Friday, November 06, 2009

Smutty Story - Viva Ponata Story

On the 9th floor of AZ Industries, looking out over the city from your window, you notice lights in a certain part of town. Not so long ago, you wandered the streets of that dangerous neighborhood, using your body to survive. Your brunette hair was short, buzzed up in a “V” in a nice little bob. The way you walked brought lookers from afar, having a modest life with your parents, the curves on your body only gave the eye imagination what lies within.

Never needed to wear a bra, the slight outline of your twin nipples pressed against any material you wore. Walking over to your desk, you recall back to the first day you learned to survive around Viva Ponata. Being Vice Manager gave you inside information to use at your private adult studio. Sexyserra was your alter ego in the adult industries. Your stars brought different talents to the studio, making the movies better with each production.

Sitting back in your chair, you fall deeply in thought. Reliving the life on street was still so real in your mind. You remember a package that fell out of the mail carriers truck. You snatched it up and ran with it to your card board house under the overpass.

Breaking open the box you found a bottle of pills labeled experimental Levitra. You pocket the bottle into your pants and make your way to the newsstands on the street, scoping our customers. You remember one person flipping through a Playboy magazine that gave your first break.

With selling all the pills in the bottle you were able to buy new clothes for yourself. You had no choice in your selection once a pimp found you roaming around the streets. You were forced on the corner as a prostitute wearing a 3” inch heel white boots that laced up your calves, stopping right below the knee. Your top was a purple sleeveless top, low cut showing off a slight touch of cleavage. A zipper ran up the middle of your chest holding it in place from the front. You wore a matching short skirt that let your ass peak out from the back.

A man walks up to you asking your questions, curious what you had to offer to him. Your whole insides tighten up from the unknown. Deep inside you wanted to run far away from this man, the way he looked at you, the deep hunger in his eyes. You try to flee but a strong hand grips your arm pulling you into his car. The sounds of squeeling tires are heard as you are making your way to some unknown spot he has in store for you.

He takes you in a large rustic house with a water fountain situated in the courtyard. Entering the home, you are guided into an anti-chamber filled with racks and different types of gadget ranging from whips to chains. You feel your body pushed from behind up against a table in the center of the room. The shock sends you into panic, your heart begins to beat irregular as you feel his hands all over your behind.

A tongue begins to lick up along your neck, sending chills down your spine, making your tense up. Without warning you feel his hand push your head down against the table, holding you in place, his hand rips away your panties. The sound of ripping is heard in your ears as the material digs in between your now moistened lips. Your body decided to react without your giving it so, a deep dark desire hidden in your heart made you breathe harder, being used as a play thing.

Your eyes opened with a flash as you feel your panties being shoved into your mouth, making you taste your essence on your tongue. You feel your wrist being tied to each corner of the table, locking you into place. Your body bent over at the waist with your head down on the top of the table. A slight shock of electricity shoots throughout your body as you feel his finger slide between your moist lips. The tip of his finger gathered small amounts of your sweet nectar as he teases your velvety flesh. You let out a slight moan from your mouth as a tongue begins to slide up and down your drenching pussy. The flat of his tongue spreads you open wide, moving deep into the fiery depths of your core.

Your legs begin to squirm as his mouth slips over your engorged clit, sucking in the little throbbing pink button, his tongue flicking back and forth. All thoughts of dread vanish as you feel the pleasure course throughout your whole body. The tip of his tongue flicked back and forth with just the right amount of sucking from his mouth. Your head jerks up with a start as you feel his finger penetrate into your tight confines. Your walls tighten and release around his digit, trying to milk him deep into you. His finger begins to slide back and forth in your over flowing wetness, coating his whole finger with glistening wetness.

You feel your body start to tighten up, the feeling of wanting to pee is felt as you feel his finger push deep inside you, working on your g-spot. You let out a large moan as you feel your body give over to this man working on your wet pussy. Your whole body begins to shutter in a strong orgasm, sending you over the top. Your juices begin to flow in large quantities out of your engorged slit. You feel a sharp pain shooting through your body as his cock penetrates into you with one strong thrust.

You feel your walls tighten around his thick hard cock as it thrust deep into your womb, making your cry out in pain. The pain subsides as he begins to pound roughly back and forth from behind, sending you once again over the top. Your whole body goes into another orgasm as he rocks back in forth in your abused pussy. You feel you back arch a bit as he grabs the back of your hair, pulling your head back, feeling him push deeper into you with each thrust. You hear the sound of his breathing quicken as moves faster and faster in you.

You feel a slight pain your rear as the sound of swat is heard. A pink hand appears on your pale skin as his bulging cock slides in and out of your swollen pussy. Your juices are pouring out in waves, covering his whole crotch with your sweet essence. Your whole body is jarred suddenly, when you feel the weight of his whole body pressed up against you, the sound of grunting is heard. Deep inside you feel large spurts of cum bursting out of his cock. The muscles in your pussy begin to milk his spurting cock, taking him deeper into you.

His fist lets go of your head, letting you rest your face against the table, your heart still pounding in excitement. He pulls out and slaps his cock against the crack of your ass. Thinking you are done, the voice of him is heard deep in your mind. The word “Levitra” is lost in your thoughts.

Still strapped to the table you hear Him walking away ruffling through something and returning to you. You feel a cold substance slide down into the crack of your ass. You hear the sound of the air escaping the container as another squirt of it lands in between your cheeks. You feel the cool air from your cheeks being spread apart. His digit starts to rub the substance all around the opening of your puckered hole. Your eyes close tight as you feel His finger bob against the elasticity of your back door. The tip begins to invade into your tight opening, penetrating into your hot ass. You feel it push in deep into your tight confines, the second knuckle is felt as He moves it in and out of you. The cool substance allowed Him to move freely in your ass. The slight discomfort disappears as you start to enjoy the touch of his finger. You feel his finger pull out of you, the sound of spitting is heard as it lands right into your throbbing opening. His spit loses itself into your gaping hole.

You start to let out a scream as you feel something thick and rubbery push into your lubricated opening. Your tight little opening begins to stretch open as you feel the tip of the foreign object penetrate deep into your ass. You try to lift up your ass, pulling away from it. The sound of a crack is heard as you feel the sting on your ass. Once again he brings up his hand and whacks your sensitive flesh, making a nice pink hand print. With one last push, you feel your ass widen, letting the bulbous object penetrate your opening. The muscles in your walls start to squeeze against it but the shape of it holds tightly in your rear.

You feel strands of hair fall against the back of your thighs, the object lodged deep in your ass. Your muscles begin to squeeze tightly around it, the pain subsiding with every moment. You hear the sound of wheels roll across the floor, the starting over a motor is heard in the room. Wondering what you are hearing , you try to look back as much as possible and see a device with a long ???l rod sticking out. You watch as he attaches a dildo to the end of it, locking it in place. He catches you looking back and smiles at you, telling you that you belong to him this night.
You feel your lips begin to slide open, the tip of the dildo pushing through your opening. You let out a large scream in pleasure as you feel both your holes plugged up. The dildo slides deep into your core, double penetrating you. Both openings completely filled, your whole body squirming from the strong pleasure. Then you start to moan load, the sound of you echoing through the room as the machine begins to work its magic. You feel the dildo begin to slide in out of your wet pussy, the speed picking up tempo as it begins to fuck you faster and faster.

Your abused hole begins to gush with your juices, squirting all over the place, as your whole body orgasms in pleasure. The feeling of being filled in two places drives you wild as it keeps driving in and out of you. Your whole body tries to thrash but is held into place by the straps. The arm suddenly begins to rotate as well as pistoning in and out of you. The pleasure of it drives you over the top once again, your juices spraying out the side of the dildo. You screams of passion makes your mouth open wide, your eyes closed, feeling the machine fuck you like nothing before.

Your eyes open wide as you feel his cock push up into your mouth. The tip pushing passed your lips into your gasping mouth. You feel his hands grip your head, sliding his cock in and out of your mouth. He tells you to suck like the slut you are, making you gag on the tip of his cock deep in the back of your throat. Your eyes begin to water as he pushes His cock hard up against your face, causing the sound of gagging escape around your lips.

The machine starts to rotate harder and faster in you with each thrust. His cock begins to move in and out of your mouth, taking all your holes as his. You feel all your holes being abused, making you heart pound with excitement, the thrill of being used as a whore, the pleasure bouncing all over your body. Your eyes roll back into the back of your head as you feel his hand reach over and squeeze on your neck. The onset of another orgasm hits you hard, causing your focus to waver. His hand squeezes your throat as you begin to orgasm hard, making you choke for air. Your body moving into a orgasm you have never before felt, reaching a new plateau of ultimate pleasure.

Your sweet nectar begins to drip in currents into a pool on the ground as your orgasm pounds into your head. You feel yourself falling into a darkness, everything around you disappearing till the hand slackens against your neck, letting a rush of air into your starving lungs. You let out a gasp of air as cum begins to shoot all over your face. The hot liquid splashed all over your eyelids and cheeks, coating you with his seed. Your head hits the table exhausted, the dildo still pounding into your from behind. You start to lose consciousness as another orgasm hits you once again from the sweet pleasure between your legs.


mai-mai said...

this story just show sadistic and abusive accts to a prostitute. eventhough they are so called "prostitute" but they still have feelings. this story should not be forwarded around just to show off what its like to be in the shoes of this woman.

mai-mai said...

"persons are persons" matter what we do, what race we belong or no matter what jod we're having right now, we have the right to be treated equally"

mai-mai said...

"persons are persons" matter what we do, what race we belong or no matter what job we're having right now, we have the right to be treated equally"