Friday, March 05, 2010

Most Embarrasing Pee

On Friday, I was thinking about my "most embarrassing moments ever." There have been a few of them. Probably because I am so self-conscious.

Anyway, I thought I would share one this morning.

I used to work in this office environment with like 23 women and one man. I am a big woman's libber, but let's face it, too many women in an office is a really bad thing. Well, I was friends with only one of these women – let's face it, with that many women and that much gossip, you can't really trust too many. Know what I mean.

Well, we would chat about all sorts of things – how we spent the weekend, who we thought was cute. Whatever.

Anyway, the one guy was an accountant of sorts. Really straight-laced, cute, but a bit of a dork. Anyway, Wendy (my g-friend) used to tell me that he jacked-off every morning in the men's room (he got in earlier than anyone, to concentrate on numbers he would tell us). He had never hit on me, and I had not been in an office where a guy had not tried to take a peek down my blouse at least, know what I mean?

Well, I had to be in early one morning – I forget why, and I notice his light was on but he was not in his office. Thanks to Wendy, I think he is in a stall, beating his meat. Well, I just want to hear him, wondering what it sounds like, and so I go to the only men's room on the floor, and quietly open the door.

To my surprise, there is some worker there at the urinal, just having finished a pee. Being really surprised, I say, "I'll wait until you are through – ladies room is not free." Sometimes we pee in the men's room since the employee ratio is so screwed up, and I just blurted it out.

The guy smiles and my eyes drift to his mid-section where he is shaking off. I must be blushing because he takes his sweet time putting his penis back in his trousers. He zips up goes over to the sink and tells me, "I'm all done here." I almost died!

I have found a new, free sex game (new to me, not new to everyone). It is called Viva-Ponata.

If you have not heard of it, you can check it out at the following link:

If you use the link, I get credit for the referral (if you reach level 5), and I get 25 diamonds (which is a type of currency in the game).

The game is a sort of a sexual simulation game. You pick your name, you can earn money by performing various illegal acts (selling Viagra, stolen DVDs, turning tricks). And you also can enhance your appearance (which adds to your beauty, so you can get a better job, for instance). I am a fairly tame character in real life, so this allows me to let my hair down. I mean, I look forward to turning tricks – someone has to choose your ass among all the prostitutes working the streets.

I am by no means an expert at the game, but it is a fun diversion. If you want to try it, sign up (free), and write me or my online spouse. We can help you out.

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