Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Jacuzzi

Written by a woman.
Sarah from Surrey.

She had been on her own for a couple of weeks now and enforced celibacy definitely did not suit her, she had decided resolutely, particularly when the last few months had been a delightful journey of exciting discovery of new emotions and previously unattainable heights.

Its just a state of mind she had persuaded herself and ploughed headfirst into the day to day routines, in the hope that the ensuing days might pass more quickly. It was Friday, the end of a pressurized week at the office, time to unwind, yet little to look forward to over the weekend without her man. Still, she had sighed, mustering up as much positive energy as she could, its an ideal opportunity for a workout at the gym and perhaps a swim afterwards.

She pushed herself to extremes in the gym, promising herself the benefits of a slender, toned body as a reward for her efforts. The perspiration soaked through her leotard, drawing a distinctive line around her breasts and down her spine. 'I deserve a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi' she thought, peeling the damp clothes from her body and slipping into her swimwear. A tepid shower to cool her body temperature before dextrously slipping into the Jacuzzi. It was as hot as a bath and the bubbles were effervescing with a greater intensity than she had noticed before.

She inched herself over to one corner and settled down to her own private thoughts. She recalled the many times they had sat together at this very spot, their legs entwined beneath the water level, concealed by the foam. As she mentally redefined his body, she felt warm pangs of arousal emerge from inside her. How she longed for him to be beside her now.... A violent water jet was massaging the small of her back, kneading into the skin, persistent, relaxing. She shifted her position to allow this particular jet to pulsate against one buttock, then the other. She imagined it was him massaging him with warm, strong hands, moistened with oil.

Further aroused, she gently adjusted herself to obtain the maximum benefit of this sensation. The water was forcing itself between her buns (see this is an American version), creating a tingling, numbing effect. Unconsciously, she tilted her pelvis backwards and gasped involuntarily and the torrential movement gushed between her thighs, brushing her labia apart.

The contrast in feeling was exquisite; the water was so gentle against her most intimate parts, yet its perpetual force was gently increasing her arousal. Suddenly, she remembered where she was and hastily glanced around to ensure she had no spectators. No, there were just a couple of individuals crawling up and down the pool, minding their own business. Fortunately the pool was dimly lit to provide a relaxing environment, so she just might be able to enjoy her fantasy without detection. Smiling to herself, she tilted her pelvis even further backwards so that the water was hammering against her clitoris. The walls of her insides began to contract and release, willing the sensation along. And all the while, she struggled to maintain a composed appearance above the water level.

The force of the jet had displaced the crotch of her swimming costume, enabling her to experience the erotic experience first hand. She managed to position herself so that she could imagine a watery penis was penetrating her, pummelling her vaginal walls, bouncing off her cervix. By this point, she was struggling to maintain her composure so bowed her head and closed her eyes to concentrate on the orgasm that was rapidly welling up inside her. She longed to moan, to call out but dare not.

Instead, with amazing concentration she managed to isolate the feeling to within her and, by slowing contracting and drawing up, she experienced what could only be described as an internal volcano, erupting deep within her, its molten lava exploding in all directions, reaching the top of her head and the tips of her toes.

Amazingly, she managed to remain perfectly still and totally silent throughout this mind blowing experience, however she noticed her body trembling a little as she came down from its peak. Wow! she exclaimed. That was different. She allowed herself to recover for a few minutes more, then hoisted herself out and headed for a cool shower. As the cool water caressed her body, she noticed a warm trickle down the inside of her thighs. How can that be? she puzzled. There had been no man ejaculating inside her. Had she experienced her own?

Dressing at a leisurely pace, she reflected on this new experience and resolved to phone her man immediately she returned home to share her discovery.

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Alex said...

Lovely story! If women had designed hot tubs, the water jets would be embedded in the seats, pointing up. ;-)

-Alex of Underwater Sex Stories