Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Daydream

Written by a woman.
By Sarah from Surrey.

She awoke, after what must have only been a handful of hours sleep, to the sun streaming through the bedroom curtains. She became aware of the solid warm body peacefully prostrate next to hers and instinctively snuggled her curves into his, like a jigsaw.
His breathing was deep and regular, but in contrast, hers became labored and gasping as the warmth of his manhood nestled against her buttocks. As he slept, blissfully unaware, she lapsed into a state on semi consciousness. Her insides grew moist and the feeling of desire welled up inside her, almost to the point of no return.

But unfortunately, time was her enemy today and her lust was abandoned, unsatisfied. No matter, she thought, an energetic day would take her mind off that unfinished business.

A five mile bike ride later, she was relieved to strip down to her swimsuit and she plunged into the cool waters of the swimming pool. How she loved that feeling of buoyancy, the water gently cushioning her bruised pelvis and aching thighs, the evidence left from the previous evening's exertions.

After a few leisurely lengths, she maneuvered herself into the Jacuzzi. The contrast was breathtaking; the hot frantic bubbles forcing themselves to the surface, persistently massaging her legs and bum. After 20 minutes of heavenly indulgence, she was too hot for comfort and was forced to take a cold shower, those icy jets like needles on her back and chest.

Next her favorite- the steam room. Thankfully it was empty, so she was able to fantasies without interruption. She stretched out her limbs, like a cat arching her back in ecstasy. The atmosphere damp and steamy, she imagined him sitting opposite her, staring with a look of longing in his eyes. Surely, with the steam so dense, nobody would see them?

He moved across to a seat in the densest corner and stealthily she straddled his lap, her back against his bear-like chest. Discreetly, he released his impatient member from his swimming shorts and deftly adjusted her costume so that he could swiftly penetrate her. She, leaning gently forwards, resting her hands for balance on his athletic thighs, maneuvered herself gently up and down, gripping his manhood. He was forced to remain completely inert; her weight pinning him down against the damp, clammy seat.

Gradually, still with a rocking motion, she opened her thighs wider and wider until she could feel her muscles pulling. With all her concentration, she squeezed her vaginal walls to hold him tight inside her. Finally, he could bear it no more and with all his might, thrust upwards into her, resulting in an almighty orgasm that felt as if the top of his head had come clean away. And, simultaneously, her contractions reached a frenzy to the point where she was no longer aware of her steamy surroundings or indeed even which planet she was on.

The volcanic eruption had completely exhausted all her energies and she was unable to move or speak for several moments.

She opened her eyes. She was alone. Was it a dream or did it really happen?

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