Friday, March 30, 2007

My Fantasy Fulfilled

By Her husband ( JULY 99)

Me and Carol have been married almost 30 years and have always had a great sex life.
She will just about do anything anywhere, as long as it is with me.
Through the years we have discussed my many fantasies, one of which is her fucking another man.
Her reply to me was always maybe someday but I will have to be very drunk and in the right mood.
We have been going to swingers clubs for some time now and I must confess deep down something tells me that I really don't want her to go through with this fantasy of mine, but going to these clubs really turns me on by just the thought of other men try to hit on her and fuck her.
And she knows this and does a real good job of driving me crazy.
Because of her great looks and fantastic body she never has any trouble getting guys to hit on at these clubs.
I usually sit back and enjoy the show and Carol knows it, after a few drinks and some sexy dancing with guys at the club we usually find our way to the back with a couple of them to on of the private rooms and Carol will give one or two guys a hand job and sometimes if she has been turned on she will give a couple of blow jobs while I fuck her.
this has always satisfied me and we generally end it there.

One weekend we decided to go out for a couple of drinks, now let me tell you Carol is a good looking 50 year old women she always gets the looks from men when she dresses but when she dresses hot she is a knock out.
To my surprise this night she really outdid herself.
When she came out of the bedroom she had on a skirt that just about covered her ass, no panty hose red high heels and a skimpy blouse opened to the third button, I took one look at her and had to fuck her before we left.

We arrived at the club about 10 o'clock and for some reason I felt this night was going to be something special.
As we walked up to the door I couldn't help but notice that she had opened another button on her blouse and her tits were in full view.
She looked at me and gave me a smile as we walked into the club.
As I started to walk to our usual table she stopped me and said that she would rather sit at the bar which was very crowded, there was only one stool available so she squeezed in and sat down next to two guys who took one look at her and I could tell right away they liked what they saw.

After a few drinks and some heavy conversation carol introduced me to the guy on her left as John who immediately after our introduction asked her to dance, I figured she was having a good time and I was also just watching her turn these guys on.
I decided to leave them alone and see what happens, as I was walking away I couldn't help but notice Carol had her had on his crotch and he had a very visible hard on.
She knows this really turns me on we made eye contact and smiled I watched for a while and went to talk to some other friends.
I must have talked for quite some time because when I returned Carol and John where not in the bar area.
After looking around the dance floor I walked into one of the couples rooms and in the back on some mattresses I couldn't help but notice those red high heels sticking straight up in the air her skirt was pulled up and her blouse was wide open, John had his cock slamming her as hard as he could she also had a cock in each had and one in her mouth.
We have been in this situation many times before but I was always the one fucking her.
There was a mini gang bang going on and I could tell by the look on her face that she was very drunk and enjoying every inch off it.

The guy in her mouth must not have been the first as I got closer I couldn't help but notice she had cum on her face and hands, The scene made me horny as hell there was Carol fulfilling my wildest fantasy and it looked like she was loving it.
I actually had to stand on line with my cock in my hand to get a chance to fuck my wife.
As I came closer I could her talking to each guy she had them so turned on some of them came as soon as they put there cock in her.
She would be disappointed at this and ask for more. When it was my turn she looked me straight in the eye and said fuck me hard I am not sure to this day if she knew it was me?
After I dropped my load I couldn't help but notice all the cum oozing out of her cunt. I guess I was taking to long I was told to move over and I did, As I looked over my shoulder I couldn't help but notice the next guy had what looked like a 10" cock he got on top of her and without any hesitation pushed it completely in I looked at Carol her back arched her eyes opened real wide and she gave a groan and started fucking him wildly.
This went on for a little while longer until John showed up whit a couple of drinks he brought back, as he approached her he picked her up she immediately started kissing him and went with him sipping the drinks he brought back, I decided to sit back and watch what happens all the time stroking my cock.

After about ten minutes Carol finished her drink and was drawing a crowd around her again she still had her red heels on the skirt was gone and her blouse was completely opened.
John at this point had other Ideas for her he stood her up and was dancing real slow with her whispering in her ear and I could see she was nodding her head yes to whatever he was saying.
I followed them to the bar area and decided if his plans were to take her out I was going to step in but that not what he had planned. Carol was real drunk and could hardly walk and they all knew this at this point she was much better on her back.
John took her to the dance floor and every body started dancing with her with there cocks out and she would stroke each one and get to her knees and suck until he would cum.
After about ten minutes of this she just stayed on her knees and sucked cock for about a half hour.
If you are wondering what I did your right I dropped a load in her mouth.
I decide this was enough she was a mess cum all over her face a tits I approached her and stood her up and walked to the bathroom cleaned her up and took her home we fucked for what seemed like all night

I am not sure I liked this new step we took but she sure did..
Carol and I are regulars at the club and it's not just blow jobs anymore.

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