Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pleasing Katrina (Part 2)

by Dangermouse

She awoke to the sound of a beautiful day coming through the barred window of her luxury prison, she was unafraid.
He came in and led her to the large bathroom, for her morning routines.
He brought her a lovely breakfast and sat next to her as she ate, filling her glass when it went dry, and catering to her every need.
After her coffee, he grinned.

"Ready for lesson two?".

Katrina smiled in spite of herself , rose in front of him and bowed her head.
The shower in the bathroom was the most glorious thing she had ever seen.
He slipped the nightgown off of her and led her inside.
She noticed the eyelets in the white tile walls, as the small clasps from her wrist restraints were connected to them first one then the other.
Katrina was starring at several showerheads surrounding her, as he gently guided her ankles into like restraints at the base of the shower.

She stood open to all, spread wide and ready for her morning adventure.
The water was pre-heated as the showerheads sprang to life.
Her body cascaded in the shimmering spray of the mist. awakening every pore and nerve.
He stepped inside, naked and smiling.
His only words were "My sweet Love".

He soaped up her body, letting the freshness of the moment linger on her.
She lightly struggled as his fingers massaged her body, she felt the sweat and tension run off of her, as the water trickled down her legs.
He slowly ran his hands down her back, scratching as he went, following every scratch with his tongue as if benediction.
Her head fell back as he nibbled on her shoulders, his hands gliding around her to massage her belly and softly caress each breast, where only the faintest lines could be seen from their past bindings, which had the delicious effect of leaving her nipples just as sensitive as they had been the day before.
Ungagged she cooed her approval.
His soft moans where all she could hear above the rush of the water.

He took a hand held shower messager and proceeded to run it all over her closely.
Her body shook as tiny waves of pleasure wafted over her.
He ran it down her back, lingering on each muscle group. Never had she been more relaxed.
Lower and lower he went down her back.
She was sighing peacefully as the streams of pulsating water touched her rear, the rippling of her firm cheeks betraying the pleasure that overcame her.

He parted her cheeks and ran the water directly on her inner area.
She had never felt anything quite like it before.
She saw the messager drop to the shower floor between her legs as his tongue slowly ran between her rear.
Teasing gently with small licks an area of pleasure she had never had stimulated before.

She was gasping loudly and tugging at her bonds.
His lickings were driving her mad with a feeling like none she had ever imagined.
It was a bliss like none other.
She felt his fingers replace his tongue as with one hand he deftly shut the water off.
His fingers never leaving her rear, occasionally reaching under to give her clit a small tease as if reassurance.

Her lover unshackled her wrist from the walls and Katrina had a noticeable pout as she thought her lesson was finished.
It was not to be.
Before she could protest he bent her over and re-attached her wrists to her ankles, bending her over and leaving her most sensitive areas helpless to his erotic pleasures.
She became nervous and struggled as it dawned on her what was to happen.
He chuckled at her predicament. "Please no!" she protested.
But he calmly stepped out of the shower and returned with scented oils.
She was struggling for all she was worth.

She had heard that things like that were painfull and horrible.
"please don't! I beg you!" She pleaded.
But her pleas were cut short by a gag and a sturdy blindfold, cutting off all other sensations but for feelings.

"My sweet Katrina, I told you I would kill myself before I would ever harm you in any way.
You must believe that.
I will not lie to you, But you must learn about all the pleasures your beautiful body has to offer".
He sounded so gentle and sincere that she gave up her struggles and resigned herself to her lesson.

The oil was warm as it flowed across her back.
His hands working it into every pore and massaging her back and shoulders as she stood bent over awaiting the enevitable.
His strong hands worked lower and lower, the sweet smells of the oils reminded her of lilacs in summer, as she felt his fingers work closer to her most private area yet.
She felt the oils trickle around her rear, the sensation was more delicious than she could have imagined, and she felt her body relax to the moment as his fingers teased and massaged her in a place no other lover had ever experienced.

The pressure of his hard cock against her rear was almost orgasmic in itself.
She was sure it would hurt but the feelings were anything but pain, as his cock slipped into her.
She threw her head back as her body, bereft of all sight and sound, surrendered to the magic of touch.

He grasped her hips and slid deeper into her, she felt his balls rest against her pussy, softly brushing her clit as he slowly pumped with a rhythmic motion, and an agonizing pace that was driving her mad with desire.
He reached around and toyed with her nipples, as her first orgasm rushed to her brain, making her bound naked body stiffen from the passion.

Faster and faster her lover moved.
Each inward thrust bringing with it a sensation of a deeper bliss than the first.
Her legs were growing weak from the moment and she could feel his strong arms holding her erect as his thrustings increased in tempo.
She was pulling madly at her restraints wanting to fling herself around to him and fuck him like there was no tomorrow, when she felt her rear tense and her mind exploded in the most exotic orgasm she had ever felt.
It was indescribable from any she had known.
She felt him cumming deep inside her, his warm load filling her as her body went limp.
Her mind reeling, her legs like jelly, her rear tingling and satisfied.

She was aware of the lesson.
He had yet to enter her pussy, and had brought to her another awakening of a new and very different pleasure.
She was learning so much about herself.
It was a re-birth of her body and soul.
Much like her lover was keeping her prisoner, she too had kept the erotic girl inside her a virtual prisoner as well.
Never allowing the feelings inside herself the freedoms of the total pleasures her body had to offer, and the real gifts that God had given her for enjoyment.

The days drifted into one another, as lesson after lesson was learned and enjoyed.
She grew to know the feathers well.
The soft teasings of the vibrator became like an old friend coming to visit, and was looked forward to and well received.
Many nights she would be bound in leather, spread eagled while her lover licked her wet pussy.

Falling asleep from the exhaustion of too many orgasms to count anymore.
Through it all he was never mean or evil.
Katrina had become whole.
She delighted in the sensations of being bound and at her lovers whims.
To have no excuse but to enjoy herself.
It was as though being bound she could rationalize letting go of her emotions by the knowledge that she had no other choice but to Love the feelings.
Yet through all this time he had not fucked her.
She did not know why, but knew the answer would come to her someday.
Katrina had learned patience.

She awoke that morning chained as usual to her bedpost.
Katrina had learned the joys of touching herself many days before, when he made her tease and caress herself to many orgasms with her own fingers.
That was an awakening as well.
He taught her that her body was "her" personal gift as well as her lovers, and never would she be longing for another to give her pleasure as long as she had herself and her memories.

This morning was like many others as she absentmindedly caressed her legs, slowly bringing her hands up to her belly.
Enjoying the soft scratches, the aromas of her wetness, and even the taste of herself, as she slowly brought her finger to her mouth seductively.
"Yes" she thought "it will be a good day."
Little did she know how special the day would be.
Today was to be her graduation.

Her lover spent the day just talking to her, getting to know better and deeper the girl who was Katrina.
She willingly told him her most intimate secrets and desires.
Her wants and her needs.
She smiled as approval shown in his face.
All the while she was his captive he had kept his word.
She was never for want of anything.
He had never harmed her, and even when he did things to her under her protests they were all gratefully welcomed after they were performed.

"We must get you ready my love" He said.
She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes contentedly as he restrained her.
He propped a pillow under her head so she could see between her breasts.
Her Lover looked at her and grinned slyly.
He wheeled a small serving tray over to the bedside where upon it was a basin and a mug with a brush.
Katrina could almost read his mind as he lathered up the shaving soap.

Her back arced as the brush lathered up her beautiful pubic mound.
The wetness of the soap combining with her own wetness, like a fine recipe.
She tested her restraints but already knew they were secure.
She softly sighed as the razor worked upon her bush.
Enjoying the sensations as slowly she felt his breaths upon her now naked wetness.

She could feel the excitement growing as he rubbed a hot towel gently around her shaved pussy.
Cleaning it perfectly and letting the breeze from the open window tease her to a new height.
He replaced the towel with his mouth.
She felt his mustache against her shaven mound for the first time and almost came.
His tongue ran along her naked pussy, igniting fires inside her and making her squirm in her bonds.
Thus the day went as the light coming through the window was soon replaced by the blackness of night.

She was blindfolded and gagged again as he led her from her room.
They walked the hallway they had walked together so many times before.
Katrina knew where they were going.
They would soon be back in the mirrored "playroom" where her adventure had started a month before.
She made tiny steps as she listed to the chains from her restraints drag along the floor.
Her arms bound behind her back, making her breasts thrust forward seductively and open to his every caress.

She heard the heavy door open once more and stepped into the room.
She smelled the familiar smell of the perfumed candles, and anxiously awaited the pleasures that would be coming so very soon.
She was seated in a wooden chair and bound to it in a fashion that left her legs spread wide.
Her ankles chained to her wrists in the back.
He slowly pulled her head back and connected a small chain from her collar to the back of the chair.
Katrinas breasts were forced forward as she faced the ceiling.
She tried to move but was held immobile.
Yet she did not feel any fear.
She knew her lover well now.

He removed her blindfold and on the ceiling he had stretched a banner that read "Happy Graduation Day".
She tried to smile and talk to him but the gag was firm.

"My love today there will not be a lesson, today will be for pleasure alone. Today we will celebrate!" He said as she heard him wrestling with the cork from a champagne bottle.
In a moment she saw the cork fly over her, and the unmistakable sound of two glasses being filled.
She wondered when she would sip the cool treat.

Strangely she heard another bottle being uncorked.
"Do you like red wine my love? If not I know you will soon!" he chuckled.
Her body strained at her bonds as his hands ran down her shoulders. past her breasts, pausing only long enough to softly give each nipple a slow tease, awakening them proudly as if in anticipation of the fun that would follow.
Next she felt something new.
He placed a padded small clamp on each nipple, they were set with just enough pressure to excite her breasts and make her pussy tingle from the erotic delights of the contraptions.

She felt him kneel between her open legs and give her inner thighs each a small kiss.
"Shall we begin?"
She saw the bottle with its dark red juices hover over her chin and slowly start to tilt.
It was almost as in slow motion as the red wine dribbled upon her chest, creating tiny rivers of liquid passion cascading down her belly and between the lips of her vagina.
The feeling was exquisite, and she tugged and struggled in her bindings for relief.
Her lover noticed her passion and with a loving smile became her rescuer.
He placed his tongue against her pussy and proceeded to slowly lick the wine from her clit.
Katrina moaned like never before as she watched drop after drop of the bottle empty upon her naked form, feeling the wetness as her pussy opened like a spring rose to her lover.

Her lips parting and swelling as his tongue licked, and teased each petal of her feminine flower.
As soon as one bottle was finished another bottle started to poor again.
Till the floor was soaked with the wine and its smell mingled with those of her orgasmic aromas.
She came violently the chair rocking in rhythm to her struggles, as wave after wave of passionate bliss hit her like a hammer.

Katrina was still, her heavy breathing was all that could be heard as he removed all of her restraints.
She lowered her head and smiled weakly as he handed her a glass of champagne.
She took a sip and he helped her up.
For the first time Katrina and her lover embraced.
The kiss was long and passionate, their tongues merged and their hands moved along each others back as the two lovers became as one.
he whispered in her ear "Please be mine".
Katrina gazed upon the floor at the restraints that lay soaking in the wine.
She knelt in front of him and picked up the leather collar.
He looked deep into her eyes and smiled as she placed it around her neck and locked it once again.

The shudder of the Limo made her eyes open.
She was still cuddled up against her date.
His arm around her easing her sleep as she noticed they were home.
Yes the date was grand. But the dream was indescribable.
The chauffeur opened the door for her and her lover kissed her gently.
She reached around to hug him and saw a leather collar on the rear dashboard.
She took it and held it up for him to see.
The driver apologized.
"Sorry folks, the last people who rented this must have left it behind. I'll put it up front."

Katrina smiled as her lover helped her out of the car, and held the collar close to her chest.
"No need sir, I have a feeling it may come in handy".

The driver shrugged and drove away as the two lovers slowly walked arm in arm.
Katrina looked into her lovers eyes, and placed the collar around her neck.
He smiled at her, with a bewildered look.

"do you ever have dreams?" she grinned.

Katrina was answered by a soft kiss.

The End

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pleasing Katrina (Part 1)

by Dangermouse

The evening had been so lovely and he was such a gentleman.
He opened the door to the limo he had rented just for their date tonight.
"nothing but the best for you my love"
It was only their first date and already it was the grandest time she had ever had.
She sank back into the soft leather seats and enjoyed the smells and thoughts of the evening.

He held her close for the long drive home.
She snuggled into him and soon was fast asleep.

Katrina awoke but was still groggy and in that limbo where time stands still.
Where memories of the past events and thoughts of the present merge nicely with reality.
She thought about the evening before.
The charming man she had met.
The drinking, the dancing, the way he treated her like a queen and a lover to be.
He was perfect.
Katrina wondered what happened to all that. but she was to learn that perfection can come with a price.
It couldn't have been him she thought.
She knew that her last drink had been drugged, but it had to be by someone else.
Not her new lover.
He was too kind.
No it had to be by someone with more sinister thoughts, maybe a friend playing a practical joke.
Whatever it was it was fast becoming a most tiresome game.

The room was warm, but very dark as she started to become fully awake.
Katrina became aware of her surroundings even in the blackness.
She was standing, even while she was dreaming, she felt her body being held erect.
Her arms held high above her head, she could feel the soft leather of the cuffs that encircled her wrists.
Her fingers toyed with the chains that connected them to the ceiling above.

She knew she was blindfolded, and the terror that came with that realization made her shake.
She tried to raise her legs to kick but found they were held just as firmly as her wrists.
Her ankles encircled by thick soft leather were deftly held apart by a steel rod, forcing her legs to remain spread and her wetness vulnerable to whatever her captor wished.
It was at this moment it dawned on Katrina that she was completely naked and helpless.
She started to squirm and fight the bindings madly but to no avail.
She was blindfolded and gagged, She was his captive.

She heard the sound of a door opening behind her.
Her ears strained to hear the soft footsteps of her captor as he walked up behind her.
She smelled the sweet aroma of his cologne, and felt his sensual breath along the back of her neck.
He whispered to her.
"I knew you were the one I wanted, you are so lovely and beautiful. I knew that I could not take the chance of a rejection from you so I have vowed to make you my slave of passion.
You will never be harmed my love, so put all fears of pain from your mind.
What I shall do with you is drive you mad with desire for me alone.
It shall be I you turn to when you want to cum, it shall be I who will decide when you cum as well.
You will find that throughout the coming days you will know heights of ecstasy you have never known before, and when it is all done you will give yourself to me willingly and unashamed.
Your life from now on will be unending pleasure.
I shall meet all of your needs, and make your wishes fulfilled.
But before all that, you will have to be trained to enjoy yourself to your fullest, to awaken the parts of your body and zones of pleasure you never knew were there before.
For that you shall learn patience, and only with patience will come the bliss of fullfilment."

Katrina squirmed wildly in her bonds, making muffled moans, as the realization of her predicament became clear.
She tried to cry out, but only a soft coo could be heard from behind the gag that had been so expertly placed in her warm mouth.
She was frightened, but yet strangely excited by his words.
She had often had fantasies along these lines but never before had it been any more real than an erotic thought. But to be a prisoner only for pleasure alone?
To be trained?
What did it all mean?
She felt her body become aroused as she struggled with the restraints, to the soft laughter of her captor.
He slipped in front of her and slowly ran a hand down her cheek.
She flinched a bit as his hands traced her shoulders.
Her mind racing her body longing for release.
His hand slid back up and grabbed the blindfold and with a quick motion removed it.
At once she was bathed in the soft glow of a room full of lit candles.
The walls covered in mirrors to accentuate the light in all directions.
The room smelled of sweet perfumes.
"Welcome to your new home my love" he smiled up at her.
Katrina knew he was handsome but had no idea she would feel this way again, she sighed in spite of herself at his gaze.
"Sorry my love but the gag must remain.
You see, if you cry out from the pleasure it is a release of sorts and you cannot enjoy it to its fullest.
This way all you will concentrate on is the ecstasy".
He turned to go.
"I need to get some things for your first lesson, so I shall try not to be too long.
Oh yes my dear you will find this most enlightening!"

Katrina heard the door shut.
She looked at herself in the mirrors.
It was almost as if she was outside of herself and the girl in the reflection was not her at all.
The girl in the image was so erotic.
So unlike she had ever let herself be in her average everyday life.
She admired the sensuality of the girl, bound for nothing but the teasings of her master, she noticed the girls nipples becoming very erect, the glistening of the girls sweat as her chest heaved from the ever quickening breaths, of excitement, she noticed every finger as her hands twisted in the leather cuffs, vainly searching for escape.
Her legs spread wide leaving her wetness open and helpless, she could see the lips of her vagina, peeking out from the soft folds of her most intimate region.
It was as if she was watching a movie, living a dream.
Becoming detached from all but her most devious thoughts and desires.

The sound of the door opening behind her made her come back from the fantasy.
He came around to where she could see him as he set a tray down on the small table in front of her.
The tray was covered by a velvet cloth.
He then went to the wall and pushed a button and the room was filled with the most beautiful music.
"Like it my love? Its Bollero, I think it sets the most erotic mood don't you?
Now on to lesson one my sweet!
This lesson will teach you that your pussy is not the only spot on your body that can make you cum, and if you let yourself experience the passion to my satisfaction I may have a small treat for you as well!"
He smiled at her and pulled away the cloth.

Her eyes grew wide as she looked upon the tray.
There were two long stiff quill feathers!
She stared at them her mind working with thoughts of what was in store, while he set another tray next to it and produced some soft velvet ropes.

She tried to protest but her muffled moans were all that was heard as he took the rope and began to slowly encircle her left breast with it, winding it around and around.
Her breast was becoming very taunt and it was making her nipple become very erect and somewhat larger.

"this will make your nipple very sensitive my love"
He spoke of how perfect her breasts were as he bound her right one in the same fashion.
He stood back to admire his work as Katrina looked in the mirror at the girl who's already ample breasts were now jutting forward, with swollen nipples, and a sensation that she had never known.
It was as if the very air itself was teasing her nipples and as a result she felt her pussy become just a wee bit wetter.
"Now for the fun! My sweet lover".
He smiled as he took the two feathers and held them up in front of her proudly.
Her eyes went wide as he knelt in front of her.
Her body tensed as it seemed like an eternity before she felt their teasing tips caress her thighs.
Oh bliss like this she truly had never known.
The feathers teased their way up between her thighs, sending wave after wave of pleasure to her mind and body.
The teasings came ever so near her pussy but at the last possible second avoided her wet region and traced a tiny erotic path up her soft belly.
Katrinas hips were swaying to the sensations. Her breath quickening as the feathers teased ever so much closer to her now almost hypersensitive breasts.

He stood and gazed at her face but Katrina was lost in the moment, eyes closed, as her hips swayed as much as her bonds would allow.
He smiled and ran the tips of the feathers so gently around each breast, carefully avoiding the nipples.
She was breathing faster and making the softest pleasure sounds from behind her gag as her captor brought the tips of the feathers in contact with the erect buds of her nipples.
Katrinas body tensed and went ridged from the sensation, she struggled violently from the ecstasy of a pleasure she had never known before.
The waves of electric lust shot from each nipple directly to her wetness, as he slowly teased each one with a patience that was madding.
She was not moaning through her gag but almost screaming from the delight, of the erotic torture.
Yet for all this she was unable to cum, it was as if the feathers kept her at the very brink of orgasm but would not let her journey further.
It was agony but yet the most delicious feelings she had ever felt.

Her hands made fists and she curled her toes tightly trying to compensate for the soft ticklings as the tips of the feathers patiently made little light circles around her nipples.
The wetness from her pussy was actually running down the side of her thigh, in its vain attempt for the attention that would not come.
After 15 minutes of the teasings her body was racked with sweat, and she heard her captor give a small chuckle.
"My love I haven't even touched the tip yet?
Now you will see what nirvana is!"
He made the little circles with the feathers even smaller, and smaller till they hovered just above the very tips of her nipples which now were almost pulsating from a passion and touch she could never have dreamed about.
Then the two tips as one, touched the very centers of her nipples, the stiff ends of were held absolutely still, as her captor allowed only the movement that would come from the pulse in his wrists to make the tips of the feathers tease.

Katrinas back arced as much as possible in her bindings, her hips bucked wildly, the muffled gurglings of passion that came from behind her gag were of another world, as he held them against her sensitive buds.
She felt the wetness that was a trickle become a torrent as wave after wave of sensual lust cascaded over her.
Katrinas nipples swelled to the new pleasures adding further to the feathers teasings.
Her eyes rolled back in her head, as the gift of the orgasm was given.
Her body was shaking uncontrollably as she lost herself in her own pleasures.
He moved the feathers in small circles again as another orgasm washed over Katrina, and then as softly as he had begun he stopped, and allowed her to rest, and enjoy her afterglow.
She hung limp in her restraints, as her quick breaths subsided, and the sweat dripped down her thighs.

" You have learned your lesson well my love" he said as he took a soft towel and patted her dry.
"You realized today that you came, and not once did I touch your pussy".
She weakly lifted her head and was met by a warm smile.
Katrina thought "thank God it is over".
But her schooling was just beginning.

From behind her he produced another velvet rope, and tied it deftly around her waist, making sure to run a length of it between her legs, the ropes softness ran between the wet lips of her vagina, and pressed so firmly against her swollen clit, making Katrina sigh once more.
His fingers gently caressed the lips and he smiled at their wetness.
"Oh my sweet love you are still excited!, that is good for now I shall give you the little treat I had promised."

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what could be more of a treat than the orgasm she had just had.
Her eyes went wide when she heard from behind her the low hum of a vibrator.
He body tensed from the anticipation, and unseen by her captor, Katrina smiled.
The vibrator was attached to a wire with a speed control.
He reached up to her bound wrists and placed the control in her clenched hand, giving her complete dominion over the speed and intensity of her "treat".
He then slowly ran the vibrating toy down her chest, it buzzed softly between her still bound breasts.
His tongue gave each nipple a teasing lick for good measure as he brought the toy to her belly and swirled it slowly around in an ever widening spiral, that ended with the toy touching the very top of her wet mound.

Katrina cooed with delight, her hips gyrating, as he ran the toy between her legs, making it barely touch the outer folds of her wetness.
He held it gently against her vagina , her head made slow circles of pleasure as the tiny impulses surged through her.
This was the moment he had waited for.
Even through her gag a loud audible moan could be heard as he pulled the rope to one side and slipped the vibrator deep into her wetness.
Her body shook with ecstasy as he let the rope slide back into place, confining the toy in its new and warm home.
Katrinas thighs spasmed as the vibrations caused her to have a series of tiny orgasms, building one upon the other in a tapestry of pleasure.
The chains that bound her twisted in unison to her dance of nirvana.
She was so enthralled by the feelings that she never noticed the door close behind her, leaving her quite alone, as she slowly controlled her own pleasures between a soft tease and a mind blowing vibrating revolution of unbounded bliss.
Her body naked and helpless, to only her own desires.

After several minutes she had to give herself some relief, and was horrified to find out that there was no way to stop the toy.
"Oh God no!" She thought.
He must come back and stop this!
Her body shook with another orgasm as she franticly tried to end its seductive torment.
She could feel the sweat drip down her as her fingers struggled with the controls, only to have it buzz steadily on.
Then it happened.
Her pussy spasmed in the most delicious orgasm, she threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy.
Her hands opened unconsciously as the feelings of pleasure ripped through her.
In a haze of passion she gasped in fright as she noticed the controller fall to the floor.
Her mind raced with thoughts of her predicament as the toy deep inside her teased faithfully on.
Her body struggling in her bonds as she counted the minutes till his return.
She was unaware that he had gone for a nap and it would be quite some time till she would see him again.

Katrinas eyes opened to a lovely room.
He was patting her head with a cool wet cloth.
She looked about her surroundings.
She lay upon the softest pillows, in a room fit for a queen.
She smiled weakly at him, but he just put a finger over her mouth and said "shhhhh".
He smiled too.
Sorry my love but you must have lost yourself in the moment.
I couldn't have been gone for more than an hour.
But when I had come back it looked like you had enjoyed yourself too much.
I knew a good nights rest was in order.
I have brought you a nice dinner.
Eat up my love for tomorrow will be a busy day.
She saw the tray next to the bed was filled with fresh fruits and a wonderful smelling meal.
He smiled again at her and walked out of the room.
She heard a key turn in the lock and knew she was here to stay.

A leather collar was around her neck with a light chain attaching it to one post of the large feather bed she sat upon.
She was wearing a very expensive nightgown whose softness teased her still sensitive body, reminding her of the pleasures she had experienced.
She thought no more of the past events and ate the meal patiently.
Afterwards she sipped a nice glass of wine and sat back into the soft pillows, musing upon her new master and lover.
She could not believe her mind.
She was looking forward to his return.
Slowly her eyes closed as she relaxed and she fell into a contented sleep.
Her last thoughts being what new feelings she would have in her next lesson.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Miya's First Time

by User

I had sex last weekend with a man I had just met.
I have always lived in a very protective family.
My father never let me go out with boys until I was 16 and then only in groups.
He also insisted that I only go out with Japanese boys.
Since I live in a Japanese community in Los Angeles, this was not a problem.

Last weekend I turned 18 and my father allowed me to go out with a group of friends to several night clubs to celebrate.
We met a tall black American man who seemed attracted to me.
We danced a few times and we talked.

One of my friends asked him to join us when we took a cab to another club.
George got in next to me.
We talked a lot and he teased me about looking like a little girl.
He thought I looked like I was 13. I showed him my drivers license.

He smiled and put his hand on my thigh.
I was embarrassed and wanted him to take his hand away.
He shushed me and said no one in the cab noticed.
It did feel nice, so I let his hand stay there.

We danced at the next club and he got a little bolder.
On a slow dance, he wrapped his arms around me and put his hands very low on my back.
Kiyoko giggled and said he was trying to feel my goodies.
I blushed.
Afterwards, he offered to drive me back home and I accepted.
We got in a cab to go back to where we met him.
When we got in the back seat, he pulled me to him and kissed me.
I admit I was a little high from the evening since it was my first time to have a drink and I enjoyed his kiss.

We got in his car and he pulled me to him again.
This time when he kissed me, he started to touch my breasts.
I pulled back and he angrily turned me over his lap.
Holding my hands over my head, he flipped up my dress and exposed my panties.
He called me a cock tease and said was going to teach me that teasing a man was wrong.
He spanked me three times very hard then began to caress my butt through my panties.
I found the spanking to be very exciting.
I held very still, afraid that he would keep going and frightened that he might stop.

I gasped when he slid his hand under my panties and his fingers traced along my crack with his until he reached a part of me that was getting very wet.
At this time, we both knew that I would allow him to do anything he wanted.

I felt a chill at the small of my back and I was limp with excitement.
He was controlling my body with his fingertips. I whimpered and spread my legs wider so he could touch me everywhere.

He whispered in my ear, "I'm going to finger fuck your little virgin pussy til you come,"
He found my clitoris and made me have an orgasm.
I felt ashamed and excited at the same time.
He rolled me over and opened my blouse and pushed my bra up to expose my tiny breasts.
He told me they were small like a little girls then he kissed my nipples and made them very hard as he pushed my panties off.
I was so ashamed.

I had just met this man a few hours ago and now he had me almost naked in the front seat of his car.
I felt like a cheap slut and I loved it.
He pulled me up and made me straddle his lap.
I heard him unzip his pants and pull out his penis.
I looked down and it was huge, very black and wet at the tip.
Or maybe it was average?

I only weigh 90 pounds and it was the first one I had seen.
He put both my hands around it and the top of it was still sticking out.
He had me play with him for a while then he grabbed my butt from behind and lifted me over his penis.
I knew what he wanted and I wanted it, too.
Slowly I settled down on him until I felt a sharp pain.
I stopped for a minute and he lifted himself up quickly.
He was all the way in me and I had another orgasm.
He came inside me.
I hope I don't get pregnant.

After he had his way with me he drove me home and let me out at the curb.
I was afraid to go in my house and my best friend said I had dishonored my family.
I hope I can find him this weekend.
I want him to have intercourse with me again.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Adventures of a Security Officer

by Dick Throb

Here I am again, I have to pull my 4 hours in the Security Booth, but it's not bad.
It's 10 below zero outside and Iâve got plenty of heat, a TV, a VCR for movies and an FM radio.
A water cooler with hot water for instant coffee or soup, what more could a guy ask for.
All I have do is answer the phone and monitor the fire systems.
Now that we have good radios, communication with the other officers is easy.
Even with all of the goodies, it's still boring sometimes.
But I'll take the night shift over days or afternoons anytime.

Just then the phone rang. "Cardell Public Safety, may I help you?"
"Hi darling, how are you tonight?" I immediately recognized the voice of my girlfriend.
"Fine now that I'm talking to you." The sounds of her voice started my cock to grow.
I have never been with woman as wonderful as her.
She can take a man to heights never attained before.
She can hold my cock in her mouth and keep me on the edge for several minutes before I cum.
Then she swallows it all. No matter how much I give her, she takes it all down her throat.
That's not all.
She has the sweetest tasting pussy I've ever had the pleasure of eating.
The aroma and fragrance is enough to make a man cum right there.
I could cum on her leg just licking and sucker her cunt.
Think of the sweetest most flavorful thing you can, her pussy is better.
Now I'm hard as a rock.
I ask her, "What have you been up to? You know it's 12:30 in the morning and you have to work tomorrow."
"Yes, I just wanted to call and say hi."
"Well I'm glad you did."
"Are you real busy tonight? If not I'd like to come in early and see you."
"Sweetheart, I'm never too busy for you. What time did you want to come in?"
"You get out of there at 3:AM right?"
"Yes I do." "Well why don't I stop over about 1:30."
"Sounds great to me. I'll be expecting you then."
With that said, she hung up. I knew what was going to happen, and I could hardly wait.

She arrived right at 1:30 AM, she's always on time.
She came in the booth smelling like a bouquet of flowers.
God she always smelled so good.
I turned down the interior lights and we kissed for a long time.

It didn't take long and she started squirming and pushing against my hard cock.
I rubbed her back and kissed her neck.
She loves to have her neck kissed, among other things.
One thing lead to another and before long she had my cock out of my pants stroking it and licking my balls.
She knows how much I like that.
She then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started to suck it.
She likes to spread the pre cum all around with her tongue.
She then softly stroked my shaft up and down for several minutes.

All this time I'm looking around for any cars in the area and trying to concentrate on what she's doing to me.
I think I could have my arm amputated while she was sucking me off and I wouldn't notice until after I shot my load.
Well, she's so good it doesn't take long for my load to start building up in my balls.

I feel my toes start curling and my knees shaking as the load builds.
I have to hold into the counter to keep from falling over. She can feel my cock getting thicker and hotter.
The veins are standing out as I get closer and closer.
Her hand pumps a little faster as she holds the head between her warm wet lips.
It's all I can do to keep from ramming my cock down her throat, but I don't want to hurt her so I let her control the depth.
I always tell her when I'm going to cum so I don't surprise her with an extra massive load and gag her.
At my age it doesn't happen often, but still I have to consider her feelings.
She continues her sucking and pumping while I brace myself.
I feel my cum rushing from my balls up my piss vain to the head where it explodes in a gushing, pumping, squirting fountain of hot juice.
She doesn't flinch a bit as she takes it all in her mouth and swallows every drop.
She licks my cock clean, I don't even have to wipe it off.

God I love this woman.
Not because she gives the best head ever, but because she is so wonderful.
She's beautiful, kind, sweet, caring and giving of her very soul to the mans she cares for.
I do the same to her, but I'm married so I do have limits.
She knows it and doesn't care, she still loves me.

After she swallows all I have given her, I pull her up and kiss her long hard and wet.
I can taste my cum on her lips but I don't mind.
After all, she just swallowed everything I gave her.
Why can't I at least show my appreciation by kissing her as though I love her.
I know most men wouldn't do that, but I'm not most men.
I'm the one that has her heart and she's got mine.

We sit back and small talk until 3:00 AM when my relief shows up.
He doesnât say a word about her being in there with me.
We jump in the car he dropped off and drive to one of the buildings on campus.

Once in the building, we head for the couch.
We've been here before, it's warm quite and cozy.
I kiss her again long and hard.
She kisses me back wet and warm.
This keeps up while we take our clothes off.

Once she is naked, I kiss her tits.
They are great, medium size but firm and so soft.
I continue to kiss them as I rub her stomach, moving my hand down to her pussy.
This causes her to moan aloud and grate her hips.
I know she loves having her pussy played with, any way and any faction.
I'm always very careful not to hurt her.
I kiss her stomach and she moans louder in anticipation of what's coming, she knows my routine.
Now her pussy is a wet fountain of sweet juices.
I start licking her inner thighs just nudging her pussy with my nose.
This drives her nuts.
It also allows me to breath in the fragrance of her pussy.

About now she's thrashing about like I'd stuck a hot poker up her ass.
But my hot poker was no where near her ass.
It was in her hand.
I wet my fingers and thumb in her juices, gently I insert my thumb into her pussy.
Now I have to actually hold her down on the couch.
She is so hot I think she'd go into orbit if I didn't hold her.

Now I lick the inner lips of her pussy while I slowly pump her with my thumb.
She has just enough hair on her pussy.
She trims it so I can lick the hair, and it's not too much.
I really love her pussy.
I move my tongue and lips all over the opening of her love canal.
I'm licking her cunt from top to bottom.
She's just about ready to cum now, I move my lips to her clit and form a suction with my tongue dancing on her clit.
This, along with my pumping thumb drives her crazy.
I hear her scream and feel the insides of her pussy squeeze my thumb.
It gets so tight it almost pushes my thumb out.
But I keep it in, wriggling it around.
Suddenly I feel her steaming juices flowing out into my mouth.
She keeps pumping the wonderful sweet tasting fluid into my mouth for several seconds.
I have difficulty drinking all of it.
Some of runs down onto her beautiful elegant ass hole.

I continue to hold her until she calms down, sometimes this takes several minutes.
I stop pumping her love hole but continue to suck her clit.
Again she grabs my head and screams loudly as a second wave of pleasure racks her body and her pussy erupts with flowing juices.
I drink as much as I can of her inner being, only to lose much of it down onto her ass hole.
I stop all contact with her pussy and she finally calms down enough to talk.
She tells me it was wonderful.
I say, "Well I'm real glad you like it because I loved it. You taste better each day."

We just kiss and hold each other for sometime.
Soon she reaches for my manhood again, it's nothing but a hard rock of granite.
She again rubs my pre cum around the head of my cock. I rub her pussy spreading her wetness.

I roll her over onto her stomach and I kneel on the floor.
This way I can insert my slippery thumb back into her pussy and lick her ass.
She really like this.
I slowly push my thumb in as far as it will go.
Then I start licking her ass cheeks.
I like the little crease at the top of her leg, below her ass.
That takes several minutes of tender loving kisses.
While my thumb is ever so slowly pumping her pussy, I lick around the little ring of her ass hole.
This drives me absolutely fucking nuts.
I lick and suck her ass hole as if it was a lobster dinner.
It's covered with her pussy juice and my saliva.
I lick it and rim it while she's squirming and wiggling.
She is moaning again and pushing her ass into my face.
I stick my tongue into her ass hole and she screams with delight.
I'm not into eating shit, but to lick and sucking her ass hole is the next thing to cumming.
I like doing it and she fucking loves it.

I continue this licking and sucking while she grabs anything within reach and convulses into another orgasm.
With my thumb in her pussy and my tongue buried in her ass hole, this orgasm causes her body to go into spasms, pumping and pushing against my face as hard as she can.
I love it when she does that.
After some time she calms down and I slide my thumb from her pussy.
I lick her ass hole for a few minutes longer.

Finally we turn to face each other.
Both of us are a wreck.
Hair all messed up, smelling of pussy juice and cum.
We kiss for a long time.
We each enjoy what we do to the other.
I lay her on her back and spread her legs.
The sight of her open pussy is like a flower in bloom.
I get between her legs and rub my cock all around the opening.
This causes her to whine and move her hips around.
After a few minutes I canât take anymore.
I lay on top of her and she guides my cock home to her steaming hot love canal.
It slips in all the way with no trouble at all. It couldn't be any wetter or hotter.
I stay buried deep for a few minutes not wanting to move.
I'm enjoying the warmth of her love and her body.
I love being with her, and making love to her.
Slowly I pull out a little and again hold myself still. It feels so good I'm afraid of cummimg too soon.
I can feel her inner walls closing around my cock and making it pulsate.
I don't know how she does that, but it's wonderful.
After a few seconds I calm down a little, I slowly bury my cock deep inside and start a nice rhythm of in and out.

I must still go slow, in and out, back and fourth.
Slowly I increase my tempo.
Reaching under my cock I find her ass hole and gently push a finger in, still being careful not to hurt her.
Now I can fuck her pussy, finger her ass hole and kiss her lips while she wraps her arms around me.
This we keep up for several minutes, during which time she cums twice more.
Each time squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

Now I can feel my load building. Once this feeling starts, I blow out a huge amount of cum real fast.
It squirts so hard I feel her stomach move.
I feel the extra cum flowing out of her pussy onto my hand under her ass.
I pump her pussy harder and deeper until I feel my cock start to go limp.
I lay still on top of her with my cock shrinking slowly until it falls out.
We kiss deep hard and wet for some time.

We love each other, and what we do.
I love her very much. I would like to have her as my wife, she is a beautiful person inside and out.
I wish she were mine to have and to hold every day, but that is not to be.

We will love each other when we can, and any way we want.
I will do anything she asks, I will please her in any way she needs.
For you see, she is my lover, and I am hers.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Adventures of Skue and the Lion

by Skua

It was cramped inside her quarters as Major Stout prepared for her up coming mission.
The hum of the submarine cutting through the water sent a slight vibration through all the furniture of her cabin, and if she sat just in the right position she could fade away into a sun drenched land with well oiled and muscled Islanders catering to her every sexual desire.
For a second her eyes became dreamy thinking of that but only for a moment.

Quickly her bright blue eyes narrowed as she slammed the large knife into its sheath on her right leg.
The rubber wet suit was tight leaving her no room for bulky clothing.
She was wearing just thong panties and a white tank T-shirt that stretched tightly against her ample breasts, her nipples poking through the thin cotton.
Pulling the wet suit over her breasts she sucked her chest in and zippered the wet suit.
The suit was tight in all the right places and the friction sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body.
Again she wished for fairer circumstances, but she knew she had a mission to fulfill.

Her mission was to infiltrate the secret underwater hideout of Dr. Skua, criminal mastermind and sexaholic.
It seemed he had obtained a tape of her having hot steamy sex in her back yard Atlanta home with a stranger and he had gotten her face on film.
Jeopardizing her ultra-secret identity and she was determined to get it back.
The mission was simple but dangerous she would scuba dive to a shaft on the ocean floor that led to his nefarious lair.
The only problem was that it was right on the edge of a deep ocean trench and the shaft was over eight minutes from the surface.
If something was to go wrong there would be no way she could get to the surface....alive!!!

Grabbing her scuba tank she strode out of her cabin heading for the torpedo tubes.
Her sexy legs toned from years of ballet and her shapely ass brought quiet murmurs from the horny seamen she passed.
Id fuck some of them she thought to her self looking over the toned seamen, if they weren't so easy to kill.
I like my men dangerous.

In moments she had reached the torpedo room.T
he captain was standing there waiting for her.
Tall, well muscled, he was just the kind of man she liked, too bad there wasn't more time she thought to herself.
I wouldn't mind getting to know this captain.
"OK Major Stout," he said, "we'll wait for only 1 hour then well have to leave and you'll be on your own.
This is Russian territory and I don't think they'll take kindly to an attack submarine so close to their shore."
"Understood," she growled in that sexy southern drawl that made men go weak in the knees when she wanted them too.
"It shouldn't take that long," "good" the captain said looking her up and down "because you only have enough air for a two hour mission."
" Well, enough talk," you say climbing into the torpedo tube.
"Lets get this show on the road"

Slowly the torpedo door closes and your left in inky darkness, brave as you are you feel a tightness in your chest as the lights go out.
You are so powerless to the elements.
With a slightly trembling hand you turn on your helmet light, and relax as the tube is filled with water.
Swimming out, you are still amazed by the inky blackness around you, only where your light shines is there any clarity.
Purposefully you begin to swim down to the shaft.

Your light just touches the entrance to the shaft when you are hit from behind.
Your hand instinctively reaches for the knife and cuts a slashing arc through the water, but to your horror you cut into nothing and at the same time feel your air mask being ripped away.
Turning around in panic your light falls on the last person you want to see.... Alive....Dr Skua!!!!
"So Lion, we meet again" he mouths through his air mask.
"Im honored."
Panic grips you, but other then a slight trembling at the corner of your mouth you don't show it.
You know you can hold your breath for a long time years of hiking, rafting, camping, and plenty of gym work has seen to that.
" I guess you'll be no good to me dead will you" Dr Skua muses as he extends his muscular arm toward you, air mask in hand
"but your gonna have to drop the knife."
You look down and realize your gripping your knife tightly.
Wanting to plunge it into his well muscled chest and watch him sink to the bottom.
Reluctantly you do it, as he pulls out a knife of his own, and placing it against the hose of your mask says,"No funny business or Ill leave you here to die."
Breathing deeply you feel the joy of air, nothing has ever felt so sweet to you, but its very short lived as you feel it yanked away from you.
You want to wrestle it back, pit your strength against your adversary, but you know its futile.
At 6'3" 250lbs all of it muscle you realize your no match for this enormous man.
At least without a weapon that is.
Glaring over at him you notice a devilish gleam in his eyes.
" You wanna live" he asks.
Reluctantly you nod yes. "well take off the wet suit"
Your eyes widen with shock but you have no choice.
Slowly your hand goes up to the zipper under your chin and begin to lower it.
Starting at the base of your neck and slowly curving outward over the swell of your breasts and then back towards your flat stomach stopping an inch below the band of your white thong panties, Dr Skua stares at you lustily as he watches your straining breasts push the suit away your large brown aureola showing through your thin white t- shirt your perky nipples standing at complete attention exhilarated by the bite of the cold water.

You also notice a tightness in Dr. Skua's suit and though you hate him you feel a familiar warmth spreading through out your body.
Wriggling the rest of the way out of the suit you leave nothing to the imagination.
A dark spot shows through the white silk panties where your sex lies and Dr Skua stares fixedly at it.
Swimming towards you he hands you the air mask, his motions stiff and tense.
You breathe deeply, thinking to yourself stay calm he'll slip up and then you'll have him, but you must be careful he's a worthy adversary and a very dangerous man.
Again the mask is pulled from you,"All of it," he says thickly pointing to your remaining clothes, and again you reply, peeling off your T-shirt, the curve of your breast silhouetted against the dim light, the gentle swell of the lips of your pussy peeking through the lush blanket of hair at the intersection of your legs.
Looking up you gasp, for Dr. Skua is removing his wet suit and dropping his air tank also!!!
Lightly brown haired, Well muscled pecs dance as he struggles to slide the wet suit down over his muscular stomach and over his enormous cock, down his well defined legs and off... to fall to the bottom of the sea floor.
You want to be shocked and repulsed but you can feel the warmth and wetness in your pussy, and as much as you want to kill him you want to feel his stiffness sliding in and out of your tight snatch feeling it stretch your lips and rub against your stiff clit....but you must remember the mission!!!

Slowly he swims up to you and grabs you roughly by the arm and whirls you around a hand slides to your face and throat and mashes the air mask to your face the other starts to roam your body, knife in hand.
It grabs your tits roughly tweaking and pulling your nipples and then slowly travels lower.
You clench your legs together but this powerful man slowly pries them apart and you feel his fingers rub against your clit, your pussy begins to gush as you feel his fingers slide along your engorged pussy lips before he inserts one finger and begins to saw into you.
First one finger than two, your back arches in passion against him and you feel his prick pushing against you, rubbing up and down the crack in your ass.
Soon you feel the hand on your throat start to push you forward bending you over exposing your hot pussy to his stiff prick.

You try to resist and clench your pussy muscles trying to bar his entrance but your so wet that inch by inch he enters you, and begins to Fuck you roughly.

The pleasure is excruciatingly sinful and slowly you get mad.
Im letting this madman fuck me!!!
Screw that Im gonna fuck him and suddenly you wrench around tearing his prick from your steaming love tunnel the absence of its thickness is excruciating and your pussy spasms wildly, and though Dr. Skua is tense waiting for your trick his eyes are so full of passion, longing, and hatred he allows it.
Facing him you grab his prick roughly and stuff it back in your flaming pussy and begin fucking him.
Both of you crashing your pelvises together racing towards orgasm wanting to each come first and leave the other unsatisfied.
You glare with hatred at each other both letting your eyes flicker for the barest of moments relishing the pleasure.
And suddenly you both simultaneously fall off the brink in mind searing orgasm and for the briefest of moments you clutch at each other desperately.

You recover scant moments before the relaxed Dr. Skua and you know this is your moment.
Balling your knees to your chest you once again rip his shrinking cock from your well satisfied cunt and kick out hard, grabbing the air tank at the same time you quickly Swim towards the surface.
Turning around you see the helpless, airless Dr. Skua sinking towards the bottom to an inky icy death.

Minutes later you relax as you leisurely swim towards the surface your mind miles away.
Still in the after glow of a good fuck when Suddenly you see a light from beneath you coming towards you.
Bracing yourself for the worst you see Dr. Skua smiling and waving at you from a one man sub twirling your white panties and T-shirt on his big strong hands and with a wink and a nod he blows you a kiss and whispers," Till we meet again Lion."
And drives off.

As shocked as you are at seeing Dr. Skua alive your more shocked that you forgot you were naked.

Now how are you gonna explain that one to a ship full of horny seamen????

The End

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Night at the Opera

by Sheila

Now my dear put on your tux and tails, we are going to the opera. Yes, you heard me right the 'opera'.
I'm dressed in my off the shoulder black gown, with a lovely slit up the front.
We have private seats in the balcony, champagne will be served.
Shall we take our seats, I'm not sure which one we are going to see but I hear it is romantic.
Bring your glass of champagne and sit close to me.
Do you see that couple over there, that gentleman is starring at me?
You say he is only looking at how beautiful I look tonight.
Then you lean in and kiss me tenderly on the lips, and as you do you spill your champagne on me.
You say I'm sorry dear let me get that, then you lean down and begin to gently lick my chest, just above my breasts, first the right side then the left.
Licking all the champagne from me, once you have it all, you look up and kiss me again, and with your hand you gently squeeze my breast through my dress.
That gentleman over there can't take his eyes off of us.
As your kissing me, you take your hand down to my knees, and gently part them and slide your hand in along my inner thigh.
I jump from the pleasure of it.
I take my hand and put it on your knee, then begin to slide it back and forth along your inner thigh.
Your hand slides deeper up my dress to my lovely bush; I can feel you out line my lucious pussy lips with your finger.
I slide my hand up and feel your quickly hardening cock.
Your lips leave mine and start nibbling my ear, and you slowly make your way to my neck, kissing and licking.
I can hardly stay in my seat for squirming. You kneel down in front of me and lift my dress up, and I watch your face as you look at what will soon be heaven.

You spread my legs farther apart, and begin kissing my inner thigh making your way up to my now very wet pussy.
That gentleman over there is watching me with great pleasure, he is alone now, and his lady friend has left.
You spread my pussy lips open with your tongue and begin to lick my juices.
I can hardly sit still on this chair, as your tongue goes deeper into my hot pussy licking me with pleasure.
I thrust my pussy closer to you, as you nibble my clit.
That gentleman over there has a wanting smile on his face as he watches so intensely.
My breathing is rapid, and my moans are soft.
Your tongue licks faster as I put my hands on your head and pull you deeper into my pussy.
My body tightens, and convulses with delight as I cum in your mouth, your tongue trying to drink in all of my flowing juices.
As I relax in my chair you pull away from my pussy and look at the pleasure on my face.
You lean up and kiss me so gently, then pull me down to the floor with you.
I'm on the floor now straddling your legs, as you kiss me deeper this time, so passionate.
Your tongue in my mouth, working one side then the other.
As you kiss me, I begin to loosen your tie, and unbutton your shirt, one, two, three, and four, then I slide my hands inside your shirt touching and feeling your warm chest.
Our lips part, and I begin kissing your neck one side, then front, then the other.
My hands slide down to your pants to loosen your belt, as I kiss and lick your chest, stopping at each nipple to taste.
You help me with the snap on your pants, and slide the zipper down.
I pull your pants just enough so your magnificent tool is free for pleasure.
You look over at that gentleman, his lady friend has returned, you whisper to me, he is kissing and nibbling her ear, but his eyes are on us.
I lean down and lick the pre-cum from the tip of your hard cock.
You give a little jump with delight, as I begin to lick and kiss your hot cock.

Making my way to your balls, there I begin to taste you. Licking, kissing and sucking on your balls, you jump again, a little ticklish there.
I make my way back to the tip of your cock, and open my lips, and slide it in.

Deep into my hot watering mouth, your cock is so hard, and tastes so good.
I begin to suck gently at first, then a little harder.
I slide my hand down and cradle your balls, squeezing gently.
The gentleman over there is now sucking his ladies nipples, you whisper to me.
Your thrusts begin to get faster and deeper, as your cock slides deeper into my mouth.
I begin to suck you harder now; you grab my head and pull me closer to you, while gently running your fingers through my hair.
I can hear your soft moans of pleasure over the music, as your thrusts get much faster now.
In and and out....of my mouth, your so hot and can hardly breath.
You tighten, and grab my hair, as you explode in my wanting mouth.
I begin to drink in all your crème, there is too much, it drips from the corners of my mouth to my chin.

You're still pumping my mouth, as your load shoot in one after another.
I slide your cock from my mouth, still tasting and licking your sweet, yet salty crème.
You pull me close to you and kiss me deeply and ever so passionately.
Your cock is still hard and you say to me, I want to enter you now. As I move closer, and mount your still so hard cock, I feel your hands on the back of my gown.
You unzip my dress, just enough to free my hard nipple breasts.
I look over at that gentleman and his lady friend is gone again, he is still looking at me with a slight smile on his face.
With your warm strong hands you take a breast in each, and begin to massage them.
The fat lady takes the stage and begins to sing, as we begin to pump.
You bury your face in my breast, and put your hands on my firm ass.
And together we pump, in and out, up and down.
You take my nipple in your mouth and begin to suck, as your hands glide up my back and back to my ass.
Our moans get louder, as we pump faster and faster.
No one can hear us for the music is getting louder.
I press my hands firmly on your shoulder, as you thrust your hard cock into my tight hole.
Faster and harder as we keep rhythm with the vibrations of the music.
The fat lady sings that last long high pitched note, as we both reach the ultimate climax.
Your crème and my juices mix together, as we both collapse in each other's arms.

As the curtain falls, you kiss me so tenderly on the lips.
We both get up from the floor, and put our selves back together.
As the bows are taken on stage, we share a final sip of Champaign.
That gentleman and his lady get up to leave, as they pass by, the gentleman gives us an approving smile.

As we get up from out seats, I tell you I have tickets for next week's opera, and you smile so brightly!!!!!

The End

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Carlys First Time (Part 4)

by Neil

After that incredible session with Neil and Barbara at the weekend, Carly spent the next week in a state of constant and feverish excitement.
She lost count of the times she had stolen away on a pretext to the girls cubicles, where, panties around her slim ankles, thighs spread, and one hand inside her blouse, squeezing a small breast, she had fingered her tight young pussy desperately until the delicious flood of orgasm made her shudder convulsively.
Her muffled sighs and moans had more than once attracted the attention of other curious girls, and she had had to feign illness as a cover story for her extra curricular sex education classes.

Barbara had sworn her to secrecy when Carly had left for home.
But there had really been no need.
Carlys startling experiences with the two adults had left her keen to go on with her erotic education.
She had learnt so much, but she was aware that they still had much to teach her.

But like all young girls, Carly was finding it really hard to keep it a complete secret.
She realised that telling another adult would result in not only severe punishment for her aunt and uncle but an abrupt end to any more fantastic sex sessions.
But she was dying to tell someone.
Donna, her best friend, was her first confidante, but she had been shocked, especially at the explicit lesbian encounter Carly had described.
Their own amateurish mutual fumbling inside each others panties had been electrically exciting, but at heart she was mostly heterosexual, and her thoughts nowadays were of stiff young purple cocks and tight asses.
She was much more turned on by the vivid description of Carlys cock sucking of Neil.
Secretly, she was very envious, and she forced Carly to repeat over and over again each delicious detail of the size, shape, feel and taste of the big spurting organ.

Carly had become bored with this vicarious mental masturbation, and finally turned to her cousin Nicola for secret giggling whispers about the encounters with Barbara.
They had been friends as well as cousins for all their lives, and although Nicola was slightly younger that Carly, at 12, she was well developed, if slim, with shoulder length fair hair and a tiny frame, which accentuated her budding breasts and hips.
She too had shared a mutual fumble with Carly several times in the past, but this was way beyond their curious investigations of each other's tight little pussy last summer.

This time, when Nicola had persuaded Carlys mother to let her stay over during the school week, she could hardly wait for bedtime, so that Carly could explain, in intimate detail, the orgy her cousin had taken part in last weekend.

The two girls showered and cleaned their teeth hurriedly in the large family bathroom, before slipping on short white night-dresses and tumbling at last into Carlys own double bed.

After they heard Carlys parents close their own bedroom door, and saw the lights go out in the house, they cuddled up close and Carly began her tale.

Nicola became hotter and hotter as the story unfolded. Unconsciously she rubbed her slim thighs together as Carly described Barbara's skilful kissing, hot tongue and smooth, knowing caresses.
When Carly got to the part where Barbara's hand had slid under the waistband of the girl's panties, Nicola felt a hot glow roll through her belly, and her small nipples ached as they stiffened.
When Carly reached the part where she was fingering her aunts open wet sex and starting to climb towards her orgasm, Nicola could stand it no more.

'Show me' she hissed urgently, 'Please just show me'

Carly was hot herself by now, and she motioned Nicola to take off her nightie.
Both girls sat and pulled the cotton material over their heads and threw them on the bedroom floor.
When they were both laying side by side, Nicola felt Carlys breath on her neck, then her small tongue circling towards her ear.
Carly knew now how to seduce, she had been taught by an expert, and she intended that Nicola would not only come, but come and come and come tonight.
She teased her friend slowly with her fingernails, feeling the small nipples harden and erect, before squeezing the perfect small mound in her palm gently.

Moving round in the bed, Carly held Nicola's chin in her hand and pulled their mouths together in a kiss.
Nicola felt Carlys tongue part her lips and begin to tease her own.
Soon they were kissing with naked abandon, exploring each other's body with trembling, curious hands.
Nipple to stiff nipple, thigh to burning thigh, the two teenagers swapped open-mouthed French kisses and feverish caresses.

All too soon, even that was not nearly enough, and Nicola felt Carlys small hand insistently part her thighs wide and begin to probe inside her wet sex.
Straight-fingered eagerness plunged into her again and again.
Nicolas clitoris was now almost unbearably sensitive, and the knowing finger was rapidly moving her towards a gasping climax.

She started to pant and groan, as her orgasm approached, so Carly smothered Nicolas moans with her own open mouth.
The two girls humped against each other in frantic desire, both now too near to coming to care about anything outside this desperate search for release.
As they came wildly, almost together, their eyes opened and locked, seeing the desire and abandonment reflected in the other.
It made the climax even longer, as they fed on each other's excitement for long, racking moments.

The rest of the night was a kaleidoscopic blur of warm, wet kisses, exploring tongues and totally new experiences for Nicola.
She was shocked when Carlys head had moved between her open thighs, but when the pleasure produced by the girls warm wet tongue made her bite her lip in pleasure, she eagerly reciprocated, and in seconds the girls were 69'ing as if they had always done it.
Their mutual orgasm was a muffled scream, each with a questing tongue buried deep inside her partners' pussy

A lucky spectator, seeing these two pubescent bodies locked in wild abandon, would have been excused if he or she had found their own fingers moving instinctively between open thighs, and masturbating without shame at the tableau before them.
It was erotic beyond belief

This night was not only to prove Nicolas awakening, but the beginning of a sexual journey with Carly, Barbara and Neil which would lead to both girls exploring sex with several partners of both sexes.
Both girls would share a mans erect and throbbing penis before long, and Carlys first swallowing of her uncles semen would become a regular pastime for the cousins.

To be continued in Part 5, when young Ben comes to stay, and another woman decides she wants what Barbara has been having to herself for weeks, and she is prepared to use anything to get Carlys naked body underneath her.

If anyone has any suggestions for plot lines and/or scenarios for this ongoing series, I would welcome e mail messages or contributions for this fictional tale of innocence lost

The End

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Carlys First Time Continued (Part 3)

by Neil

As the women waited, Neil was busy soaping himself clean in the bathroom.
Despite his earlier orgasm, his thick cock had barely subsided.
The thought of the two naked girls waiting for him on the big bed kept him excited and semi hard.

He kept getting flashbacks of Carlys flushed face, mouth stretched tight around his formidable tool as he ejaculated into her virgin mouth.
He recalled the surprise her eyes registered as his sperm had jetted over her tongue.
He remembered too the wide stream of white creamy come which had run, slowly drying, down her cheek as she laid, panting with post orgasmic exhaustion, entwined languorously with his half naked wife.

But most of all he remembered that kiss, the slow, open mouthed, passionate kiss he had seen his wife and niece share before the real sex began.
Strangely, this had been the most erotic moment of all.
He thought of the blue movies he had watched in his life, the wooden acting, the unlikely scenarios and obviously feigned enjoyment on the part of the stars.
All paled into deserved oblivion against the scene he had just been lucky enough to enjoy watching unfold.

Washed and dried, he slipped a small, white towel around his waist and padded across the carpet to the bedroom.

Carly and Barbara were lying in each other arms, exchanging gentle kisses and slow caresses.
The front of Neil's towel began to tent outwards, as his penis, already half hard, began to stiffen.
He took in the sight of Carlys small breasts, now completely naked, with their tiny, pink nipples, and the soft, fluffy blonde covering of her pubic mound.
Although she had just demonstrated her willingness to eagerly participate in hot sex, she now looked what she was, a young girl experiencing her first adult encounter.

Carlys face tightened slightly, as she stared fixedly at the now fully erect organ, which poked brazenly through the opening in Neil's towel.
It looked even bigger than when she had felt it filling her mouth only half an hour ago.
Her determination to take that thick pole inside her small sex faded rapidly.
She was genuinely afraid he would split her in two.

But she had underestimated her aunt and uncles resolve to make this experience one she would want to repeat.
Slow, wet, burning kisses from Barbara distracted her as Neil parted her smooth slim thighs.
She vaguely felt him spread her legs wide as her aunt began again to tongue her nipples more urgently.
By the time the man was lapping his wide, insistent tongue expertly between her open, puffy pussy lips, she had given herself up to the sensations, which were now rocketing like fireworks through her slim, childish frame.
She moaned helplessly in small, desperate spasms

Soon she was giving herself up to the delicious shudders that now began to run like fire through her belly.
Neil's tongue was rougher and more demanding than Barbara's had been, and his hands gripped her open thighs with almost brute control.
But with Barbara's mouth covering hers, and insistent fingers squeezing and fondling her small breasts, she was well on the way to yet another orgasm before Neil had even begun to position her, legs wide, to receive his large and throbbing cock.
His movements were slow and deliberate.
The entry to her soft vulnerable sex, gentle and slow.
After the plum like, purple head had squeezed into her, he paused for a long minute, to allow her to feel the gorged sensation fully, before beginning a slow, inch by pulsing inch, in and out piston movement.
Before Carly was fully aware of his intent, his stiff cock had penetrated her to the hilt.
His fat balls rested heavily on her small buttocks, and she could feel the entire, amazing length of him deep and hot inside her.

She had time for one more coherent thought " Why does this not hurt?"

"I was told sex hurt the first time" It was too much to work out.

But then, all too soon, he began to thrust, in practised movements, deeply in and out of her.
She felt his balls slap gently against her as he did so, and his hard pubic bone ground against her eager, engorged clitoris.
Soon Barbara had to physically hold her down as she unthinkingly bucked crazily up at the determined pumping man above her.

She was being fucked, really fucked, exquisitely hard.
Breathlessly, she realised that she was enjoying it more than she thought she could endure.

She heard Barbara moan hot, almost incoherent words of lust into her ear, as the woman beside her fingered her own pussy frantically, watching the teenager's belly slap against her husbands demanding, dominating body.
But Carly was in her own world now, a new and exciting world where she was the centre of attention, making this big man groan and pant as he pleasured her.
Her orgasm was as shattering as the last glorious climax had been.
But this time she pulled pounding, driving hips deeper, so deep into her, and felt, as she spasmed explosively with lust, the first strong jet of come shoot deep inside her open sex.

The couple lay after, whispering gently to Carly as she drifted into exhausted sleep.
Neil's come a wet, long line of white down her smooth brown thigh

Then, at last, Neil led his wide eyed wife into the spare room, throwing her onto the single bed, he wordlessly slid his now stiffening penis into his willing wife's slippery, open sex, ready now to give her the relief she craved.

When morning came, they were back together again, all three entwined in an erotic tableau in the king-size bed.

Barbara was the first to wake, and as she thought dreamily of exciting times ahead, she smiled wistfully at the fair tousled head of her pubescent niece cradled in her arms.

Next time she would show her baby much more was possible than even Carly had dreamed of.

Her eyes moved to the cupboard over the wardrobe, where her collection of dildos lay, hidden from all but her own eyes this past five years.

End of Chapter 4

To be continued

Chapter 4 will contain Carlys next, amazing time with Barbara on a summer afternoon. Carlys seduction of her young cousin Nicola, and a very, very explicit scene in which Neil discovers that a willing, pretty young boy, can also give extreme pleasure, so long as the girls are there to finish the job.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

The seduction of Carly (Part 2)

by Neil

Chapter Two: Some ones else's fingers.

As the bus pulled into the terminus, Carly broke off from her daydreaming, and realised with a guilty start that she had to face the people that she had been thinking about in a couple of minutes.
She knew Barbara would be home, and at 6 p.m. Neil would be home from his job, managing a large shop in the next town.
She had thought often about the incredibly exciting episode she had witnessed, but although it had formed the major part of her masturbatory fantasies over the past two years, she had never again seen the two adults having sex, despite having stayed over on many occasions since.

Part of her had been horrified, especially at the climax, but mostly she had been filled with a sense of longing to feel someone else's hands on her.
She had experimented with her cousin last year, but his small, stiff penis had been a poor substitute for the huge tool she had witnessed disappearing into her aunt's mouth that night.
Several times she had studied Barbara whilst they were alone together, looking for some sign that she was different from the Barbara she had always known.
OK, she now felt that her aunts' breasts were more prominent now that she had seem them nude, with erect nipples, and she had caught herself sneaking more looks at Barbara's mouth, for any tell tale signs of. who knows what, but nothing had really changed.
She was just more aware that her aunt and uncle had a vigorous and exciting sex life, and to be truthful, she was just plain jealous that she had none but her own, now skilful fingers to make love with.

She had even experimented briefly with her best friend Donna, but their once only mutual masturbation, whilst exciting and ultimately climatic, had ended up making both of them embarrassed, because neither really knew how far to go, and as they both had little experience, what was possible.

That evening, things went pretty much as planned, she kissed her aunt, thinking again as her lips brushed her aunts, that those lips had held that thing, probably many times since.
Later she kissed Neil hello, and wondered vividly what he would taste like, down there.

They sat that evening, watching a video from the local store. It was called Wild Things and starred one of her favourite actresses, Denise Richards.
She was absolutely gorgeous, big breasted, stunningly attractive, and until now at least, cast as the little miss proper, never even kissing much on screen

As the plot developed, she realised that this film was going to prove very embarrassing for both her aunt and uncle and herself.
The plot had twist after twist, with the climax coming, when the male lead, Matt Dillon, proved not to be the alleged rapist, but a co conspirator with both Denise and Neve Campbell, another attractive young actress who also had until now, been in nothing raunchy whatsoever.
The three actors met up in a remote cabin to celebrate their sting on the local rich bitch.
With the cash in a brown leather Gladstone bag, first Matt Dillon kissed Denise deeply, then he turned and kissed Neve with equal passion.
Fair enough, Carly thought, the lucky guy is going to have both girls. But just when you thought, despite the 18 certificate, the scene would fade to black, the two girls began a long, lingering kiss of their own, whilst the male lead watched.

Even then, when she felt that would be shocking enough, they were not finished.
As her adult guardians watched in uncomfortable silence, the two girl actors stripped each other completely, lingering over bras and panties before getting onto the bed.
Matt Dillon pulled Denise Richards onto him, obviously simulating penetration, whilst Neve Campbell positioned herself over his face. The two girls kissed deeply and fondled each other breasts for what seemed forever, while the guy thrust into Denise with increasing vigour.
Finally the scene was faded out, and Carly dared sneak a look at Barbara.
Her face was a picture, flushed and with lips wet from the tongue which she had been passing over them nervously for the past five minutes.

Carly giggled quietly as her uncle looked at her with eyebrows raised.
'Sorry about that sweetheart' he said, 'Your mum would kill me if she knew I had let you see that'

'S'ok' Carly said quietly. 'I am 13 you know'.

The two adults smiled indulgently at this teenage bravado.
Carly decided to chance an even braver remark

' We do sex education at school, and I know what lesbians do to each other'

Barbara coughed nervously and spoke in a strained voice 'Lesbians, at school?'

'Yes, lesbians' Carly said firmly.
'Our teacher says any love between consenting adults is their business'

Neil spoke with a strange breathlessness

' You seem to know a lot about sex, sweetheart'

Carly noticed Barbara shoot him a black look, but he spoke again

' Presumably this experience is all book learnt'

'Not all of it' Carly replied, and she heard her aunt gasp, and shift in her chair.
Neil's face was flushed and his eyes bright as he spoke again

' So what exactly do you really know about sex?'

'Enough to know what Barbara does to you with her mouth makes you feel good' Carly breathed nervously.
This time Barbara let out a yelp of surprise, and Neil's face flushed even darker.

'And what exactly does Barbara do?' Neil asked

Barbara's fingers were now digging into Neil's arm as if to restrain him, but his blood was up and he pushed on.

' Sucks you off' Carly said almost inaudibly, and blushed crimson at her nerve

This time Neil almost left the chair in surprise, and Carly knew that they now were at the point of no return.
She was now to see a side of Neil she had no idea existed.
He turned to Barbara and spoke thickly.
' Get on your knees in front of me'

Barbara's head shook silently, but his eyes held her obedience.
'Do it' he grated

Carly watched with almost detached curiosity as her aunt slid to her knees before her husband.
Carly noticed that bulge in his trousers was now an outline of a rigid pole she remembered with awe.
But he wasn't about to allow his niece the chance to be a detached observer this time.
He turned to Carly ' You too, come here'

Dumbly she obeyed, feeling the tremble in Barbara's body as they knelt, bodies touching before him.
'Look at me' he hissed.
Both females looked up as he stood and the sound of his zip was loud in the silent room.
The pulsing rod that she had seen so long ago in the bedroom, looked even more magnificent this close and she almost reached out and touched it without thinking.
But as she watched, she heard a moan escape Barbara's lips, and knew that her aunt was even more hungry for it than she.

But Neil was not ready to let them feed just yet.
First he wanted his wife so excited that she would do anything he wanted, and he knew exactly what to do.
This was the secret that Carly did not yet know, and it would exceed anything she had yet dreamed of 'Kiss her' Neil said, and with real surprise, Carly felt her aunts cool hands take her face and turn her towards her own.
She now saw what Neil had known for a long time, the lesbian scene in the film had wakened in Barbara a long buried longing that no cock would completely satisfy.
She wanted the cool softness of girl's lips first, and Carlys would be that girl.

At first the soft, wet covering of Barbara's lips was too shocking to enjoy, but when the warm, questing tongue parted Carlys lips, and began toying with her own, she started to respond.
She was dimly aware of the Neil's stiff pole swaying beside her head, but the cupping hands on her cheeks, and the knowing, deeply inquisitive tongue of her aunt soon swept her away to a place she had never been, and a pleasure she had never dreamed of.

Soon the kisses were not enough for either, and Carly felt her clothes being stripped from her and experienced hands cupping, squeezing and fondling her small breasts.
Her own hands were guided to Barbara's bigger, fuller breasts, with their hard and excited nipples.
Soon they were beside each other on the thick carpet, hands buried inside the others panties, both moaning, hips moving to the rhythm of the others fingers.
As her climax approached, Carly faintly recalled her uncles need, but her aunt's two straight fingers deep inside and the gentle circling thumb on her clitoris were not to be resisted.
The two came violently at the same time, Carlys orgasm a fierce, bucking, panting thing, which shook her small body for long minutes.
Barbara's was just as powerful, she cried out as she came, then moaning softly, sucked on Carlys stiff, exquisitely sensitive nipple as she rode the climax to its conclusion.

But it was not finished yet.
Carly became aware that her uncle was crouched over her.
His thick cock was rubbing urgently against her lips, and now Barbara was urging her to open her mouth to accept the prick inside.
She obeyed without thinking, and with one thrust, it filled her small mouth completely.
She sucked mutely, and without instruction, as Barbara milked the long pole with short, expert pumps of her fist, Carly felt at last for herself the flood of warm, thick liquid fill her mouth, as she had seen it fill her aunts.
She swallowed convulsively as another jet took its place. Finally the flood became a trickle, and she felt a thick line run down her cheek as his penis slowly subsided.

They laid on the carpet side by side, the woman and man either side of the half-stripped teenager, their gasps and sighs the only sounds in the room.

Then surprisingly, it was Barbara who spoke

' Let's go to bed Carly, I have some more things to teach you'

Chapter three

Penetration and the taste of a woman

If Carly had believed the episode downstairs was the limit of sexual experience, the next few hours were to prove her very wrong.
Barbara had walked up with her to the large bathroom in the house, and Carly had allowed herself to be soaped and sponged clean.
She was towelled and wrapped in a large, soft white robe.
Then Barbara, naked herself by now, had led Carly to the king-size bed in the main bedroom.
She stripped Carly of the robe, then laid her gently on the crisp, white sheet.
Lying beside her, Barbara began to slowly caress the girls' slim body.
Carly was vaguely aware that Neil was missing, but the sensations produced by Barbara's expert fondling, soon began to rebuild the excitement she had experienced just a few minutes before, in the lounge.

Barbara kissed her deeply, using her tongue to explore Carlys mouth.
Her smooth hands cupped and squeezed Carlys small breasts until the child's nipples stood tingling under the slow stroking. Barbara's smooth thigh parted Carlys legs, and the girl let the sensations wash over her as the older woman's insistent fingers parted the lips of her sex.
Soon Barbara's fingers were exploring her wet and open pussy.
Her legs spread obscenely wide, Carly was beyond caring as her aunt thrust and probed deeper inside her.

Carly began the slow climb to orgasm, and as the fingers circled and slid over her clitoris, she rotated her hips faster as her excitement built. But Barbara had other things in mind, and her fingers slid out of Carlys sex.
The girl moaned in disappointment as the prospect of her orgasm faded.
But soon she was glad of the interruption, as she felt the older woman slide down her body, tongue flicking over her breasts, belly, until her head was between Carlys thighs.
Parting her thighs even wider, Barbara began to lick in slow, wet strokes Carlys sex. Her tongue delved, circled and stabbed around the young girl's open labia and clitoris.

Carly was transported to another level of pleasure.
Just the thought of someone licking her there was beyond fantastic and the reality that it was a woman doing it was unbelievable.
She grabbed Barbara's head tightly with both hands and humped her hips frantically against the questing mouth.
Her orgasm was now inevitable, and she gave herself up to the sensations. Her cries filled the room, and she thrashed her head from side to side as she came.

After she had stopped shuddering in pleasure, she pulled her aunt up to face her.
They kissed again deeply, and Carly almost purred in post coital pleasure.
Barbara spoke quietly

' I feel ashamed'

'Why should you feel like that?' Carly asked at once

'Seducing you was Neil's idea, but I was so turned on, I didn't take much persuading' Barbara almost whispered.

' I loved it, and I guess I have always known I wanted to make love to both of you' Carly said firmly.
' I may be young, but I am old enough to know that what we just did, and what Neil did to me was the most exciting thing I have ever dreamed of, and I don't want this to be the only time'

Barbara smiled weakly, as they snuggled together ' I love you' she said.
'And I want us to be lovers as well as friends' she whispered slyly 'You have a sensational body for your age'

As she said this, she cupped one of Carlys breasts and gave it a squeeze, flicking the small nipple idly with her thumb Carly basked in the adulation, and moved her mouth close to Barbara's ear
' Barbara" she said shyly, "Can I do that licking thing to you now?'

She felt her aunt begin to tremble with excitement at the lewd suggestion

'Yes please! 'Barbara moaned, and Carly began to slide slowly down her body, pausing just to fondle Barbara's full breasts with hands and tongue before burying her blonde head between her aunts spread thighs

Carly was clumsy at first, but soon, after she had become used to the taste of her aunts wet sex, she began to experiment.

She licked around the puffy lips, circling the wet stiff bud of her aunt's prominent clitoris, and then started lapping more confidently, when she found the tempo that produced a series of moans from Barbara.

Soon she was giving the older woman a spectacular and prolonged orgasm, grasping the smooth buttocks in her palms, and stabbing her tongue deep inside the hot sex As Barbara's climax faded, Carly gave the pink sex one last long lingering lick with her flat tongue.
Her face wet with Barbara's juices, she slid upwards to kiss her deeply as the woman's breathing returned to normal.

The two waited for Neil's tread on the stairs. Now Carly wanted that fat prick inside her.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The seduction of Carly (Part 1)

by Neil

Chapter One: Awakening

It began as all things do, with chance, as Carlys world changed completely

Usually after school, she went home, changed into jeans and a sweat shirt, and either spent the next half hour on the phone to her best friend Donna, or helped her mother in the kitchen until tea time.

But today was different, her mother was in hospital, having a minor operation, her dad was visiting, and she had been told to take the bus to her aunts house, 2 miles away, where she would stay over, until the following morning.
The next day being Saturday, Carly would have breakfast there, go shopping with her aunt, then come back home at around 4 p.m., when her parents would both be back.

On the bus on the way over to Barbara's house, she daydreamed as usual.
Carly, at 13 was still a child mentally, but her blossoming body was already attracting attention from boys at school, and she now noticed, the middle aged man across the aisle from her.
He kept glancing furtively at her small breasts, which on this summer afternoon, pushed out the front of her white school blouse.
She felt her nipples harden slightly, as she had done before, when being stared at, and self-consciously shifted in her seat.
Unfortunately, this only gave the man something else to look at, as the movement had made her grey skirt ride up her slim brown thighs.
His eyes widened as the flash of flesh and the hint of white knickers took his interest.
Now Carly really felt uncomfortable, and it was only the disapproving stare of the old woman beside her who now made the fat lecher look away.
Carly straightened her skirt, and crossed her arms defensively. Nothing would have persuaded her to admit it, but she had felt that tingle again, and although she would have rather died than admit it, she had almost enjoyed the sensation of being the centre of attention.

She turned her thoughts again to the night at her aunts. Barbara was in her late twenties, slim blonde and attractive.
Her husband Neil was a big man, with short, very fair hair and a muscular physique.
He usually teased Carly mercilessly, and although now she was older, and she felt he was a little more respectful of her, he was still capable of a tickling bout, which would make her squeal and squirm.
Once she had felt, just for a moment, the large bulge in his jeans press against her stomach while they wrestled, and when she pushed against it with her own crotch, there was an instant when she felt it harden.
He had laughed it off, but she had thought about that moment often in the past few months, and that same tingle made her flush when she did.
This also made her remember another time she had been staying over at their house, two years ago
. She had only just begun her periods, and, waking in the night with a heavy feeling in her stomach had padded across to the bathroom to get a towel to stop the bleeding spoiling Barbara's spotless white sheets.
As she passed Neil and Barbara's bedroom she noticed the door was ajar, and there were strange noises coming from the room.

Forgetting her immediate mission, she quietly moved to the door and peeked inside, consumed with curiosity, with a strange butterfly feeling in her groin, which had never occurred before.
Now she knew that feeling well, and her own fingers had produced this and better sensations at night in her own bed.

Her eyes were adjusted to the darkness, so the scenario before her in her aunt's bedroom was clear and breathtaking.
Neil was standing by the far side of the bed, side on to her, his silhouette sharp against the moonlight from the curtained window.
That bulge she had dreamed about was bulge no longer.
This huge long thing was sticking up from his belly.
It looked about a foot long, although she rationalised later that was impossible, wasn't it..
But much. much worse, her aunt was sitting on the bed facing Neil, and she was stroking it!.
Neil's face was in slight shadow, but she could see he was grimacing in what looked like pain.
She quickly understood that it was anything but pain, because now he was urging her aunts face nearer his erect penis. She couldn't take her eyes off the thing, not only was it hugely long, but it throbbed visibly.
She couldn't remember ever being so excited, or so afraid in her life.

As she watched, Neil's urging hand succeeded it it's task, and her aunt's head moved forwards towards the throbbing column.
Carly almost gasped out loud when she understood what Barbara was going to do.
She was going to take that thing in her mouth!

But that was not all, far from being a passive participant, Barbara did not simply take the penis in her mouth.
First she pushed out her pink tongue and licked, mouthed and generally worshipped the thick bar of flesh.
Her right hand was pumping slowly up and down the length of the penis, her other hand was cupping this large, what seemed like sack of skin full of lumps under Neil's penis.
Carly realised this was what the boys in her class had call 'balls'.
Neil certainly seemed to like his balls caressed.
Barbara was playing with them constantly, cupping gently, then tickling with her nails, which made Neil groan out loud.

Barbara's mouth was now at the tip of the penis, and slowly she slid her lips over the purple head, her tongue curling round the taut flesh.
Carly watched as Barbara's mouth slid further down the shaft, and then sucked back, all the time pumping faster with her hand.
The scene was now almost too exciting for Carly, her belly was filled with a hot sensation, and the tingle in her groin building to the stage where she would have to touch herself there, now.

But before she could steal away to her own bed, to use her inexperienced fingers inside her, the scene changed in the room before her.
Neil's hips had been pumping in time with Barbara's sucking, and now they began to shudder too.
He pulled Barbara's head even closer, and the woman's sucking became noisy and rapid.
Carly realised with a shock that now Barbara's other hand had left Neil's balls and was buried between her own thighs.
Carly could hear the familiar liquid sounds of excitement coming from her aunt that she herself had produced between her own legs, when approaching an immature climax at home.

Finally Neil's head went back, he groaned out loud, and he thrust his hips even harder against his lovers mouth.
Barbara moved her head back slightly, the purple head of the penis visible between her open lips.
Then amazingly, a thick jet of white liquid shot out of the penis, most of it going into her aunts mouth, the rest spilling over her lips, teeth and tongue.
Far from being disgusted, Carly could see with mounting horror that her aunt was continuing to urge her husband to shoot out more of this stuff, with rapid pumps of her fist on his shaft.

As she watched, he shot again, this time the jet smearing her aunt's cheek, where it glistened in the moonlight.
The next spurt was less strong, and Carly stared in total amazement as Barbara's mouth closed over the head again, clearly determined that whatever remained would go into her sucking mouth.
Carly watched her aunt's throat move as she swallowed, and she saw that she was taking all that stuff in to her stomach.

Carly could stand it no longer.
As Barbara slowly finished what she had started, what seemed to Carly hours ago, she had slipped away to her bedroom.
Closing the door, and with one movement stripping off the short night-gown, she laid down on the single bed, spread her slim thighs and began to circle her small, stiff clitoris with a frantic finger.
Within seconds she was bucking and panting to a fantastic climax, the images she had witnessed spinning through her mind like a Hollywood movie reel.


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