Monday, March 26, 2007

The house

By Ryan ( JULY 99)

The house is dark as you enter the front door, coming home early to surprise me.
You drop your keys and purse beside the front door.
Removing your coat, you hear a noise like static coming from the other end of the house.

As you remove your earrings one by one, you cautiously walk toward the noise, wondering if I am home yet.
As you turn the corner, entering the master bedroom, you make out the sound of running water, a shower going full blast.
You smile, knowing that I am home, talking my evening shower in the dark.
Silently you undress quickly, hoping to surprise me.
Your clothes drop to the floor in a quiet thump, as you step out of you panties your pulse quickens, knowing that you are going to scare me.
You open the bathroom door slowly and quietly, careful not to give away your presence.
Steam hugs your face as you enter, hearing me humming to myself, oblivious to the fact that you are about to surprise me.
You creep closer to the edge of the bathtub, slowly pulling the edge of the curtain back so you can see me.
Just enough light has entered the bathroom so you can see my silhouette as I step under the water, washing my short hair.
You take the opportunity and step in as quietly as you can, feeling the water hit your toes.
I turn around to face you, my hands still washing my face, the water cascading down my body.
You smile, eagerly waiting for me to open my eyes.
My hands drop to my sides as I open my eyes and I gasp and jump back, startled beyond words.
You laugh and catch me as I lose my balance, almost slipping on the slick surface.
I stand, smiling broadly, feeling my heart slow down. I pull you to me, the hot water hitting our bodies as I kiss you, you taste my cool mouth and wet lips as my hands wrap around you. I pull you closer, running my hands down your back as you feel the steam hugging your head.
You wrap you arms around me, feeling my broad shoulders and back as we kiss harder, our tongues wrestling with each other.
You toss your head back as I begin to kiss your neck, the hot water flowing over our bodies as I kiss and suckle your ear.

The water gets hotter as you do feel my hands slide down your back, as you turn your face up to meet mine.
You close your eyes, darkness filling your head, your senses awaking as you kiss my lips.
As we kiss, you pull me closer to you, feeling the steam slowly clearing your head.
Kissing harder, my hand slides up your thigh, brushing your curly hair gently, sliding up past your stomach, and finally cupping your breast as we continue our kiss.
You throw your head back as I cup your breast and slightly pinch your nipple between my thumb and index finger.
As I squeeze gently, I kiss your neck, licking slowly as you feel all the different pleasures sweeping over you - the hot water pelting your body as you hold me close, the gentle kiss I am planting on your neck, the slight pressure on your nipple from my fingers...

You step back, reach for the wash cloth, and slowly soap it up, feeling the lather build.
You turn me around, allowing the water to hit my chest, shielding you from the relentless stream.
Holding the cloth gently, you begin rubbing it over my shoulders, feeling my hard muscles beneath your soft touch.
Across my back you wash, whispering how much you enjoy this, as my head slumps forward and my eyes close, loving your gentle caress as you move down my back, covering every inch.

You hear me moan barely audible over the running water.
You smile, loving that you have me at your mercy, your control, as you move to your knees and wash the small of my back. I spread my legs as you begin to wash my legs, slowly, moving up and down rhythmically.
You can't see my face, but you know that I am smiling, my eyes still closed.
As you move up my inner thigh, you brush against my cock, and smile as you can see me growing...
You stand and turn me around, throwing your arms around me, kissing me hard.
I hold you close to me, you can feel my cock growing hard against your leg as our tongues taste each other.
You pull me against you, as close as we can get, loving what you are doing to me. I move you to the edge of the tub and take your arms and pin them above your head. As I hold them, I kiss your neck passionately, licking and nibbling as I move down to the base of your neck. You close your eyes as you marvel at my strength, so gently taking control as you relinquished it to me, trusting me completely as you inhale quickly, feeling my mouth cover your nipple with my wet cool mouth...

Still holding your arms above your head, I suck on your left breast gently, my tongue running over your hard nipple, licking it gently.
The water is still running full blast, and as I bend down to your chest, the water hits my back and splashes against your face.
You close your eyes, feeling the water hit your eyes, nose, lips and running down your soft cheeks.

I let your arms go and you lower them, feeling the blood rush back into your hands and fingers. You run the tips of your fingers over my back, up and down as I move to your right breast, cupping it gently as I lick and suck your beautiful nipple. The water is still warm, the steam making the air damp and heavy. I rise and face you, wrapping my arms around your body, pulling you against me.
You look at me, even in the dark you can see my smile. You move your hands up my back and slide your fingers through my short soft hair.
Surprising me, you pull my head towards yours, opening your mouth to meet mine.
Aggressively you kiss me, taking me by surprise, sliding your cool tongue into mine, holding my head against your lips, feeling our tongue touch time and time again, playfully licking and tasting each other.
You reach down to my waist, brushing against my cock.
You feel me shudder, as the teasing wave of pleasure erupts through my body. In an instant, I am hard.

Still holding my head, kissing me, brushing my cock again, feeling my body react to your touch.
You smile slightly as we kiss, knowing that you have gained control.
Sensing the chance, you spin me around and pin my hands above my head.
You are smiling now, feeling the water hit your back as you kiss my neck, and nibbling on me every chance you have. You turn my head to the side and take my ear in your mouth, licking and sucking it gently.
The minute you begin to lick it, you feel my hard cock against you leg, amazed by the heat resonating from me. You smile again and begin to kiss your way down to my chest, marveling at the muscles you are kissing. You hear me moan in pleasure, loving what you are doing to me. You let my hands go as you lick my nipples one by one, loving every moment, as you know you are in control.

You run your cool tongue over my nipples, making little circles as you go, feeling my nipple harden as you lick it. Still licking, you kiss your way down my chest, feeling the water running down your back in a steady stream.
Your hands move down my back, your fingernails rake the skin down my back, smiling as you hear me such my breath in. You slide your mouth over my belly button, moving your hands up and down my legs, so close to where I want you to be.
You abstain, loving how you are teasing me, as you kiss below my belly button.
You look up at me, and seeing my eyes closed, you smile and lick my hard cock once.
I suck my breath in again and you watch the reaction on my face as you lick me again. I close my eyes tighter as the feeling of your tongue on me sends a wave of pleasure sweeping over my body. You love the scene before you, in a darkened bathroom, water covering our bodies, as you slowly tease me.

You part your lips and take me, inch by inch, into your hungry mouth.
You hear me suck my breath in as your tongue runs over my hard shaft.
My eyes are closed, as I open my mouth as I feel you suck me gently.
You love how I fill your mouth, tasting the salty precum as you coax it out of me.
I move my hands to your hair, running my fingers through the wet strands as I feel your hot, wet mouth licking and sucking me. I moan and whisper your name as you suck harder, knowing how much you are teasing and pleasing me.

You cup my balls and squeeze ever so gently, feeling how tight they are.
You take me from your mouth and lick my head, feeling the heat radiate from my hard skin.
I take your hands and lift you. I kiss you hard, pulling you against me, our bodies pressed so tightly against each other, our arms holding tightly to one another.
I love what you do to me, pleasing me, and know that I want to return the favor. I break the kiss and spin you around, placing you in the very position you had me in moments ago.
I tug your hair back and kiss your neck forcefully, biting you gently. You feel my strong hands move down your back, raking my nails against your soft skin as I move to your beautiful breasts.
You close your eyes as you feel my mouth take your left breast into my mouth, sucking it gently as I run my tongue over your nipple, flicking it again and again, making it harder.
While I have your breast into my mouth, my hand snakes down your chest. You feel the tips of my fingers dance across your belly button and past your wet curls. You move your hands over my back, feeling my hard back and shoulders, finally running them through my short hair as my fingers brush against your clit.
I hear you inhale as I brush against it again, you whisper "lower".
I smile and slowly sink to my knees before you, running my mouth down your front as I ease to my knees.

You lift your left foot and rest it on the soap holder imbedded in the wall, allowing me to lick you gently. You look down and can barely make out my shape in the darkness, just feeling my tongue cover your clit with hot licks. You toss your head back, loving how I enjoy pleasing you, and at that instant, I slide my tongue into you, gently easing it inside you. Gently licking your inner thighs, you feel me moving up and down your thigh as you feel my hot breath against your lips.
You can no longer hear the water of feel the steam hugging your body, just the sensation of my mouth against your and inside you.
I reach up and cup your right breast and take your nipple between my thumb and index finger and pinch gently, feeling it harden as I bite your inner thigh gently. I hear you let out a small moan of pleasure as I lick your lips again, loving how you taste.

You feel my tongue slide into you, gently pushing into you as you feel how wet my mouth is, licking you slowly. You love the feeling of my mouth inside you, teasing my angel.
I begin licking faster now, moving up and down your slit, and sliding my tongue into you at every moment.
You look down and I look up at the same time. As you watch, I lick slowly, and smile up at you.

I lick you again, you taste so sweet, and your juices are mixing with the water and run down my face.
You run your hands throughout my hair, the wet strands clinging to your fingers as you feel my hand gently lifting your leg higher, and your thighs parting a bit wider.
You love this feeling, and what I am doing to you. I am on my knees before you, pleasing you and enjoying every moment. I flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, feeling how hot you truly are.
You take my hair in your hand and hold me right where I am, not letting me move, as I lick your clit harder and faster.
You feel the water hitting your stomach as I lick you harder, gently lifting your thigh higher as I slide my tongue deeper into you, then I slide my tongue over your tight asshole.

You open your eyes as this sensation surprises you, how delightfully different it feels as I move my fingers over your clit.
I lick your ass faster, the tip of my tongue sliding into you just a hint as my fingers play a symphony on your beautiful clit. You moan loudly and I smile, loving how I am pleasing you.
You lift your leg higher as I continue sliding my tongue into you, moving between your ass and your clit, licking your slit like I am licking a melting ice-cream cone, my tongue licking quickly and furiously, over and over your clit, never missing a spot.
You bite down as I slide a finger gently into your ass, parting your cheeks, the tip of my finger sliding into you, wet from your juice. As I take your clit in my mouth, and it feels like two men are pleasuring you. I slide my finger deeper into you.
I hear you moan an "oh yes" as I slide my tongue into your pussy, as I fuck your ass slowly with my tin finger.
You are close, I know your are, and I want you to cum.
I lick faster, deeper, taking your clit into my mouth and sucking it furiously. Unexpectedly I stand. I cup your ass and lift you up as I lower you onto my hard, aching cock.
Your eyes open as you feel me slide so effortlessly into you, stretching you slowly, lifting and lowering you onto my hard cock, sliding deeper inch by inch.
You wrap your arms around my broad shoulders and kiss me hard as you take all of me at last inside you.
Holding you still, I kiss you deeply.
You can still taste yourself on my lips as I slowly lift you and them slam you back onto me.
I begin lifting and lowering you as we kiss, my hands cupping your tight ass as I begin slamming you onto me, the hot water still beating down upon us.
You feel my cool tongue against yours as I move you against the wall.
The wall is cold compared to the water and my body and you exhale quickly as I slam you onto me again.
You dig your fingernails into my back, sinking them into my hard muscle as I bite your neck, slamming you harder and harder onto my cock.

You love this feeling, how deep I am inside you as we kiss, out mouths covering each other as you feel your clit hitting my pelvic bone with every thrust.
Such power you think as I lift you again and again onto my cock, you can feel the pleasure building in your legs as you tighten your thighs around my waist.
You throw your head back allowing the water to hit your chest just as I slam deeper into you. I take the chance and begin kissing the base of your neck, my mouth sucking, licking and biting you as I feel your nails dig deeper into my back as I slam my cock into you again and again, faster, and deeper.

You moan in delight as I begin moving faster, my hips pumping faster as you tell me to fuck you harder. I close my eyes and you feel the muscles in my back tighten as I lift you off of me only to slam you back down moments later.
Harder and deeper I go into you, until you lock your ankles around my body, as you want me to cum inside you.
I kiss you harder as you start slamming your hips to meet mine.
The pleasure builds, as we are one, the water and steam filling the room, your head dizzy as you begin to cum as I moan loudly, slamming you onto me again and again and again.

You tell me not to stop as you feel my cock explode inside you, filling you with my hot cum.
I feel your nails dig deeper as your orgasm hits you a second later, waves of pleasure racking your body as I thrust one final time into you.
We kiss, I lower you to the floor, as we both collapse and shut the water off, laying in the hard tub wrapped in each other's arms, satisfied and content.

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