Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hiring Leesa

This note was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site. When you play Viva-Ponata, you pretend to be someone else, and sometimes you send such fantasy notes to others.

Saxon eased his car out of the car park and headed home. Sitting behind the wheel of his car, today he felt different, taller, because today he’d got his long await promotion. After 5 minutes of driving he pulled over at the entrance to the street that I’d curb crawled down so many times, but not tonight, no he was in management now, jumping out of the car he headed into a nearby phone box. Inside every surface was festooned with calling card, for various ladies of the night. He thought to himself, now what is becoming of a man with aspirations, what would a Politian or business leader pick….

Something classy….

Even kinky….

He found a card, with a picture of a girl on a nurses outfit on it. With the slogan “Sexy Maid Leesa” and the phone number.

Taking his mobile from his pocket, he punched in the number.

“Hi” a creamy voice said

“Hi is that Leesa “ he reply a little awkwardly, most of his previous liaisons were less vocal.

“Yes, sweetie, you need the nurse to take care of you”

God she wants to talk “Errr yes” then remembering his manners he added “Yes please”.

“Sure sugar, what can I do for you” she seemed to sense his nervousness and play to it more.

Boy be thought, this type of girl take her job seriously, getting in it a bit more Saxon replies “I need a little stress relief”, the bright voice on the other end of the phone giggles, “I’ve not heard that one before, ok I’d book to in for a check, say in an hour? I need a shower and to get changed …. At …..” she reels of the address.

“Great, how much are we talking”

“$1600 sweetie, and worth every cent”

“Ok see you then”

He gets back into the car, his normal encounter would be done be now and he’d be on his way. This woman was going to actually prepare for his visit… he was stunned…. But decided he better do the same, and headed home, an hour would be just enough time to shower and change if he stepped on it.

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