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Alberta's Sister

Written by KATE(April 2000)

I was very excited about my sister, Josephine's visit to spend the long weekend with me at Rod and Belinda's.
Josephine had led a very sheltered life living at home with Mom and Dad, so it was about time that she spread her wings and learned what life was about.

I had told her a lot about Rod and Belinda but only hinted a little at my lifestyle and the great sex that I had. Josephine was fifteen, almost seventeen, and I believed that she was not very experienced sexually. I was determined that she would grow up this weekend and Rod and Belinda said that they would only be too glad to help me educate my sister. Josephine was a little shorter than me and she had a slightly lighter skin color.

Her hair was straighter and a shiny black, while her body was very attractive - about one hundred and five pounds, larger breasts than me, a thin waist, and a well-rounded firm athletic ass. She had large brown eyes, a long slender neck and large cupid like lips. It was almost time for her to arrive and I was shivering with excitement at getting her here, on her own, for a whole long weekend. The buzzer rang and I rushed to the door and there she was, my sister, a vision of beauty. I loved the way she had dressed - a deep red mini-skirt, red tights, black ankle boots, a white buttoned blouse and a jean jacket.

Her hair was tied up and her lips were accentuated by a deep red lip-gloss. We hugged, kissed and hugged again and said how delighted we were to see each other. I introduced her to Rod and Belinda and they kissed her lightly on the cheek and welcomed her to their house.
I could tell that they were enthralled to have this sweet thing in their home. Holding her by the hand I took her and her overnight bag upstairs to the bedroom, where Rod and Belinda said I could sleep with Jo tonight. After a three-course dinner, some conversation and a few drinks, Jo and I excused ourselves and went to our room. I had pre-arranged with Belinda and Rod that I would secretly get Jo to watch them fuck each other tonight as part of her education.

She would never have been exposed to this act at home, for our parents were very secretive about the act. As we chatted, I asked Jo about her love life and what she knew. Even though she was seemed a bit embarrassed by this, I could tell that she was curious by the way she wriggled and moved her legs and by the questions she asked. Jo had never seen a couple fucking and I finally convinced her that it was sensuous, stimulating and exciting, just to be a voyeur. I told her that if we tip-toed and kept quiet we'd probably see Rod and Belinda tonight.

So at a pre-arranged time we moved quietly along the hall and as I expected, the door was open and the bedroom was well lit, so everything could be seen. Rod had Belinda on her back with her legs raised vertically and he was just about to slide his eight inch cock into her pretty cunt. Jo gasped a little at the sight of his member and I squeezed her hand lightly. Ever so slowly, Rod slid his cock deeper into Belinda's cunt, it was almost as if her vaginal flesh was being turned inward. he was now in to her up to his balls and he reached under to caress her ass. Belinda moaned with joy and she in turn played with her clit and with her enormous, erect nipples.

Slowly Rod withdrew almost to the tip and his cock glistened with the juices extracted from Belinda's pussy. She raised her hips, physically willing him to impale her again. With great control Rod slid slowly inside of her, bending over to lick and kiss her delicious tits; and then his motions speeded up and Belinda bucked to receive his driving member. With each upward movement, Rod's cock became even more covered with juices and seemed to sparkle in the lights of the bedroom.

Belinda moaned and yelled at Rod to fuck her hard and deep and Rod responded with vigor and power. He was also mouthing sensual sounds and enjoying the fact that he was being watched. It did not take him long to reach a climax as he pulled his cock out and spurted a huge amount of jism over Belinda's body and tits. I could tell that Jo was fascinated by the fuck and by the spurting cum shots for she was now gently rubbing herself between her legs and fondling her tits, as I was.

The show continued and Belinda sat up to take Rod's massive semi-hard cock in her mouth. I was very envious of this; but watched her as she seductively cleaned his cock of juices. She made a special show of using her tongue and licking the shaft, then engulfing the head and flicking her tongue around the glans.
As this went on, Rod's moaned with passion and his cock became very hard again. Then after he and Belinda had kissed and caressed, he turned her over with her smooth, pretty ass in the air. It was so sensuous to see Belinda's beautiful pouty pussy lips and her pinky, puckered ass. Jo didn't take her eyes off the action and soon saw Rod use his hands to pry Belinda's ass cheeks apart and play with her crack, while she moaned in anticipation.

Then he took his now throbbing, pulsating cock, slippery with Belinda's saliva and entered her from behind. Belinda was using a free hand to rub her clit and slowly she pushed two fingers into her cunt as Rod began pumping her ass. Jo was now getting very excited and she was very much into frigging herself. I had to pretend to tell her to keep quiet - all part of the scheme. Rod's stamina was amazing and he continued driving into Belinda and she moved back to take his thrusts.

This time, Rod came inside her as she yelped and moaned with the ecstasy of the climax. At that point I took Jo's hand and led her back to the bedroom. We got under the bedclothes and hugged as she told me how much she had enjoyed it. I asked her if she was horny and suggested that I could help her a little. She was keen on getting some relief, so I slid down and started playing with her clit as she moaned away.

Then I went down on my sister's sweet young cunt and could taste her juices. My tongue penetrated her pussy and she reached down with her hands to press me in farther. My tongue loved every moment and she bucked her hips and came all over my mouth and I lapped up her juices. I went up to her and we kissed deeply as she tasted her own sex on my lips and tongue. As we fondled each others breasts and caressed, she said how much she had enjoyed watching Belinda and Rod. She confessed that it was the first time her cunt had been eaten and that she had come in such a great amount of juice.

When I whispered, 'Would you like him to fuck you?' she squeezed me and softly said, 'Oh, Yes!' It was then that I knew that this would be the start to an eventful, fulfilling weekend.
I stretched out and my arm just met a warm indentation in the mattress where my sister, Jo, had been just a few moments ago. I checked the clock and it was a bleary eyed two thirty in the early hours. Worrying a little about Josephine as it was her first visit to the house, I decide to get up and see what was happening. As I walked quietly along the hall there were sounds coming from Rod and Belinda's room; and I thought that they were having another great fuck.

Their sexual appetite seemed unrelenting. Not wanting to disturb them I peeked in without being noticed and had the surprise of my life. There was Jo lying on the bed with Rod's eight inch long and thick cock poised to enter her sweet, juicy young pussy. I decided to remain where I was and to be a voyeur for the second time tonight.

Rod later told me that he had met Josephine on her way back from the bathroom. She had looked at him, then at the bulge in his shorts, held his hand and caressed his cock with the other. Rod had asked Jo if she was ready to take his cock and she had licked her lips, smiled, nodded and walked with him to the bedroom. I was surprised that my little sister was thirsting for cock after just being a voyeur to the sensuous fucking that Rod had given Belinda just a couple of hours earlier.
But here she was ready to get the first man fuck of her young life; and I somehow knew that she would never be the same after this.

Rod entered Jo without hurry, making sure that here tight, warm cunt would not be hurt by his thickness. Slowly, he slid into her and she gasped as the pressure increased. Belinda at this moment was playing with Jo's tits and kissing her beautiful erect nipples. Rod kept going and gradually he had penetrated Jo to his limit and he just rested there with his balls against her sweet chocolate ass.

I could see Jo, her head back and her ass trying to push toward Rod. Belinda moved over Jo's head and slowly lowered her well-fucked cunt toward Jo's mouth. I could see Jo straining to reach Belinda's cunt lips with her tongue as Rod pulled out to the edge of Jo's pouty pussy lips. She pressed up with her hips and Rod drove his cock in more quickly now.

I could tell that he was in very tightly because Jo's cunt was making slurping sounds. She moaned and writhed under the sexual teaching of Rod and Belinda. Belinda was also being well tongued by Jo, who, in spite of her newness to cunnilingus, was performing admirably, judging from the sounds Belinda was making. After a few more thrusts, Rod pulled out and Jo gasped at the suction and pressure change. With that he turned her over and propped her ass into the air. Belinda remained now stretched backward so that Jo could still lick and suck her. Rod, once again, moved in and slipped his cock in more easily now.

I could hold back no longer and knowing that Jo was in her seventh heaven, I took the chance to slide under Rod. He nodded and patted me on my ass as I slid by. As he brought his cock back it was my chance to run my tongue along his shaft and taste Jo's juices. Then when he slowly impaled her, I continued my work by licking my sister's sopping wet cunt lips and clit. As rod moved faster, Jo's ass moved in unison and my tongue licked and lapped more furiously. Slowly, I noticed Rod extracting his massive moist cock and I licked it all the way out of my little sister's gaping cunt. For a moment Rod just rested and that gave me the chance to sink my tongue into Jo.

Compared with earlier in the night, her vagina was enlarged, moist, hot and very juicy. My tongue was almost lost in this newly formed cavern; but I managed to flick and lick around feeling Jo push her hips toward my tongue. I knew what Rod was about to do now, so I slid out and moved to my vantage point where i could view the next stage of Jo's introduction to the joy of sex.

I'm sure that the nuns at the convent school which she attended would be wide-eyed if they could see her now! Rod very carefully lubricated Jo's entrance to her anus and then pried her cheeks apart and placed his cock head at her entrance. Belinda took my spot and lasciviously lapped at Jo's cunt as she just moaned and twisted. Rod pressed into her and gave her time to adjust to this new experience. I knew fro Rod's ass fucking of me that she would be sensually excited by his cock. I could see her little by little moving her ass back to take his eight inches and he, in turn, slid more deeply into her. She yelled at him to fuck her deep and hard.

I'd never heard her use the f... word before and it was indicative of the sheer animal excitement that she was going through. Rod then began thrusting more quickly and Jo made sure that she took him deeply by working with him. After about five minutes, Rod exploded in her ass and filled her tunnel full of cum. I realized that they would stop then and silently crept back to the bed to wait for Jo. When she returned about five minutes later, I pretended that she had woken me.

I asked her where she had been and she replied tiredly that she'd had to go and pee; and with that, she snuggled up to me, her hands in her crotch and quickly fell asleep. As she did so, I wondered what the next day would bring. She was developing an insatiable appetite for cock and cunt and I doubted I would be able to hold her back. The following day was very hot; but Josephine slept in until well past noon, after the sexual efforts of the previous night. I went up to the bedroom when I heard the shower being used and Jo emerged completely nude, her nipples prominently leading the way. Her black, curly pubic hairs glistening and still dripped with water.

Her body had a sort of glow about it that appears after a sensuous night of foreplay and climax. I really admired her succulent tits and her well formed rounded ass. She had a broad smile on her face and gave me a welcoming kiss and a rub on my ass as we greeted each other. Her tits pressed into me as if she was teasing me and inviting me to play with them. It was tantalizing; but I resisted the temptation, for now. I asked her if she was having a good time and she replied that she never thought that eating pussy and fucking a lovely thick cock could be such fun and so sensual and stimulating. Jo was certainly surprising me with her choice of words. She was obviously ravenous for sexual situations; and I knew that more would be forthcoming today.

Belinda had told me that Rod would be out for the night at a stag and that we'd have Jo all to ourselves. I looked forward to that. However, it was still early and after Jo and the rest of us, had eaten a satisfying brunch, we all gathered around the pool to cool off from the plus eighty degree air temperature. Jo needed no invitation to take the sun block and rub her hands over Rod's muscular body and I noticed her brushing his cock with her arm as she did so. She worked up his legs close to his crotch and his cock made a visual swelling in his briefs.

Meanwhile, Belinda and I made sure that we were well covered. I loved the feel of Belinda's hands over my body. She somehow had strength but also such a gentle, sensuous touch. When she rubbed the oil over my exposed breasts, my nipples reacted and Belinda chuckled. I knew that I was getting very moist and my pussy was aching for her tongue. I dived topless into the pool to cool of and just to feel the water rippling over my body.

Jo, also topless, had been oiled by Rod's firm hands and I could tell that she was really horny again, so I called her in to join me. She did a knees-up jump into the water and splashed all over Rod and Belinda. They roared with laughter and joined us splashing us with their actions. We played toss the rubber duckie - Belinda and me against Rod and Jo. It was a contact event from the start; but it was worth being caught by Rod and having my tits massaged in the process.

Belinda at one point had Jo in her grasp and I could see her hands pull Jo's yellow bikini bottom away and rapidly rub her pussy. Jo made no move to get away! Instead, she massaged Belinda's beautiful white tits. After about thirty minutes we were exhausted and stretched out on the chairs and soaked up the sun. Later that day, we had some drinks a tasty dinner and Rod left for the stag. He would not be back until the next morning, the day Jo was going to leave.

I could tell that Rod would love to have been home but his good friend was having a stag and could not be let down. I'm sure that Rod would have plenty of fun there. The three of us settled down to watch the video we'd made of Pam, Elaine's slut on our last visit to Camp Lookout. It didn't take us long to get horny as we watched Pam being fucked in her mouth, ass and pussy and her moans and groans set our hands moving on our own pussies.

It was amazing to see Steve's huge cock impale her as he slowly penetrated her tight vagina. The sounds of his cock moving rapidly in and out of her now well-juiced cunt really set our hands in motion, as we stripped and began to feel each others pussies and suck on very hard nipples. As the video ended, Belinda brought out some of her favorite toys. Josephine had never used any extra help with her sexual activities. She was about to see how great these toys were.

The g-spot massager-pearl whiter than white clit toy was one of Belinda's pets and she was expert in its use. She made Jo lie down on the shag carpet with her knees bent, legs apart and turned on the g-spot vibrator. The white of the vibe contrasted with Jo's chocolate colored skin and the deep pink of the inside of her cunt lips. Within seconds Belinda had Jo moaning and yelping and grinding her hips and wanting to be fucked. I had the jumbo jack man-o-war dildo in my hands and eased it into her sopping wet cunt and she yelled in sensuous abandon as the massager and Senor Dildo did their erotic work, bringing her rapidly to a climax.

Belinda put down the clit vibe and took up a ridged silicone expressions anal trainer and slowly eased it into Josephine's puckered ass. She was now being fucked by both of us; and her hips bucked and twisted, to get more of the toys. Belinda and I worked in perfect unison - as I plunged the dildo into Jo's welcoming cunt, Belinda shoved the anal trainer deep into Jo's rectum and Jo yelled and moaned with sheer delight. Eventually, Jo came in one huge orgasm, shouting and twisting as her heightened sexual sensitivities shook her body in ecstasy. We had her suck off her juices from the dildo and watched as her tongue swirled around the plastic.

After that, we formed a love triangle and ate and played with each other's tits and cunts. It was a real joy to be eaten by Belinda as she was a past expert at tonguing; and my cunt responded with many shudders and climaxes. As we lay exhausted, Belinda reached under the couch and presented Jo with her very own dildo - a magnificent Commando Cock, over nine inches long and two and a half round - especially designed for the fully trained; and this weekend, Jo had been trained well and would have lots of fun with her new toy.

In bed later that night I was awakened by the clothes being pulled aside and there stood Rod, cock fully erect to its eight inch length. He was looking down at his slut and caressing my hair, so I took his cock in my mouth, like any faithful slut, and ran my tongue lovingly around the head. He eased out spread my legs and entered me, fucking me with verve and vigor.

Senor Dildo had been good; but there was nothing like the feel of a hot, blood engorged cock inside my cunt. Apparently the stag had been a bit of a dud and he'd fantasized all the way home about how the three of us had been enjoying our sex filled toy and tonguing evening. Of course, my moans and the rocking bed woke Jo; and she had to have Rod fuck her just once more before her visit ended.

It was sexually exciting to see how much she had changed and how she worked in rhythm with Rod as his big, thick cock plunged in and out of her slurping cunt. Belinda and I played with Jo's tits, sucking and kissing them as she was once again brought to a massive climax.

Her life had been completely changed and she would be a sexual predator, I felt, as a result of this weekend.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alberta at the Stag

Written by KATE(April 2000)

Rod had another stag approaching and he was to be the organizer this time; and he didn't want any of the mistakes to occur that happened at the last stag organized by a friend.

So I'd better let Rod take over the story at this point because my role was more participatory and the view of what happened would be better coming from an observer, as it were.
Well, Belinda, Alberta and I were sitting around the pool one afternoon chatting about the stag. I was explaining to them how difficult it was to get reliable entertainment. Belinda chirped up and pointed out what a great sexy display Alberta had put on at her club.

She felt that with a little bit of training our erotic slut, Alberta, would be just the gal for the job. That job would involve a striptease and keeping about twenty guys sexually entertained. After much discussion, Alberta persuaded Belinda that they would do a much better job if both of them took part. This really excited me, to think of my wife, Belinda and our beautiful slut putting on a sensually erotic show for my friends. They would definitely make the night zing.

In the two weeks before the stag, Belinda and Alberta had got together to work out their act, choose clothing and just to feel comfortable with each other. Belinda decided that she would be dressed in a formal suit, as headmistress and Alberta would be a slutty student, dressed in a short, green, tartan kilt and a white blouse, white thigh high socks and knee high black boots. Her underwear would be a matching set of white lace bikini panties and bra.

They watched a number of movies with striptease artistes and practiced their moves. In fact they got better than the so-called expert strippers. My cock was on a constant hard watching their dress rehearsal, or should I say their undress rehearsal? They could see that and after one sexual act they walked over to me unzipped my pants, pulled out my eight-inch cock and they both took turns licking and sucking it. Alberta started at my balls, slid her tongue the length of my shaft, flicking rapidly on the way up and ran her tongue slowly around my tip.

Then Belinda took over while Belinda caressed and squeezed my balls. Belinda took me in her mouth, tightened her lips and slid down the whole length and back again. Then she handed me over to Alberta in this amazing cock-sucking relay. It was just a matter of time before I shot my load and it was Alberta who had the task of swallowing my cum.

Any that slipped out of the sides of her mouth were greedily licked off by Belinda; and they finished by cleaning my cock and deep tonguing each other. I knew that my friends, mainly teachers, would fully appreciate the act and there would be many horny men wanting to release their pent up emotions at the end of the show.

Stag time and all the guys were pumped for the night and for the show. When they learned who would be performing they were horny as hell, for they all fancied my wife, Belinda and our slut, Alberta. We'd been having a good time drinking Bud, telling jokes and playing cards. It was about twelve o'clock and time for some entertainment. The lights were turned low and a spotlight aimed at the makeshift stage. The music marked the entrance of Belinda.

She was stunning. Her hair was done up in a school m'a'am bun and she had a leather jacket, partly open at the front to reveal part of her cleavage and lacy, red bra. Lower down she had on a black, leather mini, slit up the side to reveal her garter straps. Her fishnet stockings were covered in thigh high black boots and in her black, leather gloved hands she carried a medium size bamboo cane. Her exotic first dance involved sitting on her desk, revealing her red panties, criss-crossing her legs and slapping the cane on her boots.

She would strut around the desk sometimes bending over it to reveal most of her well-rounded, bikini-clad ass. The guys were hooting and hollering for more and their pants showed that they were sexually turned on already. Belinda sat, legs crossed, tapping her cane and in grated Alberta, swinging her hips and smiling as she approached Belinda.

Alberta was dressed in a short, green, tartan kilt, so short that it rose up high on her thighs and ass; and a white blouse partly unbuttoned, white thigh high socks and knee high black boots. She had a bright red lip gloss and her hair was loosely hanging around her shoulders. Over her shoulder she carried a tote bag filled with her school necessities! No words passed between Belinda and Alberta; but it was obvious from their actions that Alberta had been a naughty girl and she was going to be disciplined by her headmistress.

Alberta opened her books to show what she had been doing wrong and Belinda smacked the desk with her cane in anger. Then she made Alberta bend over the desk and pretended to give her an ass caning. Alberta played her part, wriggling her butt and mouthing pain. Then Alberta was made to take off her skirt so that Belinda could inspect her caning.

Deciding it was not enough she bent Alberta over again and gave her ten more. Now she made Alberta take off her white panties. She did this seductively while lying down on the desk, and threw them to the crowd. Belinda had Alberta sit on the desk with her legs wide open and ran the cane down the inside of her thighs and gently tickled her cunt, placing the cane to her nose to smell the musky sex. Alberta was made to lick off the cane. Then Belinda used her fingers to penetrate Alberta's juicy cunt and she licked the sluts juices off in lascivious fashion.

At this point, Belinda inspected the contents of Alberta's tote bag and pulled out, with an astonished look, a large dildo. Wagging her fingers at Alberta, Belinda made her lie down and slowly pushed the dildo into Alberta. The latter made the most of it and her hip and ass actions showed her enjoyment. With that, Belinda left Alberta to her own devices while she looked in the bag again, found another larger dildo and used that as the basis for a seductive, sexual strip. Alberta, meanwhile had stood up with the dido still planted in her wet pussy and began to complete her stripping, to the delight of the guys when they saw her magnificent tits and erect nipples. Belinda was now near Alberta and they clutched each other and began deep kissing and fondling their bodies.

As the music continued, they did a sixty-nine and drove the guys wild. The room was rocking with guys yelling encouragement and most of them had their rock hard cocks out caressing them. The show on stage ended with Alberta taking over Belinda's role and giving her a pretend caning on her well-rounded beautiful shaped ass.

Then they stood and invited any guys up to perform and the women satisfied everyone, with sensuous blow-jobs, hand jobs and great fucks. It was an erotic night to remember and one that would have those guys present jerking off for months to cum.

I was the lucky one because I got to take Belinda and Alberta home and I could have my sexual appetite filled on request.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Alberta's Story

Written by KATE(April 2000)

It had been a month since we had that great weekend at Camp lookout and Belinda was up to provide the entertainment at her exclusive ladies club.
Rod had asked me to write this story as he, of course, was not allowed to attend. As well, he knew that this story would make him cream his pants and after reading it I figured that he would be ready to give me one of his sensually exciting fucks.

I was always ready to be fucked by Rod ever since that first time when I was an older teen at Camp Lookout. His eight inch hard cock and my cunt seemed to have a mutual feel for the joy of sex, you know, a sort of oneness. It was if I was fucking myself, so joyous was the feeling. I believe that he felt the same way, as he always told me how sensational we were together - kindred spirits, so to speak.

That Friday evening, Belinda prepared me for the night ahead. She had told me that I would be blindfolded and that I was to make no sounds, however sexually excited I was. As well, she told me that there would be a minimum of instruction from those present. Most would talk in whispers and I was merely to react to their feel and to their hands and bodily movements.

Belinda that day had carefully shaved my pubic hairs, so that my pussy and my puffy cunt lips were fully visible. I must admit that it felt very sensuous to feel my panties against my bare sex. In order to make me presentable, Belinda made sure that I was dressed exactly as she desired. My black skin was clothed in a beautiful pair of delicate white lace panties and a very brief white frilly bra with two holes through which protruded my large, erect nipples.

Over these underclothes I wore a white satin and sequined gown that had a plunging neckline and a slit from my shoes to the hip on the left side. I also wore a long pair of white velvet gloves and a pair of white five inch heels. With these shoes on I was well over six feet in height. Although I wasn't used to being on such stilts, I felt that I would manage as long as I was careful; and they did make me feel very elegant.

My hair had been done in a series of braids, tied with white ribbon; and my lips had been covered with a rich red lip gloss, while my eye shadow was a delicate touch of white. I looked at myself in the long mirror and must admit that I was impressed with the effect, especially with the way my nipples extended the satin bodice and how the gown clung to my thighs.

I could also tell from the bulge in Rod's pants and from the way he smiled and licked his lips that he more than approved. Belinda inspected her creation, smiled and said, 'Yes, Alberta, you will be the highlight of the night, my stunning young slut'

Then she reached up and kissed me very lightly on my cheek as we prepared to get the car and leave for the club. I wore a hooded gown over my dress and Belinda had tied a red velvet mask over my eyes, so I could not see where we were going. We talked quietly about the evening and Belinda caressed me and assured me that I would enjoy every seductive moment.

After about fifteen minutes the car pulled to a stop and Belinda helped me out. She led me by the hand letting me know when there were steps ahead and she asked me to wait in what she called the ante-chamber. A little later she came back in and gave me a drink that she said would heighten my sense of feel but cause me to drift mentally.

It tasted like a kind of mead; but I learned later that there was also a drug in the drink that helped to get me into the right physical mood for the entertainment. Belinda then told me that there would be two stewards who would conduct me into the audience room. She left and a hand grasped each of mine and I stood up as they guided me through the door into the audience room where I stood, legs slightly apart so that I knew my long black leg would extend from the slit.

I held my back straight so that my breasts were prominent and I could feel my nipples getting excited against the satin dress. There were gasps of delight from the group and I could distantly hear comments about my beauty. The two female stewards then whispered that they were going to disrobe me. I nodded and they slowly unzipped my gown letting it fall to the floor. Again there were gasps and some applause at my appearance. Next they unclasped my bra and removed it so that my breasts were now fully exposed. They did not fall for they were well rounded and firm.

One steward came around behind me and reached around to cup each breast and the crowd reacted with delight. The other moved forward and placed a delicate kiss on each nipple. Slowly, each steward took a side of my panties and moved them down my legs, stroking my cunt on the way down, and I stepped out of them. I still had on my shoes as the stewards moved me around so that the women could view me from front and back.

As they did so they subtly caressed my breasts and ass, much to the delight of the crowd. At this point, I could smell a delightful perfume and I felt the stewards massaging me with oily hands and they spread the oil over my whole body, including extending their fingers into my pussy, where it created an electrical feeling, and into me ass. There was a slight burning sensation but it was more stimulating than painful. Then they escorted me to a slightly raised platform, got rid of my shoes and whispered for me to lie down on my back with my legs apart. I reclined on a table covered in warm silk sheets and soft pillows.

It was only a few seconds before I felt fingers and mouths exploring me. One woman placed her lips on mine and I opened my mouth to receive her darting tongue. Other hands caressed my tits and squeezed my nipples, while still others smoothed my legs and others played with my pussy lips and ass. I made no sound as I vaguely heard their whispers about how pink my inner cunt lips looked against my dark skin and how large and erect my nipples had become.

I was being sensually and erotically very stimulated. They were exploring all of my nooks and crannies. Separate hands took each of mine, placed them in their mouths to lubricate them and then extended them sideways and led them to two very juicy cunts. I needed no urging and quickly found their sensual spots and had them moaning with delight as my fingers and thumb expertly found their clits and massaged them with just the right amount of pressure. While this was going on I felt my own cunt being parted and a tongue penetrating my sex, vigorously working me to a climax as my hips rose off the table to meet that oral movement.

Next I sensed a body over my head and I could sense the musky smell of female sex. Gradually, a wet pussy reached my mouth and my tongue darted out to meet it. I licked and flicked rapidly and the lady pressed down more firmly so that my tongue went deeper into her hole. She moaned very loudly as did the two on either side. Then I felt fingers opening my pussy and more fingers and gradually a fist spread me fully apart and gave me great sensual joy. many lips took part in kissing and sucking my nipples and I felt completely consumed.

This continued unabated with many, many women taking their turn. At that moment the two stewards whispered for me to turn over and raise my ass in the air. I did so and spread my legs exposing both my shaved cunt and my ass. Under my chest part of the table was removed and my tits hung vertically down. Several things happened at this point. My ass crack was spread and a dildo was inserted. I could tell that it was held against my ass by a wide flange and this allowed someone to turn it through one eighty degrees, sending a shuddering feeling in my ass.

A dildo was also placed against my now sopping wet cunt and to distant cries of: 'Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her'

I was slowly impaled on a thick, long dildo, obviously operated by a woman who had the other end in her pussy. I did my best to move in rhythm with her and I could hear her grunting with sheer sexual excitement. As she thrust forward and I backward, the other woman would turn the dildo fixed in my ass. Under the table, two mouths were firmly anchored to my tits, sucking them hard and tightly. I came many times as other women took over from those who got too tires.

This must have gone on for thirty minutes with various women and I could tell from the noises in the room that others were involved in their own fallatio and fuck shows. Finally the room went quiet and I was lifted to a standing position by the stewards. They held my hand and moved me around so I was again, I presumed, facing the crowd. At this point, I had the task of cleaning off numerous dildos and tasting a variety of female juices.

Then the dildo was extracted from my tight ass and I felt relief as I was led out tired but sensually stimulated. The stewards placed me in a deep hot tub and bathed me tenderly, washing my tired body and orifices with soft cloths and scented soap; and then they dried me with warm towels and dressed me.

They then led me back into the room where, still blind folded, I was greeted with rapturous applause. As I stood there, dressed as I had been when I arrived, I felt a pair of hands placing something around my neck. Then Belinda approached, kissed me on the lips and said how outstanding I had been. She escorted me out and into the car for the ride home.

After about ten minutes she took off my blindfold and I looked down to see a beautiful necklace of genuine pearls around my neck. I snuggled up to Belinda and thanked her for the evening, telling her that one thing would make it a perfect night - a fuck from Rod.

Belinda stroked my thigh, kissed my forehead and said that Rod would be waiting to give me one of his great fucks..


Alberta now lived with us and attended MU.
Her parents did not suspect anything untoward as she explained that we lived close to the university and it would save two hours a day traveling. If she had lived at home she would have wasted a lot of time that could have been spent at our detached home as our lovely young slut, so Belinda and I were thrilled to have more of her.

Alberta had matured over the last few months into a desirable beauty. She was lithe, fit and stronger, thanks to her dance classes. She had blossomed into a young slut with a well-proportioned and enviable body.

Alberta's breasts were a 36C and they needed no support; at the tips her nipples were long and well formed. With suckable tits, a waist of 24 inches and hips of 36 inches, Alberta would have been an ideal model for Goya's nude paintings. Her legs were firm, not overly muscular, and their length ended up at a well-rounded, solid ass and a succulent pussy with neatly trimmed pubes.

The curve of her lower back to her ass was a work of art and prompted touching. Alberta did everything to please us and in turn, though she would always be our slut, we loved her and gave her whatever she needed. Her field trip friends, Colleen and Jennie, occasionally visited; and then we all enjoyed a sensual encounter and memories of the field trip escapades; but they were attending out of state universities, so they were only around during holidays.

It was during our dinner parties that Alberta was most helpful and at her best. Most of our close friends were very liberal about their sex like and Alberta gave an added dimension to the evenings. Early in September, Belinda and I had invited over two other couples. Elaine, the Camp Director and her friend as well as a friendly cross town couple that we had met at a conference earlier in the year. Ted and Julie were lots of fun and we had swapped a couple of times, enjoying each other's spouses; but they had yet to meet Alberta.

In preparation for the party, Belinda had been busy in town and on the Internet buying the necessary purchases in order to make sure that it would be a perfect evening and night! Alberta was to be our maid-slave and therefore we were careful to make sure that she was dressed for the part. Belinda said to me, 'Rod, we have to have Alberta looking her best tonight because she will be well used. You will dress her and ready her.' Of course, I had no objections to that and already my eight inch cock was hardening at the pleasure that would give me. Alberta had always been a favorite of mine. Belinda thought that it would be best if Alberta was minimally clad and so she had bought a system of black studded straps, thigh high leather boots and the tiniest of white aprons.

Alberta's long black hair was finely braided, with each braid composed of three strands and the braids hung loosely down over her beautiful sculpted facial features. When it was time to dress Alberta, I took her into the bedroom and had her stand in the center of the room while I slowly stripped her of her daily clothes and she stood naked in front of me. I walked around her inspecting her, fingering her cunt to make sure that she wasn't too wet, feeling her ass and caressing her tits and nipples. My next enviable task was to cover her from head to toe in a fine layer of edible oils to bring out her beauty and to emphasize her black skin.

My hands were shaking from the thrill of it all and as I reached her ass, Alberta whispered to me, 'Fuck me master, before anyone else tonight; please fuck me now.' As much as I was tempted I scolded her and told her that our guests come first and she would have to deal with me when the night was over. I continued my oiling of her sensuous body and I am sure that she was close to cumming, as I was, by the time I had finished. I stood back and gazed longingly at her - she was the ultimate Nubian slave. But there was more to be done yet.

The black straps fitted under her breasts at the center of which was a polygonal patch. The straps led over her shoulders and down to her waist where they became a belt loosely fitting above her hips. From the waist belt, I fed the straps down her ass crack and under her crotch where they split to frame her sweet cunt lips and her neatly trimmed pubes. The strap then continued up to her navel where it was reattached to the belt.

Around her neck I placed a studded, black leather strap at the front of which was a clasp. And around each wrist two other straps with clasps were fitted. To finish the outfit, the black high heeled, thigh highs were put on and then I tied the dainty apron around her waist. The apron barely came down to her cunt and, of course, her ass was completely exposed. It was going to be Alberta's job to serve the guests and she was well trained to do so.

Alberta was ready and I called Belinda in for her inspection. 'Darling', I called, 'our lovely slut is prepared for the festivities.' Belinda came in and though she had thought out this scenario I could tell from her smile and the way she licked her lips that she was taken aback by Alberta's beauty and sensational appearance.
'Mmm, she is such a beautiful young thing, Rod. I bet you'd like to fuck her right now wouldn't you? But we must keep her clean and at her best for our guests. Elaine is really looking forward to seeing her again.'

With that, the door-bell rang and Belinda and I went to answer it, for we were waiting the correct moment to display our slut maid. Elaine and her friend, Pam, were there and after the usual kisses and pleasantries, we had them sit on the sofa.
Elaine had changed and was dressed in a jacket , shirt open at the neck and a pair of slacks. Her companion, Pam was much younger, very pale skinned, nice medium size tits and wearing a floral blouse and a mini skirt slit at the thighs to reveal her garter belt straps.

Within minutes, Ted and Julie arrived. Julie was dolled up to the nines, as usual, with a tight red t shirt emphasizing her distinct nipples and her 38D breasts; and a leather skirt and boots. Ted was more casual in jeans and a denim shirt open to show his hairy chest and the gold chain hanging around his muscular neck.

Once introductions had been made and everyone was comfortable, Belinda nodded to me and said that we would now bring out our slut/maid. She told them that they were free to use Alberta at their pleasure. So I disappeared, tied a leash onto Alberta's collar and told her to follow me on her knees and eyes lowered. As we entered the room it was quiet but when they saw our beautiful young slut they were overcome and applauded. I paraded Alberta around the room, stopping at each person. She was well trained at this and her posture was such that her ass and cunt were projected above her hips for all to see the delightful sex of this stunning slut. Elaine, reached out her hand and caressed Alberta's ass and cunt while Pam reached under and squeezed her tits and rolled her nipples.

Alberta did not make a sound and let me lead her over to Ted and Julie. Julie ran her fingers down Alberta's back and reached under to sink a finger into her now juicy cunt. Ted unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard nine inch cock and commanded, 'Slut, lick this!' Alberta reached her head forward and flicked her tongue around the head of Ted's cock which jumped at the sensuality of Alberta's tongue. I could see that Belinda was very envious of Alberta and she licked her lips in anticipation of the delight to come.

Once I had introduced our slut/maid, I unleashed her, told her to stand and to get drinks for everyone. When she stood, to reveal her statuesque body, there were exclamations of awe as everyone commented on how lucky Belinda and I were to have this exotic, willing creature as our stunning slut. The dinner was a delightful affair, with lots of drinks, fine cuisine, good conversation and admiring and feeling Alberta.
There was hardly a moment went by that a hand wasn't placed on some part of Alberta's anatomy - feeling her ass, her cunt, her tits, squeezing her nipples, running a hand up the inside of her glossy thighs, probing any crack on her body.

She must have been crying out to be fucked. I know that she was very wet for I ran two fingers into her cunt and had her lick them off, just after the main course. After the meal, Elaine asked if she could have first chance with Alberta; and every other person thought it would be a good opportunity for her to renew old acquaintances. We watched as Elaine and Pam escorted Alberta to the large rug and had her lie down with her arms outstretched and her legs spread wide.
Elaine immediately went for Alberta's succulent and sweet pussy, while Pam got into a position that allowed Alberta to lick and suck her cunt and at the same time play with her own tits and nipples which she caressed firmly from the top and down to her erect buds.

Alberta was very turned on by this attention and the moans and sighs showed that she was close to orgasm. Elaine was gripping Alberta's ass and burying her tongue deep inside her moist cunt. On the other side of the room Belinda was about to impale herself on Ted's impressive cock, while Julie enjoyed being eaten by Ted.

In fact her cunt totally covered his face and I hoped he could breathe; but judging from his bucking and his head movements he was fine and his tongue was bringing Julie to a satisfying climax. For my part, I was determined to take Elaine from behind as she hungrily consumed Alberta's cunt juices. I held Elaine's ass steady and my cock, covered in pre-cum, slipped easily into her receptive pussy. As I drove deeply into her cunt I had a good view of Belinda riding Ted; and it was stimulating and erotic to see my wife ride his cock.

As she rose up the skin of her cunt stretched down slightly along his thick member and then when she plunged down it slid back into her cunt making a slurping sexual sound. Also the sight of Pam's pale skin on the glossy blackness of Alberta was awesome.

This made me even more animated and I gave Elaine a real deep fuck, my cock pulsating as it drove in and out of her wet, warm, tight cunt. She pushed back hard with her ass to the rhythm of my inward thrust. It was a symphony of climaxes as we came within seconds of each other and the room was filled with the moans and yells of ecstatic joy. Alberta and Pam were given the task of making sure everyone was cleaned up and our slut enjoyed swallowing Ted's limp cock until it was cleaned of all Belinda and his juices.
Pam worked on mine and although she was obviously a novice, she was enthusiastic and the way my cock hardened showed that she was doing a stimulating cock clean up.

After finishing with us they moved over and cleaned up Belinda, Elaine and Julie, licking of cock cum, cunt juices and sharing all of this with their mouths, until we were ready to go again. But that's another story. After a period of recovery and conversation about the great sex that we had all had, we were ready to pursue our evening of sexual sharing.

Ted was really rock hard to fuck Alberta and I could tell from her smile that she was ready to ride his nine inch pole. For my part, even though I was thirsting to fuck Alberta, I did not want to deprive our guest; and watching her sit astride Ted and present him with one of the tightest and best fucks of his life was certainly going to prove stimulating. My cock was at its hardest now and ready for some action. It came in the body of Pam, Elaine's friend.

Pam had come on over to me with that certain look in her big eyes and her pert tits were topped by erect nipples. She kneeled down in front of me and extended her tongue along my shaft from the balls to the head and licked it good and slow. Then she held it lightly in her right hand while she proceeded to circle the tip of my pulsating cock with slow, long, tender, tonguing. I was really enjoying her cock sucking while watching the main action. Her wet tongue mixed with the pre-cum and my cock glistened and throbbed. I looked over and Alberta had Ted lie on the rug, with his enviable cock standing like a flag pole. She ran her tongue along it and it visibly jumped with the eroticism of her touch.

Then she stood astride Ted and gradually lowered herself down to the top of his cock, gyrating the opening of her cunt around the head. Ted moaned with the sensuous effect on his cock. Very slowly, Alberta allowed her cock to wrap itself around the nine inches and she descended to his balls. She sat there using her cunt muscles to tighten on Ted and to exert a subtle motion on his cock. Ted reached up and squeezed Alberta's delicious tits and nipples. She rode him as if she was a dressage rider on a stallion.
This was one elegant fuck. Her head was held back and her braided strands moved over her neck as she slowly swayed back and forth. Her arms were held behind her and she was able to grab the back of Ted's legs.

Then, as Ted pleaded with her to fuck him hard and as the spectators urged her to fuck him deeply, Alberta's motion gathered speed, and her ass moved up and down the length of Ted's cock, fucking him with fury and passion.

Ted responded and his ass moved off the rug as his upward thrusts met Alberta's downward moving cunt. Watching this was too much and I took Pam placed her on all fours and entered her from behind. Belinda not too miss any action lay under her so that Pam could suck on her sopping wet cunt. I still had a view of our beautiful slut and how she was giving Ted all he could handle. Pam was also getting very turned on by my cock and Belinda's cunt. She pushed back toward me as I rammed my cock into her deeply; and she continued to lap eagerly at Belinda's cunt.

To the side, Elaine and Julie were in a sixty nine position and I could tell from their moans and groans that they were ready to climax. Alberta was still moving over Ted's cock and as he came, she did not stop her motion and continued to drain him of his cum, until he was utterly exhausted. She dismounted him and gave him her cunt to lick out, which he did with his tongue deep inside her.

I came in huge spurts just as Belinda and Pam yelled out excitedly that they had cum. And so the evening came to a fitting finale, with Ted experiencing our slut-maid and her sexual prowess, Julie and Ted left as very satisfied guests.

Elaine and Pam stayed overnight, with the promise that we would return the visit to them at their camp, in the not too distant future.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Field Trip

Written by KATE (April 2000)

It all started on a six-day field trip, in late spring, to study the geology of the Pre-Cambrian rocks in a unique forested region.
It was a beautiful spot and our camp came complete with cottages and full facilities, including inviting fireplaces. I was one of the two instructors looking after 12 students in their final year of school.

My colleague, and wife, was along as a chaperone because there were three young ladies in the group. Belinda, my better half, was a beautiful lady, admired by the students, especially the girls, for they saw her as a role model. Belinda had shiny black medium long hair, bright brown eyes, full lips and a figure that would set anyone's heart on fire, as well as bringing a swelling to any man's cock. We're both the same age, and enjoy sex to its fullest.

This brings me to the young ladies. All three were stunning in their different ways. Alberta was originally from Barbados and her ebony skin gave her a sultry appearance.
She was quite slim of build but her tits and her ass were eye-poppers. Even in the loose clothing worn on the field trip there was no denying her ample breasts and her solid rounded bottom could not be missed. If that wasn't enough, she had beautiful eyes and lips that would look erotic on any cock.

Colleen was the blonde in the group and I'd seen her when she competed at swimming for the school. On that day she wore the tightest of suits so that one needed little imagination to know what she had a underneath. She was a strong, fit, athletic type with solid tits, long sleek legs; you know the one's that lead up to a perfect pair of cunt lips.

Of course her ass was also well developed after all of that swimming. Jennie, the third girl in the group was the shortest and the plumpest of the three; but nevertheless she was also a very sexy young lady. Her eyes sparkled and she would last a long time at fucking.

It was the first night and we'd told the girls to check in with us in the main cabin at eleven o'clock, before going to bed. They did that and then I made sure that all the boys were firmly housed and told them to get to sleep. That took about a half hour and then I got back to Belinda and suggested that we'd better check on the girls, just to be safe. We didn't talk as we walked along the dark pathway to the girls cabin.

The cabins have an entranceway, a main room and two bedrooms. We had a pass key and entered the cabin quietly in case they were asleep; but we could her moaning coming from inside. I motioned to Belinda to be extra quiet and we both crept forward. The door to one of the bedrooms was ajar and we were startled and excited by what we saw. Alberta and Colleen had Jennie spread-eagled on the bed and they were obviously enjoying eating her cunt and sucking her tits.

Jennie was moaning and pleading for Alberta to stick her tongue in farther. Colleen, meanwhile, was playing with Alberta's clit and a really steamy sex scene was evolving.
Just then a noise must have interrupted them, for Jennie opened her eyes and saw us peeking through the open door; and she let out a gasp and jumped up. The other two tried to cover up and were obviously embarrassed by this unwanted intrusion.

"Oh, please Sir, please don't report us," said Alberta, almost in tears.
"We weren't doing any harm", stated Jennie, "don't tell my parents, I implore you"
"We'll do anything if you keep quiet about this, won't we girls?" asked Colleen.
There were nods all round.
"Anything, you'll do anything?" asked Belinda, noticing the bulge in my pants.
"Oh, yes Miss, we'll be cooperative, honest," replied Jennie, speaking for all three.
"Well", remarked Belinda, "you need to learn a lot about sex don't you?"
"Yes Miss", from all three.
"Then let's get started. You must learn to give a good blow job. You know what that is don't you?'
"Well sort of, Miss."

Calling Alberta over she told her to kneel down in front of me.
Of course, I knew what was about to happen and could hardly contain my joy. Then she told Alberta to unzip me and to take my cock out.
She did so and exposed my eight inch, thick, erect cock to the other girls. They gave little gasps as they saw it.

Belinda then commanded Alberta to suck it; but she was a little clumsy about it, so Belinda showed her how to lick from the balls, slowly up the underside of the shaft and then to tease the head. Alberta was a quick learner and she had my cock jumping with her tonguing. Then Belinda brought the other two over and let them lick my huge cock.
"Now for the next lesson," said Belinda
At this point she told them to get where they could see her and she slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth and began sucking on it. Each of them gave it a try and it was so sensuous and erotic to be sucked off by four different mouths. They stopped before I came; Belinda knew exactly how to treat me.

The next lesson was the climax for the night. Belinda asked them if they'd ever been fucked by a man's cock. They admitted that they had been fucked once or twice but only by a small cock. Colleen, already nude was told to lie on the bed where Belinda played with her clit and made sure that she was all juiced up.

The other girls were by now playing with their own pussies as they were really turned on by all of this sex. Belinda nodded to me and I approached Colleen with my cock straight out. I bent over her, teased her opening with my cock and then slowly plunged it into her tight, barely used, pink, beautiful cunt. She moaned and groaned as I slowly moved it inside her and then she appealed for me to fuck her hard.

"Fuck me Sir, fuck me hard," she yelled.
I drove into her and she bucked against me as my cock slid in and out enjoying the feeling of her tightness, warmth and wetness.
It did not take long for me to come with a huge amount of jism and Colleen came at the same time, moaning and groaning with pleasure. I withdrew my still hard moist cock. Belinda told the girls that there was one thing more to learn tonight.
Clean-up was important after sex. She told Alberta to clean me off with her mouth.

By this time Alberta needed no second invitation and she hungrily grabbed my cock and started licking off all the juices. Meanwhile, Jennie was given the pleasant task of eating Colleen's cunt and tasting my cum.
For good measure, Belinda made sure that Jennie's cunt was clean by getting a taste of her sweet, young pussy. When everyone was satisfied that there was no more to do, Belinda asked if they had enjoyed their lessons in sex. All three said they were overjoyed and thanked us for helping them and not telling about the earlier incident. Belinda promised them that there would be more lessons to come, if they wanted to be completely knowledgeable about sex. All three smiled and said they would look forward to tomorrow night.
Belinda and I returned to our cabin and had one of the best fucks of our life.

The second day was a gorgeous sunny, warm day and was spent looking for rock samples around the rock exposures and old mine wastes of the region.
The best part of the day was the lunch break, for we stopped at a small lake which had a nice sandy beach. There we had our picnic lunch and a refreshing bathe in the still cool waters of Bell Lake.
The air was more summery than spring like with the temperature at a balmy 80 degrees.

Of course, the girls had brought along their thong bikinis and they were dancing around in the shallow water splashing and shouting with joy. I couldn't help noticing that the cool sparkling water had made Alberta's nipples stand out from her very skimpy bikini top. The bikini was almost a see through white fabric and her black skin glistened from it. As a result the dark, hard, erect nipples stood out even more clearly. It was more than I could do to hide the bulge in my briefs. Belinda looked over at me and whispered:

'Now, now Rod, easy boy, you'll get your chance tonite.' Though my full name was Rodney, Belinda always called me Rod when I was sexually excited.
I just smiled and nodded and turned my attention to the other two girls, blonde Colleen and dark haired Jennie.
They were shivering a bit from the cool water but I could also tell that they were stimulated by the warm air, the freshness and the exhileration of the moment.

At one point they came rushing over to Belinda and me and bending over at the waist, so that we had a great view of their well formed breasts, they asked if they could stay a bit longer in the water. I told them another ten minutes should do it then we would have to get going. The turned, jiggled their cute asses and sped back to the water. Belinda and I just sighed and gave each other knowing looks.

I also noticed that Belinda was taking a keen interest in a couple of the boys who were more mature and were certainly well hung. I commented on her interest in Jeff and Josh - two athletic types and members of the football team. Belinda and I had never had any secrets from each other and had always promoted a liberal sexual experience.

Belinda gave me that coy, sweet smile and secretly rubbed herself under her towel to show her approval of Jeff and Josh and then reached over, without being seen, and gave my throbbing cock a squeeze.

It was not a tiring day but I certainly was excited at the thought of continuing the girl's education tonight and I had a hard time concealing my exuberance. However, it was still early, so I spent time talking with Elaine, the Director of the camp. As we were the only visitors she had time on her hands and was more than glad to chat.

Elaine was in her late thirties, a mature lady with a nice figure. Her light red hair accented her pale complexion and the soft lines of her face. She was wearing a green blouse, open at the top and tied at the waist, so that her ample tits and her cute navel were exposed.

Her cut away, blue-denim shorts did their best to expose her ass cheeks and accentuate the vee of her pussy. She had a beautiful smile and she was very aware of my interest in her assets.

We talked for a while about world events, the camp, problems - you know - general stuff. Then the talk got around to responsibility, and handling these teens. Soon we were commenting on their bodies, sex and the conversation began to get hotter.

She eyed my bulge and brushed against my arm with her hot tits. I shivered noticeably and gave a gutteral gasp.Then she invited me into her office for a coffee. I accepted, hoping that Elaine wanted more than coffee. Sure enough, once inside, she closed the door and we went into the back room where all the supplies are stored.

I put my arms around her waist, pulled her to me and finding no resistance, I kissed her long and deeply, our tongues swirling around and making us hotter. I quickly disrobed her and began sucking on her big tits and erect nipples. She moaned deeply and placed her hands on my cock, squeezing it longingly.

Next thing I know she is on her knees and my cock is in her mouth and she is giving me one of the best blow jobs ever. Her tongue and mouth worked magic on my pulsating cock and I was close to cumming. I pushed her on to the rug, ripped off her shorts and panties and slipped my rigid cock into her juicy, warm, moist, soft cunt.

It was a great fuck and we both came at the same time. It was only then that we heard the desk bell being rung, so Elaine jumped up, dressed quickly, leaving her wet panties behind, and went to attend to business. I took my time dressing and when the coast was clear, kissed her gently and went to find Belinda. Belinda could tell that something had gone on by the look on my face and by my sweaty appearance. She was excited when I told her what had happened and she proceeded to use her vibrator to bring herself to a climax.

After a hearty dinner, some ping-pong and a few board games, it was curfew time and I grew more eager by the minute. The group had gone to their cabins, so I checked on the boys to make sure that they were all there and told them to settle down and get to sleep.

Getting back to Belinda, we decided to give the girls a little more time to get settled before checking on them. Belinda could see my eagerness and gently told me to slow down as the wait would be well worth it. Once again, Belinda was in charge and when she thought the moment right she picked up her bag and said. 'Let's go'. She didn't say what she had in her bag but I could guess and that made me even more anxious to get to the girl's cabin.

The door was unlocked and they were obviously expecting us. They had a fire going tonight and they were dressed in the skimpiest of pj's. Alberta, who was fast becoming my favorite, was dressed in a powder blue, see-through top and shorts.

My cock sprang immediately to attention; and it was noticeable as it projected from my Adidas tearaways. Colleen, the blonde haired beauty had a black frilly outfit on and Jennie was clad only in bra and panties. Belinda commented that they seemed ready for bed; but they objected and asked her for more instruction.
With that, Alberta came forward and pulled off my pants to reveal a throbbing eight inches that she rapidly engulfed and I was enthralled by the erotic appearance of her large black lips around my shaft. Seeing that Belinda said that they should slow down and wait for her instruction.

She told them that sometimes when they wanted sex there wouldn't be any men around. They may be alone or with another woman. So for tonight she was going to teach them about treating themselves with sensuous actions. She realized that she couldn't leave me out so this is what she planned.

Belinda knew that Alberta was a great fuck so she had her kneel down and told me to place my cock in Alberta's now sopping wet cunt. I needed no further invite and grabbed Alberta's ass opened her pink cunt and slid my cock into her. She gasped and moaned as she pushed back to me. Belinda now strapped on her dildo and told Jennie that she was going to show her how great it was to be fucked by another woman.

Jennie's eyes opened wide at the size of the dildo; but Belinda assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of, once it was well lubed. Colleen was told to lie under Alberta so that Alberta could eat her cunt and Belinda then positioned Jennie ready for the strap on dildo. It was so amazing to see these three teens waiting for some of the greatest sex they'd ever experience.

Belinda said. 'Let the fun begin.'; and with that we all went to it.
My cock slurped in and out of Alberta's tight cunt; underneath her, Colleen was being licked frantically by Alberta and to the side Belinda had the dildo deeply in Jennie's now well juiced and hot cunt. Jennie was moaning and groaning, playing with Belinda's tits and yelling, 'Fuck me, fuck me, deeper, harder, Miss.'

Alberta, feeling my throbbing, thrusting cock sliding back and forth inside her was licking Colleen's clit so hard that Colleen was gasping and moaning with delight.
My movement became so fast and I knew that my cock was about to explode. Belinda had her eyes closed and was fucking Jennie with passion. Jennie looked like she was enjoying being fucked and would soon reach orgasm. Colleen was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples.

Suddenly I could feel that wonderful sensation of orgasm and being drained of my juices, so I pulled out and spurted a huge load of cum over Alberta's black, glistening backside.

With that the others yelled as they were overcome and we all lay on the rug in front of the fireplace, exhausted and spent. However, it was clean up time; and the girls knew what to do. Colleen demanded my cock and licked and sucked it clean until it was hard again. Belinda sucked Jennie's cunt juices off the dildo and Jennie licked my cum off Alberta's back before kissing her and letting her taste some of it. Belinda taught them all how to use the strap-on dildo and left it there as we departed back to our cabin wondering what more was to come.

The weather was lousy on the third day and after getting soaked to the skin in the Minnesota bush, Belinda and I decided to call it a day. We returned to the camp, much to the delight of the wet, tired students. It would give them a chance to rest up and recover from some busy days and nights!
They could also make some use of the hot tub during the afternoon.

Belinda and I returned to our cabin where we showered together. I soaped her all over and caressed and sucked her luscious tits while she played with my erect cock and fingered my anus with her wet, soapy fingers. At the same time I had three fingers of my right hand buried deep in her now, moist, pussy. We hoped that it would be a quiet afternoon as we towelled each other off. Belinda then lay on the rug by the fireplace slowly caressing her clit with her favorite silver vibe and looking as if she was in a trance. I put on my robe and went to answer the knock on the door.

It was Alberta who had come to ask a question about her daily report. I let her in and suddenly her hand went under my robe and found my limp cock.

'Sir', she pleaded, looking at me with those big brown eyes, 'I need you to fuck me!'
Well, as you can imagine, I was taken aback but escorted her into the main room where Belinda was now, legs wide apart, with the vibe inserted several inches into her cunt. Alberta looked and smiled as Belinda began to moan.
'Honey', Belinda started and looked up, seeing Alberta and me standing there.
'This young lady is becoming a bit of a slut - she wants me to fuck her!'
'Well, well', exclaimed Belinda, 'Do you want to be our slut, Alberta?'
'Yes miss... I want Sir to fuck me - I love being fucked by his beautiful strong cock.'
'Mmm, you know that if it happens, there's no turning back. You will be our little slut bitch and you will have to do as we say and command. Do you understand?'
"That's what I want Miss, I'll do anything for you and Sir.'

By now, of course, my cock was so hard and needed some relief, especially with this coming on top of the shower rub down. Belinda nodded to me, and I took Alberta by the hand and led her to our bedroom. Belinda followed and closed the door.

Belinda commanded Alberta to take off her jeans and sweater and to lie on the bed. She did so without complaint and then she was told to clean off the silver vibrator while Belinda slowly licked her cunt and twirled her experienced tongue over Alberta's pink clit. I sat there playing with my eight inch cock, enjoying the lesbian scene to the fullest. Alberta was told to lie on her stomach with her plump round ass in the air - a sight anyone would jerk off over.

With that Belinda called me over and told Alberta to suck my cock but slowly and then she proceeded to pull a large dildo from the drawer and shove it slowly into Alberta's waiting sweet cunt. I could tell Alberta was roused for she increased her action on my cock, tightening the grip with her soft lips. Belinda then told Alberta to stop sucking and I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth, the pre-cum clearly showing on the glans of my throbbing cock.
Without stopping the fucking motion of the dildo, Belinda leaned over and said,
'Have you ever been fucked in the ass?
'I didn't think so - but now your going to feel what it's like to have both holes filled!'

I moved around and moistened my cock with saliva and pushed gently against Alberta's puckered hole.
She resisted a little but I persisted and gradually she relaxed and I sank me cock deep inside her so that my balls rested against her sweet ass. I just sat there like that for a short time so she would get used to the feel of my thick cock in her tight anus. Belinda too, kept the dildo inactive.

Then we felt Alberta tighten and push and she pleaded with us to fuck her hard. She was becoming a wanton little slut and Belinda and I were excited by that. She nodded and we both thrust in at the same time. Alberta let out a loud groan as we speeded up our movement.

She was thrusting her ass back on my cock and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of that tight hole was so sensuous and erotic. There were a lot of slurping and swishing sounds as the dildo and my cock hammered away at Alberta's two sex holes. I knew I was close to cumming and my actions of deep thrusts and slapping balls were an indication of a near climax. Alberta had already cum at least twice and now she was on the verge again.

Just as I felt my cock about to explode, I pulled out and went to Alberta's front and ejaculated over her dazed looking face. Belinda pulled out the dildo and had Alberta suck it clean so she could taste her own sweet juices.
Then Belinda licked my cum off Alberta's face and neck and placed her lips on Alberta's mouth plunging in her tongue and making sure that Alberta had a substantial mouthful of cum. Meanwhile I was getting hard again and was ready to fuck Alberta; but this time in her willing, soft, warm, juicy cunt.

So I turned her over onto her back lifted her legs vertical and slipped my cock easily into her welcoming vagina. She yelled. 'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, Sir'; and I obliged with deep, squelching thrusts as she rose to meet me.

Belinda meanwhile straddled Alberta's face and placed her sopping cunt against Alberta's mouth where the young slut lapped eagerly at Belinda's sweet, juicy, pink cunt. It didn't take long for me to climax a second time and I had Alberta suck off and clean my cock. Belinda and I could tell that though Alberta was spent, she had a glow about her that indicated that she was well satisfied. Belinda told Alberta it was time to get cleaned up and not to tell anyone about this sexual secret.

She and our young slut went to the bathroom and Alberta came out with a wicked smile on her face. I wondered what Belinda had cooked up with her.
Of course, Belinda said, 'Wait and see tonight'.

That would be hard to do; but I was excited and could not wait to check the girl's cabin at curfew.

As I thought back to the afternoon threesome, I couldn't help but think how lucky we were to have Alberta as our young slut bitch. She
was oozing sex and wanted to try any aspect that made her very sensuous and exciting. But, there was also another thought playing around in my mind and it had to do with my job at Franklin High. If all of this got out it was curtains for both Belinda and me. There was no turning back now and what the hell there was any number of other states where we could work. We had made sure that the boys were firmly housed in their cabins and Belinda had already got dressed and was ready to go when I returned. She was rather mysterious - dressed in a long raincoat and with her bag by her side.
'Well, Rod', she said in her sexiest, sultry voice, 'are you ready to play?'
'But remember', she replied to my nod. 'you must go along with what I've planned. O.K.?'
I knew Belinda well and whatever she had organized had to be worth it, so I had no complaint. We left the cabin and walked the short distance to the girl's cabin. I was flushed with anticipation as we walked along; and my expectations were soon to be realized.

As we entered the cabin, it was like walking into an erotic fantasy world. Jennie leaned on the bookcase and she looked stunning. She was naked except for a short sweater around her waste and a pair of long black stockings that came half way up her thighs. Her pubes peeked out from under the sleeves of the sweater that hung loosely down. I noticed that her bush had been neatly trimmed.

Her lips were a lovely color, a tangerine lip-gloss had been applied and her hair hung loosely over her soft, white shoulders. Her perky breasts, with erect nipples, and distinct aureola, presented a delectable picture. I wanted to fuck her so much. Alberta sat on the sofa with a large dildo gently resting against two shiny, kissable lips.

She smiled wickedly at me and I wondered what she had in mind. She was wearing a pair of white tights and she had obviously cut away the crotch, because her black pubic hairs and the pink cunt that I had loved fucking earlier that day, peered out at me.
To complete the fashion, she had on a denim shirt, completely open to expose her gorgeous black tits. Colleen, on the other hand, was wearing high heels, stockings and a garter black belt, so that her white, soft, rounded ass was exposed at the back; but her blonde cunt was covered by a maid's apron. Her tits were held in a frilly bra with the centers cut out to show erect pink nipples.

The girls had been busy with their outfits; but I knew that Belinda and Alberta were the two who had schemed to present this erotic scene. My cock was bulging in my pants and was near bursting.

During the time I had to take in this scene, Belinda had taken off her raincoat to expose her outfit. She was dressed immaculately in a long skirt with a blue shirt, unbuttoned slightly at the top. Belinda had done her long hair up and she looked very sophisticated.

She smiled and told the girls how important it was to be entertainers and to keep sex varied and interesting for both themselves and the recipient. I hoped that she meant me, when it came to the recipient. But what was more important was the entertainment planned. Belinda and Colleen talked for a few moments and then the stereo was turned on and the slow beat of music softly entered the scene.

Belinda sat on a chair and her maid, Colleen, walked over behind her and slowly released her hair and it fell over her shoulders. Erotically, Colleen began to brush it and Belinda closed her eyes. Following that Colleen went around and undid the buttons on Belinda's shirt and Belinda turned around to face us. Her tits were held in the tiniest of bikini bras with the cleavage fully exposed. Both Alberta and Jennie clapped to see this. Next Belinda stood up and Colleen kneeled before her and very, very slowly began to unbutton the skirt from the back.

Once she had it done she came around front and undid the belt allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. Belinda stepped out to show a pair of frilly white panties. Sitting down on the chair, Colleen once again brushed Belinda's hair and then stopped to undo the bra clasp but she didn't pull the bra away - it just hung there on Belinda's breasts. Belinda stood and Colleen kneeled down to pull down her panties, placing a gentle kiss on Belinda's pussy as she did so. Then standing behind Belinda, Colleen took the bra and gently removed it to expose Belinda's firm round tits. At the same time, Colleen reached around and grasped a tit in each hand and pressed down on them caressing each nipple.

The other two girls could not contain their excitement and I noticed them playing with their moist cunts. Next it was Belinda's turn. She sat Colleen down and reached around to squeeze her exposed nipples, then unclasped the bra and let it fall to the ground. Next, Belinda undid the maid's apron and that exposed Colleen's pussy. Colleen was excited and aroused for her cunt hairs had drops of her juices on them. Belinda kneeled down and licked them off and then stood up and they both kissed longingly and deep. Alberta and Jennie applauded the end of a sensuous, erotic and sex filled act.

I began to wonder what they had in mind.

First Alberta came forward and began a very seductive dance in front of me all the time running her tongue over and around the dildo that she carried. Then Jennie reached around Alberta and pulled off the denim shirt to show two perfectly rounded tits. While Jennie caressed her tits and played with her nipples, Alberta began erotically gyrating and placing the dildo into her cunt.

Not all the way but teasingly a few inches and then pulling it out. She then turned to Jennie and offered her mouth the dildo and Jennie placed her tangerine lips over it sucking hungrily at the taste of Alberta. After she was done and the dildo was well juiced, Alberta placed Jennie on her knees and to the rhythm of the music, fitted the strap-on dildo around herself and placed the dildo into Jennie's receptive cunt. Jennie loved the fuck job and played with her clit as the dildo was rammed in and out of her juicy, moist cunt. As Jennie reached orgasm, the show ended to applause and compliments from all of us.

Belinda realized that I had been left out and noticed my raging hard on, so she told the girls that it was time to entertain. Jennie took my hand and she placed herself on the bed and told me to fuck her. She held her cunt up for me and I entered her with ease. Meanwhile, Colleen straddled Jennie's face for some great cunt licking and Belinda lay under Colleen so that she could have her pussy licked and tongued. But where was Alberta? I managed to glance around and I saw her with the strap on dildo placing it at the entrance to my anus. Now she would be the master! But the sight in front of me was fantastic.

Both Jennie and Colleen were slurping furiously at the cunts and I then began pumping away at Jennie's pussy. Alberta slowly thrust the dildo into my ass and then to my fuck rhythm in Jennie, she began to fuck me and occasionally slapped my ass, as if to say, get a move on. Jennie was right over the edge and was moaning and uttering purring sounds as she ate Colleen and was fucked deeply, fast and hard by me. Belinda was moaning and sighing and obviously enjoying the way Colleen lapped her cunt and Alberta was vigorously fucking me from behind. Me? I was feeling no pain and I quickly shot my load into Jennie's tight soft, cunt.

Afterwards, we just lay there, exhausted; but delighting in the whole sexy action. After the usual clean up. Belinda and I walked back and even had the energy to have one of the best fucks of our marriage before falling asleep, and wondering what tomorrow would bring......

It was difficult keeping track of the days; but this trip to the Minnesota bush was proving more interesting by the hour and I never expected a group of students, especially the three girls, Colleen, Jennie and our little slut, Alberta, to be so sexually thirsty.

Though the education component of this geology course had some significance, it was the sexual interludes that had created most interest. Today, the fourth day of the six-day trip, was over by about 3:00 pm and it gave me the chance to travel to the local town to pick up some film and toiletries. I took my time, knowing that Belinda was more than capable of looking after things at the camp.
Elaine, the Camp Director would also be there to help out, if needed. So I loitered in town, had a beer at the local bar and then headed back to Camp Lookout.

A number of the boys were out tossing a football and generally having a good time. I made my way to our cabin and noticed the door was open. Inside there were sounds of moans and groans, so I remained quiet and went in the direction of the sexy sounding noises. Remaining silent I peered into the room and my cock immediately sprang to attention.

There on the bed was Belinda, completely nude, her legs spread wide with Josh pounding away at her cunt. She was moving in response to the deep penetration that Josh was intent on maintaining. His ass was moving high before descending and plunging his rather large young cock into her pussy. At the other end, Belinda had her mouth firmly around the uncut cock of Jeff. He was in a trance and was moaning as her experienced tongue came into play and she deep throated him sensually.

In minutes, the two boys came simultaneously, with a shudder and spurting cum. Josh had pulled out of Belinda's slurping, dripping, wide-open, moist cunt and sprayed his huge amount of cum all over her stomach. Josh had sprayed his cum load into Belinda's mouth.
She swallowed as much as she could, but these young stallions had loads of cum and some of Josh's trickled out of Belinda's mouth and down her chin. With that, I entered and the boys were surprised to see me.
'Ssssir', they stuttered.
I told them that they had a lot of explaining to do; but that would be after they had cleaned up my wife.
I told Josh to clean up Jeff's facial artistry and Jeff to lick the cum from Belinda's cunt and stomach.
They didn't look too happy; but since they'd been caught red-cocked, as it were, they knew that they had no choice. It was exciting to watch them and Belinda.

She was particularly turned on by having two strong teens lick up the cum and she pulled Josh toward her and deeply kissed and tongued him, just to make the job easier to bear.
Jeff was enjoying the smell and taste of Belinda's sweet pussy and he slurped away hungrily.

As they were doing that, I had my cock out, stroking it, for these boys weren't finished yet. They figured they were done and they looked around to see me with my erect eight-inch cock, dripping pre-cum. I told them that their work was not yet finished and they were to pay for fucking my wife.
All they could say was, 'Sorry, yes Sir'.
They both stood there, heads bowed and their cocks limp and dripping cum.

In a way they looked pathetic; but I knew that they would soon rebound. Josh was the more macho of the two. He had long, dark, curly black hair and a hairy chest
. His deep brown eyes smoldered with passion; and his athletic physique and strong seven-inch cock must have really brought Belinda to a great climax.

Jeff was taller, thinner, less hairy and his straight blonde hair usually hung down in an unkempt state over his forehead. He was more of an intellectual; but I'm sure that Belinda had enjoyed his, more rare, uncut seven and a half inch, thick cock.

I told Josh, the one who had been fucking my wife, so vigorously, to kneel down in front of me and Jeff was to stand in front of Josh's face. I spit on my cock, made it good and wet, and placed it on Josh's ass crack and moved it around slightly. He turned his head and his eyes were almost popping out. I assured him that everything would be fine as long as he did what he was told. He didn't look convinced.

But I continued to push and gradually his muscles responded and began to grip my cock as it went deeper into his ass. He was really tight, obviously a virgin. So he'd remember his indiscretion this day. I told Jeff to place his cock on Josh's mouth and the latter opened it and started sucking away, just like he was supposed to do. Belinda was smiling at this exotic three-way scene and offering advice.

'Suck longer and deeper, Josh. Push back when Rod pushes his cock into you'
Belinda meanwhile had gone down and had Josh's cock in her mouth and he and she were cock sucking with passion.
And so, Josh was educated in the ways and excitement of four way, mostly male, sex.
I did not slow down because I was feeling really horny after the three way sex I'd observed them having with my wife. My cock now moved easily in and out of his anus and Josh was really sucking Jeff and enjoying it. I plunged into his ass and he held me tight. He pushed hard against my insertions and my cock was throbbing with the eroticism of all this.
Soon I was bursting and ready to spray my load inside his ass. I moaned and Josh groaned and Jeff yelled as we came together in a mass of cum.

There was no clean-up this time and I let the boys get dresses and leave, reminding them that they keep quiet about this escapade or I would get them expelled for sexually exploiting Belinda.

After they had gone, Belinda explained why they were having sex with her. Apparently, she thought that when I was in town she should check the cabins. On entering the girls' cabin she had found Jennie and Colleen sucking the cocks of Jeff and Josh. Alberta was in a different room, just playing with her clit.
So, Belinda had stopped the activities and sent the boys packing telling them that she would discipline them later. She had gone back to our cabin, turned on by the cock sucking, undressed, except for panties and bra and began slowly caressing her slit through her panties.

She thought that the knock on the door was me, so she didn't bother to put on her robe. At the door were Jeff and Josh, eyes all agog at seeing Belinda's tits semi exposed and a touch of hair showing through her panties.

She was just as surprised to see them but asked them in. She sat on the couch and they just stood there beginning to apologize for what Belinda had seen and pleading that she wouldn't tell me or to the school principal. Belinda had no intention of reporting them and she noticed the distinctive bulge in their shorts and commented on their desire for sex. As a punishment, she made them unzip each other, jerk off their cocks and then slowly cock suck each other. She noticed how turned on they were and asked if they had ever fucked and been cock-sucked by a mature woman.

They hadn't, so Belinda took advantage of their innocence, and guilt, to extend their punishment, and at the same time teach them what to do. She had them first take off her bra and suck on each nipple, Josh to the right, Jeff to the left.
As they did that she grasped both cocks and jerked away. Next she had them strip her of her panties, carry her to the bed and begin to lick and suck her clit and nipples. From there it was easy to get them into fucking her and she into sucking the remaining cock. Obviously, Belinda had enjoyed the feast.

Belinda said that there were plans for tonight. She had invited Elaine, the camp Director and Alberta, our delicious slut bitch over after dinner.

She said that she continued to extend Alberta's training as our obedient slut.........

...........There was a knock on the door and we knew that it had to be Elaine, for Alberta had come earlier so that Belinda could get her ready. It was right on seven o'clock and Elaine, we had already found out, was a stickler for being on time. I went to the door and she stood there, looking absolutely stunning, dressed in a low cut orange colored silk blouse which displayed her soft well-rounded breasts and a black leather mini skirt, slit up the sides to expose a glimpse of her orange panties and slinky upper thighs.

We kissed briefly and I escorted her into the main room. There we introduced her to our sensual young slut, Alberta. Belinda had done a remarkable job in presenting Alberta's sexy, erotic physique.
Alberta was dressed as a young maid; but in a most sensual manner. Covering her torso, she wore a black, velvet vest, with the top three buttons undone to expose the tops of her tits and a tantalizing cleavage. It was obvious that she was not wearing bra and she didn't need to because her firm, ripe, rounded tits needed no artificial support.

Around her waist was tied a white apron and under it she wore the shortest of black skirts accentuating her very long legs. I was sure that she would not be wearing panties; but she did have on a pair of stockings and the garter belt was obvious. Alberta's high heels finished of the outfit. But what was also delightful was the way her hair had been tied up on top with a lacy ribbon so the curve of her neck was clearly displayed.

Elaine was obviously very thrilled when she saw our slut maid and commented on how beautiful she was and how sexy she looked and, as an aside, whispered to us how lucky some guy would be to fuck her. Alberta blushed a little with all the attention, until Belinda ordered her to get us all drinks.

We sat Elaine on the couch with Belinda and that was right opposite the low table that contained the liquor bottles. Alberta swayed over to the table, bent over and began to get the drinks. Elaine gave an audible gasp because she was strategically placed to see that when Alberta bent over, Alberta's skirt rose up to expose her ass cheeks and the hair of her cunt was clearly visible. Belinda smiled and patted Elaine on the arm commented on how lucky we were to have our young slut waiting on us tonight. I knew that Elaine would love to get her lips on Alberta's succulent young cunt. And I bet that Alberta would like to return the favor.

Alberta served us our drinks and then she prepared to serve us our dinner. The meal had been cooked earlier, by Belinda and Alberta. As the meal progressed, the room heated up and Belinda noticed that Alberta was sweating quite a bit so she ordered her to take off the black, velvet vest. Alberta obeyed without a murmur and exposed two of the most suckable, gorgeous tits imaginable.

They were both well rounded, free standing and with the largest erect nipples. My cock was in desperate need of attention and it created a huge bulge in my pants. Elaine uttered something like 'Wow, wonderful' and Belinda asked Elaine if she would like to place her hands on Alberta's fine tits.
Of course she nodded in the affirmative and Alberta, like the good, young slut she was becoming, walked over and stood still while Elaine fondled and squeezed her nipples and gently kissed both orbs. It was easy to see that Alberta was becoming aroused by the interest.

As Alberta passed by Belinda, the latter dropped her knife and told our slut to pick it up. Alberta bent over and Belinda reached under her skirt and commented on how wet Alberta was.

'You just can't wait for a good fuck can you, Alberta, you've been bad haven't you and you've been playing with your cunt in the kitchen?'
'Yes Miss'. replied Alberta in the demure fashion to which she had been trained.

'Well, fetch me the wooden kitchen spoon right away'

Off Alberta hurried and came back with the spoon. Belinda ordered her to lay across Elaine's lap and asked Elaine to raise Alberta's skirt to expose her ass. Elaine did so, at the same time running her hand and fingers up Alberta's ass crack.

Alberta shuddered at the sensation. Belinda then proceeded to slap Alberta's bare rump with the wooden spoon, causing our slut to whimper and promise not to finger herself again.

With that, the meal continued and Elaine discovered that there was a very special dessert. Out of the kitchen walked Alberta, her tits covered in cream and her cunt with honey.
She was nude and a delicious sight. Elaine would never have had a sweet meat like this.
Alberta approached the table, now cleared, except for the cloth and lay down on it, her cream laden tits projecting into the air.

Belinda gave our guest first choice and as I expected she went for the honey. Alberta opened her legs wide so that Elaine could lick of all the honey and get to the real sweetness - her juicy, receptive cunt.

Belinda and I went to work on Alberta's tits and we managed to lick each other's tongues at the same time. Elaine was passionately tonguing and licking Alberta's cunt and our slut was enjoying every moment.

Once we'd licked her tits clean, I unzipped my pulsing eight inch cock and presented it to Alberta's mouth. She hungrily consumed it and had in this short span of time become an expert cock sucker.

Belinda, not to be outdone, reached behind Elaine and pulled her panties down and hungrily licked her ass and cunt.
Before getting any closer to cumming, I changed places with Belinda and rammed my cock into Elaine's sopping hot cunt and proceeded to give her the fuck of her life while she moaned and groaned still deep tonguing Alberta. Alberta had cum at least twice and now was on the verge of a third orgasm as she sucked Belinda and was being eaten be Elaine.

I was ready to explode and in seconds my cock erupted with a mass of cum, just as Elaine bucked with her orgasm. Belinda was also brought to a fulfilling climax by Alberta's expert cunt and clit licking.

Alberta knew what to do next. First she engulfed my cock and licked off all the cum. Then she went over to Elaine and licked out her cunt cleaning as much of my cum out of it as far as her tongue would go.

Our slut was a fast learner and she had certainly pleased us tonite. This would be our final interlude before returning from the field trip; but we were determined to keep in touch with Elaine; and we had interesting plans for our slut bitch.

She would be a major feature of our dinner parties later this year.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When 7 Years Seems Too Much

Written by Anthony (April 2000)

My wife and me have been together 7 years and after our first child sex stopped. I mean stopped. I was at the end of my tether. Why had this sexy woman stopped wanting to make love to me.
We still had the vibrators in the wardrobe that we used to use and the videos and creams. I know women reading this are going to say she was exhausted with looking after our kid. Sorry not true - our lad slept through the night. From the time I arrived home each day, because my wife cannot stand the smell of vomit, I dealt with the clearing up and washing.

So image my surprise, I am a bloke so therefore stupid, when my wife Pam arrived home one night worse for the drink.
I went upstairs assuming she would be OK but I found her lying on top of the duvet wearing a G-string and nothing else.
I was excited beyond belief and became rigid immediately, she then said 'lets see him', so being a gentleman I undressed immediately. Then I was thrown the surprise handcuffs.
I stood there uncertainly, but was soon told what to do
'handcuff me and you have 2 hours to use my body'.
I could only obey so I handcuffed her hands in front of her body and started giving orders.

First it was about time you suck my cock, I stood waiting and she got of the bed and crawl towards me saying 'Please can I suck your cock I want to please' then a pause 'Sir'.
I said yes.
She gave me a blow job to remember and I was stopping her when she said 'come please come. I am your slut and I want cum'
I obliged and she made the cum shot better than any film (she had never had anyone come in her mouth or even over her tits.)

I rested on the bed and she stayed on the floor. I asked 'what are you doing.' The reply was I hadn't told her what to do yet. I could not believe it, so I push the limits even further. 'Get the dildos down.'
She got the dildos out and put the batteries (she had bought) in.
I explained I was having a rest and she should perform.

She slowly pushed the 8 inch dildo into her cunt and moved it around taking it all. I asked what was she doing with the other one.
'Sticking it up my ass' came the reply.
Why I haven't been able to fuck you up the ass except once in 7 years.
'Well you will after I stretched and oiled it enough'.
She worked them in and out stretching and getting wetter.

'Time for you to take charge' I hear so I do leaving the dildo in her cunt I remove the one from her ass and stick my cock in her ass.
She complains it hurts so I give her a playful smack.
'I am sorry smack me more'.
Fuck I was in dreamland, so I do. I smack her ass and tell her to ask for more smacks and more of my cock in her ass.

She moves like never before I smack her she says sorry and rams her cunt with the dildo and thrusts against my cock. I want more. Frig your clit and she does. I am about to come and I tell her. She says pull out and I come over her ass. I come hard and spray her ass and back.

This has to be it I think but no she then says we can do this as many nights as possible.
I say what to do next and she reels of the following list

Piss on her clit while she wanks
Video tape her sucking my cock
Blindfold her
Shave her cunt
Cum up her ass while she has 2 dildos in her cunt

Do anything as long as she is wearing handcuffs anything I wanted.
I stop and think her best mate Sam is coming up for the weekend.
I suggest we get Sam pissed and both have a go.

She agrees as long as her and Sam go out first and she clears it. I agree like the chance to shag 2 women at once I was going to turn down.

The wait, 2 whole days is difficult but I pass the time by talking Pam through what would happen as she wants to play both nights (for interest see items 1 and 3).

Sam arrives and they go out and do not arrive home until 11.30 they are both pissed or so I thought.
Sam says she needs the toilet and staggers upstairs. I offer to help but am told to wait 2 minutes and then come up.
So I wait with my cock dripping before I slowly walk upstairs, the bathroom door is open and I can hear pissing sounds.

I walk in and Sam is lying in the bath in her underwear and stockings with Pam pissing up and down her body.
Sam has 3 fingers in her pussy telling Pam to piss directly on her clit.
I walk over and get Pam into the same state of undress and frig her clit as she pisses.

Sam comes very hard and tells us so. Then she demands to piss on Pam with me at the same time.
Pam says no she wants to be fucked first so she kneels up in the bath turns to Sam and demands she sucks her arse so I can fuck it.

Sam obligies and goes for it tongue right up there rimming away first 1 finger then 2. I dip my cock in Sam's pussy while she doing this which get her going more, she then demands to suck Pam's pussy while I am fucking her arse.

This is dreamland I cannot believe it but Pam says yes and begs for cock up her arse.
I get into the bath and everything is loose I slip up her arse straight away and then I feel Sam hair brush my balls as she sucks Pam's pussy.
I thrust in and out rougher than usual to be told harder. Sam says she know Pam is coming and I should come up her arse.

Well she was right Pam cramped clasping my cock as I pumped spunk up her arse. Sam said wait don't pullout until she was out of the way. She was right what a mess Pam had spunk flowing out of her arse down her legs. Sam says clean up time and proceeded to clean us up.

Now for the serious fun I get told, what that wasn't. No way by the time we stopped in a couple of hours I was promised I could fuck all 6 holes on offer and in between I would be treated to dildos sucking and spanking.
God I suddenly believed in one for once. Sam started as soon as we got into the bedroom finger fucking Pam while sucking my cock then demanding someone fucked her pussy.

I was too slow Pam dives straight in tongue lapping with 3 fingers ramming in and out. I thought I better sit back so my cock could get really hard, as soon as I move 69 fingers in pussies.

Then Pam says arse fucking time again I move towards her and she said not mine hers.
Sam says no she wants a cock in her pussy Pam goes later for now you will do as you are told.
Sam goes to open her mouth smack Pam whacks her arse very hard and tells her to shut up and do as she is told.

Pam then gets the handcuffs and tells Sam to kneel up so she can cuff her to the bed. Sam does not argue -I would'nt have.
So there is this beautiful arse with a big red hand mark waiting to be fucked.

I wait until Pam gets the KY and really works on the tight little hole. She ends up with 3 fingers going in and out and then sticks a dildo up her pussy.
Then she turns around and tells me to fuck the arse good and watch Sam suck her pussy while I did.
I starting to come again so I say 'where am I to come'. Pam says to come over her arse then the dirty little bitch can lick it clean.

Sam lifts her mouth covered in Pam juice to smile and say yes please. I pull out of her arse and wank all over Pam arse. I am amazed at the amount of spunk I produce. Her rosehole and cheeks are covered.
Then straight away Sam starts licking Pam's arse clean, she really goes for it with Pam encouragement tongue being thrust in and out of the hole.

I sit back and let them go for it. Soon they are 69ing with fingers plunging in and out of pussies and arses. They must have been at it for 15 minutes because my cock is hard again. Pam notices my hard on and suggests I fuck Sam in her pussy.

I stick my cock into Sam's pussy and can hardly feel it. Pam gets Sam to pull her legs upto her tits to make herself tighter, that works so I start really fucking her. I can feel Pam tickling my balls and fingering Sam arse.

I want to come again and fancy spraying their faces so I pull out of Sam pussy and tell them to finish me of with their mouths. They both eagerly suck my cock French kissing each other as they do.
I start to come and they grab a mouthful each then proceed to direct the come over their faces. I collapse back onto the bed virtually asleep.

They are both still horny and proceed to fuck each other with dildos up their arses and pussies.
I fall asleep with the wonderful image of Pam with dildos back and front finger fucking her mate while licking her clit.

I wake up the next morning Sam has gone and Pam says it was a good night and was I available the following Friday.

You will be surprised to hear I said YES!