Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kate's Story (Part 10 of 10)

This ten-part story was written by **Saxon**, someone who plays Viva Ponata. His profile page is here, but you can only see it when you have logged into the site.

When Kate opened her mouth, Jim lowered his hips, forcing his cock into her mouth. He relentlessly fucked her mouth. She wasn't really giving him a blowjob -- he was fucking her mouth.

Freddie scrambled between Kate's legs. "I want to feel a cunt on my cock." While his friend fucked the woman's mouth, Freddie pounded away in her cunt.

"Open your mouth," Jim ordered, "open it wide.'

Jim aimed his cock at the lady's gaping mouth. Jerking off, his first load hit her on the forehead, leaving a white trail over her nose and to her mouth. The second load flew directly into her open mouth, as did the next one. The remaining loads landed on her chin, nose, and cheeks.

When Jim dismounted the woman, he watched his friend's cock ram in and out of her used pussy. He was really pounding her. Finally, Freddie let out a howl and came. Afterwards, he climbed over her body and forced his slimy cock into her mouth. The three teenage boys watched as the lady sucked him clean.

As custoKate, Kate went home without being allowed to wash up. The boys kept her panties so the cum in her pussy and asshole seeped through her skirt and onto the car seat. She tried to wipe the dried cum from her face, but it required a wet cloth which she didn't have.

As she drove home, Kate realized this was going to be her new life. She was her blackmailers' sex slave.

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Anonymous said...

Great story, bland ending unless we get a sequel.