Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Poneta Whorehouse

EdgeofShadows [22834], someone who plays the online sex game I have been discussing, sent me a story after I busted him out of jail (online, not in real life). The story can be found below:

Another boring night in the Poneta Whorehouse ...
A call comes in and and then Handler comes in and informs you of a out call, You were requested special.
The Taxi drops you off a hour later in front of a seedy hotel , you were told the room number. Just as you go to knock on the door it opens and you peer into utter darkness.. a voice ..male.. calls to you . ~ Enter .. strip leave your clothes on the floor then take exactly 7 steps forward and stop.

While this seems odd at first it is by no way the weirdest you have encountered in Ponata... you step into the darkness and strip.. taking seven steps forward deeper into the dark.. at the seventh step you seem to be falling ... tripped.. you hit the bed face down .. before you can lift yourself up your right wrist is grabbed you feel and hear the zip tie tightening on it and then it being pulled toward the bed corner... as you go to claw at it with your other hand it is grabbed and secured.. then pulled to the opposing bed corner ...your eyesight starts to adjust to darkness you can make out the outline of the man... he utters no sound even when you question him ... then he is behind you on the bed.. pushing you up forward .. you manage to get to your hands and knees but your hands are stretched abit out from you ..
You feel him press against your ass as his hands explore you.. callused figures rough over your nipples as the sway beneath you ... then you feel the knob of that hardening cock press against your labia .. not entering but definitely there.... then that voice cuts off your thoughts.. ~ Such a pretty slut you are ... I assure you that your wrists are well secure but feel free to pull at them during this .. I so love the struggle ... ~ his rough figures pinching your nipples now causing them to harden ... you cant help yourself you pull at the restraints ... feeling them secure but your breif tugs have excited your customer.. so you pull more .. feeling the head of that hard cock press into your soft folds..yet still not entering .. feeling yourself moisten as his rough fingers leave your nipple and one hand taking you by the hip ... the other slapping your ass with a hard strike .. then feeling fingers take you by the hair ... and with a primal growl he shoves that hard cock hard into you ... the sheer violence of you oh so tight cunt being stretched to take this hard cock tears a scream from you ... even as he buries himself fully in your pussy , ...your velvet walls sheathing it completely and without you even getting a breath to allow your body to adjust he drags his cock from you only to shove it harder into you... taking you .. using your hip and hair to pull you back as he thrusts... making the restraints bite into your flesh slightly .
As your body adjusts now the mind blurring the once pain to pleasure start rocking back on that hard shaft willing it deeper still .. as this man takes you with animalistic glee... fucking you ... ~ Yes that's it my lil slut! give me all that pussy!... ~ he releases your hair long enough to send a hard slap on your asscheek... then using both hands on your hips drives impossibly harder into your cunt .. sending waves of pleasure through you... sure there have been many johns you know the sounds to make for them ... but even you are surprised at the sounds coming from you as that hard shaft finds your inner most pleasure .. feeling the head of that cock hit your cervix twice.. running over the g spot ... those rough hands on your skin .. you feel his cock swell even harder ..knowing he is close to release ..the mere thought sends you over the edge ... the orgasm rocketing through you like a runaway train ...your breath seems caught in your very throat at the intensity ... and just when you take a breath ...your orgasm triggered his .. he shoves that hard shaft deep the head of that cock finding your cervix as he releases a hot torrent of cum deep inside you... for that single moment as the first spurt hits your orgasm doubles and you clamp down your velvet walls on that cock milking it with your cunt ... it seems as if time stands still .... and then the world lets out the breath it was holding and you shudder... feeling that cock slip from your well used body ... you collapse.

feeling a tug as your wrists are released .. you turn and see the outline dressing and then heading out the door ~ I will call for you again my lil slutling ... ~ and he leaves.... you grope for a light .. your eyes burn for a moment ...looking around the seedy room you find your money laying on top of your clothing ... :)

I have found a new, free sex game (new to me, not new to everyone). It is called Viva-Ponata.

If you have not heard of it, you can check it out at the following link:

If you use the link, I get credit for the referral (if you reach level 5), and I get 25 diamonds (which is a type of currency in the game).

The game is a sort of a sexual simulation game. You pick your name, you can earn money by performing various illegal acts (selling Viagra, stolen DVDs, turning tricks). And you also can enhance your appearance (which adds to your beauty, so you can get a better job, for instance). I am a fairly tame character in real life, so this allows me to let my hair down. I mean, I look forward to turning tricks – someone has to choose your ass among all the prostitutes working the streets.

I am by no means an expert at the game, but it is a fun diversion. If you want to try it, sign up (free), and write me or my online spouse. We can help you out.

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