Monday, November 09, 2009

VP Story - The Bail Out

Leesa got the call after two am. Rudy's voice was gravely, and said, "I am in jail, and need you to bail me out."

He hung up without Leesa's reply. He knew that she would do what he wanted. He was her weakness.

Leesa went to her bedroom, and started going through her panty drawer. That's where she kept her extra cash. She had been a stripper in her younger days, having a flawless body. As she reached into her thirties, however, she was promoted to escort. She still had a good bod, but instead of doing lap dances for a couple of hundred, she could lay on her back for ten C's or more a night.

She looked through her panty drawer, and she had very little cash. She slipped on her white stockings, touched up her lashes with recently gifted mascara, and went to the closet to look for more fitting attire.

She found a little black dress, but it clashed with the outfit. Then she pulled out a simple white dress and dressed quickly, then raced to the local precinct.

Once there, the goes to the deputy clerk to see about the bail.

The forty-something man, a little portly and gruff, barks, "$1,500." Then he looks up and catches Leesa's gaze.

Leesa frowns, and then says, "I only have $480." She takes her index finger on the paperwork in front of her and adds, "Can we work something out?"

Ten minutes later, she is in a small conference room, the deputy's pants around his ankles and Leesa working on his member.

The deputy then says, "I want to finish inside of you, without any goddamned condom."

Not the ending Leesa wants, but she lifts up her skirt and snakes his penis into her. She is not wearing panties, part of her given profession, and feels his hard penis inside of her.

"Oh my god, you are so big," Leesa lies as he starts to pump. He is out of shape, and his breathing is labored. He reaches into her dress and feels her nipples underneath as he continues to fuck her. While he is fucking her, she is working out the math in her head. This reduces the bail by a bit more than one thousand dollars, so it is about what my rate is. Her mood brightens and she becomes more enthusiastic.

She starts talking dirty, telling him she always wanted to do it with a cop. Shortly afterwards, she feels him cum inside, and she holds him against her, not because she likes the feeling, more to direct the cum inside of her and not on her. She does not want to tell her boyfriend what she is doing. The only thing that is surprising is the time it takes for him to finish – she pegged him at a two squirter, and he is doing his best to fill her completely with his baby batter.

She uses a towelette to catch the remaining fluid, and cleans both herself and him up before she adjusts her dress.

As she goes to complete the paperwork, she can feel her nipples continue to be hard. She is a bit embarrassed about this because she knows they are showing through her white dress. Son of a gun.

She finishes the paperwork, and twenty minutes later, she and Rudy are leaving the precinct.

Rudy wants to stop somewhere to eat on the way home, and they park in front of a Subway Sandwich shop. When ordering, Leesa jokes that she could do with a foot long, and the clerk is a bit embarrassed about the brash comment.

Before they eat, Rudy and Leesa go to the bathroom to wash their hands, and to Leesa's surprise, Rudy follows her into the ladies' room.

Rudy said plainly, "Your footlong, my lady."

Leesa is pushed up against the door, and feels Rudy enter her.

"Oh, baby," Leesa says. "I am so fuckin' hot for you."

Rudy replies,"Damn, you are wet."

Leesa laughs and makes a joke about Rudy needing pussy after being in jail for less than two hours. That just makes Rudy pound Leesa harder.

Leesa could not help but compare the two men. The cop was tentative, needing Leesa want more. Rudy is all man, tender but strong. It would seem that he was rough to others, but he was really tender and strong.

As Rudy came, he was pushing Leesa against the wall, almost like knocks. Rudy came strong, and Leesa could really feel him cum enter her. Sometimes she had to guess, but not with Rudy.

What a fuckin' night.

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