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Do what you want ...

By The Purple Rose

As I am standing here in the bedroom, I'm thinking about you.
As I am wishing you were here, I can feel your presence behind me.
Not saying a word, I feel your arms come around me.
I never told you but the feel of you always has me weak.
I can feel your strength as you pull me back into your body; with your breath on my neck.
I can also feel your excitement that is building in your manhood.

As you whisper in my ear that you want me, shivers start in my spine and my knees are now getting weaker.
You take my shirt off and throw it to the floor.
There is no bra to mess with, so you place your hands on my breasts.
Softly, you caress them.
I let out a softer sigh.
You give them a gentle squeeze and then take both nipples in-between you thumb and forefinger.
Rolling them with your fingers, they begin to harden.
I feel myself getting weaker with each roll you do.
You begin to squeeze my nipples harder and rolling them faster and faster.
My breathing is getting faster with each squeeze you give them.

My ass is now grinding back into your groin.
I can feel is so big and hard.
I reach to stroke it through your jeans and you release one of my nipples.
You grab my wrist hard and whisper, "You will do exactly as I say. You can not touch me. If you do, I will punish you. Do you understand this?"

You can't be serious about this! Your remaining arm around me tightens as I try to turn around to look at you.
Again you tell me, "You WILL do as I tell you.
I will punish you if you don't do everything that I tell you to do."
You pause and then say, "Or do I have to give you a taste of that punishment before you will believe me?"

By now, I know that you are serious about this.
And strangely enough, it excites me.
I can feel the warmth spreading through my body.
"No," I tell you in a weak voice that is cracking, "I believe you."

"Good," you tell me. "Then stand here like a good girl and DON'T move. I will be back."

I can hear you leave the bedroom but I can't tell where you went in the house.
Standing there, I put my arms around my body; as if to keep myself warm.
I don't know why.
The bedroom is the warmest room in the house.
I feel an involuntary shiver run through my body. I wish your arms were around me again.

I reach down to take off my jeans and suddenly you are right there.
You grab my hands and tell me in my ear that I have been bad.

"Didn't I tell you not to move? I will have to punish you for that," you tell me in a strong, bold voice that I am not used to.

I try to tell you that I was only going to take off my jeans for you, but you won't listen.
You sit on the edge of the closest chair and grab me to pull me over your lap.
I am struggling to get away, but you have a grip on me that is like a vice.
The more I struggle, the harder you grip.

You hold me while pushing my jeans down to my ankles.
I feel the first hit to my ass cheek.
God!!! That stung!!!
I struggle to get away from you as the next hit came.
And the next. I couldn't catch my breath.

"No," I beg you. "Please don't."
I continue to struggle until I hear you tell me that you will stop only if I promise to listen from now on.

"Say it," you tell me.
"Say that you promise to listen and obey everything I tell you."

I pause.
I guess I waited a bit too long for I felt your hand connect with my cheeks again. "Say it!"

"I promise!" I yelled.

"You promise what? Say it."

I took a deep breath and swallowed, "I promise to listen and obey everything you tell me."
There I had said it! Now the spanking would stop! I was wrong!!

I felt you spank my bottom again, but this time instead of it just hurting (which it did), I found myself strangely aroused by it.
I could feel the heat on my ass cheeks; but also the heat from my pussy, as well.
I didn't understand what was happening to me.
I didn't seem to care either.
The only thing I knew at this moment was that I didn't want you to stop whatever you had in mind for me.
I let out a soft moan.
You heard it....

"So... You are beginning to like this? You like to be spanked?
You are a naughty girl! I didn't know that you would like this!"
You start to rub my ass cheeks gently with your hand in a circular motion.

"You ass is so red. You like that, don't you?" you ask.
"You like to be spanked, don't you?"

I nod my head; afraid that my voice will crack again and waver.


Your hand comes down on my ass again.
"Tell me!" you demand.
"Tell me that you like it. I want you to say it."

I am ashamed to tell you.
I don't want to let you know how much this is really turning me on.


"Tell me!" you demand again.

"Yes," I say with a whisper, "Yes, I like to be spanked."

"Good girl," you tell me.
"Let's just see how well you do like it, shall we?"

My mind starts spinning. What is he going to do to me? What does he mean by seeing how well I like this? Oh, my God!!!!

You reach down and take my jeans off the rest of the way and make me spread my legs.
I can feel your fingers travel up my thighs to my pussy.
You trace the outer lips of my pussy and even I can feel the wetness coming from there.
My God! Did it really turn me on that much?

"Ohhhh, you are soooo wet!
You really did like that spanking, didn't you?"
You slip a finger inside of my pussy.
Then another finger. You begin to pump them in and out of my pussy.
I start to match your pumping action.
You pull your fingers out suddenly.
I gasp.
I want you to put them back in me.
But I don't think that I should say anything to you about what I want.

Next, I feel you trace your finger up between my ass cheeks.
You lightly rim my hole there.
I raise my butt to meet your finger.
It feels strangely exciting as everything else you have done to me so far.

You slip your finger back into my pussy and pump it a couple of times.
Quickly you pull it out and next I feel pressure at the entrance of my backdoor.
I take a deep breath.
I feel more pressure, until I finally feel your finger slip inside.
Not very far at first, just enough for you to tease me.
You wait until I am adjusted to having your finger there, then you begin to pump it as you did in my pussy.

Amazingly, I love the feel of this.
You have never done this to me before.
I have never had anyone take such control of me before like this.

I start to wiggle; almost as if I'm trying to get away from you.
You hold me down even harder.
I start to wiggle even more.
You pull your finger out of my tight hole and I feel you smack my ass again.

"What are you trying to do?
Get away from me?
Oh! You want me to spank you again, don't you?
Well, I'm not going to give you what you want," you tell me.

You lift me up and lead me to the bed.
You tell me to lay down on my back.
When I do, you take one wrist and pull it out to the side above my head.
I look to see what you are doing.
You have a scarf or something like that and proceed to tie my wrist to the bedpost.
I try to reach with my other hand to stop you.
You look at me and from your look I can tell that I had better not struggle with you.
You move to the other side of the bed and do the same to my other wrist.
My legs are free and I am trying to wiggle around; but the more I move around the tighter the restraints get.
Next you have something your hand and you move to my put a blindfold over my eyes.
Now I can only rely on my hearing!

I hear some rustling beside me and the bed.
You grab one of my ankles and I feel you tying it to the footboard.
Next you grab the other one and do the same to it.

I CAN'T MOVE!!!!! I CAN'T SEE!!!!!

I feel something soft rubbing up my right leg.
It stops just before it reaches my pussy.
Next, it rubs up my left leg; also stopping just before my pussy.
By now, I think it is a feather.
Next, I feel it very, very softly against my clit.
It is exposed due to my legs being spread and tied.
I draw a breath in sharply. I feel shivers run up my spine.
My nipples are also exposed and extremely hard due to my being tied.
You run the object over my nipples.
I can feel how hard they are.
They almost hurt because of being so hard.

Next, I feel something cold against my leg...VERY cold.
Like ice.
You start at my ankles and run it up both legs, stopping just short of my pussy lips.
Then I can feel a drop of ice cold water fall on one of my nipples.
It is soooo cold.

I start to whimper now.
I am struggling (in vain) to try and get away.
I am not sure what I am feeling.
Arousal? Fear? Excitement?
I trust you, but I don't like the not being able to see or move.

"Please? Won't you let me go?" I ask in a weak, whimpering voice; while pulling on the restraints.

"No, not yet," you tell me.
"I will make you this promise, though. I won't do anything that may hurt you.
I will make sure that you are safe with everything that I do.
Just lay there and relax. You will enjoy this. I promise."

I lay there not knowing what to say.
I do trust you, but the fear is still there.
But strangely, so is the arousal and sexual excitement.
"I trust you," I say in a soft voice.

I feel the cold drop of water (or something) fall on my nipple again.
This time it is followed by your mouth.
From the icy cold to the heat of your mouth. I let out a low moan.
That felt so good!

Next the other nipple...same thing. Icy cold to the heat of your mouth....

I now feel you release my nipple and the icy cold is now moving between my breasts and down my stomach.
You let a few drops of the cold liquid fall into my navel.....then I feel your tongue lap them out.
My breathing is becoming heavy and rapid.

You remove your tongue from my navel and then I don't feel anything.
I sense that you shift off the bed.
I wonder where you are going. I first start to panic, but then I remember that you said you would not let me get hurt.
My breathing begins to slow and resume back to normal.
I lay there for what seemed like many, many minutes but I think it was only seconds.

I felt the first icy drop on my pussy lips.
I take a sharp breath in and try to arch my back.
The restraints won't allow me to arch it very much.
But just as quick as I felt the drop, I felt the warmth of your mouth; the feeling of your tongue lapping up the liquid.
What a feeling!

I feel another drop and again the warmth of your mouth.
I feel the drops continue...along with your tongue.
One of the drops falls right on my engorged clit.
What a feeling of pleasure and pain!!!!!
Your lips attach to my clit and you suck it in hard.
God!! That feels so good!
You let the drops continue all around your lips that are still wrapped around my clit.
What a rush of excitement!

All of a sudden, you stop!
I feel you shift on the bed between my legs.
I think you are moving off the bed.
I lay there with anticipation of what will happen next.
I don't know how much longer I can take this.
I want to cum so bad, but I also want to wait for you.

I can feel you come back to the bed and again climb between my legs.
You lick my clit and suck it in your mouth a time or two.
I arch my back.
You are so good at this.
It's a side of you I've never known before. I love it!!!!!

While you are licking my clit and sucking on it, I can feel my body start to shake.
It is like mini-convulsions.
Next, I feel something being pressed against the opening to my slit.
I can't tell what it is, exactly. It is cool, not cold; hard, but yet soft.
I feel it being pushed deep into me.
You pump it in and out of me and I begin to ride it.
You are bringing me so close to orgasm!!!!

Suddenly, you stop pumping it in and out of my pussy.
The last stroke leaves it deep inside of me.
I can feel your breath on my clit.
I can't tell what you are doing, for sure.
As your lips get closer to my lips, I can feel the object being pulled out of my pussy.
When it was completely out of me, I felt you crawl up my body.
Your lips came down on mine and I could taste my own juices mixed with that of something sweet almost.
Your kiss was deep and sensual.
I tasted ..bananas mixed with my own juices.
A banana?
I was being fucked by a banana? And I enjoyed it!!!???

I began to feel you fingers on my clit again.
You were stroking it like a little cock.
Then I felt pressure at the opening of my hole again.
This was bigger and harder than the banana.
My sensitive pussy could feel everything, so I could feel bumps on this object.
I was trying to figure out what it is was that you were using this time.

The skin on it felt kind of rubbery but yet smooth in spots; outside of the little bumps that I felt earlier.
It was longer too.
You began to pump it in and out of me so hard and fast that you quickly brought me to that edge again.

"No, you can't cum yet," you tell me.
"I want you to wait for me to be in you."

"Please, I want you in me now," I tell you.
"I can't wait any longer."

"Be patient," you tell me.
"Just be patient. It won't be much longer."

You pull this object out of me and once again start to stroke my clit with your fingers.
While you are doing this, I can feel you inserting something like a little ball in my pussy.
Then another little ball, and another.
You continue doing this until my love oven feels full.

Next, I feel your tongue on my clit.
God, that feels so good.
I'm squirming as much as the restraints will let me.
I only want you to hurry with this, but yet it all feels so good.
I still feel your tongue on my clit and then pushing it's way into my pussy.
I feel the sensation of you sucking out these little balls.
Since I can't see you, my other senses are taking over and I think I can hear you eating them after you suck them out.
I'm trying to figure out what they are.
After they are all sucked out of me, you give me a kiss and I can taste something sweet.
I still can't figure out what they are.
Oh well, it has all felt so wonderful so far.
It doesn't matter what it was.

Suddenly you are gone.
I hear the bedroom door close.
I'm laying there thinking about how much I trust you and how much I am enjoying this.
I never thought I would enjoy something like this...being tied up and blindfolded?
It has been such a rush of my sensations.
The door opens and I'm pulled out of my reverie.
Hoping that it was you walking towards me and not someone else I asked, "What else are you going to do to me?"

Luckily you answered back, "Ssshhhh....just wait and see".

I could feel you kneel down on top of me.
Suddenly there was the sound of something being shaken and the hissing of air.
My nose was being covered in whip cream (or so I guessed).
The nozzle made it's way down my face onto my neck and then my chest.
As you circle each breast, my nipples harden in anticipation.
Slowly you circled each nipple then continue to make your way with the whip cream down my body.
I have the urge to squirm but my ties hold me tight.
My pussy is heating up as the whip cream hits my clit and enters my folds.
I moan quietly as you pull the bottle away.
I want more...I want you now.

I hear you laugh and kneel beside me.
I feel your tongue maneuver itself across my lips, it is hot and warm.
My lips reach out to meet them but you pull back and say, "Tsk tsk, not yet."

I sigh in frustration.
Then a warm trickle of something thick hits my nose and across my lips.
I let a little hit my tongue and realize you are pouring luke warm hot chocolate on my naked body next to the whipped cream.
The warmth feels incredibly good as runs down my skin and around my nipples.
It is soft and much like a human that as it reaches my navel and trickles into my pussy I gasp in pleasure.
My body shudders and I long to reach out and touch myself.
My pussy is throbbing and wants to be filled with more than hot chocolate.

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take; when I feel your moist velvety tongue start to lick the sweets off my body.
You are taking your time and tortuously clean my body.
Your tongue circles my hard nipples and you nibble a little at each one of them.
I squirm against my bonds, knowing that I can't take much more of this before I lose control.
After what seemed like forever, your tongue made it's way to my outer folds.
I can feel something other that hot chocolate and whip cream trickle down my inner thighs.

Your tongue is lapping up the food and flicking at my clit.
It is probing my inner folds and again playing with my clit.
This is my breaking point, I can't take it anymore.
A searing sensation is making it's way up my body causing my toes to curl and my back to arch.
My breathing is speeding up and one long moan escapes from my lips as I climax.

Quickly, you release the restraints that have held me as your captive all this time.
When my hands are free, I remove my blindfold and throw it to the floor.
I reach up to you and bring you into my arms.

After a brief hug and kiss, I tell you to get undressed.

"Hurry," I tell you.
"Please, hurry." I have never wanted you more than I did at that moment.
With you standing beside the bed taking off your shirt, I reach up to help you with your pants.
I can feel how hard you are.
You are harder than I've ever known you to be.
I stroke you gently through your jeans for a few seconds and then you are taking your jeans off... then your underwear.

Your cock springs out to me.
It is bigger and harder than I have ever seen it before.
I reach out to take it in my mouth.
It is bigger!!!!
I really have to stretch to get my mouth around it.
God! I love this.
While I suck on it for you, I reach one hand to take your balls and roll them around.
You aren't going to last long.

"I want you inside of my pussy," I whisper to you.
"I want you to fill my pussy with this; just like you did with all the rest of that stuff. Hurry!"

You push me back to the bed and lower yourself on to me.
We share a short but deep kiss and I can feel the head of your cock at my opening.

"Yes, please, yes!" I tell you.
"I want you to stuff me with that big, hard cock of yours."

With one hard thrust, you are deep inside of me.
I know that this won't last long, for either of us.
You pump in and out of me with deep, hard and long strokes.
With every thrust in, it is as if you are reaching my stomach.
That is how deep you feel to be inside of me.

I wrap my legs around you to pull you even deeper into me.
We are both caught up in the rhythm of each other.
You are holding yourself above me and I can see by the look on your face that you are close to letting go of a huge load of your own juice deep inside of me. I reach with my head to reach your nipple with my lips and tongue.
I run my tongue around your nipple and then gently suck it in with my lips.
While in my mouth, I am still running my tongue around the tip of your nipple.
I release this nipple and begin on your other one. From your moaning, your are getting closer.

I release this last nipple and reach even farther with my lips to your earlobe.
I suck it in and flick my tongue over it. I know what this will do to you.
And I'm right.
You pull away from my mouth.

"Don't do that," you moan.
"I can't handle that. You will make me cum too fast."

"I know," I tell you.
" I want you to cum. I want you to cum, now."

I pause to lay back on the bed and I reach up with my hands to touch your chest.
My hands move all over your body...up your arms, across your shoulders to your neck.
I cradle your jaw line in my hands for a brief second and look deep into your eyes.
My hands run back across your shoulders and down your back to your ass cheeks.
I give them a gentle squeeze and then....

I can feel your cock swell inside of me; you arch your back to push you deep in me and then erupt deep inside of me.
I can feel your big cock throbbing against the walls of my insides; splashing the walls with your thick, hot, sticky cum as you release yourself.
I can feel you releasing five or six jets of your cum inside of me.

You stay inside of my until your own orgasm subsides and your feel steady enough to push up on your arms.
When you finally do move, you wrap me in your arms and hold me close.

"Thank you for letting me do this to you.
I know that you aren't used to this, but it was something I really wanted to do."

I pull you close and whisper in your ear, "You can do this to me anytime.
This or maybe some other fantasies that you might have.

I will do anything to make ALL your fantasies come true."


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Sis on Sis

by Alison

One Sunday, when I was 15, I had gotten up early and biked to the beach to spend the day.
It was a gorgeous south Florida early spring day.
The clouds were perfectly timed as they occasionally hid the sun.
I had all the supplies I needed and a good book, and I was happy as a teenaged girl could be.
I lay there, baking and taking in the view for an hour or two, turning as required to tan both sides. Periodically, I would leave the sand and walk to the changing station to use the restroom there.

On one of my trips to pee that day, I passed a girl a little older than me who was coming out, and noticed her figure, which was beautiful, and really showing through a wet string bikini!
"She has pretty breasts", I remember thinking, my stomach getting that nervous, excited tingly feeling down to my inner legs.

Inside the changing station there were mirrors, and I couldn't resist flipping up my cups for a reassuring look at my own breasts, partly out of girlish jealousy and also because I was undeniably eager to see them and touch them having been aroused by the bikini girl.
My nipples began to harden in the damp coolness and stood out from their white globes in pink defiance.
My long blonde hair fell down around them, obscuring them, and I shook it back over my shoulders, smoothing it, my eyes remaining on my breasts. With my arms stretched back over my head, they hung nicely like firm, ripe fruit.

I was used to my breasts by then, having been a relatively early bloomer, and I was really proud of them.
They would eventually grow into perfect 35 D cups, but at the time they were still full and heavy for my age and build -- tall and slender and leggy. I am 5' 9 1/2" now, at age 35, and weigh 120 pounds.

I began to caress my breasts right there in front of the mirrors!
I would probably have gone all the way, but I heard the scuff of flip flops approaching and I quickly darted into a stall and sat down, panting, my uncovered breasts swinging and jiggling.

The stall being somewhat dank and dirty and no place else private to go, I decided I really needed to bike home early to masturbate.
The house was empty, as my parents, brother and older and sister were away for the day, probably not to be home until late. The outlook for privacy was excellent!

I had been a masturbator for just a few months at this point. I was still new at it and very eager about it! I discovered it at the library (that's another story!) and it felt wonderful, but I was just beginning to experience the excitement of the anticipation of an orgasm.
I could bring myself off almost immediately in those days, and could spend hours down there, doing nothing but.
I still masturbate almost every day, and fantasize about these youthful memories a lot.

I gathered my towel and beach gear, then hopped on my bike to head home, a strong, hungry ache growing in my stomach.
My bike had a hard leather racing saddle which felt unbelievable on my aroused pussy.
It was all I could do not to ride home awkwardly, leaning my aching clitoris into the saddle, like a duck or something.
I couldn't get my mind off that girl!

I really hadn't gotten this excited before from looking at a woman, although I knew I kind of liked other girls in a sexual way. My sister, two years older than me, was an absolutely gorgeous young woman, and was the "babe" of the family.
I was more of a brain. We both were athletic and trim, with that "All American" look, though.

I had felt aroused by the sight of her several times, but always managed to hide it, thinking it kind of weird, seeing as how she was a girl -- and also my own sister!
Both of us were popular and drove the boys crazy, but had very strict parents and at 15 I'd barely even been kissed.
My girl to girl fantasies were very new and reserved for my most private moments, and I had certainly never dreamed of acting on them!

I had to stop half way home, behind a posh shopping plaza downtown, and adjust my bikini bottoms.
They had ridden up and were absolutely drenched beyond belief.
Holding out my suit and peering down, I fingered my little clit a few quick strokes until I groaned, then sniffedand licked my finger tips.

Feeling really vulnerable and self conscious all of a sudden, I jumped back on for the half mile remaining to home. I pedaled hard -- I was now in a huge hurry!

When I reached our yard, I let my bike fall in the yard and raced into the house and up the stairs to my parents' room. Not a creature was stirring, except the cat in my shorts! Yum!

Not even bothering to close the door behind me I left my suit in a ball by the bed and toweled off the saltiness. I looked over into their full length mirror (the only one in our house and the reason I chose their room over my own) and noticed that I had gotten quite a bit of sun that day.
My strong legs were blushing red, contrasting with the white skin of my covered parts.
The muscles were taut and hard from the exercise of my ride home.
I had beautiful, muscular, long, slender legs. Still do.

I stood legs straight, heels apart, toes touching, my back arched, my bottom pointed at the mirror. My bottom was firm and white as snow, and I admired the way my legs began to taper as they neared its pert roundness. My inner thighs were glistening in the light with my moisture!

My fingertips went to my behind and lightly caressed the elastic mark where the tan line was as I watched over my shoulder.
Throwing my head back to let my hair tickle, I closed my eyes and imagined that it was the bikini girl I was touching.

I caressed for a few more seconds, until finally, teeth clenched in frenzied anticipation, both of my palms slapped down hard on the cool, firm, eager flesh of my bottom!
They left stinging red stains which I then lightly tickled with my fingertips.
It had begun.

I could smell my arm pits, and the sharp stink mixed with the smell of my sunburned skin and the heady aroma of my highly excited and dripping crotch.
It was a wonderful and womanly combination I hadn't ever really noticed before, and it made me deliriously aroused.
I stood there for a time, eyes closed, my nose buried in a pit, lips parted, just breathing the mixture of the scents of my young, hot body.

My head was swimming in that sunburny way, and my little cunt was extremely hot, I just fell back on the bed, eyes still closed, and plunged my right middle finger into my sopping vagina and over its engorged clit.
I began to wank myself hard, making a wonderful wet, creamy sound!

It only took a dozen strokes until my thighs began that wonderful involuntary dance!
I let out a long, high pitched wail, which emanated from the pit of my stomach and exited my parted lips.
My teeth clenched together and the wail became a frothy hiss.
Whew! That didn't take long!
Basically, I had already been masturbating that morning -- by bicycle!

My lower body felt like jelly. My aching breasts were pushed together by my upper arms and I began to tease and pinch my swollen nipples between my left thumb and forefinger, first one, then the other, then rubbing both with a palm, letting the fingerprint swirls do their magic.
I came steadily, continuing to buck and ride my slithering finger, for what must have been a long, long time.

Finally, breathing heavily and perspiring, I decided to slow down and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at a more leisurely pace.
What was the hurry? The house was mine for at least another ten hours.
Why not dress up, explore?
I wanted to try on sexy clothes.
I wanted to go down to the kitchen and see what I could find there to play with and insert. I was so young and eager. I was up for anything!

I got up to smooth the covers , and realized I wasn't alone!

The world crashed in like an avalanche! Every nerve ending in my body shot to an instant alert status as I saw my older sister standing in the doorway!

She was watching me intently, her index finger holding her place in a book, glasses atop her perfect nose. She had seen everything!
I knew instantly from the look on her face. She looked slightly flushed, interested. She was standing with her weight shifted comfortably, leaning on the door frame, as if she had been watching for quite some time!

I was crimson! I yammered and stammered and tried to find words, fully comprehending that I was not only naked, but caught lewdly masturbating on my parents' own bed.
I instinctively shrank, covering myself, very close to tears, my head still swimming in sunburned, orgasmic circles.

I dropped to sit on the edge of the bed, my shoulders guarding forward, my knees together and drawn up. "I..I..I'm so sorry, I was just...," I managed.

"Mas-tur-bat-ing?", she finished, in deliciously-exaggerated round tones. She entered the room, sat next to me, put her book face down on the bed, reached around me in a hug and drew me close, cradling my shoulders. The sleeve of her terry cloth robe felt soft on my slight sunburn and scratchy at the same time. It gave me a case of goosebumps.

She tried to reassure me and calm me down. I was shaking like a leaf. "Shhhhh", she whispered gently, her breath tickling my ear, "It's okay, it's alright, I understand, baby, I understand."

I chanced an embarassed look at her face from the corner of my eye and noticed she was all compassion and caring. She had caught me in an extremely private moment in my life - the most private - and she knew it.
To her credit, she was mature enough to understand and to reassure me. I have never loved Jennifer more, before or since. It was a beautiful moment between two sisters.

"I heard you race in, and then, well, when I saw.....I was just going to close the door, but you.....", she trailed off, looking for the right words. I was still silent, scared. "You just looked so beautiful I'm sorry but I couldn't turn away."

"Beau-beautiful?", I managed, a sniffle following. I was melting inside, now, just completely.
I was helpless and confused and embarassed and ashamed and weary from everything.
" saw....? Me? How long did you...?", I let out a long, heaving sigh, my shoulders collapsing completely.

"Everything, I think, It's no big deal".
Looking down, she said, "You spank yourself hard, babe, let me see".
I automatically rolled a hip up and she touched the redness there. I drew away slightly, then relaxed.
Her caress felt good -- soothing.
"Masturbation is nothing new around this house, baby sister! Even Scotty does it!", She laughed.
I was incredulous - my 13 year-old little brother!?

"Scotty?", now I was almost myself again, regaining composure, ready for the skinny! "How? You saw him?
Tell me!" Suddenly we were both teenaged sisters again, excitedly sharing an unspeakably delicious bit of gossip.

She told me about how she had awakened late one night and gone into the kitchen for water. She had heard something, and quietly crept into the den where she spied young Scotty the football star, totally naked, watching a softcore movie on cable and jerking off furiously, his eyes closed, his muscles rippling, the soles of his feet pressed together, his huge, red, muscular penis slick with hand cream and about to explode.

"Did know...?", I asked, my eyes glistening in anticipation.

"Oh yes! All over his stomach and chest and face - he licked it off....!! It was sooooooooo cool! He's really big, down there. It was awesome. Scotty has a beautiful cock, Paula - My God!" she began to laugh and then doubled over in giggly laughter, and we both laughed hard.

Feeling the tension melt away now, (and feeling bolder due to a familiar tickle that was returning.....) " you?", I asked timidly.

"Just about every day, Paula! In fact, I started doing it while watching Scotty that night. He never knew, and when he finished I had to go upstairs and finish myself", a giggle and a wink.

She looked at me then, grinning, and I her for what seemed like an eternity. Our eyes were locked.

"Would you, would you show me?", I asked, hopefully, utterly and completely vulnerable.

"Sure", she said, smiling broadly,"but let's go into my room, just in case."

We straightened up our parents' room and collected my things and into her room we went. Amid the posters of rock bands and sports legends, she cleared off her bed. I quickly drew the shades and turned on the bedside light, nervously anticipating my first try at mutual masturbation!

When I turned around, she was slipping out of her panties and as she stood up, naked in front of me, she held her arms out to beckon me to her.
I hesitated, then rushed to her softness and we collided, breasts first, kissing softly, falling to the bed. It was rapture.

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing torridly - harder than I'd ever kissed or been kissed. I had to swallow from the emotion that choked me and made my eyes burn. It was the most beautiful and passionate kiss I had ever had.

Her arms released me, slightly and her hands ran up and down my skin, fingernails raking, as her tongue parted my lips and we began to French, passionately.
Our breath came like hot steam from our flaring nostrils.
She released my mouth and her soft lips and tongue immediatly went to my flushed cheeks and then my sensitive neck, cleaning the salt off as they went.
I began to blush and moan and cried out softly.

I was a 15 year-old school girl, and my own big sister was going to make love to me! It was inconcievable.
No one had ever done that before and now here it was my first time and it was my sister? A thousand thoughts swirled through my head making me dizzy, making me hesitant, making me want her. I was delirious, spinning.

Sweetly, like the virgin I was, I lay back to let her have her run of me.
I dared to open my eyes and was transfixed by the unbelievable sight of a supple, young girl who looked so much like me making love to my own body! We could have been twins!

I came for the second time that day as she began to nuzzle and lick and suck on my aching breasts.
My hands moved to her back and my palms pressed her to me.
It was glorious and was about to progress far past the mutual maturbation I had her asked for!

She had obviously done this before!
Her eyes were closed and she was as placid as she was business-like.
She knew how to make love to a girl, and I was being careful to learn while I had the chance.

She tongued my body like a melting ice cream cone, and eventually slid herself down between my thighs. I raised my knees.

"Wait a minute," she said, getting up. She went over to her dresser and got a barette, pinning her long hair behind her and out of the way as I admired and marveled at her beautiful full breasts, so much like mine, so much nicer than that girl at the beach!
Who needed fantasies at this point?

"There." Her hair up, she started back. "Now you can watch the action." Then, pointing toward the headboard, she said, "Scootch up so you can see me better." I did.

"Have you done this before?", I had to ask, a wry, knowing smile playing across my lips.

"Band sleepovers with Lisa G. - she is such a bad girl! - whew! We sneak out to her parent's pool house after the others crash!", she giggled.

I was incredulous. Did that mean my sister was a lesbian? That I was, now, too? But she said she had come thinking about Scotty coming and we both liked boys.....Before I could decide, Jenny was back between my legs to stay.

She started by kissing my sensitive inner thighs. She parted her perfect lips and ran her tongue across the length of one, then the other, teasing me.
The only things that had ever come into arousing contact with the lips of my young vagina were my fingers, a bar of soap and that bike seat, and I was delerious with anticipation.
Jennifer placed her hands on either side of my throbbing vagina and gently spread my labia majora, smiling and winking at me as she gazed at my most secret of places.

Looking back to the business at hand, she moistened her soft lips and staring intently, took a nibble at my inner lips. My pussy gave a couple of spasmodic heaves and my hips began to shake, waywayway dowinside. I sucked in a breath as a whine escaped my lips.
My whole body tensed each time she softly nibbled my soft inner flesh, dabbing it with her pointed tongue.
She was being very gentle and methodical, her eyes not missing a thing.
It really turned me on to watch her watching!
Her caring manner made me melt inside.
I really loved her. Then, suddenly, she got a better grip with her fingers, and, spreading me wide, her tongue found my clit and began to bury itself.

I exploded! I came so hard and so fast that I shrieked and began to sob, my legs convulsing shut as I rocked and bucked and drenched the two of us with so much spunk, I could feel it running out of me like a river.
Her strong, burrowing tongue seemed to have a life of its own as she deliciously and noisily licked my sweet, hot, young cunt.
She expertly took me up and down into orgasm like a rollercoaster, each one as intense as I had ever ever felt.
"Oh, I love you, I love yoooooou!", I moaned, and my hands fell to my breasts as I lovingly watched her do her work. My back arched, head rolling from side to side.
I had to pee, I almost couldn't stand the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me.
I came like a locomotive charging downhill.

Jennifer ate my cunt for almost half an hour without stopping that day. I have never since had such good head from anyone - except her. I suppose it could have been the newness of the experience that made it especially intense, but I have to admit that she was prodigious. She was a natural.

It all added up to utter rapture. She took me to a place I could have never even imagined a few hours before. I was literally changed forever. The thought of that naive girl racing home on her bicycle was like an old home movie!

After she was done, she kissed her way up my perspiring length and we began to French kiss again, slowly, hotly. The taste of my own sweaty spunk was heavy and sweet and sour and organic and metallic and cloying.
I eagerly tasted myself from her swollen lips.
And then I asked if I could do her.

She got up, stretched, moved her jaw around exageratedly and rolled her eyes, smiling.
What a sister - always joking - even at times like this!
She asked me to scootch down and mounted the bed kneeling, so her calves framed my head and her vagina was over my face.
It looked just like mine!
And I could smell her, hot and sweet with sweat and spunk - a little headier and stronger than mine!
I piled pillows under my head so I could reach, and there I was - heaven!

Reaching around her thigh and then back with one hand, I stroked her vagina, which was hairier than mine, but looked and felt amazingly similar in every way.
My other hand spread one ass cheek apart.
Her beautiful cunt was mine all mine.

"Wait'll I tell mom you're not a virgin!", I teased, spanking her slender butt. "Who was it, Curtis or Bobby?" She said nothing, but answered by getting back to work on my virgin pee pee, now with her mouth and slickened fingers.

Our bodies were a perfect fit, and the persperation that developed between our bellies felt cool on us whenever our skin parted.

I parted the slick, pliable lips of Jennie's mound and felt her wetness, looking for and finding her swollen clitoris. She squirmed and giggled and asked if I needed help. "Uh uh", I said, smiling, "You've shown me enough!" My lips met hers.

Soft, so soft! And the elusive little wings of her labia seemed to just glide off my lips with slickness as I tried to nibble them between my lips and tongue.
Once trapped, they were spongy and substantial and delicate and sweet, the inside pinker and membrane smooth, and the edges slightly bumpy and softly rough.
I ran my toungue tip over the edges. Then I dug in and I licked her sweet vagina for all I was worth. I closed my eyes and just buried my tongue into my sister's cunt, burrowing, darting, digging, lapping, swirling, tickling, nuzzling, sucking, grunting, drooling, frothing, concentrating, spelling my name, then backwards then her's.
Her little brown anus was nose level, and it exuded its own exciting scent.
It took a little getting used to, but once my nose associated it with the smell of our sweet spunk and sweat, I began to enjoy it and breathed deeply.
Soon I was taking looping detours and lashing that anus with my eager tongue, my strong jaw and chin pushing against her cunt to gain leverage, my hands spreading her cheeks as wide as they would go.

After a few minutes of my tongue lashing her twat, I concentrated on her swollen clitoris.
Jenny began to breathe harder and paused her own exploration, her head down, moaning hypnotically and swaying.

Breathing in rasps, sighing, then shouting, "Yes, oooooh....Yes ohhhhhhhhYes! Yes! I don't believe....oh, OhhhhYes, Paula -YES!"

Orgasm wracked her, violently shaking her long, lithe body from head to toe. She collapsed, squirming and bucking, clenching my head with her thighs. Jennifer was literally grinding her cunt into my face like a woman possessed.
Then loosening, She bent down and began licking my aching clit furiously, eratically, earnestly until I began to come too. We both clasped on to one another and held on for the ride of our lives.
We rocked and pitched and moaned and heaved and cried out each others' names and cried real, joyful tears.
Somewhere in there, my fingers found their way inside her vagina and anus and I almost lost my rings I fingered her so hard!
We came so long and so hard that we both eventually collapsed, completely limp and both drenched with our sweat and our juices.
We lay there together for a couple of minutes, just breathing. We finally untangled ourselves and shakily gained our feet.

"Whewwwww!", we both said as one, then laughed, hugging tenderly, our breasts touching.

We were a pair, that's for sure, two lovely, tall young girls, sweaty and spunky.
We looked and smelled and felt glorious! My nostrils smelled of her behind and I kept snuffing the wonderful funkiness she had left on me, making us laugh. It was beyond wild. Far, far, far beyond!!

I couldn't help but caress her still. I couldn't keep my hands off of her! I was afraid to let go, thinking it all might end. I didn't have to worry.

We still had lots of time, so we got into her shower and washed each other, head to toes.
We talked and giggled and kissed some more, and she even made me come one more time; my bottom on the edge of the tile shower seat, and her kneeling before me.
What a day!

Clean and glowing, our hair up in towels, we sat in her room, just talking, and smiling. We had fallen in love with one another.
We could both feel it. I had a nervous pit in my stomach.
It was the strangest feeling - I felt as if I were falling, spinning, losing myself to this thing between us, but I didn't care.

She said she felt the same! We weren't just sisters anymore, we were lovers - good, desireful lovers, deeply involved, and, as always before, we were friends, too. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, like, "why didn't one of us think of this sooner?"

By the time our parents and brother returned, we had retreated to our separate rooms in the house and all was seemingly normal.
I had trouble looking at Scott the same way, and desperately wished to see his penis in action! He didn't notice, but went right up to his room, locking the door! Snicker!

Although we both went off to different colleges (she went that August), and she has since married and has children, our love affair has never ended.
I have remained single and do not want the burden of marriage.
I like men and love heterosexual sex! (It turns out, I am bisexual. Go figure!) Men are the greatest - except for Jennifer, of course!

We now work together, running our family business, and her husband, James, and I are very close.
Her children adore me and I them.
They live across town. Scotty is a stock broker in Boca Raton. I watched him masturbate quite a few times after she clued me in, by the way, and it was everything she'd said! He still doesn't know. Maybe I'll tell more about that next time.

I had a bedroom area installed at the office, and Jenny and I still make love as often as we can.
We have the best of both worlds.
Her hubby understands that she must sometimes "work late" and suspects nothing!
And although I occasionally take other lovers, my beautiful, sexy sister Jennifer is and always will be the one and true love of my life. It's really strange the way life turns out sometimes.

That's it. I'm going to go masturbate to this story right now. I've never written it down let alone shared it and I feel I owe myself. I hope you do, too.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scuba Diving Frenzy

by Judith Wonder and Sledge Stone

It is 6:00 p.m. and we have just finished diving for the day.
There are 7 of us, 5 men and only 2 women--myself and Rachel.
Jim goes below and gets a jug of rum punch.
He passes it to me, I take a big drink and pass it to Mike, who passes it on to Rachel, and all the way around.
As we get a little tipsy, someone suggests we play a game where the person with the winning poker hand gets to choose a partner or partners and "anything" goes.

Rachel wins the first hand and commands everyone to strip.
As we are stripping I look around at my diving buds, anxious to see which one has the biggest cock.
My eyes rest on Willie, his black cock is 6" soft and I can only use my imagination as to how big it will get when hard.
We continue to pass the jug around, and we are all beginning to get slightly smashed.

Ted wins the next hand.
He orders me to suck Jim's cock while Jim sucks Rachel's nipples.
So I proceed deep throat Jim while Rachel leans over to offer Jim her breasts.
Jim licks and sucks Rachel's nipples to hard points, and while I'm licking up and down Jim's hard shaft I reach up and slip a finger in Rachel's wet pussy.
Taking the cue, Ted reaches between my legs and wiggles two fingers into my juicy cunt and begins to fingerfuck me.
The other guys stand around holding their dicks and passing the punch.
Our three minutes is up all too soon.

The cards are dealt and the next winner is Ian.
He tells Rachel and me to bend way over and spread our legs.
He orders Jim and Ted to eat our pussies while we suck Willie and Mike's cocks.
Meanwhile Ian reaches out to finger our puckered little buttholes.
Willie's cock is so big I have to lick it rather than suck it.
Rachel and I are getting so turned on, our snatches are dripping honey juice, which Jim and Ted lick up hungrily.
Time flies.

Cards are dealt again and Jim wins.
I see the gleam in his eye and know he has something special in mind.
He orders Willie to stick the head of his cock first in my hot snatch and then in Rachels, but tells him he is not allowed to fully penetrate us.
Jim wants us to beg him to let Willie fuck us.
I look at Willie's cock which is 9" and super thick.
I doubt his massive tool will fit in my tight pink hole, but I want to try.

We can see a drop of precum on the head of Willie's massive cock-- he can't wait to plunge it into us.
Jim orders us to bend over.
I hesitate for a moment.
Jim tells me to bend over again, but I'm being obstinate.
Jim sits in a deck chair, pulls me onto his lap, and spanks me first on one cheek and then the other cheek until both are glowing red.
I feel my pussy juices flowing onto his leg.
He helps me up, then orders me to bend over again and spread my pussy lips.
I do so without hesitation.
Rachel has bent over as ordered, waiting patiently to be fucked, so Ted and Ian have gathered around to have their cocks sucked, and Rachel is giving them her best lip service.

Willie comes up behind me, puts the huge mushroom head of his cock in my hot little hole, grabs my hips and eases me onto him.
I feel my cunt stretching to accommodate him and Jim reminds him that he is not to penetrate me deeply.
Willie strokes the monster head of his cock in and out of me, all the time holding his big shaft in one hand to keep it from being forced out of my tight cunt.
I start to moan--I want to feel his huge cock all the way inside me, and I beg him to fuck me harder and deeper.

Instead, he pulls out, and orders Rachel to spread her pussy wide and play with her clit.
Willie holds his big cock and forces it the massive head into Rachel's juicy little pussy.
Rachel gasps and Jim orders me to lick Willie's balls, which I do without hesitation.
I can feel his balls drawing up as I touch them with my tongue.
He pushes into Rachel, pulls out, and rubs the head of his cock up and down her dripping pussy lips before forcing it back inside her again.
He does this several times.
Our time is up.

The next winner is Rachel.
She wants to be fucked in the ass and pussy both.
Having just had Willie tease her, she orders him to lie down on the deck.
She straddles him and lowers her dripping pussy onto his huge shaft.
Then she calls Jim over, hands him the anal lube and tells him to cream her asshole good--she wants her butt reamed thoroughly.
She tells me to lie on my back and let Mike fuck me while Ted and Ian rub their cocks on my tits.
Mike eagerly complies with this instruction, as do Ted and Ian, whose precum quickly wets my nipples.
I grab Ted's cock and draw him to my mouth while wrapping my legs around Mike's butt to pull him deeper inside me.

Meanwhile, Rachel bounces up and down on Willies cock, and leans over to dangle her breasts in his face and allow Jim to get at her asshole.
Jim pours the lube over her tight asshole and fucks her with his finger for a minute, then rubs some of the lube on his hard cock and pushes the head of it into her super-tight ass.
He waits a moment as she sucks in her breath, then eases himself all the way into her.
I look over and get super turned-on when I see his cock buried in her ass, only his balls showing against the white cheeks of her butt.
Rachel tells him and Willie both that she wants them to fuck her hard.
So they begin alternately to pound her, fucking her ass and her pussy as deep as they can.
Her 3 minutes run out and, regretfully, we all have to stop.

My hand is the next winner.
I tell all the men to stand in a semi- circle around Rachel and I and stroke their cocks and rub them against us.
While the men are stroking, Rachel and I, starting at opposite ends, lick and stroke each cock in turn.
When all the cocks are throbbing, and the men all staring at us, I take Rachel in my arms and we share a deep kiss.
Our tongues dance together.
She reaches for my mound and rubs her finger up and down my plucked pussy lips as I suck her nipples.
The guys surround us and rub their hard cocks all over our bodies. We lick them and suck them and squeeze them between our breasts while the guys squeeze our nipples and fingerfuck us.
Moans fill the air, and all of us want the same fuck wildly!

Ian simply bends me over and plunges his hard shaft into my pulsating pussy, while Ted works his way under me and begins to lick my clit.
My juices are flowing and I am moaning very loudly.
Rachel is giving Willie a blow job, while Jim is pounding her pussy from behind, and John is beneath her licking up her copious juices.
When I feel I am about to cum, I tell Ian to lay down so I can straddle him.
I quickly settle my pussy over Ian's cock and almost immediately begin to orgam, my hot juices dripping from Ian's balls.
The smell of hot pussy is in the air.

Ted comes up behind me and begins to pour lubricant over my asshole.
I can feel him working his finger into my butt and I start cumming again.
I bounce hard on Ian's cock, rubbing my clit against him, while Ted fingerfucks my butt.
Then I feel Ted push the head of his cock up against my tight asshole.
Ian and I stop for a minute and I try to relax my butt muscles so Ted can get in.
I look over and see Rachel on top of Jim, his cock in her pussy, and she is encouraging Mike to try to get his cock in her pussy too.
Meanwhile she is still sucking on Willie's big hard-on.

About the time I see Mike finally get his cock in Rachel's pussy with Jim's, I feel Ted plugging his cock into my asshole.
By this time I am in a state of almost continuous orgasm.
I wiggle my butt and Ted buries all 7" of his cock in my ass!
Ian grabs my waist to keep me from pulling off of him, while Ted matches his rythm to Ian's.
I can hear the squish of my wet pussy slapping against Ian's stomach, and I can feel Ted's balls bouncing off my butt.

I hear Rachel telling Mike to come let her suck his cock while Willie tries to get his big tool up her ass.
Willie slathers himself with lubricant and poises himself over Rachel.
Jim holds still in her pussy and Willie pushes his big mushroom head into her tight ass.
Rachel moans with pleasure/pain.
Slowly Willie eases himself deeper into her ass, and Rachel moans "Oh, fuck me in the ass!"
Then "Oh, fuck me harder!"
And Jim and Willie both fuck her hard.

Meanwhile, Ted is stroking in and out of my asshole faster and harder.
Ian is still in my pussy.
Honeyjuice is streaming down my leg, I am so turned on.
I can feel my juices flowing and I scream that I am cumming.
I clench my pussy and butt muscles both at once and Ian and Ted shoot geysers of cum inside me.
I buck my hips wildly.
I can tell by Rachel's loud moans and whimpers that she is cumming too.
Willie pulls out of her ass and runs around to her face.
Rachel sits up, Jims cock still in her pussy, and Willie and Mike both begin shooting their cum all over her face.
Willie just keeps shooting huge gobs of jism all over her--it drips from her nose and lips and chin and runs down over her breasts.
Mike rubs his cock, still spurting cum, all over her breast.

Ted pulls out of my ass and walks around to my face and shoots a last few drops on my cheeks, and Willie turns to me (he is still cumming!) and rubs his cock against my breasts and cums on me.
I can feel hot jism dripping from my asshole and my cunt too.
Jim motions for Rachel to get off him and he hops up and shoots his cum all over my face.
I suck him and lick up every last drop.

It seems like we cum for ten minutes before we all collapse in a wet, exhausted pile.
We are all covered in cum and we rub wet pussies and cocks all over each other.
What a great way to end the day!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Karol's Erotic Adventures: Part 3 (On the Dancefloor)

By Karol
Written by a woman.

She was standing near the edge of the dance floor.

She had on a long slim fitting dress that hid none of her wonderful curves.
My breath caught when she turned my way and smiled.
Did her eyes make contact with mine as one of the men lead her onto the dance floor?
I wasn't sure.

I had to find out.
I grabbed one of the guys I knew and asked him to dance.
I had to get closer to her on that dance floor.

I slid my left hand around Mike's waist as he took my right hand into his and we started to sway to the music.
When he pulled me closer and his breath fell across my neck, a twinge went through me as I remembered I had turned him down for a dinner date a month or so ago.
Here I was trying to get closer to that gorgeous woman dancing a few feet away from me, and I was locked in the arms of a man whom I had rejected but now suddenly had dragged onto a dance floor.
I hoped he wasn't getting mixed signals.
He'd probably croak if he knew I was far more attracted to her than I ever was to him.

The tempo increased during the chorus of the song and Mike moved our bodies a bit faster.
I slowly steered him closer to Her, trying not to seem as if I was leading.
He whispered something in my ear and I nodded.
I had no idea what he had said.
I was too captivated by her beauty.
Her shoulder length pretty brown hair shined over her dress.
Her beautiful large brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she laughed at something her dance partner had said.
God, she was gorgeous.
I wondered to myself what the chances might be that she might be bi.
Mike whirled me to the left quickly and seemed to be leading me off the dance floor.
I looked over his shoulder to watch Her as he led me away.
I had to get back on that floor but for the moment I followed Mike.

He lead me out to a small balcony.
Where did the wine glass come from that he offered me?
I groaned lightly to myself when I realised that his whispered question had been about me joining him for a drink out here.
Well, I could drink it with him and then get back to the party.
He asked me questions about work, and family, which I answered with polite smiles.
My mind was racing, I had to get back where I could see her.

I lifted my eyes over my glass as I took a small sip.
Mike was rambling on and I barely was hearing him when she walked through the doorway.
She was frowning.
My heart beat faster to see her there.
I had to get rid of Mike.
I wanted to talk to her.
I wanted to know why she was frowning.
I wanted to make her smile.

She walked to the other side of the balcony and placed her hands on the edge, looking out into the night.
I turned to Mike and whispered in his ear that if he refilled my glass and waited for me in the main room that I would join him for a few more dances.
He must of seen her sad look and knew I would try and talk to her.
That's just how I am.
He smiled and nodded and headed off.
I wondered what all he would expect later.
I figured I would deal with it when the time came.
For now I was going to actually be alone with her.

I slowly walked over to her and quietly said Hi, and introduced myself.
She turned and smiled a little smile and told me her name was LG.
I wondered what it stood for but decided to ask later.
I told her I had seen her on the dance floor and had noticed that when she came out to the balcony that her smile had become a frown.
She nodded and sighed.
I didn't want to push but dammit I couldn't resist.
I wanted to talk to her.
I tried to make small talk and commented on the party we were attending.
She conversed back with me in agreement but didn't seem to be budging in opening up more to me.
I decided to shoot for the goal.
What did I have to lose?

I would probably never see her again.

I smiled and pointed to the skyline asking her if she could see the North Church tower's steeple.
She said she couldn't.
I moved closer.
I stepped behind her and as I brought my left hand around I let it brush against her buttock.
Slowly bringing it up and pointing directly out to the east where the tower should be.
I had no clue if I was pointing in the right direction but it got me next to her wonderful body for that moment and I hoped she was falling for it.
She strained hard and let her eyes follow the path of my finger.
She giggled and told me she thought she could see it, then turned her face towards mine and whispered that it was a beautiful night for such a view.

My heart was pounding.
Did she notice that my hand had brushed against her?
Was I imagining things or was her lips less than two inches from my own.
It took every bit of strength I had to not lean forward and kiss her.
While my mind was flashing all these questions through I suddenly felt her lips on mine.
It was a very soft sweet innocent kiss that lasted for a few mere seconds.
I tried to press back against hers but she pulled away and turned her head.
She apologised over and over and told me she couldn't believe she had just done that.
I tried to regain my composure and turned her around slowly towards me.
I reassured her that what she had done was perfectly fine.
She launched into a story about how she felt so out of place at these functions because she was expected to be with the men when all she really wanted to do was dance and talk with the women.
I agreed with her and told her I felt the same way.

My heart was still beating from that short kiss.
I looked around quick to see if we were alone, and while she tried to explain that she didn't just go around kissing strangers, I leaned forward and kissed those beautiful lips of hers.
I felt her kiss me back and her hand snuck around my waist.
I could of stood there all night kissing her under those stars but I knew we might get caught so I broke the kiss reluctantly.
She pouted a bit but understood.
Then she grabbed my hand and smiled and said she had to get going.
I frowned then and pouted, but felt her press something into my hand before she walked off.

I looked down and opened my hand.
In my palm lay a pass key to the hotel above the ballroom.
I felt my heart jump into my throat at what it meant.
I hurried back to the main room and searched for my coat check ticket.
Mike walked up behind me and handed me a full glass of wine.
I groaned and searched for an excuse to get out of this.
She was probably waiting for me in the room already.
If I didn't get up there soon, LG would think I wasn't coming.

I frowned at Mike and grabbed my tummy explaining to him that something I had eaten hadn't set right and I just wanted to get home and lie down.
He offered to drive me.
I asked for a rain check on those dances with him and quickly slid out of the ballroom making my good-byes as I moved through.

I leaned against the wall of the elevator as it rose to the hotel floor.
I couldn't believe I was actually going to her room. #33 was directly to the left of the elevator and the pass key made the door latch click when I slid it through.

I opened the door slowly, my heart pounding.
LG was lying on the bed in a very sexy little red camisole.
My breath caught when my eyes took in her long sexy legs.
I walked straight to the bed but before I could reach it she sat up and told me to wait.

I looked perplexed at her and she simply held a finger to her lips and shh'd me.
I couldn't figure out what was going on but became silent as she got up off of the bed and walked towards me.

She leaned forward near my ear and whispered that she knew I would come, but that she was disappointed that I had taken so long to arrive and I would be punished properly for being so late.
I looked at her in stunned amazement, what in the world was she getting at? Late?
I had come up to her room as quickly as I could.
She shh'd me with her finger and leaned in a soft but firm voice told me that I had entered her domain, and that if I wanted to remain here, I would do as she requested and I would enjoy my stay.

My first instinct was to turn around and walk out.
I didn't need this attitude.
But the tingles that had shot through my body when she had spoken those words to me kept me from leaving.
I was intrigued.
I had heard a little about this Dominance thing, and I had found it a little interesting but had never dreamed I would be turned on by it all.
But, She definitely had made it clear on where she stood, so I stood there and waited to see what would happen next.

She walked back to the bed and sat down, fluffing up a pillow behind her and picking up her glass of wine.
She said one word that sent a shiver through me in less than a second.
One word and I was ripping at my dress to get it off.
She told me to slow down so that she could enjoy the show.
I must of blushed 10 shades of red, because I felt my face grow very warm as I slowed down my hands.
I guess I got an attitude at that point and figured I was going to give her a show if that's what she wanted.
I peeled that dress of slower than I'd ever moved before.
I gave her little peeks here and there of my skin as I let it fall to the floor and reached back to unclasp my bra.
I slowly and seductively let the bra fall away from my breasts, then let it fall to the floor.
Next I unsnapped the garters and lazily slid my stockings down, making sure to take a few minutes for each leg.
She didn't move a muscle other than the smile on her lips while she watched.

Finally I reached for my white lace panties.
With catlike grace I lowered them off of my hips and pushed them down my thighs and to the floor.
Once naked I looked at her and smiled and then moved to climb onto the bed.
She sat up quickly and shook her head.
"Kneel" Kneel?
What in the world for? I thought to myself.
Ok Ok I'll play her little game a bit longer I thought.

I dropped to my knee's beside the bed.
She shook her head and motioned for me to move back near the foot of the bed and in front of the highboy dresser.
I crawled over and positioned myself in front of the highboy.
She got up off the bed and walked towards me.
My heart was racing, "finally" I thought to myself, we are going to get somewhere.
I guess I thought she was going to let me undress her out of that sexy little outfit.
Boy, was I wrong.

She opened the top drawer, and when I looked up to see what she was doing she grabbed my chin and told me to keep my eyes forward.
I heard a clanking and the sound of silk come out of the drawer.
Before I could think my next thought the cloth was over my eyes and being tied around my head.
I protested, asking her what she was doing.
She said only two words, "trust Me" and continued tying the sash around my eyes.

I thought about things while she tied it.
So far she hadn't hurt me, and from our brief conversation earlier I really didn't think she would hurt me, so I figured I should just better enjoy it and see what happened.

Once the sash was tied and she was confident that I couldn't see anything she told me to raise my hands above my head.
I felt the handcuffs click over each wrist simultaneously.
Boy, she sure was good at this!
She then secured the cuffs to the dresser pull on the top drawer of the highboy.
I could only imagine what I must look like kneeling there on my knees with my hands cuffed above my head and a blindfold around my eyes.
I couldn't believe how damn wet I was.
I guess my kinky side was finally coming out, and I was enjoying it and in amazement at myself that I was.

She walked away for a moment, causing my heart to beat very rapidly at the thought that she might leave me there like that, but she didn't, she came back.
I could hear here feet pad softly on the carpet.
She leaned down close to my ear and in the same soft firm voice told me that from this point on in the evening I was to refer to her as Mistress.
I told her I understood and immediately felt my pussy become wetter at the thought of it.
Of course I forgot to respond correctly when I first answered, and the tug on my right nipple immediately reminded me to call her Mistress.

Once I had addressed her properly her fingers became very soft and affectionate to my breast and nipple.
She rubbed and caressed it causing me to become more and more aroused.
"God, she's good at this" I remember thinking as my nipple caught familiar with that wonderful fiery sensation as her fingers wove magic over it.
Her hand moved to my left breast and she repeated the process.
I started to moan softly and lips hushed me with a sweet kiss.
She slid her tongue through my lips and kissed me deeply, causing me to become even more aroused.

Suddenly I felt something against my clit.
It felt hard but yet smooth.
She rubbed it back and forth against my hard little clit until my breathing changed and became very ragged. She asked me if I wanted to know what it was.
I told her "Yes Mistress.
She rubbed the tip of it over my clit a few more times and then in that sexy voice said
"It's my riding crop" then slid the handle of it up deep inside of my pussy causing my knee's to tremble and my mind to whirl from the comprehension of what she had just said.

She slowly stroked that crop handle in and out of my soaked pussy, causing moans and whimpers to escape my lips.
Her fingers never stopped on my nipples.
Back and forth she moved her hand.
I was very quickly becoming worked up into wild frenzy.
She must of been watching my breathing because just as I was nearing what I thought was going to be one of the most incredible orgasms of my life, she pulled the crop out.

I yelled out "Nooooooooooooooooo".
That was the wrong thing to say, because when the small leather tip of that crop touched my clit with the light swing of her hand, I knew in a heartbeat I wasn't going to tell her "no" again.

The sensations that flew through my clit as the tip of that crop touched my clit sent my mind into a tailspin of pain and pleasurable feelings.
I apologised for my mistake and prayed deep in my heart that she would touch me again.
She waited a few moments and then with her fingers stroked my throbbing aching clit gently.
As her fingers wove over my pulsing clit, her lips covered my right nipple and she sucked firmly and tugged until I thought that nipple would explode.

While my mind was trying to deal with all of that, her fingers suddenly found their way inside my pussy.
First one, then two, then three fingers filled me.
God, she knew exactly what I needed.
She pumped her fingers first quick, then slow, then quick again.
I was getting close to cumming again. With a trembling voice I told her I was close.
I heard her chuckle.
She asked me if I remembered what my clit had felt like when she had struck me with the crop.
I nodded emphatically and assured her I remembered.
She told me that if I came without her permission, my ass would feel a lot of that crop.
My mind whirled. I was going to have to ask her permission to cum or get my ass whipped.

I didn't know which thought aroused me more.
Considering the pressing need I had to cum I decided to ask for her permission, maybe I'd find out about that whipping some other time.
Right now I needed to cum. I asked her very politely if I could cum.
I can still hear her answer ring in my ears everytime I think about that night.
One little word.
One word that excited me more than any other I had ever heard.
she said it softly, but I knew she meant business.

She had given up on the slow pace with her fingers.
She was basically fucking my pussy as hard as she could.
She didn't slow down one bit, and my orgasm was so damn close I thought I'd cum all over her fingers when she told me to beg.
But, I kept control of the enormous pressure to let go, and at the same time I started to do something I had never done before in my life.
I begged to cum.

I called her Mistress each time I asked.
Each time my voice becoming harder to understand as my breathing became so fast you would think I was hyperventilating.
I begged her to allow my release.
I begged her to let me cum for her.
Suddenly she pulled her fingers from my pussy and placed all three wet slippery fingers on my clit.

I kept right on begging.
My orgasm was so close I could taste it.
My forehead was soaked in sweat.
My breathing sounded like a tug boat trying to pull a huge ship out to sea.
She leaned forward, stroked my clit with those wet fingers, and told me to cum for her.
Hearing her say it the way she did, along with her fingers gliding over my most sensitive spot released me into one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever experienced.
I squirmed and pulled at those cuffs as wave after wave of pleasure surged through me.
Stars blinked in that blindfold as I slowly came down off that orgasm.
She unlocked the cuffs at some point and helped me to my feet.
I don't know how the hell I stood up, but she got me to the bed.
I laid back while she pulled the blindfold off of my eyes.
I blinked a few times while trying to adjust to the light again.
She leaned down and kissed me, softly, like she had on that balcony.
Tenderly she stroked me as my body calmed.
She told me how much she had enjoyed my body.
I smiled and kissed her back.

When she was sure I had recovered, she stood up and slowly slipped off one of the straps of her camisole.
I smiled and looked into her beautiful eyes.
She continued to remove the camisole, and told me as she did so, that now it was my turn to enjoy her body.
God, I couldn't wait.

That's another story for another day though.
I'm sitting here in Her den, typing this out on Her computer.
She'll be home soon and She promised a bubble bath with me after Her daughter falls asleep.

I can't wait!
Oh, I did finish that dance with Mike like I promised him, only during the dance I showed him the shiny gold necklace around my neck and informed him that I was quite taken with someone else.
I never forget a promise, even if it is just a dance.
But, after that promise was paid up, I've only danced with Her.
I think my dance card is booked solid, don't you?

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