Friday, September 03, 2010

Sis on Sis

by Alison

One Sunday, when I was 15, I had gotten up early and biked to the beach to spend the day.
It was a gorgeous south Florida early spring day.
The clouds were perfectly timed as they occasionally hid the sun.
I had all the supplies I needed and a good book, and I was happy as a teenaged girl could be.
I lay there, baking and taking in the view for an hour or two, turning as required to tan both sides. Periodically, I would leave the sand and walk to the changing station to use the restroom there.

On one of my trips to pee that day, I passed a girl a little older than me who was coming out, and noticed her figure, which was beautiful, and really showing through a wet string bikini!
"She has pretty breasts", I remember thinking, my stomach getting that nervous, excited tingly feeling down to my inner legs.

Inside the changing station there were mirrors, and I couldn't resist flipping up my cups for a reassuring look at my own breasts, partly out of girlish jealousy and also because I was undeniably eager to see them and touch them having been aroused by the bikini girl.
My nipples began to harden in the damp coolness and stood out from their white globes in pink defiance.
My long blonde hair fell down around them, obscuring them, and I shook it back over my shoulders, smoothing it, my eyes remaining on my breasts. With my arms stretched back over my head, they hung nicely like firm, ripe fruit.

I was used to my breasts by then, having been a relatively early bloomer, and I was really proud of them.
They would eventually grow into perfect 35 D cups, but at the time they were still full and heavy for my age and build -- tall and slender and leggy. I am 5' 9 1/2" now, at age 35, and weigh 120 pounds.

I began to caress my breasts right there in front of the mirrors!
I would probably have gone all the way, but I heard the scuff of flip flops approaching and I quickly darted into a stall and sat down, panting, my uncovered breasts swinging and jiggling.

The stall being somewhat dank and dirty and no place else private to go, I decided I really needed to bike home early to masturbate.
The house was empty, as my parents, brother and older and sister were away for the day, probably not to be home until late. The outlook for privacy was excellent!

I had been a masturbator for just a few months at this point. I was still new at it and very eager about it! I discovered it at the library (that's another story!) and it felt wonderful, but I was just beginning to experience the excitement of the anticipation of an orgasm.
I could bring myself off almost immediately in those days, and could spend hours down there, doing nothing but.
I still masturbate almost every day, and fantasize about these youthful memories a lot.

I gathered my towel and beach gear, then hopped on my bike to head home, a strong, hungry ache growing in my stomach.
My bike had a hard leather racing saddle which felt unbelievable on my aroused pussy.
It was all I could do not to ride home awkwardly, leaning my aching clitoris into the saddle, like a duck or something.
I couldn't get my mind off that girl!

I really hadn't gotten this excited before from looking at a woman, although I knew I kind of liked other girls in a sexual way. My sister, two years older than me, was an absolutely gorgeous young woman, and was the "babe" of the family.
I was more of a brain. We both were athletic and trim, with that "All American" look, though.

I had felt aroused by the sight of her several times, but always managed to hide it, thinking it kind of weird, seeing as how she was a girl -- and also my own sister!
Both of us were popular and drove the boys crazy, but had very strict parents and at 15 I'd barely even been kissed.
My girl to girl fantasies were very new and reserved for my most private moments, and I had certainly never dreamed of acting on them!

I had to stop half way home, behind a posh shopping plaza downtown, and adjust my bikini bottoms.
They had ridden up and were absolutely drenched beyond belief.
Holding out my suit and peering down, I fingered my little clit a few quick strokes until I groaned, then sniffedand licked my finger tips.

Feeling really vulnerable and self conscious all of a sudden, I jumped back on for the half mile remaining to home. I pedaled hard -- I was now in a huge hurry!

When I reached our yard, I let my bike fall in the yard and raced into the house and up the stairs to my parents' room. Not a creature was stirring, except the cat in my shorts! Yum!

Not even bothering to close the door behind me I left my suit in a ball by the bed and toweled off the saltiness. I looked over into their full length mirror (the only one in our house and the reason I chose their room over my own) and noticed that I had gotten quite a bit of sun that day.
My strong legs were blushing red, contrasting with the white skin of my covered parts.
The muscles were taut and hard from the exercise of my ride home.
I had beautiful, muscular, long, slender legs. Still do.

I stood legs straight, heels apart, toes touching, my back arched, my bottom pointed at the mirror. My bottom was firm and white as snow, and I admired the way my legs began to taper as they neared its pert roundness. My inner thighs were glistening in the light with my moisture!

My fingertips went to my behind and lightly caressed the elastic mark where the tan line was as I watched over my shoulder.
Throwing my head back to let my hair tickle, I closed my eyes and imagined that it was the bikini girl I was touching.

I caressed for a few more seconds, until finally, teeth clenched in frenzied anticipation, both of my palms slapped down hard on the cool, firm, eager flesh of my bottom!
They left stinging red stains which I then lightly tickled with my fingertips.
It had begun.

I could smell my arm pits, and the sharp stink mixed with the smell of my sunburned skin and the heady aroma of my highly excited and dripping crotch.
It was a wonderful and womanly combination I hadn't ever really noticed before, and it made me deliriously aroused.
I stood there for a time, eyes closed, my nose buried in a pit, lips parted, just breathing the mixture of the scents of my young, hot body.

My head was swimming in that sunburny way, and my little cunt was extremely hot, I just fell back on the bed, eyes still closed, and plunged my right middle finger into my sopping vagina and over its engorged clit.
I began to wank myself hard, making a wonderful wet, creamy sound!

It only took a dozen strokes until my thighs began that wonderful involuntary dance!
I let out a long, high pitched wail, which emanated from the pit of my stomach and exited my parted lips.
My teeth clenched together and the wail became a frothy hiss.
Whew! That didn't take long!
Basically, I had already been masturbating that morning -- by bicycle!

My lower body felt like jelly. My aching breasts were pushed together by my upper arms and I began to tease and pinch my swollen nipples between my left thumb and forefinger, first one, then the other, then rubbing both with a palm, letting the fingerprint swirls do their magic.
I came steadily, continuing to buck and ride my slithering finger, for what must have been a long, long time.

Finally, breathing heavily and perspiring, I decided to slow down and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at a more leisurely pace.
What was the hurry? The house was mine for at least another ten hours.
Why not dress up, explore?
I wanted to try on sexy clothes.
I wanted to go down to the kitchen and see what I could find there to play with and insert. I was so young and eager. I was up for anything!

I got up to smooth the covers , and realized I wasn't alone!

The world crashed in like an avalanche! Every nerve ending in my body shot to an instant alert status as I saw my older sister standing in the doorway!

She was watching me intently, her index finger holding her place in a book, glasses atop her perfect nose. She had seen everything!
I knew instantly from the look on her face. She looked slightly flushed, interested. She was standing with her weight shifted comfortably, leaning on the door frame, as if she had been watching for quite some time!

I was crimson! I yammered and stammered and tried to find words, fully comprehending that I was not only naked, but caught lewdly masturbating on my parents' own bed.
I instinctively shrank, covering myself, very close to tears, my head still swimming in sunburned, orgasmic circles.

I dropped to sit on the edge of the bed, my shoulders guarding forward, my knees together and drawn up. "I..I..I'm so sorry, I was just...," I managed.

"Mas-tur-bat-ing?", she finished, in deliciously-exaggerated round tones. She entered the room, sat next to me, put her book face down on the bed, reached around me in a hug and drew me close, cradling my shoulders. The sleeve of her terry cloth robe felt soft on my slight sunburn and scratchy at the same time. It gave me a case of goosebumps.

She tried to reassure me and calm me down. I was shaking like a leaf. "Shhhhh", she whispered gently, her breath tickling my ear, "It's okay, it's alright, I understand, baby, I understand."

I chanced an embarassed look at her face from the corner of my eye and noticed she was all compassion and caring. She had caught me in an extremely private moment in my life - the most private - and she knew it.
To her credit, she was mature enough to understand and to reassure me. I have never loved Jennifer more, before or since. It was a beautiful moment between two sisters.

"I heard you race in, and then, well, when I saw.....I was just going to close the door, but you.....", she trailed off, looking for the right words. I was still silent, scared. "You just looked so beautiful I'm sorry but I couldn't turn away."

"Beau-beautiful?", I managed, a sniffle following. I was melting inside, now, just completely.
I was helpless and confused and embarassed and ashamed and weary from everything.
" saw....? Me? How long did you...?", I let out a long, heaving sigh, my shoulders collapsing completely.

"Everything, I think, It's no big deal".
Looking down, she said, "You spank yourself hard, babe, let me see".
I automatically rolled a hip up and she touched the redness there. I drew away slightly, then relaxed.
Her caress felt good -- soothing.
"Masturbation is nothing new around this house, baby sister! Even Scotty does it!", She laughed.
I was incredulous - my 13 year-old little brother!?

"Scotty?", now I was almost myself again, regaining composure, ready for the skinny! "How? You saw him?
Tell me!" Suddenly we were both teenaged sisters again, excitedly sharing an unspeakably delicious bit of gossip.

She told me about how she had awakened late one night and gone into the kitchen for water. She had heard something, and quietly crept into the den where she spied young Scotty the football star, totally naked, watching a softcore movie on cable and jerking off furiously, his eyes closed, his muscles rippling, the soles of his feet pressed together, his huge, red, muscular penis slick with hand cream and about to explode.

"Did know...?", I asked, my eyes glistening in anticipation.

"Oh yes! All over his stomach and chest and face - he licked it off....!! It was sooooooooo cool! He's really big, down there. It was awesome. Scotty has a beautiful cock, Paula - My God!" she began to laugh and then doubled over in giggly laughter, and we both laughed hard.

Feeling the tension melt away now, (and feeling bolder due to a familiar tickle that was returning.....) " you?", I asked timidly.

"Just about every day, Paula! In fact, I started doing it while watching Scotty that night. He never knew, and when he finished I had to go upstairs and finish myself", a giggle and a wink.

She looked at me then, grinning, and I her for what seemed like an eternity. Our eyes were locked.

"Would you, would you show me?", I asked, hopefully, utterly and completely vulnerable.

"Sure", she said, smiling broadly,"but let's go into my room, just in case."

We straightened up our parents' room and collected my things and into her room we went. Amid the posters of rock bands and sports legends, she cleared off her bed. I quickly drew the shades and turned on the bedside light, nervously anticipating my first try at mutual masturbation!

When I turned around, she was slipping out of her panties and as she stood up, naked in front of me, she held her arms out to beckon me to her.
I hesitated, then rushed to her softness and we collided, breasts first, kissing softly, falling to the bed. It was rapture.

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing torridly - harder than I'd ever kissed or been kissed. I had to swallow from the emotion that choked me and made my eyes burn. It was the most beautiful and passionate kiss I had ever had.

Her arms released me, slightly and her hands ran up and down my skin, fingernails raking, as her tongue parted my lips and we began to French, passionately.
Our breath came like hot steam from our flaring nostrils.
She released my mouth and her soft lips and tongue immediatly went to my flushed cheeks and then my sensitive neck, cleaning the salt off as they went.
I began to blush and moan and cried out softly.

I was a 15 year-old school girl, and my own big sister was going to make love to me! It was inconcievable.
No one had ever done that before and now here it was my first time and it was my sister? A thousand thoughts swirled through my head making me dizzy, making me hesitant, making me want her. I was delirious, spinning.

Sweetly, like the virgin I was, I lay back to let her have her run of me.
I dared to open my eyes and was transfixed by the unbelievable sight of a supple, young girl who looked so much like me making love to my own body! We could have been twins!

I came for the second time that day as she began to nuzzle and lick and suck on my aching breasts.
My hands moved to her back and my palms pressed her to me.
It was glorious and was about to progress far past the mutual maturbation I had her asked for!

She had obviously done this before!
Her eyes were closed and she was as placid as she was business-like.
She knew how to make love to a girl, and I was being careful to learn while I had the chance.

She tongued my body like a melting ice cream cone, and eventually slid herself down between my thighs. I raised my knees.

"Wait a minute," she said, getting up. She went over to her dresser and got a barette, pinning her long hair behind her and out of the way as I admired and marveled at her beautiful full breasts, so much like mine, so much nicer than that girl at the beach!
Who needed fantasies at this point?

"There." Her hair up, she started back. "Now you can watch the action." Then, pointing toward the headboard, she said, "Scootch up so you can see me better." I did.

"Have you done this before?", I had to ask, a wry, knowing smile playing across my lips.

"Band sleepovers with Lisa G. - she is such a bad girl! - whew! We sneak out to her parent's pool house after the others crash!", she giggled.

I was incredulous. Did that mean my sister was a lesbian? That I was, now, too? But she said she had come thinking about Scotty coming and we both liked boys.....Before I could decide, Jenny was back between my legs to stay.

She started by kissing my sensitive inner thighs. She parted her perfect lips and ran her tongue across the length of one, then the other, teasing me.
The only things that had ever come into arousing contact with the lips of my young vagina were my fingers, a bar of soap and that bike seat, and I was delerious with anticipation.
Jennifer placed her hands on either side of my throbbing vagina and gently spread my labia majora, smiling and winking at me as she gazed at my most secret of places.

Looking back to the business at hand, she moistened her soft lips and staring intently, took a nibble at my inner lips. My pussy gave a couple of spasmodic heaves and my hips began to shake, waywayway dowinside. I sucked in a breath as a whine escaped my lips.
My whole body tensed each time she softly nibbled my soft inner flesh, dabbing it with her pointed tongue.
She was being very gentle and methodical, her eyes not missing a thing.
It really turned me on to watch her watching!
Her caring manner made me melt inside.
I really loved her. Then, suddenly, she got a better grip with her fingers, and, spreading me wide, her tongue found my clit and began to bury itself.

I exploded! I came so hard and so fast that I shrieked and began to sob, my legs convulsing shut as I rocked and bucked and drenched the two of us with so much spunk, I could feel it running out of me like a river.
Her strong, burrowing tongue seemed to have a life of its own as she deliciously and noisily licked my sweet, hot, young cunt.
She expertly took me up and down into orgasm like a rollercoaster, each one as intense as I had ever ever felt.
"Oh, I love you, I love yoooooou!", I moaned, and my hands fell to my breasts as I lovingly watched her do her work. My back arched, head rolling from side to side.
I had to pee, I almost couldn't stand the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me.
I came like a locomotive charging downhill.

Jennifer ate my cunt for almost half an hour without stopping that day. I have never since had such good head from anyone - except her. I suppose it could have been the newness of the experience that made it especially intense, but I have to admit that she was prodigious. She was a natural.

It all added up to utter rapture. She took me to a place I could have never even imagined a few hours before. I was literally changed forever. The thought of that naive girl racing home on her bicycle was like an old home movie!

After she was done, she kissed her way up my perspiring length and we began to French kiss again, slowly, hotly. The taste of my own sweaty spunk was heavy and sweet and sour and organic and metallic and cloying.
I eagerly tasted myself from her swollen lips.
And then I asked if I could do her.

She got up, stretched, moved her jaw around exageratedly and rolled her eyes, smiling.
What a sister - always joking - even at times like this!
She asked me to scootch down and mounted the bed kneeling, so her calves framed my head and her vagina was over my face.
It looked just like mine!
And I could smell her, hot and sweet with sweat and spunk - a little headier and stronger than mine!
I piled pillows under my head so I could reach, and there I was - heaven!

Reaching around her thigh and then back with one hand, I stroked her vagina, which was hairier than mine, but looked and felt amazingly similar in every way.
My other hand spread one ass cheek apart.
Her beautiful cunt was mine all mine.

"Wait'll I tell mom you're not a virgin!", I teased, spanking her slender butt. "Who was it, Curtis or Bobby?" She said nothing, but answered by getting back to work on my virgin pee pee, now with her mouth and slickened fingers.

Our bodies were a perfect fit, and the persperation that developed between our bellies felt cool on us whenever our skin parted.

I parted the slick, pliable lips of Jennie's mound and felt her wetness, looking for and finding her swollen clitoris. She squirmed and giggled and asked if I needed help. "Uh uh", I said, smiling, "You've shown me enough!" My lips met hers.

Soft, so soft! And the elusive little wings of her labia seemed to just glide off my lips with slickness as I tried to nibble them between my lips and tongue.
Once trapped, they were spongy and substantial and delicate and sweet, the inside pinker and membrane smooth, and the edges slightly bumpy and softly rough.
I ran my toungue tip over the edges. Then I dug in and I licked her sweet vagina for all I was worth. I closed my eyes and just buried my tongue into my sister's cunt, burrowing, darting, digging, lapping, swirling, tickling, nuzzling, sucking, grunting, drooling, frothing, concentrating, spelling my name, then backwards then her's.
Her little brown anus was nose level, and it exuded its own exciting scent.
It took a little getting used to, but once my nose associated it with the smell of our sweet spunk and sweat, I began to enjoy it and breathed deeply.
Soon I was taking looping detours and lashing that anus with my eager tongue, my strong jaw and chin pushing against her cunt to gain leverage, my hands spreading her cheeks as wide as they would go.

After a few minutes of my tongue lashing her twat, I concentrated on her swollen clitoris.
Jenny began to breathe harder and paused her own exploration, her head down, moaning hypnotically and swaying.

Breathing in rasps, sighing, then shouting, "Yes, oooooh....Yes ohhhhhhhhYes! Yes! I don't believe....oh, OhhhhYes, Paula -YES!"

Orgasm wracked her, violently shaking her long, lithe body from head to toe. She collapsed, squirming and bucking, clenching my head with her thighs. Jennifer was literally grinding her cunt into my face like a woman possessed.
Then loosening, She bent down and began licking my aching clit furiously, eratically, earnestly until I began to come too. We both clasped on to one another and held on for the ride of our lives.
We rocked and pitched and moaned and heaved and cried out each others' names and cried real, joyful tears.
Somewhere in there, my fingers found their way inside her vagina and anus and I almost lost my rings I fingered her so hard!
We came so long and so hard that we both eventually collapsed, completely limp and both drenched with our sweat and our juices.
We lay there together for a couple of minutes, just breathing. We finally untangled ourselves and shakily gained our feet.

"Whewwwww!", we both said as one, then laughed, hugging tenderly, our breasts touching.

We were a pair, that's for sure, two lovely, tall young girls, sweaty and spunky.
We looked and smelled and felt glorious! My nostrils smelled of her behind and I kept snuffing the wonderful funkiness she had left on me, making us laugh. It was beyond wild. Far, far, far beyond!!

I couldn't help but caress her still. I couldn't keep my hands off of her! I was afraid to let go, thinking it all might end. I didn't have to worry.

We still had lots of time, so we got into her shower and washed each other, head to toes.
We talked and giggled and kissed some more, and she even made me come one more time; my bottom on the edge of the tile shower seat, and her kneeling before me.
What a day!

Clean and glowing, our hair up in towels, we sat in her room, just talking, and smiling. We had fallen in love with one another.
We could both feel it. I had a nervous pit in my stomach.
It was the strangest feeling - I felt as if I were falling, spinning, losing myself to this thing between us, but I didn't care.

She said she felt the same! We weren't just sisters anymore, we were lovers - good, desireful lovers, deeply involved, and, as always before, we were friends, too. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, like, "why didn't one of us think of this sooner?"

By the time our parents and brother returned, we had retreated to our separate rooms in the house and all was seemingly normal.
I had trouble looking at Scott the same way, and desperately wished to see his penis in action! He didn't notice, but went right up to his room, locking the door! Snicker!

Although we both went off to different colleges (she went that August), and she has since married and has children, our love affair has never ended.
I have remained single and do not want the burden of marriage.
I like men and love heterosexual sex! (It turns out, I am bisexual. Go figure!) Men are the greatest - except for Jennifer, of course!

We now work together, running our family business, and her husband, James, and I are very close.
Her children adore me and I them.
They live across town. Scotty is a stock broker in Boca Raton. I watched him masturbate quite a few times after she clued me in, by the way, and it was everything she'd said! He still doesn't know. Maybe I'll tell more about that next time.

I had a bedroom area installed at the office, and Jenny and I still make love as often as we can.
We have the best of both worlds.
Her hubby understands that she must sometimes "work late" and suspects nothing!
And although I occasionally take other lovers, my beautiful, sexy sister Jennifer is and always will be the one and true love of my life. It's really strange the way life turns out sometimes.

That's it. I'm going to go masturbate to this story right now. I've never written it down let alone shared it and I feel I owe myself. I hope you do, too.

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Greetings! Nice stories, make me horny every time i read one! I like the old stories as they contain the raunchy nature which is not found in nowadays erotic stories! Thank you!Bye!

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Awesome... I have a similar relationship with my sister. I would love to repost this story...

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