the workout his
member was getting. Sharons face was a blur and she bobbed up and down his
huge purple cock.

"FUCK" he finally yelled, and orgasmed seemingly against
his will. Not losing a drop, Sharon buried her face deeply into his lap,
and pulled back slowly, polishing the softening pole and it withdrew.

Reaching for her bra and tossing me mine, sharon quickly dressed as the
dazed nerd sat there stunned, his limp cock shrivelling in his lap.

"I trust that was satisfactory"? Sharon asked as she picked up her purse.
The dazed nerd only nodded. "Fine, I'm sure it was your pleasure doing
business with us". Turning on her heel Sharon strode from the room before
the nerd could say (or demand) anything further.

Our report cards arrived carrying glowing results!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Exhibitionist

by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

I can almost come off by just knowing that someone is watching me.
There have been plenty of opportunities to let people be voyeurs.
Since I was very young, about 12 or 13, I can remember actually posing in
front of my bedroom window, touching myself, regularly, while some men
and some boys from across the way were watching and wanking.
I supposed that they thought I couldn't see them. But several times a week
I would do it and they would always be there, waiting with their lights
turned out, hoping I would give them a free sex show.

Even now I will walk around the house naked with the lights on and the
curtains open, if I know that some man or boy may look in. My husband really
enjoys my exhibitionism, and encourages it. So the house rule, rarely ever
broken, is that I have to find a way to show myself naked, "accidentally",
to every male who comes into the house. So far this has featured our
relatives, delivery boys, friends of friends and even unsuspecting,
but appreciative, passing acquaintances.

My earliest serious sexual experiences combined my exhibitionism with
masturbation. As I said, when I was roughly, 12 or 13, I used to regularly
exhibit myself at the bedroom window of my house. In particular there was
a family of brothers across the backalley who I started teasing, by letting
them see me partially undressed, with my Venetian blinds open. Of course at
first I couldn't even tell if anyone was watching me, but, as time went by,
I became bolder and would sit with my lights out until one of the brothers
would appear in a room where I could see him or a couple of them. Then I
would turn on my light and pretend not to see them as I stripped to my
underwear and then walked around the room, brushing my hair, plucking
my eyebrows, rubber-knecking to smooth my bum, or rub with body lotion.
As time went by I would leave my room as if to go to the shower and
go to the room next door and look out under cover of this darkened room,
to see if anyone was watching my lit room. What I discovered was that three
or four boys were sitting together peeking out of the darkened room over the way.

After a while I would go back to my own room with only a towel wrapped
around me and, after what must have been weeks of just teasing like that,
with my heart pounding with terror, I finally just let the towel drop off me.

For awhile I would just dress quickly but sometimes would stand casually
brushing my hair, moving in and out of their angle of vision, but
ultimately making sure that they could see all they wanted to see.
Things were held at just that level for awhile, but, as time went on,
I became even bolder.

I began touching myself, my breasts and then my cunt, although they
were still hidden by underwear. After a short of time, I don't remember how
long, after I had put my light out, I noticed a light shining into my window
and upon investigation, saw that one of the brothers was returning the favour
--he was standing near his window, with the lights on, jerking off for me.

I came, right there, and then, instantly. As that became part of the game
I became more explicit, less pretending that I was only accidentally
letting them see me. As luck would have it, one night my brother was visiting
another house on their back street and he saw me putting on my show.
He came out their back door and when I saw him coming I quickly shut
out my light and pulled the covers over me. To my alarm he came directly
to my bedroom. Although I was pretending to be asleep he said that he saw
what I was doing and that he would tell our parents unless I masturbated
right then for him to watch. So I did. And things went from there --
about which more another time.

My husband really gets off on my exposing myself and has found
different and entertaining ways to do it. How it is done depends entirely
on who it is and what we wanted for him/them to see. At the college
library the freshers got my cunt peeking out from a dress left open in the
front. The fifteen year old who lives next door occasionally sees me naked
through a window. My younger brother got a dropped towel in the hallway.
One thing that I really would like to do but haven't yet is a game of strip
poker in which I lose, and lose quickly, then have to masturbate while
everyone watches and finally get fucked by the winner with everyone else
looking on at us.

Oh well that's enough for now. Watch for the next instalment.

The story continues... Scene...................... Several Years Later.

In general, the more illicit the situation, the more exciting it is
for me. That's why I especially like letting young boys see me. Not too
long ago I stayed overnight at my sister's house. The house is tiny, so
to make room for me she took the younger son, who is about 9, into her room.
I took his bed, a twin bed in a tiny room with my older nephew. This, I
thought, was really going to be fun.

When I went to bed (his room is on the third floor) I made sure to
make enough noise to waken him. Just to be sure I actually turned on the
light 'til I was sure he was awake, although he was pretending to still be
asleep. Then I turned out the light, though the hallway light was still
on, and slowly got completely undressed. When I was naked, I stood next
to my bed which was only about two or three feet from his, and calmly lit a

Then I stood looking out of the window at the foot of the bed.
After the cigarette was finished I walked over to the dresser and brushed
my hair by the light coming from the hall. Then, even though I know this will
be hard to believe, my cunt was dripping so badly I went back to my bed,
lay back sort of half sitting up, and began to masturbate and did so until
I came a couple of times, moaning just audibly.

All this time he lay there holding his breath, not moving, his head
just slightly inclined toward me. The sexy episode must have taken
about an hour, and he didn't move the whole time. As soon as I finally
stopped touching myself and rolled over, he got up and went to the bathroom,
I expect he wanted a wank, I imagine that his young balls must have been aching.

What I most like about showing myself to very young men and boys is
that they always have to leave the room to go jerk off. Last summer, I
had a 16 year old boy painting in the house. While he was working in the
living room, I got up on a step stool in the stairwell, on the pretext of
examining some woodwork. Of course I was wearing only a tiny men's tee
shirt with no panties. When I stretched my hands up, the T-shirt rose up almost
to my waist.

He, obviously, had a very clear view of my bum cheeks and cunt,
which I suspect he very much liked, since he kept finding reasons to leave what
he was doing on the other side of the room and come over to the stairs.

That was a particularly good "show-off" day, as my brother-in-law came over,
later on, and I gave him the exact same treatment, which was a first for him.
The upshot of this is that I don't have any trouble finding anyone to help do
work on the house.

Here's something that has worked for me and is even legitimate --
well maybe semi-legitimate. Once or twice a girlfriend of mine hosted an
erotic lingerie party, sort of X-rated Tupperware. One of the activities is when
the demonstrators ask if any of the women want to model the lingerie for
the boyfriends and husbands. Of course almost everybody tries something out,
but most of the women find the most modest possible outfit to model and
essentially just rush downstairs in it, run through the room and rush back
upstairs even though the men are dying for more.

What I did was find the raunchiest outfit possible, and show it
provocatively. It was black lace, see-through through panties and the top
was only string fringe shot through with silver strands, that fell over
my breasts that did much more to show them off than to hide them.

It was more shocking than if I were stark naked, since no one could really
object but I was as exposed as possible. My breasts were just being caressed
by the fringe which drew more attention to them more than it hid them.

The panties were barely there; my mound of Venus cunt hair was accentuated
by the white of my ass and made it stand out beneath the black lace.

The men at first became completely quiet, then realizing that calling
attention to me would make it forbidden they began to cheer me even more
than the others. Even the women loved it and it inspired some of them to
be a bit more bold!
One of my very favourite stories was more recent, and involved my
husband and me planning a display. We invited a neighbouring boy, over
to our house, who occasionally mows our lawn, and who we sometimes
helped with schoolwork, on the pretext of playing ping pong with my husband.

The kid is about 15 or so, skinny, blonde hair, and generally randy with
puberty. Tom, my husband, took him into the basement playroom and began the
game. As prearranged I just stopped in to say hello and that I was going
up to take a shower. After a short while I called down on the intercom to
tell Tom that I had left my cigarettes downstairs and could he please
bring them up.

He tossed them to the boy and asked him to take care of it.
Of course, how was I to know who was bringing the cigarettes upstairs?
By the time he arrived I was brushing my hair over my face, the radio
playing so that I could not hear him coming, my bedroom door partly ajar
so he could see me from the hallway, without my seeing him.

I was naked of course, standing in front of my full length mirror
so he could get a full view of me, front and back. But that's not the
best part. As we anticipated, the surprise was really too much for him; he
couldn't really enjoy the view, being too nervous and afraid to take his

He immediately coughed as if he had just come into the hallway and I
modestly covered myself as he came to the door. But, as I said, we
anticipated just that reaction, so that when he went back to the ping pong
table Tom very soon arranged jar his back out -- the kid knows he has
a bad back, it's why he does our lawns and garden work.

Tom feigned that he was in a lot of pain and had to lie on the
recliner in the playroom. After a couple of minutes, he asked the kid to
get a beer from the refrigerator on the first floor. It was summertime
and the weather was pretty hot. When the boy came back down, Tom said
that he was out of action for awhile and asked him to take a beer up to me
and entertain himself on the computer, until Tom's back recovered enough to
continue the game.

Well this was a stroke of genius because the kid now
had free run to move about between floors without worry that his absence
would be noticed. Of course, since his earlier trip up to the second
floor he had had ample time to kick himself for not really taking
advantage of the sex show situation. This time he was determined to be
much more stealthy, and to really find out what a naked woman looks like.
As soon as he left the playroom Tom gave me a quick buzz on the intercom
to alert me and I displayed myself even more boldly than before. Now I stood
in front of the mirror, with a cassette playing pretty loudly, and dancing
provocatively. I could just catch enough movement through the doorway to
know that he had arrived and was just standing, hidden away, watching my
exhibitionism. After a short while I began to touch my breasts, then my ass,
finally my hands ran up my long inside thighs, eventually playing with cuntlips.

After several minutes of touching myself in that fashion, I arched my backside
to the doorway, giving him a bird's-eye view of the labia, which were stuck out
like elephants ears by now, God I was so randy. I lay back down on the bed,
with my head positioned so there was no danger of seeing into the hallway,
and began to masturbate in earnest. I made sure to keep moving all around
to give him a very good view of my whole body, and slowly began to
moan softly, then more loudly. Excitement ran wild in my brain, and throughout
my whole body, every nerve was jangling. At last I sighed as my multiple
orgasms climaxed, and I lay back, exhausted, and I heard him creep away.

The show had lasted about half an hour. Though I never did get my beer,
when I came downstairs a little while later, I was pleased to see that he
must have ejaculated during my show, uncontrollable, because it was plain to see
that he had a damp stain on the front of his pants. Bet he wanks off every night
re-viewing my writhing and fingerings exhibition, "through the keyhole".

I have big hopes for this lad, until he goes off to Uni and gets a real sex life.
We need a new rockery building, and Tom's back is not up to it.

Do you think that it would be a nice surprise present for Tom, when he returns
from his next overseas trip, to find the job done?

I wonder if the boy will last out the many sex sessions we'll be bound to have,
and get the rockery made in time for Tom's homecoming.

My juices are starting to run already, at just the mere thought of how I'll
turn this boy into a man in just a four day crash course.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sound of His Voice

By Linda Chorlton (October 2001)

It all began with a simple phone call, the sound of a voice I knew could give me what I wanted. The phone rang and I answered it without a clue of what was about to happen. The deep brown, silky voice that came over was just what I'd always dreamed of hearing.

Thoughts of what this man looked like ran through my mind, and I found myself wishing he was here with me now. He began with a "Hello" and "I can't believe I'm doing this" but he was.

In his voice I could feel his arms around me. We talked a little just to get to know each other a little better, then the question came, "When can we meet"? I'd got Butterflies in my stomach, by now, and I could not wait any longer to put a face to this dreamy, sexy voice,so I agreed to a date the following weekend. I flew down and as soon as I got off the plane his blue eyes let me know who he was. I ran into his arms and immediately felt like I did whilst talking to him on the phone.

Letting his tongue go deep in my throat, I could feel the wetness already seeping between my legs and boldly suggested the Hotel room. Off we went together, to really get to know each other. On the way over in the taxi he slid his hand up my skirt, where to his suprise I wore no panties, and he began to touch and stroke me like I had never been touched there before.

We arrived at the hotel and as soon as we got to our room we began to kiss with the most ultimate pleasure that a kiss can give. His hands stroking and mecaressing me, making me feel like I could stay there forever in his arms. Gentle words entered my head, making me feel so loved and cared for.

The he slowly removed my dress as I unzipped his pants. I sat him down and slid his thick rod into my mouth and began to suck and lick the bobby's helmet, till he said to let it go, and I took all his jizm ,that I could manage to swallow, down my throat, letting the the rest dribble down upon my breasts. He wanted to return the pleasure, so he slowly began kissing me and sucking on my breasts. He began licking me and making me feel like I was about to explode.

I could not take it anymore to I begged him to let me have it all. I felt his stiffy teasing my labia, up and down, and side to side at first, but then darting inside my love canal, which snatched at every insertion, trying to drag his rod up to my G-spot. I have a horse, at home, and I know how men like to be ridden by a woman, so I laid him down on his back and began to give him the ride of his life.

First off, I faced him, allowing him to fondle my firm, but pendulous tits, and then to tweak and kiss the nipples. As a special treat, I swivelled round, without uncoupling, and gave him the sight and sound of my cunt as it puckered and sucked at his rampant dick inside my slit.

This was too much for him to bear and he yelled out that he couldn'yt hold it anymore and came in an even more violent ejaculation. Men are voyeurs, and this position is one I save for that special occasion, my finest treat. Moaning and begging for more he could not believe all that had just happened between us.

He told me that if he died there and then, that this was the best moment of his life, and he would take the memory to his grave. I like compliments, but that was a big turn on to me.

Guess I got ten out of ten. As we lay there relaxed and feeling so satisfied, he said, "By the way my name is Matt" We began laughing and we both knew this would not be our last meeting. -----

Thursday, March 26, 2009


by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

My friend Linda-Anne's a school teacher with a fantasy about big cocks. She's gone so far as to order a selection of toys to experiment with. Guess what? They came in the mail today! I've been invited round to watch her try to shove the biggest of the bunch into herself! Linda-Anne has a large walk-in (and around) sauna room and combined shower, with handmade birch wood benches to sit on, and slatted racks to lie on in it. There is an electric stove of lava rocks, on which you throw witch-hazel essence, which fills the room with an invigorating odour, and perfumes the pores of your skin, for hours. She lives in a wonderful penthouse apartment.

Extra spacious and light filled, it opens directly on to a roof terrace, on which she has garden ornaments, statues, a large illuminated fountain and rare exotic plants. The total cost would easily have bought an average family car, new! Its aspect had been chosen so that it not only enjoys the most wonderful, panoramic views, but is an arbour sheltered from strong winds. Consequently, it has sun on it for most of the day, making it idyllic for nude sunbathing.

The bathroom is bright and roomy like the rest of the apartment. It too opens onto the terrace. It's main feature is a large and circular shower, surrounded by glass bricks, which had a son et lumiere effect inside, for nights. When she first moved into her apartment, she invited me over for some lunch saying if the weather was nice we could maybe eat outdoors and sunbathe, catch a few rays and relax. I was really looking forward to seeing her apartment and as it turned out it was a beautiful summer's day that Saturday. I decided to go and get a bottle of wine and cycled to the shop to get a nice Californian Zinfandel, can't stomach these new spritzers.

By the time I eventually got to Linda-Anne's new apartment I had worked up quite a sweat under the hot sun. Linda-Anne buzzed the entry-phone and beckoned me out to the terrace where she had laid out a picnic on the table. I set down my bottle of wine which was a lot more chilled than I was. We went inside and I was stunned by how beautiful her apartment was and told her so. She showed me around and when I saw the large bathroom I felt drawn to it.

I felt so hot and sticky and a nice shower in the beautiful glass drum before lunch would really hit the spot. Linda-Anne must have picked up on it because she asked me right there if I wanted to have a shower. I didn't need to be asked twice and told her that I'd love to. She got the water running at a nice comfortable temperature for me and I couldn't wait to get in.

I unpeeled my T-shirt, undid my bra and peeled my cropped trousers off. I slid my panties down and stepped out of them and it was only as I walked over to the shower that I realised that Linda-Anne hadn't left the room and was now looking at my nude body. I didn't mind at all, it's not like it was the first time she saw me naked but there was just something in her eyes. I couldn't quite place it but I felt good, I felt myself wiggling my bum just a little as I stepped past her. I got in the shower and it felt great. I just put my head under the stream and didn't hear anything. When I shook my head out from under I heard Linda-Anne ask me would I mind if she joined me.

My heart jumped, I suddenly felt excited, I don't know why. I had always been strictly into guys, I found other girls attractive but I was never tempted to...and there was something about the way she asked me that was...sexual or something. "Sure", I said, enthusiastically and she just let her light summer dress fall to the floor, she wasn't wearing any underwear.

She stepped out of her sandals and as she joined me I noticed straight away that she had no pubic hair left. A shaven haven, as they say. I have never had the nerve to go bald pussy, exposing the rim of pink.

I couldn't help myself and I cupped her bare pussy. She smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. There was water splashing off me onto her but she was still mostly dry, my wet hand was on her pussy and I felt a little moistening of her pussy lips. She asked me what I thought of it and tilted her head down to her BP ( bare pussy).

I blurted out that I thought it looked lovely, realising as I said it that I certainly did think so, I wasn't just saying it. I looked down at my own little strip and tried to imagine it gone. She told me that she shaves every day, not that she needs to but she can't bear to have even the slightest bit of stubble there. She enjoyed looking at her own rim of pink. I asked her would she shave me and she said that she'd love to, "but let's shower first".

We washed each other and seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time on each other's breasts, pussy, and ass. She had got me quite worked up and we embraced in the shower and let the water cascade between us. We shampooed each others hair and it felt sensuous running my fingers through her blonde hair mussed up with foaming shampoo. When she rinsed my dark hair, it felt so sexy. Suddenly La-La kissed me full on the lips as the shower ran and I came over all weak-kneed. I had never been kissed that way by a woman before and it just made my heart beat and my pussy throb. She had one hand on my bum cheeks and she held me firmly, her other was caressing my nipple.

I had my arms around her and was running them up and down her back. She was so soft and smooth, unlike my rough rugged engineer boyfriend, and it felt disconcerting but powerfully erotic to feel another body as soft and smooth as mine. I felt the elephants ears starting to rise. She abruptly turned the shower off and led me out, I felt maddeningly horny, she had brought me to the brink and then left me dangling. She got some oversized towels and we dried off. I let the towel fall and stood nude in front of her, my hair still wet, my body moist. I looked at her without saying anything as if to say, "Well? Now what?" and hoped there would be more.

You never forget the loss of virginity. She smiled enigmatically and went over to the bathroom cabinet returning with a razor and some shaving foam. I love watching a man shave, now I was into a totally new realm of fantasy come true.

"First" she said "We'll have to do something about that unruly mop of yours" and smiled. "If you want cunnilingus, from me, away with those wisps, I want lips to lips, not spitting feathers" I smiled back. I always thought that I had kept a fairly neat bikini line, it was like a little landing strip, but compared to Linda-Anne it suddenly looked bristly and wiry.

I was looking forward to being as smooth as her, but I was also eagerly anticipating the feeling of being shaved. She told me to sit up beside the vanitory basin and to spread my legs. She put some foam in her hands and rubbed it all around my pubic area. It felt wonderful and sensuous. She filled the basin with hot water and dipped a fresh blade. She held the blade over my vagina and I waited, a drop of hot water fell onto me and alerted my senses.

I held my breath. She looked up at me for a moment and then lowered the blade slowly and moving deliberately, carved into the foam and shaved a smooth clean track across my pubes. I exhaled. She dipped the blade into the water, shook it and returned for another track. Slowly but surely she removed every blade of hair from my mound. When it was clean she told me to lift my knees up to my chest and hold them there. I was a bit like a turkey and said as much, causing her to get a fit of the giggles. It helped to ease the tension.

She turned her attention to my lower area and held my labia to one side as she shaved one pink rim delicately but deliberately, then the other. She took a cloth and wiped off all remaining cream, but she wasn't finished yet. Very carefully she scoured my whole pubic area to see if she missed any hairs and removed every last one. She wiped it down this time with a cold wet cloth and it sent a shiver though me. I looked down I was completely bare of hair, I could see the exact shape of my mound and the beginning of the parting of my lips.

She brought a mirror so I could see the rest. It was very pleasing. I stayed in my position and she rubbed some soothing lotion into my skin and planted a little kiss on my pussy. That sent another shiver through me. I stayed where I was and hoped she might continue but she teased me for a moment. She turned to walk away, then as if it just came to her returned to me and lifted my head and kissed me on my mouth once more.

She continued to kiss down my body until she got to my pussy and slowly started nibbling at my clit, and pussy. She licked me like she would like to have licked herself and it felt delightful. It felt wonderful to feel her soft woman's mouth on my pussy and not feel any stubble on either mouth or pussy. I drifted off until she made me cum too. She began to work a finger up into my butt while her thumb was just in my pussy. It was all slippery and I noticed she had covered it in baby oil or something similar. Whatever it was, it worked because the combination of her tongue on my bare pussy, her thumb anchored in my pussy and her fingers up my ass brought pleasure like I hadn't felt before.

My whole body shuddered as she brought me to a furious orgasm. I was panting, still shaking and Linda-Anne stood up and kissed me on the mouth, her lips straight from my lips, tasting of me. I got off the counter and embraced her between deep breaths. I wanted to return the favour and I was also curious to taste her smooth pussy. Linda-Anne just put a finger to my lips and breathed in an uncongrously sexy way "Lunch..... first"

We went out onto the terrace, both still nude and had a wonderful lunch and a few glasses of wine. When we finished Linda-Anne looked across the table at me as if to say "Ok, are you ready?". I was nervous but I led her by the hand to a sunbed and she laid down on it. I lay on top of her and kissed her sexy beestung lips.

A bloke once told me that he always takes especial notice of a woman's mouth size, and lips' fullness shape, because he had noticed a correlation with their labia and clit size. If he was right with the theory, I was in for a petulant cunt experience.

I let my body slither down hers until I was planting kisses on her smooth mound and he was right, it was full, juicy and like a cream pie. I was eclectic, licking and nibbling. It felt unusual and was incredibly sexy. I tried to imagine how I would like it and did accordingly. When I felt her body jerk and little spasm and whimper exploded into moans coming involuntarily out of her mouth, I not only had a sense of accomplishment but it was also really turning me on. With one hand I grabbed her firm breasts and with the other I tried her little trick and, with the help of some nearby tanning oil, worked one, then two then three fingers up her tight warm bum.

It seemed to do the trick as I began to feel her ass tightening around my fingers as she came. I stifled her moans by moving my hand to her mouth and the feeling of her hot mouth and tongue sucking and nibbling my fingers was wonderful. Finally she couldn't take any more and squirmed deliciously from my embrace. I kissed her with her juices oozing out of her luscious, quivering cunt, and we lay side by side for a few moments to catch our breath.

Then the real fun started, she fetched over the box of toys, and took out the biggest one for herself, it was an exact replica of a large veined penis, with a glans and balls moulded in purple plastic or rubber. La-La loves it in her tight, mature ass.

The only problem is, her boyfriend can't reach her special pleasure spot with his above average cock. So she let me watch her jab this absolutely huge plastic penis into her asshole! I felt bold enough to use a much smaller vibrator, a first for me.

We both came together, little whelps at first, staccato "Yes, Yes Yes" screams and then arching backs, shafting pelvises and sucking mounds of venus bore witness to each of our orgasmic convulsions, and a long lovers' hug to finish.

We sunbathed nude for the rest of the day and had great fun applying tanning oil to each other which mostly seemed to end up in my ass or her pussy but it was sensuous fun nonetheless, and when her boyfriend arrived later he had quite a sight, of two tanned sooth oiled girls lying side by side on the terrace, each wearing nothing but huge smiles.

This gave Linda-Anne an idea for a "freezer" as she termed it, but I had a dental appointment, booked, so it will have to wait for another day.

Very soon I hope.......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friends Forever

by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

It was in the spring of 2000 that Ross and I finally started talking about having sex with each other. Of course we had talked about sex before...... almost every day to be honest, in the B&Q office where we both worked. We'd talk about what we wanted to do, what we did with our girl/ boyfriends, who we wanted, techniques, etc. It got to the point that spring that we were both tired of waiting for other people.

Ross had gone through a very traumatic experience one Friday night, with one of his girlfriends. They had been to The Severed Blades nightclub, drinking, dancing, just getting closer and closer, emotionally and sensually. Inevitably, they ended up at her flat She left him lying on the bed after she had started to stroke him and jack him off. She had the nerve to just leave him. (My response was "Ouch!" and he agreed.)

This sympathy was the seed that we both needed, the spark to make us get together outside of the workplace. We talked each other into going for a walk down by the pier, It was a large open area, a neutral space, safe to be seen in, yet not a dangerous place to be together in.

Maybe it was the mellow gold of that evening's sunset, or the smell of Issi Miyake perfume I was wearing, the touch of my hand he held....that night we talked about us having sex together. His voice took on a soft, but direct tone. I wanted to get our first time over with. I was tired of waiting for my boyfriend who lived away during the week, and he was tired of girls like the one who had left him like that. So I agreed that we should go ahead and do it, since we both needed it. Ross came over the next month to practice with his band. The other members lived in North Wales, so he usually came here to practice. I went over to his friend's house while they practised.

When they finished, Ross led me back to his friend's bedroom and told his friend to keep watch and knock, loud, if anyone was coming. We laid on the bed and talked for a while until I decided to take the initiative. He was too uptight to make a move on me, too inhibited to try and touch my bum or stroke my tits, even by a gentle accidental movement. His reluctance was driving both of us nuts, I knew. So I slid my hand down his chest, fingering the buttons, inserting a finger and stroking his hairy chest, gradually moving lower and lower down his body, until I unbuttoned the top of his pants, sliding my hand inside and around his dick.

His body stiffened slightly as my fingers wrapped around him. It was a lovely cock, it was getting larger and larger by the minute, and he was going doe-eyed looking at me and then my hands, which stroked him gently, guided by his softly spoken instructions. I finally sat up and slid his pants and boxers down off of him so I could work with him freely.

Do you feel that a fuck on the first date is right or wrong? I neither knew nor cared at that moment. Out popped his dick, tall, straight and as firm as a rod of steel. He writhed and wriggled as I leaned my head down and kissed the tip of his cock softly, then I dropped my head to gently mouth his balls. I blew gently onto his ball sack, which aroused him even more so. A droplet of pre-cum slid down his dick, but I caught it with my tongue and slowly licked up the length of his stiffy. I carefully took him into my mouth and moved my head on him, producing numerous moans and gasps from him.

When he was about to come, he reached down and lifted my head off from him, pushing me upwards, bringing me back onto the bed. He proceeded to slip off my T-shirt and jeans quickly, running his hands all over my already hot body. My nipples were firm and pouting, like never before. He came back up and kissed around a sensitive nipple, drawing it into his mouth and sucking gently, running his tongue over it. I could hardly contain myself. My 34Ds were feeling more like 40s. He was captivated with the way they rise and fall, as he cupped and released them. It wasn't long before his tongue was trailing down my stomach and rimmed my wet little cunt. My juices were flowing, already He slowly licked up my slit, finding my clit and sucking hard on it.

Then he placed a firm palm of his hand on my cunt area and swirled it anticlockwise, pressing, then stroking, slow at first, then faster, then slow again. Nobody had used this foreplay on me before. Deftly his finger found my spot of excitement, just inside the rim of pink. His other hand then fingerdipped two fingers, driving me wild with sensation. I writhed underneath him, wanting him deep inside, but not wanting to move from his hungry lips.

He finally slid his curled tongue deep inside of me as my back arched and I moaned softly. He continued to lick and suck on me until I screamed for him to stop and shove his shaft into my aching love-canal. He all too gladly complied, lifting himself to ram into my tight pussy. What pleasure it was, as his firmness met my softness, as I gripped, rubbed, grabbed his cock with my vagina, and their lips swelled like never before as he thrusted and teased them His balls slapped against me as he pounded hard on my clit. He used his fingers on my cunt too, at the same time as his cock.

He knew how to please a girl in bed. I almost screamed with pleasure as we both came quickly. Ross fell down on top of me and gently kissed me, letting me taste my own juices. For a moment we both drifted into a semi-paralytic state, just lying in each other's embrace.

That moment together was emotionally thrilling. Most men ignore it, sadly. He ran his tongue over mine, sucking gently on my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed him in return, a little harder, and with soul, this time. He looked up at me then with his big brown eyes and I started to speak but he stopped me in mid sentence.

I carry a mental picture burned on to my memory of that moment. He kissed me and stood up, slowly getting dressed. He blew a kiss to me and walked out the door. I swear he was a foot taller, and was that just a hint of a swagger?

Well, it wasn't love I was expecting, was it? Just a damned good fuck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl Play Time

by Sabrina (October 2001)

I live in a small apartment complex on the edge of a large urban metropolis.
Until a few months ago, the view from my bedroom window was a lovely
meadow. Then an absolutely huge apartment tower was constructed. As soon
as the building began to be occupied, I felt like thousand of eyes were
watching me when I didn't have the drapes pulled. Tonight I'm feeling
mischievious. I want them to watch.

Too much wine at supper had left me more than tipsy and very horny. My
partner was abroad for at least a fortnight on business, so no relief there.
Solitary play was the agenda for tonight.

Setting the stage, I close all of the lights except the aquirium and lava
lamp. When I open the curtains, the light of the full moon shines in. The
bedroom is bathed in a milky blue light that picks up on all the details.
The peignoir I've chosen leaves nothing to the imagination. In the light
you can clearly see the outline of my breasts, my dark nipples, my hips and
pudenda. I sit on the edge of the bed and then recline slowly backwards,
facing the window.

Undoing the satin ties at my throat, I carefully spread open the peignoir, I
am now fully exposed, surrounded by folds of the gossamer gown. Luxuriating
in the feel, I stretch all of my limbs, for the moment I am naked and spread
eagle for all to see.

Leaving my legs wide apart, I slide my hands down as a lover's, cupping and
then squeezing my breasts. Carefully I pinch each nipple, rolling each
between my fingers like a pill, teasing them even more erect. Looking
down, I admire each firm, erect breast. Sucking on a finger for a moment I
then tease each nipple with the wet finger, picturing a lover's tongue.
Every fiber in my body is tingling, my pussy is throbbing, eager for it's

Reaching for my bedside table, I grab a small bottle full of warm oil.
Squeezing the bottle, I spray the warm oil all over my breasts and lower
belly. Inhaling the scents of the oil, I place both palms on my chest, and
begin to rub the oil all over my breasts and belly, my nipples small points
rocks. I slide my hands over my hips and down my thighs, allowing them to
glide back up along my inner thighs en route to my breasts, but never
touching my aching pussy. I am quivering with excitement and need.

Keeping my left hand at play with one slippery nipple, I slide a single
finger back down across my belly, eliciting a shiver of anticipation. The
finger glides down, ever slowly, across my engorged clitoris, straining out
from my freshly shaven mound. There's no friction as I slip my longest
finger deep inside me; I am absolutely dripping with excitement. I pause to
savor the feeling of having something warm and firm in me, even something as
small as my own finger. Tightening the muscles around the finger, I finger
fuck mymelf for a moment, hips rising to meet this small intruder.

In my mind, I imagine a soliatary man looking down on me from the towers
facing my building. I picture his initial shock, then pleasure at opening
his drapes to find this scene.

A beautiful woman, spread eagle on her bed, one hand busily at play with her magnificent breasts, one finger slowly pumping in and out of her spread, obviously moist pussy.
Warming to the thought I remove the finger and keeping it's moist warmth
against me, bring it up to rest on my clit. Involuntarily a moan escapes
me, I am soooo close to coming and I have barely begun.Carefully, trying to prolong the moment, I flick the clit over and over with

my blunt finger nail, savouring each brief contact. I am squeezing my
nipple harder now, knowing I can't hold off much longer.
I run my hand back up to my breasts, allowing the palm and fingers to again
become slick with oil. I return my hand to my pussy. My need is too great,
I can't postpone this any longer. I let my whole hand glide across my
mound, teasing my clit with the contact, and thrust 2 fingers deeply into
me. Hooking them to stroke my G spot, I bring my oily thumb against my
throbbing clit. My whole pussing is being gripped by my well greased hand.
This won't take long I think, almost with disappointment.

My hand is now almost passive. The pad of my thumb covers my whole clit, my
hips come up to grind my clit against my thumb, my 2 fingers stay deep
within me as I fuck my thumb and them at the same time. Busily I use my
other hand to keep rolling and squeezing my nipple, mmmm, my breath is
getting ragged from the exertion. My pussy feels like an iron vice,
sqeezing, harder, tighter. I feel the catch in my throat and know what's
happening. Yes, (thrust) yes (thrust), yes! ahhhhhh. I shudder all around
my hand, as my back arches, I'm suffused in heat.

I smile and close my eyes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Work Break

Raise your hands. Anyone done this at work?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Fan Mail Letter

Perhaps this is not very masculine of me...but I do relish fine triple milled
French soaps...prefer scented soaps...spicy to floral...

Tonight I started a large bar of ginseng, ginger and sandalwood...for us...the scent
is spicy and woodsy and seductive...a very, very nice...exotic fragrance for our shower...

You're in the shower first...I enter behind you...you're enjoying the water cascading
all over your skin...

I lather my hands with the soap...and start to rub your shoulders and upper back...

You back closer to me...love the weight of your body against mine...you
always feel sooooooooooooooooo good to me...

My hands follow the sides of your body down to your hips...my hands take the bars of
soap to produce more suds and start up the front of your rib cage...

OH...HOW WONDERFULLY your breasts fill my open hands...the minute your nipples
drag across the palms of my hands my cock shudders and starts to stiffen...

As I begin to massage your breasts...all soapy, sudsy, wet and warm...you moan a
loud...long..."Yessssssssss..." ...and your ass...rubs tighter against my steely cock...

You're now firmly against me...and as I rub your breasts...over and over and over again...
my mouth finds your bare neck...I start to kiss your soft tender flesh about your shoulder
and the nape of your neck...my mouth wants to consume the taste of you...

I kiss long and passionately...tightly my lips slide along your skin...I work my mouth up
to your ear lobes...and begin to nibble and feast upon those dainty fleshy

As my desire increases...I gently bite your ear lobes...and let my teeth close around
them...I am becoming to aroused...so...so aroused...

My cock is swollen and completely hard and your ass continues to grind away on
me shoving my cock between your slippery cheeks...

I kiss your harder and longer...my mouth resists any thought of leaving your flesh...

Your breasts are so ripe in my hands...if I continue to tease them with my fingers...I
may explode and cummmmmmmmmm immediately...you body excites me so much...

One hand....my left hand starts to milk your left breast...massaging your fullness
towards your perky nipple...and as my finger and thumb reach your nipple...I pinch and
tweak that ruby point....firmly...you moan louder now....much louder...and your head does
not move form its arched position...I know you enjoy a little mixture of pleasure and

My right hand has been sliding down and away from your other breast...and it is
gravitating toward your heated loins to find those fleshy folds of skin that hide your
swelling clit...

You are so lost in the moment of complete nipple stimulation...you never realize where
my right hand is...then as two fingers enter you slowly...you quiver from the
sensation...both surprised and excited...

My fingers are instantly awash with your hot creaminess...they softly search out the
amazing flesh they have found...

This time we both moan...LOUDLY...your stimulation has doubled....as I have started
to finger you...oh so gently...I moan because every time I finger you it is just like
the first time all over again...

OMG....you feel sooooooooo, sooooooooooooooo good...so very good....

Already you are beyond wet...you are beyond wetter...you are exceptionally
aroused...your creaminess is thick and hot and running...I feel it flow over my fingers...

I know you are ripe...I know you are ready...I know I must enter you NOW...

My hands find your arms...together we outstretch your arms to the shower wall...you lean
away from me....legs apart...

I grab my cock...and start to rub...your swollen pussy lips...up and down...

Several times my cock passes through those wonderful pink lips...every time...it seems
your legs sightly buckle...

My cockhead swollen tight and purple around the edges of the head...

With the next pass...I linger with my cock....near your asshole....teasing you...

I push slightly....you gasp...and the cheeks of your ass squeeze tight...as if
to block my entrance...

I pull back...and rub against your pussy lips again...now you
relax...and my cock goes deeper that before....

But again...I pull away...and quickly push back again...at your tense

Now I pull away one last time...all the way back I lean from you...my hands firm upon
your shoulders...and then I thrust...and enter your pussy...ALL AT ONCE...

You scream.....FUCK....OH, FUCK....GAWD...MY PUSSY...MY PUSSY...

OMG...it is great to be inside you again...you're so wet...and I am soooooooooo
deep inside you....

With that thrust.....your hands slip from the wet shower wall...and you're bent over hands
upon your upper thighs....I sink deeper inside you...

My hands grab your hips...and I begin...not slowly....but with obvious purpose...
I begin to drive my cock deeper and deeper...

You ass rises to meet my every thrust...

The water is spraying hot all over us...we are rocking to and fro...our bodies
shine in the water...we are both moaning...my balls are smacking your
bright pink pussy lips...our breathing is quick and shallow...nothing is
subtle about this FUCK...nothing...allthe while both hands are now pinching your nipples
harder and harder...

I pound you deeply and pinch you harder...pound you deeply and pinch your
nips harder and harder...

You continue to moan and whimper with delight...

I want both of us to cum together...one big exciting explosion of carnal lust...

I want both of us to cum together....so I can savor our juices mixed together when
I eat you...all of you...over and over again...

This is your first orgasm...but not your last tonight...Lover...

Oh...I am pumping you hard...

I am rocking your body harder...

I feel like I am going to split you open...I am sooooooo deep within you...

I am sooooooooooo excited...your moaning adds to my enthusiasm...

I pound at you...pound and pound and pound at you...

You continually call to me....oh how that drives me crazy...

I can't believe I haven't cummmm yet...I am soooooo ready....my cockhead is so hot...my
shaft is burning...every inch of me....is a blaze...OH...I LOVE IT...LOVE IT...I LOVE

I am ramming you....sinking myself inside you...

I can actually feel your pussy start to spasm around my cock...as I pull backwards...
I feel it spasm...trying to close...trying to tighten...before my next thrust...

I know this means you are very close to that first orgasm...very close...

I need to put you over the edge...over the edge now...right now....


With my next pull backwards...I slide my right hand off your shoulder...and immediately my
hand catches some thick cream from your ripe cunt...I coat my right thumb...

And then as I thrust in again deeply...I ram my thumb into your tight, tight asshole...












We both collapse and slide apart....the water still spraying us....but we are oblivious
to anything...but each other...as we roll apart on the floor of the shower your turn
and face me....your legs still wide apart...

I gaze upon you...OMG...how beautiful your pussy looks....OMG...how
beautiful your pussy is....and now I must taste you...right now....

I lean toward you...your eyes...transfixed on my movements...my right hand...reaches
your plump pussy lips...no longer just pink...but scarlet red...and I see a small river of
flowing cream escaping from your satisfied pussy...

My hand catches the thick cream...and my fingers so gently search for more within you...

Greedily covering several fingers...I move next to you...two fingers find your mouth and
two fingers find my mouth...together...we suck my fingers dry...

Our eyes...locked on one another...as my fingers leave our lips...I move closer
to kiss you...a long, long, deep passionate kiss...the type of kiss that freezes time and
stops all the clocks in the house...the type of kiss that neither of us will
every forget...

DAMN....how I love to please you...and remember DARLING...the night has just begun...

I would enjoy composing some erotica just for you…if you’re interested…and I would always enjoy a conversation with you…